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Episode 220: The Tragic Murder of Kenia Monge/ The Incredible Survival Tale of Lydia Tillman

2021-03-28 | 🔗
Kenia Monge was 19 years old when she went missing after a night out with her friends in Colorado. While her father Tony was trying to call her friends and find out what had happened that night, a text came through to Kenia’s phone from a number she didn’t have saved. It was from a man named Travis who claimed to have attempted to give her a ride home the previous night. Tony agreed to go meet the man and talk, but when he shook Travis’s hand, he knew he was shaking the hand of the man who killed his daughter. The rest of the events throughout the case are shocking and will have you holding on to your butt til’ the very end.  As always thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: HelloFresh.com/morbid12 and use code morbid12 Athena Club: Sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order! Just go to AthenaClub.com and use promo code mtc Soulcycle: Get your SoulCycle at-home bike TODAY by visiting MySoulcycleBike.com/MORBID, and use promo code MORBID to get a complementary pair of at-home Select cycling shoes with your purchase. Article: Article is offering our listeners 50 dollars off your first purchase of 100 dollars or more. Go to Article.com/morbid and the discount code will be automatically applied at checkout Betterhelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid: A True Crime Podcast listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid
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hey weirdos I am and I'm Alina, and this is more bed. Its poor bed in the morning. I not like really holding an You really ready and I was a young girl girl. I do this looks like billions. Do. I was a kid and I did you did. I did you keep talking vermin, licking the hello, guys think we have a whole lot of bids. as to attend to. I think the only thing we wonder dimension was we respond. You have our Wilbur show like thing a couple days ago. That's really sad that was gonna, be in everyone's, like tagging, us and all these tweets that you don't know about.
Now! If you re like a brief appearance back, but I dont look at any event Lego. I've made a very like you're, just tweeting, unlike generally than I leave leave. Sidled fear me when people are attacking us. I mean like almost nothing like old episodes in Dubai, sound fallen, unlike yards God, I'm no longer hopeful well working on rescheduling the Wilbur yeah. That's it He will let you know any updates as they come along, but we're just being you know, everything's being super cautious were trying to be like We never won. I like we ve, said before, encourage everybody to gather before it safe. So we'll, let you guys know when we finally decide that it had some good idea and well we'll get it Roland again. and I promise we will. It's definitely have to trust me. We want you so bad it's about and will make it worth your while we will. We ve been like talking about different things. We can do to gas by supper, was very excited, so just keep in any erode an eye out for that, but other than that
I think we can just jump right get right into a menagerie. This crucial role is a case that I heard when I first got into your crime. I want to say it was neither my favorite murder or in that's. Why we drink that. I heard this case on and I was like. Oh I m e g, who, in you know what you were mentioning a little bit about this to mean yeah. I can't remember, I don't know if I know this case now, which is shocking. I know it's funny. Classes like a pretty big case and it was like moderately recently saw. Let's get into it. I tell you can you man, hey was originally from Honduras. Actually, she was twelve years old when she moved to America and her mom Maria was able to move here first and she met a man named Tony Lee and they like fell in love together and had two more children. So when Kenya was able to join them. She was already a big sister. Many I feel like you, you, like our walking into this in your like. Ok, Was she like happy about this like because I feel it
Typically, you would assume that a twelve year old girl with so much change going on around her would push back again, stent yeah and like not get along, whether cept I'd probably but for his family? That was not the case at all. Oh, that makes me happy ya. Tonia plain to Kenya, when she moves that, like hey. I'm your step down and like you're, my step daughter dislike explaining the situation, but she stopped and she said you're, my father and I'm your daughter looks like how to bond from like the second she got here, see in that was so good of him to not leg push that idea on her leg, just Kenya, her come to that exactly against having like I'm your dad now, who totally usually now, but she was like. No, you are like I love you. I love the yeah and her mom was like so excited for her to get to America. Alas, she set up her whole room. She was, I was like all pink and everything like and all she would talk about would be like. Oh my god like Kenya coming soon they Kenya's coming soon. I love this. I love, unlike a blood
family blends. So well, I know I'll always love those stories so Tony Maria remember like how girly Kenya was. Like, I said her whole room was like pink. She loved make up. She loved the color pink. She was. She was really like a leader to somebody that wanted to make something of herself tat. She was determined alone and she had thought of becoming a producer director who, like going to College NEA and Tony said, quote, I often think about where that would have one. If it had been cut short she'd be doing something, that's just the way she was she'd be doing something, so she was somebody that, like definitely had these cards laid out where she was going to make something up. Herself tat you could tell you on the right trajectory. She really was, so Kenya was nineteen years old when she went missing. It was April first, two thousand eleven. She and her friends had it out for an eye and what they called low dough, which was lower downtown and Odo Denver, but, like I've, been
the lower downtown and on like where all the bars and the night clubs are like a wicked fun time. They fear twenty one, Tony didn't know it, but Maria and can you little sister Kim knew that just as hard working and determined as can Was she also like to let loose and go out parting with her friends? She worked hard. She partied hard pollyanna. they all had fake ideas to get them into the clubs and they just want to dance Suno, probably get a couple of drinks, didn't have any time, but they all knew that they needed to stick together and that's what they'd always done before, like never let anyone get left behind, like always have upon a body like they were smart about me, but this particular night they wanted to get into this
particular bar called lavish, but Kenya, and these two other girls that she was with they were able to get into the club, because the bouncer spotted the fakes, of course, so they're like ok, we'll try to get and take this other club okra. So she can you had a usual group or a group of friends that would go out with, and the two girls that she ended up with. She actually didn't really know that. Well, like she wasn't super close with them. Ok, but she wasn't gonna at that ruin or night, and she kind of seemed like someone who could just like adapting like just like be friends with you on the fly like she needed to MIA. So she and her acquaintance says just headed to a different spot and these two girls said that Kenya as soon as they got there like they kind of sat down at this table. She left her purse in her cell phone on the table and headed to the dance floor, She was dancing would like this random guy that they didn't know until about one in the morning, okra can ever almost like. Ok, but, like I said she left her purse and cell phone at the table, with
