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Episode 200: The Weepy Voiced Killer

2021-01-09 | 🔗
This week Alaina covers the weepy voiced killer for our 209th episode! In 1980 on New Year’s Eve Paul Michael Stephani brutally attacked Karen Potack after abducting her from outside of a bar. She sustained some of the worst injuries seen by investigators,  but she lived. This would be the first in a string of bizarre an gruesome attacks on women that potentially would lead to murder. The strangest piece of this case is that the killer called the police himself to report the attack....an he did it while weeping hysterically.  As always, thank you so much to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping! Betterhelp: Special offer for Morbid listeners get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid Firstleaf: :Join today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping! Just go to TRYFirstleaf.com/MORBID.  Upstart: Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today, go to UPSTART.com/MORBID.  Athena Club: Sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order! Just go to AthenaClub.com and use promo code mtc
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We're knows, I'm a leaner, my name is ash and this is morbid you were there that I didn't say bizarre broke my intro new year's resolution, you and so far with. But I know how know everybody was excited, so you gotta give the people what they want. You do, and you know what I think everyone was sad because they could feel it that you didn't really want to sit up. I didn't I didn't ya, you thought you wanted to willing deep down inside my land. I don't you know what dj lady. We are one yeah! You know it's cool committee are different. It's five on defence.
Yeah of different. You know I welcome to our two hundredth episode, This is two hundred hung technically two hundred we have more than two hundred, but like this is the official two hundred. I guess you could call it. I have had it officially officially hope he added that you know we were gonna. Do something leg, we're like all: what shall we do for two hundred that beside them, like that's, boring know why don't we make our two hundred versatile? Both the lobbyist excited, so that we could say this is our two hundred and wind out of the sewed, so services. Sure every episode especial death, bazaars manner, and we are here and were bonding. So this is be great episode of sand like somebody, if I do say so myself. Let me just pebbles over the back, but the two hundred first episode I mean that's, that's gonna, be something we made some plans and also, I would just like to point out I'll, be posted on twitter that we're really excited about them.
We're really Falcon excited about this, but that's not even the thing TAT s even more stuff, but this this is gonna blow you mind very exciting out we're just you know, we're gonna. Take it in a little bit of a different direction, but is one we wanted to do for awhile? Yes, and we just got something added into it. That's gonna make it even better yup we're gonna be talkin about Gauss, Sonny. Oh my god, it's gonna be like the paranormal sweetness that you just didn't even know you needed. It sure is self. Ok I don't. I just want to tell you exactly what it is really explain. Now, just Amber Tee and watch a show and live. Your life is gonna, be fun It's gonna be a lot of thought. Insolvency around I'll, see you will see in a few days for that one. So get ready. Coups were relieved. I can. We owe switching gears really quickly if you go to shop, tat, morbid podcast, dot com and you want to get the annual
congregation of the Cubans t shirt, those are on pre sale right now, we're who nay, really cool, really cool shirt itself I'm gonna, try and conscience shirts yeah. I don't think we really have. Ah, oh you know what we want to do a shout out to somebody who did us the most solid, though saw visits, holidays solid of twenty twenty one. Thus far has, let me tell you the ruinous amongst so we have been like. I think we mentioned a couple of episodes before I, like people have found out that ash has a tick tock. Now we wanted to make one for the podcast just a kind of like maybe deuce, it's an easier way for us to do like I dont, really I'm not a big instagram person. So didn't I didn't really want to do it there, so I got in the tick tock as ash got me into hell yeah, so we figured doing a tick tock for the podcast, where we can give you guys something behind the scenes looks and such
Pod lines is fun start I verily just make fun of things and be funny, so we figure we're going to do that. We had made one yet and I am also going to make one, but I have no idea how and I dont know what I'm gonna do. So I got you I'll, let you know, but we haven't made the pond cast one yet in then we get a message from this beautiful angel Carter Carter. They went on Tik Tok, they saved, they made the name like morbid podcast, a tick tock account for it up then save. For us, gave us the login information and was like here you go now. You can change the passwords and ensures I just one. save it for you, so no one else took it. That was the most kind and thoughtful thing literally. It made my heart sore also came at the perfect time because the past today's Alina knows I've had a rough pasture and that
a little act of car. Both suggests. I feel people don't realize how much little things like that can really like just change. Somebody's too, is in league, with everything going on in everybody's got so much crap, oh for real, and for this person to take even with every and going on which I am sure they have stopped going on to, of course, is everybody does right now cod yeah to take time to leg? Do something just just be thoughtful like that, like very selfless and thoughtful like that was just like really nice. I now see us. Wow. What a nice thing that you did so they need you so much partners. So we now have morbid podcast tiktok. Wasn't anything will follow out morbid podcast on tiptoe you can see Sweet Carter, making ass men that they saved the UN's aggravate, whereas video Joe, we just want to say, thank you so much cause. I was really really appreciated, fresher and without further ado, I think we will jump right into
the weepy voiced killer. This case is crazy. It's shocking. because there is not a lot of like details about his life or at the victims, really, which was of America's Austrian. I was taken to try to find, but man you can't do this hard? If I end up cause, you know Knocker, not if I am not finding something I will do like. We will do a little update episode on a few cases. I think going Africana cause things happen over time. Obviously, but I'll definitely up day, because if I can find anything I really want to, but no one, looked into the psychology of the sky it there is no books on him. It's not really is greatly. So what he's
known for the reason he was called the weeping voice. Taylor was because he had a penchant for calling the police after he would kill someone or harm someone, and he would cry, and he would tell them where they could find the person what he had done. He would apologise he would, after make them where nations like you wanted to kill himself for doing. It is very strange, very creepy, very unnerving variant, comfy and his voice is very weepy ends this one's a tough one, because no one really knows what he was never diagnosed with anything he wasn't put in a mental institution he wasn't looked after by mental health at its veto, operators are experts or anything. So this is nothing that can point to it, but there
a lot of sources. That say he did have mental illness and his family. Although we don't, I don't have any concrete sources that say that rain. Ah he I mean what he's doing here certainly could be looked at as a mentally ill person, who doubt who snap soon does something and then immediately regrets it and doesn't know how to handle it, it can also go the complete other way in he I mean he's a monster yet numa I couldn't go the other way of him being completely sane and doing these things and I'm getting joy out of reporting them and acting remorseful Some of them. Almost I mean, like you said I could totally go both ways, but some of
calls are so over the top, and I, with area I could see like some asshole killer being legos, begun whole areas of undue, both exit, that's the thing, and when you listen to it, I will play their according. So just wedding, you not front there will be the recordings of him like crying into the VON. I showed John the recordings, and what do you think like what we'd be your first? Oh that guy's faking the ass, like that's, not a real cry. He is enjoying that. No that's the thing, I think, because we went through them like literally right before started. The last call. My is the one that- and you said it makes you kind of question it like yeah- Maybe he's not do I think he was in a healthy mental state. Now, slowly, not browsing. You really care be when your murdering people, always I wouldn't say most killers- are, do I think, he's remorseful now I don't really think so. I also think he knew this was gonna, make it of a big case and probably put it in
Media outlets and a Yankee enjoyed by I think there is definitely some enjoyment causes will see this guy. Paul Michael Steffani is his name. His name is not he's given name was not the weeping ways to go. I know no weirdly enough, although it should have been he he just idle. He p always says in me recordings like you know. Why come in fine me, why can't you catch me like make me stop. I want to stop and he's like, but he doesn't turn himself well, that's the thing is I give you wanted to stop. You would turn yourselves and that's tauntingly at my can't you find meaning I and it's like. If you really wanted them to find you, you Billy I'm standing at the pay phone on this street. Please come get me before I leave and at one point as I do that reality vacant many illnesses so to me, it's like now I think a whole bunch of bullshit anythin ease amount.
