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Episode 207: The Tragic Death of Emilie Morris

2021-02-05 | 🔗
Emilie Morris was just sixteen years old when her coach and teacher started sexually abusing her. Emilie stayed in contact with her abuser throughout life, as she struggled to heal from what he had done to her. This had all started in the mid to late 90’s and finally in 2013 Emilie was ready to come forward and put a stop to the abuse this man was allegedly continuing to inflict on the young women around him. Unfortunately before the case could move forward, Emilie was found dead in her apartment, under some pretty mysterious circumstances. The Case Died With Her Buzzfeed Investigates As always, thank you to our sponsors: First Leaf: Join First Leaf today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping! Just go to TRYFirstleaf.com/MORBID Daily Harvest: Go to DAILYHARVEST.com and enter promo code morbid to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! Candid Co: Start straightening your teeth today, right now, you can save seventy-five dollars on Candid’s starter kit. Go to CandidCO.com/morbid and use code morbid  BetterHelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid
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more, whenever you got to say, like MRS Morbid, do you immediately here the intro song in your head? Yes, me to tee doo doo doo should have made, as I always take a beat yet the wedding like. Let me let a kick. Let me let me introduce mob guy fellow everybody were here: it's cold. It slush. I haven't zero son. In days now we haven't had some for a while syria- is a retrograde, I'm fine without son, but I know it affects you idle Like I mean I, like the sun, I don't like being hot, but I mean I need the happiness son- provides see. I could live in leg, a place where it was just like cloudy overtime, its funding cause. I have,
said that about myself and gas and then the more and more, I think about it and for some reason the older I got among you know I need it like a needle and how many days I need the vitamin d, but I dont I dont like when there's too many sunny days in a row either yeah you need that Gloomy Dana, I'm pretty specific about my whether choices nor can, I tell you the chance, also affect up. I think there is one thing that ash wanted to. Get out of the way right away, because let me tell you I don't know. If I was gonna, do my thing first or if you're gonna, do you got it? You gotta get this out of their cause. I need. I need closure on so here's the thing I e they fucked up or an fucked up, because so their here's, the two options I dont know if I fever dream about this email and it does not exist at all or if I, if the, does exist and I read it and just lost it because somebody sent us an email and they basically said like when When I listen to your paranormal episodes like my my technology will,
glitch out and like it, never works for me and leaves me feeling like super like spooked and like a like it and then they went on to say that in our I dont know. Thirdly, a medium or something they said in pod lab or wherever you record on the right side of the room. Is there like a drawer or a cabinet? because there's something in there that wants to get out. and I need to know what the fuck. That means, because look and next to me- and this is a big ol cabinet with several drawers yeah and this place, is old, this buck and unlike huh yeah so I want to get out reword come. We came up to report yesterday and I was like. Oh my god. Did you see that email that blah blah blah and she was like elinor- was like no bring that up and I was like all hang out like. Let me find it and I swear. I took a screenshot of it, but it was not my screen jotted folder or anywhere my phone and its nowhere, and I can't find me
email anywhere, so if you send the email, would you mind ray sending it like forwarding it and then, if I may don't exist, would you elaborated elaborate, a little on the and set up a body of the personal or thing that I would like to get out of my cabinet. That's next to me, because I'm here to help you I'm here too, to want to liberate whoever it is from these cabinets, Cosette, sound so, unless they say I I don't know about if they're like trapped in there and there like a good thing, Gregg sure yeah but like I just need to know more, I just want some more information relays and more contacts. You I mean I just see some more. Hopefully that was a real, a real email, because otherwise I'm a little concerned about my psyche. Otherwise we're gonna have a chat, but otherwise I may have hallucinated. I, like you better, get. person to some haven't? You have certainly not as a result. I problem, I would say I spent at least like twenty
five to thirty or easy. We really forty minutes deep and I was like typing indifferent things to gmail. To like highlight the email right side. Do you mean draw knows about this issue key for yeah. Sorry, said that a few did sudden link here and then I think Only other thing. That was like really just aware and on my mind that we will do this, and I have to talk about. Was the fucking Marilyn Manson thing? Ok, I was a big merrill Manson fan you always you. I always liked his music. I always liked that he was weird. I always like to link shock rocker thing here. Obviously, settle hut of problematic things in the past, but you know a lot of them. I just didn't know about either cause. I don't follow like illiterate sledgehammer anything. I don't know about that. I didn't know any of those, but this that's coming out now and these women who are coming forward with their stories of lake horrifying, apps,
Lenin Psych only rarely a fan of his it, so you feel so betrayed cause your leg. How dare you be this, evil. Son of a bitch and Victor buys women, and then, like portray your self as this lake, sir? solidarity with like weirdos united, rang out a fuck? You you just evil, getting weirdos a bad name. What bums me out the most is that everything is fine. kissing now, unlike well. He's weird and here weird. Aesthetic is so, of course, he's a fucked up person. It is like no he's just a fucked up person. Can we all just focus on the fact that he's an evil son of a bitch well, because here's, the rye and Warner is an evil son of a bitch Jes leg, Aids in Maryland. Manson is an evil son of a bitch, but it's like dont focus on his aesthetic reunited has nothing to do with him
being an evil son of a bitch you, because the thing is, he could be wearing a suit and like going to work as a doctor every day and still be going home and doing the same exact thing thanks. If that happens, it has nothing to do with like him wearing make up and yeah saying, like creepy shit. I feel like focusing on that in a lot of these articles, I'm reading is taking away from the reality of him just being at his core fucked up individual, and it's like just let's focus on the demon that his him re ought not what he Lena. What paintings in his house slick. Let's not talk about it, because I don't give a shit what he had in this house. I care that he abused, assaulted, right and manipulated and fucked with countless innocent women and young women. Very women. I just- and it's really should he too, because it's like there's plenty of weirdos in the world, like all of you guys listening right now, and that lake probably have some like the weird shit that Maryland Manson has in his house. I quote: unquote weird shit in their last. Oh, like I walked by this thing in his
