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Episode 211: Willie "Piggy" Pickton Part 2

2021-02-21 | 🔗
Part two of Willie is somehow more bonkers than part one. More and more people are coming forward with their experiences at ~the farm~ but no one is taking this case as seriously as they should. Huge numbers of women are going missing, but are seen as less dead or are put to the bottom of the list because of their “high risk lifestyles.” But somewhere in the middle of our story the investigation gets revamped and Scott Chubb really does his best to save the day, are you ready for the end of this?!On The Farm by Stevie CameronAs always, thank you to our sponsors!!HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free Shipping!Simplisafe: Visit SIMPLISAFE.com/morbid for your free security camera todayBetterhelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/MorbidCareof: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50Curology: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50
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putting free shipping, a weirdos, I'm ash and I'm a Lena, and this is more bed, This is gonna, be very morbid. Gas. Ok, unlike excited for part too, because I took a shower this morning- is described as I took a shower scrub to all of part. One off of me and I'm ready to go back in this tat. I had been back it loathing. Part too is gonna, make you need another shower, perhaps a bath even and maybe not want to eat for a little while goody. I could be part of it. I'm not really sure. While I had stake already this week, so ugly
You can become vegetarian for civilization time. Let's totally, and speaking of that, I just wanted to thank everybody. Earthlink sending emails and messages like can read a few questions and a few things where a little confused about without farm life, the farm life and like the the meat curtly preparing process like we were very confused about him. Shooting pigs with a nail gun, and we like which appointed planning is not that me well, the thing is it's not a nail gun, so he would use like a legit now gun, which is not always are not waiting for us to do. What it's called is- and I want to thank the people who sent us and I'm not gonna mention everyone's name, because I dont not everybody like I said you know clarified that we could say, don't wanna, I don't have one
what happens if I spent over them for their pigs whenever they see. I support your pigs vehicle why'd. You talk about me, but somebody told me that it's called a pneumatic bulk bolts, gun o is what they use. That sounds like what my like, Botox, lady, would you sound like hell? Pinafore had all these said, it does look and operate like a nail gun, but the bolt is huge so that this is. This is trigger warning where you are I mean if you're here yeah come on. So if you're here you know, what's happening, it's Willie picked it and you got you heard number one. So the huge bulk gun and its use it's so big, so that it can penetrate the skull into the brain and that is to link basically make the pig brain almost like a dating the pig, not sedating, no literally causing brain damage. Ok, so that it just completely removes the ability to feel ok, a sedation, would real very
nice way of footing mad, but I think everybody should just the deep, as Ngos and I've never been sedated with a bolt gun to my head, but no, no. I have not and then the other thing that we were lake we because a member we were like what is slow, Being a pig okay, so from what I saw, people were saying: is it just feeding them? It is just feeding the pigs, so we were right. Why don't we just saying that, though, on a slap in the pigs fills better? No, it does at all it works you would There goes say I'm ago slop the pigs Amerigo feed the pigs. Yes, if I'm going to do something on the farm with pigs are no slobber. Ok,. feed all while washer awhile, even on the farm. If I'm just going to feed something, I'm gonna slop it. Ok, that's outta! gonna. Do I'm literally like full, simple life version rattle,
I why, and I definitely I have never slopped a pig, but I mean it makes sense, though. I really appreciate that that everybody was is that how you do we also had a very interesting leg: conall listener tale that went along with this and she did say at the end Hannah. Thank you so much. She said you can use money oh shit. I do not see that I just wanted to read it real quick, as is very interesting. Hemi up so Hannah said hello. I've been so excited to hear the Picton case, obviously not happy about it, but I grew up with it so wanted to hear covered. We get you know, of course, its super close to home, I'm from pit meadows, which is one town over from Port Cook Whitlow which, by the way, think so much everybody telling me at any rate, like an ego booth, that's also undertake quit lump event. She said you pronounced it correctly, and that gives me so much joy. I just felt the need to email, because I used to work in a Starbucks. A few minutes away from the farm and stinky Dave came into.
Cafe all the time see that's interesting. I do not pictures to kitty visits. Starbucks guy, I don't either. I picture him is more of a honeydew fella, but look at em, not if there's anything for in about it. You know- and I was given a say: what do you say about Honeydew felt that the civil code on I venture him just like scooping a mug of like mud out of the earth? do you think. That's what I hear him just like grinding up the coffee, growing link, thinking that you just like poor, that in water throughout the day S stirred up. I feel like if any unseen, returned oz. What like the NOME king drank out of a mug? I feel it that's what he drinks less makes basically just like earth so very surprised he's not an instant coffee kind of guy. I guess I always said stinky Dave came into my coffee. All the time he's just as smell is you think, mine's me of a pig then because he literally showered dirt on the floor. Every time he came in wherever he walked so goddamn route.
And also horrible disgusting shitty person regardless, as you mentioned nurse, he would always walk up the counter and said, hey woman, give me a coffee every single time. I believe what kind he made rose comments about me and my lady coworkers all the time and was always with a woman. She was sweet as pie and I questioned her as a human on every level. hold on. I eventually refuse to serve him and made my coworkers. Do it? Sorry all she said, here's the thing. I remember like waiter thing when people like that would come in wider people like that get banned from establishments. Well, because you that's just my personal experience and wanted to share. I thought she did say that you do As you wish. I don't know I mean you can't really ban someone for being a dick. I guess, like I know,
Are you sure I wish you could say? That's all I can only she was able to be like I'm, not sir disaster. You can say I'm not serving this first and absolutely, but yet so Hannah looking forward for the rest of the parts, and I just had to write it now- love the shown of us in every episode. Thank you so much in hand. I I'll, read my name. If you read this and talk about it, you can use my name. I appreciate that thanks have, but they you so much Hannah for writing and thank you for everybody for writing this listen. I immediately. I felt like this was one of those cases that I was like. I gonna jump jump the email tonight, oh yeah, so said I jumped in their classic. I know juggler anyhow actions where my farmers out, where my pig people at her by Canadian, that, like everyone, I just heard he's ever enroute pause vice women farmers. Instead of bringing back my farmer, does such a cry. Farmers, that's what
