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Episode 20: David Parker Ray AKA “The Toy Box Killer”

2018-09-27 | 🔗
Guys. This is one of the worst cases you will ever lend your ears to. Park Ranger and all around rude dude David Parker Ray spent 40 years and over $100,000 dedicating his life to the abduction, torture, rape and murder of countless women. His MO reads like a script for the Saw franchise and that's putting it lightly. Hold onto your butts, because The Toy Box Killer is here.Sources:https://allthatsinteresting.com/david-parker-ray-toy-box-killerhttps://www.abqjournal.com/70489/victim-tells-of-captivity.htmlhttps://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/albuquerque/items-david-parker-ray Cries in the Desert: The Shocking True Story of a Sadistic Torturer by John Glatt https://www.therichest.com/shocking/15-disturbing-facts-about-david-ray-parker-the-toy-box-killer/
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Did he missed me? I missed you, so my only gone far we gain tat. She had to go ahead and be good at her job yeah sort of So I was in New York in New York till his words. I got engaged a fire really get to see anything like that cool because we Satan not like shit on times square, but it said in the Times Square, which is like Wigan Tourist. I feel like you have to do that once, though, when you go visit New York, that's like the thing you have to do tat one. I literally like didn't, go shopping like I didn't go anywhere, except for class literally class and I went to we went out when we got there on Saturday night and all the bars the line was so long. All these like club, promote
There's like further shitty clubs down you. Don't wanna go to kind of show imaginable, especially in times yeah, oh yeah. What could find I do not find New York Ya'Ll just sat here waiting for you. Why do you have to say that I am a Boston girl and I like New York, but I dont think I could, but there were no I love. I love New York Link, John in my when we are eating like engaged even when we first were married. We want that Europe no longer the time. That's that was like our trip. The outgoing New York, especially during the holidays, could limit during the holidays yeah. I wanna go back. It's just more it's like everything you want to be during the holidays, but so is Boston but like New York is just bought it different right cause, it's fuckin here, but every time. We would go there. Really. I love visiting New York, but I couldn't I've ever a Boston check man, one. I give people like mad credit by lived there.
It's like a few of New York, props to humanity, acclivity Buzz Buzz them is a lot less. well like a smaller, more scrappy, May I do you know what I'm really fuckin pissed. I myself why? I don't need one ounce of ST me and I really wanted to I got like I'm gonna get a hot dog and I'm gonna EDA or I'm gonna, get like an italian sausage or something I am giving myself salmonella on the street. Yes, so help me, God damn it, but I've actually been eating really healthy and I was dreaming what would we Zuzu donated? Instead, like the trashy bitch, I am bogan, though I went to the twenty four hour Mcdonald's. You know why I support that. I needed something. I support that hairdressers, Fuckin party dude, I'm learning how to keep up see autopsy taken since don't party a lot,
I wonder why thoroughly like attics law not incite designing, but it's not like a party at some party above the death- yes, definitely no partying afterwards, so I can't relate but Joe there was but I'm a dead woman right now. You look great. Why do you do for being a dead woman? You I used all under ice cream of thirty April, Look, I don't look like a quasi moto. Like I did the other day you don't move you ever look cool high totally did I should have taken a photo of it. Did you get that surgery? No, I'm going someone's gonna Fuckin sister Mary did you do that funds are gone for two days. If you got surgery the government along, I now. I believe that you actually know, but I think, like a few a few episodes ago back in June, remember We mention that my two and a half year old, head poked, my eye
she's a forum sab earlier. While I've been having issues with it on and off ever since, we now have to get some weird ass, laser procedure too. Because every ten? Now it's like every couple weeks I wake up in the morning and tear it open again, just opening my dogmas that hurts and its autumn. I write all its excruciating, enabling afraid it will be your eyes. Everyone here, because I have you know- I have a really high pain- tolerance, oh yeah, so this is by far the worst. in fact, because I and I like slowly, will open my eye in the morning now and I ve a coup by my eye at night grew which ensure John his leg loves because, unlike okay Can I John I look over my haiku falling out like when you have provided, and I won't have to do that after I get this later. Having caused the laser thing is gonna like fix, because the issue is that it's not healing soldiers.
this leaves a thing is gonna fix it. I guess, but yeah soiled equipment available via that will not happen again and oh, you know what we some patriots, because you guys just keep getting better and better. You guys are the fuckin. Words that hit you. Thank you said the two as a chest to calls. You are the chest: the goals we should add a tier of terror signalled us who was of the. How is like, maybe not I do not want to have the chestnut Gostar incur Sup without further Ado, We have one evil, onion added to the group, Highty Smith. Beings, Heidi Lady, Isabel S, so have some new members of the window watching coven we have crystal. El Weiss emerge sick. yeah, your name is your name is an approach that around some sorry again
Buddy correct me islands, so thank you so much crystal. We have Madison had shaggy, which is another call name, and I might have got it wrong. Madison. You are suggesting. That is something we have Norma render. I distinctly Normally I love than normal, because an anchor yet my machine Baker, LA one that has been really fuckin, very, very, very girl of a little but was very girl of us very valley girl. If a very valid girl above So we have joy Mengele from Magala. Thank you Roy you ve enjoyed in my life. I was going to say you are such a joy joy, nor already said it. So I started up sooner. Want joy, brought us joy. Thoughts, be joy for over a year The next one is air brother, Tin and Aaron go bra,
I believe you should have said bra calibre, COBRA, cobra cobra. and the last member of the window, watching coven is or no Brian, who is a close personal friend of mine and I love be lorries, believe much for supporting our part gas, personal friend, and I love you so vague about. Let's see you, I pray, let me know we all of you and the whole morbid family loves you too. To round this. The thing out. We have a couple of members of the jury. Few members of the jagged little bitch is my favorite little betcha. Shane Ribeiro anymore, be Sheena, but I think it China so many go with shame. I think the way I like your name, it's pretty! It is a union wide Shanna. Thank you! So much rock honor Jagger little bitch? We have Kristen Watson Kristen, thank you. Your friend ran around something with a piston. Your piston Kristen puts a pistol at lake fires,
engines. So I could get you. Fires are enjoying the pent piston. First is solidarity and of a decision, and we heard Samuel, Kirk I just want Samuel yeah from Boston. We're Samuel items is like the shit, you know what Samuel thanks, we lovely its and thus be I just: can you actually have an early life here and We one more honour, a new member of the jacket, little Bitches Cameron, Edwards Spa, who was previously in the the onions, I believe, and he has now joined the forces of the jagged little Thank you Cameron, Karen, thank you so much, but we love you you're an awesome and, I believe you're from England and that's really red tape. Bulgaria again, I was trying to think of an english thing to say, and I can picture in exactly see ash now that,
and give oh yeah Aaron brother, ten wrote that you wish you want to be friends and we like to say Aaron, whereas suppose up, oh that happened, So thank you for areas where our adventure, I have to mention guys how amazing went because I was posting that negative review we got or in case something you has inherent some random review. I figures from Australia, which we love Australia still in case people listening, don't know what we're talking about. I posted on it you could have a negative rude view. We got where somebody called us so we're just another couple of pretentious Americans who think we're cool by swearing, a lot o and then they banded with so not funny. so I had to pass the night a review because it's fun when somebody like really goes out of their way to tell you how much, how not funny you are. I have two posts, Jaso, just oh, that in the future and the response we got for our listener, and that was the best. I was dying.
