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Episode 227: The Mysterious Death of Thelma Todd (With Special Guest Cameron Esposito!)

2021-04-23 | 🔗
Today we are joined by a very special guest, Cameron Esposito, to talk all things comedy and true crime! It’s the perfect mashup of worlds. Ash takes us through the Thelma Todd case from Thelma’s childhood in Massachusetts to when the young ✨Hollywood✨ starlet was discovered dead in her own car. Together we wonder what a car is exactly, why the Hollywood machine is so scary and whether we are prepared to be found paradoxically undressed. Thanks so much to Cameron for joining us!  As always, thank you to our sponsors: Article: Get $50 dollars off your first purchase of $100 or more. Go to Article.com/Morbid and the discount code will be automatically applied at checkout!  Prose: Get 15% off your first order today! Go to Prose.com/morbid Purple: Right now, you’ll get 10% off any order of $200 or more! Go to Purple.com/morbid10 and use promo code morbid10  PrettyLitter: switch to PrettyLitter TODAY by visiting PrettyLitter.com and use promo code morbid for 20% off your first order.
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Open healing close to Home Cooper University Health CARE, a complete academic health system from primary care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at India. In cancer Cedric Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate company Hey weirdos, I mash I Molina and I'm the person, Camera Esposito, and this is morbid.
Yes, we have a guest on the show for you guys. Today we have a camera. Esposito Cameron is a comedian, an actress, an author and activist and she and her dog take fashion to a whole new. I have to say that last part is definitely the most simple. That's what I'm working on pretty hard right now, changing the world photographs with my dog while we were corresponding, like my favorite part of the day, is just like scrolling through twitter and being like all my God, look in Cameroon and her dog, I love the Easter one. Thank you, your honor, maybe some she's, actually looked at I love that she's game, she's she's, like she's, very good, opposing and also you know the way,
his burn so overwhelming. I dont know for some like. Yes, I'm I'm doing what written and that some are disappearing and a relationship things are happening, but I just feel like I just needed like something that was a reasonable cost your go that far it was within my control that had nothing to do with anything very go. That's like the perfect outlet, its impressive at your age, to do it as much as you are, though, with everything that you have going on to be able to coordinate that, I think you ll oppressed seriously, and I was saying to Cameroon before even started best, where, like super nervous, because I was saying you're like the coolest, unlike most famous guess that we have ever had on so we are huge vans of your way out, and I have to tell you my boyfriend was like freaking out that we were gonna. Have you on and pursued in his cousin was like ass, like what the
I wanted to tell you that I would like a huge vans. We had shouted career Murphy to beer and I totally unprepared happy totally unfair to be here. That's straight to be. I was gonna feel like that's how we show up every day to see our happy enthusiastically leg, mildly on people who knows what will happen? Is it comes out, so will go the boy we talking about it earlier we're, like. Oh geez Lake, in the most Hollywood person that we have had, and then I was I I I felt like we should be talking to you like an Hocus pocus when they're, like Hollywood Hall, you the first picnic, but we won't steal your reward. Do I so have you well, you know this book is we're or framework four Hollywood is hocus. Pocus, yes, absolutely focused hell! You ass, scary, but like in the best why it is so Billy Oh yeah, we're scary that I actually as a child, though
a child. I was probably a teen whenever we came out, but that is a really scary. He's really scary character. He ends. So you know it's hard to recover from live stream. Is I remember the first time I saw it, I was like wait. What is happening now, like a man coming on the tv to come and get me like why I know my husband was not happy when I was my four year olds. Forty old twins- and I was like you need to watch. Focused I guess it's favorite movies of all time, and he was like, I don't know, fours the correct age for that, but they power than they did. It is definitely stir and life, and also I'm gonna like humiliate myself here, because I actually interviewed this person a kitten whose name right now the due to be heavily. I was to also, alas, every skinny guy or surfer any plays the gentle when from Buffy, I'm a guy Thus episode of nice man, ass? He anywhere he's also the guy from pans labyrinth. Always this guy
with the hand have salute, leaves I will your hands up. I knew we had just pans. Labyrinth that it took a muscle ring lacks any to look up his name now. Well, while you do thou art a question, so obviously we know that you're, like Hollywood and so cool, but there is a little bit of Boston and you we'd Jones Doug jobs are not sorry, you're, good, you're, good, yes, and also quick little thing about just Jones in the part where he lay Hudson mouths open hawkers hook in HAWK, is partly soccer. Slovakia spoke is unlike moths, fly out. He really put more. In his mouth Fly MA, that's one of the worst things I've he's so familiar to commit a yeah that's over committing. I just had to give Doug Jones that the I think I am so sorry for American. Please go back to how Hollywood I certainly so, I'm insane, but there's a little bit of Boston and you because you went to Boston knowledge
yeah I do you want to receive, and then I lived in Somerville for a while when I had my first job right college. I I worked at in private asylum and improve Boston, which are like the two improved eaters in Boston and Improv Boston was like, for example, nerds, like everybody, had gone too mighty or was currently working at an underground lab at MIT Tyler is that going on, but then asylum was like the more commercial theatre. And I got hired. There arose her there three months after rhetoric. From college. I was twenty one or two. When two years old and never had a job before and I sire I hired right under their main stage. Everybody was like my age now, like everyone,
like an early thirties or forties had been like hustling their allies like you're, like an ape like I am a child tat little league. Remember when you Samuel, I do you pull the side by the managers who told me that it was not appropriate for me where cropped up nearly, even though I know the audience capping distracted like y know, it absolutely happening to me an answer to it: so relate above sizzling claim to man, but I don't know assured, saw this. China where dropped are nearly this is my time to wear crop tops, don't take it. Filling areas. If he's window, I worked at a restaurant further going about time and they like in my, I think, those fifteen. I started there and I worked there toxic twenty, but I remember I got asked a problem there and I was like taking a prom picture and I had a crop. It was like not like a full cropped up, but whose very crop at my boss at the end of the night was like he's like this, like huge irish dude would like a broken everything in use. I love them so
You got us a problem, but I am going to have to ask you not to worry about shared again exactly We have all been America, we ve all been. There were the. Up seriously so you're. Ongoing like a lot when you are in college you're like going to those both of those improbably says and then ice. I read that you were wanting taken into social work, unlike pretty much started doing not yet I mean it I have We ve been doing doing too many things. Is one thing out: I relate to that's art I'm going to say that I am from the murmurs of Chicago like nobody was in the entered Hangman industries are actually didn't know. This was like a real job, then, when I was doing comedy per nationally immediately. I still had like when I worked this places in Boston. Our forty hours are, we doing comedy else work forty hours a week at a school
so just worked while eighty hours Ian like I just this is how people manage their life. So when I so eventual applied to social exclusion, they got accepted and I was I was going school at the University of Chicago, and I was also doing stand up and there was a woman. I mean I don't know this woman's name, but she was a return, student and she was like sweetheart. You can always be a social worker. I don't know if you ve heard that light. Entertainment industry does priorities you just have one of these things that if I were you I'd be going after right now it would be. Do
comedy of yours has no right to also be a social worker. At the same time, this will be waiting for you. I love you caught tat. If you like round Swanton that she's, like haul ass, comedy half ass to your face exactly exactly so, is that kind of how you made the sweat from all of that into harmony yeah? I think it's just like you know, sometimes when when there is, an exact model. I think I just needed. Like permission like, I didn't understand what has been doing right, simple act, that, and I had lake in more like a gig day, type jobs, while I tried to make it financially lemmings after full time comedy. You know like I, the poorest like stood outside