I'll bring back my pay it. I was right when their nose, like thank you, so much all the butchers and the farmers in the former farm kids in the port, co, quicklime people, Starbucks Workers, all EU labour. Green. Thank you thank you, so I just had to saving so much so when we first when we left you last time we had just seen cordon court Emily, whose somebody else mentioned that this was the girl whose name is under a publication banned. The ban was lifted, but I'm still not gonna, say her name, because there was a reason rallied still, I don't wanta. I don't. I will just why you know when, and why does dozen and I can see. I saw a lot of like news articles that are still didn't mention her name, we're like just mention that the publication ban was lifted but still didn't say
her name. Yes, like an aspect that includes just keep going with it. So when we left you that whole thing with Emily happened where they literally fought each other, he really had attacked her most killed. Her her, like entrails, were falling out in any, basically not nothing for it because they looked at her is not credible and he told us the yarn that she was just a prostitute and his in his words that robbed him, here's some less. So that's what he said. So this was in ninety. Ninety seven: so now we're one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and, like we said, there's tons tons of missing women in Vancouver right now, it's happening, and mostly indigenous mostly sex workers, and nothing is being done Now, the next person to go missing here was a girl named Tanya Hulk Shoes, twenty three years old. She was
indigenous women. These are women by the way. These are not all the women that went missing at that time. These are the women that really was charged with right. So those are the ones I ve been a mention. Here, which, by the way, just while I'm getting into this, I mention in the first part that they do like a Valentine's day Molly. every year. I saw they still do you still do it. Andy, hang red dresses, rumblings, poles and stuffs, and one of our listeners sent us a picture. I am sorry it remember who was too maybe I'll. Do it I'll see if I can Gaia in they just told us that, like look, they also hang red, dresses and remembrance, and those like that is so Like awesome, I know I love that they did love, that they still do it in the red dress ideas such a good idea, so I just wanted to update you on that. Cuz I wasn't noticing I was questioning but I thought you guys pointed out like that was just stop telling you it's cool the here from people who are in that place absolutely first hand experience. Yes, so Tom
was twenty three years old. She was an indigenous woman at the time of her disappearance. She was working as a sex worker. She had struggled for a long time with drugs and addiction like most of these women, unfortunately, but she got pregnant at one point and decided she needed to get clean for the sake of her unborn child, look a great which good for her, and she did good. You did so. She was in recovery for a while. She was doing really well. She a joint custody with earth with the for her baby son with the Father of the child. They weren't together anymore and things really looking up like she was on the right path. Things were looking up summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time. enjoy noted blueberry, binary Brown, crumble and fragrant, vanilla, flavors every said: stop indeed try this perfect summer cup,
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On October twenty ninth, she had asked her acts to keep their son for three days instead of two. Normally he kept him for two and shoes. I can you just keep him one extra day, because she said I really want to go to this Halloween party. Oh, so he was like sure now. What we need to remember is that they picked in farm is a raging party spot and they have piggies palace good time. Society happening stop where they have Halloween parties. They have parties for it. Thing yeah. They had a Halloween party that year. So this ok, ok, this could have been the party that she was attending right. So she said I want to do this and he was like no problem. So we know November first comes, she spoke, can pick up her son and he doesn't she and so immediately. There like this is not like her right. Have you no matter what was going on? She would never do this and we
see this as a pattern throughout here is that the police at the time looked at this, as these are sex workers, their attics indigenous women, are another marginalized pieces society here and there looking at it as while their life style there like drifting around no one's really in touch with them. Like that's how they're looking at it. That's not the reality of the situation and what you will see in that book, which all Lincoln in these the show notes this time. So you can go, get a cause, I'm telling you will get on the farm in the leg, and what is different about this is that these women, all of them, have the families and friends who they were still very much in touch with right. I didn't find any these women to be totally cut off from everybody which that's Waidelich, such a bad, just you're, going in with the wrong idea right off the bat, an assumption
It's a really yeah generalised assumption. So all these families are saying no. No. We talk to her yeah she's. You know in a bad way right now, yeah she's doing a very dangerous job, yeah she struggling with addiction, but we're still here. We still know where she is. She still at the end of the day she even if she doesn't have family and she is out of touch with everybody. That's our human exact. Just like you just like me, that's a human, but it's like regardless they were all connected right and they were all checking and with people they would go to birthdays for their nephews and nieces. A lot of them had kids than they would never just up and abandon right. Most of them are
I d get clean to get their kids back if they had lost them, like a ton of them were on the way to trying to change things- and I mean is it perhaps worse, which makes it so much worse and it makes it worse than it was just assumed that they were they drifted away. They don't want to be found. That's what causes? Not the commodities, like investigators willing immoral here about this soon that, like a lot of them, just fluffed it off for that and then the land. They learned too late that these families were coming forward and being like. No, that is not like you have the total. An idea of the rain, and it's really sad so again go red on the farm by Stevie Cameron, because I'm giving a very quick overview of a few of these victims like as much as I can, but I don't wanna put too much because Stevie Cameron's analysed, and he did unbelievable research into their lives, talk to their families and the amount of information about all these women. In that book you have to go, read it and ass. He did so much work that I think you need to link
seen from his point of view Apsley, I don't want to take all of his research, but yeah go find MAX. It's really good. So unfortunately time you didn't show up on November first and her mother, who she was very close to called the police, and she said they responded. Your daughter is just out having fun dont, bother us don't waste our time. Are you kidding MIA? She had to help them to finally file of don't mind eyes or barbed wire, like that's the literally what your time is supposed to be spent doing. Could she was I go? she went to Halloween Party and useless to be back to pick up her son Melick. Oh she just so partying, and they really know like that and that she had set something up link with the father of her child. It wasn't. She just like dropped her kid off with some random without partying right. Unlike her, it's the more The parties over like in their like she Farley just like, is continuing the party rack and give a shit about it. It's bullshit. It's like no, the next one that went missing and ninety ninety seven was Andrea face.