I should have known then, and it's like ok, no, I know not what don't focus on that. We shall have known when he like said some of the things that he did and it's like he's evil. We talk about what he did and what he said and what the things he reno, like them, horrible pain inflicted on virile, let's not just by. I just wish you just. They would take that part out yet tell them of the crimes committed and not the his interests and of any happens, because they will read crime stories on here where it's like and he had a satanic Bible in his room, United meaning, like you have to mention it. So I understand why it's being in these articles by filling its being focused too hard on right. You know, as in stead of being like, and of course he has this like a static that is pretty dark right. It's not like it should be
secondary thing yet you have brought him see, has committed, but I feel it gets the first thing they're putting in these things and wing Nano make it the background. I agree like that. Add that into it don't make it the first thing I know, but it's just sucks it sucks when you find out people that you know that you liked their music or you liked to their art or whatever it's like it sucks. When you no at that you'd sucks when you find out the digestive shitty person, when you find out there a legitimate evil, evil in writing that I note that thoroughly leg you could cover them on the podcast where we have our minorities gets to be a real bummer, so I just wanted to put it because, I'm sure, like I mean I'm sure a lot of you were fans at one point or another, because you were on this together since and I ve been only were it's like even my warranted shocking, so right just like, and then I love deed Avanti, so just one
that other marriages unlikely. Nothing happened to her right. She did. She said that was not her experience that they and their relationship because of infidelity in his drug abuse yeah, I I figured. I then that on high note, where can we agree about either Monteith is like a knock out and like a wonderful human, yeah yeah. I think we can. Let's do that. Let's do that. You know it's. Weird too, is not weird, but late. Just kind of strange timing is that this whole case that doing today is like somewhat reminiscent of people coming forward. Like years lay ass, a kind of worked out. It does Canada leg go on the same wavelength so guys this month we are doing the patrons know all about this we're doing patriarch picks. So, for the month of February, we put up a pole on a patriotic
Everybody got to pick my cases aniline US cases for the entire month of February. Yet these are fully patriarch pact, like we literally or like say your cases that you want for February in that we never them down, and it took a long time. had taken very pleasant eyes gave great subject. We're gonna cover every single year desires clothing because people are like all they got. No like it wasn't the one I wanted and, unlike don't worry, we're gonna end up again. Don't worry! I trust me trust me trust me that cause I had promptly when one would be picked them up due to cover it up, but I also want to cover that other I know it's hard. We will. We will definitely cover them. You guys gave us great great suggestion. It must have been hard for you to hand over that control is a Capricorn. I did. I hated every second of it, but you guys to great so maybe
easier for me. I love it. I know I want to be honest with you until you is really hard not to dislike sneak in a case that you didn't say that I wanted to cover and like I hoped that you would vote for, but I didn't do that no end at the end is like there is so many to choose from now, and it worked out great. So today we are going to talk about a girl named Emily Morris. So thanks to the patriots for picking yes before we start. I just want to give a little bit of a trigger warning. This involves sexual abuse. This involves like abuse between a teacher and a nice dude in a coach and renewed and behave very. So if that's not for you, that's not something you want to listen to them. This is not the upset for you. Refresh your summer it while why beat the heat with our handcraft its these were pressures or refreshing or handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit
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almost like vehicles with group with because of inspection was wearing two and seven thirty one. Twenty one particular provisions settler Emily Alison more s was born on September, twenty second nineteen, seventy nine and Saint Louis Missouri, which is funny cause. I think I had like a saint Louis accident like a magnetic alimony, Jack now? She was born to her parents Richard and Joe Morris, and she was there first daughter, she's the older says There are two andreae under which I love saying it like that when I was researching, I thought it was Andrea and I was like still love that go up, that I watched a documentary and they're like Aundrea love that and I was like a fan crying now grown up. Emily's parents said that she was quote he fast smart and accomplished. Now, Joan told Lonnie Plumes, whose a formal criminal prosecutor that Emily walked at just ten months old- and she said
children are supposed to crawl. First, she had no interest in that reminded me of all of natural drowse diffidence literally be ill mad reason I put, but its both wonderful and terrifying, while at the same time, but I also think it says a lot about like who your kid is: gonna be yeah. You know what I mean they're, just like I M just going straight for this. Because it I've asked Emily parents also went on to say that she was a super athletic girl, a bit of a tomboy, and she didn't. I I feel like she fit in, I think, probably because she was like a little bit of a tomboy but that she had this. I can do attitude and she was never afraid to fail like she always apply to go for it and if she was not the best at it, she was like I'm gonna, go, get him next out dust myself off and try again, and I just have to say that her parents look like this just couple I've. I know they do their also just like very like normal, people again, just like you, love them so before She started high school Emily Mr Monti that she was gonna go out for the cross country team. Now she
already like a really good diver like there's videos of her do indifferent, dives that I could never do, but so the fact She wanted to try a new sport like with high school, starting, wasn't out of character Sunday, Amazon Cool, that's great now, Emily's math teacher from Middle School, Jim Wilder was allegedly one to suggest that she should go out for the track team, which was kind of weird cause. He wasn't even the track coat yet little guy, just about teacher just a mouth teacher. Emily was a super talented runner like right off the bat and she quickly became the number one runner on the girls to look at it. Yet she was. She was really gotten it Now there was a woman coach up first name Nancy and she was Emily's coach for the first two years that she was on the team, but then Nancy left to take a different job and Jim Wilder, Emily's old teacher took over both teams, the girls team and the boys too, go to a kind of seemed like a just merged like a colored TIA Fisher, which why the fuck is in it. I know why aren't like
Filling all team should just be men and women like I know I don't read it, it would make sense to me why can't we hardly blow other so many thoughts on that they do not that suffered. ex now, Emily's mom said that she remembered Emily talking quite a bit about Jim Wilder and she kind of like all you know, I think she has a crush on him and whatever yes and he was twenty nine, so he's like this young soldier, young teacher, we all had a crush on a teacher at some point earlier, I had a crush on like all the teacher, so I d Crusher my english teacher, one point, didn't everybody have a crush on your ass, he turned into the ita. This is actually funding provided a crush on my mouth. You go. I remember one time he lay came to us off ball game and I was like all I'm gonna, like really report into the field. I feel really about it mean definitely didn't cause. He was a good teacher because he was a good man. That's where to think about now Oh Jim, like us, I'd twenty nine.
