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Episode 23: The Salem Witch Trials Were Bonkers

2018-10-17 | 🔗
Wow. Salem was wild back in the day, guys. You think you know about the infamous Salem Witch Trials but you have no idea how bananas it really got. We take a deep dive into the beginnings of this hysteria, the madness of the "trials" and executions and then we try to figure out how the hell this all began in the first place. Join two Massachusetts natives as we guilt our way through this black mark on our local history.Sources: Six Women of Salem: The Untold Story of the Accused and Their Accusers in the Salem Witch Trials by Marilynne K. Roach Records of the Salem Witch Hunt by Bernard Rosenthal
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that was, is moving spooky. Oh, you sounded more like alien ask: dammit Idiot What's up we're here area nowhere alone, yeah, we don't have guess this time around just standing on the flow and you too heavily on the flow. Oh look about lie. Ass faced us made demands saint of visual pod guy, but we had a lot of fun. Collaborating with whoops, should again in the right wrong turn, punk ass head over to their pages and give them a follow and listen to our episode with them. Yea. It was so much fun. I we gave you like a little taste with the right wrong turn out the sooty Salem, but today gonna, take like a super deep dive into thus they alone which trial and we just went to Salem yeah. We don't forget research ouch.
We wanted to be authentic, so he went all the way to Salem boom. We walked in a graveyard. We did, we walked, we worked in the old burial ground on Howard Street I've. Other memorial was really cool. The memorial a super heavy super, I would like very heavy whose wing we'll talk about it later because I have a down like me. No one. It was dedicated now that Boeing, stand and like the way you look at it from like the middle? Does the memorial and sound for all the victims of the witch trouser were executed is like this semicircle of just stone benches with their names and the date they are executed and like there's always like a bunch of flowers list. I am people with flour and seven, but when you look at all the because you know it happened, but at least knowingly oil, but when you stand there and see all the benches, and you see how many people were just hung for no fucking reason at all, like we will get into this in this infuriated. Maybe little bit it so heavy you're, just like holy shit, it's wild!
they killed. All these people know was when we learn to other Salem, much Trouserlike. I think Billy dabble, unlike third or fourth grade veiling, blow past it in school. We learn about because it's our state yet, but they dont, like Spain, and weeks and weeks on it. But I remember like thinking I was a witch and third very announcing our I'm a witch yeah. I got ash and book of shadows way too early and the principal called my mom and was like your daughter, had tried to turn the girls into a frog and also she has a covenant, isn't letting everyone in so I was so proud of you. I remember I was actually fourth grade because My teacher MRS Gavin found like a list of all the people. In my cover and of course I kept a fuckin organised.
And she was leg. There was two Ashley's on my class and if I were like Ashley's cut in half sleaze come in, she was. I can actually come to my desk before recess saw the other kids country not only as a common and that's pretty much what you said about the lack of it. My watch yourself Miss Jane and then I got home my mom is like. Did you try to turn somebody into a frog, and I was like hell yeah mom and she was like my favorite part about that'll story. This is if a Greek, as I remember your mom, my sister being alike, yeah, I don't see the problem because what are you where I see ass? If all did she turned the person into a frog, and your teacher was like won't know enthuse like that. I've seen him proud lying, calling me at work, but those like that's actually greatly to believe. I was proud to my mom anyway Syria? We were it. I was like a super which you bet Oh, how ya in size
super into that aesthetic. In fact, I don't think my friendly illicit cast, maybe I'll tell her do because Leon I had our own little way to person coven yeah. We like tried to make an altar and stuff we really really into. I just remember that collecting rocks are resource in me, I'll use. These responses are my alter here for sure I think of it. but he kind of hardly can moment where they wanted to be, which I'm actually it was slow right now, one time Andy's brother said that I was a white which, unlike sixtifor pockets, because I made my entire life sick, the episodes of don't edited out, because one time Andy's brothers, that I was a light which, while meaning at tat to my about not just white, which just good work Now we are those that are set. My tea now actually is not here. I was gonna says you literally something to you, but apparently it's ninety thought
They would skim. Nice gets up, skim cause. It's like trend need to drink. Skimmed milk, as I think, similar kind of sucks, Buskin workers ass. Whole milk makes le Tum tum her. It's like skimmed milk to me just cloudy water, oh I'm not bad us. In our proposal we because we didn't get to thank our newest patriotic in thy Coy about basilisks wanna, take over there, and we wanted to be able to sit down and actually think you'd send speeding through it yeah. So we're gonna go ahead and catch up in. Thank our newest pay Three on members. Are you ready? Okay? So soon? where there are weirdos this week are candidly. Can this I'll bet you spoke hands with causing delays in Canada? Sure is like. I think you can best thanks canvas and we have another weirdo. Please Stuart thing slowly. Thank you. I like the, namely
due to assist the nice system. Name yeah, I'm really good name elegant, like I don't think I've mentally that I didn't like. We have a lot of names on this week that I, like you say we have a lot of names, are women so many they flow. We have a lot of us weak that I would like to say that I feel like a few job a future, but did I say my number one baby name on air before I think you did. I forget into its Clio by in the window watching govern. We have, so we are going to have a debate about this name. So as your name Addy, or is it eighty you thought it was. I think it's eighty only because it's a I d and my name is spelled l a I and a edifice. No. I it's Ilona, but because, as an eye
it's a lane and not was this week's episode of farm excellent earlier. This is just one how my brain reason too, that Romania is right. So eighty g S, thank you. We love you and thank you so much now we have Mackenzie Ashley, Ashley is like one of my favorite may be re. Spinning warm thanks: Mackenzie Kenzie you're, the bomb dot com, healthcare then, we have Alexandra Schwann Alexandra View about selling of middle name kind. A kinder see breaker, no very quick start the quick. My middle name is actually not Alexander, but my mom told me for a long time that it was energy, only told me, those because that's the name. She wanted to give me for middle name, but my dad wanted another middle name, so
Labour LAW. The time that I met a man who sat back Sandra and it's not didn't find out when you were like going to get married. I was going to do some known booze before that, but I was going to do something like legal that I needed, like my legal, nay, maybe like registering a voters, something like that in their early, yet its iron, which everyone should do registered. Yes, girl register to vote on it stone age. There is, low till then thankful low, and I really like TAT were in the health same thing. each one. Our next Madonna Sponsor Patriarch, is just Adriana Adriana? Thank you so hot Adriana Madonna. Thank you so much Adriana. Thank you bear we then have Michel Hannah Q Michel. We have a lot of people on board Two first, I'm just gonna, say with two first name, both followed seminal. Am I
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We have some cool stuff in store. I've been sharing some of the little sneaky pinkies friendly, urge our teased Vasco vows through voting sucking art, as he is so bad ass to his should assume, yeah. What's I say we just start this thing right off once get do it. So I like we said today we're gonna cover, thus Salem, which trial, Luke, spook spoon and in a lot of people, think they may know what's going on here, but you down you really dive into the Should. It is bonkers. not bananas. Those bonkers is like a whole another level of banana another tier bonkers. We come into use that word a lock of water, bonkers shit near innocent banana shit hole. I know we covered with the right wrong turn. Podcast the story. Now I've heard job, else Corrie and Guiles Corrie. I called him guiles cause I've heard that a minute
