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Episode 22: Joshua Ward House/ Giles Corey with special guests The Right Wrong Turn Podcast

2018-10-11 | 🔗
Guys! We have guests! Tonight we took look into just a corner of Salem's witchy history and chatted with two of our podfam members, Tyler and Mason from The Right Wrong Turn Podcast. Check it out and if you downloaded the first version of this that I posted, I apologize for the audio mess. This one is better, I promise. Enjoy, weirdos!
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Yes, you other people, but not about you delicacy. While Europe you were here and to enter into binding, we make tasted or minor scenario milder I locked yesterday. We have special hybrid guest noon tomorrow, Just it's our person, one by our purpose of people out there do, We welcome into getting out building tartaricum, take us away and steal us now. even though some will do and to that end If someone is my door and we just stop talking, that's why like what
that's a vessel owners except you know the culprits because they don't have asks I've gotta get speaking of masks. Do you know it Juno Ski masks right with the holes? In the main thing I found out what the actual technical name of those are to do, what they're called balaclavas. I like really yeah, arctic monkeys has a song about it and I googled what it was, and I love her eyes if necessary. I love arctic monkeys. All arctic monkeys are the shit you know other, so how did monkeys but as a little disappointed by the new album, and that might be controversial ideas. I am not. I don't know, was it didn't voted through my love made at every boy. I thought I dont like David Bowe. It's just that I was expecting arctic monkeys in the night,
Let me like taking like what you think is like a drink of like water and then actually getting like vodka p, o or vodka. I advocate either. Yeah sure it would be different. happens. Yeah reactors this nine years old. He is oppressing. Very. She took a lot of what you thought was water in the face this girl. Maybe I can This does not happen, while totally. The slow spiral, technocrats It's the way, social reality you were actually the road
Oh yeah, we rarely like some random guys do not just have a hybrid based on the other end named my lawyer. He is the right wrong turn podcast, who is joining us tonight and were so excited tat. Color began were excited to implement loud, but here we're sharing elaborate will await us one of the words and just put it back together. They were really good at first, it is here with us, so much were figuring out but anyway, I'm Mason from the right wrong turn and I've Tyler. Yes, that's me either, I raised my. I wanted to point out that he raised his hand, have their targets
it s about ok, so question backward are barred to talk. What does vodka tastes like, because I have no idea what a fresh jerk crushed streams. Al I don't know if you ve ever drank ass, a weapon, but that's pretty people's pottery acid mix with gasoline First of all that is like. We gasoline smells like that's gonna, taser yeah, oh really. I like. The smell of gas, oil and other smaller dazzling I love the smell like it is like my school. Berger really is better than another
I'm ok! many opportunities and take water breaks. Am I do spit teeth. Tracks are not use. My computer is right, and actually my computer is like four hundred years old and I'm just looking for a reason to get rid of it. The next we see that's what spit on annex I won't busily. Oh, what can I do Hitherto, I have like a super old macbook. whatever later chunky, one I'd like to really junkie on it's like as the encyclopedia I think about yeah! Well, it's thing: that's ten years old was doing a thing. I'm. Looking at a right now, my girl, you're, ok, you're gonna, be fine, Bertha,
CS hundreds have preceded it slow, but it does when I needed to do sometimes most of the time That sounds like you guys. It says a lot about it. I'm gonna throw. You see we ve, No doubt we are essentially like the male female versions of each other. And if you like, to go ethically wrong turns out exactly the way person, so it like us, which I hope we do as you listening to us right now? version of love it shameless. All of you will bear with me it's kind of like a code because, like everyone else report of the court because, like it's like an inside joke or the Super need club, valentine trailing answer. You did.
And then he followed very sure. Yes, all challenges in this girl right here. Oh yes, employed tell it would follow Jim Jones. I would actually that's funny because Jim Jones is church went through disciples of Christ, which is actually the church that I go to now. Would Why do you have an election yeah already, but I thought you Jim Joe Wegg, but Jim Jones, also like water very far away from the church, but lay a little bit but you're, just a tiny bit like slightly larger, just a little bit like modestly they think globally, and so I thought I was followed him actually Surely we ass? It is now urgent. I already die coolly. They probably would like slavery, probably not while there was that sponsor benefits.
I don't know they spoke how much you know you're already following you're only on the Bee W by all of us. on acids, but it wasn't helter skelter because they spoke The wrong is like the heater scotch whisky older or according to these two Yes, yes, in fact, right now we are healthier. Sweltering appear yeah. This hierarchy is weird topsail secondary, not conducive. Everyone has to answer Suddenly I didn't worked at anchor devised worsening. Everyone lies in its political body parts. The fact that current Johnny Ola Daycare weak not afresh
of her favorite smell the handle retained. smell of autumn when there was Halloween centre? yes Inga I am I cannot without further ado? Angela's area, so I thought but because we have few people here who are not native to Massachusetts. Here's a hand, it's not NASH at my soldiers, At last we are supermassive mass ages. We just relish our mass homelessness and we do something from good.
