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Episode 197: Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders Part 1

2021-01-02 | 🔗
Alaina pulls at our heartstrings this week with part one of the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders. In June of 1977, eight year old Lori Lee Farmer, nine year old Michelle Heather Guse and ten year old Doris Denise Milner headed off to Camp Scott for a two week girl scout experience. Unfortunately someone, or potentially multiple someones, had been lurking around the camp in the weeks leading up to night one. Whoever it was had more than sinister plans to kill the three girl scouts camping out in tent one. In Part One we’ll go over who each girl was, the night of the murders and we’ll end it on a pretty convincing suspect. Don’t bet too heavy on him though, in part two Alaina will bring some evidence to the table pointing away from who we thought was our lead suspect.  As always, thank you to our sponsors! Purple: Go to Purple dot com slash MORBID10, and use promo code MORBID10. For a limited time you’ll get 10% off any order of $200 or more! HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping!
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Right now. Why was inviting you to coming for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible porn, have your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your ex reward twice as fast By shopping your dinner favorites after four p m, while Our rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the. While I added join today. hey, weirdos, I'm ashen! I'm alina- and this is more bed, it's more Abed. This is really a new year of Morbid yeah. I'm really! I'm really start.
it off with a bang guys. You know what, though it I wouldn't expect nothing less from you. The answer really fuck us up for the new year, be I like to come in like a lion. Not so much like a lamb, you don't say: I wouldn't say that you're the lion of the show, I would necessarily call myself a lamb, no near more than of have more lamb, like qualities use the lamb like away about you. Thank you, but I don't think you're like pure Lamb now german. I am I'm a lamb and am also like a goat, because six six, I don't know what I'm saying heating long ago. Presumably everybody had a good new year and everybody was safe and really all of your lives just changed immediately upon midnight striking. I lost a hundred how every Russia's Jesse they're all change, and I'm being so more so much more aware self aware they go. That's all happening, not happen. Now, but in relation to what we all have hopes for twenty twenty one, but let speed.
Quiet about them cause you know, could be where sir, but everybody just be optimistic. keep to what you do and everybody keep wherein those masks? Yes, you know that in the common Alina got her vaccine Diane. I got my first dose way by second dose will be at the end of the month. feeling good feeling good view like a little Frankie, but I'm feeling good. Now it's not a vaccine virus. Little sir, that let me out so far. That's all I got so go get em because, but I'm can it's gonna be great. I will take nothing except the Dolly part I thank you and good better you go. Is she the Pfizer? The Medina, I think, she's Madonna, oh hey yet you got the dolly part. In one case I merely by, like I told any, and she was at issue going. The dolly part has a guess, indeed
love than any was like issue getting not like. Is she getting Pfizer Madonna? She getting. The dolly part in one month is analysed. Cousin is like a first responders, so he got back sedated and he was upset, but he didn't get the Dolly part in one press, amazing, I love so my not actually upset. I should player vendor, like not just jokes signal key eggs. Hey. Ideally I Angie just sand. So I think really oh, and I wanted to thank everybody for all the amazing birthday wishes. As a rule was so sweet. I know how does it feel to be like elderly feels good. You're not out there I'm on my way. I know you're you're right behind. I know I'm about to be a quarter of a century old. So that's awesome, omit Gan. I found out about to be at least six months, but five there, my birthday countdown to ashes.
thing is already begun. Like the day after mine, she was like an the counter began. That's my, but never started at the current time begins the day after my birth. We all know somebody like tat and you are all in her. You know someone like that because hi hello, hello, so, I think so yeah I just want before I go into it. I just wanted to say thank you guys, cuz, you are so sweet and it was so nice and it made my day. Awesome and John got me? Assign David Bowe Hippo picture, and I look at it all the time yeah hidden, because when you think about it, it didn't like hit me hit me that there is only a finite amount of this guy he's not sign in any more I mean Meanwhile, we lay somewhere really struck me that I was like. While I have one yeah, that's it when he told it would also it is so hard to keep secrets cause John, like will sometimes tell me what he gets you when I was little you'd, be not tell me But now I got to know and its high, Sometimes I, unlike maybe I should ask him, because I just wanna tell you so bad, I that one must have been really hard. yeah. This is difficult and you know
The girls asked me the other day. This is just a little quick side. No before you get into us, if David Bowe of for some reason really could do. Is David Bowe we still alive? Oh, you got them that little book for Christmas Stephen a, and I was like yeah. like the very I guess I was like- I can't. I can't do that. I can't do that yet no, I can do to them I can't do it to me. We can all absurd again says like yes, he still live that also I think they're really really smart cause in the universe. There's like in that book. There's like the whole, like kid cartoon part, and then at the end there is like an actual. Timeline yeah, it's one of those lay gum. Little people beg my dreams or something like that. It's one of the kids book about David Bowe, his life, but in the back like the last part, I read that to them in the past tense here and I think that their so smart that they realise that was in past have yak as one like. You know, you know who was like see I would shoot issue inflation catches and every night, when I told her, she was like a re, also
like certain things, interval tt. What did you mean by that? Unlike off far, can you? Why do you, like also don't say, fuck, kids, man and you know what? this said really well into my case: gags curs, kids, man MIKE's, so I am going to be covering some in it's funny that this is gonna, be like the first of the year case for me, because I'm always omens like I don't do kid cases. I don't want to do to cases unless it's like really the sorry yeah well. This is one of those necessary ones that I feel we have to cover. It is the Oakland whom a girl scout murders from nineteen seventy seven. It is a case that I read a dance simply about before I had kids yeah I was fascinated by it. I read everything I could and then, when I had kids like I'm gonna, come back They are not really like, go deep into it. So no it really well and thence. I think one of our listeners actually happened. We going into the email
and I saw it they had suggested. It knows account unready, I'm ready. To do it. I remember you like talking to me about this, like when I first when new bs started getting me into your crime. Even I was like this. Is the doozy listen, so why are we so? This one's gonna be tough? This one obviously has to do with children little girls, its horrific. It's really bad just warning now: there's a veto, a lot one sought to unpack it's gonna be a multi party, because there is just so much. This is still an unsolved case. I know that's technically pisses me off about as it is, is happier creating its big They had a guy who everyone thinks did it, but I don't know in the end he entered and we'll find out, and you know when we get there, he no one was ever put in jail for these crimes, rain so We don't know in the one person that they are really looking at ended up dying, like I was gonna say, may prove very.
shortly afterwards so and when we go through the the evidence at first like upon first glance, you're gonna be like He did it right and then, when you start digging a little further into it, you like, oh, maybe my hot there's too much, and obviously a jury saw a doubt, a lot of doubts. this went to trial. Oh yeah did waned. We get to it it's insane. So this is going back to the night of June twelfth nineteen. Seventy seven in tat is going to take place on camp in at Camp Scots, which is near Locust Grove Oklahoma. I know I said that right, locust, glow, grove, Locust, SAR Bug, plant and defiant Vega. Are they really crocus? I think you're thinking, no legal, like a flower, a locust flower, a lotus by I was like a locust wherever I like, the plagues of Egypt locus yeah. Now
You know that for sure a locust elements are it's so where's. The worst are not the year right, you know this is the way you started there. I also think I don't know sometimes my brain, just like it's not on full opera, I think we can all relate to the producer, So this is a cap that is spread across four hundred and ten acres he's screw, creates huge. It was originally opened in nineteen twenty eight and it was named in honour of each J, Scotty Florence or excuse me hd, Scotty and Florence, Scott so H, J was called Scotty in their last name was Scott, obviously Camp Scott, not Michaels Where are my office? Heads that funny, so so these do each day in Florence were boy.
