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Episode 201: Black Eyed Children with special guest Tyler Gaca AKA Ghosthoney

2021-01-14 | 🔗
Guys!!! It's episode two hundred… and ONE! We’ve gathered you here today so we could grace your presence with one of the most lovely humans we’ve ever encountered: Ghost Honey aka Tyler Gaca. Tyler joins us today to talk about something we vowed to never attempt an episode on: Black Eyed Children. The first time we tried to do this episode some weird shit went down and it just straight up wouldn’t record. Luckily, we got our shit together and think the united force of the three of us kept the spooky unexplainable. Alaina takes us into the origin story, and Ash tells some spooky stories you can find on Thought Catalog. Hold onto your butts… and your noses i guess. It’s about to get real weird up in here.  https://thoughtcatalog.com/christine-stockton/2013/11/16-peoples-terrifying-encounters-with-the-black-eyed-kids/ As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping! Simplisafe: Right now, our listeners get a FREE home security camera, when you purchase a SimpliSafe system at SIMPLISAFE.com/MORBID. Care/of: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50. Stamps.com: With promo code, MORBID, you get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale. Just go to Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MORBID.
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and this is a special morbid. This is morbid two hundred and one two hundred and wine legalised that's weird. It's weird is way more special to have the two hundred first episode have gross tonnage, remember Mary in the flesh, not really, though, It almost visit as less. She has covered will allow yesterday cell renouncing the honour to be here virtually with you it's an honor to have. You were so excited that you accepted our invitation. We went on unlike away allows that he is not to say yes and then here you are, for those of you in the testing
literally just gonna, say twenty twenty one, all about manifesting where we want how about we are self, or those of who don't know, goes tiny. First of all, what are you doing with your life and second of all, ghost honeys? Oriel name is Tyler Geisha, so up first and foremost you're like a jack talk, celebrity Where did the name goes? Tiny, come from soup, ghost honey, and came from the fact that I didn't when people my day. Job. To find me on the internet. I worked at a college so is it? I dont need No, I don't need a very good reason. Jaso person was just my name. I was reading your videos undertake ISA and I say I got it. I got to create an identity saw at first. I was something that didn't sound is good. I think it was peach spook or something like that,
and a hundred thousand dollars at the time and I would go live and there would be like three or four Us only God, mom had made a sudden like us, so that we get angry. We're like people returning there are three listen. Earnestness is skewed people watching her eyes and saw as it can your home come up with a better name, and so we kind of brainstorming him up with ghost honey. love it. I think it's very fitting, especially for like who you are like your videos. You it sounds a lot cooler than Tyler amongst other Tyler's out there to be like spooky, mysterious any illegal, be named Tyler higher because it makes the most basic name ever. So I completely understand that it's hard to be cookie and be named actually in mind. gets constantly mispronounced Scaliger does. I am always Ilona forever and always have been no there's an. I am there leg. You know go back to finance
ok sure Olano. There was going to go into the point. No women people. I know my name is Tyler they like, I don't know you had a name nearly two years. My given name is not go see eyes you should have been. I don't know, though, and I think you should have, but I really think that you should legally change. I considered it. I think it would be better. driving them out and do it. If you can dream it, you can be it at that you're, obviously into like all things like creepy and weird us. Why you're here today? So do you wanna, like tell us a little bit about like what really got you into like the creepy weird world? Yes, ass. I was I was really thinking about this because When I was a child. I was terrified of every Things seem really yes Finally, my mom:
consider the might have in money. I couldn't you like me: sisters were watching. You have not really easy show hunting. I think the ghost reenact yeah yeah watch the waste, no, not very scary at all, but like I couldn't even be two rooms over when my sister, because I would feel that I would like sweating and get nervous you could? You feel had friendly unheard of yams like since clean and I'm really nervous, not but something out. and I guess when I was like maybe. Sixteen years old, I might have just been, do it's like the hundreds of ghost hunting shows that we're only the travel channel and I think that's what kind of like speech, my insurance and I just kind of like fell in a hard and fast and it became my life. I love that I feel
do you always become the thing you fear the most? You do be that leg you know your mother or why I'd like you to come that thing? Now you do for you. It is a great thing. You inspector goes, and now I am goes literally, a ghost ye respect labelling that sort. It is your tat you can. You can still be terrified, you just respect yeah, that's how I really am terrified at.
wanna see one, but all I wanted to go so I mean to have. Will that, unlike I don't want to see one, but I also really want to see one. It's very curious to see them in our house all the time, and I will tell you guys enabling ok go back to sleep and I'm really beholders dead people here so homeless drew you scared. The shit out of my life at aired her, but she scare me with, like reality: real style. I was scary child. I believe there is likings on your last night like that. No lie real story. Dire literally woke up when I like people piloting, I'm crazy, but I would like there is goes vikings in this room and they must, with your computer and then the next day guess who's computer was not working. Mine mine was not working. Didn't you also see- and I remember incorrectly like a little like nineteen
drew schoolboy sure dead, Duenna here, that's all you guys. You ought to look up in the middle of the night, my mom and I were like staying at my grandparents, our solely knows there, when we all share that like massive room, it was often it was her if, in my grandparents us his expert hunted, it's like an old farm house agree done, so I will up in the middle of the night, and there was this little boy and he had like plod pay sign and not like Little Excalibur cap. Like you looked so old, tiny. I didn't realize it then, but I can still see him in my mind now and this reading, my mom's book and I like shook my mama wake and I was like mom like the little boys in your book. Like I guess I was offended and she was like go back to sleep, pulling its fine whatever and ass. She had put her book like on the dresser something and when she woke up the next day it was wedged into the closet that I had said he was like leaning up against some views like physically holding bluebook I'll, tell ya. He was sent to a level it was into that Daniel still novel
smiled. While I feel it is like my guardian angel though- and I know it's like a low cry gray, to say our here- we're here who were whore cause, I like wasn't scared of him. That's what to me the most is when you told me that I was like well, I'm scared of em like next morning I live. I love that he as there is no little boys in this room before you came in here, so I needed some friends my own age, my favorite one is that you saw that lady who didn't have a body issue has just made a bow. I dont know if she was realer. If that was like childhood trauma, maybe a little the boy who why mixture in what a horrifying manifestation of childhood, unscrupulous like could well be ship it well here I am while actually leads into my next question, is: are you more into the paranormal side of things more into
crime or like totally in the middle. You could get down with both I mean I definitely have like a deep love and obsession and fascination with bow, but I feel like a problem You mean a little bit more towards the colonel looks like it's easier for me. I just got that, whereas, like true crime can make me up for a long time We are now that many times I can and I still suggested TAT same night, yeah that'll give you. the tools are normal. I see that as there like us specific area of paranormal or like supernatural that you're really into, truly love at all, but I think it might be kind of a boring. My favorite is just like classic goes It's not our aim like. I think that only about four yards