stir nor through ass monster, when you find out ass monster, see inflection on. That was all right, but you know what I mean. wait. I could somebody droughts and ask MR fleets a true ass monster, not a false one, but so yeah he's terrible. These crimes are horrific. They are very gruesome, he's an evil. Evil. Son of a bitch Right now, was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh big possible porn. Have your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your ex reward twice as fast by shopping. Your dinner favorites after four p m
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Almost like vehicles with a group with because having to inspection, must guarantee and seven thirty one twenty one particular provisions. So it start What we do know about him, what we do. About him was that he was born September. Eighth. Nineteen forty four in Austin Minnesota link not makes him over a girl, but I'm a double check. I think you're right. I think I am could actually yeah yeah who hated, hopefully, if he ever go, he was the second oldest of ten children.
when he was three years old, his mother, he with his original father. Nobody really knows what the biological father was doing, but his mother did remarry when he was three o to a man who again, we don't know a lot about, but he claims that he was slightly abusive, nothing crazy, but then you so he begins. It would like nothing. Crazy was about a piece of winner. Will we go and his way he would like smack us over the head and like send us flying down a flight of stairs soon you'll like oh, nothing, crazy, good. Pretty into I'm glad it was nothing to be alarmed about its actually like such a thing, though, if you ve, experienced childhood trauma to like underplay eight, so true that you're, like oh, nothing, crazy, when you're like. Oh, we actually cause he's. Probably this is what other kids experience right right, because your parents do, you don't know anything else, but one thing that we do know about that family and that household is that it was termed a million different times and a million different sources as deeply religious religion domini.
it that households which can have effects on, as we have seen many many many many many many many many times almost in every case, you know it's like, I forgot to ask It's too much of a good thing, yet too much of any value is not good. Now you know so it's too and when its deeper the religious you like obey yeah yeah. That's that's not good, so It was not good in this situation. He'd have not again not allows. About his high school years are really how he was as again, which sucks I would love to do a full, deep dive on also like who decided to not do not look into. How are you? What are they really I'm going? I have so much information about so many random people, but this guy- we don't you know what I will say. I think. Maybe you know this was during the time that I believe Addis tool was working. There was a couple of other ones gone around. I see work.
Unlike workin, Lock and Angela unifying so I Do you believe he got overshadowed by a lot, and I think this just wasn't and also the fact that this these murders and assaults when cold a lot of times they didn't have a lot of information on him EL the end right, so maybe this just I just got looked over and it's crazy than it did a sad, but he do. after high school. He moved to many apple ass. He worked as a shipping clerk. He also worked as a janitor in a hospital. He got married at one point to a woman named Beverly Lindore. Not much has known about it. Buddy have a daughter you out and they divorced, and he just got straight of abandoned his daughter, never saw her again, never talked organs. Already. It's like Assam seems like a good guy for sure yeah. He
He only went about his weepy voiced, killer games, free between one thousand nine hundred and eighty and one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. So very short brief. He worked. You worked killing nasty ways in the Minneapolis Saint Paul area. So let's go to New year's eve. Nineteen. Eighty, ok, This is one twenty year old, Karen pull TAT. She was a student at Stevens Point University and she was going to be out in the twin city area celebrating, with her sister and her friends spin on New year's Eve knew they were gonna, be going to a bar, I believe off of university avenue. They spend the night there. They were dancing having fun drinking champagne, they hit midnight in the bar, but then just after midnight, somehow she wandered off. Oh without her free
in her sister, knowing that she had left the bar, she actually walked out of the club alone. She was wearing a coat. She was still holding a glass of champagne when she walked out of views. Just feel real good live that temperatures were below freezing that night in their snow on the ground or cheese and He was very, very drunk as I she had her drunk blanket on yeah. She was a young exactly so she wandered out there. She just walking down the street stumbling down university, avenue lots of people around cause. It's new year's eve. You again a seller abandoned early thing. I said, and she happened to walk through an alleyway yeah and she stumbles into this alleyway and when she does this, a man in a car pulls up. Now this man in the cars in this nice warm car he's got his heap lasting. He sees her without a coat and he rolls down the window and he says you wanna. Do you want me to take you wherever you are trying to go use? It's freezing out. I have heat in the car.
wherever you're trying to want me to bring you home, I'm so helpful? Now let me is drunk and freezing and she's, of course, gonna be like you have heat cool, I'm gonna get in the car Alec, let's get it so she gets in the car. The last time she seen and then three a dot m that night. So only a couple of hours later police received a phone call and I'm going to play it for you right now. Thank you.