Bore Haven, she was twenty five. No one could tell eggs, Actually, when she went missing late there's a couple of those that, like you know, you think it was in one month for, like technical it could have been a little later just because they were a little hard to keep track of. She was so very she was homeless completely at the time like she wasn't even staying in like motels or anything which most of you more. She It was in a really bad way. Unlike wave of people said she was like really like manic at this time and liked they were worried about her, but they believe it was sometime in March of nineteen. Ninety seven was last time. People saw her in August, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Helen Hallmark disappeared. She was thirty, two years old. She was working as a SEC, her. She fell into a bad way, but was apparently a pretty great person who was just trying to make ends meet links users trying to she was like she was a popular cheerleader in high school, which, like of people always looking at me like like out what, but she just fell into a ban
we pass. That's really all it is people loved her though, like she, people legs have nothing but good things to say about it. On a missing persons website a friend wrote this is unlike missing people dot net, where you can read a lot about these women too Andrew. What I remember the most is Helen always made me laugh her eyes would sparkle in her smile was contagious and Helen also made it a point in her mission. to convince younger girls not to go down the similar path that she did not like on the same website. One girl shares a and you got to read it like this long story about how Helen basically saved her life. By being like you, don't want to do this and like you're, knowing you're not getting into drugs, I'm not going to get you into this and do not start like on a different path. Good for her was basically guy made mistakes, Blake, dining I make sure other people dont, which like it. So sad she closed her experienced people
The next one was Sherry Irving shoes. Twenty four years old, she was living with a fellow sex worker friend at the time. This friend too, I believe in you Renate, came to her one evening and told her that a guy named Dave had asked if she could find a girl to come to his farm and hang with his brother Willie. So deep is getting girls for really will. This was when Willie was still recovering from his his whole thing with early cortical Emily. So he was a really going out by himself at this point. Sending other peoples can bring them back to the vat. Is why old? Now she agreed to go with her friend. She was like sure why not and the two women drove out together with Dave Wilkie, pointed to sherry, and that was who he wanted. She went into his trailer with them and that's the last time her friends saw her and that's last time. Anyone also
Oh my gosh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, the same year, Marni Fray, fell into a bad crowd in her twenties. I would say the family, her family had tried helping her, but she just wasn't receptive like. Oh, she was just. That was our time. She was always She always called on her birthday, which was August thirty ass. She always doktor pants on her birthday home. She didn't this year and they couldn't find her and there are like something's wrong, so they reported missing and the case went completely ignored, officer, Dave Dixon. Would the Vancouver police was one of the people like tried to really get this heard? There's a couple of officers, though a mention that like really tried to get somebody to listen to them, and they just nobody, would yeah. He was really interested in this case and he knew
was. He was like she's murdered likes. We need to actually prioritizes right, but nothing happened. The same year, Cynthia Cindy Felix went missing in December. I dont know a ton about her, but there's a couple of them that this is not a lot of known information, she's one of them, but the next room was Diana male neck and she went missing on December twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. On January, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight Carolyn Koski a thirty eight year old mother of three went missing, in February, Inga Mony call a German born mother and she was also grandmother. She was in her forties was seen for the last time on in April of the same year, a twenty eight year old woman named Sarah De Vries. I believe it is. She went missing as well. She her it was her family and friends who were, going after the police being like. I love em, something bad happened
She would actually been adopted as like an infant into a very loving family who cared about her like immensely. She also had let her best friends name was Wayne Lange and when he disappeared, Wayne did everything he could defined or like put out posters like do even set up like a hotline for like tips and everything that he really tried to find her. They actually found a journal of hers that back in ninety ninety five, so a few years before she actually went missing but very much in the mists of this whole missing women thing right because their old terrified- and this shows how much she wrote in her journal and my next is he
Watching me now stocking me, like a predator and its prey waiting waiting for some perfect spot time or my stupid mistake. How does one choose a victim good question? If I knew that I would never get snuffed law and then she became one of the victims that is so scary to me here to talk about like foreshadowing, and she was like a beautiful writer. She wrote like poems in her journal stuff. She was really talented by that one little snip it you can see. She says like a wave away. We were its really well so in ninety. Ninety eight, this same year in July, one of the detectives Laura Mersham near shudder. I think it is sure, I'm sorry from saying that he took over as head of the missing persons unit in the pull in the Vancouver police.
apartment. So he received an anonymous call while he was there from someone saying that the person responsible for the missing women was Willie Picton, oh shit, this guy calling said he and his friend had seen purses and bloody clothing, as well as ideas and Willie's trailer and that Willie jokes all the time and really weird ways talking about killing people mentioned. He knew how to dispose of a body had insinuated that he had disposed of a body for someone. He also said that he had a giant industrial sized me grinder that everyone was really freaked out about. Like has just him around me grander though they area me grinders in general, are pretty terrifying gather really? Are he looked into em and he is so like the detective looked into William was reg. This dude seems like a good fit for this.
So because he saw the whole thing that happened with Emily right and he's like. Oh wait, a second yeah I don't eat like. Why are we looking into this much so he tried to convince police that the billing, all the police officers, that the Vancouver police and the royal Canadian mounted police should team up on this, because Jura Jurisdiction, stuff was making it hard and they were like. If you guys team up, we can get away more done. Like he's like there is a sin serial killer out their yeah. They relate no, they never want to work together and I dont understand it like police forces did ya know, goes its nuts to its full long, eager absolutely negative. Semi like put outside our egos aside for the sake of a living organism. Law, like your ego, we'll go on carbon again tomorrow, you can buy one year. We haven't when you're done yet, this is very clear, but they just don't. The problem is, as will see like they, these women just start
they just don't matter to these- are an important victims to them, and he and another detective Kim Raw smile felt that this was definitely a serial killer. It needed to be taken seriously. They started trying to go to the higher up, to try to get them to understand this and they told them. Basically, they were drug addicts and SEC for sex workers. Who I didn't want to be found right and not set, and the problem was like, I said they all did- have connections to the outside world and they were trying to prove this sudden being like. We have talked to their families. People know their missing people miss them. They ve missed appointments. They ve missed recovery meeting. They have Mildred custody of things. They ve missed court dates. They missed all kinds of things that you just don't miss right like there's a pattern here refresh your summer at war.
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after four p m, while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined today, and so the guy on the phone had also told him this that had mentioned his friend was also the one that kind of told him most of this information, and they said you know who is this friend and he said LISA Yeltsin, oh shit! Yes, if you remember LISA from the first episode, she was the one who basically became like best friends or the Willy and then eventually moved away, moved herself in her kids away from that farm animals like kind of distancing herself, but she still have ties red round when lower Emily, exactly when Willie got hurt during that whole struggle with Emily, she came to take care of him. So now he sing LISA Told- there's some weird shit. I saw some weird shit and I don't know what to do
Now she refused to speak to the police, though that's what he was calling so officer showed her proposed the idea of getting an undercover officer to basically try to get her to tell him stuff yeah the police rejected this idea. Of course they said like what, by which I regret that I do not know what she knows us like a really good idea. I wouldn't you just try it instead, there like all will put surveillance unwillingly so you'd like ok, they did it for three days and then they were like in India being in those three days. While ok, don't do anything ever heard of killing off period and what they said. what what this particular detective said officer shun her. He said these women were from any other walk of life. There would be total outrage, search parties, volunteers, roadblocks, on a very deep level, large segment of society and the police in community didn't feel these women were worth searching for, and many people question whether they even wanted to be found. Not so
