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Episode 199: Susan Wright

2021-01-07 | 🔗
It’s Ash-centric! Let’s kick off the week by telling the story of Susan Wright, AKA the Blue Eyed Butcher. Susan’s crime is absolutely wild, she stabbed her husband 193 times and then claimed self defense. She got two trials, and her third shot at parole worked: Susan Smith was released from prison on the morning of December 30th. Let's hope she adopted the, “New year New me motto.” DAILY HARVEST: Go to DAILYHARVEST.com and enter promo code morbid to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! PRETTY LITTER: Get 20% off your first order by visiting Pretty Litter dot com and use promo code MORBID BestFiends: Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Squarespace: Check Out Squarespace.com/MORBID for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MORBID to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain
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Streaming only. I pick up a new original permit me punk bank. We are lady parts, it could fees of hash anthems saw a girl, our repute, to live in front. We are leaving all the cells dreaming. Now only abacha hey We're knows, I'm ashen, I'm Alina, and this is morbid so morbid. it's my new years as we should not to sing in the interim any more because it's really funny. I don't listen to morbid cause I'd like my own voice. I gotta listen
morbid. I don't even listen to what the fuck is that no, but I dont like my advice, but I was listening to this like serious this morning and on all nation. There's this one dj that sings all the time and I hate I hear so much and like I feel bad because, unlike but wait, I am her like a I am. I am the thing I hey, I'm calling the Cadillac, so you know what we are nos some of you liked it, but I decided not to worry. You feel some type away about me. I can't hate automation do and I won t I mean it's true. I guess Lando in same thing, you do you want reveals right. Thank you also for Eu Us. That's what's up do man, so why do we seven days- and you know we ve- had to that? We have that little sign up. That says like we ve gone this many days without incident and the like. We had the six. No,
It reiterates that resettlement rate zero hours, a dry array sport will just start all over serve. You very yea day one you wish to let's try about it. I must try twenty twenty one Somebody Jana like an alternate universals like Maria. Do that record, scrap literally claim we're back. Ok, so twenty twenty one, but what's exciting and something you can look forward to is in February for Valentine's day, maybe hung like a little funding plan for yeah. Maybe we want it. Check you out in living memory. I do love, you may want to throw all law anatomical hard at you. I see That's where we differ again here. I have to say: where redefine here, we're thinking throwing anatomical hearts. I was thinking about throwing those little sweetheart You go, which I am sorry. If this is an unpopular opinion, I think it s, but actually not sorry fuck, that those are discussed. Oh no, they definitely sweethearts there D.
If I wanted to eat terms, I would eat Tom Viagra. Their terror put messages on items instead, horrible and most of them are that hard, like our teeth, gonna hard and the police. Every batch of those was made in fourteen ninety three and worse still, selling them like a their brand new low and like these are expire they are older than America because with it all day, I literally their disgusting. Don't ever do that! Anyone you love, extraordinarily says, like yield, sweetheart ideals, My fair lady someday, I hope, to see your ankle it's like the spicy one at the thought of your ankle, makes me go slide that over to someone and just like womb,
That is how we will go and tell you exactly what it is yet, but don't worry we'll find out soon now, but look forward as an exciting year. Valentine's day is weird and creepy, so let us make a weird and creepy how ya and turn it. Oh. We also will have you'll be seeing some random little episodes pop up on our feet every now and then and we're gonna start kind of having little chat with the other hosts son or network in Canada, giving hullo snippets of their episodes Jesse. You guys can get to know them and see if there's something you want to check out because we are sometimes people are like an own assert, a whole new upon ghost, without knowing what I'm getting into so we're doing the work. Are you wearing unavailing here? Looking here is a wonderful person that we talk to do you wanna go, listen other broadcasts and I think we're Kane King anywhere hair off. I'm actually lecture failure at a word, kicking it off with Rachel
o Brien, return, Brian, seven deadly sinners. Yes, I think- and I think that's a pod costs. A lot of you will love, so we figured we'd. Have a little chat with Rachel Sea could get to nowhere, see if you buy, where they're gonna tell us about the upcoming up a so that you guys will dig and I'll be basically how we do it with everybody. Yeah soda just be an extra so that you can, you know, chooses into or not it's totally up to. You only dislike dipping your toe into another podcast that we love and hold nearing during our hardly part. Our family, because these are all our family law Amelia familiar. So yes, so look out for that. We decide that would be fun to do and besides there I'll what I thought I do my besides that we got nothing besides I've, that's at no. This is like a stupid announcement by if I see one more tweet yelling at me, and I told you the wrong tik Tok name, I'm sorry, oh yeah, I announced at nice had meant tiktok name was actually Kelly, but then I was able to change it. So it's
Ash Kehl, eighty three arranged at age right after telling us too, I am chaotic asset, k e I'll eighty three, but who got so much out of my may I be like really I was, but you are chaotic, I love them so chaotic and also quick little Now that I thought about it from me: Oklahoma girl, scout murders, episode, you mispronounced or something else. I didn't miss her. I don't give a fuck what I just found out so bad that I will never go back to you, but I did one thing I misspoke about, and I was like that's dumb. So oh negative blood is like super rare, but old blood is not one of the most common bloody, so I miss spoke when I said that what I meant was o negative, and I also meant that oh is one of the most coveted kind of blood's, because universal donors reversal. Taker K. I n, I meant
is like highly coveted casino could get a lot of it when they fought for like blood donations, but I miss spoke. I said I made it seem like. I was like. Oh always wanted rarest blood type. Its own negative, Odom. Negative, specifically is very rare, but oh, is very is very common. So I just want to declare that up that. I know that I got confused too. I should have said son Earlier on your ass out, I know because I miss spoke. I didn't that's, not what I meant so I didn't say clearly and in on you talk very like an hour and a half year honestly, like some of it gets like cut down. So we call me talk for two hours ya out of something so I've heard of mistakes, but that none of those mid march we're anonymous. So what we have only been talking for six minutes now, I've already misspoke. So I don t like I'm. I just want nuclear thou, not because I want anyone, thinking that I dont understand blood types because there was literally assigned the like. I definitely said it wrong, so I decided to clear that up. So thank you, ve everybody. There was a K. You said this and those like, oh shit,
Eggs O day well. Should we get answers is less such gives us a diverse car in between people yelling at me, which is toward like. I know you are actually not me, I'm getting. Everybody also was treating out ass being like oh, my god, you have to cover cook. Oh my God cover the Susan Right case. The blue eyed butcher. Yes, she just got out of jail and do not my favorite thing is I, when I saw that you gotta jobs at all, we have to cover that. Like just happened like yet just totally internet, and then I love seeing people requesting it after I've already finished. I like that, have to be so exciting, as I do the same thing whenever I ll see it like us like, I saw no go home, a girl scout murders. Somebody was like I'm really love. I know you don't want to do kids cases like this is a long shot. I feel I can you cover it in. I had are finished. All my research and we like- and I was like yes
there really belong very excited data. I was super soak, so yeah I decided to do at the Mai episode on Susan right. So then she's wild, you she's chaotic. This is also a very controversial case and I have some opinions and I feel like a man, play where I'm just gonna say what they aren't. I really don't care o leaded. Twenty twenty one is that there is the time where yeah, why don't you? nobody wants to opinion. I'm just feeling groovy yet be groovy or get out. That's what I got groove your boss to be groovy or leave, and it's just that you know it when it comes to opinions or you're just say it after agree now like assholes, I'm Adam Dasso use em an odyssey. It's what makes the difference makes the world go round dead. I think we ve had a lot of feedback from you guys. Anything
lot of you have said, like. I want to hear your opinion about. I listen to the broadcasts to hear like what you have to say, not what you think everybody else wants to say so here it is. They are what I'll do I'll go through the whole case and maybe like put my opinion in there somewhere then, at the end will really talk about what we think happened: tool so Susan Right was born on April, twenty fourth and nineteen. Seventy six, her parents were Jimmy Lawrence Weiss and Susan Weller, so throw. her life into routines and twentys. She was like a very passive, timid kind of girl and she really just wanted to make people around her happy people, Liza same seiners. She had boyfriends throughout high school, but she really what kind of bold herself into whatever version like they wanted to which, like saying I saw I resonated, would buy,
to the extent that sues ironic as you like. I would really. Oh, my god. I am so emo like look at my hot topic extension and when I be like yeah, I love rap music ahead and I do not like I would get like really like heavy into air them. Just like lie: yeah yeah! I love that artists villa garlic, even Annie when we first started dating one night. She was watching Greece and I was like. Oh my god. I love Greece time watching it right now to like Greece as a great movie, but, like I left minutely, was watching me like I'm obsessed with it. I was up a japanese lucco forever, like literally it, and even those us pink, lady cool Leyla, I didn't take it to the extent that they you gave, but you feel her on some live relate up all sister summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time.