Peter and when people like dig into the history to prove stories. Nine, I'm like yes I have asked I love Marcus. The proof That's what I'm looking for like one obvious, and they and like an old newspaper and it's like them. The name that was like carved into a wall somewhere near illegally are like a house aware, like all this crazy stuff like it, was dark unless house than the little kids like, I know Darla and if you like, I know Darla murdered, Darla didn't since then. That's true crime and paranormal, just at all God, that's when we come in going to section it's true, though Ivy League, even though a paranormal stuff is so hard to wake wrap your brain around. it is way more. Bates. Easier to wrap your brain around than like somebody actively like me. during a child's or like doing something energy in so I feel it gets. I get that sometimes a true Crimea, like I'd literally camping, my brain to like just understand any part of this yeah yeah
will we in turn stories that it yeah? I think it's been hard for you to process so yeah yeah for sure. I think it's because, like ghosts are supposed to be scary and humans are not react, were technically like not supposed to be selling, it adds an area that I am very deep. Those so astute and profound loved that nose up. It felt that rain here of Iraq is your right. People are supposed to be the worst scarier. That goes for sure. O tat goes God our ways to tell me all the time. Every terminals, like scared of gross, remarked my mobile, noisy, all honey. You should be scared of for now you're, like a double that fear or what upon scatter both people and can I have both merely communist created double the nightmare. I do the thing with my kids outcomes. They haven't
like too many crazy ghost things yet there, I'm sorry, that's a lie and have you many, I didn't say the quality of the ones they have already left. I was just going to say it is not the quantity of damage, the quality of their gross stories. Quality streaming only. I pick up a new original common me punk bank. We are lady parts, it could fees. of hash anthems, saw a girl, our repute, to live in front. We are leaving all the cells dreaming now only arbiter, now, why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earned times. The rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shopping, your dinner favorites after four p m
while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined. Today we. So there are five they're gonna be five next week and their twins, since they woke up one night like you mean crying, so I run in them like what is going on and it we had their beds like next to the door at one point like the door to the room. We have since moved them because we learned our lesson very quickly yeah, but they were freaking out and they were like. I was like what's going on and they said the people keep coming in our room and they keep and cut up our bed sheets- and I was like- is not the most dear. I think you ve heard isolate, ok and then it was like Cosette, unlike know what this is about. Some like what were they using like, where they using their hand, did they have something in? They were like, says everything
big scissors, and I was like ok and as I do, are. They really gone they like in here right now and she was like another in the hallway and she this points to the dark. Hallway empty amiss in housing to walk back through exile, it's like it and so there right now and there really choose, like the other, standing right, their nose like ok, I don't know why. I thought this was a worked very bad ass for doing what you deadly or so upset, and they like wooden take. I was like well, you know I think you're just streaming there were like now we were not dreaming mom like now. This was real, I'm upset. I don't want to be here and I was like well. I have to fix us, so I went into the hallway instead they're in the Calloway nosing. Are they here right now and she was. I give up their right around you and I was like oh no, oh in so I just like looked around and was like hi guys, slick, pillow cool,
you're here right now, but I could you leave flake you're freaking them out. So this is our house, and I think you should like go causes their little and you're freaking out and I was like a They said that they're gonna leave so everything's fine and they went back to sleep. We ve never heard another thing about it. I will very my has so, as I know, but I'm worried echoed came out of it. So it's gotta be like inherent bravery that just like shoots and all of a sudden that you're like because I was pissed. I was how dare you as it? First of all, those are brand new sheets. How dare you come in Dubai five year? Old, german scared, the shit out of them, that's not says with giant sailor. I picture links what a visual right and I get it. Should these like long, they didn't tell me that's what I just pictured these like long shroud kind of thing. I've actually like lawn clippers. Yes, like luxury yeah, sheer yes, yes exactly that was
the fan so spooky area. That was the quality for sure. Not I really like set the scene for what we're gonna talk about today, because Tyler have you we heard of the black eyed children phenomenon, so I say nominal yes, I don't know a turn about, like the origins or the history, but I'd I'd like fall into like a red hole of lake first hand, experiences and stories from people have said bits in black eyed children. Theirs, enough to know that I should be scared, though he asked us right now it's about holding this afternoon. I think it was probably like one thirty on the couch leg. Pure daylight and I was looking around like oh shit. I have a balcony macro. Had a balcony black eyed children appeared on, I'm, not ok, a balcony. I want a second floor apartment me too, so
I mean I don't have a balcony so much as I have like a cat work that would be like impossible to around if there is ever someone standing there, not for the Black Sea region, and so if someone does show up there, it's not good as they should, and that's how I feel you need like a key to get into my apartment and, unlike while, hopefully they don't have one, because the boycott gittin solely they did not make a happier Ricky. I know I hope not like the little swiping thing that you have two people to a man. if they were like up with technology like that they were just like baby. I got in Europe. Our men were like a more people, think that they're like go seas, but I think they're more, like alien ease- and you know I think aliens Erlich better at Turkey do than we are, which stresses me out things, are more demon yoga I think it's like a mixture of like ghosts, D D, many alien e children, what a casserole
Amendment four really dark casserole now. Will you did like the brunt of the research? I just got some creepy story so take it away. what's interesting about this. As we tried to cover this a long time ago, probably I meant to tell a story like a year and a half ago now be there and we had all the research we are like ready to go. We sat down, we started recording and kept. Shutting off every time I would start like we would get our introduction and we were chit chatting then we're like our let's get down to business and like I'm not sent like the it wouldn't stop. Recording like we record into audacity, or we used to and audacity itself would just shut down like the window would completely closed. The recording would not be there something was going down or like the wave recording, would start to scramble money as we are talking about it. Now we were just a we. I think it was like we did effect I've been its memory like no not going to cover their linguistic that charge. Somebody tell me I will. I will come back to this. What I think
Literally we're like me will ever do this again and then you came into our lives, a mere like. Well, what I mean that's like the perfecting to talk to him about safety in numbers as well. Exactly right now we have heard we're like, let's Curzon too and the world together. We're also minutes together. Zoe big will we'll just talk about what black eye, children are the first citing of them. We have a few stories and I think, ashes one where I think it's like the only recorded one where they actually let the black eyed kids. their home and spoiler alerted
It goes down there. I think not recommended. Oh, you know before I get into this. My husband wanted me to tell you, which is this. He is a seller, he didn't know easily run Swanton essentially leg. He would be off the grid and like living in the woods somewhere, but he got into Tik Tok, because ash made us watch. Tik tok like we're both like we're old, were not watching tectonic millennium them. We were like him, though, also into old verdict rhinos like an unknown as it goes watch them. I won't do them. I won't like them now there. While I was not about it- and I was like I can't resented now once you started Psych, where have I been leg? Where was the world's without this on end, so we were shocked. We were able to get him to watch any take toxic to download the app we're like woe and one night he comes in right when I should like begun sending us videos we're like just getting the feel one. he walks in evolving revenues, like you mean to watch this guy.
