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Episode 204: **AD FREE** The Mysterious Disappearance of Brittanee Drexel Part 2

2021-01-25 | 🔗
It's here! This is the conclusion to our discussion about the mysterious and truly tragic disappearance of 17 year old Brittanee Drexel from Myrtle Beach, SC in 2009. In this part we discuss the Taylor family's possible/alleged involvement, theories of human trafficking and also read some listener emails from people who personally know Jennifer Oberer, Alanna Lippa and John Grieco. This case needs to be solved, guys. The FBI is still offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to this case being solved.  To the Drexel Family, we hope you get the justice that you and Brittanee deserve.
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This is just A little bonus episode for the week you're going to get free this week, because we love you and you're great and we think you're wonderful and you probably smell good, and what better You to do a Monday than to get a new episode and its ivory, and it's an episode that I just I knew I know how I felt about the Brittany Direct suitcase case, I knew. Every one else was gonna feel the same way, which is like. Don't you dare fucking make me wait for the opposite and on which I gave you most of the information you need it in the first. You know half That is more just the discussion of what has happened since, like a follow up, yeah and also thank you so much cheaper, all The love you have given me for products child right, because I'm not even getting guys. It is feeding myself the yacht get out your eyes twinkling my mother, side of her. Nobody illusions now and I love it for this week. I love it, I'm in a basket it until I fuck up another to a third child. I love
Tyler, any other cases lead only to honour. I love child. I pay for live shown child. I see there s, but yeah. You got seven also, so I think We will start a one thing. I just have to correct from my first part: oh no I believe I said that's right and listen to it again, but I'm just in case. I set it wrong when I said that I am Timothy Dijon Tailors Father Sean Taylor when I said that he was accused of attempting to abductor girl in Myrtle Beach. I think I said it was a month after Brittany Drug. So I think I will you dare ok. So I was wrong. I just was reading it over again and I think I said a month ago. I it was a year ago, like almost exactly a year after brainy, maybe you did say almost exactly area either way, but I just wanted to confirm it
so I didn't give wrong information. So I just wanna to mention Timothy to shine. Taylor did do a polygraph and he did an interview about this case and, according to the posting career, the federal prosecutor tutors filed the paperwork. The weak ahead of sentencing hearing likely to be scheduled in the coming weeks, and this was in two thousand and sixteen the documents revealed that Taylor had told the FBI about an argument. He overheard in June two thousand and sixteen
his argument. He said he was present for, and this came out like I did during the polygraph while he was like I'll. Let me just quickly tell you something. He said he heard an argument between two people whose names were redacted, so we don't know who these two people were, and he said it was basically two people arguing about someone having brittanee Drexel cell phone, and he said that neither of these people ever confided in him that they were involved in drexels disappearance, but the polygraph said that he was not telling the truth about most of this, like that, he was telling the truth about the argument, but when he when it came to his involvement in it be. I was giving deception so is like he was kind of trying to pass the buck exactly slow and then in an he tried to say he was lucky. I thought that argument was suspicious and it was weird and it's like yeah.