Like you guys are fucking, amazingly, the responses have me: rolling fell so good afterwards. I love weird little tribe of listeners, though I love it. I loud and weirdos. Do you guys are amazing, and I just had to tell you that again, because I can't key. I can't stop telling you how amazing you are up Butler Samuel, book. I think that's really all the business we had to take care of all. I read the funny thing, and I just wanted to go over real, quick before dive into this. We sat beside, which is gonna, be whoop. Guys, I let you in a fresh me but those you someone quick little news thing. I saw that I was like well, this is kind of funny and she didn't tell you too. I didn't tell us what it was. So I saw this thing worth six flag, Saint Louis there's this contest going on in October, and I thought it was a pretty interesting contest that my are listeners might appreciate that those funny
so people are gonna, be competing for three hundred dollars and season tickets to six flags and then, like a few other points, ISM saintly. We can't do answer in Saint Louis here and all you have to do today. This- is a tragedy. Thirty hours in a coffin Haley just turned around like bitch. What the fuck are you literally so they're going to beach? It like participants are going to be chosen and then there to spend thirty hours in a two by seven foot coffin, not eleven from one p m October, thirteenth to seven p M October. Fourteenth at the park- and it's like Liberating the thirtieth year fright fast. I guess the bow am I gonna get labour. They said, they'll get brief bathroom breaks, but that's it there s a thirty hours in the coffin when I feel not so worrying. I guess he got a whole. We're gonna, get to two thousand and nineteen gold season passes and stuff, but
also, if too, people last thirty hours because, like what, if not you know, they're they're banking on one person winning yeah, if two people get it, then they do a drawing to see who gets three hundred bucks. So you might spend three hundred out of many hours in a coffin and not get your three hundred bucks looked like Underpin but you also get to keep the coffin What the fuck did you do with a coffin hang. It was just put it in the corner of the room. Can I give some of these people a strategy? If they're gonna try go at stake a little bit of fuckin anvil pm, he'll be owl, that's receiver it's fine, the narrow contest, I mean I'm, and I would never I'm I'm pretty claustrophobic. I cannot do this on a level. Putting me in a coffin is not at issue. but I feel like I just have to smuggle lotta we'd beforehand. I couldn't do anything
make the site. I would fall asleep if I smoked the right amount of we'd or day as Manville. Piano go, but not for thirty hours. That's the thing! That's a long time! That's a long time the lay down anywhere, but here I just thought was an interesting allotted bet. What if somebody like snuck sedatives snags? as well as other colleagues. I wonder if he drank ass you before you get MC thoroughly. Listen when you have to be clean. My fucking Olympics, as you told the share look, I know you have the scissors so just leave Linda begins, save this for the real heroes? Ok, really fuck him Amanda Forgotten, where the ram and speaking of wonder This has nothing to do with. As I do- and I said well, let's just let's, let's say what
cases today which now she didn't know what our cases today so she's gonna be taking journey right along with you guys, and you guys, are excited, Bonn and tell you this is going to be skills and experience you might as well. Just go, spend thirty hours in a coffin instead of listening to some of these are so we're gonna be covering the toy Box killer David Parker re scared. We're gonna be doing this in two parts, because the more I went into the more I just realized is way too much that I don't want to leave out, and it's just you need to know the whole tail here and It's a lot to taken, so I dont want to make it this big long up, so they have to teach has in one serving so organ. Where do you keep this out in the two? Our car now I'm. Gonna go ahead and put this album I will remind you, as the episode goes, you discover their lives to get into somethin rough to put it out right now. This is a very
disturbing case there. Is a lot of descriptions and mentions of sexual assaults and rape and torture. So if that is, something you are into. I fully get it this reminds me of one. I turn on like a show on each beyond its like this programme contains subject matter. That is not of a. We need that we really do what did they say, not warranted for all viewers. It's not recommended for younger audiences, this is definitely not defer any young audiences at all. So I feel We like you. This is something new and do you know what? something else sand castle proudly, but I will try to get the second half of this out soon. So you know we don't worry. What will come? Look I'm right! around something a little more jaunty next week will have to do like a nice man do illegal via a nice mariner. Yet you know like flowers like a fun murder, Lowery one sir. So here we go guys know this one
truly a hold onto your butt. smaller? I have an hour to drive home, you fucker, the Us can be rough stuff. Now I think the I am astounded that a lot of people don't know this case, loading, Russia in a lot of you, even like true crime fans. Will I find that their legs? I remember I was listening to the sun last progress. On the left like years ago or like a year ago swimming, and Henry was saying how he didn't know this case and Henry's like a big serial killer. Henry. The brazilian color he's a big zero growth. he's a big serial killer like a fish are not up to you. This is one of those. That's like a really deep. You have to be really really really into tutor crime to know this one set off about. If you don't know it, I'm surprised he's not bigger in, like more like I cause this guy's top three at
least, and in here in Amerika or other places too I mean ever I mean he's depraved beyond your while this amount shanty he's, I like to think of him as part Bt K, part Robert per Della Part Buffalo, from sounds of the lambs like dull, with a little jigsaw from saw, thrown in and he's a kind of living, the real, version of the fire five family farm on house of a thousand corpses la So again it's gonna be rough. Now, start. Shall we know David Parker re sounds like I fucked up. Dude sounds like like a country music, star, actually does. He was born November six, nineteen, thirty, nine and Bell in New Mexico, Flemings he's a Scorpio. I think there you go maybe I'm around no idea, I'm Capricorn! That's all! I know
David was created. He did abuse of childhood, but he was created by a different kind of abuse, the scary time here the product of severe neglect in childhood, open, which a lot of psychologists actually believe neglect is actually has worse consequences consequences on a child's developed. and then more like aggressive, constantly passed around different family members in basic. Is mother. Didn't give a shit about him. mainly spent a lot of time with a super aggressive. Unlike pretty abusive and stern grandfather who I was fuckin mighty is Scorpio Vigo, his army out, with rising. As a result, he retreated to writing in journals frolic hours at a time what comes act later in life. That's too long and he really relied on like a fantasy world. Fantasizing was a huge thing, which is that happens in a lot of these cases, these deeds and just retreating into a fantasy world.