Slash girl, scout volunteers, I mean they were just they donated attend to them. They were just you know, really into it really. Philanthropy When I came to the scout, which is always just you know, it's always somethin when with adults are like really into the boy and girl scouts, it's just like Inter it's an interesting pathology, even yeah, but it's really into that. Listen, I'm sorry that there's a hot after I don't give a follow on its. I give the view you know a few grew up in a new loveday like that's great, for you I'll. I ever did girl scouts and I never had any interest in doing girl scouts. But and John actually did boy scouts and unlike, but once it became like, I think, heatedly cub scope, reading. Can we shot at his mom? Could she was his troop fleet or yet his mom batter? dollar she's a me that he was like she was like a troop leader of all these little boys, like did things in her home with the like for it like that whole thing where they would have to meet. Once a month and do some crazy craft scout's honor like make a race car, yeah and wood
the forest fire, but he said he stopped it when it came to the point where you will think became like an actual leg, boyscout like when you doing just like the silly things that could only things ia and apparently was because he was leg at that point. When you're like a little kid, there's, always an adult there you're your parents are around its like very like whatever, and then he said when you get into this like going from Elementary school and like middle school age today, send you suddenly he said, there's no adults and it's just the older boy scouts that, like he's? U like he was like an island of fraternity literally and he was like it. I went to one thing and I came home was like I'm not doing this anymore, How do I have to buy it and I'm sure that's not the case in every single thing, but said his particular one. He was like fuck that so use like no, they are you boy scouts girl scouts, I'm just there for the cookies. They do. They also do amazing things. You know like it's, it's good for a little girls and boys who are in
you it's like shit all over them, but it justice. It's a strange organization to me personally, I don't understand it, but it's because I'm not an outdoor super. I am literally wearing a sweatshirt right essay. Every moment that says indoors, it's true, so we're really. Let's really here funny data, pick that my shirt says what would Buffy do So a certainly so obviously dad too should you how Dorsey she would nautical kiev- and I was sitting on my hands watching Buffy the vampire slayer see us. Who is named in honour of these two they donated twenty. Four of these acres of the campaign is surely, and then the king is extended each year, it's in Tulsa by the way, and it's extended each year like acreage with money received from like girl scout cookie sales donations, anything they could write, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six. They planted a ton of pine trees all across the camp like really made it. This, like amazing
it's never awesome, and it's a summer camp, it's for girls to be. You know, independent. Do this summer, camp stuff, you know all that's I again, I I am such like I'd like a theatre kid I did not do even a hint of summer camp in my life I dont know what summer camp entails. I know this fires, maybe a canoe I led to arm like my school put. This thing on. It was hauled nature and me, and you went for like a three nights four days- and I came my mom like Script- was very expensive. My mom had like scrape together the money to send me. I will give her that it was the worst experience of my entire fucking life. thanks mom I'll, go credit. You babbling! No thanks. I know they. Gear visit was horrific. Well in it and we're gonna get to like this part of it soon to its eye
Never like I wanna, go stay away from my parents, kind of thing which will get into weren't. You like we might well. That was the selling point five. I never did any of these, but I obviously have seen enough summer camp things and no people went summit They were busy watching Friday, the thirteenth and you really good luck out their folk. I literally was watching Friday, the thirteenth being like went to summer camp, define virtual some per capita crystal Lake, with great guys think you could buy. You know they did all of classic some summer camp sap, and then it do. You know the girl scouts, especially at this age. They teach him to be independent and like to which is great, may start a fire engine, and these summer camps would happen. Unlike too weak enter increments see these girls would come in for the first two weeks they would leave. Another crop would come in for two weeks. You were there for two weeks and they were Young Owsley baffled over his first. I was like that's really not long, but very little little time allotted time as we'll find out a couple of these kids relic nine ten years. Allow yeah, that's really young. I feel like I've. I suck at that
So I don't so a hundred and forty girls arrived for this camp session down again, there were twelve campsites on this site and they were named for native american tribes because in the area, A big Cherokee area in there was like a lot of reservation land around, so this was named after these native american tribes. Each of these little egg units had their own little like each of these units have like seven or eight tense too Each of churches are so, and they were also separated intellect age group, so there wasn't cabins there, they are stirring up camping, oh yeah, in don't you worry, I'm gonna tell you how junkie this entire operation was because start out really can't cuz, I'm going to be great independence, and then you like what the Fuc were you all thinking, oh no, like in the poor parents, didn't even know how janky this shit was. I don't know yeah I get angry at this camp
They are so you should see the camp first, but I mean I, I think guys just weird so say. Yes, so the youngest kids were put in the key. Oh, are you Openness was a unit with aid, technically eight tents, but most people when you'll research, this you'll see it's either a universe, does either seven ten sir eight tonnes what it actually is: a seven camper tents and then one counselor ten, so they don't count the counselor ten as one of their tens. I make sense so technically the ten that we will be talking about a lot is tense. Seven, ok, but some people refer to it as tenet its heart when you're researching no make sense- and I know that we are not counting the cancer counselor stance, which is a whole another thing- that the council's have there in the whole owned and in there's not counselor. Staying with these young, there should be at least one counselor in each take back or like for the children cause. That's what they do with cabins is always accounts.
a cab. One hundred like that's like a liability, its and trust me. It is so yes, so the three girls we will be discussing, which I will name and a second wherein the Cuba unit and that's where the youngest girls were now these cabin slush tents that we're talking about when I say cabinets because they were made to look kind of like cabins, but they straight up tents on a platform? Ok, now they were literally Ani wooden platform. That was fourteen by twelve inches arcs, yet forty, my twelve feet, sorry inch I was like. They were standing on their tiptoes hugging there. The entire NOS fourteen by twelve feet wooden platforms, and then there was Jesse Fabric Tent on top of it saw. The walls were fabric there was just a flap that stop anybody from coming in or anyone from going out. We love that when I saw these eyes like what the fuck were you doing putting children in these it. Seventy three still. Yes, I mean
the fuck. Were you doing going there? Anybody could come in and anyone could come out and also what AU pairs exactly low. What live up here, the only mean thinking like what lately food out. We should also like to say a kid need something in the middle of the night. They have to walk to the count certain like you can buy a conveyor end or they re Yoshi, all the lights, we turned off at night in this camp, there was no lights, would follow later old, pitch blackness and when you look on which we will post till I come the pictures of the camp and like the the map of the camps, you can really get a vigil of what I'm saying has its hard when you're not looking at it, but we were posted on the Instagram Sega Mark, but there's lakes tons of wood surrounding this place. Now this evening, my worst nightmare they had put up offence, but the fence was not even the entire way around the place. So there was just open forest at one point. Eight, by going through the forest, could definitely come in she's and then there was a gay, but there is a lot of people that said that gate was not keeping,
one out not just like somebody could climb up hop over again. Streaming only operate, knew a rigid upon me. In fact, we are lady parts fees. Mixed hash happens, sour our people to live in front. We are leaving all the cells dreaming that only abacha, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream, classics, contact the office box and recreation and soon have meant plus pact pick up. Original comedies, like eighty by of say about about for all your exclusive comedy phase, could a peacock tv dot com, started so again. A good way of doing it and then the thing that really just gets me is the head. They could out. The counsellors ten first, when you think of like seven kids, intense and one councillors ten, my four,
thing was: ok, see you put the counsellors ten in the middle, and then you put the tense all around the council's stance. Yeah. I can see literally everybody at all times: yeah a hundred you're, not gonna, put a councillor in every ten. You better have them right there right. No, that's not what by the end of allied here's, the cancer tat and then I'll just one line. Now, that's do so the council, He could see maybe two of these students at any given time, the rest of them you're on your fuckin own and you're in the pitch blackness next woods, where we can see anyone who's coming. If I was unlike the last time, I will Mom. Can you pick me up? I'm scared. Well, what's even sadder about what you just said is one of the girls did Joseph O also yeah, So the little girls were going to focus on our doors, Denise Milner, who went by Denise. Michel, goose, say and loyally farmer niece was ten years. Old Michel was nine and lorry with AIDS,
