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Episode 231: Catherine & David Birnie Part 2

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David and Catherine Birnie were twelve when they met, each coming from tough home lives. Over the years they couldn’t fight their connection, and eventually became two of the worst humans walking the planet. Together they abducted, raped and killed young women across Australia without a thought. In part 2 Alaina will share the stories of the remaining victims, and one who got away!!  As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/morbid12 and use code morbid12 for twelve free meals, including free shipping! BetterHelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid: A True Crime Podcast listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid Brooklinen: Go to Brooklinen.com and use promo code MORBID to get $20 off, with a minimum purchase of $100 Gabi: Get better insurance with Gabi. It’s totally free to check and there’s no obligation. Go to Gabi.com/MORBID. Simplisafe: To learn more about how SimpliSafe can help protect you and your family, visit SIMPLISAFE.com/morbid today to customize your system and get a free security camera.
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I think that's me in the past year way, easier being a long time. User APOLLO fresh its America's number one milk it for a reason- and now is the best time to find out. I go to hell afresh, dotcom, slash, morbid, twelve and use code, morbid dwell for twelve free meals, including free shipping, hey weirdos, I Molina I'm ash, and this is morbid still we're still morbid and its part two of Catherine in David Bernie Thirst. Of the worst of the worst accurate, their kind like Myra, Hindley, Indian Brady, but lake,
and I saw their own brand grows. Every lay killer couple is like the other ones, but they all do something like slightly different in her effect. Yeah veil suit just always bring themselves differently. They generally, they really want to carve out their own niece S. Sword ditch in the world So this is terrible and have you live in Australia, I'm sure you're, like a girl. I know like it because they're like Supervision, Australia. This is a huge case and it's just as fair warning to everybody before we dive into it. It's really badge. There is rape involved, it's just a tear, ok, so I just want to warn you ahead of time. It's real bad, but in the end there is like a little glimmer of positivity. Zero is like yeah we're going to take it.
So when we first when we last left, you often part one, they had already killed their first to victims. They had already killed twenty two year old, Mary Nilsen, and they also killed a fifteen year olds, Susanna Candy MIKE and then yeah, and these are two girls from great families. They're, just working. They were just live in their lives when the Burmese came rolling in to offer him a ride. Mary, unfortunately, just like a quick catch up, she was the one who went to the right king, where light there is like cigar parts yard are David was working and he was like hey. I can give you cheaper tyres and he invited her to come yet among his place and that's where he got her. Unfortunately, Susanna was walking home from work very close to her home, like the one night that she s walking by herself, yet the one night that our father didn't couldn't come to walk her home and they picked her up terrible so and is only getting worse from here grey
November. First one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, which is remember the last time they abducted and killed. Someone was October 20th, so they're moving at a very quick pace seriously November. First thirty one year old, Noelene Patterson, who lived with her mother and Victon in purse. She was a former flight attendant for a private airline. She was a gorgeously, beautiful smile. Like you look at her picture in your sleep just like shines, she was now working as a borrow. Sorry, I just hit my microphone everybody's, knocking at it that out cuz we're real here. In real time. She was now work. as a bar manager at NED Linz Golf Club and had been working all day the day she was abducted She was charismatic intelligent, like I said, beautiful. Just like a really nice person, everybody liked her. She was everything. Catherine and David were not She was driving home from work when she ran out of gas So she was driving her car and ran out aghast
I can't even tell you how many times I happened to me. Oh I personally now I know she pulled over and this is when Catherine and David pulled over CAFE. So help and they offered her right now. She kind of new them always happens that going to retire mean kids die now. Yes, she at least a recognised. Because apparently they had helped her wallpaper Roman, her home that she shared with her mother before at the very end. I don't over there just doing odd, odd jobs or whatever, but I'm assuming that's, where David took a liking to her. She got in a knife, was immediately held their throw, which must have been even more king, because she knew these people. She knew them she's, exhausted from working all day and her car does ran on it like I. What are you what? A day
She was immediately taken to their home. She was bound and gagged, and immediately raped by David Katharine got jealous immediately of her because she could sense that David was very attracted. Her link even took a very big liking to her. No usually remember they killed their first victim Mary. They killed her right away. Susanna they held on two for a couple of days and like tortured, raped, assaulted, her and then killed her. They were, but dead. David was pretty sat on keeping knowing around for a long time, and that was bothering Catherine workers. He wanted a sexually exactly in Geneva in line with the she was fine with that until he showed that he was like genuinely attracted to someone. I think, that's when it leg, because you start treating her a little differently. That's gonna like what happened in the calling stand case state exactly exactly in so
and also a new lean was very smart, very quick witted and she was like you know what I'm gonna do everything I can to survive here. How he lay ass dearly. Something is bad is going to happen here, something that has already happened, but I gotta get out of here, but she was so. She decided that she was going to act like she was having fun shoes and act like this. Fine, which will it in smart, but I can't imagine fain in the hall, this thing ever so she was trying to act like yes sure I'll do whatever you want. This is fine, the rest, great legal level. It actually wanted. This in David was loving. It he's love which in showing that one or two so here, forming kind of like a little relationship with her. He was like a inherently liked area and Catherine was getting angrier and angry. Oh yeah and she's getting more. more jealous. She actually tried to hurt her when he was like out of the room, but David caught her and stopped her well enough.
