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Episode 196: The Senseless Murder of Lauren Giddings

2020-12-27 | 🔗
Your Ash-centric episode this week is about the murder of Lauren Giddings. Lauren was 27 years old and had just graduated law school when she was brutally murdered and dismembered by her neighbor, Stephen McDaniel. Stephen McDaniel had been stalking Lauren for quite some time, breaking into her house, moving things around and plotting her murder. There were a few suspects in the beginning but police were able to narrow it down to Stephen after his strange behaviour when he heard a body had been discovered. We’ll leave the rest of the details to the episode! Link to donate to Lauren’s Scholarship:  https://mailchi.mp/134e97389fe4/awls20205k?fbclid=IwAR2dtJ7MtqDu1hA9c9hu6PoNJmqPfDv0fDvasUqzpz-yaDe_GVGHHFR9lq8 Link showing Stephen acting real strange upon the news there was a body discovered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIroLgiCyP8&feature=youtu.be As always, thank you to our sponsors: Upstart:  Hurry to Upstart.com/morbid to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate can be! Betterhelp: Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid Squarespace: Check out Squarespace.com/MORBID for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MORBID to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain Honey: Get Honey for FREE at JoinHoney.com/MORBID
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Right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p dot m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger and fries or get a fresh baked possible. Poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your ex reward twice as fast by shopping. Your dinner favorites after four p M wow rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the. Why why but joined today. Hey. We're knows I Molina, and I am sure this is an ash took morbid
will who frickin, who very exciting and on the holiday week as this gifting you, the holiday, whistle we're gonna, take time off but then we are like no nay, nay, say I like, like syphilis, just keep on truck, and so here we are at this late because authority we but it's better fear better late than never better late than never. That's what I say. I don't really know if I have much to say, because we actually just recorded your listener to build. You know he lived and then I think we set everything we wanted to say, and we did so. We know we can just I'm right into this one. You wanna do not. Let's do it. we also don't you remember how I decided to do this story. I think I just found it on a list of crazy crime. I've, seen things about this
and it always fascinated me, some excited your come, you know it's fun as I do love a good dateline and I didn't realize until I half way into this case, that there is indeed I know there is an so then I watched it and it was really good. It was so the lesson about once you know what the case and I got some more really good information, and this is a flip induce It's an doozy, so we're gonna talk about Lauren Gettings this week. I'm excited Lauren Gettings was born on April eighteenth and nineteen, eighty four to her parents bill and Karen getting spilling, care and getting me in this case is going to be a rougher me because I have a little sister anymore. In fact, she was the old the three daughters she had two younger sisters, Caitlin and Sarah, and according to all her friends and family Lauren was a super good friend a really good time, like people love to go out with her, she loved to read she loved her dog named butter, Bein butter beans.
Key I can so cute and her mission in life was really just to help. Others like she, some oh. She wanted her job to be able to like help anybody else. Great so shoes to really awesome person that we need more of in this world me about some guy knocked out. That's really Now she was an area is obviously and like it or not. Husband. I know when I thought of that, unlike True Aries Lauren was super passionate. She was determined and she was motivated woman. She had graduated high school in two thousand to and then your high school. She made a move from Maryland to Georgia, and everyone is like this move was perfect, forlorn cause. She was a quote country girl at heart, Georgia, peach exactly so her move to the south made a lot of sense for her now. Some people just have it in their blood evil and they don't have it in their blood. Only one of usually ball. You would do great. I absolutely what our southern bell. I absolutely hello. It's me blanched ever up
or I wouldn't she was actually the first person and her family to attend college and people. Obviously, people and her family were super proud of that at first went to Agnes Scott College. I believe, as I say, about an she graduated in two thousand six with her degree in political science. Lao look at her. Go now because her main mission in life was to help others. She decided in two thousand eight to start law school and hopes to one day become a public defender man's if she were in a public defender wow, doing the damn thing her now, she made the choice to study, setting up Mercer University LAW School, and that is an make in Georgia in the region. That she wanted to do. This was one because she wanted to stay in Georgia. Could she just fell in love when she moved there and also because this De that she really admired name, DOM Nancy Grace, o Nancy grow if you say I do because Nancy Grace actually received her. I think it's called a duration, jurists doctor, same year, that Lord was born. Why
and she she received it from that plausible, like about perfect now, Laurin was super super pretty. She was always accompanied her fluffy dog butter bean and she would always wear pink. It was her favorite color. She was often a lot of pictures of her she's wearing pink, drawing a lot of parallel So at her friends when a tease her a lot and made call her out, one of his head significantly rose thinking, so they all like joked tat. She was like the new Ellwood Sutter Venus. Her browser, yes but arenas persecutors fucking I Ladakh and like she was blonde and the daughter, her friend in Burma, Dateline that I watch was like she was blonde. Her dog was blog. If it has any of us Lauren had been dating a man named David, the endeavour to believe, as I say, at the end of a vendetta throughout college. And she dated TAT she was eating and even before she went to law school of awhile Our relationship with him was kind of stuff.
and like on and off again, because at that point, David in law, at all points he was like twenty years older than her only at that point we can only at that point in time use twenty years older as those we are now he's twenty years older than hurry- and I mentioned I imagine that can prevent some. challenges, and I also think probably the fact that she was pretty busy at school would add some charging last schools that he's kind of hard Sonya now. So they were on and off again and at one point when they weren't dating Lauren started dating somebody from school named Joe and Joe was a fellow law student. He was in her friend group and he was like a soup a great guy, but there were some thing about David that war and could it like. I love and so she ended up breaking things off with Joe and going back to David Hooker, and then I mean he was the Joe is really heartbroken after the break up, but I guess they remained friendly and the front group it didn't get super weird and the admin Lincoln didn't change anything.
