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Episode 216: The Mysterious & Cursed Turnbull Canyon

2021-03-13 | 🔗
Alaina brings us across the country tonight to Turnbull Canyon in California. We’ve got a medley of things here: Plane crashes, murders, cult activity and more. Hold onto your butts, it’s about to get wild in here. Forgotten Tales Video on the plane crash The Girl Who Wouldn't Die by Erika Hayasaki As always, thank you to our sponsors: Hellofresh: Go to HelloFresh dot com slash morbid12 and use code morbid12 for twelve free meals, including free shipping! Simplisafe: Go to SIMPLISAFE.com/morbid today to customize your system and get a free security camera. Stamps.com: Just go to Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MORBID. Upstart: Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today when you go to UPSTART.com/MORBID. Hunt a Killer: Right now, you can go to HuntAKiller.com/​MORBID​ and use ​MORBID​, for 20% off your first box.
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As fuck. It's bad hullo, we're back hope. You enjoy our little sit down with Terry Carnation Gas, because that was wonderful and magical for us. He is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. My life also one of the funniest, and that was just an overall amazing experience really was. I have I end every and ban, so dark AIR with Terry Carnation is gonna, be coming out April first, but if you will be no, if you love rain Wilson and you love Terry Carnation, I think we ve also weave leaks, weave,
advertised for radio rent on this podcast but yeah for sure, but we just want to put it out there again, because I think, like it's just one of those podcast. That is just such a good, listen, it's so funny yeah like this is not an ad were not being for this? This is like I really like radio rental like we do that. Sometimes we just want to tell you about stuff or listening to know. I think you guys would like it to radio rental, I think, is up everyone's. and it's like a true story is told by the people that you know experience them and I think Terry Carnation is like a cool crept keeper canna. I love him so
I'm kind of thing, and they are so. If U S like looking for something to listen to those in radio replicas, it's fun and again, not an add on to the second. But today we are going to go in a weird direction where we had id we're gonna head to California, always weird, because I don't think we have any other business. So I think we can dislike. Pardon us run yell, it's gotta has no business and I don't think so. No more! But it's Saturday at sightless, everybody chill out at school. Take it easy fuckin with get right into this. Was let's get shit like California, let's get boy after her, were you took up out and take a nap where we are at my apart, and so we are that's true I gotta go to a little place called Turnbull Canyon in California. Never have I ever heard of that. It is between Whittier and Hacienda heights and its
Whittier. California, all right, I don't even know there was a Whittier California. I didn't either because the Near EAST Coast Ladys, so this is all new stuff. For me, I've never even been to California is not so fucked. I have it's really cool. I want to go back. I mean I want to do show there. I want I wanna know. Well there. Hopefully, you know someday. We well hello, California. We want to come to you now we do, as has with the rest of the the cities that we had to redesign John. We just want to go anywhere. We really do. I think everybody does almost there guys peo finish line, we're almost there so ready to hang on tight, we're all gonna hang on this together, but views hand sanitize thereafter, Yeah like hang on tightly, but not waver virtually with gloves, are: let's talk about Turnbull Canyon. Now this has murder, murder, attempted murder. He go so called so Shit
Gravity Hill, a hanging treatments, gravity, lane crash. It has all kinds of stuff. This is you know you there. You know that I love me a weird ass place that I love me Some of you know that I love you. I love you. I think everybody should love them, so I was just going to say everybody should love themselves. I do love me good, but I also love me. A lay creed He asked place that has like big feet. You effort like weird shit that goes down it like a bet in trying. I was just about a triangle or like that underwater placed the earth underground place that you d before yes, Mary kings, clothes. That took me a second to remember that guy and arrogance closes really cool powers, and you know the irish vantage vanishing triangle: yeah, that's a crazy ones up. I love these places. This is one of those places that just like it was curse straight from the gag
and things have been on a downhill slide ever surveys it like another place to add to our list of places to visit, yes, abysmal, definite, but need no. No, you take a back. You know I take your bad alone. I love that how you are just like Hell, oh yeah man you're like actually nodded. Although now that you know it causes Ino places like the Bennington Triangle and like yeah yeah, we'll take me there, I want to see a big foot leg for sure we'd. I want to join with us here. This is like dangerous like this is like murders happened here still, so I still am good. Are an admonition up yeah good here, so this place is called Turnbull Canyon. It was named after a guy called Robert Turnbull and the guy who its named after was murdered. So it started off like you sat with murder and
right off the bat right. So Robert Turnbull was a scottish emigrant, so yeah yeah Scotland. He moved to the area a eighteen, seventy three and he had come to America fine Fortune and he did ok, ended really well, and I think in Scotland He was like a rancher, a shepherd like that kind of thing, but he was really looking to get into real estate. Oh god, it was started a boom over here and he was like California go and tell us so he immediately looked into getting into the real state game. The problem was he also liked to hit the sauce a bit. the same and others I saw ass. It was early not often not same and in great quantities, not say so, quite a Oh, he would also get into fists fights with literally anyone around him when he was sitting said so
it's not a desirable at each. So soon he was kind of known as that, scottish guy, who is saucy and aggressive like he would just get into bar fights all the time he was always drunk. People around him said that, like. Literally never saw him sober saw. He was just really like use eleven that I'd bat if he was your go though he would have been the funniest uncle. You would be. The hilarious scottish uncle was exceptionally the drunk scottish ongoing. That's what we all need, one of those we are, but I feel well around eighteen. Seventy five Temple workmen Bank was the huge bank in the area and it was in some serious issues. The men who owned it were kind of like like shooting at their jobs, and it just started getting chaotic, very quick. They did not know how to manage money and eventually the state's economy when tanking, oh, no and the bank couldn't handle it, so they just closed o leaving the people in the town. Should I luck with them?
