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Episode 198: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders Part 2

2021-01-03 | 🔗
The conclusion to this horrific case is finally here. Tonight we talk about Oklahoma's most massive manhunt, we discuss the mounting evidence against Gene Leroy Hart and we discuss some questionable police work that may have cost them their case in the end. Unfortunately, this case technically remains unsolved, despite many attempts to get something from the DNA evidence that was poorly stored for so many years. It's a tragedy that hopefully will one day have some real closure.  Sources for these episodes: The Camp Scott Murders by C.S. Kelly TulsaWorld Investigative piece by Timothy Stanley (Highly recommend) GirlScoutMurders.com (Very comprehensive site dedicated to the case ) Article about Denise's shoes being found Tent Number 8 by Gloyd McCoy Thank you to our sponsor tonight: Hunt A Killer Right now, you can go to HuntAKiller.com/​MORBID and use ​CODE MORBID for 20% off your first box. Again, make sure to use ​CODE MORBID ​for a 20% discount! Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer?
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and guess what line is not going to make us wait for part too. I'm not gonna the very next business. The very next day, nor even a business days, so your welcome awhile. Look at that. No, it's a business before it is. It's always a business day for us and I figured we were Actually gonna have ash do her episode because, usually, as you know, I don't know if your new here, but if you're not you know that we switch on and off it's my time, it's our time. It's me doubt and I decided like. Maybe I should also do some work for Well, it is about three hours to turn now to do her case, but we decided. Why have a case him between part wanted normally I would do that cause it's fun to make everybody Billy quarterback I feel like this one. You need the closure. I neither closure on this, so I nearly exposure like I need out of this case now, so I was like, let's eminent soft, she read out a year after this. I feel that
also if you like all the set of my voice, is very like it's very sensual is its whose shovelled snow. It's because I just maybe cupcakes typing and whenever I know I'm gonna. Let me explain what we exclude whenever I use of in my apart, because my apartment is so small gets really giant here. Know that aggravate my voices sensual because of I think my voices central, because I just made cockade authorities- are essential to set up a whirl. I love a man here. the Sunday everybody ashes, a tick tock. die caved. She gave I made one because I saw this tik Tok in it was like what you would look like as a celebrity and my dumb ass thought that the filter, like actually pictures I'm ready for you, it does it, and then I was like. Oh everybody says that I look like brand of Ptarth Acre Gwendolyn Christie, Christiania scuse me pause delivery, let em so I made when those like morph things announced
well shit. I can't deny that still exists in Gwendolen Christie. Is a goddess see him, which is why you look like her think you goddess and then one of allowing those girls had like a really good week this week and asked me if I would make her rainbow cakes and I would like yeah, so I made a TED talk of me, making those and then shoving one time face: you're, welcome it's real! It's real hocker! Oh shit, get hungry, I'm doing a girl, shit, so yeah. I would take talker our eye tuckered out. What's your tik Tok name, Ashley Kelly three, because Ash Kehl was apparently taken so fuck you to whoever my double gang arrests fuck you ashcombe, but it'll Ashley S age. I e g age, K E, our e. Why three also a way to see a negative review on Itunes. That's like! Oh, my god, who cares what your text whatever man, I haven't tik Tok, but I don't have any
on my tik Tok, I just use that follow other tiktoks, but maybe I'll put one on it. Cuz ash made me like it's felt like maybe, and I have an idea for one and I feel like it'll, be perfectly you in the eyes of our sorrow, tat talks are gonna, be it'll, be funny, So while I've always wanted to do a Youtube channel, but I felt I don't have the time at all. No so Ivy League Tik Tok is a really good way till it Blake be able to use those like a make up and hair out. Let go, I think I'll, be perfect and then yeah Miss throw them on their knees. Like me out his time consuming and then you can do your hocker can do my hocker. Also, maybe you should, I know more firm morbid. I think we should. I think we should make one for morbidly aggravating outtakes morbidly outtakes. Can we call it that we have maybe see now made only missus, maybe I'd know it may not know when your mom's again, maybe I think you're very embarrassed to now. Maybe we'll make a barbarian, though I think that's a good idea, yeah thanks but yeah. So I just want to sort that out everything else
gonna make good tiktok? Thank you. I think. Now we can just move right on two part. Two of the Oklahoma girl scout murders. Yeah. I think I was putting my last time Hunger wrap this all up now I want to warn you there's no real, like closure here. Also Oh, I think you were you know a year, all gonna get to the point where I am at so that's nice for me we can all be, but we cannot just shake our heads a near together. You can all be in this together, so I think when we left off, where did we leave off so we left off when the man Hunt was really starting now when they had really so sheriff, Weaver had really zeroed in on Gene Leroy hard at heart, and he was totally sure that this was the guy. He had eluded him for four years before this. He had escaped his own jail twice as twice yeah he's a rapist, a brutal rapist of to pregnant women. He attempted murder, both of them by putting fucking duct tape.
Over their heads in covering their mouths and noses and blindfolded them and leaving them like next or pond somewhere. He tried to murder them. Luckily, they escaped he's a monster regardless of where heat whether he did this are not ease among the air, and I think it's important to note that, like this guy definitely and we're gonna see it in this part. To that sheriff. Weaver definitely has a thing for this guy which you can understand near by it, and I think it does cloud his ability to allow the investigation to unfolds how it could have unfolded. My conseil- and I think you were going to see that he makes it a couple of what I believe are fatal errors to this case and in its because I think he wanted to move along, but in an you were saying, like you put all the super condemning evidence in part yeah, but now there's you're gonna tell our things that are going to make it. So I want to start this off by saying that I do believe Jean Leroy heart had something to do with this. Yeah do I, but
If he acted alone, I don't know, I don't think so. There might be more people involved here. I do believe he had something to do with indefinitely. and also I just wanted to quickly say I pronounced that Kiowa tribe, wrong. I said Cuba, so somebody very nicely was like oh hey, it's the Kiowa nose like My goodness and you know it, you can. I looked up the pronunciation ahead of time clearly saw that it said heard Viola Kyle. But you know how, when you ve pronounced something in your own head to men,
times along you elevating gates. Even after you hear the correct pronunciation, you just say so. I fell into that and I apologise, but it's the Kiowa tribe, that's what the tent was named after ok unit was named. Ok, so I just wonder, but that other, but so at this point the investigation they haven't found genially Reinhardt. Yet they brought in the Opel Homer State Bureau of investigations. At this point, we're gonna call them the o s b. I because this along thing to say so they what they found was that they said there were three fingerprints found on the bodies which great that's what we're looking for. We know that shit and they said there was a couple more in the ten t, but they were all kind of like a little smudgy, but they were in a sea what they could do with them. There was also hair that was like black hair, stuck in the tape that was used to bind the girls and they couldn't really do a whole lot with that either at the time, but they end up being able to. It doesn't really help at all.