It is a little weird that you are suddenly being like you're being pointed out as someone who's heavily involved in this disappearance in your Getting there thing, I dont know this girl. I've never met this girl. I have nothing to do that, but I heard my boy and imagine who would point at me. And then you like, oh, I am involved with people, though, that we're talking about having herself on Iraq. Incidentally, you you, the person who is being pointed out happen to know two people in all the world in all of South Carolina. That happened to be talking about having her cell phone. That's a little bizarre, like you're, connected to people. Obviously so now you're putting yourself into it. Well, that's the thing you're, placing yourself right there, that's the thing. He said this little argument between these two people, which again we don't know the names of the people, their names or reductive, does not mean there is, could build being looked into ok, so a lot of things seem to be being held back. He's good. I was just going to say, because I wonder if there are on the right track here, so he said that argument did get like a little heated there like shouting out,
each other and then he was like. That's all I have to say so that strange it's just a strange leg. Why everything that all of his involvement in this case a super strange because he said he met her father in knots and then you see an interview with him later and he's like. No. I've never met her father, but it's like. Why did you tell the FBI that will in here's another interesting thing about Timothy Dijon Taylor? That kind of give gives credence to Chad Drexler account that he met him so in Chad Drexler met this man in this car gave him the flier that had the missing stuff about Brittany on it and he said I'm her father DE, have you seen this girl? They all laughed at em, they're, whispering in the back seat, the driver, he said had one arm right, Timothy did Sean Taylor has one hour. I saw that and he lost his arm when he was four years old and like a horrific accident and its really sad. Obviously that's a pretty like specific. I didn't,
I don't know. I mean those things does give credence to the idea that that was Timothy, Sean Taylor Lautner, but we just I mean, I'm I'm going to believe the father I don't know he would make all that up. Like you tell me, I know you, I feel if she added in when they talk to Timothy, about the sum of all calm Taylor, just from here on out when they talk to tailor about this, he doesn't say no, absolutely not. I never met the father. No, I didn't crumple up, missing poster. No, I didn't do that because if somebody said that about you, you would really really. I would never fucking do not. You know if you met the father of dismissing girl and you also know if you took a missing persons poster and cry. Or his daughter and crumpled up and laughed in his face. You remember that and he was like yeah. I don't remember that ever happening. He doesn't say that didn't happen. He says I dont,
that which is always weird when people say that he makes a lot of strange turns of phrases when he tries. When he's saying he didn't have anything to do with things that almost don't take him. Totally out of it. You know who also does that is anybody on the real housewives and then usually like five seconds later. They play a clip of them doing exactly what they said. They dont remember doing exactly that My input, so is just a little strange to me, but back to the phone thing where he was talking about these two people arguing over have somebody having Bernice phoned me. I have a theory about the phone leading icing, the funk as they ve never found the phone. They ve never found her purse and she had Boso, though thing those things when she walked out of the hotel right. So where the hell did those go, so I think the phone was brought to that swampy place. Where was pinging and then it just suddenly stopped. I think they abducted Brittany. They brought her with her phone in her purse to the swamp bs area were no one's gonna, go they through that
phone in the water, probably with her purse and all the contents and it, which is why the phone just stopped as soon as I got there. I think it went plunk in the water and we'll never see it again, cuz, it's not like you can like I live in a swamp and what exactly you dont know if, like gaiters are going to eat it. Lingering I mean like who could go anywhere like it's. It's probably just like mud at the bottom of a swap somewhere right and all her stuff is properly, and there too, because I mean I m we'll talk about it later, but I'm really going with. They initially abducted her whoever did to trafficker enabling These things got scary when she started becoming nationwide news and that people we're missing her and looking for her and they decided to dispose of her cause. It wasn't worth it right to them frame, but so I think they were. Maybe this is something they do when they abductor girl to traffic her. Maybe since they drove straight to
place in Nuremberg actually where it was yet they were driving fast. Everybody is like they went at high speed to this place and then they were out of there. That's I think they may be up to. This might be what this group of people who ever it is cause again. No one has been formally charged with this day, abductor girl they bring to them to this place. They throw away there, I d and their phone so that everything's gonna, Then they bring them to Mc Clellan Bill or wherever else they're gonna Brigham and I almost wonder, eat his remember how we said they found sunglasses their awhile later. Maybe those were a pair of sunglasses from another girl they forgot to act and just cleaned, often left there to fuck with the police. Cynical. Who knows they could have been a brand new pair of sunglasses that that girl that was trafficked had just bought right.
