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Episode 219: The Bell Witch

2021-03-20 | 🔗
We figured with everything being pretty heavy lately, we’d bring you a haunting. THE haunting, actually. The Bell family moved to their Tennessee farm in the early 1800s and had things great at first, beautiful land a big happy family. All the sudden though, in 1817, a haunting began and an entity who became known as the Bell Witch would terrorize the family for years to come! Book Ash mentioned: The Bell Witch: The Truth Exposed by Camille Moffitt As always thank you to our sponsors  Betterhelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid  Care of: get 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50   Thrive market: go ThriveMarket.com/MORBID to get the exclusive offer of 25% off your first order AND a FREE gift!
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Moreover, its sourly woke up early for this one we did cause Thirdly, even though it never seems like it in the beginning, we do better in the morning. I know about believed you, in the end. I know we definitely do insist that opening that open now getting past that opening amendments is its downhill from there. I don't want a pellet, always uphill appeal from their sea. Apples on shitty, because, like I don't wanna go up hill like an appeal climb from there the car, while all right? So I think we really have a whole lot of business for the sun, so get into a leg, pretty quick, but before we jump into our story, we just want to do quickly
and Chin to our asian listeners. We just wanted to tell you that we love you so much. We love you. We appreciate you, we respect you, we see you, so we just wanted to. Let you know that I love you. We asked where sunning so much love to value exactly so we decided to put that out there before we get into a very spooky tail. Perhaps the spooky est does not even to introduce that some really it's been like a witch, sure which week which week which week, which which were doing so. What do we do if we are going to talk about America's greatest ghost story, though Bell it's so good. I've been waiting for this one on see if scared the shit out of me, I'm not even going to lie to you yeah. I just feels good. Sometimes we do like a a few gnarly cases in a row, it's fun to do like early haunting, the hurt you know like it doesn't sound, it really, but it goes like a different side of gnarly and there lay
eleven. We some serious, true crime at the end of that. Exactly so, I'm excited be, let's be it, Sadly, it maybe right ale it up. Be I'm excited three excited, be it beer feel it do live it up. All right, so Sir John and Lucy Bow were a couple originally from North Carolina. Then they to what Tennessee and the early eighteen hundreds and adopt point they already had. Five children are right, got Jesse. We ve got John Junior. We ve got Drury Drury We re, which I'm definitely inequalities, gonna, say you're gonna call drew up on it Have Benjamin Ass stir in Zadok? I believe they say. I love these names, the other without actually look really cool names. That's fund that there's a John Anna Drury yeah I, like John Injury, so the family was pretty well off to save it
east and they decided to buy some land near Red River Tennessee around a Red River in Tennessee around eighteen o four over them. Ex couple years they would have three more kids. Another daughter named Elizabeth who they would call Betsy and two more sons, Richard who was called Williams. I believe those middle name it Joe Joe Joe, although the red. very sad to be cursed and on sacred land. That native Americans eventually abandoned, the family did experience, anything supernatural until eighteen, seventeen who the haunting me experienced lasted more than four years and would eventually be referred to, like I said, as America's greatest GO story dam, which it totally sit totally. As so everything forget, Amityville. spake, ah so like this- is like so different it and I'm gonna, who just cause like seriously. This is on another fucking love, oh yeah, that's what this is like. A totally different kind of this also
absolutely as America's greatest go store, exact, become fully on about I'm agreeing I just shunned Amityville to the side, be it be a who everything started with the sightings of strange animals, which is feels very Bridgewater triangle: ass. Yes, it yeah the family would see like ridiculously large black dogs that were not really dog allegedly John Bell Senior saw one that had the body of a dog like a big black dog, but had the head of a rabbit. Whites yeah. I just picture that immediately see no matter it. I'm unhappy that your brain gives you that ability, no matter how fucking heart I tried a picture. Not my brain will not put those two things together. I can't see
there see a bunny or a dog or dog with no head, which is like really fucked up. What's weird, is it's not menacing to me because bunnies faces and heads are not menacing, so it's just a giant like Peter Rabbit. Ask like hello, I'm bunny face in this huge dog. So here's the scent of me. I just like that this is a big, weird bunny. I love bunny. I think bunnies are super super cute, but there also that dogmas areas as fuck. They have secrets. What are they doing? yeah they're all dead. It's like what are you? What are you? What are you doing? They did the hanging out adona doing more now there I think they're, just like plodding like may dog demise. It's really delegation Gallagher, not studies to throw me bunny community, sorry, bunnies, crazy guy. I One of those I saw what he thought was a turkey at first, but then he was like wait. No, that's like way too big to be a turkey which is tat.
buying in and of itself, because Turkey can be huge, I was gonna say: are we sure it wasn't just a turkey and he was like that's a huge. Turkey were sure because they Peter determined that it was some unknown kind of foul. Oh yeah, we're very big bird, a very big. According to Google MAPS, the exact transcript that they gave me Now they would tell the family who tell each other about what they had seen and they all agreed that it was pretty strange but, like nothing, had gone wrong. Yet they were like, what's up with all these weird animals are like. Is there something in the water here near also? A foul is just like a rooster hen. Some pig. yeah? I know this one was big. Oh I thought you were saying like foul means a big bird, I was like someone's getting ip further only did they knew no, it's a bird, like this. One was huge: they determined that it was like an unknown kind, o thou like a rooster hen of some sort. That is huge monstrous, not in Turkey. I don't love, basically it.