keep calling him guiles, because I want to so maybe Charles. I don't know either way you know who he is. This is european skies around my podcast. I got a name him What if you don't like, so I heard it called Guiles and Giles Boris Gonna COM, Hank, brushing outwards, gonna worry so but we covered the story of Guiles Corey, the unfortunate story and Norway or in house we talked about George Corwin, who was the sheriff who presided over all of these things that he was the one who arrested him to saunter catch jobs a year up to speed He was only arrested, although accused he's the one who knew- engaged in a lot of the accused. He tortured bam and he was One who carried out the executions so he's a big dick. He was we're about now He's gonna lay the Sala right now. There's a lot of people in this story better, like legendary, assholes, wig legendary, like good when you
actually, research. This you, like wild these people, work straight up, garbage people showing about an assured, legendary asshole, legendary asshole. I would where they re. I think we should. These were just like me functions of the human genome of highest order. Ok, like this ass! You our genome here who Cicero bad. So let's started off Shelly here we go moment you write a river through downtown the moment you step into acres of lush gardens the moment you find what could possibly be the best thing you ve ever tasted. This is Virginias rich, and region, a place filled with moments to be had with art, lining the streets, insights into our story. As people and outdoor adventures waiting to be discovered. go to visit, Richmond vs dot com to learn more about the Richmond region. Then find your moment
The moment you write a river through downtown the moment you step into acres of lush gardens the moment you find what could possibly be the best thing you ve ever tasted. This is for rich what region a place filled with moments to be had with art, lining the streets, insights into our story as people and outdoor adventures, waiting to be discovered go to visit, Richmond, vs dot com to learn more about the Richmond region. Then find your moment. So these trials officially began in February one thousand six hundred and ninety two and ended in May, ninth or a one thousand six hundred and ninety three, when the last remaining accused were released from jail. So a little you know,
here, but that wasn't so it doesn't seem like a long period of time will be they really like you used to that time. It was a hellish here it was. It was a year now it's important to know before we go into this, that this was seventeenth century in America. So there wasn't a good, solid legal system in place. Yet there was no checks and balances, colonies were still just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on with themselves threat, and we were still in the process of aggressively stealing this land from the native Americans, who rightfully owned that shit. So every It was kind of a hot mass at this point Records show that two hundred people were accused during during the short period of time between two hundred and forty two hundred and fifty were actually arrested for it. Twenty people were executed, fourteen were women. Six for men! and somewhere around thirteen more people died while in jail awaiting their trials. Oh,
in two dogs were accused of witchcraft and they were shot, and I didn't know, lack a sailor was bonkers as fuck here between the dogs witchcraft as a dog well and I'm gonna get more into illegally, but they failing use dogs lot any slight. They really like that. I think that one point somebody said the dogs like they believed that dogs had a close relationship with the devil elsewhere he's weird, concerning they examine catchword? There's a weird thing about black dogs, be like the undertakers. They may be there: I want to block lab, so I hope we have black lives like all my family. I love them if they were the undertakers of the underworld. I believe that's bad us. Don't take me. There was a good school kid doing you dog now all but Guiles Corey were hanged these hangings occurred on a place called Proctor's ledge, which is at the base of Gallows Hill. The ledge is not at the top of the hill, which a lot of people assumed. It was because they were going to card all these people in like
hell yeah. So this was at the bottom of Gallo. So why did they not the you may be said this last broadcasts? Did you did you say why they did hang guiles? Yes, and it was mainly because he didn't confess to witchcraft, and he also to deny it he replied. Is to enter a plea of solely enemy, blue and just kind of everyone who was killed and turn a plea of innocent it, which is crazy. ah, but everybody who was executed denied that there were witches every alone. Guiles Corey refused enterprise at all, so he was that wasn't meant to technical you if they in doing that as execution, they were doing it as interrogation. Ok, I got it died ass. She saw thought it got. It we'll go back and I am a little bit later, but I am now proctors ledge, which is at the bottom of girls. Helen Salem is
was seen as a good place to do this because it was visible to a lot of the town of Lebanese. Hang could be seen swinging from because I didn't use actual gallows, they just hung weak he's from one of the trees on the users. Here Now, no one was burned at the stake witches so, I believe, not in Massachusetts or in America actually did. This is that's more of a european thing. We linkedin to hang or which is they wake to burn. There's according to history of Massachusetts, DOT Org, which is a really interesting website, probably not for anybody, but semester spoke of the reason for no one being burned at stake here is because English law only allowed death by burning to be used against men who committed high treason and only after they had been, which we talked about and the torture episode hung till almost dead quartered in Rome who, the English, considered. It unacceptable to burn a woman because
it involved, nudity, it's cool it. We kill her, but legal. She can't say make, and we can't see those boobies put your tits away and letter about Europe them off go back to torture episode. If you want to hear about that, I e torture opposite so burning at the stake was more popular in countries with a strong catholic church because it did not involve the shedding of blood. That's because the Roman, according to the Roman Catholic Catholic Doctrine, they didn't they didn't want any shutting of blood. They wonder, which is where, because of my burning dough shed blood just in a different way, yeah board, and it also ensured that burning at the stake ensures that the person doesn't have a body to take back the after life lived Don't have to do anything yes, so they were really have to do anything. So that's more like roman Catholics, it puts you don't really have to think about where there remains are growing. Consensus can be a pile of dust since ITALY,
so none of the people like I said, none of the people who were executed executed confessed to witchcraft and none of them initially received a proper burial after being executed. They were buried in random unmarked graves all over the area. No one knows where these fuckin graves are, so most people think allowed them might arc. at least a few of them might still be buried somewhere on gallows hillbilly, where volcanoes according to William P Upham Upham the ethical. The euphoria when people historical society in nineteen o three, he said quote It is well known that the victims executed at as witches on gallows, Helen Salem in sixteen ninety two. Were thrown into mere shallow graves or crevices in the ledge under the gallows, where the nature of the ground did not allow complete burial so that it was stated at the time that portions of the bodies were hardly covered at all, so the the through them in a shallow hole on the execution site or