they had put in a bank. They just Toby's are closed up. That's not allowed! I feel now the town there, like we gotta, figure out how to get this money back. So the town put together an advisory committee and they fill this advisory committee. They had the people lead if that were the bank's largest creditors. Ok, and to this was kind of like just to take care of this figure out how to get the people their money back, Robert Turnbull found himself on this committee because, although he was a saucy fighter, he was also doing pretty okay and the real estate game, and he was one of the bank's biggest Hence our he was on their to try to figure this out. He was probably drunk, which is awesome, leg good for Mps. He's like functioning he's really getting things die here, which I appreciate and well on this committee, though he also got the opportunity to see investments in land had a time and also purchase land for cheap, because
was on this committee. There trying to figure all this out there looking at different places to try to like build things and get the economy going again. So this is when the canyon came up for sale, ok, place around the canyon and in the canyon, and he purchased the canyon immediately for like nothing, so he really got like jumped on that. He was an honest to goodness mogul. I love it and he figured in this canyon. It was a really nice area that I think there was like nice, fresh water like a stream running through it, so he figured he was gonna, go back to his roots. He was gonna re sheep there and sell the wool as they all cried business, so use like sign, hustling, an Ocean really pretty serious like I want that gets a too for one day. I want back in its serene and I can make some money so he bought it for a song and at this time it was still not named after him, so it didn't becoming
muscular life like the citizens first does like. Oh that's fine that he bought that canyon. There was like term bulkhead leggings named it after himself. That would be awesome. Button and I'll have him so Eighteen thousand, eight hundred and fifty two quakers named a KIA Pickering and Jonathan Bailey according to the Quaker Campus, which is very, it was an informative article about this cool they came and they offered Roberts some cash money for the canyon. They were like this. I love you, so what is a harsh money money? This is because the great canyon you have here love it and they were low. you didn't, we would love to settle here and shit, so they were like he loved this area, so they bought a ton of the land around the canyon, and then they were like we'd, really like that canyon as well, because we have all the land around it, no in its right in the middle of our land, and it also has that nice stream in the middle, where we can like use it for supplies and shit. I was like that's my
I am more Robert was like yeah, you know like he wasn't a deck about it. He was just like. I just really love this canyon and I don't want to sell it and they like okay. So far a couple years they kept trying to ask him to sell it like everybody was. It seems everything I read said that, like nobody was libyan a nasty nasty about it. Larry was liked, hey, ready, yet ready, so that your news, like no no they're, like ok, we'll come back. Labelling have similar meal. yeah yeah, totally some Quaker oatmeal. So in eighteen, eighty seven they offered him thirty thousand dollars, which was a lot back I mean it's a lot now, but it's a lot like a down payment on a condom. It's a day tat s going to faint today and he was like you re, given that it will be our already. So she was to my army was site. Do I gotta call take the gang and it's yours is a compromise
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so few months later he's living on his own somewhere else, and it was in January of eighteen. Eighty eight only a few months after he sold it. Robert was drinking Nobody does best during my whole drinking and fight and that's what he was doing. He was in a pub he got into legal Blake, a bar brawl, nothing, nothing new! Just look like a Tuesday sure and he got thrown out onto the street and he was on his way. home and he fell off of his horse, apparently, which is no good. That's probably something he hadn't done before. Yeah and apparently the police found him off his horse and they rest his ass for public drunkenness, not an hour, you I'm not an are you. Are you writing under the influence? h, you, I horsing under the inflow of works, so the police arrested em for public drunkenness. They threw him in the drunk tank. He didn't remember anything about the evening, but he remembers going home.
he remembered going home and he realized on his way home that he was not feeling great and he was like. Oh maybe it's just cause I was really drunk, but then he was I I feel like I got hurt so now he suddenly realised that he was severely beaten like he doesn't remember the beating, but here members being like he was severely beaten. Imagine so he was bloody and bruised and swollen when he arrived home according to his housekeeper and he slept for more than a day and then woke up. You really have to hurry, intends concussion in she reported that he was acting very strange and he put on a weird mismatched outfit, which was not. He was always very like put together and then took one of her hats put it off this hurt. You pull out like a traumatic brain, enjoying a hundred percent had a traumatic brain, including alone, while forty seven was beaten, woollens
He left the house. He was like good by Mary and he just left and she was like that's my hat okay, so let us not made enough self, and so she was like. I guess I'll see you hopefully will she didn't take soda. Give me my back would look with their cranium. I want my pay back, discreet, Madame and she didn't hear from him for like a day and then the following day a couple of children.
