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Episode 194: Tony Costa, The Cape Cod Vampire Part 1

2020-12-18 | 🔗
This week Alaina’s got a two parter, pretty close to home for us! Tony Costa, a hippie living around Provincetown in the 60’s, was a real shady character from the start. When he was a teenager he straight up broke into the home of a girl two years younger than him, proceeded to drag her down the stairs, and later told police he, “just wanted to talk to her!” Ok, Tony. It only gets weirder from there. Patricia Walsh and Mary Ann Wysocki head to the cape for a relaxing weekend getaway and meet Tony during their stay. Interestingly enough, they never return home and Tony is the last person to see them. Alaina recommends the book, In His Garden by Leo Damore  As always, thank you to our sponsors SquareSpace: Check Out Squarespace.com/MORBID for a free trial! When you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MORBID to save 10% off your first purchase Gabi: You’re probably overpaying on car and home insurance. See how much Gabi can save you. Go to Gabi.com/MORBID. FirstLeaf: Go to TRYFirstleaf.com/morbid for 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/80morbid and use code 80morbid to get $80 off including free shipping!
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Summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry every brown, crumble and fragrant, vanilla, flavors every said: stop indeed try this prick summer cup or you can the war. Why, after order ahead or get it delivered? your morning, even brighter with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time I gotta have a whitewash. Hey you weirdos. I mash an I'm Alina, and this is morbid
and were super coffee today were in my living room. We are were not the laundry room today because it snowing- and I don't know, nomes cold, and I wonder if you could just works better to be here today- does and its Nathan come being cosy in this cats If you here, like a bang or like me out there just their wild and they just live their lives it. You know what it's comfy its cosy, there's cats, this coffee etc. A lot of a liberation, cosy, comfy cat, color hosting a cause there you go but love it. So I am wondering if we do, we have any business, the maiden s. I think we do. I don't think so. if you are a patrol honest, I sent out your giveaways last night. Oh yeah, so let us know when you get them cause were excited to give them to you. Yeah cause you're the best in better than the rest excited and all the love everybody equally mostly.
that's true modestly. Finally, I shall help Franklin, because I really thought that he was gonna like detachments. Not her end, but I see that happening right now we're going beyond who is sitting in his little cat thing. I call it the hot tub, and he's got one PA up attached to the curtain and he's just one. Get hang there like. Well, this is where I lived now: oh, they go. Mom took care that we do this. I carefully carefully, so we don't Fang in the south there you all those pretty got very. That was good. Normally, he link will detached himself from the thinking, but this time he was like na here maybe was like a good stretch. I looked like one, a little policies four kitty. They really did anyways enough about my
I don't think so. This is a little late of an episode because we got Snowden yesterday and it was really hard to cap recording actually done. I was like straight up. Snowden like couldn't move my car until two and then even then I had to move to a different place and I so couldn't get like out of my apart with it Oh yeah, I was we we got dumped upon in the northeast, but it was pretty cool because the girls gone to slide like really sled, for the first time, a hell yeah, which was fun so cause. We made link up hill and our backyard and they, when ham, fail to make our hand opposite, I didn't get to see that absolutely nothing, it's pretty great by yes away a little way, but that's why we gave the bonus just in case we are going to have to be a little late, and here we are now- and it seems, like everybody, Doug Johns story, John just like you kill in it with the stories Greater John Alan. We love him the best he really killed it so such pursued is my episode, and this case I
case I've seen the picture of the guy. In this case, I avoid run across it before never actually knew what case it was attached to never looked into it. I never heard of this case and it place in Massachusetts on the cape on the cape. those like. How do I know about this matter we're it's, my own, damn state, but all these other cases have I not, and then I started reading further into. It knows like what I've definitely heard of Yes, but I don't know any details whatsoever, it is an outrageous case. Also crazy, because it's in one of my favorite place as that's the thing it's because it takes place. A lot of it takes place in province, down lover and inter, oh and you know they mention Hyannis, they mention datum. They mention Fox spur. I used to work and Adam, yet they mention all these places and, unlike what how? How did I not now who? What when, where who? What when we're? Why in I ran across this book and its key.
In his garden by LEO De more or two more see normally, that would be like all like gardening book, so sweet, but that's really ominous knowing that this is a true crime, showing that's what that book. Pop up in his garden. Nothin like that. I know just give you. The chilly Willie gives me a visual that I dont need yeah era minds me of that movie. It's like all One idea: you know that we have so good. We were that guy kills women and then puts them in like the lake and he makes like an underwater garden. I don't know I've seen its grey movie fuck. Why can't I think, of the name and I'm sure, either he bore listening and being like that doesn't exist. Selina, please go away now or no is uniting loudly. Does all this you idiot. So I'm sorry that your screaming! I because I can I do that all the time would find our someone it's this. Why virtue? But sometimes people like it suddenly, knowing you not like my dream, like people sell my people, probably something like thirty differently these.
None of them were. I think I made part of it. I think I think was a dream. I think you did well Swans called like the house by the lake or something Nobody knows that something like that. Lessons learned it's like he kills women, and then he like puts like ways them down in his lake and has this garden of women that are just like weighted down that he can go visit. is he like? A scuba diving airline was at his idea, seraphic merrily it's pretty gnarly, but it reminds me of this, but not underwater, and this is that case. Land to this is not a really anything like that case, but just in his garden cause he called it has. No, I failure. You know we are not enough that beaten. Things reminds me of things that have nothing to you know each other, so I get so distant Peace in the late sixties, thoroughly sallies yeahs. Baby province down, was leg, redoubt, Fulla hippies and my polish fishermen, nuts and they coexisted well together. Yak has hippies can coexist.
Anybody and Fisher Chill. That's that's a very false statement. Hippies can cook expense, but late spring, that have been most while the real ones Nope snow, all son, I like a lot of people- he'd be, I know, let's turn so they can coexist with anyone. so it's actually gonna shocking that fishermen and cookies like chilled together. I think they just knew the other one was gonna bother, the other one, so they just exist. We cause they're like out on both the fishermen and held on both China and then the hippies. I like smoking. Dubious on land here is act like very symbiotic. Very some by our ongoing military means to be worked going rotting, Q. So this guy's, a nickname to civil law will hints to what is all about ok, his name, I'm with Tony chopped chop. Ah, the Cape COD Casanova, oh and the Cape cod vampire
hey all of those accept Tony chop hooked up. Twenty drought chop is why the worst names for a serial killer, because its size and horrifying and wholly areas yes and it sounds like something you would name like like a mobster character and like a parity only daughter, but like all its Donnie job job. I just want to say, like raindrop, Chandra Raindrop kept up so is an aim, is Antony Costa. Ok, he goes by Tony. Yes, we're! Not yes! Yes, yes, you don't look like. I got, no regional, that Tony Topshop goes by turning. He was born August. Second, nineteen. Forty four in Cambridge Massachusetts feel it was real, weird reading this book, because it's like everywhere. We know that is weird like they talk about like the Harvard CO, Op Bookstore,
one point where they realize nothing else like that's. Where I got my books, I guess they cuts. We're have Square Hyannis, it's like! Oh, that's where he visited my grandparents Then let me that you have that memory. Thousands stone, remember that links giving that I went to a club the night before in my phone got stolen when I was a sophomore in high school yeah, that's ashes memory of, and ass. I was an iota sign, is like I visited my lovely grandparents I visited and under each club and then got no laudatory all the trouble and work out for her. I had tea nine for a long time, but third, she is my Iphone got stolen anyways. This is about Topshop here so he was born to Cecilia and Anthony Costa time. His father actually died when he was really young basically before he even knew he was. He was like an infant all because he died in world WAR too, and he died her role golly. Ok, he saved a fellow soldier who fell overboard. Why, when he said to the soldier. He got him back on the boat. He actually hit his head on.
