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Episode 202: The Tragic Story of Cinnamon Brown

2021-01-22 | 🔗
Cinnamon Brown was 14 years old when her own father, David Brown, convinced her to carry out the murder of her stepmother, Linda Bailey Brown. Cinnamon was fully convinced and brainwashed into thinking that she wouldn’t do jail time and instead just have to see a psychiatrist. Little did she know, she’d be taken away in cuffs and sent to a California Youth Authority facility for the next 4 years while her father and his new wife cashed in on Linda’s life insurance policy and lived the good life. Don't worry though, Cinnamon came back strong and David got what he deserved.  As always thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping!” Squarespace: Go to Squarespace.com/MORBID for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MORBID to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain Curology: Go to Curology.com/morbid for a free 30-day trial, just pay for shipping and handling! Betterhelp: Special offer for morbid listeners get 10% off your first month at ​betterhelp.com/​Morbid Shudder: To try Shudder free for 30 days, go to shudder.com and use promo code morbid
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and I was gonna, say she's back guy she's. Do you have a brand new rap? I don't she brought by. I missed everybody, fur and episode. It was strange and unusual, which is also a POD Castle is into it. But but honestly, was we emperor, thank Goodness Ash like stepped in Andrew for that matter, Andrew because I was not expecting to be at the hospital as long as I was, but you know, I think everybody and see that things are, things are going crazy with ILO awry. Things have got out of control with the Cove Cove, but I think we're going to get it back under control. So I think so. It was just use a long day long day, not affecting involve lots of cutting lots of lots of peace
the e lots of reusing, p, p. You'd only knows that mean your face after one on topsy, and I was like why and ninety five like cut into your face after awhile talk about fine lines baby. I know every time you take it often like this and other wrinkles get your cure. Ology like I need a facial. When can we get those again? I just want myself a facial steamer who twenty five dollars. I'm gonna need something like that goes PBS my basic drew's brother shoutout term. I like not brother in law yet, but like some day, got me in Malta Gift Card and I like, went a little wild on the bed. Careful. I love a gift card like a very specific gift card. Is yes, oh you. Sometimes people think that, like gift cards, Erlich not very person, like, I feel my will always be like I'm not gonna give you would get a ours that accepts so impermeable and unlike no, I wanna gift card. Love. Oh, give me any gift card and I will take it to me. A bypass pro shops nomes. Can I don't go out. I will know it today
We have no idea what to do with that, but you, I know what I'm doing it alter centre. So there you go. I think other than you know me just telling you guys that I miss you and thank you for that in May was really. It was weird. It was very weird: it's a billiard podcasting without you, he has every podcast. I do like screen crime count on this is, as you know, with you exactly so it's vineyard. It straight then, like not editing it like ash, did a great job, guys editing that episode. Thank you. It was a bright eyes out of the little defray somebody has said here, but you know what she tried. She did it not astounded Johnny did you do it? Well, I am pretty small, but I think the only other thing I just wanna dimension was. We ve had a couple of people that have like e mailed us about. Like Facebook Group son linked morbid Facebook groups, I just one reiterate. We are not affiliated with any Facebook group. There is no official face were group the only one is the patriotic rats it and other
that they are all listener formed groups, their listener run groups. We have not vetted or hired any of the admins for those groups or not even in those groups. We cannot control what goes on in those groups. Unfortunately, we have nothing to do with that. I hate Facebook with like the fire of a thousand son. I want to delete minds. I guess I am planning to delete my own, so I literally never go on Facebook. The only time I go on is to approve posts in the patron. Why exactly that? So I, but I- and this isn't like we know MA, but we just want you to know that we don't want you to think somebody is being routine. that, like we did exactly idle, I dont want to be like that. I would never send somebody to be rude to any of you. So I just never want you to think that in it like whenever,
give me a moment. I feel really bad legalise. So sorry, I can't help you like- I don't know, but I just wanted to let you guys know cause we would never. You now send anyone to be rude to your like be affiliated with people that her report to you. So never think that, because we really don't have anything to do with those groups- and I just wanted to make that clear- closing hills neatly react as I think we ve set it on like social media before, but not everybody has social media, so I just wanted to get it out there now take. This is like the best way to announce all things: and without being so actually fun thing to do now is sadly and so we also a fun announcement. Time have a show that we're going to be doing we're going to do kind of like our Halloween shows, but this time it's just going to be one and it's not like a whole world tour. Just like one cool show, one show and we're gonna be doing a alike Valentine's day theme show and it's called the bleeding hearts ball so
you're invited you're all invited to a ball a ball. We're gonna, be the bells of the ball, a virtual back. So today, actually like in five minutes, I'm going to post on the Peachtree on the pre sale link. So will let patrons have it first until Monday and then Monday it will go on sale for everybody. If you had to her instagram at morbid, podcast and I'll, put the link in our Bio and if you're more of a twitter person that follow a morbid, podcast and I'll put it under a word. I'm so excited for the bleeding hearts ball. The bully Some were dry le we're trying to work with what we can for with Covin Times yeah you and I have a goal. Costume idea: casino batch loves the costume. Oh yeah, I feel, like these virtual shows have become like our time to have costume it's just becoming Halloween to point out three hour now. If I think for point when you can actually go out,
on the road or do actual I've shows you gotta throw a costume on when you live in swipe ancillary everything on a date for the past year. You have, did you have tat? They all you have to say. I I think that's all the they announcements we had, though I think that's all it is so I'm gonna do a pretty good, true chrome goes to lie on what kind of my targeting the entire time. Toby upsetting lose us a lot of subscribers. Lotta people really don't know what happened, but I'm gone. Ash broke ash broke Bab. Now so I mean the top regular, and I'm gonna do the cinnamon Brown case today, which I feel like a lot of you bunch your crime. No about so I hope your excited minus thirty, two supersize copier stoked for this real bummer of a case that fund like its happy at the end. I feel I'm glad I started off with a quote least: do any high school grad. Would please,
she says I was too young to get in trouble. They would send me to a psychiatrist and send me home and that's what Cinnamon Brown thought was gonna happen after she killed her stepmom, Linda Brown. But that's not what happened. Snowing and no so cinnamon had been living with her dad David, her stepmom Linda her stepmom sister Patty and her younger half sister crystal so Wowzer full house over there. Oh yeah She moved in with their dad. She had, it seemed like she had somewhat of a troubled relations over there. Mom like she would be in and out of her moms house and like go to sometimes of anger about your mom's. But I couldn't find a lot of information about the relationship with her Mamma just seemed like she was craving some kind of stability overture and that's how she ended up at her dad says makes sense. Little did she know she was not gonna get that adults house