through their bodies into fucking crevices in the rocks near he's a fucking wild, that's bananas! Now I don't get this speech as if they were so scared of which is then why? Wouldn't they make sure that the bodies were approved really entombed. So they couldn't come back here. Would you think they'd be scared, because on top of that one the dogs that was shot and killed after one little sure one of those all she had had girls that was running around accusing everybody. I knew the her neighbours dog of being a which, after she accused of being a which they shot it immediately, because apparently dog you'll get trials it died immediately as a result in cotton, Mather who is a reverend who will get to wait in the second but he's dick. He was like whoops,
they're, probably wasn't which, because the devil doesn't die, so we might made a mistake. So why are they hanging people in just dropping them into Iraq, worries if the devil doesn't die? Why are you doing any re that doesn't make any sense, so you can see right there that none of their shit was making sense, those their payment that any I didn't have any Reimer reason. They they didn't keep to specific rules with the shit it was colleague whatever they fit, what they need it at home So it's like they were just a bunch of decks. Bunch objects, so certainly ash, mention some of the victims, families did come and retrieve their bodies from the execution sites till I bring them back to House to secretly give them a burial at their house only two victims have actual known, marked grave sites and their Rebecca nurse and George Jacob Senior. This was as their families or two of the ones. I came back to take them right, Now, all the accusers, the accusers knotty accused
The accusers were women who were between the ages of nine January twenty years old. This is odd because this isn't the case for other historical with which trials other, which trials mostly had men, accusing women of witchcraft, so Salem was light. Progressive, that's. What you want is to regulate the was by the way you could be progressive is like in a whirlwind of women, accusing women work ratcheted up enough. now, if you are denied the accusations against you, you were likely executed, but again a few confessed. Ninety without a ten year set free. What are they? you with them when they set them free world they would have their land taken from them, so they were kind of be set free into like party like,
stream, poverty, like stress and no wonder, people were like. Oh no, I'm not, and I think people are just like you fuckin, which, like fucking end, they didn't know at the time there were like. Do I deny either do I I don't know what the right thing to do here is. What's gonna get me not hanging from a tree where you would think that if you're really I'm not a which they wouldn't let you off glad we're that you're gonna, which exactly like also so most historians, think that a lot of families and Salem, particularly the Fucking Putnam family, who are a bunch of rock hard spam. I just I can't you think, I'm turn of events, the book and hemorrhoids. It's just a bunch of Fuckin rock Hemorrhoids, that's what the putnams either dicks calling people hemorrhoids and traffic com rock hard him roads. I love feels good,
so the Putnams or Fuckin rock hard, hemorrhoids Nokia. They took advantage of the hysteria and started accusing neighbours in just like people baited like like anyone. They had any beef with their like your which- and I know if I say that you're gonna pang furmity- that's us carry out of it so nice to everyone back then I was so angry. You know how many people today would accuse me of being a witch turning people today would accuse me being let em on the air saying that heads were immediately accused of being which will lapse. yeah, so this. My head would make me a which never mind my entire exist. Would you would you just confirmed their fears, attacks yeah that sucks whatever for these people. so basically, anyone who didn't follow their crazy ass, puritan code and religious requirements got accused of being which Most of the accused women happened to be outside or their or the peer men and women were quakers and people who do not agree with the word which trials like people came out were like this is,
fucking nuts. What are we doing Salem there like? We were immediately now ripe, for the trial started tearing this place apart. Another curse took up residence and soon Boge Lou. There was a small pox outbreak right before this began, and it certainly helped to like Stoke the faint flames of hysteria that the devil was working and sail. Village. Ok somewhere around five hundred people died of the outbreak which is financed insane and, of course, in this had to be blamed on someone not lack of medical technology like they were like. Oh, we just don't know what vaccines area there like no someone when it is now Reverend Cotton Mather not to be confused cotton. We're gonna say, was a real fucker his name's cotton. So what did you exact deck he quit clean through the blame for the small, hawks outbreak onto a Salem resident named Martha carrier gleaming she brought the pox upon sound village.
He is on historical record as calling her a quote: rampant hag, o end quote queen of Hell, which I d like hey, to remember, as I would give, that a boys and, unlike my fucking cotton puritan dress, Queen I thought the scarlet letter, like all that shit we should for that. I would whereby Hardware Queen upheld desert, so the Salem documents themselves. that obviously she was not just stay ramp and tat. in the queen of health, she was accused by con man. Because she was quote an she had an independence of mind and an unsubmissive character all while they who she was bad aspect, shooting who is like fuck all Even now people get mad at that. Actually, I'm like what years this again fourteen ninety two, sixteen
one right now I was now a joke about. Sixty would be sixteen ninety to me. I know I know that's when this happened. Only local and I like it thinks by two things: when you're joke doesn't land. Ah ha whither. I got two logical that is my father, so in fifteen forty two, so little about before this, that this is when this kind of the seed of witchcraft kind of really took hold in fifteen forty two, you need the Uk Parliament pass a law called the witchcraft act. Nowhere, yes, shit was fuckin. While back than this ACT outlawed the act of witchcraft and anything that seemed like witchcraft and made it trouble by death, so that what they will work, and often here they're like nope, we can kill people, we think are doing witchcraft even are executed. My third great ass, exactly of course This is what set off the notion to them that they were doing God's work
because parliament was telling them. This is what you need to do, parliaments are some sure tat. It was so serious that by sixteen forty four at the english government had created an official position called the witch finder general. She is real life. This is like a j came rolling like worlds. I really don't want to do this rolling a finger centre, Nimrod rolling. In January, ninety or sixteen, I keep saying nineteen What an idiot in January! Sixteen! Ninety two is when this all began and Salem ok little ship face a nine year old, Elizabeth Paris, with her first name. Little should had nine Euralia, ok Male named Elizabeth and other little shit face eleven year old Abigail. William twins twins the twins. Where the daughter and niece, respectively of Salem villages, first ordain, Minister, Reverend Samuel Paris.
Began. Having strange fits resembling behaviour, that was a typical now the girls were said to have started. This is what they were afflicted with their starting. To make weird sounds and screaming randomly contorting their bodies and unnatural natural ways and throwing things This sounds like typical. Hardware behaviour to me, but maybe I'm just morning too hard right now, wait, maybe just give them the time. Oh, I don't know What I would say the Salem back then, is like maybe don't take these girls at their word about this behaviour being the work of which your nine year old, say some shit. So eleven year Old, an Putnam and a few other girls and Salem also started exhibiting the strange behaviour and I'm kind of thinking. This is like the first pregnancy pact. Remember that, oh my god, yes said he was lost her high school. They have these girls had to slay pregnancy pact and it was a huge thing tat. I was really weird like weird, they all want to get pregnant. Like fifteen like there is making a pact about a year.