He's lorry was the youngest at the camp and she was like very gifted, very, like mature for her age. like now that you are legal, nearest one at the camp, so they were tent mates together and what happened was I guess when they first arrived, you meet your. You can pick your own tent mates in this for girls to attend. These three girls happened to not know a lot of other people, so they were kind of at the end, this entire thing is stressing the out, so they met each other more like a like. We can be turned mates. Could we don't? You know the suspend, don't know anyone it? Yes, they were supposed to have a fourth girl, but the forest girl do Some, like weird error, ended up in another ten the night and they didn't want to mess with them, because there will be no. She said there, so it's not mess around right now, so there Like you know, what will put you in there tend to Morrow night so in it, in a street of error, literally save to that little girls, life moi. She must have after this whole thing than like holy
shit she had some kind of a guardian angel is something going on some force of nature, so these three to earn gonna Sheraton and they happened to be in the ten, the furthest away from the cap Why did you put the youngest world so young? Like thing? An eight nine and ten year old, come on listen to me, I'm sorry negligent us fuck yeah. No, unlike if, if you're gonna put anybody in the intention to have a bit like the fourteen fifteen year old girl, exactly to what are you doing in Why would you set it up this way that you can't see that fucking and ten? What is wrong with you right like this, is insane to me this I agree with you that were in his leg, anvil. Try never to put the blame on any of these people, this cams there's blame what the actual finance revile blood on their hands and urgently they get in. You know we can sit here. say. Of course there was never like a murderer. I dont think it like a girl scout boyscout camp. Before this. I don't think that was like
that wasn't first on their mind than someone's gonna come in a murder, kids, but it should be You're fuckin mine, I you're in charge. Anything can happen you're in the middle of the wilderness. You have no idea whose out there and it's like I, No, they that's not first on your mind, but that should, unfortunately we live in the world that you should. That should be on your mind. Now I hate camping so much you really stressing the what socks, as I just told, Annie's mom not like, I would go to camp this year. I didn't go last year because I could go, and now I am retracting my statement on a more attractive? I'm sorry, don't worry. I can't go yeah, it's not after this I mean I wasn't. I never sending my kids anywhere away. For me ever frills or other authorities at last. After reading this Isaac honeys never know, and if one of them
love them so much, but if one of them comes up to me some day and is like, I would like to add a summer camp amenable to sit down real, quick and then I'm gonna hit play on matters that are normally. Do you still want to go to summer camp? I girls. Do you still want to go now? Not only will it take you to Theatre Camp, others go, do that much is going out with tv theatre, camphor couple hours model pick you up. It's all great that day, camp yeah, so the They showed up happened was they were all bustin and veto if they met their tent maids, they picked their ten maids and then they wouldn't go probably do some of those like camp things that awaited. Does it now about swam, because it's not like any things documented here? We don't know exactly what they were doing just captured. And then we do know that they had dinner at like the I'm, going go ahead and call it a dying how was dining hall sure Dining building. They had that, like five, thirty six o clock, they are started eating somewhere around this time it ended up pouring. I think I was actually
on the way out of the dining hall disguise just opened up thunder storm pouring. So this was a dark and stormy night night literally AIR Arkansas were married, so they told them. You now go back to your. You know, go dry up, and there's not a whole lot to do. Go dry up what fucking pours incurred go dry. I felt cab aim your fucking, not fabric sheet that layer upon a wooden plank in the middle of the forests that we can't see so you're on your own a year olds. Why? What's so there? We can't go dry up. We can really do a whole lot. So maybe you can get to know your cat, your tent mates you can read, then I think they were like the one. You write letters home like everybody right. Your first letter say how your first day at camp was sulphur. So again we're talking about. Let's, let's, let's talk about the three victims so you can get an idea of who they are so Lorry Michel Indonesia went back to their tents and I guess they sat down
they started writing letters now Laurie again. Eight years old, like you're gonna be homey. she's from Tulsa. Her father is a doctor. His name was Doktor Charles Farmer, known as like Bow Charlie in her mothers, sherry. She was beautiful, I mean, photo of this little girl. You're like get out of my face, all the pigtail she's she's of sweet baby Yes, I mean she's, just a beautiful, beautiful girl. She was Lee brilliant, I mean exceedingly and her father said she could she spontaneously recited the pledge of allegiance at sixteen months old want? yeah! Well, if your dad's doktor, yes very, doesn't asked on, she could do hundred peace jigsaw puzzle by two stuff, so she's literally it like a prodigy, idiotic literally, she skip the second trade and was determined to have an iq of a hundred and thirty nine
second greater was thought to have a mental age of ten wow, so she was like really on and second grade. I had to get a bathroom chart because I used to go to the bathroom too much because I didn't want to be in class while yet so Not exactly that. You inherited you weren't on lorries level. I don't I'm? U dont, not on lorries. Obviously, who is so her father actually now the emergency room director at Tulsa, St John Medical Center, and he's been that since one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven so the year that this happened was when he got that job. So he actually is really said. Her mother, Sherry said that the thing that answer today is she said that lorry wasn't sure she was gonna go to this camp or why am I see I can't couldn't couldn't aside, so she turned to her mother and she was like what do I do. So she said so I decided for her own I got she also bad. I all
so decided which week of camp to send her to and I'll have to live with that decision for the rest of my life by now it? How did you never wooden wooden known or less no, like sherry, only had no way of knowing that you. Never ever. No, of course that's going away on your right, but no one would ever know that, but sure it is like. Obviously you know mom guilt. I feel like I'm not obviously not a moment. I know mom guilt yeah can imagine that level of mom girl. Oh, I can't that's an outcome that is astronomical. That's beyond I can't even fathom I truly can't fathomed yeah, it's awful, so the the letter that lorry wrote in her can't. We have all three of the letters and it's really sad No thanks a lot o her letter said dear mom and cause she was one of five kids awhile dear mom and dad and Misty and Joe in Chad and Cathy. We're were just getting ready to go to bed at seven. Forty five were at the beginning
storm and having a lot of fun. I've met to new friends shall do say and Denise Milner, I'm sharing attempt with them. Started raining on. The way back from dinner were sleeping on cots. I couldn't wait to write all writing letters now cause this hardly anything else to do with love lorry with love? She's eight inches like we're the love mother and followed her love, mother and father in like that's one of the things are parents said was like that with love, that the end was just like. Yeah has killed. You said that is lorry lorry like sweetheart of sweet. I just wanna like eater up and walk out of care and a baby eight So where also going to talk about nine year Old Michel, Heather Goose say she was from broken arrow, is she was very, very intelligent as well. All three of these girls were very smart, like very intelligent girls yeah. That might maybe that's why they dislike gravity
and towards each other yeah she loved to reed. She was very close with her family and her sibling. Who was an older brother MIKE? He was thirteen. She was shy. What she didn't. She wasn't very going, but she was so sweet and she became very like she was most herself when she was playing soccer or doing the girl scout. She was really into it. Ok Michel had attended Camp Scott the year before a while, so she had already done, measures becomes a little more comfortable so letter is to her aunt Karen, oh, and it says dear Aunt, Karen. How are you I'm fine, I'm running from camp? We can't go outside because it is storming me and my tent mates are the last in our unit. My tent mates are Denise Milner and lorry farmer, my room in shades of purple love Michelle. Maybe I better all their bedrooms. Verbal like lie the way, my veterans purple, he ass, sweet and sleek, it's just so like innocent Israelis
so she was also so she was known as being like very active and athletic like I said she loves soccer. She also really loved raising plants, her favorite being her African by It's on. She, too, ok, very good care. Meanwhile, I don't even know what a lotus was a minute ago, use that yeah. You know locust. The Lucas fled. She actually asked people before she left to take care of her african violet cooling down with Sir main concern. Yeah, it kills me we be and the it we're gonna go into these poor parents how they found out what happened to them, because each of them have a story about that now get into that in a minute, but she wanted to be a math teacher like her mother, again super excited about her purple bedroom and Michel was going to be turning ten on the twenty seconds and her mother had bought her a new bike, but she had desperately wanted
Thank you for leaving all in Laurie. I forgot to mention lorry was going to be turning nine on the nineteenth. Therefore, while actually super club and lorries, family was planning to come in surprise her for her birthday, my gone now, the next going to talk about is the one that truly breaks. My heart This is a ten year old, Doris Denise, Milner of Tulsa, her mothers Betty. Betty now says she's never visited Denise his grave because she literally can't like she was like. I can't bring myself to go there. I don't know how it'll do. I cannot She said that Europe is so her father. Walter Milner and he was a police officer and also allow he was actually awarded a metal of valor for his role in stopping a robbery suspected ninety ninety six, while he died of a heart attack at fifty three and ninety ninety seven, oh geez, buried next Tuesday
