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Episode 236: Lake Lanier

2021-05-29 | 🔗
Lake Lanier.. Honestly I feel like that’s all I need to say. This place has so much creepy surrounding it!! There are giant catfish that have been compared to volkswagen, phantom hands pulling you under the water and not to mention the entire submerged counties that lie beneath. There are also multiple deaths and murders that have occured in or around the lake. So much to unpack here, just in time for your memorial day weekend!!Anyone with information on the Hannah Truelove case is asked to please call the hall county sheriff at 770-531-6885 or crime stoppers at 1800 222 TIPSColeman Family GoFundMeAs always, thank you to our sponsors:HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/morbid12 and use code morbid12 for twelve free meals, including free shipping!Upstart: Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today when you go to UPSTART.com/MORBIDEmbr: You can save $50 on either Embr product by visiting embwave.com/MorbidBetterHelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid: A True Crime Podcast listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/MorbidThirdLove: Go to THIRDLOVE.com/MORBID now to find your perfect-fitting bra… and get 20% off your first purchase!
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Looking to cut down on food waste and time spent in the kitchen, hello fresh sends you pre, measured ingredients and easy to follow recipes, so you can get dinner on the table and about thirty minutes, go to hell afresh dot com, slash, morbid, twelve and use good, morbid, twelve fur too well for meals, including free shipping, hey weirdos, I happened to be ash and I happened to be Alina, and this happens to be morbid hello, welcome to morbid gets memorial day morbid. It is right that yeah that's a holiday That's the solid! If it is a voluntary, that's here not today, but like this week, the holiday week, it's the holiday season, survey, HOLLAND. I think again
its it's morbid at May, which read this weird weird and it's a little different, because Elena and I said well, all these people are probably going to be celebrating out by the water and go to some lakes and put it on some and hand lotion, and you know like getting excited to get a nice glow God open and that vitamin d and then just jump into the lake where everything's, usually fine re lakes lakes, are so peaceful lake houses, Lake boats, Blake docks all those things like It sounds like you really know a lot about ladieu, I'm off to that Ali. Well, honey we are going to be covering, lake LINEAR, which is in Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, a workshop George. I hope none of you are on lake LINEAR this weekend, because you're venom
to leave after this episode, we're gonna scare you away from its who really gonna scare you away from it. He I think we decided this week was gonna, be like weird spooky bodies of water. We yeah, I don't know, there's no real reason. For a week we tied to a holiday, we and what a bed under ripping mig- and you know what I have to mention this to before restart. So I had already decided that I was gonna. Do this episode, the girl? I went to high school that I was like friendly with posted on her. Instagram story like all about Lake Lanier, and I was like? Oh, my god, like I message her and I was like. I have to cover this and she was like I thought of you. Why have you not but you're so funny? So I decided I was going to do it. I kind of started it and then I was just like you know, and my research process and somebody on Twitter was like hey like you. should consider doing episode on Lake LINEAR, and I was like. Are you in I brought him like it. So weird. I thought that happens a lot. It does happen a lot I'll be thinking of doing in episode, assert then, as I'm thinking about it, somebody will suggested in the inbox on like twitter, something it has
Twitter and Geneva geriatric malaria. The old just said in twitter, your showing geriatric see what whatever and it happens a lot, so I feel like that's just because our listeners and us are so connected, merges on the same wavelength, NASH, hypocrites were always vibe, wouldn t other. I feel like where this one run. The same lake linearly were all together as one and we just also wanted to point out that the lorry Valla in Chad Day by NEWS Wall Hole, you showed we had ashes, definitely going to be doing an update because she covered that case. So well. Yes, yes and so we'll be doing an update on that for shores. Don't worry, it's definitely coming. We ve just been watching it play out exactly we we initially when they found like the bodies on the proper,
de we were like all we have to do, but then we really can eyelids away what was going to happen. So we weren't just cut. So he during and after the pacific region. Again, once so will be doing that, You know, maybe you can. I mean now not promising anything. I don't like to do that, but maybe you're gonna bonus episode next week. They go, it could happen, not don't know, I read about this I'll sit tight and see, see. What's happened, I hold onto your butt sold onto those but but when I do know is that you're getting an episode today? So are you like her we get into this, I'm ready. I have my flowed ease, I feel like I just went like full back to the full. cheerleader? Are you got any enterprise? Ok now I have my slowly is on. I have like the white sunscreen, oh my nose up, do you have may God the other day, let's swimming in a later, was really big of history is gonna, fuckin kill me for telling withstood. I love it here
that's what it is. Like Noah's pictures cuz. He I think he like. I don't know if he like, learn to swim with, by asking is only just leave out. He always has to hold his nose when it goes under water, so he was like instead of holding a thing, does it for me, and I was like that, but then he jumped into the water and I'm pretty sure, fell off. So will you know what else fell off when somebody jumped in the water? I holds out. Ok literally so John was so excited to jump into the water is the funny I should have ever seen in my life. He him and drew At the same time, ITALY's each lost something because John is made air cannonball and, unlike why does he have is, Lastly, Sarge was like far too late to tell no any hit the water, and then he peeped surface dash said funny. You just jump through the backward, therefore greatly. Why didn't you? Will you at all
and we have like they had to dive down and get them by me- was that it took six is jumping body or, for it was a very fine. It was really q seeing them like borough out and jumping to pull together. They are the cue to his very key when we do tell you I like that, like I like that, we found people that mash while together, I love that you always want to find somebody who meshes well with ear with their like with your significant other humans. Their best human. I best humanitarian best. You might know, and honestly, based on some of the people, the past year that categorically very different direction. Alina has never liked a single person that I've data no. Never have. Not one never have often Tilbury evokes I've been through a law goes like there. It you guys early best, it's too in Amerika. Ok, I loved her. Already, I loved her with the power of a thousand son same. Well, let's get into it. When will it here,
Lydia, we lay in your eye two. I looked it up a fork, as I knew I was gonna fuck about why I'm the worse late, Linares, fuckin wilds, like any article you read about Lake LINEAR, will tell you that it was a very controversial project. Even from the start. I love a controversial project. yeah. Well, you are a contribution to a virtual, but for years late before they eat broke around the EU. army core of engineers, wanted to make a man made like there's a few reasons that they wanted to do this. They definitely wanted to produce hydro electric power, especially to Atlanta, which was now like pretty like up in bustling happen happening. Oh you to happen same thing I wasn't gonna go. I was living in a correct of shopping and happened. I also wanted to protect downstream areas from flooding use the lake. As a result, but water supply, and also use it as a fish and wildlife management support, so that
on their powerpoint presentation that they put together There were many many things that halted this project even from even beginning. In the first place it was almost like the universe was like now. that's what the universe of set aside. The universe was not gonna, go well universes out of breath of the public about. She is because she was yellow and the great depression actually put the project on hold for a while. But in ninety nine that little black. Yet about about I'll. Do it I'll? Do it back great depression, always put your plane renewable energy, Verona budgets, they did it all. We can continue today. It's the great depression. There are like yeah, we can
