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Episode 210: Willie Pickton Part 1

2021-02-20 | 🔗
I don't even know what to write about this WILD CASE. We’re finally diving into Willie Pictkotn, it’s filthy, it’s dirty, it’s squalor, it’s vile and it’s only the beginning. This is part one of Willie Pickton, we’ll get into the story of his childhood, take a glimpse into his family’s life and then we’ll find ourselves somehow deeper in this foul hole when we reach his adulthood. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and we are horrified.  As always, thank you to our sponsors: Upstart: Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today when you go to UPSTART.com/MORBID Warby Parker: Try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free at warbyparker.com/morbid ThriveMarket: Join Thrive Market today to get 25% off your first order AND an exclusive FREE gift! ThriveMarket.com/MORBID. Stamps: special offer that includes a 4- week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale with promo code MORBID at Stamps.com
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Six sag same spicy, they accept all, is neither succeed nor spicy. It is scurry, it is unattractive and black and I will say the land I would say unattractive, unlike discussed last That's what I would say. So this is another one of our episodes that has been chosen by air patrol innocent Turnus. I picks our approach, Rona Sigh and they picked a duty. They certainly picked a deuce, I'm glad they picked a duty for you because next week, as ass adduced, they begged Robert, William Picton, likes the pig from Canada, who quite a character, and I have about twelve to fourteen hours of research into this already you're gonna get three parts because Mama stop any earthly things she said it was
fourteen hours and she's only got one in two data. I've only got to do so that gonna be more than like fourteen hours. I just can't stop. This case is fascinating, its huge its horrifying its intricate, and it's so important, because this case has to do so much with like missing indigenous women in Canada and what a huge huge leg just like help it was so fluffed off. Then Zella problem got an especially sex workers. It's like forget about it. Of course this went on for wait too long bullshit, but I think the only thing before we get into it was just like an exciting thing that I should finally like Alyssa do because it was really fine. Oh my gosh guys we're on murder squad, and I Couldn't wait to tell you guys the amount of time that that Alina said Paul holes, nice said Paul hosts quite a bit, all holes being a whole citing use just like one of my goals in life to Billig well pose. What do you think of this holes? Poles, poles, and it was great by
yeah. Well, we really excited about it. We couldn't tell you guys for weeks. I notice the currently excited so, yeah. That was the big like yeah, I'm so excited I tweeted leg that night I came home and others like bouncing off. You are literally on drugs, lit being able to talk about a case with Paul holes and village, a thin of course, obviously but He had actually done an episode if you guys like having listened to it, where we had been On the show- and we talked about Kataram Katrina, Homer- and that was amazing- and I, after that, when I was like losing my mind, black solutely, but he liked all holes here like you,
solved the golden sick. Killing of everything is either he's. Probably the smartest man, I've ever had a conversation, yet it was like thrilling like. I can't. I can't think of somebody else. I've had a conversation with that's that smart in that area and just like being able to talk about a case, especially like the Opel Homer girl scout murders, which is what we talked about on the upper sewed with a homicide detective. Who just has this like way of being able to look at a case that we can't like he came up with a few things that I ask. Why didn't? I think that what I hooked up so much thence by it was a lot of fun. We absolutely do. We want to thank them again for asking us to come on for the winter distraction. Episode causes that was like truly and honour. A way to do it again were totally get it there and I hope we get invited by shudder to care in Georgia. We love you, oh my god, the bus links for paving the way. Thank you for letting a sea Stephen Berliner. While those fund those
much fun, but you? I just want to say that, because I was like a real like shot in the arm this month. All absolutely we regret about it and hope you guys go, listen to it. It's on there for you and if you haven't listened to murder squad, go listen to them. Cuz they're, awesome incredible! But let's, let's really, Roy you, let's roll around in my work, I still had a really really make you dont want to eat from attacks. Like forty glad I literally to state to tacos this case.
It's just that there's a lot. So I don't really know anything about this case. To be honest, wait till you get into it cuz. It says we're going to get into so four part, one, I'm going to tell you about Willie, because he's known as Willy Pickton, his name is Robert, William Pickton, but he's noticed Willy we're going to tell you about Willie, I'm going to tell you about how we grew up, I'm going to tell you about their infamous farm that they had we're going to talk about like the time and what was going on in Vancouver at the time these missing, mostly indigenous women that were sex workers. I think all of them are and how it was being ignored, like it's just it's shocking so part one we're going to get into that. We're going to talk about a few run ins with Willie. So we're going to give you a little I'm going to give you a little bit of like meat and potatoes.
I give you a little snippet Lavoisier gives you all of hard. You didn t like one who and then part there is gonna be like suggests we're gonna given to you back to back so they're gonna come fast and furious. You won't have to wait for parts for too long said a word now: Robber, William Picton was born October, twenty fourth, nineteen, forty nine he was born in and he was raised in port coke whittling British Columbia, Canada Armoury. I think it's cocoanut quit Lamb, CO quit loom I think it is don't tell us either way I feel like I italic. It is, as you know, and it's like. I love you, Canada, I think I set it right. I hope it did. You proud. I just like quadruple, checked it Bitterly pause, the recording to block I got, I gotta make sure, and I was right. I don't need become wetland, be mentioned of those two eaten code of wetlands go quietly. You got here the middle child of three, so he had three kids altogether. Who is that
in middle of middle child, his Stir Linda was born a year before he was and his brother was a younger brother David and he was actually year after that, so, like Bobo being Bang Boom, his parents are Leonard and Louise Picton. Only god we love of a letter shall we do, but we don't love them. I do not love that they sound delightful like Leonard and Louis, you see they sound like. Third, they go down with it on Friday night all beaten, no, no, they don't go dancing at all. Apparently, Louise was a very hard work, very hard worker letter it was very lazy. They were like on the sets, attract Stinker Butler Weazened Leonard were probably best known for their looks by that. I do mean, like their looks on the runway.
I mean, like they were very interesting working people and not just like you know. This is your strange looking like they like actively made themselves like the scary people in the neighborhood. Really yeah in so Louise specifically purposely just kind of let nature take hold of her utter fell. Google, you describe She gonna, let all her teeth brought out of her head. She, you can like die for her Where was oh, it's very dangerously or rural health is a very important and, like I guess, and I'm not saying like you know, there was nothing that could really like say what happened here but like all her hair was gone up here. Lay, but she grew a full beard now and then allow no. She did not know- and this is only worth mentioning because she kind of became like a local fascination, everything's upham. She could use a fucking,
who did lay because she was also very loud and very abrasive like very. Scared, so she's this, like short kind of stout woman, with no teeth a full beard Why can I find a picture of it anywhere? I dont know I couldn't really find one, neither compassed, but she always wearing a house coat. over men streams and the genes were tucked into goloshes. That was her. Like what she wore every day and she would come out in that house, scope, men's genes and giant goloshes with the things tucked into an enlightened full beard, no teeth just screaming at people. I have to wonder if Stacy and Clinton could even clearer They even- and you know she would scream at small children rude like she was just and she was like shoe. The deck that's for literally it so like do the fact
It is just like a little fascinating silica was just a little fascinated was it was interesting, cheap? That's why you why she says she's Polly, just like upset that life dealt heard. Gnarly cards- I don't know, I know she just seems like, shit flake, leaned we heard into it, which she liked to those. If you honestly grow a full beard. If you can say and nothing else about the victims. They love to be in disgusting. That was like they relish Chuck who they were her. This is they were, they were fowl lectures sober, allowed, no future, but they were decaying living people. I was on believable obtain a truly unbelievable and Leonard Jerusalem, eighty and horrifying like you guys. I heard he was like tall and then by day and it's like they weren't. Just like ugly people like we're not be ugly, they were filthy. Like this, gusting and they didn't give a shit though
a nice melts, apparently the entire family smelled, horrific, oh, no, no, no legal hole Terrific and Leonard was known as piggy by the other farmers and because his Bank was just a real nea He was also super nasty and abusive to his children out, so and when he wasn't just neglecting them outright either neglecting orange, like beady, shithead, yeah and Willie Kind of Blake. Looked more like his father, like he had more of like the that builds, unlike that look about him, was that better for him. I guess I don't think that was really like a good option should, I suppose, I don't have to pick one. I don't know why I feel like he would rather look like Mama, so he can grab a beard, but I guess I think David after Mama, I'm Sienna Siberian, I am, she and Willie was filthy, his entire life, they all
