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Episode 192: The Tragic Murder of Sarah Ludemann

2020-12-05 | 🔗
This week Alaina covers a tale as old as time but with a modern MySpace twist. Two girls fighting over one dingus of a boy. Rachel Wade was living her best Bad Girls Club life, dating the quintessential bad boy, Josh Camacho. Josh Camacho was dating many other girls that Rachel didn’t know about though, specifically Sarah Ludemann. Instead of blaming Josh for being a two timer when they both found out about each other, the girls took out their anger on each other by fighting on myspace, through text messages and eventually voicemails. The tension between them kept getting higher and higher, and would eventually end in an explosive fight that would take one of their lives, far too soon. As always, thank you to our sponsors! Pretty Litter: Do what I did and make the switch to PrettyLitter TODAY! Get 20% off your first order by visiting PrettyLitter.com and use promo code MORBID. Embr Wave: Right now Embr wav is offering our listeners $50 off when you go to embrwav.com/morbid Plush Care: With PlushCare I don’t put off seeing a doctor and neither should you. No more excuses! Make your appointment today. Go to PlushCare.com/morbid
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Hey weirdos, I'm Alina. And I mash We just discussed adverts abound words guys we have high orbit and its morbid.
guys we dislike load can say as a road castor. We ve had it for a while now yet, and we knew I knew those little buttons could be sounds, but I fail to put them on their. I did too, and there they're pretty colours, and I like them, I'm pink my my Wilson effect his path, which makes a lot of nazism and through wearily so guys, there's even and we're not gonna bombard you at the very earliest. Not I would love to, but we're not going to, but we found this one so we might be bombarding you with that one has to be used. I feel like I'm where all agree and then like every now and then can we do like a clapping like a good ideas in it everyone so excited about my idea. What I really wish I wish during the BT case series we had the Want one,
Our way give what a missed opportunity by oil back and obviously I should just added its and then there was no water in the house, I love. You know I used to have this teacher and six greed seventh grade does matter, but he was like a dick and when ever, we would laugh at something stupid because, like we would laugh at stupid shit all the time
would write on the board. Small things amused: small mines boy. Was he right because I d? That's all he is so much. I love, but we just so. We had to let you in on that because we're like we gotta, tell everybody in Europe every day and every blood everybody got a year, the Valencia, but those little things were inter were perfect for each other. I think there are perfect. We won't trust me we're not gonna like overdue. This legal act because I know some people like oh shit, it's gotta be thing now it won't. I problem that we just wanted to tell you about it, cause it's fun, but every now and then cause that is every now and then I'm gonna throw it to those in just begun right here and it's fun, and we can put like that. Sparkly one only really inopportune, severely collateral, it's that it's so good and then he was sentenced to life in prison.
Tat works really well so funny every it works really well. That case, though, well well. Well, we ve gone from it, but we digress glad. We could have that moment with all of you if you're just joining us for the first time ever swearing, we ve never use sound effects before so how glad you could join us on this one, so I think we d nevertheless a ton of because this is technically or but like many yeah, even learn to those anymore. You don't do it, but it's like still a kind of many you have one little correct oh yeah. I told you about before this than I thought barest we'll meet I D Dorothy Stratton last week so good and I was like oh yeah, she's buried in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe, and you are like Hollywood forever and oh yeah yeah. We were both wrong, which is Saint, because Maryland and Dorothy are both buried at Pierce Brothers, Westwood Village Memorial Park Mortuary, which I feel it
It's like one of those things you have believed her so long yeah. They were in Hollywood forever that I was like no design right always thought that Marilyn was in Hollywood forever one this what's. This is what makes it even worse. I a visit, id Marilyn Monroe, grave wedding Hollywood like ever touched it like. I was there and I thought I was in the Holy for every one wrong. So I bet that shocking to me, I'm like, while look at that been saying forever. I've been there. I haven't been there. Such a bummer, while about other one, a young but more less, where YO and Dorothy so they go screen. So we just want correct that, because I think someone pointed out. We're really quite know nationalistic outcome. We're like shit. So thank you for that. We appreciate it and I think we are Today's episode is this ones. I kind of crazy, because I think it's one that a lot of people concerned
What relate to and some level. Oh, if you ve ever been in our relationship with the wrong person chest. Actually, the wrong guy check, if you ve ever had Anger at this guy Miss directed towards a girl at which I like most of like be- and I think it's because, like you haven't had like, I never howling a sea ass long term relationship of until I think it's like. I think people who have can understand that, like sometimes when you get in like this toxic relationship with a dude here and there, another girl involved. Sometimes your anger that should be at this. Guy gets misdirected at the girl, because it's just we all know we. Of us have been there. I've been there. I will fully admit that and you look back later like will shit. I should have a mad at him. We both should have a matter hamburger mad at each other. Instead, this is to those scenarios. It's like unless all just such a lot of time and
again, since we ve all been there I'd like reading. This is like all guys and it just this once really badly yeah, obviously, because on the show is an early hours, because Zella were called morbid Reading this case I was like the whole time as a guys. You can do better. Just leave just leave like both EU. Just tell him to fuck off and leave, but they didn't know oh it's unfortunate and has a very unfortunate ending. So this is case of Rachel Wade. Sarah alluded men now right, Their alluded. Men is the victim in this case. Ok, that's weird because my case for later in I'll, be a Sarah as well and she's the victim and Mikey Slab of Sarah Sarah's, and there was a lot of Sarah than the witch trials and stuff to NASA has got about rap. They do sorry sorrows out there. I know that's rough. This is love triangle, as I can set up a little bit love it This love triangular, was between Rachel Wade. Josh
macho, who we dont care about because he sucks and Sarah Luman. This is like very much about the is this takes place in two thousand and nine. Since very in it the same year. Did you see my face my hands? I always in two thousand. I didn't even know, don't want because we don't tell each other. No, we don't that's insane. That is craze. Look at us we're on the same wavelength, So this is. This is right, smacked, Avonlea, the internet age, the my space age, where you don't have to talk to someone face to face, and you can just sit there and have a huge knockdown drag out fight over my space and nobody is ever really having to do anything that, like Orange comments, section We are, of course in this is the thing it's like and then it began the whole thing with people hosting photos to make other people angry and, as you know, you got your boyfriend cheating on you cause the girl postal photo and it's like. Oh no, a thirst trap exactly
and weak and again we can all relate. I think everybody whose was part of that knowledge is sitting there. God yeah yeah yeah, This involves all of that. It takes place in Penniless Park Florida so we're gonna talk about Rachel Wade. First, she was born. you're, a twenty seven. Nineteen. Ninety! So at the time of this whole thing, she was nineteen. When this I went down, her parents are berry and JANET waved her dad was a truck driver, mom was special Ed teacher. She was beautiful, she's blonde like Jaime big, very, like bomb Shellfish going else. She just has that look a bit like you look at our gaelic wow. Look like you're like hey you, yeah, hey you will I get a girl yeah and you know guys were all about her. She was very, very popular, but she was also kind of like a bad girl. I find the whole thing go in for bad girls, club as a child. Everyone described her as like super sweet.