Now his dad was an abuse of alcoholic who, like was never. and you just re at his life every now and then and we need you. Acted on in you just show me be a deck. He beat everyone up and then you just leave a bag of magna links for David thanks for common ground, so nice to see every eye magazines. Did you bring them this time the aims and ensuring the phase to slay magazine law and down? so just like highly its magazines, hard to be eliminated or in magazines, definitely to ah to leeward torture, Saito, masochistic porn magazines link, images of women being bound and tortured and beat up policy will be real job. He means are like I was from when he was young hills, visa issue, Alec, here's a bag of of essence, man like not even just like a Playboy magazine, so they were like fucked up magazines. not a regular god, he's cooled cool dead. He leaves me say: domestic, a thick porn, mags, the other
that can greatly other heads like yeah my dad and having seen automated round the aims we have different childhood, I ll marry both to said things are moving time and describe perfectly who we are ass, people by their driving the baseball games. Like Mama pact me twinkie, but it is not Calves include sloop, even its. I tell you. This will be this. This added go in. For now. This kind of power and this kind of fantasy became an obsession form whilst other ones. We spoke of it really shaped his ideas of sex and women makes, and now he was actually kind of bullied at mountaineer, high school and Mountaineer New Mexico, where he attended, because you super shy. He like withdrew into himself
or would you said why do people does not leave shy people alone? What does its orders filling? Hey want to eat lunch without contravening alone they learn you so here especially shy around girls, because, like what fucking basis did he have for learning to speak to girls properly is likely you really. Can I tell you I was entirely. Can I tie your hands and aggravated fellow feeling wave comfortable so because of all, the awfulness in his childhood and the poor use devouring way to fucking is sexual abuse These were mainly thing. You know like raping, torturing and even murdering line. Also, that's like how he figured he was gonna get him. please I'm sorry. Where was his mom again his moments it's like she disliked didn't give a shit about, haven't uses house off to his grandfather, really raisin, hoping healing close to home. Cooper University Health CARE, a complete academic health system from primary care? two more than seventy five specialities from evolution, neurological care to advancing cancer care at
and the Andersson cancer Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate, complete. hope and healing close to Home Cooper University Healthcare, a complete academic health system from primary care two more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at Andy Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice? Cooper committed, compassionate company, So it was around this time that his sister ended up and we'll talk about our later cause. They did talk to her when they caught him later is smaller. He got caught,
so his sister discovered his drawing that he used to draw and he carried this in later life. No raw women like tortured, tied up and beaten and murdered. That was this thing He found them and she also found some erotic photographs of bondage axe. No one did anything because no one, the shit. Now after he got at a high school, he worked. Doesn't a mechanic and He also attended the army where he received an honourable discharge from it. He worked as a general mechanic in the army. He hinted marrying and divorcing four times to air shocking, He had two children till I get stop tying me up, gallic eyed, the I'm not into the village. I have no feeling in my wrist anymore could be fuckin, have the know how they can reach. Can we just want would make Love Cooper David man he's a fucking like no ok,
so one of his children was a son who he named David Junior, oh and three an empty and no thank you, but they talk to have later to throw us he's like a change money, and they also had a daughter who use pretty close to or not I don't know what you allowed: their gene ray who they called Jesse. die, Conor Gesture, Our data ran away from the south, while in Mexico They got it. Jirsa, actually, scholar. Just now. I think they're like Jirsa, just because you can't say Jesse Ray, you have to say SARA Ray. You have to say it. It sounds. Just array you can't just really oh hello, Jesse Ray you have to Billy Jes Array, where you were making a stomach turned a little bit, sorrow, Jes, and rightly so, just arrived, and
He ended up after you got the army and you know started be an adult kinder. He started working as a partner you're. A mechanic in the elephant beats State Park in New Mexico, Elephant Butte he persisted spelled be tt. Which have been going out but or elephant booty rang out, though its ability of Budapest He was known by his coworkers as feeding word, shall Superman although I linking literally these people like eight went I'll get into it later, how shocked they were leg, his boss? an old mention it again later cause I'm sure you'll forget, but there He got arrested his boss, put him on paid leave, because he felt that show my simple. The milky was like. No, this is crazy. He didn't do this law, yes, so he really they said he was super, charming, pretty quiet, but not like
you quiet, and everyone said he was the guy who literally one out of his way to do favors for people. Surely he was like a reliable dude and he would help you go out and he also apparently three Wigan same parties. A lot I mean in its on always downwards, has invited ashes like a lot of on board the gardener ray I'm a hairdresser, I gotta hairdresser autumn Skippy you'll want to attend his party's. No, so Clearly, no one knew that he also happen to be one of the rarest types of sinister personality types, which is a sexual sadist, now This is some one leg: TED Bundy, for example. Who can literally only get off by having another living person being tortured or put through some kind of immense pain and suffering, you imagine if that was the only way that you could be to yoke and apparently there is a thing where they found out that he had contacted Lake one out via grow customer support when he was yet like a teenager cause.
No, because he asked them if by our girl, would help him achieve an erection without her to hurt someone grossly red flag via girl was like a sorry. The connections really bad will happen. You know what they're like reading your call for customer service as if they were like. Did you hear that? No ok, goodbye level, David, but here he literally wanted to find out. So that's how bad it was for him when he was like a teenager. He was like. Can pull this help may be normal achieve a normal. That makes me sad because they clearly all honey, arguing, conditioned rescues programme to me, the arms around for any was literally being link. It will this help me just have sex when someone without hurting them? Nobody psychologist might learn idyllic. I need to go to lunch. Break now, so the other person that's gonna, be involved in these this case is a little way
be named Cindy him shut, the fuck up, shut up, We now know cinder hinder Syndicate, Chateau Margaux Hi, I'm Cindy I've seen daddy, send to hinder, shut the fuck up I mean it's his very much younger girlfriend. Oh how much younger participated in some of this she's. Not crazy, younger, but much Algeria Muggah so send to hinder, who the fuck up through our Sue Herbert was deleted. They at last you shut the fuck up its hyphenated with itself certainly grew up in a nightmare as well. Mercosur buggered more members to invalidate like many Vera day one. He was born on February six. Nineteen sixty nine in Seattle, Washington, She was pretty much ignored throughout our childhood by her beauty pageant obsessed mother.
No promote your mother, didn't put her view to pageants. She herself was it. So what is it like? A honey Bubu, Childs, oughta, honey, booby child. It was not a syndicate shall she could have benefited she could go to how to deal with. These special was actually is. Perhaps she could have used that but yeah she just didn't pay attention to her. She was ecologically and sexually abused, and at one point we throw her child, her stepfather sexually abused. Her listener and at eleven years old she finally got the Kurds to tell her mother and her mother, her mother dove step up, I didn't do that, and so the mother decided to choose the stepfather and kicked her out of the house at twelve. what you guys are your eleven year old comes up to. You is like yet the dude you married has been sexually assaulted May for years and you're like yeah. I think you should just leave you little while viewing twelve year old, suddenly, seven streets of Seattle at twelve years old and
she started dealing in doing cocaine, pretty young and being just a supervisor Human she's only twelve pretty much She went through a ton of awful violent relationships with deeds and she was She was tiny. Like a hundred, I've told you you could do in fucking cocoa, because he was apparently sleep, pure muscle, We can only one who knew her since she was fucking pure mother. She trusted, you probably is probably a little misuses. Lifting cars are eating and several people close to her. different times in her life, including ex boyfriend, said she could easily beat the shit out of a two and fifty pound person. How good for her I mean it. Now. She did of having a sun at sixteen years old, looking out on the streets and by her late Is she ended up having to more children, two daughters, awhile and by two to three different? Do
yeah, so she obviously couldn't take care of them because, like why are you having kids while living on the streets noon? Copious amounts cocaine, I don't know, but so when the youngest was like ten years old, she just sent them away to live on grandparents, her mom. You know the really granting down. Just so you know, give em a proper whole plus child, so in ninety ninety seven, she got some deep shit for selling cocaine to an undercover agent. Oh now, also at this was that around thirty seven years old. Ah now so after this bus. She was ordered to take a drug coarse and she wasn't do you any of that let me tell you, I know a lot about drugs. You know what I mean is that I could teach this core exactly so after bailing out our kids, she Seattle for New New Mexico, and she became like a huge bar rat in just a piece of shit by this.