and instead of a pregnancy pack. I think this was just like these girls just decided to get a bunch of innocent people find pact that we're getting a pregnant pact? What about better? I mean, I think, a pregnancy practised snap, ear yonder fresher instead of a get innocent people hang back, but a plot to write down exceed ninety two We weren't, snappy and weighty back. You had to do something in me. I don't know I mean they were borders for senior and we'll talk about that later. As that's past, Simply part of the reason. The start. All I think that's why I started there were born and brandy yeah literally so now, instead of just being like girls chill They were seen by the doctor, who is ought to be they, they aren't positive of his name, but they think his name was Doktor, William Griggs I, they ve doktor, because this dude straight up the only doctor and also normal This physician said that these girls were not showing any physical elements, so they were clearly suffering from chronic case of bewilderment. Ah, you know
like I'm gonna, blame all my asshole moods are not unjust, b, which I'm not by a message: I'm just fucking, relatively rich and then winkle my nose a little exactly and since no one else was around to give a second opinion, the people, the Tower like Europe since its bitches bewitched bitches bewitching, so this alone would just be like were like what would you do and say on like sure there bewitched get them a snappy sit com, but now the ass people were like array, but watched allowance bring some more people into this madness for a quick. So the town, magistrates, people supposed to be like women, John Corwin and John Hassle and told the girls stir naming names who know we'd adults looked at these, fucking children, fetuses and we're like telling Donnay watching you like that. Smart also, as if you know
without sunset, and so in what so, these girls started, accusing people of bewitched like they're, like ok, I'll start putting people. This remarkable teachable comes in titular does come in particular in so far ass? They immediately pointed to Sarah Osborne. Sarah good and a woman named teacher, but did you buy about, was the slave of Reverend Paris and actually confessed to be watching the girls, but it is thought pretty hard then she was, she confessed after being beaten, seniority and tortured shoes valiantly something I condemn any know what she got out. She got up good, so good for her man. She's. The inner confession quote, the devil came to me and bid me to serve him. I mean like respect shoes
straight, I really you know my dinner. Why disrespect she didn't dance around like she wasn't like. Maybe I'm doing something mistook because I know the dog, I maybe me- and he was like do this and I was like yeah like occur, so aren't agenda. she keeps it went on it now, the bomber, that she also said that there were other witches and sail on that we're trying to harm the Puritans. So they were like well got a flush amount to Juba, Japan, Neutron, I ll get it so twenty seven. Sixteen. Ninety two, the very special, been very infamous court of order in Terminator, which translates to hear and determine whiskers. headed by governor. William Fit who is the governor of Massachusetts at the time now this Court consisted of eight judges. They were John thing Corwin Bartholemy, you get me Papa. Formidable. Perform around. If you know that's about was or other absent from John Hath on John Richards, William
Stoughton. Who is the chief magistrate Samuel Sea Wall Peter surgeons, and wait still Winthrop Integrated and one for so long, John. So many sounds like our family. Here this call It was not exactly how we think of What's in trials and justice in shit today there wasn't any lawyers or any evidentiary rules. It also was much more guilty until proven innocent kind of situation. Where, if accuse, you are not likely to prove your innocence and flew away now now suddenly, after this happened, nine Salem girls were afflicted. Ah, weird you wanna even ass, they were Elizabeth Booth, Elizabeth Hubbard, mercy. Louis Betty Paris, an Putnam Junior, Susanna, Sheldon the girl Williams, Mary Walcott and Mary Warren. Mary Mary Elizabeth Marietta- was of utterly so
They all started, throwing out access, accusations, left and right in court. Someone would suddenly say that a which was like do in their business and suddenly the girls what I'll start like having fits and acting crazy because they were straight up these girls sock. This sometimes included the accusers breaking in the fevers, which sounds like it. When you point work is even work. You're, someone, that's the thing you have to remember that there weren't digital from parliament is backing the sixteen hundred. They really move in a lot something a hot, yet Vegas, exactly they could have increased body term just because they're having Fucking Fettes frank, you didn't like lignite working there's, nobody out or something you're gonna be warmer. Your butt The temperature rises- is just the latest sigh. I think they worked them their shit up. They came off probably flushed and will he overheated and they were like favours whom they were southern opens so, as was superficial, the ways of the sixteen hundred Salem hysteria,
Pre trial examinations were held at the Salem Village Meeting House in reverence Samuel Paris's house and sail a village in Ingersoll Tavern at Salem Billy. The term heard in a beetles tavern in Salem Village, ok per official. Poor went out for these Salem, which is generally it was during the fur very first trial of this court of or your interpreter that Brigitte Bishop was found guilty of witchcraft Brigitte was the first to be hanged during that will be the sale much trials, but she wasn't the first we accuse. She just was the first to be hanged. Between the month of July and September nine. Sixteen ninety two eighteen, more people were found guilty of witchcraft and executed. After was budget, the one that they just said was too like lusty, this issue was lusty and then apparently she was like a gossip and that's all. oh, my god, I would have been layer hey straight away. I am I where's. They weren't just going to go off.
The crazy notions of children right little horse? Not nothing. They don't know the good people of Salem at this time, created a series of highly scientific tests to determine whether or not the same. of the hour was dancing when the devil is all of these girls were named, say I swear like every by. If your name was Sarah back, then you were which Sir Marian Elizabeth Eliza, and especially Sarah Physic Fourteen centres that were it's insane, but do you know If they wanted to see if she was just merely there no pissing off the neighbours by not being a submissive, puritan or shoes dancing with the devil, so the tests for this work The first one was the infamous water tests, sure people know of this are at the very least heard of it revealing popular culture, popular culture. gonna be pop q, ruler wicked another which musical like about thank you awake a year or so
the accused would be tied up, but not the way, you're thinking one finger would be tied to the opposite toe and then they would be slowly lowered into the water. What If they floated the name, we're a dam which if they sank, they want We also drowning so that sucks, painful indeed the top there alike which, but if you fucking, saying to the bottom, because you were in a ball tied up there like? Oh, you know it so that's fun, so three died, so the I think the whole reasoning behind this cause. You like how the fuck do they come up with that went out. Why do which is flow? While the whole reason was witches were thought to have spurned the sacrament of baptism, so they would be rejected by water and thus float so the second test is called which cakes which take lessons Q right yeah, it's not you. once make them with you. I want to make them after her there. Ok,
so you may not know this. One sided knows when they would make a base a cake from flower rye in. They would just you know, mix in the urine if the person that was supposedly bewitched so just a basic issue, just a basic and under which had to eat a no they would feed this coronary abomination to a fucking dog. If the door showed the same symptoms as these assholes than it had been, which, but the dogs eyes just runnin around me, crazy, Greenaway, good news. Because they weren't just like up. It was a which the dog would then tell them, who the, which was How, by pointing look, spoken finger desserts via well, either with its path. Now, too knows the hell. It makes it email, Salem, sale, magic back, Make some sixteen hundred Salem logic, zero, everybody's corner So the next test was the touch test. It was thought that
while the bewitched person was having one of their which induced fits. The fit would suddenly stopped if they were touched by the witch who afflicted them makes total sense yeah, so they would just have the accused touch the accuser and, of course, because these girls were blocking ass they were stir, it always stop having fits, and then they would point at the presidency, she's the which you did it now just because you weren't executed for witchcraft. That doesn't mean you got out Scot free. Shoes were often landowners and they would have their land seized by the government if they were accused just being accused. So this would make them homeless habitable like right away. Close see in back then and land was everything all your money worked for: land manager, Scott taken away from me like what the fuck, the accused were held in Jails Oliver over Salem, Boston and Ipswich, because there were just so many of them that they couldn't often one place low. They were
considered super dangerous prisoners and we're relegated to the basement and dungeons of these place. Who, in a book called a delusion of Satan, the full story of the sound, much trials, its described ass quote as the most dangerous inmates. The witches were kept in the dungeons. These were perpetually dark, bitterly cold in so damp that water ran down the walls they re. active of unwashed human bodies and excrement they incur. Closed as much agony as anywhere human beings could have lived, stoned, onions, dungeons of Salem town prison where discovered in the nineteen fifties in Saint Peter Street, when the sun was excavated to build a new England Telephone Company building in sixteen, two they stood under one instructor structure, twenty feet square known as the quote which jail since they were so close to the banks of a title river. They were probably infested with on a rat's. Certainly they were a breeding ground for disease, but accused witches were worse off than the other unfortunate prisoners
their limbs were weighted down and their movements were restricted by manacles chained to the walls, so that their spectres could easily could less easily escape to recover, my god, so they weren't, just like thrown in these basins their chain to shit and weighted down, while Now those who are jailed obviously came out if they came out of it, nor free they were fucked up for life. The fuck you up, such is the case with one girl named Dorothy good. She, ST calls, her Dorcas good, you, I could say that's not from one I ran to her name- was Dorothy. I don't know how Dorcas was a name back then saw enough. They just gotta run, While this girl was the daughter of Sarah Good March, there sixteen ninety two, an falcon choice, deposed and claimed. This quote
I saw the apparition of Dorothy goods, arrogance, daughter, who did immediately almost choked me and tortured me most grievously, and so she hath several times since tortured me by biting and pinching and almost choking me tempting me also to write in her devils book and also on the day of her examination, the apparition of Dorothy Good tortured me during the time of her examination and several times since that sounds like a big bunch, a bull shit. Are you ready to hear how much of a vicious cunt an Putnam is ready now march, twenty worth sixteen ninety two Dorothy was taken into custody and examined quote on suspicion of witchcraft examined when she was literally chained up in the dungeon and Ipswich jail. O Dorothy was for Fucking years old. shoes for Europe,
I think I remember I was accused of four year olds craft in this four year, old was locked up alone in a dungeon, that's horrible! That's healthy evil! These people are they to add, like can even she was chained up in the dungeon from March twenty. Fourth, two December tenth after they. hanged, her mother for witchcraft. They forced her poor. Her father, who was poor? They really living on the streets to scrounge. Fifty dollars, which was like a billion dollars back. Then we, Sir, oh my god. She suffered such psychological damage, while imprisoned as a four year olds that she was said to be completely insane. After airily schooling, to pay someone to take care of her own plan here, for you, what was she like? Five when she got released? She must it. She probably was close to five. after all, like I said, prison sucked, ass, so well awaiting trials in prison, The accused were repeatedly not only weighted down, starved, Alek and stuff. They were
repeatedly humiliated as well by being forced to undergo physical examinations of their bodies you now there was They called the mark of the devil that they looked for. basically it was like any mark mall anything like that that they said would then the accused, got branded with when they made the pact with the devil. So like an abnormal, say, Alec. Anything could be a mole appealing mark a birthmark I have birthmark on my stomach. They would, I reminded you, have they going Siano, they also would look for eighteen from which than which is familiar, was believed to have nursed from yes there are over her another blue. Looking for a teach that appeared somewhere on these people's bodies, from which a Spirit animal would drink from Reality was not something that the Salem Puritans were very close will see. Tell me lira lookin for a third boob, a third nipple. Oh there, we are a third nipple from which aim
which is familiar with coming drink from verify. Not. Didn't you know So when this was done, the accused or strip naked in front of a group of people and their body or just like poked him proud of new, if any suspicious marks or found, they were pricked with needles, female prisoners, Boobs We often examined multiple times a day ready, for any sign of lactation or breastfeeding and the appearance of their breasts were recorded and discussed in the courtroom. What if there are pregnant while some of them were now- and I know He- Sarah Good gave birth to an infant in jail. Yang Goody Proctor was stoop. She was she had her baby after she got it's fucked up to him.
