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Episode 214: The Tragic Case of Molly Bish

2021-03-06 | 🔗
Molly Bish was 16 years old and working as a lifeguard at Comins Pond in Warren. She’d only been working there about a week on June 27th, 2000 when her mother dropped her off for her 10:00 shift. Swimmers would be arriving any minute, but just minutes later when they started piling in for swim lessons, there was no lifeguard on duty. In a matter of minutes Molly vanished, but it would be three years before her partial remains would be discovered, and over twenty with no answers. This case remains unsolved to this day, although the investigation is very much active. **Anyone With information about the Molly Bish case should call the State Police tip line at 508-453-7575 Sources: https://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-xpm-2003-06-22-0306220015-story.html https://www.telegram.com/article/20090128/NEWS/901280281 https://www.boston25news.com/news/molly-bish-rodney-stanger-may-have-crossed-paths-1/141310989/  https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/mass_roundup/2013/09/molly-bish-remains-palmer-racetrack.html https://storiesoftheunsolved.com/2019/04/10/the-murder-of-molly-bish/https://www.masslive.com/news/2013/09/family_of_murdered_teenager_mo.html   As always thank you to our sponsors: CBS’s For Heaven’s sake  ThredUp: Get an extra 30% off your first order at thredUP.com/MORBID Daily Harvest: Go to DAILYHARVEST.com and enter promo code morbid to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! Squarespace: Head to Squarespace.com/MORBID for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MORBID to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain
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Right now, why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earned too tight is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is Sally in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop. Your dinner favorites after four p m wow rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the while. I acknowledge going today. A weirdos, I'm ashen, I'm alina- and this is morbid. This is more I felt like the old times and I would say it did then
as two souls alone or simplistic than are usually has just something about today: yeah. Well, it's nighttime and we don't usually record at night. We don't something spooky sudden nostalgic about it. Yeah! It's it's like the first time that we like recorded, and you know what speaking of nostalgia. why just had to say in case I just wanted to let everybody knows that we there was illegal. Does a few episodes at our back catalogued that, unlike you know, we always talk about how we were like underwater, sound quality was terrible. You all know you all loved it, I'm not don't worry because people I remember I mentioned at once- and people are like don't like take out any of the old episodes are like redo them because they like show your growth yeah, which is also like I love that loves, as we said, that that's really cool and I'm not I'm not gonna like remove all these episodes are anything, but we are going to be trying to re master a few of them and make them sound a little better. Just so new people who come to the podcast aren't hearing
that as their mirsky will cause not to stay yeah, not everybody is as forgiving like, though we just want to try to make it better and there's a couple that leg, was listening to them and not only is the sound quality bad but like I was like you know, I feel like I've read more about that case now and, like I didn't include these details that are shit yeah, but you know they mean, and it's just like it's. I just want to do it. Better. So if you see he's getting moved around in our back catalogue or, like you know, dated at all, don't be like. Oh my god, where did that episode? Go it's comin back Iacchus, gonna be lies, being tweaked yeah, we're gonna be tweaking some episodes here and there and will let you know. Let me guess what you didn't need to know about vanilla child. So I had vessel that almost said the exact labour there there's a few episodes where I was listening back to them and I was like yeah, we went on liquid too far a tangent, sometimes Yes, just like fur own, like it just as a represent, what we wanted to represent all the time so
I just want to let you guys know. Just in case you were like: where did that episode Gore why's? That episode suddenly slightly different excuse me MA, am but don't worry ones when we, I update, episodes or re master them redo them we're gonna, let you know so, unlike than whatever episode I do at the next week, I'll be like hey by the way guys go check out that up soak as we did it. so, you will be in the dark homo blah blah, but I just want to let you know so you do you know where on this together, we want to know what's going on behind the scenes, while in trying to make it a little more palatable for everybody in the back uh huh. Well, I'm because we're all in this together. Let's talk about the fact that some of you are like why the fuck did you refund my shell? Why did you just give me mine, what's happening so basic we are doing right now is that almost recent goal venue, unlike show that we had we're still we're going to do them, but right now we are refunding you.
because we have no idea when it's gonna be acceptable to gather in large crowds yeah in these places, dont want to behold your money hostage. While we try to figure out no, what dates are happening like when it's gonna happen. Yeah and you know what may Be- will do different values in those same places but yeah like uh, maybe like a fun cemetery. Oh yeah, we're gonna, make it a little leg or, like I regard creative about it. So if we were coming to Europe City and you have our please, don't work you like we're not like we're not coming weeks. Our lie load that would have been funded by the no we're going to we. Just we don't wanna. We don't want those values. Like hang onto your money, while we try to figure out what dates this is gonna happen to cause. That's not really fair and also we, like ash, said we're trying to link change the venue a little in the same city. We want it to be a little more like an inexperienced. Yes, we have
dear we ve had a lot of time with cove intellect really talk about. It might really conceptualize some funding the amount Pinterest boards that I can then I'm the only one that you're not going to you're, not gonna, get really fun with it s, not the only one where you're not gonna, see refund his Boston because we still plan do that show Yanza Wilbur is happening not on that date. Most likely ass, not this month interact and when I say most likely, I mean at all absolutely not now that's can be rescheduled, so that will be rescheduled. So just hang on to that because we will update you as soon as we know the Wilburn just like a little up in the air. I now when you cannot happen and we don't want, like twelve hundred of you know, I gather and must be the reason. That's our thing: just idle. We really dont, want alike, encourage people to gather too soon. No contains little hypocritical. to a place of lake
air like we're going to a place of vaccine in a place of heard immunity yeah, and we want to just let that ride out for a little while, so that everybody can feel safe. Yet everybody can feel comfortable so that I don't have to hear a single one of you sneeze during my fucking sat. Could that's it? That's all it is about. An ash doesn't want to hear a sleaze caught up not only gave way, because we care about you and you know what I'm saying is that we need to hold a baby's. We don't want anybody getting sick so and we do want encourage it now for it's ok, so we can't wait like trust me, I am craving can't wait. Again. We just want to be responsible. We want to be fair, it everybody. So if you see those refunds coming in yes, what that asks, what that is look out cause will let you know as soon as we're coming back like I don't you scared always ladybugs. So it's on, like we have these little sounds things so that we know we're not echoing in its in front of me and all of a sudden. I just see this creepy crow