see she loved Disney. She wanted to be a princess. She was the Tippit, Oh you know just like good little child manner, later she became a good student. She was very active and extra correctly. Our activities, everything going. Swimmingly seems like everything: just gonna keep going well. That is yet. That's her array, is that such a myspace photo. We got duck lips when we have an arm holding the hair on the other side of the head. We haven't. You know how, when you would take your hair and you would comb it through your hair halfway and then flip it to the other side and hold it there like the arm back like I'm so ravaged, right now and then she's making that duck lip face. Yes, yeah, that's her! and that's her in a nutshell, are radically that's who she is as a human being built up and bottom eyeliner, oh yeah, who of course you do what a time. Oh, I loved bottom island early to set? I looked back now, I'm like oh and I like yeah yeah. I know it's no good,
so who, again later she was a good student everything's going well, it's all weaken great. Then she turned fifteen pop, an apparent that's the magic age where she was just like fuck. were, let me tell you it is and for you it was as well. That is if you know what this is all checks out. Fifteen. She hit the rebellious stay. Oh my god! Yes, girl, headed hard hit it like a Mack truck hits a wall. She hit this thing all right. She and her parents started putting heads over every single thing. She was close to them before now, she's fighting with them about everything she dropped out of high school, ok She started running away. All was running away multiple times like something like fourteen times we are living in. You hang out with a tough crowd, always with older boys. The sound is now much to her parents, chagrin love, psyched about those room.
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Amazon is an equal opportunity, employer and in fact, the same year that she turned fifteen. She was caught in a car with a nineteen year old man that's a man. That's a man the child, that's a man whose man says he was arrested and he was chart with a felony sex crime. Oh whose fifteen years old dykes, no good ought to know no way now. So this was a bit of a pattern that began with her to over. She really craved attention from men and I think, It seems to me, like she is one of those people who is a beautiful purse naturally, yes, she has all that all going for she was gifted very much with that and I think you get to that, over and over and over and over again, because I'm sure her parents were telling her you're beautiful and are viable and telling her that it starts to become all day
you think your work, your main sorrier worth lies in how you look up. That's why in again, trying to be like this is how to raise your kids, I'm just telling you. This is what I was trying to do with my girls yeah ashore, tell them they're beautiful because they are but- and I want to really continent- know that their these beautiful creature advisedly, But that's not there. I am always follow it up with in you're, so smart and you're so far you're. So creative and you do this, like you, just try to follow it up with sub, especially with little girls. Do you know where I learned that, where Jessica Simpsons Book While Jessica Simpson has a daughter named birdie, and I think that's like the cutest little name and she said that she learned not to tell her like, I think, shed a talent show or something and she was like you- looked like your having so much fun up there and set aside, like you, look beautiful up there because its leg he's the importance elsewhere, as you are, so it's like, of course, is just night into me. It feels like when, when it becomes thing were their craving attention from men like that in their relish,
in that attention bright. Their need that attention, because that's what they think they're worth exact, are not putting it somewhere else, which is about I totally got that it's something that's very easy to do as a parent like like to do the other way by accident, because if I constantly want to tell my kids like you are the most gorgeous creatures, everyone will you made thirty. I made them. Of course, they're beautiful sounds like it so easy to do that rapid, just throw like some others, smart and you're so funny in your this in your that got we. Love a little but unfortunately for Rachel, As you know, she really liked having voice CHE sir. She liked voice fighting for her attention. She knew them to be interested in her all the time it was where she placed everything. It was her main source of happiness and fulfilment. Not just that's why so by the time she was sixteen or seventeen, she had been detained by the police several times a whole some of these times for assaulting her parents when they were in fights
why? Yes, so she was really going down that do ya seriously the same year, sixteen or seventeen years old, she told them that you moving out moving and with a boyfriend. Tal areas, I would have said one at this point. There were like well path for your princess, get up look out, although they would like by good good luck, reach you can assault us, and let me tell you reached into thing great with her life, so I will just say that the ice verse picture I saw some later and I was like I guess it doesn't go well for her. Did you get a mug shot in their because zayigo and off actually did it yeah, there's one another so that boyfriend didn't last weekend Chris right now, when you're seventeen November, so nuts, that sixteen years old it didn't last for anybody who did last good for you, man, but the state. I mean it s also she's a chaotic human rights, the stock and where this is varied. These two fought constantly because they were children, then surely
he later said. One fight ended where she held a knife to his throat and he dared her to use it and she just dropped it. And re crying, but will see later that that's like come on in location of lies to come. Why would you dare somebody a holding a gun if to your neck to do it because he obviously thought she was bluffing, but imagine if she was I honestly it with her right, she probably wouldn't rice oh, they ended a breaking up in two thousand and eight. That's what I'm saying! Shocker during this time in two thousand and eight, she became reconnected with a boy that she actually grew up with a guy named Josh Camacho. Yes, She had known him, her whole life. That's They hung out all the time, but they were like they just suddenly reconnected and all of a sudden there, like. Oh, we have a lot in common. What are your hot you're here? They were into it all. The sudden xo before comes like fully reconnecting with him. She kind like saw him out and they started talking a little
she decided she was like. You know what I'm gonna try to turn this around. Ok, so she got her g d, I'm good her. She got a job as a waitress at Applebee's awesome and she got her own apartment. While she was like I'm going to keep this job, I'm gonna be independent issues very independent, ok and She was like I'm gonna, do this and then she starts talking to Josh and and it was slipping down and down and down so Josh. Just eggs are down which we're gonna, see Josh drags everything around him down sausages he does that's Rachel and that's how she became connected with Josh. Ok, let's talk about the other part of this triangle. Sarah Luman Sarah Luman was born December. Seventh. Ninety ninety, her parents, were Charles and gay. There, a cab driver in a nurse respectively. She is super daddy's girl, like
Very she was her dad's best friend. They were like. He describes her eyes like his partner like his like little sidekick. They were just Bros, pilots, which I love. No that's over both end when you find like, when you think later years, like that breaks my heart no yeah, because also she was an only child. Ok like she didn't have any siblings. He was teased olive growing up shoot. Basically, is the exact opposite of Rachel Boca. She did not grow up being this ballade, Bob show that was just naturally like had it right, She had dark hair. She was. What bothers me is Every single thing I read about this was like really emphasised how Rachel's this petite girl of or in that Sarah is bigger, should not be agar all she's, just a normal size person and Rachel just happens to be petite right, exact, which is fine. If you want to describe it as Rachel's petite and then their say
who is like very normal or your average, not normal. That are the weird thing to say, but, like I just feel do is weird that they focused so hard on. How Sarah, so much bigger and Rachel she'll, not my leg, I'm looking at a picture of her right now and she is a very regular dividing our aim, but it was, I think they focus on it may be because, as will see later, I think the answer that start getting thrown around between the two of them focus. Alot em, historic. Show trials. Are fat alot, it's just one of those insults, but I think it's also they get and fight. So it's like real. we tried to hammer and not Rachel's this tiny little thing and Sarah's like this monster. How they put it, and you know that it's just True right return, it just bother Bam like stop, focusing on the left annoying, but she did get teased. Alot growing up cause her way would fluctuate a little bit and we all you know like the chubby stage, when your little kids can be dicks yeah but You didn't you know when she got into high school shoes, very well liked everybody who she was very nice. She loved. Of the animals.