and handed your granola bar, while also being dressed as a granola warlock con. I so important, not import, but also of love so what I d array see become like this well established comedian, and then you go on to write this really awesome book, which we both were kind of like reading. As where leading up to this interview, save yourself came out in twenty twenty right at the beginning of the pandemic. Sir, do you think that was like a hindrance, or do you think that the pandemic helped us? So many people were home and like wanting to read something, or will it, Sir, We didn't help because my book is released week, one yeah the pandemic, all maybe I'll, show what it is called say I will just so what did feel like it did feel like be weird diamond up. It is meant to palm
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because it was still a best seller, which was amazing. I mean I want to talk you through How amazing that is. I had a whole tour planned and the tour all of the tickets. A book came with them, so win. The pandemic happened literally like a week before the book was can amount. We cancel the tired or tour. Ah, hunting, all of those sales and so people, went on, I like redirected people to buy it through any bookstores, an and they did so that's amazing, because I just have to say for people to be that kind, unlike essentially by it twice I bet you seems it's it's a lot of effort. And then also you know I mean I do. We know in like a world where I could control things. Perhaps I would have actually been able to go out on the road with it, but some pretty amazing experiences- because I couldn't
namely I had lake heard about zoom. We were not using zoom, nobody was using zoom yeah, I didn't know it was a failure, it was not as a right, it was like no articles been written about it now and my partner, ran some zoom events for me and I would invite people that I know and I you know, like really amazing impressive author is, you know so like rats, and gay and taken Quinn and Say Jones, we're doing these panels with me, but again, who is so early the prince of what they were like five hundred tonnes? If I'd queers house up public freaked out a pen, of like you were times by selling like highbrow authors, and we get soon bombed and somebody shared
the most hard core pornography have? Yes, I ran in my life. I read, I dont get it ass. I we aren't bears, does get to say we are going to ask you about it. Did you feel like you are literally lake and the very different like your onstage again, would like a heckler entering the chap and heckler. That's like here's. Some hard core philosophically pulls up poor and has on their farms. New work. Zoom bombing was like how about that yet. So I was like we did. I oh, like that of filtering, they ve been happening. I did the classic thing like because Really, when you're really good at technology- and I slammed my early release just floating. I would actually what I would do make it go away, leaving I think This'Ll end it for
everyone is amazing- they didn't Britney spears to minus the poor in, but they like went into her public trial for her conservator ship. Unlike zoom, do that how does that no one is safe from Zoom Bobby spot. Raise your embalmed, her conservator shaped I've, not even Getting loving, safe. Nothing is similar in order saves anymore, like that break those rain. Like gotta collectors in July, half how do I just don't understand, like you have to be pretty good at hacking like, I can't even get onto zoomed things that I'm invited to. I can't get onto them when I make them. I may I soon meeting and I'm like how do we can end up? How do I let other people, another rose, work and baggage just happen with this. You might like Andy, you, like our manager of the car you the hosts like how do we ve got everybody in really caught ghost? How do we do this
Some people have a lot of time, yeah to say the least of our time and no shame apparent sheets Do it again just putting it back to Lake stand up, I'm I'm a huge stand up. Comedy fan like huge me and my husband. Our entire relationship is built on going to stand up shows like oh, my god here, one of our food, states was at a stand up shortly. We ve been like a hundred loosely where air thing so we're who did you see? My love we receive Siree was our first one. Actually, our first one was Gary Gomin. Ah, the Gulf snow. We saw him actually at the comedy seller in New York because we got like the tickets and we happening it. Put like right on the stage. I think that same, like Amy Humor, just like popped in lay we're like ok, but
I'm a huge standard commonly found. I always wanted, because I was thinking about how it must be that holds. Zoom bombing thing is like having a heckler that lake can just infiltrate. What you're trying to do so they always kind of wondered how you choose like when you gotTa Heckler at a show, some sure it happens. Literally everybody you choose like which ones to ignore and which ones to China. Bond to or like integrate into the show a little bed, because I know everyone, does it a little differently yeah there's a lot of different factors, one is like first and size of the room like sometimes if you're playing first say thousands of people. There is something here: infer. I as a performer will be aware of stuff? That is bring in the room that not everybody will be aware of this, because it will you can't hear or see everything yes vote. In that case, it's almost off times it's almost better to just try to like plough through, which is its it, which is different
have fun to do that. Then, in a small room, when ever but he knows what's going on there, really requires some attention, because its distracting for the rest of the audience Riah founder and you know the scene is frustrating about. It is that lake. I'm gonna win because one either. I am like better at that rob or I can just have the person kicked out rang like luckily, you know- and I it's also I won't see it's not to wit. In that way knows you know, I think that oftentimes, like I just think, I'm thinking about in terms of informing people share very when there's like some like viral video about, like Comic, destroys heckler. I just want to say that that really feels shitty, because it's not. It's not like what I came
there to do in rails lake. Giving some who else? control of the night it down. You win like it's like you win, but lake, but is it really aware in some buddy yeah exactly It's like playing at any ambition: child yeah yeah. I gotta it's giving them what they want a little bit. So it's like they clearly did it to get like some sort of attention. I think it's like dealing. With trolls as creators, you deal with it like in real time, which I'm all I'm good with that I don't know how people do it here, because we We have like time to like take a moment. Billig, ok, don't don't
one of our legal read a book. I don't go. Petty dog went out to us because I know unbelievers like do something to make you happy lake is, I know, and we have responded to people immediately afterwards, unlike I feel grow swam. You know like I don't feel good about that it didn't so, but you're like you have to do it literally in the moment which I'm always like who for picking up to them. Yeah, it's not it's not the best. If what I mean is female boats Hardly jobs, I was gonna, say, comes in the territory, NEA it does. Its also I don't know I mean like thinking about the guy that does this genetic. Like we got it. I shall threaten lake because that's where it stems from trying to here. I'm your girl,
Frank, I'm sorry, you feel that way. You bought her these tickets, I'm confused. Yes, this says more about you guys than it does about sure we'll to take it back to your bucket. Quickly. Does I loved your book so Geike loved your book? I was laughing alone and There is one thing that I just like couldn't stop thinking about. So is the story that you are telling me you're walking through your neighborhood, I think was like real. Thirdly, when you had written a book- oh yeah- and you said somebody late- I yelled something really nasty at you and I that you're, like I just put a little bit at our group on their driver, you talked about how you relay That story to, like you, know your friends in some family and like it got easier to relate time, and then you run a joke about it, and you that you share the story. Is a person first and a comic second, and I love
stating about it. That way, because, as like a fan of Standard Kommeni, I've always kind of thought like. Is that jokes come about like does it does it always? all that way for you is that kind of. Like a rare thing, no, I mean, you know a lot of that so yeah- that was a story about like I got called a dyke on the street in my neighborhood, and this is I will speak on behalf of all say no comics, some of whom might not even know that this is what I really believe that, like the reason that we do those jobs- and I do this job is lake- No, there was a time in my life and I didn't feel heard moon feel safe. When I was like a guinea kid- and so I learned how to win. Bulls acceptance infection by making them laugh and then also it's a of sort of pushing back on lake. Societal injustice, but also like herself,