He was a married man and I believe he had his first child at this point. So, Joan made sure to tell Emily, like you act accordingly around not married older teacher man because she was like. I don't want anybody making up rumors like we don't need that dykes. So when he took over both track teams, Emily would go for advice like go to him for advice about you know different highschool things like boy she was dating and probably running tips. Obviously, and you know he would for his advice, and it was all well in fine, but then one day things things went past the point of advice and crossed, let every single line that is put in the sand for teachers and students relationships. Hey data? I was talking with my hands Iceland. So apparently
she was Emily was telling her coach about a guy that she liked and how they were gonna play. They were either going to play the game chicken or they had played the game chicken now there's a lot of different chicken games, because my first thought was the one in the pool. That's literally what I was thinking. So I never heard this specific game be called. Again, but I guess it is. They were talking of the chicken. We're like a guy, will put his hand on your knee. Unlike move his hand up I am extremely weak, and I didn't know that adult chicken spicy chicken, but I had no idea how I see chicken wrapped Supreme, needs heads. I woe so like he keeps putting his hand up and up until use, I think you say chicken when you're like don't touch. I hate me this ya. Hear me up me. I hate that that exist star due back, I mean, don't don't do that. Yeah
so Emily was tell her coach about this during the practice in the woods cause like it's not super reared to have track practice in the woods. For anybody, that's not a runner, because at first I was like wheat. What's, the accusations are like since a yak is then I thought about it. I had a lot of friends on the track team and they were always in the woods, so they were floods and he was probably like standing at a certain point and she ran by Anne was, like all legal acts chat, and then they got into this. So she's telling him about this now and He suggests that they play. Oh no now. Emily later told the police that Jim put his hand on her knee and kept going until his hand, was over her growing area ran over her genes. To be specific, now right as his hand, landed there. Another teammate ran by severely moved his hand super quickly, but that same day he was supposed to drive Emily, who from school and her mom had arranged this. I don't know if it was just like just additives the nineties, so she range that the coach gave her a ride home. I feel like that happened
lot, unsure sure in when they got home, her parents and her sister weren't home, so he went inside with her and when got inside. She was sitting on the ottoman in the living room and Jim basically just took off her pants and started performing oral sex on her and she said that she told him to stop and he did stop, and then he left, how old is she sixteen yeah? no. That was the first time really the other services irrelevance now that was the first. Time, but this abuse would go on for years, and it's funny that you just ask them because I was like I say, abuse because he is twenty. Nine married with children in this girl of sixteen years old, sixteen year old she's. So it's like, even because want to clarify something. Even if people were like will she like she was a willing participant? No mechanically to him. You're, not a willing participate with a twenty nine year old man you're. Just not so. He spent time grooming
Obviously, because in her mind I'm sure she knew it was wrong and she said she was that I knew that this was wrong, but he made me feel special and he made me feel like this was a valid consenting relationship now experts on sexual abuse point out that sexual grooming will create a compliant victim, but at the end of the day they are just that dramatic them now to further groom Emily and make her feel it. She was super special to him. Jim, would Emily about how like sexually frustrated. He was This is the most fucked up thing. I've ever heard gets really fucked up in its about to get more fucked up, because the and he was so frustrated- is because his wife was pregnant. Yeah new, I was literally just say, she's pregnant or she just had a baby, that's one of the more both because they had two kids again as a young can and now his wife is pregnant. Oh my god fuck this guy, for him. He showed she actually fascinating home when God like what why
I hate him. How are you frustrated when you're about to have a baby? I don't get it. I hate him so much so yet so like make the angry, so he would have her meet him in the rustling room to perform oral sex on each other and if they heard so when coming. He would have Emily hide in this box of uniforms until he was sure about, like the person at past now some they would meet in the middle of like practices of up track, meets and stuff like that, like one time they were found in in the middle of a sexual act in a men's bathroom in a pod we're like this retract meat was going on. Somebody just walked in on them. Another time. This one is crazy and weird the movie The team was going to see the movie seven, which I feel like we ve been talking a lot about. Yeah we're is weird movie. Trusty goes to show that the other thing I was like the team bonding motivation. I dont know what a box run run run so, while they they were out of town for a meat. So, like a team building, exercise
watching a serial killer, murder, mystery meant, not document moving and Documentary Jesus submergence now They tell the police later about. While they were at the movie theater. This is really gross. They were sitting next to each other and she was masturbate Jim while he was sitting next to another coach. So, unlike the other, there's no way the other coach to notice that others absolute there's no way which is terrible beyond its, like. Obviously, people knew that this was going on now and we're gonna get into that like a second, because my next It is the more and more that this, like I mean I don't really know another word to use other than like relationship because yak as it with some form of a really ship, whether yet mean relation ass, can be fucked up like yeah, so the more more this relationship progressed, the more people were catching onto thing snub. Parents and the town knew because, like their kids, are coming home telling them about at other coaches and faculty,
logically new and Emily's friends knew what was going on in the garden her parents. Now. Can you imagine so? This is crazy, because rumors were flying around everywhere and eventually they made their way back to the principle of the school. So twenty that you sent her parents now when the principle heard he called Emily in than she obviously denied everything. So many calls Jim and obviously Jim denies everything's. He doesn't want to lose his entire job MIA so then they call Emily's parents know they call a hurt. The principal calls the parents, and says, like Emily, has been accused of having a relationship of the teacher not the other way around, like Emily, haven't made against easier eyes, and I've been accused of this. Not the thirty year old, Michael did not do the coach has had is accused of having a relationship with Europe
age terminology, not even like the coach, has been accused of sexually assaulting or becoming an appropriate with your daughter. Their lacks laying light of incense accused of an affair. Realistically, while so it's like, ok, ok school, so they so they go in there. Like a white so Emily what an open up to them, because yeah obviously ladys being accused now she's the bad guy right. So the prince. All in the parents, just kind of chalked up to the rumours like two rumours of jealous teammates because, like I said, she's one of the most talented runners on the team, it's like she has all the stuff. going for her like she was the one time she was like the only girl to qualify for a really big race that they were going to do the only grow on the team, would like all these other guy runners, though they were like? Maybe there's a girl on that seen that also has a crush on this guy and she's like making shut up. Oh yeah unity, netters like she's, getting like preferential treatment in right, so the school, even though like this was all
founded they're supposed to report. Any kind of incident like this to Sepia spears Course Cps is supposed to have like the right tools and everything to investigate even yeah, like it's not up to a principle to decide. If this is. if this is the rumour our fast like it's up to like actual investigators, and it's like. I know this is shocking, but when you bring to people in and sail a k, sixteen year old and thirty year old, are you guys a fair, appalling and say no nine times out of ten. I think they're gonna Billig no job like in there they might be right, so you might want to call in reinforcements wreck and might not dimension when you're a teacher principle or any kind of faculty member and a school you're a mandated reporter exactly like you're breaking the law either that that's a big deal. There is always that yeah refresh your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted these were pressures or refresh.