so her dad David David Brown. He was a pretty well off dude. He worked as like a computer entrepreneur and he owned his own data recovery company, OA, which I guess like the Pentagon used and make sense, because I mean data recovery and such like intricate. It's like niece thing yet again must be so hard to Vienna work in that field and obviously he must have been like pretty smart. If he'd made zone, oh yeah, not a good guy, but pretty smart. Unfortunately, so Linda was his fifth wife, which, as bananas, Falada marriages lot of marriages and he's pretty young to have that many marriages under as well. But you know like live your life get married a lot third leg and then move on, but he had no Linda most of her life so long because the Bailey family, which was Linda's maiden name, Linda Bailey, is what she was before she got married. That's what made a name means. That's all stealing down the street from David and they like in California and debate,
these were like very far from well off. They grew up basically like in and out of trailer park homes and they like their mom. I thought she was a single mom and she had, I know with she had like problems with alcohol, unfortunately, but probably because she was trying to her own children alone. Eleven eleven children, not you, know well off no you're, not even comfortable, really like not even comfortable at all, but Jake. So tough David had told Ethel that he was actually going through colon cancer and like really suffering, which I don't really know those the truth, a kind of sounds like it wasn't. Oh I'm not sure I am not sure
quote me. Do nothing ever comes of that? It's just like you said you had colon cancer and when I did it yeah and it seems like he offered some kind of compensation to the Bailey family that obviously they be happy to have, and he was like if some of your girls could come over and help me clean up around the house like. Maybe we can make some kind of deal mocha, but I really think he wanted them there till it clean this house per se. Oh you think he like to look at younger girls sets really bad yeah. It's not really bad, it's actually a crime, it is illegal, not just to look at them. Little Axion illegal! It's just creepy, Valencia, move past. That way, I don't do that so Linda's, older sister PAM at one point actually deeded David, but David's. I had always been on Linda, even while he was dating PAM. Her older sister, in which she like Young, both of the girls, were teenagers and way too young for him. He wasn't it.
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is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is Sally, in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop. Your dinner favorites after four p m, wow rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the while I acknowledge going today? but she was like super head over heels for em. Obviously, your thirteen years old in the horizontal guys interested in you, you think this is the tenets of course, and this this well off. Guy you're Chillun in your, like your house, with eleven other brothers and sisters trying to get attention and they have your needs. My yeah and you're not having an this guy's like I can take you out of all of US exit So it's kind of Prince charming now when she turned seventeen, she asked us all to sign off on her marriage to David Ethel was like absolute
like by all accounts. She was happy and excited for them, and I think she was Polly relieved that at least one of her kids was they got like, but around and iron yeah like how to chance at it. So Linda and David got married in Vegas in nineteen. Seventy nine fancy glitzy glitzy and glamour. I thought I was a really good boy rose and that really was in key or even had like that. I know I just perfect Hiram Catherine O Hara, so life changed really quickly for Linda, obviously, and the next six years, are going to be an absolute whirlwind for her. So after she marry David, they lived in a couple homes like the kind of moved around a little bit and they finally settled into this home at twelve five. Five one ocean breeze and Garden Grove AIR in the garden growth area of Orange County? Okay, so, like seems like a pretty nice area at the time I don't know about now. I dont know not their Orange county housewives. I guess how as it gets,
how you doing where my o c weirdos, that Yossi who, having some point, though they divorced for whatever reason, and then they got remarried. So things were going well in and they were. Then there are like love, you combat, love, love, love and then Patty Linda's younger sister ended up moving in with them when she was like she was eleven turning. Twelve, when she moved in her, she was having a lot of family trouble at back at home, with a thorn everybody and a family member had actually been molesting her God. I read in one source that it was the brother, but was only in one source, is really really upsetting yeah but in she needed to get obviously away to a safe space yeah. So she remembered that David and Linda welcomed her with open arms. She thought she was living the good life. It's like. I run a bunch articles that said when she walked into a room. It was fully furnished like beautifully and decorated and dislike it. Everything she didn't have everything she didn't have exactly, but soon David kind of stuff.
showing interest in her ear and started to I fucking hate us word, but there's no other really good way to say it. He would fondle her. Oh god, I hate outward bullock. What else do you say? Oh that's, so horrific catholic Ouch is also ya, know that all I mean just the entire vibe of that is just not good. and remember she is like turning twelve, oh she's, a baby and he's probably at this point like twenty four twenty five fuck em fuck is wrong with these gonna people. This gets worse He told her that, like him doing, this would make her develop into a quote proper lady much sooner, and that some day he was gonna marry her. What the fox, so he was like me doing. This is like helping you develop and then some day I'm gonna get married you and lays dislike grooming her it? One hundred her looks like grooming literal group, so parties later told the Alley times that when she did start developing shortly after he said this to her, she was like. Oh, my god he's like some kind of
like. I owe him everything and she's a child Mary and she starts to fall for him, he's given her everything. So far. Of course, you know that anybody would fall for me. I, like the very impressionable young mind. Of course right now he would come into her room. One window was out of the house or when she couldn't hear them like, if she was in another, partly showering or something, and they started having like a full on physical relationship, which you can't really call it a physical. Relationship like she's. Obviously she was saying like sure at the time, but she's not she's, not of the age to face or sent you did not have cancer. in so she was beat yet now by this point, Linda, already had a baby together Crystal young, so he's a day, at this point and already cinema dad of a baby girl, no doubt of it be girl. Anyhow cinnamon at this point has had her for awhile, oh boy, dude, what's wrong so pretty soon after Patty,
Then cinnamon asked her dad if she could move em. So David later told the investigators that cinnamon was a really troubled girl and the reason that she lived with him in the first place was that she couldn't get along with her mom and shortly after moving and with him in his new family, she was struggling to get along with wonder okra. So he kind of paints this picture of sentiment as like she's. This really like disagreeable girl pay said she didn't want to help out with any household chores. She would talk back to Linda, constantly or just completely ignore or Linda like he made. It seem like she was just like the ultimate rocket. The UN, how old is she just fourteen? Ok,