injustice that that that sort of hides. The fact that the comic is hurt like were hurt would hurt people everybody's hurt. We're just hurt, and so the it is really like here's how you ve treaty me here's how I want to be treated. This is often also why this is what lake and you know the streets, Sis White duties like cancer. Culture is coming. For me, it's like knows of the surf. That's been hurting, you is that other p oh now want space, and you feel that, A trans woman wants to be seen as a woman that hurts you be as you, ve had a hundred percent of the power and now you feel threatened like your butt. You're, showing yourself. Why gag the cancel culture? It's not it's not that you know you're just receiving feedback that people think you actually still have more power than this person who mum
so anyway. I just feel that to seem like, I think I just got to apply my way for I was so good at using stand up to sort of like a defeat eat my feelings of being hurt, but my friend I didn't know the ways I had been hurt. My my closest people didn't know that had been heard. I was taking it to the stage first and I just kind of got was after me. I made my special those horrid jokes and I had talked experiences actual Sultan. I invited a good friend of mine who afterwards is like. I don't know this than to you, you know, I'm so sorry and I dont, like regret making that special, but it was I opening to refer, say I didn't happen- tuna- was looking like. Oh I that is cause. I never told you re never going to rise up. First, so you know I just am that's just
that just stopped feeling good like. I think I think I like took this awesome and hopeful coping mechanism linked to the end. Of the road is like awesome like I love that I have that skill and like have run it into the ground, so let's develop some other skills so that not all of them pressure is in this area near. I love that some kind of like evolved into its own. Hoping mechanism and then you found like a different one that works better, exactly Rita works in tandem. You know right the stuff. We establishes kids, it's also. You know. I think it's like something: well being you know, wait! Thirty, sir, this you know it's like I've been in the working world had been dont for awhile and oh this is this: I was doing. I don't necessarily want to be bringing the same way that I was now external. Some years ago, the act
if I was reading the same way that I was when I was twenty one, thirty five be questioning on yeah, even at twenty four years old. I, like somebody recently told me that I like wasn't the same person I was when I was twenty one and I was like they kind of stuff like an insult and I was like I hope they realize like that. The biggest compliment ever because I don't wanna be you should evolve blink, exactly the opposite of the gray. We don't want to lay dormant at a certain age to sit up and met. We want to do is now ellipse about now. So it feels like it's kind of like cathartic to kind of That way, till I get that story gotta to a place where you feel I think less, like early shattered by it. I assumed that sounded like it was like a pretty tariff, experience and then being, able to share in a way that makes people laugh and makes you feel like you can talk about it. Now I think you know that is really what it is. It's so he's been using catharsis, but
have recently adopted intimacy like I've, always been like blow all the dust off of it. Any Ike ring dry of feelings, but recently added the idea of share feelings and allow them to exist and smile all that working together. It's it's really nice yeah lack of time. I feel happy. He asked I have. I not leeway to do extremely relate a ball to like yeah. Definitely fresh air, no not stand up. Comic There'S- that belief, opening hills, empire, human bad and then one last thing. I just wanna dimension before we get into the case that we're gonna talk about is I am a huge gilmore. Girls had Sicilian when a book when you mentioned C4, came out to her mother over Tunafish set which mean that the whole scenario forty loses out much better if you're Gilmore girls, I died
like iconic moments ago, where one I could speak. This is us absolutely that anything that can be signed off, Amy Sherman, Valentino, any experience of life. It disrupts everything I've ever seen, leaving I do not enjoy watching the release at just one question by my God: bow in the end it like that I'm gonna need another one. It was funny. This money to me watching the lake the written and new episodes, because I think I watched that show before I ever worked in LOS Angeles and when I that show- and I was like a kid I thought it looked like it was a real place: one hundred percent, no concept of water. That was, and so it was like. I wonder where this is and it was actually like
turning to watch with high deaf television in twenty I do not have that was released and be like, oh my god, we have actually been here. I don't have a meeting here. Billy gives up what do you think that this is fucking? Others still have you been lying to me this whole tied Connecticut with like mountains in the background or like floating out of their no actual coffee and oh yeah, there is so many things that were like? Oh ok, I let that go in the original request, but who is added I needed back. I need more but go models when it ended. I was like area, I know it's Logan Spilett. Can we we explore that a little boat, consignee Euro I needed when he did go further. That's so! I guess building off of that too,
I feel we have like a lot in common just like getting to know you like, through your book industry like things online, so we had to ask: are you a true crime or like paranormal fan, like do you like the creepy, weird stuff, aiming spooky, so here's Oh, I m endless, fascinated by both true, and also wig horror, movies and Ike hand. Watch them. I cannot watch so I am really scared of everything I'm like truly afraid of the dark, but I'm interested you know it's a good thing. Words like if it's that scary to you, then it's like. So were interesting, so willing to talk to you, but my method for watching scary things, clear eyes: you're gonna What you do an early in the morning subdued, rules on sound off, listen to something else like
some sort of proof soothing, like any spot music Taylor just hold- the audits carried user- is from music. Is Africa free spoil yourself on all of the plot points, so that you know what to expect and as you reading through the synopsis look up film stills, so you're. Looking at a picture what's going to happen, you're reading, what's going to happen, and then you listening to something else, because it's the music that gets you. It is absolutely as you every time if its good- and this is my tried and true method for engaging in this type of I love you haven't down to a t down to a science. Even I think it's it's brilliant to do that. Closed captions and not sound cause, it is illegal. Horror movies are all about sound yeah yeah. It's all about the music when you said that I was like yes, yes, but, it's kind of like I'm terrified of the ocean and all water, so terrified of it, but I am fastened
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This combination of names. I am sorry to say that this combination of lifestyle of our rights are going to get into it, then Thelma. Todd was born in nineteen o six to parents, Allison John Todd. She was actually Massachusetts girl who grew up in Lawrence Massachusetts World. What must influence? Will you that there So tell me how to really rocky childhood. Her father was super super distant and when he wasn't being distant and ignoring her, he was being abusive too. Not only her scuse me not only to his wife, but also to Thelma as well, and actually ended up leaving the family eventually, because it wasn't working. I guess, Vegas things were going really well, things were going arise, so he decided to dip. He dipped in things- didn't really get that much better, because Alice really have a knack for like choosing stand up guys. She, at bringing a lot of shady characters and diplomas, life and the guys that she dated were all either abusive, herb abuse
jobs abuses were all either abusive or alcoholics and they still mistreated not only her but Thelma too. So this was like a really rocky start, but somehow Thelma pushed through everything. She was like a super driven girl, really smart and she actually a dream, to become a teacher someday. So she finished high school and she went to the lower state normal school, which fun factors how you mass law, which I asked for I know I've been there to say, you're very good. You must let us make sure that it's all places. I then yeah perfections me I've been there. I've seen that building who know that every day so she was that you may ass well. What's now, you must look selling out our dream. She actually started her student teaching and it was clear about this was something that she was going to be really good at it goes her mom had different dreams for her daughter, because for most counts, Alice was pretty manipulative and her dream was to be a stage mama. What I feel like we all know
but he like that, a little bit she saw this star power in Thelma. She wanted Belmont a competing pageants and was like this is gonna. Take you so many places so Vamos ok, I'm gonna I'll. Do the pageant spike. I'm gonna be teaching as well and like working on my schooling. I think it's really fourteen to force your dreams on your children die, live vicariously through them, the absence of Lord and it won't do any damage, especially like a lorenson lol. Yeah, I'm type of applying for, like isn't super familiar, I think of those as Blake You know they're more of liquor. It wouldn't work, how sort of a vile leisure like raw ways yeah via media and sits like licensing glitt, sir, not what you think not exactly not over you mass lol.