So what are you gonna turn script over there? I do so. I gotta let you know what he said because I know it's hard here, like a bird by literally heard the Bob Bob Bush like so he called anything yes believe, a word. It see police and a squad to Pierce Butler Road, mom Burg, manufacturing company machine shop, see mumbo machine. Please send an ambulance too. There's a girl her there and the person says: can you tell me what happened to her eddies as just hurry, she's lying on the ground in the back by the railroad tracks by the engine room and they say what's the address and he says no, you know many say who are you: visas, click. He says what he says: collect creases. Absolutely. You know what it is for me like the young
say for me, it's there. It's like a common Moura and also it Who are you? Click slow? Oh God knows how many guy said here and it's like arid. If he's really having a breakdown, is he really gonna take them? Who are you and be like click like he'd, say something Ivy League you in ITALY? I don't now again. I don't know I've never been in that state of mind so day. obviously got that call. The UN immediately were like ok, so gotta just send someone out there, because what the fuck you dont know who the person is, who the victim is re going on, they just say, she's hurt, We can't just ignore that police an ambulance go to the Malmberg manufacturing Company machine shop, which is completely deserted at night. This he would not have been found if they, if he did not call while its creator and they find Karen Paul Tack,
She is laying in the snow by the railroad tracks, she's completely naked, and she has been beaten eggs defensively with a higher iron. Oh man, her skull has been split open. And her brain was exposed cheeses. She was still alive light she was still alive when they found her officer said it was the worst seen they had ever come across. Then her brain was literally exposed her skull. Split into two and they can see her brain and she's alive. She was rushed to the hospital. She had emergency lifesaving surgery and she lived yes, she live. She lived now. She obviously had a great amount of brain damage after that bad bachelor she loved Why she lived in
couldn't find anything, unlike what she's doing today. Being about bitch just being about bitch Fortunately, she also didn't remember a damn thing, so I mean a lot. Is both unforced? and also all very fortune. I honestly I was thinking that I was like its veto and obviously sacks because you'd love her to be like hears what he looked like hears. What I'd rather not or butter. You don't want her to remember I, wouldn't I don't want her to have that memory, I'm glad that she's, like yeah, I went to New year's Eve Party, and that was the end of that. It's like were good, yup, happy memories for you, yeah! So don't listen to this because you don't need to know what happened. There was no clues, no evidence, no clues. They had nothing to go on, except that phone call and that's it that's wild and the fact that he didn't leave em. You also loses the eighties, but he didn't leave anything behind today, like I'm, not gonna. Clue says to me. This is not him just snapping. Yeah can legally meditated, leave anything for them to pick up
because he's also I mean it sounds to me like he was driving around looking for people. It really does you know what I mean is definitely a couple times roylake you like, he just got lucky reclining song, but it seems like he. He always has something to do with row, but that So, yes, so then, unfortunately, no evidence, no nothing. She can't We tell you anything, there's no witness statements to say anything about this guy picking her up. That's it! So it kind of just that's it. They can do a lot about it. So come June. Third, nineteen, eighty one so HANS later eighteen year olds, Kimberly Compton had just graduated high school. She was a very small town in Wisconsin. I think I saw that it was less than a thousand people lived in this. Don't answer a village. literally a little hamlet. If you will
She was looking she just graduated small town girl looking to get the hell out of their new. She wants to go to the big city she wants to move on. She wants to start a job. She wants to meet new people like she's, ready she grabbed. here here, I come world right now she moved to Saint Paul hours before she came across parliament go Steffani. No now she had litter got on a greyhound bus pack. Your bags got on the Greyhound bus was going to Saint Paul dropped at the Saint Paul Bus Station, the Greyhound station. She puts her bags and locker seven hundred and fifty at the bus station and she's like I'm hungry, so she walks across the street where this is Steiner, Mickey's diner she gets this.
Show an she sits down and starts eating an she leading alone and a few booths away from her there's a man enjoying a cup of coffee alone. He takes a notice of her and he walks over and starts talking to her and she's like. Why does she sat down enjoying make she's like us, I'm already make a new friend lol, she's nice. We ask our. How old is he here? this time he was in his thirty's. I believe, use thirty. Eight! Ok, ok! So in me you know what your brand new to a town, no one ever he I could see him coming across the some minutes The accent is very friendly social policy that so he sits down. They start talking. She mentions that she is brand new from one Wisconsin can't way to start things and he's like. Oh, my god, I can take you around and show you the sites. No, thank you and she's, like that's awesome, so she's like absolutely so they finish their meals. They keep.
Talking, and they leave together in witnesses at the scene, staff and people in the restaurants, and they saw this entire interaction they watched them leave together. This is when in that's, no one saw her after that, of course. Now. This is also when a group of teen boys come across a body of a few hours later. Oh, no really could really quickly hours later really quickly. It was next to a freeway construction area and it was like a wooded areas. Secluded. This woman was laying face down and had been stabbed in the chest quite a few times with let police believe to be an ice pick. Asia is important because this is a very odd choice and rare weapon to use Leon, not many people I just besides. You know, like the guy
I for my no. You did last summer really running around with a nice back, no like there's another movie that they use and icebergs basic instinct. I think, was good yeah. It's not a weapon! That's used, opt in right now, was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible port, have your favorite Hobbes salads and more get you ex reward twice as fast, By shopping your dinner favorites after four p m, while rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the. While I added, join today. This summer. Let's get back to her, she part let's go the poster hair like it that a splash is real.