And we didn't have it on this trip exactly so. It's like you, don't know you just don't know, there's so many possibilities, so think the informant the jailhouse informant. That was the one who came forward and pointed at the Taylor's. He was Tequan Brown and he was from Mccormick Correctional Institution in South Carolina. That's where he's spending twenty five years on a totally unrelated manslaughter charge. Now his story that we told like a brief overview of. Ah he said that it's all true the lake she was being sexually assaulted by eight to twelve men in that house, you know. He just walked right on by thy locked right by that that he was at the stash hosts to do business with John Taylor,
and that she tried to escape, they pistol wept. I brought her back into the staff shows and many are two shots and he saw them bring what he thought was a body of re. So upon further interviewing, he said. That's all true. Many said I assume she was gone. He I heard two gunshots, I was it and he said he thought he saw them, bring a rolled up rug out. Ok, so he was like that's. I was a guy, that's it will. Then he said five days after this he went to his cousins hermit, his cousin, Herman's home and Jackson Borough South Carolina. He saw Brittany there. He said she had black eyes like she had a black eye, any sudden. She had a black eye. The first time I saw her and he was economic
say she was pistol, wept right in front of me. So I know she was gonna be hurt and he said she was sitting in a reclining chair and his house, and she was clearly drugged online. So he was like. I don't know what those two shots were, but obviously they were not her, ok and so he said even then he was like ok, others there. She. Is wise, shit. Your brother, so is it has brought, it must have done in this area, and this this was in Jackson, borough, which I believe is like. It is a good way away, not crazy way way, but it's not like I derive earnest. Yes, sir. He said she was there. She was drugged sitting in our Kleiner now he said late May. So this is like better portion of a month since she's been gone. He was walking with a friend to Herman's home his uncle again, and he said he was there to show him a car
something that he was thinking of buying and he said there's like this wooded area of dirt path. That link leads up to his home and its any said. There was a group of men that he out there with Brittany and he said a man. He only knows by Nate then shot her with a double barrel, shot gun twice, and he said he says as soon as it happened. He and his friend turned around left because I didn't want to be any part of it and he said he knows for a fact that they put her body at least partially into an alligator pit. Ok, now Uncle Herman Diet of a heart attack. So we can't confirm anything with him in one of the witnesses was also murdered. So some of the story is unable to be completely confirmed There are some witnesses that of supposedly come forward according to the FBI, confirming the slut fuck is this sounds like a little far fetch they heard one random place where you're doing
business and then you are randomly at your uncle's one day and saw her again. This is what it sounds like. It sounds like this is a group of people that they all know each other and they all run in these circles and trafficking might be a thing in drugs may be a thing and he's it's all connected right. So I don't know it does sound We like crazy, but don't you worry about him but all, but when you're, not you still seeing that, of course who know- and you do here of these things are obviously there are drug circle, herb drug trafficking in human travelling, exert every world Sally where a huge problem and so to play devils advocate some of it can't be. Can firms written. There are some parts of the story that really yeah. So this parts you can totally Billy, gathered totally Truman who know you just don't know he's an inmate in four manslaughter. He really doesn't have a lot to lose. So like is another to losing money doesn't have anything to gain, but he could that he could potentially like get anything she
abdominal sentence he can now because they asked him they said. Is the FBI offering you anything as anyone offering you anything any said? No, and I confirmed we are not giving him a plea deal. He is not getting anything shaved is nothing yes. If anything, Volney thing s loses, like he's: gonna have a kind of time in Irian Jaya Disease a snatch now right, he was actually pest and filed a lawsuit against one of the agents in the FBI for releasing his name. Oh shit, yeah, but It's it's home. That is, I was literally gonna, save us crazy, so what he is saying- that she was, I mean throughout the month she was held, and the FBI has confirmed. They know she was held very period of time and then killed and she was sexually assaulted during this time. So is the lorry does make sense. You know that I mean. I know this was a traffic situation. I can't imagine John drugs, while knowing that,
I can't loud, and when you see these places the stash House and Herman so's, I accidentally foresaw ers while knowing your child was in their knowing your I was in there and then going back and thinking to Brittany Appalling up to these places being like. That is your worst nightmare. You and I were talking about it. We are like that as some Texas Chainsaw typing estorade up straight up and then he also in. The FBI has confirmed that several people saw her during this month that she was being held captive. Several people salted her several people were involved in all of this. There was, I read something that said like a yearly traffic, and this is horrible, but if your trafficking, a girl you can traffic, you can like put her out for business,