Now. So when she got back together with David, he was actually there in June two thousand eleven when boring graduated law school with herds Doktor Gannon, so she graduated law school. She did the damn thing. Wow you little Ernie choose an attorney. Obviously, that's a huge deal, but if you're a lawyer, you know that graduating is not the last step, sir. We know and Laura and also knew that she did. She do good for her and she knew that the bar exam was coming up and she and her friends were going to be pretty much like isolating themselves fur, probably like a couple weeks or months, oh yeah. That should is no joke to get ass, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, isn't esquire, and ask why so they were going to be like cramming super hard for the bar, but before they started that they wanted to have one last big night together to celebrate, grew joint aim, which is a huge celebrate. Your loss of freedom, the exact
so on Friday, night June, twenty fourth, two thousand eleven, they all rounded up. They went to a bar together like they, but everybody said it was like a native drinking. They were celebrating whatever old enough and then, after that they went back to Lawrence friend, actually serves, which is funny because Lauren is my sister and I actually we are given name, I'm not actually I'm ash anyway. The Lorens group of friends, like I said, was really close. Knit and Joe Lawrence acts actually happened to be one of Ashley's room, which was weird but, like I say now, forgive one of those friends groups that are like really like yeah. I don't know how to describe it without being very offensive. I think everybody knows what you know and I have done my old age, each other and everything's fine exile and whatever elect their friendly, and I think we really serve lawyer. So they have shit going on it is like for a who should happen, but, like I said, things were weird between the front group after they were.
CUP and Lauren and Joe didn't seem to be weird to each other. That night and actually Lauren ended up spending than I Ngos room that low. So nobody, nobody knows if anything happened. It's not really talked about that much, but we do know that she spent than in his room right. She had mentioned to him and some other friends that night that she thought someone was stocking. Her, oh and I am a little bit down at her friends because no one took seriously. Yeah when one of your friends said they think someone's stocking them like take. That's it Oh no matter what and so, we pointed out, I just come out without usually no not mainly on sometimes but like tickets, it's better to take it seriously than to ignore even just would like an ounce of serious, also you're gonna, be lawyers, so new should believe. people in the six, if it s good, to believe tat all but people so like that's just who Lauren was. She had a lot of like male admirers and people who wanted to go out with her Ben
they kind of thought. She was exaggerating and saying, like all like this person stocking me Mulligan, really they liked her dear inflict both for the fool different than like admires net through docking is pretty damn rad looked looking allow book and I'll tell you You started and tell you it's real bad illegal. It's actually something you can prosecutes it seriously. I want to work on that this could have in your first. That's gonna, be a bar exam questions. Yet work on that. So they will again we're not so sure Lauren like cut, maybe scuttlebutt butler and actually briefly mention the idea of a stalker before or like at least somebody that broke broken her apartment when she, someone broke into her apartment. Yes, she thought that somebody broke into her apart, shit, and she mentioned it when she was home like a year before to her sisters- and I guess it was just mentioned briefly in passing well and it never really got brought up again, but she, told them that she had come home on more than one occasion and things were like out of place in the apartment. That's a good to know. If I
came home to my apartment and shit was out of place. I would first I would call the maintenance, man and flip a fuck yeah, and then I would move out promptly. I would not be back in that department now, and they should have taken more and more seriously, because she was right. Some one had been watching her for a while and unfortunately that Friday night was gonna, be the last one. They were going to be able to see her again old asserts my soul already it's this cases doozy, so people started making their way out of Ashley's apartment early. The next morning, Saturday, Ashley and I remember seeing Lauren leave, but Joe said that she had left that morning. Ok now one like yours said Joe sat at anchor and remember Joe is the person who she had broken things off with she spent the night in his room and that area she left that morning. So no one really thought anything of it goes again, Jos, their frightened, where people were leaving at different times, they'd been drinking the night before. So it went crazy for people to get up and leave. No, that's not where early in the morning
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cobbler coffee back for a limited time Gotta have a while. And more and was a runner, so they thought. Oh, you know. Maybe she left early and then went for a run be a runner Jesus Christ. I see people running all the time and, unlike I wish I was, you must be, must be nice. I often tastes blood when I run so. I dont think I made Not anyways Lawrence family and look inside ashes, so Lorens faintly knew she was gonna, be studying like a lot for milk, the next couple weeks and months now, so they knew she was, can be hard to reach and they were like our ate. Like that's fine, that's one thing, but after days of not hearing from her born sister contacted Ashley and asked if she had heard or seen her at all now we haven't seen Lauren and she tried to reach out, but after a day of law and not responding, she does