A big splashes. Let's get factor milkshakes a dinner. Let's get back to happy playing your funded, Hershey part dot com where she was found was a place with a very scenic view of the Mississippi River. He had obviously brought her there under the guise of seeing the sites and then brutally massacred her there at the time they didn't know who this
women was because she didn't have idea on her. Oh no, because when Walker exactly when she had left the bus station, she was just run over to get some food. She was not. She was planning to go right back and get her staff random beyond our way, but she had just gone directly with him to go sight seeing so the first at first she was just like a Jane DOE. They were like. We don't know who she is. Then they get the ice pick call, oh god inherent in a play so this one's a little scarier to me. Yeah, it's I'm gonna, read you the quick transcript of because again, I know it's hard to hear. He says: will you God, damn fine me? Will you find me I just
stab somebody with a nice pic. I can't stop myself. I keep killing somebody in the police's, hello. Are you there I know the guy that says hello either sounds like a famous new scale. He rarely does allow all the ten o clock news on the ten o clock news. Hello. Are you there? Yes, so he is very upset that he just stabbed someone with an icebreaker I urge you to believe at least let us Godiva is either Billy showing you that he wants to be very upset. So when they get this phone call, that's weird, correct a nice pic is a weird weapon. It's not. I stabbed someone with a knife. It's not a stab someone with anything else, its view specifically, I just stabbed someone with an ice pick and there like a weight. We have a body that was just stabbed with an iceberg We did not release any of that information right. The
only person who would know that is the person who stabbed her with an iceberg. Rapierlike. Okay, so now there like are. This is the guy. We have a real thing here so now there sitting there being like, oh so that other Karen pull TAT, one was the same guy right seems so now he had said that they had figured out tat. He had called from a pay phone nearby during when they got there. He was gone so that sucks, no during all this, they were autopsy seeing their Jane DOE, who they are going to find out, is Kimberly Compton, they were doing the autopsy and they found a key to the locker in her pocket and they traced it back to the Greyhound bus station locker number, seven hundred and fifty that's where they found her idea and finally, they knew they had Kimberly Compton. What,
they also found during the autopsy in this is interesting because, in order to trace her back to this man, they were able to look at the undigested food in her stomach beyond I just did it means there was eaten fairly recently right. They saw that she had eaten barbecue, beef and fries and within hours now this help them trace it back to the diner Mickey's diner, because it happened to be the special right you thou J ordered the special, so they were like there. It is. She was at the diner so of course, to the diner they go. They talk to the staff and the staff says like yeah, the in that's the staff who relayed that hope entire story of like the guy was hardly sky was eating coffee. He came over and talk to her. They sat down. We could hear
their conversation we saw them lays down, saw them leave together and then, luckily they were like. We can at least tell you a little bit about what he looks like. Of course, it can really help them at first by the staff. Could all identify her too, and they did say you know he was a tall guy. He was like bigger. I think they they re will say something about. hair, but not a lot else like they were like. We were really paying attention that much coups cousins. What I not yet like, who would think that he was going to kill her after that. What they found out was that he had stabbed her with that ice pick sixty one times my yeah sergeant Joe Corcoran said he saw an extreme amount of rage with that one. He was like this was rage, rice wasn't leg, just somebody going blank and snapping it was pure rage
I wonder what it is that like makes him tat, I had an idea, so she was also strangled with a shoe lace and I wasn't were killed. Her was the stab wounds. I killed her, so she was strangled before with a shoot choice which whiling torturer see at us. Now to me, I'm gonna go back to him, being it being very evident that he was raising a deeply religious house that brings about a certain amount of guilt and it brings about a certain amount of like I need to repent for my sins and I also we need to make other people repent for their sins. Aha, he might have looked at her and said: oh you gotten a car with man and later he does say that it seems like they were little flirty together and that he at one point said he unhooked her nah, while they were out there. So I'm assuming something was going on according to him and he makes it seem like it was like something they were both consenting to. Of course, we don't know rut
either way he might be looking at her and being like you are, Ask me for it, because you are you're engaging in this risky behaviour with me. You know I mean so to me. It might be him like freaking out on her, like stabbing herded ask as you like your a young girl who just went off with me and is acting. Appropriately law. You know what that's my fuckin prerogative, because you know how many of these dudes have that mindset of like I had to kill her. She was a dirty woman. It's like that irish Bible. John I will Johnny I actually and that's a dance like this could be part It makes me so mad. They done it's ridiculous, so annoying. But it's also it's like when their being raised and not like extreme of a household see it puts those ideas in their brand. Who knows, well what kind of relationship ahead with his mother, because no one fucking looked into this and I'm trying to find it. I swear but I should still like to live, but it looks
seems to me he did love his mother because we'll find out later that it does come back in a small way, but you know who else lumps there mom will This is the thing I'm wondering if it was a if it was a love of your mother that is in any gain, you gonna love had it see ya I hear and then its leg and in the UK the religious aspect into it. Maybe she was teaching him that women are unclean yeah, that could dad come carry with a comes back in a lot of these cases that that you find out the mother has been teaching them. Women are unclean and, like you, I just stay away from that for me sense to me: Klondiker Home girl, you are a woman with us.
and you fucked to make him right, like aiming other women Corso uncleanly according to your stand, especially these older ones where I'm like. This is definitely before like fertility treatment, so you are definitely committing the original sin to have him yeah so stop shaming everyone else like you, can get it on the low low. It's fine. What the go ahead! Let people love God to her when I heard that it was like a lot of rage and this one and she was a young girl and I the whole sea area of them meeting at the diner and her going off with them, which is totally her prerogative again, not a good idea, dough recommended if they don't do, but not you know something to Kelson over land, but I do think that maybe that played into it could have no that's a really good assessment if we knew more empowered. His share my can assessment mechanisms want? I did two days later he called again and he's apologizing he's admitting to killing Kimberly Compton. He mentions her by name he
is crying he sang out. Study is about it and he saying that he just can't go to jail here. It is, so this is an interesting hunt. Yeah he's a little more controlled cause he's not right in the moment, any still weeping restored sat Kinder used is. Are you still at least I'm trying to imitate someone weeping and
he's still upset, but he's not as like. I just did: it is also a little bit later on control, but what is says there in case you couldn't understand. All of it was in the first part if I was nine one one operator and I got doom. fuck you? That is why we are not despair of regos wholly so easily don't talk. Just listen I'm sorry what I did to Compton. I couldn't help it. Don't I had to stab her, I'm so upset about it. I keep getting drunk every night, I can't believe it. I did it it's like a big dream. I can't think of being locked up. If I get locked up I'll, kill myself, I'd rather kill myself thing, get locked up, I'll, try not to anybody else. Ok, first thirty miles by the way that he does not do that, just Weiler, first and foremost, thou the the use of them.
dream versus the use of the word nightmare. Yes, weird visit, it's all a big nightmares. What you think dissolve big dream, yeah a big dream of yours that even thinking about for a while cause, you ve always wanted to kill people Lincoln. It really feels like a dream to you. Are you sure about our choice of words, but I feel like that was intentional. Now this one was done eight days later and he also made another call where he was correcting something that the media got wrong about the case. All I remember that I don't have that recording but see that's another thing. It's like yeah, if you're so distraught and upset why the fuck are you reading about the cases in the media exactly and thence a thing it's like if your correcting information come on in clearly you wanted out there in the Koran quote correct what exactly and at this point there definitely connecting the two cases, because their hearing these votes, says and it's the same exact thing this is weird, doesn't happen all the time so they're like oh. I do remember that, so they really they decide.