this up to like thirty times and night cheese or a day or like a day and night, so it's like the amount of money in like horror she must have gone through is unbelievable. For that amount of time, shoots, that's a lot of time. That makes me, nauseous, and I think they saw that towards the end of May. She was really hardening on trying to find her and her face was everywhere. There were billboards, goin up her family wasn't letting go and they were like. This is too a cheat. We gotta get rid of woman, you think about it, and what did you say that guy's name that came forward to combine took on Brown, you think of He saw her two times accidentally when he wasn't supposed to see her. So you have to wonder how many people I heard that they were like oh shit. This person saw her view this person's our aces everywhere. We gotta get her out of here absolutely and he said in the interview that he did about this. He said quote after shoe
killed. Some of her remains were buried in a garden area and, after some time went by, they removed it from the garden area, and then he said that there were that when her remains were dug up. He said some of them were taken to that gator pit and others were placed in haste. Stolen suv, earth, stolen, avi and taken to a scrap yard. While now what's interesting, is police reports do say that a nearby neighbours our view was stolen around that Oh while anyone in a lot of time, that's very, like I know like mob people- will do that to lay put remains in the trunk of a car and then put it in a scrap yard. Nick, it's crushed. I ever see it again, one you think about. I mean these people probably have done this before from the sounds of it. Now and again, I who knows whose involved in this it's you just don't know and that's it's insane and again
said he never made any deals with the FBI. He's not getting anything out of this lot. That's good tonight I address because it does, it makes admit it makes it more believe. Sweetens the pot for sure, like the whole thing, is like so fucked up this I've been thinking about this all weekend. It's unbelievable, it's unbelievable, and in two thousand and sixteen Taylor had a detention hearing for that Mcdonald Donalds Robbery in two thousand and eleven that he will see it. Let me draw and less time yet he colleague nothing- and this is when FBI agent, Generic Munoz, took the stand, and he said that this is when he revealed that Taylor was one of the main suspects in the dreadful disappearance and he said quote: we ve had several p or have come up and given us testimony outlining MR tailors and bomb woven in this particular case wild? So now he sing several people Nassau. It's not just this. Guy and they're, probably not releasing those people, because there are probably not inmates, so they're gonna give them.
Little more protection. I would assume, because you know the world how the world works, so I'm assuming their kind of just like you and me now to con brown- is being used as like the We go airline saying let everybody else they might keep cause they're gonna, probably try to work with these other p. Well, that's the thing and you can't use summit there on the outside bear its probably We are easier to murder them because I know that happens in jail by Europe's present, allowing whereby happen and on the other. And they also could potentially continue to gather information rice or who knows if they I don't know, maybe even got wired. Somehow I, like you just don't know, see wanna keep those relationships. You know Cosette a close to the Chase Zactly, so he did testify that many people witness structural being killed and- into the gator pet, they searched a lot of these pets around the area, but they said there's like forty plus of these particular ones in that area. So again this not alive, you can look for. That's enough
because it's not like alligators Nuno will. This is horrifying but like when their eating like up. A person or an animal. It's not like there eating it like a chicken wing and they're leaving the bones. They just eat it. Right, like you said there was even boars and not first area. Luckily, Emily shut up their around learn, so unfortunately I'd like its horrifying to think about- and I hope that this is not- and none of this system I hope, none of their sister. I hope this is all just bullshit. I hope some day she comes walk in a street Missouri. I've had an ordeal, but here I am right. I unfortunately I don't I don't think you're gonna have a happy ending. I think this is seeming to be least an FBI does believe. This is the story like whether these are the right people involved or not. This is the story right and that sucks, I can't fathom
what dawn and Chad and urge biological Father John are going through and her brother and sister her friends. I can't imagine in her her boyfriend at the time join this whole cases so heartbreaking. Obviously, every cases heartbreaking, but this case it's just so much, I'm sorry, but would you involve an alligator pit in a human life, a horrifying briefing that like horror, easy type, sherry be houses where, like she's, just in there, with like eight to twelve men who just don't give a shit about a human being its leg. Oh my god. It is so scary. It's a nightmare. Human, Try logging is number one on my list of fear. So it's the scary thing. It's such a problem. We had an eleazer until it I haven't, had a chance to read it on the area, but we had one where this girl was out like Walmart or target and a like. She said there is like three guys with ear pieces and she felt like.