and then suddenly she just disappeared and nobody knew where she was o panic. Now. Janet Gomes was Kenya's best friend and she'd, been worse about Kenya and trying to get in touch with her all night cause, she knew that, like she didn't really know these guys, while in she was like. I just hope that she's having a good time like yeah and she said that whenever they went out, can you would call her the next morning and they just kind of like talk about the shenanigans of the night before, but that morning, can you didn't call so one of the friends that she had been with called and ass. Janet hair with Kenya and Kenya was like no. I thought you were with her land. It was like. No, yes, I JANET was there I thought you were with her like. Oh, no, obviously something was wrong now at this point, all of kind, His friends are appalling or texting her. She had a boyfriend. He was trying to get in touch with her. He was the one that ended calling your sister and like being like your sisters, missing like you,
from her and the sisters obviously like now. And now Tony's trying to track Kenya down too, because this is just getting scary and scare and just like very out of character to not be able to get in touch with her. Yet you always there's always meet. You know the type of person you know in that the arsonists. So it's like you know when you can't get in touch with a certain person that you like now. I guess it in this. people that illegal, if you can't get in touch with them really, whatever the actual text me in three days, yet we increase Abe, Lincoln slowly, fine, like those time if you will, but when you know the person is so reliable and so connected. Always tax matters are caused by that panic happens as soon as you can get in touch with them, and especially when it's your child labour camp Madge, I can so it Tony actually had an appointment that morning. So he left work went to his appointment and then he called his job and was like Yahoo. I can't come back into the air and instead he dedicated the data. Finding
at one point or another, the girls that she had been with the previous night. They stopped by to give her parents her phone and her purse, but they were like they didn't tell the truth, because they didn't want to out themselves as like, going out the night before yeah so Tony's like calling all the friends being like. Why, like what happened last and everyone's being like really shady about it and not giving him the guy, you gotta you gotta this, I know. So I guess you're thinking the worst, but it's like. Sometimes you gotta think. Well, that's the thing cell. Eventually, he got it out of the goods like they had been partying that Nigeria, certainly was like why it like what are you, in your party like that's, not Kenya like she doesn't do that. So he talked him Maria, her mother and came, and they were like
yeah I'll occurs when doing this for a little while she we know that Charlie, I think able, so he was pissed at First Kieva gotta know anything about this, but there I was watching like some interviews with him, unlike oxygen and dateline and staff, and at some point or another he was like honestly. I was doing the same thing when we can surely why he was so. Could you get pissed? Probably when your kid does? What you'd hundred percent cajoling know you're supposed to know better than me re examined, but you know this was just like one of those I coming of age things because it wasn't like she partying and ignoring her responsibilities. She was focused and determined at the same time and also having a little. nature. Nineteen, your nineteen is a very normal. Now, four apparent, not fun yet
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so I get this seemingly never got a big idea did so funny. I never had one I mean mine, really works anywhere. I think I was just like excited to have one just wanted to have my also like never needed one really cuz. We didn't really try to get it anywhere other than like comedy clubs with a in my Dunbar had one from Rhode Island which was where or go to calmly clubs. Gillig, that's not an idea. I think. That's! No! No, but anyways the whole day went by nothing of substance really came through the family contacted the police, but at that point they were like it's too soon. Turn really like actually go full fledged missing person on this cashing hasn't been missing that long that suit I hate and she's nineteen. So I know it's a lot. complications sucks, so they're kind of just like our aid like. Are we going to go bed, like your daughter Lansdale. Where do we go from here so then
on seven o clock at night? There's a text on Kenya's foam from a number that she didn't have saved and the Tec said hey. This is Travis the guy who You arrived last night. Why creepy Van Winkie face? Did you get your car home? Ok, no No, I don't think that Tony immediately called the number, but it went to voicemail and he lay kept calling and calling and calling and finally, the sky called him back and his name was Travis Travis Forbes heads, in Kenya walking by herself. He said that she looked really drunk. he offered her a ride home. She hopped in his White Van and then asked him if he would stop the gas station because she wanted a pack of cigarettes, so he told Tony that he like stopped at the gas station for her when she got out of the car, she started speaking in Spanish to this other man that was at the gas station and and they linked arm in arm and walked away into the night, and she told him like. I don't need a ride anymore. I don't believe I know it's just a very specific story:
like. Whenever there is it's always the detail. The devil is in the eating yes and sometimes there's just too much detail too many details there they liked arm in arm. They spoke spanish data like it's just too much too much like when you call out of work in your like. I woke up at four hundred and twenty eight p dot m and MIKE are four hundred and twenty eight a dot m and like started throwing up, and then I woke up again at five, and you know I was here last week so like maybe I had some bad sushi there. Like maybe last week, I caught a cold, but either way I don't think I'm going to be able to come in today, but I bet he'll be fine to come in tomorrow. that's how you know your choice, because your villagers always like you could just say, you're sick negotiator you're not coming tonight I'll be what's going on like now. I know that you're probably have over or like yeah. I only saw, or else it I'm here always whenever somebody gives that much detail you at least quietly in these instances, I feel, like you, always have to question a little Bethia Converser cause. Who remembers that,
much do let's even there lay before. I don't remember that much detailed thing. No, I literally with your ass last night? And I don't remember you don't remember not oh yeah, it's that's I've already shady shady I'd really know what I had for breakfast like the same day, they're like at dinner time. If you were like what you have for breakfast today, I'd be like really like. We we think of these things or people be like yeah. I don't remember in your life, you will remember in these cases were always like what you're like You know what I remember when I did last grass, and especially when you add, like a high pressure situation to eight you're, like it makes sense that you remember end when you're not like if he was really telling the truth, you just dropped this girl off, but what would what would like, for you know, compel him to remember. All these details because I'm a rat weird is happening so you're not going to commit as many details,