and it was you I really would like. I love him and now he'll literally send me your videos, other companies like we, you tell him that I found him in our house like that. I think I will it's an honor while he loves you. So, though, do I look like recognised now, going places. It's me We bizarre I asked me because I was living Columbus Ohio, and so it's like a really small Tina communities when I was getting recognise them, as I always probably just like a friend of her friend the person I work with her something by now that were and allay and like walking on the street. Instead, people like Like him, I know they're just trying to live my life. Bizarre very bizarre, I know, must be crazy, but yeah, but yeah
to throw that because John what killed me if I didn't like before we left and agents, I tell him remember TAT. I will buy all going back to the black eyed children. Black children are likely said their paranormal creatures, but were not really sure what they are. No, I don't think really ever know what they're, no, I lean more towards deepening, but I think that just because I, what like shoot them really like puts me in that direction is well find out like what their what they commonly do, but I think it's like the. black eyes always go with like malevolence and evil, and you always see demons and mythology having like them. The totally pools and their eyes and then also the fact that they like ask to be let in our ass to be in your space and they need you and they get like angry. If you don't say us, oh, they got romance so it's like, I feel it that's very demon into mere like vampire even very vampire yeah like they need.
because you know demons need your permission like throw away GI border essay on Sir just allowing them tend to your space. I feel that swindling and they all day Mary in the dark ferries that you'd they don't need your ambition to enter. But I think you're not supposed to say thank you to them. Oh you, then they feel like you own them something. I saw that on Tiktok actual I get formation deep into like buried, ok goodbye. While we have checked there like you can never let them know your name see what your name is be up to say like I go by. Oh Tom but not. My name is too or something like that. Ok, I didn't know that. Don't listen to me, something like that: I'm not going home to retaliate eddies wild closer than just step out of my house. That's all we are not dealing with the fact. Do, leave not happen. Goodbye we are irish. Households with, like my mom, was big into leg ferries.
Stella, so I have like a deep fear failure yeah and I'm thinking like lemon, who knows? Maybe they have all will fail in their maybe for now? I mean they do get away quickly, so perhaps they can fly there. That's very, brightly look at that language we might solve those raised by putting together a regal guys, while their typically they are children, of course, that there are sightings of black eyed adults, which first reason is the funniest thing. I've ever like a black eyed adults. I just
and sound as it's not yearning AIDS or new, like COMECON Rohingya cosplay feeling like a black eyed adults have like plume, seemingly it's weird, so black eyed children, terrifying black, eyed adults, now we're just COMECON right. Black eyed elderly people, which I found a council, bring it way back up to another level of scary yeah. and also like Howard back, I do like children have what I appearance. Yeah. You got a white and black eyed grandparents. They have tall Slender Marin's. I know that. Do they grow into black eyed adults, or do they just go to regular adults. We got it or is it one of those things one whose aliens called that are they liked Tal grace? Oh yeah graze, littler Tal grazed when they grow up? I don't know, This is really spooky. Ok, oh god I love, and where did they get a sweaty lamby up in here? So typically a black eyed child is usually between the ages of like six and sixteen saying out
Good range but usually you'll, know like a teenager or like a little toddler hutus like war, no like don't like it at all. They typically have Lee pale skin. They have totally black eyes, of course, since the hallmark in there always like described pools of black yeah, almost like you could like reach in, and I mean like, don't don't he Chin, I mean don't region anyone's. I might feel noticed now. That's a good fruit rule of thumb, in order to reach in someone's it's never get in their usually seen doing things either like coming up to your house and knocking on the door and saying they need to be let in or asking to be led into your car someday people see them like panhandling or hitchhiking. People have seen them in their windows. Oh no ADA, no hate hey loathe entirely. I don't like that at all. Yet that's not ok at all and we do original.
Telling of this league where the story originated and a guy named Brian Bethel, whose, later his first encounter was in August of ninety ninety seven. I think this is just the first documented encounter. There are ones I go back to the nineteen. Fifty use would obviously known was jumping on read it and nineteen Do you mean like? Let me tell you my story: why? Either I think just wasn't as popular than backward some we'll tell us sing us female. Tell us it fought read, it was popular. Nineteen. Fifty don't tell me anything out of my. Please read it. I don't want anything to do, read it and use it to look at things, and then I ran away as fast as we can never enter. My never ever ever. Yeah summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time,
enjoy noted blueberry battery brown, crumble and fragrant. Vanilla flavors in every said. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup or you can use the why why, after order ahead or get it delivered, make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry cobbler coffee back from limited time. Gotta have a wild things. I thought could never happen in a punk back. ass a new regional calmly streaming only Antigua fees mix and passions, sour silent, of course I shall Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute, tuna, from where we are lady parts. The sole screaming now only I'm peacock. yes
and it follows the perfect me. You know what these tales usually go like the same kind of pattern that they'll take and these kids. Are. You know usually you feel compelled to talk to them at first, like you, you can't walk away from them, but you I feel this weird feeling of dread and likes threatening, even though their not being outwardly threatening at first in lot of people say that they have that like really monotone voice seed, it it reminds me of lake in the strangers when they knock on the door and really is- home, that's it it's all! I can think of Georgia should his pants, because I'll do that every now and then obviously come around a corner. It really is camera that has to be like it s all in so cross, but that's all I think of it just gave knocking on the door mean, like
I come in and assists like emotionless yucky. I want to watch them of you now. I did you that's a great great movie. Now most of these, like Brian's senses, are interrelated and Texas. Most of these are from the? U s. That seems to be where a lot of these are seen a lot of inciting some from the. U S there are some in countries, but they differ they're. Not. Follow the same path, so, who knows? Maybe we have lake different black eyed children you're, really shore dealer not international, like they're all dead,
but I'm not Ireland's finches and they just daily gather, environment, overtime and weak. Are you figured it out there? It says you have. This discussion were breaking that we are working to figure this out by the end of it. So when no more, I say I think we should like best investigative podcast of twenty twenty one Nobel Peace Prize for discovering the origins of black eyed children. Bringing hello all accept it. I sure will as well picturesque onstage together. Oh I'm ready love it so Brecht back to brighten yes, so Brian Bethel he had like. I said in August of ninety ninety seven. He first posted the story to Google groups of lives like a board. I dont know,
that is, but I think it was. I grant it before. I read a question mark and yet who knows it seems self explanatory, but whenever I guess this board was asking writers to send in like creepy paranormal stories, and they were mainly asking for real once they were like. Don't give me fiction. I want you to tell, make your real stories subprime is like. Do I have one So this was a night in Al Baleen, Texas. I don't know if I said that right now whatever, but its it seems right, but he left his apartment, around nine thirty p m and he is going to remember. This is ninety. Ninety seven so he's owing to drop off a cheque for his inner, service, I'm sorry what movement, which is a thing than half. I was one years old it just the even just using a check its public. I know either right one. I think it's all category right and he just one more them
ninety seven that will arise but yeah. So he goes to do this and he's park next to a movie theater. This move either is playing a very ninety. Ninety seven movie mortal combat job and so he's sitting there under the Marquis he's writing his check out as one does with a check and as he's doing, that he's like zoned out on his check and hears a knock on his honest, our door window, so he's like hello, knock, He looks up any cease to boys. Any says they looked between like one of them looked about ten one of them, though, looked like fourteen years old, He said the one of em was clearly taller than the other was wearing a hood sweatshirt with a great checked her chequered pattern. He had all of tat skin, which is interesting, because they're usually describe as very pale and he wanted it, but he says they can't go to the beach. That's it that's very true Norman on the beach and we don't know he also had curly brown medium length, hair
I can boy had very pale skin with freckles, so he was me. he had pale orange hair. Oh, he was me a while, yet, oh so yet we have a little ginger and we have like a little olive skinned, dark, haired boy and he's like oh hello. And he says the smaller boy seemed really nervous and was I kept looking around like he didn't want to be their music? Ok here it was the taller boy. That's two Brian. So he said, They seem like they weren't gonna. Ask him for money. He just got that sense from them. Yes, oh he rolled down the window and he's like. Can I help you and the taller boy said you know we just need to ask you something really quick and Brion said as soon as he opened his mouth and talk to him. He felt this like overwhelming feeling of dread? We're not even you yet hostage
to drive a neat yourself out of a better, be good. I have said it legitimately chilled his blood when this kid talked- and he didn't say anything threatening more aggressive, but I was like yeah just put it in to drive honestly, that's how I feel in anybody like approaches me at the supermarket. Am I go home? No scared, but that's when, like I'm friend, will approach me up, the grocery suddenly gone no schooling, goings in Assisi. What targets I wanna see a child honestly that to you that's all. I feel when I see a child and I have three optimum separately. I felt no but the ones that I'm not really that's how I feel about every other large rose. I think that that's also the issue here is like when children come up to you in need of help like yours. Instinct, is to help feeling who's gonna just walk away from it, especially like a six year old shows up at your door by themselves.