showing up this item at the foot of thought, in the way that I was just so ladybug says the lovely little lady but Agro. Ah, I think that was all the business right. I think so. unlike even if there's more like too much time by so, let's get into it. I had mentioned last week that you know we work and dubious extravaganza right quite now, because we are not the right time and then so. What I It was. I went back on the patriotic as it was. The Venus extravaganza was a patron pick and I still wanted the pitcher on to feel like they got their full, yes backs. You're. So I went on the original postwar. Everybody was like picking the things, and I was like what cases where, like super super requested, the two that, where the most requested, where the Molly Bush, storing and Dominic done, so I'm gonna do as the popular vote. I hated even say that was Molly, Bush and so I'll. Be I'm gonna do that today and then next week I'm gonna do the Dominic done story whoop, so without further
Molly an bash was born on August. Second, nineteen. Eighty three, her parents are John Senior and Maggie Bush adorable Name and Maggie is monkey with an eye on Phonemes Magdalen. I believe oh look or Magdalena either for most of us, so yet she had two older siblings, Heather and John Junior and the family was originally from Detroit, but Maggie and John decided it just wasn't the best place for them to raise their young kids and actually something that made a huge impact on their decision to move was the abduction of a young girl who lived close by while yeah? Why Yup, so they moved to a quiet, Massachusetts, town called Warren. I've ever been there ever heard of it. Yeah have been, It is literally like it's like a different world like Oklahoma. I fear it so quaint, that's very queer. It's a beautiful yeah, so Johnson,
actually worked as a police officer and Maggie was able to stay at home with the kids and tell her youngest Molly started. Kindergarten and Maggie said that there are two sides to Molly. She could be like really shy or she could be super funny and she compared her humour to like Lucy for my love, Lucy, Oh, I look like that was Molly's kind of funny. Lucille ball. That's a great icon to be compared to humor was a huge compliment. Good foreigners you sounded like she must have been very hot shit. Now Molly was the kind of girls who include everybody. Her mom said that she never wanted any one left out and not people were just naturally drawn to Molly, she had one of those like phases. Personalities, energies that people want to be around? We did have one of those faces. She is when we see a picture very like she's, like drop dead, Laguna, unified and you just want to know our yet she just like you know I like you, can tell somebody's, nice person, yeah, there's no way the address radiates Nanowne up office. Who so Bali was not only a kind funny kid. She was also
blunted athlete she pay played softball soccer basketball doom and, on top of, all of that she was also an honor student wow and She was an honour student that hope to some day work with children. That was I'm what she wanted to do up. So she was outgoing is popular among her friends and high school. She had a boyfriend that she had recently gone to prom with and This was summer now, and everybody was going to be heading into their senior year that far so in the meantime, not summer, Molly wanted to work as a lifeguard at a nearby pond, and her brother John had actually worked as lifeguard commons pond too, and he was the one who got her set up for working yeah. I think he had worked there for like the three years before she started work. So was almost like not like a family gig but like like kind rather black ass down his job here, so he showed her how to set up
the day he laughed remembering like teaching or how to look for snakes, which, although adorable, and he heard rang and adorned with NATO hates makes he showed her. Just like the ins and outs of the job Somalia been working for a week and she was doing it and then on the morning of June twenty seventh, two thousand. She got bad news. her mother, she was getting ready for work and her mother had to tell her that one of her friends that cheaply soccer with was actually in the hospital and critical condition and she had been hit by a car. While she was writing or bike. Oh yeah, I was a very serious, so Molly was obviously super upset, but it was too late to call into work and there to be swim, lessons that day and shooting what a mess them choose excited about them, sir. She may consumer responsible decision to go in for her chef while which, at sixteen years old, I feel like thou the really like mature decision really. What I think that says a lot about her tat would have been much easier to make the other decision for sure,
streaming. Only on Pique I knew of it No common me punk bank. We are lady parts confused mixed champions saw a girl, our repute, turnover from where we are all so streaming now only arbiter, streaming only on Pique I knew of it no common me punk bank. We are lady parts confused mixed. champions saw a girl, our repute, turnover from where we are all so streaming now only arbiter. A sound Maggie drove Molly to the police station to pick up the two way, radio that the lifeguards would use. They would like you to contact the police if there was an emergency and they also stop to grab a couple of water bottles when they got to the pond. Molly told him she loved her and ran up your post to stand up for the day.
So by tat, I am the swimmers who Molly was like looking forward to helping and looking after they arrived at the pond, but there was no lifeguard on duty yeah, so the parents of the swimmer for like that's, weird and monitor the moms, took the post herself for the time being. Could somebody had to do it yeah and she saw TAT. There were flipped flops in the sand by the post and that the two a radio was there, a first aid kit was there and there was a backpack and actually the first aid kit was open. So it's very clear that there was a lifeguard they're, getting points very clear. That Molly was there yet set up for the day like us, it seemed like somebody had been there to set up and then just vanished. I hate this case this case. If I'm already, just I know I'm literally wrapped in a blanket rehab, Chelles Somalis boss was in armed that she was nowhere to be found, so he contacted the police when she didn't show up it's like. Ok, I'm like why don't you also call her parents but well yeah? Anyone
think about so the police immediately assumed that Molly had ran off with friends, even though there is nothing about her character. That, like could have aided in that abrupt decision that you suddenly just abandon her job and run out with she's, been working for a week. She'd, never done that before or lay yeah she does. It didn't come off like she was. I mean she six do you, I guess I don't know if that's just like literally in my own course she's very responsible and she seems like a more responsible. Sixteen year old girl. I don't know her still a sixteen year old, so their privileges, leg and that's how they looked at literally, I wrote like the stereotype of sixteen year old. Girls like she ran, if they knew, I think they knew that her friend had been the hospital there like baby. That's what happened where that an up, but that wasn't molly. She wouldn't do that now so Molly still had turned up by one o clock. One o clock p m at this point: the police contact at her parents to let them know what was going on. So it's been three hours since Maggie's dropped her daughter. Often she has no idea that light. I can't find her two minutes.