Sailor, Massachusetts, Yeager because all kinds I haven't I ass, I did I miss something. I'm gonna get you back and he now I know you can send a nerve at the sale. I haven't you suddenly my whole life, I'm taking away your massacred will actually I've I've been is the six licensing is, I know No, no you try out here you gonna, let the house observing gables gonna, that, like all burial ground, you haven't, got a sale of evil. I want you won't, like I'm kind of which your cannibal you not. true, which even the sale served with AIDS I'm going to give up little bit of a journey to the Joshua Ward House, all news now he is when involved, understandably guided Joshua Israel. Do you mean
every person that was accused they were language, budgetary level, this epoch? and were also so this is going to be about the house, but were going. to go into. Like Guiles Corey a little but not as it is now girl? Are you from Massachusetts? you are, she was born. Why that's wow! That's not ladderlike Qaeda you're way out there, like I, have a way out. So we and start our tail on Washington, Street and Salem, and on Washington C C on Washington street there tell exactly such events where switch it at all. So on Washington Street on their right now.
there since a large break mansion. This mansion was owned I won't be merchant in sea captain by the name of great Segouin, Joshua Ward, not a dish crazy. I know so he built this in seventeen. Eighty four in fundamental fact, George Washington State while this might hasn't. He asked of war in seventeen, eighty nine euros that pretty red now, whenever Abraham Lincoln stayed there in Illinois yeah? Well, it's gonna crazy and his kind of weird. If lake yeah, this letter is like President, just like ITALY, have sleep over a second doesn't like to keep in touch with you. No important people in the country array- that's really weird George Washington, probably won't say in house. Oh yes, he did. You say that this house, back in seventeen eighty nine connecting
probably wives, called Washington Street says I say and it was called the Washington hotel at some point, and I was like looking failure once that's. Our hands green, like he won't even their workplace once again my people use tissue and for once it was awesome in action only in this in the windows of this house for a while, they had a bust of George Washington because again they like really banking on this whole George Washington State here, but they had remove it because humans, dumb and they kept walking by in thinking they were seeing the ghost of George Washington and freezing the fuck out. That's life. We have to take it out of the window, will be one of those George,
I know I saw George another preserve well word, so he built this. Evil is beautiful, break mansion. It's really pretty its huge utility went on there. If you look at it, but you don't because and hears why, The haunted a well that all care about this house on the remaining foundation of a home that one stood on the property. home that one stood on. The property is a little bit of a bleak past, The mansion sits on the exact spot, where the residents of Sheriff George, the strangler Corwin, used to be new ways to wake up guy. I would allow right heads rural party at all to be re babies. Since tone, We harmless harmless he's just children is here.
You know what's nice what's this was not only his home. It was also used as a jail and his personal torture chamber of sunlight best placed to build a new property to be satisfied, Well, she's, really! Sorry, Sir John best, it's real estate alibi No good! I mean I don't see anything wrong, fine idea now everybody rights, ok, we'll be fine. and obviously one does not get the nickname the strangler, because you're dude, who likes to spread peace in love now over In fact, Corwin happened to be one of the most evil sadistic interrogators and which Flash warlock killers in history. Film guys, sheer he's a bad deal So he was like a regular and got away with things like these people are witches.
Actually, that's like almost even worse he was like he was like us. Straight up monster and he just happened live in a time where it was totally legal for him to tender, yet he was the worst enemy sheriff service levels applicant, like like dogs, the bounty with the mullet never make it on. We are focusing on down without even here we literally talked about a lot of reasons. I think that the example I think I did and right so just pick. That is great using for like me, but he looked like unto them are finally was discovered by the current way back and like the fixing of book
How is that was cool the sixteen hundred peroxide blonde We are all aware it was Julia had of his time. We want a ruins ordinary like. Where did you get those sunglasses that make what for us Besides your face, why don't you haven't heard among don't worry about forehead uneasily? Don't worry, you'll, understand, there will come a time, then, maybe not now, but I will be relic So good old George was born February. Twenty six, sixteen sixty six, six except Ah, you know how just SAM, You know, I'm not saying what I'm saying I'm saying I felt like yourself to me what you're saying
I might be safe use and operation my resign, while saying just asked all the half hour so Not a lot was known about his childhood because you know, like the sixteen hundreds matches kind of tat, they weren't yeah, but I'm gonna assume it was not like great This is me, have you become now the approaching? I haven't a great tablet, so It was the grandson of John Winthrop, the younger who was the governor of Connecticut and his wife. Lydia again did again Donnie Gedney, whatever she asked, he's dead. We generally she was the daughter of Bartholomew Gedney, one of the magistrates involved in the witchs trials. Of course, the same is true, of course, It couldn't be allowed, expect nothing of efforts for more say in the meantime
Let me begin by offering, murder, all little, come on, don't worry about Burma! its whenever you want it's open healing close to home, Cooper, university health care, a complete academic health system from primary care, two more than seventy five specialities from revolution, rising neurological care to advancing cancer care at and the Andersson cancer Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate, complete.
