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Episode 230: Catherine & David Birnie Part 1

2021-05-08 | 🔗
David and Catherine Birnie were twelve when they met, each coming from tough home lives. Over the years they couldn’t fight their connection, and eventually became two of the worst humans walking the planet. Together they abducted, raped and killed young women across Australia without a thought. In part 1 Alaina will give us a little insight into their lives before and during their relationship and cover the first two murders. Stay tuned for part two. Sources: Psycho Girl: The True Story of Catherine Birnie Sexual Deviants by Serene Makepeace  David Birnie's daughter speaks   As always, thank you to our sponsors: Firstleaf: Save time, money, and stress with Firstleaf – the wine club designed with you in mind! Join today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping! Caviar: Just for our listeners, Caviar is offering $10 off an order of $20 or more. All you have to do is put in the offer code MORBID2021 at checkout Candid Co: Right now, you can save seventy-five dollars on Candid’s starter kit!! Go to CandidCO.com/morbid and use code morbid Stamps: Just go to Stamps.com and enter code MORBID to get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale!
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Hey weirdos, I imagine I'm away now, and this is morbid. it's more of it in the morning again that a M sessions we are here- and I am a Cyclops right now, the ads look encased in case you don't know what I'm talking about of. I don't know if anybody remembers a couple years ago, if you listen to the spot CAS my oldest when they were like two years old accidentally poked my eye and like truly demolished yeah. I did some damage. Lay did some real damage and, like others, have surgery on my eye, was robots and dad heels without surgery, luckily, and then started
You know three years later, my youngest comes along and last night decided to dive bomb. On top of me, with her talons out in stuck her finger so hard into my eye that it looped around my eyeball ennobles. Just like I don't wanna talk about it, she almost like pop directive, so I look like I gotten like prize fight. You know I'll, tell you that it's starting to look better, I hope so it is, and you can see like a scratch on my on this Clara, slew, very, very small, and it's definitely saw- and I look like I don't hit me- I so that was fun night of sleep of like not sleeping because every time I close my I can feel it like tearing around my Khaled. Yes, that's a lot of fun, but we're gonna do this today, either way I mean I got my second shot of modernizing and I also didn't sleep last night I was like Soares Hell,
but get the shot a yard. Apollonia, it's been very much worth it. I can't wait to God to buy up, so I think that all of us really go when you saw its new with us as we both feel like shit, but but I ain't yeah, I don't think there's any new news. There's been some like a movement in the Dell Fee, the minute down the hill Alfie case liberty and abbey- and I dont want only go too far into it, because I think Libby sisters like let's wait and see how this play yeah see not onto, but I know a lot of people have asked about it. We're gonna, just we're gonna like wait, see how please oh yeah has so far, there's no new suspects, so we don't want to I throw anything out there, but just answer the people that are like. What's going on here, we see it were likewise, yet we will let you know when we think it's time to talk about it yeah, but I think that is really not much going on. So this is going to be part, one of a two part series of which you are getting.
Two parts boom boom, big bang right at the same time. Hell that's our gift. You have you done other away, you're happy mother's day week, you're all our moms, I got you are all our moms each and every one of you know some of you call us. Mom is everywhere even call you mom right back MOM data mom, so this is our give to you moms Galileo, especially all our australian moms has through the barrier australian case. You know I love the land down under. I come from Ireland. and now this is a really bad one. I just wanna like throw it right out there right in the beginning. This is normally it's really rough. There is rape involved there. These people are just terrible people all around, so Nino just be ready for that. This is not going to be an easy one. So, but stick with a then it's like eight thirty in the morning, but stick with us because in the end there is like good that comes out of its s. Stick what
Well, I loved, so we're gonna be talking about David and Catherine Bernie all around. Which I know everyone in Australia. Right now is like gasping for us so They are known as the Moor House murders because they lived and committed most of their atrocious crimes at three Moorhouse Road in Willoughby men. That's where veto they abused, raped, tortured their victims, her affection Asia. So let's talk about them first or second, David Bernie what's up with him a lot I once I put them not allowed any more, because spoiler alert he's dead. I feel good about that. So he was born February. Sixteen nineteen fifty one and Waddle Grove. I looked it up because I had never heard of idle grove, it's in western Australia and it's in New South Wales. You guys have really interesting like it, so
Any value down there like tilling other continents and other countries is done, then see how they do things because it just so did like you know, name places and allow yeah. It's like it's hard till. I figure out yelling, whereas New South Wales Red is that we know what it is where the low he was born to John and Margaret Bernie, a priest who married the two of them his parents said when he per formed the marriage. He knew it wouldn't led to anything good when his parents got Maria, oh great, the priesthood. Early said when I married these two people as like nothing that is going to come out of the priests. Why did you do it? Then? I think he had two, but all
it's really known about John his father does not allow known. He was really quite clearly a meek man. He was a Baptist and he was known to have a very pronounced stutter which, like made him very nervous around people, so that sonya- and he was very quiet- use the quiet of the true. He wasn't. The yellow and the screamer knew tat. One went to Margaret murmured, the yellow in the screamer Marge Margarets, like that she's a fucking monster, I want to say, like I think she that would be a good way to describe her. She was like a chain smoking, alcoholic she abused her children emotionally and physically. She was a legit demon he had for younger siblings, so he was the oldest of five. His home growing up was filthy. Why which have five children if you dont like that's the thing that bothers me, because these two would first sure did not want these guys It's like that. There's ways on and it's like, maybe just don't have right, don't like that
if you're gonna have to train the children like dont, have the children and it's like that's fine. You wanna, live in your filthy housel have added go for once. You involve kids, that's fucked up it's getting on for you. You can sit there in your own. Of all day, I don't give a shit but yeah she's, terrible, so the house with filthy, completely unkempt. They would just leave the refrigerator open all day because they didn't feed their children. They would just let the refrigerator be open, and if you wanted food, even at like two years old you waddle over to their. Virginia and pull something? I need it Y see up in one I'm assuming that things were rancid then then I'll shore actually being refrigerated. That's just using the refrigerator is like a Fuckin pantry session
just like a which you didn't want to do anything for kids like not changed them, not babe and does not give any living up. First option is actually ensure that included feeding them. Apparently, she was unwilling to actually do anything like that. There were rumours that there was incest in this home. The kids were in and out of foster care which it's like just give him up. Oh yeah, like you, dont want them, This is not a case of I can't take. Care of. This is the case of I'd I dont want hit. I dont want them, I mean she's.