did and actually Lawrence family asked her on the same day if she could go check out more yeah actually and her boyfriend handed out to the apartment. The apartment was right across from the college and they immediately noticed that Laurens Car was parked outside. So that was already pretty weary Alec. Why is she not answering? she's home. It was weird they were like: ok, like a kind of gave them like a temporary moment of relief, but then they were like. We need to make sure yeah she's inside cause that strange, so actually told Dateline, Keith Morrison I feel I am alive Morrison. We love key. She said before, She opened the door, she looked at her boyfriend and was like. Are you prepared for whatever we're about to see when we won in this? Apart at all if she was a guy, but she just had a bad feeling. I would too should be. I, like his eight went once you see the car that quick little like all good. Ok, then you like
but wait. She hasn't. Something must be wrong in their rightly so. She feels like up like let's go and we have to do it. We have to do so when they walked in. It was a really com. Seen Laurens purse was eerie, though, because warrants purse and keys were right there in plain sight. Her phone was, air. Her laptop was sitting on her bed, but there was no sign of Lauren, What was even stranger was that Lauren was actually supposed to move out of her apartment. The next day. Issues must be out, and she it's gonna, be moving like an hour and a half away to her boyfriend David's Polly, oh, but it look in it, looked like she had started playing links to gather a kind of, but it didn't look like it pack. I like it should be with you, leave her in an everyday flare, normally pretty much everything would be packed up, and that was not the case, so they were like. Ok, that's weird and also for all my dog lovers out their worrying where the hell is butter. Being I'm worried,
he was actually already being taken care of by learns family. Ok, just they were back in Maryland, with Butterby, ok so they waited and they moral like thinking you know, maybe not for IRAN. It's weird that she left her phone here, but, like I don't know, maybe she just wanted some alone, I'm glad you just try and think of any plan generally. I you six hours I could be in your first thought is not going to be. Oh, no something bad happened, you're trying to be like ok, but maybe maybe it sets fine, let's not sure how in Serbia, because I've had like times or like I couldn't get into contact with you for earlier lifelike thought crazy. Ship eventually, ok, maybe your phones, thirty eight million have to think of like logical thing, and usually things are finally yeah, so Lauren didn't come back and that's when they were like ok, she's not coming back and something is really weird going on here I mean, keys her purse or phone like everything you land, when I yeah was their exactly so, the police were called and people began searching everywhere.
Furthermore, in her neighbor Stephen Mcdaniel proposed the idea that maybe she went out for a run in somebody just like snatched her up, which is not crazy to thank me out, like that's the hat mailing, absolutely like I listen, it's your grandpa ghastly have definitely happens all the time. There was a huge basically like a year or so ago. It's also like, if someone is like proposed that I examined was like well, here's a thought, maybe over run. So we just snatched her I'd, like obey leg, calm down what our Erlich, maybe she twisted her ankle and she just need some help left. Let's hope someone didn't just snatcher up or he was running now, how Laurens Father was back in Maryland, so he got in the car and started making an eleven hour drive from Maryland to Georgia. Let you know that is like a dad in a canoe, mad leg and its. I just measuring apparent that far away from your child, no in something goes wrong like that, and no He knows where the arduous are in the car driving as fast as you can,
But you know you have like eleven hours between you write to helping your it like that as you can imagine that DR that's pretty one like- you know when you have to get somewhere and you just experience all the worst. Drivers or one hundred you're like I just need to get wherever he rang Light cut. I keep knocking over my microphone we're having a day at statesmen alive by work. Today than were recording multiple podcast, so you know we're here:
we're doing that guides. Like you're gonna, had every red light, you're gonna hit every bad driver, we're gonna, it's just an you're. Just like please get me to wear, I'm off duchess hurts and Caitlin was actually the one cow Laurens younger sister, but little sister, who had to tell him like Laurens missing. We can't get into contact with her little boy to come to Georgia Boil boy, so the police checked warrants car in her apartment forever it in evidence, and they started interviewing all the people closer to her as much as many people hated to admit it. Both David and Joe, were on people's minds of suspects, of course, and even like actually says in the dateline she's, like I hate to admit this but yeah I did think Joe had something to do. that, while like he was the last person that I knew that saw her and it's like they had dated it didn't work out. She had gone back to the other boy friend and then she's as many laugh. I saw her. Suddenly they don't see or the next morning in what he says. He, oh I saw her and she left like I did
under not I Billig, Georgia cannot looking no and people are thinking David because you know he's twenty years older, they're gonna get off again she's gonna, then maybe he doesn't want to change his lifestyle, so this is the way to do air. Absolutely gotta, look at it that way now, but so David told the police that he had talked to learn and days because he had been on a tree, a trip up up up up up up up up. It was like a history to cross the council, as I also hope I laughed into one fluffy pillows public, a hair and I'm out, ok
Philip, I need to explain why I just enter Europe, does not have trip the have. If you guys, I've ever seen America's next up model Daniel. What have like a picture is the winner she's, the winner she's, my favorite kinda. I love her and she has this accident and she it's the best I think she's from Louisiana. I think you're right and TAT Tyrone. All of them are like you need to change our acts and those ideas on all of the entire season. The harp on this, poor girl about our act. Which is amazing and she's from smells like she's IDA, God she's, not gonna, talk that ITALY cut anti malware she's from Lagos. What she's people sound different it's aloud and she kind of exaggerated sometimes were like a joke. I one point she says it was a tree up and she really like exaggerate. I was a wheezy and then and there and so will everyone to do well, say it and apparently the ghost of Daniel, whose so whether its different, I'm really sorry, that's not funny and yell a few listening. We love God. I love you so it