and this guy are linked to the stairs re read like a whole article on, I think, BBC about him, and he was saying that he lives would like such Gill cause. You feel he fails hunted in and it's like, he feels that way because he couldn't convince them to take it seriously and aims you mean he's like I knew it was really picked it. I knew it. We had to look into this, and so many people died because they wouldn't they one unless it's like. I just want to be like it's. Oh you're fall like you were trying, so you and a couple of the other ones like him, rossmore in a couple of other ones, tried so hard and its those other fuckers that have the blood on their yeah. They exactly they failed to you. You didn't yell and their nails now Wayne Lang, the one that's the best friends with Sarah yeah girlhood, though like poet,
gone missing, but he, like, I said, was like setting our pot lines and all that. Well, he got a call in his hotline from a guy named bill, his Cox and he said they needed to look into hillbilly picked. Billy pected Willie picked WWW Billy Bobby. So another person is now getting it and a call from someone saying you should look into ill effect right. Maybe we should go ahead and do that for more than three days and bill said he had worked for Dave and had been on the farm like a little bit, but he said he worked mostly on like that. militia. I think construction parts so he's like I've only been on the farm a couple times, but he had seen Willie and have now seen us and apparently one of his friends LISA yields who had acted. Who was the one who clearly called this? Otherwise she said she would clean up and find tons of women's clothing. That appeared to be stained with blood
and had also found ideas and purses. So now the same exact thing is being sent to this guy. Now she had brought them up to Willie the Sky Bill said and now Willie told her to get rid of them and don't ask him any more questions. Yikes, so bill said now. I think, obviously, that other line was an anonymous person, I'm assuming this. What that was also built, as is the exact same story right and also. He said that he had tried to contact police about this when he called Wayne. But he said no one's listening to me, so I think he calls that other line and they were like. We can't do anything right so use like I'm gonna, try but maybe even try to get like a pity on me. I, like he's just trying something brightest anybody so he's like just get the information like someone talk to him. Frank, so what she had said, I guess, was Billy to bill. She had said Billy
wouldn't believe the ideas and shut out not trailer. There's women's clothes out there, this purses, you know what that guys doing. It's like really weird and that was recorded. He had recorded a conversation with her. like I am a little bit upset with LISA, though becoming yeah. Oh just eat I was upset whether to know what's going on. Should you not we're and again she didn't wanna talk to police, so bill fell like he had to do in her place cause. He said I have a conscience. I can't just said and here's. The thing like I understand, of course she was probably terrified but like within that's the thing it seems to me, like her reason that she said was that she hates police, so she wouldn't let us like, but like that's, not really like acting on your hatred of police, that's acting on your hatred of your fellow human beings because you're not helping Felicia
these women right, like you, have to think of it on a deeper level. I know that that a sign of surface wise, you think it seems like you're helping Feliz feel like you're, not let's think about the victims here. You just got us, but you know a lot of these people didn't talk to police because when they were they're terrified of the pic brothers and all the criminals and like wiles angels and shit that they were all surrounded by right or they were trying to get money out of Willie. They were holding ship back, so they could use it on him. So it's like a home It's a convoluted and less so many shitty people gathered together on one file. What she is, so she did get interviewed. Finally, by police, they got her in to talk to them and she said none of its true, I didn't say anything that sea fuck, that and later they did ask like when all this shit went down, they later Astor like why? What do you mean? None of that happening. She said quote the reason Didn't say much to the cops is for one. I hate cops and too
I didn't see anything you give a cop an inch and they take a mile. They turn around. They take the story twisted and ten ways to Sunday, blow it up. So then you're shitting sitting in a pile of shit, which you didn't even say in the first fucking place in their twisting in your face. Honey. It sounds to me when you say that, like you got shit to hide yet sorted, make It sound like so glad you're, not making myself sound good here. You hey, cops. Ok, but that's like we're. Ok, that's, like you just ended there at around talked cops. Nordic lets. People just military vine like that, doesn't help these victims, but like what ever rain? But when you're sitting there being like, there's gonna twist everything I say, I'm like what would you have said right but late if you're saying like this other person at it, why you thinking Megan opponent, new. I mean, I think she says she's clean.
Of crime scenes. Let's be real like she knows what she's doing and she seen some shit and she say nothin. She doesn't want to implicate herself and get herself tat your finding ideas. Why would he have ideas and humanism heiresses in bloody clothing because he's killing women and keep in their shit right? I mean really clear, opened your isley says it take leg, a ton of neurons to put that wanting to thing not aggravates me as like you're gonna, you're gonna tell these people's something's going on, but then, when it really comes time to talk about it, you're gonna know now eggs. That's the thing is then don't say any human running, your mouth all over the place until it really counts right in later said, that He believes the meat that she had eaten on the farm or had taken home was probably tainted with human remains, so why do not be upset about that and want to put that person in jail for four. It's it's a lot of people who do a lot of bad shit and they vote
got lots of shit on their record. They ve all got lots of secrets in whose none of ammonia talk in its like buddy you're, so you're, joyously gonna. Let these women just go by the wayside, like that sucks records of your bad choices that just really suck right. I can trust anybody know you can't everyone sucks. So again, friends of the farm are starting to suspect. Willie leg is starting to become a thing where people are like some weird ships happening here, because so in Hen was Scott Chubbs, our old friend scotch obstruction. He had been working on this, for years. At this point he knew them for a long time. He was much closer to Dave than he was Willie right, but he said he started Connally put in some shit together, the more and more he was seeing, and he said there were again women's clothing on the premises that he was like, No, that is women there, a lot like visitors and friends about it at all.
Really is how say, would often bring sex workers back and Seventys like Y Y and then he's like some of it looks like it as blot on it. I don't know, and why are we keeping it like an jewellery shoes, ideas, Purses Hemingway's, you don't leave without things you yeah things, you just don't leave without any said and you know I would see women women come to the trailer and then I just never see them again. I never saw the relief and he's like, and I always questioned it, but I was like maybe I'm just being crazy, but I can imagine being that close to it and then he said on top of it, the fact that he's the skilled butcher certainly doesn't like. Obviously Butchers are not serial killers, but you onto all this that he does enjoy pulling apart. Animals like seems to take it like, as, like, I'm very fun, pleasurable expire. science he's like cheese, and all these dead pig gathers tons of pictures of him with like a pig hanging in the background music site and covered in blood right like not ok, the thing not really bothered me was that he was wearing gloves and
and photo and his how he never lived in blood? He never was, in fact, some of the people who said that they went to buy meat at points would like see him like handling the mean merely he never wear gloves in his hands or fucking foul Bialik, filthy, most people, a lot of people that I saw on articles relic and I was like no- I'm not buy meat from there, not just simply because he was so foul contamination yeah shit like oh so unfairly, One thousand ninety, ninety nine, a kid named Andy Bell- would showed up at the farm because this farm has become a thing now to wear like if, like I said, you're down on your luck, come work at the farm. You're in recovery come work at the farm. You don't want be in recovery. Come work at the full fledged you're. A criminal trying to run away from the law come work at the farm so
I'm just gonna. Let you sleep somewhere wherever there's lots of places, you can sleep in the back of a pickup truck on the property. If you want so Andy Bell would comes up the farm he had just gone at every. Had he needed a place to chill. You want to get back on its feet and a friend had set em up to chat with Willie cause. He was like. Maybe this guy can give you just like a job buttons in their cause. He's always given people jobs he's got tons of money, yet maybe it'll help
just keep your mind busy rocky, be on the right track straight and narrow note, so he was doing jobs for Willie around the farm. He is doing some of other stuff and then he's just gonna link hang in any staying at the farm. Now, one month later and one month, interim staying Willie Click randomly came into his room, he said, and he was like he was watching tv and religiously, comes and sits on the bed next room and was laid him hey. You wanna come downtown aside with made like the low tracks, which is what they called like the place where you picked up all the sex workers, the low track of my arm, they said: do you want to come me and pick up some sex workers and Andy was like yeah. I know like I'm good and he was like I'm just wasn't into that like he was not like that he's like I knew they all did it. I just like didn't want to do it yeah, so you No, I'm good, so Willie got like pissed that he didn't want to come with me and while Andy sitting there watching tv, he says he said that it will