Turkey, visible the moral of love pages ain't, so the family they talk to each other there like did you see that? Bear that wasn't a turkey and like? I think it might be a foul like the dad like hey, I got one until I wanna be guys. I actually saw a giant dog that had the head of the bunny. I mean that one that one ups, everybody yeah. I think it definitely does yeah. I know they're just like ok, weird land there. You listened at night when they were sleeping, they would wake up to like tapping noises on the outside of the house, to which I say, fuck right, the fuck yeah, that's a note situation, but they look chalked it up to somebody. Pranking them even every single time they checked outside. They never caught anybody out there and who is this asshole in the middle of the night? Bringing you by tapping on your one also you live unlike a gigantic. Far legs somebody's gotta go a long way since the Frank you also very out in the open, like there's, not a lot places so like high, and I were, I would assume, that's making an ass you and me, but now so that
helping then elevated and it led. It's too sounds insight house and one of the main noises in the house at first was described as a gnawing on the beds. Oh, yes, they all thought that, some kind of animal, had gotten into the house and was like chip away at their beds, but then they would look or the house in the daytime and they see any signs that any animal had been inside even stranger. There was no evidence of such knowing on the beds super superbly so then suddenly Betsy their youngest daughter. They only have two daughters, Esther Betsy and Betsy started taking the brunt of these like a late night, wake up call, if you will he would start screaming, and our parents, but like Grundig, track on her and they find her cheeks like red and swollen with, like handprints like she was being smacked early on ahead and She would tell them like I've been slapped, like somebody hit me in the middle of the night. Now
and all the night noises escalated even further by this point and the family would wake up till at last. Shattering noises noises that sounded chains dragging across the floor. This fuck me up the most their covers would be ripped off. The middle of the night and their pillows like thrown to the floor near like one sense of comfort. You know what I mean. Look at the situation use one hide under the covers and feeling some unlike forcibly removed your cover from me. It's very invisible man. That's a lot here. It is very invisible man. He did so I can see that seen in my mind right now and have the chill snow, Zono, Leona Lee Wanna, then that wasn't enough for you, the house itself would start violently shaking like there was some kind of earthquake going on so like safe say something was up. Something was amiss, something who had gone awry. Something was different than that.
Some thing in this house was, unlike the other yeah I win, at that time actually like family matters were kept private like it's, the eighteen hundred style yeah, you can't say your business. They were jumping on Twitter and lakes, but earn more like Facebook hashtag along to dispelling the tea, family. Drowned. Now would not know. Diary entries from middle aged women would spiky Herman Susie. That one that suffered entire year and in time year. This is going on and none of the can. In the house for it to tell their friends what was going on and John and Lucy wouldn't speak of it either. Their dislike can't talk about this. Can't talk now, gotta get haunted, can't right now doing hunted budget. there's something interfering with their happiness is preventing you from achieving our goals. This social I met. Lately is a little rough flow, but to save the lassie so
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how many people have been using better help that their recruiting additional councillors and all fifty states, this podcast sponsored by better help and morbidity, crime. Podcast listeners get ten percent off their first month at better help. Dot com, Slash Morbid so eventually they had enough enough was enough and they realize that if they were going to try to figure this out, they were going to need help like I have we're going to need Jesus and then some yeah. So g Johnston was a neighbour that the family was pretty close to lake and some Lucy and John really trust in they all went to like the same church services so best friends rather than for them James and his wife spent the night on one occasion too, if maybe like when strangers were around the activity, would settle down. You know. Yes, it did and in fact, if the spirit was like more act, that by almost like it, had something to prove. Also the spare it was like. Oh you, you want to bring
and company. You want to bring a friend of the party, you know who the Spirit turned into, and I just thought of this right now. The countess the curtain at her cabaret show, when, like a few extra tickets, are sold while yeah, where our Rony heads spirits, Monica by that committee. Gee Gable. You know it Tyler's, you know. If you do, you know it is it's like when you throw a party and your family's just coming in here like I definitely want to throw a nice party if my family's coming within their like. Oh we're gonna, bring a few friends and yelling Now I really got a step and I need to make order. I gotta make a souffle. I gonna lie till really really hard on salmon and makes them they said it was a spirit said he was like we have friends now. I can't just do my regular hunting should I have to put the supper not level up here level,
level so James told John that he wanted to help and he was gonna try to put together like a group to investigate and hopefully read this family of the hunting, but then soon enough word was spreading around town and people were just like showing up to see what this was all about. So if they as they descended upon like an open door policy and I'm reading all this and am unlike but legal like a murderer, came and like I know, you're dealing with hunting Balikh your letting anybody in yeah they getting like page I don't think I'm yours, I don't think so, because I'd be like art, five bucks lieutenant into an aside, showed TAT, yellow make it a business yeah right, I mean eventually. Ok, though the anything they need, and they were doing some other, like the dad- was like doing some shady shit so nefarious dealing. Yes, I feel a key like in needed to only have like a couple business dealings on attire,
so these people would come over and they would all just gather in the kitchen and try to communicate with who or whatever was responsible for these likes creepy noise as something awesome, it sounds like a grand old tire, so they would ask questions and the answers would be given through like taps or scratches on the wall added my own sound effects of that. I didn't like doing that with the scratches, though So over time, though, the taps into scratches turned to like moans and groans, like were and then a lower the oak Agraea grown like and then a low whistle who and that slowly became a whisper. and then finally, a straight up voice like this only it sounds feminine. My voices and super feminine settle the first night. The spirit spoke. There are twenty four people sitting in the kid