I knew she was a very kind. Very empathetic, like just one of those people, should work with animals, in She desperately wanted to be a vat when she grew up. Ok, so she worked here She got all easy. Like always for it. She was like I mean my grades and go into that school. She specifically attend. Tar palm springs high because they had a veterinary programme, though lying help her get in so she never had a boyfriend. She just wasn't interests. Inundating gives again. She was really focused on her way. And her parents said she was very nurturing just kind, loving, goofy, sweet everything. You want a daughter to be whole, basically exactly what a batch they are all the qualities. So once and one night in the summer, she went chick filet with her best friend s and as they sat in the dining area, one of the cooks in the back was coming out for his break and he looked at her and he smiled and he gave her a little wink.
then he said my name is Josh High and that boy was Josh. Camacho knew it. Sarah immediately was like holy shit because its like she was looking for guys attention, so I don't think she would even notice of guys we're paying attention to orbit it. Just wasn't on a radar yap unheeded and such like a big fashion and like this like different way like he just came out like a wink and everything that everything guys like oh you're gonna be highly was like. Oh shit, she's like full. Sooner and again, she's never had a boyfriend. Is she's like you know it It's me sad for handling when you're younger, like anything like that, is so exciting. Always you also accept all these fuckin movies or shit like that happens, and then it's happening to you. Yeah and you'll see he's winked at me and now it's gonna be this love story right, so mediately puppy love. They started talking and they immediately state exchange numbers texting flirting together all summer. All then fall came
he's gonna fuck me and he stopped all of her friend said he would not acknowledge her or give her affection and public. You know I do in private, so that's how he has never had a boyfriend before and he's making her feel like. This is normal right. This is what the relationship is, so she doesn't understand. What's going on, I think she's not happy with it, but she's like I do, she's kind of desperate furs attention at this point and she doesn't want to ruin it exactly. She he was an absolute dick. He controlled what she wore where she went. She talked too. She was only allowed to wear pants. She couldn't wear shorts or skirts, because I didn't want other men seeing her legs and her parents had heard of Josh who had a big reputation. just as a bad boy and a playboy
He loved the reputation by the way he loved being like the bad boy. Of course he had tattoos. He took those shirt, less mirror packs so where he had Leah, it's just the yucky. They hated this herpes I rely on site about it, but they were trying to leg just go with it and trying to lay so They were even like. You know what we want to get to know him and we go get to know him were hearing things, but maybe we should just get to know him for ourselves, so they try. It would. Finance, is addictive them well, he wanted to be really didn't want anything to do with that. That's good. He would like kind of talk to them. Medusa, Dick and that's so hard like that so hard when you're born you're, trying to show your parents that, like you like this boy, it ass a damsel dick like I can tell you that at its report, every way I brought home was Adele and you're. Just like hey, you be normal for, like one. Second, just try the three minutes. Please try it, so they just didn't matter but Sarah's suddenly changing
she's, all of a sudden, not really sure if she wants to be of any more and she does early hard work, their whole life for it and then she's. you know what I'd like to transfer to penniless Park high school because we're just gonna score NATO him that programme now suddenly her whole life was bout Josh she her grades are slipping She started to get a little mouthy she's, just everything's changing her father was referred to Josh, as the rat when he would collar which I was like. I respect that. I love that tat S so hard at something Papa slash your dad would do one hundred process, one hundred percent, and now- Rachel and Sarah knew of each other like they were now they were going to the same high school. They ran and lakes Miller circles sure, but they were like. We said Paul, or opposite see. I literally the polar up, so they were acquainted, but they were not friends. Now, while Josh is talking to Sarah he's dating Rachel
Ok, but in his mind and he'll say it later: oh, they were too. I was just sleeping with them, what they thought what they thought, but now what I do for you their one of them knowing of each other very well know that the other what's going on, Josh himself, just to give a little more background on him, he we already had a child and he was a deadbeat father to this child, so good so he's definitely some one to be all in on, because he's really Killin at Lake Debate these mother was literally like he has literally never spoken to this child, never acknowledged at nothing, never helped with this child, nothing much City, which your ship bag yeah a hundred percent here is Brother were actually known for being this way and being assholes like they were just known for their reputation. Ok, they would use girls for money and things and always have more than one girl. At a time when this was just there thing, they were also increase. Doubly possessive an abusive and relationships
a friend of Josh's said any girl. He was involved with ended up quote, supporting him, buying him close buying him shoes and paying his cell phone bill oak which is it s like why, ladies rye right and when you see em you like he ain't, it I dont understand. I haven't even looked up a picture of, and I dont understand, but then I say that because a true you look at him in your billing what right? But these guys. Just they can do we both ass, I was going to say. I look back on some of the guys that idea out, I was so upset over, like so undulated when I could ring my own neck, for though the dude that I like really went about, or it's like. Are you fucking kidding we're? Ok here I am onlooker sorry if you're listening, but your high school boy friend like your gorge, and I like what, if I was probably seven years old, being like what the fuck is, this bitch doing any use, I could use a horrible horrible horrible boyfriend. I was still in the tea at seven decidedly and again.