You know what we're going to release a portion of this to the media, so people can hear the voice and tell us if they recognize Now the media immediately, he was deemed the weepy voiced killer figures. I I don't know, sir we're. I don't really know buddy call them the cry baby. That would win sitting right or maybe I do love the weeping voiced killer, though that competitors like me, I like the cry baby. So people heard this on the news and is there a staggering amount of people were like? I know that voice had so weird and then leg they got like hundred they. I think they got a hundred different people. That said, they knew who this voice was. They looked into every single one. but none of them banned hook. They were like so I saw this movie one time. It's got a scarecrow yeah and a girl with red shoes and does not lie in any sounds just like the fucking guys, like you guys know that guy so crazy, doesn't so justly really does no! You ve really. Does he just think of the noise
That's what I mean if I only highlight noise the general. Don't you know so yeah, so none of them turned out, so rarely everybody thinks they know. Somebody who would kill a lot of people also cry about it. To the police so CASA, something new- we learned in this case, so that's funny that should teach you something about yourself. I really should so two months later after this guy named Alan Lopez. He is, he gets in trouble because why is holding his entire family hostage in their home? Oh, he had killed his parents and his sister, apparently a very brutal way I looked into. It could not find a lot about it, but news story about it: Polly,
set arrived at the home and they were basically negotiating a hostage situation, so they were stationed outside his home. Trying to talk to him and at one point during I believe, like a couple of hours, they were out there at one point. He said he was the one who killed Kimberly. Compton weird said they were like oh shit, so he was arrested and he was found guilty for the family annihilation, but he was placed any mental facility for mental health facility. Excuse me and he was going, they were like. We got a question, the sky. He admitted to it or eight October well before they can question him. He killed himself. Oh no, he was never questioned so that sucks so on March 19th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two retired detective Earl Mills actually returned to the force for one day out of retirement to release the case.
isles for the weepy boys killer. Why has he said that he wanted to connect Alan Lopez to these crimes, but so that so they stopping? This might be the guy that, because we didn't get to talk to and we haven't rolled them out, he admitted to it. Let's see what we can look, so they see that on the day that Kimberly Compton was murdered, he was actually checked into a mental health facility, for like treatment are, while so Savelich like Mikey was in there that did. That means you can't do it. That's a bummer, not our guy, but the reason that mills came out of retirement was try to nail this guy, so they look further into it. They see it suddenly see that wait. A second. He was given a day pass out of the facility and he to that building. On that day, oh shit yeah. So now there like oh shit. So then they look into Karen's attack right right back on it. He was in jail on the night of care and said tat. He could not have a committed,
Zack. I love that. I also with our shared when I know who did it? Oh god I don't know, I'm still its Crete and so on her attempted murder on New year's eve. He couldn't have done it. They know that these are clearly linked, like it's. The same voice right same guy right, He knew things that no one else would now so a rule to mount because he just couldn't have attacked Karen Sittin Matt match up. So that was that. Streaming only on pick up a new original. Permit me, in fact, we are lady parts. A confused mixed hash happens, sour gum, our people to live in front runner in reality, all the so streaming. Now only on paper, streaming only on paper, a new regional common me in a punk bank. We are lady parts, a confused mixed hash, anthems sour, got our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming that only a baker.
Now in August six nineteen eighty to afford your old nurse named Barbarous Simons was out at the head. the gun bar in Minneapolis theme. On that evening, bar staff in witnesses said they saw her dancing and talking to a man that night she got dressed. She went up to get a drink at one point and she said to the bartender something along the lines. As a couple of versions of this he's cute. I hope this guy's, ok, because I just need a ride home. She said something along those lines of like hope. This guy's, ok, cause he's drive me home. It was almost like she was like here. We go he's no that, like in case something happens, it was almost like her putting that they're all if you feel that way, don't get in the car on the bartender thought you know. That's creepy sojourning took a good look at em, which good on her ability. Wait I'll drive you home ass. She was like I'm just gonna. Take a look at him she and some other whiteness resources from the bar that evening said that they all got a good look at em. They said he appeared to be around
forty years old, around two hundred pounds and six feet tall K. They said he a black hair that was receding, views balding. They said they in here. who had a mustache, can they were seen, leaving together that evening? Ok and she's gone? Oh there's another call, weirder I love that deny women are brutishly dude, like it's been a long night, shell me and understand what you're saying right now, so This one is certainly more frantic yeah. This is because this was done right after he had done it. So I think he's in the
that like high angry, I vetoes what he was going through, but its he's in that crazy euphoric. Unlike crazy, not bag state. They are in after you brutally murder, someone. I imagine, oh, that low said euphoric law? I mean prior tolerantly wherever remark, but what he said in that, because it does get a little monthly and hard here cause he's just he just crying. Just wild and although the operators as fire emergency and he she he says- please don't talk justice in which Ok Don't tell me what to do for a living. Will you shut up in these says? I'm sorry, I killed that girl. I stabbed her forty times. Kimberly Compton was the first one over and Saint Paul. I don't know. What's the matter with me, I'm sick I'm going to call kill myself. I think say where are you and he says I'm just going to if somebody dies with it, ensured on it's me. I've killed more people I'll, never make it to Heaven and she says calm down.
calmed, like God, really fuckin annoying. So Yes, so they get that phone call and they're like what white. So he doesn't say where he says: I'd kill more people any doesn't Where does he doesn't want to get caught? But what happens was the next day? The very next day, the body of barbarous Simons, forty years old, a nurse, was found, beaten and stabbed over a hundred times. Jesus with what's police, with the either an icebreaker, a screwdriver. I wonder why he had an ice back. I have no idea she was thrown into the Mississippi River, but she had become ensnared in some like weeds on the side, so she had washed up, but they had tried to get rid of her
I wrote to me is another thing: that's like did you really got shot? You thought she was gonna flowed off to see. Let's get out of here. So now police went back to the bar. She was that seen last at and spoke to the staff who were laid the whole story of that evening to them the waitress, who really took a good look at the guy after he told her. She was gonna go home with him. She was shown a bunch of mugshots a whole line up, and they said it was over a hundred pictures loud and suddenly she stops them and is like that's him, but that's definitely the definitely? No that's him. It was a photo of thirty eight year old, Paul, Michael so funny he had him a mug shot because he had been arrested and convicted of aggravated assaults before okay, now, like I said it said that he had a little bit of history with mental illness, but nothing proves that. There's no sources that