Hope and healing close to Home Cooper University Health CARE, a complete academic health system from primary care. Two more than seventy five specialities from revolution rising neurological care to advancing cancer care at and the Andersson, cancer Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice, Cooper committed, compassionate, complete, so George became the high. Sheriff, not just the sheriff the High Sheriff Essex County Massachusetts during the witch trials, so between one thousand six hundred and ninety two and one thousand six hundred and ninety three. He signed warrants for the arrest and execution of those condemned of witchcraft Oh Corwin was also responsible for choosing the execution Satan Salem for the nineteen innocent people that he fucking hanged.
name, but if you choose what his whole yeah did he chooses to execute about, was like what you know here Well, you didn't hang them all in this house. Young them, like Gallo cell, He just started here yet even kill people. How come I was. Actually he did kill people? Oh ok! the money they pay, their hang people in some there isn't. That makes it better. it totally its knowledge ass. She was told You will answer, it wasn't hang and people who says so. I don't know if you guys are wondering where the nickname strangler came from lawyer. Yes, wondering this point of view. nobody goes wondering eyes. Do that guy over their eyes, so this was due to the fact
but he developed some cruel methods, forgetting quote unquote, which is to admit their allegiance to Satan sit on. One of these was really really fun totally only it's not going to terrify you at all eating endless breaks and tat. We are This is not as bad as the toy box, killing I am so ready, no kidding, I'm so ready to be terrified at all right now, like that's how it better by DIA you're ready. So he used it. Time the neck of the accused to their ankles until a stream of blood exploded out of their nose. He would just tightening oh my gosh. You told me to like me by my not surprised and they ve been running lately blown off and that I gave you some blood exploring how neglect it tight there.
Naturally, our Ngos and then he would just like slowly pull it until he like fuck them up so much that blood just exploded avenues. And that is vague, seem you know when the blood exploded use, like that's a good days, work done. Something like you know I M done was this cannot be allowed to say so? Basically, it was like the most slow and torturers strangulation ever and it goes without saying, but like they definitely accidentally made a serious sheriff big might think we can all agree NAM. So I hate it when that happens is beware. Assuming you're, like shit, got up. Ok, maybe next time I will get a few people have to die, but you know there's always next year. There is this also acknowledged: people who business circles
so on September sixteen tonight. Sixteen ninety two he was ordered by the court. of or you're in Terminator to preside over the interrogation by torture of one guiles Corey, who was pressed to death for refusing to stand trial for witchcraft. Could you If I pressed to death the oh, don't you get in here, you think I'm just gonna fly about. I'm gonna bring you into So let us not resume something like this is about this is why we need the video open the park. Oh yes, perfect! So well wait till next! Somebody to explain to you so Guiles corps He was core wins last interrogation and execution, and
maybe the one that definitely had the most lasting effect. Even then he sure did you sure. Did so we're gonna get into Guiles Coronel. So else Corey was pressed to death on September nineteen sixty ninety two in sound village again for refusing to go to trial or enter any plea for witchcraft accusations. So often people accused would refuse to enter a plea at all and therefore this is standing silent or feeling mute and it's important to note that this wasn't always purely out of pride or stubborn or just like being a bad ass back then a convicted person forfeited all their property once their convicted. So his if he had entered a plea, he was gonna be found innocent because, like which trials and Salem there like you're, always still it so he knew that it be made any plea and wanted.
While his heirs, we're gonna, received nothing to inherit, because the government would just seizes the state so by refusing to plead and dying under torture. Instead they would protect their heirs. So it's like China selfless unlike sad gillig shit, but when this refusal to plea happened, english law implemented what was known As- and this is french. I did not take French, ok, so pardon me part in my French did you take, then she didn t know what Martin cause I'm gonna budget as lunacy. again, I don't wanna, be the town american aid for Turkey that it's a fresh phrase. You pretend to such furtherances swear to manage this french phrase. Means strong and hard punishment? Oh good, when it which sounds fine right, oh yeah,
Selwyn Guiles Corey stood silent and refused to stand trial with a plea. This strong and silent thing came into play and his strong and hard punishment was pressing. Well, if, if I'm on trial a minute determines out, but I'm gonna get a strong and harsh punishment from a guy named strangler, I think we should use our cry right. The rainbow began. You know why you know I didn't I didn't fuck my airs, I'm entering a police so effectively love you guys, bootleg get a job, I'm not getting press for your ass so, I was going to say and history class. We probably all heard this particular story, but Ashton, what girls Corey was
I know at least in Massachusetts. We read about like my high school experience nothing's. I remember now said Sir. I do not expect that you! No actually I can't they were heard of it either. So maybe it might be mass cheese. I think it really is about. I guess I thought I'd only learned about it from other pied casts. I didn't. We learned a lot about miseries stuff, but there's nothing. We didn't hair which try So do anything like that! Missouri I mean we learned. The crucible does Personally, I would say, on white wines, the underworld. Gonna, like you, didn't go to the book. You relate tat movie that movie and I was like an element in here like the movie great was yes, that's around the same thing as I did.