I said, like forty seven million dollars on anything this lake, because there's not forty seven million dollars even circulating right. Now, it's not going to look good, but in nineteen forty seven they did get the go ahead to build the Buford Dam and then go on to create the lake. Okay. How ever there were a few problems? the first was the Florida Georgia and Alabama were all arguing about the logistics of what the lake would be used for and the requirements that it consist of because They all had like access to this water. There is like to water basins, basins that met in Bangladesh, charge of that. I said that I'm, whereby eleven water bath one and then so they got over that man once they got for that. No one agreeing on what the lake should be named. Oh my god they're. So why me they are
everybody get along, and then there is this whole problem of that they had to clear about fifty seven thousand acres of land. Ok, that little problem that was like a book v much being used for far may living up. A house is fuckin businesses, churches cemeteries like going well? Yes, de. I don't really understand the whole plan, bad, it's up to agree. It did happen and they finally broke crowd on March first, nineteen, fifty and actually more than five thousand people attended. This like ground breaking up, and- and I would like at Leisure- will lay out to breed waiter old ground for not like Miranda priestly lay groundbreaking will deprive literally breaking new ground correct when it comes to paying off tat it can
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upstart outcomes, lash, morbid and now it would take about seven years, fear them to build the dam and then the lake, for a long time like I said like nobody could agree on the lakes name, so it just one unnamed for a long time who I love. That and then finally, they decided to name it after this, like wonderful guy named Sidney LINEAR, he wrote like this awesome song called the song of the China to China who chee he was a poem obviously a musician, and he also was a confederate soldier, ah nerves, so the fucking worst like sorry Sidney, but you're, not law. Now it was also alleged that the sons of the confederate veterans actually like asked that this lake be named after him, and it's what's up was troublesome from the start. Yeah behind fighters sweated
We will certainly, but that public that was foresight, tat choice, silly that should have been a little bit of foresight now younger. I think every thing leading up to the lakes thing should be Jose so far. This is just like what are you guys? Also manmade lakes? I dont weird to me: I don't care their weird to me, drew a telling me that there is one in Massachusetts. Yeah there's quite visible. Quite a few soda. It's like not like an uncommon thing is just strange to me and I don't know why. I feel like it's like a feeling: it's completely up the earth. Terrific politics look like I said I will go back over them all on her shoulders. Mother earth holds that burden. For me is that, like you need to make lakes, that's not budge daily, she made she made grey, she's an actual, but that's it. You know. I think we should just left her too I think I mean she's proven her worth making were exposed
only the group- and we don't trust her apparent. We proven that we make like haunted lakes, so I don't know We don't listen to her a lot. We proudly should start listening to her. He, I just don't think we should have elbowed into her. Business like listen, a mother earth and listen to gretta. Wurtemberg farrago set her name correctly to night, his thoughts. Isn't it it is listen to her she knows, there should be a lesson to you is this. Is this is morbid naming you couldn't tell? My brain has been going on in two areas, but today, The six hundred and ninety two miles of Blake LINEAR Shoreline Borders, Hall, Forsyth Jaws, Gwen it and Lambkin County, and also, I think that Lambkin is a much better name for pumpkin should just call them lump given that it is their lumpy, it truly and their uncle and so like. Why not? I love that cool gladly.
I love it now. The water of Lake Lanier reaches two hundred and fifty eight feet at its deepest now. It has claimed. Are you ready, six hundred and seventy five lives that we know of guys, don't swimmer six. Hundred and seventy five lives, but the law and at These terse gives me over one hundred and sixty of those deaths have happened in recent years since ninety ninety four what's happening authority. He say also that there are at least twenty four undiscovered bodies in the lake and for that reason many believe Lake LINEAR is haunted as far do just twenty five bodies during our at least twenty four undiscovered bodies and jewish Chillun. Oh no bitch We get into this you're gonna lose at now so off
Urville, which is a town located and foresight. County was one of the main towns that was going to me to be flooded for the birth of lake linear. Yes, you heard correct they were just going to flood a whole ass town, multiple whole ass towns. Actually, oh ok, you're! Ok! Now, We have to talk a little bit about the history of Oscar Urville because, like I think it also Was a warning sign to just everybody involved, its located and foresight County, which probably sounds familiar to you. If you heard our episode untamable horse word, that's them yet the country that she was from the count is historically known for pretty incredibly racist passage up and, in my opinion I feel like it could have something to do with like the darkness surrounding Lake LINEAR yeah, because before the lake existed, there is an immense amount of Rachel racial attention in the area
now a young woman named Sleety May Crow was viciously beaten, raped and killed. On September, ninth nineteen twelve she's- she was and unconscious, laying in the woods near Browns, bridge and close by what would later become Lake Lenny LINEAR now some reports say that at that I'm she regained consciousness and was able to identify her attacker, but that could not be further from the truth when she was found she was found unconscious and then they brought her to the hospital and they were then she never again consciousness. So that's just false report. And the reason that they are false reporting is because they are trying to push a narrative that the murder was committed by the black residents of the town, of course, of course, because back then it was like tat yeah, and I just might you know this is gonna, be like probably very triggering, probably for a like very much racially charged the evidence about to follow
so immediately the closest black residence to the crime scene were taken into custody. Of course, yoga makes soulless and like that, no car, and ass they were just like who were the nearest black people, which is the most fucked up thing I just so weird mean. What's so, where the people like it's weird, you pay them. People Everson. Were this terrible minutes where to me the people still hours at her all its leg. I just ran my brain around it now. One of the people taken into custody was Earnest Knox. Who was a sixteen year old boy at the time he was the one who confessed the crime and actually named several other boys that he said were involved, but it was later of yields, but he was coerced into confessing because they mock Lynch. him to show him what would happen if he did not confess they mark lynched him to get him to confess. The bark like probably we're like this- is what's gonna happen, if you doubt confessed and if you do confess like you- can avoid this by Arabs, that's exactly what they are doing and in
Ass, we ve seen would like West Memphis three inches, that's a thin real false confessions do happen under duress. Absolutely you just don't know. Yes, they forced to admit to a crime that I dont believe he committed at all. That's creese. He now, instead of standing by knowing that something terrible was probably gonna happen to these young black men sitting in jail. Now the sheriff bill just decided to go home and leave one fuckin deputy one deputy till I protect all these listeners if an angry racist mob showed up which we all knew was gonna happen, which that's never happened before in history no shocking. Ever they couldn't have seen that coming, no, never, no, no, not at all, and actually I guess, I'm the sheriff bill. Reed had like beef with this pity because they were running against each other and like an upcoming elections. So he definitely did it to be one hundred percent. Multiple work like multiple way snap
Rob Edwards was another twenty four year old black man and he had also been implicated in the crime, and he was in one of the cells that was guarded by that single deputy. Now, in his book called blood at the route, which I absolutely recommend reading, it's really good Patrick Philips described what happened when the racist mob showed up at the jail. That night, he said quote the lynching Rob Edwards involved a very large crowd gathering outside the jail get him out of the jail beating him with crow bars and then dragging his body around town behind a wagon, then actually his core, but his corpses hoisted on a telegraph pole and everyone in the crowd ex turns shooting into his body the I'm. I there's very few times where I literally don't I can't even forward no because it's just how the fuck do you do that, to another human being, who you, Full well know did not commit this cry, like you, you guys all know that he didn't you're just