People say it, but I have not seen anything to confirm. Look an actual yeah, so I just want to say that right there like we have no idea. He was never diagnosed with anything. I have no idea. He did work at the manufacturing company that Karen was found in a couple of years before he had committed these crimes, while he was fired from their so useless. pretty good for these crimes now yeah. Now they get so they immediately get an order for twenty four hour. Police surveillance on em, they're, gonna, they're gonna go after John Wayne, Gacy they're, going to tag, and so on August twenty first nineteen, eighty to one day later he gotten his car, so they're following him like China, be dull, measles measures. No raises measures, don't leave out, but I would love to do well. Unfortunately,
I have no idea whether he caught on are not like. No one really knows this, but I dont think he did know most of what he does not accept, so he lost them somehow and he went into many apple ass. He went into you know where you can find sex workers chant. He picked up nineteen year old, sex workers, Denise Williams, they lost him and then he does this. Why exactly that's why? I don't think he knew that they are following him, because I dont say what do this at all. I mean a head start yeah, so they negotiated a hundred dollars for whatever act was going to occur. He brought her back to his apartment, they engaged in a sexual act and he offered to bring her back to the place where he had picked her up, whose issues I cool, so they start driving and she
immediately starts getting freaked out because he was not going the right way. She also said he began talking about his sexual fantasies with her and it was creeping him out like you, she was like our right like it's done like we're now they have the sexual yazzi. By get over it She said she was just getting uncomfortable and then he drives into a pitch black road. Would like no street lights this an early I she starts freaking out and she's like. Where are you taking me and he's like its everything's? Fine, I'm taking a short cut they are never taking a shortcut. No, never there are no short cuts. Everything is long. Delong everything in the world takes forever to get to keep cut, there's no short cuts in the world. None of anybody tells you I'm your singing a shark. I tell them. No Europe fucking murder me. I know it pop out of it Alina told me: Skirt Alina Toby, there's no such thing as a short cut. There's no such thing as a short cut. They all say that don't worry about,
We take you into this weird wooded area. It's a fucking short cut. Do know it's really funny about driving with me, though. I think I know I'll be short cuts. I know he had always tell me. This is fucking longer I do and then Annie the other most Annie was. I am taking like a different way because you take the longest way and I was like no, I don't, I know a short cut. You don't and then she got home before me, there's no short cuts, so I am evidence again. No fucking shown you know what it's fine. Everything takes forever to get too and that's fine. Let's all just accept it never accept a short. no just the same. Arbed podcast our deep longing yeah. That's what we're here for we're here for your long commute, not your short cut down, don't take one either way. Denise also knew that There is no short cuts, just what are figures she's very street smart. She has been which this like hurts my heart. She has been a sex workers since the age of thirteen. Oh my gosh she had been on the streets for quite some time. She knew this area. She knows how to get back to where she was miss. She knows the shore cause she's like dude, now
and she also knows do like this- who are going to try to hurt you and try to scam your ass, he was like. I know what's going on here so She immediately starts looking around. She sees a glass bottle on the floor and she's like it. Just looks at it and you like. That's there, that's good to know so he pulls in We dead and streets than in black hawk that he turns the car off. Why and she notices so she's like ok, you need to turn that car back on right now cause I'm gonna, get the fuck out of the sky right now and he tells her some grass ass or gas, no one rights for free, and she was like yup that, like that, we what and how did that? I d, ass aren t happen in you know it. It was paid for like we don't need to like. This doesn't need to be a thing now: you're not getting something for free either. the right like lucky. You made our transaction happier fuck off so
ITALY tries to grab her hand, but she attempts to get out of the car, and this really makes him angry. So he turns in grabs a fillip head screwdriver. Instead, or in the stomach o out. So she immediately snatches that bottle off the floor and smashes it right over his head. Incredibly use bleeding profusely she's, not bleeding a lot, because, even though he stabbing there, it's like to function, yeah. So it's not bleeding a time he is bleeding everywhere right. Could she has managed to get ash opened his face and head Haliae in sheet. He is bleeding every like all over the car, so it is mayhem He I guess he said in a high pitched voice. You know shut up you're, just not ill idyllic. No I'm not I'm gonna kill you lied to me. Is the evidence you need to say he has something against women, and this is something he does
because he's saying you're just like those other broad's, because she slept with him right, and he is shaming her. I think that this is what it I swear, I should I mean I'm a fucking. Do the psychology on this right are you I mean you have, as a college degree, I'm in a read a book on him, because I really do feel this has something to do with it. It seems like he is shaming them immediately after getting what he long yeah. So he says here: just like that. I'm gonna rods and then blow. Is everywhere, it's mayhem. She can't see anything. She said all she could see was blood. She couldn't get out of the car She eventually she opens, she gets the handle and pulls it and just falls out of the car. He falls. Right on top of the shut up and is continually stabbing her still and she is screaming at the top of her lungs thinking, she's alone, because they're in the pitch black there's nothing around, but he chose the wrong street because they the houses that were hidden honestly and we're just dark. I had no idea shit like this
Back a little oh yeah and she says suddenly that she decided to play dead and she was like I'm just gonna, try to pretend I'm dead, so he'll stop because he kept stabbing her and she said, undying undying, and then she just lay there, but he kept go yeah, I guess he's like. While I'm a maniac so somewhere near by there was someone with their window open. She heard these screams. This man was dug panting, sometimes fresh as for dead people other times it's for saving, oh mother time. That's for heroes! That's all so! Doug panting runs out of his house, sees this man on top of Denise stabbing her and he runs over to the scene while and it says so. I found in the trial notes for this and, like a very small court, transcript of this case. When you can only get like one payload, snippet roiling about it all. It said: panting observe steffani on top of William stabbing her with the screwdriver at least five or six times panning heard the screwdriver make a thud when it hit bone. Oh so he said he
literally here at hitting her bow. Ouch outshines, Shall Williams had the neck of a broken bottle and her hand, because she's still had that broken bottle was still trying to get him good. Now he grabbed Steffani and turned him around to try to make him stop and Steffani starts lashing out ahead, of war, a screwdriver, so Doug got away from him and ran back to his house and combine one now Steffani knew the police were likely coming and figured. He had probably killed Denny, so he got in the car and sped away. While this is when Doug being the God that we all need, at this moment, ran back out into help. Denise link weld onto her while they waited for police which, like what a bad ass he is like, he was attacked you, so he could of state in this house and to make them take care of it right. He ran back out till it comfort for him just like I want to give Doug properly to so. According to the court papers, her work, her wounds were to the
alright chest: upper right, abdomen and right side of her head. One wound punctured her long, another punctured her liver. Since she had puncture type wounds like they said there was a minimal amount of external bleeding. She was stabbed at least fifteen times, while she had emergency surgery, she survived eyes now. This is when the fourth call of the this whole thing came came. Not very soon after this, and it's not exactly what you think. You're farmer, oil bleeding from Sue. Yes-