just kind of like started, telling him what his methodology was basically like he was he was like in this is exactly what Andy says quote he told me he would pick them up downtown. He would draw them with drugs or money. He had difficult times getting them to come to this arm because of you, know, they're very there very nervous about going out to that area. Yeah he had if he could entice them to come to the farm, of course, being being drug addicts are what not, it would be an easy way to get them to come to the farm. So that's what that's what he said that lake with he was very much harping on the idea of like I like girls that are drug attic surrender comply them with drugs right, which is very lino the antithesis of what he was saying to the woman that he almost tried to. What would the one that he basically accused of stealing his
while it and on she in any like flung, live buttons, offer shirt and then use drover back to town. Like nothing happened right, he told her. I like to help girls get clean, and its name, and if they relapse than their night, they don't deserve to live so me. This is saying like no women deserve to live rang like nothing. It he's just he aids all women, that's what it is. I wonder if he would like like get one girl to come back to the place and like do whatever and like he's I'd like he was trying to help her get clean and then even link find her again and then tell her to think that was something that he was doing or do you think he's just unknown at her? I think it's just a bullshit area. I don't think he up. He doesn't want help anybody clean now. The first thing he does when he picks up his offer, draw great the first thing. He does a sad dogs at my house rates as they are getting. He's just a boy because he had just scared the shit out of this girl for one reason or another: he didn't want to kill
So we just already that happen. All the time word yeah what how did that person get away, but it's just whether or not he snapped at the moment or yeah over its original snapped, yes, just like I said I think he was just trying to like. I don't even know like just make himself look better to this woman. Young men, like oh see, I didn't mean to Lake, accuse you of that. Unlike Turkey, like ripped the buttons off your shirt, like our record guy, he like a healing doktor Jekyll and, like MR huh yeah refresh your summer at LA beat the heat with our handcrafted smooth. These were pressures or refreshes or handcrafted, with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating first event try a delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas, smoothie crafted keep you cool
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almost like vehicles with a group with because of inspection must guarantee and seven thirty one twenty one particular provisions. So the next thing than Andy Said- and this is pretty like graphic so just say now- he's telling what will he told him? Yes, he said quote: he would put them on the bed. to bring them into is into his room from what it was explained to me. Do them doggie style on the bed, and I would be have the woman on her knees with her face facing the bed doing you know he would he would grab their hands and bring one back slowly bring the other back, handcuffed them and strict I think, that's what he told them tat. He did. He also mention that Willie said he repeatedly told these victims the entire time it's gonna be all right. Things are gonna be Kay. Now you would say well, it was happening I enjoy. It also say that's a good girl
like you, would say, to an animal yeah you, They say that to an animal, to try to keep them docile. Isn't that what you say to an animal like, I don't know that's what I signalling like Bailey when I'm calm down. Like that's a good girl like okay, everything to be okay and that's what he would do with an animal you're trying to keep jostle. I feel like he looks at this entire experience is like I have to like an Esta size, this animal, because that's how he looks at women. ago eggs insane badges freed me Billig, that's a good girl! I dont like oh yeah, a niece, also think that I think yes, that's part of it was like keeping Amanda docile. I also think that it's a very huge scare factor when, for sure thing like it's like when you're doing something terrifying, but like using a convoy yeah for Sharp Yok, as I don't think he had any business trying to keep anyone like com, I think he just wants them to like shut the fuck up. The always like I'm just gonna do
I think he just wants to be a jerk that Willie jumped on the bed beside Andy and he grabbed a leather belt any wire in handcuffs that he had like lying around and acted out in front of him know what he would do. He pretended to basically feel up. A woman like ginger like gently like act like he was like gettin busy, and then he had in then he pretended to attach handcuffs your arrest, and then he mimes strangling her with the leather belt and what these doing this, because he is mad at this kid like, like us vodkas good said. No, I don't wanna go get sex workers with you. This is what really does, though he over shares, and then he immediately regrets it right. It's like he has that kind of personality where he just like you you wanna hear something lingering tells a lot as well. I had, I know how to kill people. I've killed people oil. We have to do this and then later he's like what I didn't do that, but then He told Andy: do you know how much
people believed you wouldn't believe how much people bleed and then he said after that, I take them to the barn, hang them and got him. Oh my god, like you, I mean like reefs I'd this entire time, there's how many people coming in and out of this farm. Somebody had to have seen a body hang over sure then he said the pigs will eat anything and whatever wasn't eaten by the figs would be taken to the rendering pillion. So Andy's, like cool, brings for about angling an ingenious terrified and at this point Andy was like I'm leaving lie so four days later, Andy was taken to the side by two of Pickens friends and he was mercilessly beaten. Oh no and its because Willie all of a sudden said that he thought any was stealing some of his tools Oh, yes, unevenly freedom within an inch of his life and they did while so as they occur in its just insane, so he believe do as well.
This way of warning him to keep his mouth shut, up, shut up and Andy had that he took the next ferry to Vancouver Island and he never looked back, but I don't blame him and then till he came forward and was like. I got to tell you guys are my story. I mean I do have to say he should have told the story a lot sooner, but I sure and he was beaten within yes, a little like area. I get that and the poor guy Philip. I mean, I don't know a lot about Andy. Maybe he's not a good person, I don't really know, but it seemed like. He was too trying to get it together. I don't think that's the best way to gather together but like he was at least trying to do something. It seems like the farmers, while the worst place you can. poverty grow if you're trying to get it together, but I only having anywhere to go. He also doesn't seem like he was really intending on being involved in that country, Absolutely. I just wanna. Do my shit and watch my tv and go eat my head down now, mentioned before that on Gina, Houston and Dean
Gino Indiana yeah that dean and had called a woman named Lynne who had hung out at the farm yeah. She had wanted her to eat Hearn Willie and that she was sure that that was to kill her, and you said that was gonna. Come back. Will now we're gonna meet? Will Ellingson so she was an attic who had come to work and was tryin to. Basically, she was not trying to get better like she was not trying to get into recovery or anybody. She just had heard that Picton spot was a place that she could get lots of drugs. Ok, so she was really there for the good time, you're, not a long time to get time. Ok, so she came to work for them and actually increased her habit extra exceeding because it seems like that would be the places ago. They wanted to know for sure one. Willie asked her to come pick up a sex worker with an she was. He was like. I think that the girl will be like chilled out by you being in the car like and will be more likely to come back with me. And I'm sorry is this: a sex work,
two. She did work. I think at some point but she's not at this point. Ok yeah. So he was like. Can you just come the car lily overhauling. The woman. Tat, though, feel a little more because they were starting a yellow, weird out by men. They were being more like choosy and stuck his murmur they're, all working together now being in he's on the bad date list right. So so she was like she was like our aid, cool I'll, come with you and they went dead, picture and they picked up a woman. The woman was immediately kind of like soothed by Loo, loo and being in the car, so it kind of work dia when they went back to the farm They all day like Separated Lynne, was like our by two things: the gods, sing and Lynn went into her room and at this point Lynne was in the same trailer as Willie, and it was like bigger trailer, so she had a room at one end and his without the other. so she went into her room. The woman and Willie went into his bedroom, and Lynne said she was just hang out in a room and then she thought she heard a scream outside
so she ended up making our way towards Willie's room to see if they had heard her. If something was happening and they weren't in there, and so she was like what the hell, so she looked out the window and she saw a light on in the barn where the slaughtering happens right and it was this weird crew. A little light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Cometh Alex swinging around access chains are massacred yeah. She went out there and she said She saw a woman hanging dead from the hung by hard that pigs from you would never be the same. She said, and I quote, So I just started walking to the barn, as I started up king the barn. There was a really rude smell. It was awful. I got to the front door, the doors of the barn and push the door open, and I could see where these lags these feet dangling, so I was standing there. I just kind of froze and I yelled Willie and he came from behind the door, and he grabbed me by my arm and by my arm and I had to go and now he walked walk.