Screaming people said Jude, screamin yell at these kids all the time I think they're Zalm, there's a youtube or name Bela, and I can remember her last name: she's, a true crime, you to her she's, really great I'll. Look it up on him. His bell. I think her lessening begins with enough actual wicked up. She's really grayish go listener and she had said that she found a story where David's mother had like us was on a bus with one of her black when our child was a baby one of them and the baby was like screaming, and she just gotta handed the baby to a random stranger went to the lake. Another part of the bus like sat there. Just like hung out read a book like did, which he did what and when it was her stopped. She is took the baby back in my got off the bus, and if I was the person lunch, give up baby. It's your outfit like I'll, just keep it by building
how I see bs right now, otherwise, Georgiana me also. It is a bell of Fury Fiori, yeah, she's really get the other who goes nor. I just like happened to watch a thing of hers and aided I'd watched her like a while ago, and I that's when I wrote down or like I gotta do this case. Oh yeah, and I remember her relaying that story somewhere in there but yeah. I thought that was insane so yeah, it's insane, so he David attended Sunday School and the local Baptist church eaten. That's the only thing she did do is bring her children to a Baptist church, his teacher when he was three years old. the Sunday school said she recognized right away that something was off with him that you were three years old way, more violent, that other kids yeah three and he would just sit. There are three years old and just tear into papers with pencils. What the fuck yeah and the teachers just could see. There were like he was clearly linked emotionally in pain.
Learn to stir child slick right off the doubt right, my right off the bat and who must sit right off the dock, because right off the dot dynamics thing was in a documentary and those like right off the documentary element. So in a documentary I saw one of the teachers said that they looked at him and just said you don't even have a chance that somehow idea a lot of people say the same in this documentary. They said that there was like a real stigma around the the Bernie family. Eileen, the yeah. They said people would see them and just like the Bernice like they were that family, like cod, they literally were filled with of Australia. Man yeah. He started committing petty crimes at the age of eight. What the fuck, that's like, when people alike, smoke weed for the first time at like eight years. How, though, like just likes you,
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here is my name is that you know teachers in love that I think it was you you fucking monster, so Catherine Bernie Catherine Bernie was born Catherine. Margaret Margaret Harrison, though that which is not, I was gonna say, is an interesting. Her muddle neighbours mark that fizzle out. She was born cause she's, like you, she's, even even worse monster. So that's gonna she's worse than him. Oh yes, she's worse than his mother, oh but on a different level does so she was born. May twenty third nineteen, fifty one in Perth her mother, died during childbirth when she was only two years old. She was having her little brother and her little brother died only a few days, a stone. So that's rough. She moved with her father Herald to South Africa for a little while oh shit, but he was not able to care for her. Some of the things I saw said he was abusive. Some said he just one didn't wanna, take error or automatic care, or so either way, not a good situation. Now,
so he was. She was sent back to Australia, Perth to live with her maternal grandparents, Coca known fortunately they were super crazy per strangle. She wasn't allowed to play with other kids and no kids were allowed in the house, and we do of course became like super me, no socially, behind her peer yeah. She was tease. She gave off like weird vibe shoes. Just like a weird kid: she give off a vibe that other parents really didn't want their children around. So other parents were like yeah. You can't play with her. That's like really, sir. Turkish leg it from the sounds of you haven't done anything yeah. She was a kid in its not her fault. We feel bad for the kid, but not the adult cells in this thing was like her grandparents who take care of her, but then they pass off to another family, number for a while then back to them, so she never had assumed was always passed off to somebody and then, like her father, is just like in and out being ip I'll talk to. You know, I won't talk to you and then at ten. years old. Her father was like: do you know it
ready to give it a go at ten at ten years old silver. Ten years she's been, you know, just my father's pulling pushing are pulling her family members are showing her around and she's. Just like, I don't belong, hey where nobody run, wants me like I'm just in makes me want to cry, and also I dont have any friends he had shown nobody aegis in herself, so she did move back in with her father heralds, and am it seemed to be going all right when she moved back in with them in Perth, Ok, so at twelve years old now, David and Catherine both to wear the same age, they ve turned twelve of unlike months of each other open at twelve David move to Perth. Was it with his family and move?
next door to Catherine Shit. Why are you my son that, like I was excited? I believe I was like a meat Keeluk. I think they're going to me. Oh my gosh, I think subscribe happened. He read while like we, I don't want them to be wild. I just they like, oh yeah, the war in the world like a lid on fire. The moment that they met like the devil is always was not. This is a matter in hell, so she was so desperate to have friends, though yeah that when he showed any kind of vested interest in hanging out with her, she was like. I love him. We may think, and he what he didn't like you really liked her right. So they like dated four little bit like a twelve year old died. I don't wanna like this. I know is in this terrible, only Q and not where love story. Don't you worry because right now feel it ok, yoga marinated cause for a little bit like a little taste, your like die like yeah. It's really quick
so they data for a little bit. Her father heralds hated David, legal, aided him thought he was bad news like bad news bears. He was like he's already getting into trouble. I mean when he was a girl I get this week here. He had like a rap sheet at twelve voice. He had already been in trouble with the police pollyanna and he was starting to get Catherine into trouble like take him on these little exe error so she's getting in trouble. Now I don't blame her down so weirdly, though David's mom, who we should totally believe because she's awesome, they offer she claims. She was like. No, all these pair of the parents knew each other Davidson art like us. In Catherine's parents we knew each other. They said some of them had worked together, like previously in the laundry room at the Perth Hospital, and they all thought David and Catherine would marry some day because they knew each other That's what I think she's a bull shit. Are. They met at twelve right like? That is a thing also. It heralds like no fucking hated David Lee