and to listen to. It explained why it had come here in the first place was loves, and it said I quote, I missed Beer, it of a person who was once very happy, but I've been disturbed and made unhappy, I am the spirit of a person who was buried in the woods near by and the grave has been disturbed. My bones, disinterred and scattered I've come to kill all John Bell am I kill you I didn't. I must start by Chile Chile's I've come to kill John Bow. Oh, so won't just any if you are doing like a seance in your home and like shit, was going down in this person said I'm here, because I'm buried in the woods asleep, was, and now my shit has been spread everywhere. I would doubt be it for me. I believe wait you're buried in the freakin woods like why, like? Yes, why? Who all honey honest way? I'm just this that gave me the show
oh honey as tricks you metallic thy soul. There had been a disturbance of some human remains, but it wasn't John Bell who disturbed the grave it was. One of his son saw yeah, so there a lot of people who worked on the land but the Bell family owned. They had three hundred and when he ate acres of land to be exact, oh You're gonna need a couple: farmhands fear american oil bitter hell no one day while they were out working in the, fields, they realised that they were in some kind of burial ground which they believed was a native american burial ground and history would later prove them right. While its unclear exactly like what went down has different sources, a different things, but the most prevalent thing and like all the sources was that they were like ploughing the fields and that's how they d, like I mean that makes sense, came a crying area to two plants ye I actually so the farmhands went and told John Bell Andrew. three was either there when his father, like heard the news or he was eavesdropping on the conversation. Ok, so
later, he and his friend were bored, so they were to the area that the farm hands had been talking about because they want. Until I find some cool stuff, like some relics, so they just started digging, they were probably young rain. I would soon yeah yeah, I don't know, but I would assume those a young boys like young enough like I like. I want to go, look for stuff, we would also like you. I mean I don't think everybody was like totally educated. Unlike that, the no knows that no definitely not I'll give them that benefited. They were after this, so it drew who assembled across a jawbone unlike took it to home to show us dad? Oh, Now John Bell was like oil, because mandible, hey, hey, dad check this out while more like that, I'm not happy! That's not good! So I was actually pissed off. He was like why you have no respect for the dead. You look like oh put, that back yeah direct quote
and he did. He liked ruin and put it back, but at this point that up when it was too late, yeah, so people started hearing of this haunted farm like from all over the world player. First, it was just people from the town like a new neighbouring towns. At this point, people all over the world are starting to show up at the Bell Farm to be like. Let me here voice limited. Tell me about your story I can help you so a man who claims that he was gonna, be able to rescue the family came out to Tennessee from somewhere on the EAST coast, and he claims that he was a witch hunter who could kill which, with silver bullets. Oh ok, he had done it in the past and he was ready to do it again. I love that Companies like I've, already murdered woman. Yes, so let's do this, ray array like I've got decipher limits for this shit man who but back then, if you it wasn't a woman, it was a which I mean our like same saint. It's too much. now. He stayed for a few days with the family and weirdly
While he was there, the disturbances like stopped like they chilled out, then the Bell family was super happy in their like, you will pay you to live here. If, like this, this is what you are capable of nodded today didn't know. It was a which, at this point re, why was he just come in assuming like they do, at this point. They like assumed that it was because the day like assumed witchcraft because they're like how else would like a disembodied voice. Just like now come over my kitchen and entertain my guest very active, and yet you know so he they were like you know like you, can serve as our protector will pay you to live here and it'll be great and you know: should the activity start back up here, you could be here to help yeah this guy's, like cool, like they're rich. I just have to like hang around like, let's get it and yeah so he's like pretty solid gig sounds good. I just got to go home, grab some stuff and then I'll be back, so he did tell the family before he was about to leave that he thought he had scared the which offer good but he'd come back anyway and as you
try to get on his horse and hand back home. His horse, horsey I was just less like really his horse either like refuse. Used or was unable to move like just like would not budge. no matter how hard the guy tried. The horse would not move a muscle. Why and he lay it's a really funny things like make the horse move, but I can't talk about it. How Nana, but the horse would not move so, then, suddenly everyone heard this all too familiar disembodied voice call out. I can make that horse go. Let me get on behind word at that moment, though horse started freaking the fuck out, because the horse, like na running around in circles, I clearly very spoon and the man was able to get on the horse while the horse was still freaking out, and apparently it ran off the property. With the witch hunter like screaming and holding on for dear life. so he he I'm didn't come back though, and
which kept laughing about the war whole ordeal and telling the family like? She would just like talk to them in the middle of the night, like in the Middle Adele liked whenever she felt like it, and it didn't have to just We in the house it anywhere on the property. She could talk to them. Yet and she said I bet she thought, It was hilarious and she stuck the men with brass pins and she said: he'd been he'd, be spitting them out four months to come. Oh my god! Yes, so a couple of students came to stay. These are just like a couple like first hand experience as a couple students. in this day and when they didn't see or hear anything they said to each other that, like the people that sent them here, were suckers like one of unjust suckers so, the which then spoke and told them all about this, professor that they had previously had, and I believe that the real and they were there is because the professor like spoken of this whole phenomena thing and the which was like tat
He would be here with you if you haven't died three years ago when they were like. Ah the that's correct and she just kept pointing out like different facts and being like this. She would have no way of knowing them say they are like she's like a she's like one of those like tabletop psychics, whose, like let me, prove finally, our boat she's like, but I can tell you and we'll get into it later. But if you disrespect whoever this entity is, she won't get your ass back down like do not go there and then try to that one up her. You know I don't plan to nor do I get so another man that state at the Bell Farm he communicated with his family back home through the woods. until his mother demanded that he come home because she was done with all the scary but yeah and the which was able to send the message to the man in his mother's own voice was an that's. What we're gonna get into some even croupier shit