You're, just using him as a scapegoat and all these other boys scapegoats. Why our young men with their entire lives, ahead of them with families who also were being intimidated, timely just in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong skin color. Exactly that's, while exactly like. That's really really who it's terrifying now Ernest Knox, an Oscar Daniel who Oscar Daniel seventeen at the time they were publicly hanged as well, even though public hangings, where illegal by that point now the nice, nothing would happen. No, of course, not the night before the hangings happened, the blinds that was built to shield people from seeing these hangings was burned down. So half of the counties residents could come and see the next day and they did Ah, so, after sleety maize murder-
the claim of another young by us. He's me another young woman that two black men raped her after breaking into her bedroom white residents began just tormenting black residence and Forsyth County. These white resin, called themselves night writers and they would ride around shooting into the homes of any block residents that lack that we're still left in the county. I remember reading about this with the term a horse for a case, and when I was doing the research following the background of the town Michael are, the county was that's, I'm it's like that not only is. Are these human beings like that, you that have done nothing to own their property is, but it's also like universes, like children in those week they don't care, didn't you don't care at all. They don't know any of this now, like that's a truly region and not only where they shooting into their homes. They were killing their farm animals to intimidate them and obviously make them, their money and they did this until about ninety five percent of the black community left the cat
and then eventually, more and more people left to the point where there is only a handful of a handful of black people left and they worked on a farm like further white man obviously asked Us fact? And actually to this day, I looked it up and I believe the last sentence since this that I looked out was twenty nineteen. I think, and by that point Foresight County only has a four point: four black pony ash cause. I remembered the Roman, not shocking, not yet an absolutely shocking hall who, at the same time, so it, The reason why that ties into Lake lit LINEAR is that some people believe the lake was not only created for the reasons that I mentioned earlier, but also kind of like just get rid of an incredibly dark. ass, just literally a race. By just submerging in water gas as most of Oscar Urville with submerged by water, when the lake was made only a few parts of Oscar Valor actually round to this day I think you're not
burying it you're, just like adding another like we're dark later on yeah, like you're, not going to be able to get rid of that bad energy. No! Actually, though, not some water with two hundred fifty feet of water like no you're just adding a whole puts it on top of that that exactly in seep into their it's all gonna come out at employers will find out how the EU Us army core of engineers began offering property owners money for their land and, in total, its believed about seven hundred family sold their land. They got him thirty dollars per acre witches shit for money yeah, but most of them are selling because they realized they weren't paid enough and also they were like. You can't put a price tag on my home that I probably my memories, my memories and a lot of these there. A lot of it was farmland, so these arms had been in families for generations and generations. Now the first man to actually sell his property was
and eighty one year old man which, just like you, took his home and won. His name was Henry Shadow, as he's me, Henry Shod burns, and he sold his one hundred acres farm for forty one hundred dollars today. That would be forty five thousand dollars my God, for a hundred acres of land toll today, forty five thousand dollars while like theirs. even a word like I was there, literally, I was looking up cinema synonyms for the word steel and none of them felt it appropriate and felt like. I was like football stolen life, robs slick There is not even a word for that yeah. That's I mean, while a hundred acres for horny twenty thousand dollars. I wish bed, I can't even picture one hundred acres. I got. I can invest I should like the five acres beyond you re, a hundred and unlike see that's just a town, just a continent when you spoke of literally no soberly
and that was an already occupied by homeowners, was occupied. I think I said of earlier by cemeteries, churches, businesses, so they say that all of the bodies in the cemeteries were relocated, but a lot of people question. If that's actually the truth, firstly, when it came to relocate, bodies and unmarked gray obsessed. Never the true fits never the true however, the way ever ever ever they ve never move all the bodies they not everywhere, because they get tired, I'm tired! They entirely get tired and clarity, and they just want to make their late. They don't they don't hydrate enough, they did meet lunch and they never move all the bad and they then it's always happens. They just don't especially the I hate to say this, but the ones and unmarked grave- it's just yet they just don't yeah they just they don T want to get home for the voice and they just stop. They start moving bodies. It happens every time it us I've, never heard of a thing where they like they moved so the matera- and they never libraries in the cemetery, and they put them all and marked creams, and everybody was happy and was haunted after that butterfly They always yeah. They said they did
Well, I don't think they do. I just really. I saw one article where some guy was like day definitely did like they could never get away with that. If they didn't know, as I do, hey I'm through the submerged in like a shit, ton of waters are like no one would really ever find out if they did in and they ve definitely done and like white like you need to come down yet so that's good temperature as personal everyone's idea of comfortable as you, For example, a lane is house lately husband, the arctic tundra. I literally have to dress differently to come here, so I should really just stop dressing differently, though, and use I end by waves to get like it's like when you put your hand under the false it after you, ve been outside for a long time in the winter, and you look at your pressure point. What that like burn in hot water and you dislike, and it's like who it is the best feeling ever well temperature Discomfort- can both be physical and situation.
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two on the website or you can still order the original Amber wave, which would make a great gift for your mom mother's day, you can say fifty dollars either products by visiting ember, wave dot com, slash morbid, that's a and b are wave dot com slots. Orbit and all buildings left standing were either relocated or burnt down to only their concrete foundation. Awesome which person Maybe I'm like too much of an I'm path, but I feel like homes have feelings and like vibes in them and burning them down and thought like burning down. That many places is just like not good yeah. I think you know what I feel you on rainy. I feel like it. It's in. We, especially homes, are people lived in forever generations. Seventh, like they have an energy they have. They have like heart beef cigarettes may be lingering there. I don't know it biggie. I agree I just him some about it.
Like I agree with your statement on like I agree with you like you know what meeting last and by it- and we do agree with me in the others, so they were burnt onto the concrete founded and ten tree these were left. They were able to be left standing if they would be at least thirty five inches below the full level of the lake. Excuse me, I ll make I'm not inches. Thirty five veto it out in my head. I was not just that it took the risk that they were allowed to stay remained standing if they were thirty five feet below the full level of the lake, but even thirty five feet is not patty. No Lincoln, I mean I'm nice, one circuit. I have definitely not lucky still when we're talking about interlocutor luxury use. It's like yeah yeah, it's fucked up. So apparently there just a bunch of old, ass trees and like concrete founded shit instead lying deep beneath the surface. Sorry, I think I might have that thing where years, because I'm like terrified of dark water, though you Tarifa in deep water,
wait. You thinking I like that, like I'm scared because we talk, clean out king trees underneath me. No no trees are above me always and for our. They need to be like next to me above me, not under me, It's just a standard. We personally have its fine. If you don't need so gay and like the Eba, like this foundation of houses underneath mutely thirty five feet under no cause, it just feels like their sucking. You know. That's like I'm getting uncomfortable and I'm on a couch. I now think that a very complete I feel it we are now behind. Now I underline selling my trip to wait a little earlier. We were never go avenue cancelling it and I'm not swimming about water. You think that's fad. Elizabeth! in two thousand one. The area was going through like a lot of droughts, there's a lot of droughts going on and the lever level of the water Greece so much that the top of the old concrete stands firm, Lupus Speedway, which was old race track, we're just visible.
