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Episode 223: The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace Part 2

2021-04-08 | 🔗
She made it a part two that will turn into a part three! For this episode, Alaina walks us through the aftermath of Julia Wallace’s murder. The detectives are all circling in on William, intimidating witnesses to change their stories, and BOOM! With barely enough evidence William is arrested and charged with murder. See you for part three! The Killing of Julia Wallace by Jonathan Goodman Also, a great podcast if you love narratives that are more immersive, Unsolved Murders Podcast from Parcast did a great two parter on this. Episode 38 & 39 As always, thank you to our sponsors: Brooklinen: Go to Brooklinen.com and use promo code morbid to get $20 off when you spend $100 or more, PLUS free shipping. Caliper: TRYCALIPER.com/MORBID. Don’t forget promo code MORBID for 20% off your first order. Thrive Market: Join Thrive Market today to get 25% off your first order AND an exclusive FREE gift! The ONLY way to get this offer is by going to Thrive Market dot com slash MORBID.
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Streaming only. I pick up a new original common me. Punk bank. We are lady parts. Confused mixed hash happens, sour our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming that only on paper, weirdos, I'm ash, and I'm alina- and this is morbid with allergies. Seasonal allergies are a little bitch guys. I've never got seasonal allergies and the first time I get them is during a global pandemic. That's yet stanza not awesome! awesome you're, getting them a lot worse than me, mostly because I really dont care allergies at all New Z,
I started going allergies when I had the twins, but they weren't they bad and then I just realized. I like, went on twitter and looked around and everybody's complaining about the tree falling. So it's an okay cool, that's what it is cuz, it's just, I'm like all filled up sounds like a fast. So I apologise if I sound sick, I do not have covered. I am you know, I'm ok, I'm vaccinated. I haven't gone anywhere, sir, oh, my god. I finally getting my vaccination to MAR I'm. So we will all be backs. A need exemptions, station, I know I feel bad for Evans because I took it for granted that, like as a health care worker, I was able to get at lake died away, and it was just kindly done for me. They were like hey, go sailing those you need to get it watching Everybody else go through all this, unlike who I'm sorry and I'm only getting it now, because, unlike overweight Ella, seriously, I read it's good for you
anyway, you can get it, let's get it, let's get it so hopefully year all getting into too. I hope everybody can be vaccinated soon. I hope so. I are you. I don't take it for granted that I was able to get it so easily. Yes same so new, that's the she so far just wanted to tell you say you aren't like. Why do you sound like that? I really nothing sound that bad he had just in case I sound filled up. I know that can be annoying when listening to upon car. I think he's term legally secure drew I you know, I have gotten it many times and starting this podcast. Never in my life, though, I actually believe a gorgeous Miss bond gassed did I ever, and I mean this. Never once did I hear you sound like LISA Coup drove the second. I started this podcast. I I've got it hundreds of time. I know I've seen it Ivan it's crazy
another I dislike to say it to you, because I don't get it like. I believe you guys. I believe that you hear that in my voice, but when I listen to music Hydro MIKE, I dont soundly yeah! I know I know I don't hear it to be honest with you, but I don't know you guys have really opened my eyes with this. I don't know you ve been disturbed. Me only act as I can't hear it, but I'm pretty sure that all actually watched a movie with her in it the other day- and I was like that's not you, it's a weird, it's like it's a weird phenomenon but I don't know how we got there. We got their career, so we are in part, two of the impossible murder Julia Wallace Speck in nineteen. Thirty one- and I said this was gonna- be two parts sexually.
be three candidates as you do: thou canst apple and stop. I just keep finding staff and I was like I can't make part two like eighteen hours, so can't stop, won't, stop rock and have therefore there's just too many little things I just need to go into. So this is gonna. Be a three partner but part three he is going to come out within like the next day or two, so you won't have to wait long, foreign or anything. Don't worry, sorry that you have to wait a few extra days for this one. but I hope you are like on the edge your seat and spoiler alert. There's really no conclusion so you're tonight, you're, not really waiting for. Like a man, Sir spoiler learn, nothing is solved all that's why it's called the impossible murder mystery, so impossible. He's gonna be a mystery at the end of this, but I meant to say what I think happened me interests reminds me of like an impossible breakfas image it all about
me I was getting. I thought you meant the case state and I was like. I know just like yourself like how its named that, yet, the big not not via the murder, doesn't sound like a plant based meet alternative sure. Doesn't it does but here we are so when I left you in part one. We talked about the murder of Julia Wallace Super brutal. We talked about her husband, William Wallace, not brave heart, and we talked about. He was in a chess player and the two of them were kind of sickly together and they kind of do. The tit for tat was getting sick and hookah get more sick. It was, but it was wonderful. They love each other. That's all that matter. And when we left you know it was clear that the these were already. You know you're gonna, either the the husband first yeah thou see no always
and so they're already looking at William and being like huh. What's this about in that hole, you know when he returned home from that wild goose chase. Where that address didn't exist, he comes back home and he can't get in the house key, isn't working. You know he's telling the story later. He sang that at one point I got to the front door, it was and bolted, but he still couldn't open it with the key went to the back that wasn't bolted, couldn't get in, went back to the front. Suddenly it's said now right? It's just a lot of strange things going on right. So, of course, the police are looking at him being like. What's going on, I mean anyway, putting a cat what's wrong with them exactly stern, a comfort their cat weird. So here so one of us things that was, you know, leading them to be, like ha scratch their chins. All. That was the fact that a little bit of money was missing out of the cash box in the kitchen minute was like forcibly taken out like the doors
were ripped off and is clearly, but then there was more money upstairs that wasn't touched and it was out in the open and then the handbags were taken a rifle through just strange. It was weird, so there was a he got brought in the end of the last one, and you know they did their interrogation with him and they asked him. Would you eleven somebody in that she didn't know, and he was like absolutely not. Then people confirm this why she was not like super social would like people, she didn't know, and you had said that she was pretty shy anyway and she was shy, but then he's You know what there is somebody who could have gained entry into my house and knows my house, and they were like who will this guy called richer, Gordon Perry and we talked about whom part one, basically just to give you a quick little overview, because we are going to talk about him a little more in this one. He worked with William at the insurance company that he worked for. He was found to be penicillin money off. The top
still money from the company and kind of out of Wallace's pocket at the end of the day, and so Wallace confronted him and when he kept doing it, he told the boss, the boss fired Richard Gordon Perry, so essentially Wallace got. Stewed fired exactly now. This dude had covered for him when he was sick, because Wallace had a lot of kidney issues was sick a lot, so this guy had covered his insurance route for him, so he had been in his house. He had been in that cash box to put the insurance payments in their. So this is look like. He knows a lot of both the stop, and so people are thinking. This could have been revenge. She got him fired, he's pissed. Tell your wife I'll, take the money. So really he was pretty like really escalated quickly should inspire, tell tell your wife, but it definitely doesn't know. What was weird was that you know Perry was brought in for questioning, of course, and they're going to look
and he immediately offered an alibi for the night before the murders. When that strange call to the chest club happened and also for the night of the murder since, like wind it, why would you need to give one for the night before willingly? He offered it up without reacting radio? How did you know anything happen than a yeah, for, though I mean the police didn't care? other than that much cause. They went into this like zeroing and unwalled us, and that was that they were given ten this on William loss, but yeah just wanted to bring you up to speed on that, because we are going to bring richer Gordon Perry back into this so this obviously becomes a case of them deciding who did it before the evidence decide suit in it they went in. There were like William all stared at the evidence is like. Maybe not, though, and there like shut up evidence. I don't know if a third of lilies and the me who we talked about the the army, the bumbling opium smoking. I m me: yes,
How could I forget? He thought he also was like this? Is the guy he was Workin red alongside he also like walked and sniffed. The errand was, I kept she's been dead for an illiterate or hours and two minute. Yet he touched her and said: o rigour. Ok, it's been four hours rigorously globally. East like a reliable thing to row, especially considering the least reliable thing to rely on her? I know that's why I started again, but I mean consider the temperature, the temperature changes in the room, her age, her temper, serve her body. There's so much I went over in Taiwan. It doesn't make any sense, but you know that's what he's going on now if we took? We also talked about in part one that right before the Emmy left at like eleven p dot m that night. He happen to go upstairs to use the bathroom upstairs and they're. Suddenly he notices that there's a drug like a little clot of blood right
toilet, see right and he's like woe. Weird, considering like a hundred different people have gone through this thing, this entire night again someplace. You never saw it and so they were like. He was like. I know that this is from the killer. The killer came up here and wash his hands after he did. This mean wild, see what I've been covered with blood very Heller. There is no one speck of blood anywhere else in this house, so he traced upstairs manage not to get even a drop of blood on any else and then washed his hands. It was like whoops clot onto the bathroom with light and other makes, and now it doesn't make sense. While they did want to test this blood, obviously cause they ve got you. It was found there whether he was placed, thereby the Emmy whether was transferred accidentally by one of the other investors.