get married now, as I think she's just trying to be like I'm a good mom, and I always wanted my kid to marry that sweet little Catherine exactly which brings us right to the next point of the story which David and David's parents divorce didn't like us soon after they move to per year, and neither of the parents wanted any of the kids, so they all just became lords of the state. What so they divorced, and then they sent it like a hey judge, I don't I don't, have a literally got divorced near like we don't really want them any ways and the judge was like cool, so they all have to go to different foster homes, so they all got split up the facts. That's got run just I don't think he wouldn't, like you hear about siblings, being split up investor. I don't understand why that's aloud, I dont think it. I dont get that at all Is that all one healthy for development like so detrimental, yes and I mean foster
Karen. Why anything trauma that kid is being taken away from their parents, regardless of who the parents were how I went down and it's like if they have a say, We now might be there only lifeline literati, given that it so said but in this case I think it was just like Michael Neither one of us want em member. and by mom used to tell me that she was gonna drive me to foster care like it was a building lit, and I remember that likelihood fight and she Blakey that's out of school, foster care, and I tell me I was like one This good friends, so fucked up, oh yeah development terrain, Marianna drama were to see where you're connected it right. I give you a little piece: everybody's like what's wrong with ashes mom like that's, what's wrong with anxious affair that you what's wrong with ashes mom in your sister that right there she wanted to drive me to Mister Kara. Multiple quiche fish wanted to drive her to the building bridges, daughter, doesnt, hair, it's just a building. That's his foster care here! No, no
well, either way favouring Catherine lost contact after this long not moved to another family and of all the five kids separate and they all got separated and a lot of them. Like didn't speak again, there was a couple. I think him we'll see his him in his younger. Brother do gettin contact which, as we know, we all want a lot. I feel because I dont think these veto, at least these two didn't turn out so great a hall, so in David was fifteen. He left school because he was just like not attending anyways and he started working as an apprentice jockey for Eric Parnell at Ascot, racecourse uncle she's taking care of the horses he's helping the jockeys, I don't want to go near. The horses police. You dont know because I'm not going to say anything like what happened, but he did hurt them. Horses me. I know the other apprentice jockeys thought he was an asshole and they thought he was weirdest fuck like some of the documentaries. I like the dude would like never smiled, was always nasty and mean
I'm afraid not hired yeah like he treated the horses poorly and then they said he would sometimes like he became kind of like an exhibitionist. Don't fuck me he would sometimes ride up on his bike too, like near the race course Injustice jacket any. Would we wearing nothing underneath? That's why the oh yeah? Why, sir, that's it to stimulate? Bring pants on his back tonight to change. I just wanted a flash everybody already and then, while working there, he intentionally hurt three horses. I don't wanna dance. I can tell you anything about it, but he was able to stay for free while he was working there in a boarding house owns like partially by the stables and in nineteen sixty ex he broke into a seventeen year old woman's home. Who was his landlady start and was naked wearing only a stocking on his head. What the fuck do you What is wrong with you? He tried to rape her
Then dear old woman, but and I got scared away like fifteen of us by a music. Sixteen, I think what the fuck and yet then Luckily, you got scared away before he could do anything, but that's when he was let go from the race track. That said been goes without saying. I gotta hear his boss talk to induce paper and said quote: he was a bad kid. He added shocking home life. He had no chance at all That's a another note you like he's a bad kid, but he had no chance for night really coming anything different, the people at the stables potluck I was, I said earlier like oh, how did you get hired, but they probably fell back One is given the place to stay. I think I just wanted to give him a chance like there are like. Maybe we can turn as I've got. Some people just need that ray. The trauma they active somebody that they just need that like routine and that responsibility, but
It was well known at this point to that he had become like addicted to porn a lawyer. I have he's doing weird yeah. He had some like sexual deviance is like shit was going down. He was also leg. Over perverted, like would be rapist, Liza attempted to rape somebody he was getting into a tunnel troubled the police. At this point, tons of shit yeah, that's when Catherine and David re mats all goody how they came back into contact and they fell in love again as team. Was it love at this point? had been out of in and out of prison a couple time you had a rap sheet for assault, burglary, robbery, o cancelling petty crimes, and she was just enamored smitten smitten by the sky, so David and Catherine start to commit crimes together because he thinks this is gonna, be like really hot.
When she begged him at this together, trying to Bonnie in climate out. Yet, let's natural born killers. Thus it's gonna be great. No, they their first crime happened on June, eleventh nineteen sixty nine and they were trying to steal a safe from a local drive and movie theater, and they were ended up being arrested and charged with eleven counts of theft and breaking and entering wolf. Had they both pleaded guilty and David was sentenced to nine months in prison in Katharine, got a little less of a sentence because she was currently pregnant time. Oh no with another man's baby, oh yeah there not on ok going on, so they actually went up in front of the Supreme Court and their sentences were actually increased when they went from the Supreme Court. David three more years on his sentence of six or nine months of dog and cat
and got probation, and it was actually increased by four years, Sir, how I love that there really appeal judges like so June twenty Nineteen. Seventy David actually escaped prison Where did you know? You know, I felt that I felt like we were headed that when the course- and where did he go to Catherine, went straight to Catherine because they love each other love. They went on its crimes spree together. Bonnie Incline time. You know home invasions, burglaries, robbing people like all that funds. It's like if you're going to escape. well. Why not I'm alive lay low know, we're not gonna do that later. Did there go in for their natural born killers? I love. You know that I hated they went in front of them. for it again in July of nineteen seventy and at this was after their crimes spree and when they caught. They were charged with fifty three counts of trespassing.