unfortunately, cause hair evidences like where yeah. But you know, as I feel it a lot of times with hair evidence. It's like there's like a ninety. Eight we I percent chance that somebody would this hair, Malea hair, isn't super different examples like from person to person. They used to think that, like the microscopic view of hair and like the comparison, that way was like a very big piece of evidence actually not, but- and I think it was like two thousand and fifteen- I believe it is or even might even been a little or not. They decided that it's kind of shit evidence it's like a really. It doesn't matter so, unfortunately, does really do a lot in this case. They think it does for a little while and then it's like now just to give you
little background on gene labor at heart here Jesse, you know who are working with. I already told you what his crimes were at the time. He was thirty three. When these murders occurred, he was in school. He was like a football star, awhile gallic, a huge football star, Lucas Grove, high school, all of his teachers and his coaches said that they were shocked that he turned into the kind of person needed because they said in high school. He was kind sweets well, mannered, we're totally by his coaches said that he was like a great listener. He was just like took direction. He was a good looking guy, everybody said fringes enjoyed being around. Nobody really had a whole lot of bad things. To say about him. He was also known as an expert woodsman PA knew how to survive in any land, and especially the land that was surrounding Camp Scott, because that was Cherokee Land he had grown up and there he had. I mean he had all his family were there. He knew that land like the back of his end, to which,
important highlight not that round land back of hand. Yes June. Twenty third nineteen, seventy seven, a farm owner saw a man that he said matched hearts description. He said he saw him sitting in a cave. Little then cause there's a ton of caves around here that Investigators said they had. No idea existed, there's more than I ever knew existed in here and, of course, somebody who knows the land around there would know world eyesore. Imagine having the balls to live in a cave, live in several caves. Do the sky because remember in the first part, just in case you need like a little catch up. They found another cave on, like very close to camps, got that had all this stuff in at lake vetoed the newspaper that match the news, but that was in the flashlight. Now with the girls they found eyeglasses no bounds. They found notes that were saying the killer was here. They found photographs from a wedding that they traced back to heart, saying that he had developed them while in prison. That's the that
alone, like really kind of elaborating on fraeulein, really can accept. But what will see is that does get questioned at some point? any of that. But I will say again so so yeah, so this farmer saw this guy, but he said matched hearts description sitting in a cave, just two miles west of Camp Scott awhile. So he said he was walking around like the perimeter of his on farm as farmers do as a farmer, Joey idling. That's just a farmer thing. You just walked the perimeter. You know your cat with your cattle and your were all there. You go hinder overall and you're straw. May I end your strong right in your hat. Yes to protect your head from the sun and your cowboy boots see cowboy boots. I love that just turned. It was like a farmer than what I love it he said he was walking around the perimeter. He happened to spot this man sitting under like some kind of like it's like a cave like a rock formation, almost like kind of works of the cave, and he said he was just like sitting right underneath.
He immediately went back to his farmhouse and he called the police cause. He was like this guy looks like that. Guy that you're looking for Ria the man was gone when the police or ass come that they were able to look into his cave thing and they say they found some things of note. So to Sir Harvey Pratt was unseen for this, and he was also a Cherokee Native American. So he said- and this is important- because he noticed that there was a formation in this case that he lit like for small fires in a formation. He could see the ashes of them and he said there was also do in they were lit with cedar. Would that was important and there was a grouping of cigarette butts with the filters torn off than they were in the middle of all these fires? Southward yeah,
and he said that this is actually indicative of some kind of ceremony at the cedar. Would the formation of the fires the like way that those things were arranged? So he said you know this to me tells me that it somebody who at least is familiar with native american culture right was doing something to do with that ceremony, and also those saliva was taken from the cigarette buts and achieve type o blood. What what it wasn't me, but was it oh negative or pass? not sure exactly Rousseau, negative or positive, I can never find that, but whose type o and heart has type o blood. We know type o blood, rare, very rare if it was typo negative, very rare, you know as well as our negative is Annie and me and you pale. I think everybody knows that you are heroes, blood right over here, a lot I gotta, don't gimme.
and he, though I can't take me, will you get it? I can take our negative. We ve got that you got that you in any can swap blood. We can that's nice, us we're. That's a nice thing to know pittance, that's nice, so they also found a boot print in the cave and match to the impression of the blueprint that was found in blood in the victim's tents. Oh you remember, there was a military style blueprint same exact pattern, same exact size. The blueprint was size, nine and a half. The problem here is heart: Warren Eleven and a half size boots Oak so that tells me he did it on one hour was was with him I area and a really gives credence about idea that I feel like he was involved could see the issue involved in all of this, and it just makes sense, but not the only one, and I think they were serious to harden to just him and not looking outside to see if there is more, so everyone was sent out of Camp Scott because at that point they collected all the evidence they felt they think they could collect.
But they had and they had to like a command post set up there, that they were doing everything, but they took all the law enforcement out of their, but then they wanted to keep the scene secure and obviously, in case than to go back to re table just walking through there. So they had a security, can be company like set Lino a command posts there just watch the area until Jerry, nobody like or like goes and yeah just to make sure that you know just in case they have to go back and all that, so they set up in a ton of it went down while they were there. Oh dear, oh, they said they would see a lot of fresh footprints around like someone was still walking around the area and they would hear things so they were like. Someone was still stocking misplaced, huts o spook yours, would be left open that were previously shot. They would see silhouettes of people in the woods and then they would send their sniffer dogs out to try to get the trail and they would go, and sometimes they would like follow a trail of like a scent and then it would just stop so they're like
They can ever really find this little bizarre, which you wonder if it's like this could be an outdoorsman who knows how to cover assent. Brain like too. points or the killer. Exactly so one time, though, a dog was sent up ahead to go, follow the scent and returned like totally shaken up and appeared to have been blood. and on its head, no by someone who didn't find who did it, they couldn't find it thought that that's why you He was that close reality and they were so cool have you not like the dog going too far only an apparently they started using like string that they would put it like through trees to try to see just cause at one point they were like. Are we going crazy? Are we just likes spooky out by this whole experience in this
I remember because I re three girls got murders year we dislike Freaking out, it would be, for they were like. Let's put these strings across like trees and trails and stuff like really thin the string so that people are walking they're, not gonna, see it, but they're gonna walk through it and then will be of the tell if somebody has been through right They started doing that these threads or breaking show. Somebody was walking around on a heap of so much well while the guards this is insane- and this was real. I will post the newspaper article in everything what, while these guards are here watching the cap, so they set up the main area that they were gonna, be watching they said it in the director's office. Okay and one night. They were startled by something in the woods they thought they saw a man in the woods, and so they went out to check it once again couldn't find anything, but once they returned, they noticed on the front steps of the camp directors office. There was a bag with something inside that wasn't there when they left, so they open it and inside was a soaking wet pair of
little girl shoes with pink socks inside of them. Ok, that's inside the airy, the handwritten name Denise Milner did He says mother said those shoes were her shoes and they said they were not in the items returned to her, so the killer could have happened like that was the killer. Oh my who had the lot and then put them on the camp directors. Steps probably to be like hey or you can write these euro safe and look I'm still fucking whether you wow League returned her soaking wet shoes and socks, those such a yucky feeling right now, it's in saying holding in the fact that they, just
missed him by like oh, it's unreal, look. How did they not cross pad in there was an so there was because, as like what the fuck is this, how did because, of course, then people are trying to be like well where those shoes just like left there did somebody put like a prank did what happened and like no, you get her mother said those her shoes. Let her know those there like her name, is written in them. Yeah. I know a great and then I found an article from the Tulsa Tribune. That was entitled shoes mysteriously apparent appear at scout, deaths, seen awe, and it says Tom Kennedy, deputy director, of the o s B. I said today, two pairs of shoes with Denise Milliners name on them are in the evidence files at the local, from a city office of the Crime Bureau and he said any issues that might have been found. Thursday were not there. The day we originally investigated the case, I'm sure we have never seen these shoes before they are not part of our evidence, meaning because people were like will wait where they part, like did somebody fuck up at the crime lab in life.