Covered his dead body loading you in the Alley River. Oh now, so it was clear that he had either fell off the Macy Bridge into the l, a river or he had been thrown, which, like either, is not to know. Neither one is good because the medical examiner said that he died from a blood clots that came from a severe head injury that killed him and it was labeled a homicide and he was never solved. But do we really think it was on the side? Was here's the thing? It would be a homicide, whoever beat him caused that clot, meaning? That's a homicide. He died of the clock. He did not die of drowning all right, so he died and then he was either must have had a blood clots, unlike an aneurysm as he was walking. and fell yeah, which still would be attributed to the person that cause that injury right or somebody threw off the signed. The bridge either way somebody martyrdom- and we don't know who so was never solved, while those quakers, those two quakers who we sold the land to they named it too
bowl canyon after him like a drawing earth all because he was so nice Webby sold the land and they were like, while that sad though they did that without further first mistaken certainly was so before. Robert came in that chaotic energy happened here was more chaotic energy in this before he thinking, maybe it rubbed off on. Yet this canyon was already full of it so way way. Back native Americans knew of this land and they put called this place, and I apologise if I say this wrong, who took no, who took dinner, who took Anna, that's tough enough and it translates gruffly to the dark place or the evil place Also- and they used to say that the sun wouldn't touch this valley, Lupus Canyon and native americans- wouldn't go there and considered like cursed, but like kind of sacred ground, ok, but they wouldn't step one in there. They were terrified of this place because it was pitch black
the sun would go down so scared. So early spanish, the explorers came in and forced to be same native Americans to live in this canyon that they had named the dark place and were so terrified of let's fog and they were forced to convert to Christianity and if they refuse, they were slaughtered in the canyon cheeses. So the ghost people say that the ghosts of these angry native Americans are still walking among the canyon.
Angry upset and not settle or probably terrify the they just huddled unilaterally and hikers say that they'll feel people watching them on the highly in a dozen Felix someone's watching them. It feels like many many that, like the same kind of experiences over and over people say that they feel like a crowd of people, is watching like yeah, and some people will say that they will hear like on almost like rain. Stick sound, ok like not quite drumming but like likes smacking together to stick, see anything and they hear it like faintly in the distance in the canyon yeah. So there's that so already right from the gecko, the native Americans. They always know the bullet I think it was it's like the Bridgewater triangle. They knew then ends. I bade them. They always not. So they knew and they were like, don't go in there and impedes settlers came in and we're like you go in there and then starts a whole. Here's the thing settlers we're not settlers native Americans were the one who like new,
where to go there. The ones are like settle here, not bear listen to him. They know the lame better that it may come on guys. So it just start a kicked off some real chaotic energy in their. So let's talk about where just gonna go through all the different things that are occurring in this so called I love it. There were some real scary calls happening there and some say that there are still
they're. So this the first signs of this really started during the great depression and nineteen. Thirty people would see men and women in black robes gathering in the canyon, and it was said that because this was the great depression, obviously unbelievable financial appeal for everybody. So this was a time when all around the United States, especially people, were giving up their children to orphanages and for adoption because they couldn't feed them and they were hoping by giving them up. The children would be fed. Basically, oh, it's a real bomber Alec ruined, but so this was happening around here. Obviously, the orphanages were overflowing with kids, and this called is said. The legend says that
called, was adopting some of these children or kidnapping them from the orphanages to sacrifice the canyon and a cult, paraphernalia and evidence of animal sacrificing was found in there and there is even a store. free of a witness, an unnamed witness, in which I found like several things. But again this is legend legit, there's nothing concrete too to hang on to hear, but it's a story, that's interesting, and that is definitely told around those andreasen fuckers where gathered around the campfire ray we're gathered. So we have their mallow and listen up. So this named witness said that they were near the canyon one night, They saw they heard all this commotion, so they went over to look and they saw each what what appeared to be around a twelve year old boy attached to a cross where these robed vigour is where chanting around him and like doing weird shit
and then they inverted the cross with him on it and proceeded to beat the hell out of him until he was completely covered in blood homely. Could he was then thrown in a sack and driven away and p we'll say that they have seen hooded figures on the trail even today, and at night people see bonfires burning in the canyon. So, as I go, sir, is that a colleague of ours? I so long tat people though now and then then people will say that they hear the ghosts of children like crying, are laughing on the trails or like just all kinds of weird shit. No ghost children are not for me yeah, it's it's not a good thing, and I guess there was also like Ino rumours that, after it wasn't really working so like adopt these children from his orphanages, they were like kidnapping, kids and also just taking runaway kids. Leg
hitchhiking, kids, anything they could find. That's Agricole demo isn't letter if I had so scared. So that's just a scary little like ah aside so another thing that is a big legend among this thing in this area, is that there was a mental health facility that was it around the can
and it offers like totally for shorter. You know, I don't know if it's totally first, but it's something that is told in many many many different places, so it and it's one of those things that I think is just like, alleging that people like to cling onto, but it's one worth telling just because this a little bit of like truth to it. Oh, yes, I felt so whether smoke there's fire yeah. It's like you got a you. Gotta tell these things. You know you gotta, keep the legends go, hang on to keep it go and pass it down. So they say that eight and probably was around the nineteen forties that burn down. Then, of course, has been a ton of wildfires in California and actually lately and recently there has been wildfires internal canyon under less assessing, not unlikely. This place was a mental,