David Seti haven't talked to learn in days because he had been on a trip, a trip, a trip and, I believe, a golfing trip in California. I went to say Florida, but that's not true, either whatever it was on the coast Consequently, investigators- really that's weird, like you, didn't call her to say, like hey, I arrived in California uneven. Strange. No, I mean I really getting called to say like hey I'm home, but can't we for you to move in music knows is like not the relationship we have one hour like you didn't like text back and forth throughout Europe, then he was like well, no. I was golfing, so confused about what you're can view throughout he's legally. What you're talking about his communication is not something that we did want. I think that like I don't like they were twenty years, a parties, partly not like fuckin tax donors, Firefly Phone- probably not- is just AIDS about land about third issue history. You certainly did so they are like. Ok, like you, that's all
We are yet ailing austrian and they were let him in, but I will say- and they will all say he was help as helpful as he could be relaxed. Be an honest: did you? How do you have any receipts from like your trip in California? Then even have them like on his person, but he was like. I can go, find some like that. I'd like it can I leave little pretty this. Much is again and they really gay. I would ever so. Then they brought Joe in and they were like. Are it's a journalist, on that we know that seeing Lauren like she spent your she spent the night in your room and she left on Saturday like what's the deal with that and he was like yeah like we spent the night together. Nothing was said about anything that happened, If she literally slept in his room but either way he's being a gentleman, is being a gentleman and he said but she left early on Saturday and she said that she was gonna go to the pool, so they checked morons accounts did show that she had used one of her cards at like a local country club to access their pool, and then
they searched or car like, I said, and they found a receipt from a fast food restaurant on Saturday night, and then they were able to look in her computer has now it's like a missing persons, so they have access yeah Duff and her last outgoing communication was that Saturday night she wrote an email to David telling him. She was feeling uneasy and she thought someone tried to break in when she wasn't home the previous night, So the only thing I can assume issues like maybe I'm being like a little too nervous, personally, I also it was like probably one of the last night she was gonna spend their yeah she's proudly, you know what it'll be gone cause. I'm gonna be gone right, she's, leaving a copy eyes to move in with her boyfriend. She's gonna be fine, but I'm gonna be honest. If somebody try to break my house, I'd be out of their also. Let us home invasions are literally my biggest sphere before we got into anything else. I just want to tell you your security deposit fuck it, because this is what you do. We have a lock on our door about it, like everybody else,
as but somebody has a master key dialogue worth apart, like every apartment. If you live in an apartment complex. So this is what you're gonna do drive down to ace hardware. T M sponsored not at all and you're going to get one of those fucking. What's the? What is it called? A chain like it's like a chainsaw and you're gonna install that, and if your landlord has a problem with it, you're gonna tell me: go fuck himself or Norton, cheapest security, parliament, you can out What kind you could keep us up to the house of its you can keep your security of tartar clearly never record to us than one day so here we are sorry. No currently deposit is what I meant to say, and all I want you to know is that you have the right to add an extra locked, your door, that nobody else has a key to make yourself safe now, fuck and whatever you need to do to make yourself feel safe. You do we also get a simply safe. That's right simply say I'm not kidding you. I love my simply safe, but with an my door on the top of my stairway of my staircase spell locks at locks, the absolute I Maya
is how to say fuck you if you try to break a narrow hit you with more tourists, slick, Alcatraz this bed after they searched Bu Laurens apartment. They found no sign of a struggle or a break in, and there were, like, oh hey, let's start check it out like outside of the apartment, to see, if there's anything, weird now, now immediately around the area of the garbage. The investigators were hit with a Familiar smelt about, oh, no, not just like your usual trash. Now, no, you know the difference they follow the sun and they open a barrel and inside the sparrow. There's two large black trash bags. Now the first one that they allow is literally just garbage nothing suspicious. The second bag, though, was heavier and the county sheriff Randy Gonzales said he knew when he picked that up that some kind of human remains were going to be found in this. Oh so, unfortunately, the bag was opened and the torso of occasion woman was found inside with no other limbs attached.
a torso. That's it you're gonna find a torso, so they didn't want this to be a media frenzy, so they decided it would be best to keep this discovery. Super quiet not even tell the family has again they they don't have an eye They don't you shall have my did the body they don't want. Like people free, he found an old college town there, a murder on the Lusaka so they're like our it. Let's keep this quiet until we positively idea, that's really smart. It is, unfortunately, though, one of one media station heard something about the discovery somehow than they wrote a piece cut on that made. The word completely spread and Laurens Uncle actually call her like family to see how they were doing now that a body had been found. So that's how they found out that a body was found wow, they hadn't been told yet because, like I said, fuck. That up nothing was. I leave so on that's nice and make sure that the family knows that's fuck. I now seriously.