After she left some like something happen, and it happened so quick yet because the First swimmers arrived like a little bit after ten like a few minutes after ten yeah. That's the part there really gets me about this summit. How quickly this happened, somebody what had. In my opinion, somebody had been watching her for a little while, New, the routine knew the routine knew. What time she got there and we'll see later on that there is like a point where, like they could have been hiding and like that Maggie, wouldn't have seen them in you now Ali and absolutely so. Well, We can argue adding yeah, so they contact parents ought to know what's going on, but they stopped that she would turn up and had just gone off with their friends and Maggie in all of her family. Like now Zone Maggie called me alleys, older sister Heather, now Maggie's the monstrous. I think them to get a little confusing yeah Maggie calls Molly's older sister Heather to let her know. What's going on and other promptly heads over to help
mom search for Molly. They knew something wasn't right about this entire situation and they were like if, though, else is going to investigate and like fuck it. We will be, of course, so they started com acting Molly's friends. They went to her boyfriend's house. They check to see if she had visited that friend in the hospital. No, no, no. She wasn't anywhere that they looked. Nobody had heard from her. Nobody said like they heard that she was gonna go here or there anywhere yeah like this. Wasn't I so she just checked out now the police propose that maybe she had drowned, which they were like her family was, I I know like first of all of the pond yeah, then she's a lifeguard she's a lifeline, and they really not that lifeguards can't ground. But it's like, of course they can, but they were like no she's, a very strong swimmer and it felt like there was whether that day or anything were the longer like the pond water win on rough. When would she have drowned while that is done? arrived at our post. It didn't really make any sense. I think that they do
and you believe you gotta think of anything at this point right. do you want an answer? You're not gonna immediately be like she was abducted. What are you going to hope that? Maybe you should like that, but I'm not a police officer. I feel it should just over a year, yeah, always overreacts yeah. You know, but so her brother, John, even gotten the water to search for his sister himself. was diving all around trying to find any sign of Molly now the investing it actually made him come out so that they could bring in their boats and diverse law. They looked and looked and looked, Molly had not drown. She was not anywhere, Water and then Maggie remembered something that would haunt this case for, like the next twenty years to come, a white car had been parked in the law that, in the lot the day early hour so the previous day and the man sitting inside a really freaked Maggie, so much so that she actually didn't leave Molly alone until the cart left. Ah, yeah sure
oh, that she saw a man sitting in a white parked cars, smoking a cigarette, and she saw him staring and actually most of the articles on a red said glaring at Molly what the MIA and she said there was immediately this horrible feeling in her got while she stared back at the man like a self proclaimed Mama bear like like try ass with my daughter like so he said. Right back at her and then finally drove away o thou. It I'd be way to horrified by that, but I think she was like Ho John worked here for like three years- and I mean you're, not gonna- think this person is like no gonna come back Of course, not your immediate, like hindsight. Right now, I'm like like in the moment, you're gonna, believe he's gonna bet he's gone. That was, your dad he's gone yeah, and actually the morning that Molly went missing Maggie was relieved because when they got there there was a sand delivery truck. So she was like ok Molly. She was it. I wasn't. Gonna leave her alone after TAT happened that day, but now I see that this, yet it there's no there's workers here, there's other people and
She actually Molly had arrived a little bit late. That Alex. I think she was to be there before ten. If we would like there to the summers are gonna, be here any minute: yeah she's, not alone, and so the day. before she had actually walked Molly to her post and hung out for a while until she was sure that the creepy manager been off and she was able to give all the details of the man's features to sketch artist and a composite skull was made? Showing an older man with a large mustache dark eyes and salt and pepper hair holding a cigarette disfiguring Edmund. Like me, so the first one was done and she was like cool, but they actually had a second sketch artist come in named. I believe it's Jean boiling and will post that one, because that is like the moon, well known, and the case like, if you are going it right now, is gonna say that I know is on gathered, so I made a believe it to Jean makes it so. The our fine he's terrifying, I hate it. Yeah survive.
Point: the police, the worn police are realising that they have a missing persons case on their hands and they decide to bring in the police, because Warrington Warrens, like we send them beginning a quaint, little quiet town like Nothing like this happen, vaguer, exert and that's the other reason why I am sure that wasn't the first thing, the popped in her head that this guy's gonna come back and do something it's like this. This is a key time and time again. I think it doesn't happen a lot here. That is a thing right, but I mean I was really happy to see that the warrant police were like. You know we don't have expert he's in this area. Let's bring in the state police good idea like we have talked about so in many cases where they're like nope. We can really goes get into, though, in the way and so nice when, because we ve had a few that have done this, which it's like thinken yeah, that's like when they let the egos go, and I like, we need some help. We ran, handle that right, yes, not to say that there were mistakes made during the investigation are definitely were, but you know, but at least they handed thing. You know
give credit we added to ethics speck, so the first night came and went obviously without Molly's return. Molly's father John Bush said quote it's hard for me to scrap to describe that sinking hollow feeling you have, as divers are looking for your daughter as dogs are coming through the woods, and police officers are searching and interviewing people, and I almost immediately began to think that something really horrible had happened. I never ever can put myself in that state of mind, deny can't and every time I hear it. Unlike I don't I just wanna like hugged these people, I know well. This lake makes me actually want to hug you and and I even Hungary, because I like almost started crying when I read my God, Molly Sister Heather, remembered how surreal about first night was and she said that she kept going outside just like thinking, maybe in hoping that her sisters, kidnapper, was just going to drop her off because you think like it's like when you have done something entirely crap. Why did I do that country wind?
feeling? Yes, let in it like this case she's like. Maybe this will happen, let a month and Gerald yeah, maybe it'll just happened right and Heather and her sister had started to become like cause. How there was a little bit older, and so they were starting to get closer cause now Molly was getting older and they were Canada. Heather said like having establishing more like adult sister relationship yeah, it's always fun. When that happens, actually Cosette up, it was like you know with us yet, and it also happens like me, my brother, like eight years apart yet and when we got to that like point where you're like suddenly at this good place right, you get each other's humor now and you I'm cool like you can hang out, because the older refined, like oh you're, like a real person, how chill with you now lay guy? It's I'm not just making fun of you all. The time like I can actually hang out with the Algerian member a little tackle. Yeah, like I remember that point with J P and those like the data. That is the barrier. I remember that point like, even with my little sister yeah, it happens in every sibling relationship