Specifically, it was during the time when the bottom ease in electric shock therapy. Things were not great and these places have those boys. So you know there is a ton of abuse. A ton of you know, misery and more horror, so it burned down in the nineteen fortys and the burnt remains of the foundation are said to be at the end of a dirt road. That's close to the public people on Youtube. I've seen Youtube videos or people have gone to these places. There
is a burnt out foundation of some building, albeit hollow in the nineteen sixties. It said that a group of teenagers were hanging out here, because this is like a place where people like to go. Of course, I have, they. Ve actually had to reinforce the the gate to this place, which I will mention in a minute because people were going there so often in there is like partially private property back. There said: oh, go looking for it, but didn't sniping sixties. These teams were hanging out in this like foundation, and the foundation has like some walls to it. It's like a burnt out building and one of them was like. Oh shit. I think I found the air like the room that they probably did. The Electro shock therapy Anna had like burned instruments and shit. So an he touched, an area of it and his friends said that he immediately was elect
Keaton Stanley said like a leg, gruesome, electrocution and died, and what's crazy is that, twenty years before this they had shut the electricity after that place allows no electricity that doesn't make any self righteous are really creepy thing. now leading to this area. Like I said those gate, this gate is called Hell's gates not have examples that health gate and its staff engine mysterious, unlike this big iron gates. That leads to the remains of this mental health facility and people will say like this is the entrance hell lay sounds like you go in there and you can hear screams of kids in like just weird shit. It's just like you don't want to go there now and it's hard to find and to its neighbours, are really really hard to find places. So the next thing I ll talk about really quickly is called the hanging tree and if you go on Youtube, you can also see like videos of people finding mystery know. It said that a man
and a man, a man. I don't get it set a rose. You re telling moment Birmingham on it set a man now that a man hung himself in a tree in the canyon. But sad and people say that they will randomly see a man hanging from a tree, though freak out and then as soon as they look again. It's gone and people also say that the. seen ghosts of children hanging in the tree when it will be walking down the trail and then suddenly look to their right and there's like six trees with kids hanging from them and then the look again and they're gone. No, that shit's not right that part of the sixth sense when they're in the school- and he looks up Oh I stairway, and there like. What are you looking at these two staring and then a fuckin lashes debated tire goddamn family hanging from gallows? I fucked me: you saw the six cents to early deny sod way too.
I sought to early is far too early and it left too much impression that one scene I was like Nano because- and I are too oh. Yes, you kids and like a pair france- has a little like a bonnet. It's her affair, yachts, fucked in that's what I picture. Somebody looking to the right, that's what they see and then it's gone both! So don't do it guys, don't do it now. So that's weird Now, let's get to a really solid thing that you can find newspaper out. As on that is reported. That is really fucked animals, we write a real programme. This is where we're going to the real shit. So Davy, Ollays idleness, spooks bookies, now we're gonna get like o o. For me, if you have thirty three minutes. You never have to worry about a break in at home ever again. That is how quick and easy it is to set up a security system from simply safe. It's a kind of thing that is so easy to do. You could do it during a Netflix binge watching a game or listen
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and then they say in the source of Billy, and you can't find anything relating to this. No articles you can, I get just harder to find cause. History has kind of like scrub did a little bit, but it is real, like this news. This news reports about it, there's Jill VIVO involved, there's a reason. Moods we're should know about. It is weird it's definitely a weird thing. We actually most people in the area have said they grew up hearing this, but thinking it was a legend like a mess and it's not like, but then they find out it's real like. Oh, it's just strange so April 16th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two flight, four hundred and sixteen West, with carrying twenty six passengers and three crew members. Many of the sources claim you'll see out there. If you look this up that there was a large children on this plight. There wasn't very normal life of people, feel the need to add like
you tell to a horrific of, and you know why they want to with this particular one, because they want to keep that called thing going where, like that, I've seen things that are like oh, the ledge and say that the canyon is still thirsting for the blood of the innocent. So people have added on that, like the canyon forced this plain villa kids to crash into it, so they could like sacrifice. It has lost it's just a very normal flight, manifest there were kids, but, but also I don't know, I'm not an absurd amount of children or anything so either. Way. It was going from New York City, where left wing of the Guardia Airport at six or nine p m. Initially, Captain John D treasure was the pilot and it stopped in Chicago and then stopped again in Kansas City, and it was here that Captain Louis Powell joined and so did another pilot named Charles Waldron, and so they
Also on this stop picked up one other crew member, and it was a twenty nine year old woman named Harriet parlor partially, who was a flight attendant, but she was off duty at the time. Ok, they're, just picking her, because she was literally just getting on board too It's a ride back to California with awful, and she was in Kansas City, Michigan, visiting her family and attending her uncles funeral. Oh, why and her uncle had died and like a weird scenario where he owned, like a sporting goods store, and there was a gas leak and adjust exploded with him and one other. summer in the storm wool eyes to cigarette, you can look that up to it. I think his aims like Claude, but it's a very strange that we are not so she was attending that uncles funeral just getting on here, just to hop backed California right and it's like. If it was not this boy,
That's so the crazy that somebody dies in like a freak play accident on their way home from exile same so, they did have a little lay over when they landed because they wanted to to fix something that was leaking we're so April. Eighteen that one thirty eight a m it took off again and it stopped again very briefly in Wichita Kansas to get more fuel and then it was gonna be on its way to California. Now there was a big thunder storm at one point and it had to stop again in Marilla Texas, to wait, wait out the storm. This is like when the universe is like that, unlike the wild way, hey, no. No. This is not ok. Now, according to forgotten tales, the crash of flight for sixteen West, they did like a really good job. Go into all the details of us. It's like a video.