Illegal operation of a motor vehicle, burglary robbery like all kinds of stuff Jesus and when they caught them, they like weird shit with them like disguises. They also dynamite with them. So I don't know what they are planning to do in that. Why Zia in David was sentenced to two and a half months in prison for having done am I M coming where does one purchase a dynamite yeah? I have Why do I always thought it was just like a tick. Tiktok boon dynamite like that's all. I thought of dying light need only it is. Maybe when you go pick it up, you have to be like Tiktok tiktok boom done right. Will you have a nice? We have one of those here you go while the dynamite sore. That's where you go Dynamite SARA. I feel it would be. A cost cooperate. Sinhalese like the pool place, the dynamite DEN the love it. I love it here where I got up well, Catherine Guy six months in prison and she had the baby while in prison. That stresses me out a lot. The baby was taken away right away and that's what makes
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Jeanne been set at this time. I would do anything for him, regardless of whether it was wrong or not while, but it was like, I mean I'm not opening her behaviour, but it like it's like this is the only person who's ever on her any time to play out affection. So it does make some. Yes, she just attached herself to India and then, they did convince her while she was in prison. I guess over, like the we do parole officers and guards, and all that, like people around her we're like listen, you need to stop talking to him get your shit together? You have a chance like here in here, because you attached yourself to re. It's not even anything that leg you Yad. So when she got out of prison. The parole officer that you did give her. She did get custody back of her baby that she had and they were able to convince her to go, get a job stay away from David. So she did. She became a housekeeper for the Mclaughlin family, Loca Jed custody of her baby seem to be going. Ok, she's only twenty years old, but this point me
rough go to hear the rounds gauss. So while she was there, she actually ended up falling in love with one of the children who is actually an older. Oh, I would as I was in an actual child, but like one of the family, children shirt oldest son named Donalds and mandatory getting married that you're on her twenty first birthday deah and she had a baby with him named Donald Junior, ok, yeah So when the set baby was seven months old, though they had some friends over they let the baby crawl around on the new yard and on the driveway and trigger warning, I'm gonna give you a second somebody backed out of the driveway and ran over the seven months old and killed them. How does that ever gonna happen? Yeah? I dont know here
I dont understand why your letting your baby crawl around on the driveway when cars are moving. I don't get that note. Just ended at let your baby coronal around on the driveway, I mean, I know that's dirty and safe, not something I do baby skin is so like. So so tell with Chad so devastating? But Somehow they moved past it. They were able to get through it and they had six more kids together. What I thought I was not expecting us to go there, s more kids. This woman has six kids it was seven very technically seven yeah yeah you're right the baby imprisoned. Yet so dull, an old was actually in and out of jobs, but they seemed pretty chillingly pretty happy together was hooligan, ok do I think he was like a pretty decent dude, but they were living like pay check to pay check. They were struggling financially Thea. The only issue was that she didn't seem to like being a mom, won't
Maybe she shouldn't have six children cuz. You think we just said: did it taste like? Did you hit the six kid and you were like? I don't think I want that. I don't know if I This scenario I don't know, what's try one more time limits, that seventh and see if I like kicks in like if it's not kicking in by the first skin. You you, don't you don't want it really like the seven kids and video, like. I don't really like this. I want kid so bad. I can't imagine like it's fine if you dont lunkheads, but I can't imagine having a kid and not wanting it. Only just knowing like the three years it took us to have the twin yeah and all the Nino, Are you wise and I believe that we went through just to have them literally how badly we wanted that it's like hearing this can assure you may see how my ass that she's, like I'm just gonna, keep popping out kids, but I don't really like the brave and she just let them,
like run wild, didn't give a shit leg, so fuck never took care of them and she didn't really care about keeping her house clean either is just like filthy and saying handling the Hoss David grew up in the air, and yes, she just she was just letting him run around the neighborhoods, never knew where they work care than Donald hurt his back and couldn't work anymore, so they d move to an even smaller with such children area and its am, I think it's called council housing there and it was not a great situation. So there was too many kids in that house. It was a mass. She was unhappy. Diving Donald was trying to do what he could do, but you know it was a disaster. So then David gets out of prison for the second time. Oh, he and he gets out of prison and he doesn't go straight for Catherine,
Remember they have not had contact allegedly something they have had contact heart. Like part of this time, I can't imagine they went how many years without contact. I know that's the thing, but when he got out of prison he met a woman named carry through his brother. Apparently she do his brother. They went out. In literally the next night he proposed to her and she was like. Yes, that sounds very rational. Let's do it. The great react. Yes, that sounds very right. I should think this will turn out great. Yes, I know you so well. She's, like I don't know you five When I see a liar, your last seems Bernie haven't heard about. Let's do this, so they got married already and care. all these are always says they did have a baby together. Got a chill out with the baby? I'm not going to see her name, even though it is like article yeah. I don't know she does she then really deserve to be attached to this year.
and by all accounts he was a great father to this baby. According to her, according to everybody, she said he loved her took care. Her, they were married for six years and they were happy for six years and according to the Ex wife and everything she was like, we, it was fine, that's just very interesting, I know, and then he got a head injury and completely flipped his lead. He was suddenly out of nowhere treating carry like shit cheating on her all the time, but even then the than daughter says he never abused her huh. Never. She was like. I don't in fact later and I have like a quote from her, she says later like I have so much trouble, reconciling what he's done with who I knew. yeah, which I mean I can't imagine, Ghana, feel like it's like Bt K start carry. I was I was on the tip of my tongue. I just about his shame at length. She, it must be so hard to process.
that this man, who, like me, you know We are not the most perfect father in the world who is splendid like they do not terrible father to you. You know like geared. You have good memories with janitor your father and he had like no inkling that he's going. I maiden do anything to you. You know like they didn't her, either abuse you that and hate you that do and it's like, and then you have to reconcile that their this absolute monster right. because it's like you have to decide whether you're gonna have a relationship with them are not based on something that happened to like so many other visa likely technically didn't involve you and you get all this judgment on. You like. You, had something to do with it, and it's like No, like that's your father donors, have nothing to do with its like that. They should be expected to try to sit there and go analyze. What was going on with their parents, they shouldn't have to sit here and explain anything. Any by now like they are there. There owned a different kind of victim there,
They are trying to put you out of that person. I was lately that just sucks, it does like it's crazy, oh yeah. I feel it she she's dealing with the same kind of thing. Now yeah. He started cheating on carry, though constantly that was his nuclear cuz. Remember, he's addicted to porn and Oh, I forgot so that always was a thing yeah, but now its becoming a real thing when it seems like the headings We also really exasperated sizzling prison, knocked sense into him and then added denominated out yeah yeah. So he said it actually advertising fur affairs in the paper would carry didn't know about obviously at that time, but that's like actually Madison before, actually literally, it was like Oji actually matter itself for years after the injury he you know for four years. I'm surprised she stuck with them for this long. This is like ten years a marriage