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sure that blood is human and not animal, this blood came back, is definitely human. Now what the weight of the precipitin test works, because it's kind of interesting as third in here is that they use in animal usually a rabbit nine times out of ten they enjoy. After this animal those human blood. Now the Anna His blood is going to form antibodies to attack that foreign substance rages, veto in the end, Their bodies are then taken from that animals from the rabbits bloodstream from its own blood serum and it becomes anti serum. They call it. They put this in a test tube. Then they take this blood that they're trying to figure out, whether its human or whatever, from the scene and they're going to put that into the anti serum in the test tube and when they go together in the test tube. If precipitate forms, which is like a solid substance, you'll see it then unique in that it too has to happen when the to meet like in the line where the two blood, like the blood serum Nanda ceremony
questionable blood meet. Ok, that's where the precipitous or form- and if that happens, then its human blood? Ok, so it's a really interesting. Really intricate yeah has to be done right. An experiment very and needs to be done right. So he did this. The Emmy mid dot. Professor Mc Fall- and he said yes, it form the precipitate its human blood, but what's interesting, this is a few months after this he was doing some other case totally unrelated to this, and he made a worker at the medical facility in the University of Liverpool. Actually do the Precipitin too, just because he said, and I quote, I could never get back, Pooh sure and also equity mean you can get the hang of it looked like that's like sure like a very intricate tests, but it's like that's your draw
yo, you just use that to leg and not that it's really like this. Doesn't this piece of evidence as a really hinge on anything, as in all likelihood that cloud of blood was brought up, thereby by domesticate her accidentally transferred visa. Or by the army himself right. Does it really matter? It's like it doesn't prove anything really at all. But what it does proof here is that he's a bullshitter yards like that. Doesn't give me a lot of faith and not even kind of you. Just visible shit exactly so: let's just interesting. I found that in the end the killing of joy a Wallace and our post. The link for that in here, but very strange. Weird reared where'd now the evening of the murder. We're gonna go back to Richard Gordon Perry for a second, over evening over the murder. Remember. He said that evening. He had an alibi, had an alibi for the night before now, while this scene is being taken, care of after Julia was found, the police are out the scene, all is going on at the house while
is going out. The house late night past midnight, our friend Richard Gordon Perry, was bringing his car somewhere. To get fixed up somewhere around midnight now want to see showed up at Atkinson all night garage and taxi service that was Ah scowled drive and stony craft and he spoke to employ their named John Parks, John Parks, and he, I think, knew each other somehow like they were aware of each other John said later. At that Perry told him, you know, I need my car cleaned on the inside and outside. weird time for you to do that very weird. Now he said he wanted it completely done guy. I bet totally hosed off totally scrub down. Sir John, was like? I looked at it and I was like I don't see any that needs to it? So he was like. Are you sure like. Do you really want me to do this right now? I don't see anything wrong with it. I that's weird: why do you want
to do that. He was like no. He said he looked very stressed out very fragile than he was like. I need you to do it. Do it ok, Sousa Gary, you said he was doing it all removed. onto the inside, and he said he opened the glove compartment to take out whatever was in there, so it wouldn't get wet while he was cleaning. Z said completely, so you said here moved a leather baseball met with not weird spread like them. You know he play baseball wherever so he said he removes the meant any says when he removed said he said It was already soaked in blood and he's like very clearly blood like soaked in it so John was like, but he kept silent cuz. He was like. I don't know what to say about this rate. I don't want to be involved. Perry was acting really strange. She was kind of freaking me out. I didn't want to like push this any further, so I just like
oh de la yeah, I locked it in there and I just let it go so. He said Perry left after I completely did the rest of it, which was shaking his ass off, probably finishing their essence. Car being like what am I scrubbing away right now: yeah yeah, so he's he lost, he will see. Left and John Parks went to his boss, who owned the garage yeah and he was like hey not a fish. Let me tell you what I just found clean up on I'll five nanny tells them he's like. Aren't. I found it in his bosses like while that's fucked and then design directive, that's really crazy, the two of them were like: oh shit Did you see on the news that, like that Julia Wallace like
Mr Wallace, his wife was brutally murdered in they will again we'd like heard around town, it's been like everywhere, and so he was like. Ok, here's the thing, and they knew that, like you know, these two men knew each other that he had so they were like. Ok, if Wallace's arrested for the murder, you need to go forward with this information. The outer at least have them know that there might be another suspects area if he is not arrested, you do what you are with it, but he's like I would hold it until an arrest is made. I dont know if I agree with that. I do I do no. Nineteen thirty is, I guess, like everybody's to flag to be involved here. They dislike were at Santa online in Bowler hat and refined. Sir John Parks was like I a wait and see
No, if Mr Wallace's arrested, I will go forward and try to help him out with this information. If ya out arrested may be ever beheld his wolsey, maybe I won't into the awful it by coin. So that's interesting that'll come back later, so hang onto I'm holding is put her I'm holding ITALY that small and yet put that in your blood soaked, the weather baseball met that you stick in your government so Meanwhile, the body was taken two princes Doc mortuary and now she's being looked over Julia. Some interesting things came out of this examination there were burns found on the skirt that indicated to them that she had been grabbed by the neck, and then they said, and also by her hair, because her hair pad had been ripped viciously out of her head. Yet they saw
burns, and this disarray as evidence that she had obviously fallen kind of into the fireplace a little bit yeah after she was first set and then whoever had done it had dragged Turner where she was found. You gonna, like Sloan her down into our shoes, found so really brutal, yeah really brutal, and it places her closer to the fireplace when the first it was done so helping to kind of like see, where this all began now and they looked at her clothing. They notice that her underclothes were hand made and kind of strangely fitting does not weird for her because she counted that's how she rocked there, looks like she had made a lot of her staff, even though she didn't have to near and a lot of them gonna L fitting, unlike her undergarments rose sticking out from under her skirt and shit eleven Jews and give a fuck this message wrath. Yes, she did her, so they were like our aid and what they found was. They also found money tucked into little pocket by was soon into her course. It that's gonna, buy
which is kind of like mafia. Let us in very of woe what we eat: Oh! Well! That's that's the thing and I think in the beginning of this year, like if you're lying dear husband about your age, one, oh sir, you are needed as yak in it's like line dear husband, about your age like you're married now, you should probably tat one unmarried for quite some time and it's like you lying about seventeen year, yeah like not lay outside and twenty five and your thirty, because even like don't lie but more exactly, and it's like any kind of lie about your age. Cheered like spouse is weird yeah, like that's weird, but that much in the nose- and you know this comes about, and we ve heard before, while here later that you'd like they ask William Wall whether he knew of his wife had money of her own and he was like, probably Emily's immediately. No, I don't know how much she would ever or where it would be, and it's like once in a while,
