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Episode 190: Martha Haney

2020-11-28 | 🔗
It's another old timey murder from Alaina! But trust us, this one will have your jaw hitting the floor. Way back in 1897 Michigan, Martha Haney's struggle with her own illness reached the point of no return when she lashed out against an easy target, her 85 year old mother in law Mariah Haney. Let's just say that this one is rough. Good luck and good night, friends. Alaina found this crazy tale while stumbling upon the writings of Rod Sadler, a retired police officer and true crime writer who has a very personal connection to this particular case. His writing is great. Here are links to all of his books including To Hell I Must Go, which is the book that sucked Alaina down the rabbit hole of this case. To Hell I Must Go by Rod Sadler A Slayer Waits by Rod Sadler Killing Women by Rod Sadler Rod's website https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/152876032/martha-e_-haney https://www.newspapers.com/clip/13837585/martha_haney_alfred_haneys_wife_beheads/ As always, thanks to our sponsors for this episode! Vistaprint Go to Vistaprint.com slash MORBID to get started on your unregiftable gift. The holidays are coming up! Don’t miss your chance to get an unregiftable gift. Get started today at Vistaprint.com slash MORBID Betterhelp Special offer for Morbid listeners get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid Curology Take control of acne, dark spots, breakouts or whatever your unique concerns may be with a powerful skincare treatment made for YOU today! Go to Curology.com/morbid for a free 30-day trial, just pay for shipping and handling! Skylight Frames Now, as a special offer, you can get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go SkylightFrame.com and enter code Morbid. That’s right. 
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Seen get comfy issue unbutton your pants, because I bet you just ate a lotta stuffing, because while we record this thanks giving hasn't happened yet, but by the time you get it thanks giving has happened so that weird thanks giving was delicious everybody on my aniline as the best cook, I loved all the things that she made. Everything came out perfect. It was a breeze at that. Nothing, nothing lit ablaze, no catch. My chair, crudity boards were a hit say were the ones I found on Pinterest Stare yoga, as I was looking up. Kerr says to buy our like butter, rub on my turkey just made it the moist us So I was going to say that I hated that you did a weird hand motion. While you said rub, then I added and then you said it's moist and now I quit our pop Everybody I hope, but either way I hope everybody was safe. I hope everybody's healthy. I hope you all stayed put
yeah. I stayed in your little paw, This ain't no lay Orton, but yeah everybody stay safe and am glad that you are here. Listening to the means: you're safe, so good job, a job it is really any business that we have to catch up on for this So now we just to write to like V Holiday, v holiday or anything they? U celebrate in December. Anything whatever your celebrate that socks and day the there you go whatever your celebrating that happens during the winter. You know what the winter solstice invalids. I think that happened the December. Doesn't it sure why not? I feel sure everybody's going now should fitted. It could actually does but either eight. I mean the next word. You we're talking about my birthday right, but those the holiday were Joshua. Yes,
to help the kings. Obviously, the one everybody cellar, the biggest holiday coming up Alain Asbury Bay, is three days after Christmas yeah don't worry, Elina never gets ripped off? I don't the only thing. Sometimes happens. Is people hand me my birthday gift with Christmas wrapping paper and I get infuriated and I rage. I think this time this time that I get you a birthday gift this year, I'm going to do half Christmas wrapping and half regular wrapping just to get you. I'll be very angry: we're gonna get a new p, o box and everybody centrally Alina Christmas gift, so rotten Chris are not enough they gives wrapped in Christmas. Around is inferior to infuriate her. I want birthday wrapping paper What is so hard about? Why does everyone else get birthday wrapping paper and I still get Santa Claus. I dont understand that at least you're getting gifts. Whatever my birthday was near Christmas. I would be exactly the same. I was going to say, like you,
would be my bed chamber that, let me tell you I Germany's robust honey, because June You got your birthday and then six months later, it's Christmas, so you kind of got two birthdays in the year. Well, that you get to liberate all year round like six months. Deeds to each thing by June birthday. They have the best, like I'm going to plan, to have my children in June. Good luck with that. Thank you Let me know how that our Allah, you know, that's it super easy to do so. I think This one in this case that we're gonna do today. I'm gonna began it by giving you ton of information on this really good book. I read because I d like to power This book in a matter of long night like sat down, it was just like bra
because it's so we emphatically what were you like, and it was so good. So they wish that you could see her like a hand. Motions that only to use an ordinance Craig, but if they are used, this book? And then I used like a few articles and some newspaper clippings that I could find the way I found this book, which I'm intervention in a second was initially. I was looking for like I was just in that you die you in the mood for like an old, timey murder. Oh yeah, I just get man mood you and I am sure that a lot you and I have very different versions of old time. You murders, though yeah I know we do in that. That hurts a lot of people listening to. I just want you to know. I didn't mean the time I meant like you like, a really like fucked up, tiny mail. I, like, like an old Hollywood murder. That's very glad, that's it s, a very good. Let's see, murder, lonelier, Alexei murder, and I like those ones that, like oh what what I have here and don't worry. This is one of those awesome, so
initially I was looking look look and I like to look through like true crime books and see what I can find and I found this book called a slayer waits. He does true story of a Michigan double murder and it was by rod sadler- and I was like. Oh, this looks good, which, by the way, I'm going to cover that case in another episode, but looked at it and was like. Oh, this looks good. I might cover this and then it like linked to another one by rod, saddler the same author- and I was like oh what's that and I saw it and it was called to Hell. I must go and I was like you- I, like the one me too- I was like I got. He wrote about me you're like on my way, like wow rod, O Rod, Roger Roger. I saw this one to Hell. I must go and I was like that's it. I got to cover that one next, okay, so this that's how I got to this one, but I also discovered he's third book should solve killing women. A true by ROD Sadler and it's about a serious, it's amazing. So he has three true crime.
I highly recommend go, read them because his writing his great his researches great, the dude is he's a retired police officer In MID Michigan for thirty years MA, I think he just retired in late, two thousand and twelve congratulations rod, yeah he's amazing and he started researching this particular case that I'm going to cover, because his great great grandfather was the sheriff who worked on this case. Oh my goodness, and he initially just one unlike ancestry, dot, com and lake went to the newspaper at the local library and was looking up stuff about his grandfather cause. He was a cool he's, a sheriff rightly sob, Sir connection, and then he found this crazy case that he worked on and he just did a crazy, deep dive on it and it just opened a soul thing, our aid, so rod just really killed it, and I appreciate his work under his later. How hell, like I'm tellin you like sorghum, Killin it so this is. The case is called the mist again Lizzie born in case by us on ok, so meet that's!
little like when I saw that I was ok. I mean I'm here here, Only thing Alina has told me so far about the kitten. Has all I've told you and I was like bullshit, because I wanted to tell you everything. In fact, I literally just like word vomited this over John last night, and he was like, while at the eloquent he's like hey. That's why you started upon casting didn't have to tell them how these fucked up, then he was literally, like you just told me, the entire don't like. I walked by incentives desk never again computer my hands or anything else it can. I just tell you really quick thing and I gave him a little said bit about it, and then I ended up telling him the entire story. Tell him we're gonna. Tell I'll. Take you to tell. I must have been standing there for at least ten minutes, because I gave him like an overview, but he was looking at the end. You like well music. Thank you for telling me that clinical, our rights this guy's a rod. Saddlers great great grandfather, like I said, was the sheriff on this case and we're gonna his name.