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so repression your summer with our handcrafted refresher. Since Moody's made brush your way at why why? Whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively bears beats the office on pick up stream every moment from Dunder Midland had export bonus, actors Annex loses plus, if you're looking for more classic it's you consume every episode of hearts and our creation to an adventure and every season of ESA in the mood for something brand. New sick, peacocks, original comedies, the Amber rough and shell and say by the Bell, with your creating a new danger familiar face you can find sends a comedy gets on pizza, get started for free at peak on Tv Dhaka, we'll everyone used to call Willie Rat, face, still die horrible and be does have arrived
face, so I dont want another that I like when you look at me, like oh rat, face like that's the first thing that comes to. If you didn't know he was called rat face, you would look at him Billig. What wrappings that anything that is given name a rat face, Picton phase that his name face of a rat red face year of the rat ya, know he's a rat face. He's a rat. Bastard is what he is so the farm animals. So they had. Turn a pig's. They had some cattle, but this was mostly a pig farms. You know it's hanging eleven in the house pigs of an aside so funny that these filthy people owned pigs because pigs are among the cleanest animals on earth. I know, but not these pigs because they didn't treat them while at all data and take care of them but they did allow all the animals to just walk through the house. That's fuck, no matter what beggars walks it ass they could
in the middle. The house will know and cleaned up. Oh, that's, not one person in this fucking family cleaned one day in their life. So there's two shit around like no matter what we will see later, that when people went into this home and onto this property every single surface and every single wall, floor and ceiling was covered in feces, fuckin, new dirt mud, no blood just everything they didn't cleat when I say they did not clean. There was never a point in the life of this farm that any of this family cleaned, sometimes visitors, would come and try to clean know. Why did they a visitor? So just wait: why did they have visit? Will they get to them? Hurt one? Why did they have visitors? we'll get to some of it in boy boy, boy, howdy, this increase will be holding a lot, is so much so yes
those are walking in the house there pissing everywhere than eating everywhere. The kids had to clean out all the pig pen tens before school and there was over two hundred picks cheese vs they So when so, they went to school directly from cleaning up everything on the farm shit, so they stand to high Heaven. They were filthy and the kids were really only bathed lake once in awhile. What's like lucky, if they are a bath like one in the week. You we're and it and probably like sitting a sturdy water and all oh yeah and, Where was cps? Of course, David and Willie immediately got a reputation like no one wanted to hang out with them. They were dirty. There were disgusting, which is sadness Signing a don't, have control over their no end sister, a? U oh, like we always say, feel bad for the kid not the adult absolutely, but at the kid at the time you link that sucks. You are like me, were sent off to school. To basically get me doesn't alike,
exactly well and they didn't read these boys. Don't really get to hang out with other kids, they will work to the bone and they were pretty much just neglected when they were on the farm. So they were gonna of just forced, they did farm labour, and then they were just left to do, whatever is really reminiscent of Europeans room, it is right, It really is so Linda the sister she added similar experience for sure. Could she was growing up in that house? You're gonna be steadily growing, Earl Squalor, but she was at least kind of treated by her mother, like a human, sometimes like a human child, up. Ok, interesting what has happened when do you? moments where she ran. She was bathed a little more ok and shoe. Would go to. Like events like birthday, parties with other kids, unlike her mom, would buy her dresses like clean her up in twinning. it was like something about like my mom having a daughter, yeah, I dont know what it was and they also Willie in his mother were very close, even though his mother was like pretty fuckin terrible to him. It was one of those things
kind of like an egg gainsaying right right leg. You we hear about a lot of these serial killers who get very close to their mother and are very obsessive with them. We ve talked about him of liquor. Oedipus calling you look at it the relationship you like she was terrible to you. Why are you so obsessed with Mercosur like somehow can all day constantly pining for her but yeah? It's like they need her approval and then they start equating love with pain and humiliation, and that's when chick just goes right now the pittance rethink their living in squalor that, like disgusting, filthy, horrific They had tons of money really tons of money. They really day had tons a land and they were so buying off chunks of this land left and right to real estate developers. Why which is where the monies I do. It's crazy, that's not! No. There was obviously this place was not a very good environment too. You know nourish young mine. Now I dont think you don't see it. They were never read too
at home, which I I tweeted about this the other day illegal. Who threw me like deeply that, like children are like going to bed at night and not having a book read to them, like yeah, never sat with their parents and had a book read like that. Gums me, oh yeah, but didn't happen a much that both we and I mean I can't name Mew one time I murmured me a book, that's horrific, I my stepmom would rain here for we went about so, unlike my would remind MA, was like the euro and books on us left it rang. Nuts with so crazy to me is like my mom was always like an obsessive reader. Oviedo is, and she was very. I remember the one thing she always told me was I'll, never say no to a book, and so, if we were out now- In a book I got that book to union ever say no to a book. We Marwood always get like a ton of stuff. It ll be jays like
I'm being and she would always go. Why don't you girls go in the book section and pick up what you want and we would stand in the book section while she did all the girls reacting and a better life. What I wanted and like no matter how many yeah. She was always that way because she was like. I want you reading read what you want to read and she always told me- you know me- you gotta go to bed at a certain time when I was a little, but I could sit up and regions, yeah he's a thing, and I think it's important ITALY bonding its com, its safety again, nourishing your mind. It's like doing so much for you. these kids weren't getting on their. So many studies about like what reading to your gear
a special even when their babies la do further, and it might actually so because of this, and because they're not getting you know any kind of help at home for school nobody's really helping these. Could that all Willie's tests and like grades in school were not good. He was not doing wiles nobody's there to help him yeah. He ended up being held back in second grade and he spent his entire school career really needing extra help to get by and being in classes reserved for cheap. With special learning needs, but he struggled like really struggled Willie and his brother also had like pretty unique speech issues they could speak. They didn't have a good speech impediment, I wouldn't say both of their votes. Voices were just really high pit. And they were can remain that way, a little bath even that barely even added like a letter to all the bully exactly and then there was also, there was a slight impediment where they just couldn't pronounced certain words and sounds like I think they had troubled prancing like ours, like almost like a robust and accent kind.
But it's like enormous made it some kind of like babyish piano which are like they do They would you like a w, almost insolvent, Argo yeah, exactly so it made it even worse, so you know a lot. on them. I guess they. Now I read a book that I think everybody should read. It's fucking amazing about this case. I recommend it so highly. It is called on the farm and its by Stevie Cameron. and its super long super in depth. I mean they go into so much detail about like every aspect of this case, their lives, everything I highly recommend it, and in that book they talk about how the pickings lived in an area and cook with them that they were kind of surrounded by like
me? No people that were really well off cause they're, pretty well hostility! Ask Waller but like you would never know the attitude of money, but there is a lot of like doctors who lived in the area lawyers, so the kids depicting kids are going to school with these doctors, lawyers, kids, who are treating them, shit, Naxos, that's just what else would ensure legal, your arm, kids, so one of these kids phone talked later and was talking about how they kindly treated them shitty, and I just had to write this quote down from this one. Was this gonna make me really woman who said that she was like a doctor's child just because, oh no, I think it's gonna make you Billig e, that's ridiculous! Oh god, just the end quote the end sentence in this as a key year But you have to say that I, like your socks, Jacques Chirac, heavy with it. We were all terrible to the Picton, especially Robert Willie. I remember all of us on the road taunting him we'd say to each other.
Just let out just let us Adam now and will make him talk. How are they difference dirty and stinky? They always had their hair cut in a brush cut man. They stunk their house was a poor house with no yard and falling down fences were no big trees only some shrubs, I even remember them at school. I don't even remember them at school at all, but I do wrong for them waiting for the school bus. Our bunch was mostly I'll doctors, kids, we were the best dress and had the nicest houses almost every one in the group successful. Now I bet you're, not literally like that's account. I bet you're, not What a dick sought to New lived in a vague like who cares if their here's the thing were foiling impact? It is an absolute demon, p shit like a he shouldn't wrought for all eternity fuck that guy I just think. Anybody who s to be like earlier, we are totally dare bolder than when they were goods and then to be like we had the best.