John Proctor easily you, yes, I've used in the story looks back. My fervent was good good, just because I can remember that name so. Well anyway, I yeah yeah. That's that's! That's my little, My little bit added the authorization like I'd like to that those in need of it. So me, as I guess it's Massachusetts thing really that we heard about this because we went there and yet so it's important to know like you asked what the torture of pressing entailed tell us. So we did a torture episode, but we did not touch upon this particular method of torture. Pressing is pretty brutal, sounds it. The executioners would tie the strip. naked victim down on the ground. You always have to be widely issues like every torture, the light, no matter what it is that it will take his wife, what to wear clothes, doing their casual.
Casual. No, I want to be always casually naked. and you are laid down on the ground on your back one. You're in that position. They would start placing a board on your chest and aboard on your abdomen, an on board dude slowly start adding stones or iron waits gradually increasing the weight as they went. Oh no is a whole Dugan. Are they a whole again, they are. Usually you dig your own pet. Ok, that Europe put em I thought so thoughts, but I've heard of this beer and actually with guys Corey, he had to take his own pet and- I know it just as another way or like dick to it. One another way, decided there just another layer, deck just use drowned and you're, just drowning in this particular. Check
that's it that's a different type of those very clear. So anyway, This would essentially suffocate the victim slowly no way, and this would take like day no where was rightly leave us? Why? Because like weight days! That's why I'm see I was believing up that you said yeah. It takes days for this if that happened letter you away their filling two days to her son That's when you really likes, you decided either often forget it. It's fine
to date, no big deal in a year. So if this already now and again- I say in you- you brought me they're quicker than I was gonna I've seen if this aren't even sound psychotic. It took two fucking dates. So these the person I was accused, would either end up entering a plea or if they were to strain of that either way, even if they ended up entering a plea, they're, probably gonna, be hanged. Anyways so like your loosely situations, yeah, so really matters will discover the instructions for this plant processing. colluded, giving the victim bread and water the first day and then just foul water. The second take is found or not sure why foul water as but that It hard sturdy wanted war. P
a proper it's hot blooded, its post bath, water plus sixty hundreds of magic. It just had a thought that is foul a whole family bathed in that water. And then there if they are not being used nearly all is actually usually the children and in the wife and then the Father of the family shit. That's my father. I was staying orgasm, those kids eyebrows I can at last children Her father along I wouldn't be here without Mamma Mamma birth, A little background on guiles see. You know how you got there. That's a big jump.
Guiles was a prosperous farmer who lived in the part of saleable village that is present day Peabody Massachusetts sixteen. Eighty lie really, sir. That is exactly what limits story. Shudder stories. I live in sixteen eighty five he married Martha. tenaya rich. Who was a widow about nine years younger than him. So I go guile raw, he was actually born in Northampton England. In sixteen twenty one, but he emigrated to evaluation which real I should like you should stay good com. not a good move in April. sixteen? Ninety two, both Martha and Guiles, were arrested for suspicion of witchcraft like what did you have to do? Even really? Nothing?
Are you telling me I'm gonna tell you honestly, you suddenly work by the rapporteur is lying around. Essentially all you just. Can we Catholic piss off the community out during the calibre like we don't like? You know that's where we're going back here. You can rest so prior to her, First, marriage, Martha Corey, had given birth to a son whose father was unknown, so it was a bastard child This bastard child now lived in the Corey Household, so this was considered like taboo people are like whom brazen eyebrows responsibility online road. You're like exactly door at the window. It and if you go back at someone's, gonna find it.