Was John Jacob. I believe it's pronounce Rel its are h, l e he's of german descent ago. I believe it's wrong He calls him J J throughout the book. In a lot of things I found have called him. Jake is John Jacob Jingle him She saw me to call him sheriff J J, because I, like it, it's adorable Tejan and it works. So takes place in Williamstown Michigan. It was on April twenty three the eighteen, ninety, seven, so good and old time. Oh yeah, we love it. We love an old time, so sheriff J J received it hologram from deputy L deputy J W Loranger this, Graham said could telegrams this telegram said that had been a killing in town in Williamston and that he needed to come immediately. So he had to get on a train to get there like. It was a whole. It was a very nine. These a very one, ninety seen happening. The revival
like so eighteen, oh yeah, so he gets there. He meets his deputy. The deputy kind of fills a in a little bit on bodies about to walk into retro, but he's like even after hearing about out like they can't be that that oh what you should never say. So he and the deputy arrived back on the scene where a huge crowd had gathered and they could smell. The stench of burning flesh, obviating the air. Ok permeating just permeating arrow flesh metal you're, like acts are grows out of popery. If you were as who so this scene was a house located at three twenty elevator street. It was described everywhere, I saw it and when you see the picture of it, you will agree is described as a shack was a widow shut. Its legally, it lived almost looks like a one room house, just like a little square. I guess I did have a couple of rooms in it, but they must have in tiny since I am- and it's like, a very
simple house in only have like a few win knows, no trees around it. Just like open field. I don't like that. No paint on the house just would hate that officers arrived. They noticed that the door was hanging on one hinge. And more in their illegal. That's where they also saw they described, as quote large, gouges and holes cut into the wooden door frame as if someone had hacked away at it. While I was literally neurotic sites, the kids, I wonder if you doubt those are really lead screw. It was perfect, thou so perfect. That was one of my children. Their new thing is that they will learn to vague and scream like at the top of their lungs teaching, the youngest one to do the same thing so makes for a really really calming households. Gabby environment is so shall hear every single day. Always I'm like a good thing. I die my hair gray, but it's probably just were actually gray at this over one hundred percent,
but either so no one's like in trouble by the way. That was a happy. So don't worry, but it really set the mood, though so thank you for that one, a girl, yeah. I love that entered Guinness Nitro cold brew. Coffee beer blending smooth, creamy, Nightrobe taste of Guinness with hints of coffee, chocolate and caramel Guinness I trow Colebrook Coffee Beer, your new favorite part of the day look for work, this old must twenty one in over to purchase. Please ensure responsibly, Diego beer, company, New York, New York. Not all breast cancers are the same, sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may require chemotherapy at all. At ten medicine, breast cancer specialist, develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy, genetic testing,
utility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the white treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth and medicine viz pen, cancer dot org to schedule your appointment so the place was filthy, was clearly like they I mean those described as like squalor. It was like, like my exerting we rooms to clean, I think it was just like real dirty. Just like you know there was on days like they said there was always playfully dirty plate fact everywhere, very little furniture, very little things, America. Clearly these people did not have a lot of money at all right now, as soon as they went inside, they noticed a ton of blood pooled on the ground as soon as they walk through the door. They also notice that there was a ton of clumps of gray hair style
Can it shot up and in the in the floor, were deep gouges like a sharp instrument had struck the floor several times covered in blood, the couch was soaked, there were things overturn and thrown about like they saw a picture frame that was shattered and covered in blood The picture frame had no photo and at length. There was also a huge blood trail, leading from the front door to the back of the home, where someone had clearly been dragged blood had so through the carpet it splattered on them walls. They said it was the worst thing they had ever. Even imagine tat in the eight nine blow yeah now: ass. They entered the kitchen which was in the back of the house. They were met with a corpse on the floor. Now this corpse was barely able to be seen as a human. Upon first glance, because it had been burned, in the clothing had been melted into it. It could really only feel like hands on here. There were
slippers, melted into the feet. Clearly slippers also daddy ass, the old, although I'm wearing slippers married well, it's not just assume. He looks at you and but it was clear that the killer cause they could smell kerosene. It was clear that their killer, Hadrian used kerosene to light the fire Then it had been dosed several times with water to put it out, o o it was missing its head too? Oh, ok, ok, ok, yeah! That was like when they were like artwork, though again, I notice that there is water all over the floor. Linking all fully buckets of water had been poured onto this far and they are like what effects
so this person started a fire in the house and then put out said fire LE well we'll find out what exactly, because that's why but yeah so then so they're like well. Ok, that's alarming! What's going on here, so they looked at the table to the left of them and they were dishes like all over with rotting. Disgusted. Gus liked gusting food. Oliver, it at adult life that then sitting on a platter in the middle of the table as a centrepiece with a fork in a knife set out. Next to it was the severed head of an old woman eyes. I'd open, surrounded by what looked like leaders of blood why she had been set Look at one seat at the table. Why her hair was completely red with blood? Why yup like mouth open eyes, open just staring blankly into one seat at the table. What fuck that
whole bunch of that? That's a bold centerpiece! I mean a bold move. You won't see that on pen tranquil, I'm willing to buy your fine curses on Pinterest, but you will not find I literally wanna type unlike severed, headset, honestly, something on that. I dont have cash out of the internet. This old woman was, she was clearly old. Her face was covered in bruises in law duration. Oh no heart of her head had been like caved in all. They should clearly been beaten before being fatally brutalized and beheld in cotton, cheater slippers on yes, so a half as theirs were right Ching. They were like puking Ryan, not just at the sight of all. This is a site enough, but the smell of the blood, the amount of blood America's blood smell, is how long ago and now much blood and then on top of that, the blood
the kerosene, thou, art flatly flesh and then also it's just not a clean house to begin with, so it already has a mound of smells that are hitting these poor people. Walking into this house must have been outrage against. There's rotting food too, on the play exactly isn't just every terrible smell you could ever think of. Do you know what I Gus stinky House is number one on my list of fierce the very go. No one wants a smelly. How no I mean you have kids you're gonna have certain smells in your house like his kids, p and poop, and I'm gonna jump dryly were aiming at an outhouse allay my play. We thought We had just got rid of the side note we just got rid of the rug in our playroom for the kids, because we're like did one of you pee on this rug or did Bailey Pee, because Bailey is getting really old and starting to have a little trouble with that. So we're like we'll just get rid of the rubble on because it was smelling like
and then we find out that it was paired juice that they had smelled, spilled, spilled and it smelled like PE. It does so warning. Two parents out there pair juice smells a lot like pee yeah, just like don't footing in that, but yeah either way kids smell, severed heads so they went into the bedroom. There's like too little little bedrooms and in this house like somehow I don't how they were. When you look at your account, making my little tiny bedrooms, they're, probably like little pantries, I assume they probably left says they saw that the bedroom, is also soaked in water and the window had been broken in yeah, and they saw so they're like what the hell happened here. Should someone come in and do this? What happened so once went outside to get what the Euro, because they were like what we need to find the murder weapon here, telling? What who did this and what They do with, or even like, as their tracks leading up to the window and eight. While they notice that they saw another blood trail leading to the facts, set stairs and when
looked under the stairs ton more blood under there and they found a completely Gore saturated acts, so the murder weapon saturated Gore now the woman in question here that had her head, separated from her body in a most aggressive way, was Maria hey. Mariah Haney was somewhere between eighty and eighty five years. Oh my god, How would you wax and she was a hundred and twelve she was. She would have been on the smokers jar on the today show all she was so love compare like she was so all in western vice for us heard by for us, it would be don't move in with your daughter in law that soda would be Oh my God daughter in law. Ok, we'll Hindi, hadn't blown down now, some sources. I see she's like eighty, eighty two and then some, but I will go