she is a little. She was fourteen when this happened out her and it was nineteen eighty five broker when cinnamon first moved and she shared a room with Patty. But a few months before she before Linda was killed. Linda had actually quote, kicked cinnamon out, but you didn't really like kicker out and like say, like you can't live here, there is a trailer that they had parked outside of a house and she was like cinnamon like that's where you're living costs. Obviously you can't get along with anybody in the house. So live in that area, outside. Do you know that's just what we're going to do about this, so David went on to tell the investigators that, like cinnamon, would come inside when it was time for meals and everything and sometimes to watch tv, but she wouldn't speak to buddy during that time, and like everybody, just kind of like a lot that happen. The strangest thing I've ever heard, probably cause it's not what the fuck there's someone I get it then I mean it does sound like she was living. She was living in the trailer link, how her sufferers and their wishes. I don't, I feel like it wasn't by choice
Now I feel that- and I also wonder if Linda actually did do that or if like when she moved in that, was just how a less from the south with the arrangement Adona now Patty told the investigators later on that cinnamon had told her that she was suicidal and plan to kill herself with a gun. But Patty was like you know. I tell her. I love her all the time. I really try to cheer her up and it seemed to be working for a while, but you know maybe
maybe not maybe it's not we're married her work, everything exploded yeah. So in an rules book which you should totally read this book, if you want like a full on like deep dive into this case, it's really gun wheels annual. I know so good. It's called if you really loved me, and it opens up telling the story of the night that Linda was shot and it describes what Patty and David told the initial investigators, which was a whole bunch of bull shit. Oh so David told them his parents had come over fervors about day. He described playing. You know as a family which really upset me, because Alina John Drew- and I just had like a fond. No competition. yes and I love you known with new hat widow attack hack. So, like alleys, it's a little different. It is, I think we do know as a family. He said they were gonna go to the desert for a picnic, but it was raining so they decided against it and then at some point like me early afternoon, Erst gives me late afternoon. He had taken him.
Of cinnamon and Patty to chiropractor appointment because they had gotten in like a pretty bad car accident before, but all I can tell you like a little bit about later, but he stopped on the way home to get food for everyone. He pointed out that he had to go to two different places so that he could make sure everyone was happy with what they got, of course, such a good guy and he said that sentiment was really irritable. way home, and that she was treating Patty very badly huh like treating her soul horribly, you know, cinnamon was just awful. Almost ass was the worst she saw so. They go home. They ate dinner. I guess Linda and davits. Mother got until I some one of an argument over caring for crystal and he was like you know like they disagreed on. If the baby should cry it I'll or if she should like get her on a routine and yet not let her cry it out, like his mom thought, you'd baby, Shouldn and window was like. I just need to get her on the fucking routine. Let me raise I could let me do it blah blah blah, so they were arguing over that, and then that was
bed and then they went to bed after arguing, because so after the parents left to his parents leave and then him and Linda continue. This argument cause he's on his mom side of like don't let her cry it out. It's awful like any thing to the investigators like I'm such a sensitive man and of course I could never listened to my baby, crying, of course not in its dude you're. Not a father. Lino year will see shortly here disgusting and it's like I love that you're trying to make Linda seem like this horrible person, yellow light neglect for mother thinks she's not she's, just trying to get the baby, I'm asleep schedule. But ok, but oh
so they went to bed after arguing, but that he woke up around midnight cause. You know he's just so sensitive and worries. I can tell he's very upset about the fight. He can't sleep. Of course not, so he decides to go for a drive and yeah midnight. Ok, as one does not just like ghosts downstairs and watched, the carnations language is what he would have done, a nineteen it. Obviously, yet they ve been around the nineteen. Eighty five like outcome yet comes alive, yeah fine! You know he goes for midnight drive and he said that he stopped at it. and being in store for a doctor, pepper and an apple pie which seems like a really Grossman they want and what a midnight snack like one of those things: cool cocoa, cool, doktor, pepper with your apple pie. Beyond that's a strange toy! That's just dusting. The weird surety also definitely was not a healthy man,
not say it. Clearly, you don't say investigators when they got there. I do. He was something like thirty three at this point because it yet he was like ten years older than wonder and they were like when they walked in. They thought he was like fifty five, oh yeah. I just liked every picture feminist, like oh yeah, literally younger than me, yeah, that's really gravely we here, I'm thirty five, while, ah I thought you might like now and I will not now I mean I was eager and everything I know is alive. No Uruguay worried sick old dog. Who does it s got Julia by you. Look like twenty five. I appreciate that now got you say you know: doktor proper apple pie, cool Cocalus,
whoever apple, but he goes. Eighty gets that beautiful meal men he goes back in to the same store to get some comic books. Another midnight activity, yeah in you know like like any other thirty three year old Father would do now. If you're gonna get your doktor pepper near Apple pie, you gotta, let me know your wash it down with a nice comic, but with a side of Batman and Robert, of course, like all the all these things go together. It's all of these things together that are weird like if you just I'm going out of midnight to go get a comic book is like strange to me, I'm like really why. Why gets really weird falling whatever also altogether? It's like. What do you do it? Let's make a point of like, and we know what he's doing cause he goes in to get the apple pie and the doktor pepper. They goes back to us. car. They goes back in chats. Would the cashier what he was like? The cashier thought. It was so funny that I was buying comic books and it's like all. The cashier saw you home and actually talk to you and remember you, because you did so
we're not so crazy mining or one g. He then drives to the beach to go, sit and think to sit, and thank you know after midnight how you just drive. I mean I my I may do that to be honest, yeah after getting a common fuckin a doctor, pepper apple pie, fellow, and give very serious about I'm Spilett, I'm going delay? I might set at the beach at midday. About might be fun. I would dot. Jack has like fresh air for that C4, one hundred percent, inviting for yet murder, but that is actually a really good. We added, let's RSVP infer matter I'll, do that so while he he was our sweeping four and then he said when he got home. A frantic patty met him up, DORA sobbing holding crystal who was also sobbing and Patty, was like
A window shot like I, I didn't go up there, but I think she might be dead boiling boy. You didn't go up there, but she might be ok. You didn't check on your sister who you believe may have been shot: ok, cocoa, the archaic sites like if a subtle, let's get real or that right now, if I thought that somebody shot you, I would be like. Your room like tion, abandoned around the air. I like you're, not just in a village yeah. I think she might be dead up there. I wouldn't illegal up that holding the baby downstairs like waiting for John to get home yet no Ivy league, while the what if he doesn't get home, we're light. So ensure he said she thinks that was cinnamon like sentiments nowhere to be found, and she saw somebody that looked like sentiment
in her room, when she heard someone that looked like settlement, I saw someone that looks like a teenage girl in the room. I'm not really sure. I saw someone that looks like this girl that I've been living with her like a really long time run out of the house have been someone I'll fighting it, and maybe it was someone else or maybe it was cinnamon who who lives here could have been another blonde girl. I dont ran in the house and shots and one real, quick and then left at home, who House Oneida who's to say refresh your summer. Why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted These were pressures or refreshing. Or handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit, we're: Strawberry Dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas. Smoothie crafted keep you cool so