Fellow is really good. Like I said she was really gonna teaching, but she was also amazing at the pageants and she kind just succeeded up both. While she was doing everything and I feel it it's because she's, a LEO and LEO's are really passionate and, like super consistent, so it's not surprising Mckenna. She actually ended up winning the title of Miss Massachusetts and nineteen. Twenty five, so we're going places and then she went on to compete in the mists America pageant, which is like a big deal for Little Lawrence girl snake. In wide one night's out which also existed in nineteen twenty? Didn't who there? If you don't know anything about this? Very I guess so. Neither did I wasn't that start apparently nineteen, twenty five, but unfortunately Almah didn't hang out there not long. She lost to Miss California how these states
were there how many? Oh, my god I should have. Google bad you go down on the back is completed, is seriously well founded competed. She did not win Miss California, one. How over there were Hollywood scouts at this passion and they were working for paramount and they were looking for young actresses to send to the school the paramount School for stars and they soft Almah, sheer she caught their eye and they were like she would be perfect at this, but There is one problem she's like in their opinion. She had await problem and she was gonna have to watch her weight, which, if you look I pictures of her. She absolutely did not have a weight problem. This was just like the begin. Of Hollywood who's going to save edges, growths omega responsible. Is that time since that time, when legs studio owns, you will never movies. Two years are like contract and investing in actors
like them real effect, even giving you that feed back, because I mean for small fuck them, but also is there like than you. In their stable of horses, rain right exactly you're like an investment and job way that you just diskiver perfectly, because once we get internet syrian billing YAP Yap that they are no. So she was off to allay. They discovered her. She was ready to go. She left her dreams of being a teacher back and mass, and she she was excited to start something new, so she immediately met with how Roach, who at the time, was the head of paramount pictures and agreed. He saw like STAR potential in her she, music, she's beautiful, but I do agree. I think her weight might be a problem, but no worries. He had an easy fix for that. He put clause into her contract called the potato clause in this
said that she could not gain more than five pounds or she would be fired as soon as humanly possible. What's the potato that potato clause. I guess she like could any potatoes because they make use out aid Ozal. Do you know where it is the product of potato clowes? Imagining that the potato ways five pound they go. Ok, that's gonna potato. Can then you're out your big potato. It's just one data huge potato, one of those state farm potato, suffer legal in a word winning potato safe, fair potato. It was at the ITA Hosting Fair, exactly via potato clause. It would be like everywhere. I go needs to have pity, no ordinary to eat. A zillion presides my boy. I e potatoes every single day. Not I think about, like probably every single day I went in and again Thelma Todd a Sou here
suitors. We question also because this is all at a time when leg am, I just gotta predict would happen. Have you gave her drugs right only it I'd do. I have may suspect in front of the UK's it's like the Marilyn Monroe thing. I say again yet I echo, but unfortunately This I was like a perfect transition by the way. Thank you because this help work. Environment was being aided by Alice Tom S, mother and Alice was the one who quickly got to work getting Thelma a prescription for diet, pills and weeds. Mom back then, was essentially just cocaine or laid some kind of amphetamine. Yes, yes, actually and we're off. This was not like a neutral system. Kind of thing is a little different. So is she quickly quickly got hooked on the amphetamines, unfortunately, and she basically struggle the addiction for the rest of her life, which is really sad because it's not what she signed up. I mean, I guess you that
what you signed up raids that really what she should not at all. Even though she never set out to act, she wasn't natural out at even while on in fact means and how really wanted to make a female version of laurel and hardy. So he came up with the idea. Cast Thelma alongside a woman called zoo pits who was like really really famous at the time, Sassou yeah of that name as active. That's like a cool name, you gotta, be famous. Would that name honestly, name Sassou PET seriously here so yeah? He wanted them to be like a female laurel and hardy, so he would have them work in these comedy shorts together, and they made a really great pair, but eventually that zoo moved on because she had an amazing name. So she could really go places and she was replaced by a woman called Patsy Kelly, which I'm like We distant relatives, that's my last name perhaps, and it doesn't really matter who Thelma was working with, because she decide this natural sites, talent and star power, and in fact, when she
first started. Acting all Her rolls were in silent films, which, unlike shorts, like thought, but over the course of her career. She starts doing more talkies, is what they call them back in the day, which were just movies word you could like speak, on what area to be so expressive to be an asylum movie. I know your face. Hundreds of nearly all the work boy- oh yeah,. So how did I get well? How helpful to be announced beat you know, boom there really make those muscles work. So she ended up acting in actually over one hundred and twenty movies and shorts throughout her career people just couldn't get enough of her like America loved her. They called her the ice cream blonde and hot toddy, which I love so I call you D artagnan the news to me behind your back that doesn't even celebrated in solemn here tonight. Legs compliment
So I had to get too big nuts to him the big had to say I got bigger so in nineteen thirty one film, I met a man named Roland West on the set of a movie called Corsair. Roland was directing the film and obviously Thelma was acting in it, but he convinced her to act under this stage, name of Alison Lloyd, which, when you're in Thelma Todd. I don't know why you would then go ten Allison Lloyd by he and his mind. This was Thomas First dramatic role and he was worried that because she was so well known for comedy having like so much odd in a drama. Wouldn't work like wouldn't be good for the film, but was fine for the film and she never use that name and anything. Ever again, she was just Thelma Todd film is a silly girl, name, the supper so, even though he wanted her tell you, haven't that's exactly oh, no red others, this is exactly the opposite of of our
things like when you see Kristen Wigan a movie and she's really get it. And she has her drama chops. You like, whereas areas like multi faceted, everything, oh yeah, that's always my favorite Syria. Apparently it wasn't Rowan's favour it now though he tried to change her name. They really headed off. I don't think I would hit it off with somebody that wanted to change my name but teach their own and not for Roland, whom I that was only like one problem with the other problem was that he was hell. I'm married. He like whole ass wife and he was also which, like it, doesn't really matter now, but at the time of her own was like well he's so much older than you like, that's not acceptable so he was married older than her need. Unlike her name, three strikes ya know The people point out that it seemed like a guy right up. I know I know, what's gonna happen, Oda,
ruined pointed out like this kind of relationship was doomed from the start, because of all of the reasons that I previously stated because of every fifth, because that laundry list over there Velma was always kind of looking for that, like Father, like figure that she had missed out on as a child in her now in her adult life, but she wasn't really taking these people as we will come to see. Oh yeah, Actually there was a movie about her life and death called white hot, which I have yet to watch, but I want to watch it and one of the producers, whose name was frank funds or neck. He set about her quote she drawn two men who were extremely dangerous- that was her Achilles heel playing with fire was a personality problem. She was abuse in manhandled and, ultimately we think it cost or her life. This is such a feel good. Oh, I know it. So accurately, like I feel this is. I feel like this is the vibe
for me. It's like. I still think this is what were working with. Rightly this is it's the tell for man and it's like any time us I'll tell you what really wake up that's me is when I see an actor who has had some a woman. Has had some level of success and then gets very thin legs she's like Benny young and successful, and then she has like this extreme thin period that, like really I mean somebody who has previously had a meeting disorder and so for just like visually triggering for me what so just to see that I'm like. Oh, no like what is being told to this person. Yeah I like that so anyway, it's already, imprisoning, grander lads, one thing that when I see that I'm like oh still in that zone and obviously a million other examples, but like that's one that really oh yeah absolutely alien. Fails, I feel so. Noise dated
I know, and it's a cuz, it's like right in front of your face. That's one of those cuz! You can't see a lot of what's happening, obviously behind the scenes right, but that's so Visual written frontier, face it you're like something that is happening here. One Hollywood's version of fat is just unlike, oh god I will never set foot fair, like you know, like they thought when you were talking about the beginning, like how you're saying like that bothers you so much? I thought of Brittany, Murphy, yes, so absurd neighbours and she had them like period. Obviously, she had a lot of delay troubling things going on, but she had that period, whereas, like really scary, how much weight she had lost out of your league. Oh no, like people are telling you this at all angles. I bet that's horrible, actually her mom helped her kind of gun on diet pills. Do now because we covered her now, we're parallel weed
but yeah. So tell me what was really really going through a time she was not going to picking Menge the men in her life were just mean to her anyways, and one of those men was Pascal Pat did, I believe it's Decicco or I'm going to say maybe two Cecile a ban on the use of guy we actually later was married to see. What is it is it a series of c it is, I see so it's d, I capital, see ACC. Oh, so I think it's too Chico error like to teach you to teach YO, something like that. How in the sea ages, car and the and oh yeah he's sure huh.
Everyone, mice hell. I get that that was helpful. I Felix we'll call him Pat so that we do a quick and fifty people should have the little star go by the failure of the more you know. I don't really telling you was actually later married to Gloria Vanderbilt and had like a very tumultuous relationship with her. He was familiar yourn, bright, colors group. What I got out of the executive, either unlikely, but he was from New York and he met Velma when he moved to allay in hopes of pursuing acting himself or a career as an agent he was really stupor shady. He was involved in like a lot of illegal dealings. He had there were a lot of rumours surrounding him that he had ties to the mafia. So just a kind. I give you a pig, sure of what he was doing and it fell.