ROD, Sadler, because I trust rod even in trust him, and he says, eighty five years old saga with eighty five so Maria never got along with her daughter in law. You know it's rare it's rare. It really is. I feel very lucky that I get along with my mother, I'm pretty lucky with an Islam. Yes, technically, not my mother in law. Yet, but it's rare and it is very rare, so they didn't get along, but they like really didn't. He did not like each other. Her daughter in law, s name was Martha and she had actually tried to convince her son Alfie hissing was Alfred Hany. They held my merrily. We almost lung selfie. He she had tried to convince Mart Alfin not to marry Martha. Why, but he had gone ahead and done it. She's didn't trust her. She thought she was very odd, which Minos China was actually rather live in. The house is a little bit of a reason for it in the two of them. Would fight and Becker constantly
We said they know, you never saw them hid each other, but he would see or hear them like push each other yet, and so he was like a you know: I'd have to break that up a little bit sometimes or when it got really heated Blake. I never saw them actually strike each other in your saying, like push each other like verbally, the other end. I think they would do like a little shove. All like nothing. Crazy, though you she was like they never like shoved each other down or anything. It was like a little push your honor, ok and that's when he would break things up often times. I guess it would happen when he would go to worked for the day they would cause. No, birds would here, like all the neighbors would hear they lived next door to like a mill factory. I guess all the factory workers hope there were like. Oh, we were very used to hearing the two of them screaming. I answered her work time, entertainment, the other just like whatever now there's so knowing all this, and knowing that Martha Hany ended up being a ride on scene which will get into Martha. Hany was arrested for the murder of Mariah, believe,
so she was arrested at the scene of the crime in they found her in the backyard digging with her hands in the backyard. That's no good and just like mumbling to herself when they walked up to her in the back yard. There are like hey what should do in March. Then she was like. I just killed my mother in law on their own and they really cool go are at their earlier. We saw there like we, yet we definitely saw that's all night to so they they got her, they arrive. Said her arm again. She was fully issue. She was very quiet. The only thing she would say is like yes, I did it. And they were like really and she was like. I cut her head off and they were like. Yes, we know they were like alright, so brought her directly into the village lock up, which is where you would go before jail. She was described as acting very peculiar. Her parents at the time was very may see aided. She was like a war, and in very small. She had like dark hair dark eyes and they said she'd like a very sunken face:
like shoes are really airy: she's, a scary village, so they undergoing She now she's being held at this lock up now they have to talk to her yeah. She stands she's acting a little off and there, like you good, you know you called the police, I talked to her yesterday that I don't want to talk to the village health officer. Dr Frank someway was called in to evaluate her meds. State has immediately anybody who didn't know her would look at our milk something's off here. Only let's go take a look people who knew her in the village were like. Oh yeah, like something's wrong with her she's, definitely not saying ok, so this was already like. Ok, we gotta see what's goin on here so Doktor, Frank,
some way had an incredible mustache. I feel it's important move right along had an incredible, must, adapt and went in to talk to us and he was the debts literally. All I have to say about that. I love you so much as you can just like you get me. He thought you did. He had an incredible their life, so who doesn't us that so when he was told who the killer was suspected to be, he said he wasn't very surprised like he was like. Oh, I know her Martha, hey me all right, then he was like that. Kind of counselling, and that this day he said, you know I've seen around town and he said he was ever time he saw around town he's a doctor. After all, use like I was very concerned, also stay and he was right, but obviously no one's gonna walk up to someone Billy hey are you insane right, do me to talk to you right so that she would just Billig whatever now The thing is, she had actually been. Scheduled, have an appointment with him all morning that
that they found morning are the murder, but she hadn't showed up having earthly in time. For that, I'm saying in the person who had made the appointment was Alfie and we're gonna get into that whole things out. These can explain what happened there, but she never showed up, so he in another dark Doktor Shaw went into the lock up to examine her. She really didn't wanna talk to anybody. She would not talk to put to the police. I wouldn't even look at them, nothing she would kind of answer the doctors, but only really like nodding at them and stuff and is really spooky yeah and she was sitting on the floor. They said wrapped in a blank. That's even spooky area and they asked her what happened and she said I killed my mother in law, we know, but why there were like after saying that she just stared at them ugly. No, no! No! No, no me when I read it in the book. Oh god, that's terrifying. They then said you know what exactly happened and she just stayed quiet, so they were like all right, she's not going to talk like
tried a few times. She was going to give them anything else. They kind of saw what they needed, see as they were, leaving. She was like weight no, and they were like we're done here, today marks Not all breast cancers are the same, sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may require chemotherapy at all. At ten medicine, breast cancer specialist develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy genetic testing. Utility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the white treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth and medicine vision: pen, cancer, dot, org to schedule your appointment, Not all breast cancers, are the same, sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may,
require chemotherapy at all. At pen, medicine, breast cancer, specialist, develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy genetic testing, fertility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the white treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth and medicine this pen cancer dot org to schedule your appointment and she was like our here's. The deal you know We argued something about a photo and which are going to get into the details later minded combat, yeah, something about a photo that she had put in a frame that belonged to Maria ok and she left out the part like a big part of those but she's like job. I put this vote on the frame she was passed when she saw this and she hit me.
Ok, so she said we got really angry. I was really angry at her for that we started screaming the workers at the mill also said they heard this whole fight. How at one point. Some of the workers at the mill said that day heard at the store, or they saw Martha storm out of the house and let's just get angry on the front line like by herself, and they were like. Oh it's happening, and then she tried to go back in and I had locked the frontal that will in future, you do This is why I really pissed her like every organisers. Now that's when it's gonna have, and so they were like. Ok. Well, you know this sounds like this was a bigger fight than like Jesse, you put a picture in a free. Like what young I dont have always about how about so. She was,
like well. The the photo was like you know. The photo was hurled Beriah, the victim, her late husband within the photo frame, and what Martha did was take the photo out and put a photo in of her three kids. We are, and what we're gonna find out later is that she doesn't have those three kids anymore and no one's quite sure. Actually where they want shut the fuck up. So that's weird, but she's. Suddenly, in the middle the day just took this photo of her late husband out of the photo import heard, some kids that no one knows really what Martha Skanska. Ok, we're gonna get into that doorway organ to talk about Martha. We are, we are here, and so the Maria came back and because Mariah at eight, whatever she was eighty two eighty five years old, was doing chores outside added when this happened walked in solid. She had done. That was like what the fuck where's the picture of her husbands name is John
to I fucking house- and she was like why where's where's the picture of John? Where is that? And she wouldn't answer her where's the picture like all the rest of it I would be glad to so. What happened was Maria like hit her on the back of their her back now legally day had her like hey answer me and then all hell broke loose so those workers that had seen Martha like storm around the house and try to get back in there were like shit, was cut down like but their illegal, but they fight all the time. So we just thought they were having. Slightly yes added to take lunch and check it out and honestly they really careers watching her, and then they said they saw Martha looking around for something in the back yard and acts. But she did it a long time, so they just God where, like whatever they ll figure it out here, and they just stop paying attention. While she was looking for the axe, she got there she ended up walking up to the front of the house and destroying the front door with the house. So this poor eighty five year old woman is in this house watching her daughter in law.