called the ambulance for himself. Ok, so he's like any literally like I got beat up anything. Exactly like how we sounds in other conscious last frantic and it's like yeah you do get beat up. Denise beat the shit out of me. I am glad that you have to call an ambulance for its also interesting, because you do think that if you were beaten the way that she beat him, you would be frantic then a yet rice, and I, but honestly I think he had lost lot of blood, so use dialogue on the verge of passing out. That's true, but I am also just like it makes me even feel the act that was so put on a full actually exactly, and so he was bleeding profusely again. Several huge lasher lacerations that she had it on him, which good on her, so police here? This call unknowing? Oh, that's that we be DEC
definitely him good all we did we be their killer, like that's heroes, so there are like oh, that's doubling the same voice, but so they're like hurried. Let's bring him into the hospital and Denise at the same time is explaining what she had done in self defence, and these injuries are. China, because she was I go. I took a bottle and I slammed I said, gashes side of his face open and its head and there like. Oh, that matches route. more is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted of blueberry Battery brown crumble and fragrant, vanilla flavors in every cent. Stapi. Indeed try this point. Ex Summer CUP or you can is the war was apt to order ahead or get it delivered. Make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry cobbler coffee back for limited I gotta have a wild things
thought could never happen in a punk back was Lady, once a new regional calmly streaming only antique up fees, mix of hash anthems, sour, go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna from We are leaving all the Celts dreaming now only on peacock now there so like await. This is also the guy that we were following and we lost him So they like wait a second and then this woman is attacked. and she shows up with the same injuries that he that she's talking about the same Injurie she just inflicted on this man right, it's all adding up and rape. Right so and again he's claiming he'd gotten. He was beaten and robbed and that's where he got his injury. Ok bye were like yeah no half an hour,
Spot lie: Denise was shown a photo line up immediately. She picked Steffani, I wouldn't she was like boom. That's him. The matches, our lab, he's, arrested and charged with attempted murder. Glitter like this is definitely attempted murder. So left her to die exactly so. They bring him in for questioning and they bring out the case file of the weeping voice killer while their questioning him Mozilla I take a look and they show him photos of his victims in L, Aquila, you take a look at these. We think you're involved immediately. He gets pissed, aggravate like turns on a diet like, oh, I just got them and then, though it look at these bit, unlike we think you're Yemenis any like oh fuck, right off like General, which again to me, says I'm with it rang just piss that you're onto it right. In fact the first thing he does. He gets up from Chair and says: you're, not gonna, pin those on me. Oh so you know about them and is like ok. So please
officers in the room, no said his voice changed and it suddenly sounded exactly like the weepy voiced, recording, so he was doing it like on purpose. They were like he changes when he needs to know what the fuck, so they charged him where they were also gonna. They charged him with Barbara Bulgaria were able to pin him to that one to Barbara Simons. The other two murders can urge that the other murder Kimberly and me- The attempted murder on Karen were in Saint Paul, so they were gonna need Saint Paul to like stop collaborate and listen with and, as you know how that can be hard. I know his lease Saint Paul like wanted to, but like we don't know. If we have a lot of evidence like meeting, we have the calls, but, like we don't know so at first, they were like we don't know and they're like alright we're going to charge him for these two more going to get him behind bars, so they brought in a voice expert to listen to the calls and to listen to Stephanie Slick interview voice, and these two
I think those two voice experts and they said they were remarkably similar plates azaleas, but they said they couldn't say definitively. It was the same which, unlike so, what good Are you always this go say, ok, cool, so why did we bring you in today? Does it's like waiting? How much money- and our did you just make to come in here and say the exact same thing that we just said, which is my my these two voices sound very Emma left, they just sit there. They listen everything in their, like said, so maybe that'll be three thousand dollars per hour. Thank you buy sounds pretty similar. I e perhaps, but me
thousand dollars. Thank you very much. It's like wouldn't fuck. Why did you even compare like I'm not one to make both? Yes, that was annoying tomatoes like ok, thanks so much nearer. I like Greece, if I cannot tell you it sound somewhere, so they're really cool called said. The trial was in February of nineteen. Eighty five for thee, attempted murder. Andy lasted six weeks. He pledged guilty her people had not guilty to the attempted murder of Denise Andy Barbara, his Ex wife, his sister and a woman he had once lived with as a roommate, came on the stand to listen to the calls and they were asked to listen to them and then tell us who they thought I was his stir, most notably, was listening to it and afterwards, just like took the thing off in like put her head down and started like crying and said that is without a doubt, my brother. Why, like she was like without a doubt. I have to do that here, Siberia,
and so she was devastated like they offer putting me in that fuckin position, he was found guilty of attempted murder and second degree murder good, and he got fifty eight years in prison. Eighteen years for the attack on Denise and forty years for the murder of Barbara. While now Saint Paul. There were like art, Saint Paul Europe. We are like, let's get it and they were like we have enough. So there are like we're not gonna. Try Why would you want what the fuck saint Paul? Also you know he's goin away like Karen and Kimberly's families deserve limit is if you think of it. Kimberly was killed with an ice pick. Ok, cool where's, the fucking ice pickets properly in his possession is unworthy and even Ivan yeah. They don't even look. They just based we really do have a lot of physical evidence. We just have the phone calls later it gets any physical evidence said he had information that only the killer would have re in their recorded. That's. Why should I be so it left them unsolved, which but such they're not like those for families. They know he did it, but they didn't get
they're, just one technical, you didn't get time for it so yeah, so he went away to prison and in ninety ninety, seven, twelve years after he was put in prison, he was diagnosed with terminal skin cancer. He was given aid. Basically a death sentence, said you probably have less than a year, so he immediately was like oh well shit. So he asked to speak to the Saint Paul police and they were like what and he was like when I have some information you might want in. The only thing that I would like in return is a photo of my mother's gravestone. That's really fucking, which me I'm like there. It is there's your mommy issues about disco, there? It is it's in there. It's in there somewhere. I swear I will find it. I want to talk to the police, and all I need is a picture like. Why can you get that from you? So I just want a picture of my mother's headstone. That's really our want! That's just very was so they're like Kay
so they had brought it to announce that he doesn't just want a picture of her. He had just her headstone. I want to see her heads, ok, Sancta and it's like ok sure sure, there's a lot behind This is locked bubble in order, as have many thoughts, you gotta know, so they met with him and he just confesses everything the poor results and he said he attacked Karen. He was like you so sure did, and he said he hit her a good twenty times there that any so that very casual, idiotic. Whatever he says when I picked her up, she had no jacket and I thought I'd take her for a cup of Coffee Steffani confessed. I just wanted to warm, up in my mind, snapped or something so they say in the interview they say: do you remember where you hit or would they iron Paul? Did you had her? Maybe one time two times any says? Oh god no must have been. thirty time she got twenty times. I think it was and then they said You swinging it this way or did you poker with it when we turn to stabber with and he says no, I dont think I'd poked her at all. I remember hidden