Didn't know that yet obviously so in nineteen thirty two, she ran off to Arizona and like a loped with this punk as one to HANS. Obviously, was the kind of guy that drank too much and by this point, fellows drinking a lot too. She was at this point struggling with alcohol as well. There may right off the bat was like super tumultuous. Very violent, Pat would beat Thelma so badly- that she once was rushed to refuse me rushed to the hospital for an appendix a which was like that's just not to me like how little you fellows you're tired. Do ya and then on another occasion, she may or may not have broken his nose in a fight. So. Loving relationship mile and yet they devote Only after two years in nineteen, thirty, four and thirty, actually told the judge in Code that Pat was
abuse and she was like he does AMOS, treats me in front of like our guests and make us back. Then that was code for low key. Miss treats me all the time- oh my god, You can say it allowed. Yeah like you like for your media, even though it nothing that you've done wrong. But so it was then that's on the swear that she was never going to drink again like she was like as soon as I'm out of this, I'm not drinking I'm going to get clean and sober, and good for her but Patsy kind of seem to hang on to the idea that he and fellow we're going to figure things out some day, what spoiler alert, they did not tins, gonna, say no path and then he might Gloria vendor Belts Anderson Cooper again, so you see and that's it then we're done. That's the story, no one here to get back to roll and, of course, so Rowan West was actually one of the constant and dogmas life. So when she left Pat, she went right back to him and rolling, wasn't really feeling his whole, like directors, life anymore, and he was kind of in search of a new project. Selma was
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apply and it was right along the Pacific Coast Highway and they decided to call it Thelma, Todd, Sidewalk CAFE and the buildings existing? I wonder, word is what what Townsend you know I vote. Yes, I do. I have it written down later, and here I want to say it's one of the Santos take out, I'm gonna. Look it up in real time Santa Monica, although It is a market, is like away deep down here, looking for finding or find in it, so that's persist. Fact Palisades. Ah, you got a cigarette Massachusetts area that may these great north of Santa Monica, ok, perfect. I think you were right. I think if I say that I was at Santa, there was assent. I told you guys, girly doc, I told you it's all just so so they open not up. They called it Solomon Todd Sidewalk CAFE. Can you said it was it still bear the building
stone area, fiscal but dont forget Roland was still married to his wife. Jewel, Carmen Jewel ended up becoming a business partner to the two of them, which is probably the world's wildest trio open a restaurant together, get it got No issues will come of that it was. There is quite a set up, but I it work and then most sources that I read said the jewel was fully aware that Velma enrolling really gotten it on together, but she just kind of looked the other way around now bear a jewel. Schedule, whenever works for you so
it Feldman's Hollywood circle came out to support her business and at the beginning it did incredibly well the menu with super extensive. There was kind of something for everyone. I found this advertisement from back in the day for the restaurant and it said, quote: Thelma Todd sidewalk CAFE serving a lot a long island shore dinner fish with Alison sauce, unequalled, french, italian dinner pankey, Suzette unsurpassed the reason from the the boy, London and the crew Yawn Paris comes our chef for Heaven food, so they got a fancy. Shall we display of french everything? There is fish with our societies where there is success. Rector that had her have a name. Riah, that's you changed your name, but he didn't do the potato clause. But I guess you I'd even a new model of us. So I threw it it's a weird thing. So much like that,
but the places Thelma Todd's roads affair in they have Allison soften the mosquito for old time's sake just some times, we have that another, but the menu- and I was reading it leg just even in that Little Blair about like there are so many things that this restaurant there, just like don't really go together, was ok pancakes. Those french cuisine is like one either old. Truly is something for you in this properties, actually like a really big property and the whole lay out became really important later on sale. It's kind of talk about that a little bit. Let's do it, let's do it so the restaurant itself with street level and that's where most of the elite stars would come to dine at the rest, also had a second floor, which was private and it was called euros room and it was more like a nightclub vibe where people could dance but also grabber drink something ie eat, but it was like a little more lively than the downstairs and then ups, airs and, like a separate part, Thelma had an apartment in
even though Rowan's house was kind and nearby just like a little like drive up the hill, he would also stay in the apartment. A lot with Thelma He had his own room but, like I, don't really think he used it that much hadn't assume moment like an asset of you and me and assume so they were getting on the LAO, but like really not even on the low the millennium on the high yet on the third, so he s house was literally like right at the top of the hill and then, Restaurant is underneath, but he stays in the apartment like all the time with Almah and Jewel is just like. After beautiful mansion I mean I guess it doesn't bother. She's, like all the states in this region, will take this mentioned myself for the third storey. Apart the offer a restaurant yeah. God you to look. I I did something that maybe I'm not must be doing while I'm listening, which is that I looked up displaced because I do it every channel guy. You may
no this, but the through the Pacific, the difficult tight way, goes right on on the civic coast of Europe? I feared rising to go to the each say, for instance, and you're not going to Orange County for going if you're trying to go from where I live like what on the east side of outlay, we found the west cited allay. Those things are, it's like not the same community at all: it's not the same. Vibe is of the same type of people, but the way to go to the beaches the Pacific Coast Highway runs along Santa Monica, the Pacific, the Palisades, Malibu and now, and then also have to accept a Barbara and then all the way up like further like it runs on costs. So in its one road like it's like there's a road. There is maybe a parking what, in some places like Beach Ocean Hawaii, and so anyway. If I was like they still exist. I mean this is
to go to mountain to go to like I've driven pass this places Lillian Times so that so far is- and I am like sure, I've seen this building, it's like a distinct building it's like spanish style, yeah, I'm looking at it now and let me anyway now I will know in future when I drove past the DAS, executives and you'll. Think of us, like everybody, that lives and allay has driven on this road. It's like the road you drive, so you had to a glass by it. It wasn't elements road at one point: everyone is Thelma, never forget about them who died and even realize it was like the boy main main road yeah. The main main beetroot about that. I like that so So they were, they had the restaurant there upstairs downstairs to live in. There
lives together and then, even though he was married, Roland was like super jealous when it came to Thelma going out and meeting new people, I'm shocked, lodges so shocking, but its safety, while ridiculous blow me overlaid, think you have a whole ass, a wife over there and I can't go out live like Tom for down the street why'd. I seems like a double standard. He would think Roland would be logical, neighbours not be was actually they are listening and will see that, because such was the case on December fourteenth when found had it out to a party being held at the Trocadero CAFE and her honor now the party, being put on by a man named Stanley Loop Ito, whose head start in the film you made me love you alongside Thelma, now RO untold Velma that he was locking the apartment door at two a m, so she better be home right banner before them, and she,
like ok like screw, you I'll see you at two o five legal literally told them. I will see you at two of I'd love to get out of here. Aren't you sassy she's economic lock me out starting now tonight right they argued a lot. They were. There are really arguing along so her driver, Ernie Peters, which others think Ernie insecure same ever picked her up and after the party she went. She was addressed to the nines. She was wearing a metallic silvery blue evening gown, which was completely sequined a full length, mink coat, which Morocco talk by off, not so bad for locate, Lou, sulk slippers, which, unlike silk slippers like oh you're, so decadent, and then she was dripping and like a modest twenty thousand dollars worth of jewellery, which will also enjoy outmoded diamond hair clasps, let down
in your hair a slightly also this. This is in what you two thousand dollars worth of jewelry had Dana Thirty's TAT wild. That was a time when money with a thing money was wild, so that money was havin a moment like, I guess I'm just going to a party, and I need to put my diamonds and my hair. Can someone help me without drippin drippin everything so peoples have been at the party, she was happy and cheerful polenka. She had twenty thousand dollars worth of jewellery on innovation. Some people claim that she had some drinks, but she didn't seem drunk at all and I've seen different accounts about this, but most sources say that Pat was there her ex husband he had been ass to be seated next, a Thelma, but then too kind. Like embarrass her. He didn't set next to her and he went to a different table and was chatting it up would like this.