Oral rounds. Oh no, isn't that sad also. I bet he was like really disappointed and his legacy right. That, like that's not awesome, Knowest came out of that thing. This hero No, it does happen. Well, Tony was very spoils he was an only child for a long time. He got what He wanted. He was really told. No, he now I get it wasn't like this terrible thing. It's Alec uselessly total shit of a child is just like he was definitely an only child together. That's exciting you up for a little bit of not succeed in by all accounts his parents. You know his mother was a good mother. He had a happy man of home life. There is really nothing to plan ahead and to like. Oh there's, the trauma right busy. Also didn't his father. So it's not like he lost him, but when he knew him really wise out, like a super dramatic situation, of course like never knowing your father is trauma. in itself. You know a lot of people have gone through that. Don't kill people so
Has goose, not an excuse, so he was also use pretty smart. He was good in school. He wasn't like you know above, intelligence, as will learn later when he goes through psychiatric exams, he's very average intelligence, saint, nothing to write home about, but he's definitely not dumb cool but he loves to have an air of intelligence about him. He has that whole, like I'm smarter than every one in the room, problem with him is he's. No, not so you nothing to fall back on. It only works when you actually are smarter than everyone else in the room doesn't work when you're, not, we all know buddy that thinks that in there now- and I know that you and I are thinking in these acts- embers one hundred percent. We definitely are, and it's no good, it's no good
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our rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the while I added join today. he was a very devout Catholic, because his thought his parents course or family, was then at church every Sunday he was until about twelve we're not just on his own through his own research. He was like I'm not really by in it anymore and he said he believed in God he believed in like Christ, but It was like I just didn't believe in like what they were telling me in the eye, only by using it and take it literally anymore. I didn't take it as like he's the saviour he just kind of like believed what he believed church module again, I get it I love that for his mother did eventually remarry to a man named Joseph Bonnie, very the stone Mason, who is apparently described as a jolly man. Oh and he was a hard worker he provided for their family. I guess he was a very good step far.
I see this as wherever we were gonna be like like we could boy not taken in return, we're not do in it. They ended having another son together. So he has a half brother, ok, who is only twenty two months younger than him? So he really remarried like right away. Ok, so she remarried like when he was a baby right and they got the, I guess the half brother in whom in the beginning did not get along because I think dangerously yeah. I don't know just like I from from his point of view, his mom favoured the other one, but I think that might just be his. point of view, and I also think, like he probably didn't, feel like he belonged to the step down. In some sandy's, almost the outside or rights. Exactly because I think this is the family and I'm the half brother might almost say and also, I think, that's what it was but later I guess they became close, so they got through.
I think it was like an adolescent they kind of like beer, but it heads, and then they got closely that's good and his name was Vincent Bonneville Cool now deed. He comes back a little bit later, so Tony and now his mother and Step Father did divorce in nineteen sixty two. They move from Somerville two Peter two Robinson one, I know wild move, my notes, a crazy move. When was younger. I guess during like adolescence, it was said that he was not kind to small animals TAT s. What we can point- and he was very weird with girls in the neighborhood- can do Didn't we, though inner nothing whistling truly alarming? I guess until he was sixteen ok
When you turn sixteen in November nineteen sixty one this was before he had moved a province. Sound does get in the Somerville apartment he broke into the Somerville apartment of a fourteen year old girl named Donna Welsh for M O. He had known Donna. They like were like neighbourhood outlay, PAL Sal's assurance at one point he had tied her up for a game before the sand like got in trouble for it what game and he was like yeah we're playing a game and she was fine with it, and I guess she was like okay, like we're kind of playing a game. Ah well at four a m. remember when he broke in your apartment. He just stood over her bed, no watching her sleep, nay, nay, and then he bent down to do something and she woke up and started screaming. Oh she whose like what the fuck yeah, got scared and ran out of the apartment. You would think this would scare him enough to like maybe stay away from her. I would scare me, but no
did not three. Fucking days later, he broke into the same apartment to try to get the same teenage girl again, why it's yeah and he tried to drag her down the fucking stairs. Ok clearly it's like what the fuck yeah gonna do to her. But neighbours heard the commotion and saved her and held his ass down and call police, and then she a restraining order yeah so who he got trouble from now and he ended up He served a one year suspended sentence for it with three years probation. So nothing and says when he was sent to, they were like you're gonna to town to lake. You got it, I think he ended up living would like other family for a little while, but the mom move to P town as well. Ok, and Woods crazy about this is the later they bring this up to him. One sees arrested for later crimes and he's like oh yeah. You have the wrong idea about that and he was like, she had said I use like she had, you know she had acted straw.
and to me, so I wanted to talk to her about it in So I broke in there to talk to her about it, one for em. In there and then the way they like of aids in the way that he tells it is like heap and town and she woke up and was excited to see him and then asked him till I come into bed with her and he was like no, no, we need to talk and then she started screaming and then he just you're down, and then he said three days later I came and because I wanted to talk to her again- and she won't talk to me. So I grabbed her by the and started dragging her down the stairs to talk to her downstairs yeah. I can hear when we're around level and when you want to talk to someone, especially like your email and definitely when you want to talk to a female, definitely drag her down the stairs. That's what you do. I tell all my conversation yet males have started so it's like ok also women, who parents yeah. I guess it's just like sixteen. She was forced to fourteen zooming that when she was dragged down the stairs that I think he broken when they weren't home town, but yeah now
during high school, which all of this one down, so we get centipede town he's gonna live there. Now they want to get out of their magic. Knowing this getting ice raids in high school, he was a member of the future teachers of Amerika. No, I don't want you to take a little crazy eyes. We're gonna have a seminar in how to drag people downstairs to AIDS in saying why and finishes, highschool experience in p town. He started in Somerville, Buddy move to Peter, He never really fit in well like he was considered Connally weird, not like open, not like super. It wasn't like one of those rare like he was bully. He mobility, doktor, gotta, weird vibe from him. I think he, I think it's because and it's that holds thing where he had that air of, like I'm smarter than everybody. Saving people just put off by the I really key just seems like kind of a dick. this has seems like he thinks, he's smarter and he's one. You don't wanna have a conversation with a new, even if somebody is like that you know and have a conversation with them cause you're dislike. Ok, exactly that's the ear like I we're, not gonna get anywhere. Ignorance
exactly what I'm just going to convince you of anything. We're not gonna have a lively debate. You're, not gonna, shoot me down exactly so. He developed a hobby which was taxidermy and taxidermy. A perfectly normal hobby to have sure like taxidermy, is fine in a lot of people have in their house, like all that, like that's very normal, but when you put it in conjunction with what happens, later you like you. I feel it give us practice and it wasn't necessarily tax it because it's like he was picking up roadkill, which often taxidermy will do only Hacha an Kasza shit there's the correlation, there's ashes additions and in Russia case anybody can't tell our voices apart. You now know cause. If you, if you don't know now, you know you know, but one problem arose- was that cats in the area we are starting to go
see, I don't want to talk about that. The end you know, that's not what you should do. As the text of the resolution kill animals to Taxidermy the mission take them when they are already dead, correct, yeah, So just that's my message for you now in April, nineteen sixty three at eighteen years old. He married a fourteen year old girl. How, though her name was Avis, that's a cool. I guess she was pregnant, and so they were like. We should get married with his child, you with his child. Ok isn't, I guess at first they had tried to get permission cause. They need a permission to marry, cause she's forty inexact in her mom like no and so she was like. So we asked you so we made it a point to get pregnant so that you would have to Also, they land that that's a good reason to get pregnant interesting now, so they ended up having three children together to boy in a girl la he was kind of disappointed in the first two kids being voice
that's weird yeah and he was psyched about his daughter again see. Usually that doesn't happen. Yeah apparently she was. He was all about her. and Adonis weighing a coal or by guess of by all accounts. I couldn't find anything to say it was in a bad way. Ok, he genuinely was like site to have a daughter alright, but again when he, when this all goes down, she was still very young like a baby, so I dont know if things would have changed later had he give been given the opportunity to do something monstrous yeah, but he kind it was out of their life there. A little bit so sure he was working as a carpenter like a handy man and p p. Tony would like paint shed and, like you know he had of tuna tools that he would use. He could fix anything whatever. He also grew pot and had his own garden. filled with that. That's great this garden, I guessed hum garden was behind the Pine Grove Cemetery Inter, oh, I don't know exactly where them
I want to know where it is now because after hearing that some like well shit because China is before p right, I think I've got it after. I think church might even free explosive there, I'm pretty sure Charles the first point of the cape yeah, I'm pretty sure its further. Not. Matters literally bore just try to figure that he said He had his own little guard aims and like this like little there's a clearing and then the subtle wooded area behind the cemetery. so is very out of the way no would find it is down like a dirt road pass. The cemetery, because that's pretty briefer back that, like you think about now, obviously potter's legal. But then you could get a lot of trouble and that's why I put it here right as it was a perfectly snow was looking for pot back there right, teens loved this and they knew he was the guy to hang out with. He called it his garden. He would often like get girls to come back there and if those team girls cause he was very into younger girl, yeah, that's just
came back. That's right when you said he had a daughter out like. Oh, I don't like the whole. That's the thing it's like so by again by all hence nothing happened, but the daughter was a baby at the time Rocco. I'm willing to bet that wouldn't change Leah ass she got older than just me. That's what I think will win I mean you, ve studied this case, and now it has might as items like he he does. He definitely has a thing about degrading women, but he also wants to come off as being very like Hippy Free Like I love all why level women I respect everybody, but like that's just bullshit rescues. Actually, a fuckin monster so yeah, because we have to look forward so yeah he would bring teen girls back there and note the wood. There was a number of team girls that came forward after this and oh yeah. I went back. There are some that we're like, oh, I said no to going back there and I'm really glad I did oh yeah yeah, So in June, nineteen sixty six. His marriage is starting to suffer Polly
because I always teen girls come into the garden exactly in the fact that she was fourteen. Now, and literally a child right. That could be the fact that, like she is not even a real, like human goods, like the Dorothy Stratton case, it's like grew up, and I realize like between all like I've matured I evolved does a human because I was literally a child. Now, I'm a lake you're, not what I want like hello me at fourteen the most a camp. I I can't. I don't even know that for ah, you don't own up her side. It is good that I'd only that who is that too, is that, where our her eyebrows. That's honestly, I was saying that a basic
through high school. I write me through high school, I'm like where your eyebrows I used to shave like not all of them off, but I would like shave them down that they were just stay line. I just didn't romanian and I'm so pale that, like they disappeared vote you weren't supposed to draw them. I look at pictures and, unlike thereon, their non their nowhere to be found here. So you know weirdly enough their merit started suffering. He said at one point he said he was driving to California and was gonna drive to teach girls to pencil. They now on the way there and he was like deal with that. Avis enables those like ok, she was like so hey. Look out I'd like a divorce yellow call. The two girls were Bonnie Williams and Diana fed her off. They were never seen or heard from again. Ah some yeah, except not at all, no, not at all. He was questioned about this and he said he dropped them, often Heyward California, and that was it. He never ah them again, while which he tends to do a lot easier, just dropped him off. I never saw him again. Next Lindner, like you know like you, you get. No.