Now just made hurry. We're angry. I was going to say just ignited a rage and her. So after three days of keeping her Catherine finally got to the boiling point of being so upset so jealous, she brought a knife into the room held it to her own throat and told David. You either kill her or I'm gonna kill myself right now, oh, my goodness in so David was like ok and he forced sleeping those down Napoleon's throat and then killed her only they brought her to the same state part killed her. They they buried her in a shallow grave in the forest. No, while they were burying her Catherine was cursing at her throwing dirt her, and she actually said later that she took pride and throwing sand in her face. Swell David was bearing her got, is a different level of oh yeah. She waited till. I talk about later when they discover the bodies what she does again,
heard jealousy. Fur no lean was so deep. Is unreal now November fifth, nineteen, eighty six November fifth floor. days later yeah. This is literally forties. After they took no lean- and this is like a day after they ve buried her right. So this is we're getting frenzy to now. This one is rough, this one, was twenty one year old, Denise Brown. She lived in a house with her boyfriend and another couple. She was working as a part time. Computer operate and baby sitter on the night they abducted her. She was just trying to come home from a night out. She was out like a bar new she was just trying to come home. She was waiting for the bus at a bus. Stop from that David and Catherine who pulled up and they offered her right she's got in there and wanted to go out on the bus. She just wanted to go home now they brought her home. They did the exact same thing to get her into the house
They also made her call and send letters to her friends and family, saying she was ok, her boyfriend in the people, like all her friend were like no. Something is off here that her boyfriend. I know she wouldn't just like run away very without telling me, and after two days of staying in that house, they forced sleeping pills down her throne then raped her assaulted, her the whole gamut tat, please, it was like a house of horse, they ought to say the orchard, these women tortured them, and then they forced sleeping pills down her throat, because Catherine decided after the two days that she was bored of Denise why. So she was like time to go yeah. She was mainly the one I laid decide a widow S, time and effort. Honest citizens, she's addicted to sex and suffer in this kind of stuff to she's addicted to something, is delighted: yeah she's, addicted David and colleagues after the real power than she feels and she's got than with women, because
and she says we can and quote that she. So I think this is like she's. She likes the power. She has these women and she likes to decide their fate based off of how David acts to them. While her mother left her array urged her mother died, I sent her grandmother left her while her grandmother in her family members just passed around. Yes, oh it's like. no, she didn't have a strong maternal born. I was gonna say she didn't have a strong maternal bond and she also just like, was always taught you're, not good enough. I'm gonna throw you to someone else, so I think now she's like I am good enough I'm in power here and on the role the eyes. These I decided when you go rats, what's gonna happen raised so far. It is so They ended up bringing Denise to pine plantation shoe. Still alive, they enforced sleeping pills down her throat and tried to kill her at the house. She woke up misuse
alive and was still light out when they brought her there. So David decided well, I'm just gonna raper until it gets dark out here, wait and he did and then, when it got dark out Catherine held a flashlight so that he could see while he stabbed her in the throat and raped her at the same time. Oh, my god, that is yes, I don't like yup, stabbed her in the throat. Well, keeping her. I don't even think we'd like ever had a case or about happened dynamic. I'm very then dug a grave for her shallow grave and before putting her in the grave, they could hear that she was still making sounds so Kathryn A giant hunting knife from the car and David stabbed her in the chest with it. Burying her there good there do in their thing in only she sits straight up and begins like gasping for air. This poor,
David. I didn't know what to do so. He hid her in the head with a shovel, but she still fought back so he ran and found an ax that they had brought with him and hit her three times in the skull with the axe until she died. Oh my god gap Yeah how'd, you you just how do you have no regard for? Amy One that is just our legal me lake out Rageous, to me, though, somebody over at all of like the highest degree it what the horror that girl went through in a while, what fighter, what a firewall bitter end yeah there's something interfering with their happiness or preventing you from
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life today. Does it better helped outcomes are morbid? That's better h e LP, enjoying the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. In fact, so many people have been using better help that their recruiting additional councillors and all fifty states. This bad CASA sponsored by better help and morbid a true crime. Podcast listeners get ten percent off their first month, help dotcom, slash, morbid and at this point the media had already been covering these missing women case. Right, so in also later will hear that Catherine said that one that murder, was the one she said, because it was so messy at the end and kind of terrible that, said at the end of that when she was like. I don't really want to do this anymore, like this. One was like she was like. I want abducted, like rape girl, but I don't want any more than many more and then she was like, and I feel that was so Bessie we're getting caught
The data was like now. I want to keep going issues like ok, angelic, he's, gotta, stop and she was like vulgar, mayors are November tenth. This is only days after her nineteen eighty six. They hate not even a week later, yeah Kate Moyer. So she worked full time. Shoes, seventeen years old to short, full time at us to a clothing store the night that David and Catherine came across her. She was walking home from a night out with friends they pulled out, they said: do you wanna ride? I guess her friends had like brought her part of the way and then surely I just want to walk it's like really close like I need some air yeah, so she had got now injures again. You know what you can bring me the rest of the way here. So severally go K. So this time they changed it up a bit. They didn't take her directly to their house where they go. They said, what's your address
We'll take you home and she was like ok, so she told them their address. They took her home vote when they got there. She tried to get out of the car and realise there is no handles on the inside their likened the handles even a different kind of evil. So they brought her to her house in front of her home. Only to go site, they can't get out. How do you even think of that like? How does your brain do that in that means like they wanted the idea. I was like a new layer that they were like, oh This'Ll, be fun. Do ya like that was one of those things are linked. Wouldn't it be fun if we like remove the handles, bring them to their house in there. This close and then just drive him away. I don't, but I and how do you fucking? Think of that? That is the darkest shit I've ever heard, yellow so fucked David immediately brings out a hunting knife in front of her home sitting in the car, and she can't get out