how, when our jails in the US well listen. So she said Getting really good at making the voices of the people in the home array southern Bird James Johnston, who I mentioned before he led the church, services of the Bell home and his voice was the fur to be mimicked, while he was giving his sermons. She would just like pick up with him. Unlike talk at the same time like knew what he was gonna say: Movie Cologne, and then there was another occasion where there is some kind of like nighttime service and a preacher was there to give a sermon that he had given earlier that day like miles and miles away and the v voice recited the service that the preacher had given earlier that same day, and he was like how. How did you do that? How did you know what I was going to say and she was like. I was there when you delivered at nine a m their preacher was there to give like a different sermon, which he had also given earlier that day, she just started giving
for him and just as she looked just ass, she had with the guy before and obviously he was. How do you know my sermon and she was like? I was there too. I just I love that everybody should like how do you know my Sir like how do you know that this is a disembodied like why hallways anything happen, everybody so casual above reduces the cat how'd. You know that well it's out it literally. This is like fuck to say, and it's like totally different than what the says it's like Smart House, but again a real if, like paranormal freely way, hats voice is coming across yeah yeah. I like locking you in your room, pillar, The weird thing was so she knew both services and choose a cows. I was at them now and the weird thing was that, both and had given their sermons at the same time at two separate locations, thirteen miles apart, while so, like
How is she in two places at once? Erin, I don't know, I mean she's entity, she s doing months now, after that she started interrupting every Sunday service, even at the church itself, and she would EC sing hymns like new hymns. Nobody had ever heard of before early, potentially like very old ones, that nobody knew? Do you sell crape? I wish someone had a video camera yeah that well well, a video camera does come into play late article much much later, not in this version with that. You do not change our insecure now, but this is interesting one The most notorious visits to the farm actually came from the would be President Andrew Jackson, oh yeah, The family knew him, because John Junior had served alongside him during the battle of New Orleans and the book I read while researching you should definitely go read it. If you have the Kindle Cloud reader, it's free, ah Mister Bell. It's called the bell which the truth exposed. Lou now
that book said that quote. General Jackson's party came from Nashville with a wagon loaded with a tent and provisions bent on a good time and much fun investigating the which, while they were good. They were stoked alone she had, then, actually brought itself Blue proclaimed, which Hunter so apparently that was like now we are lacking they shouted thing he brought him on. The trip in the guy came would like a loaded gun and tell which all bad silver bullets, I guess you needed silver bullets to get away. I was a werewolf thing, but I guess it doubles. Effigies translates into other. You know now, psych. If you can't get store, bought silver bullets are fine. Care of his wellness, Britain. That makes it easy to maintain your health goals with customize vitamin plan that helps you feel your best today and supports you long term. All of care of products are formulated with good for you, clean ingredients that are backed by
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are you the most active like? Are you active just things like that, and I was like I'm not that an active, but I'd like to be so they gave me. Some supplements all hope that sulphur Fifty percent off your first care of order go to take care of dotcom, slash, morbid, fifty and enter code. Morbid. Fifty again, that's fifty percent off your first care of order at take care of dotcom, slosh, morbid fifty and enter code orbit. The way to the farm, the group's wagon just abruptly stopped, and I got stuck in some mud and no matter what they did like. They took every we aloft and inspected it and then like put them back on and they would spend like while they were just like like lifted in the air they would spend, but then they would put them back down and it would not move While and then like, everyone got out all at once and tried to push in the wagon when it budge, while so Andrew Jackson told all the men that he was travelling with it months, that it must be the witch and
as he finished saying, that a voice came over all of them and said all right general, the wagon move I'll see you tonight like waters. See. I will see you sought for ninety. I love it so scary cigarette and will feel it and see the night when the group finally got the wagon going a like the witches like, let them them got to the farm, they immediately wanted to search around and stumble across something definitive. They were defined nothing at first, but they state. all like up into the early morning, hours waiting for something, I'm pretty sure they were sitting in the kitchen when this happened. So the which under would not shut up about all his tactics and his past success. He was basically sitting there like, boasting though I am like all when she shows yourself. I'm gonna showed her with my bullets jaaffier, which Hunter I feel this is a part of your job.
It's fucking annoy India, so he was annoying everyone and Andrew Jackson leaned over to one of the other, guys there and said I'll bet he's an errand coward. I do wish the thing would come. I want to see him run, bitches Larry s now after moment. They heard a noise that seem to be like something sweeping across the floor in front of Jackson, and the same exact voice from earlier said all general I'm here and I'm ready for business and no chant with a witch hunt or tried to shew in the direction where the voice came from, but the first shot did nothing so the voice tempted to try a second time, but that attempt failed to, and at that point she said something suggesting that it was like her turn now and she started beating shit out of Nike was like moving on. across the floor and like overcome yelling about like a very prominent nose like here like a bird. Like knows the book said