Ass herself, like Jack Nicholson in the shining through the front door, Ozma AIR, Smart God. It's like holy shit and that's why, when the police came here that whole thing was hanging on one hinge because God has busted her way through wild in it's insane. You don't expect a lady named Maria to be out here. While you don't you really, don't you don't expect and she's tiny she's like that's thin, thin, and so is Maria Maria. I urge those on tourism while the hardest, but what she did was. They think she first at Maria with the blunt end of the axe to the face and that knocked down and then hid her with the sharp end to the face and knocked her out O. Then she, just by her own, admission, stamped on her hard as she could with our own feet. That is, she said she broke ribs she broke anything. She could she just kept stomping and she's, probably still alive in her own words, oh yeah, and she said that she could hear her like gurgling and breathing.
In her own words. She said I dont know I killed her. Any and and then I got on her with my feet and jumped on her ass hard ass. I could yes, I did. My mother told me to kill her. Oh no, I feel your mama's dead. You shouldn't be talking to her mailed it. I knew it interesting because Susan Pierce, her mother, had died seven years prior in Ionia. So that's weird, you know she's dead and she's. Like my mom Toby that you mentioned the vagaries. Man didn't know your mother in law cause. You ve only been married for like three or four years. So what right so this struck them as interesting. So they're like okay, that's interesting So they said, okay cool! Does she talk to you a lot She said: oh yeah, she talks to me all the time I thought his littering the down all the time and then she said you know she was speaking to her a lot more lately and he was telling her to kill the old woman, of course, and she said,
that she was talking to her while she was committing the murder. In fact, unlike encouraging her to do it well yeah so that the support of bomb- I guess that's really sad and it's it's hard and I guess she was telling her. What she was saying was that her mom kept telling her. You need to kill that old woman before she kills. You so she was like oh shit, so she probably had like paranoid schizophrenia. Yeah. I think that's actually what everything that I've read that today she would likely be diagnosed with that I am not diagnosing her. No, no! No I'm not I'm doing anything about that. So much that I have no idea what's yeah, who knows maybe she's, taking this whole thing. We have no idea how I got on early. No ideas was angry servants. I have no idea, but its everything I have seen has said they would say today she was probably being that she would be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but yeah
so so then she continued on telling them the next parts that happened. Legal, I mean to slay the Sala, for I love that They were going to leave and she's, like you know what he was like me. Just tell you everything so then, she said, another hit in the head to Maria opened up her skull. There was. That was the reason there was gray hair. Although the floor when he first walked in and those gouges on the floor. She had literally embedded the accent to the floor, so they were like oh fun and they were like what happened next Martha. And she said quote, I said hold on now and I turned her over and I killed her and she did not kill me. No will she d not you're here. Right now telling us correct you're an accurate information. Alright true so she said, two more blows severed her head from her neck, pretty cleanly ass. She lie there on the floor. Then she picked up the head by the hair and placed it on a platter on the table.
She also intentionally set Maria s head to face Alpheus place at the table that we're because it was supposed to be a gift to him. Oh, so she's manner healthy to which year, which end up by all accounts Really sure why? Ok, they didn't really. There was no like indication that they were laid abuse, violent or anything while with people not heed their mother in law. As I feel it, it's a thing loo, and I think this is also just definitely just meant alone the item it is, I think, the sisters, all that, she said that she was then worried about what to do with the rest of the body because oh may have had on a plate. When I do the rest of it could she was like. I can't it outside cause. The mill workers are gonna, see me dragging it outside, so she did have the, thought to think that, so she was like our it I'll, just poor, kerosene from the oil lamp in the other room. On her and light are on fire. No, according to two hell now I must go. She used calls from the stove and a heated frying pan and put them between whereas legs,
let it smouldering create a fire one which I thought we were authorised anchors. When I first heard she let them body on fire is like how to like yeah. How did she do that? But that's crazy. She just lit colds in a heated pan and put it under her between her legs and then it just smouldering caught fire. This is really fucked up to stand. Say. Machu literally made her like a liquor liquor. Heat got the word. Yeah I've gotta those stoves at all, but I people and may have in their house at his Sligo Legged coal burning, so notes into different thing. You wouldn't get it If we really want you feeder forget, unfortunately, no so Okay, thanks and when they left they were like yeah, I'm pretty sure she's, not saying. I think we can both say that. So, let's talk about Bartha Hany, who she is, person. I thought we just did no organ song about her before this. So Hany was somewhere in the middle of seven children
the buildings were Richard, William George, Esther, Florence and ADI, who died at the age of twelve zero, really cute names. Now violent counts. She had like a terrible child, but there's no information about it No, why it was terrible. You don't know how terrible just it was terrible. Ok, so it's like ok, in fact, her brother Richard, who comes up later had said you know that he knew what she had endoored her whole life in childhood and, like pause, really sad, that this is who she had become. Ok, but like nothing else in that now, when she was only sixteen years old, she married a twenty one year old. A man named John Woodard in eighteen. Eighty four. They had three children he left, but no one could tell where the children went, that he didn't take them. He did not. Those children. She had told Alfie that these two older children were living in Ohio and Pennsylvania, having been given up for adoption, but the youngest was the real mystery.