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while rewards members earn two times. The rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Athens joined today. So whatever boyfriend suggested, you know, listen, you met again, some some weight which all I would also add that I would have liked Ok bye at each time. A significant other suggests that you might have gained some weight. You should suggests that they go find someone else elsewhere, the US exactly. If you want somebody else, binder somewhere else. I would like to suggest you go fuck yourself, exactly While Susan was like. Oh no, oh yes, she went out across crash dialogue and she lost close to twenty pounds, and she was, I mean already like. If you see her she's, like a pretty pretty woman tat, I was like oh damn, like oh dangerous lost twenty pounds, Willy nilly, unlike crashed, I do not know,
I'm kidding. Crashed I had are bad and I know it's nothing. I drink daily harvest came another. One. Ever boyfriend suggested that she become a topless dancer, which I don't really know why he Lake requested that I think whatever. But she was a lot of unsolicited suggested earlier, but then, if you think about the people that you producer maybe I can make. It has never had suggestions even close to the dough Dhabi their spit. She she was like so she did that for a few months, but she was like. Oh, she cut her dislike, come to moment where she was like, I don't do this, like I, I think topless dancing like live your bus life. If that's what you want to do, go if I had a fight in another life. If I had the rack to do that, I say I'm. I do our actions, we love, if I like the board, but to do that, I would raked in some cassowary twenties who you haliae. Bitch of
sue them. It was against what she stood for. She is, she seems to be like a pretty religious woman, so her it was just against her religious views and choose push into it. She didn't decide you, it's not what you don't want Turkey, I do so she action stayed at the club for a little bit and waitress instead and then she kind of moved on and just headway, pressing jobs, so to ninety seven. She met Jeff Right one night, while she was wager sing and Galveston, Texas and member, when we did the case from their that was crazy, the goblet and eleven yeah, so nuts, ah at Bell thinkers name. So anyway, that's about this, but she met Hemming Galveston Mouselike, oh and oh, they really hit it off when they met each other and they began dating pretty quickly. I think Susan kind of seems to be somebody that we needed a boyfriend yeah. I was immediately. I got the sense that she is one of those people that goes from relationship to relationship yeah doesn't like being alone. hi and she made me
there's a reason. You did this case. It's more got an exact as a glass isn't really go hastened. No, but the women get into an unlike Susan. We're, not we're not save you didn't you diversion some point. We diver they'd always to two roads in the wood. and you go the other way, unlike too were to die. You weren't the road, less draft. What is it to roads diverged and a yellow hoods guy? I took the robot has travelled, I was gonna, say die, First to not you, she took the road Lester. She certainly did so you know they headed off whatever they start dating, but things were really like a fairy hail, like I think, a lot. times. I saw a couple documentaries on this and it was like they were hit it off and they loved each other it. It was so great for a little while, but it s really fellow goes that great from start, because Susan later revealed that Jeff would have her hand over her paychecks to him like pretty much right off the bat. Okay, so of red flag was pretty controlling. I, like I did
waitress tonight or you had no knowledge of your feet, really heard what would mine what you gonna do with you? I smell catch up or do you are you buying groceries function, so Also, he allegedly only let her go anywhere other than work for like an hour and a half at a time. You know that's not good. So if somebody suddenly you like Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding yeah, and I wish you could see me Ray now, cousin, literally destroying both money. I think there's uppity remaining. They might now governors of classical of its classic like abuse, shit, yelling, charmer I'm in charge of Romeo and then immediately falls into like ok. Now I only of exactly also like went to him and wanted to take classes at a community college, and he was like no like the only reason that you want to do. That is so that you can like fuller with other guys, like she's, a good actually just like to advance my education, but ok,
Let us have a thirst for knowledge, but ok, here's a quill, you're gonna, cheat on me good. I was really pretty too. I think in Lebanon. Don't put your own fuckin insecurities on other people, he wasn't really much. Don't So, early on in the relationship Susan found out that she was pregnant with a son, she and I decided to get married. They got married while she was eight and a half months pregnant dam, which I was like wall like that's the law. It is like glibly about life, but while and they had a son name, Bradley use the cutest little cricket,
Oh, oh, oh hello, bomb of so much. Everyone knew who knew Susan knew that she was gonna, be a really good. Mom, like nobody, was worried about her and Jeff Lake, but obviously has very controlling behavior, but he liked to really party before he dabbled in drugs like cocaine when he was a bachelor. So people are like a little nervous at first, but it seemed like when they got married and they had broadly he kind of changed and became that's good kind of like a family man, Naxa people relented, he seemed like a great daddy seemed like a great husbands like everything seemed to be going really well once they had Bradley here as though, what all these where'd voices I'm doing about a kind of fun, but those close, those close to Susan were like a kind of feel like I see a big change and Jeff too in like it's not really a great one end it
clear to Susan too, that pretty early on Jeff started using drugs again. Ah it she thought so at least a couple people close to her that you have a baby. She said that he would come home immediately and go out and smoke weeds, which obviously that's one thing, but then that changed and she found out that he was back on cook. Oh and she was not he or she that he was back on coke. Now he would come home. Super angry and Susan said that he would her a fat ass. He would tell her. She gave too much weight when she was pregnant collar like a stupid bitch. He apparently like forbid her from taking anti press antidepressants that she had been prescribed because she was suffering post partum after having Bradley awhile, and he was acknowledged. You don't need those lingered. He was your job is to take care of Bradley like it's not rocket science. Oh my god, and to take him back to his head and all don't worry. Susan does not that's. Fucking Ronicky was like all you need to do a stay home with a baby. Likewise,
you two per and also no man, has any right to comment on anything that has to do with present. See or you naughty during pregnancy, in Oldham Guy, does you tell them to literally go fuck themselves under the stratosphere and while you're there rub my feet? open majestic again. This is all what Susan saying. So we don't know if all of this is completely true bowling antennas and like a junta, Lou it wasn't long before the emotional and mental violence turned into physical violence. Obviously so Susan would visit with her friends and she'd, explain away a black eye and be like all Bradley was playing with a toy and he threw it in a hit me like that's why my ass black or she would go see her mom in her mom would like give her a hug and she would wince undermined would be like what's wrong and eventually she showed her Mamma backlit covered and Bruce as we can