yeah and she started a grabbing his nose and he was yelling that she was gonna. Rapid off only go he sent here. She sent him like flying through the front door like running up the front door and she threw my house and ass. He was running away from the property he just like kept running like I would tat did not stop running in the entire time. He was just shouting Lordy lordy, oh god, I don't blame him tis, who that's Andrew Jack since its la I run in forever spouse, putting all lordy lordy lordy lonely is. I also love your voice when the witch all right, general, I don't sprawling offensive. I hope that we do so like you'd, like our I added. I just love, and I see a pebble shells, I'd different voice and I now go into which I don't love so another strange encounter happen to one of the slaves working on the property. So I sat in the beginning, John Bell, with super wealthy and at the time the
they would show off how much they had, essentially by like collecting a large number of slaves, click stomach turning to their values but necessary to mention yeah absolutely so this particular slave that they had was named dean and he was one of the Bell families first slaves. This is business, by that, I mean to say, as I could really fucked up, he and his mother Chloe had been gifted to John and loose. On their wedding day from Lucy's father. So like a human, gave, a human being gave another set of human beings to human beings from our wedding present like that, is the most fucked up thing. Tat idea. I can't that's one of those like I can't even rat my brain around, but I feel It is worth mentioning. The sardine was married to a woman named Kate and dean. You son The bat like I wanna be friends would deem like. I need to track down and like that's the only reason I would use of Egypt sardine. I gotta know you. I gotta
he was married to a woman named Kate, who was also kept as a slave on a neighbouring property. Indeed had actually been known to be a target of the hauntings going on, and he would sometimes show up to work is bleeding ah claiming that he had been hit over the head by the witch. Oh man, yes, no, not wanting her husband to be like severely hurt. Kate may deem something called a witch ball, Is she made it with a different herbs and her own hair, like from her head on its cool, like intertwined wrapped up together? They can protection thing. I was literally episode to be a protect. Ireland get better at my mind now what while he was walking to Cates, he ran into the witch who he sat appeared in front of him as a large black dog, which happens a lot. I was gonna. Take the paranormal world, that's a Blake prevalent thing. Yeah black dogs are super bad omen, which is not awesome, because black dogs are my favorite but ship
next to him as a large black dog, and she told him tat, she knew he had a witch ball and demanded he give it to her. So he was so scared and like to know what was going to happen, so he did and he like held out his hand, and the thing burst. in the flames and shot up into the air war. That's what the book said, Europe solely after that she kept haunting him like you like, wouldn't let him go so he pulled out his axe and split. The dogs had into two. wow. So then he ran to Kate, who gave him a different which ball after she consulted with a native American on what herb she should put into this one this time to make it like more protective but dean rent to the which again- and this time she appeared as a dog with two heads. No, so he like split the dogs, in half and she responded by aid to her, it became more powerful. While I can't
what she tried this time, turning him into a mule and he was like stuck there like couldn't move and apparently heard another like which is voice joking with the original one saying that they should ride Dean TAT have breakfast in hell work, turn him into a mule and ride him to Hell to get breakfast, isn't that nuts and yes So I d like somehow he like me. He figured out a way to get that situation. It said that, like he He was so like you, so in love with cape that, like he use that to get like Unstuck and Ireland to Kate, which I was like a home lincoln above I love love. Now dean was a fixture in the town like for years to come and he would tell his first hand experiences to anyone who asked about this time on the farm. I love that he was like. Like a county, I love that later on that, I said when I tell you so I think I meant
before, that the hunting seem till. I really focus on Betsy, who was twelve when everything we now like, I said like she get slapped her hair would be pulled she'd Felix. She was being pricked, by pins all over her body. She also started to have seizures and would go on conscious after like clearly struggling to breathe for a long time only to wake up And suddenly have everything start again, so she struggling to breathe, and then they pass out and then wake up and then the whole thing would start again and it could last to link up to forty minutes. They would say, while yeah, so John and Lucy would try to send her away to make friends houses for the night, but the spirit would follow her to the friends houses. It could follow her. That was part of the reason exceeded on her while we're gonna get into good cause. I need to know
so that was the that was part of the reason why the family never left home because it promised to follow them like it said like I can follow. You, wherever you go like so don't even bother while that's hopeless, yet terrified. So years into the haunting Betsy was getting older and eventually she became engaged to her childhood friend, Joshua Gardener, but they were like doomed from the start. The voice would follow them to all different places on the farm and say quote: please Betsy Back dont Mary Joshua gardener. That would surely be you a life of pain and misery, and it would say this I constantly all the time over and over, it would like hit her in, like still abuse her in front of Joshua and like it would say, like crude thing to make her uncomfortable in front of everybody. The relationship I was going to say is this: like them, trying to be like chill and be in life is not a dyed omair him? No, because just than being
In walesa, so John Bell eventually died which will get into injustice second, but I wanted to tell this part first, so Betsy called offer engage, when two Joshua, believing that the which was right in this was put. That was part of the reason why your father was killed. She was because I didn't listen to her to the which so she ended up, because nothing engagement and marrying a man named Richard Powell, who was a super shady character. That happened to be her teacher at one point: oh, he was like a man eater older than Harrow and MIKE, had always been super Creepy, unlike said that he would marry her someday cool yell of that, but her life still super miserable, even though she listened so oh and the book that I was reading about it they were like. So did the voice like say that to make like now, knowing how how much power it had over her because our life, a super miserable when with Richard but like. I think it led her to build
If that she was going to be miserable with Joshua, but it was playing a trick on her, oh likely, unlike it suddenly was like. Let me help you out girl, rightly wire. I would it be like that. That's basically like what the authors, so she Betsy had eight children, but only excuse me, but four of them died Super young, two more died in or after the war and she and her husband invested like all their money into some ship that was like they put all their money on. And the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean and they lost all their money Y yeah, so they never recovered like they were just like destitute for the rest of ever and and when he died. Obviously, she became a widow for the rest of her life, which was more than thirty years. So she was just like alone for thirty years after having experienced all of that, while ia what misery, what misery so, let's get into Jack now