Forget those shoes or a day. What did they come out of evidence and somebody was pulling a prank? Did they had stolen and would he sang is No, they won't ever evidence. We didn't you picked up all evidence. We picked up two of her shoes that day, though, shoes were not there that day, so they were my mom's like those are her shoes so they were with her study wages. We must remember that night. Indeed, the killer took him that I won't think of all the other sufi talking you like the Denham purse, the eye glasses the eventually, I think I think whores here and they were bloody. You said they were soaking, wet, o soaking wet by the night that they were murdered. they re, always soaking when they had been soaked coming from dinner right. So Those could have been the shoes that were soaking, wet or
it somebody who's living outside and though she's got soaking wet during another sort. This entire cases, just so fucking, creates that's like that sums. Like horror, movie, shot, brings creepy to another level. That's horror movie show once on real, so then issue at some point Sheriff Weaver, which, unlike Sheriff Weaver like rest in peace, he's alive anymore, but it's like row: will he do it again? He just he later they do so here. says to the press that he was like guys. We have the murder weapon and ever more, like oh awesome like what is it the au SB. I in the district attorney, though Coloma District Junior, like knowing have no idea what he's talking about. Oh now you can do they. Quite so wieber is said that the crowbar that was found was the weapon, but
was no solid evidence to prove slick. Sure it seems likely like maybe not her, but there is also evidence that there were several weapons used in. There was literally nothing to say that that was a weapon. They could not like say that, so it seems to me and like he did and later I think, eventually the district attorney said wise came out. I think I was like the next and was like yeah sheriff, we ve always mistaken. That was not silly. He just said it. You can't just say shit like that in to me it seems very reminiscent of the West Memphis three case where I understand why you want to solve a case like this. It's three children who are married. yet in both you want to solve that shit and it's exactly like Gary get Jewel in the West Memphis three Kazan he wants to the one to solve it. He wants to take the person off the street, he wants to say he did it. He wants to make these parents chill. He wants to me
everybody not scared right. So he's like we gotta solve this. We gotta solve this and it just seems like they rush to close these cases. So quick as soon as something looks good, it's like that's it right, but you have to double check and yet look on other people tat. You get sloppy and it again it makes sense and why they want to do this and get it when I've. When it comes to kids, it's like hi hi emotions high every right, but you just gotta stepped back for a second emulate. But if I'm just closing this to close it- and am I really doing anyway- favour right. Give me if I'm not taking the right people off the streets like in my opinion in the West nervously case will cause you're. Not you with it. Killers are, worst, are still walkin around out there. I opinion, so our Emily. In my opinion, they are one of them. I think oh yeah yeah, you spoken. I forgot
anyways. So in its I think this was one of those cases which are you. It's not the exact same, because I think Jean had certain Jean heart had something to do with it, but it Jesse. I dont think the scope was was to a big enough- was a what did. He say that the murder weapon was so. He had said that that crowbar was it ok, but no. Nobody ever determined effort was they were unable to really determine what the murder weapon was because it was like bludgeoning. So I think it was hard to figure out if you think about it. If there is multiple people working together, those primal Bob murder, whatever that's what they said, they think they know there was multiple weapons used and, like left hand right hand and all about so bright, like yeah sure that could have been a big numbers, one of them, and you can't say that if there is no evidence to prove that Europe is evidence to back it up like a handprint or something or like be able to show that that is the what dot made that wound to rank right, but they did not. So the dogs, remember
the wonder, dogs. Now, how could I forget I so those dogs were sent out again. They actually hit on a pond assent for hearts. On a pond on Jack, Seraphs property. That farmer, who had the shitstorm from him and the the murdered of the tape and everything you. I should point out that yeah and it was on his part. It was a pond on his property, where genially, where a heart had taken those pregnant women, writer dumped them and let them die. That's where he had put them. Oh shit yeah, so they were like that's weird baviaan just brought us back here, so some of the parents actually cause it right. Now, it's like the biggest man Hunt in Oklahoma history. At this point, so some of the parents actually joined in the hunt for the killer, specifically Richard Goose, say who later
see that Richard grew say really like did the damn thing. I believe he passed away a couple years ago, but, like you really like those Michel's downright, I was Michel's dad and he really took this experience and he said at first it like really ruined him, and then he just took it and in great things with it so we'll see about after. But he really took part in this and he said that he needed to be part of the people who took his daughters, killer down you. I want to be there when they got an option really so hundreds of volunteers search the area on June twenty six? They found something interesting. It was in an area referred to a skunk mountain. I wonder why they named that I don't know. Maybe there's a lot of deer. There so. This area was only within a mile of Camp Scott, again everything's a really close, and they found to men's jackets. A t shirt with rust, colored stains on it. So you mean blood, so blood and a pair of genes. They also found a ton of trash and things like beer and soda cans and egg cartons
So it is becoming clear that a man or several people are living in this area and camping out right around Camp Scott right way too close to this camp to be fucking undetected for this long woollen. The fact that the whole, like they set up the bureau to yeah keep tabs on them and he was right. There was literally right. There went to say too. Why would you not like have one person stay near like one or two people stay just late happen. You know, and I need- and I wonder if they did that, but then that one time they didn't have someone stay at the ass when he left it right, but it's like so this whole time No one is checking to see if the perimeter around Camp Scott, where these children are gonna, be sleeping in fucking, Sattler, tens, maybe should see if people are living in the woods. I dont know how to me: that's it. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm a helicopter.
council. No, you know of the lake. I feel like that something you should do what you would do. I would think, as have like a few gulf carts and like a couple, Sierra guys, just going through the woods all the time on different Jackie Security people, that's what they do. They stay up all night and they are not shut out for you. Let me do you have you have only the same person obviously no take shape scenario at our Fuckin councillors. That's somebody take the night shift in you. I have to take ships right it's just and if anything you would think a camp like that would have some kind of security there. and there was no name they had on our thing? and when I saw the picture- around a tent. I was like. Are you kidding me the time that we had a couple people right in and say like they had family members that were at that key. I like in those tents it s a bunch of people orally Oh, I slept intense just like the others like bless your. I'm so glad you're here today to tell that to how it because never early and then somebody had said Niger sodden. I can remember your name, I'm sorry, but she said that she was superb
to go to that camp was now this same sex. and then she backed out right before, because she didn't want to leave her mom, and I was like you ll. I am so glad that you had that, like gut feeling that you didn't go in that you're here today and that I can talk to hello Ray, I know, you're listening hello knows so glad you're here and a couple of people said they had family members who were either in the camp link in that camp. With those kids up, some people said they grew up with lorry they. Knew her. We Yosemite lorries of older, like we're part, saying that this is like haunted that my lot of weirdos are connected to this point. It's crazy! So it's like it's really not sits. Knots and a lot of people were like you guys are really terrified of camping. Like are you? Okay it also now not. Ok, kid I'm not okay, Jordan. We have episodes that are called don't go in the Woods man, the alligator don't go in the woods and don't worry we'll do another episode of don't go in the Woods man cause, I'm feeling it now. You see
you feeling at heart. So at various points, the rewards for the capture of gene, Leroy, heart or information at all, with their raise, they were lowered, everywhere girl scouts around the? U S actually raised upwards of, like fifteen thousand dollars for information all yet silly people really invested in this and at different times the district attorney it wise sheriff Weaver? In the o, s b, I all gave conflicting information about suspects, also easily This wasn't a very smoothly run operator, so sidewise, the district attorney said at one point: there was no suspects Cowan Point and then Sheriff Weaver with like no there's only one and its and, of course, as you little black and the always be. I was like no, this three, so everybody was like, but how many Those are three different amounts. Can we like average it out only on what is the mean whistling? What is the me tell me?