and we have been nice. If thousands and we're all successful now, look, it's just it's very elite ages. Robbed me the rug whales, like you know what the fuck so why are you still stuck in middle school like you in in the thing about their quote than I had to, including those you tell me nothing that and everybody else doesn't know, but then you have to added at the end like I'm like that's what I'm supposed to viable and I had the best clothes- and I was a kid- Ok, ok, ass! All Mozilla is just so find it was like a nice little like her. I was ready to get cause. Who boy you didn't psychopathic Linzer cause again, Willie you. You feel bad for him one day when I was a kid, but then oh boy, you don't feel bad for your races that real quick later in life. Now, according to a lot of people who knew the
Picton's, apparently Willy was said to have once hidden in the carcass of slaughtered pigs if he wanted to hide away from people, so not once like a few times would hide in the carcasses of slaughtered pigs just to like. If he didn't want to talk to someone, he was awake. I'll. Just hang out near that, in and of itself is a case study. begins its like a star wars when they like open that animal welfare that it's the same thing. It's exactly that, but at this is really said, this is like really gonna again. You get a lot of sympathy for him as a child. Don't worry, it will remove it all later. But what happens when he was twelve years old? He had a calf that he bought. No don't worry about it at three and a half weeks, he spent thirty five dollars. He had saved up for it and he wanted to keep it as a pet. You do not want this to be like a farm animals
his animal. He was so happy he loved feeding it. He would like run home from school every day in feed it, and he just wanted to care of it, and he said it was quote as pretty as the days long now shut up one day he came home from school and it was missing. So he frantically when everyone whose panicking he's asking parents, who've asking everyone in there like maybe just ran away like I don't know, and he was like what the hell. I don't know what to do and they were, and then I think it was his father that was like. Maybe you should look in the barn which to me when you find out what happens you're like wow you're, a demon. What did he do to when he looked in the barn? The calf was dead hanging upside down Hook. Why butchered his bad for me just to be ass? I had just Fletcher net for meat, Willie lost it and Louise offered him money to buy a new one. Why? You go get another one way, you're just going to say that in fact, and he was devastated like
absolutely devastated. There's a quote in the same book from Willie himself any says, and here I seen the calf hang upside down there. They butchered my calf on me, oh boy, I was mad. I couldn't to anybody for three or four days. I locked everybody out of my own mind. I didn't want to talk to anybody that really upset me, but that happens. That's life I mean more only here for so long when your time is over. Your time is over. Oh wow, that's one way to get through it. I should like to do so. Is this a case of? Do you feel this is a case of nature? Verses nurture and it's definitely nurture. I think nurture plays a really big role in those. Do you think that if he grew with a different fat like an amazing family, he would have done all this. I dont know because when you find out what he does, his real fucked up, but he's real,
I say this house seems like it would fuck. So that's the thing. I think that this I mean I do from definitely think nurture, had a huge role, but then I do you have to think he had to settling and they didn't gone to do things like thus Dave grow up to be a shit two was so allowing a murder. Now you all know we not. I I can't see not confirmed, not confirm. I mean I'd, nothing, there's no charges against him or anything like that. But, like I wouldn't be shocked when I go, if the if he came out that all this, narrowly go. Look. He handed it to Mr Lehne. Belinda moved away from the family and she turned out great, but here's the thing she was. Treated a little that band she moved away from the family, pretty early all right, so I mean so that The issue was raised in a different environment. You can, you can say that nature verses answer maybe,
yeah. Maybe it was like it. You know partially this whole like raising him. This way neglecting of fusing treating him like this and then also bring him around because, of course, kids, who grew up on a farm like learn how to slaughter animals. They see that stuff, but I think that, on top of how they were treating him already really like melted into something terrible yeah, it was like a deadly mixture exactly now at fourteen years old, he ended up leaving school for good. It's a strange story. I guess you'd like bought a pen at the store. That was what do you mean those penza you'd like turn? One way something would like come down, yoga. Others we school, because our there was one that was like. There was a lady on the pen and then you'd like flip it. This way and hurling dress would fall off. Oh that's a lot. I didn't have that end, but I m sure, but really had that then leaves out that pen. So it's like a naked lady and when you turn it the other way,
let's go back on that's funny, it's legal rights. It is like a guy ridiculous. Well, the principle at school threatened to beat him. If you didn't get rid of them. Ok, that's one way to handle, and so Willie was like by endless left. Okay, so never came back. I love that that was the straw that broke Willie's by yeah. That was it that was naked lady that broke Willie. That said, the Naked Lady Pemberton achingly these now the two boys ended up taking on a lot more work load at the farm. Now that they weren't cool IA and David was stolen school, but he was still taking up a big load and before Willie had even left school, they would leave midday MID day during the school day to come home, slop the pigs and then come back now with a slop. The pigs mean I'm not quite sure. I think it's like fee Ok Lake do draw up for a while. Now you that's what I think so
just like pigs, things ass pig he rejects, elect us big. They can't talk right now, I'm doing pig thing. Should I biggest yeah whatever things pigs need, I think that's what slopping, as I'm pretty sure already, let us know, do you have a big h m deals. Lava I'd Junta of funds addressing without a nice like I want only nourish, may really does, the boys both started flat out missing school. That's when Willie like left school anyways, but David was missing school all the time they are both exhausted and filthy. All the I'm there wasn't even a shower in the house, and there was a legal basis bathing. No. Now in nineteen sixty three they moved to another farm. And actually like, took the farmhouse they had an like moved. They moved this shit,
Why would you not just get a new house, I think of where the pig then mother shit in their letter? The pact is your rich. You know why, because they like living in shit. This is how they like to be but they're just like one with the animals. No, I think they're just discussed the animals themselves. There were eighty horrifying, so they moved from the place thereat first, which was Dawes Hill to nine. Sixty three dominion Avenue at this new place. they had seven hundred pigs. They like realities, they ve lost in thought. He busted this. Seven eleven underlines rid pigs. Now, Linda, the sister was like good bye. She was like you know what I'm gonna go stay with other family in Vancouver, because she was like you're all fuckin grow, so Eminem,
get out of here is like there are seven hundred pig's ear and I don't think we need a better by issues like Armand take my leave. I think this is my time to like soft shoe out here. Goodbye, let her let that better gazetted one year. I think she was just like by law. Ok, she basically didn't really have a lot of contact, especially with the pair. After this. Why? I wonder that she's so stern? I know she did talk to her brothers later once in a while, but is only for business things. Basically, they were still running the farm once the parents died. So when will he left school forgot at fourteen day was still in school, like I said, and weirdly He'll dated a ton was like Super Grove now mother, my thoughts, stinky Dave. I think the whole world, I think, all Canada still ass. This thorough legs did like show yourselves. Slow kind are eaten a show. Your face show your face because he was disgusting. Will he was
he's gonna do said you sets a foul sagging lake rotten meat like would make stinky job sir mirrors. Look let litter Linas Motherfucker Eliza Donkey chops smell his breath smell like what leather everybody say which to me when they, wouldn't you say, wet leather. I want you just look at it and I I dragged it worse than that that made him look like MR cleanly gave stinky chops his head, throw white teacher good to go exactly, but I guess it in school. Dave was like someone normal when it came to like interacting with peers and stuff. He just Conway. So I do not like he's smelly but term. There really keys disgusting leg. He looks like what, like the inside of like a hemorrhoid, feels like it would look like and others like a an infected sore by the leg on its hang with Arthur listen I'm gonna need underhand. I'm gonna need you to get past this part because, I cannot do is go. Do I.
shower sometimes two times a day. If I get sweaty, I mean I, I love being clean. If that's not your bag, Not your Babby Alene is my favorite thing on the planet airs in ITALY and nothing like washing your hair and your body and in its leg, keeping up with your cell cleanliness is definitely a big thing. It made its key if it's not for you, like that's cool, live your life don't murder, people also, because if you are dirty and murder people, that's boomed obey dirty though it's not healthy. It's not healthy headstart. It's not good for anyone now, either way, once Deva or once Willie left school, the two of them were basically full time. Farmhands at West point. Willie was given the task because he was out of school now, so they were like. Ok, we're gonna teach you how to become a butcher. And like slaughter as one of the worst thing they have. Him certainly was because he started training to slaughter the pigs and cattle. He would slaughter as many as
who does in animals in one day alone. That's a lot of animals for slaughter. Twenty four! That's a lot in this kind of became his thing, no, like loved it, see last very good at it. He loved it if you're a butcher like while we can easily get it thanks for the stake. Yeah sorry affair of Egon Tyrker warning, but you shouldn't like enjoy the key was enjoying like the killing Oh, he was enjoying the processing idle to my shit. I think you should enjoy the process notion. You should just do it like this. It's just something I do and he kind of did it hurt like pretty terrifically to I do I didn't really quick. One thing I didn't do was like look into exactly how you slaughter a big because, like I want to be honest, I'm not really interested in reading about that.
But I did see unjustly trigger warning, because this whole thing has like animals links within it. Like I'm, not gonna talk super like a ton about it, but I just wanted it sprinkled at supper. Everybody could really not for me. It's really not it's not for me now. People would like who later we'll see people it this week farm comes a hang out later. I know it's weird walk, but people around and people would come in and like see him slaughtering things and what kind of like the hang around and watch him? Do it like just to see it? Even that is pretty designed, see his methods, what he would do, which was really weird, and I am sure other people are gonna think this is weird is he would shoot the pigs sometimes in the forehead, with a nail gun? I dont think that's part of like slaughtering and buttering. Think that's part of it. No there's! No one doesn't seem humane to me because then he would just slice their artery on the back of a leg, stick a hook in it and hoist them up by their back legs and then just let them bleed to death yeah! That's! No! That's not how you do it.