John. So from the beginning, the which promised to kill John. She literally was like I'm here to do so. She referred to him as old Jack and she said that she was gonna, kill him slowly and she did even when he would leave the house he would suffer. I read that quote: he always felt like a stick was lodged into his mouth horizontally. Cutting into his cheeks his tongue would swell he couldn't leave the house like a stick lodged into your mouth I can see ya right, unlike some public sector running. I like cheeks, sit idly pushing mind together like no whistling yeah. I hate it so the last, walk that John took was with Williams to the hub and along the way his shoes kept being like violently ripped off and thrown about and he was becoming more and more frantic and like just like, very clearly being affected by something and
by the end of the whole deal, he was like convulsing. So after that he never left the house, again and mostly was confined to his bed, and so he had to be given his medication by John Junior, who would like consult with the only doktor now one morning, John Senior hadn't woken up here and he wasn't responding to anybody trying to wake him. He was still breathing But he was like not there, so Junior went to get his medicine music, maybe, like you just needs like something like I'll call. The doktor and I ll find out so he opens the cup Bird and all he sees as this small vile standing where the medicine was supposed to be, and it had like a dark liquid in it got. Why so he's like what the fuck is that but no one claims they put it there, and everyone said they had never seen it before. So when they called the fish doktor like check in on John he's,
I'll, do the vile, like trying to figure out what liquid, what the wherewithal to see what was the liquid while the witch and then announced to the room that she'd given John a dose of it in his sleep, and she had fixed him so sure enough on the door, to attract the smell was on Johns breath like she was like gal air. The doktor was like yeah like, definitely was given this voice, she gave him She did not fix them, so they test. This is really sad, blinked trigger warning. They tested the liquid on the family, TAT one of the family cats and they ve like rubbed like a little on his tongue and he died of yeah. Of course So John Junior resell mad. He slim the vile down to the floor and when it broke. I saw two different accounts in either had a huge purple cloud, just like emit into the air or a large blue cloud
but either way like a colored cloud, just like a rose out of the air, they either way doesn't matter just like shattered, like rising among like the shattered pieces, God they're reminds me of those like photographs, he calls tables. I think I'll Obama was welcomed, that you're never gonna those that did not awesome. Now now, Sir John Senior died the next morning December, twentieth, eighteen, twenty two young, yes the which was quiet during the funeral, but when things were around. I have her. It was apparently like one of the biggest funerals Ivan history at that point, while in that places in Tennessee history at that point, but, as things were, wrapping up like she started singing this song, that said, like Rome II up, some brandy, oh like she was like jauntily singing like about brandy sing the shanty as she has ringing as she said. Sadly, the shanty, why,
she wouldn't stop until everyone had gone home like got inside while she was like lead, celebrate a true prior So, strangely enough, the Spirit was like really connected to Lucy, who was Johns, wife, ok, so loose had been super sick at one point in time. This is before John died. I put this like a little bit: border, but I think it made better son slit me and so before John died, she got super. Second, she was bedridden and it seemed like everyone was pretty sure that she was clicked basically going it. I didn't know what she had, but she was clearly very sick, but the vote. So the spirit was with her all the time and would like if she knew did something the Spirit would be like you need to at her this in its over there like get her less now wow now one day she was lying in bed at that when she was unable to eat like had an eaten in days, and she was surrounded by a couple visitors whose had noticed like something falling from the ceiling and they realise that
he's nuts are falling from the ceiling, and then grapes started falling from this. in place and the voice of the Spirit just came out of nowhere was like Lucy eat. They like eat those wars. How they all investigated- and they were like there has to be like this- is real, like there's. No way that's real, but there was no, a hole in the ceiling like no contraption sat up like that, although this is like that aid, Hundreds like how high tech and again I have like no word- no words just right Ben hazelnuts and grapes. So she, like, I said she had eaten awhile, but the Spirit told her to eat these and she was able to, and then after it seemed like she was totally cared like took a couple days. But in no time she was back up and like the family was just like back at it again, wow social. This, which, like sees Lucy as like Kindred she does, and working
Two, it I'm sure we will sell when John died, the activity calm down, but the which promise to return in seven years, and she did the cry because she's gonna die. Why, though, she want to a fishing under a chance if she can do whatever you want. So she came and she told John Bell Junior some predictions for the world. Now this is fucking terrifying. She accurately it the Civil war war, were one in world war to the great depression and then like some other, like things to an end, went on to warn that the earth will end in a great fire. Wow, so she's been correct about every single protection, so firelit. She also said that, like we would find it.
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during the years that the family was being haunted. The voice claimed to be different people and the voice would change from time to time. At one point, it claimed that it was Kate bats who was a nearby neighbour and history would actually show later that she was a relative of the Bell family. I believe she was Lucy S, niece, like Lucy's brothers, daughter, ok, but Kate was said to have had a pretty heated argument with John Bell over land and, like you said she was. curse him, but she denied any involvement in the hunting it was like. No, this has nothing to do with me, but people really are involved in the hunting of that I am not involved but She people they believed that it was her. Unlike those spear like this, calling the Spirit Kate, because they thought it was her only and the Spirit started being like responding to Kate leaping like guides me assured, skate, eradicate so it's sad because she seemed like an easy target chooses like kind of an outcast in the town, physical.