You were the last person with them that exactly how that works? Sir? So he returned to Massachusetts like a few days after questioning for that by January, nineteen sixty eight, the marriage has completely fallen apart, because what they would do is like separate, come back together. Supper income act together. He moved to San Francisco for a while and moved in with a girlfriend of his cuz. He had girlfriends all throughout their marriage, and I am to Barbara Spaulding. A few months of knowing it was basically a few. They had only known each other for like a couple of months here and they were already living together and she dropped her child off to be washed by her parents. At one point, oh no, and no one ever saw her again Oh no, the same day she went missing. He wordly went back to Massachusetts. All lets us. So weird coincidence, so weird, it's obviously believe that he murdered her, but she has never been found own Nokia and there's a few cases of that where you like. He definitely did that,
We have proven right criminals. I know why too, so May one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight again he was been working as a handyman to carpenter and now he's working for a hit as a handyman for a doctor's office in PA. Ok, there was a young girl working as the receptionist of the office. He took a liking too. He did. He started trying to flirt with her in the receptionist was like no thank you like not into it all him under yeah she's like no in so he was like. He asked the doktor like who's. The young girl at the reception does was like that's my daughter so, and he was like see you can fuck off and leave her alone. Oh my god and the doktor was like you know. Well, mysteriously, five thousand dollars worth of medical equipment and drugs were then stolen from that office. Shortly after he told him to fuck off, his daughter, that is the crazy. I know in its even crazier that later, when he's in custody use like I'd about
serve no way no way. Tony one week later, eighteen year, old Sidney Monson was said to be living with Tony indent m. This comes back later, Sir. Remember her name, Sidney Monson severe She left one day from her home and was never seen again. She wasn't ordered missing for three weeks because they assume she just took off now because hippies August, nineteen sixty eight. Finally him and Avis divorced officially and he moved in with his new girl for and Susan Perry. Ok, now, one week later on Labour day, she goes missing, but she's There's nobody like hey. Well, that's a higher, so you have a lot of missing bay. Weird elegant young girl, bays occurring building girl issue is questionable and is any was like. Oh, she went to Mexico with friends the oh ok Lino totally,
interesting that she's like out of the hole play ass. She just gone out of the hope they added a whole play as the country is, that of the whole place he was arrested for driving without a license in then held to be firm. Failure to pay child support come Judea and he was held until November. Eighth he's a dick doesn't give a shit about. Kids Grady. I hear he sees them as like a burden recently. This whole thing like he loves daughter, legality likes her when she's around Billy caressing care about them. We value out of sight out of my exactly right away now he's been using drugs like on and will he's a hippie, he becomes, but he becomes. A known drug use are like he becomes anymore, using LSD, he's using pills he's very into pod, obviously the lake he starting to get into others,
partnership a lotta pills. He was very much intellect sedatives and my tranquilizers and like all this shit, I well fuck you so now he starts stating this girl named Christine go want, and this was another. Twenty third, ok or excuse me in on November, twenty third she ends up now remember this is he was led out November Eighth S, failure to play child support by November twenty third, his girlfriend single on was found dead in her and Y see apartment. She was in a bathtub and it was ruled that she was that it was drowning, slash, overdose, interesting now. This comes back later as well. Sir, remember her ok, but they said that there was like they said that multiple report said that there was injuries to her chest as well, no January twenty. Fourth, nineteen sixty nine
This is when she really goes down. It was a Friday to women named Patricia Walsh and Marion. Why Saki Day were both They were both when two Rhode Island College Patricia was a second grade teacher. She had a strict catholic upbringing very close to her family Marion, was also very close to our family. She was a math, major, Rhode, island college. She Tudor kids who couldn't like afford tutoring all yet show all around great yeah ball. She wanted to be a teacher as well. They both had Blake on and off boyfriends that really very close to them they decided to go to Cape COD for a weekend get away, and it was in the offices and in January there were liquids. Finally go for a couple days, sir, so they rented a room and a guest house on Standish Street owned by MRS Patricia Morton, and this was an province. Right now
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nationwide five g network with no mystery fees, no activation fees and no contract ever all for less money and no contract. Ever five g, capable device and sin required. Actual availability and coverage and speed may vary five g network not available in all areas. Foggy upload speed not yet available messaging data rates may apply visit simple mobile, dotcom such privacy. Safer privacy policy service when required renovation terms at simple mobile dotcom. Now Tony Costa was also renting around no goody. Yet now he immediately established himself with them their. He help them get their bags. He offered them some pot leg. just immediately not sure Morton said like they started idea out immediately, almost the entire time. They start they hung out together. Purchases boyfriend and parents had not heard from her when they were like that the strange and when she hadn't shown up for school on Monday morning. This was not like her.
Right and they were only supposed to be gone for a couple days. Yet this was like a week and yeah. Now, when her their spoke with Marion's mother. She told him that Marian had told her of the trip and said if they were a day late, not to worry too much, because they will be meeting up with a boy she had liked and they were dropping him off somewhere. Ok, so that she was like she told me, it might be but she told me a day we shall just as much and again, the fact that they had heard from them was like this is weird right, like yeah sure she told us about the day, but she would have told us again now they did Pierre the same day. That Tony leaves that roominghouse, and that is why all now also can I just ask- is tony, like good. Looking like me now make sense why you yeah, ok, Tony's good looking when he's definitely like happy good, looking, when he was younger Hughes has actually like a very good looking guy sure.