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That's why a pen medicine we were able to create a place. No one else has one where women are not only cared for but listen to, and they can be confident in the health care they are receiving and medicine. Women's health is another reason why your life is worth pen, medicine, visit, pen, medicine, dot, Org, Slash women's health to learn more subject Rachel and Sarah's friends said they never understood the thing with Josh all of the friends and like we didn't get it, we don't know what they saw in him. I like can't see his face in this picture. I just see his abs so like I get that I guess when you're a teenage girl, but it's not it's nothing. they said they never got a good vibe from him. They were all little worried. They knew his reputation, but neither one of these girls wanted Ellison, of course, so of course he's playing both of them and it really worked out for him
because Sarah was always labelled the good girl, yeah and Rachel was the bad girl. Of course, Sarah had an early curfew. Early being like twelve, which is like not an early curfew. She had a curfew because she was living at home with their parents right and they were like yeah. You have to come home, so it for him because she would go home for her curfew and then and then he just go stay at Rachel's apartment, exact and so really worked for him. So early shift awaits rightly, and neither one knew anything any the wiser. Right. So he saw Sarah as the weaker and easier to mould of the two, because He had never had a boyfriend again and she was the good girl, so he told her again what to wear had a thing coup to talk to, and she just went with it. I can't picture him doing that too.
Rachel. I dont think he did the same thing with Rachel. I think he worked a different angle with her. I think he was just like I'm the bad boy you're, the bad girl whispers to be together in she just fell under his spell. Ok cause. She really went to bat for him Now she vowed Sarah started even moulding herself to him like an Perkins. parks and radiologists like bold to her, but indeed she was dressing like him. You can doing like him. The whole thing friends said she did like a complete one. Eighty, I don't even know her anymore, then the fights between Sarah and Josh began now. She was actually detained and Quest gender by police a few times for their public fight, her fights with other girls on his behalf. It was just getting really ugly Josh punched, her in the face once and admitted it, and she didn't want to press charges y see up.
whose physically assaulting her more and more. She would never want to press the charges he punched her and turn the pain, the fate and admitted it Why did it and he also broke up with her several times and they would just lure her back. Of course he was a fucking months, he's horrible. Now at the same time? He's leaping with and pretending to be with Rachel this whole time right now. Rachel posted some photos of her with Josh out of nowhere One day she was just like here's the photos and just posted the my myspace, I don't know what came over why she decided. This was the time she was going to do it. I D If he had in my mind, unlike did she do it because she was why aren't allowed to force photos of us? I'm just gonna. Do it you're a few? He told her to do it because I could see him being like. I want to see you to fight yeah. Probably I could definitely see it so. She, most the Myspace photos and Sarah sees this and like what the fuck like fuck is less so she he she confronted.
and he's basically like yeah, I'm sleeping with her whoops I really cool get the fuck out of my apartment. She was pissed but use pissed at reach other wrong. sent no get mad at him, and I understand it's like one of those things that he's still you know learnt until later in life later. This is one Sarah started freely. Posting curve photos with Josh and Rachel did not. Take it well know. How could she didn't know those guys her boyfriend of core and she's changed her life for him, of course, so in a Myspace blog coups D, remember those I do James Bogs, yeah yeah, those are where the magic happened. I was a vice being logs at the end of my speech, I was going to say you weren't, fully immersed in the Myspace innovation who boy the Myspace Bogs yachts, where people would like really like air their shit and in hers. On June seventeenth, two thousand and eight Rachel wrote when we first met I was madly in love, but since then things have changed. You called me now
you slept around, I deserve so much better, which only yes, you do. You did did yes, then Sarah commented on that bog and wrote found better or worse I share sick burn. So they were able to somehow get each other's phone numbers, I'm sure either they found it and Josh's Folia were able to find it out from other people or justice handed amount, because he liked seeing this happened. Yet a hundred as I wouldn't put a pass that fucker now now they started texting and calling each other fighting like back in four alone. No, of course, over Josh. So the first voicemail that Rachel left for Sarah said you're fucking with me when you fuck with Josh seriously, I'm letting you know now you're, either gonna get fucked up or some king of yours is stopping a bitch o, which is like girl, tat, so, that is the kind of things but Sarah was getting from Rachel and then Sarah Wid taunt Rachel.
Ok, so Sarah, her friends, would go to Applebee's and sit in her section and then just ass? The shit out of her slave funny way would literally expel shit on the ground for her to clean out as they like pointer their foot out, make her to my trip with shit like, Lizzie Maguire. When she gets a cafe job exactly are welcome and I guess there was even a solid, an interview with one of their with Rachel's friend. I think it was and she was like at the time there was this song called girl fight. we're chosen. Secretaries. Minors are below your girl, thigh yeah. Well, they went to Applebee's and there was carry Oki and her. her friend saying that song all so it's all like this sounds a lot like the town. I grew up. A young girls would very just high school shit. Like a really is all I mean, went to guess at De Taco Bell once they were like, went up to her car and silly stringed. Her oh yeah, like stuff like that,
so he was getting to ensure it was. It was past Rachel off that where she was getting you know, but Rachel was also coming right back. They weren't. Neither one of them was the aggressor, aggressive at each other, so they slashed each other's tyres and Shetland areas like yeah alone. So Rachel Monarch August, twenty six, two thousand and eight left another voice, mail, and this one said seriously. I told you to watch your fucking back and not to chill with him now your asses mine and am guaranteeing you I'm gonna, fucking murder, you I'm letting you know that right now, because you know what Josh might have played me, but bitch. I'm gonna play your ass out to watch. Oh, you know what they call that yeah yeah, they sure do
and I'm just gonna quickly play you a little clip or you heard her voice, so you can hear like the real, the real, like fury behind her voice, because I think it's important to hear the fury behind her, but I also dislike need that yeah, you do You were right, I know you're upward rainy night time, just like me realise at all, we did so quickly and also imagine getting a message like that: yeah
I mean you know, watch out my window, I would go to the police. That is, I've never received something like that but how many times have you been like? Oh my god, I'm in a murder you but don't leave it on a voice, mail, you'd know no one, and I am like oh yeah, in its also you dont say I'm good untying new, I'm gonna, fucking murder. You I've, never said to end like envying, like watch, I'm literally going to murder she's, not I swear on my life, the I swear on my life. I'm gonna murder, you and then there is another voicemail, that's from Rachel that says: I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna beat your ass. He can get anything he wants for me you, still got your mommy and daddy Curfew bitch. Why do you run your fucking mouth any anyway. Are you that pathetic so keep talking shit? Sarah, I'm gonna fucking teach you I'm telling you now so you want to say that she is pathetic, but he punched you in the face and you didn't wanna press charges exactly. It's like. I just
the Inn and she keeps saying and she's making such tangible threats and these voice ass such tangible threats sitting there being like I'm gonna teach you like, I guess she said I Gary IKEA, aren't gonna murder on my life. I'm gonna murder, you like girl, that's not gonna bode well, for you later also just don't say about two people. So there and there came the Myspace photos more Myspace photos that really set Rachel. Flutter okay, so she, Sarah in Josh, went to New York City. They posted photos, yeah, and I guess there was like photo those, but she got another voicemail that said- and I have this one too and I'll play it for you cuz. I think it's important to hear her like your real yeah, but sometimes it's hard to here. So it says how do you like my, Excuse me, sir. I wrote as the caption on here. How do you, like my photos, my man? Not yours is no good so she got another voice mail from Rachel from this one,
it has a similar vibe.