Opening coming well known actress at the time, fuck off path now use. I basically looks like Dick move do so this obviously made velvet mad. They got into a bit of a heated exchange, some sources say now other sources, say that they didn't talk at all and that Pat wasn't even a guest at that? particular party that night he does happen to be at the troika arrow and like a different part of the bar. I love. I witness accounts my favorite thing up where he was there. No, it was like he was there and they thought they d they made love, they got married another next, so it is like he wasn't. Even there, you literally one and even their lawyers, that big There were heedfully. Was there it's just a matter of whether or not he and Thelma how to fight, but most sources say that they got until I get a little tiff about party who would believe it? I think some hidden dates De Tiff whenever they saw each other, so so Thelma said to have asked a friend to call Roland and let him know that she would be on her way home soon
it was around one hundred and fifty a dot m. So unless she's going to get home in ten minutes, that door is going to be locked and now Really she didn't end up leaving the party until a quarter after three in the morning, doorstep Alyosha for which I say like Party says, love that for you, my my youngest wakes me up in the morning. Actually yeah, that's, very that's where I am and left party till three wake up a thrifty. Yes, She'd have really was not going to make it home to and unlocked the door and standing PR actually said later that the two of them got to talking about an idea that fell my head for a movie, one that she told him. She fully owned the rights to and really wanted to, work on with him, and he fully expected to tie to her about it the coming weekend- and he was super excited- took time to get this rolling and when that she had at home off to bed at four a m
so on the way home per driver said that she was unusually quiet. She was usually like really chatty, and he also said that she asked him to drive ass, fast ass. He could and because he was worried about gangsters in the area enter, which I love. That was like a figure of action. Usually you're worried about, like a skunk in the middle of an hour that seventy, seven following you she's just worried about gangsters in the area. I am worried about the coyotes what she meant legal them like she met like mobsters by though I feel so when they got back to Thomas place. It was about a quarter to four in the morning and Ernie for to lock her to the door he always used to offer to the door like there was never a night that he didn't, but on this particular night. She said no, it's ok like I'll, just walk upstairs by myself, which he was like that it was weird that he did, because she had never done that, but I wasn't gonna. Argue with her, because I feel I couldn't and she was worried about gangsters and area network worried about gangsters, but then doesn't want to be walk to her own front door. Nowhere
so she got out of the car. She walked up to the apartment and now The last time anybody saw fell Mittal alive, don't under Don't don't on. So no one is really sure. Why had nothing but how cold it must. A ban. Is it s like the wrong thing to bring in your? No, it will not be front property for clock in the morning. That's chile that is true- and I was very cool. Now- is something oaks slippers. Those are not staying. Warm the shades getting ice, cold feet, mink with it a co. She had a mink floor. Lengthy hoedown associates have already our more it, but you're right They pointed out how cold it was and how will get into it in a sack of like where she's found there like. Ok, like maybe we'll get into she got she doubling cold toes, we know that now no silks leopards, yes and all the diamonds. Oh yes, I held that ice. So I took a minute for that to happen,
the data, so she called by the outcome. I'm not I'm not always quick armor of the Vienna anyway We love you so, sir. Yes, he was the last person to see her alive or other than me the person, I killed her. So what I lost my plane, No one is really sure what happened between Thelma Arrival pole. And the Monday morning of December sixteenth, because when Foma was found dead that day she was behind the wheel of her car, which she, like loved love, loved her car. It was a eighteen, thirty, two Lincoln Phaeton are they attend and our tons of theories as too like how she ended up there. Now It's funny that you said that it was super called because one of the main theories is that she was super colds. Locked out of the apartment so went to the garage and got in the car to stay warm and they were like. Maybe she turned the car on and she ended up getting low carbon monoxide poisoning and that's how she died. But there's so much. Weird stuff that its doesn't sound like that happened other than
Maybe she was called and went up to the garage. I think that's it using the lake locked apartment theory and just Bingley up, let's see exactly, but there is more to this so woman they may White head was actually Falmouth Maiden housekeeper and she had been for quite some time and she was set and her daily routine. The routine started with her driving her own car up to the garage and the garage was right below where Roland and Jewels Mansion was unlike kind of a jail, to the restaurant and where Thelma lived in it all three business owners kept their car there and it was known that they always kept it unlocked and they always kept their keys to the cars in the ignition watch doesn't seem like a really last Sunday, safe yeah. Yeah super safe? Who needs a lock, not me. We all do that when yes,
Her saves time. The idea so amazed routine, is that she would Parker own car there, and then she would drive Thelma car down to the cafe. So it was right, there fell needed to go anywhere, so this morning when she walked over to the car she was. She walked over the passenger side because she was going to be putting like some clothes in the car and like the passenger seat. But when she when the door. She saw a farmer in the car and she thought at first that she was sleeping she was like kind with almost kindest slumped over in the driver's seat and her head was facing to the left so away from May at that point, but then she and I got a closer look and it was clear that this twenty nine year old actress was dead and justice. Quick as she came to that realisation. She also realised that there was a small amount of blood. A pooled under Falmouth knows well weird.
A little low, weird nowhere strange so she's terrified she super upset, so she runs down to the cafe to find somebody till I help her and the restaurants treasurer was there and one may splain, what she added found like stumbled upon the man who was working at the cafe called Roland upstairs who was asleep in the apartment and true His word Roland had locked. The door stood at the apartment that night that Thelma had gone to the party and now he was feeling like a huge sting of regret like this and because I locked her out because, like you just wanted to sleep, didn't care. What happens in it was something that he had done like like a lot. Keith she was known to get locked out of the apartment, he's quite a guy, get IE sucks so he's like feeling super, regretfully, is like. Obviously this is my fault and because the other thing, so this is Monday morning that party had been on Saturday night so something
happen on Saturday night and she had just been sitting there and they knew that because she was still dressed in her party clothes when they found her own damn so eventual I mean oh glamorous, I terrible I was going to say he had to say this, but like what an outfit too got we're. You know if, if you had the two systems, but we feel that if I had issues I would be where exactly will end and everything was still there. I was just going to say yes to all, the jewels were still there, so this was not like a robbery or something like that gone wrong. That was like a super weird for them to do so. Eventually, everyone is showing up to this place, the police. There's a doctor. There's another couple who worked at the restaurant there, even corridors I'll. Let you know what I am here
everyone is sound. We call a doctor and somebody's been dead for to day Billig hey. You got something for you to have a cure. Some pics of men Yanks zone for Breeze, as does the only question that you ask about bold and unfortunately, although it was December so is called, it was called well for our foreign Ukraine nighttime, it would be freezing I'm telling you will be so cool. Is I'm thinking Massachuset like old yeah, but but overnight. So we re Calvary, so LOS Angeles is the desert. Oh, you, like the exemplary we called in the night right and then especially if you're Beach Freundlich, I I I I for some reason. You kid when you were initially like he's gonna to Lockhart to him. Unlike this terrible situation because she knew so Chile x on so called, sounds very uncomfortable. You could die of exposure over India for sure
absolutely eventually that outfit I mean minus ago, but I mean by stealth yeah What studying paradoxical undressing, but it happened, I can start happening- is naked. What is that it's a dazzling like what I at Lahti Ass. I know. If it is you get like, a third me- and you start like tricking yourself into thinking that in heart you taking things your brain like thinks that your behalf in your rashly completely freezing in the near EAST, more than your found nude young knight, confuses everybody liked. The diet love facets addition where they were like why they make it on this random, siberian mountain cattle, embarrassing way to go. It's rough, it's rough, not often wouldn't she's a slash. What have you been working on your body that through, and that would be great right now, like Corps team endemic life, not a good time to be found. I don't wanna be found, paradoxically under a city,
here, if you want to find ourselves paradoxically undressed in any situation, if it had no review So so everybody is there at this crime scene. The reporters are trying to take pigs. Slick friends are showing up because word is spreading around town. In fact, one of them is friends was actually in line at the bank, and he heard the news that this was all going on and the sweet man rushed to her mother's house and like picked up her mom and like got her and told her more like a reporter called her music. I just wanted to get there before a reporter called monitor in Goma got good social, So now the mom is there and she immediately said my daughter out so here's the other think most people say that she immediately was like my daughter, has been murdered and, unlike walked out of the room like it was like a mystery game and hunt you imagine but later on later on, she said that she never said that, but everybody that said she did was like nope. She absolutely said that from who oppose any clue
I didn't guy legs, it so hard to follow, and I just picture like like coming in like Mae West wish, just out of my daughter, was murdered and Lloyd out. I tell ya, throwing the boa over her shoulder and walking away she actually to stake. Slimming cut off of your body and a box of expertise like I'm gonna go now so what under the nose? I get that but like this, that this does Didn't feel like a murder, tell me what else makes you feel like a murder is all get. Someone is cold and got him like an accident in their unlocked. He's ignition yeahs also wait a minute. Hang us again. If the keys, The ignition. Why didn't she driver s somewhere, correct, exactly exact you mean down you're out of a holiday in the burning question, this illegal to jewels. Jewels likes you friends, their sugar