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creating a new bans familiar face, you can find sons of comedy its peak up, get started for free at peak on dvd, so Lorens Father is down, Georgia and he heads down to the station, and he told the chief of police MIKE burns that he wanted to. I D Lawrence remains now make burn told Lorens Father that it was not a good idea. He was like this is not the last memory you want to have of your daughter, I'm a father, and I don't want you to do that site. Please don't do that loud and like wouldn't let them one let him do it and, above eventually, Lauren Sound was like ok like that. You, maybe I should see a seer, so dna analysis was used to determine that the torso found in the garage was signed on the grass and the garbage barrel outside of Laurens Apartment was Lauren twenty seven years old, twenty seven years of seven years old so now word spreading that part of Laurens body had been found and Debbie.
Gee Ex ATV was interviewing like friends and family outside of orange apartment. When the announcement made there Now, Laurens Neighbour, Stephen Mcdaniel, who I mentioned earlier, he's the one that was like, oh, maybe, Scott, snatched up he's the one who came up with the theory like radio and right away, the outer where he was in on the search forlorn from day one, and he was like you know. Maybe she got abducted, he told W G ex aim. Morn was nice, ass could be and he described how we looked for her and then the reporter was like. Well. What do you think about the recent news of a body being discovered Stephen had this, we heard ass reaction, and I mean no one else was the judge people's reactions, but, like MRS a weird reaction, it's weird and post the link and to the video the show notes, but basically Stephen just repeats the word body, while looking at the like, looking just like into space yeah, he just like blinks a couple times in his body. Basically it's it's like a
a freshman in like a theatre college ya like these, he is trying to act like you shoulda, but it's like it didn't it's not good acted out. Not so he just starts to look like he's on another planet and egos, I think I need to sit down and he walks away from reporter and just like, collapses onto the curb and just start staring off into the distance yeah. So really. The police were directed to him in his weird ass he and they took notice of his like weird reaction. and they actually noted in a police report that he was unresponsive for quite some time and quote staring into space. Officer had to perform his stern rub on him to get him out of his like we're trance. Why now, if you don't know what a stern and rubbish like, I didn't have no fear. I googled tat for you ashes here.
Quote a sternum rub is the application of a painful stimulus in with the knuckles of a closed fist into the center chest of a patient who was not alert and does not respond to verbal stimuli. This journal rub is the most common, painful stimulus practiced in the field by empties and paramedics It'll get your wake, so basically just sounds like they shoved their knuckles into your surname. Basically all arrived at her and it's like when their produce, especially when patients are like pretending to be in a daze. It's like look inside out last year, we have now fucker, so saving, comes to and he's a sop brought in for questioning that sentence. May Since then, a favor out in four is brought in for sentencing applicable, shooting a sample. That reaction is uneven. Normal for someone who is like very close to her no you how's! It look when somebody who is very close fur wouldn't have that cat. That's a theatrical react. If anything I dont know. Usually people are just like me, you'd be like we. What would you wouldn't like body part but body if anything you'd be like what
like what you talk when you listen, we got any link if they were like a bodies been found. You village, where? What lay now can you We gave you really all of your may fall apart. Could I wouldn't assume that's her exact and you would be hearing it for the first time say: you'd be warlike. What exact Lee yes Zactly. So after the whole, like post interview, ordeal the Esther gaiters. They already thought the Super odd and they were really interested in hearing what he had to say they also thought he was like super weird throughout his entire and every process, because he answered almost every go question with just a simple, yes or no like they would cook. A very detailed question me Blake. Yes, no, and he also just sat up soon, her straight in his chair with his poems pressed against the table. Oh it was it you and I'll I'll try to find a picture of it that strange. It was weird and obviously explainable budgets
and where it so they were like hey. What are you been up to lately and there he was like shipping do. What's up and he is like all you know, I ve been studying for the bar. I've been home, I'm really gone anywhere and their only convenient. That's crazy. and he was like. Oh, I haven't seen Lauren and like a week or two and they were like ok now the further they got into questioning the deeper the question. Scott and Stephen revealed to the investigators that he was a virgin which I don't know how they got I'm on topics but of MRS hey ever fucked dreams like no. Actually, I was saving myself for marriage. Charade were ended, and that's what he said. He was saving himself Romero jeering, like our aid, and then later on. He agreed to give them a tour of his apartment and they were honest, tore. They found condoms in his dresser and there were like ok that wouldn't be weird for, like litter, anybody else, but you just told us: you are a virtue and so I don't think you're like practicing putting these on manners. Do you want to talk to me ever since you may be tell us what this is about and he was like:
Oh, I actually stole those from a couple. Different departments thy broken too low ok yeah you. They were like wow you're as hell. How we're gonna take you in on burglary charges, because we don't want you run, and I really hope that the officer was like wow, Haiti is how I have included renew at the time to go it. You know you're really, ring brought in on charges of being shameless alphabet, thus a cat in other, like we're, gonna, take you and unbridled free, because you'd literally just told us that you burn right access these economies, that you don't need. Ok, why so well he was being held. They searched his apartment way more extensive and they search Laurens Apartment way more extensively, because now they have a body it's her body. She is not just a missing person, and this is all looking very strange, but they're like let when they wanted apartment? Originally, there is no sign of a break and you have no sign of a struggle. They didn't really. I mean they're, not looking for blood right away or veto. They might be looking for a little but nothing by money. No, so they were like ok,
stool, luminal, test and Lawrence Apartment? Also they did that and the bathtub quote lit up like a Christmas tree, but unfortunately, no other fingerprints are bloodstain. were found at all, so whoever had killed her had done a really good job of cleaning up afterwards and not only themselves slick cleaning up themselves, her apartment, Tunisia and there's no other prince found. Such aid is obviously dismembered in the bath in the bath in her own bathrobe. Exactly so, they were like. Ok, that's weird, so they go obviously so they go into Stevens Apartment and that gave investigators a lot more than a bar and for a lot more so literally, sitting right on top of his dresser in plain sight, were two keys and there like. Ok, let's test these key one was a master key to the entire apartment complex. What's and the other was a key to Laurens apartment. So
I tried to log into like how the fuck he got a key to Laurens Apartment. I dont know if he found her. hidden key and made a copy of it. I dont know if he was able to like breakin bigger because he had the apartment complex can describe the duple. That may be was like lying around somewhere or maybe one of the times he broke into her apartment he ground during his daily. Maybe he grabbed the key she had, and maybe she had been able to tell anyone that she didn't have turkey we up. That's true. Maybe you took the only key exactly though, Like I said, Lauren had told her sisters and our friends that she thought she had a stalker and she is right because it was Stephen and knew so that he was described as a quirky zombie obsess kid, and he had been her neighbour for three years. It's like quirky zombie obsessed kid, whose her neighbour for three fucking years he so asked her on a date once and she was like. I have a boyfriend. Sorry, he broke into her apartment multiple times and then eventually begin tracking her movements and eventually started preparing to kill her.