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Now the older Emily got, the more abusive things became Emily's mood started to change completely like her. Her friends were like she got super distant. Her family was like she was just. Moody and upset all the time? Her little sister Andrea said she was a guy Amber her crying like every day before school and being like holy shit like I don't wanna go to high school. That's what it all she literally I just thought that was school. She thought TAT was high school, She also Emily became super self conscious about herself and she was like a pretty like she's like enough. Let built girl. Like me, I was nothing for her to be self conscious. Above
but the reason why she was so self conscious is because of the things that her coach and this man whose abusing her was saying to her, because there is a picture of her sitting in her track. Uniform and her legs are like tucked underneath her to the side so like her leg is kind of pressed into the concrete early may have been a little bit and he looked at the picture and looked at her and was like you should get liposuction and she wrote on the back of a picture like there's like all these scrapbook memories and stuff that her Mamma, showing she wrote on the back of the picture. Like coach older, told me to get liposuction after seeing miss what stuff like with like a sad face and british area so soon after that, she developed and eating disorder. Bellini us now he's like nagging her now he's an evil answer, and I have to wonder if it's because, like the older, she was getting choosing. This is fucked up and she kind of maybe try to distance ourselves so easily Alec fuss. I used arts doing what he knows best right now. Her
and from high school. So I said she she developed the eating disorders Bohemia. Then her friend from high school remembered that at one point she was only eating the whites of oranges. So the pulp, why the whites of that's a thing that people do. I have never heard of that before, but I know how I don't know. That's shocking. I can't imagine, there's any nutritional value and that whatsoever wow. also I hate pulp so much light ass. You I hate people make us. I wanna Garrick three out in a big way. Now, Joan is cut onto us, Jonas, her mom and she's trying talk to Emily, should they have like a close relationship and she's like. Why are obviously something is going on with me so hard? You won't open up to me. So can we try Sarah P? So she, I don't know if Emily like agreed or not, but she ended up at the therapist and the therapist was like yeah. I cannot crack her like she won't open, so she just Lee shot down here and Jones. Like I don't know what to do. What do you do? That's the thing
and so she also remembered how Emily was the only girl to qualify for that race that I mentioned before and Emily. was so excited when this happened, because, obviously that's a big achievement in your track career now, when the day came to on the race, Emily got out of bed and was like, I don't feel good like I'm, not gonna go almost like an here so say isn't this like a lifetime movie. It really is enormous, like you're so excited to go like you know, I think, switch cheer you up, let's bring you and see how you feel when we get there like red flags to be a support of mom turn of just like Billy. You know, like you, This is a big deal, so she takes her to the race and Emily the whole way there was like arguing being like. I don't feel like it. I don't want to She are up running in the race, but she didn't qualified to go on to the next bigger race or not works and later on. She told her mom that she lost the race on purpose because she didn't the next race that they were going to have she'd have to go out of town and she didn't want to go out of town with her coach.
We spent a lot of the abuse but heartbreaking. So literally like threw away the race because she was like I don't wanna be with, like alone, with early shit. So it's really unclear when the sexual abuse ended with Jim Big, but it affected her for the rest of her life. I think that's that's why so clear, but she and Jim also stayed in contact over the year slick he would die check and on her and again, experts on sexual abuse pointed out that this was just his way of keeping tabs on her making her feel like they're, still friends after everything that happened in that's an important tactic, because it's like, if your friends with me you're, not gonna, report me above. That's it it's a total control thing. It's like I'm still in control of the situation, and I have to maintain control or if they can go somewhere. You could turn on yeah now she graduated in ninety ninety seven and I believe in one article I read. The reason I didn't say like definitively is because it was only in one article. It said the abuse lasted through that summer. Ok, but again,
was only in one, so she graduated and then she went off to college and eventually did earn her bachelor's of arts and English, but college was like really hard for her to get through. Her mom was like it was a nightmare trying to get her through college, while sink obviously she's trying to cope with what happened in high school yeah. So her friend Christine Point, later quote when you're robbed of your innocence at a young age. It definitely plays a part in your bad behaviour. As an adult, oh yeah, that's pretty much exactly what and over time with Emily she started turning to alcohol more and more obviously like it's a coping mechanism, and she eventually eventually got married and she did and up marrying an older man and her mom pointed out that, like a lot of her relationships, going forward were with people who were older than her. Let a lot older though she was gonna stuck in that yeah lace. It's it's definitely a cycle
now, when she married this guy. She had two children, but her past was always like around the corner affecting her, so it basically ruined her marriage. She lost custody of our kids and she, just I mean, like really fell into being like having just? U calendar the trauma, yeah yeah, it's a sad case sit is it's like overwhelming? It is now Andreas out of the abuse quote the problem. Is it sort of never stopped? That person was always an influence on her? It just seemed like it not away at her her entire life until she decided to finally do something about it we'll never being able to make rid yourself of him like he's keeping tabs. So he still maintaining he's gone
in Tabs, she's in the same area she's around people that no him now it's like the scab its scabs over and then he is picking up. I saw the scab every time and like it, just never has a chance to heal right and I think when ever you're a victim of like sexual assault, like you blame yourself, like that's a whole huge parliament at which its every right in that country, with many a virus men all kinds of emotion, bright, exactly, but in twenty thirteen something happened not made Emily want to do something about it and comfort. so she was with her friend Christine Labour, the woman I mentioned earlier and another woman, and they were just like hanging outside together. Now of the woman's. The other woman's daughter got home from school and like was clearly upset and wanted to talk to him about something inside. She said that she was upset about something that happened at soccer practice. Then she told her mom. She felt uncomfortable with the way that coach Wilder had been massaging her leg. Oh fuck, this guy in Europe
now. I can't even imagine like the alarm bells that sounded often Emily's head. She must I wanted to scream this is the same coach. Doing the exact same thing in the exact same school to these big, like young girls. Here, is actually like her leg out. How many years later so right and in their Emily, was like fuck this I'm going to the police with my story, because I think and like I think, everybody else that knows this case I saw that when she like, she couldn't do anything about it because she was so stuck in her grief, but then, when she saw that this could be like was affecting her friends, children and like she has a daughter they pointed out. It's like this could happen work had to hire lately. So it's that's when she was like I'll fuck that I'm doing something good tell She went to the police with her story and she was like listen this has been happening. I m pretty sure still happening like we need to do something. So she goes to the police and may she still talks to Jim Wilder from time to time. So they're, like would you
willing to get him on the phone. Obviously, tried start talking about what happened and get him to say something while we're like wiring the phone, the opposition when she has a wire timing, the wire she's, like hell, yeah. Well like. Let's do this so it out. I know so she calls Jim he's like oh yeah, like I don't want like. Why? Don't we meet up and talk cause he's like fully onto it up and he's like you know, I don't really he's at one point says like when he does meet up with her. Like you know, all these government people are like listening to Us Baltica. All these government people. You know the government so he's like. Ok, let's meet up we're just like you. You know that she could be also wearing a wire to write these. These done so she's yep cherish- goes to meet him in the parking lot of the Saint Louis Gallery, a mall, and she has the recorder headed in her bra she pulls into the parking lot they have. I, like the tape, obviously- and she said out loud, like let's hope this goes well so far Does it in the regards of him talking because they got so much stuff and the way that