Then there was another occasion where she told her sister that, just through her through a wall and her sister Cindy, saw the hole in the wall it was like. It was literally the size of Susan, like it was very evident that her body had been shoved into the wall like file to the wall, but that's cool. Like not at all, then they decided or somehow got pregnant again and they are having another child. While all of this is going on because The man like Susan is telling like her friends and family like at first. She would cover it up. Then, eventually she's like he would just hit me until he was angry any more than you how I had with him again doth. So they became pregnant in two thousand to with a daughter this time Kelly Susan experience pose part him again and it really pissed Jeff off that this was happening a second time, oh yeah, so annoying for him. I know what a new baby didn't give him like any soft side whatsoever. You would think having a baby and general would, but especially, I feel it when guys have daughters, a kind of
Softens them sometimes guides to its blowing my mind that it doesn't. If it doesn't change, you sums wrong with a more definite didn't change, because our Susan later side as well that before she had cayley she was pregnant before and she lost the baby because just kicked her super hard in the stomach. Only gas as she had a miscarriage because he literally let he killed the baby holy shit at her and then then she had cayley but nothing changed while the so it her sisters. Any was like this is way too much. I love you. I love my niece and a few you need to get out of their yeah and it it was probably after like an incident of something happening. So she told her sister pack up all your stuff. I'm gonna write you a U hall, you're going to stay with me for a little bit, while we figure out what the next step is. Was he hurting the kids? I couldn't find and me evidence of hurting the kids, except for one incident that I'll talk about that. Actually,
was the catalyst to the end of Jeff saga Marcello. What? moves in with the sister, literally for like a night and Jeff came home to the empty house and immediately lost his fucking mind call turn was like there will be a moving truck there tomorrow morning. You are to move back here or, like shit, will get real for you, like you, bring my kids, to me, you live with me, while ia. So Susan told Cindy that she was too scared. Not too she was like. I don't know, it's can happen if I dont go back, so maybe I should just go back and Cindy was like. Ah, no legs aka and don't do that and she was like he could kill me. If I don't go back, he could kill you if you go back indefinitely, but I think she was more worried about not going back what yeah. I understand an abusive relationship, you're, not thinking straight you're, just thinking of while they neither ways a good option. Will that's. The thing is really no good option here, just trying to think like what am I gonna do to get through the next
maybe I'll try to appease them right, so everything clearly is boiling up, and by January Susan was a shell of herself on New year's day that year, her husband said to her. According to her happy, new your bitch. This will be the last one what's and so on. like a new year's day happy new year bitch. This is your last year, like I'm gonna, fucking kill you, that's so bizarre imagine waking I rode make IKEA unjust, picturing them like in the kitchen making their coffee for some reason, What would you say to me like I'm, going to be honest? That almost sounds a little farther like by with a guy he's a drug addict said. So it's do. That's almost leg, lengthy. Trickle in ITALY. Exeter got some very weird. They dislike first just be happy. New year's bitch right like this will be your last ones like what is it a little shy little? Where do? I think, I'm sure things were going
non, but I am not so sure that things were embellished because of what happened she needed to make it. Ok, Converser, I think, there's a lot of things. I words you're just gonna hafta, listen to one side and right just pick and choose what you believe away. You don't read, because, unfortunately, we don't really happening outside other side. We do have Jeff's dad. Who will? I will talk about like briefly later. Who will get into that when we get there s? So two weeks later, after that, I was its January thirteenth, its two thousand and three and Jeff comes home from a boxing lesson cause he liked to do boxing a shocking the honey told Susan I wanna brought. I want a box of broadly go, get him and she's like. I don't really want you to box with our like. I think it is for I was just going to say hello to see four years old pennies she's like no like, I don't know, look no and he's like go get him so she's like. I guess she didn't know what to do and hopes that this was gonna, be like kind of him unleashing I am and father some vague wasn't, oh my god,
am I gonna get upset a yeah trigger warning if your parent or somebody that's really close to kids, cause that it's not it's, it's sad the so it broadly didn't. What does she goes here? Proudly Bradley comes and he's like. I don't really want to Lake Onawandah Box with Dad can be pulling fucking. Tear It is down he's fucking for exactly so. He says he doesn't want you and Jeff. It was like. Oh, don't be a sissy like it's like, let's box, so what a mood toxic masculine thing differently grows exactly so he starts boxing with him. This for years- and I guess he hit him in the cheek really hard and like knocked him overland Bradley when broadly didn't get back up. He said that he called them The little girl or something wound- I would leave it exactly so. Susan, like I like we ve clearly noticed, usually doesn't say anything against her husband, she just kind of,
Let's yeah issue how she got you scared of feminism. She doesn't want to hurt or even further, but that's her child, so the Mama bear in her was like you hit him like. Why did you hit him like you can't do that, like you? Did that way too? hard like he's a baby he's a baby and she's like I'm gonna leave again. If you don't cut the shit out like it's one, I don't know she said this basic. It's one thing she rarely vulgar was one thing for it to happen her, but for think early to have over one hundred percent. So she was like you need to get help and I'm gonna leave. If you do so, he did not want to hear that and he apparently held her up against the wall and told her that she didn't have the right to tell him what to do while, and unless front of their child I dont know if broadly like, ran off. I have no idea, but she he also other he wasn't gonna, listen her fucking ultimatums while yeah
right now. Why was inviting you to coming for your dinner favorites after four p m and urge times, the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shopping. Your dinner favorites after four p m. While rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Athens joined today streaming. Only. I pick up a new original. Permit me, a punk bank. We are lady parts confused of hash. Anthems saw a girl, our repute, tuna, from where we are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger, so she said that night he also raped her later and that it wasn't the first I'm not that happened, but he was angry, so he raped her last night
he's so after that they went to sleep next to each other, that night, but at some point this is once this is when she starts to talk to a police later on. She says at some point shit. She woke up and Jeff was leaning over her holding a knife, and this is where we get like a little like three out theatrical again. She says that he whispered die bitch in her ear, which stuff he's a little theatrical, but also by we I mean I don't know people who fuckin crazy, worse thing and so your foot I mean last week we saw somebody right in a cave. I am the killer bye. Bye fools, I'm the real killer by thy fool the seller. I heard that I'd billing- that's ridiculous, read, but you never know you never know. So Susan said that after this she need him in the growing area and she was able to take the knife from him at that point than she overtook him and stabbed him to death. Now she later said that she stabbed him in the head neck chest, stomach legs, feet and penis.