Marie because you're not really observing much, and it also acknowledges billing, where she left with some other guy. That was it like. You wouldn't have array a like very detailed account of cause. You weren't thinking something bad was gonna, have read, and then the weird thing to me was, I was like at what point did he get her phone number yeah, because we he did get her phone number because remember her friends had her phone the out, but I'm like how did like unlimited he and obviously his texting or phones. I don't like did she gave it to him like? I not. I feel it she didn't like. I don't know if you dislike looked it up or lake, but then it's like two thousand eleven, like you, I don't know, that's very interesting actual. Isn't it huh you're right that ordinary strange turn that I didn't oh yeah. I was like there's just really no way of knowing me out, because her phone was, with her yachts, very interesting, those going to say like it's not like she could just you gotta text it from her. Right, exactly fool around just where weird, so it Travis. Actually,
said to Tony over the phone. I'm pretty close to the gas station where we saw classmate, do want a meeting their knowledge, show you where I dropped her off. Just so, like you know where she like last was seen man, you know it and probably take that is like ok. Now like this guy's gonna help me. Yes, I think so he was like where you were out so he agreed, but Maria was really concerned about this entire situation. She was like some things not write about this, like he's why's, he being so how For now. Why does he want you to come to this gas station at night, like this, a line maids wearin but hard to tell him the moment. And it's hard to talk like a father like no don't global horse rock down you're. Like the last place, your kid was and he's just looking for any help he can on. This. Guy seems like he wants to help right, so she can Stop him. He did grab a nine millimeter. Nine millimeter pistol to take with him like in case you need that I've got it. I got one two percent and he had a the door to meet this mystery man now
Maria was way too worried about this entire thing. She was like nope. This is something is very off about this, and do she called nine hundred and eleven and told them where Tony was headed, was like good. You hurt like he's going to meet this guy. That saw my daughter last name. I dont like they knew what was going on she's like I just wanna like she's like he's gonna make sure that this is like a safe situation while good for her with me. I really smart and like really proactive absolutely so they sent a cruiser. To the gas station. Now, once the cops got their Travis reactor We did the same story that he had told Tony twice now to a t. No details changed in, which is weird weird in the cops first sure thought. Even like not the fact just not only the fact that the story didn't change, but just the store itself. There were like that's weird, like a yeah, but like you can't hold somebody for being weird, so no unfair, UK, so that it's a good thing in a bad thing. Yes,
They were like. Okay, so like we're going to keep an eye on the sky like see if he D, anything else, that's weird Billig! Maybe we can get ammonia right now, there's nothing! We can do so there bring things up and Travis S to Tony quote. I wish I, but had done more. I promised I would take care of her. I feel responsible for this any saying Mr Tony Wally's like crying now when he's like, he was crying and it was weird and it's like I promised to care for it. Like you didn't know her job, and then the other thing that Tony was bothered by was that there is no way that Kenya was getting. This guy drove a white Van, as he said himself. A creepy white bear creepy life s and he was a canyon, would never have gotten into a white van in the middle of the night. There's no way not many of us would not so Tony was like you know. I like thanks for your help and he goes to shake Travis S hand and that's when,
a bizarre. None of this all really hit him. He said the second tat he took Travis S hand into is it, was like there was an earthquake under Travis S, feet and his hand was like shaking like crazy because he knew I'm shaking the hands of this woman's father. Who are you never happened happen, one, it's or finally say that cause at Tony shook his head then later said quote. I knew I was shaking the hand of the last person that scene Kenya alive. There is no doubt in my mind. Ah no father, like other I've, ever have to feel that ended, like that is just human instincts like oh, are you now fathers instinct they're just like. I think that a lot of parents are very. Like very, tune with their children and even like leg, step, parent or not yeah. You know my father you mean like he stepped in and was her father Brian. It's like you, have a bond with a child like diet, I feel it
Just you just even you sense, I'm about to Julia! You just get you get those link! Spidey senses. senses snow. You definitely d already incenses like if you love a child at think. It's just parallels. You know, as I feel that way too, like I was going to say, as you probably feel, that way about your girl slick. I think we were Africa. We are talking about the other day, but it's like I can tell if, like some things off with one of the earlier likes, you can definitely go we're so the police were able to look up Travis of back at the station and he had a pretty significant She. It was mostly just for drugs and domestic violence, unfortunately, but they wanted to find out more about this guy and they found out that he was renting space at a local bakery where he made his gluten. Free granola bars Ok, this guy is we love and earthy. Crunchy chrome, and I mean I love a granola bar yeah, so I also love gluten, so I was gonna say, but I
but I really love gluten, I mean some people can't live gluten jack. I'm sorry about that! Because Man Celia Disease sounds terror. have lied. If I, my heart, is way you because we it's like a communal debilitating It's not just you get sick, kids like all it's like yeah yeah. I mean like some problems didn't like in general, but to all my Celia people, I'm through with, we feel for you, we love you. But so they had out to the bakery where you guys, parliament, be ask him some questions and he gave them the exact same story that he perfected by this point, nothing wavered nothing waiver is not. This is not right. Now something that they noticed about. Him, though, was that he was a talker and he definitely was the kind of guy that love to play here. Oh, he said well. If she made the choice to go back home or or to get him then I would have taken her home and if I felt awareness about her walk
offered that I would have. I would have done something, no you and it's like. Would then why didn't you like? He looks like someone who I like them up? I always have to see how such a punishable fate. He has one of those faces that he's leg here I am too the day. I would like you to sign a worry guy, yeah yeah, so going we're going with. That feeling was something that something was awful. There, the crunchy superhero pretender, they got a search warrant for his van there, like yeah cool that you make your gluten free, Granola bars the, but there's something weird a view of weird Avenant near so they got a search warrant for the ban and the second. They opened the doors they are like smacked across the face, with the scent of bleak, they said it wreaked of Each a mare and one of the investigator said there was so much bleach used in the van that you could still see like the drip marks. Where, like he had