say hello to dual use, really k jewels. You know how role in those can I see you here. You know your husband mind guys. You walked me out, so the manager of the half a shows up, Rudy Schaefer and he later said so to people noticed the blood under her nose and the first was may and on the second was Roland, and they said there was a small amount pooled underneath her nose, Rudy Schaefer begs to differ. He said He noticed blood on farmers face as well as the bottom of her nose and set. It spread all the way down to her mouth, but looked like it had been wiped up by a handkerchief or something So, who knows, or smeared now I was here so that wasn't the only weird thing surrounding Thelma staff, because for one thing, when she was discovered, the car was running. So what What happened to her, like, I said, presumably, went down like a day and a half before when she got home from the party, so the car
is running, but there are still two and a half gallons of gas in the car a day and a half later which is weird. Why don't I mean? What's the it would, of course, like who's gonna, say they Poorgrass. What's the fuel efficiency harness? What is our do? How does a car use gas I feel like back then to the other thing is bad daily? They wouldn't have been not good. You know, I don't know I dont know begging I don't know what the fuel efficiency of a link with legal and say it in full force european fishermen s back, that's what they're the thickly! You know. I can't say that I looked about out because areas are really interests me. I should have areas by way friend, Bang Esther now ask him when I got home in our report back up, but I think that super weird a day and a half later to have two and a half gallons in the car, and then here's what's weirder? How is the car you running because battery was completely discharged when they discovered it ha. We wait
battery was disclosure Coachman run. I know exactly what the current need of a car needs a battery correct. I think I know that at least I know I have a battery in mind. I believe there is one in nine years That's the reason we kragan the engine and Craig Lake, so weary target of other work like the battery. What's a line up with the battery They're always just not charge was discharged discharge so there, but, certainly there cars running the open, the bad it's after you like it, I don't get it retorted I'll get it either makes no sense that cars definitely running may open that had the night it shouldn't be rather than having at ease it adds a ghost is running. This is nothing that should work with this gonna know. Knowed fell so, for you. Now it's normal
Just now it is paranormal. It should just got real weird now here is where it's going to get even weirder, though, because the strangest thing about this entire thing is that people in Thelma's life were reporting that they had either seen or heard from her that Sunday afternoon, when the coroner report, but she most likely died very early on Sunday morning between five and eight a m That's weird, I'm dead serious and it's. What do you mean heard from ok? drew out I'll, give you the accounts of Jewel Carmen Rowlands wife. There said that she had seen Thelma on Sunday afternoon in the passenger seat of a car being driven by a man. She didn't recognize and fellow was wearing a hat
bachelor, that's it. I felt it would be very one we can say we can see ass, thou and weaken scratch that off, I think jewel was lying. The police also thought she was lying. I wouldn't take tools is simply cyrillic. We don't really want to talk to your little sigh and so here's the other thing that this one is really really weird. So Thelma had also reportedly spoken with her friend, Martha Ford on Sunday afternoon and was planning go to a party at Marthas later that night, with a man story. Guest Thelma herself said you are all going to die like when you see who I show up with I don't remember, ass, you are all going to die. The grim reaper is here with me, ultimately see up some women and Martha said she would like they re. Like ok did. Somebody else call you like that new that she was datum is just trying to like mess with the time and she was like no. That was Selma. I spoke to sell my I know I did huh
so it and New never find out like who the mystery guest was or anything, that's gonna kill me. So maybe if I know- The gases hiring. The battery so immediately. People start remembering that actually right before Thelma Death, like a couple months previous indirectly, around the same time that she opened the cafe with Roland, she started getting like super threatening letters from different people who were clearly, after her money and the cafe and the letter said things like? We will run, that Santa Monica CAFE of yours. So, yes, you are right, Santa Monica. End quote our San Francisco boys will lay you out who, which and even about society, I feel like everybody was like we're. And I got shot so now. Ok, so some, but not all of the letters were trees to a man named Harry Chemin Ski and he was from offshore news Harry Chemin. It's always Harry's man, ski tourism, and he was arrested
he was behind bars at the time that she was murdered? It wasn't him and now the letters that weren't attributed to Harry were most likely not like totally confirmed, but most likely from this other guy name, Edward Schiffer, who was a fan of farmers, but he kind of thought like he got in his mind that they are involved in a relationship together, but they definitely work. He got a little lighten up a little attached, Rebecca Schaefer Kind of situation did so funny that you said that does exactly what I was thinking of. Yes, let's scary, it is Scary and key was later actually committed, so both of these men were behind bars at the time that she died. So it's neither of these men that sent like scary letters but in my mind, and then the more we get into this you'll, see why I think this. I think some of those letters like especially the one that said like our San Francisco boys, will lay you out had mob is the because never one that's like a very mobbish thing to say number two she's afraid of like the gangsters in the area.
We'll get until I get more of them. Stuff like a little bit towards the end. So there were a few main suspect surrounding foulness death and the first, was Roland West. So I pointed out He was extremely jealous and over protective when it came to Thelma, he literally locked her out of the house in case we forgot. He was also married as we now so that's kind emotive right. Their cause it in its like did jewel just get sick turning her head the other way and you had to get rid of Thelma kind of thing like I said they had all, been arguing a ton lately and by this point the restaurant was really doing that, while any more- and that was reportedly as the Mafia lucky Luciano in particular, was forcing. To buy liquor from this particular dish, distributor and it was like a crazy price that they couldn't. More so than they were making up that money and and was also known to have mafia ties. And then this is the wild thing on his death bed. He could,
aimed, but he knew more about Thelma Todd's murder than he let on them. In the beginning, I love a deathbed confession. He didn't it like wasn't a deathbed confession, cause he didn't say like I did. It if, as you stuff, I know, I know, I know he lay kind of oj tat. He was a cafe, did it, which are you didn't answer, but I do know who did it right right? It's a very Roland thing to do it. In my opinion, in his last words were Alison sauce since not totally get everything in our lives are getting smarter. I don't know if I said this last I M pretty sure even refrigerators I smart now, and not just like really something that boggles my mind and if your cat we're. Like me, I have news that will rock Yo World leader is smarter to thanks to Thee world smartest cat litter pretty letter dude pretty letter changed my life. Are you
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the letter today- by visiting pretty litter, dot com and use promo code morbid for twenty percent off your first order, that's pretty little dot com, promo code, morbid for twenty percent off pretty litter, dotcom, promo code, morbid so it so yeah. That's like all the dirt we have on rural, and, personally, I think sure I think he knows what happened, but I dont think he was the one to really murder her, so our next Spectre, we ve got the Ex husband, Pat and I feel like that's like there. So many obvious reasons for why he would have done it cuz yeah. Obviously, while they were married, their relationship was incredibly tumultuous that was rumored to have thought that he and fellow we're getting back together. Like I said in the beginning- and he even his family around the time of her death that they were working on it, but farmers and it didn't seem that way because She'S- talking about like moving and dating different people and showing up to this party with some mystery guests, like I don't think the mystery guest was pat, they all
oh, maybe had that argument at Stanley Party, the last night Murphy Thelma was seen alive and nobody knows what the argument was. However, they were just seen. Some people arguing now, on top of that, and this is where we got till I cow- is this murder because during as autopsy it was discovered that she had to cracked ribs a broken knows and bruising around her wrote area, an internal damaged unto her throat. Oh, let's murder undergo that's mine. I told you got there. We got in obviously, like I said Pat, was known to have been abusive during their relationship, so he very well could have beaten her and just like Roland. He was known to have mob ties. Well now, Thinking about Roland again Diana maybe they were in on it together. I was ready to throw Rolando so I have one more suspected in my opinion, he did this,
well known mobster, lucky Luciano who, because Velma unlucky actually had a brief relationship after she and Pat had divorced and luckily over nine, a lot of shit. We're gonna have to choose a dangerous guy if she was gorgeous, but she, like, I said, did not order pick them so lucky was rumored to actually have been pressuring fell much her run out the third floor of the cafe to him so that here, his mob bodies could use it as like a gambling space like an underground casino kind of thing. Now this is like, in my opinion, the smoking gun. She told him that was not happening. She literally told him quote over my dead body and his wrists, sponsor her was that can be arranged started so lucky Luciano negative. Now I have more compelling evidence, Barbara Walter's on the case, because while they were dating Thelma
Actually sober and lucky was like not into sober. People can see, wasn't sober himself, so one night, while they were hanging out, she refused, his offer of some champagne and he was not having not so he took the pot the bottle and essentially shoved it down her throat so could have been like he did. And then he also shoved a hose down her throat of like from gas line of giving The carbon monoxide poisoning he's not putting things in people's throats doom continued sounded a lot worse than a lot for a title like this pathology, workable, geographers develop. No, neither do I like it sounds very Moby to me, it sounds very lobby in the weird thing is like I said during her autopsy, there was internal damage to our throat. In addition, to like a ton of carbon monoxide, so they say like he took a hose from the guy. Sign and, like I don't even know,
I was crazy. Ass car, like I looked at around the backer, whatever elect the exhaust, I don't, I don't understand how it works and then like was doing that to make it look like it was a suicide I will just say that the seems like work that was not required. Guess silver L it seems like. We were really this. Is it the la la goin on here, but I feel like it was a lot in old Hollywood like everything was just a law. Everything was just extra yeah, but I feel like then he had no especially illegal mobster. They have to know, lake during the autopsy they're gonna find all those other injuries which I will not allow even bother with the the staging making it look like carbon monoxide does like you broke? ribs, and her knows that those are big LEO's. Those get discovered pretty quick at an autopsy beer is weird.