So you got busted for do you. I was sentenced to thirty days in jail with six months, probation and fifty hours community service, almost immediately on arriving at truth or consequences New Mexico, because the actual name of the town truth or consequences. ago. That's crafty right. I guess it was named after, like a radio show that leg said if town named there said themselves after their radio show they were broadcast. There's something They were like yeah sounds like anyone. I only Harry ominous when a serial killers, that's going to think so. She performed her community service at the state Park where one David Parker rate worked on. He was like look back let us into hindrances where she met him and they became regulars at the blue water saloon, which is
place where a lot of Vienna bar where lots of locals and park and parks employs, hung out regularly, sounds like a lifetime and lay hid it right off, because one of the biggest things they shared was a love of Satan some. Oh, she liked thought you it's a real love story: yeah, maybe I'll. Just love ass. This is the original notebook they decided. Rescript later made tweaked it a bit there, but it's basically the same. by January nineteen. Ninety nine we have like Cindy Hindu, doesn't work for the female role where you cheated alley. You know I added. I had no idea what that girls name was, I was gonna say instead of sending idiots were but effort. I didn't really. I saw that movie once I think it's alley. I have no Europe de I hate them. I'm pretty sure it's no an alley. I think the notebook is a terrible. not a huge fan either. I don't hate it as much as you do, but I saw at once the mouse
in high school. I used to watch it if a boy broke up with me and I was like what am I to voice. What am I doing? So by January, ninety, ninety nine Cindy moved into David's house a forest there only together for eight months when this thing is all said and done this on all the time, but they love story remains ok, so Cindy Handy in David Marguerite. Eleven together in this house, David Parker RE, did his thing for which were getting into four. What authorities believe could be like forty years we What was he he was like sixty seven, I want to say so. He started when he was a mouth a teenager and they believe in them
time he may have kidnapped, tortured and murdered somewhere between forty and sixty women. What the smaller prolific now! Why do they feel so sure about this, because David Parker re kept detailed, meticulous diary? all through dolphin. He started that shit and when he was young to escape his household and his family and he continued it. Well, now he didn't just keep diaries of like today I had eggs Benedict a very weak cup of coffee, Your girl loves that. As a spaniard, I had no idea. I taught lava, we coffee, I hate we coffee, but he's diaries, were, were records of his crimes that included dates times location, of kit, where the kidnap so like a fucking confessional, literally the victims with detailed descriptions of their stay in his house of wars and the torture inflicted upon
as a state, and they said in this house. Oh yeah assertion: she don't know shit. No, oh yeah! Trust me. I want to do this year here. Here you are worthy of this is like when you shop to school, because you think that you have like an assembly and then you get there and its. I nearly got along the apparent about like non smoking, Weed Amir Europe wire. Here. This is your assembly about not smoking, weed, zero somebody about not torture and you ve felt like We have not gone well, do not just describe in detail what he did to these women and how he took them in everything he would write about whether they were turned loose. after he or whether he was killed them, but he never wrote where he put the bodies. So he returned, people lose some people, we let go. find out why more of them didn't come forward or or even no in sometimes what happened
I'd start Dawkins gonna get dense. He never wrote where you put the bodies. Now this guy he was, he was smart I mean he was, he was the one they are. He put together a lotta. He could. He could build things like me out here and he could an engineer fix it. and he was just smart about what he was doing. Unfortunately, and no bodies have ever been found, in this case ever, but it's because one he never wrote down where he put the bodies into. He lived next to a large expanse of desert, which will get into it a little bit and one of the largest man made lake. The United States. So let us remember like so many places to put those bodies will they did, but they can all evenly. Now. Many checks on my eyes, like you, can't get every square inch of the desert. so he was also as will get into a little bit. He was also he was a drifter while he stay in one place for a long period of time So let's just would set a scene.
March 22nd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine at three hundred and twenty two p dot m. nine one one operator in. Sierra County New Mexico received a kind of weird call came from a residence in the area, but the collar wasn't responding when she answer the phone all she could make out with it would set, What was clearly like a scuffle in a fight happening in the phone was clearly off the hook. The collar eventually hung up, but the operator was like I suppose we area, so she called the number back. A woman answered and she was annoyed out of breath. Sclerosis was going on and she told the dispatcher that she had accidentally phone line one on and that everything just fine and then it was not really quick. So the disks you have your instincts firing at fuckin maximum velocity other that that day could she was like nope, so she called the local police. She reported the situation and she requested a welfare check at the
address, so was Deputy David Alston that was sent out to five thirteen back. Road located: an Elephant Butte New Mexico, relevant booty and other Billina Mexico Olano. If there are no, I don't now treat their consequences. Error to your c is what the local scarlet should ever timey very tiny. It consists of mostly trailers with dirt. Roads are removing. Yes, did you they're consummate? Yes, we're just if it were indiscriminately to conquer the outward sir What's your first live, show there for truth or consequently dilatory life where the Hague, we have Yes, sir. I leave us. No, we do not think it, so it's it's along the vast to chew in situ in situ, in two in to do to Chechnya as I want to sponsor us out of you also. So it's that desert is the
third largest desert of the western Hemisphere and the second largest in North America, or car off just after the great basin desert Johnny. It offers the more depraved among ass, a lot of caves and just wide expanse of nothingness side, terrible things: fucking great, that's good side, no elephant boot is tiny with a popular kind of like maybe a thousand people are so in its supposed. just be like a chill place that people both alike retire. I what happened answer the door at the welfare come who care about geography I dropped out of abolish, upset and seen its very close to Elephant Butte Lake, which is that Big Lake Ausonian, diverse and if you don't run into David Perker Ray it's a great place to retire Lego Saint, It also sets next to elephant beauty park, which is the largest state park in New Mexico
where I dare not even package to be where David decorate was gainfully employed as a state rate park, Ranger and a mechanic pollyanna go there, but there's dead bodies yeah oh Fisher, so we insert we're goin we're not. There were present at the end. No it's coming, so well. Well, this deputy Austin is on his way here to the residents to state park. Employees, Christie, gas, IE and Michael landfill here that some stuff is going down on the police, radio that they have in the office they just set off to offer deputy else in assistance allow together? So they were He knew they knew he was doing. The welfare are like have no fear programmes, research area, wouldn't they got near the address. They noticed that there was a are pulled over the side of the road TAT Adam. There was a woman standing there and she was waving down their vehicle and when they, when she came over inserted, speak with them, she was upset shoes fostered and she said she had just seen a naked woman
covered in blood with a chain around her neck running down the road. What the fuck? Yes they had this woman that was telling them to stay where she was and since more police were coming, they just left her. There will you stay here. Feliz are coming we're going to go to where this is because it might be connected, so they ended up being the first to arrive at five hundred and thirteen bass road that day, before deputy. Often now, this house was exactly what you're picturing in your brain slick guaranteed. It was sitting behind amendment metal chain, link fence without the of dog sign on it, oh no, which no nobody. Technically her, I'm not going to mention a dog being heard, anything like that, but later probably in episode to do some fucked up ship with a dark now just warning
Oh, I didn't sign up further. I know nobody did isn't right in front of the fence was a wooden sign like the kind you'd see marking in state parks, and it said David P re five. Thirteen Bass wrote house itself was groves. Dirty ramshackle fuckin single story place with a black metal roof ya me like a scary, ass, Texas, James, I'm Asker, like house hunters and one hundred percent, I'm looking for this so I'm looking for my budget is six times by budget. Is this old shoe? up around was just like shit. There were just aisles of garbage remnants of semi truck trailers. Both like old ass boats sheds were like the every day they re clean up your shadow David needed again together, but when the gas in landfill came like they walked up to the house, they not owned or no one appeared to be.