Soon. I now like. How are you just gonna believe you're, probably a demon? I should shut the door, sorry about the leg. Maybe we should not do so. He said you know he felt like to talk to they were kids, he didn't know is going on, so he said the tree. Our boy was smiling no yeah, no good, and he said he had crazy white teeth. When all winding girt for him, which might just be good. Dental hygiene, crest, white stripes, might also be another worldly white. Ok, we don't know, we can't be sure the taller boy said that they were going to see the movie, but they had their money at Home- and he said, can you give us a ride home to go, get the money and then we can come back absolutely not so easily. Yeah. I don't know any said one of the first things that he was really concerned him when he asked ass. He said he felt like the kid was too comfortable asking like a stranger for this year,
It wasn't stammering wasn't like shy. He was justly high, bring me home, get in your car yeah. He was like. I don't know about this, so he was in then he looked at the little boy and or the younger boy any said. Those smaller boy was looking very confused, almost guilty. Looking thee, unlike very obvious, use like yeah, I dont know so brain was like No, I don't want to let you in my car like I'd, be no sorry, I can't help you. I have something to do. Well, the taller boy, got real pest like he immediately started being like nope, you have to let Us- and we are just too little boys, Miss Stearne. Let us in your car like that's all. We need what what what are you doing? They can help to little boys and I Billig fuck off
that's what I'm doing, I'm literally doing anything that I was. I was little annual spending. I'm doing everything else right now, I'm doing all the things that I am listening to German. Ninety four five get out of my also you, six like you're, no riot act or even croupier. We're referred yourself is like I'm just a little boy neural you well below age. Like last year, I said now you are you lost your ride if lost all privilege, not italian, I face now Brian felt the same way he was like this is fucked up. This is kinda shady he's, not a child. I don't know I just like you realise that what he said he felt weirdly compelled till I stay here and bring himself to leave. So he was like you know an eminent do a little Thus, the gate of journalism here use like interview time. What movie are you guys planning to see in the Oh boy was like mortal. Combat, of course, and he was like ok, except that the
our key up. Their says that the last showing started an hour ago and also one of the things you cannot see that the other know the other one. It's ten ten and forty other one is ten. You cannot see that a yeah I mean, but it ain't it started an hour ago no use at all. It's an hour in the movie and now you're asking me to drive you home to get money to buy a ticket to see what like three minutes of the under the movie really interested in the credit, see that doesn't make sense at all so Just ask for money, exactly that mean that would be the easier thing just do you have a mean and ninety ninety seven do you have actually alors. I don't remember how much movies or less, but he said, then the kid. So you is like ye. I know who know. I still can't drive you it's, so he got aggressive than when this happened. He like brought his tone down and see like he was trying to legal lulled him like security, noticed full chill yeah he was like. No, then he ended up telling Brian. We can't you know we
and come in the car. Unless you ask us to come in the car. So can you just tell us we can get in your car nose like this measure? Will you not now no like no in so he, but he said, while this kid is saying this, while you saying we need your consent to get in the car, he said his hand. Brian's hand was like going to open the car door, why you did not want to, but he was feeling like he was, so he had to pull his hand away yes yeah when he said Then he looked back up after doing that and that's when he notice that their eyes were completely black and he said Now, the the little boy looked completely terrified. The sun had terrified look on his face, but he was like The hell is like what is happening right now. The taller boy got super pests now started press. Into the car like trying to link pushed his way into the car and you have saying you have to lead us in? We won't
Are you we don't have a gun? What the fuck. in you is like, I think all your fourteen by then you got a gun my main concern deal even actually think about. Yet another goal: now I'm scared, you have a guy like you brought an English. What's that mean like eighty five dollars no come on? I don't have a machete like I am a little boy and I am just web site. I have like an assault rifle condo, it's not mortal combat IRA One and so this when Brian finally mete out how our common brother. I would do so by my car. Is this hearing me like stop it stop right now, did you swing her black river in front of her
just staring at ok we're inside no two, because when we got lock, my black clad drew and hated him, because what was it like we got him the night that we got him. He open up his computer and the black eyed children file was up, but that was like. Year ago. and then he was like we're eulogists researching long ago, and I was I know why, liquid? What are you talking about music? It's the only thing on my computer and then the key mentioned today I was it. Is that why you didn't like want, looks like he wanted to bring locks back and then he was just luring. Actually something looks is trying to prevent
Jus, maybe they're pulling it up. They don't don't! Look at this anymore, see I like you now like stop talking about this man. You mean, like says, like I told you, I see one insisted you see how intense you, as I have often terrifying, normally used as I can smell Knox. It's ok now, therefore, take it. Take it away, in our view, so so yeah brain out enough and I say it just like locks had enough. He had enough so he threw his car nor virus any just peeled added air and he's as he appealed away, he could hear that tall boy in a complete panic, like screaming. You the weather. Soon we can't enter unless you let us in, but he just took off. I feel it Why and then he said when he looked back ass, he was driving away, they were gone streaming. Only. I pick up a new original comic me Punk Bank. We are lady parts fees
Ex hash anthems saw a girl, our repute, turnover from where we are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and urge times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads. In more, get your next reward twice as fast. Just by shopping, your dinner favorites after four p m, while rewards members earn two times the rewards now to June thirtieth. Get the Y Y Apple joined today because they can fly so he also told this story on there's this like spooky, show called monsters and mysteries in America And he said it really happened like he he's like. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear to you had happened and then
there was an article in the a Billina Abilene unit, Texas in Abilene reporter newspaper that he was quoted as saying until you been on the receiving end of these terrible dark eyes, filled with hate and torn from the very depths of night and time. I'm sure you can understand the people. I've spoke and with who have truly seen them understand completely to which they Brien right a novel cause It was a beautiful craft incident and I've never sound about eloquent leg. Those terrible, dark eyes, filled with hate and torn from the very depths of night and time like poetic poetic power,