she was able to get him there in the first place is that she was like she was like I'm having a hard time it I'm going to therapy, and my therapist suggested that I kind of revisit my past a little bit noses march. It was needs liking on on this great guy. So I'm I'm such a good guy me help you revisit your PAMELA rail gentlemen. I feel like somewhere. He like does it. I mean he obviously doesn't think what he's doing is wrong, as these are continuing to do it and the way he talks about it. You're like why like we're gonna get into some totally him convincing himself. Now he's ballad a hundred very sad, now the first thing that he asks when he gets in the car. You literally goes: are you wired like joining but, like obviously
he's not joking. How do you keep your face from just being like girl? I will later Lee shit my pants shit shit. My pants waiting, my face would terrain of any color that I had. I am the worst lie on the face of the planet. I like have a different voice when I'm terrible. I like I just I believe we should doubt you'd like now, why so she was super bad us about it, and she like laughed. It often is like a whole yeah, like you know me, I'm wired always wired children in my wires. Now, obviously they just laugh it off and by the end of the conversation. There was eighty seven minutes of the of everything recorded, so they have an outline because throughout exchange Jim, makes multiple incriminating statements talking openly about their relationship and how Emily, the persuasive one. Oh yeah endorse the six in your own right always. Therefore, you just turned me into this shy. United view turned me into.
Like when I was around you. You were the precise of one and I was like the shy any literally says it like that. You're like I, want a punch you so hard in the items apple that you getting argued in talking, but every day, and he said this I was watching the tv because at this part, is part of a documentary. I was literally about till I take my tv and throw it out the window. He goes you know. Maybe none of this would have happened if your mom had asked me to drive you home. That day I like that is. I believe, a bully evil like using now you're putting in her like you think you're gonna be german law. That is your moisten, though, in this situation, and it never would have happened. If she didn't put you in that situate, like fuck, you dude analysed,
It would have she s before you drove her home until you are already inappropriately touching her, of course, evil man scenario blaming her mom, because it's just another way to torture her. Now I don't think it is. Unfortunately it only gets worse. He goes hisses ridiculous. He goes this kind of thus, if we were the same age would be no problem. Yes, yeah. That's what I heard a noise of the crux of the issue, but it s actually the entire point of why she sitting in a car- and I agree with you right now and why he's telling you that she's in therapy, but no why and also maybe it would have been an issue to cause. You were married with a child and she's, obviously feeling extreme shame for multiple layers of this whole thing. This this one place you're an asshole, no matter what age she was you're, just Dick and he all so goes on to say we did something that
wasn't right according to our laws these days. I also many like these these days, unlike its it's been a while that we we're aren't allowed till. I do things like one of those guys it's like. We should stone women when they laughed and that we should go back to the good old days, earn them at the state. They make it a Porsche he's those good old days, skies those in says, but you know I'm not a creeper. Oh no, I believe, that's all I know about you. I believe the fact that you just said creeper makes you agree. I know I know right away. Grown ass man it's like? No, I actually know the exact opposite of that. They know that. That's exactly what I know not of what you speak summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry buttery brown crumble, fragrant, vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup,
or you can use the why why, after order ahead or get it delivered, make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while introducing pick up new free streaming service, NBC Universe, its it movies. Current so's live sports training bit and time. Is it and that's why you can't not watch was to free up great from stream now a peacock tv doc law in order to be used. For me now said the police they felt like take out they needed and James Jim Wilder was arrested and charged with six counts of statutory is ice. It statutory it's hard to say sodomy. I know it's really upkeep and first. Second, I was like oh no, like that also happens, but Lonnie comes pointed out, under Missouri law. Sodomy is an oral sex exactly earlier more more margare, so each charge would carries
seven years in prison if he were convicted and it was looking pretty promising so Emily coming out with her story was met with obviously two very different reactions and always as a lot People in the area didn't believe her and just painted her like this promiscuous girl. Looking for attention. Of course, is bullshit. On the other hand, though, she was not the only one who came forward and when they looked a little deeper into Jim's Pass bear a very similar account, came to light down because he's a fucking answer in he's a monster who had actually been arrested for basically these exact same thing in two thousand eight, are you fucking getting late because a fifteen year old girl. Named him as the man who had been abusing her since eighth grade, which eighth grade when Emily met him like so it's like now she's. Everything started with him, massaging her leg and then I don't even want to get into it again. Basically just doing the same thing that need it urgently
and she was able to give investigator specific details about his marriage, about his relationship with his wife and also what his growing area looked like. While so clearly she knew what was up yeah and there is actually, I say, there's a good oxygen article that I'm gonna link and also there's a good Buzzfeed article that I'm in a link that talk more about that grass account account exactly, but basically the things that she said we're just eagerly similar to what happened to Emily, including specific places in the high school. Where things happened basically like took her into the rustling office and the same things went down but like the same place idea, he has a pattern. He doesn't he's gonna skip over a little bit of the abuse, because this is like really abuse heavy if you like. If you want to look more into it yourself, a link, those article, so you can't be here- and it's all like our petted of at that point exactly in its
but she also mention that the two of them exchange phone numbers and that they would call each other pretty often and when he was asked about this, he was like you know. That's not true what didn't realises that phone records are a thing. O, though, yeah, you can get a warrant for those in they did and it was determined to be a lie. that's a lie because he had called her called her multiple times on multiple days? I love that he just thinks he's gonna get it with all this. Now, who I don't do it? I never alternative. Do that if you watch to crime show like you know they can, they can check up on the like you're you're thinking. Government is watching you, but you're not worried about phone records investigating you aren't oak, ok, cool awesome! Now this girls, I'm her answer. She lived with had actually written in a male to all of her teachers, asking if anything was going on at school because of the way that she had been acting at home, basically similar to the way that Emily was acting when she was being abused era one side acting out now this girl
spoken to a teacher about what she should do, if something like this were happening to her the teacher ever reported. The incident emailed another teacher was like. Oh what should I do about this, and this is the same school right. What the fuck is wrong with this school, oh yeah, It's all wait until we get to the anti jargon of like reappear, microphone off of everything and thrown out the one that Lord, because this teacher, as this girl's walking away chasm. She came with a friend to talk to the teacher about it because, like you know how that goes, Thea and she's walking away with her friend and she look she's a kind of talking her friend and the teacher can't hear everything but then she hears her say to her friend. I told him to get off of me and he told me this is the way it's done. what the fuck. You still didn't report that how that is.