they're even started forming at this time, actual which hunters who would go door to door in Salem and asked people to accuse other people. Witchcraft. There's boy tell me somebody you didn't witchcraft and these, for so fuckin scared. They really gonna leprosy unit. Will you polio somebody? Even if you don't accuse somebody they might be like you may be, which then read anything in the little thing I wouldn't moved seriously. It's like. That's terrifying and now those that were accused or not just tested brutally, but also tortured in order to extract confessions, Allah, George Corwin we talked about him and the other episode that he was infamous for being a brutal interrogator during this time and the methods include cutting dumping, the heretics fork. We talked about the torture episode, the pair of anguish, which is a device placed into a person's orifice in gradually expanded sleep depth? nation and more George Corps
when's famous ep method of getting a confession, was to tie the accused neck to their ankles and then slowly pole until a stream of blood shot out of her nose. Then they died some really good guy. Now, let's just go quickly through. I want to mention who was executed, Bridget Ship was the first one. Her age was somewhere in the fifties. Allow Brigitte. Now there was a lot of elderly people back up here, the sly August back on you brilliantly crazy, Longbill long people were here and they were cut short by fuckin execution so Bishop was a widow who lived in Salem. She had a bad reputation around town because she has been accused of witchcraft before all this. Could she have legs? Romans would the law she was
Gaza, but you just like fondly. I was gonna, find she found a good time and she wasn't the first person accused, like I said, but she was the first person tried because it was believed. The case against. I was gonna, be super easy to win, ok cause everybody thought choose which anyone right. budget was accused by five, the afflicted girls, Abigail Williams and Putnam Junior Louis Mary Walcott and Elizabeth Hubbard, who stated that she had physically hurt them and tried to make them sign a pact with the devil. During retrial trial Bishop repeatedly said, innocent. I know nothing of it. I have done no witchcraft, I am as innocent as the child unborne shoes. brought a child trial on June second found guilty. quickly and became the first person hanged during the witch trials when she was hanged on June tenth. Sixteen ninety two LAO Next one is Sarah good was thirty nine years old she lived in sound village, was the wife of William good. She was poor and pregnant
and this is the mother of Dorothy good shoes? I'm pregnant with another baby, and she would often go door to door and Salem begging for food in anything like just handouts, while her husband worked as a labour who is to try to make ends meet so her neighbors were annoyed with her. So I think they just relate the accuser she was one of the first people accused by the original to bitches. fraud, she, along with it, this was along with Sarah Osborne. Tipper three of them were the first ones, Sarah good was brought to trial June, twenty ninth and executed on July nineteen. Sixteen ninety two The next one is Elizabeth: how shoes fifty seven years old she lived in top speed, I was the wife, a farmer James, how she, been accused of witchcraft before, like bridge a bishop, but she didn't pay. Nothing really happened out back as it was in crazy, then no charges wherever brought about the other one, but she later if was refused
he's dead, mitten mid mittens into the Ep Switch church because she was accused before a lot. Fuck domino in May Sixteen ninety two, she was accused by the afflicted girls and sound village. She was arrested brought to trial on June twenty ninth and executed July. Nineteen hardly even know her. I know like a lot of people from outside of sound work used, we tried and people too, that's why they knew they were this next one is kind of crazy. This is George Boroughs It's weird that men were executed raised very rare George Bush was a Harvard educated minister, who was accused by other alleged witches from Andover of being their mastermind during the trial, Accusers said he was biting them, while they testified music. standing there being like liquid bite. My then they produced bite marks and it was said that they had matched with boroughs teeth. So Similarly, they literally bet themselves before the trial and show showed them it is so they Bundy him way before Bundy by need himself bear so less of it.