Weird and like there that's always these she lay to be the centre of attention, so the kind of like that how to do it recipe, but some pretty information, some pretty information, some pretty information, pretty interesting information would come when Walter and Chris Kirby bought the farm and nineteen. Ninety three so recent turn really moving on a yes. Now they were to their friend Camille Moffit, who wrote that book I mentioned quote. Our dream was to honour tobacco farm we saved for years, but every time we put a contract on something us he's me. We put a contract on one something happened and the deal fell through, it was like something was blocking our every effort ha, so they keep trying to buy these farms and is now working out for them. And then their luck changed and the deal on the Bell Farm when over seamlessly so was like these. They really felt Ligon that space feel like they are supposed to live on this via like they were. They were like pose an analogous place. Yes,
so Walter was super excited that their luck had changed, but he was also really nervous to tell his wife about this, because the major caviar was that it was haunted. His thought that you I'd like a really angry, which you might not sent, might live with you. So when he told her, though his wife crests, it was like. Oh no worries. My psychic told me that we were gonna, get this property and that there was a quote highly supernatural energy there. I love that she's, like no worries. My psychic told me. I already know yet like school. It is what it has. She can sublet betterments, what its
right she was all Chris was also told that most of the energy derived from some kind of permanent structure on the property that was detached from the actual home itself, like a barn of sums, order, no, a cave, a cave, a cave or even spoke here that I want to. Maybe too, maybe all girl. Just U Way Barnes. It is really creepy to me yeah, I'm on purpose, barn or terrify. They were creepy, but this cave takes through our ethics, the cave can take security so that they moved in and the haunting started the very first night that they were there not waste any time they woke up. the middle of the night to this like crazy, crashing sound, and they described it like a glass pitcher being shattered on the ground, while the They were like. Maybe something shifted them in the moving boxes like as totally but when they looked like nothing was out of place
and then the next morning Chris remembered that the family, who they brought the property from they were the edens and the wife and the even family, left a book of experiences that they had put together. While they lived there like everybody that lives there had journal like most of the accounts from the earlier days, come from Williams. Journal Williams is journal that suit creepy. It is weird and the family. The even family, like I said, wrote a book about their experiences and left it for the curb. So so Christlike picked up the book the next morning to see if they see if she could find anything about that legal, like water, pitching noise, yeah and when she did she's like fucking through the pages, and she does opens to this random page in the chapter. Was titled breaking glass dislike open to that page, and I keep forgetting this is in the, Andy, serves as a very good ideas, we're dominating hundreds anymore
and the same noise was described is like a pretty usual occurrence. So Chris said later, the truth is, if we had believed wholeheartedly in it, we wouldn't have bought the place. We did it, but now they think they knew that like something was there, but I think they didn't like fully understand when it was black. Now they did so part of Christmas. New life on the farm would be like, like you had said before, like mine, isn't anybody electronic some money, whether he earned yeah later on they started, and they would give tours in this cave on the property? So the cave was like really well known throughout the legend to be the place where the rip the witch retreated to after John Bell had died, and people claims that it was wickedly haunted and people would like try to break and all the time like it was of hot commodity, get like a hot commodity. This cave they had to put a gate like near it so that nobody could break into it.
It's, the low listing says like hot hot, hot, hot, home, hot hot cave. Like all offers Lahti Dwelling accepted tomorrow, absolutely essential Chris actually brought her psychic into the cave before the tourist started just to see what she was getting into and because she, but exploring on the property one day like taking pictures, and around the area of the cave, she saw orbs and actual people in the photos that she had taken. So on photo showed a little boy and overalls who the psychic ended up seeing when they entered the cave. Now Christmas psychic told her that this cave was likely some kind of portal. Because there was way more than just one spirit, dwelling their choosing terrors, like hundreds of spirits and this cave like this is not just the bell which horrifying so and she felt like everything stemmed from the cave like that's where all the hunting
came from, and the first room in the cave. Actually because there's rooms in this cave to it's like it almost sounds like it's like remodels. You can look at pictures of it and it has little rooms and they put like electric lighting throughout like that like so you can see where you're going Now the first room in the cave actually has a tomb. Were a native american girl was laid to rest I'll shit. Now this is fucked. She had died of a gunshot wound to the chest and there, the Earl AIR, those seventeen hundreds of the early eighteen, hundreds she later was stolen from the tomb yeah now there is also narrow, hallways and a large room in the back of the cave and in the end, the Roman, the front. Then I literally want to go with you. But I'm so scared. I want to go so bad, but I'm you have to sign a waiver. Have it whenever this a waiver all day, I hesitate. I don't love away. I hesitate now Bob
you say shot it's a c h, o tt and childlike shocked to hear it doesn't look like Scott. but he's a renowned paranormal investigator with top of the line, invest in investigative equipment, and he I mean Christen, her husband would get like tons of people coming being like. I want to investigate this, but this guy was like the real deal yeah like let's do it lets Loiseau? He and his team set up in the cave and while they were there, they experience like the usual things like drops in temperature and feeling like a presence in the room and they took like a photo at the same time, is like the temperature went down and there was like orbs in the picture. Ok, so like some like interesting stuff, but I can't think pretty usual yeah, but Dan. Something turned so one night. They set up this really high tech, video camera with like crazy vision and some, like infrared filter that supposedly five times stronger than the military. While. Ok, yes, like some
holy shit and captured what looked like a door that slid open in the cave and locked the door disappeared out of nowhere, slid open and to human forms walked through and then just as quickly as it appeared it disappeared. What's so Malta for people who study the paranormal have seen the footage and have Absolutely no explanation as to why that would have happened like there's, no like lighting flu, or anything like that. That would have made that happen, while yeah So this woman, named Rosemary Ellen Culino, believes I sat she's a famous paranormal I sport and she agreed with Bob that this was the doorway to a poor at all between the physical world and the paranormal world and that's where all these hauntings had been coming from an actual either way it is literally a good or whether all door. Now the book says the cave is the genesis of the Bell
which yes, and so it made sense that the voices of the Spirit would change and it would like claim to be different people. It was For me, there wasn't always the same like I am that there is like a bell which, like like on specific, entered, you're not like really focused on the family, but like. I really believe it was like these hundreds of spirits that were justly tormenting this family. Yes, a hundred percent in some of them were even tormenting. The family like now like that, when helping Lucy D helping Lucy or there was one point- there was like a family, was living there and a calf was Goin, a Catholic really really sick and as they were walking by, they heard like this loud bang in the barn where the calf Mustang and they didn't realize until they heard that being that the catholic needed medical attention quo, wow so the
whoever like made that sound, and there was trying to help the end like a learning them to now, and it makes sense because when you hear how nice it was so Lucy right like what's that, doesn't make sense and thence like it's a totally different person. There is also another theory about that that we're getting into at the very end, but first quick, note too. So later, while looking in the smoke house that was on the property, Chris discovered ah leg bones, oh arms and parts of a skull: ok, yeah so the bones were later determined to be two to three thousand years old and I fight as a member of the Mississippi Mound Builders Tribe Holy Shit, so that specific, try was known to bury their dead sitting up right in our afflict no coffin not covered at all, so it made sense that the legs- and arms, where the parts that she found in my part of the skull, but because they were they were.