While they were waiting for the police to show something else came through. Scanner known when one received another call that a naked, bloody, men with a chain around the neck, was running down another road in the area. Why didn't like knock on anyone's door. Well, trying but most of the door she knocked unknown, was home, and then she was trying to get into people's cars as they pass only trying to flag people down, but people were we need a margin and naked body, woman, dining at your car. That's it's like you, girl, Oh for number, one legged! You use stop lying! Oh I'm! Sorry! You don't help people, I'm sorry that now he has, as you know, a girl, like maybe she's, just try, I'm gonna, reported for sure. That's like the fuckin I drove by exactly a whores that shit like right away, yeah but you're not coming in my car. I don't know what you're bring him I don't know it's following you know
when Sweden as follow, and I feel really bad yeah but so do Blake Deputy Alston there listening to this name, one though it what the Hell's Goin home right now we are. Why does this happen? I'm on the edge of my mother's academically, Alston finally arrives at the residents to gas. Linford told him, then seem to be home in Austin, was like what the fuck someone just call them on. One from inside of this residence, like But then I can wait until dinner. Well always listened ahead. Let's see me! So send him, So Sierra County sheriffs arrived on the scene now in the four of them were like, let's just search the perimeter, so they searched the perimeter the home and then they, turn because they were able to be just to make sure no one was in there like a needed assistance. That was there like probable cause to get it, they d never worn yet so they couldn't do a full search, harsh, but no one was in there. They do. and find some interesting stuff Tommy every window,
covered in a heavy dark shade to back up all the light invisibility out of the house sounds like my room. The living room contained was like dirty, dark. Just shit on the floor, like just awful like quarter style, grossness someday we run before I miss out exactly the we the comparison stops here. Ok living contained a bed in the corner of the room, a weird out of place Ben it was broken glass around it and a broken lamp narratives, well, you're, not gonna. More horrific was the fact that the matters was completely stained in blood and there was a bloody ice pick lying on the floor. Next to the bed Watson, I spec again it's what they used, and I know you did last summer right. We talked about this and its what these flagrant. You know like When berries trying to scare ass wire member of these names in ITALY, so now in each of the four corners of the bed. There were shackles and pay
locks arranged in a way that would keep someone spread eagle if they were attached to them above this bed was a pulley kind of system were chains and hooks were dangling from and against the wall near it was a human size box that resemble the makeshift coffin when they open the stocks there were restraints. Shackles in it clearly to hold someone in those just the six flags that really like there. It is. I have the right here. I got it there. It is giving them for they were just giving them season passes to six flags and three hundred dollars. Okay, if nobody asked whether they really only winner properly getting impair peoples, I can really migration. This house stood out, but can we the growing lab gallows humor is necessary. Now, obviously, a scuffle of some kind happened here, but like what
FUCK was this bed and all the shit around it. Only the english officer has, I believe, you know like on fly. I retire so one another. Look around the room revealed a peg board on the wall like a court or adequately. No are you put. Links on pictures or learn your bulletin or what was there on it were a bunch of hanging torture. Devices most appeared to be like d Why jobs, lakes, jagged scrap metal? like things you find out in after you know. When I said D, I why jobs at a sheer measures and not sure why I think I'll just be. I wiped out those moments right now. I don't know I'm uncomfortable so going further into the home. In one of the bedrooms, there were two giant chains hanging from the ceiling with more hooks restrict some change around them. The walls were covered in photos of hard core disturbing pornography, mixed with crude drawings of women being tortured. There was also a bed and addresser. The top of the dresser
covered in a myriad of spooky disturbing shit, including pliers scissors clips clamps harnesses muzzles in various sex toys, shapes and sizes is up for reposted nope. Oh tat was another thing. now, beady assume, is fine. If if today we are sending a dollar one again, freaky, like by all me, live YO spooky life live your kinky life, but this was leg, not just the kinky helpful. This was sinister Spock annually, oh. I love there's no blood, it's like one thing, but if there's like you're lying on again, do you consenting adults? Do what you want by all Means league? Have your media some fun? I support you sure, but this was not that so I dont want this to be confused with people who enjoy the right right right now, how do I know that this was?
speedy has happened because murder well, as this is being discovered, another nine one one call comes in for may woman, who said quote: I'm com for a young lady that just ran into my house. She says she's, spin raped, she's got a chain, honor, send someone right away. This lady is naked. She says they ve been holding her for three days, only God this poor girl now slowly, I wouldn't let into her car pray. I'm sorry girl, so Sierra County Deputy Peter Boat awaits. I think it was responded to this. My mom Colic is now having to send people everywhere, because this, like naked women, there's just like our candidate and end Good, although like broken out of our way, do you hear how she dead? It's amazing. Should this girl was the way she maintain her brain here is unbelievable, and so this guy responded to this call. He went to the residents that they called from to say she
there, and he said there was an elderly man waving him to influence like an old couple. Yes, he said his name was Donald and that this ran naked woman with a chain on her neck had literally barged into their home. In applying panic. Oh my God was begging them to help her. His if Darlene was the one who immediately called on nine on one, and he said she was. Their helping. The woman turned to calm her down as He was telling the officer this. The woman ran out the front door towards the officer wearing a pink robed that they draped around terms. just lift fuckin good people in the office She said she was cut, bruised beaten blood all over my god. She also had a metal collar around her neck that was closed with a padlock. There was a chain attached to it. That was somewhere around five feet. Long haul
shit when she ran out of the house. She literally screamed to the officer. Please don't let them get me. Thank God is a court all now this woman was twenty two year old, Cynthia vehicle. Ah he ended up being the last known survivor of David Parker Ray and his girlfriend thirty nine year old, sinned, Hindi. She was kidnapped by the pair days earlier and said they changed her up in their home. She said she was repeatedly raped and viciously tortured, throw The experience now at the time she didn't know the address of where she was held, but she had seen their faces and knew that the people holding her went by Dave and Cindy all. She also said the police officer she pointed to him and said he's one of you, because he was a park ranger and had there uniforms like underlined and he pretended to be a coptic it. After all, Father thought he was ordered them to get into like some more details about her objection. In a minute is intense, so
now: another parks, Ranger named Byron Wilson, was getting ready to leave for the day at this time. And he's like now, I cant find the guy. He heard promotion on the scanner about like the naked woman in the nightmare best street, and he knew that address was a park, some ploys home. So he decided to try and compass. as well as apparently stay parks, employees alike. Don't agenda and as he drove their, he passed a cream, Colored Blake Motor Home Harvey when two people inside and he was like. Oh, I know that driver it was fifty nine year old, coworker, David Parker Ray and his girlfriend sinned in it. He so he just like pass by them. There wave to each other when he went to the residents and he noticed that it was David backers Property and he was like oh shit. I just passed him they're, probably fleeing you tell the police and they raised to the area where he just came from to try to approach them from all sides and like catch up with them in.