This money. In my view, one of the baron play them. I mean about bent on you, you and glared. At night there you're dead, the mine, confine you mean you're, going online, buying new emptied your game, but a little bed and you're a little honestly. What you are going to be the one you over me. I got a job here and he can get anything on any thing, not to mention that I will probably better than you and you goin your mom. You d, better lobbying, dies curve, you better whereby vague you. Why do you write about the way that it please do we? Then you might think that just like you and no mind there with you now, I think they're gone
Then there are the one thing that I care about there being a lot about you. So in case you couldn't hear parts of that she's basically thing. Look better than you. You know you still have your mommy and daddy's curfew. I what would he ever want from you? Like? I have my own place. I have my own place almost to me, I'm, like so you're trying to convince yourself of your worth. You have to say that to somebody else than your convincingly. So the way she speaking to unlike you, definitely did not speak. Like that. No links, please literally acting like she has like. I mean, like you, run shit like she's. Tough and she's, not tough right, as see this girl is not tough, was going to you're, not supposed to judge a book. By its cover,
I'm looking at her aunt em like I know, not be scared by these. I honestly you can look at her later in her police interrogation, Minister view when she's wearing a little card again and crying or ass off pretending that she is you're not tough. Now she what she is taught she's tough on Myspace. She taught he's adapting voicemail right, but when it comes down to it she's not also doesn't it kind of sound lengthy. I obviously don't think that she wrote it down, but it toxic she's reading really does take a scratch like I'm going to fuck you up. I have I do more things than you and I'm gonna, fucking fuck, you fuck it up. Fuck I have shelter, it might offer him my kitchen, I can. I have my own bathroom. I have hamburger helper in these cabinets and it's like bitch. You listen to it at its it's just I want to be like girl, he's cheating on you really like. This is the main problem. The problem is Josh NICE, Sarah, no
slick. Sarah, the main problem is Josh, not Rachel Ray you to hate each other, that's fine! You don't ever have to be friends. Billig FUCK, you world out there in the sunshine to that could have just ended so differently, mail from any setting. You're like we are right now, like remembering, like a goddamn. Remember like really you hated exactly in, but no embarrass study how you acted, but it went somewhere totally totally different, so keep so April, fourteenth two thousand and nine is when it really just wake, they just real started going hard at each other Rachel texting her and rubbing it in that she was with Josh. She would text her. They throw a status up when they were with him. It just became this whole thing, and you know what the shittiest part about this all as he is sitting there with love gypping the show he loved it, and then he turned into a big old coward and tucked his tail between his legs. When shit hit the fan now they and says a mess over this because really upset it's her first boyfriend written this one
hell of a way to start and so she's been a mess and that night on April fourteen two thousand and nine she saw Rachel right. A myspace thing like one those Myspace like blurbs, that was their young. Let us allow love in my blue and she lost it. So that night. That afternoon there were There was text text that Sarah sent to Josh. She sent one at one, o six p m. That said whatever Josh you get so mad at me for everything, but you don't give her, but don't give a shit when she put something up. Her says something. You always believe her in she wrote at one await pm. It's like no matter what I do. She's always much better. Take them are you present eyes and asian like, and I hear them, but he also launch a letter that actually cares about you. So at once their team she sent another text, cause he's ignoring these, of course
fucking Anne. She wrote all we fight about his her or something that has to do with her and it sucks. I hate fighting with you. I love you so much, but the shit hurts no response. Colonel, so then data at one o clock in the afternoon at six thirty six p m. She writes, but him again, cause he's not having rights. You say you love me, but you don't have the decency to tax me back ya, know response it's like that, and of its in and of itself should tell you, but then eight o clock. Two hours later he just rights bring the movies I fuck and she and she ran out the door to us, now and you know what it's We can listen to this and we can be what the box era we ve all been in that anyone from the from Heinz illegal. Now we can say what the fuck Sarah we ve all. done that OJ telling younger us have all fuckin dead that shit. I did stupid,
I left so many things go with my axe. Oh yeah, he full on had another girlfriend for like upwards of a year, yeah found it out. I took a back and it's like I got like into it with the girl, like I've done this. That's why this case I was like, I feel, for this house all such a scenario for shark is ever and I feel like so many people can and will resonate with so many people, because we ve all been stupid Tina search you. Couldn't you don't get it? You can sit there and say, like? Oh, my god, like my way out, but we ve all like a gap in there, and now we can say no relegates. No, it's so clear. Now now so clear and finally, all its when you're in a healthy relationship that you're, like example, evocative I one state and a guy that told me Alex, showed him like an old picture of myself and he was right used to be a lot fenner, and I want to date, have put my ass continue to date. My go myself,
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being a doctor, and neither should you no more excuses. Make your appointment tat day, gotta plush care, dot, com, slash! Morbid! That's p! L! U s h, see a r e dot com, slash more bed push character com, slash more paid. I watched my axe. Heavy Oh excuse me. Listen to my acts at the bottom of the stairs. He said he would go into the bathroom. He went upstairs had a full on conversation with his other girlfriend, which I to did the entire thing do it was. Then he told me he was listening to a voice mail, believe like, but why are you talking, but my heart of hearts? I knew it. I knew it at the time as a you just talk to another girl right in front of me yes, like I knew it. It happens, and also that was the LAPD, sir, by the way. Just that's. Why should on the market, as I do wonder why we should on the LAPD, as you know, they suck so up just saying but
but it's I'm just saying this to point out the fact that Sarah, of course we can look at the single Sarah come on gas era was doing without Ray teenager does when they feel like they loved one, and you feel wrapped up. We were like seventeen eighteen years older. I, like you, know at this point. Delegate, eighteen nineteen you're still in that, like not you, This kind of guy can wrap up and really make you feel like he's worth fighting for, and it's like it's just so tragic. Now. Yes, it does sucks this. This case sucks the wicket afterward yeah. It's so avoid even reach. Herself, I've seen interviews with her now and she's, like fuck a court and shall say it right, o re like I should have just talked to sir. The should have its location, stealing now yeah MIKE I'm not given her anything because, like fucker but yeah, we're here to see so she runs out to be with them. After not talking back, she's porringer had out to him and and he's like he's. Giving no response- and the first thing he says is bring the movies and she goes running also remember: bringing movies places. Yes, right
but the so he had told Rachel. He couldn't see her that night because he was baby setting for his sister. I bet he was with Sarah. He was because he told it to bring the moose so. I hope you like I Betty was so, according to Rachel, she was walk her dog, that night and Sarah drove by her on the way to Josh's house in yelled. Something like stay away from my man or something of that sort Rachel said she got scared with Thou neurologist, listen to those voiced my earlier I'm gonna go ahead and say that girl wasn't scared. I dont and she was she said to what's her face. She was like, or I didn't mean to say what survey she said to her. I keep getting them. If you see out of Sarah say no original site at his era, she was like you're. U like act in the Guinness tough.