All children in the lake? Ah, no, today over our people used to sit and watch races, they said urged I'll pull ass race track may do not all raised are their photos of this? It is probably somewhere like all over the police. That is why It will be under the other night. We were just watching like Youtube. Videos of divers going underneath Lake linear aid is the creepy, a shit you ever see in your life. Now, that's not it my guys, because the very system that used to be used was put out of business when the lake was made and instead of getting rid of all the old ferryboat they just also submerged them. So there's old, ass, fair YO, fuller could down there to Opel and die ever say wanna play. They say that as you like go deeper and deeper into the water, it gets incredibly murky. Obviously, of course it does. It is the pits of Helen there. It's literally
but when they have been able to find things along the floor of the lake, it's just like super fucking creepy cause. There's, like I said old House, conditions, boats that have sunk to the bottom and also just like pretend truly invisible forces that, like don't want new lurking in the waters off the sub. Potentially the forces of hell true there may be ready to drag. Your ass down would be potentially now there's like real. Experience Diver guy was like. I want to check this out for myself, as name was Buck Buchanan which are blessed with, but you can, and he said quote you reach into the dark and you feel an arm and a leg and it doesn't move. That's creepy. fuck you fuck, that's more than creating these fuck, that's a crime! That's it crime, underwater fuck, fuck fuck, call support you.
Feel you feel like we got to talk to someone. That's more than Crete. We're gonna mark the spot with an ex here. We gotta podcast about it. What what is this Armand leg that you're feeling underwater he said thus creep less creepy its it's a little more than that, but it has its situation. What one might say, that's unsettled then Mama, many of the people who were close to drowning in the lake. They say that they feel hands around their legs, pulling them underneath the water get the fuck out or like a bill. be like swimming, like and the other thing is a lot of the drownings that have happened. Like happened pretty close to the shore yeah, because this is a demon, cautious, a hail, people who say that they like swimming in their totally fine and then suddenly like they just like all the breath comes out of there and they just like Camper, even an invisible forces, pull them. silly. I don't know why you guys are stored size. Why youngest stop swimming in this way, but you know I will play doubles address,
here so that all of you don't have to yell at me I'll tell you. This lake is definitely a spot, people go to party hardy over Seven point: five million people visit the lake each year, I'm confused about. Why are also going all seven point: five million a view that our listening re now clearly don't go there, don't stop Anko, they stop stop. Making no Georgia actually in the past years, has attributed the high death rate to the number of visitors. The lake attracts obviously but linked. I don't think they realise that they submerged like hell, water yeah. I mean yeah tell but a lot of drownings or accidents have been alcohol related and so so that in twenty thirteen they actually changed the blood alcohol concentration level. From point us he's me to point away for operating a boat on the lake. It used to be point ten. Who now will aid? If I can crush my car, like I feel like a boat, is all almost a little bit more danger. Lousy have like more openness and, and
people are swimming in road there swimming in the water, where your boat is where you should in fact be a point. Ten of drunkenness is literally a fact. You are right. literally in the in the dictionary than the thing it's in the books. That's the I mean it makes total sense of the amount of people that go to this takes per year and the fact that there are like partying, Harding yeah, it's like a party lake for sure- and I mean you barely make good money now there's like there's a fuckin like restaurants along the shore and there's like different places, to go. There's hotels and, of course, but your own too early guys. I notes fondling party by a lake but like these Damned bodies of water are so fuckin le Coeur act. Apples. Sure day, my guess but stay out of the water if you're plucked out of the water- and you can't. But it's like if your parting on the beach, I know it's fun but like you can be sure that you're not going to go in the water right like cause, you're, acting a fool, and so just
don't don't listen, party girl herself. I love to party, I like not anymore, I'm like we were actually just talking about how different I've become, I'm just like an old woman, but I never partied on a lake know. It just feel like it's just opening up too much like we just covered the smiley, face, deaths and ask that comes up a lot of leg, just open. water error can happen here and by the way, Actually, this lake was never intended to be used for recreational purposes. I listed a whole ass group or reasons, but did not once did I say to being and swimming I'm getting drunk on going on. There bow not in so. I never said that zone favour and there's also ten of areas that are marked with new swimming signs and people just ignore them all the time I mean the fact that, like an entire civilization is literally submerged underneath it shouldn't should be like reason enough, probably not to swim yeah, but you shall I get it. I got it you, everybody wants a chance.
Just to give you swimming among submerged trees and people's memories, infected puppets, yeah and the pits and tell them. You know you do you, but like be careful with death, be careful because a lotta, weird shakos tut around them, worried about all you. no she's a man, a girl that children, but so large a lotta? We're chick goes down here earlier, but beyond the point of what I ve been mentioned so far, unconcerned. So, let's get into one of the most famous go story surrounding the area. Please do, though, Lee b of the mother, Fucking Lake and lady of the lake. I added the mother fucking, but but I bet she'd appreciate it felt right. I don't know if she were now watch. I don't know her, but I dont know what it was. Nineteen, fifty eight, I don't think they said mother fucker about often she what she really felt a little repressed. Who am I to know? We should like it? No actual yeah yeah. I think she did feel oppressed. So in April fifty nine
team. Fifty eight Delia may Parker Young and her friend, Susie Roberts were driving to the three gables, which was a local roadhouse in Dawson Bill Georgia. They surely liquid to a gas station and left without paying. So that's why I think she may be felt repressed. I was gonna say: that's pretty rebellion yeah. They were rebels without now Susie was the driver and, while driving over the lake LINEAR Bridge for some unknown reason, she just lost control of the car and crashed off of the bridge submerging the car into the lake. Oh yes, now they knew that the car had gone into the lake because of skid marks left on the road and look on the road of the bridge. But it would be thirty one years before Susie's, car or Susie were ever found down now before, in nineteen, fifty nine before the Susa found a fisherman covered remains floating along the source of the surface of the lake, but the body was like very bloated. I mean it had been a year at this point really hard to identify and they were asked
unable to identify these remains or a cause of death for this particular body. But they did note that the body was missing both hands and to those on the left foot one yeah. I don't know if it was just like, probably like the elements of hell in the matter of the eunuch. The lake is just parliament's business I like TAT is the hell. It was definitely the health minister, but a ton of people thought that the body could have been Susie's or delays, but since they could determine that's really true right then, and there the body was buried in Altavista Cemetery in an unmarked grave, but a lot of local who experienced the lady of the lake phenomenon speculated that the body was dealey us, because Delia had been wearing a blue dress that night and since the accident cars passing on that particular. bridge would see like a seemingly lost woman. Woman wearing a blue dress. Pacing,
and on the area and she was missing her hands. Why Imagine seeing now I dont want to either now when Susie's car and her remains were found. They were doing structure to build Newbridge, then that's how they ended up finding it cause. They had to dredge the lake bed to install the pillars of the bridge and when they did that they found a rusted car with a bow howdy sitting behind the wheel, not a body anymore, but you know what I mean and they able to determine that it with Susie's body through dental records like asked, am which, unlike tat your teeth for how long I had to double check. Forty two times I was like a shooting have teeth anymore, that what she did. Your teeth are pretty nearly as you did and have all botany and was just made a bow much. He had teeth now, but I this has a happy ending because Now they were pretty sure that the body that they had found was dealing as
and so Susie was laid to rest in the Altavista cemetery as well next to formerly unmarked grave. That was now marked Delia May PA ok good solely favourable tied to I mean sad but good. I think it makes sense to that. Delia was, though, on hunting the bridge, because she was the one who was discovered first and like left, unidentified for so long and used, but when she might have been trying to be like hey, my friends stole them exactly you gotta get her. I think that's what I was. Ah, you know what a bummer I know it's like it's like a happy bummer cause like they got reunited. I know, and I feel like one of them was Trang really hard to to help top their sister out. They were. Others best perks, I no legal. Is there something interfering with their happiness or preventing you from achieving our goal?