all. She was also a very smart little girl, like I said her teachers in principle, said she was one of the kindest in swedish little girls. You would ever me she, had saved her money by selling girl scout cookies to go to this camp y yeah. In fourth grade. She got an award for having the best grades in our class. All she taught herself to read and write at four years old Jesus Christ, she loved learning she devoured books, she also of dancing and gymnastics uses like a cool. Girl. Now all found them to somebody who listen a thing. She had one little sister, who was five at the time in turn, Denise were inseparable, Denise loved her like took care of her the one thing She was most upset about. Was she didn't want to wait for a little sister, all yeah? I now like really break your heart, like don't just don't dissonant do
and so when they when they did when she was saving up to go to his camp, she had saved up after selling the cookies, and she had done this with a few friends and at the last second, the friends back. Doubt: go she can't, so she suddenly got very anxious about going and she was not site to go he was very excited than like I have about when you're from Does it not to guy, like we ve all heard something somewhere like that, exactly especially when you're a little too that's the thing. So so her mom said in one of the articles I found about she said, but I convinced her that she should go and try it that it would help her to be more independent and that if she didn't like it all she had to do was call and we would come and get her oh, my god, her letter that she wrote was the one that breaks my heart. Dear mom, I dont like camp awful. The first day it rained I have three new friends, though named Glenda Lorry and Michel Michel on lorry are my roommates mom. I do
Wanna stay at camp for two weeks. I do I want to come home and see Cassie and everybody your life Bing Child Denise, Milner, yeah yeah. So in fact, all MIKE, I wish that she could have. I told the counselor and they gonna called the mom, oh yeah, night. Well, no known. Also when Denise got on the bus to go to camp initially she like broke down, I got upset, and a councillor is like a councillor in training. She was only fifteen. I think she was a previous camp sir, we are helping our older counselor, so she was like a councillor. They don't leave the kids necessity. I t her name was Michel Hoffman and she testified that she saw them slick saw her breaking down approach stir in her mother was like I will sit with. You are like take care of you, don't worry about it. So
start with her on the bus and she lie comforted her and she said she. She told her how fun it was going to be and all that good stuff, and she said she calmed her down a little bit but before they had taken off on the ass. Her mom Denise mom came on the bus, yes and was like. Can you please make sure that if Denise wants to call me that you make sure she can call me like please help her call me right, so she was like absolutely. We will make no problem, so she was like in she told her. If you want to come home, I will come and gay you, but I want you to try it, which is a smart. To do as apparent learn. That must be the most difficult thing to do. I don't know, I honestly don't know if I couldn't do it, I I couldn't do it, but I think it is smart thing to do in most circumstances to be like just give it a try. If you don't like it, it's like you, ve made a comment. May I worked hard to get there, let's give it a shot like when you wanna do dance and then used. I do not want to and your Mama's like Sir click start a strychnia. You don't want to quit stuff, so she was like just give it a try. If you don't like it, I will happily come and get you, which is a good
haunting now so Michel said that she had calmed down and Jews like she seemed like she was like acclimated a bit better. That night, I think you super site I think she was just and she made a frenzy and choose just homesick, so After so after they eat in the dining hall, at six p, DOT M five hundred and thirty six, then they were told to write the letters in the tenth which we talked about and then they did have which They had a story time with. All of them gave them like some snacks, then they were going back to the transfer bedtime. Now, apparently, according to one of the other councillors de elder, she said that Denise got upset and was suddenly like can I call my mom, and this was at night like right before bedtime. So D said like she comforted her and was like what you call her in the morning She had given a night and she was like okay, so she convinced her in the adverse consequences but do you let her know I had, but I and stand that, like I think they
our shown that that cause you know that doesn't make it better rolling. Your mom makes it worse cause you like. I want a real legal reality right now. I want to get you like. I know if I talk to my mom, it always like made it worse. Since I use Gunnar. Let me I mean you, and so I think that council, and I might be wrong councils. In tell me they are probably told to first line of defence. Try to convince the kid stick it out now or they just immediately, let them How long does you know? Eventually, they are like in most cases that eventually they're gonna, accurate acclimate, an exact, have a great time nine times that at the end of this can't be like? Oh I'm so happy. I stayed examined its leg in evaluating the morning and they say I'm still upset. I wanna collar are absolutely correct, so I can't fault any of them for that that just thus be hard. I couldn't do it. My good for those councillors having to live in a worse, so sap? One now step one now, but I was that kid who would have been of fucking mind
like I did not like leaving my parents I ever wanted to go away to camp. I would leg. I went to a softball camp, one leg, forty minutes away from my house. I My mom the first night or more, like I can't stay here and elsewhere, stay there for like a week, and I would like now I just couldn't do it, and I was so I was, total leg homeboy, de I did not like it. So I feel Denise, unlike that, just breaks my heart that she felt that way and how it ended. It was just a confirmation of every greatest arrest no fear yeah you have in that situation was I want my parents Something bad is gonna happen. I'm scared, I wonder if she had some kind of like feeling you wonder, like if she had a feeling that something bad and she couldn't pinpointed? But you like, I want to get the fuck out of here and give up all the times you hurt people like, like even nine eleven as yours thing that comes to mind me more- that we're supposed to get on that plane. We're like for some reason I just didn't. I just
and why do you like it felt wrong? You know sometimes people just now and I think, with kids, it's a feeling, but they can't really pinpointed. So maybe she was just like I dont like some not feeling good about this some things off and who want to call my mom in her poor mother hearing that much are you I? I can have an item. So I told you this is a rough one. I love kid. So much This is really really are often it's really rough on, but I think it's one that needs to be told mainly one too late, because they need justice like I'm solve. This is unsolved and its infuriating, and I want them to solve that shit I just want to go to your house after this, unlike snuggled, but you're, all the girls. I know light. So was technically between like ten in ten thirty, where they're like. Are you guys? You gotta come down and go to sleep very late? never went to sleep now that you know like Anna's, but it's the first night anytime. You write like a sleep over anything like that's, not gonna, be it so they were all I get going telling you know probably like spooky stories,
oh that yeah, so around twelve thirty, a am m which is technically June, thirteenth account are Karla, I think its white Karla. Will I too will eight that's always Karla. Well, I these councils link between eighteen and twenty years old, so there older enough that young t taking care of a higher and forty to its very on ya, but you're like not a fifteen year olds value. That's what you feel a little butter Gatwick. Hopefully I don't want a twenty year old in charge of any of my children, not for two weeks. No, I'm sorry, but I wouldn't this just isn't my seen at all so Karla. Will I woke up, and she heard you know some of the girls were laughing and they seemed like they were coming from like the bathroom, so she was like. I gotta go, get them so she got up they were. They would show that giggling in the bathroom together like this, where girls so and it wasn't them, it was like some other
yet another chambers in so she you know brought them back to their town by ten. I believe it is ten technically one, so she had to bring them all the way back to town one yeah she's, like guys, you gotta, go to sleep. But actually so one thirty. I am Carla, in the other counselor de wake up in here. More girls, giggling and ten for the village can go to sleep. Which I am sure this is a very regular night. Oh it s point like your constantly waking up all night, probably so Karla goes to that ten and ashes walking to the ten she hears. This weird sounds from The perimeter like the forest fire she's like that and when she explains that you can tell it she has she's like like this was not an animal tat is fuck was my that was my ice makers. The shadows really good timing. If you can tell Carlo is like it was like a nice maker. Weird no, it was a low guttural moaning found. She said a cross between like a frog and like a like a bull frog and we are
now seems like up guttural mon. Do you remember the bull frogs in Maine? I hate it. we are used to have a house and mean when I looked with my life donor, and holy shit holy shit. This was so creepy and the frogs at night sound like their scream, add something people screaming literal sounds like a bunch of murderous and thus a things like these. These councils, a lot of them were, were campers at one point. They ve done that they ve all been trained in early. So let somebody per annum all for her to be like. That's not oh. I got to know what that is means not so she was like Little weird, so she shown the flashlight over there and then it just stopped she was there, but she said He heard it like on and off throughout the night, so she was like what the fuck and she said. She also ended up, seeing a very dim light in the forest. It looked like dim and small.