Shame for your honor. They died, revered editors and that this principle there that shameful there's a lot of shameful things and listen to add or because Jesus the other thing is t like. Obviously this when he was arrested for this so they're doing an investigation, and teachers and students are pointing out that this girl was known to be very dramatic and she was she lied. Prettier Dan and she was a young troubled girl which, like I'll high, that's exactly Ah, he went after her most likely because he knew no one was gonna begs arrogantly. Have you ever heard of victim profiling away they, and because of that, because everybody was, I wanna, know she's kind of a liar. The case was dropped due to a quote: lack of credible evidence that any sexual contact had taken place while yeah, so that trail on the system, cool, o and here arrested for this? I've said that eighty four times for a reason he got arrested for like sexual assaults against a student, and when the case was
opt the man went back to teaching at the same exact school. Ok, So he went again again for the people in the black out process. Here school he went back to teaching at same school, no Y know why that doesn't register. Why so many brains had to go into that decision and that's really We can see so many lack of what are you always say: lack of neurons firing, neurons and they're, not a neuron graveyard, to say the least holy shit Emily obviously hope that this time would be different, because she literally had the guy confessing to the shit on tape and every when she went to the police and they started working on things. Everyone around her saw change on a change in her. She was seeing her kids, a lot more. She had gotten a new job. She was drinking.
a lot less and I actually mentioned earlier. There is a really good Buzzfeed article. It's a Buzzfeed investigates article written by a Jessica Testa in the title B, the same as the oxygen documentary it's the case died with her again. A link in the show notes, but Jessica spoke with the family and Emily mother and Emily's mother, Joan told her that, while Emily was struggling with her drinking Joan, decided that she would keep a monthly calendar and like she would mark Emily's good days with. The ink and Emily's bad days with Red ink- and she said throughout two thousand fourteen like after she went to the police, all of her like most of the days and two thousand fourteen were marked with good green days. Only goodness that hurts my soul, not like really really fucked me up now I always mention like those little sentimental things that the family does cause. I feel like it helps told the story.
Better, but I always feel bad cause like those sentimental things usually led into the really bad thing we're coming in here. We are because in the beginning of November, two thousand fourteen nobody could get in touch with Emily her family he especially her dad kept calling her, but getting no answer how her dad new obviously she had struggled with her alcoholism for some reason. He was like this. I just felt differently about this idea. I had a different feeling, its everybody. Everybody feels that way when something's going on there family like this. No, after leaving her couple messages he stopped by our house on November. Fourth, just select drop some things off for her, which I was like. Oh my god but ass soon ass. He walked in the door. He was like something just felt off about this entire seem so walk to Emily's bedroom and unfortunately, he found her face down on the floor. Her head was stuck in a large hush? Can that was all the way down to her shoulders? Her bottom was totally bottom half was tucked into a big white blanket and he
He didn't think she was dead right away. He was like Emily like. Why are you laying on the floor like what- so he moved the trash can off of her and when he did, he realised that there was like long at all sighed the lining and all around her face in her hair and when he touched her, she was cold. So he called Joan her mom who came right away and the police were called immediately to than this going to break your heart when Joan got there, she said quote: I sat down next to her crying and playing with her hair, because Emily loved having you play with her hair. That was her favorite thing of all. Ok, yeah layers, ruin literally shatter my insides ya, know Richard started: cleaning up the appointment enjoy the apartment and Jonas,
like it was because he didn't want anyone to think that she was a slob, because when he locked in the place was like a mass slick and at that I feel that such an apparent- I literally I was like these. These are to those are parents, very parent, touching her and playing with her hair and cleaning the apartment, but the police arrived in. They worked Superman oaks, that, like of body and the stand up and of according to its very bad, but its comes from a place of love of not wanting to embarrass you d, like Lou, her lose more of her dignity than charity exactly so there, the police gave the family a little bit of grief for doing what they, which I can understand. I could see both sides. That's exactly what I went down. I said I think a lot of parents would do the same thing and I think it kind of investigators wouldn't feel the same way about at Berkshire. But it's like I mean I don't speak
from experience. But I dont think the first thing that you think when you find your daughter dead, is to preserve the crime scene, no, of course, so I get it now and Emily's bedroom. There were some snacks laying near where she was found lying on the floor around her and her phone was also on the floor like next to her and her parents said that It was her usual position when she was detoxified because she like she would lay on the floor whether phone and some snacks extra because she was now she s a lying on the floor like made her feel better. Linda snacks, like sometimes maxim knowledge, settler summit, and yet so is just like her kind of routine when she was going through. This was so the problem that they, like immediately saw. They were like: ok, there's an empty bottle of vodka and the room, so they kind of immediately jump to a conclusion, and they wondered like why she did she just
accidentally during herself to death visa, which a sad yeah, but not crazy, to assume based on our history for sure, by their some weird shit, when you look further into it, because the weird shit as after her autopsy was done, her blood alcohol content came out to be just under point o five. I think the exact number was point o four ok in like we know, point always as the legal journey I met so she's like less than half of the year now and it would be the equivalent of like two drinks are she's a good little. Moreover, have them do that's what I'm not gonna fractions? summer, is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry, binary brown Crumble, fragrant, vanilla flavour, is in every sense. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup
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This happens, but you just what you think about like the position behind like was she just need not like totally with it right. Tripped fell ya like her when she was vomiting until wastebasket. That's what I thought I was like. Maybe what happened was that she was in bed like wrapped, because it when I'm in bed, I'm like wrapped up in the blanket and then, if you get sick, you kind of lean over maybe She was so like feeling so sick that she fell yeah and then is not crazy that her phone licks, my phone, is always on the four in the morning yeah. You know anymore than she was lying on the floor already in that detectors, position that they said they knew so well from her ah ha and that she was wrapped in that blanket on the floor, went to get sick into that skip it. She fell over and may be wedged herself a little bit because she panicked perhaps yeah I know these are stuck in their in yeah. I mean. Does a plastic lining your voice,