dealing with the first six years beyond all right in the last four years be in her endless and she. Finally, it came to a head because he came home one day and he was like here's my sixteen year old girlfriend. I Billig why, buckish liquid, but why the fuck in any moves his daughter out of her room and into the room with her his wife and his like you, that's your bedroom. Now with your mom. This is my bedroom with my sixteen year old. Girlfriend now am carry said what in care with like no sir and she laughed and was looking good cause. I was a great honor I too much like no now by by that, was that that's when she had enough here, the poor child, Newspapers like what why tat DR, when she's like excuse me, you can't have a friend and die, not one! That's the minor and you can't take my bedroom asiatic. What the hell so David Finally, so you know now his wife and his daughter have left David. Then is like time to find Catherine time too,
Catherine One not got things are going great. So We should really put the whipped cream. On the Sunday in GO grab. Catherine he's like you, don't give a fuck things up to the extreme with me, Catherine CAT. she's the one I gotta get yeah. Came by the way like when you look at them together, you're, like wow, I have to read we have. I seen him too. gnarly erlooking human beings around each other, like they are both just is looking like crotchety miserable just like oh viagra, Lee. They both have hollowed out eyes and just like dead I'd, Frowny faced demon faces really. Is They have his nose as a law and heard her vibe as a law that both are thereby. I've, just if I saw them. I believe no! Thank you. Oh especially this pact like
Thank you. I'm telling you go, look it up guys there anymore posts and photo, but worth younger hers, terrifying. It's no good! Now, Sir David tracks down the love of his life there. Here they go again. Did he does a sixteen year old, geologists a sixteen year old? Apparently that was not made to lot not built, allow no currently, no now. This is a four weeks after Catherine has had her seventh child. Well, yet, with barely recur, Yup she was actually in the hospital having a hysterectomy, but that's good when David at her down at least there's the exactly and at one point her husband, Donalds was coming to visit her in the hospital and David was their holding her hand I ve just walked in on our like David was what egos by white by talk with that's going on hello there. How many mcdonnel? Are you her cousin? What
your name. Let us go visor nose like that of what. Why do you look so angry? Who are you angry, sir? Your vibe? No off, ok, birdy are so she was so cheap. They apparently Donna was like that's weird and just like went about his life and she got out of the hospital, and then she immediately went to visit David Lee. and while she was there, she was like you know what this is. This is the life I want. This is the right here. This disgusting life with this horrible man is what I want so she said calls her husband, Donald and she's, like hey Donny, I'm gonna leave you and all the kids. I don't give a shit about any of you, like all seven kids, all yours, that's like sociopath want anything to do with them, her youngest. Three by the way, while the before the end of the debate,
like, but what did in the end the baby shirt I courier knew she had left and we, U Horn, and every year old and young, who knows how will the other ones where it lay like properly so in our youths and when you say someone can be called a cunt Catherine o apps illegal and so can David you're not matter to conceal because he's just like ok cool, I mean abandoned my child to and you abandon yours and we'll get together like fun so moved in together because they were like cool we're going to start a new life, we don't have kids suited. The did. Donald Junior take her first child to cause a first child Bosnia. Is she left him tell NEA and so they moved in together, David and Catherine at the House on moorhouse. She immediately changed her last name to Bernie, but they never married a Hodges changed it to that idea. Cause she's, not she's. Her me up and she just wanted for like seem like they were married genome.
Ok, we're married onward and Catherine Bernie. I mean she legally bound herself to him when she was like twelve so it's true and she legally bound him set herself to him when she was like I've been abandoned. My small village of children literally live with. You now and I just love that they were both like oh cool. We don't have kids were childless people. And it's like no between you- you have more children than I've seen on any given direct nine different. So it's like you, that's insane, but you We have just decided Georgia's childless now like she, originally had eight children, even though you have very much had children, Olivia, Bialik, now yeah, of course, there s house was like really clean, really organised like real. I'm totally could I was like wouldn't bet you do like. What's how did they just their profound. Their house was an absolute cesspool of like shit. I don't understand, I don't I don't get a day lived, discussed at length, they Picton
dial like they were disgusting. and dirty just like they were later disgusting and dirty last night I baked shit, ton for mother say, lay coming up and I was like you know: I'm gonna leave those Penza sink like I just can't right now and I took a shower and I went back out nose like I can't leave us. No, I gotta go to sleep and pins in this. I cannot use, and luckily Neither can John so we're both crew, see that way, so there will never be dishes, and our thing I like that, now be with your smile. You don't have to be. Thousands of people have used candid, the clear, comfortable, removable and practically invisible a liner stop straighten their teeth,
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and use good morbid. That's candid c: o dot com, sash morbid code morbid. Take advantage of this limited time offer to save seventy five dollars off your start. Orkut candid, ceo dot com, slash morbid code and its, I can't ginger leavings and it's like filthy little dirty ends they spend their time they're doing heroin and pills and Jane Smoking and smoking weed, and just like did it. You know just doing there turn their degenerate j AI. Unless now they don't have to worry about a thing just thrown should on the floor. This house, yeah David, got a job as a car parts salesman, and it was close to his house where he was working. He was in another prison still who still do not out yet I I could imagine and during one of his small prison, since he was in the cell with some guy. He knew his little boy their James Yeah
ended up being. In the same sell us and when there are like- oh, my god, you and then seeing each other for a while, so they're like oh my god, we're both getting out of here soon and David was like cool. You should move in with us like you can stay with us for a little while your back on your feet, sons like a really got so nice, like so so nice, I'm a brother, Manor House, it's beautiful! There's a housekeeper, Catherine cooks, dinner, every nine she's, an amazing shouting out any was linking. Oh you're, probably a good guy, because James was imprisoned. First sexually assaulted is six year old niece. So I dont in a moment and when asked about it, he said she. She led me on six yep six. These are the Bernice the It is physically got now share the I literally like had to start myself from heaving when I saw that boy, what what is wrong with people that you can't even
begin to unpack. No eleven. I never will never in my life would I don't ever want to understand yell an island. Let's get an island what's throw all of them on the island of Miss Fit and largest die out? Eventually, I think we should do that of not having kidding. I would happily be like, let's put all pedophiles on an island, six thousand gazillion Listen I'll, never waiver out of that students had survey. Does it know I deserve to ride on. You have children affected people here, Oh, he was sleeping on their couch, so already this in this house is just getting warmer in warmer by the debt crisis. Borgia straight up last, as house is a very, very, very bad of this house's leaking Uzi, says one by it and at length. I guarantee, walked by this house on Moorhouse Road and you are like. Why does a globe green boy. Why aren't you know it was literally monastery house up? It's just like. What's what's happened?