Everywhere. She went in the store. At least one of them was looking at her, and talking into do you have to little. Your head has to be on a swivel at all times Whenever I go somewhere, I don't go anywhere alone anymore. No, I don't you ever it's it's and it sucks in were really success like she was kind of like a prime target bingo, she was out by yourself at night. By no means is somebody's faults. I'm just saying, like its it sucks that she was in a position where she was vulnerability was vulnerable because she was also texting says. Wasn't her hand. It was in their down because she was we know she was texting John, the entire time and who knows if Jennifer was still Shatner pants about her of butter. Short, slowed, unquote shores? Oh, she I she was taxing, so she wasn't totally paying attention to her, which at seventeen she brought engine
he's probably wasn't thinking I've. Any age are used on the strip. You are examined Austria, how many people you see with their funds buried in the open air? Excuse me in their fault. I remember I used to work on Newbury story and I remember when I started working and I would like park indifferent garages Papa was a mess although, as I do not be texting when you're walking at night, like you better like how your head on swivel leg up. And he always taught us that, but a nun and made did corroborate brown story ok, so another and made said that he knows what happened to you, any say evolved. She was abducted from Myrtle Beach and brought down to Mc Clellan Bell to be trafficked. That was the arrogance and said, like we said that they started getting nervous when it started getting all over the news and that they had to dispose of her. It's horrific, but the entire thing makes Anthea and what that Jericho Munoz. Hopefully I'm saying his name right Jack. I think it is
Garrick I've known people named Eric and I think you're right so Munoz the FBI agent Munoz. He said that his belief is that Taylor Quote showed her off introduced her to some other friends that were there, they ended up tricking her out with some of their friends offering her up to them and getting a human trafficking situation. I fully believe, Trafficking was involved here, meat to whether it was the end game or whether was just they between that was definitely what they were planning a goal at some point now tailors mother and Sean tailors. Wife, Joan Taylor obviously thinks this is insanity and which any mother would make sure you don't want to believe your travelled to do this or your husband for that matter. She she also pointed out the fact but he only has one arm and that it would be very difficult to grab a girl off the street I was gonna put our sit is, of course we know people can do lots of things with one
one who's, to say that there wasn't somebody else in the car that grabbed her. It's also I and I dont know if he's already left you, but it's also his left arm that has gone Belinda had how many years has had many years to get used to having one arm look at soul surfer, yeah where you go so that, of course, that is something to take into consideration, absolutely that he was also sixteen at the time, so he was probably smaller than he was now. Who knows, I don't have a picture of how we pointed out. Brittany was what five she was high and suitably what you say like a hundred pounds, soaking wet, so it's like, but of course mother John says you know that was a busy area that would have a hard won t do. That's will then we also have to think was at him who did it? He could have been driving the are leg. It wasn't necessarily him who jumped out and grabbed her wasn't long nose. If that's even how it happened. We,
in and out that there was another like alleged kidnapping in the middle of the day there exactly that, actually, his father Sean was accused of being part of he was released because he had an alibi for that day right, but oh, what a weird it's weird, that this family Has a lot of abductions second lodged at worth shooting it strange and it's worth mentioning, but it's also worth mentioning that nothing has been charged here. Obviously we have to tell you the facts and forget all sides. And honestly. My opinion is that its very its suspicious its fishes that this family has this many things attached to attack two. It that's a weird thing. Whenever that happens, usually that whether smoke this fire, filling something's going on there. Who knows if it's this, but there's something right either way he on the
younger Taylor was interviewed by and be seen use ten and two thousand and nineteen, and he used the phrase when they asked like. Do you have anything to say to Britney's family? He said I apologize for their loss when speaking. About it in the interviewer was like you could see how that would be. That could be taken right that you're apologizing for their loss. I do have some any lawyer- would really do not have the haulage eyes. He was literally, you know how that can be misinterpreted right, musical yeah but, like I just mean like, but it's like things that that he says that he is not totally taking himself out of I understand he might have just had a slip of the tongue and was like you know, I'm sorry for their loss and only to say he made he's not involved, and he does fell by any really is just saying, I'm sorry for your loss. Like we don't know, that's what he's so frustrating about this gave I now it makes a lot of sense that he's involved, but then your like, I don't know- and we have nothing truly concrete here right.