Alfie said that the story he heard a lot of other people heard from her own parents, was that she left one day with the child, who is under the age of two and was her youngest and she returned a couple of days later without that, I'll be ok, so she killed there. She said she gave it away, so people believed she may have killed batch nature, how newspaper article that in May Sixth eighteen, ninety seven, the ink Inga County NEWS said quote any special that Martha Hany ever currently disposed of her child. While living and wheat field several years ago is all wrong. Oh, he did best of it and placed it in the charge of Reverend W S, sly of lancing the gentlemen who has done such an excellent work with homeless children, so she did give the baby away now. Looking
it up? I did find that this guy in ROD Sadler also talks about in his book that this guy, like actually did this law take children. He would like we ve actually was like a really good person. Greenow, a he apparent did confirm that her and her sister Florence had gone to him to give son away. His name is George and he was only ten months old. So, my goodness and he ran this orphanage. He had taken her, so he could did confirm that a child loose given away. Ok, so the other two children. She claims the same happened when nobody can really confirm that her. But you know Who knows if she'd gave this one aware imagined she gained for adoption? I mean good on her because she clearly shouldn't be raising children and that this kind of stuff,
that she was in. Do you think she realized that and that's why she gave them all? I wonder if she did if she had some, I feel like she had some kind of self realization that I cannot provide myself for these children like the emotional and stability that I need to so like if she did do that good on her, yeah so and her sister Florence did say she was happy. She was doing it because she said the same thing. She was not can be able to properly care for these children. That's good! So alpha Martha, had gotten married in eighteen. Ninety four they had originally live together with his mother, Maria and her husband, John in Moroccan Johns, Farmhouse Yoga
John was a civil war vet, but he had passed away like years earlier and they were having trouble keeping up at the farm that their parents had originally run. So they left that place and that's when Alfie got this tiny little house for him Mariah and Martha, but it was Alfie who was the one who found his dead mother that day, oh no He was the one who had called police now. I feel so bad for me. I really because they lost two people, those yeah. So obviously there are like because he found the mother. We gotta go talk to him so, they found him at a pub he was The court is IRAN's is you're trying to cheer him up. He was good like setting their crying because again he's losing his wife and his mother. So when investigators picked him up at the pub he was an absolute mess, they said he was so upset, but they asked him. You know you got to give us a little background here like how is your marriage? You got to tell us, what's going on
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seek urology dot com for all the details. Now Alfie was of labor. They did not have a lot of money because Martha stayed home. And he would basically just take work whenever he could like road work like hard labor. Anything- and he just would take it wherever you can get it they often were given help from the rest of the community. I guess like the village would help them out. That's nice alpha told him together is that their home was quote cheerless all which is like the satisfied that entered that's. What I'm picturing yeah- and he said Martha- was INA. Martha was sick, a lot and she was very off a lot news getting worse and worse recently, and you know her and Maria just hated each other and it seemed like they were always fighting Maria Lino, Martha wooden sleep in bed with him like it was just very weird and inner they motionless stay
in that house rose shifting yeah crazily, so he said he often heard Martha speaking to people that weren't there. Oh and this started like right after they got married and she also had a very scary temper and it would like snap into just boom with like an explosive yeah, yeah no war and in the three weeks leading up to the murder. He said that the talking to voices you weren't there thing was happening every single day like way more in she was losing her shit. A lot like could not, and he said he got to the point where he like within those last few weeks, said he was really scared to leave his mom alone with her. While he went to work. I know what it's like. What is he going to do and he would say like it was that or easily I literally couldn't miss a day's wages. I had two yank money or we wouldn't be of sleep in this house or eat or anything right, so he then explained how they both had come to the decision eventually to have her see doktor someway he had been first doktor about him.
Walked in there was like oh hi yeah, so what had happened was Alfie was working on a road job and this is like, I think I think, the day before the murder and he had seen the by walking by and he was like. You know what I got him him we could for health. Medical has, although he got himself together any like, walked up to him and he was like. Can I just like to ask you about my wife? You know like? Can you talk to my wife said the doktor greet you yapping around I'll talk to her, so he had gone home. He had told his mom about and his mama's, like she's, not gonna like she loves her shit like but Godspeed. She was right because when you brought it up to Martha, she lost her shit. Somehow he had managed to convince her to agree. You go to the appointment in it, but you know he was like right. Things are gonna get better. This is gonna, be fine, but then she started blaming Maria and saying Maria was the one who is forcing her to go to get like this doktor. She,
so any fatuous crazy enough. He was like no. She has nothing to do with this. I'm the one who wants you to do this and I think she was like no it's Maria, so she immediately had it. Nor had half that of water. But then the next morning, Alfie wakes up to go to work, not to go to work, to go to the appointment and he was acting. This was a Friday and who is like, I woke up and saw her and she was smiling menus leg and genuinely smiling Ivan he was like. I had not seen her smile in forever, but he was like ominous loon. He was like at first. I was like what is happening and she was like. I feel so much better than I felt. W wow and you know. Maybe it was just the idea of going to the doctor that made me, like you know like snap out of it and like you, she was like. I do want to talk to the doktor, but what why do we do tomorrow morning? While now and He was like and she kind of did like you know. You don't want to miss out on money and tomorrow Saturday, and he was like you know what
he was willing to miss a day's pay for it, but he was like. Why do it when she's willing to go to MAR yeah? We can always go to Morrow. He obviously wasn't thinking that anything. This the head was going to happen. Ozma is great user guide I'll. Take her on a Saturday failure to Morrow morning. It's fine, I feel so bad for the sky. Now He said he came home from lunch for for lunch from work that day news that, like he always does, and he was like when I walked up to the house. I noticed this terrible odor coming from the house now and he's likened. The door is off. The hinges and I can see smoke he's public. What the hell is he all right, holy shit. So he's like, oh my god, the house is on fire, so he runs in there and he's like I gotta get my mom and my wife out like I to help everybody. He runs in and immediately sees his mother's head staring at him platter neighbors said that in the people at the mill said they heard his blood curdling scream canyon and they saw him run out of the house because he was so
wait for the off oh yeah, like bark and they said he saw, they saw him running straight out, so his neighbors saw the smokes coming from the house and they saw him run out of the house, so they were like holy shit. The house is on fire. We have to help so they were like all right. Well he's going to get. Maybe the fire department will help and try to stop this, oh my god. So they used a pos because it was a water pump, that's all they had to fill buckets of water and throw them through the kitchen in windows. Why the kitchen was covered in water. They did this. They kept doing it over and over this is one another, and I guess they also like smash the window in the bedroom
and poured it in there because they didn't know where the bills are coming from. So that's why there was water all in there too. Okay. So this is when another neighbor who had actually worked at the mill next door walked over and was like what the fuck is going on. So he grabs a bucket of water and he runs into the house because he's like you know what I'll try to get it in from the inside, so he runs right to the lump. He saw smouldering on the kitchen floor and he couldn't tell what it was, but it was the he could see that it was where the most things were coming from, so you just dumped the water bucket on it Oh my god. He then realized he was looking out of smoking decapitated body, yeah, that'll fuck you up so, that's when he himself looked up and saw Maria's head on the table and now fuck you said later that he looked over and saw Martha just calmly, walk out of the bedroom would just underwear on why and she looked at him and then was like an oil walked back into the bedroom. Put on addressing came back out
she was like fuckin a like. Why are you in my house in my underwear? Why? What wonder how long she was Murat Martha had taken off the dress she had worn when she killed my and put it on a lot of Maria and laid it on fire all that it is very Lucy Bore which is very like there's certain parts of this where I'm like. There was a little bit of coming in here like this, not totally like, I wonder if she, you know you No, you just don't know you kind of Diana I've been hearing all these voices. She could it. There is no proof that says that she was seen. Oh you just don't know, rose diagnoses, we don't know sir No, we don't know so she put on a dress. She comes back out, lays on the couch first. Second in me, well, the sky. So this his name was John Robinson. I believe hunger and he's too has said, they're, watching her leg, holding this empty bucket of water standing in this kitchen, with a decapitated old women's head, any decapitated body on the floor that he just poured water on and he's lying.
