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Episode 24: The Gainesville Ripper Has Spooky Droopy Eyes

2018-10-23 | 🔗
The real psycho behind the classic slasher film Scream was much worse than fiction. He was a country singing, people murdering turd who held Gainesville, Florida hostage in 1990. Luckily, he is dead than dead now, so we can tell you all about it. Also, Sondra London, if you are reading this, you are garbage.Sources: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-1994-02-16-9402160281-story.htmlhttps://www.jacksonville.com/article/20150825/NEWS/801251820https://www.gainesville.com/article/LK/20150822/News/604159871/GS
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hey Weird knows: I'm Billy Loomis jobs through marker, This is scream Birch note getting its morbid do you guys have any idea why we just said that bet you don't. I know
actually about most of you do cause you're. All I was gonna have a fairly molly do now. You know what we're talking about. You already know, because today we're going to be talking about the Roma, Danny Rollings, the gains Ville Ripper- and this is the do that inspired a very popular slasher click which will talk about in a minute, and I knew that it was inspired by something. But I don't know much about the case. I am experiencing it with you. It's gonna be a journey. this one! Isn't it always it's a real journey, the sunset journey. So we took we, we link, we the key way down with the toy box killer. We little bit up with the sale which trials causes some whimsie we're not gonna bring them all the way down. We're not going to IRAN and watered down to Toy box, poor gonna, bring you back down. Ok, swans! There's a couple of things: The near that are put dip timbered. How many people did Eagle
so he was convicted of killing. Eight people along other five of which he is like most known, like infamous, for that's like the five that will time we're gonna talk about Ireland, but the five that wherein gains Bell or what earned him. The gains will ripper name. Bearskins. Will Florida, I thought so We're gonna get into that all that good tough in a minute before Do anything we want to thank our new pay tree ah gladly took up trode such grounds. It sir, she does call you return said is a thing alma little patrolman Tippit I don't even like patrols in actually this week, we're gonna be giving you guys a bonus episode, Bony Bunni, serve. You want to get it on this bonus. action is a bonus. Ass. She own feel free to become a bit
freon if you're selling climb only if you're so inclined. If you feel like it, we get it. We love you anyway, don't about your declined. I've been there to live on their right now, if you or any other kind of Klein. Besides in we still other sorts one thing we will say if you want to get on the bonus episode, you gotta be conveyed, drowned, marginal aim on the site, but come up control, but we got a few new protrudes this week. So without further do tell me the new members of the window. Latching covered are lax a Madonna another Madonna. My lover, Madonna alarm Madonna Patterns, like some I think the petroleum EAST and actually Alexis spells her name with a. U instead of an eye- and I think that's cool. Ah, that is l e x. You ass, I like that That is what I want. I like that so
I have read your name, the next one Heather Lib heart. I love you haven't. I liked the name Heather It's really good movie, Heather's! That's what makes me think out here and Heather hitherto Bro from the real housewives I didn't think about, but I like it agreeing on what they like to include. Bravo on this as much as, in fact, I think you Heather so Heather. We love you! Thank you so much and then next window watching carbon member is Katharine's them around. mingoes about right. But if I didn't Catherine tell me tellers explicitly with names, because I feel you are, he asked his mind. Hidden kits, miss mispronounced all day early. legal misspelled, that's true! and sometimes was going to say sometimes people say Ashleigh will know of one member of the jagged little bitches Tommy Eve Mackenzie.
Kenzie. Thank you Mackenzie. That's a spooky name. That's a great leave heave. I love that aim meter in a lot of good names this week, I'll the really like the name, Catherine, and if I said that I it to some I think about me. May I could gather, Are you the lot and aims for your children? one want a lot of children, sometimes after hanging out with mine, No, not really, I can say scared, you are familiar. Thank you so much to Alexis Heather, Catherine and Eve you guys are there, should talking mushrooms, MA salad, see and so you, you guys again the bonus episode this week. When I can tell you what it is yet do you even for should hockey, mushrooms on a solid, I beg you to fry em up until I got something of what has this rod Brad yeah. She, Turkey mushrooms, we got there, but we got there.
So we want a hunted house last weekend. I think we told you guys we're gonna be leaving right after we were according to go to a haunted house. when two berets haunted mansion in having Massachusetts. There was so much why it is so good the third year of the air, and it just keeps getting better and better yeah. It's Let this time was it's one of those they exactly it's like you, not only save you might be in a long line, but you're gonna be entertained literally the entire time I hate the ones they just put you in a line and nobody Pirates out or even mare, and while you're in line they also play a whore. Movies in one section, yeah yeah, like old, all these different clips of classic horror movies,
they make sure you are literally entertain from every angle and then they have I'm not sure what time it is. But I think I think that if it reaches midnight or something like a member, I dont know what it is, but they do. This thing called like mayhem, our and all the people who, if there's a big long line, they call undue late Vila, came from like the ceiling and sure yeah. It's like they play crazy heavy metal and they have all the characters. Rather, I'm scared the shit out years, unlike screaming, and going crazy ferrets in having to Massachusetts. If you're around This area go check. It out cause it's really good, a plus and we're going to another one at the end of this week and will tell you about one it's the number scariest mayor, town and seek Unc seek Unc so want to watch it. that one out. Oh, we also really want to see the new Halloween. I want to see it too, but I hate going in movies, because it gives me anxiety. Epic Anna gives me anxiety to yeah. I can't really for something like that. I was out I'll deal with it.