your parents are just the right outside right. There held it to her throat and Catherine tied her arms together and put a blanket over her head start yet a blanket over your head to ass, like only drive her back to their home and on the there? I guess she flat out asked them. Are you gonna rape and are hurt me or kill me and they rolled, and I guess David responded, will only rape you if you're good, that's what he said earlier when they got back to the house. They made her completely undress. They put all of her stuff into a plastic bag with her name on it, that's weird us by then made her take a shower while Catherine watched her life wired getting so much weirder with the yes, they get weirder each time there so fuck day it's just a dirt Then they made her like they said they asked her a bunch of questions about like her loved ones. Unlike her life and all this weird shit, and then they made her dance
to the dire straits, Song Romeo and Juliet in front by God. As I remember listening to this case- and I remember hearing I'm just being like what made fell dance to ah in front of them, yeah leg and she'd, like she's naked blogger, but in our fight terrified and you have to Daniel you dance to their liking in front of that's just in front of these two fuckin dehydrated ghouls seal like they look like you know, in beetle juice, when at the end when, like they start, you know they they do. The sounds ia and the two goes: start like crumbling the leg, just that they look like. If that's what you have to dance in front of an please stop, that's what they look like in its horrible gonna, be here any more in she said they were like. Smoking cigarettes like the sheer sagging smell
king. We like doing drugs just making like thinking this is like a fun time and she's just like what the as is so just a stir. One point: they had her sit down and like watch tv with them, I think they had her watch like Rambo with them yeah. They used to love to watch Rambo and I guess they made her walk, it would then I give imagined was sitting with her. A television show like while you ve, just been abducted and being like what the fuck is going to happen to me like. Why am I watching Rambo? We re talking like this. What you have done, me for her, and I guess so they're sitting there and then all of a sudden, David and Catherine like they slip on the news and those like news of these missing girls and they David Catherine, our thinking to flourish there making jokes so Kate obviously has no idea at this point that they are the ones durham murderers. So Kate is like weird and cheese,
yeah? That's crazy and then she notices that in those in the room with them is a newspaper in its open to an article about Denise and she's. Like oh yeah, like that's crazy. Well, I guess Catherine started laughing at it and being- and I guess Catherine so Kate was lightened. What funny about that and Catherine said quote, you would think a big girl like could protect herself who, like a king, Louis, I you oh, they did. This yeah vacates like ok? Look. I know why I personally like string of girls, and they ve done this, so she was like oh shit, so she so she sat either like light. She said issues like I was gonna die that night, like I was proof fully prepared and then she said something, and I don't have the exact quote. She was saying, So very weird thing to realize: you're gonna die but hot be able to fully process it back. Is how do you
carefully profane. She was like okay, so I can let this happen to me or I can fight like those women fought, and I can just try to it's so that this does not happen. The I try my best. So what she did was she started putting things everywhere around the room she was hiding them places. I figured when police come where there I'm dead or not their danger line here, they're gonna know I was here and they're gonna be able attired in Homely Williams, amazing honour at seventeen years old thinking of everyone else and thinking of like Do I make this species like I might die, but hopefully that, ideally it doesn't happen. If somebody I'll settle reach, that's crazy! That's outrageous that amazing. So she hid that bag of her things with your name on it. She hit it and she also found a pack of cigarettes and she hid those in the ceiling because she said she figured later if she did survive
she could say, I hit a pack of cigarettes and the ceiling new, find it and know that she's telling the I. I would never think of that how smart so that night after she doing all this David raped her arm, her, so she asked if she could write down goodbye notes knows I can I'm because they were like. We want you to write a letter to your friends like your family and financing. You're fine and she was like. Okay. Can I just write like a goodbye note and like tell them that you know I'm going somewhere and, like I love them, can I write all that and they're like yeah sure just make it seem like you want to leave other than I did that but she was like out she's doing all this very deliberately and that nine David handcuffed her foot to his foot to go to sleep. She
Social currently feel. I also a heat feet. So my I know- and he also gave her sleeping pills like forced them into her Mouth Duma, told her just go to sleep. No well, Kate pretended to swallow them, but then ended up when he fell asleep, spit them out and hid them under the mattress. why? Yes, because she knew if she was she was like. If I took those sleeping girls, I would be done absolutely, then she was like a now knowing that's their Emma. I would have been dead now and then. The next thing that happened so the next morning, David had her call her parents and tell them that she was just really drunk the night before and he said to let them know that you know that I'm just hanging out with friends back later He said if you let them know anything, I will murder you just like other. So that's when he officially admitted to her I murdered the other one set. So scarcely good. So David went to work because again he was on his work. I love
those who work on. Just like you, joy by regular and then the Toy Box Kelly. I go to work just go to work. They all just go to fuckin work on that ship goes down. Go ahead, go to go to work good. If I were you, Dingus see get that employers the month badge, get it catch a ghetto coin. I hope you get a hundred extraction, your paycheck isn't. What are you gonna spend a exasperated mother fucker, so he leaves in Katharine's in the house with her. just like we're just reward her. If I ought to be honest, so K dislike of hey, how do I go about their cities like she's like? I could be quiet or I could try to be friend her and she lay smart. I'm glad Google person and Kate is a very likeable per she's, got like a very she's gotta face that you dislike. would you not linking only she's just got a very nice smile. She was very happy and yeah she's, like I can do this, so she starts talking to her. She starts mainly what music do you like? What is it like? Just ass, you
like a normal person one. So they start listening to music together array is starting to talk about it. Katharine's getting a little comfortable with her her she's, not treating urge to like as much like shit, even though she's, like you know, sitting there like half name, and there is now an at some point, someone knocked on the door in apparently Catherine had taken up selling drugs at this point, so someone coming to get their drugs, so she's like Kate, get in the bedroom and you stay there. The utterly don't go anywhere and kids like yeah, ok, so Sharon goes to the bedroom and she's a cool. Mediately she's like what the fuck do. I do here I gotta get out here. Sir TE hide some lipstick of hers. She puts a paper with her name in number on it and hides it so that they would find it later and she escaped through the fucking window and ran to three different houses who were not home at the time. She is half naked by the way. Oh my gosh, she finally get to a market and she's screaming.