a baby there and accuse you ain't exactly the candle, if that's what you bastard all John Upper Good and finally, for whenever you like, raising eyebrows through Erasmus, terrific racing. But they re going all the way to the bank easily soon enough Now, let's pressure, what's this process since MR see what comes out of it too. it's not more days what anything else to do over the weekend? Professors pressure? So Martha. Was a good church go and woman and she wanted her has been guiles to join her as a church member now
As an aside, things were clearly level differ back then, and you didn't just like go to church and become a member of the congregation. This was seventeenth Century New England, so church was not actually even a building per se. It was just this core group of members who are considered saints and they were accepted into the church. Complete. Lee these people, how great so occult literally assent, because you had to go through some shit together. These people were hazing call, they were gonna, they understand, ran a church rap beast well understand in front of the congregation and confess every single thing they ever committed in their life to become a member of a long time? I know I hope you have snags
We really are like a fool who have some food yeah, so this gave them eligibility to receive the sacraments of communion as well as baptism for their children, yadda yadda yadda, and Reverend Samuel Paris was ordained to discharge in sixteen eighty nine and that's when Salem Village formed this kind of church and begin to accept members which included Martha Corey. now, this whole crew, crazy process is likely. Why why job Giles, I'm thinking of Buffy too much every time I see guiles, I think Giles from Buffy. How do you do You haven't seen me so happy. The vampire slayer know: either go watch it. I mean a noticeable like you. I know this is the theme song Swineherd comes out. There is a character named Giles in his Greek, but this is guiles. So not only and not the samples, I know it can be gotcha, so this
crazy process of extending in front of a church and telling everyone the bad shit you ve done. Your life is, probably won't get oils joined a church in another town because he was like I'm not doing that confession chef. as you are aware, she in guiles didn't exactly have like a pristine passed like he wasn't, so he was like now, I'm not really gonna do that. now. Luckily, in sixteen sixty six for those among them. That didn't have, like, I said, a pristine past John Higgins, in convincing downtown church to change their requirements for membership from public confession to the candidates good behaviour for a month. So they really just don't be a shithead firm can you can be in our church? Even that's hard, no matter what you ve done, it you exactly there like you might need someone to find is don't do that for a month. Career, nurture, stop railway network is take a break.
They also have to make a private confession of face to the minister, which I mean that's easy. If you murdered someone, then not on it for a month, the first person to be accepted under these new rules was Bartholomew. Gedney Let me ask you, because you have you been He would enjoy inner by John Hawthorn and Jonathan Corwin, because everyone's name was John, those just say: love allotted. Obviously, yes, I know we have a lot of jobs and jobs, and then I went I'm up unmarried one not from our family, he's really doesn't make that clear. London! I just one found another two unto prevented complete line of Johns. I had business continuous. I just have to keep a conflict so off
these dunes would be judges on the court of oil and terminal that conducted the witch trials ran about you be so it's thought that Guiles probably had to seek this less strict church, because he candidate subject, It says he had seen some had so his admission to the sound tat church, like like acknowledged that it said he had been a scandalous person in the former time. Haven't we all you know What would it take to be a scandalous person in the raises a huge step, wrong than yours. You're still here The sea is the better where was the wind out of your preference, would be for your written urban reproduce. The they'll kill him
just kill him. Even you have wrong. He throws babies and windows. Seven so the sister permanent president. Yes detrimental care they're, not whatever we're gonna, do don't just stripper Megan. First I'll, take a shake up. this. Just struck him make us so if so, he wouldn't be total saint status in the church, because he still was kind of shit, but they gave him right to communion. So that's cool! You could go. Take a waiver autonomy. Now, if that's what it was back then, but I imagine it longer now him being allowed to receive communion in the church, probably pissed off some of the sale in Belgium, because they were like he's a dirty bird and he should not be an actor. Psychology survey probably thought nothing of Zimbabwe snake and it may actually, That word for word. I think that's probably what they.
The directive. Where we didn't know I was there must read. How did you know this one here and I'm the only one on the planet, so the whip? Are you at the state which right here so they were probably like you're selling, the good name of the search by being in it, and there are probably like we're gonna get you back, which they did so, why might guiles have been accused of witchcraft? Well, in the sixteen seventies, his neighbor John Proctor than I, he accused guiles of setting fire to his house, which, like that's alot, yeah, that's a real, should move signals. Looking girl come down to us. Another man accuse guiles of tearing down his fence and stealing his would hand tools. without sending a shooting ever not were like he's just ass soon ass. I see
This isn't a says. There's a guy with a wild flowers. You can help me and men. Now this one this one ratchet up a notch and another time in a fit of anger, he used to stick to severely beat his hired hands Jacob Good L and that men died. Those were so Morgan Initiative. So I'm gonna murderous shit. He like kind a sword and murdered someone yeah kind disorder. slightly murdered funds, but you're not alone. There are so few pages. Do skies outcome, our great celebrities, thirty dollars or something tat they were like, can give us like a handful of shrubbery them all here Lange shrill basically have sex, have a baby. You demand that you don't know very well. You killed for murder, someone and pay like five shillings in let line
It's ok! I mean, I guess I'll see you around with that of Europe. This is this is just as okay, Tyler, it's just sixteen sixty do not argue with justice. We thought we had soared. I am so big. What's good. He hadn't committed any, crime since marrying Martha so use for a while. So that's good, Martha was good for him and you know it was. You saw forget about that, so and he is over Salem Church Record notes a remarkable changing Corey. Once he became a member of the church. It says in some God He found them some girl, like they all do improve. So it says, quote: Guiles Corey, a man of eighty years of age having been scandalous person in his former time and guy.