like it will triumph. Oh shit, that's my foot slipped into the grand gallipoot. Did you had? Did you hear that noise? Yes, in my heartiest, ran over to the other side of the room? It's no longer! My body, I don't know I'm talking anymore, because I'm not a living believe because did you hear the phone book ok because it sounds like somebody like hit the back of the college, and I M just a little bit on edge China. Oh, I know I'm a need. A moment Oh shit! That scared me I'm in its dark and hear back the woods there. Oh ok! Let me let me briefly. was like such a cinematic moment. Fuck like we'll go near like like, were gathered round the camp via my heart is like,
Did it decided that scared the shit out of me? Ok, so, like I said, I would oppose that video. The forgotten tales, the crash of flight for sixteen West, opposed that in the show that sea colossal cool they had apparently been travelling from New York at this point for twenty seven hours, Ike's, not specific, thou long. Captain treasure at this point he was regional pilot. He decided at this stop. He was gonna, get off the plane them highly, usually if one of the three for pilots onboard ok, but he was the original ones who is handed over to his copilot, why? There isn't any explanation as to why he left this plain at this point, because this was an unexpected stop. They weren't supposed to stop and Marilla Texas. We he didn't live there, so there's really nothing else about that was
a clairvoyant man. Maybe he just needed a break after twenty seven hours. He was like I'm tapping out really. You know why I'm proud of him, because I think he listened to the universe is like out o the goose was to go. Always listen to. You got your gut whatever it saying so. This was like six fourteen p m that he was like good, bye now nine hundred and four p dot m everything finally cleared up a thunderstorm on a way of nothing with the weekend anymore. They had fuel, so they took off again for California. At this point, it was Captain Lewis Powell, but took over the lead position in the cockpit, because that captain trailer had left yeah, so he was very respected. Very skilled pilot had tons and tons and of flight hours under his belt. This was not like. Oh I grant you see, I don't like any pilot. There's gonna be like oh no, but this wasn't like even a rookie. This wasn't and when,
With any less land area and one you would definitely want flying your plane, but he had suffered a very severe heart attack a month earlier and his death Peter had recommended that the airlines not allow him to fly for awhile cause. They were worried about a cardiac event happening right like we can be sure that that earlier responsible, not listen to your doctor. In that scenario the airlines didn't listen either and they let him fly. That's fucked us, that's, not good
now. The plane then landed in Phoenix Arizona at twelve. Thirty, I am- and this is when three adults and a little baby disembarked- I don't know if this was a planned stop, but it was a quick on things. They let these issues. Private plain, no, that's weird, but it was way back once. I am sure that endeavour different, but they took back off at one forty three, a m to finally go to their destiny for real. They were set to land and Burbank when they got to six thousand feet and were heading into the area. Suddenly, a thick spooky fog, blanketed that the entire place draw. You tend to fifty degrees now that kind of weather is not ideal for anything, especially the space.
Effect landing instruments in this particular plain to see that the fifty degrees was not going to be a good thing and they couldn't see shit, so they had to divert to allay ex now air traffic control. So they were, you know they were speaking with the flight, the whole time they were trying to tell them where to go. how what altitude they should be at and at three hundred and twenty three a dot m. They gave them the clearance to land at LOS Angeles, international airport. Now three hundred and thirty, three a dot m, the fog was all the way in the Turnbull Canyon and it was very hard to see the actual canyon. Through it now, people in the area said they were woken out of a dead sleep at around three hundred and thirty a dot m because of the It was so low and so loud they said they felt like a plain literally like flew directly over there. How scary, which Planes scare allowed the shit out of me the loud low planes fuck that you like it. I woke up to that
I have had so many horrible dreams about watching a plane crash not being in a plane crash about those two but I've. I have this weird reoccurring, nightmare of watching a plane crash ia and like not being able to do anything about it, and it's like a very strong, will dream and dream interpreters. Member will not happen. To my mind, you tell me I do remember. That means guy. Maybe it's like secondary, like closets we're yadda. Did she like? Actually like witness the plane crash ass, an aircraft in a M p reading. While she was at work. I remember when that happens, and she saw like his eyes yeah in that's, that's why she said: up to now, as before I thought that was pretty thou is gnarly, though I don't fuck you up the eye and that's the thing. I've had this weird like reoccurring, dream, so dream interpreters out there. Can you tell me what that means? Am, I stress, I think, do I've control issues
Yes, but that not yet and russia- and I was literally just gotta, say probably something to do with your control is. Can you tell ash to relate to me because I'm not in social media You know how many people have been treating me like show this to lay eggs. I love that too. But, unlike many come back on, I just illegal honestly, I recommended everybody just taken a little break from like that Constance S, colonial ling and just constant. Like news and stuff, it's been kind of nice to not be aware as living among anything, and I think I was like too busy. I was doing the busy squirrel, a law that was getting to me because I'd be like doing a puzzle with like my daughter's randomly just like squirrel, and unlike what am I do pay attention to what your with your kit yeah. So it's been nice just random Lessingham lick regardless. Thank you so much, but it just like feels nice to be more present and think area for sure. So I recommend, attended by legal flavoured now have given a few weeks