Clearly you so much of it that when it was it out rented redwing down yet yeah and they all knowing odor. Each must be that lake open Opening man van and getting bogey, oh yeah, that feeling better than I do that, like the gaiters, must hardly dare oh shit. Because it's also like she's, just missing right now, ia and it's like one, you get that smell of the police should like? Oh we got a lot we're dealing with some vile here. It's like that must drop your heart right into your two hundred percent and they also noticed that there was like a carpet in the back of the van, which was just kind of I mean like whatever. But it was just like a little weird, adding on to everything else. I feel like the carpet is like ya like when I think it was like knew what it was I get anywhere carpet and when he called it a creepy van creepy way, then out of his own mouth Thea, and then he s carpet in there. We actually like. That's no,
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cycling shoes with the purchase of your soul cycle at home bike myself, Michael bike dot com, slash morbid promo code morbid, They also noticed that they checked the tires and they notice that he had definitely driven down some kind of dirt road recently, which was weird because he had told them that he had just been out delivering. Granola by his horse and his girlfriend confirmed that she was like oh yeah, like that's what he was doing and she she later serve jail time, Louis Verloc, in turn, authorities which I was glad and like it trying to like fuck with an investigation, yeah and links somebody's life, yet literally So, but the even weirder thing was tat: his cell phone pinged a tower near Keens Bourgh, which is about thirty miles east of Denver and not on the delivery route that he gave to the police like ass, not his delivery.
Where were you deliver garnered? I always like to quite a bit more about it. Our away, I would cite stubbornly a good little detour. Guy think when I looked it up. It was like forty five minutes to an hour whoever shirt ember now back at the bakery. Some shit. de shit was going on inside shady should just kind of seems to be surrounding trap as yeah some one was. Clearly taking money from the register. So the owner of the bakery Monica Pool, went to her office to check the surveillance tapes, but some one had unplugged to them her. So she was like clearly Whoever did this wasn't like super duper smart, because if you did this, you are caught the surveillance coming in to untie the delay is like cool of Europe tape, so we don't totally got you do whatever the fuck you're doing, but like miss this little partly I huge huge part of the equation. Is that I can see you on camera, and now you have to explain why you unplug the king yeah.
not only do you need to explain nap at lake, you should probably exe named me, why you were wearing yellow cleaning gloves when you walked into my office. You should definitely explained that now, when you know, opt into unplug the surveillance camera with the yellow, rubber cleaning glove, the like you, what the fuck is up travel as you're gonna have to have a pretty good. he's a sounds real good at spinning, like a very compelling narrative. So far, I am very interested to see what he has to say about that. While the other thing it was that, like he's one of those people that I think you just like, oh I like people, will trust me like people while like listen to what I say you can see, because when I looked him up, I was like ok like he he's conventionally has leg, handsome features remain so I can understand how why talk? He get people to trust him. Ah, like you usually does have illegal look about him. That's like when you know what you know now right you're like
makes you know any rainbow when you first saw him if he was a nice, person. If I ring weird to me. No- and I was thinking about that, to cause I like in these situations, I'll look up, somebody umbilical look, what I fall from Russia exactly and I looked him up and I was like if you tried to buy me a drink in a bar probability, all like what a nice guy and, if he's being a nice person, the gunshot him up, he sounds like somebody who is able to put on airs is available to put on like a nice, oh, I just want to help people and I'm just I'm. Just have a gluten free. Acreage just who I'm out here with the Quaker. It's just so dear bacon, granola bars. That's me, look, I'm a pretty blue eyes and a leg. I think diving people were he couldn't smooth talk. A lot of law sure, but I think he is one of those people. That's like woke. People probably believed him for it, of his life. He has been able to smooth over these situations that he's gotten himself into a la. So I get why people around to mourn immediately like ring
Now the bell: oh yeah totally, but at this point you see someone walk into your office over that of opening up, and she knew the rub. Monica knew that he like had like been related to Kenya like the disappearance, because the next day he came into work and was like. Oh, I drove this girl like illegal gonna drive her home and that this happened and now she's missing. Then the lady, like all that's weird but like she didn't take like. Oh, you fuckin killed her like a yak again, you know about an hour. But then she stays in with yellow gloves and I have to upon her. She called the police shouldn't even out her, and she was like note by good for her good. I like that. That brings a dual different level while a hundred percent. That's a weird, cops come and they go find more surveillance because they're, like all of the stuff that he unplugged there was other
our different parts of the bakery. It's not just on one point is not just a group. I don't like someone. I hope that there's, like something cameras, are another system cooker, so luckily the he didn't get. Those ones turned off, because the cops on surveillance of him in a different part of the bakery, with his granola cooler, which is like a dead Syria and like you, just have a girdle cooler. I mean like as wonder. If you are by Granola Baker, I imagine you do. How could you not into sounds silly? It sounds ridiculous. Now tell me one thing: he is a granola baker. He has a granola cooler cool. The cooler was taped shot with black duct tape, so usually probably don't do that while storing the gluten free is no, I mean I don't ever expect my granola to get out of the freezer beyond
after tea, but one, usually, you wouldn't put your granola in the freezer right now. No one thinks I'm doesn't need to be frozen. Doesn't weird, though, because he used this like little cart thing and loaded his granola cooler into the Fraser and Monica send to the authority. She was no p never uses the freezer, because granola bars don't need to be frozen so who died? what he was in their doing now upon further search of the bakery, they also found a burnt barrel outside that Monica told them was her grief? Sparrow likes you, recent air from like the friars whenever he, but this was a badly burned barrel. This was not burned from Greece who so they were like yeah. We're gonna send this article has stated. Fire when this was Greece was absolutely set on fire by there, so they sent it off for testing, but it was so badly break that nothing came now that unfortunately Now I don't know what the hell it is about all these criminals that when their start