So people in or even outside the accusers started, claiming that, while he was being true, I'd that they saw spirits in the room, and one of them was saying that they were the spirits of boroughs, dead, wives ocean. Then they went full J K rolling and said he was using an invisibility cloak. That was given him by the devil, shut the fuck. Now who said this no not little children and cut them. The chief justice said that the chief fucking, just as one like invisibility, better visibility, clerk running flicked having class before his execution, boroughs recited the Lord's prayer perfectly without any mistakes which, as I said to be unable to achieve this. So some people who are watching because, of course Like hangings were like this, like the movie season and so the crowd that had gathered suddenly was like wait. A second keys knots was we'll do that. If he's a witch
but they had the girls already up, so they relate and they just hung them anyway. Oh my god, so he proved it. This is what I mean by they win against their own rules all the time, That's why they were so that's why they are even worse, monsters cause it's like they made these rules as we broke them, not sob, just to fuck with people. It's like glass So the next one was Susanna Martin, who seventy one years old, oh yeah, Susanna Martin was a poor widow who lived in seems very at the time. Much like bridge she had also been accused of witchcraft before in here the previous case. She was accused of infanticide in tormenting people with her spectre, but I would send fantasize killing an infant on child. The charges were dropped and dismissed because, obviously there, with you didn't Frank she was accused of witchcraft by the. If with the girls in the spring of sixteen ninety two,
taken. The Salem village from Amesbury brought to trial on June. Twenty ninth and executed on July nineteenth she's, so these trials and executions also were like boom yeah that tried you got layer. And you are executed. The next one is beckoned nurse, who was seventy one years old Rebecca. was an elderly grandmother flaw in the wife of Farmer Frances nurse. She was pious. She was popular with everybody, everyone loved her, but she had a feud with them fucking patent now overwork over border boundaries between their lands you're kidding. She also disapproved of the of the appointment of Samuel Paris, who was a close friend of the Putnams, Samuel Paris is the father of the girl who started this whole shit yeah. So the Putnams, were Rebecca S, main accusers style, Lando yeah and many of them tested again testified against her now
during her trial during these salmon, which trials like during this time she was found guilty. I'm sorry, she was found not guilty. Ok at the end if her trial in late June, but when verdict was read out loud and the court, the afflicted girls started flipping the fuck out falling over and screaming, and they should be Ass, the jury to reconsider the decision. Since you found not guilty flipped out so the jury reconsidered and came back and told us skills other. How does anyone allow it doesn't make any sense shoes- executed on July, nineteen, sixteen ninety two, and execution was when a lot of people and sound started being like faster. I wake. This is in our right shoes, not your shoes from not guilty these little bitch is have a shit fit in court right and they dislike Malka guilty. What's hangar
through a nearly counting on nine and ten of Nero yet little. I want to go, but I wouldn't like retroactively just kick them all in the fuckin tonight. I want to get to the end khazar Irma, if anything happens to them, so the next one Sarah wilds, who is aged sixty five she lived in, tops, failed to and was the right wife of a local judge, John wilds. This is what, like his step. Prominent people started getting accused here she had a kind of a bad reputation. She had some brushes. Would the lark, Emily Bishop and now whom girls at their picking on in sixteen forty nine, she was accused of foreign equating out of wedlock with domino are dwell in sixteen sixty three. She was accused of ruddy wearing a silk sky. Silks oh fuck. What about bitch? Sarah,
don't be wherein they were Hunter sweltering, I'm here with that, while scandal. Imagine if you go to trial for that, because you were in and also I love it, you didn't, it wasn't like she wore one she might have to compare, she might have or not look. Will we now give now. I'm stressed so after she married widower John wilds in sixteen sixty three John Gould and Mary Gold, John Gould, who are the brother and sister of John wilds late wife. So they like hair her in laws, hated her, so in small Heaven be they began and spreading rumours that use which this was parliament has a bitch rarely and they got mill heard this isn't sixteen. Seventy so's before the trials begins to their likeness bridges away. It's like, I think there is like a little notes. Use can be hung in a tree. so the rumours got continued for years and finally set our wilds got so pissed at Mary goals were at what Remington her wake somewhat. Sister in law that she
physically attacked her on the rug pulling her offer horse and throwing her to the ground, which I, like ass. For you, I would have done the same exact thing. You know why you can only put someone so far. now even Mary Gold, where, after Marigold Remington died from natural causes years later, Mary. Friends continued to harass in torment Sarah only clause getting bullied because they don't like her the goose family bread, ready they were close friends with the partner and shortly after the sale. Much Giles began the point. Family was like Sir wilds of which bucking partner, such as the problems it she was arrested in April. Nineteen. Sixteen ninety two John: why daughter from a previous marriage and son in law. who were Sarah Edward Bishop were also rested at this time, as was Johns other daughter, Phoebe wilds. Sarah wilds was brought to child June twenty ninth and executed July nineteenth, while
A lot of people were executed on July nineteen. I know those like I'm very though not a bit of a tree put in also a lot of lake. If one person at a fairly was accused a lot of times, it would like the rest of the family we get accused. I mean it like saw em again they just going well of you. Did it the next one, is Martha carrier age. Thirty, three she's them that cotton Other originally was like you caused the small box area. Martha carrier lived in Andover and was the wife of Thomas carrier. She was also the needs of an outspoken opponent of the sale, much trials, Reverend Fred. Disdain of Andover and the sister of accused, which Mary to figure of Bill Erika Carrier was first person and Andover accused during these trials. She was used by her neighbor Benjamin Abbot after the two had a dispute over land and abbot immediately fell ill. Her children were also accused, and then they were worst into testifying against her. Oh,
so carrier, was brought to trial. On August fifth and executed August, nineteen Her kids testified against. I guess they gonna win some and they then a lot nights, a failure, the next is John Willard, who was about thirty years old. He was the deputy. Constable Salem at the time he was one of the first people and sound to speak out against the witch trial saw here responsible for helping to arrest the accuse witches. But soon he started to be like woe like this. Spock, so he quit his job and protests. Oh, I wish were bad ass stand up. Do you like put your money where your mouth is short, after all, this he was accused of witchcraft by ample an Putnam Junior Vitreous, who also accused him of beating her baby sister, does work
Willard, was not immediately arrested, but his inlaws, the welcomes family began to suddenly be suspicious of vintage. Have a baby cisterna tied. I think she did, but it was probably just because he was sixteen and everybody done well. Third was accused a second time by his wife's grandfather. Bray Wilkins after Wilkins fell ill upon receiving a cross. Look from Willard Can he always had sneeze on the right side? a few days later and men in sixteen ninety two braves grandson, Daniel Wilkins, was found dead. His body was blood beaten like brutally and according to the Court Records, it says quote to the best of our judgment. We cannot but apprehend. But then he died and unnatural death by some cruel hands of witchcraft or diabolical acts. So an arrest warrant was issued for John Willard because there are like it had to abandon ridiculous, It already fled Salem. So I say: yeah maybe you'd like him in earlier, but
second arrest would issue warrant was issued for him and he was hunted down a Nashua New Hampshire along during his examination, which is at beetles Tavern in Salem, the incident with brave Wilkins Daniel welcomes, was brought up so they're only quiches, an awful devil several confessed. Witches testified against Willard, Annie like the girl and Putnam Junior testified that she saw many ghosts of the people. Willard allegedly killed John Well and was brought to trial on August fifth and executed on August Nineteenth Geezer. None of those charges, wherever proven just all living against him, but nothing was ever burden next one. George Jacob singer. Seventy two. He was a kid used by several people, including his granddaughter Margaret Jacobs, he was a reluctant church. Goers is what he's say I ended and he was also an outspoken critic of the trial good here.
his first accused by his servant, Sarah Churchill, who but then was also accused by market Jacobs. His granddaughter then his son joins Jacobs. Junior was accused as well, but he evaded. Arrests so. A lot of people testified against him. Oh all the members of the chair, I loved him, almost all of them all the members of the platinum family said that they came. he came to them in spectral form and beat them whether came as one last sounds: legit I wanna fuck and came to them and special form beat them with more than a k, and I want to now- and I bet the people were like at them. The joint judges were like you know what he has a came about attacks so unfair. I got it He was found guilty on August faith and executed August nineteenth comes. Family was one of the ones who retrieved his body from the execution site he's one of the only to that as an actual mark grave,
the next one you may remember from the crucible workers. Just like the name. Everyone remembers John Proctor. I remember him a sixty one. He was a wealthy farmer who live on the outskirts of sailing village. He wasn't it. spoken critic of the witch trials and he often threatened to beat or with the afflicted girls for their role in the woods trials. Legal areas they gonna players to someone needs the punch them in the face for so after his wife Elizabeth Proctor was a rat were arrested on charges of witchcraft in April of sixteen ninety two and choose predators. Yeah the woman, the girls decided a turn on John Proctor during Elizabeth examination. When they suddenly were like he's also a so is like he was there just telling support his wife in their like you to your, which, like written little thing, homely gone so then his entire family was actually arrested for witchcraft holy shit. Doktor knew that now he knew that sound was clearly in the middle of fucking has said.