so the next day there was a massive search. There were helicopters, search dogs, tons of people heading out promptly at six, a dot m to find Molly business is printed out missing persons, flyers neighbours joined on on the search people tied, yellow ribbons throughout the neighbour. I remember that in oh, my god, this broke my heart. I saw an interview with Maggie or it may have been a quote where she said like the yellow whip ribbons floating throughout the air like later on. They, they discover some remains and she was like it was almost like Molly's hair, like flowing in the window yeah and she was like it was like she was there before. We knew that oil or that just gave me like full chill again We don't know why it reminded me of the lovely bones, but no it does one hundred percent Natalia yeah because you're, seeing like the families grieving ah yeah, this case really desires. Member. When this was going on in the family or just like your heart, shattered for them. Wherefore Massachusetts that other legs always you're. My like Burma,
family or you're. My Massachusetts family yeah, like I feel, like I feel so empathetic there family actually reminds me so much of our family. Just like based on like that that idea, and unlike yeah, it's uh, it's horrible! So yeah! But not turned up, so this sir asked me: the scene back at the beach was essentially demolished because number one nobody thought that, like it, it was, did took too long to become I'm seeing in the first place because they were like. Oh, she ran away and even before but he knew anything. There is already like swimmers that are running for the day. The day is beginning the mom set up at the lifeguard post cuz. She didn't know what was going on the course. Not so you know it was just a mollusk. Tried to get what they ve got. But the other thing is so comprehensive, frickin beach there
and every like. What are you gonna get really oh yeah out, I mean outdoor crime scenes forget about it. Anyways it's always harder, but then you add like next to the water right with you know your next to the waters. Windy air rise, this Meister roundly it's just too it's a nightmare, but something that really bothered the investigators working of like what they had a scene was that the first aid kit was opened. Like I say why was it open like? It is just some like a little detail that will become much better when you, set it at first. I like that story. It's just a little weird, while in what they wondered was maybe somebody approached Molly and gained her trust by like leading her to believe that they were injured in some way like TED Bundy. Oh, you have a mandate or to have this and got hurt it like grab something hop down from her post and help them, and then they probably GIS scooped or on an island. That seems so likely lately to us, because it's like a TED Bundy thing. They pray on somebody who will help them right and I mean she's a lifeguard laden she's like
she's, like that's my job, ashes of sweet girl, cell s, she's, a kind verse and, of course, she's gonna help has a first sacred right and it's a perfect wake, as I always thought that too was like the lifeguard, but a poster like oh your high in the air. That's like a good place to be. I guess, if you're being attack as it's like, they have to get you down right, but to get her down. That's a perfect way to do. It examines they knew its much harder to get them down right. So that say preyed on an even worse. They prayed on her kindness, yet now right off the bat They are thinking that we are, but obviously they have to clear. The people that they know exist, of course, are her boss and her boyfriend, where the first people looked into as like people of interest, but they both had either alibis or pass their polygraph tired. So they were quickly like now. It wasn't them now the news of the working man in the car. There was a roadblock set up and a tip line established, so people over all recalling end to say all kinds of things, and obviously we have lacked the people that just wanna call because their born on Tuesday
in their like article. I saw Molly unlike Wisconsin, or I saw her here like they were just saying. Like all parts of the country, I hate that people do that. Acting like she was a runaway. It's like to get a life still, do get a hobby seriously like a different hobby. We can you for one second, but like I understand that this girl has a family right leg, your destroying every time you do that land. Here's the deal she could have still been alive while you're calling in that Tipp that she's half way across the country or something like that and I'm there. Looking into that and that's precious time wasted, exact where they could potentially rescued her example. No, what happened? That's it! That's the thing. It always derails the investigation, because it sends it sometimes on a wild, goose chase, and it's like, and while there are looking into this, some shit he's goin down overhear, exactly sewing I just don't understand like what you gain from that. I dont get people's mentality that do that now, like I'm, really getting that some shady shit and I'm I just
imagine like sorting through the tips and being like being the one determine what we're gonna go after him. What we're? Not? Yes, that's like a really hard job had assuming yeah so Some people are saying she's up way across the country, but other people reported that They had seen that white car at the cemetery. A few days pray here with a man in it who looked similar to the sketch, and then some people say that he was near the pond. Just a couple minutes before Maggie and Molly arrived oh yeah, and there was actually a trail on on the beach leading to not cemetery. I think it was like one article I read said it was a fork in the beach and went on a side of it led to that cemetery brush your summer? It why? Why beat the heat with our handcraft its These were pressures or refreshing or handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy? Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit
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oh yeah. I would know that he has a very does. He honestly looks like Mattel does dad you gonna, like bit of activity to be given to how do I love you were here look very distinct. Mustache is very distinct. I very distinct the eyes really early thing that are like I've been like that. Had wrinkles in the way. His error is part aid like very specific, no shape. I dont a day. If you saw him, you will again that is, have Bialik identifies that guy, it's not just a guy with a moustache and not very specific guy in its Emel posted Leah and then that trail. Actually, police ended up investigating it, but they came up with nothing really is nothing there again, it's outside, so it so hard work. the thing like I say it so easy to lose evidence. I'm not the only thing I guess that like they could have gotten, was like tire tracks, but maybe there weren't any yeah, I'm and who's to say that he was in the cemetery. That's again, just a tip sounded just
doing things those gonna feds slammed into my microphone. I'm sorry we talk when I am, I do say acid leg things were being castigating nothing's, turning up They are on like that The funders in the area were interviewed their polygraph. Actually few of them did not pass their polygraph tests huh, but there wasn't really. There is like a couple people that didn't and there was nothing to hold them on really, and no I mean they don't have a shred of evidence. So what are they gonna? Do not really an ado can't do much with just a pollyanna. You can't be like. I think you lied and also it's weird, that, like multiple of live near strange, I think maybe it's just like nerves yeah. Second, I feel like I could never pass one of those. I think I would just be like the day and if you're coming in his sex offender already you're, probably already de nervous nervous when she should be termed an excellent, don't do it so the next Big Tipp would not come until May of two thousand three three years after Molly Bash went missing
well yeah a hunter from that area had seen a blue bathing suit in the woods and a nearby town called polymer, which have actually literally never I front of Merit Massachusetts Wendell. Went to investigate. They did find a piece from what they determined to be Molly's bathing suit. Not only did her father remember by not bathing suit with his daughter. It was like this very specific blue and white color. They said like he was like. I know that was but dna testing confirmed that it was Molly's audits, fuck. Now, once the bathing suit was found, there was another mass of search, and actually it was the biggest search in Massachusetts. State history, oh yeah yeah, I was ever where absolutely every eye was in high school and this happened. I was everywhere yeah. I dont remember it because I think I was literally beers. Old, Azure anywhere you're. Really I mean in two thousand three or what like eight years old I will not enter does our. I was a media to the matter.