in their all this out of your walking, and it's like sunny about like there's like like a cloud is worrying and house like hailing. Only does here, like the jaws theme song as to how you dislike what's happening in their the it's no Sir James, a sleeping on their couch and he quickly learned more and more about his brother because now he's obviously sleaze Ino involved locked up sexually and now he's bees learning his brother also sees addicted to porn and Saxon he's very aggressive about it. So TAT S a bond overthrow, he had a huge collection of port. Around the house that was just like strewn around the house, because he's he's fine kids or anyone use, throw it anywhere and captains like this so cute. I love it and he needed to have sex five to six times a day. A special legal gap. L, oh baby girl would physically die
I should like that I know that so long No, it's a lot. This is one of those things where, like it's not like, no, I want to have sex. Six times a dog I feel like I'm physically need to and I'm gonna lose my shit. How old is he at this point? But the other thing he's like maybe even is like Lee, I think early thirties at this by our late twenties early. Thirdly, I mean so as very this pretty surprising yeah I mean it's. This is what it is he's like: addicted, deportment insects, and he was always That's why he had all those like weird proclivities where he would want to lake dress. You know and, as you know, a jacket in general. We out, as you are like what you could do is like. There are more though I mean there is, but he would dress and like just a jacket and yet like right around the exhibition is so he feel the breeze on your brewed. In you know there was those rumours growing up in that burden that Bernie House, like incest, unlike fucked, up shit. Having I
There was also rumours that, like his mom would you know, get a taxi to take the to go to the store and she just like fuck the taxi driver for late payment in the house like in front of the kids. So there's a lot of really messed up, messed up, ideas of sex that happened in that house. I imagine absolute that manifest itself in these children here, because I mean look at James. Look at him yeah I get a job that doesn't just come out of nowhere. That's threats, there's some deep sigh. Large that's a learned behaviour, which by no means like I'm like an excuse for them, but this is definitely something that was planted early on in their development for sure lose its two extreme. Not to be this is not just an One family to have this year, but in all the rumours and like knowing how those parents words just like no good so yeah Hugh he needed, have sex five or six times a day.
and he kept a small mattress in the living room like next to the couch, nurture games of sleep it off this for him to have sex with random women on a cavern, wouldn T, like an open relations, because I guess you haven't, he started with Catherine and then they broke up for like a brief period of time. He would also just bring girls and because he was I know, I need to have sex six times a day and if you're not around, to find someone who is already. That is how intent She was, and also James, said that he noticed tat. He would use numbing spray on his like who have before sex and it was an end like I'm. So it was me legally bat like a numbing spray, so that he could last longer because it would make it like me. You can't feel anything. That's what numbing summing up
You know, I think it's cosmetics is Blake least here. Where are you my eyes just process that you're, like the humming I was like did? Did you know? You're ladylike numbing makes that's it. I can't feel sad. I was like I got really know about this by yeah you dislike, and so here he was really. You know this episode. Reinhard is truly saplings for its really something and human heart he went on. I don't want you to. The word harder can please yet. I was fortress and more rights for that. But yes, so you know we're here we're here here we are version. If this is this episode of squalor regardless swaller its filthy, it's it's his unkempt house. That's what this episode as I am not Russia, as it out we even gotten into like the anything about the new crimes, is who they are as people young. So then you know Capitan him got back together. They are back on the regular bullshit, but was the dangerous stilled mattress was still there already are ready to go to key
in so far his twenty four so for his us almost and his sons, his brothers, twenty first birthday. He said he James, come here, and you know like what those like you have sex with Catherine, not that I thought you were here to say that, like he got him like a sex worker, something no, it is his is gal. No. He was like here. Catherine FEAR, which reminds me of Lake Yo Carl I'm ok. I know where she was. She was like. You want my sister earlier I like pretend likely Hearest. I can give you that like this is no one has any autonomy like besides them like tat. Just like, would you like one honestly, I that's weirdly in such jewel what it is like this weird you didn't. You know, so that was actually the first time the James had had sex or the girl was with Catherine
and at one point David went without sex for like a night like a whole day and night, so he was insane like literally like James was like he was off his a in, and he was begging James to just let him have sex with them. That's how like out of control. He was he wanted his brother, To have sex with which in case anybody was wondering whether incest happened in that house growing up hell that's your answer. That's your answer. Right there yeah! So that just shows you. What was happening in this house before they even began murdering people we'd. Sir, do you know if they did or not? I don't know, I don't know I believe it was a thing it's better to have now it's better to not now it's better judges know that that's how desperate he was and how much he couldn't go without it. In his own mind, now because his sexual appetite tight was clearly so insatiable like instead,
yeah to say the least, see quickly just like became board of having sex with each other. Catherine David is measured. More more so David Catherine was what she could to keep up, but David was like eventually I need more, so he was like I'd like to link spices he's up so David in Katharine. They talked about it and they were like. What can we do to really make things different here, and David was like well. I've always had like this thing about like abducting and raping a woman. Which is like very interesting when your partner, you know it's it's good to communicate with their partner, I think definitely talk about what you want talk about what you need born Europe. Nor says. I've always had this fantasy of abducting and raping a woman. You yourself out of this again shades timed it time to go. You know what this year fun by and then leave. Maybe call authorities and sad and oh, what's gonna happen here, but it seems like Suttons bird
I don't know, but Catherine was like that sounds great. And then only that shows like I'd, actually love to watch That yeah, so Catherine was like willing totally into it yeah, so they again two people found each other I wonder how these people find each other. The day I went happens so the first thing they could thing to do is put an ad in the paper to try to lure girls to their house. ruling so up front about for his yeah. They love ads in the paper to their like. Let's just a paper trail. That's what we're! Looking for here any in the seventies high, so the add that they put in the paper they put it pan out in the paper. That said, urgent, look, for a lonely person prefer female. Eighteen to twenty four years share single room flat, so they making it like. Oh do you want to live in our house
how do you, then? Why do you have to be low lily to live there? Lonely person female eighteen to twenty four to live at our? How that's the remit we're looking for lastly, I everybody who add that thought the same thing we did because they didn't get any bites also. Why would that be put into print like? Why was the newspaper leaky, Noah and zeal the newspapers This is probably find this wound No, no, that, like those who ever was like typing it up that day went home to their way for husband was like get this. It was like what you thought, thereby was boring, gained a loan, it's like they pay for a spot, they paid for it. I think they decide to print it alike. The eight or nine, very frankly, not threatening anyone there not lying on a lonely leaves a weird one, but you just gotta Billy. I learned is that no one answer about the most ominous right, urgent either. I hate that part yeah. So apparently the two of them didn't really have like specific. girl in mind or anything they just said
they would like and eighteen to twenty four year old, preferably preferably. I can't do that way, but they I wanted to find a girl alone. They were looking for a girl, learn we're getting any anybody biting off of really good ad in the paper. That was like super subtle crema, so there are like, while that's crazy about it and work use tone owing to the post office. You are also still paying full price for both stage. Well, thanks to Stamp Stockholm, you don't have to do any more think of what you could do without money. I would put it towards a new.