her, mainly on the forehead and on the cheek, the jaw, the mouth and on the top of the head. I think it was only about ten times in, but I then notice that she really must be hurting a steel bar like that o o and, although you Paul oh, I realized she must be hurting, and then he said ten times, and so you kept going after them. Then I went another at least ten more times and also you're, saying that you had the wherewithal to know that she was hurting to sit there and be like oh, she must be hurting. This is still borrow that I'm heading your way Let's say you recognise the answer you didn't see now exactly see you are totally with it. That's why that mental illness thing it's like a real there, while you're reading this and then I'll send you like with second today. I don't know, I don't know so, then he did so that he confirmed what the waitresses set about, how he met Kimberly Compton, he said quote, we started talking and I told her I'd show her around town. I thought I'd driver by the river, and maybe we see the delta queen or have a picnic, but in fifteen minutes she was dead
Why, though, like? Why, though any says he says, I said, yeah. I want to show you something. This is really a nice view over here and he said you can see the nice river. I think I mentioned and then he said, I think I mentioned. You'll have something to tell your parents about one, and then you decided to kill her as I walked out of the car I carried my knife with me. I had ever. intention of hurting her. Ok, that's not snapping. Can we laid down in the grass- and I remember, opening up her bra, just feeling her tits and stuff girl, and I just start stabbing her and then he says I was even hurting when I went to the car I was like. I was like I mean, and that's what made me go to the put the police and use the phone I mean. I really wanted to help her. My mind started clearing up. I mean. I really wanted in many says my mind started clearing up. What are you doing? I said I said
you had a chance to make another friend I kept yelling at myself. You liked to make friends low. I think that's fry trying to come off like I just wanted to make a friend and his egg. No, no, you didn't know cause the fact that you carried the knife with you to the cut like no way, but I got it just doesn't make any sense. And then I feel it he said like you, have something to tell your parents, but to be an ass, an elegant some until your parents, about before I'm gonna, take you from them and five second right, so fuck ride off. So Then, during this interview, so they're already like ok, thank you for all the signs. ever done he's like oh yeah. I also killed someone that you didn't mention unease. I d like what what one like her besides those four people that we're talking about and he says, yeah what happened before Kimberly or between Kimberly and Barbara so it was his second murder, ok hooker and he didn't have any information about who she was. We couldn't given name.
Just a guy drowned her a bathtub in her own apartment and they really oh, so they check with raw Missy County Medical Examiner Office and ask if he knew that's where it was here and they are about anyway, drownings like that in the last couple of years, and it matches the case of thirty three year olds, Kathleen greening. Ah initially they had looked at this. The police had looked at this as suspicious She was found in her estranged. Husband was actually heavily looked on as a suspect, but nothing ever panned out. So it was labeled an accident. It was July 21st, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two she and her friend Carol. Kellogg were planning a trip together. Carol showed up that morning to pick up Kathleen. No one came to the door, so she pushed the door open, cuz. It was unlocked which she already was. Like that's weird. She said she went through. The house found her in the bathroom. She was in a
a bath face up and dead. While I wonder what did he say that he knew heard? Is this like minded and give a lotta? He said he was able to give details about her and about her apartment. That made them know that this is It was her was strange as it so different than the other. One is totally no call an a totally different Emma yeah, though it's weird about this as they had when they were looking at this like it was a foul play. They had obviously collected stuff from her apartment for evidence, yeah, they hadn't address book of hers, and when they looked in it, there was an entry for Paul S. and it was his phone number, so maybe they lay did know each other and some capacity right inside, capacity, they had met and exchanged a phone number. He also. Maybe there was a date or so banks, so that was like their boom. Various like he's telling this one that's so and when they showed him he was I gathered her like I did that major you just wouldn't give any more
he said, and then when they asked her, how he did it they were like did you like hold her head down like what happened here and music? Oh no. I held both her shoulders down and drowned her in the bathroom. What the fuck yeah so weird, so he said when the murders occurred, that there would be a voice in the back of his head. That would say Paul it's time to kill. To me says I'm going to try to pretend to be an insane person rate and He said he would always go to church after the kills and he would sit in the back and cry Then he said, and here we come with the Mamma. He always said quote, Mother always told me of something: hurts you go to God. I'm telling you that alarm is there's a big puzzled. Vizier, listen, sweet! Cheeks! I'm sorry! If you call your mom mother, get if you, if anybody, first to their mom is mother there, a serial killer, yeah Whitney from southern charge. I'm looking at you, I know that you're a serial killer,
it. May you listening If you, how your mom mother, it's weird it does again. especially after a certain age. It's like it's! Why? getting as an adult if you like mother, high mother, hello, mother mother always says like shut the fuck up color mom, it's weird man in so he so was quoted as saying: killing, was seem to me. The thing you are supposed to do that was part of life driving a car was part of life. Eating food was part of life. To me it seems I killing was part of life until I did it. Ok so again, like you're, just somebody that is a motor car. That's part of you, it's your TED Deerlike TED Bundy. maybe you're saying that afterwards, you didn't like it afterwards, but that doesn't change the fact that you weren't insane when you
did it moved in really afterwards you're? Like? I don't know if I like to that I'll try it again, though, will that's the thing, because I myself in your thing, like you, you're saying that you didn't like it when you did it for more times yet does really make all you liked it. He did die at the age of fifty three of skin cancer on June twelve. Ninety ninety eight in Oak Park Heights Maximum security prison. I wish that you had lived longer so that it could suffer in jail yeah. It's I do and what everyone is a strain and demand is a big part of this package gee, I'm Tellin ya know I need to know tat upbringing in this dynamic in this house. I don't know. Maybe I swear there needs to be like a full investigative thing into this. It also interesting, but he was like abused by a stepped out and she would tell him if something hurts you go to God. Yes, that those things are related yeah there was he eyed, he, I think, he's one of those who had a week, weird vigour and obsession emphasis. Fixation was mother but also hated her. I think, he's one of those
I think he's one of those that is like I fucking hate her, but I love her Sesar there late. You know those weird yeah yeah I like it. I thought I feel like he's one of those that is a wild case that we be voiced killer. I feel it next time. I cry. I'm gonna like think about this. I know right don't stop jobs, mainly innovation laugh about that. That's really funny! That's fucked like it's! It's outsize back yards are funny. The way at the way he says it is fine. Ok, thanks! It's objectively funny over that's the ways that luggage actively to know. I love, I don't love but like that when you go Ok, ok, all right. What's the under as foggy bring out your google, I did a goddamn. Why don't you have one, though so yeah the weepy voice kill everybody all of you. I see this bowser looked. I cannot over to Instagram Morbid vodka and finish up
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