It happens to all of us all the time. The last couple days around here, but like pretty rainy, and it just makes me a little bit glum. You know Better help will assess your knees and Matthew with your own licence, professional therapist. You can start communicating in under forty eight hours with this person. It's not a crisis line, it's not self help. This is professional counselling done securely online. There is a broad range of expertise available that might not be locally available, in many areas and the service is available for clients worldwide login to your account at any time and send a message, sheer counselor, you're got a timely and thoughtful response. Back plus you can schedule weekly video or phone session see you never have to weigh in an income. trouble waiting room again that, like Polly smells kind of weird and like they're playing word music. You know like traditional therapy, it's more afford, well, then traditional offline, counselling and financial aid is available. Better help is committed to facilitating great therapeutic mass matches, so they make it easy and free to change councillors if needed. Is it better help, dot com? Slash morbid, that's bet,
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Oh, that sentence figure very perfect. It was an that's a very normal thing to see in the dark to me. The always a shadow figure with the lantern and apportion themselves forward on lake seems pretty chill, except it doesn't at all. No because there were two fishermen, one night that saw the raft in the distance, and they were out fishing like one in the morning and it was like a pretty cold, and I mean I don't really understand why they were fishing at one in the morning, but like foot insomnia It was like a cold night. It was like I guess in the middle of fall in they probably were really expecting to see too many other people out there doing the same thing I wouldn't neither. I wouldn't be there in the first place, but Nina, but neither here nor there her but responded the man and right away. They were confused because the lake, the part of the late that they were sitting on and like he was pretty like sitting on his well- was about forty five feet. Deep.
but the man in the distance was it seeming to have trouble using the pole? Fishing is itself a orally gritted speck, unlike the pull that seem to be we find inches long. Forty five plus a gentleman also need feet. Goddammit measure, you love, you fuckin love an inch. I see that this. If we love the inches, give you a foot new. Take him in here it's about the soon to be two sets of what really that's a bad dagger, and can you imagine no a forty? Five foot talk. Let me stuff like now: your genome cell forward weather at one a m, forty, five plus a lantern, the water is just forty five days. Vienna shouted is gonna, say measurement the units of men
similarly mortgages idlers. Forty is forty five just contacts clues, you'll figure it out, but yet he didn't seem to be having any trouble moving himself forward. And you know I don't have the din Shikar crazy out of Nowhere in suspect the man stood up on the raft, which seems chaotic but equally, what who did something up the bank to further create chaos, and then till I bring that chaos level two on it. He of into the water. Oh stop. like in their direction. It's the fall all Sir yelled sub bigger than drove into the probably for raising Goldwater the freezing cold hell water, how water they panicked, legality, my God, what about to happen, but when they flashed their light back? Where the raft had been nothing was there. I hate that I really don't like thou on so that the rule
I don't like that at all. That's that's! Almost like the Red headed hitchhiker on route, forty, four, how it's just like! I don't know it just gave that feeling of like no. It's their yeah, it's their wives are not now seen up While I feel ass, if I had to choose like choose your adventure between two that I used, the raft now choose the right because that guy on the Red, headed hitchhiker ends up in your backstreet yeah that I'm not ok with at least this guy doesn't end up on your boat cause, no fuck that no, I don't want that off my boat gonna fight, but we're going to need a bigger, thank you for, hang it literally was buried literally just launching bad on jobs. The other day too, we were as a little side by kids, got like very obsessed with the idea of Jaws. There. Five
yes, they are not only the movie or that they will not be see it. But I think it was on the today show that, like they showed a quick little clip of jaws because they were saying how many sharks like shark attacks have been happening and has been so many sightings and sightings here, and so I think one of my one way twins with There was like what is that those like? Oh, that's not real, and as I don't that's a movie, it's just about a big, crazy shit, everything is in order. Yeah like don't worry, that's not how big sharks are God, so I know them so I found a documentary about the making of jaws and, unlike the love, this illegal fucking loved it. Like my two five year olds were so into Bruce the fake shower,
they were all about it. They wanted to know if Steven Spielberg, when too many years of school to become a director, they were like very enrolled. In the same author, if your kids are scared of you know, sharks are something show them behind the scenes of job. It's fun, you're gonna have to go beep. Would they yell shit sometimes, but legged is fine. It's ok, just you'll be paved Billy her teeth a ship. It would, in fact like for some reason I have been saying like about sexy too, like everything we hope is one of your kids wish, which trigger legs like a budget stuffed animals that they got in. Almost just when all that sexier. Supposing I can't say now to arrive at a village, we don't leave those like that's great, It is not meant to have. But it is wrong to teach I love it, but that was a little side engine for
I want us on behind the scenes of Java thousands perfects, because now returning getting it like, like into some like real, concrete shit soya like a little sideways- oh good, ok, I'm happy to do that for you, Cubase Femen, so we're going to get into some real, concrete mystery that has gone down near and in the lake, because we're going to talk about the disappearance of Kellie Nash- and this is a case that has stumped people for years. So Kelly was born on September 15th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine in Alabama to his parents, Alan and Beverly. He had been attending Georgia, college with hopes to become an accountant and at the time he was also working for his doubts construction company. So he was just like doing. The damn thing is really doing damn yes, and he also had a pretty long term girlfriend named Jessica. They had been together for three.
Yours and they just moved into a home together around this time and Buford Georgia, but Kelly disappeared early on the morning of January Fifth, two thousand and fifteen, and he had disappeared. Not too long after he woke up, which is like issues like we're too yeah, Brazil, where'd, you go from a very exactly so he had been having a ton of scientists trouble, as of lay and healing wasn't really feeling great. He woke up coughing and sneezing a tongue and he couldn't get back to sleep, but he didn't want to skirt. He didn't want to disturb his girlfriend. Who was asleep next to him. He was ex gotta get up in the morning, so he decided to head out into the living room on the couch to play some video games and he is like Alice falsely player when I do than that. I'm not bothering her so Jessica did end up waking up around like four and was like oh Kelly's, not sleeping extra me, but she heard is video coming from the living room, so she went to check on him. He was still there and he explained that he wasn't flow is shocking. I thought would think differ. What's gonna happen. I know that's why
he just six later. You know he was feeling well couldn't sleep yadda, yadda yadda and she was. I go Gaelic call my back it's cool. Is she woke up again at seven thirty to let the dogs out and get ready for work? I see who let the dogma Jessica, ok, a quick side. No, I find out that that's like a super like feminist song. Oh really, I don't know the exact fuck an explanation right now about who I sought on Tik Tok, but it's all about feminism flattered did. I saw it I learned a lot too, should adopt as his favorite scented the very thought up in absolute, but anyways Kelly was not in the living room anymore it that only now by seven thirty, he had disappeared from the living room. Oh just what happens so his game was idle, so it had paused itself. I think, is what that means. Ok, I get a timed out. Angelic lack of activity is like it was like Netflix. Are you still area exact everybody's? Like now
She says she noticed that that was going on, and then she noticed that the garage door was like slightly open ha now, Kelly's truck was still parked out front and his wallet was left behind and, I believe has cellphone was left behind as well What was missing now was his nine millimeter, units of measurement there. It is its throwing his nine pistol A single clip was also missing and in some sources I read that his car keys were missing and that another's they were left behind. So, once cruiser adventure on that one, but at least
I like a lot of things that he would have needed were missing you or sees me where there without him or not with him, and then like creepy stuff, was missing like a single clip for a pistol and a pistol yeah. That's weird and Kelly's family was like, like freaked out, obviously when he was reported missing because they were like this is not like him. He had a ton going for him and he would not have just walked up and away from his life. I mean you hear that all the time, his father actually side quote: he saw what he wanted in life. He had it figured out and was working to get their strong relationships were what he wanted, and Life Kelly wasn't driven by money, but by doing things the right way- and I think, like the who, the whole thing of him getting up, because he didn't want to disturb his girlfriend sleep with me. She had to wake up early next month, like he cared about her, yet you consider it enough to do that. Doesn't feel like someone who is ready to just walk away from that person.