to any the other dangers like what tag mouth the high lama. I actually love to doing that sub. Like me in an average island nothin I little, which is weird, because I feel you wouldn't expected. Like math radios numbers but yeah, so the man to come out and leg literally the very next day said wise was like? Oh no. We have this aspect and it's like guys. Can we all just like talk to it? Can you get walkie talkie, there's something interesting like what are you going to say to oppress the morrow turn far, even instead of just all being like three, I think zero one. It's like none of you are what God, that's only landed on the same number. Do we know who the other liquid the three aspects where an SOS be eyes eyes, Are we really don't because they do look at a couple of other people which will mention at the end? But no one pans out super well, so there's a lot of. We should understand how they're like right in the woods, but they can't get them encourage Cancun. I don't really get can't get em,
So there are now reports coming from all over a saying that their seeing heart all around the camp so. now people are like. We ought to step up this. Like he's in these woods, we have, scare, and so now there is a huge search that is organised with two hundred law enforcement officials and over four hundred volunteers, like salient volunteers, because this has like what did you say like in the beginning, like a hundred acres or something like thou? It's a four hundred and ten an acre o camp, thus able it's a pretty. I remember when I said, like I'd really under again, asked how they couldn't find others that I'd like to retract I'd love to, but I'd like to gently pull that state strike, that, from the record of talking to regret that one, so the ass, though they were going out searching for this, they were instructed that this was a search and not to bring
Ben speak? If they didn't want people, just your email, you shouldn't revolved in actually the members of the American Indian Movement aim. They actually came forward and we're like we're gonna monitor this in just make sure that nobody is like good like taking their like frustration. Odor anything. You know we just want to make sure in they did. They were dismayed. They were like monitoring and a lot of the searchers actually were super drunk a lot of them like fairly stand up. They did bring weapons or out of them so little bit of a narrowly search together. Everybody's leaving got arrested themselves, the searchers early publication, tall, vocational invocation, drug possession all commences share guy, and it's like. I don't Can you talk like maybe a couple hours out of your day and not be like a giant fuck up like I don't like jazz It's a real quick is what counts is the other things
March, in a line for like two minute. The only other thing is. This is like to not find children, but to find it somebody who potentially murdered three children right leg. Let's take out a little Mercier, maybe step back from your own vices fur like a couple hours Zia and then go crazy, also homing the police. Whenever you doing of bringing drugs was coming up. That kills me. I'm telling you guys like that, and the last thing they knew to do other searching for this guy for a killer of three innocent babies is arrest, you're drunk out right. or your dumb ass. You just brought like a bag of cocaine in the woods with you like. What do you think back? Then people are really getting arrested for like we'd, oh yeah, I'm sure it was as if you know any time I've had we had in mind what is also just like. Can you leave it at home for, like a mini? It's just, you know you're right, you're searching for a murderer, I'll buy you don't either it's just a law. You might be
You do tat, you might actually need now. I billing take it with our fine, but then it's like you going again trouble so when the search kind of turned up really nothing of importance, because everybody was like slobbering all over themselves. Shooting guns in the air they brought in heat sensor, sensor technology that they put on National Guard helicopters and they were flying over the property. Will that's coercion. Yeah in there are basically able to determine the difference between like a human and animal by their heap profile. While you, I don't know, I have never heard of them like science, I'm cool is shared, but unfortunately There are so many fucking caves in the area that they had. No idea existed a didn't really PETE. They were able to evade capture that you can't get through cave now, carefully see that far under so's like if they were hiding and are going to see them and they tried a couple times and it didn't work one time. I believe it was like whether money back to them, so it unfortunately wasn't gonna work here.
strange little tin, bet that I read in several sources and I'm gonna put all our supply sources and our show notes. Five, a ton of articles and books that you guys can devour there's one and I have her and down somewhere else, say it when it comes up, but there is one I think it was it. It's a Tulsa newspaper that did somebody. I think those tin Stanley is the writer. He did like a six part deep dive on this a while, and I want everyone to go, read it because holy shit, like he killed it. Yes, so much information. So many little like two bit interviews that I dont have here and all this, so I go read that for sharing a link it, but this little limited, but I saw everywhere it outside wow. That's why what so. There was very heavily circulated, a legal rumour that a local medicine man had curse to the investigation and had said he did and said that the dogs, those three wonder, dogs,
die soon, oh, and so they were like ok and then immediately afterwards know he did this between the sixteenth in the eighteenth of June, I believe, and on the eighteenth one of the dogs died of heat stroke. now and then a second one of the dogs, weirdly. Ran out into traffic and got hit by a car and died all my gone sue two out of the three dogs died after he said they were gonna die while that's a little weird, that's bizarre area we grow. we bizarre just as anybody is dissipated. Does anybody know why he cursed the investigation? No, I dont know if it was like a supporter of heart because it he did. A lot of supporters that God he didn't, have anything to do with this, but it's just a very strange occurrence and if you look in any source it is in every. So this is a heavily reported thing: and these are dogs did die. This fact, that's except one, ya, think up another one, and I know it's so sad though they really
independence, Albania, okay, this great men, two of them are just dead in their body has to go home. I am so I'm gonna need you to. Let me know the next time. That's gonna happen lorry ahead of time, the dog die. Doctors that hurt died outcome. Yes, it does so. The F b I sent out forty agents to help the investigation they claimed that they knew heart was indeed in the area. They had proof of it. but they're not going to not approve guys we now but like can you go get em but they're like we can't tell you how we no deal Where do we know it we're just not gonna a few times he was seen by people and dogs were sent, followed. The trail kept
him, that's just not fine, he's so familiar with this land so familiar and that's a big thing. Right now July, six, the medical examiner comes out and says those fingerprints that they had on the bodies. He said those were not in fact, fingerprints, wild and woods. Really crazy is at one point. Law enforcement involved in the district attorney had all said, those three fingerprints. They said two of them were smoke. Fished in one of them with a perfect fingerprint. But then he said no, that Madagascar, that comes out as like none of those were fingerprints, but Interesting, though, does its effect. Fingerprint was not even a fingerprint. Maybe it wasn't in the curse did something to fuck with a note of it, but I don't know I don't care if I dont think the curse went that far. I think the curse literally was like the dogs but the fingerprints. No, I think it was to law enforcement coming out being like we have better brands and then the examiner bloodline, no way
it's actually design Oval Schaefer thing yeah, that's just like that's a piece of dirt. Like I don't know it's just not so like you guys like again thanks in again, it's like How do you think this is gonna? Look when you go to trial man because he keep you know immediately incited and then you're like normal you're killing your credibility and people are trusting. You Rousseau, it's only gonna get worse. This when the director of the SBA, I said, I'm gonna, say exactly how he said it. I would say with certainty that heart is guilty, because I would not say with certainty that any person who has not yet been tried were guilty, but we do have a great deal of evidence in this case that points to his guilt I'm sorry what so I know that he is guilty. I would say other animal origin, because I would say I would not say with certainty that any person who has not yet been tried were guilty, but he's not yet been true,