to unravel they had to tv there like that'll fixings? Oh of course, maybe I should go talk to a new stage. I should get in front of as many people as I possibly can gather that my face definitely betrays or tat. and one day my body, a hundred percent, just keep thing: a hunt, I'm like a hundred percent one hundred percent and say yes, they conclude new pass the test and firm up like some kind of club, though we're like they make that Stepney ICE, justly Some of the other monsters we ve talked about. Travis, goes on this local new station and makes an absolute full of himself. So the rapporteur asks him. Did you kill her? Did you sexually assault her, and he said I didn't know and then he makes a comment about. I didn't get the direct quote, but he said it's really stressful. Having that energy on you having that energy
That's. It's very makes very colorado. That's very! That's very you know it's very an island, Granola Baker, ILO Denver, Ed. I make a free granola buyers and am all about good energy. That's gluten free, Granola Baker, vibes yachts, that's the energy, but he gives the under president so, like sage, isn't gonna get rid of the fact that you're, a fucking monster like Wonderingly you're, not gonna, save energy away man and also its very stressful, to have that energy on you. What about our family will? spinning autism, pretty gnarly energy that their work and with right now to its their fuckin loved one. Exactly their daughter visas and his body language. Throughout this interview, you can find it out like Youtube or something showing a ton of nervous as he catch rubbing his eye with the back of his hand, which was just like it's just hi. I'm a super nervous Rio like does it wasn't like he rubbed his eyes, I like it continuously HOLLAND, yeah and then, that wasn't enough, he forgot
Sk Kenya's name during the interview now come on. It's like no Do you come and he says he goes. What was her name again now? What's her name on and the reporters yet Kenya here, that's trying too hard to distance yourself from this whole thing when ye our not too long ago. Being like, I promise to protect her Oh, that was very like no. No, you fell all these skills about not being able to get her home safely. The police are clearly interested in you. Yeah. This young girls been all over the news, and also you shook her fathers who I'm not that long ago. Yeah then now you don't know her name. I don't buy it now. I'm lobbying what you're selling, including over Noah, bars. So then, after him Ex thought appearance. He pretty much just falls off the face of the earth like they lose em and there like well shit. Shock. No one knows where he is no one knows what's going on and then all the way in Texas there's this report of a stolen car? Now a woman told them
he's in taxes that her friend her old friend Travis borrowed her car and never came back with it, but because He was all the way and Austin with stood at me to say, but because he was all the way of the stolen car, the police wondered whether or not he was headed for Mexico cause like the route that you take. It's like your pretty much decide is easier than you had down from Denver in your headed toward Texas. It's like your pretty much looking like your head toward my money. Where else you especially now their relatively few granola Baker, you not where I'll see you gone, obviously on like gonna, make the business way I'd sell at that point. He's a flight risks other, like you, we're gonna arrest, you we're gonna extra, you back to Colorado. They had a book in a word for his dna, their able to get his dna there on it from yes or national level. They are on it, but his friend reported the stolen car, wouldn't believe that he was up to anything bad social, drop the charge. Oh, come on an ice
in some sources that she was a friend and then I Santa sources that she was an old girlfriend say their way. It's like my. He stole your car. I listen. Why are you did with it? He saw you gotta get that's bad though, but that's bad whose bears Little Zurich are. We call the police, we keep the charges the I gotta go. I am glad that the investigation hairs, though, like the investigation side, is like a letter. and just wait. Kabila you'll be really happy, and I actually the coveted my notes. How happy I really love to be able to make applauded. Investing a hundred a hundred percent under could mean the episodes legit press that own alike had suddenly related. It's really early and I couldn't have coffee for that's all. I got Blackburn APOLLO, not pregnant, with that, he was free to go, but they were not gonna. Let him disappear like that again they were keeping reliance on him for as long as they were able to, but he wasn't doing anything
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are happening like you can't spend all your energy on one thing: if nothing is coming of it yeah, so they eventually had to stop. Yeah are like slow down a little release Thea and with that you starting out in Fort Collins now Fort call as a college town in Colorado, similar to the downtown area where in Denver, where can you went missing in when he eighteen o is actually means the second safest city in Colorado. While but then, when I googled it again, look different google search or show different things and set it wasn't super safe. Oh our aid is conflicting by July. Fourth is a busy I'm in any american city with all the fireworks in the celebrating going on. It's like a huge crazy time, and especially in Fort Collins, with all the college kids roaming around. It's like a good time now, the morning of July Fifth, two thousand eleven put a quick stopped all the previous day celebrating Oh a young woman named Lydia, Tillman Apartment was absolutely engulfed in flames,
now Lydia escapes the fire by jumping out of second story window, damn yeah, but this wasn't a freak accident. because whoever set this fire was the same and who raped Lydia savagely beat her left. Her they shattered Jha, a broken wrist, broken ribs and then down not only her apartment but her body in bleach set a match and walked away and in bleach bleach hung. While so when the ambulant. Now this is like the biggest bad pitch energy that anyone has ever brought to the world when the ambulance arrived unseen lady, who suffered all those injuries and, like I said, jumped out of a fucking two story: window got up ran into the ambulance while yes and they asked her if she knew the person who had done all this to her and she was able to tell them no, no, no, no, no, but then as soon as she was like settled in
ambulance. She had a massive stroke and ass soon ass. She got to the hospital she was put into a medically induced comma, my gun, and she spent that of the next five weeks in that coma holy shit. Yes, however, they were unable to get dna from underneath her fingernails yeah, because she desperately fought off her attacker, how you and they sent out for testing. While now like said a couple of months ago, this is one of those cases where yet super happy that the police departments are able to work together, because you said it bleach yeah. The investigators and Fort Collins remembered that a huge part of the Kenya Moore Hey case was the overwhelming smell of bleach in the van and, in Lydia's case bleach played aid. Massive rural. As LA the investigators were able to connect with one another and day to day There were almost positive that Travis Forbes was responsible for not only Kenya's disappear