yeah, but I don't remember this and archives, and so little- and I think, probably if it was on the news to somebody What what's not without a lantern that others five year olds in here, but yeah, so that Hugh huge, huge search, massive search biggest in? U s in? U S in Massachusetts, history and then the first week of June there were multiple grim discoveries. Partial remains were found in Palmer in an area called Whisky Hill, a lock of hair and a tongue ring were also and all confirm to be Molly saw and I'd ever those like a really cute story because, like I think it's like, I think, she's about us fairly convincing your parents together tongue ring. I knows you to say what a vat rate and John Senior remember taking Molly to get her tongue pierced the previous spring, and he was like the only we like reason than I did. It is that she promised, she quote wink at any time to use or any other beer things until she was forty five that eyes that those like a cute like story when she seems like she was such a glinda good can t. I M Ling, pretty risk
sensible there, like a rebellion. What you want to do, if you kid, is that good and now I could get my tongue pierce like it's not per and now in areas like if it especially into thousands they had now. I remember even in like when I was in high school people are so getting their taxpayers, oh yeah, but like, and I feel it back. Then it was like such a thorough is a huge thing then. So I thought that was just like a key historic father. Darcy hardly seem like they were like an honest bond between them with something like really it said her parents, you seem so cool way. I seem like really just like down to earth sweet people, her mom in like ice, the beginning, her mom was saying how Molly had like I love, Lucy sense of humor Your mom in interviews each has like this smile and obviously it's like she smiling through a lot of pain, but you can tell that she's like
China, goofy and silly tee. I like she just gives that by above famously, like really fucking awesome people say really sacks on this shit, because it's always to these kind of people exact. I know I hate it so much now only twenty Six of the two hundred and six bones that make up the human body were found, while twenty six, why Maggie in John actually had to wait to collect their daughters, remains and wait. hold a funeral service so that everything can be analyzed and and then they were advised against cremating Molly's remains in case like any new testing or India that came about now. I can so. Molly's remains were buried along with her prom dress and a tall hon of letters from written by friends and family while and link with the prom dress. It's like
could you forget? She literally just went to problems fuckin, sixteen like white, and this is really just gonna- drive the point homelike how her effect this case was and how much this poor families offered Molly was buried on what would have been her twentieth birthday while August second tee thou like it's just her effect. So, let's get until I HU the hectic this now who the fuck did the right. I was so there's we're going into suspects and I'm like reluctant to even say suspects, because so far in the past twenty years that this case has been ongoing and open and everything no arrests have ever been made, which is crazy. Nuts, it's been, I mean twenty one years now. I know what it feels like two thousand three or like oh yeah, that was a few years ago now in two thousand and she disappear, but there have been a lot of different persons of interest along the way. Now the first person was named in February of two thirds
this is a man named Rodney O stagger I beliefs, I sat. He was arrested in Florida for the murder of his girlfriend crystal Morrison. He stabbed her thirty nine times and nearly decapitated visa, so that just goes to show What kind of not Crystal Sister Bonnie actually came forward to give information that she thought might be helpful in the Molly Bitch investigation. I'll know she said that, she and her sister haven't spoken for like almost twenty years and then out of the Blue Bonnie got a call from crystal and Crystal Doll. Honey that she was sure tat. She was going to be murdered by her boyfriend Robbie that night in the entire its first. While the conversation starts off like and then the rest of the conversation is just like very bizarre. It was almost like she was speaking Crystal speaking Bonnie in some kind of like code, wow and cheek
you don't talk to over twenty years and in that all policies like I'm fairly, certain omit to be murdered. Delight I mean what the fuck right, so we also took crystal also told her sister that she needed the phone numbers for the FBI and the Massachusetts State police Remember where Sir Lever in florida- and she was like- I don't need florida- please I mean Massachusetts, eight lights and she wanted both parties to come and talk to her in Rodney about murder, murders. Oh that's, weird yup! Now it's getting weirder because crystal actually comment and a couple times and seem to be making a point about asking Bonnie about her bird, like is Bonnie had this bird that was like squawking. In the background and crystal like kept commenting on it, there was multiple phone calls and she's. Like one day, Bonnie told her the bird's name cuz she asked and she was like okay and then the next night she asked the bird's name, and she's like a. How did she already like the article are, achieves account she already forget? We just talked about the yeah embody
reminded crystal that that birds name is Molly, and then phone went silent and Annie realised that there was a reason why crystal was making a point to mention the bird whites and like I guess she was like its Molly and then there was silence and then Bonnie was like. Oh, my god and Crystal is like yeah like, oh, my god. Yeah did Romney, look like the sketch. Oh ok, we'll get into. Oh, my god, I'm stress now, Rodney believe it or not so remember there in Florida, but believe it or not. Here she lived in Southbridge Massachuset Massachusetts, which is over about fifteen miles away from a war in which would be illegal. Twenty five minute drier unknowns. Limit nothin he was, crazy, that I don't I don't remember hearing about this really is it's really says like actually new. To me. This has been two thousand eight. I think there is just like Polly Southern Asia, so yeah he was an x
Arians Hunter and fishermen with a known background of violence against women, obviously, and that was exactly who the official authorities were looking at time. They said it's probably somebody just like that between the ages of eighteen. Fifty now we get narrow, like that, you just now more than that, but there are Hunter there, fishermen, they know the area yeah, there's Europe definitely violent. Now, Rodney was quote familiar with commons, pond and whisky Hill and, if that's not enough for you, this sky lived, quote: three tenths of a mile away from the. Why am I see a in Southbridge where Molly got her? Lifeguard certification shut up now shut the front door shut the fuck, door shut. It Molly's dad work part time at a hospital and southbridge, so he would bring Molly to our classes and pick her up when they were done, but there were some
She got out earlier, like he had to stay late, so she would hang out around the area and there was a local coffee shop that she would usually hang out at until like her dad would come get her now. One of the private investigators who worked for the Bush family, his name is Tom, Shannon Socketless, I say it, he said quote it's a very significant because it's a possible explanation of where Rodney Stegner Maiya first encountered Molly Bish. This is not a heavily populated area, it's quite possible that the two of them met their. She may have been chatted up. He may have extradited information from her name Lee She was going to be employed at Commons Pont. This yeah yeah like this. There are so many pieces that fit here I'll, absolutely so, and Tom felt that way to the private investigators. he actually went to visit, robbed me in prison because number he's in prison for literally learning
murdered his girlfriend. He went to go speak with him and he showed Rodney a picture of Mali and he said that broadly wouldn't even look at the picture. I glanced at it and pushed it back across the table like didn't want to look at it. I feel like Rodney, didn't I'm like shocked right now, so you're going to be even more shocked. Now going back to Crystal Sister Bonnie. She was the one who had to go into the home of her sister was murdered together all of her sisters, belongings, took a little while I think Bonnie was experiencing like some health issues, but so took a little while when she got there. She found broadening his wallet with a copy of his firearms licence, and she said quote when I first saw the F idea said to myself: oh my god This guy could have sat there imposed for that. Sketch word