No definitely not to me at least snuff service search for Kelly, included helicopters and search dogs, but they just could not find him there had been surveillance, footage found of Kelly earlier that night at a gas station where he seemed to be acting really normal. He was actually on the phone with his girlfriend and I believe he bought some cold medicine. So it was like before everything and help India, but they really sick. It showed what he was dressed and he was dressed in a jam bottoms and a dark colored sure, and that was also the last thing that Jessica had seen him missing before their excuse me wearing before he went missing and then there was all so footage of someone walking by that same gas station the early morning hours around four thirty, I am. The footage is like to green eater really make out any appearances. But strangely enough there was also an arson that, when unsolved up the gas station that same night far, so he when Mustang Green, weird footage where they were like, I don't
that's him, and then there was an unsolved arson gather sought a weird stuff super duper. Weird. Now, at the body of twenty five year, old Kelly NASH was found about a month later, on February, eighth, two thousand fifteen a fisherman discovered lemon, labeling, gloomier I'd. I M was that because I'm looking at it in its l a and I e r, so I wanna keep saying like lay near yup, that's exactly or my brain does. Lonelier fishermen discovered the lake linear by shall burn ferry boat about two miles: firm, his home and not far from his father Alan's home, who lived on that same road o, which I assume is actually named after that guy who sold as land earlier. Yeah now
They were able to identify Kelly because he was wearing that the dark sure and the pajamas that his girlfriend said and that we had seen the gas station, and he also had some tattoos that were able to be used to identify who is now at first. They didn't realize it, but upon like the medical examination, he had one single gunshot wound rumoured to be to the head, but you cannot find like com concrete evidence that, where of where this no confirmation, there's no confirmation of where the gunshot wound was hot- and I have said, so far and wide eyed autopsy report, I typed in Kelly. Autopsy did it all. It did not work ha and his gun that was missing from the house was never found. So while he was missing so
There were rewards of up to fifty thousand dollars for information and during that time, has family hired a private investigator, but that pain, if only deepened the mystery, because his father said quote this is the problem. We can't find anything bad that Kelly was associated with while we ve tried your starting you're, trying to find a starting point. Is there something that he was doing that none of his family members would know? This is not a young man tied up in some dark world situation? There were rumours that, like It was something drug related or something like that, but I think the first thing that a lot of people a jump to, of course, but I think his father saying that is like no like the he wasn't wrapped up
The steps you have only makes it more confusing legal. Not only do we not know about him being involved in anything like that Blake, even digging into it, we didn't find anything even encumber stuff that he was hiding right and like memories. Private investigators always find crazy shit Eugenia, but they did not believe that he had walked two miles in the rain on a cold night to end his life, though many dupe. Many people do believe that it was simply a suicide in some people say that they think he went out to the dock that night like near them water and shot himself so that he would like end up in the water. Then there would be a big mess Bernie one now I mean it's not out of the realm of possibility by any me. No, of course not now what other people think that Jessica might know more than she saying- and I didn't include her last name because I didn't want like rumours to start and everything, but while searching the web sleuths, actually
I found that she had been previously married to a man named Jason Baker who died in an accident, ha niches, just like a little bit we're, but you can't find anything upon his death either. I searched for his obituary or anything like that, and you can't find anything about that. Some definitely not one fingers here. It's just like something to say interesting, tidbits story, exactly but theory aside from suicide, actually point to the smiley face killers, that's while which is, super to rear because we covered buried, but I don't really think it's fitting in this case you especially because I don't know, if that's even a real thing, I mean I do, but if it's here, but other people that cause the garage store, obviously was open and people are like will. Maybe he heard something outside when to investigate with his gun and brain into something the fairy s along the way now, so it still unsolved. Yeah! That's all very! It's all very, like just bizarre
yeah and honestly, like all of the theory, seem pretty plausible yeah. I mean you can't you could definitely every single one that was presented. Accordingly, I guess so like none of them are like oh yeah right. like all the images like yeah, I could have happened, which is rare. Usually it's? U lean towards one or none of them really fit the bill. this one is like yeah, yeah all shot me inside the folk enemies, but it's like just the mystery of Lake Lanier. Now than that man that how additional lettering, what even, if it is you know, a suicide, the what he wanted. He went awake, Lenny yeah. I know I think what is its cruel, their privacy drawn. So that's creepy, no matter what it really is in many tragic, no matter what I was literally just going to hand so tragic steel in each other's work has where each other's favorite human, Kansas
So we're gonna talk about another case, but this one is a murder in its also unsolved Humbird. So Hannah true love as another girl about went missing and she was discovered nearby Lake LINEAR. Her death was like, I said, one hundred percent murder. But again never solved. She was just sixteen years old when she went missing on August, twenty fourth, two thousand twelve and no little baby yeah. She had last seen hanging out with her friends at her apartment building, she'll be there with her mother, They were last seen hanging out around seven thirty on August twenty third, but she was later found murdered in the woods next to the lake. The next day she had been stabbed multiple times, yes, and they said that they were sure, that's like she died of her stab wounds, but like maybe like bleeding out or something like that by God. There is a lot of,
There was an issue because in the days leading up to the murder, L actually hang on site we're gonna get to that we're gonna get to the issue after you wait. A second I've read by put my notes, the Roma have, but in the days leading up to the murder of a super creepy, she was tweeting. Just like some. very strange things she mentioned, having a stalker in one tweet. Why another to eat. She said so scared right now, then I went to look at twitter myself, because it still up- and you can definitely tell- but she was going through something with her friends like she was treating about people being fake- unlike oh, you know like I'll need year, like very aerial, exactly varied sixteen year old, like going through some ship with from me, I definitely tweeting about a boy s. Well like again, very sixteen year old yeah, but mixed in all those tweets where some more creepy things like I'm gonna start driving to school. Again, mark my words like why liked, I feel it got
some say: I'm not yeah Nick I'm not comfortable, walking the school and then she treated. I can't do this by myself why it like. I had that to me something I can't protect for like I can't handle, I can't handle this extra myself radiation. So this is the part that I thing like. Unfortunately, was a really big storm, the night that Hannah went missing and when she was discovered Lieutenant DEN Franklin said she was quote, laying under submerged water for a period of time, and so unfortunately, with that it is at washed away a great deal of our trace evidence and a lot evidence. So that's why did have multiple stab wounds, but they weren't sheriff. She died of those because they were like. None of them are like really life threatening, yeah and that that water man, why water lily for a crime scene? Has we found out last week in the week before the actual issue now there, for there were a few reports of Sis. Just cars in the area of the apartment complex that night one was a