at this time, but also billowy atonement, assault, and it is not even a small excuse- me attempted attempted murder and got there. This is him, lay low, You know that was before he was laying loafer like a couple months this as a rounded like Jesus. I think it was about five weeks after the that's insane the attack up in five willing on you have all this stuff on you about the Kenya case. Ending you know you did ass, you know they're gonna, catch you and you this shit will have to think you light an apartment on that somebody. It's like all these. Criminals and pulse just think that they are so much smarter. They do and you're not gonna leave anything behind and it's like, he didn't think that she was asked as she rising jump out the one that's what it is. You thought he left her for it. I dont think their victim. They underestimate their victims so hot anybody else Harmon was like an m. Be here is an amazing woman. She was a somalia of thanks
with a sewer, talented like very well established eyes what it is. These super entelechy under masses underestimate their victim of a hundred. Eighty seven hundred percent do every time a hundred percent, a hunter percent of research, so yeah that's going on, so they start, keeping tabs on Travis again. They there, like yeah, let's goats, check out Fort Collins and sure enough he's there, so there this particular night, where he's just walking up and down the streets of Fort Collins, where, like a ton of bars and night clubs are, and it seemed like he was on the prow like he was hunting. My god in the weird thing, was that he was just like holding a bottle of whisky, walking up and down the street, but not going into any of the belt. Very chill like super weary casual, so an officer just decided he was a communist. Stop him and I'll ask what his name is Minos to see. What's up so, Travis Kennedy was the name he gave to the
that's a lie, but who's gonna say utter vases. That's a lot of shit! Let's just go back row, quick name known as I'm on it and found it so the Does your let's Ngos. I currently have excited his vanity gaga, but then they realise that he's trailing this young girl who appears to be pretty drunk. So they snag him may rest him for false reporting. Is there like? He was literally about to do this right again in front of us gonna do it. For a week he got stopped by a car. when he was like the balls. They saw this elbows. It's just so leg delusional. I mean look at her temper. He got stopped by the company and fuck. I thought it this vaccine, they just they think they can do it and ass saying that mines. Sometimes they do get away with it about bad. So the other unfortunate thing is that they couldn't keep him in long once they got him because false reporting is not exactly murder. So this just everything came together to work out because later on,
minutes before he was going to be released on bond the lab where the DNA found under me. Lydia's fingernails was the like. That's like the lab where they were sent out As soon as he was about to be released on bail, they get a call from the lab and sure enough. The and I as a match to jazz forms. I was literally staring out you like, don't you dare tell oh my God is man mats of literally he's about to be released and there like Europe like one danger percent, he attacked doing any Tillman. That's movie shit like as he's about to be released there like tingling, may allow they take the phone call and they're just in there looking at him through the glass right talking on the phone, and then these hang up the phone and just ass. He probably thought he was leaving. He was acknowledged, like he probably was like up. They got, they thought they got me again monopoly and, like all got ready to take echoing China's than in their like Jack Travis Travis, you you're going
staying a little longer. You are under arrest for the attempted murder of lady at home and he's like well shit well shite. So when word got, Acta Kenya's family Tony said quote, tell him. We got just one question: whereas Kenya, yes, that's what I want to know now. only called the DNA and he was like make a fucking deal with him like make a deal, I'm tony He was like. I don't care what kind of charge he gets. I he'd literally using. I don't care if its manslaughter. I need to know where my daughter is and what happened to our daughter that leg rips, my heart, oh yeah, and he she has a little brother and a little sister, and you have a date I M deserves to know deserve to know, unlike deserves to be able to explain not to their children, my god, unlike I'm her little sister Kim was on Dateline able even she was like. I thought that she was like in a basement somewhere like and the kidnappers we're letting her gown and, like imagine being a little girl thinking. I you're older sister is like in someone's,
they spent in your mind, you're just going to sleep every night, thinking in our legal attack. What, if it happens to me or horse what, if it's just so It's a living nightmare. Absolutely absolutely so! active NASH, grew lay is the only one who Travis wanted to talk to NASH was the one working the case from the start in Denver, so he to talk to Travis and just straight up ass tat? Music? What do you want from this like his Travis dicking everybody around? He won't talk to anybody. He'll only talk to national ashes like what he won't like. What can we do there you to tell us so basically, dude your already going to prison for a long time? Can you just budge and tell us what happened to Kenya and finally, after, like close to two months of lies, Travis looked at NASH and told him. I want to go to prison without being labelled a sex offender. I hate that, like that's all. I want that so much
Yes, he needs to go to prison many more besides a lender sex offender right because he knows that sex offenders don't do well. Improvised die was examining at my aspect. The second category deserve it. One on. two percent larger mystery. So angry! Yes, so then what is making what would make so angry as he so NASH was like. Ok, like because, as he may now, they just need Kenya right end. He has Tony's blessing to make a deal. So he's ok, look he didn't you probably want to. But of course now he's like we gotta figure this out, just like ok. So then, Travis Poles on the dailies, like never mind, Are you so they're like? Are you fucking kidding me so than their scrambling figure out? What to do next and Travis calls back in it? You know, like doesn't callback, but what a hand picked up. The phone gives language the hollow connect monopolies, but he's like he. Actually, you know what like it's. It's fine like its back on the team how they didn't Panchen Lama face, because I believe your fucking
thus literally isn't fucking funny like we're talking about a woman who has a family. and is just like out somewhere like a minority. We always Borceos where she enjoys siblings, give them closure man I, when these We won't give these families closure itself out of such a different level of evil that I just can't mechanically Zack hollerin crime even comprehend, another crime. It is a totally and other criteria and really is because its holding the family hostage forever, literally, whole another set of criteria. It really is its that's exactly what it s is theirs. thing, interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving our goals. Yeah Her elbow, assess your needs and mount you with your own licence. Professional therapists do can start communicating and under forty eight hours it's not a crisis line. It's not self help its professional counselling done securely online. There's a broadway.