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He came back every day for at least a week. He was making. suggestions like I only like brunettes with brown eyes. As soon as I was alone, he came in and she's and she was super creeped out by him right away, and this was happening for a week. straight and she was like it was escalating to. The point was like something bad gonna have now she called her husband and her husband came in and scared him I love, and he never came back again, but she I mean it's one hundred percent positive, that that was intended to tap solidarity. WWW is one hundred percent going to try to take her home. That's so scary, so she got away, she wasn't lonely day. They wasn't lonely, I love their husband came and it was like no now getting happen and smarter Billy. I'm gonna call someone else inherent scare. The shit out of me yeah, so Catherine would now when they would like look for a person their little. Could they had a code system of a horse
story. My Iranian exactly now, there's a lot of parallel there, irony in here and like will see, and so Catherine would give David the go ahead, that this was the person she wanted by Thing and you can usually what they were thinking after this there are like art, he's just stock to someone didn't work, yet they put an ad in the paper. Didn't work, we're just gonna have to pick people rank. the ride home three at so she they said when we get some one in the car. If both of em are down, because David said Catherine had to approve of the person, so Catherine would say, I've got the munchies and if David thought, the person was a good match as well and was into it. He would say quote I've got the munchies to darling that's foul, and that was how they sealed whoever's fate. Never axiom! Never again you! I hate that you ruined Munchies Ferrari, it was a me was Catherine and David. They are. Fuck them so October, six, nineteen, eighty six! No thank you marry Nielsen twenty two years old,
Oh, she was a student at the University of Western Australia, shoes, majoring psychology. She work part time Deleon Adele. She was like a really justly good heart. working girl gang do unearthing at university. Shoes adorable like they were all so pretty. Every girl, like they're, so adorable and all of them are like really sweet from good families like just like futures and yeah, just like the real futures ahead of them just not doing anything, they should have been doing at the time. It's like literally just like just living their lives? It sucks and she met David while shopping at the spare parts yard that he worked at. She was looking for a tire and she he was like hey. He like pulled her aside and was like hey I can get you cheaper tyres for your car, like you just like here's, my phone them and you twenty two year, like Hell, yeah brother, actually you're like yes, I was our time at a deluge hours. I need time like cheaper tie about ready to idyllic awesome, well colleague, exactly and his co.
Workers, access yard by the way said that he'd, they thought he was very smart, which a lot of people said he was smart. I law. Unfortunately, I feel like you would have to be to pull some thing tat. He was very like he read on his own time and can educated himself a little bit because he wasn't getting I am obviously sir. He was very well spoken to a lot of peoples which can trick alot of people into thinking. Here he always standing, which doesn't correlate like very smart are very well spoken, are well read, does not matter good person and not what smoking not while read you know, doesn't correlate with bad person. A lot of people unfortunately do correlate the tooth, and yet so here That's a lot of the reason he was able to manipulate alot of people and charm them yeah. so his coworkers, and yet he was really smart. Use got so Boston. I did I when his coworker did. I really like coal. Are you there
He was really smart man. He was really normal smart wicked norm, all who is a great worker that yeah. They said he was always on time. He never! Mr shift like nothing out of the who really changed and up from the from really says, is he really did, and you know it was it's like they said he didn't stand out in fade into the body probably and out, but he probably learned how to play that actually entitled to. They were like he was there. He was never late, so you never have to think about him much. He did his job up. He talked to us up. What was it I wouldn't sit there and say I wanna, like hang out with him every night, I wouldn't say: don't you he's. There are even less MC organ. Eva Britt Big Deal, which is interesting. They filling along these people either our share at their jobs or they go above and beyond and hurling online use. My favorite worker and its leg
He really just he was alone in another level, which is interesting. I think a lot of them really do that. We I've just realized that not once have, I said our data David O, my god. How have I not said wow what a missed opportunity for both of I know, but I'm gonna really up the ante in part to probably oj that NEO de la La Davis Endeavour, as ever, I'm so get at it. You are doing We do the entire a little bit of excess stance later. I think everybody, lessening solely, will put that on the Instagram limber keen guide are if you watch shits Greek, do you have to so poor Mary? Let's go back to marry. Her parents were out of town in he didn't have somebody that you know nor Molly. She would probably collar parents and d like hey. Can you pay for these tyres are like help me? Oh yeah, then they were like we would have liked. She knows we would have, but they were out of town
Essentially, it launches pie like oh, you know what they're gonna wanna do this myself when they come home, so impressed that I did this exactly she's, like you know how many at this done now and she's like what luck that he's gonna do this for me, so she called them cause. He gave her a number and he was a cool. Come to my house now and I'll give you you know we can do the tire things like. We just can't do it there, because you they want to charge. You allowed nine. I want them to know, though it honestly. I like it now. Obviously I wouldn't just based on the job that we have a longer. You can get why she would be bad, so Lou, yeah and so on. sober sex. She went to his house to bring them up David answered the boy, ass soon, ass, she got there and he immediately held her at gunpoint Odin immediately holder right in the house now.
Immediately. Catherine? Was there they immediately changed her to the bed in the bedroom. David raped her as Catherine watched Catherine Adieu apparently did like research before they did this, because she wanted to know exactly what they were doing like exactly how to make. This is like cover as possible. She want to make sure they didn't leave any like evidence. They what she was like all about this, and then she the time while he was raping her to take notes on what he liked and what he didn't like what you ve, how you're like how, in your mind you Y yeah whites and she also took pictures note the fact that now according Catherine herself that she said this is when David was like. Maybe we should also kill people we once he was like I. This is fun like this is nice, but I'd really like to kill people.