While she said that she was standing his legs for all the times that he'd kicked her, she stabbed his penis quote for all the times he made me have sex. I didn't want to and she also said I couldn't stop hat stabbing him. I couldn't stop. I knew. As soon as I stopped, he was going to get the knife back and he was going to kill me. I didn't want to die while yeah, so that is heavy and to hear her sails. this document for this here. For this, it's like to me, that does sound like somebody that was just beaten to by pass the way we are even I don't even know, like logical reason rice, so she just, I think she snapped that's, definitely a case of snapped and knowing that, like her family members, really, oh no. We saw
like the bright ruses whereby her later France being abused. We saw this happening and like Bradley at four years old. You remember you can't I'm sure he remembers like getting hit in the face by his father mobile talk about that, and it's like I do in its willingness just like I am obviously I would never condone killing someone know, but if someone here my child yeah, I can understand, snapped snapping there, I'm again on a non condoning murder by any stretch of the imagination. So one will see that this was in a usual case of self defence, because there are a lot of questionable decisions made after the murder a lot of decisions that would make it really Hartford. Jerry, to believe that this, like I said, was unusual case of Ziad, has rate to hear your like ok near legal acts like again not condoning it, but some part of my brain can understand snapping and then wait. So now we're gonna get into the facts of Lamb Red one hundred percent
but no good, ok, so the night Susan killed her husband, the police were never called immediately that kind of like takes your claim of self defence and like puts a little damper on it before Canada? She did not turn yourself in that night. Instead, she tied Jeff's body to a dolly and wheeled him outside to bury him in the back yard yeah she put his body and a whole that he had actually Doug himself for, like a fountain like their profound him in the back yard. She buried him their later. She purchased potting soil and buried him under thought she emptied their joint bank account and, according to just Father wrong, she changed the answering machine message so that Jeff's voice was not on it anymore. Oh yeah! Ok, now it's gettin bad Susan! Now it's getting premeditated and who are not self defense. He at all no suggests family and his work start calling cause. He wasn't really one to miss work or not talk to us
Emily. So they're, like hey you where's, deaf and Susan, told them that they had gotten to fight, he attacked her and he left and she didn't know where he was, which is now oh, ensure with ease and your backyard. You put him there and you know it. Then she went about cleaning up the scene. After dropping she dropped her kids offer their sister at least a shave painted the walls like she cleaned up. Some of the blood spatter out dated the wall says she said anything about like that: the children saw later anything like where they privy to any ok, ok, so she paint in the walls. She dragged the bed frame and the mattress out into the back yard and just left the mare, which was really something she caught up some of the carpet in their bedroom. Where I'm assuming like a lot of blood
build while in she, this is really like hook, line and sinker that she really does fucked herself because she filed it. She had never done this before she filed a domestic abuse report against Jeff knowing full. Well, that he was already dead. Ok, so sorry, yet no known now more aid, Are you really set that one? I know I know I wanted to do, though, is really good clothes like I'm fuckin I know I wanted everybody. They re now right and the milk. We wait a second wave second, yes, sir, of course, are not negating any like the fact fell again, our size and shape alike gone about a differently and I think you know I'm I'm not giving any credit, but I think she realizes now that cheap pledge to adapt this differently. This is definitely a woman who has watched a lot of snapped. The yes and let you know Dateline express my regret and I should finally loved snapped and then she did
on this way, no more, not yet so wasn't until five days later on January, eighteenth, that Susan called her attorney and told him what happened. Her attorney was Neil Davis, so he came out of the House and Susan told him that she stab Jeff and needless like ok. So I am a lawyer and I work for law. So I have to report this work for. law. He called the dna and reported the body in the backyard good good on him but Susan was, I am not talking now. I am so confused about your body, buried and irregularly grew dark dough. I dont understand how this happened and, like a Google search a million times. I went home page ten on Google, so he reports the body on January. Tenth, she doesn't turned herself in internal fuckin January, twenty. Fourth,
but they know that you murdered somebody and they look they're not coming to arrest. You will maybe it's because they didn't have any other evidence. Besides her like that, one thing: she has a body it or by showing. How do they know that cause? He reported it like. The Neil Davis was like. Yes, she like I'm here, there's a body in the backyard Billig. Maybe I don't know, maybe it had to do with warrants and maybe isn't that crazy though its ups, I mean the whole processes crazily when you think should flight risk, you would think that they would just immediately come do it, but maybe they were like are soon right. She's gonna run away, of a change of bloodshed, kids and yeah, and you hear of these cases where it's like you know bright. They can't do anything about it right. You know me like there's like a smoking gun and I'll do anything about it. It's kind of like it's bizarre. It's a bit reminiscent of
Betty, broader case where you're like wine. Yes, intervene a lot earlier like when she I'm drove her current. Yes, exactly so it's those things you're, just like he up now, you shall goes down that's wild, so she turned herself in, like I said on January, twenty fourth and her trial started exactly thirteen months later on February. Twenty fourth, so like a year, A month later now, like I said, a lot of decisions that Susan made in the days after the murder and the whole story of how the murder Plato was really questionable to the jury. Yad, the bank account thing really stick showed me. The bank account and no reason, damned dear bank, that is huge and it'll seems little, but it's not the answering machine, just yeah getting rid of him. That is that just so specific proven a niece and weird do after, like you know like, as even if you are trying to cover it up and lay pretended with. Why would you do that?
but as well, because if you were trying to cover it up, I would be the main thing that you wouldn't do exactly that damn straight on higher. Ria look. I don't know what happened very bizarre, it's weird! Well, she did not look out where the prosecutor, because I have ever heard of Kelly Siegel- sounds familiar. She is wild. She is cut throat. She'll, probably I don't think she punch you in the face by like I'd, be careful She is cut throat, she's kind of a bad bachelor wow, so Kelly Siegel was the prosecutor for Susan's case. I bet Susan Pearly shut herself when she heard, but an Kelly was ready to drive the point home that Susan did this in cold blood and she seduced Jeff that night and it was all premeditated like she knew what she was doing that night. She said that Susan Plan was to kill him so that she could benefit from his life insurance policy, which at the time was two hundred thousand dollars.
Ok, so that's it! That's a significant and lack of money, and she said that she was angry with him about his drug use and that he had cheated on her and given her herpes, oh so that is something to be pretty angry about. Your husband gives you Herpes. He may be a little man yeah. Now Kelly Siegel made a lot of harm human second Susan to make her case and on it she was really ruthless during your cross examinations like if you see her, you can watch it. I would like you to bear any documentary, Alec slams down on the table, all she's talking about it. I love when they get crazy. She did something wild that, like really nobody had ever done before and will get into it later. But while she smiled but well- and so she argued quote for her to claim self defence and say she got the knife away from a man who outweighed her by a hundred pounds is ridiculous and then she went on to say quote: she wasn't a battered wife. We never found any of it
so that is all part of an elaborate seduction. Seen so I understand achieve prosecutors. Need the argument, of course totally. It's also two thousand for at this point. So it's like stone the early arts? We don't understand my very usefully like yeah discos. It's not report a neat. Doesn't me it's not happening in fact that lively and suitably, but maybe it is hiding lack of somebody's in fear for more times than not exactly but ok Kelly. Now this is what we should talk about that like really had not been seen before in the courtroom. Ah, she had the bed along with the bloody mattress brought into the courtroom, to react to the murder. You know. That's me. With the guy. That's like just blinking. What literally like? Oh, oh, oh cardinal looks like a knock off jobs from the office. Ok, ok, vs! Shall you imagine being in that, like one of the jurors or in the courtroom? You're like oh, ok, siege, It gets brought it in your like, oh ok and then killed.