And she lays on the couch and then she just gets up and starts peeling the wallpaper we're off the wall, knowledge so shoot. He was like oh so he goes running out the back and he's like what the fuck and she followed him. The back door and thence its kneeling down in the back yard and his digging? dirt way on your hands and people think that use digging to put the body and never by this time. The mill workers and people around the village are starting to crowd around this house because it's a small little like hamlet, and you had a thing. So it's like a bunch of people coming everything what the fuck is going on. There hearing screaming the hearing that like crazy stuff. So meanwhile, Alfie had reached the deputy, the Deputy Sheriff Deputy Laurens her and had brought, which we talked about in the first part and brought him back
the house. Okay, and this is ROD's great great grandfather. This is not the great great grandfather. This is the deputy sheriff. The sheriff Rel Jj is the one that's just gotcha godfather so John Robinson, the guy who had seen this happen and is the only one who has been inside the house. Besides Alfie Elsie. He had loranger come to the backyard and he was like there. She be here. She is Martha, still digging with her hands in the ground, and they said she looked completely blankly at them when they asked her what was going on and then she just coldly said said my mother in law omega in they were like you dead, and she was like. I cut off her head it's in there and I also decide they're, always change the wallpaper. So this is when she was restrained and brought to the lock up with. Doctors spoke to her, This is one larger went inside the house. He saw everything inside immediately was retching and gagging like the rest of the office. Years later he had some dude come to legal. Like stand guard at the house to not let anybody in well, he followed her to lock up small
for eighteen. Ninety, seven they were out on it will give it to them. It gets weird but like David and always at I could and always so now there Martha was in custody and they had been. You know she had been interviewed. Alfie had been spoken too about the days of ants. There was now the next thing to be done, which is the coroner's inquest. Basically, corners inquest is done to prove that a crime has been committed. I think you just hold up the head and need to be like tat, crime I mean, like a crime, was indeed guilty here cry. What is insane is that the inquest had to take place in the house. Aha, So, according to two, how I must go, the law says quote and there, in view of the dead body, shall the justice of the peace administer the oath? Why
also they had to drag six men that they chose or how, when to volunteer than to be law abiding men like as jurors yeah, they just had to go, find them too in the under dragged them into this crime scene Take the south and then determine whether a crime happened. Yes, like holy shit, can we just kept the oath? Yes, what if one of them was like? You know, I'm not sure I'm just not convinced that this was criminal. Sometimes ahead will GIS deciding on hanging out with its given body and it'll. Just Dep. I've seen it happen and prove that it didn't happen. Tell me prove to me and they could be like well. The house is on fire and there's blood everywhere and when I was saying this- and I was like yeah like that's silly and then I was like, but honestly in an era work crazy shit was happening all the time and I believed all the time that's Not that far he kind of walked in the house and just been like witchcraft. Because, honestly- and I was like you know what people thought that then that's something called ring. Turning was like real
Let me tell you a quick little side, because I started looking up like eighteen nineties, things holy shit. What is ring turning so in turning was from the eighteen nineties, and it was that a woman would meet men with rings on their fingers and when they did that would turn the ring a couple of times. They would do this twenty times in a row with twenty four different ring wearing fellows and then a meal daily. They would have to find a man or woman with a wedding ring on. You would turn their ring two times and the next, and you shake hands with that? Your husband so all you have to do is find twenty four men and then turn their rings around, and then you have to warn you, to find a married man or woman turned their wedding ring twice and then the next man you shake hands with that's your bachelorhood. So basically you just have to turn twenty five ranks yet. Ok, now simple but people believed that then so honestly, it's not shocking to me that they had to have this very formal, coroners inquest in the crime scene to be like. Yes,
tried and committed life life. Was we waivers real strange for them? So either way back to the task at hand. So these six jurors were just six law abiding deeds that they just ran downtown and grabbed a republic Well, I'm surprised they didn't just like go to the mill. How awesome would the happy why you would need to be one of Wanna come down to the most northerly crime scene. Ever fathoms. Just tell me whether it's a crime scene or not. You would be that bitch in the corner of a bar liked, sip and on a brewing you'd, be like I'm gonna go. So I really like me who, like beer, clearing, think me and they d, like Europe you're a woman, and you ve shown your ankles arrest. They like what are you doing in a pub get the fuck I gotta go, have a baby would be on that island. I would go, get a fake, majestic moustache and we are like me, I'm the one who's I bring me they're, so the
ah, for this says, quote the jury, upon inspection of the dead body and after hearing the testimony of the witnesses and making all needful inquiries shall draw upon and deliver to the justice of the peace inquisition under their hands in which they shall find and certify when in what manner and by what means that the deceased came to his death and his name, if known together with all the material circumstances attending his death and if it appear that he came to his death by unlawful means, the jurors shall forthwith state with the guilty, either as principle or assessed free or were in any manner the cause of his death. If. Son gonna. Let you in on a little secret, oh about what I'm getting my dad for Christmas. Some excited, don't don't tell me
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Seen and I guess they were like. Oh it really smells out here. I hope this is the clear eyed models of matter. I think she did and other like I to know if anyone really told us what this is about, so they like we're here. Let's do this, so the sheriff disguise the scene in the telegram he sent may determine that. Yes, the crime had occurred. Next was take a look at Marthas Mental State at the time of the murder yeah, because down they ve done the course corners inquest over with, because by all accounts, yes crime, so they're really got sick at Martha. The next morning on Saturday, was Maria S funeral at the Baptist Church in the village. That's no eighty five and die ass. How you go out I mean so Alfie, I would I be. I told you I am staying telling you and I feel bad for Alfie than Alfin, whose siblings he had a brother Riley and a sister Louisa,
Louise Easy we're in attendance as well as many of the village all community. I would be a little man if I was out these brother sister to a delay. I'd be a little man. Can you make them better public, not a great choice, so Martha was transferred to the jail officially from lock up unwilling, almost catatonic. They said like just staring blankly luxuriantly end like no emotion, the sheriff and Sheriff J J Lake ROD. Saddlers gory greatgrandfather, yes, ended up sleeping on a hot outside of her cell in the jail that first night, because he was worried why I was worried she was going to take her own life. He was worried that she was cuz. She was like losing her shit in there when she got two. The jack she's, not someone. I would want to spend the night when no, she cried all night or she paste Le Gorgeous wailed.