nice for my sphere in Kosovo. It omitted we so excited. When I come back and swore help, you know it's not a nice feeling were hearing a plane, Go by now and also quick little mention. I really wanted to say a Hamilton quote. Billig word I mean I can. They go see, everybody woke up and three thirty and they were like there's a fuckin plain right s, grape in the rue from my house is going on right now. picturing like the windows in my bed, german, just seeing a plain, mainly by loved the window shaking, and they said it felt like it was like like right over and they about it. Of course, when that happens you what do you do the music without three area like three thirty, I am you're not going to wake up and like I must call someone near GonNA, Billig Thou is weird and then you're gonna go back. You probably think that you are like dreaming exactly
so it was around this time. Also around three thirty. I am that they lost contact with the flight with the flight shit. What every body and that's why our control air traffic control, narrative cup they lost contact, withdrew to meet all the radar lost them. The radio went dead, it's another, they don't know where they are. This shit freaks me out like nothing. I don't like that, so rest since in the area also said they heard what they described as a bomb going off shortly after that phenomenal. But again, what are you gonna do insist like one of those things. You're, like did I hear that, like how many times you hear something weird outside in the middle than I thought, you'd like to
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also took a wild the clear- and it is only then that the black smoke rising from the crash site in the canyon could be spotted by farmers in the area, and that's when it was report adds really scary. Now what happened was the landing gear was down because it would they were trying to initially land and Burbank, and they had put the landing gear down. They had gone down to six thousand feet. They were getting ready to go while the landing there was still down and they had drifted to night. hundred and eighty feet, so that really like super love and one we'll had good neighbour in the canyon they and he couldn't see Hidden- now that even now use in their so one we'll caught the side of the canyon and the second we'll hit the other side and then its spun the playing out of control as it lurch to the side, the wing caught the side of the hill and it went nose down into the earth and exploded on impact. Oh my god. So people said the day when they looked out at the rising smoke they could see.
the canyon in the hills like a dark gash where the wing had cut across the canyon which to me so don't just give you like. I e the Willie's like guys like all because it feels like it's like a laceration in the earth itself Agnes, like somebody took a knife and cut the earth in others, just an invite See gator unseen, said: quote: everybody on board died on impact or in the infernal that followed I wish he just ended at night on had ended up. I don't need to know that, but the report said their captain. Power must have thought. He was approaching LOS Angeles International Airport because his landing there should have been back. They said if they weren't down there there if they weren't down when he was in that canyon, the Glen not learn of half dead.
There is a chance that he would have made it through, but he was still very low and that canyon he was actually like as something like. Am I use ten or twenty feet below what they had told him? He could go his lowest point. What did. I wonder why he went that. Nobody knows why he went that low, so report suggested immediately that heart failure may have been what happened. Ok, wish he did have a heart attack a month ago. an investigation later showed that it was just bad decision making. Fortunately, he went way below that altitude clearance and they think that he was trying to see under the fog line.
I mean Saudi without going on earth to try to see, but he wasn't realizing that he was in a continent brain that if he wasn't in a canyon, maybe he would have been ok, but it just was like a bad, a poor decision and then also just a lot of other factors coming together to really should on all the elements are God you, but apparently he had invested in. This is crazy. Apparently, like a couple years are three years before this crash. This pilot had actually invented this navigation tool. That would aid people and seeing and conditions like this, but when he brought it to the airline in the Aeronautics Commission, they just ignored it and they said if he had been able to go through with this and make it like mass marketed thing it properly. It might have helped. Why might have helped him see where he was going and there's this like lakes
am I think in that video that will post you'll be able to see it, they posted a photo of his wife and his two sons and they are holding the plans like the schematic of the invention that he had, and it's like? Oh my god like in what irony yeah lace, crazy. And the airline that ran his airline was Robin Airlines and after this does they grounded all their planes with over forty violations, so they also not doing their new tell ya. So this is just like a bunch. It feels like a cursed flight. It does which ended in a cursed place. That scares me a lot. The photos of this are like truly her
thick and you look at them. You I mean yeah, like the crash site photos that come up of surpassing. Looked about well, it's I know cause I'm like deathly afraid of Latvia. It doesn't help I'll, tell you how much, but it said that the passengers bodies, some of them, were literally embedded into the hillside because of how hard it hit that hillside and there's a photo where you can see a passenger thrown across the hillside, still strapped in their see. Thank you so much for visual, it's really messed up. So this place, I mean not event alone- would curse any would be perfect recipe for haunting rambler sure at nuts There is also something weird right around the corner from Turnbull Canyon that could also be affecting this wall. It's a cemetery that was turned into a park. They
and yet so founders Memorial Park is about a little less than a mile away from Turnbull Canyon entrance. There really close, and apparently this was once three different cemeteries. Whittier cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery in Broadway cemetery and is now Founders memorial Park. So in the great depression era they had gone these these cemeteries, a kind of gotten like dilapidated and went into disrepair, and they were kind of neglected and basically abandoned nineteen. Sixty eight, the city of Whittier, was like whelp. Let's make a park, why would you make a park there? Also, they were like. Ok will remove the gravestones vague. They said they were gonna like relocate the bodies, but they did