I don't know I just then there a rumour catacombs, a lot of room happen in this case, because this was one of those like you know, small areas area after talking it went around fast. This was a big deal here. Sir rumours come out of a lot of these little weird idiosyncrasies here now. So that's interesting and they look further and really interesting thing. That really speaks to the fact that may be William didn't know how old she was maybe he did so. They said they looked further into their surprise. They found out that she was wearing a hand made adult diaper of sorts. Oh and it was like a piece of White felt that was basically fashioned into a diaper, which you know she's older she's in poor health anyways. Yes, oh it's like that is to be expected. When age comes continents can happen, but also is kind of like showing
that she's much older than what she is footing on and if I did William know this, did William know that she was incontinent, like she knows any of this, though it be so wild to like, even to just yet able to pull that off like hiding that yeah. When your marry someone like you You think he would know they sleep in the same room. Do you know I don't know honest huh, that's something that's an interesting thing! Maybe I'll find it for her by yeah, that that would be interesting to find out yeah. But then you go no cause them. We're gonna learn that a lot of these rumours go into. Like you know such dual shit, and it's like, I feel like that, would be known fear if you know, if you I don't know this is a lot in. It was a strange thing that was very interesting to investigators. We, I ha, but then I guess like in that time period. It's like. Did you really get undressed? from your husband. I don't really know. I know I I. I have no idea how how like
Evoking wildly about, like that's event is really wild. I wonder, actually not let me pause, so I looked it up because it's not your job too. up its mind. I liked it up, and it looks like in the nineteen thirty's twin beds, in the same room where a thing is like it was the fashionable modern choice of the night so like they each have to embody act as before that I think it was like separate bedrooms, goodnight see later and then doing and sleep in the same bed room now, just in two beds and mean They are described as having a sharing a bedroom, There are long term, so they were at least in the same room together Hunt. I imagine they were in twin beds because it looks like that was the cool thing to do back then, our the thing that set in the nineteen fifty is seen as if you weren't, when beds and not in the same boat. It was seen as like a sign of a failing marriage when a man, while
Ok, I mean I'm times. I want my own space, but shuts. Whilst I don't have to invent shit, it's why I should get a twins eyes mattress. I that's all crazy to me. The sea, like old sitcoms, when you see lake, you Know- and I love see. Instead, I think there are people on twitter beds, likenesses three, ninety nine over their income, so used to not seeing that it is weird, but every footsore boat. So yet they were in the time period where they would be sleeping in separate beds. Likely I mean they absolutely could of shared one. There's nothing! That's as they did. Didn't know. You were in the same room. So then, if you think about that, though it like, she made, the modesty thing yeah like modest and she had. I was just thinking she had that room for her. Like hats, and bags, I wonder if that was almost like a dressing room, absolutely in its. I think style. Then too was the very like choked neck shirts that are very high and very near your covered up. The I've got like sixteen layers of Clothing Valley, eighty two petticoats, so a kind of make sense of like they might man made
didn't know. You know, there's not a whole lot of like Pekin under all those clothing, and I guess a norm, workout lifting the skirt but either way it's. I think it just leads to one of those things where everybody questions. How much did he not know about his wife and how much was she not sharing so well, speaking to Wallace at the police station that night there formerly taking his statements and all that good stuff officer Bailey, who was one of the first ones unseen, went back to the scene to check. He was like a minute. Do one more look has it got kind of may him before I get a lot of people in their see said. I'm gonna check through this, If there's any missed evidence now that everybody's cleared out, so he and a few other investigators took possession while they are in the house of the money that was left in the home in Julius handbags to bring back to life. Put out as evidence they did find out. While they were looking through that one of the paper monies had a smear of blood on it. Oh and it was one of the pay
monies that was upstairs in their bedroom. Oh, that's interesting. People had looked at this money many times throughout the scene investigating that day and night in some never saw it. But again we also have a blood chladni upstairs bathroom that one size either there the whole time and no inside or they brought it up their accidentally because the biggest so the question now is whether they missed it. The first few times they saw it, meaning that the blood ended up on the no because the murderer be Wallace or some unknown person touch the money after killing. Julia or the blood was on there, because the investigators or Wallace was touching the stuff after they discovered and touched you Europe is no one snap and on gloves here there I'll just touching shit, which is of huge experts, also like. Why would you touch money and not take it as a murderer like their real vats, money missing from the cash box right exactly and that's the question we have so if it's an unknown murderer the only and it's a pretty low,
reasonable explanation would be. He went up there. He goes. had the money of any thinks better of it and put it back yeah I'd like see that happened. He didn't think better of like not taking a lifecycle, really see that I'm then you think if it was Wallace, did he go up there go to take that money to make it look like a robbery, and then things got out of know time. got away from him or he decided no, I'm just going to take the went downstairs and make. It seem more pointed that somebody who's going after that money enough money just the way we describe the investigation I feel like it may have been an accident. I went one and one hundred and four, and I think this was somebody in that investigation, be it be it William or someone else that they bring him upstairs to go. Look through everything to show them whether something regressing he went through their in hand to count the money too. Oh, that's. He may whether he had it on his hand. He had already touched Julia RE. One hundred percent cut a leg, so it's you. straightened that smear really doesn't go anywhere other they don't really
much with it it just in it's. It's a fucking blood smear! Some one I dont know if we tackle this out in some way, some way or another to how bought in only signed. Nobody ever really get the hang of that they didn't. They didn't get the hang of a lot of stuff in here, so they also found on this in such as their looking through. They find They also find on the shelf in the kitchen where that cash box was, they find his diaries that he had kept meticulously In fact, in those diaries, he literally, I dont think even Mr Day in those diaries even just riding down this, and it was like a lot of just boring stuff. You know like I'm just go. Nowhere does not have enough. I had a hard boiled eggs, Delicious lake and he wrote once once in all of the diaries. In years of being together, he were once that they I quote falling out him and Juliet all because she was buying too many newspapers. I mean battle and any merit. That was therefore
man drew constantly fight about my newspaper and when ever I buy another newspaper Johns like this, this might be the one they come on Alina. Get together. This might be the one that breaks out. Like thirty cents, Sweden, we had Adria. Now we get through it that unity, we gather the that's their fight there, one final than he manages to even mention yeah is over her boy I am too many newspapers and it was described as a falling and then it was just note, nothing else happened newspapers code for something also figured, for example such as no? bigger is actually code for opium new, I literally putting their their fight, was literally like Julia you're, buying too many papers, and she like she was picked up William and he was like man and the major moved. Right? That's what it seems like debit, so thousand