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Third, by better help and morbid a true came, podcast listeners get ten percent off their first month that better help doc Komsomol ash morbid So we pulled back. He changes mine a couple times and then finally, psychiatric back on the table just make it so I don't go to prison as sex offender, so he gives a complete confession and he agrees to bring them to Kenya. Body now in turn, he wouldn't go to jail, able to sex offender and in addition, they took the death penalty off the table which so here we are at one, unlike our whatever the hell. I wish tat. He had gone to Jelly, both ex funding because he everyone both of these girls, I think, like I- can totally get behind taking the death penalty off the table. Yeah sure signal, because I think I've mentioned in a previous upset, I'm starting to lake railways our history away from the armed learning more like sternness of love. In that
I'm still a little bit in a grey area, but I d tilt more towards I'm against it. Now, really, here only told more than tat, I think it's doing this podcast his gun. Like help me, I could see TAT. I am still very much in the middle. I e adds I definitely like not fully, but I'm leaning more towards against, and so I can get behind taking on a fundamental thing with certain people I can definitely get behind. Take exam. It's an emotionally charged thing, which I think has made me think more that it's probably not a good thing yet it is. You want everything to his eyes emotionally charged and it's like, I do think it's just a rather till more towards against it and have I dont know if this is like wrong to say, but I almost feel it should be up to the family, kind of like well, that's. Where do that's where my problem is cause? It's like. I want the family to get what they want, rad of it, but that is so emotion, the charter so that it takes away any kind of logic and it just like you care it's like so it's hard it's hard, but so that
this case, it's like yeah. I can get behind taking away the death penalty out like let him suffer imprison yet, but if he's here, suffer in prison when you Assholes act surrender their that's what he is right. That's when he s so luckily he was, he did take them to Kenya body looking into them around anymore. It and he buried her body lo and behold, Keens Burke now remember that's where his cell phone pained and the beginning of the year, then he was like ours is delivering good olbers. Now this is just like spine chilling, like just bizarre, he's less, so he gets out of a cop car and there's like a couple investigators there with him and he steps out and before he points them in the door. should have where he buried her. He lets out, like the one of the investigators, described it as like, an animal listing like scream what he gets out in screams and their basically like in the middle of nowhere.
Ah and then you just points them in the direction of where he was its Aries screams and them points where she is yes, oh, my like that like the unknown like a friggin, criminal lines episode, that's really it's just uncomfortable. I dont like that. That's unsettling! It's just bizarre, like there's no other way to describe that. Then just fucking bizarre pits so site. That's performance that not even for one hundred percent perform here. Mass thing like: oh, he you can tell he's it loves that then it s because for him to get out do that. That's him acting like I'm just so Absolutely longed behaviour not out this emotion and it's like no, you don't have a fucking drip of emotion, round brow and the weird thing was like one of the investigators was sitting in the back with him, and she had she like a cast on her foot and he was like talking to her about it and like asking her like how she got the injury and stuff and just being like supernormal.