That makes me so soon right here, pigs also pigs are one of my very any knowledge of their pigs are smarter than doll gather very intelligent there, like literally like TAT, of the way oh yeah. They knew what was happening. Yeah, it's terrific. I hate. I need to go home right now and hug for I know. I know it made me one I like snuggled, but this has been such a week for me with Franklin and luck. So the fact that we're Jane to Isolate- and they are- we won't talk too much about the animals. Well, it just has to be its part of him. He has a horrible person and of course he would just like you know, slaughter the animal. I got it and everything and he would catch the blood in everything underneath You know the neighbors said that they remember going into the home and it was fucking disgusting like a neighbor was like. I had to go in there once for something and it was like, and I never did that again like we had all heard about it, but you are not prepared for until you see it, he said there was no furniture at all. What is just garbage everything
wherein he said in the middle of the living room. There was to see dirty mattress on the for any said, there was just like food dirt garbage everywhere. Can you imagine the bog exactly? He said there were bugs Crow everywhere, flying around and He said with reared. He said all of the kitchen cabinets had locks on them and only Louise had the key. What thus far and I read that in the on the farm buck illegally, idolators bugs offer me fuck, fuck fuck a heat, so the mother was legal, blocking food away from them, streaming only on Peacock a new original comic me pumped back. We are lady parts, a confused. Of hash. Anthems saw a girl, our repute, tuna, from where we are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger You know
I can tell you how to travel as you are. Orbits wants to help, discover where you wanna go. Who you want to go with? you want to do when you get there. This earth orbit stop calm, slash pride to book your next trip orbits. Travel as you are. public. What a fine just feel so now they were raising these pigs, obviously to be slaughtered. That's what this is. It's a meat they wanted there in the meat, as agreed. Seven hundred- Well, in nineteen, sixty five, the family registered a business as b and frosted foods and frosted foods, meaning like frozen meet. You know Louise,
was like the head of the business. She ran that shit. She ran that family and she read my business land. Louise was the one in charge. She sounds. I want to know more about her trust she's a lot. I really want to know about her childhood menial turn a look far from partner by now. Do I don't know if I find anything but a look? and though the farm was registered as B and C Frosted Food bank. So this was the sixties though not a lot of people have a big meet freezers. It just wasn't like prevalent thing, just a little icebox, and if you're gonna buy meat leg,
big things of frozen meet, especially illegal, butchered, like fresh meat. You need to keep a cold scenarios. Edward and people didn't have the means to do that, but they needed the meat. So the pittance decided to take advantage of the fact that they are making bank unlike selling real estate and use the cash to buy up a ton of industrial freezers like a hundred of them, and they use these to set up a business where they could keep the meat that customers bought from there arm, so they would store it for them. If they didn't have means to keep, it was pretty smart and they also helped, like other farmers store meet their end. Locals referred this places the meat locker green light in reality, Louise to change the name of the business and she's. She changed the name to be in sea lockers at the end of it. So she kind of like why gleaned into what people call here's the thing now, if their houses that mother fucking Rose, why do you want those few
storing your food. Ah you don't. I you also intent. Dont want the meat that their selling now, why tell me right now. I can all right now. I ll tell you right now serving human. I don't know I do not know, but in spite of his it's it's smart, one or party of tell me right now we'll go. It's got to be so I told her seventeen nineteen sixty three. What happens? This is the first big like, oh boy, this families fact moment like but no one overriding like before this year link it's a gross family like here just now ignore routing fucked on tat. Lay before this, your kind alike, will what the like? What leather cases family looks like before. You know that they kill people you're like while this is again
families hydroponic, if you feel like you're, just like a lot is going on here well October, seventeen nineteen sixty seven David, the younger brother, got his license and he's using the trucks that the farm uses like his dad struck one day he's driving the truck and he hits fourteen year old boy, walking down the street. This boy's name was Timothy, bear it and he was walking home from a friend's home. Sir David hit him like pretty hard and then panicked and drove back home to the farm, leaving this kid bleeding in them other roads Jesus, so he immediately tells his parents, he tells the reason Leonard and they just their first thought is not like. Oh, we need to call the police. Their first thought is ok. Let's look at the damage comic truck Oak, so they go out. They see giant damage in the truck there's like they said it was like. I'm like a bull shaped dent. Where
we ve been fitted held her Anville, that's wrong about blood all over it and they did what any parents or do they had David, bring the truck to the family mechanic to fix the Dunton pain over the blood and the mix the family Mcguinness was, I am sure, sounds good and wheeze went to look for Timothy gives you like. Oh you had some onward rhythm. Ok, I'm gonna go find em roquat lie so the mechanic when, when David brought the, though truck to him, was like what happened any of us like. Ok, I can fix this dent because he was like which he said. It was weird because he's like all their vehicles will it be tissue and he was like an all. The paint was fighting off other when he's like. It was weird that he came in to fix frantic. Why meeting me to fix this dent and pain over this stuff like using? Why does this matter to you guys are disgusting lie with the otter, isn't evidence so he's. So the mechanics freaked out he fixes the dead, but he's like I'm not painting over whatever that is Yankee was I
what can I do not over that very evident, Bligh use like I'm not getting involved in those, so David told him. You know I was like doing stuff on the farm and he said something about like a log fell over unlike fella, the funds asserted bleeding, it's the crazy six. So weird and the mechanic was like yeah that doesn't match up with the damage below, again, I dont want there. I too want to deal with those So he knew something bad was happening, but he also was really nervous to push it because he was like the pictures are fucked and I don't want to be part of this, like I don't know, what's going on here, so meanwhile, Louise found Timothy badly hurt still in. And all the road still lying there, and motherly, instincts told her not to call for medical attention, but she doesn't have motherhood, but instead they told her to roll this boy, ten feet off the road into a ditch and then leave him there and go home. Are you fucking kidding me their mother? ruled this boy bleeding this. Fourteen year old boy,
the middle, the road that her son hit with his car into a ditch and then just one home like I feel them so problem ten times worse than just calling the police about a hit and run. Oh, don't worry. I did because went these family didn't hear from him. They formed a search party and called the police and the event Chile stumbled upon his shoe in the middle of the road. She had not moved that it was his father who was a royal canadian Airforce member by who found his shoe and when he picked it up. He said to his friend who is helping with the search. Oh, my god, this system shoe own, which can you I can't even no, no, no, no so they follow. They can see blood, follow to the ditch and found Timothy dead in the ditch he had been pushed into water at the bottom of the Dutch. His fur
Their apparently like collapsed ivy with doktor, see J Cody, whose pathologist at the royal colombian Hospital in New Westminster was the one who perform the autopsy and what they found was that TIM had a dislocated in fractured pelvis or what you know about that. Aha, he had hemorrhaging in the back of his head and hemorrhaging all over his body, a fractured skull with a sub cranial hemorrhage that it, but he didn't die from any those injuries. Oh and none of those injuries were technically life. Threatening the other he absolutely could have been saved. I had died when he drowned in the ditch with all of damage body already. Louise murdered him. Yes now. Luckily, the mechanic watching the evening news saw this and he was like
all were going, this is too much like. I feel like this has so he called the police and he was like. I just gotta tell you what happened like he came in. He looked for me to do this delicate. There was damage, I feel arrogance connected, he's like. Let's keep it synonymous as fly. He was like. Please don't tell him. It's me now believe search the picked in place and matched paint from their vehicle to TIM's body. Since he was a juvenile at the time David was placed on probation and just had his license revoked until twenty one What about Louise? Do they not find out that that's what she did exactly? He was charged relieving the scene of an accident, but the leaving the scene of the data Like there's, like idea, I learnt yeah. It's insane unto me nuts, in saying that I mean this woman murder chiles legs, they are literally demons. All of the terrifying it starts from the which starts from the ground. And their Osborne Hamley. It's terrific,
Now, let's go to New year's eve. Nineteen. Seventy eight to I want to Ding Dong wondered died, sorry, Leonard Bioenergy. It sounds like you, so easy to use and abuse of s all right, so David moved his like, apparently like no, MR upset about it, but David ended a moving his seventeen year old girlfriend Sandy and house, and how old is he at this point? He at this point I think, was twenty something now I'm not crazy older, but still they ended up having to children together. Ok named Tammy and Douglas John
deja they soon split, because obviously David is like a monster so and she moved to the kids away with her good now. Willie was apparently devastated because he was in love with Cindy which, like obsessed, he had asked her to marry him once. That's not an. She was like no thank you, I'm actually with your brother she's, like I'm actually on my way out and she's a year actually like more than disgusting, but thank you she's, like so's your brother, and I realize that
exactly so that's interesting. Sandy does come back later, but same year in was at nineteen. Seventy eight there was a fire on the farm and killed six hundred pigs. Oh no wages, devastating and also devastating to the business like that's you, gonna fuck, about their business, but just saying so, Willie had begun to have at this point. Helix started have this? It's not! We it's not normally weird, but was for him home like everything he does is weird. He loved collecting pen pals. Most in all women. He only wanted to talk to women and he actually visited one of his favorites, a girl named Conny Anderson and she is. She lived in Pontiac
Michigan and claimed later that and so in Sicily, and then later he claimed that when he went out there to visit her that he was approached to become a male model highly, but that he turned it down. That's like when the people approach you in the morning its area see it's just, if not even half, and he said it was like on the way to Pontiac Michigan like he stopped in a few areas, and he was like one day. I was walking down the street and they were like do you want to be in pictures and they said pictures. You simply meant horror. Films begin Willie, big, think he's a fucking goblin use the worst. His shit radiates from the inside out. That's why he's so ugly cause he so horrific inside and it's like for him to sit there, and even now he disclaim in these gonna be a male model. It fuck you do. The Munich name was rat face. Get out of here, he's just a model for like how to not take care of your see, edges and its
I know what he's done so like I'm able to separate like this, like sadness, free, I obviously then it's like he's trust me. You're gonna, be here. your visiting with Conny. He said he thought they were like bay. He basically said they were engaged. He was like we met each other, we fell in love or engage, did Conny later yeah leader he got home in colony, was like no lake. We're not engage. I think they kind of like the it seemed very juvenile and I hope the whole thing sure, but it's just like an interesting little TED bet in nineteen. Seventy nine, the next year Louise died from cancer are do a murderer. Suppose rest will ease, dress was devastated, he was the only who is truly devastated apparel. Everyone else just gonna moved at least, the aim is ass, better been devastated now his mom like us. Rita murders really put it all out there for you, but will he was really sad
He was really close to his mother. He had actually taken care of her until her death, like he bathed her. He changed her. He fed her name her cause. She didn't have right to see. She didn't baby you when you were a kid, but she left in this is even further of a kick in the ass to Willie. so. She left, Linda David, in charge of a farm Linda, left YO. David is the youngest. We are shit like what and left them money but that in her will that only filled the Willy Wooden was less money as well, but he couldn't get his money right away. Only. He couldn't get his money right away. Why not until he turned forty and only if he stayed at the farm until he turned forty forty, he was PS one, why she just did that to be a bitch, no idea what she thought I dont know if she was thinking he was like yourself
the boy yeah. I dont know if she knew what he was deep down inside and was trying to stop him from going out in the world are like stop him from having the available resources to further what it was I dont know, or I don't know if that was just her being like fuck you, I'm just gonna fuck with me from the grave at so we're. It's very strange now David at this time, because now they all on the farm Linda's moved away still like so she's, just like kind of dealing with it from afar button. William Dave now our running this far right David had also started a business devout like delivering topsoil and he was taking it from the farm, but the farmed soil was like all contaminated in Chad, so you selling like fucked up top so overheating
but didn't care, and she also got another girlfriend named Vicki Evans at the time and he moved her in there's a ton of this. Like we're, girls moved in here, girls move out, it's a ton and Willie was actually good to her two younger sisters who were like young. They were like fourteen and six. You never come to the farm until like CBN, in spite of filth, and I guess he was really good to them. By all accounts. He seemed to be very good with kids, which is very rare. It's always strange when that's like the guy weird weirdly lay. Not redeemable, characteristically, like of the characteristic that you just don't think. You're gonna see slingshot a damper. Doesn't ed temporal agreed children stories and presently, like reads: audio books had one. Yet he strange, so I can see that he's pretty strange. That's one way to describe Edmund Kemper. I want to talk to him someday you too.
tell Willie stopped at this point trying to become like a butcher? He stopped at usual cuz. He was in like an apprenticeship like that was what they started him on it. When he was six and a half years into an apprenticeship. He only had six months go before you get a serving to forget that would allow him to work as a butcher anywhere in Canada, so we could have got out of it and he stopped Andy's started getting junk cars and like buying cars that auctions than he would let just like wrought on the farm. So that's. Why is monitored. My only and I guess he did get like a small sum up front from his mom Blake. I was at his words and getting the rest until forty, any use is still being disgusting. Leg out in the farm was getting worse and worse gazelle cars rotting on the property like the tops, Business is just like that, if more trust so now imagine the topsoil business while the cars are like rotting into the yet exactly.