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fact, on January, Seven's just approved that, like they didn't have this like icy cold marriage, that somebody so they had this loving marriage, some people so that this see cold tension filled marriage. I would put it somewhere in the normal rules of a marriage cuz it's on January. Seventh, one thousand nine hundred and thirty one he wrote- quotes a knight of King Frost. The heavy fog gives a wonderful appearance to all plants and trees. Every twig and leaf was most beautifully bordered and outlined with a white a frost holly leaves owning to their wavy edges, presented a most charming appearance, and I cannot recollect an occasion on which had produced such wonderfully beautiful effects after dinner, a push. I persuaded Julia to go to Stanley Park. She was equally charmed, a gradual thought seems to be setting. No, no, sir, Hugh literally like everything's, beautiful and MR going it's like snow globe, and then I convince my beautiful wife to come with me and look at it. She was enchanted While I was lovely, I warn you I feel like you, re
Bulgaria will be there save about that as a good. The word persuaded as a little weird, like I think, that's just Does it hanging there is like I persuaded her to come with me like I. I convinced her to come with I don't think that was like a fuckin held a gun to her had more. Do I don't like? I just met leg, maybe she'll, I didn't get going in line with the ads like. I think it was more just like I persuaded early. I was I can look at a woman. You know I mean I think, that's just like the time he knew he writes very, like flowery. Yes, but it just is kind of. Like you known to quote, she was equally charmed by an just watch, the frost together. I love love so yeah, so that just shows like that they weren't black cats and the air according to his his riding now Wallis was brought at this point. After being, we know interrogated four hours. The sum I read in a couple places like twelve hours. Oh damn, during which he just like chain smoked completely liquid. Barely eight
extra so now after this he was brought to his sister and Laws House Amy Wallace, oh my arm, and she gonna be staying there. She was the wife of his brother, Joseph Yoga, and Julia, also at a sister Amy, which is interesting now immediately so he's brought to his sister Amy Wallace, as she has a sun Edwin who she's gonna burn me saying together it's basically like, obviously champion the crime scene. Yeah, that's the place to go so immediately the papers and people. Around town or like oh God he's alive with his sister in law. They are fucking one hundreds league in your leg, this is brother, live there to his wife was just murdered like this. the only family. He has here what you say say what excuse me as a guest smear campaign will and so Joseph his brothers in India, unlike business soon, so they were now. People are like yeah, like that's, what's happening,
light like he'd, they are living together. Now this affair is in the open, its happening, so now the newest thing was that Julia found out of that aim in William, were having an affair. Yes, and Amy was like William Junior, her. You gotta killer, so we can live happily ever after together and it's like what a what are we gonna do his brother in law, while here's the thing Amy's mere Amy's husband. Everyone said cause, nobody knew he was in India. Sovereign was like. Will he was murdered as well? Just quietly quietly might outrageous. Co highly murder. As one does, no Joseph by the way, is very close: legal really comes I was on his way during all this home to be by war, I am sorry tat in stages throughout his side and wrote the trials everything my wife and my brother aren't fuckin on the law not happening, I'm not murdered. I am here, hi, hello, high end its leg, poor
Amy is just like thrown into this, and I guess everybody wisely treating her like she's this, like woman, who, like said the other woman a month, but which is a mistress, so Julius sister, as Excuse me, the sister in LAW Amy, like I said I had a son Edwin and he was a medical student, upstanding citizen. And he said this to police in a statement when they spoke to him about the murder he said quote, except for periods of absence I boarding school. I have. in close touch with my uncle and his wife. I never and saw any quarrels between them or anything other than an atmosphere of mutual trust and happiness up in the upstairs room. My uncle has a laboratory. My aunt rather objected to this being up in the back, grim. As she said, it was too cold and damp for him as he was not strong, there's no hint of ill feeling about this all so Amy Wallis, who is now being accused of like having an affair with them too said
I visited the wallaces frequently and very often they would play music for us for an hour, or so everything about the household was perfectly normal and seemed very happy Mr White, less relied on his wife. A great deal to look after him. She did it without his bothering in, for example, she would change his wet clothes when he had been out collecting on the evening of Sunday, the eighteenth of January last, I was at Wolverton Street with my son and everything passed off in the usual way as you fuel. The wallaces were very comfortable and happy, except that MRS Wallis had a cold his walls, was telling us about a burglary about two doors down the road. southern seem like the other woman is no. No. No, I think that's No Dr poster is very preposterous. The this oblation most of these people in this area. This time, like this
hilarious, because, like the tea that they want, what? Because there is not the tea they're getting so they're, just gonna make it their borders fuck it they make up the weirdest waiting to see the rest of the suffering of its whole areas. I love it. It's amazing. We love a town. Gossip in the whole town is a gossip, it's great I'm here for so about his demeanor squaws member. That was a big bone of contention for everybody. Everybody was saying you know the Johnston's the neighbors who showed up when they discover Julia were saying how you know he was very clearly upset. He was sobbing in the kitchen like he was putting. cap, because TAT was Julius CAT and the count had been missing. You has little randomly can allow, but the Emmy in all the investigator said he was stone cold to calm, totally detached lake of weird demeanor wasn't showing any emotion, and we talked about how that's bullshit alot of people Ray. I would be the same way a parade, so you can't juncture. So about his demeanor- they asked Amy and Edwin could now they ve been around him and Amy,
said quote. I and my son were taken into the house by the back way, having been directed to do so by the police. She saw him on the night of the of the crime. Miss Your wireless was sitting by the fire in the kitchen, almost heartbroken, very much cut up and crying usually is rather a con man, but to night he was very much upset. Indeed, as was to be expected, Edwin said quote: he was awfully upset and have his handkerchief to his eyes ass. He was crying profusely. I told my uncle. I was terribly sorry and he said yes realize that, and nothing said at this time can help. He see continued to be terribly upset all the time that we were there also these too, are being like. Oh no leaving wasn't always doan colds like not doing anything he was fucking sobbing like, and it is man but Amy later said that when they got home after the police had left. Finally, again, he didn't even want to change out of his clothing and he just laid down on the couch and she was like you want to like change or like text you no get,
around you get along eating comfy and he said quickly. Just like shook his head and I guess he said I shall miss her terribly suits me that sounds like somebody who's green. Yeah, very upset and had somebody taken away from them in somebody away from themselves re now. The next day, people start calling in with tips and share, because even in the nineties, thirty's everybody was buying leisure here, so they called one call said that they knew the wallaces had a made that they had recently fired so there I huh and then this person was like- and I want you to know that Wallace's Fuckin, the maid oh god, it's like what all this is young and go over this, so this person is like so Alice is getting on with the maid Julia found out and fired her, so I'll be is slowly. He murmured her so that they could be together him and the maid Cool where's the made clearly so they had
take this seriously, because what the hell else adieu and it sounds so salacious. How could they not follow this up? You come on US weekly, so they ask Wallace about public hello. Did you ever made that your fucking Amend Julia found out and she fired them? And now you two killed her anything? and be together shit. Sorry and he was like No, we never had a made ever was like. We did have a part time house keeper that literally came in once a week and worked with the Juliet Clean, the house yeah just kinda like helped her out with the heavier stop rate, and he was like that's lit we all we have so he was like. I do and I think he was like, I think her name's SARA. I don't talk to her much works- is that she works with MRS Wallis and then he was like you can find her unlike Derby street? I think it was. She lives under research yeah, so he was like go get her vision, so a shit they did.