many warm aspiration can happen. I feel like any number of bad things could happen. Absolutely the only cause we're her arms, like wrapped in them it is. I would know day I'm not totally positive. They said that her bottom half was wrapped in the blanket and I'm pretty her arms or just by her side. Ok, but the the weird thing is that street it was like a you know, those white kitchen bends that I like that's what I was for. Kids, like your recycling than actually like a tall one tall, so it's like she was way in the bottom like, even if it would be hard to wed yourself in their yeah, especially with your Hitler with your hands by her side, because you would stop, yourself, you feel right. Unless she passed out, will you and the other thing was she might have been mom had said that she had had her. She had seen her have seizures before so. Ok, Maybe she had a seizure and I'd. Do you pass out after Caesar liquors? That's, and I mean everything I'm sure you can. I think you like so many different things can happen right during and after a seizure, so
that's entirely possible right. So maybe she had a seizure and past outlay and threw up. Maybe while she was having a seizure and then passed, and because there wasn't enough air and she could aspirated, I'm gonna write and right she's laying down right exactly possession yeah? The any number of things could have happened, no matter what that's a nightmare situation. oh, it's awaiting normally gnarly death. So it's weird and it's weird because she just came forward about this huge thing that happened after like fifteen years of silence and then- and it looks like it- was going forward- a look she was to give a deposition the next week at sod timing. That's all in the other strange things were that the back door to her apartment, which was basic. It's like my apartment, like with the sliding door, glad that just told you. It's always locked in areas like a little thing wedged, but hers was not locked. It was unlocked which yes
and it was slightly open, oh yeah, which that's weird. That is strange now herself the oh. This is the other weird thing is like giving away a little bit of information about this before we started, and I didn't tell you this part who miss parts weird herself phone always had the same password, unlike her sister knew it, but her cell phone was an unlocking with that password and her sister is like she or We had the same password. She was never secretive about her phone lands really no reason to change that phone password. No, unless it was compromised or someone else did, an exact. So her sister was like a bad choice, has always sat with me, and I have always thought that was weird here. That strange and the last thing that they pointed It was that she was super super claustrophobic and she would have never liked stuck her head that far into a trash can my dad to be sick on purpose yeah. It was just super weird. Now they did investigate her. Death
but if the death investigation was closed after less than two months and the official report states that the manner of death cannot be determined which that's weird. The manner of death cannot be determined, but the cause of death, due to quote asphyxiation due to a trash can lined with a plastic bag over her head. Ok, that makes sense. The plough The declining, I think, play a huge deal. She ought actually like she probably likes literally inhaled yeah. So but then the manner is house. Got in there right first place. Rigour in an almost reminds me of on the Phoebe. Hence Turkey's how'd you get in the trash, get a trash shoe and reliable, Kendrick Johnson Yes, like how do these are all very like what, Would you end up their ensure its possible? Would you look into for sure, but it's also pass. You can see
any angles of all of these cases, and it's like, but it's not cotton dry, know it's like this. This one this one night, it's like an accident seems most likely, in my opinion, buys I wasn't at the crime scene. So I can tell you that leg and there are two things that are poor. In other ways, weird that the deposition was happening in the next week and that she had just come forward and wired rather there's something which can make things scary absolutely, but then it's like, then you flip that around was she much more stressed out because knew she had a deposition coming out? Why is she self medicating because of that stress and anxiety in terror and Polly feeling the officer that today the detective was like dealing with this case when she initially came forward. He was like I could tell that she had been drinking and he was like, but I still believed her account one hundred percent. I ask that you, like you, said she was just self medicated shoes. Shoes really really stressed and anxious rally. That's the only way she had taught her son
after soon to deal errors and seems to me if you are going to be deposed the next week that that would trigger a lot of emotions and strong The nurse? In your I mean when you come forward about trauma you, Sir, to relive that private life lies, I dont it. Doesn't it wouldn't shock me that she had like a relapse? No of having like a bench moments and now on the same on the same thing at what in shock me. If that happened, and also I really wouldn't be shocked. If me no, he was murder if it came out there. Somebody else did this. I wouldn't be like what, like all my goodness me like arrayed idea, we can arrange a lot of sense right, it's accident in and somebody else doing it makes Alonzo yeah. You can see it both ass, while Emily's, family, family and friends do think that there is a very strong possibility that she was murdered, and this is a little crazy, because They were like it didn't necessarily have to be Jim, like we're not saying that he didn't know, because she had told her friends and family. Jim, was surrounded by people that she was afraid of.
There are a lot of people in town who knew of the situation and did not stand on her side. There was a lot of people that were very loyal to Jim and think you're ruining. Man, oh and that's exactly what they were saying like asses every Arthur. Oh, like described him as a golden boy, oh yeah. Of course they always do always I'm like that's like Brok, Turner, whatever the fuck his name I thank our promising future, and now it's whirlwind because he's a rapist and it's like owing can we re, worried that and say this fucking idiot liking, He took away his own future. He robbed himself of his whom we re that he took away someone else's future. You haven't, we don't even think about his future at all, because it sounded and we we just talk about his present, which is he's a Dick tell that you go, and now this young girl has to figure out gassed of her life, why we think about her future, exactly so
so they got so Jim is surrounded by people who are sketchy, obviously he's a scotch ball, but there's more sketchy people involved, because around July Emily was involved with a police officer. now her her sister was describing the relationship and choosing wasn't necessarily like always a romantic relationship. Billygoat seemed like like a flirt patient relationship that may have crossed the line. At one point: India, on and off Canna Casual Psychiatric cross, the line of just friends but maybe Emily was an into it anymore, like that's what it seemed like, then she was telling people into wasn't. She was like. I don't really want to be with him and when she told him he was not happy, unlike wasn't having it So there was an incident confirmed one night where this and he was a police officer. Showed up to her apartment, unannounced and just like, walked into her apartment, and he found her there with another guy. Oh now the other guy that she was with was a coach, Adam or by school
and also a married man that she had been having an affair with ok, her. Mom pointed out like this is Kind of Emily's pattern. After what happened to her, she, she did date very older man, as you made bad choices. She did and like it was like the her friend Christine said, like you make bad choices sometimes because you're so affected by your past, you just don't know how to get out of it. I'm not excusing it, but no, but it's just the reason why the choices are probably made exactly so she had been having an affair with this man, allegedly in an apparently his wife found out and had been threatening her. So I mean like why I mean it seems like nobody was too keen to keep the investigation going on into her death, but it's like when all that stuff starts to come out like that, should be interesting and why not look into it a little bit so the fact that they seem to like care too much was really upsetting to the family or friends the more ups.