Having in his later time, awakened him unto repentance? He stood propounded a month, making a confession of such evils as had been observed to him before he was received into the church with consent of the breath brethren dammit, I almost got out about stuttering, His brother was couldn't were jail thummim, so obviously people saw that he regretted his former sins and he was trying to change now before he was accused of witchcraft. His wife, Martha, was actually he's too witchcraft. She and then made no sense, because she was like a good lady and was I going to church and she was like. I don't understand this so He also had no idea about this kind of paranoid with the witch graph stuff, so she denied it very calmly when they accused her a bit like yours, like no other websites like what's wrong
so the judges misunderstood this as someone who had an evil plan that was successful so far obvious course later, I feel part of it is like boredom Viewplate, oh yeah thin. If you're, not sick or fear of dying from a sickness, you there's no teeth There's no party wants. I wonder whether the ethical what are you? What are you gonna do this weekend, o outer press somebody? That's what I want is like your plans for the weekend you're like a bird grasses except It's gonna be great guys. Come circulated, unnaturally reserving Evelyn, you just so we would be accused of witchcraft should they did so Unfortunately, she attempted to go to you. Your heard this name, an Putnam
the boy, I think so yeah, I'm assuming sure she was. She attempted to go to her place and, as a result, an Putnam and her mother. Both started pretending that Martha was torturing them with like her mind, because our people then fantasy yeah, so she went to sleep almost like please help and they were like iron Euro, which it yes, it could definitely come in handy you're, serious women they began mimicking her movements like she was controlling them, like puppets which a virus. and as regards the ethical. Yes, it s a really is now this, of course convinced a jury of her guilt so on a probable tat, they were like ceiling she's, enabling us to do this and they were like. Oh obviously, there go again due to them you have taken them with honour was but some ahead of their time. Now the problem with guiles was he tried to defend her, so they were like
You always do that everyone's I saw the other exactly Zella her once, but I believe we will never achieve. I didn't No I've never met. Someone seemed all of us I listen to this. see I stand by John Hume, every second of ability, if none of which you can press me for so many let us see how sweet, Corey. Glory, was originally used just for defending his wife and because his family, Early was closely associated with the Porter faction of the village church, who is opposing the Putnam faction Supporters and Putnams hated each other backing. So I think it is also a kind of compounded on the fact that he was
super hard and super stumper man who express criticism as criticism, criticism, criticism of the whole witchcraft paranoia to begin with, so they were like you. Don't believe in this you're, probably which you have asked that it was not the same as the crowd. He had really wasn't here, nationalistic. There goes right here That's a considered, mom young, this was fallen mob hysteria and his appearances in court not for trial were born in us because they actually tied his hands because they didn't want him casting spells on anyone, because, obviously That's? Where can you imagine like living in a timely and familiar forget my powers right than towards you, my dear sounded out tinfoil hat on immigration, block it and
glasses, sunglass, apparently hundreds they were everywhere. We just don't hear about them in history, books So, according to court records written by rebels, Saint Reverend Samuel Paris, all the afflicted were seen, now. So everybody in the courtroom that was pretending he was which cause. You know those people have to pretend that their spectre is attacking him. All the afflicted were seized. Now with bits and troubled with pinches, then the court ordered his hands to be tied. So the magistrate said: what is it not enough to act which trapped at other times, but must do it now, in the face of authority The inquiry said I am a poor creature and cannot help it upon them. Not use like I don't fucking know what's happening. You agree with me was used all this fuck Dennis
while this new lives into eighty and then they pressing the death. I think that's all there. he cut off their early and I could have been more days he could have been opened so upon motion of his head again they had their heads and next afflicted. So after untiring one of his hands the afflicted girls began. Having fits according to Paris is records. It says one of his hands was left. In several were wounded. he held his head on one side and then the heads of several of the afflicted were held among us that one side he drew his cheeks and the cheeks of some of the others were afflicted were sucked in. So he was like move whitefish is a major source of future. A click of lake teenage girls outwardly killing this way
here trying to link having fun to like having yeah killing this eighty. I bet they were their real, which right, oh yeah, a properly isles. Unfortunately, after all this, there are eager clearly which so that, when they pressed him to death in an open pet that use for they himself all who knew him and all his neighbors were watching the whole time. So that's cool. Now, whenever Corwin, who is doing the execution, remember where Time Majority Corwin Dogma the strangler diet about thirty jogging, he was the original dogs. We have voted on the little known fact so whenever Corwin would tell him to plead. He would just respond with more weight because you, girls, was a bad ass. Clearly ass, he was like fucking more weight
so he also use was bad asked for share, but he also probably knew more weight than he would die quicker severe like just package. What color, today. What I actually feel like that is kind of familiar, I feel, like I think, I'm all away. right that's a fair line attributed to its like edged, unlike the Memorial and Salem next to his name, everything really so yeah. So it's like his that's like the infamous line. Let's hear it, I love soon we should go. We should after being tortured for days. He finally died on September nineteen. Sixteen ninety to use them in an unmarked grave, on gallows hill, although he is now part of the big memorial of victims of the sandwich trials by the old Barrow grounds and Salem now September, eighteenth with the day before he died right in the middle of this torture.