Under her name was Sarah Draper Illegal and she said she was actually hired by Mr Wallace but didn't interact with a much cause. He was working most of the time. said Julia with psychological. She neither the hand with the heavier stuff in the house once a week near everything Why so you had a great relationship, Mean Julia. We she was fine, nothing we urged I wasn't falcons I'll only wasn't foggy. William Wallace barely saw him. Think you, though he didn't remember my name. So there's that so they were like ok cool cool, but you probably know more cheaply probably not so they're alive you we should probably so they brought her to the crime scene That's a land there like shoe oh Julia's removed at this point, but there's the after effects, and they were like need to walk around with us and you need to tell us if you see anything strange. Do you see anything? That's missing from this house that you see in this house every one Ok, strange stir hedge way to go
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also a large piece of iron about a foot long and about us thick as a candle, and she said that was missing and she said she always sought. It was always in the fireplace in the parlour. I guess what they used it. or was so I got a brush out. Ashes like brush out like cigarette butts are lit, match, sticks and stuff that from the fire, so. She like we use it all the time. They use a lot and it's always there. It's not there there. So they were like those two things are missing, so really cool, so they bring loss back at an early. Do you see anything missing de? Let's just give you one more shot at this. He says no, he doesn't see anything missing He's, like I mean he's a little. You dressed out right now and it doesn't sound like he does a lot of the household stuff. right, so maybe he doesn't even know the he would notice. He don't do that they do that yet
Why would he noticed ring so they told the Emmy professor Mc Fall or MC fail. However, we want to talk about the iron peace when they were like me. I know this sounds like a thickness of candles, pretty they decent narrowly. Could this have been the murder weapon cause we're looking for that murder, weapon and he's? yup, yet the good of my gun so problem lies. Sarah described this iron bar to them. They dont have the iron bar need or know exactly what Elisa telling them. What it looks like. That's, maybe they'll go off, and also Sarah when he was like yep totally like that's it. She was like well like it was rusty as hell like this is a very rusty thing and she's like the whole thing was rested out. Rust would have come off of it if it was hit on something well in her wounds, Julius wounds and on her no rest was found none, but they totally ignored that they really good. No, that's the web
We gotta find that those like like now, then they hear from this switchboard operator because at this point that China figure, where that call the night before came from there still working on that, while trying to work on the immediate stuff of lake, the murder weapon and all that right, so in them, background. They ve been working on where that call came from trying to trace it. They, finally, here from a switchboard operator, named Leslie Heaton and she was the one who actually helped them figure out where the call came from which, like what about us, love that it was a phone booth and they found out that it was four hundred yards from walls, this house, that phone call was made, and it was actually next to the tram, stop that he used to get to the chest meeting her. So this all aware doesn't look great for him because the cattle looks like he could make that call in a big job.
Bob over and he showed up right after that call weird. Yes, that's interesting, but not like smoking gun, that's called circumstantial evidence, but certainly interesting yeah. To put it in your hat a little bit and just hold it therefore put it in your to put it in your hat. That's what you do. The important thing aren't Yankee die, don't never that came from, but I did I put important things on my hat, but I dont work is her voice So now the autopsy is happening already here. Let's look at the autopsy, so the autopsy happened on January, twenty first nineteen thirty one at princes Doc mortuary dead. At me, doktor MC fail said he was examining the body of Julia Wallace and he sent a woman of about fifty five years old. She was sick.
see nuns, that's a really bad deference. Truckling, that's a really big dipper! I love those guys like you up. She was fifty five years old ray. You can't even told you believe. That's a lot of super happening arena. We hear yourself yeah she was about five to maybe a little little taller lightly Bildt's prominent abdomen, which, as a rule, what who's the committee for Agriculture, but that's like pop, a link that had a nice thing to say. I don't feel if I tell you what I'll need the no matter what it means. It's like that, just doesn't that sounds route shudder, speechless, she was not pregnant and they said no not in the Euro zone, on there small recent Bruce Mark on the inside of her left up her arm. There was no other, marks of violence on the trunks or limbs the hair was matted with blood and brain tissue groves. They did shave her hair off
They could get a better view of it. There are crime scene photos of this. You can see the the crime scene. You can also see her head spooky after shaves. You can see it. There is a pretty big wound its. Alas, there lacerated wound on her head two inches by three inches from which the brain and bone or approach building on the back of the head on the left side were ten diagonal, apparently incised wounds, but not like like cut ones. Yes, so they said on removal of the scalp. The left frontal bone was driven into the front of the brain corresponding to the external wound the whole of the left side of the back of a skull was driven in and broken into pieces out. The injury extended into the middle and real faster fat fracturing in breaking up the rear part of the cerebellum bursting the tent
territorial cerebellar I and breaking up the left part of a cerebellum so easily. just shattering the brain tissue. The left, lateral sinus was broken across also the men men, I can ever say meaningful area managerial arteries so the appearance it says was as if a terrific force with a large surface had driven in the scalp bursting it in parallel lines, ah with the appearance of several incise wounds, but the edges of these wounds were not sharp sword. Almost looked like she got that giant hit a couple more and then that the just kept happening. The only at least a few a handful of hits so everything they also show us pretty normal. They said the stomach contained about four ounces, semi fluid consisting of currents rate
sins and on masticating lumps of carbohydrate interesting. So she had some kind of bread or muffin or stone with like raisins and currents in it and it what's. Critter raises currents are like other little like fruit. They are raising, anything. Does it says everything else was normal and its is in my power. I am of the opinion that death was due to fracture of the skull by someone striking the deceased three or four times with a large, hard large headed instrument. No three or four times. He says he later changes that are trial. Yeah thanks. Not a lot changes it by a lot as we will see because they look like I terms they demolished her head, a one hundred percent. I believe that a lot more than three or four heads you, I mean I definitely given. If you did it with like enough force, you get her down the first yeah you are able to get three more. Like really hard ones where I do it, but
Honestly, I wouldn't question it so much if you didn't, he changed it that way there. So it's like which one is it right, so Nan Wallace told police they had eaten a meal together before he went back out. Okay before he went back out, he said that they had had scones together. So I could block our behaviour anything now. He said that this was a bit past. Six p m Mc fall said she was dead by six pm yeah, but he was Heller Wrong, but the meal is there to confirm that she was alive and eating past six areas already where like fuckin up at this time, is bullshit yeah, but they keep hinges. The hinge on his shit now remember with such a brutal murder that whoever did it would have been covered in blood. Covered their no way. You would get away from us. In fact, the first thing the cops did was tell everyone to look for people covered in bloodstains, just walking around the city. That's my favorite yeah there's like go find this, because if they