And she was like with like ugly Turner sunburn. Yet so she was like what is that and shoot so she showed her light at it and turned off fuck that and she was getting freaked out herself and she's, like I think, I'm dislike like seeing shit like being I don't know so during so she and that position here in your in charge of all these kids. So she tells the girls in the care. Like you know, you got a require Machu, Russia's back to her tat. Could you, like? I don't wanna, be out here? I dont like blame her for anything, but she should have checked on all the time, yes. Well, there's nothing that says that time they checked on each one, but she's very well could just not less doubtless it in there. I hope she added, I hope she but to be on it. She probably didn't, because there was a point where something really bad. and she had no idea so so during this time. Also, while everyone sleeping there were items stolen from the tents. Somebody was
reaching an takings taking got why because they were missing. I purses, like a ton of a lot of- I guess losses were stolen, which will come back to later are so I hang onto about low nugget that, like eyeglasses were taken, and then there comes in another report. Some other councillor in some other camper saw that dim light in the woods and it was near the Cuba unit so they're like this is weird and selling a flashlight partially was dim so they're like what is that now, I'm picturing, like those scandals that you put in Europe, a windows during holiday, a kind of I think it was kind of like that or like a flashlight, that somebody put something over me so tat. These were then campers heard screaming and of people apparently ignored this because kids and going and screaming, and you know it I mean you know my kids, they scream all the time. Oh my god, and they taught me
sunlight, green. Yes, so anybody listening would think that they were like great peril. Let's just running their lives in the other literally sitting there screaming at each other, some shit, are these kids are probably doing the same thing all night, which, like sure, like maybe go check it out on a yes, Jack, there's, no there's no harm and over checking. I feel I would be in these tens every ten minutes. Would honestly. I believe they should. I had some kind of system where you check every like her Lauer think there should have been shifts done, that every If our someone asked awake there s up and they have to walk to every ten make sure everybody's ok go to sleep next, one does in the next half hour I mean your camp counselor, it's not supposed to be its job you're not only covers the most fond, so get up go. Do it should definitely be it I'll get up? so, yes, so then to emeralds around and the other unit near the Kyoto unit heard
another like screaming kind of voice, and then they reported that they heard a girl. Then this is really gonna hurt, say scream Mamma, Mamma, oh no filled again later. They would- say that do you know it's always loud, especially the first night, kids or giggling and screamed. But I'm sorry yelling, Mamma Mamma. I don't care if the kids sleeping and say it in their sleep, go check, I mean you Some kids yelling Mama bear bats to me. That would be. I beat so I'd, be their quicker than I blink, the other side, a warning that be instinct and I go take care of that purse, I'll betcha, etc. Longbill again, I don't know not blaming these councils, because again they were eighteen to twenty year olds, noble aid not equipped to deal with this shit and on top of it HU, I am blaming as the camp, because the camp direct,
doctors in the like people running this should did not prepare these councillors for shit by re right cause. They had like a meter beforehand, obviously where they were told, like security measures and all that what were their security there were not clearly not in they. Basically we're just told like you know, if you see anybody in intruder in the woods or anything, tell them it's private property. Ok, like do you think, gives a fuck, I'm pretty sure they. Now you shouldn't ends they weren't taught to deal with the big. What if somebody comes in attacks a kid? What do I do like you like? Can we have passed are sprayed. You shut the very least in its like most people are that I read would say like well. No one could have planned for this. Of course not, but that's why you have the end of the world Parker Lipstick plan than theirs. I saw everything falls to shit. This is what you do. It sounds like there was a like virtual no for caution here. Yeah, like all like there needs to be some kind of precautions. Yeah they needed to the whole thing was set up poorly. The fact that these
answers were in their own tent away from all the other kids die. They couldn't even see the kids. It's like nothing made sense. This doesn't make sense, it's not safe. Now it's not safe. rash your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted, smooth these pressures or Pressure are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas, smoothie crafted keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted refreshed. since Moody's made brush your way at. Why why things I thought could never happen in a pumped back- was
lady, once a new regional calmly streaming only on pick up a confused mix of hash anthems, sour, go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute to live in front, We are leaving all the Celts feeling now only I'm peacock and later one of the parents of one of the victim set if they had seen the tent then you will have to think about leap and they would have never allowed their arrival. I thought I wouldn't sleep in that fuck that nobody, like you just at anybody reaching can just reading writing or I shall now it's just flapped. Now does nothing now so during the
same night in Kyoto unit, which is the unit three victims were in intent. Number six, I believe one of the girls said she woke up in the middle of the night to a light shall a flashlight shining in and somebody like open the flap and she said when she sat up and looked. It was clearly a man standing with a flashlight one. I don't got a rock and she said they sat there stared at them, and then they put the flood the flap down and walked away towards the last tents, whites, so I don't know what that's about. I don't know like to me: that's really creepy and these it was very much like a big male, less and less about lash. Then all the council said we did not do that. That was not us. That's terrific yeah. So to me that was the killer. I'm here. Ok, so this is just like my true crime, mind being like fucked up. I wonder if you like saw those girls were like their older women. Thank you. I wonder who knows why these ones?
listen to me. It seems like they were chosen because they were the last ones. If, Mr Way, on its way did he disliked looked at those girls? And I was like now yeah. It could be because he shown the flashlight in there and she woke up yeah because to what will is. It seems like to at least two out of three of the victims were Reno bludgeoned in their sleep. Basically, so I dont think they were looking for peer dated one kid screaming nothing. They wanted silence now sixty the next morning. So, like that's weird dight, whatever really function, we're night, six am Karla wakes up. The counselor and she's, like I'm, gonna, be the first one to get there hours. The showers were actually the thing that was really blocking the view to the last chance like the oil is blocking it. so there was no way they could so there behind a building. Now they were litter. It's like wraps around its like the the shower.
where is in the middle and then the tens kind of wrap around in a semi circle around the shower extending out from the counselors tent. So there is with kind of wrapped around the back of that building. Are you couldn't see that that's fucked up, yeah totally absurd no way so this is six, am Carly gets up, she's on her way to the shower and he's walking? She notices some sleeping bags near the roadside and it was like I live there. What's that most like what is going on so she's, like that's weird so just like, I should go see if somebody like drop their staff when they were coming in her way
So this we know they were approximately two hundred and fifty yards from the last tents allow these sleeping bags, which were the victim sleeping bags, were hundred and fifty yards from their tent gear and pass to the counsellors twenty. So whoever did this walk to them? Pass the counselor stance. Yeah! That's not good! Now, when she approaches the sleeping bags, she sees the battered body of Denise Milner, all on top of one of them, she's, not in good shape. She is nude from the waist down all night. Her nightshirt had been pulled up her hands, were bound behind her back with tape and cord why she had been strangled with cord which was still around her neck there. She had also been bludgeoned in the face. There are also two sleeping bags near her body, but they are both zipped up completely, oh god, now before she does anything Carla.
and back to the council of Ten and wakes d and the other counselor Susan Ewing, to have them check all the other tense like all the ten. Could they don't know at first. The links with a mug is this. I don't even know it go check to see who is missing so they run in they check all the tents they see that the girls are missing in the last time, so Karla then goes and gets the nurse because she didn't touch the body she was like. I don't know, what's going on, runs and gets the nurse and like somebody is there's a medical event I don't know what's going on here. It is go find it so. The new runs towards Denise in well, that's happening. She runs Karla than runs to the camp directors home, which is very near by music right on the campus and tells her what's going on. This is Barbara Day and her husband.
sure they both come out to the scene. The Norton nurse immediately informed them Denise is very dead. Richard attempts to move one of the other sleeping bags because they didn't know at this point. What was going on yeah discovered, there's something very heavy in both of them. Sir Richard then takes the third. This dislike her my soul. Richard took the third sleeping bag that Denise was on top of and actually placed it over her. So no one would see her naked lower half- and he said he was like- I just wanted her to like- maintain who she's at eight the youngest she's, the oldest. Sorry, ok and she was the ten year, but I mean just fucking denise- is the one who didn't want to come to camp and wanted to call her mother. So Richard, which I was like good for him like trying to maintain her dignity, not awesome for crime scene, but, like I would do the same, but I can't say I wouldn't, for my heart sure death that give me even knowing all that I know I feel like I would have yeah it's like an innate feeling and evaluates like because they were also
a child, so I feel that in theory paternal bitterly, I think so the police come they opened. The bag and inside of the two banks are reserved up. Is the body of lorry farmer in the body of Michel, Jose they had both died of blunt force trauma to the back of the head. They think that they were struck while they were Leaping later it was determined that they had been bludgeoned in both killed inside the tent because of the massive amounts of blood they founded the ten near their beds and spat on the canvas walls around their beds. Denise, they think, was taken into the woods alive and then murdered. She was on top of the sleeping bag. The other two were likely carried out into the woods in their sleeping bags. They think that she was walked out. Their denials, like fully with it awake alive, will closets pass the counsellors, tents and what happened
were in we'll find out why nobody heard her or anything like that were the other two bound like she was so Michel was slightly bound. Her arms were bound to the sides of her almost in a hog tie, position. Lorry was not bound, ok, Michel? Yes, so it's it's strange. She was bounded the same cord to the sides of her, not in the back, not an affront area where weird hog type thing that's strange. They did find out later that didn't, niece and Michel were raped. Seamen. Evidence was found during autopsy, but lorry was inconclusive, and its possible. She was just killed immediately. They think she also bore very Little like outward injuries, ok, her, the other two were much more gruesome and much more like a pencil, maybe like oh uh, who was the middle one again. Sorry, Michelle Michel, maybe she'll. I woke up in the middle of it yeah they that Michel was killed. Second, they
anything glory, was killed. First Michel, Bulgaria Denise all three girls we're sexually assaulted, molested but didn't EAST and Michel are the ones that were actually rape till they were the ones that they found seamen that sign. Yeah unseen, among other things, they found beer bottles and a crowbar that could have been used but because they set their injuries were so extensive, especially the other two right, but again seventy seven. What he can do better bottles, yeah the thought of that being used here. Michel was, like I said, was found with the same cord that was wrapped around Denise was wrapped around her arms to a Denise was killed by a speculation likely strangulation with the leg at your, although she did have bludgeoning to her face, but that's not what killed her and she had a fabric gag stuffed in her mouth. Oh and the gag was like someone like a hand made gag. Why
So this first plan this out, like a lot y yeah, is sick, even so she was likely. There was also, I run in some reports that she was also blindfolded. Oh no, it was likely, walked out there with a gag amounts for their hands behind her back pretence, potentially blindfolded, and that's why no one could hear first blind. doing and gagging is surrounded on all sentence. Senses. It's like it stresses me also officer, Harold Bury was the first officer unseen and he was there quickly because he actually lived very close by and gone you made it. He tried to cordon off that seen as best he could healing really one for it. Sheriff PETE Weaver arrived very late, we after heralds. It was determined immediately that Denise was the last killed, obviously and that she was definitely more recently killed than the other two. By like a good amount interests, you is kept alive. A little longer. Denise had a body. Tat
around seventy degrees. Fahrenheit in lorry and Michel had already begun to show, go into rigour, and so they were definitely killed before her investigators said lorry in particular. Looked like she was sleeping, and could just wake up. Oh, my god, they said her injuries, like I say we're not very obviously to the back of her head down those even a horrible to see Keziah for some reason, even when you know that somebody's gonna be like they partly at hope, like up she's in a wake up. Injustice like little in jealous baby phases, leave a euro bleak. Think of don't worry, I'm gonna, say dont. Think of any sorry, but the other two had much more apparent injuries and were like more not look more gruesome peace. Yeah so near the bodies. Investigators also found a big red six vote. Flashlight among the one would like those ones with a handle, the at the big like bucket ones. in this thing had a weird cover over the lens like in the lead
and had a hen whole cut into it. Unless we are that it, we cast a very dim light. Yeah, like the one people said they saw in the woods, so this person was clearly fucking lurking around encountered I've seen him yeah, that's weirdest via also inside the flashlight. They later discovered that there was like wanted up newspaper that was in there to keep the battery can as in all sectors- and I was like it like giggles and you can hear yeah, that's it. So it's like it. Yes, so they would put the that ended. Keep it in place. They found in that's gonna, come back later. Citizen that little newspaper there was an eye glasses newspaper newspaper. They got so. There is also a partial role of black electrical tape, which grew up with electrical teasing, my house everywhere, because my dad's an electrician, and so is my brother.