half naked running up to the sky outside of a market, and she said quote if a woman's. First of all, she said, I've been raped and abducted. Please help me and she said to him: if a woman comes here and says, I've had a fight with her and her daughter, don't believe her I've been raped or make. And so now I'm like, because I couldn't find any further must have said something. You definitely said something she must have said like. If someone asks, like Ireland's gonna say you're my daughter, I like she must have told her some shit like that low ya, like even if you escape I'm just gonna, pretend you're my daughter and I'll get you anyway, reg that must have been some terrorizing shit Currently, it's crazy, so they did call the police. The police did not believe her. Initially, I Billy cool. Go to the mother, Fucking house, and people like Blue, that's the best part, so they brought her to the Palmyra Police station and it was lease officer, Laura Hancock, who finally was like guys. She's telling the fucking training
Laura was twenty two years old and was fresh out of the police academy. This was her first very thing, a ban, and she literally was like fuck off yeah. All who are like veterans on this police force. This girl is telling the truth have fucking. Dare you not believe one just like that's? It know when your job is so help me, your job is until I believe or not believe for yours just supposed to help me, and there was no reason to not the least she's half naked. Do you love her, like maybe break out a rape kit she gale time we're going to know what would she get out of lying about this in this doesn't make our made me so angry, it's insane. so each and what Lara officer LAR Hancock said was quote. I was told that it was a bazaars worry into the stitch her up for a false report- yeah it's bizarre story, but also one that you think about what's going on and then in the area
I believe that the other thing it's like also now you're going to charge her with a false for police report, rightly argues, lazy and she said and I'll, never forget those words that is verbatim. I have lived those words for thirty years, Lhasa Laura's, like I can't believe that they were dislike fuck this its way I would have left out and like I'm, not gonna work here. The fact that so story, of course, was very consistent, use telling them everything that happened. She had every detail and she was like guys. I have their address like I'll. Take you to their house like You can find all my shit, so she was like and she said she was like. This is what I left. I will name you every single thing that I left in their new confirm Well, it's spring again or or is it summer? I don't really know at times either way. It may be time for a change, especially
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was described, as quote strewn with food clothes and bedclothes. Several ashtrays were overflowing with Botz and on the table there were three pairs of tweezers than a syringe the fault. They also said there were newspapers open intentionally to stories about the missing women. No, yes, they found all the evidence that Kate had planted. every single parents they felt real fuckin stupid. Then they also found a lot of the details that Kate had told them cause Kate was like here's. What the living room looks like yours. What the bedroom looks like you're out their fuckin comforter looks like TAT everything Cates, a bad bench. She is, and they arrest cat. Catherine on the spot wasn't home. I guess, and they had to wait in the house firm when she arrived there really helping handwritten her rose. They went to David's work and arrested him and I guess all those whom it coworkers willing.
the fuck. Do you re a good John Wayne Gacy with poor, shocked and one person who is talk too was the owner of like a nearby video store in the area, and he said Oh yeah, I like, I always thought they were kind of weird they rented a new video like every day of the week, was primarily porn rate, probably and also weird shit like Rambo stoutly goes to sleep. There was a random mishmash of things, but they were like that's a lot of videos like we're doing What do you do? What you do and Kate also confirmed later, that, while in the car breed being driven to her home, she said she when she was held at knifepoint. She said she heard Catherine say clearly I have the munchies. Do you of the munchies which later we find out? That is a thank brain. So the couple both said: They were brought in to the police station. They both were like. Oh no Kate came with us willingly. We I search her and they said Kate,
had gone home with them to smoke and then they had sex David said they had sex consensually, though not the truth. they were question for like hours and hours, neither one of them their Morgan admit anything there buzz. I know this. Our story like fuck, her I'm not gonna, sit here and unmet anything, she came to our house willingly and you can't prove anything different. And they were literally oh. They were like because they were like. While we have all this shit that Sheila and they will. I guess she left him there late. She was in our house, Nowhere is limiting. She was in our house. Why was going to say to you when you relaxing other doubting her, and then they go look at the stuff, unlike what? If they think that they just like this, is like a drug dealer, run aground thing like that, but then it's like she wrote her name and address on a p. I ever had its like some some of the things you gotta billet, unlike the bag, with her name on rights, fuckin creepy, but still it's all kind of just like circumstantial, ran point when it comes down to it. Ray so and if their admitting like yeah, she was in her house, Billig, thousands,
and so after a ton of time that one of the detectives questioning David was just getting tired, and so Eventually he was like he said this, and this was some saying, like a freeze decisions, a phrase they use, he goes it's getting dark Why? Don't you just show me where the bodies are so we can dig him up and he said it like. You know. Tell me all the skeletons in your great lake. Just show me the bodies are so we can dig him up. Just Gimme for made out was like Kismet already set down he's using this, as just like linger over exasperated David thought. He knew and that he was saying that because he knew so, David just goes okay, this forum hold of it. then started crying. Oh Rocco Old yours like put them back in Europe that Austria crying shoving as crying, because you got caught nights at it. But I love that this detective was like our God. Just read. Only where the bodies are so we can end their cities like this for a moment that detectors