not change their clothes swell. Obviously, Wallace's clothing was microscopically, analyzed cause they're gonna want to see analyze by William Roberts was a forensic analyse specializing in this. he said there was not even once back of blood on his clothing while in they did, he bends nine test, so they even if they had watched he had washed his clothing, which one would you have done that it still would have reacted positively. The test is such that when the bends dine hydrogen peroxide and glacial a sea acidic ashen ass soon, ass should acid comes in contact with blood, The resulting solution will turn blue to indicate a positive reaction didn't happen. I think that's so cool that you could even do that by
yeah. I know they were like really up on everything breast, but apparently this as a matter of fact, so the police officer that was working this case actually set at this point quote. I remember one of my colleagues are marking that if Wallace was the criminal, he had not only committed a crime but perfected a miracle. He He had to have a scheme, from the murder room as clean as you went in, was like taking a shower bath and not getting wet, while they're all sitting there being like this is literally has all. But we have to pretend, like it's not says, literally plant based, so you want to know what their, because this is pretty. How do you explain that yeah? You don't hear what he doesn't have a speck of blood and explain it as if they were like? Oh explain it. Ok, he was fuckin naked. What he was now,
did when he was naked. What no, he wasn't just naked, whose naked, with his coat on and his co protected him two's naked with Mackintosh Code on one yeah and that coat that was found beneath Julia. That was his the one that they kept asking him is that yours and you like? Yes, it's mine, I don't you worry about it on their, like that's the one that you are wearing you stripped off all your close, your but ass naked. You put on that Mackintosh to protect you from getting blood on you and then, when you saw that was soaked in blood you just after under Julia, which seems like the right thing to do right now, you wouldn't get rid of You just stuff it under her. William Wallace a fifty two year old insurance salesman, who is killing his wife for no discernible reason at all. Did it well knit naked weren't you It's getting awesome, it's really it's getting king he's getting weird: it's getting awesome, it's gonna get
more work. Keep at it. Weird on this are by now the news Neighbors had accounted all of this and it seems like Wallace was being blamed for litter in every way, shape and form area so now there has been the you know, there's been a few. people that went to the wallaces how's that day they had like milk delivery. Then do you no bread. Delivery knows our council. A recent have met them. Usually it would usually kids who did these things like fourteen year old, Zella, paper out censure. So one of these boys was named Douglas MAC Calf and he delivered newspapers to the Wallaces every morning. Oh, he was speaking to friends who cause they had told him. You know they don't either newspaper anyhow don't deliberate Julia's got to many of us know he's talking to his other friends who delivered other things like the dairy and such a girl who work. Would the son of the dairy shop owner his name was Alan close? He was a fourteen year old boy. He said that he actually delivered milk to the wallaces and he did this every day
She said that he had told her. He delivered milk to MRS Wallis that day around a quarter to seven. No, when MAC I've heard her say this. He told her. He was like. The newspapers are saying that the bread boy meal was the last guy to see her love, but it was out. right. You were a leg in Africa, the seven young. They were like an Alan needs to go to the police and tell them that he saw her at seven, because, Mr Lawless, is being railroad for this, like you got something else: Ray so fourteen. Old. Alan shows up to this group, the kids and Douglas MAC half is like When did you see? Mrs? Like doesn't say what like doesn't say? He knows it's just like: when did you see, MRS Wallis on that yeah, he's like. I saw at a quarter to seven very, The cap is like holy shit and says the same thing to him. You gotta tell the police so he's like our aid that will give him my kind of at least like somewhat have an alibi or make them at least look at it yeah. So they can
seemed to go to the house where the police are stationed, conversation at the crime scene. He goes there, the police, to sir assures him in and talk to him for a second apparently comes out any tells them that he's like nope. They told me not to mention it to anybody. Because here is that they wanted everyone to be leg up, William Wallace. Did it we're safe, none, nothing to see here yeah, they were literally like yep cause. They talk to make fail or whom mix but Miss Vale, no doctor MC fail and he was like no that's bullshit used by six in a really good one. If they get a saying that he literally talk to her, like literally handed her milk, is there a like? No, and so ok and they had so they, the prosecutors are literally like, while the milk ways just mistaken gonna like no Their exploration he's just mistaken, so there's that that's gonna come back afterwards to
we think now later, the rumour does get out in people start talking about the seemingly wait. The milk boy saw like wait a second but then, instead of being like, oh maybe, the police are just being corrupt, and this is like just them pointing out Wallace with no reasoning they like. No, I know what it is. I think that was actually Julia then answer the door then a quarter to seven oak. I think it was her sister in law, Amy, always having that passionate affair with well, you gotta give it up at same willing leaking to Alan dressed in Julius clothing. Who was murdered. inside at that point, yeah cause Williams again and she's wearing Julia's clothes, and it's just a second growl, I'm in here Aoun who has seen them every day. Spoken to MRS Wallis, everyday yup knows what He looks like in fact said that that day,
she said. Oh, do you have a little cough and she was like he was like. I do have a little cough and you'd like me to get some rest and then, like couple q like so they had a moment of speaking so people were like. Okay, that's fine. We can explain that It was William dressed Julia and putting on a woman's voice. Ok, MRS doubt, fire he was afoot taller than her up and I'll sat a mustache up but ok, who's to say it who's to say now me who's to say just not ours, on stilts, it's fine, you didn't. Those really well like you didn't really great java, just chusest snaps users to help them to choose really getting to that clearly reflect what it does you the higher does you need the house. I cannot hear this fire. Sarah. She spoke in my husband, my letter, Langley shalt everybody's, like yeah, that make sense so No. This is when things get really
crazy. Do you keep saying that, but that there really kindly just keep in it crazy on your face. Also, now, fifty two year old insurance salesmen who likes to tinker in his laboratory and has failing kidneys star is now not just having a passionate affair with his sister in law he's. I'm betting, women, all over town. Of course he is just He is a master of seduction. He is that William Wallace sees ripping women away from their husband while he goes on his insurance route and he's just causing mayhem