Then the closer and closer they got to the area he was taking them. He got super quiet, so this guy was like shouting it up in the arm then gets quiet, then so and doesn't speak in just let out a screen like views it was building up. Can you imagine being, therefore not so what he later told. Detective NASH grew. I quote I killed her. I did not mean to kill her. I didn't pull over to re per, but it's like. Yes, you did yet you did do these things like stop per day. I hate that whole, like I didn't intend for this happened when it happened, you did it and you know it. It didn't just happen. You Did it will not only that so he raped her and then he strangled her strangulation is so personal and there are so many different times were you can stop? It takes a long time. They have a law, It's a matter of a couple of minutes, at least where you are staring into someone struggling eyes: yeah! That's that's the one that, like you, are meaning to kill the
you when you say you don't mean to kill somebody and strangled them, you're a fucking liar gun. But what else? Why reassuring the item, then? As I hear so he went on to describe how he drove around with Kenya's body for a day in the back of his ban. Then he brought her to the bakery and not big cooler. What they saw in stored her in the freezer while he cleaned his car. Thank God he did burn her clothing I agree sparrow outside of the bakery. Unfortunately, he did it job or else they would have found like fragments of her clothing, and then he brought Kenya Takings Burg to bury her, my god, so Travis Forbes was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Kenya on Hay and then got an extra forty eight years for the attempted murder. What he had Tillman good now he said about the murder and attempted murder quote. Why did I do this? I've been searching for that. Also in my heart and soul, you don't have either, I think, We commit violent acts because deep down, we find hatred of ourselves, I'm so thankful that Lydia Tillman survived, because if I hadn't been caught,
I probably would have done this again because deep down, I'm fucked up, I'm evil yeah. We no that's like stop with the performance legs ia than Lynde. We don't need any of this self aware: bull, shit, it's just like TED you're, just the I hate that shades, Paul shyness so glad that one of my victims that I intended to brutally murder survived so that they could take me like fuck. You, like you're not glad she survived you, let her body on fire and also its like. That's almost that's almost like it. I would rather the criminal sit there NGO like fuck, like I didn't, want because, like this subject a guide, it was easier to wrap your brain. Ireland also it's like an then Lydia, her family and, like a key, Kenya's family can sit there and, like you, fucker we got jail. You know you mean like. I don't want them to sit
in, and he knows that their minds aimed at him sitting there going like I'm so glad that he's sitting there being like. Thank goodness everyone like we have brought its that he's. That's not helping its. Nobody wants your stamp of approval on this fuckin and the geisha. No one wants that from you. Travis is so weird and it's like I want you to be crying and sad and by yeah. I want to hear from you No, I won't. I just makes me so mad that, like false bought like self aware shit, it's just like That is why it is it's. A mine gave the same as another way to like fuck with the families in it assumes an absolutely is that this will make you happy little had Tillman. She had to learn how to do everything again. I'm like everything, should learn how to walk again. She had learned how to speak again, but she wrote a statement that she was able to read to Travis. That said than it was during a sentencing. Travis Forbes UK
be no harm. My spirit, my soul, in my mind, remain untouched, Fliddy like all like, I just got shallow inviting Ma Am Lydia's. Doctor says that she has the term the determination and the tenacity to make a full recovery. when my oh, yes, nobody expected or too she spent five weeks in a coma Lydia. Yes, yeah. I know she now lives by a motto that doubles as an acronym for her name live your days inspired anew. Ok, I can't and ahead a whole dateline about this, and she gave she has like a bracelet that doesn't like a green little, almost Golub, strong brace Lenin, and she gave Keith Boris and one of them only kind. I was like an he like loved it. I was in love with everything I needed now. One Can you his body was recovered. Her family was able to have a proper funeral and lay her to rest had so her. If it can do Your funeral Gus were asked to wear black and pink being that those were her favorite colors
the guests who attended red letters to her than this cycle bulwark like it's hard to read her. No sister camera to her, I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying see later I'll, see you when God calls me home with you, I dont off. This is an artery. I don't not quite understand why you had to leave us also soon, but God has a purpose. God always has a purpose. I'm not going to look at This is a loss. I'm going to look at this as a gain. I've got. DE guardian angel and one that I know I can trust rest paradise, big sister see when it's time. I love you and you are always, you are always and definitely are missed and just like oh now. Kenya's family also set up the Kenya, man, hey Foundation, and their mission is to quote honor legacy that Kenya on Haiti, nation exists to provide women and children in Colorado, with resources, education and funding to engage in safe, healthy and productive, behaviors and activities in the community
in addition, the cadmium on Hey Foundation, will provide the families of victims of violent crimes and families of missing there. Emma with the emotional, physical and financial support that they need to survive the tragic event while yeah? So it's like I, it's always sad at the end and near like at least something came of it, but like At least something came of all of this when advertised Armenia whenever a family him like put together- my firefox and like hell, but on the land to like something like that. It's like so impressive and these are the only right not just to shut. Often, do you never go on ago and its leg so when they are able to leg funnel it into something like that's right, ah said just like gives you like hope, for the foundation to not only help like the families of victims, but also just help people that are
victims by young people in the community, so that they don't become vector exactly it's just. I think it says that speaks volumes of the family yeah. It really does, for that is the truth Jack Tragic case, love the Kenya, man, hey murder, man, rest in peace, Kenya, absent and living men like keep on being the bad especial I like leg, she is so inspiring, and what like that, in that case, such like lows in such high level aid as oh, and I can't leave home just almost forgot to say this. I think I skipped over it can yes, Mam had a ring of Kenya. Is that she like it was Kenya's favorite ring and she said one day- she just felt like Kenya there, with her in Kenya, was saying, like mom give her my ring like mom, like she give her. My rang Michael some hurt Maria Kenya's mother gave Lydia Kenya's favorite raise dog bit
Yes and she was like. I know that. Can you want me to do that? I can't believe I almost escaped over recent years. Remember about away to end it? U S leg like my children took over my entire body. I just love. People are made her amazing people. These people are look. I just love I it says so much about somebody to be able to do this. It give a policeman their daughter away like her favorite ring. Oh and she believe she was wearing. I literally can't like. I have no words. That is why the fact that she thought she was that Kenya was with me like Kenya was a compelling needed. You actually lie that whole. We value you liked because has laid Tillman really is the reason why Travis got caught. He truly is link. It makes sense that leg. It's just this beautiful, like a circle yeah, just support, yeah and dislike. Why?
wow. What many right and I'm so happy that you got life in prison and it wasn't one of those thing I earlier the attempted I so glad you got forty eight years for that, thank goodness because by tenderness, just thank God he did lake. Bring them to the body, and I want to give him any credit, but it's like I'm glad gliding came around and was like you know I'll do in some cases that never happened right and it's I'm so glad that it happened. In this case I'm happier family was able to when they heard arrest profiling while it. Ah you guys, are amazing. If Europe their seriously, like the most amazing, although you so down, yeah, so that was a tragic case. In the meantime, we hope you keep listening and we hope you keep it weird, that's where they make granola bars, and you don't have that as your only pastime and you also use murder as a pastime, because you should really just stick to making granola bars and shut up, be a good Travis note about Travis yeah,
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