Guiles Corey was in the middle of his torture, was excommunicated from the church. Early look like values on another law, even in the after gas you even even though you like, admitted alyosha, you can come back so the church door. He means argued that he was either guilty of witchcraft or of suicide due to his choice. To endure LISA took gleeful torture rather than internally, so that why they did that prior to his death? No, why away as you can the church can't excommunicate yeah the church, excommunicated dead, you're not associated last month. I didn't even do that. I'm purposefully disconnected! U S outside our right and if you want to hear that you don't let him do it. Excommunication means to not be able to accept communion, so it's kind of redundant to excuse your dead person because they got him except communion in the first, but in what a dick move that would be too excommunicated purse now killing gesture.
really, rather than now. Unfortunately, Martha Corey had been excommunicated a week earlier on September. Eleven souci learning to later in seventeen twelve, both of their excommunication were rescinded, so they were able to so they were now there then they were not excuse you kidnapping, maybe next, but at least later they took him back with their religious king. That's nice! Now of all the things people can remember about girls Corey, which are allowed his curse is one that wreaked havoc even today, as before he died, he supposedly looked at sheriff, Corwin and yelled. Damn you, I curse you and I cursed Salem. Oh, that is how you actually know that your curse. just think. While he looked at him with you right there, you fingers like right, I'm gonna destroy your days later, all of them and the hall
ten things like by factors like Zactly, yeah, yeah. Well, for years after Cory's death share Corwin died, southern suddenly in sixteen ninety six of a heart and blood ailment at just thirty years old. Oh just an east of himself ass, Erst now that's spooky, but that Kirsten just hit Corwin. But for that share it has cursed every Salem sheriffs Nineteen sixty two were in the nineteen Seventys after Salem Sheriff Robert E K, who was forced to retire early due to a stroke, heart attack and a rare blood condition. You look like all those things at once. I feel it. I don't want to share with the note. Thank you I'll. Take the promotion well. He ended up looking into the history of the sheriff's office and as described in the book cursed in New England, it says
Mr K, L notes that the sheriff before him also contracted a serious bloody omelette, while in office it forced him to retire. He in turn had inherited the post from his father after the elder man died of a heart attack, while serving a sheriff. The previous sheriff had suffered heart problem as well so have all the others as far back as anyone could trace, he says so they ball had heart elements and bloody omens lit the sheriff affidavit. Hey. Can I get this promotion? Bullock? Not we call the sheriff, like. Maybe that's what's wrong. Maybe I can I be called like super long time. super along the street. Firstly, do but our call me, sir, maybe gray, can I be obvious
You prolong extreme regard that there's only one supervise them in this town. That is a very, very really snappy, so snappy now, luckily in nineteen, Anyone the sheriff's office was moved from Salem to Middleton, so the curve seems to be children. Now it is now taking any sheriffs blood anymore, and they think that the move was the reason there, like it's out of, sounds lightning. Serbia still it's weird, certainly weird. The lad curse. So now we're just gonna pop on back to George Corwin, real quick now after Corwin staff at only thirty years old before they could get it into two before they could get him to a more proper.
burial sight, his burial was delayed by a Salem resident named Philip English heed. This Philip English, was accused during the witch trials and had somehow got out of it, but he had had his property seized by Corwin in the process in a hole, various twisted power, Philip English, put a lean, Encore ones corpse and await its burial until he had been reimbursed for the property he lost. Carlin so he was eventually reimbursed in that's one, his very open out about ass. Well rain. Serious, like that's amazing, that's a Michael! and at the time of his death because he couldn't be put anywhere else, Corwin Was- and he was also despised by his entire family by the way, like you, son, his family, buried him in the cellar of his own home, the Joshua Lord. How because they were
scared than an angry public, including Cory's widow, would desecrate his corpse. There are like they're like an angry mob, is gonna come pull him apart, so we need different problems. justifies somewhere near you know so this guy. ruthlessly tortured, accused witches, murdered, accuse witches and was buried in the house. That is now the site of the mansion that just happens now. Obviously, some paranormal ship is probably gonna be hanging. nowadays. This site is a boutique hotel called the merchant which is paying homage to the house's less nightmarish owner the sea merchant, but they're not site to chat about any of that like shitty, has to face. That was what they like. What know? What's up? Yes, like say here: it's cool before there was a hotel, it was a real estate company and publishing company
initially, it was felt that two ghosts resided in the mansion and that was George Corwin and his last victim guiles Corey. Both of these ghosts have a reputation for being restless in kind of pissed off. Reaching cannibalism. Items are found out of place. A lot in the mansion, trash cans are found, turned over, things are thrown off of shells and rooms are just suddenly a straight up mess at an hour like you walk into remedies just like fucking crazy. Her husband died which I just think is messy people. It's Johnny, unfinished diameter. Curative dammit did you and a pair of some glass mind you get it
We are all now. Candlesticks have also been found on the floor with their tapers found, melted industry, which shapes of various letters Haven, trying to sell something which I think is rather like. I do keep going. I want to spell it out and get away with ITALY and over the course of two years, one alarm in the house was triggered over sixty times without any explanation of its own. Have one of them, yet only one of em, like one ridiculous yeah they're, also called spots felt in specific parts of the house, all the time and the apparition of this evening on a chair near one of the fireplaces, which is I saw him I feel about you just want to sit down and ask him if it was worth being a shit same for so long. Lemme see was it worth it and then he thirty, I only when you would be I now he would be called a witch.