who knew everywhere. He William Wallace Lobby of nineteen. Thirty one had William Wallace Young and getting it is you who keeps getting it sir. Now people were so he's at this point. Will you know he hasn't been arrested at this point has been brought in a ton for interrogation Wallace, but they release them every time. What they didn't tell him, but what he probably knew was that they were telling him entire tell yet and on twenty four hours of aliens, I'm salutes people notice this, like a local pubs. There will again we can see that this fucking detectives lesser, not really. Really nice Loki link on other low low here he assumed people. after being, like oh yeah, has she has protection from my earlier survey? whence, if you really know, let's that's, not surveillance. He asked for that protection because all the husbands of all the women Are trying to get together and they're trying to kill him, so he needed twenty. Four hour protection because he's such a look Darya, these people needed simulation. I'm gonna post
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is it for him being the murder, how suddenly he became a brilliant chess player. So obviously only someone so brilliant chess could do this because it takes planning it takes meticulously hesitating of events and wrists and plotting of this whole thing and manure. Population, which is what you do in chess, but first that's a hugely as a huge leap to Billy you like chess, you murder people, I've, only avalanches and murder go hand. Obviously will second, he sucked it just re, not everyone. Club heard these rumours and we're like whites. We are now and there were like he was not a brilliant chess player. He just loved chess, he disliked near and they were like in fact one then was quoted as saying quote, the murder of his wife apart. I think, Wallace oughta be hanged for being such a bad, just opposite the words I say I want to hang out with these gases to rejoice. Aid too soon. Buddy, though, is the dark. I would have
laughed so hard of a joke and we would have both been kick like. I want to know who back I was. You know that guy does have like a pint in front of him and was I going to get out. I got I say Zack I gets it adds he gets the gallows humour he other Landy. Do I want, like her, you know topsy turvy. Do work went on people. Do you have that have something humor by our so heeds Isaak Digest I hope, brilliant manipulation, anticipating he was smart yeah. I had nothing to do chess now, but I think they're just trying to make him into a character now I'm a care, they definitely are dark. Try there make it of a character, so there. You know that Canada is, is it floated out there, but it's not enough, so he like science right so he's mad scientist. That's Jaclyn! That's what happens you like scientists, you become you put! Your hair goes crazy. You become a mad scientist, it's always the way, so they were like what is going on now. This no basis standing of this. He just like science. He has a lab
How dare he word? Will now people are like, I bet, he's, doing crazy, ass experiments in the lab, where he's torturing animals, why no basis they want nothing to save us and they relate. I bet I better. like seeing animals suffer so he was like this is fun, but then, after a while he was like I'm bored and he's like. I need to see human suffer. I don't really think that he was like a Jeffrey, Dahmer, ass kind, the guy well, this also in hand in hand with him being like sex attic, rumour because they're saying he concocted aphrodisiacs in his lab to entice this one. In its best, for you know, it's only honey. I guarantee you he had like a dark chocolate bar and not room, and they were like rod sex fiend on the loose love potion here, they ve I'd make an oyster shown just like two nautical day core, oh, but they were like here. He is just the Rowan.
he's down everybody's throats just get a law work. Tat is always gotta boisterous and his body not on Iraq, he's just thrown it out everyone's throat or you ll. Let me get it on a low and then on top of that there are like a laboratory, probably in opium done. I bet so he's. Probably trip involves two relic. No, no! No! That's! Actually the medical examiner on the case and if they don't get confused, is there a place where you guys stop like? I don't know too greatly, because why not? It should be called the great lengths murder not just make him like an let's make him living an opium to hand torturing animals,
I have. It also make an omen orgies everywhere. Will here's the thing I'm like where's, he like having sex with all these women, apparently in their homes, while he's dropping off their insurance policy? Ok, gods! What everybody was going also like is Julia, knock em. You hear him torturing small animals, while she's literally home sick all of his army, with things like he's like pretty thick all the time. What do you do with them when he said, and also there's literally, not one shred of evidence of evidence? Frankly, this is total bullshit, but he was being looked on as this is motive. This is motive Yanks, like all that SEC shit, that was motive. Some. Almost at the end of the day, the police were like listen someone's far, can someone they shouldn't be fuckin and that's a though she said that she died. We don't care who it is, but it's happening scandal which are,
love that they just hung there had a mother like this is sex related some kind of penetration is happening that shouldn't be happening. Was it not even assaultive, either of them ass? I say anything like what gives us motive that this was exiled should hopefully be vote as they do because they were like sex, makes people angry so lets you do the Iroquois, so I beg like the ninety thirties and the devil. So then they were like. Ok, it's an opium done so there's that an like all you know what this kind of sound the cruelty and black magic geese alike. It is also a follower of ouster Crowley. Obviously, does he have a book of Alister Crowley's no, oh do you have anything that would suggest that he is a follower about Mr Crowley now but here, but he is, he did right in one his, but in one of his diaries that he and Julia have very different views on religion. She was like a Catholic when you went to church and he was Agnes. So he was like. I think that if I'm, which I was like
like I'm down for that, because he was like we we get along like she can believe what she believes. I believe what I believe are just like yea as what you should do. I have friends relying on early tat way and she he said if I'm a good person- and I don't hurt people- do my best and I live a good like me now, standing life, then I would hope that I go the same place. The Chico saw nobody said he was like. I just that's what I hope yeah so I made They looked at him being an agnostic and we're like he's, obviously essay well, maybe by back then like nineteen thirty, zero legates, it could be I dont know where else they drew this conclusion cause besides him being to see, are illegal but now I announce now he's a sadness. You send a black magic
he's also running an opium den torturing, small animals, fucking everyone in town and guess what else he listens to metallic any does it make? It already exists. Italy does the naked and big certain William, all just running around his insurance places which metallic uttered on being likes it. six eggs. I love the job easily jeering to enter Sandman up up up up up up up up look so just picture with blackmail made it didn't you do. A bit of sport is actually all about what I'm not gonna. Let me get up on his lodge breaks. He goes out there it it's like a teenage boys like to his room. It's a do. Look kid you, through its baker This is a moment of relief which I think is ready for you, William. So
its universal slops. So then the beef. So now the people who think that William wasn't the guy we're like we need to contribute to the rumour mail as well, because they like, we can't just let this be all Williams. The bad guy now when I think of the rumor mill. Also, I don't remember I don't know if anybody that is totally off topic, but it's funny whatever so hang in there you can watch the original Sabrina, the teenage which series they didn't an episode where it was like She had to work in them a rumour mill because I was an actual mailed. I thought of it and I laughed so hard. I remember that in it also has what's his name from clueless, not because I can't I can't leave you guys like that already know.