Of the table, it was a really shiny table. I remember just being like bright. There was a light. It wasn't. The light thou was on, wasn't the normal light. It was a light in the back in the back of the barn kind of just the way. It was angles and he made me stand at the end of the table. I just Remember feeling really not well. I was gonna be sick. I thought I had nothing in my stomach. I was just dry heaving. It was the oder was awful AIDS I'd keep I kept seeing those legs. I didn't move my eyes around. I was just in shock, and I my eye level. I've only could see was those legs toes and red nail polish on them. They were colored seen here on the table and I didn't know what else was on the table, but it wasn't pretty. Oh man, then she said he was cutting something there was blood everywhere. I just remember staring at her feet. She was hanged. the same way they hung the pigs. There was a chain right there, that's where she was where he does his pigs and then he told
that, if he ever, if she ever said anything about what she saw, that she would be hanging right next to her in the same position. Oh my! So she kept quiet until much later She also mention that, in the end, when she was telling the story she had said something like I didn't know that fat was yellow, ok and so this because Peter what we will see as she does what everyone else does and doesn't want to talk about it and denies it. What the police said, though, was that initial statement where she said- and I didn't realize that fat was Oh, is pretty telling because, while a lot of people don't know that found his yellow and a lot, and that's just something very specific right that you wouldn't say unless you saw it right on emulate, that's a very like a visceral thing to say: yeah yeah, like you and if you're, making that up you wouldn't just billion. I didn't know fat would like that's a weird thing than to yeah. It's a strange detail here, so that kind of gave credence to the fact that it was true of the fact that she saw that yeah
and the red nail polish. I know that our toes were colored like here. Can you and I always wear ready? I just freaks, and it's just so, like you think of that woman pinging her nails tainting her nails leg, it's just A very simple cities are doing a lot of us do and that such and it's like it's too very self care kind of fate in length, and it's like Gerda like and it's like the last time she painted her nails. She had no idea, but that that was the color. She was gonna die wearing right. You know Nothing about that. So police were now hearing that, like sex workers in the area where working together that they were trying to help each other out, they learned about the bad date list and they soon discovered that Willie was on its another starting to put a little bit more together being like we're hearing his name a lot. So in January, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine Jacqueline Mcdonald, only twenty two years old and a mother of one. She.
A thing she had actually like some of these other women had actually been in recovering gotten clean when she was pregnant, but unfortunately it fell back into it. When the baby was born here, she had move back into the low tracks working as a sex worker again and she started using again. She had plans to get clean and people who knew her like really believes that she has the potential to get their cause. She was only twenty two. There were like you, ve gotta whole life. Ahead of you that you can make the turn around and the probable noise she had stopped coming to a woman's resource source centre that she had been consistently visiting to try to get on the better track. She stopped showing up. People immediately knew something bad happened, the next one to go missing was thirty two year old, Brenda and Wolf. She no one's quite sure. What month she went missing. Inconsolable like weird, she had also been struggling and was attempting to regain custody of her son. She had also got unclean while pregnant, but had fallen back into it. She was known as a wonderful kind,
listen, the next always Jennifer Lynde forming her. She was digital woman. At the time she was working as a sex worker. She was given up for adoption at birth with, but was adopted by a loving family. she just fell in with hard crowds like early on, like lots of drugs are partying early on She had an on and off boyfriend at the time name nor Paris, and he said about her quote: Jenny's idea of a good time was to sit cross legged on the couch and read a good book. he said, he'd actually seen her on the street corner the day that she was last seen your report. He didn't see her get into a car, but he saw a cop pull up next to her in like talk to her and then leave, and then she was gone after that he reported her missing three months later, because they weren't dating us a time, so they weren't in constant contact, but he said he was having trouble getting in touch with her cuz. She was like seeing someone else.
And he said so. It took three months because he was like by three months of like not being able to get in contact with her. He was the one who filed the missing persons report, but they basically were like yeah. I don't know what to tell you the next one to go missing was march. Second, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine GINO happen. She was drinking at the Astoria hotel with Willie Picton a friend Sharon Baptists, said that she immediately found him creepy and weird when she saw him she was withdrawing and he actually gave her twenty box and told her to go, get drugs and come back so he's not trying to get these from unclean. She thought he was creepy. But she was like cool I'll. Just take your money, little guy gets bags and she didn't return she because he gave her the money in single, get drugs and come back. I think I'm gonna buy. I she heard that Georgina left with him and soon after no one saw her. Yet so Scott Chubby later said. He
also seen Willie with Georgina that night, and he said a couple of days after this she went on this this girl was aims, are sharing, went back to the historiae and wood We saw her and screamed at her for taking his money for drugs in coming and not coming back, and then he punched her in the head. Oh, my god, like punch during the side of the head and just in the middle of this by our committee, places that, like no one gives a shit patent, it's just as violent and horrific yeah like punch during the the head, because legal bodies before he had given her money in what way nobody does anything about it. No one does anything about it in these. Women are reporting things like this, because this, just as they know, no happening at all that I'm in no one's going to do anything to think. Blueskin walls were unattainable. I've always just had like super dry skin, but for some reason I still get acne from thought.