one time Alina and her brother, my uncle electricity to jewish air leaving Monday's we did. I was the young. As you know, sibling. There was also the cord that was found, her unto the girls a pair of glasses, a bloody and then the inside the tent was bloody, shoe and boot prince okay. So they were already like what the fuck I am not in working. There seemed no no way. No and there's pictures like not gruesome pictures or you can see them, but you can see the scene and you can see like the officer standing over the scene and they just look like like me, some of them are just standing over their head down like what the file so imagine being a little girl in the tent like imagining tent six. Well, that's the other thing so immediately they were like? We have to close this down and have to go home, but we can't they were like. We can't tell any of the campers: they can't no, no it which will get into
so. The taxi also later determine that which this strange, because it's like people are like how did heat the? How did they do three girls, like one person out of multiple people here and then seeing the blueprints, an sneaker prince and there in the tent kind of leads you to if it's more than one, because where the sneaker prints like fold like adultery, that's what they so some of them were found to be adult shoes like seven and one slash two, you know what I mean like adults, shoes and the boot print was like a military boot print but there was also a lot of contamination of the sea in some of these, like federal officers that came in here, actually accidentally left a palmprint in the scene and shit how the fuck you have your own federal officer. You accidentally leave a print. Do isn't it was truly, is a pretty botch seen at some point. It's now not good com you're dealing with a triple homicide, a vengeful much and it looks like they tried initially to keep this contain, and then it just off alibi right. So the
autopsy later determine that weapons were used on the girls with someone using their left hand and right hand, so that somebody switched hands or somebody who's oft handed in somebody's right in Ulster I'm, if you think about one person, though you're obviously arms getting a fuckin tiresome, maybe are switching bia and then also, though there were different knots in some of the less it can either be someone switching up or it can be analysed out and people tying them. This is like a weird thing to say, but think of like switching every be hot, like I couldn't use a hammer with my left hand, on my right hand, would not Idaho good. I could area so like we were just talking about camp immediately closed because they like holy right by they tell the parent. They didn't tell any of the campers. What they told the parents was. An accident happened, yeah, that's one way to Molly S, so they bus to them from Camp Scott to Tulsa Girl Scout MAGIC Empire Council headquarters, which is like the place said, while runs the girl scout thing.
I'm out of empire. Meanwhile they called the parents said there was an accident, they did tell these three parents that their children died in an accident and then when they said what what they said no and nothing else but carried out when you have do, though that's their parents are now all these other parents, though, are just being told there is an accident in girls have died, but they're not. telling them who so these other parents don't know are showing up to pick their kids up at this place, fucking panicking being like is my child. There like what is going on. It's just fuckin, crazy. So far, yet not knowing who, who was the one in the accident, so into accident yeah, so Levin Ford. It wasn't until I like eleven p M that Richard Goose,
whose Michel's father was called at work by his wife. Georgian who told him Michel was dead, but she had no idea how we didn't know anything about it, because I, like I mean you're at it like a summer girl scout, like you're thinking, drowned and obviously no matter what your child's dead, the terrific yeah. You don't know that your child has been murdered brutally, can then than solving that kills me and what kills me even further, as will find on a second that the way they did find out is shameful because that think of it that's like to hit see ya like oh first, you think you're gonna die then you're, just your thinking, it's raving bow accident and then you get told they were brutally murdered. That's a complete Different here from a totally different saw exactly flocked ones its inaction and it's bad enough that our goal is the only thing moderate. Your child died at their first day of summer camp. Then, to hear that there were raped and murdered
what's your already trying to figure out what the fuck happened and then you get that will then lorry farmers parents were not able to be contacted initially because they were both at work, and so the camp officials use their emergency contact who, as a family friend so is the family friend who happened to who had to call in tell them. Like Loreen died, my gun, they really, I don't know honey in and she was like it's an accident. I dont know like what I don't body else: Jesus yeah so Bonnie rooster who was a friend of the farmer family. She was also the executive direction director of the MAGIC Empire Council. She views to tell this family. What had happened to lorry in wouldn't even tell them what she had for dinner. That night wouldn't give any information. These poor people waited hours and hours and hours. I couldn T say what she had for dinner and I am one of the things: lorries father. Is quoted as it would that will how he found out?
It was from the executive director of the girl scouts I found out later that we were the third people. They called first, they called their insurance company. Second, there attorney, then they call Thus what a bunch of stains fuckers Bob Curs, they're fucking insurance company and then an attorney they covering their own eyes. It is EU rural babies, parents. Why tell them that the under their fucking watch under their GNP how to operate launch their daughter was brutally murdered and no one fuckin knew about nuclear insurance company. First it Are you saying me, are you wanna know? Are you all human? You want to know how these weak parents found out that their children were murdered. the new, the news, all of I saw it on the Fucking NEWS, because this camp- and these directors and these fuckers wouldn't tell them shit.
And they had to find out on the Fucking NEWS the media found out before the next of kin. that's what I mean. Why not happens itself? that is one thing we are talking about, the Lauren Gettings case and her father, found out through lick. Her uncle yeah because of the media while that so far too, is also being How do you sit there, like, obviously, that I'm sorry, obviously that person didn't have kids or let care about it can at all, because how do you sit there and call? insurance company in your attorney and then, You all button. I guess next I have to call their parents yeah. I guess I should call the parents of this little bay like, obviously you don't want to. I get that, but but that's your first call whites leg, fuck, the insurance fuck, the attorney call the parents and let them start the grieving. Like what the fuck is wrong will lead in the police.