area where he could see it obviously use like this is insane, so he wrote a letter to the Boston Clergy in July, asking that day intervene and he was please Missouri and wipe out a whole town when using this is insane like. No one can stop this in various. I can you move the trials to Boston because at least there could be fair, the clergy respond, but they said it's too late to save Proctor, who was brought. to trial on August fifth and executed August nineteenth down another day that was really busy. The nineteenth is big his remaining family members were either never charged or found guilty and eventually pardoned soap. actors body was reportedly retreat from the execution Satan secretly buried, but no one's ever found it next week. Is Alice Parker, her ages, unknown sheaves, the if a fisherman, John Parker, lived and Salem town. Where else was known as a pious, an honest woman, she also had a reputation of like being clairvoyant
one occasion successfully predicted that a friend's husband had died at sea. That's no good will and we don't have any money when I dont have special ability, just so cooking, clean and say you're, different or special in any way to do it in May of sixty nine to afflicted girl, Mary Warren suddenly was like Alice. Parker is a wedge trial. She made worn made several weird ass accusations against our or she did she claim that part of Alice Assembly, bewitched her mother to death, made her sister ill and drowned several men and boys at sea casual yeah So she was brought to trial in September ninth and executed on September. Twenty second, the extortion is Mary Parker who was about four she was a widow from end over. She was accused by said a Phelps and Martha Sprague of Andover, and it's not really. Why,
So she stated during her examination that there was another woman and Andover named Mary Parker in suggested. Maybe it was like a mistaken identity. Most of all, it is certainly good plague like there's another option. All probably her there wasn't me so, but then my girl exactly gonna, leave them, but then The Sprague was like no you're her. So she was at the trial September, seventeenth and executed on September twenty. Second, previously put aside so few days avoid a day a baby. I don't know if I saw my network there was so many people, it's insane The next one is an pewter. I think it is. She was in her seventies. She was a widow lived in Salem, other widows, No, that's really sad. She also worked as a nurse and whip midwife, but she had a reputation for being quote sharp tongued.
She was just another girl. China have a good time to assess, like fuck that you just tell you is. I mean she seemed from shit. She was a nurse and amid wife and the sixteen hundreds letter b, sharp tongue, she seen shit out of a sharp tone tat. She was used in May by Sarah Churchill, several other benches. Some. for medical supplies such as full ointments, were confiscated and they were like look. This is from the occult look here, I was looking marriage not gloating on assholes, where I've been helping you and healing you during her trial, but she was like and she was like sharp turned to me and she was like they are lying there liars and ensure to say it It was brought to trial in September, ninth and executed, and sometimes I second the next one is MRS Willmott read. I dont know her age. She lived in Marblehead and was the wife of fishermen Samuel read like Brigitte.
Few of the other ones she had been accused of witchcraft. Before I think in sixteen eighty seven she was popular because she gonna have like an abrasive. some effort and then again in Sicily, heard daughter was the wife of Fellow accused which Reverend George Boroughs. So it's a little connection. There she was accused and may shoes brought to the Ingersoll Tavern and Samuel village. For her examination, she She had actually never met any the afflicted girls before and when asked why they were afflicted, she stated they were in a sad condition. Oh, so she was like. I dont know these bitches and they were like somebody was like will why they afflicted than in choosing and another in a sad condition. Fucking, a big re like what is. I therefore thought she was indicted and several apparently, several Marblehead residents testified against her because, again busily mass hysteria going fingers. Shoes
to trial on the seventeenth of September and executed on the twenty second of September. Next, one is more Scott shoes? Seventy seven years all tell us. Why didn't? I know she was a widow from Rally Adam. She had seven children, but only three survived childhood boxing, hundreds man, husband died in sixteen seventy one and after that she was left like super poor and had like bag from her neighbours. So they all hated her. How dare her before she was accused by two of rallies, most notable families the. Why comes and the Nelson's ok, a member of the Nelson family also sat on the grand jury that convicted her makes sense right, how citizens that was allowed here. That's fine. Everything was love issues brought to trial on September, seventeenth and executed on the twenty second lol, the next one was Samuel, Ward, well, aged forty nine. He was a car
they're from Andover use a fortune teller in he practiced folk magic that's kind of what lent his accusation. Unfortunately, he wasn't doing anything wrong. Just haven't Moraunt teller, he was, Elden Salem, which is a particularly rough deal SAM. After he was arrested, his wife and his daughters were also arrested. They mean Billy pointed his fortune telling in like manner Jack dabbling. In said, the devil may have taken advantage of him. For these reasons, he then best to making a pact with the devil, but later recanted that confession he was to trial in MID September and executed on September twenty second big day. Next one is, the Corey lose his guiles. His wife He had a reputation, is her reputation, was being a pious member of the church in community and everybody liked her, like, I think I mentioned on the other episode. She had a child that away back in the sixties, seventies before marrying guiles, but
despite that, anyone who, like shrew nice, no church goers great. She was also an outspoken opponent what's trials and she stated many times that she thought the girls are accusing were liars. Allow. So, of course, they turned right on her and what, during her own examination, she told the judge quote. We must not believe all these distracted children in what they say and through the freak new guiles, actually ended up testifying again, sir and court state and he said that she may have bewitched his farm animals and himself. She is here now She was brought to trial on September ninth and executed on September twenty second just three days after guiles had been tortured to death for refusing to reply. Next one is Mary, easy age. Fifty eight Mary Eastern issue was the sister of accused witches, Rebecca nurse and Sarah clothes. She lived in hops field.