being Wilson that found them again, the same guy that pass by them. Oh shit, cause he joined the police. He was like, or should I just saw them, they thought I think they thought they were going to turn escape through the desert yeah, but the hint of just going through town like idiots. So while their name is Fuckin Cindy, the Deva re. So it was Wilson. The park range from got them to pull over a bunch of other police, surrounded them as well, and he was ordered to step out of the vehicle like on the loudspeaker and all that, and he had good, Parker Radio back. This is unnecessary Have you seen in your house? Bro I've seen your collection of dildos this very nice You ve got a real problem on your any necessary David here, finally got out. It was immediately arrested. Syn he got out as well, but she was bleeding she had he
huge gash above her left ear and was immediately arrested as well. She was taken to a hospital David was taken to Richard our Cooper, both safety eating Centre that was located in the state park. Yunkers it. closer and apparently had better resources, Hooker police department, which fats alarming is troubling, but whatever now this was a huge Kay for this point. He had no idea how to him I mean who knows how to handle this really right. Survey. calls on the New Mexico State police for assistance, the state ways. Criminal investigator wisely. Look Wester arrived at around six p m to the place where they are bring him. He immediately told everyone STAR do not talk to him at the first person. We need to hear from his Cynthia then there are the woman system. Thea was at the hospital this whole time. Obviously they took as soon as they they got. that's not possible the entire
your time she had been there since, like four p m, she just repeated over in over I'm safe here to herself over and over again, so she was just sitting there going I'm safe here all they thought I really want to cry She had an all. Only gone only got really actually made me want to cry. No right, you're, safe rationally gear, say all I've actually overwhelming since her eyes she safe and she's a bear any little may also have a lot of emotion is issues. I have no idea how her brain function on such a high level some food, so she had eaten for days so they did feed her, but she immediately through it all it does not eating. For days It's you up. She was covered from head to toe and captain Bruce and she had a lot of external injuries like burns. Puncture wounds cuts bruising, but none of them were fatal. Ok, gun the collar was actually the thing that was causing heard the most distress in the hospital had to have maintenance workers cut. It
for very with both countries will ya cushy. I mean door, it was literally lay padlocked unto her and when came off. She launched dinner across the room like a media LA came off and she threw it across the room. it's like an almost like a significant one hundred percent you're, not prison around when it came off, they said she like immediately calmed like as soon as I think him off our yeah Anna take a deep breath This is where shit is crazy. So if you this blue my mind If you remember Cindy Hindi came out of that. Our view with a gasping head wound a macabre. They ever seem fucking hospital in they were out of the hospital. Shut, the fuck up was brought to the same hospital for treatment in this. Where did Cindy Andy right past Cynthia in the house, and if she were screaming India saw her and shrieked out. She started scream
that's her! Don't letter and she's here for me like scurry, oh my god, can you fuckin? Imagine you get away from these people the fucking bitch that let this happen is very wide and right by only God, so Cindy in one was when she was walked past Cynthia Cindy's. Cindy indian form, the doctors and nurses that she'd been hidden head with a lamp, and she was. Treated and release back in police custody, ok, where they got around, she pointed out Cynthia and said that girl should be checked because the bitches on Heroin she was then brought to our David. Was a training centre, Did they inject heroin? Internal, ok, good! This is when Cynthia was interviewed by the police, because the police got there and they member, the police and Vincent together with, like we all Tatarka Cynthia. Why did issues on Heroin is live animals. Any ideas, so they wanted Cynthia to be able to talk as soon as possible. Filling the most accuracy is obviously is better
get it fresh. She says she admitted to the police that she had lost her mother at a young age. She was very close to her mother. She turned the drugs as a way to go. She become a strange from most family and was working as a sex work or to get by she admitted that, specifically, she was a heroine user and had used it two days before her abduction. Oh no. She admitted that now this will come back as to why Cindy Hindi yelled that toy. You know it'll come back later you're here, ok, no we're gonna go back to her abduction lose either. This is what she told the police, a march twentieth somewhere between ten and eleven. Am she had been walking to a restaurant and Albuquerque? She was passing through a parking lot and she ran into someone who choose like kind of familiar with this. Guy pointed to a motor home parked nearby and said, like that dude in I would like to hire you for your services for the evening, so she was like. I dont have money any money. She went over to the motor whom she said
Man behind the wheel was older tan and have very wrinkling skin from like links, some big skin. Ah slipped back were like light, hair and bushy mustache the exact description of David Parker. Now they discussed price. He introduced himself as Dave, and she said he was normal. Very nice. Everything was fine once they left the parking lot. He showed her a badge and said he was an undercover cop and she was under arrest for solicitation. So when he did, this Cindy envy appeared from behind the curtain behind her and tried to handcuff her, but she fought because she was like you you're, not of one thing I hope so she started fighting well. He had to pull
motor home. Over and David got one handcuffed on arrests and dragged her into the back of our be God. He tried to hand cover to a pipe that was fitted in the back of Araby, but she kept fuckin fighting so Cindy busted out a cattle proud and threatened her with it. So he changed her to the pipe and kept deriving would Cindy. Now, in the passenger seat, a tidal power USA, cattle proud in while Cynthia was not going down just yet, she Have messing with her restraints the M hanging on us and she noticed that the screws that were holding the pipe to the floor with loosening ass, she was fucking with them, so she started slowly turning each of them until she took them all out only caught. She was able to see flip off the pipe, but the MO bright as she did that the motorhome stopped at a traffic light. She didn't know that was going to happen. She like fell into a wall and made a sound. The noise got Cindy up out of her seat and she went by there and use the cattle prods to make her compliance.
They then stricter naked duct tape, her mouth and changed her to another part of the motor. Oh God now she said the drive was very long and when they stopped once for gas, Cindy used a gun and warned her that if she screamed they just kill her. So when they finally got to raise home, it ended up being a hundred and fifty miles from where they objector. Oh, my god, he was back their naked with duct tape over a month and chained to suffer hours. They pulled the army way like right up to the house so that she couldn't get a look at what was around. They had shackled, her ankles and they forced the house really quickly. She was then led down the hallway to a living room with brass. She said with brown straight wallpaper groves. She sent a bed was tucked in the corner among trash another gross fuckin hills have eyes type shit. This is when the metal collar was put around her neck, some right away and so stressed out right now. The end of the five foot chain that was attached to that was chained to a hook on the wall over the bed.
He was then forced down on the bed and was chained to the four corners like spreading. They then blindfolded and gagged her. She suddenly heard a tape recorder turn on what So I'm going to read some of this system. It's really bad. If we ban, I am only going to read some of it. I'm gonna leave the rest. If you want to find that you can find that this transcripts everywhere, the actual audio I don't think, is out there, but no thanks soon. I played this further victims willing, as they got them there. Yes, this is. This was what every victim was played when they were as soon as they got that look, I'm sorry you're not running a fuckin carnival. It starts out no visitors like horror movies. No is literally a horror of his jigsaw, so it says hello there batch you comfortable right now. I doubt it risks and ankles chained gagged, probably blindfolded.