Contact them. It's insane is not at all saying as another got makes any sense. The entire thing is in fabulously. It's hard has up. I'm sure nothing like this ever happened before, of course not, but what seal hunting that you can grip on. It too is like I'm sure it was fucking pandemonium and no one knew what to do. Because again, you do not think that girl scouts are going to be brutally murdered on their first day of camp. That's never happened so think of courses We fucked up be used the thing, but two eminent bristling sometime, I had always says use the thing between area. Grey matter use the gray matter between your ears. Can I ask, will ruin the story? If I ask of the camp open up the next year, no will ruin the story. The camp close down never opened up again, ok and unhappy, and some people were upset about it, but to those people I say what the actual fuck I would go ahead in a heavy fuck. I also say who, in their right mind, would send their kid to camp after who was not his camp? Who leave their parents? Are not the people were
each day and Florence there were about their child. I think they're sunlight took over the whole thing after them and was like that. I think it should have been opened up like it's tragedy you fail in open on like old. I would translate. You would feel safe having kids there. Also, kids, eventually watch the news like they're gonna, hear their parents argument. You think any fucking head would want to come there ever a guy, like you know that you're gonna be dealing with at midnight that ain't it's like yeah honey. I know like you just saw that three girls were raped and murdered at that gambling is sucked out buttercup, just go and give it a try, well, why? No? No, you know what he was not about nine, but had no problem sang it. He lost money money. I don't give a fuck yeah. This is money. This is not thinking of human. You man is over anything else. People are self sorry, Scott RAM, not very sorry, I'm fucking Pizarro nuts are in the farmer. Family still feels the girl Scout Council should absolutely beheld the count. The safety and what happened to them. Your was a lawsuit later which we're gonna get into impart. To that is infuriating,
the fire I'm sure they didn't want it just cause. You certainly are eating area it, I'm pissed, so yeah, it's just so frustrating sewed. So now there are dangerous trend. Now it's like a man who the hell did. That's so trying to figure out who did this June fourteen so the next day a king her name to Wilma Tenant said that she was the one who woke up and she heard screams, and she said she told a counselor and that the council told her everything's fine go back to sleep no everything's, not fine, a girls in the middle of the woods dying exactly on that same down that same day, they actually took the wooden platform from the tents and they actually airlifted it to a crime lab law. So they can tests everything. There was a ton of blood on the floor, but it looked like someone had wiped it up or attempted to wipe it up. According to girl, scout murders, dot com, which I suggest
to go to that website. They have every bit of information. You need about their sight while you could get laws like ours Caesar, furthermore, girl, just let her get here, just a little misleading it looked like they had used towels and also use the sheets off the beds. The sheets were found crumpled up. Indeed, sleeping bags of whoever did this stuck around in the clean, try going to wipe it. That's why we're here they also found ten issue and boot printed there, so they wanted to do further testing on it. So I just want put out there is already were like what the FUCK camp Scots we're going. Funky lemmings LEO couple things that happened at this camp before next year's previous young and very close, like we, previous, something that no one was. I'm gonna get Simonov to walk away. So on Saturday, before the camp opened before this one opened the camp directors husband Richard
came across a stranger walking around the camp and he was carrying a clear plastic jug and he was just like this. Is private property? Ok, Blake! Nothing else was done about all. That's probably thought so there was a camp ranger name Ben Water would word. He was going to be only mails on camp ground. He was, he was also a care could take her. He was like a cartel counselor parttime caretaker sure he had found right before the session, a slashed, tent flap and he said there was like a forty. Five is a square inch section that was removed, that sigh I had clearly reboot. That's called a fucking warning sign and he said it was some time in the hours before all of these girls arrived on that that's a warning sign that they are hi, I'm about to fuck shit up phrase. He oh yeah, and then the week before this opening to councillors said they were followed back to their tents by someone with a flashlight
woods and another counselor saw a man literally outside of her tent and then Counselor Michel Hoffman, the fifteen year olds. She said that somebody had brought leg doughnuts in. I think it was in during the last session that they were doing right now, for the Campo from where they neglect all road are calling whatever somebody brought doughnuts in a box dead, the doughnuts were taken out of the box in somebody and left a note in the box set said, and it said she testified to this. It said capital letters. It was printed, we are on a mission to kill three girls intent one and it was signed the killer or something like that. Whites. Yet an you opened up the camp yup and machine. Hoffman said the note scared the shit out of her. So she brought it to the counsellors, but the Barbara Olmstead, the coordinator of the Springs Spring session said it's probably just a prank and she threw note away.
This all happen. What comments and when this all happened? They were like where's that known she was like. I tossed it widely relate rolled out away. You got any literal evidence at this wondering eighty league. Are you kidding me? She testified that she said when They- and this is a sounding She was like well when she gave me that no in the council's gave me the note to leg may the children had been, they didn't tell me that attend had also been ransacked. I dont get fuck you. I dont think you need any more context other than we're going kill little kids in ten one. You dumb ass whole. That's what cataclysmic are you dumb? Ok baths! Ok, let me just let me attempt to get into that fucking abyss that you call a cranium and in just think about this for a second. So I can. sir comes to you and she says: hey there's this letter that was left in Adona Box which, like rude, they took the dots but left to do in a box and if we are literally
on a mission to kill three little girls in your camp and intent online, whereupon airing that she was like, ok and and if she was like and also they made a mess in there Really that's when you would lose weight, so ransacking is the thing that she and tell me the known, assigns the killer and you're like you know. Well what can you get an extra yeah extra sleeping bag from the common over there. You know what come back when you have something solid, she's like will somebody did make a mess and their tune. She's, like will block. We need to call the FBI whites like a what they feel that is just that's flamborough asked yet so the same year April first, so this was like what I done so
Obviously, as our totally interrupt you have not, but obviously somebody- and at least one person, but probably multiple people are just like camping out in the woods like waiting for this should open, seeing how fucking junkie this operation is. Oh yeah cause like. Why do you think they pick ten? and of course I know this whole operation here to me as like, where they are bad meeting my leg, this is going on there and we'll find out. the more should they find in those woods that people were hang around waiting for this Obviously, in then back in April is always about a month or two before it opened. There was much he stolen in the camp by someone there was a peeping Tom reported at that like the year before so. This is clearly like a build up of crazier than they have done nothing to secure this place. After all, these events, that's what kills me. This is a war. These are all warning sign. Of course they couldn't prevent people being decks, but when people are Dick, and show up in, like start fuckin with shit, you do. She
to make it more secure. That's what you're some one to me. This is somebody that's like starting off small to be ass, start scary, a little bit scary, a little bit more scary. A little bit more here here is what I'm gonna do, and I think you're too dumb to even stop me. and then you are and then this happens. If it's explosion exactly it's faint, why now June fourteenth that same day, like so the day after this all happened, there was a group of camp fire girls that were supposed to be showing up into their camp, which was like a different camp and down the way and they began their summer sessions and they had to be accompanied by armed guards, but they stayed I'd, be like Willard, Arid stone like fuck that shit a sought on the news. If my kid had to like wanted to go to this summer camp in their early,
yeah so like we're still gonna. Have it all set up in there's gonna be armed guards, I'm sorry, no that's traumatic in and of itself armed guard. I went to camp with an iron and armed guard. I very likely that today will then Camp Garland, which was a boy scout count, was only three miles away from this camp and it stayed open now. This whole thing is a fucker. Only thirteen parents came to get their kids that day, I'm sorry, parents, the fuckin sake? Why what the fuck did you have carried and then June. Fifteenth. The next day is when they brought in some tracker dogs. Clearly, we gotta start bringing out the big and the now he called these dogs, the wonder dogs they were, two german shepherds and one rottweiler that we're specially trained to Berlin. Cadaver dogs, unlike tracking dogs, and also their names, were Harris Dutch in butts thought of love, but since they were blown in from Pennsylvania Amber,
Europe was boots or something, but it looks like by found, so they were able to track where the killer had entered and where they had exited yeah. They followed assent. They determine the killer or killers had walked by the council's tend to get where the sun was leading to the victim stand. So they entered this camp through the front row past the counsellors, ten got the girls and then walked them right past. The council's turn again. Here's the other deal. Why is there not some kind of security guard? At the front of this? Like opera exam when on court operation, this scenario Y yeah, so yeah. So then three of the councillors were questioned on the sixteenth. They said that
a glass is and glasses cases worse at all and is just weird. Well I mean one of these were found it like along the path that the killer took, so they were like. Of course they were questioning these girls being like what the fuck and they were like yeah that was stolen from me and again they said that I am the boot. There was a blue Denham purse that was stolen from the council's ten and it was in the key while unit, and it was done the night of the murder of she said she went to bed inaccurate. That was airports. I was there ya, then,
If I saw a telephone hotline was set up for people to call in, they are hoping that the killer we're just calling confess because it like gilts, so they just put it up there to be like just killed. Three little children are in the district attorney at the time said. Sometimes people with the range minds just want to be caught have to try and got like the weepy voice. Kenya, the Opel Homer Governor David born on the twenty first said that he would bring in the National Guard to help this, but this sheriff Weaver said no. Why would you say because he was like we're fine you're, not I'm sorry Sheriff Weaver, like you, ve, not dealt with something like this, but more like get the fuckin help whenever they refuse help. I'm like. Can you just put that fucking ego down for one god damn second and let the help come in as please eurobonds, jewish child murder, well I'm a sight of children in a fucking girl scout campuses on.
precedent and you're gonna feel you know what I got this gender locking, how NATO so you'd like no thank you stupid yeah. It's insane demanded a questioning five boy scouts at a nearby at the camp Garland, because in may I guess I was at this get this kid who they described as pale in skinny. Like a teenager, said he came into the boy scout camp while they were camping and he just like eight food with them and they didn't speaks anybody pretty weird and then he stood, a hatchet, a hunting knife and such like something, I think some food and then just left, and then they were like yeah. They really did you tell anyone in their like you didn't do anything now. Why, like ok, so they really good scary, you so now they're starting to investigate the not getting any leads.