brush your summer with our handcrafted refresher in smooth these made brush your way at. Why why, right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn too tight is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is Sally. in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop your dinner favorites after four p m Wow rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the. While. I acknowledge, going today. Patty told the investigators that after Linda and David went to bed at night, she and sentiment sate up watching MTV, which in nineteen eighty five I can only imagine how great that was owes its. I would speak parley like music videos, o peak music
I love that yeah now Patty got tired around midnight and she was like I headed to bed. I went to bed and cinnamon without thereby- or so I went to my fuckin bed. I went to sleep. I slept so hard like a rock gunshot psych to sleep, but she was like cinnamon stayed up and before I went to bed cinnamon was like hey. Can you show me something and party was like what? Of course, one who I love so much sister girl- can I show the I shall show you all the things in cinnamon like had a small gray gun in her hand and ass Patty how to work. It and party was like. Why do you need help? why, like I'm confused, I'm so confused what why Ah ha. If that happens, I believe- and I dont know if you're like canoe, if it was literally them,
the night near really. Can you show me how to use this gonna billing? No, I can't I'm going to call the police when the fog leave go to your trailer sentiment. I Billy Gimme that fucking little grey gun and I'll take that after your trailer and I'm calling the police confiscated She was like why and Cinnamon said that it was just in case and she is at sea. Seems like she was talking about like entry like home invasion or like a possible intruder. I guess people scheduled that with cinnamon than I'd ever going to enter just in case and Patty said she didn't think much she thought, maybe you she reassured cinnamon that they had an alarm system and it's all good, but she was like you know that I just went to bed. I showed him how to use it, and I went to bed as one does near midnight after watching MTV, wouldn't
he'll Jackson's thriller gets done. You shows the your sister friend time at work or how to working on many go sleep and noticeably don't think much of it. No, nothing to see here. Nothing of notes of the nine eleven she's like you know that the Nightwing pretty normal, pretty as plan we watch cement. MTV, my showed her how to work a pistol, and then I went to sleep. There is really nothing of note NOS five. No, I don T really nothing less change. What what could be so weird. fickle Monday night for us. Maybe I don't see anything meanwhile, investigators or like what the fuck is, this family, what they came on Fortunately, though, cinnamon clearly was not talking about intruders and Patty, woke up in the middle of the night to gunshots so she heard the first gunshot in it startled her awake and she heard it in her room and saw cinnamon standing there. She said and then she heard two more gunshots and didn't see sentiment in the room and then she started to hear crystal crying, so she said
she ran to. Crystals nursery got crystal stayed in the nursery like holding her like with her back up against the door which our parliament to have somebody got in my house like deftly nothing, my back up against the door. No, definitely not, but I can see. Why, like in I concern chaotic situation she's like trying you're, forgetting that you're trying to block the door and block the baby, absolutely social, that and then she said she stayed there until she heard a knock on the front door and then keys. Turning in the lock now I like to know. If you have the keys to the door, liar you knocking on it first yeah. Why that's a little strange there. She said she ran downstairs, which I wouldn't do. If denial thought there was a gunman in the hollow sir gun moment in the house. Also, if she's upstairs, how do you hear the keys in the door at sea The house was: there was a huge chow scenario, Craig Venter her well off, so they were. I would assume it would be. They were like a weird while often I'll describe it in a second
but so she heard on little yeah. Why would you knock if you have the keys friend to alert someone that it's just you Let me now address me little only very when I'm just coming in with my pie, I got you one coming back, and so she ran downstairs and she met David at the door and told him everything now, interestingly enough, Patty, so that David called his father before calling the police and am also pretty sure that he didn't go up there because the end, skaters, where like will? Where is she in? He was like officer Can you please go? Look I can't so. You go aid, your dying, wife fur, like potentially dead. Why do literally? None of you have any idea? What is if she's even hurts ray like she might be hiding up there for our own. She might be used in a really deep sleep. We dislike ear no idea you'd. Neither none of you have even seen her and sentiment is. Nowhere may not be up there so who's to say that sentiment and like misfire the gun in patties room goal.
Like in the trailer somewhere like shoot herself and who stood it's whose to save and sentiment is an up their examined. Do you know none of you know where she is in Europe children in living room waiting for the police to get there when you have no idea what's going on. No, none of that makes them so the investigators got there, David tells the story: Patty tells her story and they both seemed convinced that it was sediment who pulled the trigger, but the only problem was like I said: cinnamon was nowhere to be found and there are like is potentially dangerous. The gun was dropped in front of like the doorway, so she didn't have that gun. But, like you, don't know what else she has and there were other guns in the house, and none of them seem to be missing. They don't know so. The investigators are like looking around the house there taking pictures of the scene bagging of evidence and why investigators, rounding up all the dogs, just a kind of get them out of the way we have something like for dogs and the house low, and one of them was a puppy that seemed like it belonged to cinnamon, because
in the trailer by itself, and it was just like poop and all around the trail. The investigator was like, while their shit everywhere sets you wanna, generously pooper download, but then I must say it like poop and around, like a blip. Do like music, literally shorting everywhere such things as I've poop it's an important list, more, like a kind of is because the investigator like moves him to a patent. So while he's moving the little charting onto the pen, He notices lick because it with theirs a garage and he'd like they are putting the mind there and then the recent, dog houses along the garage, so the back of the dog houses were like kind. It's not had to the garage but lay elsewhere they leaned up. He asked it. Read the book, so it's really does. As operating, if you really loved me by enrolled plug, So he notices like the dog houses and he's like ok, cool
then he notices that there's like a figure in one of the dock houses. So he leans down and he's like. Ok, that's a person, but that is not a came out if a human weird, that there is a high may using my investigative skills to deduce that that is not a dog of their human and a dog. How human rights dying question mark right down my for it and then I'm going to investigate, and so he does so him upon closer look, he realised that it was cinnamon and she was laying in a pool of her own vomit and she had PETE herself so she's laying in her own urine and vomit Oh and she's, holding like literally like clenched and her fist. Is this note on Nelega piece of I think this was pink cardboard, which I was like? Maybe it was like stationary. That's what my card stock?