Thing now is that the charges against James Wilder were dropped when Emily died. Why, no she died before she was able to give her deposition, so they and they wouldn't have enough to go to trial without her testimony because her testimony, along with the recording, what have been pretty good too having court to go there, but still even that, like wasn't gonna be like they were like we can well with this, and my group has a possibility of going really well, but it did. We also done, have any dna or forensic evidence. So there is a chance that will lose this case. That's so bad, but now that they didn't even have her testimony. They were like. We basically have not forgetting what were really gonna going just audio here. We can't go forward on no yeah and
cat leave cited in a medium article. That quote, due to the confrontation clause of the sixth amendment to the United States Constitution, prosecutors were forced to drop the charges against James. According to this clause, defendant has the right to confront the accuser because James's confession had been made outside of it was not sufficient. It was not sufficient evidence to indict the victim with his crimes, while so there is a clause in the constitution where, basically, he has the right to like to face her yeah and because that wasn't happen that was like it wasn't, has only factor made in along like an in an interview, general, right court of LAW right all right what a fuckin loophole God, I know said I was I ought to know what kind of like like good luck. but he carries around, but he really seems to avoid trouble. He's got up shamrock shoved up his ass. I love that
I loved. You just said that, because so after he came forward and he was arrested and twenty thirteen. This is where you can get real pissed at the school system to be again so he was arrested in two thousand eight just to remind everybody and went back to teaching at this same exact school then he's arrested in two thousand thirteen and when this when's. The school puts him on administrative leave and terminates his contract. So that's awesome might know because he was still being paid his salary for the next year in eight months and also gaudy severance package. Are you fuck? kid. I saw this mother fucker, whose being investigated of like a horse If a bit using the children he supposed to be teaching abusing the children, he was to be teaching and you're supposed to be taken care of in protecting and admitting it, and it's on tape in like that in that you guys terminated his contract. But if you terminated his contract, you don't owe him shit. You shouldn't have a severance pay Why are you paying him Allison? same because he was never can
did he never had to register as a sex offender and he's still to this day. Currently right now, as I speak, has teaching licence so he's on able to teach in the Winberg District, because this all happen at Limburg High School he's on it to teach that district. But how could go anywhere else and teach the key could come here to Massachusetts and teach he could go literally. he could still be in Missouri but be in a different district and teach while and be able who prey upon young girls, because clearly he admitted it. That's what Does he had a relationship with a sixteen year old? While he was a twenty nine year old teacher and coach? Can we, I feel it is? The very least we can expect from our teachers is: do not abuse the children that their I feel like at the very least we can we should we could make that a bar none. I feel angelic, that's a good bar that were like. Oh, if you D, like it don't abuse,
who's, the children that your teaching now and you can keep your keep your job while they do and like I, why why? Why is this so hard to just be like you know what teachings not for you don't languages, it's fine, let's just ended, dream for him. Let's just go right ahead by women. don't do that, why ruinous future? Now we don't want league, let's ruin that future for him, that's what about only future God. Why so? Emily sister, Andrea set about this quote: he's been arrested twice for statutory, statutory sodomy by two different women, and if you look up his when will record today- it's completely clear. This is someone who still has their teaching licence and that seems wrong yeah. He has all the opportunities in the world now laid out for him. Does he, though, because I wanted to end this on a high note, thank Goodness China, because this whole thing was a real bummer, but you Patria inspected
said yeah, I said yeah. So the light at the end of the tunnel is a little bit of a catch. Twenty two now Christine Lieber adventurer couple time, she's Emily's best friend she darted a facebook page in memory of Emily and after the oxygen documentary came on in December leg. It literally just came out, and obviously so many people saw it and it should new light on the case and that, in turn, with this spoke grew more students from Lindbergh High have come forward on the page. Sharing their stories of abuse at the hands of Jim Wilder. Amazing yup horrible, but amazing that their sharing their story right and that's why I said we ready to cause it's like awesome. There is any finally illegally and get hopefully some kind of like some, justice will be served. I fucking hope but horrific, knowing that this was so widespread exactly now the amount of people coming word, May Christine reach out to Wesley Ball. Ask me Wesley Bell the prosecuting attorney and he set about it quote we place,
high priority on seeing that their allegations are investigated and reviewed for potential criminal charges. So let's go. Let's blackened girl, because it's like, I hope that your, This will be served in that Emily is like somewhere, and I can see that she started a saw man in I'm gonna end this on our girls. This is a quote that, like sheep, I think she'd either text or said this to somebody else. It said she said at first, I doubt it myself and I was scared to death, but I now realize I'm not only freeing myself but saving other girls. It's a blessed. And I know I know I've done the right thing. That's a duchess gave me Chile will in that everywhere. That was one of the last thing she ever said. Ah, and now it's true than ever, I want for for her parents. I want her parents to see some justice out of that in her sister. I know
and it seems like her. Her parents are like trying to work with like these people and yeah like let us help them like what we do for you and her sister man yeah. That's outrage ass. It was, Why out. It was really sad to research there's so many articles for you to read that I'm gonna link that I just like cried through reading, yeah and theirs, patriotic I know I have to say the Buzzfeed article was really. I sat with great one cause. I had read that a long time ago, Yang a long time ago, but you and I were just ok, but that- and also like you. Obviously you know, there's audio clips area from the conversation in July or tapirs. I think there's some like five me so here you can hear his dumb ass talk. Oh my god! In his voice now I did just makes an innocent jockey. Unlike jovial, we had. He just thinks it's all whatever he just seems like a little boy whose too little
low, but little bitch boy, but so ya? I will link those in the show notes, and you can also follows on Instagram at morbid podcast hit us up on twitter at a morbid podcast, send us a Gmail morbid broadcast at Gmail com we hope that you keep listening and we hope you keep et Vanessa, whereby you suck dog suck
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