I'm sure he's lifestyle effect in her ear leg out when he start like when he got together with Avis. Unlike then, he started like you know he, groups hair can no longer and he got a moustache and, like you know, glasses, that didn't really not if it really worked for him, but like I get why it makes it all the time he was definitely like who go back. I ok yeah, so Patricia Father spoke with the Massachusetts State Police. This Davies They searched accident records because they were like. Maybe something happened on the way home? We don't even know about it. They could be the ditch well yeah anything and they couldn't find any issues that occurred with their car, which was a light blue, sixty eight p w bug. Yes in this was so this becomes a very big thing. Those kind of
but they didn't find any accidents that had to do with a bug. Nothing like that. Nothing in the area that they would be so the next day he dove Patricia Father filed the missing persons report. It described Patricia as five foot nine hundred thirty eight pounds dark complexion, dark hair, passed her shoulders and hazel eyes. There are very pretty I was gonna say she sounds player in all points. Bulletin was put out and p town for the girls. Every one was looking now. Police spoke with rustled Norton. Who was the boy that they said they were gonna, be dropping off. So we're on the way and he was like go yet. We had that plan and he said he was in p town and stayed with another friend, but he was like. We were going to be meeting up the next morning and they were going to drive me but dated they didn't meet me if you like, I always literally like waiting in the area, was asking people and he said on Sunday he left and returned home to province down, and he said he called Marion's house and
he said her mother said she hadn't heard from our since Friday. Own behaves like something weird. So even he was like you. I don't know now February. Second, a man named Carl Benson was driving with his two children to get the pay. Early in the morning. I love driving to get thy alright, just like early in the morning to striving to get the paper and was driving in the dirt road behind the pine were of cemetery because it like connected to another road. Ok, people didn't often use like once in a while people use it s like a cut through. I was gonna, say if you like, I wish orca than he was like a local townie Brayley New, and he noticed up in a clearing kind of near the woods of E W bug he was concerned because it was really out of place like really strange, so he stopped and he said he was gonna get out of the car and just check to see if the person was ok He didn't see anybody but like I just wanted to make sure, but he said he said out of the car, and he said immediately. He got this like sick feeling, always like it just like washed over me. He said something was wrong
things are something told me don't go towards that car and he's had he swore he heard someone running up the hill in the Woods Social and he felt like he was being watched. Oh I don't like, so he jumped back in the car and hauled ass out of their smarts. There should be a movie I would make this really make an freezing and movie he notified police and actually reach. I turn to the scene: with police chief heralds Beria, they found the and it had a note under the wiper blade that Karlsson wasn't there before using. I didn't see. That's all you know. He saw him, leave the iron down there to cover that rock zoos like they're. Probably gonna, come back. No one of its. It said engine trouble will return. and some one else, a few other people called after this, the police and we're like. Oh, I spotted this. We w bug up in this clearing Ba must have in passing through to wear like what the fuck is that
now police found out so they're like we're going to hold this in our pocket where to leave it here for now cuz, it's specially at that time, they're noticing to like take the car there. No it's hippies there, like somebody, will come back for the police found out where the girls had stayed in p town. Because again now it's like a big search for these girls and they called Patricia Morton the lady who owns the rooming house. They stayed at two, you know ask more about it. She said they were indeed there and had paid twenty four dollars for two nights. Oh my god can you for. I imagined I don't you know it. You have to pay him. He down now move off me and we have allocated averse are either either year two ago when it was so expensive. Oh it is it's crazy, exhaustive and that's where my parents loved to have therein of our series to yes, I love the bigger than I copied them I got it so she said they were there. They paid the money for two nights and she said they were hanging around with a man named Tony CASA, Rot Ral, Antonia COS.
had actually left a note on their door. One like the the morning that they went missing asking for a ride. Ok, she had not seen him in a few days either as issues like he's gone to death, but he didn't like check out so she's like this is weird now sergeant. James Meathes was the one who actually spoke to Patricia Morton and he was like oh tony cost. I know that name and he was like yeah. He spent time in jail for failing to pace child support. He do spend time in Barnesdale House of corrections and during this whole thing, he had recruited Tony as a drug informant Fer a small period of time to like shorten his jail time. Oh, why that's how he got out like in a small, spend time without a rat. Exactly so he's like. Oh, like things are getting weird here, so he
call Toni's mom, and she said she hadn't heard from him, but she would contact the police if she did turns out that Tony's mom was definitely scared of him when he was older and didn't like him hanging around like she was not into it, but you would also like to try to help them. Sweetie Now that's hard, it so hard and that's like her baby or Galileo, that's her lesser further or a baby, now February. Seventh Marion's mother filed a missing persons report. The reason she waited a few days was because she actually thought the missing persons report produced his father had filed would come Marianne as well all so. She had no idea that that didn't care and cover it right. I would assume that I would like, as they were together. She described Marianne as twenty three years old Brown, hair blue eyes, light skinned, five foot eight and a hundred and thirty five pounds now Patricia Morton. Suddenly remember like thinks about this mark for she's, like what the fuck is going on. In my
it's like what happened here. So she all of a sudden is like. I got to talk to the police again, so she calls police and she was like you know what I started thinking after I talk to you, I'm really concerned, and she said I would really like to take a peek into he's room, so she went up there and she said she cause he just left. So she was like. I can go in that room, so this is my fire again. She found a torn up letter in the trash and you would like to know if you just want this began, align our thing so that they show up and they piece it together and it says, greetings people. I've been sitting here, stoned on hash downs, drawing play As for my houseboat for the summer, I really tend to build it soon. I will share with one or two people. It will be a complete home on the water. I will show you the plans as soon as I complete them. Three checks have been staying here in their super knives. Nice super groovy head, both my God, yes, luxury, is still on my mind's Christine go on.
making a collage for you all well presented to you soon. I may come up to Hyannis for a couple of days: ok run until then go in peace, always Anthony of Rome, and there was a drawing of a hypodermic needle dripping in it said there is no hope without dough Why he's like a parody of a hip symbolic he's like those of terror and go ahead? You know one picturing and I can't think of his aims. I almost in Siam, because people are developed really ash, but though is it it starts with an l, the guy from that's that's avenue, show oh you're, thinking about its Lenny is now it's shits wolfing yeah, it's gonna and you know it I'll Google area he really has he's literally a parody of lack of a hippie death. Like he's what s a now would show you a hippie of yet So the letter was addressed to Georgia Parnassus, who lived in Hyannis again, this all come back later.
So it's funny that he mentions Christine the three checks being groovy dont know who thus Checks are, I wonder if it was just those two girls and he would just until that is likely to be giving there's another one. Who knows he saw two of one LEO Thou Data LEO Data that is literally him and its Tommy John. They go. so she said the thing was that Tony was an ideal tenant and she actually liked him. She was like he's very kind and, like very polite, ok, he has good manners very neat like there is really nothing that I was concerned about yeah and everybody who knew him like from afar, said that they were like he came off very, like manners hidden, Why asked the remaining remains very manners. You people need very, like lots of manners thrown out you very polite. I knew
Launching with further nice day with a t, shirt gun rose upon you that young people guys. Ok, I'm sorry! This is just what we have the today show on in the background and there's like a very it's like family portrait segment and its real, weird yeah. Those is aware so ass, soon ass, they came up with shaving his legs. You have not really sure so, that's fun! So yes, who again Egon very nice, very polite odd, Nobody really had anything. You know people who did him. Well didn't have a lot of bad things to say about em people who got to know him we're like you. Jack and everyone said he definitely had that air of superiority. That's for sure, he's arrogant means, definitely arrogance. The officers ran into the chief into chief barrier, like on the way back to the station from the roominghouse
They asked him if he had seen the v w bug, matching the description of Patricia Mary ends and he was like oh shit, I have the actual it. Why would you not check and see at least to its registered too, will not slip? so one day, then back to see who is registered to, and the problem here is that province to Providence police had heard this missing persons report at the end of and you worry, they never shared it with Truro were our province. Town police are no providence out of that. they were from our oral rob and organise a member there until I rode on college gotcha gotcha. So Providence police had never shared this missing. Persons are born with police and furrow, so they had no idea, they were supposed to be looking for the speed of your bug, wow, so they had seen it. So it is bad police were that's his bad police report like work all around us on our role at arts failures, so they went. the spot they were like you'd. Like oh shit. Let me take you to the place where this lead. Ivy bug was it's gone. It's gone, knew it
so they looked it up. Finally, and it matches Patricia Marion's registration yeah, maybe you should just look down. They found it right. Could then you could have taken on infer evidently exactly like a lot. I can even be I'm Sanderson. I got a police personally spurs them, so they started searching in the woods nearby where it was found like around the area and in the woods they found Patricia Registration own also found a sales slip and indeed should proof of insurance ripped up and scattered around Europe's freaky, no good. so shortly after this now, a huge search party went out around the area that the view W bug was seen cause now. Billig. Oh no like this is not good. Now at like finding all the stop shit. The fact that it's gone now, that's weird weird should have like hearing someone in the distance when he first found it. It's just that there's a note when there wasn't- and I guess there was about seventy five people that came out to search around one thousand. One hundred and thirty part of the rescue squad noticed an olive green cloth poking out of a weird depression in the earth. Now