aspect sugar, but so are you and then I got scared. You got scared of her yelling like say away from my man or something on all. You ve been yelling at each other. What you literally told her eager to murder her, like you, told her that you're afraid of her. It doesn't make any sense So she said she ran inside and she grabbed a stake knife and she put it in your purse for protection she then called her Ex boyfriend Javier Le Boy and asked if she could go to his house, because she said she was scared to stay alone, so is like sure, sounds like a weird story, so around eleven p m she's driving there and she drove past Josh's Sisters House on Sarris car with their ah so she's pissed. she's really mad she's, like also you are sitting on baby sitting, but with Sarah, so Jack His sister, his sisters friend and Sarah also Rachel Dr Pass, the house multiple times over and over again a California around. Then she texted Josh,
She said now. I know I am not talking to me because you got her so Josh Text back. That's right! I don't like you No, why you down the street go home once said Rachel replied with no I'll wait for her to go home, which is no good so meanwhile, his whole and for this was usually go home. Get the fuck out of here who's. Gonna hang with Sarah till curfew and then just over Rachel's net. I was his land for the night. Yes, I believe that so Rachel's acting insane. now cause she's driving around and around and around like keeps going by she's taxing home she's, going crazy could evolve, is now trying again leave all snapped at this point with this kind of situation ever do drive by, of course, everybody and she kept driving around around. So Sarah waited to leave until they thought she had finally gone away. and she called her parents and told them she was gonna, be a little late for curfew and underpants were like what you need to get home. It was close to midnight, but it was before that she was Lee
being in Josh's sister, whose name was JANET and her friend ass, if she could bring them to Mcdonald's and she was like sure so on the way to Mcdonald. Sarah got a call from Rachel and sheep. did on speaker with JANET and the friends of the car Rachel. Screaming sing. She was gonna, kill Sarah, unlike several other things, she also heard, apparently she said on that call. I'm gonna stab you in your mexican boyfriend o, which is like well. Okay, what she think about y'all she act like she's, saying I'm going to stab you both like she lives. Like that's what the friends said. They heard. Okay, I'm going to stab you and her and him so that's no good, so she also heard from her, so she hangs up the phone she's like whenever. So then she hears from her friend Ashley Sarah does and actually tells us that Rachel was standing outside at hobbyhorse house in his driveway, and she was like just telling you that's where she is.
Ok, so Sarah was like I'm gonna go there and I'm gonna tell her like fuck don't worry. I mean said that, where the person who just they're gonna stay, no good is drunk, so she goes there and she with the two with the system. Joseph Sister in her friend in the car. Now I remember this case. She pulls up and she sees Rachel leaning against the car chatting with two other duties. though Sarah slams on the brake and jumps out of her car and the two other girls jump out as well. Rachel grab, Sir knife that she had with her out of her purse and they just charge at each other. And at first it looks like it's like just like you know, punching and pulling unlike Barbara, and it's like quick, yet very quickly, laugh. Absolutely not people in the driveway in right. Next to them said they saw Rachel, make two stabbing motions, and Sarah ended up, stabbed in the shoulder and her chest own,
Sarah immediately just like unlocked stumbled backwards towards her car and called someone who did you call Josh, not nine one, one, not her friend, not her parents, she could Josh and he answered and she said it hurts and then drop them That's the only thing she could say. Oh my god, Then she literally fell out of her car and onto the pavement, Javier, the who is Rachel's Ex boyfriend pulled his shirt off leeches ripped, assured off and tried to use it as like tourniquet to stop the bleeding all. So he. and then somebody I think it was JANET Joshua, sister or her friend I can remember which one yeah it's like. a friend of yours you like, as is the one who called my mama sure, this is the nine one. One call attention
So what she's saying there's fucking Rachel she fucking stabbed her and the dispatcher says: ok, we're on the body. Is the patient stabbed and she said: he's been stabbed in the chest, she's just trying to breathe cool. now during this Rachel is having a full realisation about what you just did and is in a state of like absolute panic and shame gilts, quite good. No, oh she's! Not doing any of that. What did she do? What she's doing under that no She calmly, according to all witnesses there and the officers who later came up, has now there's like eight people. Their walked back to Javier sports very calmly, but before she got there. She realized she was holding the weapon. She just used to violently stab another woman and her hands, so she threw it over the side room. into the neighbors yard, then she just sat on the porch on a bench and said: I'm done according to witnesses, lights and just killed there. She's out all blown so tiny half. I did it now, yeah
so Rachel got a call from Josh like right away and he you wanted to know where she was used like what is going on like what's happening, because I just got a call from Sarah that set at her like what an she said. I met Harvey s House and that's it. Yeah. That's all you need to know, that's a blot on Josh's hand exactly, and he immediately knew something bad happened. Obviously, so he drove to Sarah's house and told her parents that Sarah gotten a fight and he told them where she was Sisera Parents went straight to the scene, but the police had already arrived and held them back. dad later said, like I knew she was dead. We know it is Josh and Cyrus parents drove off together the three of them to the hospital to meet Sir there now as their walking in Josh. All of a sudden says, I'm not going in There really you're not going in and he was like. I can't see her like that, so her father literally, was like you
fucking, asshole, you're, the reason she's in there. I wish your there lies ankle and he was like it's because a view that she's, like that yeah. Joshua like no knuckling an ivy league. While you really believe that you're a piece play it through and through even a dick in this situation, when they came out of the waiting room at the out to the waiting room later, he was just gone. I, but we just feast, he does depth, so police detective MIKE Wench, spoke with Rachel at the scene, and he said she was sitting on the porch, hadn't moved nothing. just smoking, a cigarette com. Ok, I was waiting for you to tell me why you smoking a cigar horse. You does. I pictured her dislike spark in one up. Oh yeah, up there, she didn't say anything about the knife. She does like yeah like should happen and then she asked one of the other officers for a cigarette like that's how till she was a UK yeah, during her police interview. She said SARA, JANET and JANET's friend came rushing out her altogether and He said SARA, somehow managed to land like three punches honour before she,