Again. She was considered pious. She was well respected. She was well liked. Mary she was accused of witchcraft, arrested, but then released and may, but she was accused again a few days after her release and was arrested again. She was so she was found not guilty everything's. Fine, they let our old man they immediately brought. I reckon you know examined indicted onto charges of witchcraft. She's Rob try on September Nathan and executed on September. Twenty six knew it The last one that was executed is Guiles Corey He was in his eighties not so that's wild yeah, it's in saying so We kind of talks about him on the last episode, but basically he didn't want enter plea. He was torture. The three days in a field on Howard, Street and Salem, and to force a plea out of him. He died. September, nineteen. Sixteen ninety two and Robert they live said this guy was like present for it. He said
well in the pressing, Guiles Cory's tongue was pressed out of his mouth, the sheriff with a cane forced it back in again, oh, brutal in a small victory thou because he didn't enter a plea. The government could not take his estate, and so he died in full possession of his land and assets which were given to his heirs will. I was slowly his intention doing. This is if he the plea that could they term no one would have been able to have it Corey was noted by witnesses that torture is saying, with his last dying breath quote damn you sheriff. I curse you in Salem four years later at age, thirty sheriff George Corwin, who had arrived didn't brutally tortured and executed. The accused during the trials had a fatal heart attack and died good in a haunted happenings. A book by Robert Ellis K, Hell who is a former high sheriff of Ex Essex County noted that every sheriff since Corwin, including himself, a period of only Three hundred years, all
headquarters at the Salem jail, overlooking the spot where Corey was pressed to death died while an office or had been forced out of his post because of heart or blood ailments. That's while single inject curse imam cause, I meant to take a picture of it when we were in salem- and I thought that's what I was looking for about. One of the women said. Like I curse you, unlike you'll, die with blood in your mountainous, yes, and then one guy had liquor mouth. I will certainly sums Lang. Umbrage of sums are died with blood and his love yeah. I remember reading of my career basic freezing one. It's Arma civil karma so Toby. Third, sixteen ninety two, finally and intelligent gentleman named who was minister increase, now, there name was increase method. In October. Third, he asked me what day, while she did, it was October. Third,
increase Mather tried to convince the court to stop taking spectral evidence as actual evidence in the corn anymore, because it was dummy out. Actual evidence means the accusers were claiming that the accused came to them, unlike spirit or gross for fear. So after a full year of allowing this shit to go on there, like you, re will suddenly governor fixes, wife, Mary all of us brought. It was interrogated on suspicion that she was a which, after this, the governor of the ice was low. He decided out of the goodness of his heart We should set the accused free and stop the trials. So he dismantled the coroner of and Terminator and he replaced it when the security superior court of judicature. This court was for them, because they were forbidden from taking spectral evidence and the consideration, so they actually like put em rule on them Judges for this new core, William stolen Thomas, stand forth John Richards Weight so Winthrop and Samuel Seawall, so
eventually by May sixteen ninety three Governor Phipps, pardoned all the remaining accused October seventeenth, seventeen eleven surviving accused in some of the victims. Families convince the colony to power, a bill that clear and some of the accused and executed victims names. They should These victims and families were also paid restitutions. Girls good in in nineteen. Fifty seven such open up a little bit message, he's its governor faster for glow, signed a bill into law that officially apologised for the Salem which trials. I just think that's funny it's like we're. Sorry whoops our bank. Here, yeah you're apologies, our totalling lily. I thank you for the city of anything ever happen to an putnam enemy of the budget. Girls, it has got to live their lives here. No one was mean to them. Now burning be valid in Rome into them, well in a moment, this building, they silence nineteen, fifty seven of fish.
though, he cleared the name of some of the remaining victims that were lost, the original one thousand seven hundred and eleven law- that's good. He one thousand nine hundred and ninety two on the 300th anniversary of the trials of the city of Salem, build the Salem witch trials. Memorial and of Danvers built the sound village, witchcraft victims, memorial in honour of all the victims and we are saying it's really spooky in heavy Felix stand in the middle of that shit. It's crazy Ngos like see how many its Israel it's a lot on October. Thirty four. in two thousand and one the state amended. The nineteen Fifty seven apology, clearing the names of all remaining victims, allow. in what it says, is quote chapter one. Forty five of the resolve of nineteen. Fifty seven is hereby amended by striking out in line one the words one, an Peter and certain other persons, which is what the written one said, Anne inserting in place there.
the following words and Peter Bridget. Bishop Susanna, Martin, Alice Parker, Margaret Scott and Wilmot Red causes the ones that were left out of the original one so Greece, for why this has happened in the first place boy. The buck disaster well a behavioral scientists Linda CAP, rural sick. Thus did something: that's like kind of naval, its weight. It holds water, they I think that the afflicted girls may have been exposed to a fungus called our gut fungus can grow on grains, like rights which were very common used in Salem and this time period. This funding, can called convulsive egotism, which can cause someone down. Collusive nations muscle contraction similarly seizures Vertigo incur or tingling sensation. So the sounds like a lot: what the Ashworth dealing with the
that rise supplies had a long stores life back then, and there was a lot of moisture due to this, like tiny I saved that was going on back, then it was like super cold. Yeah seems a lotta moister in the air that could have caused us. Fungus to grow and they wouldn't have known back then that Erasmus either. So that thought happen and then they will have to live with that of it. But the girls didn't showing you the physical symptoms of ergot, wholesome egotism because It sometimes includes, like literal, disintegrating fingertips like his eyes, you up low and they didn't have any of that re. So it's like I don't know it makes sense some. Why now The theory is just straight up hysteria and the and for the hysteria could be attributed to I mean in one instance, Robert Caleb, who was a sound merchant accused. Mule Paris, who was the original accusers father.
of using the witch trials to get back his power that he was living in the village and he claimed that Paris must have forced his slave titular to confess starting the whole thing off right, No in sixteen eighty four right before the trials, king, Charles, the second revoked, the Massachusetts Bay Colonies, rural charter, would was a legal document, granting the colonists permission to colonise the area, the charter revoked because the colonists were sent violent and a lot of the rules that were set out in the charter, which include basing laws on religious beliefs and discriminating against Anglican Anglicans, A new or more anti religious charter was replaced for in Sixteen ninety one and also combined the Massachusetts Bay, colony, Plymouth, colony and several other colonies into one so The Puritans who had left England due to religious persecution, start thinking their religion was going to be attacked again because of the sea. So they all got
worried about losing control the colony political stability and now the threat till their religion. Again that made this killing of uneasiness and anxiety, so that's all happening, and then, on top of that what was going on back then was king, Philips WAR, which was real photo exactly what was ongoing at this time in the front lines of that were only like seventy miles away from Salem, oh So most of the people of Salem had seen some of the shit that was going on in the wars like an insane really fucked up shit. So and then they were also fearing that native american attacks were going to happen at any time. So, several of the afflicted girls had witnessed a lot of atrocities and shit shows that they were like. Maybe it's post, traumatic stress, the I would cause this historic were still go on the hysteria theory and on top of that Chile, at this time were restricted from almost all forms of play. They were expected to really just do chores
in studying their bible, and so of course like it in all, which is gonna hysteria and also on top of that, the stress of living in such a rigid religious society on this dangerous place at sitting right next, your fuckin war, that's going on could make this happen in I mean if you really look at what has stereo is defined, and as its quota condition affecting a group of persons categorize by excitement or anxiety arrest, no behaviour or beliefs or inexplicable symptoms of illness or the definition of this peaceful same addresses a rapid spread. Conversion disorder at condition involving the appearance of bodily complaints, for which there is no organic basis in such so in psychological distress is converted or channeled into physical symptoms, while so my money is on hysteria yeah stemming from all of those things stemming from the whole of our borders.
Was really cold. They were going to a crazy like long cold spell of employing there's. Just a ton of shit go and our people thinking their religion was being attacked. I think all of that made hysterical has to stagger hysteria happen and that's what caused this? the urgent poisoning, but it doesn't add up, Maybe it contributed to share, who knows boredom hysteria with a light touch. You won't will dash such a fund only affection, exactly the wool dash justifies crimsoning if we're Magna, if we're making potion whoever made an illusion which were Nile Pit not doing a pinch of it Ok, now you want the legitimate fall transcripts of the entire say on what trials you can already raised go to Salem, DOT, live dot, Virginia Don t you They have literally the transcripts of everything like all the court trials and everything is actually fastening. I felt that was so much but go. if we really want to see what's going on and on
so that is that those the sale in which so there is a lot to taken, but don't accuser neighbours, not the moral of the story is if somebody's name is platinum, be weary, pollyanna, the cotton weary about big weary of the Putnam, you should be so right now we are to a hundred house, but we will be back with a brand new wrap up behaviour. We'll, let you well we'll tease you out the next subject of the next steps: maybe I'll pack, lashes. Take so take us out on Instagram, morbid podcast twitter at a morbid Podcast Gmail, us morbid park ass, a Gmail com, Vespa, Gus, morbid colon, who crammed broadcast in this also Facebook group that is like starting at active in that's pretty red. So during the facebook,
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