and they did erect to statues in this park. That list the two thousand three hundred and eighty body people who were once buried in they cemeteries here, but most people don't think those bodies, wherever moved and some people in the area who around the area that time said I we never saw any kind of like project of moving those bodies yeah. So people think they are just that they just removed the grave stones and made a park. That's fucked p we'll. Save fog sometimes will only set in that area park and nowhere us is so and then analyze die there. A lot of legal fine had annotate. Isn't that strange, uh, that's real weird! So then there's gravity hill and kin,
But what does that so gravity hills are found in a lot of places like we ve mention a few of them in some of the weird places that we ve mentioned. Their basically is one where your car will travel uphill without using the aisle. Ok, it's like an optical illusion kind of thing and like a weird, tricky situation, but they have one here and there is one that apparently people also when they're going up the hill it without the gas and you're freaking out right that also hear knocking, sounds on your car and kids laughing or crying when it happened? No, I'm all good for that site. I want to do that so now
Let's end on the murders o, because there are recent murders in this place, recent October, twelfth two thousand and two pitch why this is horrific? Seventeen year old, Gloria, Linda Galaxy Ola was shot in the head on Trump to term bulwark. Canyon roadside her body was then dragged four miles in a car like next to a car in hussy and unto hussy under heights, where her body was found in the road now five years went by and no one knew what happened. Who did this? Nothing and then a witness came forward five years later and said Abraham Koona
a few Garcia and Victor Hmong killed her why she was friends with them. She had apparently known about or witnessed a robbery that they had committed and they were scared. She was gonna rat on them and they were career criminals. They had a lot of strikes against them, so they were gonna get life in prison if they went to jail, so they plan to take her out of the equation, and this is how they decided do it. Luckily they were rested in two thousand and eight and Hmong was sentenced to eighty five years in prison. Garcia too, eighty years and a koona to fifty five good settle, not enough for doing more, but seventeen years old, very and she was a beautiful as I got in the head in the car and then pushed out of the car and dragged four miles seekers. Apparently her fit her foot was caught in the seatbelt. Are you kidding media?
They just pushed her into the middle lurid, so then Tuesday, Octoo August, fourth, two thousand and nine Chris. This one is like get ready, Christina Martinez. This isn't a murder this in attempted murder. This is survival. Tell why I love that she was too years old, Christina Martinez. She was a mother of a one year old boy. She miraculously survived after being left for dead in the Turnbull Canyon. She was at a party that night and she was with her boyfriend at the time in some acquaintances. Now these acquaintances were Vincent, Edward and Jose, who was known as MIKE according to the girl. This article, I read- that's really amazing definitely go rated a link it. It was called the girl who wouldn't die and it was on the weak and its by Erika, highest Saki. She was taken for a ride home with
these three acquaintances and her boyfriend was gonna, be staying back at the party and she knew these guys. She had hung out with them before, so it wasn't an it. Wasn't weird these weren't like random dude. She was like. I trust them. I'm gonna go home and apparently at one point they were lake gonna stop at a beach in just gonna, like hang on the beach and like smoke, we'd like they were like. Let's do that's pretty to forego the caliph I she was again like I'm down, so she was like no like will do that in another. So then they start driving, and it was one of those situations where of sudden they're going in a weird direct she's like this is not the end. She starts asking questions and she's like: where are you going in there just ignoring her and eventually the driver who was MIKE said to one of the others, tie her hands
yeah and she was like what the fuck. So she looks next, wherein whoever what, whichever one of those duties was next Stuart, had rope and she was like what the fuck, what are you doing in it like held her down and tied her wrists? So apparently, the only thing that they can look back on with this lake be am I not get into the whole thing in a second but the cause she at the time was. what the fuck is going on like what's happening. Apparently, she had recently had a like a little disagreement with her boyfriend and these men were like witness to it, and I was like, though this word of this disagreement in front of these people got back to the father of her child and he had heard through. It was like a group, a kind of a game of telephone, and he got the idea that MIKE the sky MIKE whose in the car dry on the car had actually like beaten Christine, so he was gonna, he was pissed and he was like a Manila kill. This really really getting me. That's nice that he was like yes, so again,
a vision style came all the way back back to MIKE and he thought Christine had put a hit on him. Oh shit, like this all came out there like, like he had thought Christine, had told a lie, today I have made a start asking him to hurt him so this I'll just bad communication and just bullshit. So this was just revenge like MIKE Whisker, like I'm gonna. Take you out now. Have you ever heard of Hunter killer? Lena, have I heard of it that classic murder mystery subscription dream. I and I were the gordian knot, murmured, I loved arms or mine. I never saw my love hunter killer for real it's the best I did even before they sponsored us. You did years. Remember when we got bad sponsor you literally we're like. I am going to lose. My last my mind, while guys we're so excited to introduce you to what is possibly the coolest sponsor that we have ever had for the show area Hunter killer. It's the murderer
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so you know right now you can go to hunt a killer, dot com such morbid and use morbid for twenty percent off your first box again make sure you use morbid free twenty percent discount. Do you have what it takes you do. I know you do to scatter trench go so apparently after she was tied up, they took her. They were taking her into the canyon in the car in the pitch black in the middle the night. So there and they took a syringe to syringes. Excuse me and stabbed her in the neck with one and they stabbed her up to five times, injecting something into her neck, each time That they put it in turn knack of, say how many times you say five times what the fuck in they think that what they did was. They think it was insulin that they shot under an act that will make you violently sick,