what the fuck some three years you have next to this creepy do every year and he suddenly explodes like this. I unreal it's insane so during an earlier search of the apartments maintenance room which they thought only the maintenance man had access to. They found a hacksaw and eventually they determine that, it had borne flesh and blood on the maintenance man had been brought in for questioning, but he too, the investigators he actually didn't know where that hacksaw was from and he certainly haven't purchased it said, but now that they knew steam, Stephen had a master key. It was obvious that the hacksaw was his because they found the packaging for it in apartment while the stupidest criminal ever so. At this point, he's left to incriminating keys ran on his dress, her. He
he has a key the learns apartment and the key to all the apartments. He has the packaging to a hacksaw with her flesh and blood on it, and then they find a pair of her under where in his drawer- oh my god, I won a leg punch this dude writin enough Oh just want a disgusting little goblin. It only gets more disgusting and more creeping now. square space. Let's talk about that stuff
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so Stevens Computer in a digital camera that he had were taken in to be searched as well on. No, he would, while he was booked on charges for first degree murder. Now the district attorney and honestly, every other investigator working on the case knew that lot born was killed by Stephen yeah after he had stopped her for quite some time, but the day was worried that the evidence they had was only circumstantial, because there is no prints linking them to this, and he could say you know the maintenance guided this and he put all the ebony free. My house, I've been framed for murder, so they were like also this was it started off as a death penalty case, so they couldn't fuck up at all. In this case like there was no room for FUCK ups Eventually, the death penalty was taken off the table for that very reason, and also because they wanted to get the trial going and get Stephen sentence as soon as possible:
because a lot of times, death penalty cases take a long time to go to trial, so they took off the table and I just thought it was important to note that Lauren herself was actually against the death penalty. Okay, so I kind of guess it away. It was like honouring her when I was going to say I am glad that it went away yeah so, like I said they took Stevens Computer in a digital camera intellect search through it all and that's when the real groundbreaking evidence that, gonna make this fucking trial was found on his computer. Oh man, so he had been searching first said distinctly violent pornography and, at the same time, that he was doing this, they were able to determine that at the exact same time. He would also be a morons facebook page. Her way, it's in profile, and he had also stole in a flash drive from her apartment, and there were pictures on his computer of her that he downloaded and those pictures would be up while he on these, like scary, ass portal,
all of this Europe, so he his like type of foreign that he liked depicted torturers situations, murder, and then they found child pornography, all butter sky gum yup by so that wasn't just the only Germany damning evidence, though, because that's so that, the evidence on his computer. They, like, I said, also seized a digital camera on this You know camera. They found the super eerie video that they believe was taken the night that Lord was murdered. Who so they concluded that Stephen must have taped his camera to some kind of like what in polar something and held it two Lawrence Window and Vicki. The video shows the inside of Laurens Apartment, while the camera just peers in going back and forth slowly, just like scanning her apartment to see folly. If she's, like a sleep because its I think it's her living room and the blinds are slightly
whence he can see just like an empty living room and it just one legal acts on Europe? So that's great and I can link the video and shone out student demon, so Stephen at the beginning of this trial thought that he was gonna get away with murder because he had like a dream team of lawyers and he d decide He decided to enter a plea deal because he obviously once they found the video and everything like that was where he's obviously going away for yeah of but before they had thought he was like. I could get away with us and you can't, unfortunately, the deal that he took took off the charges of took them charges of child pornography off the tape. Are you fucking kidding media? How do you now doesn't even get taken off the table? I as child pornography on us at the end of story. End of story that should never be allowed to be take you have it on your computer, fuck you're going to are therefore absolutely now These lawyers- that did that, like that's, oh yeah, and actually I should mention one of these lawyers- was Lawrence teacher yeah, you're NASA he's dead,
as a politician, I don't know you have a ponytail fuck, you fuck you and your ponytail yeah, that's so far. yeah seriously. You represent a student who killed another one of your students or how do you sleep at night? Anyways hate it had. He not entered this plea deal though he would have cow, faced, seven counts of sexual exploitation of children and he would face five to twenty years for each individual charge. So he should give this is I'm so angry, so he I've got a minimum of thirty years, just based off of that. Now, let's just take off the child porn charges. Let's pretend that never happened. I really hate that people. Get to make deals that alone that specifically, that kind of deal like taking off to you can't take it off in there. I do, but, honestly, I feel it most of the plea deals that we talk about are just like: they ve got away Like Carla, homer and fuck,