and began to try to fact defend our whole she's such a hapless victim. She then said that you had only brought the knife to scare her. She Bird grabbing it out of her purse, but didn't intend to use it. She said she didn't even know where she had stab Sarah. She just remember, suddenly, seeing Sarah run away from to her car, ok since using I didn't do anything I don't know for a second. She then said she never saw the stab wounds and basically was like war. Girl you're on the phone like a week ago, saying you were having an affair so damage. I said after the ambulance left that JANET and her friend had attacked her shoes. after the ambulance. Teixeira way, JANET in her friend attacked me problem because you just get some stabbed her friend like our? U real, you don't understand! Why that have they want us to feel bad for you, because people hate you after you stab someone like you after you murdered someone in this well this whole time. She doesn't know that she killed Sir right, because so far no one's pronounced or debt write. So
this whole time. She sitting board like if you look at this interview, police interview she's got her like elbow on the side of the chair in your head, your honor, this just sitting there. Winningly ashore do not realised for whatever repercussions on an old idea. She found He admitted cause they're like where's the fucking Knife Rachel and she was like, ok. Well, I threw it in their lives, through where intrusive Anna, the neighbor's house, built in to the neighbors yard, she's gotta know in the neighbors yard and click. Ok. Then two hundred and twenty to two hundred and twenty nine, a dot m Sarah was pronounced dead, from stab wounds to the heart, because that just one had knocked her heart o, my god doubting, was so aggressive that the environment that the knife bent, while now at the station, Rachel thinks Sarah still live. She has no idea also to like stab somebody like that with ease stake. Night, oh yeah, like Firstly, that took a lot of force. Oh yeah Lake
a lot of nuts anger and that is like a lavish rushed at her too oh yeah she did now. This is what happened when they told her. What had happened, this, was a right close to six m is when she found out a change of ten. Basically, she went on and on and on, and then they just suddenly were like will. We have something to tell you, my god, it's it. Is it's crazy how they tell here. It is so then, halfway through the they do, this subtle number she's not going to follow you any more because she's dead. Now he was literally like own
liking. She's, not gonna, hurt you anymore, Rachel, you poor, poor victim because you fucking murdered her. Oh my goodness eat that even looked just like hit me for right through me for like when I saw that when I heard that oh like it just like she's Follow you anymore, because she's dead nosey you fucking killed, which is obviously like you're talking about a real human being, but it's like she needs to be whiplash toward that information. Presently they even after that she'll see she does not take any of the seriously now even afterwards. So you can see and immediately you know that the time she sitting there talking she's, like you, know, blaming it all on Sarah, it's all Sarah. She was the aggressor. I was just trying to get away from its all self. Defense bore me, bore me, bore me and then often they like. Will you killed her she's dead and alone? We would like okay. So now you suddenly turned into this link. Whimpering man, who's going to say now. You're a delicate flower get the fuck out of here so she was immediately arrested and immediately charged with second degree murder. While observation,
the first degree because of those messages I know I feel like she may be, could have, but they were a little bit living there only a couple of months before this, so I think it did it factors heavily into the trial. I would think so. so back at the station. Dad. thing is going on. Genes are getting fifteen months in jail before trial and apparently she was very nonchalant about Elvis she was king plans for after her jail sentence, Sheep said she planned on marrying hobby air. Apparently I dont know if he's gonna want to marry a murderer girl on it's. Like I'm sorry, do you really think you're gonna get fifteen months in Europe going to serve the you're going? time served you get out of here, took somebody's lily, murdered someone and she had no idea that when you violently murder someone in front of other people, there are big consequences. Ass. She was riding on this self defense thing and keep she just kept saying it. Sarris ball as false aerosol, but she died in its in I'm. Just acted in self defense. What
Can you imagine still after, like realizing that you killed someone blaming them? Oh yeah, and she thought this trial was going to be this quick little thing where they would wag their finger at her and say: don't stab people again and then she just I'll call you and Mary Javier. So judge our July Twentieth, two thousand and ten as one her trial began her Ernie J. I think it's a bear, but it smelled like Herbert did he gets a bear that its fancy wanted her to take a plea deal because there were like there's a lot again. do you like bilateral? Oh, I don't know about eight people Ah you sab her and then you said I'm done after and smoke Cigarette and then we have all these boys smells of Eu Litter telling her. I guarantee, I will murder you, like, I said I suppose, witnesses I heard in the car you Samuel stab you before. You stabbed her, so I think you should take a plea deal nothing. That's probably your nobody's interests and she was like nope I want to tell my side of the story. She didn't take the plea they'll take up
while so the process, you shall see very dumb and very ballsy. That's like TED Bundy. Damn you really get the fuck different level, but the prosecution was led by Lice Lee sat Hannah, wits of who was like a real battle, flooded, she brought up the knife being bent. She was like she bent the fucking knife, that's hard, she stabber so her claiming. I had no idea that even stabbed her wrong shut, the fuck up and she said here's the history were Rachel has stated numerous times. Front of others and on audiotape that she was going to murder her right. The defence use the stand. Your ground law was in Florida up in time and said Sarah, and also kept harbouring on the fact that Sarah was bigger than Rachel nor my Gaza was scared is also which not that bodies are not she's, not lead their blink calm down, everybody for contacts close, I think she's smaller than me, and I'm not he's of Jerry Average human beings. S leg had come
ferris is, I think it's just Rachel's em all levels. I think Rachel is like my height or maybe a little taller than I guess she has a very some and they said she's like a hundred ten pounds, so she just a small girl yet, but we don't need to focus on it. No, they also brought up the times once this is the defence brought up the times and Sarah was aggressive with Rachel. You know the Applebee's stuff in the town about stuff, the stuff when she was being the aggressor, but that so like passive of growth and they're gonna bring it up, because it's the only thing mega right, that's all they got. Then they brought up. Fact that Sarah, when looking for Rachel at Javier, no it she's the one who showed up nuts Javier set about Rachel after the stabbing. He said that she showed no emotion so the fact that she's, like I'm a merry hobby Arab, like he's scared of you he's like and it has to biogas. Like you know, they know that you can't marry. He said right after it happened. He said she had quote such a blank look on her face. It didn't look like she was even there with us exactly