Nineteen nineties to early two thousands for door vehicle believed to be either a shabby or a dodge, with front and damage. and the investigator set of that that they think the people in that car could have some pretty viable information if they would just come forward. Why? But so far I haven't seen anyone know if I'm coming forward- it's like there. Definitely me one. I think there are definitely keeping something close to the chest with this investigation, because they're like We know that this car was in the area and we know that the people and their have valuable information. But it's like there's way more too, that there has to be way Marcia that, because I agree with you that I think they're just they're holding something and it's all so confusing, because it's like well, if knew who they were, then couldn't you dislike talk to them yeah, but it's like you, don't know who they are, but you know that their valuable information is just like we. like three pieces to a hundred peace puzzle, lay eggs, that's what it is like. We have like that. We have three of the coroner pieces
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twenty percent off your purchase, that's third love dot com, slash morbid fur till one deeper sent off today. Now Hannah had also been seen walking behind a teenage boy who had pulled into the apartment complex with two other teen boys and a silver car. Though she was seen alive after that. But what was weird was that she had been walking with this boy behind the apartment and it was the where they ended up was not far from where she was later murdered, UK, which it just like kind of weird but weird worth mentioning, but yeah it doesn't sound. Like you, I wake up our welfare smoking gun via yeah. It's weird now mother, Mona says that her daughter was a quote funny, loving compassionate child, but did not deserve anything like this, and she thinks that whoever did this was someone who had a new yeah and she said he recognizes the possibility that it could be a random act, but she has got feeling that hand anew the person yeah I'd, that stocks are still
stock herself and then stabbing is personal. It is, I mean it's definitely. Obviously like there's times when I say that. That's that's a tough one just because you know so many people stop people, I don't know, but I think when you connect it to ask what our shared our and some things a little off there definitely like. There was some nefarious dealings around her and just like, even not even like the stalker stuff, but just the fact that she was really going through something diamond like there would seem to be low and arguing with maybe you're a friend group or something I don't just mean is weird reminds me of like a schuyler, niece kind of situation. It does were in twitter involved, of course, and it's always weird to hear these cases where twitter is a thing, because now we deal with a lot of cases where, like social media is not a thing yet. I naturally twitter, so it's like it's always weird. When, like you can go back on these tweets, it is weird what state of mind somebody was in leading up to it. I actually did that with the early Salaam Kay
and going through her twitter, unlike tumblr and omega. I actually just got chelles because her tumblr and her twitter, I don't actually know if I dont, think I looked at her tumblr but her twitter. I looked out in it just left me with this year If I can feeling I wouldn't hurt, you suddenly had a twitter, that's crazy electors and, like the middle of the night and ass, I looked out like early in the morning, so it was a little less creepy but very still, creeping creepy, and also she was beautiful court like absolutely gorgeous. Her father said that he knows that one or two people saw what happened and he wishes that they were. Come forward now I dont know if he means a keen those that, because he's heard things, are he just nose like in its heart and this guy this happened, but he wishes they would come forward and just like say who did this to his daughter,
to closure. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please call the Hall County sheriff at seven hundred and seventy five hundred and thirty one. Six thousand eight hundred and eighty five or crime stoppers at one eight hundred two hundred and twenty two tips. I will also examine the show notes than in the show nuts. Often now bad things really truly never seem to solve happening illegally, because our so good here, I'm gonna, give you like a couple other brief things that I found during the research process. These aren't like supervisor in depth, but they are deaf. He would have my dinner inveighing. A man named Jason Milon went out to fish on November seventeen two thousand nineteen, and while he was laying out their fuckin lining up his while you guys out there, you know fission without fish, there but what are they say when you're you're baiting the line that as being that fuckin line yeah? That's what they sang
I don't know if I have no idea, but while he was doing that, he saw sending shiny underneath the surface of the water, so he went a little closer and actually went over it with his boat and he realised that it was a mother fucking Van now now his boat no was over a van. No that's a phobia. I forget what kind of phobia it is, but it's one I have liberated storm jackass like big submerged. I know you should go out. Let us talk as though it's gonna bother. I dont want that at all. I dont want that at all like it at all. I think I've really mention the story like at least three times between that you are you jack. That said the shipwreck. Somebody and I don't even care because we got new listener, sometimes said lady to know. When I went, I don't it made snorkeling, I think in the need a triangle withdrew. He was terrified to do it, but he did it for me and where we were over those shipwrecks. It was the car it was like the coolest, but the creepy US thing I've ever done in my life cause you feel like being like like they're gonna links
swallow yeah. Do you feel it gets going to suck you, and I dont know what they are. I think it's gonna grab me. I just yeah you just filling something's gonna pop out there. It's too it's spooky, but when the it was in Sub Mckenna Phobia Sub Mckenna phobia. Yes, that's the fear of submerged manmade objects are eight. While I count me and because the Us- that's, no, that's actually just the fear lakelet near we literally look Le Monnier. That's it now, when the was investigated. They found and the remains of a thick fifty six year old man inside his was Van Dobbs and he had been missing since June of two thousand and eighteen, what guess I guess he justly crashes, car off of the off of like a bridge or something there, I entered the diameter and it was events. Name was Van. That's why I know it is super disappeared, but it was over many, then! Oh, that's so sad! I know I know we people just drive and offer bridge or some early cabin a crash and end up in that the health hell
thank you and the news reporter this is just like. This is a little bit light, hearted and silly. The news reporter for the segment that I watched on this. I just thought like a little news clip and he said when the lake level drops at linear. Who knows what you'll find have like not game. I'm really interested in good faith like whoever look, go check out, maybe or funds more corpses everybody. Does I do I'm I'm I'm actually stay for news. Eddie! Ok! Ok, how this blue my mind, because I did not know- I knew that this happened, but I didn't know that had happened here. Usher like the the star, like Usher Gusher, I do need. I explained MIKE yeah yeah. I was thinkin more like these makin vanished, but his steps on Kyle Glover was critically injured in July of twenty twelve on the Lake Lake LINEAR. While he was tubing with a friend
I remember this guy. He and his friend, Jordan chaperone, the inner tube when they were struck by a jet skis and the jet ski was driven by a family friend, Jeffrey Hubbard, who was later found guilty on charges, including, homicide, serious injury by vessel reckless operation unlawful, duration of a personal water craft and a boat traffic violation, Ye Ike. Now, apparently, before this all happened, he was like just being like super duper, reckless on the jet skis and like just being a pretty much being. yeah and that his mother killed lovers. Mother was on the boat, and saw Jeffrey like Bing toward them. So she saw this all happened in her husband drove into the water and, like garlic, got them only God, but child lover.