I, like oh fuck, like no. I actually did want to go home like oh, no, ok, this is gonna be a longer night. I got so. He told him that he told them the names of the victims. He said I'll, take you in to wear their buried perfectly just can just broke and as soon as he starts confessing they go to Catherine and the like Motherfucker just confessed everything she like well yeah. I did it the f. We were there, so they were like. Ok, you gotta take us to the body, so David took them to marry Susanna and nieces grape cite some, but Catherine was insistent that she be the one to take them to new no lean, Patterson Grave. I would be like no, you don't get to do what you wanna do. Oh no, she was like Awoke is David was like, I think they they have I know that we are entering an david- was like I'll. Take you to these three and she was like. I will take you at once, weird and imagined she hated her for catching events attending and she was still talking shit about her to the cops like as they were growing there like
can you I M, like? Are you kidding? She talked about how much she hated her. She said she was glad she was dead. She didn't she didn't. She said you don't regret one second of that and when they got to the site- and buried her she's. She leaned over and spit on her in the grave sleep, being an officer setting mariner like really yeah real that's what you want to do right now. Imagine being those detectives watching your unvarying, a body that she's again fucking eight, this girl above a la you're, bearing her and she's leans over and spits on her. I believe what is in front of us right now that does not even a human is in front of us right now. That's not tat. We. be so sickening till it also like how about a new word for petty doubt would be sickening. Do I hear conning I care so the only murder that Catherine actually showed any kind of a man
turnover it wasn't regret or like cared for her remorse or anything. It was really purely selfish. She basically didn't like two nieces murder, which was the last one, which I told you she didn't like how it all went there. She was just kind of horrified of the experience of watching the brutality of it and she said quote deep and dark in the back of my mind was yet another fear. I had a great fear that I would have to Look at another killing like that of Denise Brown, the girl he murdered with the axe. I think she just like the messages of it. No because she is shit about Denise after she'd idea. It's not it's not remorse. It's just naturally selfish. I dont want to watch that again right. That's all right and ass. They were leaving the sight of Susanna Denise and marries grave sites. David Bernie, looked at the police and went what a pointless loss of the young life he did that to be an asshole one. They really are. You kidding me right now, like ugly thing, so why that's ridiculous? So people actually think that Catherine may have some
where, even in the back of her mind, allowed Kate to escape because she was users have dangling ordeal since she did say over and over many times to police. She said quote: I that it was a foregone conclusion that David would kill her and probably do at that night. I was just fed up with the killings. I thought of something not happen sooner with simply go on and on and never end. While, so I think she liked terrorizing, oh yeah, and I think you know I think a couple of them. She was definitely down like murdering one like we said she wanted to be in charge, but she wanted to be in charge. I think this was getting messy. One was like, if you look at it from like her like whole powers, spoiling. She didn't have control over that years. The power was shifting ass, soon ass. She saw that she was like oh shit like that, I'm not so in control of the exactly like in that cause. She says you know it was a foregone conclusion that David would kill her and probably that night. So it's like, I didn't, have a choice in this and I didn't have a part two.
I didn't get to do it. So I made the choice to let her go exactly, and I wonder if it was a power thing in that sense like she allowed it, and maybe he's like. I love. This happened baseline everything that, like we ve, talked about so far. I agree with the idea, so the major crimes Squad seized a ton of photographs from their home, and they said they were quote, were so appalling that the detectives refused to discuss them even amongst themselves. While so no one knows what was on those, I don't want to have no one wants to now on November twelfth police charged Catherine and David, Each with four counts of murder got two counts of aggravated assaults on the sexual assault on the seventeen year old girl and one count of deprivation of liberty. Wow. Now they appeared in court on November 13th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six,
that same day, there were workers lifting out section of date drain pipe around the Bernie home. Because weeks before that, apparently some road workers said they found pieces of bones and shoes and women's underwear in the piping, the fuck, but nothing was ever done about that, like nothing was ever taken seriously about that so until they arrested them, that's when they were like. Oh, we should probably look at that. We should early figure out where those bones key like grown fragments. I guess it was full bones, but still they did nothing more after that they just like were that was it and they didn't find anything in the in the pipes when they went looking again, but that had been weeks and weeks ago, so whatever was in the pipes is long gone at. That presupposes that in that they killed other people probable, they think they might of the now when they were leaving the court room. There were like crowds in crowds of people elsewhere causes had tons of media coverage,
They were all spitting on issues like my written in carrying out everybody's like just wants peace like an angry mob, exactly David balloon cast them and Catherine apparently smirk at them, but then lost her shit like kicking, screaming spitting like going crazy wellbeing I would literally sped on her now during the trial a nineteen year old woman came forward and said they had offered her right at one point and she got sick aired when she walked up to the car, because she saw a young girl lying in the back seat. It wasn't a niece who they had drugged and we're going to pick up that other guy. Did Hank what they were going to take her the same night. You think somebody's going to get you a car when they say that when they were like oh she's sleeping and she was like no like, she just had a bad feeling. knowledge is useless run. Yes, she just left. She was like nope and they were going to leave the car with them.