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ask him. He told police about Lynn, seeing the butchering he like went to police and told them after seeing this on the tv. These are like the serious care yes, but he said that he also said that he was high at the time when he told them, so they didn't believe him, but they figured they would talk to let herself this is when she denied just likely see elves, but they noticed that whole yellow yeah fat thing. This is when they were like ha. That's that's weird, because they had actually tried to make feel like sympathy for these women by being like they must have suffered. So much like you know what don't you want to end this suffering like more women could get there and she got really upset and she was like no never seen a dead body, I've never seen a dead body and that she is also trying to put it out of her hat and they will then, why do you know that found his yellow right and she was like? I don't I don't like a wooden saved, but they were like. She knows. Like one hundred percent now she in particular was doing the refusing cause. Lisa
doing their denying, because she didn't like the cops- and I think she just Didn'T- want to get involved, since she also is really close to Willie and like she's cleaning up crime scene. She did not want to be implicate as used to into it. I think she's too far into an Amazon there for decades. At this point, she's her hands or she's I am worried that if Willie goes to jail, she might end up in jail time and she had kids. So I don't know she was just trying to be like I whatever I don't have any just do that at your nose to the ground and he she was bonded with Lily to they were like sibling, rice and Berlin is a little different. So Linz reason for not doing this was that she was gonna, use it to blackmail Willie. Could she went back to him? Was I I didn't. the one I saw, but you know what I saw see: you're gonna pay me money every week good and he was not good! I shouldn't have satellite, but you know I mean, but, and he did you start paying shit money every week for her silence, but that's actually not now that I think of that. Like come,
like you. You know that using less as a way of mere mile shit people and yet every innovation. Every part of this is shit. Yeah at the end of ninety. Ninety nine, a sex workers named Tiffany, drew one missing. Her friends all had a buddy system for Johns at the time and she had not called in when she was supposed to. They were on a very strict system and she didn't call when juice, but do so. This is, and she had never come home that night, so they were like nope something's, wrong, her family and friends begged police to take notice. Was they basically told her this? thing lifestyle high risk couldn't do anything. This is when the into an internal audit was done on the Vancouver Police Department and it was actually. I think that the audit was done like years before, but it was never really like opened up and given to the public and that it was by the Vancouver. Sir
and the internal audit basically looked into the missing persons department and found that it was an absolute disaster clearly, but they were saying that that's a new guy, the guy who we were talking about before it was actually trying to get it working again: okay, but the guy who was working there before was just one officer working his whole department, and then there was just like one civilian like Conversely, I never noticed an office assistant. I like doing clerical shit in they said, there was no record keeping done no follow ups or ever done on these cases. They there was no like evidence connecting they, they weren't keeping any record, so they weren't able to keep this chain to say that there was a serial killer at large because keeping any of the records. That's so delayed. Who is none of? It was working it's insane so does number. Ninety ninety nine Wendy Crawford went missing. She was living in a mobile home in a trailer park and she had to kids, who she was raising like the best she could with a little money. She could.
so. She used sex work is kind of like a side, hustle kind of like supplementary income, and the day she went missing a fourteen year. Old neighbours saw her for the last time and wrote on that. Missing persons website quote Irene member of the last day that anyone saw Wendy alive. I was on my porch getting my dogs deletion Bubba from porch. I saw Wendy get into the truck with an ugly looking man. Definitely William areas about two weeks. After the date, nurses had been coming to Wendy's trailer she needed medication. After so many unanswered attempt attempts the police or called. I walked down to talk to the police because she said her mom had told her. You should go talk to them linking begun person and she said when I began talking to the officer. All I got out was: I saw Wendy about a week ago get into- and I was rudely cut off with your gesture. Head. You don't even know what you're talking about so didn't even give a fund
She said to this day I hurt so badly to think that maybe I just stood up and said what I knew. Maybe we wouldn't be reading her name under the headlines you tried to so many people feel so guilty, but it's not on you. It was on the illegally are like who did nothing so thus far. The investigation, I think I said in my first episode, that they were calling it project Amelia. I'm also like what Croatia hand. I know well now that they're, starting till I tried again into like as they hired that new person, I run the department. And he was like really going on it. They're calling the project even handed now, because now that they're getting Willie's name coming up all the time they're starting to try to take it seriously Agus as seriously as they can possibly do. It was so more things coming out about Willie Scotch, a basically sir,
that they were working on the farm one day. Chris remember he's now paying Lynn to keep her silent right. That's gonna start getting old soon, and we know how Willie handles like people. He doesn't want around gay kills them exactly so. Scott Chubbs said that their working on the farm one day any set out of nowhere Willie basically offered him to hurt Lynn. He said he was sick of paying her and he said he offered him a thousand dollars slick, what fuel Honey did and told him in this is horrible. He told him, you know I once injected antifreeze into someone whites and he said they just died right away, and then he said so. If you do that to someone who is just a junkie, the r c m p will think it's just an overdose my god so use basically tell her telling him to go and jack to win with antifreeze, because it will just like she overdose. Those insane and Scott
job was like now, I'm not going to do that in two thousand. It was slightly quieter the missing girl soon, but people are starting to understand the pattern that was happening every year because the police were going. Oh, it's done. We don't have a lot, so I think he's gone guys everything's but people in the area are like no, it really picks up in the holiday season. That's when people start going missing, because there's more sex workers out trying to like pay for gifts. I don't know it just happened to be like it was happening throughout the year, just what they were like just wait like a holiday season. It's really going to pick up by yeah, so two thousand. They were right because at the end of the year, DAWN Cray, Deborah Jones and Share Abraham went missing bumble. this is when things went into overdrive for project even handed, because now that real fact so at this point, Willie was a prime suspect. They finally moved him into like ok,
he's, probably the guy, so they made it a priority to look into people that were charged with crimes, particularly violent ones, against sex workers in the area. This is why he became a priority, because, obviously we know the Emily story and also because he had an isolated disgusting farm that attracted the worst kind of people whom planet earth that he could take. People to that he could do it. Every wanted to yeah, summarily he's got motor vehicles out means he's gotta history. We know in oh and also the fact that he was on the bad list for sex workers is not helping his case here at all, and on top of that, I didn't think of it will be our I'm also thinking he also an endless supply of cars, yes he's having a different car over time. This is a very. like reminds me a little bit of the little yeah. You really is out of our right now and the beginning of two thousand in one Patricia Johnson Heather Bottom Lee and Heather Chinik went missing. That was just the beginning of two thousand one by June.