Two point. Two now in two thousand and nineteen, the F B, I did search Herman's home and Jackson Barrow. They found nothing but they could use, but how fucking money. An italian earlier, that's ten years later they did people Lino did ask like. Could they have found DNA? Could there be anything left there and they said sure there could be Bullock, really just ten Warwick when he died, did the liquidity of a wife or something cup. Thousands of new people live there. I think it just became abandoned or better. Yet, even then, you think of that places abandon a lot of things are going to get a straw course green. Like anything, you know what this is what's very interesting, so in May two thousand and nine, seen a home belonging to the tailor family burned down ranch
I wish that I haven't found on the internet. I told makers, have you told me I would run like what the law well, this home was right near the stash house mentioned in this was in Mcclelland GO and it was meant aged right near the stash house mentioned by Brown. The F B. I won't release whether this is the other home or not that they searched, but people think that this was the tailors, getting nervous and destroying possible events. You would think, though, that you wouldn't do that, cause that look incredibly shady- but it looks shady sure- but that's it- it just look shady deserts term, there's nothing that came out of this and then, if there and if it was destroying evidence they destroyed evidence jobs and they left nothing MECCA, connect them to it, except people just going that shady and they don't give a fuck. If you say so in there wasn't any obvious signs of arson, but there was no power going to that home. It had been built eighty years ago, rights
So it wasn't like this in electrical fire, there was no electrical fire, it had been abandoned for years and it literally just in in nothing around it. Just the home burst into flames and was engulfed in flames like completing yeah. You can see a picture of it and will posted it. I just think that's really weird it s, really weird it's real. We really weird and, according to a b c thirteen w h m, I don't know if it's just called like whim it should be cadaver dogs hit on assent near Santy River, where the phone was originally taken, that creepy swamp area, and they said that the cadaver dogs head, and they said a private investigation. Firm was that of Louis lay, consisting of retired law enforcement officers like homicide detectives, they were called into aid, local law enforcement and the search in they found
and while they were searching out here, physical evidence buried in the dirt that ties her Brittany to this area be near the gator pit, but the F b I haven't looked at it because it was gathered by retired law enforcement like a private investigation firm. So the evidence is just sitting in a in like a locker in a room at this private investment, confirm in a box, why won't they look at it, because I guess so when I saw the interview it was with a retired homicide detective named Steve Pickering, I think of the numerous, and he said the only thing he can think of. He said they might be wary to look at a re now until they can truly Lake get. Something else may be like a bigger thing because he said: can continuity like evidence, continuity? This wasn't found by the FBI. This wasn't found by local launch.
Spent. This was found by retired law enforcement will just anything you. Those are the fuckin people to trust. How long have they been? They are, but in a court of law there not at all. I know it's like if they brought that into court unwilling So these guys and this private investigation firm found this in the dirt they Billig yank sense and core its frustrating. So. It is very pressing. He said you know he was like what is even more Frustrating is like these are retired law enforcement officers like they're, not just random, guys off the street. Rightly. This wasn't just like a search party of Like Tom, Dick and Harry. So he said when they were this whole team that was put on their direct so case. He said they felt like they were really getting somewhere. He said they were very close, the primary something, yeah. He said they were all there even look on force when he said that team was very close to finding real solid. An answer and then he said they were removed from the case and a new team was put on it because they wanted fresh eyes.