No, of course not. He says by lucky. In that sense, now Bell was refused for them. They went back into court February, tenth nineteen, eighty seven they both pled guilty to the murders, abduction and Rape David turned to the families and set about pleading guilty. He said it's the least I could do. I wanna hear him when a hero I hate had so nice there. we're both sentenced with for life sentences, how're ya. How ya David has a stamp on his record saying, never to be released, but be did you say he died? He did die which I'll get into, and the judge said quote. Each of these horrible crimes were premeditated, planned and carried out cruelly and relentlessly overcome over a comparatively short period. He should never be let out of prison. No Catherine got a sentence that made her eligible for parole in two thousand and seven because there was some law, the books, it
every three years, whether they wanted to or not they could go for per Alden Dory that changes so when they were sentenced and brought to the vans to go into prison. Catherine had to be dragged kicking screaming spitting and cursing into the girl like what? Where do you think that like you're, not gonna, get you right, and it's like you. It's making you look sympathetically and you're just learning rolling animal awake so Catherine and David, while in and they were in two separate prisons, and they exchanged thousands of letters I wrote me this irony and very my iranian and- and I might say this wrong- some sorry David was in costs. Arena prisons. I hope I'm saying that right. You know, I love you Aussies, so you let me know David. He got into fights in that prison, a ton of, and he got there
shit kicked out of him, a ton good so good for that at First Katharine said she miss David. She felt guilty not about what they had done. She then feel guilty about what they done, but the fact that she felt she got them caught. As you say, she found guilty yeah. She didn't feel guilty because she got them cod. She gave guilty cause, you got them caught on purpose, exactly she felt guilty, not further solidifies. Exactly she apparently told someone in prison. In fact quote. I could have stopped backer. I should have, but it all had to come to an end. So she started feeling guilty about Bacchus. Now she realizes she's in prison for the rest of her life. Yet she's not guilty. She's just feels were right, yeah except her own selfish. Should beware December, as I regret, royals reverts is what you feel and David begin to try to get people that he was trying to get visits with Catherine plague. You think a world day. I think that's how he was telling them like, physically and emotionally and mentally. He was breaking down without her, so he was like. I need to see her and they were like. We literally don't care
Like I don't cool cool Romeo, nobody gives the fuck. Did you mistake us for people who gives a shit about using the lid about day camp, like, alas, is actually prize on you? Don't get to cross the lake to the girls camp NGO? Hang out with your girlfriend, you asshole site in July of nineteen. Ninety two David said that he could you went to authorities and he was like listen. We did other murders through hell yeah and he was like and here I am I'm writing I'm ready to tell you about it. I tell you who it is: I'm ready to bring it to the grave sites and then they really cool. Do that news like? Let me see Catherine of wow, so did I so they were like no, and then their alike, so, so these are firstly said no, and then there are like ok, give us a little bit like you, gotta give us more to let us your regular saying that so he starts inching into like not details but he's giving them a little bit of story, no names.
no days, as is only made out, it could be made up, but at the same time there were like, if we only want to lake, risk averse. So they said okay, we're going to talk to Catherine, and maybe they were like. Maybe if he talks to Katherine, do both admit to what they've done and we can. We can pin this moron, so they asked Catherine now at this point. Catherine was forward of him, when it comes to current home insurance. Don't we deserve better? I know I do I put my policy to the test. Turned to Gabby. They literally stand for getting better insurance, that's hilarious,
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that's g, a b. I dotcom slash morbid Gabby dot com software. She was done. She was an answering his letters anymore, shouldn't really want David in her life. She had no interest in seeing him, so she said. No, I don't want to see him and I don't care to die story him. Also that's Myra Hindley died early. I forgot that she does not literally happened. Did you guys just like follow and therefore there will be very interesting till I can really get it like a tv show between the two of their own couples analogy. I would love to do like a dueling like series on them to them would tm our state. At all, if I can't do it, I want to take them out of the opposition, have really taken that I want to do it because those these to fascinate, look further into the psychology or so much so authorities go back to David and though, like yes, she said now leg, but we need you to give us the information and he was right now,
right so and then, when they talk to Catherine about there are linking, though we know that you ve done more and she was like shrug and there lay, and unease about you know you gotta tell us, and we want to give these families closer and she was no. I don't care, we don't care at all. Staving continued to write her letters, but she never on the back again in Brady for a second, I was like those wait. No, I know you just like all of you. I hate the manipulation and emotions they can manipulate. You haven, T dream She was looking for parole at this point. She was really like. I think I can get it so she was like I it's a bad look to talk to him. Simonov, remove myself which again is very, I keep so smart, but it's like you are cutting out for number one. She has no she's, like my whole life, I acted like. I was like obsessed with this man. I've connected myself and every way, shape and form to him right. I went down the rabbit hole of murder, rape, abduction, torture, terrible shoot with him for him
only to satisfy his desires in what comes with what I said, yeah yeah and now that I want to be out of here- she can just shut off debts, Why not us, as bananas like she literally like flipped us She was like, I want to get out so done la black people for this man. Now you left seven children for this man and you're sitting here now being able to ignore Moreover, it is, I want to get out that's sociopath back in the bananas way banana like that's, I just can't get over it. So
so she was like a fur pearls issues like I got end yet with him and David was actually given medication at one point for depression and anxiety in prison because he just couldn't handle it. But in October two thousand and five there is some kind of like paperwork era error with era error with his medication and heat it was just like lost in the system has prescription and the thing saying that he needed it. So they just cut him off. Oh leg, just cold, Turkey cut him off event, antidepressant very bad for you well in two thousand, five. He was charged with the sexual assault of a fellow prisoner and his computer, which only why did he have a computer? I thought I was like his computer had a computer guy like set it wrong, it was apparently taken away or his computer like privileges. I don't agree on it said computer says like well, but it was taken away from him because