bring me along with you. That was wonderful. I wanted to make her he's. I'm freaked, I was so good, and so I think now that we can have an feeling for what they are. I do have a story. That's like a really scary story. Ass. I found a Kindle book and it's called the chilling true terror of the black eyed kids, a monster compilation by MIKE Bessie, Munich, you know you love a Michael vastly. Oh yes, yes, sir. this is a story that he collected is a book. It says I have my own experience of these black eyed kids. It happened a few years ago. I ve never been able to really think of irrational reason for what happened. It just happened. I had out to mow my lawn in the front of the debt show my road I ve, bushes and flowers neatly set up to my bit. surprise. Some one had gone by and stepped all over my roses, I was pretty upset, get it. I was
I was prepared for the day and the next day I saw two kids walking down my road. Keep in mind. My road has several houses, so we all know each other very well. These kids look to be about forty or fifteen years old, I've never seen these kids before in the neighborhood. I wanted go outside and ask them if they must with my roses, but I figured they're just kids and I'd. Let it slide this time, which I love, that he was like the next day does, kids walking on running like you did it, you ll all ships. I made a vow array. Profiling includes a stop to arguing and just stood on the road right across from my house. That's a good hundred or so feet away. They just stood there looking out the window and they were just standing right there. I went to my room to go, get my shoes and when I came out they were gone. It was around eight p m and it was starting to get dark out my power when often on a few times. That's never happened before
We usually have never lost power. Never in my life have I lost electricity absorber enabling ok, but it's never happened before you. Ve ever had agreed on and off it's only gone off for its only on the right. You know, o in heat, sorry big day. go further. We usually have very stable electricity. I cannot stress failure over nothin, like our electricity is the best electricity is like. We actually have never painter electricity bills. Are we actually just don't have so it's really stable is so around eight twenty. I heard deep, knocking at my bet my front door. I went The door turned on the porch slight and looked through the little hole on my door, but it was just pitch black, even The light was on, I didn't know. But I was extremely terrified I mean I know. Why does there
I started to put my hand on the handle, and I asked whose there, which is like horror, movie why'd, you do you, then I don't do that I would just don't answer the door Leah. Just pretend you're, not home, that's a we all do you know I got my door. I never answer my door making one time the front boys upstairs we're having a party and they knocked on the door to tell Us- and I was like its past- eight o clock you're, not getting an answer piano and then they knocked again- and I was like ok well who the fuck is slightly friend and I was like. Oh sorry, we don't open the door ever and they relate we're having a party by cool. None may never come to my door again doing now, like I don't answer my phone and I don't need to my door. I don't answer periods me well. He said who's there Some kid answered. Sorry, either you but we're lost and need to borrow your phone. Though he said I a spare cell phone, you can borrow for a few minutes. I told them. Let me go get it now come outside with you, the kids said no, you
me in right now and he started banging on my door? I'm not talking about just hitting it, but it was like something very big and wide with smashing against my door, I said and also since like so. This is like a very hostile situation for sure, but the real, souvenirs like who are so he said this person said you quit. right? Now I got a gun and if you try anything, I will shoot you wow. I have something to say about molecular myself or are we sure
the little scary that kid's intentionally slamming like a tree branch against your doktor, threatened to shoot a child like, but I feel like that escalated very quickly. India illegal would just be like. I have a spray bottle and hair offspring with it. I do the opposite and workers thinking about. I do have a gun, but I have a grown man and I do have a little scary here. May so my keys amazing. I that's fine I've, a bottle. Opener I've made a stab you in your blog will cry. I will ask the Raven Cry and movie: it should don't keep go and these lay out when a shoe you were the kid
screaming, which is scary. That's an accurate responsible airlines, gonna shoot yeah, but they kept saying, let me and now you're making a mistake. Oh, oh, oh here that would make you a stake in the rupture you they pretty woman too, since as I grabbed my gun and held it off to the side of my leg, I put my hand on the lock and unlocked the door. This is where I made my mistake. I opened the door selecting either those kids are just one kid with a weapon or something. Why do you the door and that's what you were expecting, but these were little kids standing at my door where two people in both look young, but there, gave them away. They were pitch black. I felt terrified again. I felt like putting recently putting my shot gun down, which is like whoa. I was picturing at hand, Gun Blount media and even a hand, and I was like I, their kids come down below, but I shot gun down. It's a lot and
the strangers. That really is it is I'm not sure why I felt that way as I had the door open for these three or four seconds, the taller kid started to walk forward to come in now I kick to my door shut as hard as I could, and I locked it at this point. I heard them those crying and screaming in a strange, distorted, high pitched way follow. By some banging on my door again. I went to check my back You are just to make sure it was still locked. Thankfully, my back door is locked and by the time I headed to the front door, they just stopped is my back door locked. I loaded my shotgun and open the door expecting these quote unquote things, but they were gone. I heard some steps in my neighbor was coming by. He heard some weird screams and came to it by the check on me stood there. Probably looking like death with a shotgun in my hand, I let him in and told him the entire event. He told me to call. The cops but I was positive. They wouldn't believe me. I never called the cops wow. So that's just I mean there's a lot to unpack on my own,
yeah from top to bottom heating costs because he threatened to shoot a pair of children in the air, I gave me ass. My cool, for I may have become enraged, escalated quickly on my endless sure did why? But you know what I mean. Save demons are at your door, I mean that's, not gonna help you what're, you gonna do my ass, I dont know bring a weedy borne out there and try to send them back where they came from. Was due Helsing. When all else fails, it's really creepy hobby wake me
need to comments sounds like if they dont something bad is gonna happen support. That's the thing on my car, you, ok at home, who is taking care of guide kids for your original. What do you have an ad hoc it through the door through the locked already autocracy? Then we can only become men like. I can call someone for you see pianistic space. We can find a loving home right yeah. It's fine! I don't think that's what they want, though I think they just want to spread of mass destruction and they do because, when they finally get in they'd, do just that I only have one story if, when they got into it made a start with that one, oh yeah, you want me to start with the ones where they don't get in maybe should start with the not getting any man end on their getting in Togo. The hammer in that point to not let these kids in Europe I have a lot of sovereignty is okay, so the