On the case. Why do you need fresh eyes of shits? Getting Dudley were like what the thought there, like? That's, not fair. These people have worked for years to put this together and then they just switched it out and DAWN Britney's mothers like what the Hell Lake Why would you take these people very late, they're getting hot on a trillion remarried, it's all weird, very we're trafficking, a very interesting thing, and then I wonder so. We're gonna we're gonna go back to school, in fact to the shorts, her friends their cause. Then we're gonna read our little email did police, so I know that they talked Valise investigators, talk to the friends they talk to Peter and his friends. I am I dont know about Peter. I dont know the whole thing about now. Peter Peter left in the middle of the night, which I already said. Yes, that's weird, but I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing. I really nice weird. I duff I did so
I still think it's weird. I don't know why not just wait till five a dot m, because member at the only thing that I will give them, is that it's like a bunch of idiot at a hotel room and like Polly Three, and where are we going to grow? Whom we gotta get out of here. That's the only thing I can think of it still doesn't die, but me it doesn't vied with me at all, but I die. I can understand. When I can't understand in any way shape or form as that a law and Jennifer were Lee, being hotels in the middle of the night. Not switching hotel rooms like it's not like the bed was income, fear there a leak in the hotel raw total different hotel you're, leaving a hotel in not unlike not the next day, the middle of the night. And just like just a further you hammer the idea that this seems like it was a human trafficking situation that went even further awry. I looked into some like the status.
Six around Myrtle Beach, because if you see any big things, a lot of the investigators and officials or Billig, this never happens here. It's like this is not the kind of he's asleep you little tat. I owe you they're lying so in two thousand and seventeen eighty four kids were rescued and a hundred and thirty trafficker traffickers were arrested in an FBI, Sting operation in Colombia and Myrtle Beach. A lot happened in a Myrtle Beach, hotel, so and then in twenty twenty it was reported that Myrtle Beach had the worst violent crime rate per tonne per one hundred thousand people out of a study of ten beach communities law and not included Daytona Beach in Panama Beach. It was also, worse than Chicago long Wall, and also in twenty twenty hoary county ouch oats. H, o r r, why County in South Carolina was named the number one human trafficking hub in South Korea. An unwise and it is about an hour and a half outside of Mc Clellan, though at the time
attorney general said they were only about seven or eight years into really understanding and utilizing their task force against human trafficking. Oh, they were only seven or eight years in and twenty twenty. So when Brittany, when something happens, Bernie they were, It was writing lily over the unheard of, and now that would they just didn't know that it was so huge. Then so income collusion with taking all that in its definitely human trafficking situate. And I wonder if I dont believe, obviously I don't know do. I know the tailors, are involved. No, I don't know that for sure. Does it look bad, then yeah really really do I more information, yes, but as of twenty twenty we're still just gonna like awaiting further FBI, to release anything else. I do wonder if they have a few things that they're just holding onto right now me- tying up, some loose ends may be talking to some people that they wanted to talk to. I'm hoping, I would love to see this case.
I need donjon early dawn in Chad and John. I need the scale it's just the sewed up just so she doesn't. I know it's a. Would be horrific to hear your either way have you? No, you listen a horrific horrific case, no matter what, but I think they just need to be able to Lake put the lid on India yeah I give must be horrible to be sitting there, flapping the breeze, not knowing for sure hearing this awful story and not really knowing if it happened. I do not like the whole thing is just really really bad. It's really bad. It's horrible in my heart goes out to the drug self Amboise and in John Greco and, like all her friends, that's just it's awful yeah with all that being said, you find inside morbid vodka Phyllis upon Twitter at a morbid vodka, send us a gmail, morbid broadcaster, gmail dot com, and thank you so much to those who did for without information. You guys, you are also
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