Syria, Z, Amelia, encouraged and tied together with a ribbon, which is fancy weird to me, yeah, but ok, so they're like he, we gonna take you down, sir we're gonna. Take you downtown semi, so someone should have gone down. Also David literally calls her sunny, which yoga would be cute if he wasn't him, so they take her into custody and they read the note and he said that he literally had to like on clench her fingers from her joy, and the note said, dear God, please forgive me. I didn't mean to hurt her. Oh and she didn't like a squirrel new sheet shall hear ye hear you here. You hear your story: Thou EST! Sorry, So during her interview, cinnamon went in and out of answering questions into seem to be like somewhere else. In her mind, then Andrew points out in her book that at one point she murder, shimmer
she whispered, please don't let them get away with murder, but, like now, I dont know because so far says that and the investigators were like ok liquid and they seemed to be surprised that this was this like little timid fourteen year old boy sitting in front of them that fired a gun. Three too and shot and killed a woman and their legs. He's the mastermind by most because like and is now laying in her own vomit and piss, yellow egg? That's where this is the hardened killer, yeah, just ok! It doesn't make a lot of sense to them, but there are let but she confesses yeah. I mean what are you gonna do after she sends please don't let them get away with murder o telling that hurts. It really hurts, because
we'll see my eyes and she just told them, because she she did it because she thought Linda hated her and she didn't like Linda. That was her reason. I mean those laws are not good reasons to murder. Someone know so there really ok. Now, a few days later, they tried to talk to her again and sentiments that she didn't remember anything and in one talk eke out bad now she was convicted of first degree murder at first. She was sentenced to twenty seven years to life in prison, but because She was only fourteen years old at the time of the shooting they instead sent heard of California youth lady and she was sentenced to serve their until she turned twenty five. Ok things I thought could never happen
humpback was a new regional calmly streaming. Only Antigua fees mix and passions, sour go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute. Tuna from we are lady parts. Besides dreaming now only I'm peacock things I thought could never happen in humpback whales A new regional calmly streaming only Antigua fees, mix of hash anthems, sour Gub, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute to live in front. We are lady parts, so screaming now only I'm peacock
So basically, I think it's like you gonna little break zero young. Yet some of you use offender. Acta. So meanwhile, things were good. really weird with Dave and am Paddy you dont say super duper, weird LAO weirder somehow during some. And trial David didn't come didn't job to the trial and after cinnamon was sentenced in prison. He really wasn't coming to visit her as much as he had told her. He would any and also cashed in pretty quickly on this little thing called a life insurance policy. Oh that life insurance policy so a crazed? All someone died and somebody cashed in on a life insurance policy. You know it's o. I always love when we come up with a case that has something like so different and, like I know one thing we ve never seen before. It's just such a need each moment. I can't believe you found its eyes. It was hard, a life insurance policy
I had to look into it yeah you have yet to find out what it was. You never heard of it was like. Won't you, oh well, some people, murder people, real money, all Lee. Well now this this life insurance policy, nothing can tell that was faint and profound right. There sarcasm called axing laughing. I like to call improv of something called the theatre who I was Is that not so yeah you bitch you about your badge. Yeah. The life insurance policy was outbreak close to one million dollars to get drunk or change, was like a little over eight much added up and is a little over eight too many monies. It was almost a million, so he cash. Not he moved into a new house with Patty that he bought in cash or which he bought the house really three hundred thousand dollars, and I guess it was like a really nice house with a swimming pool, and I was like I wish we were imagine if real estate only costed, that much especially in Massachusetts Toy Honey
Many everybody go look up real estate messages. I love my nine hundred square foot, a part, and rather oh he. You bought that in cash, which I was like loud love to see the minimum amount of money and to have a lot of shit goals, shackles, and so you move them with Patty and he also marries Hersey greatly and it also has a baby with her secretly in which am I got some. Those are a lot of sense. great cylinder fridays air was so big secret secrets are no fun, The arts hurt someone out. there's a version from everybody, the office. I knew it. I don't like the office. I can't wait for the amount of time and effort. Honestly give her shit for I give her shit, I like parks, and she hasn't given a chance I actually lander she didn't give cylinder had chancellor I'd like to get that a solution is to give them a chance. I love the tension. Sweden I love to have that. Somehow Lander worked its way into the sentiment brown king always will so
They had a secret marriage and a secret baby, and I guess they were telling people about the baby was not David's, oh and unlike, but your lives. Together in this nice house, let it with a baby. What do you think tat looks like this is just someone's random baby that you just unlike down vain upon you like it. He was saying the baby is from a different follow. No, but it's like what it was, but why she with you that we are clearly show the baby. While you were to get why it's a strange situation, it's a weird situ shut up- and it also came back later on that because at the scene of like originally, they did like they swathed their hands for gunpowder, like two sons Yes, thank you, and there we saw little. There was residue on patties hands, oh, but at the time they somehow explore. do the way, but, like the investigators always kind to hold onto that, but they were like there's like that's all. We have to have somebody in jail for the murder like. We can't really do anything with us right now, but they always were like why I
always be thinking about that. I thought you had to say. I would always be late why? I would always be like why, where I work, that so by nineteen. Eighty eight word got back to cinnamon like rotting in jail that her father and Patty were married and like live in this, hi, lavish lifestyle, caution and on all these great banks, so You know you know cash in on you can do that. That's a lot of people with money, say yeah passion and on banks, laughing straight till I got an awful hopper odium over that's on Cadeau. I didn't think you would. The investigators had also been visiting cinnamon over the years and Blake hoping to get more answers because, like I said this was like a real ahead scratch your further page, you cannot understand less at all, but she didn't talk about it. She was like Nope Lugano, have anything to say, come on
but she was a model prisoner. She had a job in jail, she kept busy doing like crafts and pretty sure she did like Needlepoint and shut down, and she just kept herself mostly in their like this girl is like this is not the girl that was described to us like the arable maker who couldn't get along the had a problem with authority. Figures like so much so that they had to make her living a trailer offer there and so Monticello set she likes snapped and, like all, really angry and shot her stepmom Leia. That little thing it be. I you know how that happens. It just there were like no link. It doesn't make us as at all like this is just not in her I guess so she did. She underwent therapy while she was in jail and she she she seemed fishing. She seemed to be growing and maturing until I get a stronger purse and mentally and people could kind of hell that there was gonna be like some kind of shift soon who, which you know she seemed very different than she did when she first got their covered in her own paean urine and