your disoriented and scared to, I would imagine perfectly normal and of circumstance, as for a little while at least you need to get your shit together and listen to the state. It is very relevant to your situation I'm going to tell you in detail why you have been kidnapped. What's going to happen to you and how long you'll be here, I don't know the details of your capture, because this tape is being created July, 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety This is an open nine, all our God and she's like agree as General advisory tape for future female captives. Information I'm going to give you is based on my experience, dealing with capture captives over a period of several years. Now you are obviously here against. Your will totally helpless. Dont know where you're out don't know. What's going to happen to you you're very scared or very pissed off I'm sure You ve already tried to get your wrist and ankles loose, and no you can't you're just waiting to see. What's gonna happen next, you probably think you're going to be raped and you're fucked
you're right about thou. My primary interest is what you ve got between your legs. You will already be raped thoroughly and repeatedly. That's that's pretty rough inaugurated you can find out if you want to, because basically you ve been snatched and brought here for us to train and used as a sound kind of far out will I suppose it is to the uninitiated. But we do it all the time it's going to take a lot of adjustment on your part and you're not going to like it one fucking bit, but I don't give a big fucking rat's ass up that it's not like you're going to have any choice in the matter you ve been taken by force and you're going to be kept in used by force This amounts to is that you're gonna be kept naked and chained up like an animal to be used and abused anytime. We want any way that we will. Ok. Can we start now and you might as well be getting used to it, because you're gonna be kept here until such time as we get fuckin tired of you and we will eventually in a month or two may
three. It's no big deal is my lady friend and I have been keeping sex slaves for years. We both have kinky. Hang ups involving rape, dungeon games, etc. We found it extremely convenient to keep one or two female captives available constantly to satisfy. Our particular means I'm not gonna. Let those who were that we're done around that's a rap Yes, I want to read it yourself: go ahead by that's a fuckin trip yeah. I will going to circle back to this transcript. At one point: no, nothing, I'm just not going to read the whole thing. I am going to read in another small part of it when it becomes relevant, I'm emotional! Basically, these these women, that's what she She said she heard a lot more than that. That was a very small snippet of how long it some real it's a real long ashes. Looking at arena, The work is like two sides, so closer. I want the words
That was noise thousand, not the bad stuff. You have no idea. What comes after them No, I don't I'm never gonna! That was not the bad stuff. I'm in a bar fear, so and Cynthia. You said, quote the way he talked I didn't feel like this was his first time it was like he knew what he was doing. He told me I was never going to see my family again. He told me he would kill me like the others, so her deal was fucking horrific. She was led. to a room at one point with whips and other torture equipment with mixed in with like legitimate medical equipment like that I use and on time she's like scar walls and ship and link Forceps. All that comes up. She was hung by chains that were attached us, killing and was sexually assaulted and tortured, while hamiltons they used. An old motor that was attached to her by clamping cables and used it to administer electric shocks. To her for extended periods of time, it was so bad that she would pass out several times as a result, one
still far. She even said that when they were not actively sexually assaulted and torturing her, they would chain her to the bed by all four limbs and her neck, while they just sat next to her on the couch and watch tv like casually like when they would get breaks where they lived in feeling sexually assaulted, her torturing her they were just watch tv with her chained up next to them. Throughout the whole thing is TAT, happened in your life. Throughout the whole thing, David Parker RE took multiple photographs of the torture. While it was happening here showed her photos of other women. He had done this to she woke
on the morning of March twenty second, the third day she was there and saw David Parker re wearing a uniform. She thought was a police officers, inform obviously was Parker injure uniform before he left for work. He told Cynthia that he had a surprise for her his toy box. This had been discussed, vaguely a bunch of other times around Cynthia, but she had no idea what it was, but she had heard the word toy box so before he left re thought Cynthia had to be too weak and exhausted to train things so? He removed the chains from her legs and arms. The left, the collar of that was attached to the wall yeah the whole time she was alone with Cindy for the whole day, they just sat around a watch tv, mostly because she's been fuckin low, fast and at one point around three p m that day the phone rang in Cindy answered it. She placed the keys to Cynthia's restraints down on
Have you can't moron Cindy was just talking on the phone and she just like had walked into the room while chatting Cynthia took this moment to stretch her leg out to the table and when she got it, she hooked her foot around it and pulled the whole. table towards her. She grabbed the keys and instead of immediately unlocking her strength, slaves, like anybody else, would she took a second to think and she was like Cindy could walk into the smoking room at any second, and I need to be smart about this. A firm intimate those we're on So Cynthia slowly started pushing the table back to where it originally was because she was like, if Cindy walks back in she's, going to see that table moved. If I don't move it back and if I she doesn't see it moved, then she might not. Notice she put those keys their long. It's gotta be a mass right. Well, ass. Her leg willows stretch to push the table back Cindy suddenly walked back into the room. He saw her shoes, fucking piss. She drops
phone in lunges at Cynthia, so she tried to get the keys from her hand, but she couldn't because Cynthia was like no way so she grabbed a nearby lamp in hit Cynthia in the head with it. Oh good. No, oh, no! No bad fuck, Cynthia and sending Cindy indeed hit Cynthia in the head with the lamp bad, the lamp shattered into pieces, but Cynthia was so hopped up on adrenaline at the prospect of escaping that. She didn't even feel it. She said good, so she got a lamp shattered over her head and she kept finally got kill somebody oh yeah while they rustled Cynthia grab the phone that had dropped on the floor and dialed I'm the one who live on this was the case That was originally answered where they heard all the scuffle. When Cindy went to end the call Cynthia grabbed and ice pick. That was just casually weighing on the fucking innovation, Malta tool in slashed her on the back of the head with it. She was now Cindy Hindus, dazed and bleeding immediately so Cynthia took that opportunity
to quickly unlock her chain and run out of the Fucking House. She had no idea where she was. She was a hundred fifty miles from where she was taken. She couldn't she hadn't seen during the drive where she went right, so she literally has no idea where she's going. She finally cease, Donald and airlines. was home and she ran into the door and begged Darlene not to let them get her darling. Said the woman who helped her. She said quote her wrists slept like hamburger meat She had beautiful long brown hair and it was all matted with blood he's dirty all over her breasts or black and blue, and there were more bruises all over her arms and legs. Donald heard the commotion and ran out of the bedroom, the sea whole thing when she saw Donald Cynthia begged him to take the collar offer neck, immediately was like please get this off my neck, but he said he wanted. He really wanted to.
for you know how he said he felt it was also something the police should probably do, because he was like something happened here and I don't want to tamper with. What's going on, lay yeah, he was like a really want to take this offer you it's, I don't I can so he was the one who grabbed the pink bathrobe to cover all the nice. Meanwhile, Darlene called normal one and while they waited for the police to come Cynthia head shivering under the kitchen table. Oh my god, that's how scared She was now this whole interviewers Cynthia told this whole thing was done by the criminal investigator Wesley Sequester after he spoke with her and heard all this. He went back to where David Parker reigns in the Hindi were being held in separate rooms at the black bull. Anyone training hurt them so badly. They both claimed that they did kidnapped Cynthia, but they claimed it was for the purpose of aiding her
kicking her how an addiction, oh yeah, you oil, chaining, her LISA change, ready to get her out of her. Will they just returned to get her through the super rough withdrawal period? Obviously, ash lily stopped. Judging judge I hate when people do overshot like well. No one bought this because it's the dumbest story ever it, doesn't make any fuss she's like covered horrible, Bruce literally in one. Why can we now? Yes, so both of them were charged with one count of kids, being one count of assault, one count of criminal sexual penetration into counts of conspiracy. After being charged, they were transported to the Sierra County, criminal detention centre and that's when they stopped cooperating. They stop talking March twenty third, at seven thirty p m. The search warrant for David Parker raise property was officially approved. Where do you think that they like put out the shit that they find in people's houses like? How did they get rid of it? Will they don't get rid of it?