Wow, I just dear, I dont, know very strange itself, you're. To me, I don't know, maybe he like decided like, because He was so upset with her for not wanting the third floor. Casino thing to happen that, like here planning to offer anyway, and maybe he didn't even do it himself? Maybe he like sent one of his like people I'm sure he did, and one of them got landfilling, don't sell right and may be. One of them got like a little too in to be in her up and then they were like crap like we need to make this look like it was a suicide. So then they kind of like panicked and did that and got messy. That's that could be it is to confuse everybody like working such words. Suicide though it earlier the sooner. You also need the whole. Oh, no, don't jump down the throw like you and eaten yeah place it directly wearing neither. Why else would there be internal damage to her throat like it doesn't make sense and less
maybe I don't know, if maybe it was like from like alcoholism, both sheep. That I mean that's like extraordinary when you have like a stoppage eel damage, and I don't think she would have done that in like years of like really abusing alcohol, the. I don't think she would have done that in the short time she was in Hollywood because she died when she was twenty nine and she was around like two thousand one hundred and twenty two and she got to Hollywood. I mean she was pretty young for that, but I don't know what how hard it was gone, but that's the thing that strange nah, it's so weird. So the thing that sucks do is that no one will ever know what help it happened to film, because a grand jury decided that her death was a suicide and the police like rats. The investigation. The other thing is that they, like everybody troops through the crime scene. So if there was any evidence it was gone by the time they got there and they all so were known to be a very corrupt police department who had mob ties so
be they were just. They were rushing to cover this up. Perhaps as they do not want their boys to be upset. Back. Then they were not awesome. Some at the whole securing the crime scene thing that seems reappeared whom they were not good at that at all, I know I wanted to see a picture of her and it is it's one of those things are you I mean that's a bummer, but there are photos just of her just photos of crimes in oh yeah, yeah, car right yeah. Like the utterly like left over in the car being carried out of the car later like a I don't think that way like Odette should be just a photo. I can find nothing. Google images like that happens. A lot to us like will pose stem pictures, just like I've all try to find a picture of like the person that did the crime and I'll end up seeing a picture of a victim online and being like. I didn't want to see that, like oh yeah, that
and during the Ian Brady Myra Hindley came, it was horrible and I was like wow. That's gonna hurt me for the rest of my life because I just happened to be. I was looking for a picture of them or something- and I just happened to go into Google images and it was a boom and it was one of the victims photos and they were kids and I was like ok, destroyed now. Guy in the exact same thing happened to me, and I literally I will wake up like four o clock in the morning, sometimes and think of that, and I'm like clay than in their awful, but that eyes as oil Natasha, and nobody knows what happened. What do we think Cameron? You go first? What do you think? I mean? I think, that the think I think the lucky one makes the most sense. Although, like again This does some man. Am I going to say this its leg? It's like on my shoulders? Are slumping be a twenty nine year old person and then, after
your dad. It's like there's three people that it's like all seem reason that regime leave. They would have killed. You yeah, two of them are your lovers or three aims. I want there to be like right. Oh yeah, three of them TAT are all like if we leave and intimate relationship with that are so dangerous that everybody's, like work, could be any of these people. That's just a second through bomber freely is that's the tragedy here now I feel it the fact that legal Roland on his death bed, there was like I know things. I know all the things I think he was involved with like the mob thing and they maybe it was like a group group effort and that's what I kind of that it was kind of all of them had mob ties, they're all in the same area, there all involved with Thelma, so it's kind of like at all. It's like the perfect storm worry. You know he could also found out after moving in
terms of like that, you know I mean that's the thing that so that everybody was business, see it's through that through working together in the mob, then they wouldn't have nobody returning. Other end now, of course raised so that they could have they would have just they could have to set. This is what happened. And yet he make us know of this, and he would but like ok. You know, keep that one. I would shut in family guy I do nothing with that. It's like you're exiting like you're, not going to be affected by this like Abby. Just please know what happened to me. I just let it all out. I don't know, though, weird case because on the other side of it, like you, were kind of saying, like she's involved with all these shady people, so it really, I've just been like kind of an accident like she went up to the car to get warm. She left. Car running. She got the carbon monoxide poisoning and then it just kind of like worked that all these shady people were in your life, so it kind of just took off. Perhaps
breaker nose and a rims, accurate, so yeah, it's one of things I feel like. I just keep going back and forth on when less that happened at some other point dirt. During the night or something and nobody knew and that's why Ernie said she was quiet, maybe she was and pain. That's true entering and leaving hurried out the gong letter. Eight, I heard someone gotten a fight and something happened or she fell and she was gone. I can choose and pain and shoes. I just wanna get upstairs, don't walk me. There is going to figure it out and then she can get in. So she wasn't sit in the car. I don't think I solved it. I think like a really good point. Actually I don't even think of that it could have happened before so. I think I d solve Dick. As is closed and there was a fight at the party kiss a lot of people said there was at least an argument, NEA
one of those things where I really like you just never sat like I did this case at one of our like first live shows. So that's why I decided to do it again because I feel, like I got a little bit better with my research. Scope was actually at finding a lot more than I found the first time, but it still even link the first I did it to now. I've I've gone back and forth so many times on what I think happened. Yeah I mean overall, it's like what happened is that this persons just disposable to multiple people, Just so sad may now it's all those old Hollywood cases. They all have that kind of, like underlying tone of just sadness, NEA pressure, I mean that. Does it again, it like doesn't feel different to me now. You know wing, especially when it's a young person who is working in the industry and there is like a tragic death and not like serve outpouring of morning, but the end we move on agriculture, because we do. I mean it's not like super person,
but really taking back to what time at the very beginning, when we were talking about lake finding a job, that's an outlet fur you're feelings, but then trusting that to be something that will take care of you like industry is not your friend an audience is not your friend, and I think that that can we really confusing oh yeah absolutely, and so you know that's like when all these really terrible stories come together, it's because somebody wasn't protected and Nay trust in the wrong thing. They trusted twenty thousand. Dollars worth of jewels and beachfront restaurant in there Love people that were really able to keep them safe. For that now about getting them safe, and it's so sad when the family is involved too, like the fact that her mom just her mom so really shady character. Aided and getting her in the machine, yeah so sure,
have no one portfolio. I know justice for Thelma but on a lighter note, thank you so much for joining us. It was so calling out with you, so much for school. To really like you too. I really like you we're friends saloon and is there anything do you wanna like plug announce? Where can we find you ass plug away, while is design things I'm workin on, but right now please just dog furrows. Do you think of my love? This guy, I mean I mean that's that's front facing similar out, don't worry, keep working on this other stuff- and maybe they'll be big things in future, but in the mean time please keep up with my dive, rose via all of myths, social media, gas, gas. Do its work
everybody I probably definitely is an guys. Everyone listening girl follow Cameron on everything. Go get Cameron's book. I D Scott thought hard Cover copy Isaac. I need her too, like virtually sign it or something or other stuff, and it's so good. I got it so God you guys will love it and, as always guys, we hope you keep listening and we. Hope you he saw chaired by
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