they're all from the thought catalogue just to get the illegal at all place to go, because I picked maybe four urso from there, but there I think they have like seventeen on the website so down. If you want to read more, go ahead to the thought catalogue, so this says him. may. I also ask for this very centre right. This is so funny it's not I have never heard a case for my incident, so I come on here to post my story, and the first story I see is about a bee K. Weird, let me preface this by saying: I'm no means a writer Justa domestic engineer. Ok like downplay that ha
living in North Texas, so I didn't they love Texas. Well, they do everything's bigger in Texas, including the black eyed, kids black, including diamonds. They send also, I believe, in the paranormal lots word not later than are mad. If I go Siemens aliens, whatever lever, I did have an event happened to me this. How low we- and I have to admit- has me scratching my head, MRS my fur post on, read it and, I am sorry to say, I've never even heard about it until yesterday. Don't be sorry that I feel
already. This version is like on my fucking nerves, like ok, we got it you're, so cool. I shall go domestic engineer, I don't believe in the paranormal and I don't even know I'm read it is what is the internet and I have things to do. I can just post unready except I'm doing it right now. I also have a best friend I told my best frightened about my incident. She is an avid greed. You're really brought it in many other, really flaunting that best friend I just I am my while her friends, I bet they're, not the bad things like mine, like fellow read it people I have s friend, told me: bus ran about my incident and she's an avid reader of no sleep, and she told me if I didn't post it. She would so here. I am away a hope. You she also said- and I hate her anyway- hope you like. No, they finished descendants, I'm gonna hate. So
it had been a slow trick or treat night and our neighbourhood. That evening, which is pretty odd in and of itself, we usually have kids from different areas, quote: dropped off and ours and have a constant period of our door. That night, I would say, we had no more than eight or ten groups have kids come by the entire night. There was about Thirty and my husband and I were sitting in our family room watching some of those go shows based on supposedly actual events. the worst here. Listening right now, don't write like that. You suck do like. I said. I don't believe in that stuff. We get it, but I do like a good goes stories. You know you don't now and then, and it was, how will we not all you can't just pick Halloween to be a believer now the earth at here. First, we haven't had any activity at the door and over half an hour and it was getting late. So we decided to turn the porch light off and let our dog Chloe come out of her create. Also, if your home
I was Chloe, integrate amnesia, Chloe, Lock, god damn I'm starting to think that the black eyed children have the right house. Don't articles candidates are like round Biagi up a glowing, is an american bulldog and is very docile. We only put her in or create because we're very wait, we only put her in a crate. we were afraid she try to get out and play with all the kids. Ok, multiple I will get the plan I didn't want to have to change her down. The street. Ok I'll accepted we retract are freely accepted, so we didn't want her to scare any of the kids, because she can look a little intimidating, two younger kids. So I turned the outside light, often let Chloe out- and she followed me back to the couch and lay down at my feet. It was good,
close to ten p m, when my husband decided he had had enough fund for the night and we're gonna go upstairs, take a shower and get ready for bed lame. I just said, but not really, our rights and out of this fund and merriment going upstairs shower. This Halloween off of me in Tibet of your imagine if, after all, it was Thursday and he still had to get up early. The next day, mine teenage son was out with his friends on a local haunted house and was an expected back for another hour or so so that left me alone with on the couch with Chloe. Now because I dont believe it mean, though, shows don't freak me out of it and being alone now watching I'd have to say I was kind of on edge as it were it. Long after I heard the upstairs water for the shower turn off one day There came a knock, knock knock at the front door,
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to create a place. No one else has one where women are not only cared for but listen to, and they can be confident- the health care the receiving end, Edison women's health, it Another reason why your life is worth spend medicine visit pen medicine dot. Org, slash means hell to learn more but soon and unease that if an uneasy feeling came over me, why knock our door I'll glow in the dark and without the porch lay. It would be extra obvious to anybody there I paused really ignore it. Our front door has a big bevelled glass panel, and anybody right at the door could see in enough to see someone was in the family or in watching tv will fix up yeah he's gonna say that Germany now would be pretty rude for me to just sit there and not answer it knock
Och nosing around of okay would be prettier. Those we manage this for women are like the most terrifying expert somewhere like forth to ensure that work, punch way that not much This is a problem not now again from the door. I glanced down at Chloe and she was gone. My gaze followed her shawl. While we go, I don't know my gaze followed her usual path to the front door, expecting her to be on her way there. She normally does nothing. She wasn't there up to look round the room better and found her crouching by the back door like she wanted out. However, she never asked the girl, thought she always comes and licks my hand or puts her head on rainy. This was totally out of character for her, and I have to say it heightened my anxiety, Chloe, create. I said she turned back to look at me. Like hell, no lady, I move and does the dog die dot com am I gonna dissidents, the dog I wouldn't member held them.
I held up to my husband, but he would, but if he was already in the shower, I knew there was no chance of him. Hearing me knock knock, knock about that. Time hard drove down our street and cast just enough light on the door where I could see tat the silhouette of two small children through the glass I initially felt relief. It was just some kids, probably a couple of my neighbors on their way back home and wanted to stop by and show me they're costume or something I added to the door and looked back to make sure Chloe wasn't gonna follow what a great watchdog I thought to myself as she just sat at her. Aren't you call your brain kono, seriously hotter and create through now she has turned on Porch lay it when I got to the door and sure enough. I could see through the glass that it was a couple, a pretty small kids, a little late for such young ones. I thought, and I began to wonder what kind of parents would let their kids run the streets that leave is like an Amazon Rodeo Street. It's Halloween lady. I only opened the door enough to where I could block Chloe
escape she decided to grow? Some balls, which was will be about two feet, this lady sucks spheres such dangle. I'm really glad you have applied shed we did. There is better she does. What struck me immediately as odd was that the kids were wearing any costumes. They were in their normal street clothes also know customary Tyrker tree either. I began to feel very uneasy again. It was a girl and a boy the girl to my left was older. I'd say about eleven or twelve. I could tell she was blonde, but I couldn't make out any distinct features, as our lights are from high above and on columns at the front of the porch. Some most of the light was coming down, blah blah blah hookers. I had not open the door wide enough for any late to come inside to hit them directly. The boy was younger about a foot, shorter, I'd, say eight or nine and looked to have light brown hair, the girl there. Politely spoke up, MA am coming. Please come inside and use your phone to call our mom ashes.