Spilling out like gas and fuel and they really damaged Vienna, will soon their business ventures turned into more and more illegal shit. Xo David, started it's crazy nobody's gonna rightly described we reach like. I can't I can't make it cosy now. David started dabbling in demolition, so you starting do like you know that I'm built like no. This wasn't really like a legal level. Just like you, damn, owing like properties and stuff where the company but Willie, began working with the local hell's angels, and so is David. Now they were having that's tough, when we get likened to be illegal shit. That's that's! Usually weighing figs go awry here, he was using the farm to store stolen cars there with the hell. It was like a whole connection thing and he would take those stolen cars apart and he would sell the parts so is basically becoming a chop shop now farm. Yes,
So now, there's all these cars everywhere there all torn apart this parts everywhere the legal and appeared Lee though Willie was very adept at cars like he didn't every four. We'll training at all, but he was like he could take part in our. He could put it back together. He could fix anything on it. I was just something he was very good and dazzling slaughtering, apparently thats really hard. It is It's weird talent randomly just have sought, not learn. While this is happening there, still trying to make the farm run as as a pig meat business set, but it was mandate, so they I heard some younger guys to work at the farm allotted these guys that they were hiring we're like near. Do I'll see. You know I mean like they're, not like the cream of the crop here. Willie would basically say he would pay them, and then he would just not pay them like they were always doing. Scams like that, but then the hell's angels would intimidate them and make them
steel cars for them, so this using kids are coming from the farm and now being forced to stiffen the. Bullied into fighting crime. No, the cops at the time kind I knew this was all happening were basically like. I don't know how to go about it like you, whatever our dear, like actually not heading out to the arm, not adding a hook. High. I'd like to get my lunch in my Tommy and, like I said, the farm is now becoming a place for near dwells to hang out right now. was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn two times there words on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your next reward twice as fast. Just by shopping, your dinner favorite, after four p m, while rewards members earn two times that rewards now, through June thirtieth get the Wawa APP in
going today, here for me for selling author, Malcolm Gladwell Data, brilliant podcast from data leaders. Tuna into here to discuss the importance of curiosity and help Analyzing data is too uncovering. Facts is always learning and asking the right questions in our daily lives search data, brilliant on your preferred podcast platform to listen, and Willie ran at Lake base Golly. Anyone does he had these weird things where he saw himself is like someone who helped feet like Robin Hood. Yeah, like said anyone down on their luck could just come to the farm so that it
just how they knew they were down on their law. Yeah. That's all you know when you go into the picked environment actually synonymous with rock bottom in at this point, Dave is getting driving violations because we know from the other snoring gave, is not a very driver. He got a heap, actually committed sexual assaults on a female workers at a construction site. He league somehow got her into a trailer on the work site, unlike sexually assaulted, her she got He got a slap on the rest for that, because his criminal friends started intimidating, heard drop the charges on that's awful yeah, so he's a piece of shit. That's why like when I suddenly Dave is like, just a little more kind, and I wish it so she This girl, like ended, a moving to another city. All it gives a horrible now, who is it? ex still any starting. To date, multiple women he's abusing women like he's awful to Vicki left him after eleven
years, which has allowed the fucker. Why is there for eleven years? Will he immediately replaced her with another woman named Cathy Way and Burg? She was a mother of two She and a woman named Karen Kaufman, were basically always at the farm during these days and there were rage or parties on the farm. Now like bikers and shit. It was this is not real. It's this Talking about this doesn't sound, real name is not real, because this place became like a lace for, like all the delay, criminals of the underworld. Convert John and just rage like they were just There was so much drugs on this. Like so many I had on this farm. There was legal shed happening all the time lag. Women organ sexually assaulted leg will by no later than in more shit going on it's just it's like I can't. Even when does the mess lab get built, sates consciously? It's probably already there now
They would all just like soup. They they would like. Dance party have like bonfires and just like all this stuff and but Willie, just kind of like hung around linking worker. He was quiet. William was a wallflower eyes, like people said they remember him during these days as being like somewhat pleasant, just like quiet and shy, reviewed, hang around for a while and then not participate. One weird thing is that one afternoon Dave brought Caffeine Karen down to them this meant in the house because he was like. I want to show you where Willie, like, I wonder, slick, show you who really is, and they were like what I believe I dont now Willie Willie Willie's internally with it in the basement, and that is like a whole farmhouse and there are, like you say in the basement: it was dark and dank and like filthy, a mare horse, he only had a mattress on the floor. That's it! The mattress had eaten.
Art, dark staying in the middle of it, which I just like to go home and of its probably just like see eye to eye Jill all about. Oh my god, I'm gonna, I shock die part three I haven't thrown out until he Alcide one book of local history, saving and then I also had a taxidermy horsehead on the wall, and it was his horse Goldie who you loved and he had Taxidermy Andre guide all right now they're standing there and Dave is basically showing them like my brothers, real gross like and being like. They were like at. He was like. I know that he's very quiet and like unassuming, but like don't trust him they were like ok, while their standing there Willie showed
you didn't go into Willie's room, but that was a know now. What was he hiding all kinds of shit? Well, he said if you bring them here again, I'll kill I'll kill, both of them. Oak winkie literally said that narrowing, oh, I really will be going now. Then, over dinner, that night he threw a glass of milk and care. His face will decide how does nowhere yeah rude and she, after that she stopped coming to the farm she was like. I have had enough of that. That's weird and she said rumor. started circling that the Picton brothers were making snuff films and that the meat on the farm was not just animal me and she said she would never eat meat from that farm. She was like I didn't. I wouldn't do that. Even when I was hanging at the farm, my God, like. They supplied meat to a lot of Canada. Oh yeah yeah they yeah yeah
and I don't I owe this is ready for that. You running out not just gimme a living and can you let me so glad to have more into you. What kind of people were dealing with Somebody line there was a sign that said were true. Nauseous passing pit bowl with aid ah, so these are. The kind of people are talking about an case. Anybody feels any kind of legs all these people are just like weird and like my battlefield out for Just in case could like I know sometimes when you hear about like a sad childhood, it's hard to lake arena. Hearted discos. Let me just tell you: these are the lowest of a low shithead. That's so shit yeah. Now around this time, Willie started bringing parts left over.
Slaughter to a rendering plan called West Coast reduction, rendering glance basically render down the left over. It's like you, you drop off the left over portions. You can't use after slaughter like bones feathers in a hair on it, and they like render it down into gelatin a lot of times in its use, did like candy and make up and like other things that lead people to use at which is fine cause. Usually they check these things. They make sure that their way, what Buckets are coming in our like what they say they are, but he did it so often that he became kind of irregular and they wouldn't even check his buckets, so they were just wave him in. So there is like a dead body in your mouth
scare away when he couldn't bring them there himself, like sometimes when he couldn't get a car like he just didn't, want you, I couldn't. He would have liked the rendering plant drivers cause. They would come and like pick up your stuff in did bring them and for them in one worker, named Jim Cress, recalled picking up some barrels for Willie and he said after a while, he noticed that there was like legitimate in the buckets and he was like you. Dont render down meet like you, save me your leg, nor does it make sense, and then he said the meat appeared black and in large portions is ITALY people's organs. It could have been like decay, yeah or I could have been. You know somebody that had black skin. It also could have been something that had been beaten and hat and their skin had turned black could even something that was burned any number of things because he said he. It was weird he didn't
Look at me just kind of like moved about. He said it was really scary and he didn't want any. Did he take those bucket. I think he got rid of those stood. He said it was weird. He was like there shouldn't be meat in rendering buckets any said. It was like a lot of me yeah. So Willie began going to this rendering plant pretty regularly. It was in town and it was in a place called the arm downtown EAST side in Vancouver. It was a pretty well known leg of the lock of like basically where a lot of sex workers were. There was lot of areas that were like very well known, like dried blood, drug hang out such places, people can get drugs. It was just like they were parts that were very, like not the best parts and very scary. There are other parts there really fine, but like there was just you know, there's laconian so dear.