and witnesses there, including the two boys Rachel, was speaking to the driveway, said that sir I didn't charge Rachel Rachel went up to Sarah's carver. I believed to she was conversed. Where there are even like? No, no, that's not literary. So about the knife Rachel because they're like. Why did you throw the knife if this is self defence? And you have no idea that you even stabbed her whoops? Oh, my goodness, why didn't you say it right you throw the knife somewhere, we'll get rid of the evidence right and she said quote Now what I don't know, I don't even know I don't know what happened and I didn't want anybody else to get a hold of it. If you don't know what happened, how did you know that somebody could get hold of a sea didn't even know you stabbed Sarah, be through the evidence over the ok right now. There's a man is on so Josh took the stand lots of rosy show and heating angelic sequestered right or not the ads wherever it could take subpoena has been. I M, so Josh took the sand. He said he was sleeping with a lot of girls, ensure they probably thought they were his girlfriends, but that was in his problem
the attorney asked him if he loved Sarah, because they said it was pretty clear that she at least thought she loved you. So did you love her hotel and on the stand he said, I think I did, which I don't believe. I think he parted himself there's also. You could have perjured yourself further if you're, just gonna, perjure yourself in general and just say yes, me out he's dead now, but no we're just gonna go vague. I think I did. I think and also I mean his nobody in his like he dozen and no one around him think that he is at fault at all, no one day, while everybody who is like all the animals, friends and all their families, their everyone whose, like his so he is true. There are the ones that are like what was. I was this useful. Ok and it's like Maybe because he like inflamed this whole thing, I'll airtime manner, always innocent he's, it won't do anything on women and men so in actually did try very hard to get him charged with something in this. They couldn't come up with anything that big a charge him was
and its true I'm gonna, my only they can. I dont think he deserves jail time well and also, I think he does you. You have to be honest, because I this never would have happened without him and I think he deserves like a full on prison sentence, but I think he deserves to be punished, see what you think that there is no do you don't worry, there's no legal related right, so I will admit that I am also makes them. I don't think he ever thought this would happen. I don't he's, an abusive prick. I don't see how having any kind of I dont think he can as such- I don't mind, honours and all I don't get thinking gives a shit nanda Then he inflamed this so I mean he was hearing Rachel sitting. There say: I'm gonna kill you. That's you're, not doing anything about it. Instead, your encouraging this behavior. I know that actually is vague. Like I'm gonna, say many punched Rachel,
He punch during the fate he's a piece of shit and again there's no legal way that he could be charged that things are not saying like that, but I will he should be punished for something here, but either way: not so police, Argentina Tray, add I think it's like tray. He sorry to you tried she was there, sir. Tina without the crime scene and stand. She was asked about Rachel State during the whole chaotic crime scene situation. Could they kept going back to that like why we should so calm and she said quote noticed her calmness and lack of concern with what was going on then said she was the one who she asked for a cigarette smuggling. like she asked me for a cigarette Javier said Rachel was ready to fight that night. Oh yeah, standing in the street ready for Sarah when she pulled that. Of course, I believe that the big in the trial. Obviously, was the voice smells left by Rachel for Sarah, where she said I murder, those threatening ones where she says again and again that she's going to kill her should guarantee that
there is an again they. August on the witnesses saying that they heard her say. I'm gonna stab you in your mexican boyfriend now The jury took two point: five hours to reach a verdict of guilty surprised. It took that while she got twenty seven years in prison while which he deserves absolutely, the judge said the murder was no accident like don't even try, lower leave at first. She did appeal, but she lost rooms. I shall still be in their Rachel Father Bury actually said quote. We ve lost, star daughter as far as having her home with us, but she still here for us to visit, but Sarah's lost. Her parents lost their only daughter which, unlike that's big of her parents, recognize, recognise and say, and there were rumours that Rachel was going to write a book, but Sir, as parents piled, the civil law suit, stop her from profiting from any of this yeah good Ash was not allowed to attend Sarris funeral
damn it isn't it. You re, those still serving her sentence at low correctional institution and Marion County Florida, and she will be there for quite some time. Yeah. You know, I wonder if Josh would have even attended the funeral. I dont know he couldn't Lochinvar like say goodbye to this girl that he thinks he. I think, how can you? How can you even show your face there when everyone knows how you treated her? First of all, right and You realize how men had left behind all this right. I mean you can't play with people's emotions like that. You can't do it man, it's just a sad case law. Hurry avoidable. I know very of the time and very just like frustrating they talk about later. That's the thing so frustrating cause. You see the potential that each of them had exactly rode away for this dead beat yeah, that's the thing what was, do what you want. Was probably something that only they saw. You know that the whole thing,
that, like you, don't know him like. I know me out with all falling evolved on it and it's like it's just really frustrating that sad yeah. it's a bummer. So that is the case I Sarah lewd men and Rachel you suck Josh you suck beyond so Wolf yeah. What a doozy usually are. They always are well. You can follow us on Instagram Morbid vodka set us up on twitter at a morbid broadcasts and us a Gmail morbid broadcast. Gmail Dakar we'll be give us an end. We hope you leave it there and have already made this point. You fall in love with him and really is not anything to form of the colony ruin your whole life, any throw it all away for him, and then you stop somebody. Anyone ever Sab anybody and don't ever
tell anybody. They remembered them because, like bees against milliner, bye, bye. Summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time, ensure noted blueberry battery brown, crumble and fragrant, vanilla, flavors, it every said: stop indeed try. This perfect summer cup, or you can is the war was apt to order ahead or get it delivered make your morning even brighter. With a cup of tea
sleep, brute blueberry, cobbler, coffee back from limited time, they have a while. streaming. Only. I pick up a new original permit me punk bank. We are lady parts, it could fees. Mixed hash happens, sour our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming now only arbiter.
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