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or you can use the Wawa app to order ahead or get it delivered make your morning even brighter. With a cup of freshly brewed, blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time got to have a Wawa, so in our post, their picture of his firearms licence, which is from Massachusetts aid, is essentially identical like when she says that he could have sat satin posed for it that it's not an exaggeration at all. I need, unlike ok, stop it like write it up at its saying now, Bonnie also found in this is so creepy that we like a recently covered a case for some being similar happened. Bonnie also found a bag of hair accessories like clips and merits that she was like these definitely did not belong to Molly. She thought she was like these born to a child flick. Then there is like a whole thing of them. A bag of them lights
in the home? Yes, and then here there's one more thing on robbed me: I hate this. his eyes. His brother Randy owned a White Chrysler and both of them move to Florida together. Pretty shortly after Molly disappeared. Ok, hello, oh my god! So because we talked about Ronnie males have to talk about his brother Andy, the white, the White Chrysler owning raw. He was actually connected missing persons case himself, oh wildly, No, but the Holly parent, Purina Kate burn in case the tonnes very familiar. We looked at how to say- and I wrote it fanatically permanent permanent that sounds very familiar. Social Holly was attack. You're a little girl and she went missing from Stir Bridge Massachusetts and ninety ninety three she had been, I believe, vacationing with her grandmother and she and her little brothers that took like a short walk to just a neighbour's house. They were checking out like some new puppies up and Abraham
somewhere along the way they got, separated and Zack came back without her and when the adults at every one went back to look for her. All that was left of her was a shoe by the side of the road. Oh my god, and this little girl must have been like absolutely like super super smart because she had just gone to a camp and they talked about like what you should do. If you're like being abducted or something like that- and they said- like- leaves something behind so her family thinks that she like probably kicked off that shoe, unlike tied behind a sign at ten years old rip, my heart out of my just yet now again, Missus really horrible. Two weeks later, Holly's body was found in the woods of Brim, failed Massachusetts right off of five bridge road. Now I've been to bring failed for the Antique fair. You know who I like a huge vanity fair, who else had been too prevailed? Although immigrant antique there but that just like bums meal Randy had been in that area. Oh I'm shocked, and actually
Those are living in those same woods in a tent where he was just offered. Stop it yeah coincidence. I think not know this. Too much now. People who hunted with both brothers lay Guide to the authorities that they were pretty close to five bridge road when they were hunting like and they had like seen it before. The brothers have like pointed it out to them and then like there's over there now Holly's little brother had flashbacks later on it, like images of this man, that he thought he saw in two thousand five. These flashback started happening and he was able to talk scotch artist in the man that he described, looks a lot like Randy, and he had never seen Randy before me. I ever seen a picture of Amr anything and then Two thousand eleven dna from Holly's crime scene was actually able to connect to a man named David Pool yet think, as I said, and he that DNA connected him to this theme so like he was at those
at the crime scene, but he wasn't named a suspect and he passed away in two thousand three huh yeah. Now I didn't look to deepen to it, because this is mostly about Molly and maybe we'll cover Holly's disappearance at another point in time, but I pretty certain her case is still open and there was actually somebody's body was exude. That was that they thought was like in connection with the guy, how ya that's horrific so again, even its wild. So bad the connections between Molly and Holly's case, are like very eerie amongst the least, and it's not only the suspects involved because they were, but ten years old in nineteen. Ninety three figure that Holly went missing. And Molly actually wrote, Holly's family, a letter because she was so touched by the case star and she told them that she hoped that they would find Holly soon. Oh, my god, so
Lydia like this. This is so streets. I don't even know what to say about so I dont even nuts while now and I do feel it worth mentioning that these two girls had similar features. Like blog ere, I did blue eyes thereof, ducks these were sort of similar both having been in like pretty secluded areas where there was like a cordon quote adult around Europe, where that is very weird, yes, but Rodney, and many were not the only people of interests. There was another man named as a suspect by another private investigator on Molly's case, and this was Dan Molly This man named as suspects and by day Molly, was Gerald about a Sony Gerald. Is a disgusting like monster pedophile, just the lowest of the low oh yeah he's horrible and he had some shocking connections not only tamales case but Holly's as well. Both cases. Now he was named, assess backed by the p in two thousand and eleven when
was already in prison for raping a teenage girl in the nineties discussing and the girl who he raped was the daughter of a woman that he had been dating yeah this woman that he raped this young girl. Said that he she asked me, he had assaulted her or sexually assaulted her over one hundred time. Oh my god, yes, and it seems that he was like quite literally obsessed with her. He told her. There was like multiple brutal police reports of regarding this case. He told her tat. He loved her in front of the police, who were called when he broke a restraining order just to go, see her. What's so, it's not unlikely to think that girls may happen stopping this young girl and here's. What we heard about that when Molly Bush went missing in two thousand, the rape victim was act living on commons pot commons on road stop, so he got it just been there you're doing what he was doing. Your happened to find and helping to find Molly and, like
what I mean, I don't even want, and also I just looked up- have a photo of him. He looks like those eyes yeah those eyes, throw those eyes, the same fucking eyes from that. But this carrier thing is, I mean Rodney looks like him to make its, but I'm gonna be honest, general a little like him. Those I agree with those are very specific and that sketch the looks like that guy did absently does slap a mustache on him and he's him while he has a mustache strongly felt on the moat while in the photo. I thought you didn't, there's a reason for the care of thought. I care this case is stressing me out, so he also had connections to Holly's case the woman that he been dating. The victim's mother was a real estate agent, who had a home listed right near Holly's, grandmother's house and like the woman, the mother of the victim, her name and picture, and everything was on that sign. So I don't know if it was like some kind of like revenge like doing it in an area where the mother,
because he was a donor but weird that yeah. Those two cases are connected to that man is while very strange and yet very strange and all The day that Molly went missing Gerald was working on his wife at the time her car, which was a white sedan, ok and mean come. He told her that he took it first. Spin out and Warren, where Molly went missing. Yeah and his wife said that weird because he didn't have a license at the time and that once news of Molly's disappearance broke, he shave, his moustache and stopped going places like stayed at home most of the time, I'd truly. When I looked at that photo of general, does that's the guy all just though eyes
You seem a little fucking eyes specific. They are so specific in both of those sketches daddy's him yachts. It's it's compelling now. Definitely runny was very compelling. Do I know a lot of its very compelling that those eyes man I'd like about the us- don't lie they d the windows to the solely as a mile Gerald, also loved. He liked to crime he loved to launch court tv and he would talk about true crime, a lot of talk about the case as he would watch some cases over and over again. He also would apparently like cut out like brood old newspaper clippings and just leave them around the house fun and be like this is ongoing to kill you like to his wife, so Corky. Yes, accordingly, the super Corky ah, but for some reason, when his wife brought up the Molly Bush case to him here long talk about it at all and heat. Walter quote, sometimes there's just no evidence. I I come on and by the way, Charles,
had been known and it is cited in police reports. He had been known to impersonate a police officer so, like we said, like the First, aid kit was open sure. Maybe that meant something. Maybe a dinner I mean. Maybe she thought she was helping. A police are one hundred percent, so maybe so we got Molly to trust him and he learned her away when she tried to help him Gerald looks good for this man. Do you know if he was a smoker? I don't. I was going to say it's probably not always know, that's a lie. I do know actually sorry sorry, sorry, his wife, because I didn't find this anywhere. I sought in one article. So I'm not sure if this is the absolute truth, but I guess I d like made it a point to her when she was doing the composite sketch till it say how the guy was holding the cigarette Erlich he's holding in a certain way in the picture yeah. I didn't think it was like any specific way, but I feel like that's how most people hold it, but is