that is a good thing and violent alma. I meant to say paean moment, but there was no one. There is no evidence that she was suffering from any kind of mental illness and Patty, and David had described that initially to the investigators, because Patty told them that cinnamon had more imaginary friends than she did real friends, and she said she would just like talk to people out loud named aunt, Bertha, Oscar and Maynard an Maynard which is a place I used to live. A town of Massachusetts literally lived there wow, but they were like that's weird that she's never talk to any of those imaginary friends. Ever since she got to jail cause like yeah jails. Pretty lonely might be a good time to talk to those imaginary friends, and did she have an imaginary friend like when she was younger and both their thing. It was like when she was fourteen they're, saying like when she was like Chillun around not talking to them. She was talking of Oscar Bertha, meaner, divided, imaginary friend, name, naughty, Martha, that's
That is why I can, and I just blamed everything, I'm not worth of pictures. You were not Elaine loud value. I've heard that you I would like very like naughty Martha did. The man was always like. I couldn't even get mad because it was so That's all! I guess who's like refugees. We love a smart little shit. My imaginary friend was Luke, Skywalker is showers, cancel firm can convert, and one day I was like eat Alec when you're a little. You like shower with your mom, sometimes yank, wash your hair and also curse. Here I was like oh Mamma, can you also wash Luke Skywalker error Jews like I'm sorry what, if there's a man's a mere there's who would wish there was no man's? Is around dear? I love it. Yes, it s. A little bit about us will insight into her child, but they pointed out that you know she talk to these people in them. Investigators, Ellie, Ballade, isn't doktor them here, and I think that,
they initially thought when she was sitting in the investigate resignation from being like. I don't let him get away with murder. I think they thought she was talking about her imaginary friends, so she is like this associating and being like the right. They did a direct, I'm Gambia that makes them ADA. It makes perfect sense, but she was really say like dear God, probably don't let Patty. She was barely saying I'm taking the rap for this, but please don't let them get away with it. We are sure I'll take the rap right now, but they need to get it to Ill yet like in the long run like at some point now. They also pointed out Patty and Dave Entity, investigators, thatch, cinnamon, honey much older boyfriend and he went by Steely Dan. You know my boyfriend, such a haughty, steely Dan. You know my boyfriend motley crew? You know my boyfriend steely steely. You know my boyfriend poison. You know my boyfriend Doran like what? citizens, friends were like
She hasn't happened. My friend and I guess there was a kid who went by steely Daniel Urim and he was like a troublemaker, but they looked into it. Nothing for there are like the other, Do you know those citizens like she had a couple friends hold the police that cinnamon was grounded all the time, and that was the reason she didn't have a lot of friends, because Patty and David were trying to make it seem like she didn't, have real friends cause she was she had so many a managerial Antioch issue is like having a moment, but there I know she was grounded all the time. That's. Why should enough friends and the heat they said it was partially that, but also because her father encouraged her not to make friends and would like flip out about every little thing that did so she just didn't really have the time to make friends. Ah you hear about these things: they parents encouraging their kid like these people, Alec isolate their children from having friends and unlike took, why did you
of kids, why don't make it a bit? I have so many friends subduing vote. This pandemic has been the hardest and one of the hardest things on the girls have been. All they want to do is go see their friends or make new friends and watching kids make friends with each other rose precious purist thing you'll ever see in your life, like the big girls, will make us see someone at the park and wanna play with them, and obviously right now it's difficult but like yet they have masks Billy going Alec suit arise at them like they get so happy in there. All. My new friend named, like probably illegal, talk about their new friend four days literally lingams here and of our wines, parents who, like isolate their children from now. So weird, it's weird like. Why did you have an advantage over carefully so evil? It is so ones Patty or excuse me once cinnamon found out about and her dad getting married. She was like. Let me talk to those investigators that have been visiting me cuz. I have something to say now. I got something to say now: the DEA at the time was named Jay Newell and he had been very interested in the case like very invested.
and he was the main person who was like none of this makes sense. This girl did not do this on her own lying. I need to know more now, cinnamon told them that David had been telling a party for years now this is when it all comes crashing down. That Linda was conspire. against him with her twin brother, and he said there was like he told them all these worries about Linda and her twin brothers, mob ties and how they were working in a plot to kill him, so they could take all his money because, like I said he did have a lot of money likes and he had both the girl so brainwashed because obviously cinnamon loved her father, then on the time this was the man who Patty kind of felt like rescued her. She probably felt extra owed him. I mean she thought he was like a god now, so he's completely brainwashing them and, like I said, Patty had been grouped for years. Like she was kind of jealous of wonder because she sees her being in the way of this prince cha
that she wants to know here on earth, so she loved her sister, but I'm sure too, degree. Such she saw her as the threat of pressure. So there's that and then suddenly Cinnamon said that this was something like I said they talked about for years and that David told them that they would have to carry it out the murder, because he didn't have the stomach for it. He needed they needed to get rid of wonder for him or remember, he's so sensitive the most sensitive matters that such a delicate constitution that Oh yes, so the three of them together decided that cinnamon should be the one to pull the trigger, because she was the youngest and they had her fully convinced that, because she was so much younger, she wouldn't be prosecuted s heart. I got no meanwhile Patty and her like in high school together. I think Patty was like seventeen when this happened. Oh that's cool David said that they would make up some kind of psychological issues like they did
Not the worst. That would happen is that cinnamon would have to go to a psychiatrist for a while, and then she would come back home and it would all live. This happy life together after we murdered the mother after he murdered beyond the mom and its IRA, babbling stepmom in the sister, and it's like that's what exactly what I opened up with. She said. I thought that I would do this and then I thought I would I'm home, why I mean she's fourteen she doesn't understand illegal. the sermon and has obviously been brainwashed in a big way. That's her father yeah, oh my god her father that she loves. She thinks he's in danger. She thinks she's protecting him right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn to tie? Is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is sound.