had porn on it. So how are you getting poured in prison? Might I have no idea if we should probably like I can't even get on tumblr and fuck in high school? I figure it out. Conaway now remember who was in October, two thousand and five that his depression antidepressants were cut off the Turkey October, seven, two thousand and five at fifty seven years old. He hung himself with a sheet and his he was undergoing and that this was during the time when he was undergoing investigation for that sexual assault of the other other in Meda and no end. It was apparently like back and nineteen ninety five that he had actually like sexually assaulted and now inmates, oh that they didn't know about. So they knew about one unlike the early arts, and then they found out that he might have done it again, so he was gonna, be going up in front of like a judge for it, basically right and so I'd. Everybody was like he'd that it was the next day I guess
but it was supposed to go up in front of a child, makes sense. I think he knew that like it was just gonna, get worse worries and then Catherine was in talking to him any more like what does he have left while no one claim to body, and he was buried in an unmarked. Poppers grave do says good riddance. He abandoned his fuckin child and wife to live out a disgusting perverted sexual sate, a serial killer dream and it worked out really well for him. Obviously I like what the fuck is. Poor daughter, like I said, I'm not gonna name, cheese, said she's in like an article in a few articles I read, she said She scared to have children herself. She doesn't want to have children herself, because she's worried she will spawn and other David Byrne, so sad that he like robbed her of the have robbed completely of her, because even the fact that she says that means should be a great mom exactly that she cares. She's worried shall pass on some kind of a gene which is so so. The decisions also scared of marrying, because she doesn't want to end up with a guy like her father, but she made
contains, according to the West Australian, which has a good articles about this. She said quote: he was a very carrying father to me, but clearly that was a mask he was putting on it's the only way I can describe it and she said I have never been able to reconcile how the person I know was the psychopath that he was when you were a child. You really can't know somebody that well, but I look back at it and I think tat I ever know him while which must be a mind, fired own father and she still lives in fear of someone seeking revenge against our purely for being his daughter? If that happens, we are in fact Catherine Bernice. Kids have all gotten the ship out of them at different times and, like she left them when they were less involved. You don't know her like one of them. She left when they were like diesel. Literally like it's crazy, that's hardly go come on, do not go after children of murderers. that have no nothing to do with it. There again,
victims in their own right, yeah, now Catherine Bernie is alive and still in prison at Bandy up MAX women's maximum security, prison lil she's tried, write her children several times, o girl. No, he likes to blame. You know she just was so in love. She can I'm sorry Ok, so so in love infuriate beyond me and she, said that she caught all communications with David because he was weak and she is strong and didn't need him. Oh my god, and then, when it and they have asked her several times they ve taken her like in and unlike you, gotta tell us about the other murders are now they don't have David, so they can't she's all they got very old shoe longer attention. She just smirks, yeah she's, tell them she's she's such a bitch but she has also apparently exchanged letters with other killers slick. She talks. Other colors swear timber
then- and she has also try to make herself look like she's very reformed and she works as the prison librarian get the fuck out of here. She reminds me of what Catherine Night, how she tries to like now, man on Unrisen, yeah, fucker, kids, fucking hate her death coarsely. Do some of them say, like I said they ve been abused and assaulted, just for being their kids. Her youngest son, who goes by Peter in all articles. I wrote literally said wrote that just blew power as they are the ones that I wrote them all the articles. I read. He says that he literally wishes that she would close hurry up and die, and I don't blame him, I guess I'll fuckin. She abandoned children, her husband to do the same thing,
David did become a sexual sate, a serial killer, YO and Peter was six. He was six years alone when they asked him how he how he would feel if she dies like one. She got the death penalty or too she died in prison. He said quote it wouldn't bother me. It would be thirty years of stress off my shoulders law, which I don't blame him now and when asked what he'd say to his mother one last time, if he could say something, he said, quote: hurry up and die quickly, while to which I want to say hi five, but what a fuckin terrible thing one. That's just such a sad yod, absolutely Zenda, shitty shitty thing to have didn't choose that at all yeah, it's like he and he, and he says, he's like I did like she abandoned
so we re was terrible, regret in TAT to reconcile that and have people treat you like shit over that right. So, every three years like I said she was considered for parole, even if she didn't ask for she went up in two thousand and seven for the first time and was rejected because of the gruesome nature nature of their crimes in her full participation in them. It was thought that she was actually at one point in prison. Working as a messenger like a go between between two other killer lovers that were hears it Jessica's, DAS and now ski and Valerie per Schuman DE I'm. So sorry, I'm probably butchery modal. Their pro Europe will people They are known as the vampire we'll even killers yeah, but yes, you Don't worry the vampire Willie been killers men. We got do better with these name we gotta do better, though, can we just call them like the Dumdum stinky feet?
I'm dumb, diagnose the dumb Dumdum dams. They killed the sick, thirteen year old girl named Stacy Mitchell together man they were held in separate prisons after the judge was like keep these monsters apart and I'll put them in the same. Katherine was found with one of their diaries and was like sending messages back and forth between them like get out of here the fuck out of here so now, she's trying to help like other killer couple stay in touch. It's like! No, that can't be your thing in prison and known one. I just I do I just so that is how I just I just don't. I just don't wait. They killed a sixteen year old, don't know by while she was rejected again in two thousand and thirteen again in two thousand and sixteen, and Hate Moyer is like fighting family and she says, she's speaking like fighting for the other victims which, like I love Loma, and that was her mind. from the very beginning? Well, you know it's not like me now. It's like she was has been fighting this entire time for them and
three years when she has to come to the fore. All things to help achieve and hostility she said she's there to speak for all the victims and in two thousand Sixteen actually started a petition and the petition. it was to put an end to the re victim survive. Hers in every May Emily's three little pearl nonsense that she shouldn't get and why we ve been going through the motions Fraid so he's actually been contacted. Kate has by Katharine's children who have told her that they agree. They never want. Catherine release like I think we are on your side. Fight with you in what she said was I want the attorney general change. The lawn stopper stop reviewing Catherine Bernice Pearl. She does not apply for it herself, it is automatically reviewed and every time it happens, it causes me incredible pain.