but we have a lot of evidence that says he's guilty. Was he high Are you ok, you ok, sir, would like that. Give me no information at all. Is this an being like he's guilty because guilt and guilt is a silly thing and guilt and certain rainbows annealing lie by sea later, so this is green river. So then they A man named Doktor Robert, our Philips do a personality profile of the killing. Oh, that's always so much, and is they really is, and so he did this based on. You know, newspaper articles describing the murder scene in anything else he could find. I got this particular information in one of the books that link- and I can remember the name of Irena but a link it door. So he said
that he felt the killer of the girls at camp. Scott was a sadistic psychopath. You do is sexual perversions, who might repeat the heinous Kane is crime, if not captured mentally the killer could not tolerate the idea of rejection and this rage were welcomed him. The murder was not feeble minded. He knew right from wrong and did not act on impulse, which goes a road. That is perfect speakers. This was deaf. We plan to ahead of time. Oh, I didn't even know gags that was homemade, write her mouth right and they had brought all the stuff they brought the they put a little pinhole and that a flashlight to make sure nobody saw and they pad granted a cord the rope they had it all
land out. So the young not unimportant based. They left a note the week before, like we're gonna. Do this we're on emission like this was planned, an those two women that gene leave her heart had raped. He had there was evidence he had planned that ahead, so he definitely didn't work on impulse. I never feel eyes. He said the killer was cool, calculated and probably kept the camp under surveillance, but he moved in. He came prepared with the flashlight blunt instrument and tape and was incomplete control until he became caught up, which caused him to become careless, and he said the killer tried to bring order to the chaos with a few tile attempt to wipe out the blood in the tent, something happened, and he was frightened away, leaving behind his flashlight and other objects, which makes so much sense, because when you look at it, why the fuck? Are you trying to wipe it up? Rightly not at EU level, to ensure that any you know that you're not gonna be wipe out blood, especially up of would you have listened,
we're gonna soak it and it's not gonna happen in you're, not gonna, wipe it up with the bed sheets and where the fuck are, you gonna put the bedsheets, and then he shoved them into the sleeping bags with the girl. So he just got like crazy. You know, I think one has moment of like. I need to bring order to this chaos or I'm gonna try to clean it up, and then he probably came clear minded and was like this. It's not gonna do logical thing and I had to get out of here. I have to get out of here, so we just left everything makes a lot of sense. Does refresh your summer it. While why beat the heat with our hands? Crafted smooth these pressures or pressures are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier, strawberry bananas, smoothie crafted keep you cool
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Now September, twenty second nineteen. Seventy seven, two of the victims parents filed a three million dollar law suit against Camp Scots MAGIC Empire Council. We are going to return to this suit. Later visit goes on for a while, and it's very frustrating the outcome. It should have been like the money granted on day want a really should have so, while they're going through that. Finally, ten months after the crimes, finally agent Larry Bowls, who had been working with a Cherokee informants, was told by this informant that heart was staying with a friend and of local medicine. Man like as elderly guy named SAM Pigeon, he was in cooks.
hills about forty five miles away from Camp Scott. He said this particular informants said that pigeon truly believe TAT was being railroaded and that he in particular he along with others in the community thought Sheriff Weaver, had a personal vendetta against him for evading him, which was not, and he just wanted a pen this autumn. He said that he had been staying in a shack with pigeon for about eight months, so it makes sense that means, that about two months he's been runnin around those woods trying to evade capture and then for eight months he had a place to stay Why are they could find finding him in I was really like they weren't like finding exactly and all the crazy shit happened in those first few months, but he was running around out there. That's not so it was April. Sixth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight hundred and eighty Sbi agents stormed the home of SAM Pigeon. They took gene Leroy heart into custody without any issues.
He was wearing women's eyeglasses loads of him. You safe post photos of him being captured. They are like cat. I little shop which obviously it's fine. If a man wants aware like a cordon quote women's eyeglasses, but what is very specific? This is his obsession with women's eyelashes and the fact that women's eyeglasses were stolen from the camp in they were placed at the crime scene and women's eyeglasses were found in those caves that are connected, Eugene Lieber, heart, that's seen any was bucking wearing them their unspoken phase, that's creepy! God! You can tell me that he didn't have anything to do now. He had so. I think I think there was more people involved, but he is obviously one of those people sure. I'm sorry answer there is a book called somebody cry for the children you this book. I tried to buy it, but it's of print now, so the only copy on Amazon is a hundred nineteen dollars in those I love you so much. I'm not gonna buy that book.
honestly that Simon bound could sometimes when there are. Unfortunately, nine hundred dollar figure, like who d is either and unlike love books. So much and not gonna lie. There was There was a pardon, my mouse. I literally looked John Nose like what would you do it was as like. It's like the onto, however, they do not do it. I was just thinking about like I did, but I bet you do cause. I literally looked agenda was like hypothetically. If I got a hundred and nineteen dollar book and usually resigned, things like. Does this tell you like the secrets of the universe like what is it about it? It's just well. It might as exists in old book about some murder. He was like do what you do, but leg just think it through, and I was like see and I do not even have a car. I would use my gift card. You see, I should have thought of that, but I was like our aid so whatever, but I did find some like excerpts of the book. Ok
and in it Larry Bowl says that he'd and when he first got heart when he was leading about of the shack. He said you killed those little girls. Didn't you and carts reply was you'll. ever, pin it on me. So that not denial. I didn't do it. It's you're, never gonna pin it on me and he was right and that's just him being a copy, my fucker because he knows Now what is interesting, and this is when things start getting. This is when I think sheriff You were not allowed to how we bear started, walking up their own investigation. So now it's interesting as they search the home. The shack they find nothing of real importance. Nothing connected to the crimes is just like regular share. Will he be an idiot to bring it? They are exactly.
Then they do a second search after, among I'm sure, he's arrested and suddenly all they find two items all crazy. A toy corn cod pipe in a mirror know they were apparently stolen from some one of the counsellors at the camp so next to the camp, and it was stolen that night, apparently officials of other reared. The idea that these were planted, though, comes into play because widen they find those in the fur Sean yet tomorrow. I finally out late and searching a mansion in what we're going to find out later. Is that the when they came on said, will these were stolen from their councillors? That night I dont know if that was completely the truth and will find that out the trial. So when they come out there like what we got, these two things that were stolen from the camp that nine every zangwill there does boom, You got a point which I heard only Valley, justified Boucher, lock ideology or like boom shackles, you ve gotta, so You guys are all love Banderas. Forty aside,
by the way was charged with three council first degree: murder. He planned not guilty. He was initially taken to the state penitentiary up, Macalister Cal Oklahoma, where he had been serving apprentice, prison term of first degree rave before he went and escaped at them. County jail and nineteen. Seventy three, you know the other thing is like you know: once they catch you you're going away again. Anyways like for life. That's because you got for me if our journey admit that you did it, but you can tell he said, he's a coffee, little fucker, you see, and he knows he's like they're, not gonna, get me on this alive, and I say so. I would even amount to a nominal let in, and I truly think he thinks that a he likes that those parents will never know. How can, I think, I, like all add he's an evil. Anybody can do something like this text on the eyes.