folks, something in the pit of my stomach was telling me something was wrong. What kid? Even that age doesn't have a cell phone of their own these days, I love how judgmental she she's a roller coaster for man, like you, seem awesome now now I love her. She doesn't even have the fear anymore, no fear, like the other people she's, just like annoyed she's like why? Don't you have a cell phone where's, your track phone linnie? What oh you're, stupid parents. So here you have no Cassio. You know costumes on you didn't say trigger tree. You knocked on my fucking door. Why don't you have a God damn cellphone as loans through the door? I flew from overhead your eighty upsetting the love her. what say, where it goes, I gotta remember the last time I have. I would I had Anybody asked to use my home phone HUN. Don't you have a phone of your own that you can call your mama. I asked why this was when things get really weird. Both kids looked at each other
they were going to say something to one another, but neither ever spoke they Walter. Back to me and said, and the girl said man myself on battery doesn't have any charge left in it. Can we please come in signing collar mother, we're alone out here, and my brothers scared? I have to admit the to compete, feelings going on inside of me, the first that of a mother's heart, wanted to keep these small children and get them back to their mom, the other sinking, fear, and my god that was keeping me yet that was keeping the other feeling at bay. It was that I know, this that during the short conversation I had already opened the door and extra few inches, which I was completely unaware of doing. That's gonna, like Brian, I was going to say this happens in all of these and feeling this weird. Like compulsion, yeah it's the black eyes. I felt they have for the little swirling, but you can't see because their black there's some like telecom nieces happening here. There's some free geisha going down. So she sat Ayman diamond she's.
honey. Why don't you give me your mother's number and I can call her myself and others. Laws and they again looked at one another, a short after a short moment. They turned back to speak to me and the girl said MA am little brother has to use your bathroom. Can we please come inside while you calling your mom and with the last statement the little girl move moved closer to the door like she was just gonna walk on and by me ass. She did. She stepped into the light coming from inside the house, and I got my first real good look at her and she, like shit: some land in Sri Lanka is, is all I could see that motherly instinct was gone and replaced by terror. I don't think I've ever felt in my life. I could feel every hair on my arms in the back of my next standing at attention. I closed the door to just where my face was able to stick out and the little girl stopped and again pleaded. Please man, we're really scared and alone out. Here we have to come inside. Please help us, then like on cue. Both kids began to whimper and cry. That's when the fear,
took over and I shut and locked the door I'll call your mom. If you give me the number, I shouted through the door but I'll. Let you in my house, I'm on your side still see them standing there on the porch just staring at me through the bevelled glass pain. Part of me wanted to run upstairs to my husband but the bigger part and want to lose track of where they were there, that what looks unlikely that would have freed me out even more to not know where they were after what seemed like forever, but probably only a couple seconds I decided. I would call my neighbour that lives across the street, as I made my way back to the side table by our couch to the phone I glanced back of the door. Chloe was nowhere to be found. We you're found her in the guest room under the bed. When I got to my phone and started to look for his contact info, it was only then that the kid swept away from the door and began to walk to the street as they did. I walked to the door to get a better work to see where they went still not calling my neighbour if you get close enough, the glass you can see outside enough to make people shapes, but you can't seem, but you can't see much detail
of course, standing that close to the door would make it pretty obvious to anyone looking him from the door. I could see that kids were still standing under the street lamp nearest. My house staring at me as I lifted the phone to my ear after calling only then only the early and only then o thou. We then did the kid start walking down the street. I met my neighbour out under the lamp once he was out there why the fuck DE outside after that and put the kids were no. To be seen like I said I don't believe in any other stuff, and I had never even heard honey. You do now, Germany, both its be rail, horrible labour. I had never heard about black eyed kids before You know my friend what I really think what I have to think as these kids were out yank in people's chain. How will we night, but I will say this for them: they were good, really good at it scare it s out of me and my dog? Yes, she suddenly s skill. There
Lord Orville Chloe for a while. Then I have another short one and then just one really funny one and then we'll get to like the one where the let them, while that I dont think kids react. Can anyone strains that lead on large in going through in being like a trick of the way right is being like? I have allergies, roads proudly, which ultimately glazes neared the Assad leg first, so you did the whole time she's, like. I don't believe in this stuff blink. Why you telling the story that serious I re now or waste my time. in color police spilling out. This do abandoned children that are terrified on my door. I've just come get them under these youths, idols whole creepy and also just like. How do you go to sleep after that? And I know she's a cigar club. Let's go upstairs Michael O Clock abandoned under the despatch, see a poor close if a man for her this one is called you must. Let me in no, it's really short
I mustn't on March seventeenth, two thousand eight. I had my one and only encounter with the black eyed kid. Before my experience I had never before my experience. I had never heard of anything having to do with black eyed kids. I was twelve fuck that I was sitting outside of the hairdressers and an old chevy pickup truck waiting for my mom together haircut about fifteen minutes, passed and I saw some kid walking back and forth along the sidewalk in front of my parked car at first I recognized him as one of my friends from school, so I being down the front when shield. Until he looked my way it was. Anyone I knew at this point. I was not scared at all, not yet the boy over to my side of the car, and just Stairs, I think, to let me go to. Look at his eyes to freak me out. Let me tell you if you have never seen a black eyed kid. You have no idea what to imagine pupil ass black ass, the night sky. boy whispers,
and then I locked corridors and dug down to this phase to listen, Sorry ducks dominate the seats. Five minutes later he was gone. I love this when my mother got into the car, she told me a boy with black eyes had come into the hairdressers and insisted that my mother gave him the keys to the car. She refused. Thank God she did. I love it. Is told that story like so weird click this kid with black eyes ass for my keys, wicked weird, a demon came in, and I never saw her and asked me for my Keith by setting now crazy story. It's
hello. He knocked on the salon door like TAT. I need I love about. I just knew my money. Peace is to be in okay. This is my favorite. This is the last one before the scarecrow for them. The warning and this one is called. No, he won't be calling anybody. Your thou. As soon as I say why it's my favorite you're, probably remember it from last time. I think I did. I do remember this on, but I don't remember what happened since the battle over the name, so the internet took place thirteen years ago I just move to a new city with my wife. We were in that we were small town newlyweds from the MID west. We moved across the country one of the biggest cities in the southwest. So I could attend graduate school being naive, new to city living. I habitually answered the door without a second thought. Never again after this, you learned you. Quick and the city in the vote.