The next morning she repeated to him that she had killed her and said that she had had her. She said my mother in law hit me in the back with something, and I thought she was trying to kill me. He said, and she said that she would have killed me if I'd butter, an airline, probably not. She was eighty five but he asked he was like. Do you feel bad and she said now on she said I don't feel bad because I didn't do it to be mean. Murder is always mean it's never its. Where in any other way, just as bad, as I mean mean spirited, snot, logger Jesus, it's never taken as like. Well, you know I didn't. I didn't murder her with malicious intent. Just did flame, the Eye Lace haven, your mean, so you need not our one roller. It was mean what you d, meaning Martha idyllic. I'm sorry, it was kind of me to break it to you. But your kind of an all, but he also said that, while she said this whole thing, she was grinning. The entire
unless you scared the shit out of me, real fire, terrified, she's, real shears, like I didn't mean to be one. And she doesn't these things, were you like? Oh god, I just got your slip into like you're, like oh, no, like something's wrong, so it's like, everything is this situation. She started banging her head against the steel bars now Martha them lying all. Issues like believing and clearly trying to kill herself and then she would go between singing and praying and screaming and frying. Clearly she was unwell. After she had her head so hard on the powers they talk to another doctor who said using oh yeah, I know Martha Hany and then he was like. I tried to have her committed before. Like I tried, I tried to get someone took him,
help her, and he said he and he had actually encouraged her brother Richard to apply to have her taken into care. They don't know exactly what happened there if he had tried or not, but he was like, I tried alike know about this lady, her brother, Richard actually came to visit her in jail and when she saw him she claims. She didn't know him interesting and he was like it's me. It's Richard and she said no Jesus got him. I don't know you Oh, I got a. There is also a gallery well this year like what and then it gets. So this pardon you like, oh yeah, she was doubly off like a struggling with her while MIA and she started praying and she started singing a song. Stop in the song is: oh, I can't go to Heaven to Hell. I must go murders don't go to Heaven, and that is where I am bound to go. Is that a Martha original? I think? That's a Martha original positive already. She said this. She sang this a ton of times over and over. She just kept repeating it getting late
louder and louder and then she fell on the floor in an epileptic, see, oh my god, so then it's like whoa. She, an epileptic, see seizure the little seizure. Ok, I don't! No. If this is a really stupid question can stress bring if you're. If you have epilepsy, if you have epilepsy, I would mention it? She must have yeah, because I know that there had been like talk that she was epileptic, but Alfie said he never saw her having up, epileptic fit what you like, but you can go along with her along tiresome. Maybe this just grounded on she went to court and three doctors: Doktor Sidney, Culver Doktor, Alexander Macmillan and Doktor Edi North of lancing were brought on to determine whether she was actually insane or not. They agreed. Then. You
Indeed in saying they said quote we the undersigned appointed by the said court to examine, said Martha Hany and to inquire into the facts of her case and report to the same court. Do here by report too said court than in compliance with set appointment. We have carefully examined, said Martha Hany and have inquired into the facts of the case and do find that she is at this time insane and with sufficient mental capacity to undertake her defence in this case and that she has a dangerous and criminal tendencies and his holy responsible for her acts. We base our findings on the fire, in history and mental condition. She has always been considered simple and feeble minded, even as a child she has been subject.
Tooth epileptic seizures, and she evidently resulted from the from this epilepsy she frequently engages in prayer and the singing of devotional songs at inopportune times and places she presents the appearance of a simple minded person. Her face lacks expression. Our conversation is disconnected. She seems to be almost wholly deprived of memory, but his this loss of memory is partially assumed without any apparent reason. While she sometimes admits the act of killing, not Maria Hany, she does not seem to have. Any conception of the enormity of the crime, or even that she has committed a crime in wood. There've. We have fixed our hands this 28th day of April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven wow, so she was insane according to these three doctor. You know, I think so yeah and it seems like it's asked, isn't like paranoid schizophrenia, seems like, I think they make yourself. It's still screaming. I'm sorry, it's my house, so
She was found to be insane at the time of the murder and choose committed to Michigan Asylum for the dangerous and criminally insane. Oh god, I can only imagine what that was like for her in the eighteen. Ninety can't it can't have been good I did find another newspaper article that had sworn to read some of it. This was for when she was going through her hearing period, Ling before the doctors, out there. It says a preliminary hearing in the earth. The title of this is the Williamson Murderous, undoubtedly insane murderous. Doris preliminary hearing in the Williamson murder case was held before Justice Squires this afternoon, conducted by prosecuting attorney a M comments, the testimony of, but two witnesses was taken, that of sheriff Rel under whose constant care the womb has been since the terrible deed and that of John Robinson of William Stand, who discovered the ghastly crime John Robinson was the guy who came in and like saw her walk at a room.
I am absolutely nothing. New was disclosed. Probate Judge Porter declined to hear the case as he could not commit to the asylum for criminal insane and accordingly, the proceedings were held today. The case will go before Judge person of the circuit court and MRS Hany will be committed to the asylum for criminally insane an iota. The prisoner sat in court half bent forward with the expressionless face unconscious of the gaze of curious speck, creators and of the terrible's start terrible statements being made against her by the witnesses. Occasionally she would make an incoherent remark, swinging backwards and forwards constantly applying a handkerchief to her face. She was a most pitiful being to behold when adornment was taken. She was half carried from the courtroom between sheriff rail in a brother of hers who lives near Mason. Richard. So that's a bummer and when you hear that like because our first- you like- oh no, like maybe she's faking some of it
now here that, like this, does not sound like faking low. It's on his release me and then I and another article from me, ass, Sacramento, Daily Union and its t. Build shocking tragedy in Michigan. I love these old, favour clipping, though, that my favorite, it's horrible deed, committed by an insane woman Williamstown, which is insane is just so meanwhile. In this whole I get. This is so outdated that our yeah I was like horrible deed committed by inciting woman. I mean you think about it language from ten years ago, as lays out data exiles. I eighty ninety, this is like: woe, law exists and ITALY He says the worst crime in the history of the city and state, a woman decapitated. Mother in law and places the head upon the dinner table in front of the sons plate when he sat down to eat you, I like well and Algeria at a couple of these things, because I again all the alarms favourably
Some people here were frighteningly shocked at the details of an awful tragedy which had just come to light never before in the three of this town or of the state. For that matter, has there been such a car horrible crime perpetrated? It appears that Alfred Many a respectable and hard working citizen here returned home at noon today. And when sitting down to take his dinner, which that's not what happened lie sound his mother's head on a platter in front of him. His wife had gone crazy, cut off the old ladys head and placed it before her husband for dinner. Hany was shocked expression and for some moments, sat in his chair and dumb horror. No, it is not true. I like what I'm lying media has always been filthy tat, his great love. His mother and the thought of her frightful and almost caused his heart to stop beating all comma with Pope. What passed through his mind, will probably never be known as he is a real reticence, sort of a man who seldom talks except on rare occasion. I do you think you're not very seldom. Talks now only doesn't want to talk to you about this shit. After me,
some moments and adults stupor. He realized that something must be done to something you don't be done. He jumped chair and rushing out of the house. He called on some neighbors for assistance. No, he did not Then it just goes on it. I hate Aimee had some enemies in town, but he did not think it possible that they could have been so fiendish S, murder, his mother and then shamefully mutilate doesn't even someone. He had enemies. Yet exactly and then it says, after a thorough search of the house, they found Amy's wife hiding in one of the upper bedrooms. There was. This was a one floor. No upper. Eventually there was no upper bedroom. In the backyard yeah and it says did not take very long for them to be confirmed of his suspicions. The woman laughed hysterically and said: did you see it by which I dont know if she said that, maybe she said that someone else gmail she's, then shrieked and laughed alternative. Alternatively, until the people who found her were only too glad to escape from her after locking the room securely. So she