they pulled it out and it was an army duffel bag and there are like ok what the fuck and it was like soaked in blood and its smells terrible, o smelled like something was rotting, so they dug a bed and they found a bone which they then pulled free and it had a human foot attached to it. Now they called in Doktor Daniel High Bert. He was a seventy nine year old medical examiner vodka, which it shows, because you're always ended. My nose like well get a doctor high Bert like retired, like that's, really cool that you're trying to do this year, like it's the age for me, oh yeah, so fucking season of his in any looks at any like yup, that's a human footlight, good job, everybody else. I'm really glad you pulled with Armenia, Visa, they keep digging and they find a leg and to arms,
and then they find a plastic bag, and these are all detached all detached. They find a plastic bag with a severed head and honesty. I it's always when you find a bag after finding bones that you that's the head, the bag is never going to be a good thing. It's always there is an ever just gonna, be like a bag of like really good luck pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I was ridiculous, lay specific risk, If you really want sometimes get drunk respect noted, but never going to be the investigative, the head or a torso yeah, and it's just you don't want that. not at all. What that you don't want that. We know what you mean. I want that, so I want pumpkin chuckle too, I'm gonna make some. I have the staff to makes I'm gonna make them. Awesome. So, according to in his garden, in the way that they described this face was quote the face, was
shrunken the skin soft as melting candle wax. That's awful Lou discolouration marked a swollen cheek and a collapsed chin as if it had been repeatedly struck by blows, which had also smashed the nose nearly flat. The mouse gaped fixed in unvoiced protest review. Lange for missing upper tea. Her sunken their orbits the eyes were vacant, colourless, giving the face the empty stare of a ruined doll. Can you imagine finding that There's nothing that Friday feeling, for? I do feel it today today, spartan? Oh, I do I forgot. It was spread a hurry failing to an ideal. It now asked the eel it. I feel incredible. I feel light. I feel it I don't have much to do tomorrow, except hang out with you and it's very headed snowy and you know why you don't have to wait for that Friday feeling to kick in once a week, and neither do I because with a war,
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Leslie level, you Leon Dounia, I will see her sometimes as I'm falling asleep and Maya and like have to like, like I wake up legged, it runs roamed inertia, the head be idle, they're right for a really don't like, and it's all of a sudden it'll, just like pop up in your looks like wake up at three I'm interest building up boom in me, I just like all of a sudden is let's get out of here. I don't know how you do that day after day. It's honestly one That's why a lot of people get upset with like law enforcement and people that deal with like than dead, and all that like making like dark joke. Sir, like sick, humor, it's like you have to get through it. Somehow that went goes up my ass sideways when people Billig shitty about activism like you do it yet exactly you, and we see how you need to cope with the gallows, humours away of coping cooking like and as a Dane, I honestly, its necessary needs necessary or it's gonna turn dark real fast and you can't
but it turns out one it will develop. It will envelop view and it will also compromise how you are able to handle situate, and to function, to be able to see it as a surface situation and not bring our emotions and disconnect exactly and that's the way most people disconnect. And it's like. Let him do it. You just half except the its effective sorry one often attention there, but I just had to say that, while a lot of the investigators in this case actually said in the book, because I'm the guy who wrote the book LEO De more, I think his name is sure he did times ice highly suggest reading this book, because its super long super detail. So much is in it that I'm not even going to talk about. I wonder raises some really interesting- and here I mean he did research for years about this case. He interviewed everyone involved yeah. He knew everything about it. I mean it's so thorough and he at most city investigators were saying that they would wake up in the middle of the night, like horrible nightmares of these bodies that they were. Finally, so it really affects them. They just try to push through.
when you see something like that, you're just imagining what this person went through in a law Furthermore, saying like they had like kids, they had done there's nearest neighbor like immediately. I was like that someone's daughter like that's all. You can think of that somebody's baby right was someone's baby right. That's so this seventy nine year old, better go examiner said the victim was about fifty to sixty years old, oh and there are like ok, so they found the hips and the backside and both had been flayed of skin. Oh yeah, the torso was wrapped in a white she, an inside of so the chest. Cavity had been split. Open, oh yeah in the skin was like flayed back. Ok, which is something we're gonna see, alot. Ok, it's a very strange thing and somebody they achieve. They had like stuffed something in the chest
and what they found was a pair of underwear with Thursday on them like day of the week. Underwood out is bizarre and there are multiple stab wounds to the chess yeah Medical examiner said it was likely and acts used to dismember the body into a distinct pieces when the autopsy, done by some one else: Doktor George CATS S. He determined that the body was naughty fifty to sixty year old, but was one between seventeen and nineteen fluent they have a head that's it he was like. So I guess what the original medical examiner thought was she's missing for parties that's age and they also the head was not in good condition. It's not like this was a nineteen year old, like vivacious head, you is like part of her head was literally can and, unlike crushed it was discoloured. It was swollen in part, so I can understand why they weren't immediately. Like that's a young teenager, they re evaluate what the fuck and then she had no upper teeth. It like four
Producing. Essentially, resettlement is something yes, something's crazy, but what they said was. The missing teeth were clearly knocked out forcibly right, which is even scare summits like ok. We need to put this matter into retirement little bit, so she was tiny. She was only five feet like a hundred and five towns and suffered that kind of beating at that she? So let like a small person see. I thought that this was one of the few girl No, and it's not isn't that yeah exactly because the other girls remember their missing persons. Report said they were around two hundred and thirty five pounds right. They were tall. Both will have its say, I've. Ninety five, eight five, nine. So this is not one of them. Ok, so, They said she suffered an unreal amount of violence to her body and although she was more decompose than what we would find,
in future share Mary. That's why I was so grave used. So that's why they were like wait. A second. What's going on right now, likely said, heard test to hurt her test. Her chest was torn open and her heart. Lungs were missing, owe her breasts were also missing and her liver and upper abdominal organs were missing in the diaphragm. Was slashed of and sometimes and the rest it like her legs and stuff, or also slashed, they heard literally slashes everywhere. Now the pelvis was emptied of ovaries, uterus and intestines. The heart was found stuffed into her her vagina, basically o thou. She had a wedding banned on and they leave. She had been buried for about six months or so long gone now,
her hands were very decomposed, but to get fingerprints they amputated them at like the second junction and they injected them with hydro tissue builder, which is used by morticians too, like plump up, skin. They did that something similar of its that exact thing, but in the Bundestag Schaefer exactly Yet they do it often like unwilling thanks cool they let it set, and then they into them and boom deference now they spoke with the owner of the guest house. They stated again Patricia Morton and basically there just trying to find more about Tony, because at this point telling what the fuck is going on there. This is in the area the redoubled bug was found so something weird and Tony's connected to those girls, he's being weird and right now, they're, like so who's this girl, and how is she is she connected to Tony too
right. Now we have to missing girls. We have this girl, that's been missing and now who knows who she is right in its fits the victim profile? It's just no good now, so they want to talk to Patricia Morton again and be like you, gotta tell us more about these girl and about Tony. So she said they left a note when they checked out the two girls about Tony just left and took his keys, which is against the rules. Oh you're supposed to leave your keys she said, Tony's mother had called asking for his hair drier and she was like well when he brings back my keys, he can have as belonging Seattle. Gleamer- and I guess he had left a few other things and shoes- I know I'm gonna hold these until until I get my please, yeah, obviously so when they searched the room again cuz, they went back with her and searched his room again and it was cleared out, but then they found a case with a hairdryer in it when they opened it up. They found out this was Marian's height, hair dryer his hair dry. Ok among his belongings that MRS Morton had kept as collateral was
a sweater that they also found out likely belong to Marianne, oh so now there like, oh now, they get in touch with Tony finally, Billy, they tracked down, and he says sure, like you, like you know I I had them because I hung out with these girls and they had left it in my room. He was like. We hung out the whole time they were planning to head back. well, he said they were planning to head out to allay to get an abortion. Oh and he said they drove him to it, structure site for work one morning. That's what he had asked them for the ride for him and he said we're off to Hyannis first, and that was the last I saw them. They drop me off that construction job because I asked them day. Goin out. As far as I know, to allay together, abortion. Okay, so does shitty of him will not there like ok so long ago? That's strange, but our aid and just to be clear, nothing. I note disagree with abortion under saying, like how should do to save at that's what they were
it's not worth. It definitely wasn't in. That's like a good point, because later they determine no, neither one other more pregnant and near one of them were looking to get on board. I just to be clear, because I say I should have him shitty there's a lot of shit. If Anthea now found out from Tony's friend that he was trying to call around to get a bee. W bug painted some exotic color Ah so now his friends are like something weird is up and also listen, Tony, if you're so groovy in your so handy painter, vanity, bugged, yourself, you're, so goddamn groovy atone each of your trip and balls on LSD pain to car. Do it Trojan car road trip involve on LSD, go ahead and paid to car your Yours, preferably Elio, pain, somebody else's. So he's getting a lot of heat on him now, and so he called the police and said No, what I have information about that be doubly bug soaker his and he was like it I'll talk to you, so they picked him up.