Why, and they were literally five times they were stabbing her in the neck, with a syringe and injecting her with shit like that is at fault. Said she immediately got hot and nauseous and was like who is she couldn't understand where she was? It was like terrible and according to the Whittier Daily NEWS, she said quote: she felt a quote rush of heat and then choking and coughing and struggling to breathe ass. She became nauseous slink gosh. They then dragged her out of the car and into the canyon to an embankment and through her to the ground. So nearly beat her in the head and ribs might then took a rock and beat her in the head until she lost consciousness. She said she gained consciousness slowly, while she was being carried by them all, and then she felt herself being hurled. Only twenty foot cliff do. This is like
Mary VIN. Yes, she then sat up on her knees. Somehow, when she landed, she said she just like rolled over and got on her knees and she could barely understand what was happening. What MIKE followed her down into the cliff and he became behind her and then slashed her throat deeply. Several times quote using a back and forth motion only got loose. You sign her throat, o o, while she testified against them by the way testified TAT? He was saying the whole time, just let it happen just let it happen now, fuck you, she sustained a four inch laceration across her neck and numerous abrasions and head contusions. They said
I managed to say something like pleading Erlich as using someone like I can't bleeding or something like when they were walking back up there. The cliff yeah in one of them noticed and said she still talking. So one of the other ones came down and stabbed her twice two times more in the neck home. She waited for them to get in the car and squeal away. She climbed out of the canyon and she before she did that she took her shirt off and tied it around her neck. To stop the bleeding So she think disoriented, forming injected wishes in isolated notions so last in the throat how many times yet I've done a thorough humming times and now she dies a sure around her neck and is clear, mean up again and she was beaten in the head with a rock and like punched, incorrect summing up but when a metal she made her way to nine. Dear old woman, Arlene Boat Rights, home Earlene was fella
what does she throws up on our door with a short tried around her neck like bleeding profusely or headed all aiming open and she's like, and she call nine one one and got how and she survived while shall decide at the trial hell yeah. I wonder how stupid he felt when you realise that she had actually done that oh yeah, so Vincent Edward and Jose were found guilty of kidnapping assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder received at thirty nine year sentence, some very long. No, it's not very long, but you know we feel attempted murder exactly so that one's crazy, why men march third, two thousand and eleven, the widow
Daily NEWS said that an unidentified woman was found dead in the canyon she'd been there for at least a week. Her left arm was cut off till she looked like she had been boats. If she had some trauma to her head, she was barefoot and wearing just like dark clothing, and that's it. She was discussed read by someone just looking into the canyon. Why do you think you're going out for a nice day at the sight of his allowing gaze into the canyon, see that oh my It was determined that she was murdered in place there and later she, it was german that she had died of a gunshot wondered head. That's her! After about a month, she was finally identified through dental records, as Claudia took coots in
Who is forty one years old during this search by the way they found another human armed that they dont think was hurts in the canyon already them so in February, two thousand and seventeen after, like six years of not knowing who did this to her her boyfriend, Claude Francisco, Knee Le Rojas, was charged with her murder and dumping her body why he had fled the country five days after the murder, but was extradited back to face charges. She had been murdered on February eighteenth, two thousand and eleven. He had.
stolen money from her bank accounts before and after the murder. What a shit stay. He also that they had afford explore and when they looked into it cause I was on they both owned it when they were able to search it. It had her blood in it all now and they ve cars passenger floor had bleach icily, clearly journey ad aware that he had also bought a gun on February Twelfth, which is only a few days before the multitude really and this same gun was tested, and the bullets were consistent with the ones that she was shot was and on the twenty eighth of February two thousand seventeen he was sentenced to fifty years to life in prison for first degree murder. Wow now several burning bodies have also been discovered on Turnbull Canyon, road in the canyon itself, down several throughout the years and in a two thousand and two interview with the I think it was over the Whittier Daily NEWS,
you line of her issue their great an official from the LOS Angeles County fire station. He said that Turnbull Canyon, Road was a seven miles stretch and had a reputation, as quote a good place, to execute people, dump bodies off and for stolen car, see aches and that's Turnbull Canyon in California. I guess it is. Why, really, while thou. While we were well that is so much yeah. So that is a lot that the most one would say. Don't go there just fine drew true. Why? Oh, my goodness, you just said though she is the second time we jump. Her exist Yes, that's a good time to whom was the grocery look. I go hope you keep it we're. Oh leg. You first sitting around our camp fire and being scared, shitless or those allow
people, s name. We are. We hope you keep eliciting pick up. He acts, but also where they go to this canyon, and everything happens to you there. In other words, that you have in my apartment and get scared like and then of the drop of a hat. I think or phone art yeah Streaming only I'm Peter a new original common me pumped back. We are lady parts fees
of hash anthems, saw a girl, our repute, tuna, from where we are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger will. I have your undivided attention Do you see me as just a patient or as a unique woman that I am Are my concerns as important to you, as I mean we believe that You ask the questions. No one else does. Can I trust you receiving the care that I need you get that, No one else can and that's why a pen medicine, we were able to create a place. No one else has where women are not only cared for but listen to, and they can be confident. In the health care they are receiving pen Edison women's health, it Another reason why your life is worth pen medicine?
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