first two thousand and one Andrea Jones, very, went missing. She was state at the Roosevelt Hotel, and this was another place that Dena had tried to lure women out to the Picton farms. You like hang around their link, Crete and she had started so Andrea had started a methadone programme and was actually doing therapy going all her appointment. She was trying to get clean. So she was trying to get it altogether, but on June faith that she didn't show up for her methadone treatment and her doctors immediately were like nope she's been coming and she's on a good trap like she wouldn't miss this right, so they sounded the alarm bells and they informed her family. They were like something's wrong here. He also her brother actually went to the downtown side to search for her because again these with sea, like they have people who love that
air, and he and police spoke with the men who ran the Roosevelt where she was staying, and one manager said that she had left the previous evening, but it was pouring out and they manager had warned her. Maybe you shouldn't go because it's bad way and she said she would be fine. She was just gonna, go to cook wetland awe and so the doorman at that same hotel said he had heard Dena on the phone at the front desk. Arranging to get Andrea out to Willie oh shit, so there were like he's. That's definitely it's! Ok! to me that he had all these women working for him to get other women yeah. I can't imagine calling and being like hey. a girl. What's up, you wanna come to Willie's tonight like knowing full, well that this guy's a piece mewing exactly what's gonna happen right, that is so fuck, I'm even not knowing what's gonna happen. I could judge knowing I use disgusting and that, like he's not guy right and if he's not a murderer like what are you doing, why you bringing them out to this hellhole like that, there's plenty of
their jobs but they're just lookin for money. Without wishing for now, here's another cause, there's a few close calls in this case and here's one of em in August, two thousand and one a woman named Katrina Murphy was? She was thirty. Five years old she had been visiting her husband in Kent. Prison one of the other wise that when with her that was going to visit her husband as well drove her half way home after the meeting with the husbands, and she was like I'll just hitchhike, the re home be good evening. Clothes just like if they so wish, You came by and picked her up and she said ass soon, ass. She jumped into the van she gagged at the smell she said immediately. It hits you like a brick wall. She said it was like rotting meat and dirty closing, because that's exactly what it was Imagine his clothes to like all our splatter and largest rusted. Oh my god, they shouted a bit. But
she was very scared and she said like he was very creepy league immediately. She disengagement bud. She mentioned that her husband was in Kent and he basically was like so he wouldn't miss you feeding go home tonight, oh well, literally one. And she insisted. He calls me every night. We talk every night. So, yes, he would miss me if I didn't go home and then she was Actually a lot of people admit from miss me. I have a lot of people who care about me and would wonder where was tonight ye I made sure to be like ha ha by the way you have just so you know She then notice that there were no handles on the inside doors had removed that fuck that only. I saw only a handle on his door. Ok TED Bundy with us, so he sped ripe, store, she had asked him to drop her off. Ah so she's panicking and she's like yelling, being led drop me. The fuck What are you doing in she's, literally digging in her purse? At this point trying to find something to like hits? It was something he drove into an industrial
park and she grabbed a pencil from her purse instead, abt him in the sight of a neck with ed while and then Dover over it. When he came to a stop, she drove over his lap opened his door and just face first launched herself out of the car while and is the carstone moving and elevated stop the car, but she Dover ought into issues they advance so high up and she don't face first into gravel and she apparently like slice, herself up all now, but she had no idea really battle. I didn't realize she ran across the street to a gas station and a seventeen year old kid was pumping gas and was like. Can I help you Ricky how turned slowly and then ups arrived, took the report and then were like ok, bye and just left her. There what the fuck do. You want to go home or anything no and she standing there bleeding and she's like why they just left. There will again we'll see what we
Indeed, why was an old man at the gas station that was like? I can drive you home and at this point she's, probably like no thanks- and she was like sure- oh, my god, I'm Tellin ya gotta get in the car with somebody else you dont know. Yeah leaves the police helping you there's like thanks for the report. You should put a band aid. Alviella you samea, sporran it'll get infected. The hospital I know the same year, Serena Abbots way. Twenty nine was last seen the same month August two thousand one Diane Rock thirty. Four was gone on October, nineteenth and mono Wilson- twenty six was missing on November twenty third, the same year there's another close call. Terry Grattan was offered a hundred bucks by Willy to come back to the farm and she accepted. She said that there were two other women in the track when he picked her up in the smell was so bad that she started choking wonder if it was Dena Gina share.
will he had really bad asthma like she actually had to like use oxygen at times the smell was so bad that when she stopped she started. Having an asthma attack in my God, and so she screamed to be let out cause, she was like. I'm literally gonna die in your car he pulled over, but before she could get out of the car he punched her in the face one, I will eat her out of the car. What the fuck you up when she didn't report it because she was like nobody's gonna screw with air anyway, my colleague punched or in the face in front of the other women. So two thousand and two He was really high on the list of missing women at this time. At this point there putting the case together, but they have no way of searching that property unless they have a like a firm reason. I mean you know like airing of forty. I can t but in legal aid ought not. I need a reason to go search this property, like totally while Scott Chubbs Kyle comes in
he was still trying to get his information taken seriously by anyone who had listen. So he approached a rookie caught by the name of Officer Wells and he told, he's like? I know you guys it you're gonna get on that farm anyway. Would the fact that he has a legal fire help you get a search warrant and who were like yeah yeah. Yep? His word link you, so they sent him back and had him find out where the firearms were, which he said was late, the scariest thing ever and then he called it was like you up there here and I can tell you exactly where they are trailer and they were. able. So he told them Willie had three guns and his trailer, and he said that he also made sure to tell him to about how Willie had told him he injected sex workers with window washer
who had an antifreeze fuck. So the r c m p were finally like. We have a reason to search like yea, I know at least partially released for firearms, and while we were there, we can take a peak around so oh boy. They were able to get a search warrant. Ok, they searched and they found way more than what they were bargaining for. They literally rammed into Willie's trailer cause. He just you saw them coming with what the fuck and then she got in its trailer and locked the door and they were like we're just going to open them, so they just rammed through they arrested him immediately so that I could search. It was filthy, as everyone had said, they said it was worse than Philly needed, like has suits their with dirt and mud and garbage literally everywhere, inside and outside feces of various, animals and who knows what else was smeared on almost everything, including the ceiling bugs. Where
everywhere smell was so bad that it made him Vesta gaiters gag what they found in there just on first we're lookin for firearm. Soon, while we're Lou, they can't touch anything. I can't take anything else. There therefore firearms right which they found, but they also just peaked around, of course, and because they were like, then we can get. Another search warrant razor rested now right, so what they saw upon their initial search was women's ideas, women's clothing, at least two pairs of fuzzy handcuffs, with one being tested positive for blood on the ties to dildos a box full of kitchen knives by the bed papers with missing women's names on them a gun. This is this is like a lot a gun with a dildo stretched over the barrel. Do you want to guess what he would do with that shit? What with either that
or rape them with a gun. Oh, my god, either way horrific ill horrific, like the fact that that was in that trailer, what the fuck that is at the I've I've never even heard of there was also a glass jar with a ton of women's like hair ties and bureaucrats and stuff in it that he was a collecting and the biggest thing that let them get the next search warrant was an asthma inhaler with Serena Abbots ways, name on it, my God, the discover this. This gave the police the grounds to get a complete search for them. I was at the asthma inhalers, not the ideas, locos. I think it's like an idea that I am not really positive way. Why? Because I don't know if they were all like the kind of ideas that you can really use for that kind of thing. I think I have a different kinds of ideas. I know there are some like birth certificates, unlike other kind of papers We're not necessarily all like drivers, licences or anything like that, but
I know that the Serena Abbots Ways thing was the thing that really got them like this. Is that the smoking ban that let them at least get a search warrant to go back on the property? Ok, and that's why we're gonna leave for parts of your fucking? Are you serious? You don't even tell us that we are coming to a close, real you and I everybody in their car or cleaning in their kitchen or like dead, just put their bed there kid to bed and like his regained glass of wine and Well, don't worry because the next part is gonna, be ad free and it's going be a bonus episode. Yes, are you getting three episodes this coming week, because we just I knew- had to finish this one and asked us to really good cases where like well, we got em all only kindness. What we're going to talk about next is that this is the biggest search and candidates history, while a crime scene search they had to go like bit by bit in this way.
It gets dovey end up finding bodies on the farm. They do ok, but not how you think. So. The part three is gonna, be that and we're going to be talking about Willie in jail or we'll talk about all that oh okey dokey. So we have found all the things we need. I can't believe you're entering their uber bihac weight and further the next search for, oh, my god, I'm in a report through before anybody else our aid. While you can find us secure him at morbid vodkas and send us a twitter, send us a twitter. You do at day, bid. Podcast Sanderson Twitter, send us a gmail, Mellow Abed, podcasting, Gmail, dot com hope Yuki blown away. I was when we hope
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