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Episode 222: The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace Part 1

2021-04-04 | 🔗
It’s Alaina-centric and it’s old timey!! We’re heading back to England in the 1930’s. William Herbert Wallace is quite a character, and to be honest so is his wife Julia. When Julia turns up dead in their home, people start taking a closer look at Wallace and his idiosyncratic tendencies. Why doesn’t he seem to be emotional, why is he just petting the cat so nonchalantly, what is this dude's deal? Is he telling the truth about not being involved? Just when you think you know, another shady character steps on the scene!!  HelloFresh: Get twelve free meals—including free shipping!—when you use code morbid12 at HelloFresh.com/morbid12. FirstLeaf: Join today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping! Just go to TRYFirstleaf.com/morbid. Candid Co: Right now, you can save seventy-five dollars on Candid’s starter kit. Go to CandidCO.com/morbid and use code morbid.

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