Wife said that there was like a certain way that he would hold a cigarette, and she said it. You still piss her off real and she noticed that did that the man sketches like holding it. Similarly, Herb Maggie said that he was casino, was a smoker he's holding it between his two fingers. Leah airy leg, but his fingers are very like rigid, like I pointed out like almost like somebody would be like parroting someone like smuggling move look. You cigarette guys looks like you would be making fun of someone smoking cigarettes, yeah, I'm so cool, because most people it's a little sideways more though maybe hold it like between their fingers just like very casually, but this he looks very rigid. You appoint angers. It is a very specific wade, older cigarette, so I mean there, you have it right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn too tight
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I'm sorry I Gerald so, is that and then it is also so that he used to buy drugs and Whisky Hill where Molly's remains were found. So he knew that area well too, and then this looking gun Alina this is really gonna. Send you all day fits home. He attack. Did suicide. When news broke that he was probably connected to Molly and Holly's case, he tried to lit his own throat, but it didn't work. He was taken to a hospital entreated. He did it. However, he did it. He died in prison in two thousand fourteen without confessing down having apart in either case damage, but he is a pretty strong suspect heap. He to me yeah feels like rock solid. He feels pretty solid and it's killing me that he's that kills me help me and now I remember hearing like bits and pieces of him yeah, but I don't
member like following this like as closely as I thought I would have, but I didn't Eddie, I'm like what the thing is like, obviously I think like Rodney and Randy's cases like there's very like creepy stuff and, like honestly, there's more, creepy stuff about Randy in regards to Holly's case than the rare robbed me in regards to come to Molly scale pressure, but the thing about Gerald. Is that there's like a lot of weird I should like first of all like. Why would you tried to commit suicide? If you had nothing to do exactly? Why would you shave your stash when you like, obviously that composite sketch went out pretty quickly. You put a mustache on that dude. It is an exact any. had a mustache examiners shaved at exact and, like I, just all the connect Since today I was working on the White Chrysler. No, it wasn't even his that day and then he took it first spin and fuckin worn, and that he's like connected to it because he already is in prison for rape
the girl, he smokes any smokes, weird and then Bali's mom was saying like I was a very specific way held a cigarette right which again, I'm not sure if she said Bob about identity, and I went to work like there's so many things. On top of so many things in the back but the woman earth. The young girl that he raped was living on the same road as the pond and that he was like stocking like obsessed with that seemed like he was yeah seems like if you're around the area you happen to come around Molly and Europe. you like angry and no aid- is probably a he's. A predator and discuss Tangley he's a monster ya go in, more about him because I argue the high audio is this. He like we use to make his wife, where, like children's on, oh my god, I gotta. When I said he's a discussing meister, I didn't wanna like site is lay, but where are the number, is happening river? He is. I hope it is like a nothing we can imagine
as it stands, e on Tik Tok, who does not like she like pretends to be the Darwin. How I hope that she is like his his how who is version of hell. I love stands issues about cheerfully. I think it is isn't it stands he pretends. I thinks it out. I think that's what it says on Tik Tok, hilarious, follower of incitement. She has great but so yeah. The back to this. Now, in two thousand thirteen construction started close by two where Molly's remains were found and the kids she was very race track in the area that was gonna be used for Billy Quote: driver education, motor you go. Testing D station and competition, so I'm just a bunch of shit in them, family was actually hopeful that some evidence might be discovered during the construction. Yeah and magically digging around everywhere, right, exact entity,
huge area, and it's right where her remains were found is like right. There and Maggie said quote. I like I'm so happy that it was like dealt with properly. She said they were very, very conscientious and took it very seriously about what they could come across. They also said that they be very happy and very willing to put up a memorial for Molly in an era ok. So there is a memorial for Molly, took this big, yellow sign. I I dont know if it's by her house or if it's the memorial in these people put up. I tried to find a to figure out where exactly it is, but I can only see a picture of it like not where it is so really now love to find up here, but I was happy that they, yeah. They will try to see how seriously exactly now it's unclear if ever, if any evidence was found there like, I didn't, find any follow up of any evidence being found when they built the track, but I call it goes worth mentioning we have for sure now they did
fine things, maybe they aren't saying it to war, and I'm gonna get into like a little bit, o thou. You never know because a year later in two thousand fourteen, some new evidence was found. A partially buried bag was found across the street from where Molly's remains were discovered in the bag contained Claude boxer shorts that were similar to the ones that Molly had been wearing over her bathing suit. now day. She was wearing like just like little short sent on a dead pink, take top ok, so this this bag that was found I'd shorts that were similar to the ones that she was wearing. Now that again, I haven't found any up made an information regarding the discovery like if it lead anywhere else, but it seems like there's been a few discoveries in recent years that the investigators are holding close to the giant liquid Sophia, ah it makes sense yeah. I could, if I want to let everything out, because no, and it does seem like they're kind of
going somewhere lay dead, oh yeah, from what I could see it looks like they. There seems like this sum yankee something, but I mean it in twenty years, so they problematical over everything like over and over for sure. Now, some more like free, big news broke during a two thousand fourteen campaign that Molly's family put together. It's called the just one piece: compare seasoning, just one piece campaign: Now the name comes from the hope that people will realise that leg, just one more piece of evidence could solve this entire ok, yeah, or help the investigation It serves as a reminder that no information in this case is too small vat like if you even just an inkling of something call and say it Jack for sure. If you really know it to be true, but so they put together this campaign and people can come forward to make confidential statements during mess that may help the investigation awesome, so in two thousand fourteen they had destined for people came forward to I
a fine new person of interest, apparently there was a man staying in a camp ground near by and he was gone like one whole entire day and it was the data. Molly went missing and he came back the next day. And his face was like all messed up, there is like scratches and his face was bloody and he was talk. Excuse me was yelling about quote something bad that happened in the woods the night before. What and then apparently again he's not named, but in recent years he has allegedly been bragging to people that he knows he's a person of interest and they still haven't like come around interview him. What's yeah so strange. Now. His name, like I said, still, has been released, but that does make me slightly like hopeful that they might be onto something here: yeah they're, not releasing his name, that's into something pretty big. I thought in addressing now another piece of information that came out during the same campaign that just one more piece campaign was about a white car that may be buried
old saw mill campground in West Brookfield, I'm not sure of its the same camp. Campground that the unidentified man was saying I broke it, determined, not area the property is in a campground anymore and its owned by a different person than it was at the time of Molly's death, now the new owner gave permission for the property to be searched and ground penance, meaning. Radar was used to search the ground for a car that is supposedly buried beneath the campground Muggah, end quote compelling anomalies were found during the search. Yes, now I haven't seen any up data. Thus since two thousand eighteen, like the search for the large, I dont know if they found the car I dont, know anything because, like Mama, I was look.