Like I said, was critically injured. So he went to the hospital and he was therefore like a week or two and he was like hooked up to life support, but eventually they had to pull the plug on the life support because, sadly, has he was declared brained. I do remember this. I remember that story now Jeffrey hubbub was Hubbard was actually sentenced to four years in prison for less down and Kyle's Kyle's mother to Mika Foster Side Kyle was the most creative genius songbird, both funny an handsome. I am so grateful for my time with him. I can smile to that of this when it gets me. I know I can smile today because I never missed a beat us his mother. He knew daily that I loved him, so much of which is to just destroy my heart. Like ruin me this now, as recently as this past mother's day, there was actually a boat explosion on Lake LINEAR all cage allows explosion. Others say in the cause of the explosion has not been determined yet yeah. Of course it has to make linear
cause of explosion lately in wearier hell or is it lanyard when you know linear, ok, linear, sorry, cause. I remember that, when you put he's gonna get was already. I put it into Google and I put the ladys boyfriend slow moment. She was like Lake LINEAR you because we sail in year, yet we say land near the Ataguju like air, its Le Maire, Sophie diameter of active this boat explosion. There is a water part called Marguerite avail unlikely, air got other I'm helping others of their when there's a fuelling doc near by and that's where the boat S followed as yet no family on board included parents any and Stephen there, three, children tailoring Gunnar who are sixteen in thirteen respectively were actually airlifted to the hospital and have since been sedated so that they can, get through the paying their burns. They are expected to recover, but my god, I Sirens
were the last report on this, I saw was made tenth. I believe- and at that point Taylor, especially have the worst injuries and she was expected to have it tap to spend at least another week being sedate cause. I can't imagine the pay idle I can't I can't burns. I can't even put my brain in that place really terrible arm, and this is what all this is on a trigger warning. an animal before I say this to their younger son, suffered injuries and he's at home recovering now and unfortunately, their dog was killed in the block that so yeah Go fuck me that their their lake family as haul ass. They call each other. Their lake, fair lady of the lake family, set up a go. Fuck me for the medical bills and I'm your link that, in the show notes, are able to help definitely dear, but yeah, I've generally going you're going to say. I want to know how and I'm just going. and here too it's a little low, more light. Hearted dispelled
light premium, most light hearted that we ve got him, as I hope so, reportedly catfish newly. shit yeah, whose size I have seen compared to twelve year old children and Volkswagen's all full of fish. The size of a Volkswagen North in play, and also like a Volkswagen bug Volkswagen Lynch LAW, which, when we talk about it, ledge and no matter what no matter, what kind of Volkswagen it's not ok, swims by, could be upset. It is simply not a viable. None of this is fucked. Your vegetarian pearly don't listen or begin, or you like it very like chickens. So It says that there is a truck in the eighties carrying live chickens and that it of crashed off the Thompson Bridge cause there's out like a ton of crashes, Scylla surrounding Lake LINEAR yeah. Now, obviously, it's unto the bottom up
the lake and they say that when the divers had to go check out the wreck, their dislike see what had happened and like. I can't even like say this without like fully panicking. There were huge ass catfish fighting over the chicken carcasses and swallowing them up in one bite. No, no. And I'm then a poster picture of these mother fucking catfish, because woe Dang worked, you thought catfish with with Neve, was something honey childs. Let me tell you you ain't seen nothing yet a Volkswagen carried out There is also some fishermen willing to back that story. Up of may tell stories of what we were out fishing and They got their line on like, but one of these Volkswagen cut fish bit. There lie and just fuckin these be plugged their boat
carried around the lake was sewerage. Excuse me if I am not well after a no Volkswagen, we swimming by me in a way to send us a slack. Even then I made in my life, this is What I'm sitting here telling my five year olds, like no Bruce from Jaws as in real and then in the nearest round jaws and I'm not wearing a volkswagen, can swim by you in lake in you up in one ripe that lake, like maybe that's where the undiscovered bodies are gal, I think the catfish Eightam, the Volkswagen Volkswagen's, eight, the corpse, that's, not a cat. My cat way six pounds, that's not a cat unreal
that's an elephant and people say that these catfish can also create legal. I mean this is a lake. It's not fuckin wavy. Now they can create like massive waves. That of like capsized votes are picked up old says this is not the vote later in part of those whose is it the scariest. I mean it is. As far as I'm concerned, you are correct. I do not like I mean have mentioned it before. I am not a big water person, see. I am- and I dont like giant things in the water. It's not something I want to be a part of no. I hate that Blake LINEAR has taught me that there might be giant Catfish Volkswagen Twilight boys Obi lurking below. When I mean I'm not going to Lake Lanier, but I'm gonna go till it another lake there there there's a volkswagen and now only cap national lip certain all the whisker others the thought of a twelve year old boy
slag fetish just like they say that they drown people because they dislike accidently get in and their mouth, because their human rights It's not real. I don't think, but I don't know anything is possible when you fuckin submerged in entire. If I couldn't multiple counties under a lake Just don't believe you chose anything's possible view to travel, to lay clear. I do this now a land lover to me. So I am. I think this is what we need to do. I think we need to reverse that. I think we need to put thing down, I was just couldn't think we need a flippant and Amy linked to reverse. I think we need to link. We need messy, Elliot, seem now, and I think she needs to pressing about in oh, my god, I remember like when I used watch Phineas infirm doktor. Do Finch Marty incorporated: he would always bond to leg like through
episode where he lay took all the water out of a lake, and I think somebody needs to call him yeah, I think we do. I think, that's that's it, and let's rebuild LT. We already have a Fuckin foundation garriga, sat Guy and Miss Eliot together, and I think we're gonna be ok. I think that would make a great music video Mozilla if you're eliciting back. I've missed. Elliot twenty twenty four orphan, you say doctor. Do french marts Doktor Do Finch Marts Ass, Emilio Colombo made I vote for them as a team and they can do, is founded illegal incorporated. They go and also work on a project of taking this lake back here, to get back, I think they can do it to someone has the receipt somewhat in someone's gotta. Take it restore credit. I don't live with someone else out. Take looking at one of these gift card, yeah I'll, take nothing yeah. give it back to you all either it's fine.
I'm not good. He even a twelve year old boy, tat fish eyes. That was a serious, serious episode and it was in there that up assumed ran the gamut of em, Sean truly did cousin the behind everything. While this is heavy and I'm feeling like a lot of stress and sadness about this, and then it is, it is waved. It was like a cat fish. Volkswagen waves of its hypocritical arrive. Did man, you look like I said before I care about you guys, Oh don't be stupid. Around bodies of water yeah come on man. This! Actually not this weekend's, like I want all of you to live for super long time and especially pass this week be safe, but so everyone be safe. It's a holiday weaker, make good choices by it, just make a choice is call me. Are you all around call us? If you need us were here we might be. There were here to help you undisguised we're here to listen at least yet, so you well thanks Ash Europe come for that
and will be adding to your fear of water and the next steps? litigation about guys. We hope you people listening often. I often do every hope. You heap monitor whether you can invite Capital Volkswagen by elevate baby,
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