the Polly colleagues, latter yeah yeah they just like it. They like fuckin with the parents, is murdered all thing they did say that they would seek the death penalty if he was found guilty. The trial began March, nine, nineteen, seventy nine, unfortunately, right away, shit was not going well for the prosecution bone. District attorney said wise. They found out that he had signed a book contract with the editor of the prior daily news, and he was agreeing to share case information for the book once the trial can be concluded. So obviously he couldn't be on the case any more, because that is a massive conflict of interests. Yes, and so he had to hand it over to tolerate. It tells the county de body phallus. Only the principal prosecutor, which is fine as buddy fellas, was great, but that doesn't look good already. It's like oh yeah,
you already selling storing yeah, so the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council actually doubt donated twelve thousand dollars to Jean Luc, Lira, hearts defence and when I first saw those why everybody why'd you do that, but they said they thought they said it was not because they thought he was innocent. They did not haven't, they were like we don't know, but they said they wanted to ensure that he received a fair trial and they didn't think he would have the money to buy a defence team that could give him a fair trial. So it's like ok so favourable because I'm first I'd like Duke and then there are like we don't think she's innocent but period. So here's a fair trial and as I think you can just let em aid to sink or swim motherfucker, I don't like it. You can live in a cave for awhile, that's your fault, loyal dahlia! Sometimes I think it's best to stay quiet. Sometimes it's just ok yeah some bandages,
Miss Guerrero essay. I wouldn't donate to die- and I wouldn't alike unless, unless I thought that they were innocent, asked for sure but uneven. I feel it. I would have liked a little shadow of doubt be like well what if there is something that I think I just stay out of it, I believe, can be over you're gonna. Leave that to the legal system you go to a crossword unknown. I wish you a great job oil floods in this case with iron reactors. Let let the chips follower they may live, that live in also Jean we were a heart, regardless of whether here where people is a literal monster, Mazarinists he's just, I think, he's one of those throw away If that we can just go by went in work, let's just leave him over there, but I know that happened. So he did great great great defence team. He had a wonderful defence, channeling, say man in a lot of people in the community believed in him and his since my user- and he was like this like started growing- also people really does- I couldn't believe it. They, like
come in at once, and he was also very charismatic in front of a camera use very likeable. He had a very TED Bundy way about him yeah, so that's cool and one why people he knew where actually saying those pregnant women he raped and tried to murder we're just trying to get away from their husbands and they went with him willingly, but so they went with him into the trunk and were bound willingly and then rapes willingly, which is can undermine itself, and then they were taken to apply and and willingly had duct tape put over all of their air holes and then willingly shoved into brush and unwillingly had to escape from that and then willingly told the story of how they didn't willingly. Do any of that willingly strange yeah. That's as many strange weird wired seems legit. I wouldn't do. That seems logical to me. I I how you connected those I'm here,
Everything is irritated. Legacies like ok JAM Suzette. They couldn't you know this urgent and ensure Jan whatever origin, so they couldn't, unfortunately, in the trial use the case of the pregnant women in the current, like they couldn't bring it up and trial because a different crime and they couldn't bring it out because I didn't want it to survive. the jury against him, see I don't I don't ivory out that cause. That's that I've got going on time set up and in me am I caregiver right now the child case, but Sarah Fox. Well, yes, they, good, I couldn't say, couldn't bring us that he's a literal monster. in another case that could have prevented anything happening to Servox, while You're, not gonna, put that in this case and then what if oh bothers, reaffirmed its like when you in legal terms, gillig. It makes sense in legal terms, but it makes no sense in life in real terms, delegate a person's past sure, like should you be judge solely
your past, not always, but but if you're doing really, should he things in your past, maybe in its also like, if he's, if he has surely raped in attempted murder people before maybe we should download, I guess when he is accused of, raping and murdering some other people. I feel it. That's! Ok! I her miscible yeah. I feel like that, but it wasn't so that he lighted, so they really k Jean worry the night that those kids were murdered, because that would help you somewhere. That is out when he said I was out, and you know jokes on you guys cause. I was at my uncle's house and tall sir. They were like a re. We gotta talk to that uncle and he was like a bummer he's dead, yeah. He was I goober it sucks. Cosy is no longer alive to corroborate that. But you know I was there Ya Marilla? No one can say that you were there and who is abandoned. I am but he's dead, a few S old yogi. He would attack
I'll do happily reward a script. You wouldn't sang it to you that I was there, but you have talked about the card games. We play need a great night that not only has now in my uncle. He died me in my uncle and you know it's wordy actually died before I got there. Yes, so weird he died before I was arrested it. So we are actually deadly ten years now he had so. He died like fifty five years ago before I was alive but like it. So I was there actually never knew him. He asked uncle say has so that didn't help a memory loosely cocoa, okey, dokey leisure. You have the physical evidence like the hairs. The blueprint there was. Seamen found the fingerprints. They were all heavily debated during the trial because it's not like in the seventies friends experience was like tip top every light, we don't stop like they were literally he and vehemently necessarily believe and science in they couldn't do a whole lot with these things it was great to have, but liked I think they are holding onto them being like someday you'll. Be
the town. I think people were still like. I know no sounds like magic to me. Sounds kind of kooky out the devil would dinner? I want to know what is that? What is that as the increase. Nobody else is what is a veto? Some man? What's up Let me talk to you. I don't know you- can bet it's a man was so so they really care. We have all this stuff, but a lot of centrality they cause certainly was improving beyond a shadow of a doubt. So that's bad thing in a trial fear. The hairs were looked at by a chemist for the defence and they said it bore a strong resemblance microscopically to GMO very hearts. Hair, but he couldn't confirm that there were from his head right. Obviously later we find out that they're, like oh yeah, that's complete bullshit really. It was black hair and he had by literally that's it. So there was
so an issue. The issue with the shoe shoeprints not matching his size, which of course the defence springs up in his eye. We wasn't there and they were like, but what? If somebody else was there too and they're like doesn't matter? If you wasn't there, that's not your shoe print. That's all that matter into if you hear that as a Remember I would like ok subtly go. I don't give a fuck about shoeprints exact, if any, measures tells me he didn't do it. They are exactly so that's the thing so and no fingerprints were able to be found to match him anywhere and there were no fingerprints on on that flashlight, not a crowbar nowhere. Right of Corsica, be wearing clothes well, when he probably was because he has prepared, because he knew what he was doing so bringing back that mirror and that toy corn cod pipe that there were like what
oh yeah, shackle aka. This is what we found in the camp and it was now in his shack. That's it that's the evidence. Well, they fight again. They founded on the second search, which already is like knock rate, Chin scratch her right there in Cuba, counselor that these belong to testified at the trial and the stand that those items were hers. She said those our mind and she said they were in a trunk that she brought with her to camp, and he said that the weird thing was we're in that trunk in that trunk was taken by police for evidence, ah ha, and she said when it was returned to her a couple of weeks later ass when they were. Those items were not in the trunk. Ok, so those items according to this women were in police custody and then were gone and suddenly ended up in this yeah. So I'm not saying this clears him cause, there's so much more. That goes again
right, but I am saying: is that definitely put out in the minds of the jury I mean, especially regarding the conduct of the police at this fine right. It went back to sheriff Weaver being to focus on this, and I think I do think that might have been planted really do. I think that sounds a little weird. I think he has everything to do with this crime. I think they got to too far into this and he got to leg gun How about proven it needs to make an fuck ups like that? Any could have just let her here Well, you should just let it do. We can then, huge. So then there's the seamen, evidence and may I was like a big bone of contention during everything, so the seamen found at the scene and on the bodies contained traces of sperm right. This firms, like screamed, Mariah Dry, The sperm was determined to be from a non white male when he is native American and who had type o blood
I would have had a typo blood in that is rare, so this all matched heart, but the fact that sperm was found would indicate that the man who this belong to is capable of producing sperm will genially very hard had of a sector me which is supposed to stop sperm from being a jack related with the seamen and the defense was like bow like sat on. Bus sector may not handle These are totally John, always work. Well, let me tell you tell me it was discovered by the prosecution that hearts mastectomy failed and was only really partially done. So what is part really done me the boundaries of actually done sectors- oh, oh, my god, I'm partially done but sector media, and so he did producer but a large amount of his sperm was deforms,
viable like this is not sperm. That would likely produce a child like a pregnancy, so was like funky, ass sperm. Why which makes it even more like specific variegated like it is. It's like you need me to border certain Irma Literal Donna, Telos Verses, like you know, this is lengthy, Jason from Friday, the thirteenth of spy yeah? Exactly so simple he so, yes, that was the kind of sperm that would be produced by him having a partially performed a sect me like didn't take and when they tested after his arrest. He did produce. I kind of sperm all well, a tunnel the sperm scene in the seamen on the scene were defined and in not viable, ok that to me I hello re, that's so specific on this. That makes it even more nightmare. I know it does
and the prosecution, and in bringing this guy named Larry dry to the stand, and he was a prisoner and he broke out of prison with hearts on allowing he said that he and heart had stayed at those caves that he was staying in together. He was like, I know he stays in those caves. I was right about one point. One of those caves, the one where the most stuff was found, was actually a hundred feet from the foundation of Hearts childhood home. Why would you what's it like? A very creepy wild so wild. So there Hence also indicated another man and the crimes which looked really good at first, when in kind of falls apart, his name was William Stevens. He was convicted kidnapper rapist, who is actually imprisoning Kansas such groves. His cell made doing Peters, told O s b. I that he had told him he committed the crimes
like e flat out, told me, but we all know the prisoner say that allows just gonna say: did he why hunters anti ass? Also, this woman named Joyce Paine, who was the mother of a friend of Stevens, is said. She saw the exact red sixfold flashlight in his possession. He was he was like. I know I saw that partially with the panel and everything OSHA because asking to say, like a lot of people could ever and for, unfortunately, it turned out that Joyce and Mr Wayne Guy had some kind of thing going on and they were trying to get him a lighter. sentence so it looks like it was like a big thing to go after Stevens to come together. How are you feeling people and the hare lie about things? The Alice not do that and the Heron seamen did not match him. Unfortunately, but there was like another thing where this waitress in another town a long way away the next morning after the murder saw William Stevens and he was like bloody and, like arrow, stressed out. Ok, so there's that, but that was never really like that and look into it.