No, please deals there. It's it sucks gives us like their necessary and sometimes like in the Carlo Homolka case. They felt it was necessary to get the information on Paul but suit. I felt the more but now she's out and got out exactly, but it's like at what cost exactly I dont like their certain times or you. You can see why it's done, and then this sometimes like this time, fuck that yeah fuck that yeah, so he pleaded guilty and in a written statement, admitted to all the events that unfolded that night and find them. So he who wrote that he made his way into Lauren's apartment at four hundred and thirty, a dot m on Sunday morning, using a key that he had for God only knows how long and just stood over her ass. She slept now. He was wearing a mask and gloves in it in an effort to conceal his identity and not leave fingerprints now ass. He walked clue
sir toward a sleeping Lauren, a floorboard creaked and woke her up so nightmare. He was planning to probably kill her in her sleep. The floorboard rope woke her up. He said that she calmly told him to get the fuck out, but before she could make any move, he quote leaped on to her and began to strangle her oh. He said during the struggle she actually took. His mask often said Stephen. Please stop oh pushing knows to those who were there is the obviously. Don't, though, he's wrangled Lauren Gettings until he was sure that she was dead. He then either carried are dragged her to her own bathtub and left her, therefore hours until he decided what he was going to do. Next, he went back to his own apartment next door and just went about his day is went about his Sunday failure. At some point, you went out to purchase the hacks, and they came back on Sunday night around midnight, so she was killed Sunday morning around, like for thirty five o clock.
was: he comes back at midnight. She had been sitting in her bathtub dead all day. Now he comes back at midnight to dust Amber her in her own bath job with a fucking x and also a bloody sheet was later found in the washing machine in the apartment. So I guess that's how he had kept things clean. Ah, he then took her limbs and headed to the college across the street to dispose of them, and then he threw the bag containing warrants torso and the apartments trash. Rules and that's where she was found. So when he was finished, he cleaned up and just went back home and then joined the search for her while and he thought that he committed the perfect murder. Now this I will direct quote from his confession: quote it's difficult for me to explain why I killed Lauren and attempted to conceal my deep the way I did the difficulty in explaining it lies within my own ability to understand it myself, I know that it was very wrong, I'm not delusional or without all morals or decency. What you do
you did not only do you number one not only do look at child pornography, you also dismembered. Your neighbour that you ve been like acquaintances with, but obsessed with you broke into her apartment while she Wasn't therefore, like God, only knows how long and then dismembered her in her own daughter, but you don't lack morals or decency. Eva come on everybody like I'm still a Hume, I'm still a great person. Let's kick his ass into the piper belt and I don't think I also don't think that he has any remorse, no mercy dozens and he could have gotten away with horns, murder and he attended to so listen to this. If more intimately and friends had decided to contact the police when they did that day that the police were their searching. The trash like the trash truck was due to come. Take the trash away that day, but because scene was blocked off the trash could in the trash. I couldn't common collect that bear a wow so that been gone, I mean now had been a landfill somewhere, you never would have found it. Never
and he never would ve caught mother would have been connected. What evidence see there's no fingerprints of his there's, not young, we probably would have been a suspect it's like had they not founder torso. Who knows what would have happened while, unfortunately Laurens Head, though, and other parts of her body of never been found, and that something that obviously still kills her parents and her family? or because they never got the chance to bury their whole ya like put hurried to rest and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they're gonna be able to because they ve dug up landfills. Trash trucks were searched, and nothing has ever been found that so far so fuck that so fact, we all shop online, especially now, and we ve all seen that promo code field taunt us at check out spend three hundred dollars and get point three percent off yea, but thanks to honey, annually, searching for coupon codes is a thing of the past. Honey is the
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so to drive home the point that this insult one hundred percent killed Lorn the D. A Gregg Winters read the jury, one post among a lot determined to have been written by Stephen Mcdaniel about Lauren. Oh god, now he posted on a blog site using the name S so well. Ok, son of Liberty, literally go fuck. Yours now above the law, calm reports that Mr Winters read the following to the court quote: graduate LAW School party hard by drinking alone in front of my computer, see my sexy neighbour classmate come home late. She has talked to me occasionally in the past. He wanted a circular has wanted a certain piece of my anatomy. I think that was agreed acted for three years, invite her up for a nightcap make her a special drink called a Mickey fin. She's
cold. I finally lose my visa card. Oh no, she o deed and died. I barbecue her legs and arms to celebrate. Losing my visa card, not into organ meat, but throughout her torso Lou it on tv, while the cops discovery, Argh discovering her remains, you mad virgins, what he wrote that he wrote that and also in case are confused a mickey fin that drink. It's like basically like a drink with rubies and Alex what other mammalian yeah. So he wrote that somewhere and it was reported that Stephen Mcdaniel tat his eyes closed. While the post was read in the courtroom, Other writings of Siemens Talk about committing the perfect murder. How you condemn somebody's body in a garbage can, until it's not like having not be linked to you, you can we use chloroform to bring them to the point of unconsciousness, etc, etc, etc. You know all normal stuff. All