Did more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop, your dinner favorites after four p m while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y apathy going today, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively bears beats the office on pick up stream every moment from a donor, Midland Export bonus actors, an exclusive plus. If you're, looking for more classic kids, you can stream every episode of parts and recreation tuna men in every season of personnel in the mood for something brand new Zika peacocks original comedies, the Amber rubbed, the shell and say about about whether you are creating a new danger familiar you can find sends a comedy, it's obvious got it started for free up. He got Dv Dhaka, I mean yet because like who among us, if you love your father, you do anything for your parents if he loved.
Me no right in your being Brainwash unless they're telling you that their in mortal danger and that the only way that this link, when you're that young, especially right, so they were coming up with ways to kill Linda fur like over a year, cinnamon suggest anything in that house with them. Living in the house. That idea, cinnamon suggestion at one point like throwing abaft earth of throwing a bathtub, throwing like something electrical into the bathtub then she was like a whole into only take shower suddenly, but like trying to lake impress the her dad yapping like look at this good idea came up exactly like they. Both would come up with ways occurring Patty together and then he would have them, because the whole thing was that afterwards, cinnamon was gonna. Like pretend like she tried to commit suicide so that it looked like she was doing a murder suicide yeah. Just like makes it look at her. I got down and they would write these fake suicide notes and give them to David and billing as this one. Ok as this one, okay and he would burn them
flush them down the toilet and then one time I believe it was Patty walked in on window on the phone at one point and when Linda one party walked into the room Linda kind of stop talking and she was like- oh my god, she must be plodding. The murder like right now, but meanwhile she was partly like. I think my fuckin sister and my husband or in a relationship together yeah, so he had them fully convinced and also like fully paranoid. Of course, thy gay starting my mob tie so then you think of it actually, and you think maybe cinnamon did develop this attitude and she did in Linda did say: let go fuck and live in the trailer where to live in my house. It give me out and make sense. So on the night of March Eighteenth, he woke cinnamon and Patty up and told them tonight was the night he said Linda needs to die tonight, like cigarette dont like I, so he leaves the house like. I said goes to the convenience store goes in multiple times. make sure he has an alibi, macsharry acts, real kooky. He may be went to
each other now seems like. Perhaps he asked, stopped at a Dennys to use their bathroom. originally said, but it was probably just me. Allah by even more solid Morris, and he said he was like I saw he said he saw like Red headed waitress, unlike She saw him southerly, ably I'll talk to that red, headed waitress and Ilsa. I was there. It reminds me of on the Melick, not oh. I was thinking that austrian Remember his name. He goes to the chilly gullies eventually play fear, so he's like job. I was there and then when he came home, Obviously he knows Linda's Dead, which is why he doesn't go upstairs to check our shot dead. That's why he does the knock knock for her. That's right as the knock dockets me and then he mixed up a cocktail of prescription drugs for cinnamon to take an she like one outside to take them and where she was like peeing on herself in your unlike vomiting right end. So that's the them, because so she refused to shoot herself because a region-
me she's. The plan was, she was gonna shoot herself like I've. I don't know if they told her like do it here, so that its not fatal, only but she was like. I can't do it yeah, so they didn't know me either, but the mix of drugs they found out later was a lethal dose, so he probably intended on killing cinnamon to so that he could run away with Patty and not have to worry about it, while till he improbably I'm I'm goin on the record here saying he fully intended to not only got his wife killed by his daughter, but then kill his daughter, a one hundred percent, so and in the original investigation, the link when they were like taking pictures and bag evidence it seems like the there was like a laundry room or like a mud room in the back of the house and on the wash machine, there's three pill, bottles and then investigators.
what the fuck so then, I think when they saw sentiment that state they just assumed like she took the Maria, but then they found like a ton of prescription medicines in the house, because David was really sickly. They definitely will. I think he doubtfully intended on killing her, because there really was no good reason to do like a suicide attempts, no or even life something. You know that that it doesn't really. It would just add, like drama two dozen, but he was just trying to get rid of it gives you started There are two birds with any kind of instead that it would be better if she pretended to killers right LAO yeah, while you out an evil son of a bitch, because so luckily she threw up, because if she didn't they like they were like. If she didn't throb, she was dead yeah and they found like all the different prescription drugs in the throw yeah because they saw then the guy who found her solid
The capsules Louis like oh, I clearly that went out. So they decided that it would be best to have cinnamon try to get her dad to say something. They were like. Let's get him to visit you in jail, let's why're you up, so they did, and there like do your best to get him to say something so cinnamon told her dad he d that he needed to tell the cops what really happened or she needed to, because she wasn't doing well in jail and eat. Basically told her and they have psych is she's wired. He said you can't tell them the quote whole true, because I'm sick and I can't go to jail and he told her I'll kill myself before I die in a jail cell, and if you do tell the truth quote, we would all end up in prison what the law, so he will later early sailed his fucking ship down the river. That is whole areas he's like no, we, you can't tell the whole try love that she didn't have to do any work. Their shoes you just like people about about. She was like I'm like I'm getting ready to tell
of truth and he was like. No, no, you can't walk a joke as we're all involved in. You can tell the whole truth and there, like Hain, T, hey you wanna talk to us, Sake was, was an old Chadwick, Mickey manners, the violation of what's up my good Miley, what's good David, what's good David sit down the as the Dowd, so they they bring in David David, the every man Patty they arrest them pretty much immediately and Patty was placed in the same facility as cinnamon could. Amber is still very young guy Lakes now David, while in jail time? to convince the investigators that he had no role in this area Patty and Cinnamon, they were conspiring. slender because they didn't like her. They wanted to do away with her, which is like. Oh ok, let's blunt stayed with passion. Thank you that's it. I was like, let's consider about for a moment. Then you marry how'd. He still makes sense. Ok, ok, cool coequal, some makes total sense.