He seemed very nervous and anxious to see harder, You tried to use that. You know these parents need information about their daughter's Tony, like they're, they're, so upset. They need something just give us something because apparently he's supposedly loved his daughter. So much are you recording. Father exactly, and they said he seemed like he was about to say something like really let something out. But then you know he just brought it back and he was like. Ok but he was like I I don't know a lot. I I can't really help a whole lot, but he is like I just wanted to let you know that I bought the van from Marianne empty Russia and he said bought the van for nine hundred bucks so that they could have cash to get patrician abortion in Montreal, but where ok, so national monitoring about an hour they getting there and also his stories change about it. I've never seen a criminal changeless stories with such lay confidence. my life like here in this isn't even like a minor change, o Nosey completely
nor each hue, and he will say it like. I didn't tell the truth there. Let me start over again. and just like start another story in your like bro honestly now makes it so confusing for the investigative. So I do wonder if part of that was purpose. It was partially just to make it all confusing, because you said that there they dropped you off now sudden you bought the van exactly were they getting. I announced by the thing they keep asking him like will have they gonna get too and he was like. I don't know and like you just one answer, those let's say did he bought it for nine hundred dollars. They were going to get patrician abortion in Montreal and he said there were rugs involved like Heroin and Hasheesh, and he had six hundred dollars on him, but he borrowed three hundred dollars from his brother movements and now he proved did some flimsy bill of sale. That was clearly like handwritten bia leg didn't match a lot of things. So Butte did so they were like. You know. This is weird like you might. Can you tell us more
so he was like area while they say they actually asked me if they could use the van for another week till I get their shit together and then they would just leave it in the clearing where it was found- and I would just pick it up- oh it's a really weird place to leave. in the police were leg so really weird sat up and general why the fuck, when they just park it in front of a guest house where you got his all states like wine, the woods it doesn't make any sense and he was like I don't know, we're task I would just be a cause, there's a lot of drugs and when they were also like ok, so you pay. nine hundred dollars for this car, and then they were like hey. Can we keep her for another week and you really sure in you just trusted that they were going to come back? Yeah. You don't know these. Could you have no idea? What who would do that? reg. No one would do that now. So after push the more. He was like sorry that wasn't I didn't any literally was I'm sorry. That was not true.
She could see only facial expression. The way that you, like close your eyes for its funny sorry Why not? I was told I was incorrect information I just gave you so then He was like art, so actually met them last August and he was like I sold them drugs which they did. pay for it, so you did not sell them. Didn't help didn't sell, just gave him drugs take, it is like they didn't pay for, and he say was supposed to be like seven hundred bucks worth a drugs while shows equality. drugs, essentially by efforts along a whole like garage I doubt that it should be said now. Everyone in Patricia Marion's life like nope, they smoked pot, every once in a while. They did not do hard drug get we're dynamo teacher they did literally did like Catholic School teacher. I just didn't live, Everyone who knew them was like sure they smoke pot everyone's awhile everybody. It's a fucking sixty there like no did not by drugs, they do not sell drought, a did not inhale seven hundred dollars with drugs, so
He said he happened to see them again, this time and p town when they came for their vacation. Wait, you know what sorry Also you're sitting you're saying nothing use them seven hundred dollars worth of drugs that they did not pay for, and then you're saying this is old ear you sold them the Van or like bought it off of them, and you think there come back with the nine hundred dollars out. After they already- oh you seven exactly so no yeah well enough! So now that he's totally integrated that other story- and now you are starting with- I met them last August sold them the drugs didn't get paid for at seven hundred bucks. So he said happened to see them this time and p town when they came for the eradication ran until the total. And he said he took their car as payment. So. You said any said he didn't take it. He told them like you need to give me your car as payment and they were like because every man do that they were like. While this car is worth more than that, like you need to get me some money for it, so he gave them three hundred bucks to make up for the difference. Ok, so you
so I paid like you know, it was worth a thousand, so he's like, I gave them the three hundred and they were like. The cop was like no sir, no sir they were like. That's a strange story that you just told us: do you want to try again really are you should write a book but also a coming at ten this first, they were literally like Tony chop chop. Do you want to try that again, but they pressed and asked if he still they really okay, so you gave them three hundred dollars rang right and he was like. You said that in the first story they yonder borrow three hundred dollars from your brother. Yet there are like do You still borrow that three hundred dollars from your brothers. That still true is that part truer now, and he was I d up and then when they asked when he said a week earlier, but there were leg but you'd, Just said that you didn't know they were gonna, be BNP town you just ran into them. Right so so used like. Why did you borrow three hundred dollars from your brother to give when you re Antonelli we're coming like this doesn't make any sense and he was
oh you know, I originally borrowed it for something else, and then I just used it for that. Ok, that's perfect time her and then they relate okay so, and he was like an then you know I had, though they left the car in the summit, the clearing behind the cemetery and that's when I picked it up on their like: ok, cool huh, did they and music, and they did this at night on this night news, like ok cool, How did they get out of the cemetery without a car at night in the middle of the winter right? How did that happen and use like yeah donor of crazy asteroids? Are I too wise to girls are so chaotic, like so adventure a sub, so adventurous must much hippy. Yes much happy. So that's it! So you like that's not true, either now or in the heroic toots there, like, hey, we just like till a pencil you in truth. So can you let us know what that's happened now he's like art, already ready to tell you what it is
here, s another both pregnant and they both want abortion. So this is like they eat story of any like a now. Instead of going in Montreal they're going to California again, and they needed money because they both have to get abortion route. So that's why you bought their car, so we the whole thing before was just bullshit on Cuba. Then he said he then he was like I just. I didn't know where they were going to leave the car. I just found the car in the woods on chance and he said he found it with two friends of his Timmy and Steve me and Steve: do they exist? They do weirdly enough because whatever asserted, I think, there's no tyrians about a year. So then he was like. I took the car and I parked in front of my brothers, home in Boston. we claim the girls just came in stole it back while, but the police were like, but they didn't have. The key is tony. How did they still a bag and allow a while
really. Did anyone see? Do it now? No, no, no one! So I will then he said Russell the friend they were supposed to pick up and bring somewhere on. Who is like, I didn't see it like: they. Never maintaining shall up cause, they got killed by Tony. He said Russell called him and said the car was at an airport and Burlington how the rumble at all, you know it's at an airport and barely tenderfoot. Why so? He said he went there to underline our legs around the car. Was air and he's like? Oh I'm in then I just ran into patrician Marianne in downtown Burlington, while we just on the sidewalk and they were Likes r e r. I we took that garb and he was let them like we're going to Canada. We just want to run away again this one, a runaway so he's like. So I'm just such a good guy
that, even though they stole back the car that I said they gave me, I drove them to the airport again and they got on a plane to Montreal, and that was that I never saw them again. I'll k and police were I thought you said. You know that you never saw them again after province down and he was like my bad Burlington he's like I lied by bad? I forgot where we, when all the weight of her mind, TAT, he was like there's a lot of places. So many These laudable aim is honest thing. You know California, kindness sounds like Canada, us, alas, my mistake. You know, Canada, I will stand alone. It's us. I can see how he's confused you know. So the police are wegg wow. You lie. Yeah closer police are like why you will that's a bitterly. What the problem still believes that literally then he told them tat. He only came back to pee town because his mother told him all about the missing girls and since he had their car, he figured you I should come in clear things up which is
while you made it about its clears mud there buddy Oh it's like I. I came here to clear things out by telling you fifteen different stories that don't make any sense re. Thank you so much, and also I didn't tell you until you started looking into me exactly. We click, ok, so the officer, it was even like weight. So where are they would? Do like are they in Montreat? Ladies, like I never saw them again, bro cuz, that one time he also said like he was going to go, meet them somewhere and they were like he was like. Well, then, where are they was? Like? I don't know but he told that you would like, I think, they're in Canada. That's where they last, when I'm going to monterrey- and he was like the police officer- was like ok, I'm because he was getting annoyed with the police observing like they're in Canada, Breton. He was Oh I'm, sorry, you ve told me so many things I forgot where they ended up round the end of the story right so then Tony suddenly gets angry because now guys. Like you change your stories like what's low, I did and I should not so he gets angry nieces. Do you think I killed them.