And she said every time I hear that her paroles being reviewed. I relive the nightmare, it causes significant trauma because I relive it and it feels it happened yesterday. My name was always protected because I was a minor at the time I was captured, but due to the internet, if anyone Google's my name is everywhere and linked to the Bernie killings, which must suck jirga, but luckily now she is connected to such a bigger higher purpose. Absolutely I don't even think she was looking to be connected to that buddy just like she's, so inspiring herself images and became that they say is an award winning home security system. So you know it's engineered with the latest technology. You want to keep your family safe, but what really said simply safe apart is its people highly trained security experts who are always there for you when you need them the most. These are people who truly care
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in Catherine, would have been up in two thousand and nineteen for another pearl, but in two thousand and eighteen the attorney General John Quigley introduce a new law into parliament. That said that other law, where every like even killers like Katharine Bernie, who were horrific killers and apply for parole every three years was bullshit, yet is in so he scrapped it. So killers convicted of three or more murders on the one one day, so express killers or two or more murders on different days. be banned for parole consideration for up to six years last. Some air will take it. He also like paid tribute to Kate in his when he was announcing that proposed, Large, I love so. This is like all because of her gaps yards like when you, Google, her name yeah. It's gonna be connected to this case. Unfortunately, but now when you go
your name hopefully like the moon. I won I wish like we can make it so good push up all like that. Great things that she's laws that she's put an emotion the petitions she started. Young Dacians she's put together, which I'll get to a second like she's about, She says you be like known for that. I thank you. I think she is not in the end. Have you know? I think that she is not David and Catherine Bernice victim or the surviving victim of them know like she's. Kay lawyer and she's about and she's a hoping that changing laws and shit yeah. So now, Katharine's papers are marked, never to be released, stood, and she is this Can woman and australian history to have this done? Can you think of food? The first one was Catherine night cap, nay Grandma own banana yup. She was the first structures, the first person. I also call to count on the pod, creating a was that was when we opened up that word tonight. That word is safe. Here we can say it about assholes, like I grew up in an irish bob. That's her
so the chief investigating detective on the burning case. His name is Paul Ferguson. He set about Katharine quote I honestly believe that woman has never given those victims, one ounce of consideration, both the dead victims and the families of the victims she's an after the person I met is all for herself and she will do whatever necessary. They were Paris, I too lived off each other, the most evil people I've ever ever come across and they absolutely are calling them parasites who lived off each other. Is such a move, SK, kiss way of describing them hollyhock fuckin, parasites who just latched onto each other because they lived like parasites too. Now we mentioned before that there is a possibility of other murder, so yeah there's a few that there is still looking at that like aren't really connected connected, they think there's maybe three others up to three others that they have never confirmed, but there still unsolved cases, one of them. That was, I
really brought forth by the victims. Daughter is the case of Cheryl Renwick, who her daughter came forward in two thousand and seventeen and said she believes that Catherine and David Bernie were responsible for her mothers, disappearance, I hate that they won't, but she lay copper shall never admit it. She's such a bitch you're gonna rotten there anyway, yeah leg, Mother Cheryl runway was gone Sunday may twenty fifth and she said she basically just was gone like poof, but there was a few little connections that made it seem like it was David and Catherine, I think they're keeping it will closely. That investigation, be so I will see if anything comes out of there. I hope something comes out of its closure, especially for her daughter How many years later adds just floating out there? You have no idea if they had something to do with it, that suck the not knowing as a crazy idea, so the home the whole met
moorhouse road running about. You always have to wonder what happens to these homes. It has been bought and sold six times since ninety. Ninety eight It went up for sale again in February twenty twenty. It still up. it's no big deal there then bulldozed it. I haven't done anything the list, says it is quote: restored, renewed and refresh, which I feel like the only way it's referred Stan renewed is, if, like a flame, throw her husband, use because, like you're not going able to hide all this bad and we, like you, know a coat of like Benjamin, or not using like a little get away, not even a good sage. You can't even throw up alive, laugh love sign in there and make that energy go like this is about Energy house yeah. I would not want to live there. Someone bought it in June of twenty twenty wow. So like wow, that's, why Well, you ve got a very low interest rate. That's probably why I mean that
you can see. Like pictures online ray, you can see the pictures online and it's like certainly changed the knife, its. It looks like a nice house. If you didn't know what happened there than Billy? Why would I want a nice little house? You know? there's only like a certain amount of time that they have to tell you like it's like. If some oh yeah, and this span of yours. Then we have to tell you but like if it, but then what it's not. I know I want to know. I want to know, I think, a lot of real estate agents. Gonna. Take it upon themselves to be I want more like a front transparent about it. Ya I'm gonna be calling you in the middle of the night, Glenda Undyingly Glenda. What is this about? Our? No? I wasn't one inspection report when going on was not Oh, I don't know if anybody has seen the two thousand and sixteen horror films hounds of love. Not me, it was, spired by a lot of killer couples according to the directors and writers, but it really resembles this. Does I really resumed people think it's like pretty much all on inspired.
In Cape Moyer is married with three children of her alone Kay on she's founded a foundation called the Empowerment Foundation, which is what like should be. What is it Kay and its educates, people on domestic abuse, how to get out how to get help and how domestic abuses like take? So many different forms yeah. She wants to educate people about its, not just black and white. We think it is I'm Catherine son Peter though, and that she left when he was six. He actually like was like right alongside like tried to lay contacted her, wanted to work right alongside her. What like supports her, what a flip right to end like my own, I love now and then I just wanna leave on cates on a quote. I pay you gotta, she said quote. I want the legacy that I leave to be that of a survivor and a hero, never victim. I prefer the term survivor to victim victim is past tense. I am reclaiming my name as Kate Moliere.
Yes Cates yeah K is a queen. So if you, Google, Kate, make sure you look for the Empowerment Foundation, you didn't really good job Oh wow, that was a rough case, certainly was, and that was like as like, not quick but as like link up condos, condensed as I could get it like. You have heard of yonder religious values and days. I think on that, but I was just so. I think you can go for days and days of our late, how public? What I know you think I searched it. I say it all the time. Brevity is not my strong suit and tough time editing. So you know me you guys get deal with us, but I have to say that your guy you're gonna be getting. This is hard to say, you'll be gayness like right away, as I too much it after weight because mother's day week and we love you and I've got some good ones coming up for you. Next, we give me
are you guys? While we love ya? We hope, if your Mama or Grandmama or a Mamma figure or a dad that acts like a Mamma, you have a wonderful, wonderful mother's day, have a wonder finding you know what, if you're missing your mama, I'm very sorry now. I know that this can be like a for average elastic there. So you know what we love you and now you like a man so excel exciting, so morbid else what I hope you listening is three all the machine is to help you. I didn't I'm not normally not yet we hope you leave It cannot survive it. You don't have a fantastic mother sailing someone, my
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