Siegel has one of her colleagues tied to the bed She straight up, straddles him Susan's right. What of and just start showing the jury. What it would have looked like the night that citizen murdered her husband, look, I'm laughing some uncomfortable. If I were laughing does she struggled somebody on a murder bed in front of an entire currently about work, guy that had to lay on top of lonely Ella grades of bloody like a blood stained mattress? This doesn't have a few drops of blood, because I'm gonna tell you how many times this man was stabbed. Wow Jeff saw TAT. The old move showed that he had been stabbed. I'd like you to take a deep breath. If you know this case, you know, but a hundred and ninety three times again for the p
in the back. Susan rights stabbed her husband, quoting quote in self defence, a hundred and ninety three times. Yes, I pronounced that t because I'm really trying to drive that point home. That's a lot again. A hundred and ninety three I've. I feel a gear about a hundred. Ninety stuff seems far from self defense. I would say so: let's be engender, I would say so Streaming only on peacock, weighing Gacy for suspected of having killed. But money is thirty, two strength the killers man, they want you to believe. I alone timidity murders, gripping six part documentary, Syria that investigates the crimes shocked at the thing everybody thought they knew. Wasn't the whole story, John Wayne, Gayle Devil disguise or
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pizza get started for free up. He got Dv Dhaka, Lhasa, let's get into lie where those all work. Why suffered forty one of those stab wounds to the face? Oh so there was no face many more nope, twenty three to the neck. Forty six to the chest. Twenty two to the abdomen seven to the pubic region, including a superficial, cut to the penis nineteen to his legs, which at first amazing getting sound in the leg, remove ox me up. I may get examined and old us, but face into your face, and but let I feel it gets cause. Your legs are linked both here the attic
yeah. Well, I e nineteen to the legs, twenty three to his arms and hand and one to his back. She had also I'm pretty sure she stopped him in the eye. Yeah sure one of us what was at forty four, the faith, forty one excluded, whose you're one of those said as I also it had it- showed in the autopsy that D Tipp of a knife had broken in the top of his skull holding know we had a little freaky with it. Candle wax was found on his thigh and his screwed em. oh so that there seemed to be a little freaking little bit going on. It also showed that there was cocaine and Jeff system when he died and the they figured that he had used at least seven hours before he died all right, so she wasn't lying that he was on cocaine, that you don't that and all those stabs, though, if she was trying to kill him for his money. Yes, oh lots, and it's like that is red nose.
Kinda. I'm sorry you're, unadulterated, re agenda, land, woman that you kill someone I know and amassing you do. This is far beyond just trying to kill someone. This is trying to trying to absolutely destroy some right. Like you want you again, re Lloyd, I think she was so scare and I'm not condoning this an unambitious, opting out he's gonna say we thereby Susanna, but I think that she was so scared that if she didn't get this done, like quote unquote the right way he would come after yeah. I think stabbing him. A hundred ninety three x shows that she was fucking terrified that I'm sure I did not kill him He would kill her yeah right about. Maybe it's a combo avoid differ, I'm sure she was saying, but there was this is, and I just want his money and he's not back
even though this is not a motive, outlying regions. Who knows. Maybe it was like this. What happened with the kids? I mean you know, I mean Kelly. Seeger did make a good point out a fucking pissed off. I got Herpes from my spouse yeah, so it that's a reason to be angry and strew new notion. She did make a good point. An she said he cheated honour like allow honestly, some people had people handle cheating differently really, I mean major snap. Well now I know it's just it's. This is this is just bonkers! That's a lot since nuts. That really is now. So I guess I d his toxicology report, their cocaine showed up, and it also showed that there was traces of alcohol and also g each be the date rape drug, oh, was it a system o which it doesn't come back where it's like they accuse her of putting it in marriages like says that it's in a system, that's interesting, I don't
Oh enough about that dragged to know I don't either its could think it can be empty people or does it can be used as, like, obviously a sedative sir. He may be used to sudden a visa to sleep on and off the oranges I'll show out early. anti anxiety, kind of thing here now Susan story was that. Excuse me Kelly story was that whose end seduced her husband that night now she reference the fact that Susan have been the topmost answer in the past and so she prowling knew how to tie someone up like that. So far Ok, then also like actuarial topless dancer for a matter of months legislate. You know, what's with the use that against her Bialik, that's not fair, literally wrote on big assumption, but she said Susan tied up her husband and then dropped the candle lax on him kind of like for him to believe that this was go me be some freaky kind, and I can I just Can eggs Gooden Haroun oils are because I googled judge big me. I just wanted to see it can be used to enhance,
ex. Ah so it seems like they were gonna low figure freaky. Maybe he took that boy remembers the whole. Remember he raped her ya like she says he raped her before that. So maybe I took that too. Form butter either. Did that or by the sounds of it they were, and I mean he had candle wax drift on him. That sounds likes. Some league for play of some so definitely does into me. If they're getting that lake going into it, which I get it, then maybe he took that just to enhance the whole experience. Maybe that's something he did. well. You know I mean generally that's what it seems like more to me. I can see that, but she Susan has a story about the candle acts like could she says there is no seduction involved. There was no sex, so there before are, in my opinion of this whole thing already. Is that she
it definitely stabbed him while he was probably tied and I never is vulnerable position, a hundred per you just can't overtake he's a hundred yards. Have it doesn't make any sense, and if you see her here, like she's, a very she's, a small built again, so I mean women, strong like mere for sure. Just it seems more likely that things also wax whisper part of like a whole specify a native like the move, that the violent valentine greatly so good watch that so I think you're right. I definitely think so. Now. I'm sorry, but I do so. I figured instead of getting like a hundred thousand a year telling us like. You could have Google that undoubtedly
Google, I did and then I like, didn't write down. One up no I'd ever even you have a good point there. I definitely think that there were seduction involved in the highly singular was like spot on what that yeah now. The other thing that's like black points to anger here and especially about sex and probably being raped, is that every other wound unjust body was a stab, but to the penis it was. It had superficial. Nixon slices oh, in which we have seen that before you with even women with their genitalia Diane, usually anger about some kind, that's like sexually motivated yeah, and that could be one of the first ones. who is doing liked her one. That's what I highly toiler s kind of that's exactly what shall we see that she was like you tortured him did so when Kelly told Susan what she had done to them Venus area, Susan sobbed, on the stand saying she didn't just nick it. She said he was going to kill me. I couldn't stop
Susan also said that just wasn't tied up. She was there. I didn't tie him up initially. She said She started stabbing him that broadly came to the door. So when you said where they privy to us now, I dont know if the door was shot or if it was open. I don't know, but he came to the door and she said that she had to stop stabbing Jeff and that's when she tied him because she had to go put back put Bradley back to bed. Oh my god, it's like! everybody, pointed out anything. I watched a red spot covered in blood at this point, like oh she's, already having her husband in she stopped and that's another thing. She stopped in the middle of two amendments ferrars on again back to bed not only starts again away. She puts Bradley back to bed and then I don't know if the knife had already broken and that's what we see in it. of his skull. She stopped so the kitchen in getting new knife.