not get out. It has lost nine trio. Ok without thy digging. Bennet said Further search revealed the presence of a bloody knife had in one of the front rooms, no Ah, like an old I raised, and I thus eagerly got away with this bullshit and then it says it appears they didn't get long very well, the old lady- was inclined to be friendly with the wife, but the latter always said that she had no business business in the house and ought to go and live somewhere else. Lee, In our actual it, it seems like we both hated each yeah. Now that I'm saying she deserved anything, not the mother, however, felt that she was entitled to a home with her son, and for that reason she would not go. It's the wife had begun to act, queerly poorly! You would do the oddest things at all times, and it was then seen that she was burned during on insanity, her husband, however, and friends, never for a moment agent that she were competent. Plate murder
when she was seen terek, taking a big bread knife and running her hand over its edge and, though to feel as though to feel the temper her been asked why she did that and she smiled and said nothing which is like who you hearing this like what are your sources because they're all in the act, so it says in and then there and as far as her husband and find out, the deed was committed just before he reached home. No that not a lot to set up before he reached the house. His mother was a cousin, to take a nap in the forenoon, and it is suppose that, while she slept on the lounge, her daughter in law approached and severed her head with a big knife. No, I just had to read because wow that's so wrong. That's like where get your facts straight originated from that is very wrong. I am astounded at how wrong that was like, while fact checkers. Like I'm sorry, if you heard a paper, I highly printed out all these newspaper articles I wanted to make sure to read them so that so me
so yes, so, unfortunately, Martha was committed to Michigan Asylum for the dangerous and criminally insane, which I think we can all agree that mental illness was probably not handled in a great. You know, gentle no loving understanding way back then so I imagine it was not a great play, definitely not and one. She got there. She was immediately diagnosed with consumption like you, ve had consumption for quite a long time. Could that that's like how gaunt she looked and how she was losing weight. She had a constant cough and they thought she was coughing because of the smoke from the crime scene right. But then Elsie was like no. She had that off, oh wow, so she had consumption in tuberculosis, like huge back then so they were like, oh good, so it went diagnosed and entreat undiagnosed and untrue
I want our lot made. Her mental health were, who knows, and it's like, and so she ended up dying seventeen months later at the of consumption, while in her like a little another little snippet, I found, unlike find a grave dhaka, no less that willingly. Naxos did like a newspaper clipping, and it said Marie. Mahaney the woman who, in April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven cut off her mother in law's head at. What's it's like wow, what a way to be known, at Williamston and had it on a platter at the table. When her husband came to dinner, at the Ionia Asylum of consumption. Last Saturday night. She was not a troublesome patient, but has been very insane ever since she was sent to Ionia Way to write. She has not, like she has not been troublesome, but she has been very insane since you got that you're not telling some Justin sages bury insane or maybe they're, saying as like. Very sick, super insane and she's got handling wearily ice three years later, Alfie met a woman named Alice and fell in love
alpha and Alice were held, destined to be together. They were home on they moved in together and then people saw the moving together and they got in trouble because they were married. So they were legit, arrested and charged with Lou, into lascivious cohabitation. There was real, while also lewd, endless serious cohabitation ban name. I call it lewd just and lascivious Luton lascivious cohabitation, taking the stage wow he will see to it. He was a kid to us Ha Richard low end, was sentenced to ten months. We ve lived allude over here who have been looted. Lascivious four days Alice got aid money. Well yeah and when they got out of the clink they got married, I believe a good on em. They got married.
Seemingly everything was convention have just given them the chance to get married right then, and there I know, like just Mary, it's fine way, so the Hany House, where at all, then you know the house where it has a new, that was around for quite a bit. Nothing is have three twenty elevator street, but was burned down by the Williamson Fire Department and ninety ninety ironic, but the foundation still stands define the nineteen ninety one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. I was around until one thousand nine hundred and ninety the entire structure. Another andred year people had lived in that house. That's not a gun which no thank you. I would be good without outside as all around, so that is the story of Martha Hany girl. It's insane. So I know I was like just literally thinking this, the entire time I did not know Maria was like an older name yeah. I thought that was like originated from where I carry yeah too, God, that's really. I carry was like me, I feel like everyone I know named Maria is very trendy. I mean who
If Maria Hany, maybe she was a trendy, oh she she gives trendy right now I don't know I don't you don't owe you knows that she was a kickin at like eighty five and eighty ninety I did that you didn't deserve it, and you know what Martha Hany it sounds like was a very ill woman this was a very many ways face and it's like she was ill in many ways: physically a veto emotionally mentally she was ill and on. Unfortunately, she lived in a time where was an exact easy to take care or to manage or even know what that was that and you can, I mean you: could litter of people thought that mental illness came from being poor? Sometimes They literally will hang o poverty shoe mentally ill and it's like no, that's not what I think, like a lot of rich people are so struggling Affluenza, but God do you remember that I remember, oh, my god.
I feel bad for everybody involved here got upon rap, they do they really Mariah most of all, Thomas Alfie who sure, but you know what he lived happily ever after the ungodly, guardedly Stone Obama will bump in their own bed of a happy life. After that, from what I could see, I can find anything else said said: besides his arrest for Luton lascivious cohabitation, I think everybody else was seen- oh and then Martha. I just feel bad. I do too so you may have just heard my stomach growl. I don't think anybody did. I hope not very loud, but yeah. That's the case of Martha Hany and go red rod. Saddlers books cause holy shit, there's three of them: them all. And what did you do things? What did you do when you read them? What did I do when I read them? Member use you sat in the beginning, you liked like, although I dont think you yeah, I ate them up and I will be covering more of his cases
We should allow the great writers ago follow in if you wanna see like his whole thing, go to rod saddler down It's all right. It's by always there you can look at his books. You can see all the crazy, a whole darn thing the whole darn thing. Dude started. Using like ancestry, dot com and just was like connecting leaves and was like holy shit like this at all, that's what puppets doing cool pop up every time I go to the house he's like you know, you got a cousin out in Missouri who was related to Lorenzo and I'm like. Oh do I that's cool. That's great. I'm a little love survey and yeah it's insane, and if you read this book you know to Hell, I must go, there's a no other history in there that, obviously, I did not include because you should read the book cause a hell. That's the whole point here is: go read his book. It goes into the history of the town, the history, you no further back into these people when the sheriff and all this cool stuff, so
go read his book to find out more yay and you can also go ahead and follow us on Instagram at morbid. Podcast hit us up on twitter at a morbid podcast. Send us a gmail, morbid podcast at Gmail COM get some of our merch for Christmas, Hanukkah kwanza. Whatever you celebrate at birth, I was just going to say that Elena's birthday I remembered at shopped up morbid pod. Costa. Do we love you and we hope we keep listening. We hope you here at all here and elsewhere. They move in with their mother in Europe. Husband, no, your mother. Summer. They move in with your mother in law, on your husband and, like your regret, you really angry at everybody and then one day you change the photo. I don't know I want to change a photo. Maybe you wanted to warm up their distant memory of your kids that you gave way. I don't really know- and you know you got man in new chopped mama up and you and a jail, and you started singing thing and sing in and then he died of consumption, and so you shouldn't keep without weird, don't keep about where I declare my
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