thing that should attempt me off to the procurator all over. You will start to say just decided to say, because I must have been put on. Some of this situation was the fact that someone was knocking at six o clock in the morning. The second thing that should have dawned on me is that this kid had to reach over a rather tall patio gate to get to unlock it and let it open then at the door was startling? My wife and I were getting ready for work or pretty normal routine. The moment I opened the door. I was overtaken with an inexplicable sense of fear to this day. can picture him teenager average I ever build me length, a black leather coat short black hair and sunglasses, the sun. losses at six. A m struck me as odd and even more odd. He was eating an apple, We know why that was even more harm than its citys thick, who the fuck it's an apple in the morning, invents disgust to succeed? If it's cool,
It also like the sun does come up around six, a m by he suddenly from the loss, boys and I'm into it. I know I be like, while are deployed cool. Am I eating satisfying ethically hey? What is up buddy? It's because you have a cave with Jim Morrison poster in it I think it like an amazing bad. Let's get it. Let's get some chinese food after a few bleed sparkly blood of my god. I didn't you use the shine in the sun me, so he was very well while its ally now reared off. I need is, however, always so he was very polite and asked if he could come in and a warm up. I said no the door and fled security is a moment later. Another knock, I opened, now chain door and before I could speak, he asked again if he could come in and warm up. No, Why had attempted to close the door before the door could shut he put hand out stopping the door on its hinges. He looked at her
directly into my eyes. Still, wearing a sunglasses and said, can I at least gets a catch for my offer, evil crying also I need you to make that a tick tock above lay your police, meaning that the Turks man can at least get some catch up for myself guy goes. You heathen reasons. That's good! That's what it can you at least, do me a solid, had Firefox I reply I'll a little confused get the hell out of here. My wife is calling the police he takes a moment to let this information sink in lowers his glasses, revealing eyes black as obsidian and says. No, you we'll be calling anybody not that
man, I forced the door, closed, locket and call it to my wife. She is scared. Shitless, hiding in the bedroom, all jacked up on adrenaline. I rip the curtains back to look out the window next to the door. He is gone. Certainly no trace of him. I go onto the patio and check the gate it still latch from the inside. That was fucked up. I think to myself as I turn and enter the house, I notice a half eaten apple lying on the ground sands, catch up every Knows you put mustard on an ethical monster. That is my favorite, because, where state aid, you can catch up for my lovelady, like very like at least give me some catch up for my apple link. At the very least I mean they're, both read, I guess, giving me a condiment for this animal or association. Wow small wonder if, because when there's like two of them, it seems like in between talking, they always look at each other,
till I can confirm what they're gonna say. Next, I feel yeah either out of touch with like the world like what you kids, like apples catches, I'm gonna get away. I think that's what it is. I think they because people will say. I had one story, it's like not really worth reading, but they asked used the kid the telegraph, not all the foe, airy go. So maybe it's true that when there's like more than one of them there able till I kind of get their story getting arrived together. Yeah maleagans, just one going all thrown disparities on catch up just giving the catch it for the apple juice, initially dressed like Keefer Sutherland in lost boys and he's like this is not the kids are wearing right. Gonna, do it the way I just suddenly alive, fuckin love keeper sovereign led to Egypt.
fuck. It love love that we use while it. So this is when they got let it so well. It will end strong where they warning of this is what happens when you actually let the men tamarinds not home baby, is to know. One of the stories goes like this and I got this formula site but I'll put in the show notes in the snowy town in the snowy town, within the middle of nowhere of Vermont sets are my little sister lives and elderly couple who, while because cause I we heard the sound of three loud, knocks on their door. They opened the door and saw two children, a boy and a girl parents. be here soon? May we come in no, they said no the children, did not make eye contact and just stood there in the doorway. The elderly couple were hesitant, but after a while they let the boy and girl inside the kid settle. On the couch, while the wife made some hot cocoa,
in the husband. Ask them questions that when unanswered the wife, return and notice that her cat was scared and angry with the children may weekly use the restroom. The wife looked at the kids and finally saw them the children's eyes, whereas black as a starless universe needed active them to the boughs are beautiful. She director them to the bathroom and returned to her husband, who was covering his face with his hand, did you see her eyes. The husband then showed her his hands full of blood from a news bleed that's where the power suddenly went out and the house turned his dark as the kids eyes, no wife added to the restroom and was confronted by the voice of a kids at the end of the hallway uttering our pay.
Hence our ear kids that exercise full bodied dollars. Now our parents are, he knows, bone show. It gets weird, the kids and exited the house, leaving the door wide Open DE eleven, a bar, that's rudest fog life, and I notice that there were two men at the end of the driveway. The men were very tall and slender, the wife waved and but did not receive the same friendly gesture. The two men in the children drove away together in one car and they were ring suits. Now they were ranks. As I read that I think it was a black like almost like a limo, a black escalated and savings, rolls Royce pay me. The power then came back on after a little at the power that came back on a little later after the kids left throughout the next week. Weird things happened in the house. Three of the four cats went missing and the fourth been found dead in a pool of its own blood, which is really her link and we re just like randomly hemorrhage NEA.
the husband continue to have nosebleed and finally went to the doktor where he was diagnosed with a very aggressive skin cancer plea. don't let them in your comment will die and you'll get skin cancer. I saw little update too, and she said that she's in the worst health she's ever been in a knot she's having nosebleed than his dizzy all the time. So it's almost like there's like some kind of like like I want hillock radiation poisoning or something I like, they have some ability, that's why they want to come in. Maybe it's like their leg enter Gee vampires and they like Sungold Gimme, the shit out of you, that's, I think, but they have to get near like space to do it. Mental like that. I feel a bit like the little kids work the big people can actually parents, but that's rather panicking signal. If we don't comments, I we're gonna get in trouble which a tall slender men and the small one with the black eyed adults, a tall grace deficits or grey and say how don't let
our children into your house, don't do it of any. I hesitate to say if a child is in danger and comes to cross the street hosting a quick look and see if they have like obsidian black eyes and if they do maybe call someone because a universe without stars, if you see a child, Don't you see no labour senile punch a child is born, and say no, no, no like one of your kids, you know is always yells no alone. Oh Tyler. Thank you so much for coming. This would seriously leg huge business. Thank you so much for a happy me. You both have been like a beautiful boogie start
lay warranty meter loath other people, but was a wonder Milo. It's an honour to be here. Oh my god, you ve been the same for the US seriously and, for my adds, men never both of our households. Like did you see this video? You teach my favorite one? Is the one where you go why holding my mother. Where does not operate in your brain? I need to be not funny like a dog, from like three a m talking's myself when my husband is asleep so the I actually learned about morbid from my tick talks. As I made at Tik Tok forever ago about how every time I was trying to are as company arguing with my husband, because he constantly wanted to leave the windows open in our house like everywhere sleeping even if we're going out,
to run errands she's like we ve been opened? I want fresh air, no legs. Projecting about you. Do you want me to be devilish? I don't understand why? What do you want from me? I wasn't a two minute, your crime outcasts and our heads many comments that you said the projection. The language law, I got it. I gotta dig into the I gotta know. I love the dark. Thank you weirdos Tik Tok, who known not me, you knew I didn't know not me. I just started making tectonics I'm like this place is beautiful. It is beautiful voice, its great truly as well. You're amazing we view we love your guts and are literally yoke to any time. You want to be on again just text, a senior you and you have an open invitation to the Rio. Yes and before we go tell every buddy where they can find you where they can follow you, whatever you wanna throw you can you can find me pretty much on all corners of the internet undergoes tunny or
my name Tyler Geisha, J C Aim, but I'm I exist everywhere everywhere and after I love you This was amazing. Go follow, Tyler, go, follow, go Sonny. You will not regret it, it will. It will add to your life some go. Do it well Wilder as we hope we keep listening and we hope you keep it We would do
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