This time that he's going down here. He started looking for sex workers because he's like I'm here, I'm lonely were not clear, so he started picking them up regularly. Oh, my god, I'm the out and if you were sex worker and Willie Picton was like you, you do. I'm feeling known you couldn't give me enough money. Oh yeah, there's plenty of women. or like no. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. No sir, no Sir David devotes a powerful yards. No guy you, I D Digital yeah yeah. I really I don't love it. How did I search this? There's lots of also who why did you hear about this guy there's so much shaming you at all amber. So Karen and moved out. She was not coming to the farm. Many millions of the face now Kathy
the one who is living there were Dave at that point. She moved out with her two daughters. Eventual English actually does John Irish two daughters. Now the farm was getting worse and worse. By this point, I love that every few pair rafts. It's like another farm was getting words getting even worse and it does. It gets worse. Now. It's legitimately littered with old, rotting cars and just garbage everywhere Dave started. Forcing his employees like as drivers, are people who worked on the farm to participate in stealing cars for him, like on the regular. Now, every night the farm was a fucking madhouse. There was just all the drivers and workers would come back and party and, like the bikers, would calm life drugs. Every it just became every single night is insane yeah and they basically everybody who came so they just new, William, like the dirty stinky, quiet, weird guy, look like that she's. What they all do in Dave was like a
giant. Asshole too will, even though he was a younger brother. You just like allow people to like steel shit out of his room and stuff like he was just a dick and they would look like people dislike, teased him and turned on like shit. So he did develop a crazy insane temper because he was just constantly how easily they fight. People yeah and I one point daven him. They got in fights all the time they just did not get along with interesting. Cuz, like it didn't, seem like throughout his childhood, he showed any like rain. anger known there isn't any real like indication of that now. But, unlike the pigs yeah exactly, I think that was like how he got through it. Almost but human Dave had this huge knockdown, drag out fight and Dave kicked Willie out of the house. Was I get out o so Willie ended up sleeping on a freezer in the barn for literally months, oh yeah, and he just in care use like whatever throughput here. Ok like that was
we, like you like cool now, David ended a buying some mobile homes for his business, like the demolition business, if they like put on their job sites, and he let Willie live in one in the back of the property like here now we can be like kids, We can stay away from each other now, and everyone has a place to stay. You of your privacy, like they kind or trying to like mended, yellow, just make a better their brother, and he really was like very happy legs so vengefully, he moved his motor home to wear the demolition day was doing like on the job site because he was starting to work for Dave like helping with the demolition and on so in the double. This was in North Vancouver. So using. Why not just like sleep on the chance just drove it out to the works. I parked parted there and then he would also he was very close to downtown area so and that that was the reason he did cause any would just drive into the area pick up sex workers. It became Keyser thirteen for him
Now this is also when he started hanging out in motel bars in, like really see the places to pick up vulnerable people. Like the Astoria hotel in Hastings, which was apparently very regular, hang out for a very interesting characters, and he would just gonna hang out here by everyone drinks because he had tons of money and he would bring girl some out. Just like his thing, he had turned of cash, because they were genuinely making shit tons of money and he was kind of like using it to like make people want to hang out with. Why? Wouldn't you just like use it till I get yourself a house, a shower because I think they liked as much as like. Obviously like you know, his brother was a deck. I think like people were genuinely find him like. Nobody was like really mean to mix four Dave, and I think everybody just kind of values weird, but they just gonna put up with them. I think he liked who he was like
to being disgusting. He liked being filthy. He liked being fuckin dick. I just can't write my head around it now, but I can't rat my head around not wanting to feel clean. Now. I can either in the high really going either no around time is when a record number of India, mostly indigenous sex workers, were going missing and nothing was being done about it. Nothing was really being looked into. It was kind of like their less dead because of their lifestyle. Of course, and it was, but he was becoming a point where people are like. There's like a serial killer out here, wreck where neither seeing bodies most of the time. Sometimes there would be bodies but a lot of times. They just disappeared right because they were in Dave's demolition site. It's well kept. This woman named Kim Pendleton was a police reporter.
the bank Vancouver son, an she with another reporter Neil Hall were like adamant to get the police to take indigenous women's, especially those working, a sex workers, disappearances, seriously, area yeah, so they hounded police about it. They cap writing about the cases and they were like trust, trying to bring tension to it. They interviewed the family members really to know each of these women who they were rope pieces about them to humanize them, because they again had been seen as less dead and less human because of their jobs and their circumstances, and sometimes of who they were. wait. Just a native you don't like in nineteen eighty seven, the royal Canadian mounted police force they don't they did make a task force that they were going to investigate at least seventeen disappearances and murders in the area of energy.
And in time nineteen. Eighty nine did pretty much given up on this task force us. I believe the task force was called like Project Amelia, oh and was the first on later it becomes project even handed had sight than one that actually like did something. So that's going on that- and this is in the background that, in the background of this story, is all of these missing women happening, but realistically, wow or front of this while Willie is, is doing his thing and Surely it all just gets brought to the forefront now, let's about a woman named LISA yields. She was there eight years old and when she met Willie and her son was friends with Willie's nephew and the way that they met was that on one evening. I think it was new year's eve. Actually, she called the Picton home looking for her son and warning him to come home because he had an calls. It was new year's eve. She was worried about him. Leaning her son was friends with the net,
exactly Dave Son DJ, so Willie did her solid. He was like I'll find them and I'll bring them home for you, like I'm, going to help you out so because I think the Pickton farm was only like a few houses down from hers. Okay, they became fast friends like she appreciated it. They just got to talking they formed a real bond like they were not in a relationship like a sexual relations, irish friends, very bonded. She would go to the farm from there on out. She would help him out. She would try to clean up his motor home tomorrow. She became kind of the voice of reason like talking him down when we need to talking down telling him that he was disgusting and stinky when he is disgusting and stinky and like she was the only one he would listen to us. Only almost like a mother figure, yeah legged, whose times when like
like he respected her it's yes, I like a sister yeah, so she was like randomly just really doing your fucking growth. He's gotta smell. You like please just go, do something in a balloon which weird is people said that he took care of his teeth really. Well, that's just like an interesting, maybe like didn't like the taste of bad breath, opens like you're all click leg, just basement goblin who like roles around in your own shit and pig shit like other things, while dangling out of refugee things. Hurt they Then maybe you wanna get shit like. Maybe he had about experience. As I know, you're not again cause I'm, I'm just shocked by its dislikes, doesn't seem like something that would be high on the priority. Less no doubly doesn't just very weird, but also it I feel like you don't want, spends money like fixing as too you know. He definitely didn't like I'll. Just do not myself didn't good point, so he said they became so close. They were like siblings, but she said it always displayed.
Now, let's she said it always bothered her. How much he reminded her of a gain. Where do you think you know yeah, your brother friends should remain You never want someone whose very close to you like to have an egg gain vibe. No, let's! Let's never keep the endgame kind of company remove the people from your life that remind you that gain that's just my personal by sea up, I think it works. I think it's a nice blanket statement. I don't know I agree. She said tat both Dave and Willie were super paranoid around about cops whenever they were driving or doing anything and she assumed it was just all the shady dealings at the farm and choosing their property is always worried about them showing up yeah, but now she knows it was definitely a lot more than that, especially when he was driving like really was very concerned about a cop pulling him over. Oh yeah, in the same book gum in like at the farm Lee.
The said I always had this thought in the back of my mind that Willie could be a serial killer, Why, then she said, but I was never afraid of him myself. I knew he would never hurt me. That is a lot of faith in somebody to sure that is keeping a lot of failure in your friend like there's, never been a point where I've been like. I always wondered if my friend was a serial killer, but, like I didn't do anything about it, I can't even think of one friend adjacent. Note that would be like that when well serial killer, ask link if you think here's your friend might be a serial killer like evaluate, even if you think your friends friend as a serial killer, also evaluate evaluate if any one you are in contact with yeah seems to be serial killer. Ask do something: oil and apparently Dave was a big DEC. Two LISA linking did not likely said. I think he didn't like her because, like
it was nice to Willie. I I think it was like something weird with he hated you such addict his brother. He barely have like a complex where, like he knew to be like the better brother yeah, I think it is we're gonna like a little man's complex, because he's like the younger one leg, lilies not allowed to have like female attention or something like that. Even if it's just like a friend, he acts, it seemed like he liked till I collect women yeah and she ended up working and like the slaughterhouse, with Willie, when she was really just like workin on the farm. Now one Dave. I would remind you that, as she said, that Dave would greet her. As quote high. You fucking loser. How are you fuck? I believe great loser, how the fucker you epic looked a bug.