we'll find on. I don't know why I can take it. I love him. I don't know why aren't all round was involved Rina so, but he's like her boyfriend at the time they make up rumours and one of them is that Harvey is pregnant. It's funny. I think you should all may not ever guy, but I just want to give you a little over two hundred Harvey becomes pregnant needles and then she like has no teeth. It's a lot. The idea as a good headway, it's on prime, so facing they said they were like. We gotta start contributing to this, because it can't be all about yeah, so they were like here's the thing: let's go way for out of the box, no not go out of the box. Julia was having an affair with a married man and when he broke it off, she threatening his wife and ruin. His life sat right killed, so he paid or a weekly sum of money or where, however, many like weekly monthly, whatever We actually have a shared view that used to keep her quietly should not to shut the fuck up any after two just stop at all cause. He was like. I'm in this has become an issue for me. They said the
in the cash box was robbed, but nothing else was because that's where he thought the money that he had been paying her was stashed and he just wanted. Our group is payment. I mean that's not crazy, except for the fact that I don't think she was having an affair. I don't either. I mean this held a bit of water water because Wallace couldn't say how much or where Julia's money was, and he was actually shocked to find out. She had ninety pounds in a bank account that he didn't Nova both. So me, my lover, money, No, no, no. No. She also had a thinker pocket for many of those who seek her pocket, so there could be a secret lover. They all spoke to GLONASS, again, lady and baby and or beady. I think it is an beady was the captain at the chest club use of it, and I am the captain here they are so they wanted to talk to them and to get another better idea that whole phone call situation can, that's very strange ya, know Gladys
The man sounded like an elderly gentleman and spoke very articulately very or find nothing out of the ordinary citizen, very refined man, ochre now beady described the voice, as quote strong and gruff ready of utterance confidence definite in knowing what to say so definitely prepared. Indeed, Manning Gruff, like that's, not refined and like elder no insolent, the exact opposite. So this could mean that the collar club, throw actually disguised his voice for beady, perhaps because beady would recognise it as a voice said he knows if Eu Israel voice a hamlet. A mile or so maybe just lay doubles advocate, would be strange, but it's possible now, after a long ten hours of being question on another day, Wallis is finally release these highly so pissed off So he runs into at the train station. His friends from chess club and beady was their beady, sir.
Him and he was like hey Wallace like what's going on. Many was like before you say anything like. Please don't talk about the murder or anything as I do once you to say something that you don't mean too, and I I don't a b. I don't wanna, be all that I am so use like. Please just like me, and so I guess William was like ok cool you be more suspicious, is specific on the timing of the call to call the other night like he was like what time did he call yams like dude? I really like. I just told you excuse that spending yeah it was like. I can't be more specific. I just know is like around that seven o clock time. So here you can't get like anywhere else. Like you, you can't tell me, like a specific you, just look at like our I d, just the cholera, that there is any
kept saying to me, like he kept pressing me and he kept saying it's really important like it seems like he was trying to get it closer to seven. What he didn't know was that a police officer was listening, cuz, he was being surveyed surveilled and he was in the shadows and he told the rest of this information in to the rest of the police officers when it went back to the department. So once they hear they're still like that's strange that he was like no pushing for that confronted Wallace with it and whilst was like yeah, I did I'm just stressed out. I just want this to be over like that is trying to get more information is one I like move onto the actual green, a yes and he's like you know, the coroner's in West is coming up. I thought that could help with that. If we had a better time any act, he says the quote when they said like. Why did you do that? He said quote. I have
I have an idea, Wallis said and then he said we all have ideas. It was indiscreet of me so they're alive. What does that mean? So they told this they took them as him being guilty and wanting to change. Beady story when really it just seems like you wanted to be more specific about the career, so beady agreed that, like you, didn't think he was trying to change the story. He just was desperately trying to get one only trying to help him yeah he's trying to figure out not only who killed his wife, but also got the cops. Often his booty EC. That's thing: it's like he's just trying to do anything. That's like get me out of here before they're, trying to pin the sum yeah yeah, something so that, of course it comes up later. It's it's whole thing. He never should have said anything because it's like an especially the like. I was indiscreet. They use. That is like oh you're indiscreet, so you think right and he's like no, I meant, like I'm, not being smart about this, like I should know it just sucks
So now they have an idea at this point that he's being weird, he told We did it the naked coat. All the things Opium DEN Sex parties, the lake whew, like all that but their worried about this Alan Milk, kid cause, although they told him forget about it, don't say anything that was gonna. Keep talking people already here and about so January, twenty fifth, it was a Sunday they bring olenin, yeah and later at court. They would not be able to give any information about how long Ellen was interviewed, who interviewed in any of the detail, about this interview. Was they paid him or any of the records and in trial? No he's fourteen years old? They? You scared the shit, no yeah so in trial they all didn't answer any of this. There are like no, not gonna, say a word about that. All that came when this was suddenly Allen was terrified. And had changed his memory. Yeah yeah, it's weird. He was like.
Oh I'm sorry! I was so wrong. You know. That's as I guess, I'm just a friend, the less Memphis through its its one hundred percent. So now he said he used like now. I remember now before he had it quarters Evan. Now he has it that he looked at the clock face on Holy Trinity Church and it was glowing. He remembers it perfectly. He said when I looked at it. It was right before I went to the Wallace's home and it was six hundred and twenty five not quarter to seven. So is six hundred and twenty five. Alright, so they did this entire retracing and recreation of this route with him Q. They use Dave like a stopwatch. They wanted to see exactly how long it would take hat when he would get to the house how long you would talk to them for they. After doing this, came to the conclusion that he arrived to give the milk to MRS Wallace at six hundred and thirty one, not
The seven filter and now Wallace could only have left the house at the very latest at six, forty nine. So, according to this test, he had eighteen minutes to kill her brutally clean, brutally killed. Her clean up, brutally clean up the little weekly know enough about me. I want you to do a brutal, say that so that any also had to steal from himself my ripping the key the door. Go upstairs, but some blood on the wash himself completely and that's it, but there are like yeah, that's it. Eighteen, That's all media. That proves that right there yeah, that's it. It's me like eighteen minutes are gonna fuckin bed in the morning. We know what they took from this February second, at seven p m, two weeks after the murder, they arrested William Wallace at Amy's flat for the murder of his wife. While
two bullshit and when they arrested him he said what can I say in answer to a charge of which I am absolutely innocent. I do think he's at us and I don't think you did a one hundred percent. I think you ve got. This is bullshit now work in it and You saw in one second As a member, I told you about Richard Gordon Perry and how he had gone to that mechanic. Shall, beyond the baseball now, will you mosses, arrested re? Remember his rotten writing. You go to the fucking police. Will John Parts was like okay, so run the runs to the police are making a running motion issuing doing she is. He runs the police and he's like. I have a bomb. Shall I have richer Gordon Ramsay, there's a baseball glove soaked in blood, the same night that he tells you he has an alibi. what you gonna do about, you don't care and they were like absolute the thing, and that was that they never spoke about it again
You say you may never looked into hold onto that for this entire fucking Amazon. You know what I was. I almost said. Oh no, I told you you sucked like preemptively nope, you suck a mad at you, so that's organ and four part too, because there is an entire trial that gets crazy Christ, the crisis, and even more rumors say that's part two the impossible murder of Julia Wallace in part, three Willie Has a sex dungeon and, like I told you, you're gonna, get part three much sooner than this one. So hang tight look out for that brother. and you don't tell us what you're thinking as like, do you think he did it? Do you mean you didn't, I think, did not a hundred and fifty percent of ITALY. I dont like he did at all. I don't know who add that's the problem here I mean eighty that guy with their blood. Baseball Amanda of the problems as they didn't look for any other Sus raise none, so it's like we have now,
thing to go on. Like you said there was all these burglaries going on exactly eight zero in thy gum, burglary gone wrong energy, but I didn't really look like the net strange and Africa but in the meantime, while you're waiting for our part, three keep listening to other episodes. Yeah. Do that every hope you heap, but as a whether any of this happens in you to spread rumours every single day of your life, even though the none of them have any substance at all indefinitely. Just don't do that by
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