Finally, can we kill her with saying this in front of her life was under like do you think we should Keller, whom God this poor girl she and she's? but he had never said he wanted to kill someone before that. He had only talked about abducting raping. That was it right, but she was like whatever David, once right one. She just you said she did someone to research on like not leaving evidence angling working, rape, someone that lie evidence. I think we should do at whatever David wants David gets. So horrible so they took Mary out to Glenn Eagles National Park where he raped her again and then used a handmade garage made out of a tree branch and rope to strangle her. Oh, my god. He then stabbed her in the chest because he read somewhere that stabbing someone speeds up decomposition. What does What were researched this before and they buried her need very shallow grave in the forest. So sad after that, they took marries car and left it near the police station yeah
interesting, and this was apparently something that, like they read somewhere, that all the things that they did they were like. Well, I read it somewhere that figures also this where the fuck are you reading the shed and not like Anderson like speeding up de conflict, I understand there is partly sources are not bad leave their car, liberalization lay exactly when downright how to say would leave the cars somewhere else like that would bring them somewhere else, so that was their first victim. Its horrific marry me twenty two years, twenty two years old October 20th only two weeks after that October 20th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. They you know what they're like we're in the clear right now: like finding her it's fine, so they started looking for their necks victim conciliates been two weeks. What were we doing here right and they ve been driving around for a couple of hours that night on October twentieth and that's when they spotted Susanna Candy. She was fifteen years all
God she was hitchhiking along sterling highway when they found her by the agony. hitchhiking some sources say she was hitchhiking, some safe, useless walking. Also, I'm not sure which one is correct, because there's plenty of sources on both of them, some say She was a student at Hollywood senior high school. She lived at home with their pets. sooner siblings. She lived and NED Linz. She was so to be a great student straight? I honour student with core of super sweet happy personality, she's adorable. If you see her picture, shingle t looks like a fifteen year old, like she's, just cute and just like man, you're just wholesome and That sounds Z and her father was actually one of the top surgeons in western Australia. He was very protective. Oh, he had all daughters and he was very protective of them. In fact he did
like that she was working and I like at all, like the restaurants, use or games like I'd, really would, rather you not be working. Then he was like, if you feel like you, have to work issues I get along like be independent, yeah and she will use like ok cool, but I want to pick you up from I can drive you home. I don't want you walking, I don't you taking rides, so he would always do that. Now, this one night, he couldn't pick her up. Oh my adopt poor man. Yeah, so in its little, and I think you would like come walk her home. I think it was close enough that he could walker. He just couldn't says she tried to get home herself now, of course, the Bernice see her offer her ride and when she got in the car they immediately held her at knifepoint and tied her hands together. They brought her to their home, where she was gagged, chained to the bed and immediately raped by both of them, my God, after David raped, Susanna Katharine got on and they assaulted her some more together,
They decided that they weren't gonna, killed her right away cause they were like we killed. You know Mary right away, and David was like I'd, really love to try to have like a sex slave. So they we're like yeah. Let's do that, so they kept her alive for several days. I don't understand horrific. The horrific her parents immediately reported her as missing, obviously, but who is treated? as a runaway situation in which it all in saying to me, it makes me sorrowing how can police assume to know chip people's children more than that It all the time it's beyond me when they just immediately go to run. Daniel more calm case. He was thirteen years old and lick his mama's like no, he was at the bus. Stop to by us- Christmas gift clinging wasn't running away, and it's like why not just Zasada, all the resources and then go shit. We didn't
to exhaust all those resources, yeah you're, better off just fucking up and sensing going? Let's not put any resources towards this end in somebody dies right, I feel like I would much there be like. Oh, you spent a lot of money and resources and they were a runaway. That's! Ok, right! Rather you do that really other way. It just did that it doesn't compute to me. It really doesn't While she was there, they had her write letters to her parents and even call them on the funding that is like a whole day. Level and fire, and she had them, tell them that she words that she ran away and just needed. Some space they probably were like. That is not the case in all her parents said they knew immediately, heard it at some length was wrong and they brought the notes that they got to the police station were like this is not how Sunday, giraffes rare like this is not she would not run away. I can tell I know my child. And the peasant boylike. Now man the they just said they looked at the notes and they said nothing looks weird
only or like what were you and our childhood and link? We know how she writes in how she talks nearly gal. We don't say anything. Sorry cool that you don't I raised her so so final They decided that they were going to kill her and David tried to put a nylon cord around her neck to strangle her in the bed. But Susanna started fighting good fighting back and he was not prepared for that. One he's he's on a very large guy. He was like thin he's like a slight man. And so and she was fighting back. She was like fuck you and it had been days which look good on her because it's like she's, probably doing, is handed of enter and she's fighting back. So it ended up happening. Was they forced sleeping pills down her throat, so she would come down wench was unconscious. David, like picked up the cord handed to Catherine and said, prove that you love me and Catherine went okay and immediately strangled her
death with it. Now before this, she was involved in the rape involved in the abduction, but she did not do the murder, but now she now she's, officially right and therewith yeah she murdered her. She murdered Susanna! Prove you love me. That's it do you love, I ate it, so they ended, taking Susanna so the same state park? They buried her in a shallow grave as well. They were apparently planning on having like a graveyard that they could go visit, don't bother, that's very minor any into the bank. You, the Moors yeah is in its funding. This is called the Moor house and they lived on moorhouse road. He s wall. Yet little too much too much over the next couple of weeks they sent more of the letters that they had her right to conduct, keep it going that she was alive. That's Parents we're still getting letters from her after she's alive later Catherine set about this murder quote, I will
did you see how strong I was within my inner self? I didn't feel a thing it was like I expected. I was prepared to follow him to the end of the earth and do anything to see that his desires were satisfied. She was a female females. Hurtin destroy males Le Right, I don't just. I don't have anything what the fuck you are also a female ma. Am it's exactly? I will say it again: it's just like my run it. She was willing to do fucking anything for him and she didn't give a shit who had to go down for it yeah it is. While I love that emails hurt and destroy males, and it's like her. I don't why I dont personally do that. I feel use me You are also why you're you I'd! Why didn't you say we? Well? What is happening? what and also you picked her up. She didn't
the woman clearly why he was a destroying she wasn't destroying you, but I wonder if she was like getting jealous of these girls to well funny that you say that I feel Keith several high good, for you aren't you're killing your rally appreciate any time every someone who has been heard this case you're doing a great guy. I have actually right through to the end, but I didn't No I'm sorry about that this or that so speak of that, I think we're gonna end part one. rate, because I don't worry, we're just get a press star had obtained the right maximum. You so you're gonna get part one right now. And when we come back, we're going to talk about the next two murders that day comment, and we are also going to talk about a server Ivory tale I or love. What is this thing. Yoyo occurred a survivor and it is why to survive. At the end of this case. Unlike you need it, you know actually another thing that I was going to say like we are pointing out, although parallels to em my room
and this also has a lot of parallel to frighten Rosemary West. It does actually friend and rosemary, are on the on the dock. It lacks fly now couple months, I think so so and tell him to love hitting those killer couples. I just realized that I, but like all of them, on this, I did when I got like who did the yes forget his name I did the cannon by be killer very and a higher during the Fred and Rosemary right. Now, during this, oh yeah, I like a feller couple I like old Hollywood, you, like murderous cup, a ass. They did just horrifies me so much, but to plunder and each other like that. It's crazy and there also its it is interesting to yet
ass. An allergy of two people coming together a really into one, so we're gonna stop there and we will take it back up with some more murder, but we will end on hopefully a little bit of a positive note. So stay tuned guys and we hope, keep listening- and we hope you keep it whenever they come back from our do
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