Well by now, Willie was buying selling slaughtering animals and was also doing the demolition business fixing cars, auction in cars, doing the chop shop and then started a cock fighting ring on the farm as well. That's not ok, they would have huge parties and cock fights. People would bet on em in the pensions would get admission money. They would sell beer in food and also portion. They would get portions of the prophet from the bedding like this is fox. It would end they way they described it as like. This hurt, I mean cock. Fighting is not something I even want to go into now. I don't even want to talk to describe it in the book. It's just this horrific horrific event that everyone, it just wasn't attracts like the worst of the worst. How do you stand there and watch something like that and go and put your head on a pillow at night? I don't know
I really don't know if I walk by Franklin without putting him, I think, to myself. I know you're, a fucking asshole, you better backward step in pet, the shit out of that shit. Out of that literally, I walked by him. The other journalists are you're, so Q, and then I like didn't pat him, and I was at all. I gotta go pat him and I don't love you like yeah. I don't know where the ball, while they were hiring tons of people for the farm, and also their various businesses that they were running but they're not paying a lot of these people they just like fucking with them yeah. So all the workers were either. They were like drunk twenty four seven or on drugs, while working weeks and their working with a heavy dangerous equipment arriving vehicles. In soon these were busy getting Pisca they're, not getting paid rather now they're, having all these enemies forming
these workers are stealing some of the equipment to sell to get their money. So now the victims are losing more money than they're making. Sometimes because people are stealing all the shit, it's just may enter dumpster fire. honor, dumpster fire yeah, Amsterdam earlier constantly having vehicles racked by these people, so their having to deal with insurance and shit like everyone was dead. The terrible and no one trusted anyone on this firm. It was just fuckin like you'd, who does what it's worse than at Amsterdam. it's a sewer fire. It is its lake yeah, it's and else well I just can't tell like there should be a t elsie show about this, and while this is all happening in again, remember in Vancouver at this time all these women are going missing, so the sex workers took it into their own hands because no one's helping
got a protected, so they knew there was at least one serial killer, large preying on sex or imagine knowing that as a sex or yeah in so that what they did was they started forming buddy system as they were in teams. They were riding down license plates. They were taking note of everybody at every went to Algeria and Dave decided to help each other out and do like a bad day list where they would add the list like the name of a man that was like a bad John. I, like you, know like just if they were a group, Otto entered Libya, anything that was bad. They would add to the list, so everyone window they were really trying to do, their own thing, I'm just trying to like work, Willie picked. It must have been a somewhere on those less. He ended up on the yes now in ninety ninety one. This is just like a like something that goes like families of the missing women and advocates for them. Organised a Valentine's day, walk to remember the missing and murdered women, and they would do it like every year here and is it and I dont know if it still goes on,
now I'll have to check that, but in ninety ninety six Dave was dumb like doing demolition at a country bar and night club that needed to be torn down. He decided he was I room. Why don't I make my own bar because I don't have anything else going on and why not like I have eighty seven other had, I think, a cock fighting ring at my eyes, but so he'd, these demolishing this country bar and taking about his own any starts moving material from the yes. He starts removing stuff from it leg. He was like I'm gonna, removing all parts of the bar and parts the dance floor and I'll make my own on my property. So he makes a junkie used bar yeah, so he figured it would be a huge draw because the cock fights and shit drew so many people, the farm and people are already raging,
this farm and he's all you got the hell's angels and their associated are always on the fights while, but he didn't already have a bar. Yes, so use like I might as well just have want to make money off of it, so he had up use of land where they had bought around the corner from the farm on burns Road, and they got this guy named Scott Shove and Marty De Winter we have helped tile because God was a ruddy shut up shut up. It's is literally like pop stars living only Egypt had shown Liese running around all over. I literally get this shit is so fuck sit, so weird swarming Ito, Scott Job and mighty DE winter. They helped him build this place and they named after what everyone called their father in them piggy. So they decided it would be
oh piggies palace on vomiting, because their growth- I must I am love, thereby how'd. You find yourself at piggies palace. I need many people did. I mean how they father resolves their piggies palace was fuckin. Hoppin, ok, wait meals! oh groups came and performed their contain us, not my fancy ones, but of using obviously not only off duty police office. As we go, there sometimes isn't it, fair. You know what I would love to know what was the day of paying taxes. Oh I guarantees that Bulgaria every time you are like a new business, a new business business housing. This mother, It's not that easy to access. If you're gonna go there's, how do you keep track of all about business? You know where you just don't pay like you think fuckin child is gonna, get together your double. You know I don't think scotch. I was going to do it well. What they did was.
Used an old, dilapidated barn and they redid at all. So they use material from the demolition of the other club in restaurants and built a bar a dance floor, a kitchen there was actually seeding for up to two hundred and fifty people may well. A disco ball was hung, of course, and they rejected out. They decorated it. They made it like a real bar and they did full food lots of barbecue. Of course, never in my life what I eat it Chummily lots of partly barrier figures valid now. Piggies Palliser, LISA yelled actually worked as a waitress. Therefore bet she said, Davy was an absolute declined to her ass. Had one of the most known criminals in the area working the door and he was unknown crack cocaine. Dealer hook cops frequented the place in there time, even though it was unknown haunt for drugs, illegal shit and like criminals baby, they relate crooked conjure up. Of course they weren't. There was a lot back then oh yeah I buy it. I'm sure it is changed by now quite a bit,
and when it was there was a lot back then just period, not even a literal out. There asked the boy a lot of everything like other well, David and Willie. This is where it's hilarious, David and Willie registered the new business under the name. Now no piggies palace good times the size of the giants. Society fuck, em loot, certain supermarkets, getting your based outlets could insist. Loser unbelievable piggies palace, good terms, society man like while I have to be really bad amount, does Well, they registered it. As a charity, you I said it would be used to raise money for service organizations by having huge rangers and shit fuck. They're gonna do
I would further that's how they gotta away. Rightly that's how they got away with it. Also. I don't really know how taxes work in Canada. I think they were able to leg use this limitation audible thing, but the healthy those took it over a lot and nothing was being sent forward and is clearly they would have parties of like seventeen hundred people there and they would just right there's only seeding for fifty four hundred zero people in the neighbours around here, like all the surrounding areas, would complain because it was madness in two thousand, like just jumping ahead. They did and the city of port cook whittling, actually shut it down. So that's good law, so no more piggy. Alice could survive on. Society was like, oh not that long ago, and then I was like oh twenty wheelers. Happily, I know it doesn't feel like it was now. This is a round that that Willie ended up getting a new, bigger mobile home. So that's good for him. Upgrade it had more room had an office in there for him. Let me open any parched at the back of a Picton farm again now he's on the property. I don't know why
I don't know I just don't now you do know now. He also became more and more known to the neighbors and people around town. As a weird scary, guy has now he's not becoming like he's, not just the quiet guy anymore. No is going a little weird and scare once you do unless weird He could be super nice, but also he would use his farm equipment loudly into the night and never cared a families complained to the noise. He was like fuck off. There were several complaints from the new houses built on the property like around the property that the stench from the pittance farm was literally permeating their home and they were like we like something needs to be done about it is. It was definitely Bob depicting brothers. Just didn't give a shit now, LISA moved moved away with her kids at this point seems like I have to How could she said this whole, like piggies palace, good times, society situation? Was I get a little too much? Just didn't want you. I totally involved in it anymore
and she didn't end up coming to the farm a lot after this, she kind of like pulled back a little cuz. She could see that, like weird shit without burning cuz, she thought her friend had cereal blow in. What will learn is that she saw some shit. I will you is not she wanted to get away from there and will learn that door. Then she- said so, Willie you know lost his good friend. Basically, she was living there like. That was like is like sister, yes, so he basically was like. I need to replace her with someone else. So you're placed her with another girl. He knew named Gina, Houston, Gina Houston was basically trying. She was. I think she worked at us as a sex workers at one point, but she kind of just started using Willie as like a sugar, daddy Open, which a lot of these women were doing, they can see that he had a lot money. Can you imagine they just? Can I use them for if Willie picked and wash your dad, like Willie Pickens buying your Louie bags? No unreal now unreal, no dont want that
We all want at all. You know. I don't want anything to do them by my brain thought about the air irked. I don't want it of man. No thank you owe me, and while she was basically, she heard job was kind of to try to get women to come back to the farm for Willie. At this point, that became like one of her job, so she's, a pimp kind of yeah and at one point she claimed so Gina. Houston is a real piece of work. Clearly in she like she had kids Eustace like she was a lot's Tuzla share one point: she claimed that they were engaged, even though they did not like they, were, never engage, declared she lilies down an aim: Gina Picton at one point the Fuegia. She just wanted his money, that's all this. While she saw him as like. Oh he's, an easy target. She wanted He have us after that. Now, apparently some women were looking out for each other, especially in downtown s side, and they were making sure that Gina stayed away from places where these girls were.
hanging out also Aegina, like some of the older sex workers were kind of like no like stay away from them. Leg ass. They were kind of like y know what you're doing you're trying to lure them back to the farm and weird shit Don't worry about that here? There were like weird shits happening there. I don't want them there now soon. He added another girl onto his list of like girls that would like lure other girls in her name was Dena Taylor and she had once tried to lower and lower this girl named Lynn out to wear Willie in her where this girl, then, who, like kind of come to the farm a lot and she had once tried to lure her. She told us the story later out with them and to this day the scarlet swears boost tell her when she was lying. I know it was. Why, like Lynn, is like a fixture on the farm for a little while and then kind of leaves, but she said when she went DINA called she was a guy new. Like you and DINA called. I was like, oh something:
up like so. This is who Dino was Magazzino is another piece we left town yeah. She was a scary scary, lady and just like Gina Dana? who is using Willie for money and she knew his mind on number. Is girls are GINO Jean Andy, that just a hit me Jean Indiana? and she knew his pin number and she could get cash in clothing and drugs from him whenever she wanted. Ok and she started sing: the same treatment Gina did everyone knew that she was trend lower these girls out to the farm, so they made her leave places like they were trying to protect girls. I love that there's like an army of sex protecting each other at a Green Valley did they were really trying to protect each other little nuts favorite, they were part of really was, and one of Willie's things was like. He didn't do drugs and neither did Dave,
I guess I'm neither of them really drank so much ok, but they wanted to be surrounded by hand, homes, time, ok and also Willie had a thing where he liked to buy like these sex workers and especially drug addicted ones, more drugs because he didn't like come out, and he also wanted to be seen as like this, like hero figure, news very is of what he had such a weird complex of like. His personality is just very strange. It would be interesting to like psychological evaluation because he had such weird, like delusions of who he was as a person. He really thought he was like this great person that everybody should just want to be around