super normal stuff. Now he was sentenced to life in prison and twenty fourteen and he will spend the rest of his life in prison good, but he will be eligible for parole twenty forty one and he's already tried to shoot a shot at a retrial. No now get this in turn. eighteen, he TED Bundy Debt and decided to represent himself on the argument that the council was ineffective and that his constitutional rights were violated during the investigate. While you literally tried to TED Bundy, he did he call his former attorney. Floyd be referred to the stand and Buford said that he truly relieved. Mcdaniel was innocent until he went into do terrific detail of the murder and his confession and that the evidence on his computer was found yeah, he said to Mcdaniel quote you could get out one day, Stephen, you viciously, murdered and murdered a woman in dismay. Her and you still could be paroled so see how that's ineffective, assist refugees like he's like you're, stupid
now he was unsuccessful. The judge was like no there's, I'm not giving you a retrial, ambitious murderer. The judge told him I dont know if I've heard a single thread of testimony or evidence that would compel me to grant any portion of your real and grant any portion of your position goods and they laughed at a good laugh at him. I hope everybody laughed at him until the day he died. He said, nasty. So Lord Loring Gettings family continues to remember her as a breath of sunshine or a lot of laughter like now. Caitlin Laurie middle sister and I kind of mentioned the lot throughout yeah. She was Mary. Just before Lauren was murdered and born was the maid of honor at her wedding. So Caitlin named her daughter, Lauren Magnolia Stock, after her big sister my heart out. Laurens memory also lives on through the scholarship that her family established with Agnes Scott College and a scholarship help students with quote strong, academic credentials or a demonstrated need, especially
those who are in their first, who are the first in their immediate family to attend college and those who are interested in pursuing the careers in legal profession or a special education while- and there is also a five key, run that's held every year and that organised by Mercer Association of Woman, loss of women lost students and the proceeds from the five k go directly to Lord Scholarship. I love that I always Levin something good comes out now, due to an eye in the others, a ton of stuff to link in the show notes, but I can link where you can donate in Florence memory. I love tat wow what a fucked up tail so crazy. man. He had been breaking into her apartment for like who even knows how what is disgusting little goblin. He is exactly interested. Enzo clearly the definition of an answer on it. So gross he so grow
over him to lecture of down and like I'm, not one till I hate on people's looks, but if you murder somebody you deserve it out. If you murder someone Ro General thrust, gross gross grow Seattle, I truly disgusting, he's nasty and for him to set their own tv and pretend to lose it is the worst acting you have ever in, but when you watch it now, knowing what he did to her only you know our whenever it was of ice leg. You're like you that person sitting there in front of the camera on this new station just dismay birds, this woman, in your sending their relating our sitting there, pretending you're here and also the fact that you do not kind is, can be nice, as can be, and also the fact that he could have gone away from it if they didn't call the police when they didn't play of goodness they did. If that scene wasn't blocked off They never would have uncovered Piazza now think about it right now. They can't find her head. Her Rennie it would have gone right. I mean it's both on this
various I'm sure it would amount to the same landfill or somebody like landfills are massive right. You'll, never find it right, wow, that's, truly something better, so sad wow. So that was a lot Christmas is over guy everybody put locks on your doors and soon I'll get your friend easier asleep when they say that they think something weird is happening in their apartment, a home even if their, that crazy friends that you're like oh they do that. Sometimes there too silly seriously, it's better to take it seriously than to ignore it right cause. You know it's like
It seriously get proven wrong. It's fine! I wish one of them was like you know what. Why don't you like say with me and then I'll go help you during the day pack up your apartment, tat allow you to stay there. I believe you're not staying at your parliament link. It doesn't matter if you're being dramatic, it's like if you're, not feeling safe and if they hear things have been moved in your part, men and yeah. These listening to you get the fuck out of their yesterday. Yeah you gotta get out cause. That's really scary! That hurts my heart. I know I have so much harm pure, and I hope that he never gets pearl to keep better knack of pearls and the fact that he was able to make a plea deal worse.
Seven counts of child pornography were taken off the table. I can only hope that, like people in prison know that values hard of it, I hope that have leaked back to them that child pornography charges were part of that any just ass. You get alot everyday email, I hope so so yeah. That was the case of learn. Gettings and again, I'm gonna post, where you can donate to that a scholarship perfect and you can should I'll. Do it well, if you're able to thanks for that you're all come so yeah. You can check out some of the horrific pictures of Stephen and Even- How beautiful Lauren was on our instagram at morbid. Podcast hit us up on twitter at a morbid podcast, send us a gmail, morbid PLAID Cosette, Gmail darker, and I think that's it. We hope you Gable We hope you bonanza, whereby you son.
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