and the police officers, like he's whoa. I don't even think they were didn't, say anything about them being dead, they're just missing. We just want to find them alive and bring them back to their families. What are you talking about and he was like though he was like what do you know about this, and he literally goes you're, not gonna, find them all, and then he just was like yeah I dont want the car back or the bill cell, like you, can keep it. It's cool, we're like? Oh ok, go off yeah and they were like ok What do I mean really? Do they technically have anything to hold a no? No they do all they have. Is that he's a creepy fuckin that he cleared has something to do with it, but they can't, because Hale Julie show that they dont have body say have nothing else. Can you do without about? What can you do without a body? So they found out, they were like. Are we gonna start talking to people more about this tony characterises? We gotta find out war, so they find out from people talking of talking to people about Tony than he a complete. I saw an especially
Avis, his ex wife. He had. You know he at one point had been abused. her in the children. Ah, he would re per. He liked to arm he in friends this whole active, a loving. His kids is like bullshit of like it usually is he never saw them. We can literally never any was like an when he did. He was annoyed by them and said they were like a big bird and one also, you love your kids, but you don't pay child support Yelp, any said like he would go home in, like friends, would see him, unlike though the older kids would be like, oh my god in, like jumpin alike, run all over him and he believed he just like walk through them. Language all of whom kids and the other annoying very cool now
sir barrier at the time or chief burial at the time said he had heard rumors around town at the time when at that Avis had been rushed to the hospital at one point very ill, and it was because Tony had fed her embalming. Fluid whites because remember he's a Taxidermy Estonia has. Where did he get? I forgot Exeter me right now and be in. Apparently he also- and I think I mention it later- about a minus one mention and now that even said that he liked to have sex with her while she was unconscious. So he would often like ask her if he can like choke her out or like give her something to make her unconscious. Oh so I don't know about you, but to me that makes me think that you like to fucking body see yeah, that's necrophilia, that's something! I u buy now Ophelia. So now there like, let's find this to me and steve- he mentioned in one of his store, let's see if they move, because you know he's, definitely implicating people now. So we manage all chat with these. People
out. There name worth was their names were Steve, Grand and Timmy we'd Atkins, it's not real we'd importation lovingly. He was just called we'd in credible oh Timmy we'd know so. Steve comes into the police station and he's as February. Second, there walking down commercial Sweden Province down around ten thirty p m. They saw Tony at a phone booth and the others by cleaning and the phone booth annealing pops out and is like oh hey guys. I just need to chat with you for a second. There were like ok now he asked if they wanted to go to Boston, because he said he had a car and they were like ok, so Steve agreed in these. Like you know, we in so Tony was like. We have to take a cab to go, get there are because I had to park it somewhere. The cops wouldn't find it ha saw already. Steve is like giving information of like no, that car wasn't there. He said he parked at their rest, so that cops women find it
now, Steve's worried a little bed. Move like ours are be this yeah like what the fuck but Tony's assuring him as it's not stolen, everything's, fine, everything's, a jet so they got a ride out there to the clearing behind the cemetery and there was the car and he said he would them how he got it on the way to Boston. I believe, that's the guy, I know I don't need a girl. So on the way he said the whole story about to Providence girls who bought him from him last summer, never paid him, so he took their car from them and paid them a couple hundred bucks, ok hello, rush offers convenient, contact delivery to your doorstep for easy home cooking with the family. I've told you before their recipes, are so easy to follow. Their are pictures that you can look out and say all out. That's what I need to do next and you're gonna created incredible meal. Ella fresh delivers fresh high quality.
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Nation was weird I would not buy, should offer them, especially not gum. He was like it's definitely stolen. It's definitely dirty there's something in which, like used and a crime, yes, so he advised me again stead and to me was like ok, I won't by the gun. Ok, like I'm, not trying to tell you like how to do murder, but like you live in province town? If you want to get rid of the gun, just throw it into the water? Well, that's! Actually, I think that's what they think ended up happening by ok, but yes, so and to me, was only twenty years old. He, like a young kids, need, I think he thought like we'd was gonna. Take the subway beside me, so Timmy corroborated Steve story to the police. Ok, so they then got Tony's police record and those nighttime break ins came up when he was younger gang and they were like it's starting to look more and more like? He is this of check right right now, a missing persons report comes through by some of her someone com named Susan Perry, ok, You might remember Susan Perry from earlier.
She was and lived with, Tonia guys now her mother put in this missing persons report. She said the eighteen year old had dropped out of high school and we want to close and went somewhere with. I know when, somewhere with friends, but she had not heard her since, like labour day. Oh, no now the police were like MA am that was six months. Ago yeah- and they really. Why did you wait half a year to report your daughter, missing link? What is that she was like hippies likeness, hippy son, you Ok all ready, that's your child, but ok like that's. Fine, live your life legos. Just like the sixties like this is just a very sixty. I know that must have been theirs. Polly wanna parents that had kids run away and can you imagine being the police back than yours like a when we
They leave in their like. I don't know four years ago in your life, you have no one to tell you, there's not a lot I condemned here. I don't think I can help you. I think. That's that's adding now so at this point they thought the body could that they had found in the behind the term cemetery yeah. They thought this might be Sidney Monson, who gone missing before it did she also date him she did. She had been missing since memorial Day and she match the description. So there were like our aid, so they cause when this missing persons Airport for Susan Perry came and they didn't even think of it. Yet that now be her, so they spoke to Sydney, minds and sister, and she said last time she saw her sister. She was getting in a car with Tony Costa O Ye, and she said she had been hanging around Montoni Costa for about a month. They said they didn't like her hang out with him, none of them liked him. Now he was known be creepy in shady hard drug user, and then he liked young girl so think so they compared her prince to the body dead match now,
Sidney, not Sidney. So now tony testing she's story again only and he said he actually gave the girls three hundred bucks and borrowed six hundred from his but brother. He just whoops. What are we gonna call his brother yeah, but now so they had already talk to the bridge yeah police and he confessed that he lent, whose three hundred bucks okay so now is like. No, I didn't give him six hundred dollars What do you think I'm an idiot, and so they bring them to totally Tony that's a lie and Tony was like no Vincent's mistaken and they were like brother, though he was not Nova breath. Then they would so then he says that Marian and protracted were really hard drug users deeply addicted to her on his she's, not true and the police. That's not true. Nothing indicated that in their back start like we talked everyone they now we also end
literally teacher literally and so the hit that then they also asked about the Hare drier and the sweater they were like tell. Why were those in Europe? Also we let them I'm still confuse well, I, the mom asked for her hair dry doubts and it's weird. Is that not a coin? I think it was Tony asking her to call and ask, and she just didn't ask anything. I thank you just like any other third, where so there asked about that, and he said those rarity in my room when I got there which literally impossible, because It was already at the roominghouse when they arrive before them, so they were like no it makes sense and he was like. Ah. Ah, no, then there are like fuck, so they really do get along your keys were pretty sure we're gonna be arrested and you could certainly thoroughly you, You get a lawyer youngest, like you're, real fuck, Dionne you're, not helping yourself So now, meanwhile, everyone in Mary, Ann and perish of life were saying they were definitely coming back to Providence the strap yeah. There was no indication. They were going anywhere else. They were not going to care,
They were not going to allay. They all confirmed, including the girls boyfriends, that they never use drugs. Don't they just smoke pot every once in a while. They had a crime scene investigator, look at the bee, W bug and they finally located and took custody of it after Hoskins, his jailer price. They did a test for blood, you know non visible blood, sure and it lit up. Yes, the steering wheel, the front passenger seat. A ton was found on the back of the front passenger seat. There was also a visible blood smears on the handles and rope that had been found in Tony's possession. Had brown female hairs in it, and there was also a few shall lipstick and blood on it. Oh now they tested his boots that he had left at the roominghouse and there was also blot on the yeah, Meanwhile, he had been in and out of his mother's apartment on Cape COD.