I also thought poor crystal. I know I want to talk about Christlike ready for better gather all gone, but what So he also this is just wild. He made the mistake of trying to organise a head on Jane, knew all the one who was like the investigator who was hoping we cinnamon LISA if he was like. I want him like done, and he try to carry out a hit on Patty too, so we wanted to of them know he offer to fellow inmate, almost twenty three thousand dollars for the hit and told him quote, I make things happen for people, that's how I got to head wow. Like then he's like I had nothing to do with that. You were like, so for life, you're working with the fucking Pentagon, and then you like organised this crazy, chronic you y yeah. Why get? what I was going to say do moonlight at one residing and I
Cinnamon, like suggested that originally was. I will I can't you just divorce her one he was like will shall come after all, my money and I'll lose everything and it's a get divorced socks, but it sucks a whole lot less than murder and going to jail forever Glenn. You know I like preen up like meagre sign of green up. Then you won't lose everything yeah. Unlike who knows you, President Prodi, that keeps wondered of values like I make things happen for people that I get ahead, but the inmate that here to organise the hit with told the authority of core. Obviously now he also told another in May, or he thought that it was an inmate that She should go forward after Patty testified and say they say. Like I in jail with Patty, and she told me she lied about her whole testimony. So he's like, if you do this for me, like I'll help you out somehow yeah. That was in an inmate that was an undercover cop. Oh my god, amazing. Yes, I'm leaving in she's. Why it's like now. We have that and she's like you're a fucking thanks for that
cinnamon and party were able to make amends while they were incarcerated, and I don't really know the sentiments and much more Personally? I am thy damn, but I think she was a gear brainwashed like I was to be. I think she knows that they- I grew, you should try so's you should you should have this ago, then they both agree to testify against Dave. At his trial now Patty told the all about their relationship, how it started, and that alone obviously painted a very different picture. The guy is a powerful litter that right off the bat you're like oh, also go work, and with here now, Cinnamon agreed also to testify, and she told the jury how they have been brainwashed by, David and how he continuously told them, and this is where the title of the book comes from. If they loved him, they would do this for him, while he they, he would always say to them. If you love me I'll, do the same. Most emotional manipulate like I'm, your daughter and at this late hour, seventeen year old, girl, okay, so the jury
they had so much from the wiretapping from cinnamon from the jailhouse stuff from behind trying to say should in jail ignoring. He was recorded that the jury heard days of incriminating statements just made by him like a hot on tape. I think there was something like three days while yeah. So they took a very short seven hour deliberation period and when they came back, he was sentenced to life without guy ability of four or five error. The judge compared him to Charles Manson and honestly literally the current leader II and use the same kind of vibe. It's done pronouncements and insisted on young, impressionable youth anxieties, his bidding and exactly what David he was like we're like Charles man. So he said you were a very scary man and you were lucky that the death penalty was on the table as he the judge was like. I would first kill you. I would first sure Kelly of our let thy lethal and
As you know, the judges like, I would do it myself is if it was on the tape mandate. If you could say about Greece now, cinnamon was really shortly after and so is Patty, but by that time cinnamon was for dollar twenty one percent like thought it was crazy. No, she wasn't one on choose. Eighteen are passing Patty twenty one and she was released now cinnamon went on to get married and she married a man who, unfortunately, passed away after they were married for like twenty years, he committed suicide ashes LISA, but so sad and she later remarried and by all accounts she's living like a quiet, happy life, oh good, Crystal Linda's, Linda and David's daughter and Patty were able to reach. MAX and Crystal said that she not only forgives Patty but also forgive cinnamon for her moms murder, and she knows that they were Brainwash LA which is nuts. I couldn't find anything about the daughter of the son, I'm not sure what they had that deal.
How does a gun area at one point it was being to the baby was being taken care of by like one of Patty siblings. I believe, and crystal had been taken care of on the David's parents got custody, so I couldn't find any you know about that. That child, like maybe on child back just, doesn't want to be associated with this anymore. Yeah, probably not enough, but crystal actually runs a facebook page of itself up lives in some of the things that I was looking up like in her moms memory, all enclosed old pictures and stuff she had posted when her and Patty got together, while it doesn't seem like her and cinnamon got together, but I dont know if they ve talked and like yeah it out Thea. So that's good. I mean not least, there's lots of their now diva. Told the investigators that cinnamon and Patty were both very dangerous girls who would most likely kill again if they were released now, which I don't feared that cause they they did and because they have not no fortune
At least his crusty old ass died in prison were going to prison hospital on Mars twentieth. Twenty fourteen of natural causes at sixty one years allow laughed wrong causes of unity, one he was in rough shaped. I think he was having too many doktor pies doktor pies, whose other like a lifetime. Many serious about this. I guess it and watch it costs. I can find it, but it's called love lies on murder. I just saw a very little movie poster for the yeah guess, like many serious NEA Cynthia Nixon, isn't it why would you like? I don't even know who she plays an enviable. I love her There is also cinnamon appears herself and, like this true crime documentary, it's called the investigators, daughters, love, oh, what I couldn't,
I'm not anywhere either. So if you can find a, let me now be called a watch now and then totally read the fucking book. It's so good! You can get it for free on the Kindle cloud reader from laugh. If you really loved me by general, that's awesome sol cries. I that's a crazy case. Did you imagine if your dad trying to like make you commit, murder and then like was like. Ok, have fun in jail, sweetie, linked by revising Michael Cashman on that life policy. He'll come out and everything will be fine will pretend it never happened. Yeah cause that's what she thought was gonna happen. She we opened up and she said I thought I was gonna go to a psychiatrist. My thought I was gonna come home yeah, that's while sofa that's on real tough whooped, while cinnamon Cinnamon Brown. Also, the name cinnamon, I wonder if they named her cinnamon, because the last name was brown well, yeah such a hope to hold another box to open up her money was Brenda and not the same, and while she was also pretty young cause like David was like what to twenty three, when you marry Linda,
but he had sent him ass. Though you know young decision, that's it that's a decision Nero forget? So you cannot see pictures of this and you can also buy tickets to the cool life show on one go look at our Instagram morbid vodka has set us up onto it. I had a morbid tonker sent us a Gmail baby, morbid podcast, edgy Melba com and, as always, you can shop, Armor John chopped up morbid pot. Casta come will, we hope, be listening, and we hope you keep it, but that's where they can as your daughter commemorative, unlike the other like donkeys, they have because that's our undefended commits anybody commit murder in the middle of your life, of their both really pretty damn peace, by me
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