now the gene I did say later that one time she went unto the farm to get a pig that she had help butcher and she there was a large freezer in the barn, the buttering barn that was covered in a blanket, and there was a bunch of tools laying on top and she started kindly walking towards echoes using both of us as this, and she said, Willie didn't, say a word but just looked at her and shook her head, who shook his head and she just backed often never asked, but she was like. I know some shit was in their cause. He just like they're like no garlic in there, yeah yeah, I'm like I don't! I don't know what we're budgets- whites, oh yeah, so then we come up to a woman named Tracy buying. She was almost a victim of Willie's. Wasn't nice it actually now she, had seen Willie a ton at the story, Amato and knew. He was there and picking up girls all the time. So one night, he
picked her up for he said he would pay her for a sex act, so she was like sure. So she said she went into the trailer and her quote from the book that I mentioned earlier. Was it smelled terrible it smelled of animals like barn animals, and then he took me out to his trailer, which was fucking disgusting. As soon as you got in the kitchen, you couldn't go any further. There was close everywhere. All the kitchen had a big counter with a sink in a low propane here the parking lot was built at the side of the trailer. As you came in the kitchen was right there and on the left was the rest of the building. What I could see was just the kitchen. I couldn't go any further. He said, let's go in there, but I couldn't get past album mass, so they then this is, did their thing
and then suddenly Willie pulled out a knife and accused her stealing his wallet, whites and using what he then use the knife to cut to buttons off of her shirt and she ended up getting the fuck out of air and suddenly he just suddenly turned it off after that, and he was like I'll drive you back downtown. Oh my god, I believe no right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times there? words on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shopping, your dinner favorite, after four p m, while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined today. Right now
Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner? Favorites after four p m and earn two times the Words on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shopping, your dinner favorite after four p m, while rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined. Today and on the way there on the way back downtown issues that I have to get back to allow. What am I gonna do named probably been through this kind of shit before really crazy man right on the way back downtown. He told her how you love to help working girls get off drugs, but he said if they slip up once they don't deserve to live. Oh my, so she was like ok she's, like I'm gonna go ahead and at that meeting
and I'm going to tell you to other stories before we end for part two, I'm I'm ready to end March tenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven twenty five year old Kara Ellis disappeared, Now she had been working as a sex worker and also is deeply addicted to drugs at the time. This is relevant because her good friend, Maggie Guile, who had gotten herself clean recently after thirty attempts at getting clean, are good for her was determined to get her friend Kara clean as well, and she wanted to get her out of her life. Downtown east side she was like, I want none of this for you. They had been roommates in a previous rehab centre by Kara, had relapse hard, fallen right back and everything and you staying at a place called the Vernon Rooms in Vancouver, but what everybody there are new and what the girls called the Hoddan. Where management ran the place super cruelly horrible. They would charge these women money too, to basically lake
work in these rooms. So essentially they were pimps and then they started working in drugs, so they demanded the girls living in this place, bought drugs exclusively from them, and if they got drugs outside of the home, they would be severely beaten for cod with a fly out of Is it sounds her? This don't even know that exists? That's why I'm telling you go read that book, because this book will like go into so much more detail and tells you so many more different places in this in Vancouver like at this time that well underground fleeces about it. You would never know about. If you didn't read and write young telling you it's amazing. Now she Kara had been through this several times and on the last time that she was caught with drugs that were not bought in the home. She ended up in the hospital whom they beat her so bad. She ended up. He asked Now she saw her friend Maggie in March, and she tried to get her to enter recovery with her but carer refused. She said that this was the last time anyone saw her life. She had found
only though, and she was still in touch with their siblings and their kids and her parents, they all lived in Calgary and when went missing, they didn't notice right away because they said you know she kept in touch, but she would go like long periods of time about talking when her so stern law when to file a missing persons report in August, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, they basically told her sure will file it, but like they never did he's a sex worker. I don't know what you want me to she's, also a drug addict, so they just didn't that was it. She was later tied in to the victims of Willie Picton. While Now- this last story. I will tell you before we end for prior to is the one that I was like. What what what one so March, twenty second ninety ninety seven Thirty one year old sex workers whose name is under a publication ban, so we don't know her name because you cannot publish it. She was working in Vancouver, downtown each side will call her Emily. Doesn't I call him with you?
She was a mother of two and ran into Willie Picton. While down on her luck, she had a boyfriend who is really cruel and demanded money from her. Often she had a very intense drug addiction required her to inject speed balls up to five times a day and she had gambled her last sixty backs away before she ran into Willie. He saw her on the street in the downtown he sighed and offered her a hundred bucks to come back to the farm for a sex act he promised to bring her back in an hour and she was psyched because she was a unique, be getting more money than what she lost right. So she could bring that backed her boyfriend is just really sad. That is very sad, so she got in his red pickup truck and on the way to the farm. She noticed a bra, the seat and when she asked what that was all about, he said another working girl had left it like cool shouting at a bad feeling. when she went into his trailer. She noticed like everyone else. It was disgusting and filthy, and then
saw huge butcher knife just like a laying on the counter. Oh god she was like. Of course, everybody like uses knives, really cooking and share we're gonna leave them out when she was a good game me word by, but he led her to his bedroom. The bedroom had only a sweeping bag on the floor and a roll of plastic cheating next, so sleeping bag. What the actual fuck and she was like. Oh Anne. She panicked and asked if she could use the phone to call her boyfriend, Let him know that you would be late, he refused to let her use the phone. He did allow her to use the phone book to look up the number tissues. They just need to write it down. So I can call him at the pay phone cause he had told there like I'll drop off at this gas station and you can use of outbreak, so he grabbed her from behind. While she was looking at this phone book enforced her one of her hands in handcuffs like straight up, TED Bundy sites like one hand in cops and she was able to get the other one. So is hanging like the cops runner rest. Oh my gosh chief
and he began link beating her legs. She had you issue was. He was literally punching her in the face. My car and she had him back her. She basically was like art. I gotta gets about butcher knife, so she basically had him back her up towards where she remembered the night was smart woman. Then she reached behind her grabbed it and sliced him in the cheek and neck with a good looking. Really doing a shit ton of damage, but she literally didn't murder him well and she ended up blacking out and she didn't. She obviously didn't know at the time, but at the at one point she woke up outside still fighting him what yeah and he was blacking out from blood loss, and what happened was he had stabbed her in the like abdomen the other hand wig several times she had been stabbed and she had blacked out from blood law. So she did. She really had so much adrenaline running through as you just keep cap go. She didn't know that she had even been stab exactly and now he's losing blood. So he's blue
king allows. A sure thing is happening in Eventually she was able to Russell the knife from him again and run towards the street, and she said, She ended up running to a home across the street, but an hold it. No one answered the door, so she's, just like banging on the door trying to break a window, basically with just let me in literally an elderly couple, was driving by and saw her and the man this elderly man jumped out of the car to help her all in each ship. He like basically, was and get in the back seat got her in the barents and she told him see that farm right there and he was like you up and she said She said if she died. She said if I die the person who in a trailer on that farm? Did it slid, told her, and then they sky later said that when she was running he could see Intestines coming out of her that's how battle badly she was like in. Oh, my yeah
my gosh. That makes my stomach her yeah. Exactly the elderly woman called nine one one and they met them like how, like yeah So they could just like Starling are in iphones are falling out. It's insane yeah, it's crazy and the couple told the police that she had told them that the man who did this had also been stopped there I just say now, so she went into emergency surgery at royal Colombian Hospital in Westminster. She was stabbed four times too in the abdomen one in the arm and one in her red which punctured her lung. Ah, while their working on Emily, they tell the doctors that another stabbing patient is coming in and look at that its its oil effect in who was sent there from a smaller hospital that he had gone to, because they didn't have the resources to treat him because she had fucked him up.
yeah you now they found the quiche, so I became comfort tat. This isn't Cindy Hindi should, yes, they found the key to the handcuffs in his pocket when they were like change getting his clothes hot. What's that immediately. The police go over her while she's like in surgery, assent, Earl, going into surgery, they go up and they use the key on the handcuffs, open like that's how they're all the same So they immediately get a search warrant for the property he said some bitch had stabbed him and that's the story of what his story was. Some bitch stab me anything. we basically said like some druggie, like you know, like sex worker. He rightly said like something terrible about. Of course, he was taken home Willie. He was treated fairly three days and he was. Taken home after they realized the fucking key in his paw. Oh yeah, urban those hand, cow yeah, because he's claiming will she's a druggie like sex worker and
he's basically saying like she attacked me of his grandmother, he anything she tried to rob me so they're not gonna, believe her, and he has injuries reckon now he sang like. I was just defending myself. Why how yeah so Dave actually took, home a few days later, and they called in LISA yields again to clean up the bloody trailer and take care of him. So she came back. ass. She came back. Meanwhile, Willie's version of the events was again that Emily had approached him, not that he had approached her in that that she had demanded two hundred dollars up front and saw money in his trailer and threatened him with a knife to give her the cash, though he defended himself, and she ran that was this. Nor ups come into play. Everybody. The entire timely, so is taking care of him. He was telling her to find out where Emily lived, so he could take care of her.
Why was LISA still one least, though it might come now I'm clean from narcolepsy there, and here she was basically like. I thought he was just mad because she had to how to him in the face and like the back and like yet like a four hundred and fifty stitches and like, I guess I consider in some of his teeth, I'll tell hired loved his loved his teeth, so he was shoes, like I assumed he was just mad. It was like just saying things: yeah but April eighth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. He was charged with attempted murder, unlawful confinement and aggravated assault. The charges were dropped for. Why? Because she's, a sex worker and a drug addict. The fact that that shit happened, like probably still happens, is so fucked up to me. I guess that was basically like what it was and she felt like it wasn't. Gonna matters so I think she also just didn't show up to court, so they will. I won't use policies that aired too well, that's the other think she was being pointers, leg and ran away,
food at all, I'm that's the beginning of Willie Pickens Reign of terror. The fact that that is the big mean yeah that how many how many victims are there? That for and killed. Forty nine women are killed, and let me tell you he. He was sad even get that even fifty, so with fifty's is to be done and how many that a specific you know he just wanted the number you didn't like an hidden like that. It was forty nine, are you kidding me yeah and don't worry we'll find out how we know that in part, I'm so stressed our pro We have an instagram may think about how we evidence cigarette. We do that as other works and also you know, and if I can sit, monies decently put this other. If I can squeeze it into two parts, I well, but I really think this will be three but our instagram is abhorrent VON gases. As I a morbid,
then does a g mail, morbid podcast at Gmail, not Tom, and we shall be listening, who we hope you leave it there, but never as whereas they kept about a farm cause. You will get arrested and you will be in trouble. Goodbye do not be a Picton, don't even the pig dim adjacent you soap
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