they goes in and evidence, and I was really dumb question. It was but a levy of honest I really like we're not on the list is all here so this or that, like a double wide trailer, basically, is disgusting and cluttered with trash engross shit, it had a master bedroom, smaller bedroom, a kitchen living room and of after the clothing that Cynthia was wearing the day she was kidnapped was found in the bedroom, along with a ton of other things. There were actually four hundred and one items that did not belong to David or Cindy lots of women's jewellery among other items like women's clothing and women,
The Sesar is four hundred one items now this house sounds like a fucking nightmare right. You have not heard the worst of it more than the toy Box beside the house was a large twenty five foot white semi truck trailer, a huge steal them bolt was locked on the door. A locksmith was brought into a market and what they found in there is what I've is. One of the walls was what I posted a photo of honour and strict and is not the toy box. Yes, that's it. one corner of the toy- this was David Parker S. Toy box when you walked in signs were on the wall, the said Satan's den and the bondage room for good reason. The main feature of this toy box was a d. I why gonna call gynecologist chair? God it was black and in the centre of the trailer it had stirrups cables were the electrodes and straps all over it fuck it was on
small track on the floor that allowed someone to slide the chair backwards and forwards. No on the ceiling above the chair was a large mirror, so the victim was able to see what was happening to them. What no job? Ships gonna get very warning warning everybody. It's real real, real right now suggests, like I wrote, hang on hang on conduits, every square inch of the walls, ceilings and shelving in this trailer were covered in various methods of torture. There leg spatters, a branding iron leather belts, paddles, clamps, Syn, paper? What saw blades? No, you know not suction cups, Forceps, whips and speculative. What's a speculative, it's what they use during her, perhaps mere, but I was
You ve asked his face. I feel like they were set. Rural syringes and bottles of ammonia chloroform at the place, with fucking chock full of sex toys, They weren't just like run of the mill sex stories they were made from wood metal. They're, all perhaps even most disturbing. We get ready. No, no! No! No! A fifteen motorized dildo was found. It was attached to a giant motor with some kind of switch that had three levels: Buzzer Light and pro I'm not laughing at this. I'm working its beef tea, yup motorized, yet ropes, police, handcuffs and chains hung everywhere in one corner there was a wooden contraption that was would seem to be handmade
was used to forcibly bendy victim over whom we gotta rape them. I feel now I'm not kidding you. I feel now she is with rough, but there are medical books on anatomy and porn magazines everywhere. Why did you pick this? There was also lipstick, mouthwash pursuit for perform perfume who thought shampoo and baby lotion you, a cork board had photos of other females being tortured and drawings of fantasies, as done by David Parker. As well scattered along the walls were also medical photos of anatomy and detailed diagrams of methods of torture. One of the large metal drawers pulled out to reveal a slab, not unlike those found in the morgue. One of the most disturbing pieces of paper in the toy box was a list of instructions that was found on a wall that detailed how to use a mechanized tool to inflict maximum
and thence to victims brass when you so what the instruction. Now I don't want to know this is set on this thing that was used to hold. It every breath. It said quote. This process is very painful and due to the constant motion, the body will not adjusted Pain during the operation. That subject all remain in extremely painful duress. So that's what a sign above these said, the lure of Saint Terrorism, and he also had placed to fake skulls nearby with candles like shit. You find them like a sixteen year old, mercosur and click. Fucking guy hung up on one wall was a long black robe with a red cape and a Barbie d, all wrapped in chains. There was also a clipboard with a list of names, and
alongside. It was another paper that contained some words of encouragement not for the victims, but for David himself is kind of like an affirmation of sorts, and it's not. I know what you're thinking it's not like the ones that, like your life, poacher yoga teacher, give C4 since I kind of fame it read, quotes. Remember a woman will do or say anything to get loose. They will kick scratch. Offer money by yell Beg scream run, offer sex threaten lie, wait for opportunity, standard excuses are sub stories. Menstruating, pregnant venereal disease, AIDS, sick, kids, with baby sitter have to work a sick baby, a sick parent claustrophobia missed my husband, her friend bad heart can't miss school. Don't let her get to you if she is worth taking shoes worth keeping and she must be subjected.
No sir, before the woman can be safely release, never trust a change captive, so he one of the things he says in the audio tape that he place for these women is like you, whatever you say, I'm not gonna, believe it like. You can say whatever you want. It's not gonna work, and I think this is to remind himself like no matter what they say. Don't let them go early, don't give them any sympathy. There was also an old television that was mounted on the wall at the foot of the torture chair that also had a video camera aimed at the torture, and it was only a tripod. The entire trailer had been sound moved. So no one outside could hear anything my card now when they went in there there's into like they just they. This is what they found during their search for so. This is when the F B, I was called them because holy shit. They wanted town. Like me, I even call anyone for hope. In literally
they're like Haven, daughter you today or do not fucking exemptions like this happening, what they wanted to gathering and processing evidence, because there was just so much of it. I mean like: where do you start? The FBI's behavioral science unit was utilised for this cases, well. This is when Cindy Hindi started talking why she agreed to be formally interview Bobby. Gabriel Science unit, you she'll, get excited, there's something in what she said was she she decided to come clean. She said she did know that David was a dangerous sick dude. When she got together with him. She said he had informed her about all of the shit he had done over thirty forty years or so before they met in wait until you hear what Cindy Hindi has to say.
Because we have not even scratch the surface. What what we haven't even scrap. Now no known only talked about Cynthia Beale do. We have to talk about other people too. There's we have about people, he murdered. He murdered people have not talked about the ones I could be other ones. Sec got away. How many So are we talk? Part too is going to be the conclusion. Hey. You know how Collins sick for work, Collins. Six next week you encounter thick yeah, I'm not coming into that. Why have thing Linda for next week, and I it's much I had something intentionally- is a fun fluffy here, let me as a fluffy, its fluffy. I need a pill. Ok, we'll do a fluffy or one trust me Susan, One of the task of David Parker Wrong whispered to virtue we're wrap it up when wrap it up. Amazing sand
both literally told my husband, you not one goal is to believe I M going to tell everyone. I know you might want not want to listen to know everybody. Listen, I'm gonna tell everyone. I dont want to listen to this episode here any not okay, next. We going at a more into Cynthia we're getting more unto me. No, what happened after they arrested we're going to talk about the stuff. they found after he was arrested that because they found that he had murder people, they found videotapes. They found all kind whole myriad of spooky awful shit, so we need more into that south next week. hear more about how sent, because Cynthia has been, unlike I d discovery, no she's not been on Ellen. I don't think this is really an Ellen topic, but we can't can Ellen hosts next week?
I don't want to know is too. I have a story for you doctor Phil House next week to see what the fuck is wrong with you are doing this year, fucking nice little sister, you're fucked up only a man see I promise I M party, we're gonna wanna, give some more shit to find out that it'll, all at all, be wrapped up in a balloon. That's at least somewhat sense, not all satisfying that someone said I feel noxious yeah so we're good. I think we're going to try to put both of these out this week. Cuz it's. Why not? I think we should just rip the band aid off, get it all done so then we can give something fluffy next week I will try to do that. I think I've lived. I think we ve like broken. I think she's broken. I am. We broke
we broke ass, do among do in half an hour break, we're only on up so twenty and we broke ash ashes groundless about what we all work well. Well will be ok, so until then our patriotic Peter under cards observe my thought, gas to paper out thirty bills. Get a sun Instagram at more replied cast at twitter at a morbid podcast go ahead and go onto the Facebook and with this Facebook group that has a few members of school, so thus conical so go in. There and rate and review try not to cause don't just american, not funny assholes but like. If you feel like you want to go, everyone Given us. An awesome review has been so amazing in Sweden supporter we fucking love you all. I do whether you
can contribute to the piano. Not you are our favorite yeah you're, all amazing, so we're gonna go Uncas. This has been a thing. May bucks, gonna fall, half ass did not proper. We hold onto her, but so we will feel funny anymore. I think it's pretty funny. Senecas, like torture got half gallus him, but if somebody like sought office- but I mean what what if what? If he's unbroken is taking a journey without us right now mind. I don't want my mind at EU level. I feel I feel this was a success everybody I thought he was a good, so we hope you keep us. We we hope you keep. We notice France and inflection this week.
Goodbye, I'm never going to go anywhere alone, anymore, don't go to truth or consequences. Is this there's always consequence? No truth, Just consequences was gonna. Make me I am: what's that call doing back up, stay tuned fur Jes Array,
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