And then we're insurance back here and start stabbing em again while now her whole thing, like I'm gonna talk about later, is that she was in a fog when this happened, It's like I don't know. I don't know how foggy you were your kid back to bed and then yeah. I think that it is taking a turn. You realise that the hot, like half of its broken often has had not half, but you know anyhow, I don't think it makes a lot of spent Amazon so wise or be able to walk year four year old back to bed and then continue while one You know some, I mean nobody knows how long it takes up before I back to bet it's not the same. time, but you don't know who takes, I would say close to ten minutes. You definitely do very rarely do you get to just put them back into bed Milligrams. It usually it's like you gotta give a hundred kisses you gotta leg. Can you say
With me, in this little enthusiasm, our special you might Billig Mamma you covered in blood and why were you killing dad lad might be a conversation that they had to have so I feel that might have been while it longer than a normal and at least when I put my four year old Tibet. I think it is a little different versions, probably appropriate little, but no little slightly different solely. And then so she does that like a thought, she goes and got to new knife like to have the wherewithal to do that, and not in also it's like. If you are in a fog during the whole initial snap in him, that should have broken the fog rightly under you would have been long and then you should really oh shit, and if tied him up, you would call the police and gasped out my husband in self defense. I just tied him to the bad because, like I might carry gonna wake up and rang freaked, please come help help so That doesn't happen like we know me now, Kelly Cigar also stated it was we're gonna talk of. I talked about the fog. She said it was read Dick
less to him, but Susan was in a fog like she sat because Susan claims, this fog went on for like days after the murder. That's. Why should in turn herself events like the mist? now it is Kelly was like, like I said, how did she have the wherewithal to take care of the kids clean up the crime scene empty? the bank account change the answering machine and file or domestic abuse airport knowing full well that her husband was dead. Yeah! That's a lot! You weren't such a fog, your able to do that they have ass, not foggy at all. That's pretty crystal clear! No that's pretty like covering every base. You could pausing at her Susan said the reason that she cleaned everything up was because in her mind, Jeff wasn't really dead and she had to clean up the house because it was dirty that those bloodstains I was dirt. She had to clean it up or Jeff was quote already gonna, be so angry when he came home that I had to make the house perfect, so he wouldn't be angrier at me. I don't know man, I don't know
He said the knight that she buried Jeff in the back yard. She sat up on the sofa holding the knife all night because she was afraid Jeff was gonna, come to and go after her. The second she put her had done and went to sleep which I dont know, if you ve suffered years of abuse yeah. Maybe you I'm not here to saving you, wouldn't I dont know what that feels like what that kind of terror to be. I dont know what it feels like to be terrified of your spouse. I don't know what that nuns. glad I don't know what that means, but so I'm not gonna sit here and pretend you about where easy way to feel. I I have no idea once again I mean, obviously we ve never murdered any
but he still ass a whole another layer of us like she is in a totally different place of her brain than she had ever been before. I'm not going to sit there and I see both sides. I can see sitting here being like you fucking getting married, that's bananas figure a murderer like you clearly murdered this man like those money involved, and then I can also see if she were. You know I can see that its. If it was the way she sang I can see that you would be fucked up from an exact, so this is really one of those that you like fuck. If I was on this, Jerry as all bad I was on the jury Odin, like article fuck, and now it's bad. I don't know like I'm undecided deadlocked well by March. Third, two thousand for the jury did here. All the evidence for and against Susan. They had heard her testimony and they deliberated for five hours. So, like not super long and they found her guilty of murder, but they sentenced her to twenty five years in prison. Ok, which is not a long time for murder.
wasn't first degree. I now isn't it it just said: murder NASA might not like premeditation Susan right appeals, her conviction two times in two thousand and five. The court of Appeals upheld their conviction, but then in two thousand and eight she reappeared and this time there were new witnesses ready to come forward and testify. Ok, so the appeal got granted in two thousand nine on the basis that her original council was ineffective. So there's this guy named Brian Weiss, he's a lawyer and he he was sitting on the trial like while it was hotly the original trial in the whole time used like wire, like this, isn't going how it should be a now. He decided to represent Susan Pro. oh, no at the tower he was like we'll figure it out later. Is enough money to wife? Isn't that her maiden name, it's her fathers Jack and, I think Yasser dad's last may I that's interesting. Wasn't about her dad later I d skirl up to find where she was so allow brine way,
Representative Susan and she said quote the original trial. Just didn't, explain anything which it really didn't buy me. We saw Kelly Siegel like half the time of her life. that's what I did I in the performance of a lifetime you're, I gotta say like if I saw what what was put out there in the court, I couldn't say beyond. I couldn't say that she was just an abused women always in self defense like Dayton, proves that too much said, ginger and first of all, Kelly Siegel, bringing that into the our room. Yeah like right, then and there the bloody mattress and everything I would be like. Oh and then hearing the number one hundred and ninety three like that, would be
insane she brought a lot of visceral stuff to them. That would shock them enter exactly in two minutes sounds like the other side did not do enough one there, that's what the basis longer she did decorated the dew trial. So I guess I'll on people gagged ended up now. He said there should have been a battered woman expert that was brought in to testify in. There is really no trial, and he said there are plenty of other witnesses that should have been called on and could have testified on Susan's behalf, but they were never called to testify, which is like. Why were interrupting now. This was super risky to do, though, because she could have gotten more time on it her sounds like she could have gotten completely let off. On the other hand- or she could have gotten the same or should it gotten worse- yeah solely you're going into their amble. This is exactly a toss up, but they felt like it was worth it
so to the new witnesses that they plan to call to testify on Susan's behalf were a psychiatrist named Jerome Brown and he had actually evaluated Susan because she was placed in a psychiatric centre the week after she murdered Jeff Liquids, I myself am and then there was another woman named Mister Mc Michael and she was ready to testify She is actually Mary to Steve Mungo MC. I don't know if you know who that is, I didn't last names sounds familiar. I didn't know who the fuck. That was book, He was on the patriots. Ok, maybe that's! Why that's why? The last name is for many. Many of our colleagues are under the he was on the patriots he was on the Chicago bears. I think he won the Superbowl them. Odin really look like super far into and he was also agreed, may packers and then he, when he was done with proof up all the Unifil. He
rustled professionally? Ok now and I think they're so married mountain, don't really matter so before Miss See was married to Steve. She was actually engaged to Jeff right, oh and she had a lot to say streaming only on Pique I knew a rigid upon me in a punk bank. We are lady pots, could fees, mix of hash anthems saw a girl, our bp turnover from where we are all so streaming now only arbiter. Book in a room with two beds at a hotel. isn't exactly your idea, the romantic getaway Corbett's gets it. Does it or start com. Slash pride to fine hotels, welcome you to travel, as you are orbits, travel as you are.