Covered so long after burial, because they were closer to the bottom of the earth. Alas, I think it makes sense now Chris found out that above the key Eve, there was a native american burial ground and that the graves there were also two to three thousand years old, wow, she found out that ceremonies would be performed inside the cave by shamans to open a portal. Now another quote from the book says: quote: the Mound builders had not bury their dead on top of the cave so that they would be near the portal. They open the portal in the cave, because it was near the burial place of their dead. It sounds like magic, but the consequences are very. very real wow. So they believe that, like these shamans from these tribes made this portal so that they could still like connect with their loved ones that had passed on,
I don't know if shit that's when they like abandoned the place, because native Americans abandon this land and like felt like it was, it was almost like you with the term, but the Turnbull Canyon yeah, like they Like it was like sacred, but also like curse yeah like Herndon, something not great yes, while so This had some wild things happened to her while she was in the cave, giving tours the most common occurrence says during Torres were like when hot shot, people non believers would show up and end up getting like slap in the face physically assaulted, if their disrespectful to the bell, which in particular legal you go in there and you're, like I'm, not afraid of her, like you will literally get assaulted. Car had points out that anyone who take something from a cave like takes like a rock or like some. Why would you do that? Stupid faces death or injury, and apparently a woman took like a little pebble
We warned her. She was like Otto. You should, if you want to like I dont care but but like its ever turned out well for other people, and the lady was like, I think she lives like that's nonsense, and then she came back either the next day or like a couple hours later, and she was like bleeding, which she had like gotten into some kind of access, holy shit like I said you literally have to sign a waiver before you can go on the tour and some people end up running out of the cave like ass, fast ass. They walked in. I don't know if I can handle that sounds like a lot yet sounds like a lot, So this is where we're gonna get get Ike a pretty serious accusation, but does Michael all but a front so there's enough there so many books about this there's another novel by Brett Monaghan and he pointed out in the nineteen seventy seven novel the bell, which some interesting fact
in opinions on the bell which haunting regarding the Bell family okra. He believed that, because John and Betsy were the ones who like were really target area, there were eight other children. The idea of some of them are living in the house, but there was a big family and then you think of a lot of the people that came like yeah, mostly really don't get assaulted unless they were like rude, but he was like. Why were they the main targets? So he believes that John was molesting Betsy and the book the Bell which the truth exposed points out that quote: young girls, who are being victimized by incest, are predisposed to poltergeist activity, and I ran a key. The victim herself is typically the target of the haunting la now support. There are factors that support this, because the Bell family
documented, like I said, almost every experience and they noted multiple times that the which stated the reason why she was there, but they never came out and said, but the reason was only that the witch said John Bell was like a really bad man, yes and these, and they said that she was lying and they wouldn't repeat but she said now. This spirit also showed up when the Betsy was twelve, because at that point stir who she used to share her room with her. Only sister was like AL and married, so Betsy had her own room at that point. Oh, so you know who Bessie was twelve on this all began. John had married Lucy when she was twelve and he was thirty two, oh yeah, so I mean it's not like concrete evidence? But it is an interesting theory. It's an interesting thier and it's like that's why wanted to slowly kill John Bell, I dont know to SAM Wilder. Betsy would have been victim about arms like that seems to be. It just sounds like that.
How it got goes and then the spirit must have felt really bad for Lucy, because this was happening to her child at the hands of her husband, potentially oh yeah. So it's a little like that's while it's crazy, that's why and then there is some other information in the book that you should definitely go. Read the dam, the bell which truth exposed, because it was actually written by a friend of the Kirby family. Ok and like there's all these like first and experiences but they point out that he John Bell had been excommunicate excommunicated by the church at one point, because he was doing like some shady dealings where he lent a slave, which sounds horrible too, labour and was like a like charging. The neighbour like Chris z taxes like interest rates for like a bar with the slavers, they arson fur person, but the heap he was like. Definitely very shady It has also been noted in history that he killed a man, oh yeah. He killed them
literally killed a man and is just like a bullet. and I'm not going to say this is noted, just noted in history. He also murdered someone killed Romana, so it just I wanna Amazon like love like just like a creepy little quote from the book that was said by the Bell, which So though, the world may not recognise spirits, whether gooder demon both will be here. It will have many of each wool So it's also so interesting that she said that because like if she, there? She knows what's going on? She knows that there is like a door in a port. Also JAG. There's lots of spirits here like some of them are good. Some of them are not bad, but we're all here, Wall Sars. My yes all of, that saw screwed down right here. I thought it was. I was like always done. Some gnarly cases lately like we're going to get into like a funding, Muky place and then obstinately oh,
yeah to air from the newly break, some serious allegations to really wanna get somewhere, it surely digit I've been waiting for that case at the great one, such a good case, wholly crap. There are about a million bucks. You can read, but definitely read the truth, expose meandering lincoln. The show notes like we always did YAP, definitely but loud or that was crazy. Things were taken us on that right and we welcome the guys. We hope you read those books than we are hope it keep listening and we hope you keep it, but also wherever you open a portal. By now, don't do that. nine the waiver
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