Like Turkey, Mattel Mamma. I was looking for less and looking and looking I spent linking our just trying to find out any update on the car situation, I'm dying. How did Nolan I haven't found one, but again it gives me hope that, like maybe they did find something, and they are just not saying that right now or there really Lake Tretton. What like they're trying to make sure they do. Everything right cause then do know that links things are connecting. I hope I not. I hope I hope so they went out there one day and they saw that like they found some stuff, then they came back a couple days later and like looked around some or now An unnamed man who looks a lot like the composite sketch actually still lives in the same area, which I don't he could be. The main people are coming forward about he's a known, Fisher and Hunter, and he was friends with the original owner of that campground and Heather Bay. Molly sister said that at the time of Molly's murder, there was construction equipment at the camp ground that have been used to aid and burying that car ah cause. I was gonna.
That was very like are, as I damn that's a lot of work to bury a car by then, if your friends with the guy that works there, and there is already a quaint amendment- men, you can is dig a giant whole stick the car and their boo, budgetary neutral your good to go. Oh my god, I gotta know Heather Bush seems to be the one who is really taking things over for the family right now, I'm John. the senior had a stroke like their defoiled turn up like old and all, but their older, now and They got it through a law and their lifestyle for sure. I think others like really like gutless either. The spokesperson and legality like keeping live, but everybody in the family has done like I'm gonna get into an a second. But She others said that she will fight until her dying day to find out who this person was and what happened to her sister and, like, I wonder, will help her. Are you choose? This is making me crave I'll? Let you onto something the other. Somalis memory is kept alive in some really beautiful ways. The entire family, like I just said, I'm gonna, get into it. Now they have done the most incredible work they ve provided
Thousands of families from Massachusetts, Canada and New York with, like thousands and thousands of identification kits further children owner how like when it kid is little. You like out anger print them. You, I don't know, I don't know, goes into it, but the reason that they This is because they didn't really have they had like prom pictures and stuff of Molly. I just wasn't a thing back then, but it wasn't exactly what she looked like, so they had trouble finding a recent picture of la, so they helped their families, so that, God forbid they were ever in the circumstance. They would have a thing right now to be like hears. All of the thing you will need to find them. Yeah yeah, just like Sol these phone, like scary, when you think about it, it is something that needs to be done unfortunate, which is a that. It needs to be done right They also set up the Molly Bush Foundation and they have travelled for years to different events, all about protecting children against crimes like these. They helped bring Amber alert to Massachusetts. Amazing they worked on by countless differently
installations that are like all about protecting children, all about my crimes regarding children, abductions and they all so set up another foundation. The Molly centre for the protection of out of the children and the elderly, like God, so they have just like essentially dedicated their lives getting just not only getting justice for Molly but like preventing this from ever happening to another family wound to take that kind of tragedy in that kind of grief and around her like nightmare situation and turn it into something like so positive raises like to reach out to other families and leg that that's just like because a literally like your world just implodes on you, like, oh no imaginable. No one would blame anybody in that family for just like going to bed and like never like, oh being the selling arrogant and yet like did never wanting to talk to another person ever again. I would not blame one soul of them, but and they turn around us is like, while they did it.
cheated their entire lives. To this unreal and Heather has gone unlike different, like podcast she's like talk to different, whose outlets and everything like Heather really wants to get this case solved for her sister and for her family. I want this, her, so I only honour cell badly for this past year June, twenty seventh for the twentieth and of course, we have Molly's disappearance. Heather asked that neighbours and people along the drive to Commons pond leave their ports light on or a candle in the window, and also that people leave a kindness rock at the sign near the Bishop switch, that when I read that I was it, is that the sign like the yellow one, maybe arm but leave a kindness rock she asked them to do it so that Maggie can use them in her garden. I want to bring a kindness rock Dude. I literally in my mind s eye. I want to drive their right now. I want to go and leave a kindness rock. I know she drove her parents to the pond not day to remember Molly, as they always do on June. Twenty seventh,
yeah now District attorney, Joseph De Early Junior recently said quote the Molly Bush cases in twenty years old now, twenty one but the Tipp still come in every week and every tip is followed up on. We have had many items tested for dna over the years and we continue to do so. This cases very active a tremendous amount of work is being done. I am hopeful it will be solved investigators ass, true, but people come forward and share their dna, especially now that familial dna is becoming really helpful in cold case, like they're, really asking for people to do that now this is important if you're listening, tiny thing, listen to this Anyone with information about the Molly Bush case can call the state police tat by five hundred and eight four hundred and fifty three seven thousand five hundred and seventy five again, five hundred and eight four thousand five hundred and thirty seven five
in five amazing and other bash. Sad, just her on this quote. If the person who did this could have a change of heart and tell us what happened? It would give us a certain amount of peace enclosure just as far as justice is concerned, so that is the really really really tragic case of Molly Bush. You did such job. They asked and also this case, while I really hope we can like deliver some kind of uppity, like I hope so as soon as possible. I swear I wish I like wanna help. I now I lied. I just want how it's one of those cases. You always feel so helpless in these than it like this particular case. Just it speak, I thing resonates yet That is a Massachusetts case, yet act that it's like just through the fact that it happened so quickly it was clearly like somewhat planned yeah it just yeah, it's ok I know it definitely part of it is like Massachusetts, family, just ye iq dislike. It's gonna help. One like watching interview
with this family, like I watch so many interviews and just like different, like reading different things that they said there just like your typical family, like they're, like your friend like your best friends family, your letter there just very reliable people, I just want to give them what they deserve. Now I want to give them. I want to give them some kind closure in some kind of peace. I really do well. If you go to the Molly Bash Foundation website, they have different ways like where you can help likely tat. You want to get involved in this. That's the perfect place for you to go. They have different resources where you can sometimes you just feel, like so helpless. Listening to a story like this, like I have on links on different things, and I'm like I do. I want to do something, but I feel like I can't so go there and all their and figure out how to help at least try. Now it is seriously. You know something call that number that I guess I'll have. You know something like for real. Yes, please, but, like sadly no matter how little you think it as it could be, make or break you never know what is it could connect to something else?
but you don't even know if you know anything. If you heard anything, if you saw anything anything jog, your memory, hatch, think about us think about it muscles come on mass all else. Where we're gonna does it off? We are oh yeah loud is that you know that and thank you patrol MRS Feur choosing that case, because that was one we always intended however, precisely speeded up, so thank you firm, finally, getting us to do it move and not to the top of Ireland yeah lawyer, so guys we hope you keep listening, for. We hope you keep it you're, just not so, whereby you do anything like this to anyone about Arabic by that's terrible,
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