And she had said they were having that since he had left like he, since he had been there and left they were having like plumbing issue. Suddenly in the upstairs bender like where he was staying, ok and she was like I'm pretty sure leg, he blushing things down the toilet, and I don't know why you can imagine your grown ass son like it. That's what you're dealing with I believe that I'm a fucking I literally can and she's again said she was afraid of her son and she didn't like him hanging around many of the hand she was like there's something going on, so they came to that she had the police come and they had the cesspool pumped and found pictures of women ripped into shreds that had been flushed on the toilet care now their continuing their questions of any one who knew Tony and they find a girl that he knew named. Marcia Maori now she's a teen still in high school, because he's a fucking perverted cisco. Here she said he often took her to his garden where he kept his plants in
in time and nineteen sixty seven, he brought her there and brought a boat, arrow and targets cause. He was apparently unknown like very good archer, that's terrifying! when they were walking back. She was ahead of him and she got shot in the back with an arrow. Her heavy coat was her savour. If a savior, I guess Augusta stopped from like real if she was punctured with it. But he told her. He was trying to send the area arrow next to her into a tree to scare her but everyone said he's very skilled with arrows and wouldn't miss that badly, while yeah so huge barrier to kill her yeah pretty much. She was so friends with avis- and she told her Tony made her take tracks a lot because he preferred to have sex with her when she was unconscious. I mean like how good friends or you re ass, if you're like messing around with her, exactly now. She also said he beat her with a belts. That's not my. They forced Marsh Marcia earning was Marcia said Marcia before, but I
it was? It was often Marcia you're, so they forced Marcia show them the garden cause at first. She was not. She didn't want to now, but they forced or to any, was close to the place where the unidentified body had been found. So they were like. Oh, it's all coming to the bug and the bug. So they began searching the garden and they found a purse a wallet with Patricia cards in them a day, searching they found to Idee cards from Rhode, Island College cut in half, they were Patricia Marianne, this is in the garden in the guard. Also found items from the college's like our report card from false, sixty seven, a student schedule for fun sixty eight and these were all Marian, Patricia yeah. They also found a bill from the birth. They also found a receipt for the roominghouse signed by Patricia Morton for the days they had stayed there. They knew they were close to find
then, because why the hell would literally everything they own and came with me in this random place near and other dead body yeah. So there were like they have to be here the next day they went back because they needed light. They found these things at night. They found bits of red stained rope. Round the tree a lot of drug paraphernalia and a razor blade, as they moved around the area, they came upon a gold earring. They began moving away Some leaves and, like you know, some earth that look disturbed and they sound, They found this big area that looked like the earth had been dug recently. I clearly someone had dug in refilled a whole right now it was Officer EDGAR Tom Gunnery, who started digging with a shovel about three feet down, and then he started using his hands to dig illegal dude was crazy. There is also on the scene was burning officer, Bernie Flynn, officer to George Killin and Chief French. It Francis Marshall, George Killin George kill. He had to be a cop
He was the hell. They eventually uncovered in human hands, all any rest which was protruding like protruding upwards out of the soil, and it was wearing a ring. Then they found hair which was attached to a scalp. They pulled the hair to try to move it a little bit and like came off the scale Flynn. So Officer Flynn clapped his hands around the head to pull it up and it was a severed, had all right out? It was The woman, the nose was clearly broken and the left cheek was swollen and bruised. Just like the partiality me unidentified exactly they pulled out more parts, including a headless torso with arms attached but severed at the in the middle of the afternoon, and was that one missing a hand this one? I don't know, I don't think so. Ok, so this is one of the two yeah
the chest with sliced open on this one and the skin was flayed back to the shoulders like the on day. Also found, a green dress, nylons boots and also a bloodstained rope. They immediately put out a warrant for rest, Riad only Costa as they kept digging. So while they put out the warrant there still digging yeah, do you? Students were bad ass. I love they dug with their bare hands in shit. The entire time like they excavated this entire. Seen. That's incredible like one of them, I think it was officer. Flynn was saying that for life days and days afterwards. He kept trying to wash his jacket but like it just wouldn't get rid of the smell. So we ended up having to throw it away all as they kept digging. They found a green, very sixties writers, smock, more nylons, more pale bottles than they were
to another area near by and saw some more disturbed her. So they began to dig again hoping to find the other body it didn't take long about two feet down. They saw human remains, a woman's legs severed at the waist and slashed up with flesh flayed all over. They also found the upper portion with the same opened up chest and flayed backslash the face was beaten badly and they knew it was Patricia walls. Oh now in the same grave, they found a pair of women's legs and a pelvis separated which they were like probably belongs to the other body. And it's interesting that the pelvis was a thing in the yeah identified body. It's very weird and the legs were again viciously flash down the front and back they found a white blood soaked, sweater and brown pants. Now these bodies were very preserved these two because they are pretty recent and it was freezing. Ok, so the bread
and was freezing it just preserved them, but the smell in that second grave earn in both the graves was terrible imagine, and so they were wondering where the fuck it was coming from because it wasn't coming from these got where they were pretty preserved and you'll, see like one when a bodies in like a cold area like you, don't really get too much of a smile. You'll get a little of the smell that make sense. It really take some warmth taking a guy like this is horrible disable I think of like cold garbage verses, hot? Yet, but actually that's the thing, so they were like what is smelling so bad yeah savelich. We better keep digging, so they did they and another body underneath these two bodies. Now this is the fourth told a fourth body it was posed and dismembered. But with all the pieces placed in the right position, that is so. terrified something about that is real creepy, it's so much, but It was missing one leg and it was black like blackens,
in, like clearly very decompose badly rotting, like I'm very ill with exposed John TEETH, which they said Megan made it look like it was smiling. Oh yeah, known along the body, had long dark hair and with this body they found a shirt gene and Sandals Sinclair. So now they have two new bodies that they are found dismembered. In the same area as the third unidentified body that has also been dismissed. where'd ya, and then they also have one that has been buried underneath the newer two and has been there for a long time, wreck civilian, what the fuck going on now they know this is the area the redouble bug was found in. They know this is dead, Tony's garden. That he's been too times right, but now they just need evidence like they just need like action. Tanks, hurried answer something, but now there like. You know why, because before they could they were gonna pick up tony fur automobile theft like felony automobile,
for they beat up EU budget, something that just to hold them, but they were holding off on doing that They didn't want to scare him until they had stuff to hold him with like longer but after they found these three more bodies, they immediately picked up. Tony cost offer felony but automobile theft for the van and then when they got him in there they booked him for murder. and I'm gonna stop right there. You be odd issues holy shit, waiting to hear the next episodes can have the autopsies because she gets worse than we identify. The bodies- and we talk about Tony after that- allows out That is the case is not, and I am so remiss that I didn't know about it before it. So I feel, like I don't know if I'm like super interested, because it happened in our home like near oh yeah, I gotta know one of the because it's the sixties, its well known easy, but I am I what
read this book will now and it sounds terrible, but a lot of people. I guess like to go to the area where this was all found and seventeen which I'm not gonna lady like opening out his I'm really. it's weird, because usually I'm not to know that wants to do that, you really don't, but it I need to go. I wanna go and it's so close and I got a new love Peter. I do too so who doesn't want us in that area, but seemed to its like right there so and like he's from tee town, the holes, the whole Schuyler MP town. So it's like so where'd you think of how many times I ve been to pee town and like wound, unlike not like, and they were likely to build NP town and then brought to turn a break They stayed in Peter yeah yeah, exactly while this is for all like hello, great job. Thank you hurt use while it's crazy, no part Two will be out shortly. I am not quite done with it, but it will be done very shortly. I want it now I know I am writing now I'll try to get and as quickly as humanly possible will try to get. Will ITALY
be. You know tomorrow or it'll be the very next episode that will do early, I'm so excited depending on what I can get you they just go. finding more and I want to add more sites have it. How long will we have to record for scream tonight? We deal hoarding for the wound in windscreen oh yeah, she's gonna, be on scream tonight, so for the next episode swell earlier, our guys wall, as that, that's everything for out everything around so in the meantime, give us a follow on Instagram at morbid vodka hit us about what tat at a morbid podcast send us a gmail morbid by gas. Edgy melba boiled give listening and we hope you keep it manassa, really you to venture drugs and beaten, and then you don't have a good time because Tony's in town, Tawny, chop, japanese, I drop you up and it's not can be so grand no keep it so weird. They change your story like eighty five times. Don't do that cause a mixed like so so so guilty and you are- and you tell me
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