It has to fight that at first everything's, fine, just lying there was little Susan and he was everything she could have wanted in a man, but then there was a switch and currently away and there was she saw the other side of him where he would get angry with her and totally just fuckin explode and like Lucy shit. She said that he wants through her scares me not once he threw her down a staircase on multiple occasions. Jesus would lock her in the ep and at night so that she cunning like get out and then one night they got into a really bad fight because they were out of bar together in Austin Texas, and I guess another guy like looked at Misty and he felt like she looked back and like some kind of flirty seductive and he got so man that he picked up a glass and threw it at her face like dollar a glass at anybody, but Odin thought at her face it shouldn't doing what they fuck
you crazy and she said how true this is, but she testified, but there was still a piece of glass buried under Chin was ill luck raising, always shit. I don't now just stand RON. This is where he says. All but of controversy things, but I say it, he said he doesn't believe sues enormous steam and that Misty was obsessed with Jeff even going as far as saying that she chased Jeff until the week he died while she was what he said, but she was not letting Jeff goes like the fact that she was justifying this is nuts. While he said that Misty was also a topless dancer and that because they were both answers. They were quote there was quote a sisterhood of the strippers. I guess! Oh, my God is that a second I don't know. That's also so I would love to be older. Sister drivers. That's like school. You can't say that all you can say it like.
No, no! No! No, not like the sister of the strippers who just murder men like that's. What's no, no! No! Ah so monsieur. I know I know that obsessed with their son cause, he was a giant asshole to me and I am actually married to like a fuckin enough wrestler guys, I would actually I've I've moved on, but honest stoned. Misty was a low cry cry. She would get super defiant with the prosecution when she was a cross examined and at one point the judge had the jury, leave the room and was like. If you don't get your shit together, I'm gonna have them strike everything that you ve said from ownership let's get it together, so she's not exactly. She was in exile in it as a reliable with Serbia, while they are hidden. having to have anything striped, but she was like this fucking Clovis twists and turns in this fucking cave silk.
Could you like? Oh ok, and then you like concerning all out like when I see all right, but then you see her understand nearly and you're like the misty. They also said lake, but she had dabbled in drugs and stuff, but I didn't find anything to you ass of about that and I think that's what the other side always tries to do Now this is another twisty tourney, but MC turn turn Joe, brown like I said the psychiatrist that evaluated Susan when she was in that psychiatric centre. He planned to tell the jury that he believed Susan that she was emotionally and physically battered fur, the entire time that she was married to Jeff and that, but ok, so the he believed that, but he wasn't able to testify in court. Like a Brian decide, it was decided it was idea, because this story that Jerome had planned to tell the jury. Wasn't this worry that Susan had gone with at her previous trial. She had told a different story: she told Jerome
that she waited until Jeff was asleep to go to the kitchen and get a knife. But this story that she told all her lawyers was that she woke up to him over her pointing the knife sing die batch. Oh so, they're like you would have been a really fucking great witness cause. You are about a woman expert, but it's too risky to bring you cause there. It's gonna proved that she flying right now. I don't know how prosecution didn't get one of the sky like be like no p has to come in now, but they does, he know, because those are two extremely different stories. That's not even like. Oh it's like a little where that would make her brother came literally saying that you planned at an when you change your story, you're fucked yeah, like you, are absolutely screw into certain. That's going from second degree murder or, like self defence to first degree, murder, planning right exactly and that probably would have gotten her life it out ass. If I had something worse than a twenty five shit
her sentence. Now. I guess when Susan had been evaluated according to Jerome, she truly believed he said. I believed it that she thought Jeff was still alive and coming to get her. I guess she kept asking him. Is that him out there? I have a feeling he's out there, the door's locked, which like sounds a little performative, TAT S a little bit, by I again like we said we ve never met him up again. I don't know in that position but, like I said they will remain outside point of view. It seems a little perform, they definitely does than they were like. We can't call him because this will fuck everything. Yes, now, the defence we're not the only ones with new witnesses, Prosecution had a new what this is well, oh and wouldn't you believe it another woman who did Jeff, oh she's working for the prosecution. Oh now, the woman testified that Jeff never laid a hand on her. Their relationship never became
You said, and she said that she actually stayed in touch with Jeff up until the point when Susan put it to an end. She said one day she called Jeff Tick, shoot the shed on them, which is like me, don't sharpish, but Susan picked up the phone and screamed at her. She in the woman screamed like too extreme, to like imitate her and said that she screamed stop, calling or I'll find you and rip your head off well, so we are seeing a totally different Susan. We are what we one that I can like. I'm gonna picture cause. I'm audio amount of some lady was called my husband, the I've I've some. If somebody I knew, was not like his friend and was just some guy exactly having issues with. I would definitely when she's, and that has a problem, so I fannys ex called her. I believe
oh well. If John Ex called, I would probably tell her address or had up to the excess. I can't get on her for that now. One of Kelly's main arguments was at the first trial was that Susan had an experience to be summer. Husbands It was not a battered women at all, but she said now that I get. This is another fuckin turn. I love this case, but I don't love it, but you know to me, but it's crazy do of it. So she said she's, our battered women. it all. She saw violence growing up against her mother at the hands of her father and that's all her where her stories come from o, which is interesting because you can kind of place like you can kind of like be reliving your childhood trauma and think that it's happening now only maintaining its leg displaced, the exact at exactly
so she was like that's what happened so at the first trial. Susan's mother Sue testified TAT. Her husband was not abusive, but then they questioned her at the second trial and it was a new prosecution team. Tell Kelly, wasn't there and she soon. Add soup, Susan's mother Sue said Kelly knew what she was doing when she asked that particular question, because at the time Susie Spain was still alive, and she said he quote would have beaten the hell out of her job and she quote might never get up off the floor again ha. So she said she was a Kelly's eagle. Siegel knew that I know that that was going on and not my but was still alive, and there is no fucking way. I could have said yes solely. It's me cause. You would have heard me holy shit. So to me. This is two things, one that she could have seen it that she obviously does you do, I'm not and that she could have used that desire
to put it on this new relationship or that she did follow the pattern of her mother, which happens a lot that she herself guy into an abuse of ashes. She saw that her mother was never able to get out of it and continue to live it until that man died and she thought the only way out of this is to kill this motherfucker exactly. Oh, my God was actually both ways. make so much sense. I cant figure this out now at the second trial she said like yes, I lied because I was in fair for my life because at that point her husband I'd holy shit, so she could say yeah yeah. He beat me literally almost every day until we buried until he died. Oh my god that is so horrific, which is her if it, but it worked in the past solutions favour because it made Susan's mom, look like an unreliable witness. Of course it is a little like a she lied under out at the first trial. I mean I would have, under oath to very way they lie circumstances. But, like you know,
still it still lying under oath. It still perjury right, as actually so you're fucked up below right now and Susan doesn't say like no like. That's not what happened. She told us skip Harlin's worth. I think ass. I sat of Texas Monthly, I'm in a link this article. That skipper because is really fuckin good. She said quote: we learn to walk on eggshells. We did our best to put a smile and make everything looks normal when he got mad. We tried not to be seen. I thought that's what but in every house, if you had told me every husband and yell at his wife or make her feel less than dirt, I wouldn't have believed you while so she, like you, said she grew Up she saw this rural life. She thought that this was what marriage wire and she got herself in the same situation