Does it really go? The heron seamen doesn't match him. That's weird cause! That's like in the West Memphis three occasions what ailed idle at voting going. I'm never comes of it. It is a lot of like parallel yeah. He denied his involved until the very end he ended up dying in prison in eighty four, I believe you stabbed to death, but he has also said that to have killed himself, but I think he was killed so in an interview with the Oklahoma in on June, Fourteenth two thousand and seven someone who I they don't even say who it is like an anonymous source said that date heard quote quite a bit of the secular traffic on a remote road near the camp between two thirty and three. I am and I dont murder scene. Nothing came of this. Why week? This is right when it was probably happening, yeah and no one ever looked like nothing ever came it like what you heard people, in cars on that road. What the fuck no one's finding this out right in those early not really travel,
never mentioned again. it's in no other easily. No did this just Berlin. Will I ain't? What are you gonna do with? That is just what would this Myers later? I judge is crazy to me I'm like what and then at the early go talk to that person again Amelia What do you mean like a quite a bit of vehicular trap? What does that mean? What does that mean? Does it mean, like a highway, doesn't mean like that's what you are three cars like? What is this means just very strange others, weird so hard was. He was again he was acquitted, they came. and they gave him a non guilty verdict and it only took seven point five hours over two days to return the verdict of not guilty. I wonder if he would have been well if you would have been found guilty if they had an like planted the suspicion that the earth made the suspect, not the police plant. I think a lot of that probably put a lot of doubt in the eyes of the jurors, and they also just said, unfortunately, there's no physical evidence,
yeah, because also they also pointed to those pictures that were found in the cave, where that's how they were tying gene to that cave. They asked within what are they save my hat? Well, one of the guards at the prison that this that he's, you know was on developing those photos for that prison guard at he said he had seen those exact photos on sheriff weavers death at one point, o in Sheriff Weaver was like no now here's a piece of LE here's like an evidence it was like. I am. He had Jean Luc Roy River Jewelry River, Jean Leroy heart. He had him sign, unlike an evidence thing saying that those pictures belonged to him ah, but he could have forced him to do that. Will ya like that of the really prove anything, but yet one of the guards, I'd say he saw those photos on them, which kind of his like he's, got a millionaire to tie him to the cave, to put him closer to those Bangladesh you don't know again, he but then again like. Why were those there and again he did
we are deeply at any. Definitely definitely just had help, but it's like, but these things are really, though, that put huge none some doubt and injuries Monday couldn't with within good mines, ya. Think would you be able to yeah? I mean you cause. You can't look at anything else. You have to look at its weight in front of you and I get enough. The death penalties on the table to that's the others. What makes you think you're way hard. So I think this whole thing was kind of it was gone about in the wrong way in all needs, so they did they debated for liked or deliberated for like six hours, the first day went home and then only took a our something like an hour. A half in they were done so not guilty. The supporters of heart, shared in the what room we need taking off box themselves, because he's a rate this, then attempted murder won't like that
hungarian lease and then also that I'm sure the victims, families where we are so what like, contain your earlier? In fact, the victim's family said that they were sitting there completely nominal shock hearing this non not guilty They said around us. It was like a baseball game like people cheering like a baseball game and there are like Amy laws are eight nine and ten year olds can usually doesn't matter who, how you feel about this fucker, because, first of all, at the very least, like I said, he's a fucking, rapist, kidnapper and murder and, like attempted murder, or at the very least, YO see wrong. That's grow scenario, cheering for his innocence, like that's insane, but We saw that contain you're fucking self right because their parents of murder, babies in this when it doesn't matter what happened there devastated Larry get control. Just
damn. Pisses me up like an hour is now our Roman. You jumped up and cheer go fuck yourself that is so fucked up. So so, luckily, even though he was acquitted, remember he escaped. from prison yeah. He got three hundred and five hour. He still had to serve his three hundred and five year sentence for his previous rapes attempted murders imprison escape because he's a garbage first. So, even though he has acquitted, he can go fuck himself and he did. He did go fuck himself because he was only there until June. Fourth, nineteen, seventy nine, only two months when he lifted some waits one day went for a job in the prison yard. Name just died on the prison yard of a heart attack yeahs goods. I did go fuck himself literally by Jean Sir Jack in the prison you're just gonna, fuckin hardtack, which is like, and the parents of the of the kid said that it was like a relief but also like frustration, because they never never really hard ass closure, but, like he's gone so that some bank, but he went to his grave, like never admitted
so fucked up and oh and not amazingly, deep dive thing. Then I told you about it was in the it was by TIM Stanley in the tool so worlds newspaper you find an on line or link it and it's in it. It has Betty Milner who is Denise his mother saying people would come up to this was after the trial. She said people would come up to me on the street and say heart didn't care your daughter. I would punish them in the face which die literally viewed as you are a person who would do that die legally, so you're asking for me to tee thou wishest values don't give a shit who heart is to you know what you think about him: what a fucking sub human like just bucket, vomit, you have to beat a walk up to manage grieving mother, whose daughter was raped, bludgeoned and murdered at some work.