This point just shit was going down, but we don't know what our shit was companions, but that does nothing to latch on to know so after and see they started investigating has again they have a lot of evidence at the scene, but like not a lot that can do with it breaks the problem. So they look into the tape in the rope that was unto niece and on Michel now, and they found that this particular tape and cord had been stolen out of a near by farmhouse. It was a farmhouse that seven hundred and ten acre ranch was owned by fifty one year old, Jack Schroff and he set his home. Was glorious. There were things stolen from and that tape and cord matched part of things that were in his house so and then there is also evidence that a camp fire had been set up that night at a pond on the property of the ranch whose somebody was like hanging out waiting that is so spooky. So, of course, when they see that ship matches
in his house there like a job to that night, so he ended up having an alibi. He was like out of town and they confirmed, He also voluntarily took allied detector chastity pass sorry jack, but while this is going on. The newspaper princes photo in it with the word Slayer under at all. My which he was completely cleared right and the league what the fuck now we're just gonna alienate this morning. Oh shit, that's awesome! So then, so now they ve totally fucked this guy run like they re like what sorry he's fine in like update it, not a slayer and now they're leg. Who could have done this link? We don't have any ideas, so that we were out of. Nowhere is like what about this guy Jeanne Le Roy Heart and knowing what and he's like okay. Well, this guy soak it sounds out of nowhere, but what this guy had been was a wanted man who was out on the run for what in this area, so here
on the run he had been on the run for four years as decisive in the area he had escaped out of Maize county jail. It was under weavers watch which people were like. You seem to have a special interest. As we are that you just through that name, and essentially he had eluded him fur personally for that long. So he had like a personal than that, I'm a guy like that, the sheriff and that Damien echoes its exact, exactly like exactly it's exactly like bad, but what will see is like Jean Marie Heart is. An actual Pisa shares are actually had summoned if he got this pinned on him wrongly lake. I wouldn't want done for the justice for the girls, but like we can pin the world's problems on gene or a heart. actual piece of shit, and he will I'm at least they were hopefully able to get him back into jail exactly so. He had been imprisoned because in nineteen sixty six he kidnapped too, nineteen year old, pregnant women like in Tulsa
through them in his trunk, drove them out to the woods and Locust wrote, Grove, Locust Grove, the area bound them in raped them, both rape, in sodomize to pregnant women Y, see then used tape and rope and use taken robed for that whole thing than he drove them to another place while he was driving them, he said that they were both Wang Prescription, eye glasses. He took both of their eye glasses and used to them while he was driving. So the weird thing with eyeglasses. Also, why are you may use? But he also prescribe global, your drive in just putting it out, stolen eyeglasses yeah that is weird like last, is found at the scenes very that whole eyeglasses things wearied. Five, never heard of that. Other than that alone is bad, that he just raped to captain rape to pregnant women. Then he drove them to another place like a secluded hill in the woods, put duct tape over their mouths and noses covered all air holes covered them with brush.
and then just left the woods, so he intended to murder them. He was any lamb, so they would die. They escaped because one of them was able to get the thing off of her mouth and was able to like undue her binding. Yes, but God they were able to escape so he'd we attempted demanded. Let me just failed. That's all Many said you can do to pregnant women. Pregnant women. Obviously he was able to subdue to pregnant women Marianne three little, girls he bludgeoned to them before they came to wake up right. So they said during the rape, he was making weird guttural noises. Ok, like the ones heard at the camp, that night weird low guttural, they said like animals stick noise and others is loaded. The horrible question, but did this the camp cancer think that one
the girls was in the woods being raped when she heard that, as I would people think, I don't think so I think. Maybe I don't know he Maisie goes noises when he's like eighty. I can offer ya think these probably excited about it, but near we don't know, that's weird, because they think they think they were killed between, like eleven p m in six eight like then, she heard the guttural noises before light lingering around that it was. It was past that time, ok, so it's a very good possibility. That's fucking! He was married with us. at the time, by the way that is always a wild. Yes, it to me when they're married and have kids and their Yannick wives or partners. I like, I had its own real, she divorced him and they never made contact then what do you think I'm? So he ended up being paroled for their crimes. That's interesting, like I don't
That's my who found issue with attempted murder. It's like claim that they wanted to get away with it will then he committed a few burglaries and home invasions while on parole, so he got caught again and he was sentenced to three hundred and five years because of the attempted murders, burglaries, home invasions and then like the rape dock, at how Oliver together, he escaped I saw how the first time use caught super quickly and put back and then the second time was a nineteen seventy three. He sought through the bars of his cell with a hacksaw. Oh, why? Why did he ever Hacksaw, not sure not you're. Ok, we up all that's probably a bad thing genes, mother actually lives a mile away from Camp Scott, which is addressed. That's where people around the area said they saw a man who looks a lot like Jean Marie Heart running from a cave near by the camp
and he was carrying items that Jack Schroff there said had been stolen from his farmhouse stunned extra stay. There was a sketch put together of the suspect and it does look a lot like Jean Reinhardt. Oh shit, I'm gonna, Google, that it's kind of insane so June twenty seconds so immediately there like. Oh, this is all seeming to fit together right so June. Twenty second two brothers are out hunting in the area. They come by a cave that appears to be a domicile fur human, swell somebody was living in an honest, terrifying funny, so scary look and is they see some photos of flashlight cover eyeglasses, weird, Annie newspaper, this newspaper is these: same newspaper that was wadded up in the flashlight with the bodies seem date same addition same newspaper shot the thought, so they think heart was living.
And now the photos that they found. This is interesting. When part was in prison at granite Reformatory in Eastern Oklahoma, from sixty seven to sixty nine, there was a guard who is also a wedding photographer on the side. while Gemini like that. That's a true jump right up an idea. I like wild, like really is well here ended up being able to like he had heart help him develop photos in the prison dark room which was like they had a darker mocha, but he helped him. Do it not sure where they had a convicted rapist? Developing photos, like but like DORA, may never now he's the way you dislike wash your hands bizarre. I don't really know Joe. So these four. Those in the cave, where from those those photos that he developed. So in the beginning of this, Then you said like there's some pretty solid evidence, bizarre led away. Then a lot of evidence, that's like one I've prince to do right now is a lot
driving dear aunt, this right there, It allowed us all avenue up and This is when the man Hunt is like one say: fine, this cave relic, what the fuck this is it will they find it. Another nearby cave also, that has a bunch of shit net, so somebody's been like rising Canada's cave, liver disease, weird cave, like rock, for nations. Basically in then there's another one. It's like I, I think, like an abandoned foundation of a home where, like they were, there is like underground. Like a basement kind of thing, were somebody was living they found graffiti on one of these that said, the killer was here by by fools and it had at his AOL lame and it had the date written. Seventy, seven, six, seventeen, that's tariff I know, but also urge is that was a few days after the murders of like well and then on top of that, it's written strange. Ok, like the the years written first, which is like a
european way of either european. It was the first thing I thought of or right well, like the bullets like you paean or its also military, oh yeah. I do, I think, that's like a military thing. So that's an inch consensus! Sure it can be somebody who just rights it that way. yeah, but it is a different like his leg, Your first Americans are usually right. It monster a year which Lighting everybody else's like. Why do you do that, and so it's just a strange thing that could point to. Maybe you like some kind of piece of evidence to somebody, but really sure I'd also like. Sometimes, I feel that older people are like on the age of exactly. I can only only now, but Jean Marie hard at the time was only in the thirties.
Tautology was like what the military at some point did you say that I already was not in the military that I knew of and is two european. He is not. He is Cherokee Native American, okay, and what we're going to see is sure it looks great right now, but there are a few things that are like: don't you know if he was just cause again? Lee evaded sheriff weaver. He escaped from whose jails are now you're. Gonna tell me of younger than has so what we do Do now is we're gonna, not pause, know we're, not know we're, not provide love. You Have you keep it I find it all sounds great right now. Are women are valued guy? You gonna hit me up Jean Lover. I heart is the guy not real, serious I'm not really it's pretty yeah condemning it sounds Eddie damning, but it. But if you you, may you may question, I don't think condemning is really ever but having a whatever locust is not
flower either, but we're gonna go with that. I have in my world, know where you live with ashes worldwide. We live in an obsolete yeah, so part too, will go over you out the whole thing with Jean Marie higher when they look further into it. They start looking into things like you know something pops up. Remember. They found sperm in two of the Un of these girls wages on real. Well, they couldn't figure that out, but they did find out that he had a sector be at one point which should not produce sperm butts in whose mistakes happen. Well, we'll see there the latter has to do with it. So you sometimes I will I misery. Now you can find us uninstall Emma Morbid vodka, underwater function as a gmail morbid vodkas that gmail back I'll be here listening. We hope you keep we cannot say that when we have, as I need a limit to tell me everything that she knows right now by any too
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