you know- and you will see how to doing it she was like will. This is just what happened and you even see it in the relationships how it started off this whole thing. She sat there and let people put her down and would change for them because she thought that you basically live to serve your man. You cater and make them supposed to treat you like shit and there in charge of the area. So on November twentieth, two thousand ten, the jury came back with their verdict, ready. this time. Twenty years, What does she only shaved five years off the sailor? and they did obviously take into account the time that she'd? Yes, sir liked. Obviously, when
He was sentenced. She looked at just family in the courtroom and told them quote: I'm sorry, you don't have your son and your brother and your brother in law, and I am sorry that the kids don't have their father. I'm sorry he's not here we yeah and she looks at it like barely of above a whisper. She went up, prefer parole and two thousand fourteen and was not granted pearl. She went up in two thousand seventeen and was not granted pearl and and she went up for pearl again and twenty nineteen and was granted parole as we now she was literally slip out of jail like what, like two weeks ago, not even of my law on the morning of December thirtieth and she is under very strict, supervised pearl. She has steward ankle bracelets and she also has to complete, like I think it was like a thirteen month Ingram
the judgment coarse and she said about her kids, because she's legally barred from seeing them and actually Jeff's brother adopted her children, a wild or her brother in law, is like their dollar suit. Our aim is probably never gonna see them again when she said that she would quote. Do anything in the world to get them back, watch them grow and see who they are and think don't don't do any, like that. That's a little scary. That is a little voluntary, don't say that suits, and I know I was losing any thing it's like like cause. You did murder some so did murderers, brother saying anything so the good you'll learn. I don't say anything. I don't do that
now there were reporters at her parents, us and if you have asked me to do this case or us to do this case. I am sure that you have seen the sea of because the reporters we're outside our parents house when she got home and she just turn to them and said quote: please don't do this to my family. Please stop have a hard piece out. Just like my privacy have heart. Please respect that. I'm sure you can understand, but don't do this to my family, even if you do it to me, Do it to them. Please have are have a heart, so yeah that is fuckin story of Susan right. I don't know what to make of it lives. What you mean its let's make it round yet I have no idea what to make of. I know it's hard. I think that she was a what and that snapped. I think I think she was abused
she was definitely abused. I think that she did seducer husband, big. Oh, I do to override even save of Kent. Export. She said that so Kelly Kelly's whole thing was that, like you drifted on his ppp when you want any secretariat, Twelve, but I do not say that the euro, but she said Susan, said that gives me when she was wheeling him out of the room like after she put him on that, Dolly that she bumped into the dresser and that the candle wax spilled on him I was under because now also that I dont lose. It make a lot of sense because, like when did you blow out that Candle Earl safe it fell? It would certainly fire cuts in the other thing is a flagrant. How did it get in his screwed up in tat? He was still like if he was standing up on the doll that leap she took it. She deserves an olympic metal. our major she'd, absolutely first year also saying this was like the middle of the night. Why we're candle,
still going in your room in the middle of the night and also its way. And if they had already gone out that wax dries pretty quickly on how to stay there, for example, it would have been done in land, it's like weird adjust. It fell over it. It just dripped only on his cigarettes, although scrotum also I'm so fucking pays out because the entire time, that I was saying Kelly Siegel I was like is that her fucking name without it was Kelly, see Google Docs. auto director to Siegel adjust Why? I heard AMOS Kelly, see glaring, ok, I'm so the whole time. I was a Kelly Siegel Really that's my eyes are higher Kelly because I think we as second Google Docs, you really just fucked me up. It can fuck you up. I'm really sorry about that. That's fine issue, doubts Kelly, Ziegler now so confused know it in an age when you're, when you put someone on a dollar There is good standing, yeah luxurious, let alone seemed like his legs were
sir, I heard him just a doll, you re, so it's like no resident is followed screwed up like that. That's outrage at its outrage, asleep its outrages and Kelly seek learn new it you Kelly Siegel cobble like I one hundred percent, and I think that she was like, let's free. I think Susan Doubly was abused yeah. She was ready to end it all up. She planned it up and I think she got she was like. Let's get freaky got him in a really vulnerable position, which was stab the hell out of him. I don't wanna, say smart, but it was smart in that like conniving way, smart firm murderer, murdered and murderous smart, suspend? She wasn't smart at all, that'll and I have to say I do think what made her snap was seeing. It happened to her kid. Cps also got involved after everything happened, cause she's like saying do that she was abused
oh, they asked Brow yeah like do you remember like ever seeing your mom get head and he said now. He said he had never seen her like that. interesting right. That is because a four year olds is very aware, but then you're like maybe he wasn't around when she not her leg, like when is a four year old, not around the other thing it's like only at night, when he's sleeping exactly, and I don't think that Jeff was waiting only until night time, none of these holding and always rage all day and then just slake. Let I actually meant to include this. I just pulled it up really quick, so he was interviewed by child protective services at when he was four and I guess there, We didn't allow the video to be shown, but he's like colouring and the video all, and then I got this is from ABC thirteen dot com. The interviewer says: have you ever seen your dad hate your mom? He says: no, did you ever see brew.
is on your mom. She has some on her legs. How did she get them? I don't know I mean I have bruises. I like five all avatars. I literally like look at a corner and my vote bruised exactly so. That's interesting indefinitely, as I said, doesn't totally negate anything it Jesus. It's an interesting little. Tibet and stuff in an interesting too, I feel like every time. I lean some way. Something else ways me the other way. It's like large should that is a thing about this case and that's why I love cases like this cause. You're, like oh yeah, like on right in this, for yourselves in, like justice from a girl sue. You like sue what the fuck. Justice, my boy Geoffrey and then you're like Jeff right, what the buckling God, damn it and then you're like Susan, what the FUCK wrath Lee and then Bradley like Susan, don't say you do anything. I'm in here like sue, I'm so sorry that you would allow north and because of what happened to you
like one giant old sister. Oh it's, this is a lucky. I were. I wrote the shit with furious finger, I'm very interested to see what everybody else think, as I assume everyone probably has a different ask us. I can't even land on one, so I'm sure people go back and forth allow with I definitely can't land or one I'm. I'm I'm nebulous here, I have to say, I don't think that she would commit crime a crime again like a number. I don't think she would murder somebody again yeah. I don't know I mean unless she caught. I wanted. I recently got into a similar situation. She would do it again more than other that's the problem and, like you said, link, so that's a little feller. I think the whole thing is that she kind of found somebody like her dad exactly. I do wonder if it's like, that's might be her type she's going for people like your dad and until it's gonna take em. I hope no one, the Pearl Board
do not thought that this was going out again. So I took the right I mean, let's hope so, yeah guys. That was the case of Susan Ray. I am so happy that I got to cover it can so many people are asking and I was like we're gonna get. That was a crazy one. It was while, if you would like to see our instagram photos I can post acts in bordered. Podcast salaried stirred up more like us about twitter at a morbid podcast. You can send us a gmail, morbid podcast at Gmail Dhaka. That's where listener tales go with the subject. A line of lesser entails. I've had a couple messages lately I definitely senator Gmail reassure you title it listener to the best way. Be able to see it and guys. We hope you keep listening and we hope you keep. It appeared Vanessa ribbit your dislike, so confused about how you feel that this case and you just can't land amongst aspect. It were not so smuggling. We all know all about. You know I don't know what happened motive mood.
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