On her first, I have sat down again and yeah fuck you, you probably didn't you murderer. Really do you have to be a murderer should be valuable. That's insane, nuts, literally asking to get your teeth going wrong. Asked on your head, so grows Sir. Yes, sir, she said that and then add lorry farmers. Father bow Charles Bow, he said quote, the atmosphere was not hostile, but it wasn't far from it and he said in the courtroom. There is definitely subtle intimidation by heart sympathisers. That's ridiculous
you're level Fox, like you're, EVIL Fox, who knows. Maybe those people were working with him yeah, you don't know, and he said that walking into local restaurants. After this he said, you'd see jars, collecting funds for heart, so he's like we'd literally be going out to dinner and there was a jar, unlike the will like the waitress stand. Why hoped the hostess stand would like his face on it? I would knock and collecting money hundred knock it overall, their guiding their children. So, like I said earlier that they had filed a civil suit against, and this was against the liking.
yeah yeah yeah the whole thing, the MAGIC fucking counselor they lost the civil suit tat is real to me during the whole thing they presented. Numerous events that we have already talked about at the camp that definitely put these girls being placed in imminent danger, NEA and there are newspaper articles and post some as many as I can damage. Have I mean that our girls, finding people in their tents only to have Billig dude, run away when they go in the tent, a girl having someone break into their cabin but screaming so loud tat, the person left, put that would the threatening note found the slashes in the tent lapse in everything else one hand they are at fault, for not keeping those girls saved the fact that they were not found a fault is a travesty. I dont understand how they work. That's a travesty. These parents deserved that fuckin money
I am glad that it shut down, commit, never open up a generic, never opened up again and Barbara Day. Who was the director that year? She wasn't the new director that year, that was her first year, and she said she could not have directed the camp if she had known the history of intrusions burglaries and She said she had no idea where that money. I don't blame versions and if she had known she would not have directed it. Sir, that places fucked and Barbara Day, an camps councillors de elder who down of the ones they said both of them were in the dark about any of these prior things. Neither one of a new It sounds like they were just trying to cover up all this shady shit yeah. They could do their girl scout and get their money you're an that's all aid that was about money, it's so fucked, they did appeal, but they they upheld the the judgment that allowance
so that's just wrong in nineteen. Eighty, nine, you know dna testing had like come a long way. At that point, the seamen sample was retested in the dna testing proved that three of five were like was a match for heart history- and I thank each of it, and it shows that there was like a one and seven thousand seven hundred and native Americans Trance, which is a pretty good, odd. This em, it's not. It's obviously not like that. You know king done one in a million kind of thing, Blake, whatever it's still there too big number, then just last year, just on a few years ago in I think it was two thousand sixteen thousand seventeen, the sheriff me of Maize County.
Really started raising funds to carry out like more advanced dna texting and they ve been doing not, since I think two thousand and sixteen, oh, that's only been trying to get it retested, not really any answers are coming. I wonder why those like upwards, like fifty thousand dollars rays, to do this, but it's really expensive, obviously yeah I haven't, I haven't been able to find anything that has come out since then. I want something you come out so bad. That could either mean that nothing has these also, these samples were stored horrifically. They were not stored, well right and put that would the age of them and that their deteriorated to the kind of not being able to use, but I dont know if it's maybe they can use them because of that or maybe they are fine. Doing something in there. Just keeping quiet about trying to see it out. I don't actually trying to do at the right level strikes. Hope what's up, that's what it is the son of each day, H, J Scotty in Florence,
oh yeah he now if he would have like inherited that whole thing. He was past that it was closed and thought that it should have been reopened, which I say, are you serious? Not government? Are you serious study really Emily friend honestly? What do we think before only friend why we think before we say? Thank you. I think before speak out something you learn when you little we do that the tired, but we alter our. You know how I mention that Richard grew say: Michel's father had liked on some great thing: the air he actually help. The state legislature pass the Oakland, homer crime, victims, bill of rights, its while any was like. Basically, I can put a link for that too. To see, can read it and see what he did. Cousins amazing, it's all basically, so like the families of victims like no, the procedures of the entire way through, like things like in the bill of rights, is something that says like they need to be placed in a waiting area. That's like never crossed paths with the defence and their legs
the defence team and a person like the defendant yeah like little things like that, but not only in writing, RO yeah, a which is amazing, and then he also founded Dio, homer crime, victims, Compensation board law which are huge accomplishments and when you, if you look at his o, betcha wary it states all these things. He was like an amazing verse and her family never changed her bedroom her calendar in her bedroom still reads a nineteen seventy seven and they said it was like a shrine. It's just that they just didn't want to change it. Now you just. There was no reason that made me think of the lovely bones:
On that, I thought of that too little for life out of that to its real sherry farmer, lorries mom. She actually founded the ogre home, a chapter of the parents of murdered children watches like the grief group and weirdly enough. They also showcase sat in a paradise lost yet a day. I D Am Arkansas chapter yeah and I was like wow. This is where leave that is really weird so, like I said, I think that heart did it and he did it without. That's what I think and I think there's people that we need to find that did it. Maybe we'll get a death bed confession yeah or maybe you're right. Maybe they are finding stuff because I hope said he in a testing got butter. I really really hope so. You would have to think that some kind of like link- fabric, her finger print or something was left behind. That AIDS is unfortunate because it was so poorly managed in a was that crime scene was poorly taken care of and, unlike
there are long ago. There was the Palmprint tat they found in the tent that they were all excited about new turned out. It was one of the fucking always be age and set it accidentally left a palm friend, alot wild and then, like you know, one of photographers. I read like a crime scene, photographer went home and he saw tat. He had blood on his shoes when he went home and it's like and he was like there was so much blood like you, couldn't not walk through. It It was everywhere and it's like, but like I feel like that's, not gonna like why a ladder you son often also. Can you imagine realising that when you going of a child's bought on your shoes when you go Home- and I freaked me, though I could not but
yeah, so unfortunately a you know hard did go to prison for something else. He didn't die in prison, so good, bye, yeah, but that's all we got right now. I wish TAT he lived a little longer and had to suffer in jail. That's what I wish that's what I would call the obviously didn't like jail cause. He loved it twice, so it would have been nice to see him color have to live that out what it really sad case. It's really sad case now and I am glad to be rid of it. Ass, a guide. That's like you know what this could probably be like three or four parts. If I really wanted to be, but I gotta get out of here, I gotta go, I gotta get I hear is here. I can not sit here in this sludge for two months I learned the lesson with Meyer Hindley, Indian Brady. I spent too long in this area, and I were Subject to some shit for way too long and so morality of yeah, I just that was why too long I was in a different had space for weeks
to deal on a different say. Am I say all time same and that's the one that destroyed me the most. I was thinking about this case today to cause I dislike. It really is the sad and also a tar. There's a lot of woods behind my Moran and my I have like huge windows in my bedroom that are always open yachts. Let's go and close the coils by opening the curtains european media and we never pressures for dead. You got married, I dont diving. They ve been locked from the time that, moved and of men are open to and I ve never open by better. I think it's like painted over you can't even of like that, so that is the case of the Oklahoma girl scout murders. Goods, ah banned. It is Kiowa, not Cuba. You are a lot that God, I think everything I'll say, pronounced correctly so got on me.
he rallied and now I'm totally rallied allow fine as an insuperable. Let us know if she you pronounce everything else indirectly. Add more revive God hit us up and we talk at a morbid podcast sent us a gmail. We, I have been loving the key suggestions. Lately ass my case next week, we actually got like for suggestions to doing what love the case. Suggestion that they're my favorite so yet we hope be listening. Hope you keep it. But it's over that you're, a big do stalker knew just suck, don't be a douche knocker. How dismayed that up? Don't do add love. You follow me on twitter
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