And then exactly and then the whole thing would start all over again, our oh, my god. Why is this happening? Now? You just exactly So, in the mid nineteen eighty, several witnesses reported being choked by unseen and entity when they went into the house kinky the snakes I'm sure they felt that way, I'm a kind of into good, I'm kind of it because I didn't paper this extreme service comes complimentary with What it was the best technical injury straight through my husband who breakfast content.
to strengthen continental strangulation in thanking our without causing registering like done so Carl Karlsson Realty bought the home in the nineteen eighties and they were going to turn it into their main headquarters after they moved in nobody's gonna, like a famous follow after they moved in one real terror deal, the wind ski was taking pictures of the staff with their polar camera for the holiday welcome display and in one of the photos she was trying to get a female staff member, but instead a fucking terrifying came out and you can find that you can google you this year, but I'm gonna postage the image. Yet you gotta bring this up I'll see if users will definitely posted on the Instagram cause. What developed was a strange, full length figure? of a female with like crazy black hair, my entire fucking body.
he's, got a pastor, the photo was was published and rubber CHAOS book entitled haunted happening. All a lot of people think that this lady is one of the accused witches that was too gender killed at the house? Could she has reasonable enough? It does so. There is parents are more like historic tore organization and sound called Spellbound out organization, and they take people around a different sites and told the history and like do paranormal investigations and all that shit according to them during one of their first paranormal investigate at the Joshua Warrant House, some shit went down, so one of the investigators was in the basement. No one had heard from him her Ohio, so they will go, go check on Bob, and when they got down there, the dude was literally on the floor, rising in pain and struggling to breathe. so they finally got him up and got him to tell them what was happening in like try to calm down
and he said he was setting up equipment on their use hit from behind by something and then his throat suddenly seized up and he couldn't breathe. So when he turned around the sea, who was fucking choking em, no one was there, but it continued. He still can breathe and he said he felt like it was a vice that was tightening around us, throw my key, actually YAP Ray and he actually passed out and that's when his colleagues colleagues found them well, he yeah, while he told the less they saw bruising, Sir to appear on his neck. That was consistent with what is seen as a victim who's been like violently, choked always don't like that one in at once. The is not like a log out right began again, this dude this dude quit immediately. What will you do run? No, I M not talking with the paranormal announcer counted out, so another story from the same organization was for,
The founder and former head investigator Molly Stuart. She specializes in electronic voice phenomenon on Ebay, peace, Molly had conducted to previous trips to the Joshua Award House and she had taken pictures like video and all that nothing really came from them, so she was like bummer, so she went for a third time and she was like a probably not gonna, get anything but have been tried again. She was alone in the house and had set up audio and video recording devices everywhere at the close of the investigation she collected everything brought back to our office and when she played the tea, back from the basement, which is where Bob got choked up boys growled out. I just want to keep you who nothing yet and she said it was like clear as day I got some girl Joey's from that one right, that's that's him! please. I don't like that. I give you the heap. I've never felt so wanted we all have different reactions. I've lost my
I just want to keep you know. She checked all the surveillance footage. No person had been down there, no person, then, in the house, when she was There- and she said it was super clear, super distinct, no background distortion, out of nowhere. It was like an angry voice. Yelling at you know she said well your person manner, her person just another one of those callback they have to go to the other side. The re run to focus so say, yeah, that's basically the under that. That's So basically, why should an international court house a super fucking, haunted? I picture because now have to drive home the thought you wherein, like a billion year old House fuck out of here, yeah, that's Joshua word how Thou hast uses this fact.
wow read those funds. That was sometimes arise due to go right. Now maybe he's not there, while those fucking insane thanks. will. This was really fun like this was a blast. There really was a whole last year. So, if you guys like, this episode again go. Listen. The re run can protest because their red counterpart I meant what I meant: okay it's late from tired I need a p after his with an effort and two hours fur That's pretty good bladder control, honey.
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