Because I know the movies ever so I'll, do it for the once in a lifetime. Things like seeing Halloween in the theatre for once in a lifetime, things are like even scarier to me. I just go hidden lux level, yeah value above all as an exit right there. I feel more. I feel safer up there. Right. Here, I don't. You have a separate entrance and exit, and your above every and you can see everything was going on in the theater. I just don't like going to the movies, where I think I think are They just jump into this. I waste any more time, I'm so excited. So, let's get into this madness. Shall we so like we said we are going to be true. king about alone, dude that inspired. little movie. A little do little do a tower and a few will on December twentieth night Ninety six Kevin Jameson and West Craven, released there soon to be classic flash of Wick.
Green in theatres, ghost face whose killer and scream in case you have not seen it. now the spoiler, because let us raise doubts, I hope you can see it on your face His face was inspired by a real life, brutal serial killer, who stopped tortured and murdered teens in a college town in Florida and ninety ninety okay. So this wasn't like it I mean it's a long time. Like so many thousands on us in the nineties. I feel it gets recent another, This man was Danny rolling who began, known ass, The gains will refer in it. For a little side. No before you get into this. If you I'm sure a lot of you have seen either seen scream or have we seen the mask of ECHO's face, whereas in scream universal,
Those face has he's like droopy eyes, like spooky droopy, a damning have, though, to any kind of has spooky droopy eyes, and I wonder I kind of like inspired by those. I don't know when I see him, unlike you, couldn't we're spooky dubious, like it's just like a kind of thing that zero and on- and I think it's weird that goes faces spooky derby, us I'm gonna- need you to pause and show me his eyes. Oh see Spooky droopy, as he does have sailing, drew on the outside, Danny rolling was born in Shreveport Louisiana on May twenty six nineteen, fifty four, James and Claudia Rolling, and he had one brother cabin Kevin just Kevin shockingly. He up in a shitty home environment that you're gonna say he grew up in a nice airlines, courtesy, it's never never now I have heard it all. His father was actually a Shreveport police officer was here
who regularly beat his wife and kids? Also, he informed Danny quite a bet that he was unwanted since birth without sucks here. It's pretty awful in one instance. Just a sore point out, I mean a couple of instances that I can point here to tell you how shitty this dude was in one instance, Claudia was brought to the hospital because she claimed that James had tried to force her to cut herself with a razor blades Jesus Christ. Then one time his father brought home a puppy, no, no, no end. A trigger an early warning yeah trigger Wang I'd, say: trigger warning Danny was really excited really close to the puppy. The father. Regularly beat this dog and then one time beat it so badly that it died in Danny's arms and he was five so a five year was holding this puppy and his father his father was a little piece of shit. Know that This made me want to cry. I say so.
That's how much of a shit he was like use. I mean that's an awful home to go and who does not to a dog in he's a police officer. How scary, to say that's ten times as Europeans, so much power and use that psychotic I mean you have to be psychotic. You have to be concealed. I think in some kind of light to beat a puppy and kill it anyone talk, but also so at fifteen years old, Danny Slit, his wrists, wrote in his mother's lipstick on the bathroom mirror. I tried, I just can't make it. Jesus only gone survived it, but at fifteen years old, that's the that's how far he was pushed by regular. verbal, emotional and physical abuse by his father had sent his mother apparently was not abuse them at all, but she was a victim of it and obviously he watched his dad abuse his mother to write. He dropped out of high school and nineteen. Seventy one crazy He couldn't finish high school and he immediately enlisted in the air force which
The link is another pattern of this kind of thing. It's like a lot of them into the military, rightly great, at a high school or at some point, and I think, it's, because they want structure structure and they want turn that kind of power and authority cause that's the main because they didn't haven't. They think they're going to get some kind of power out of those they end up, not getting the. apparently he was great at all the intellectual parts. All his course work everything he was like nail in it, but he was also a huge heavy drinker and drug user, and he continued that, oh now, so it must have up a military psychologists diagnosed him with. I believe borderline personality disorder, so he was discharged for his drug use and apparently for stealing a bike like what they wanted you need a bike for though he ended up returning to trim for Louisiana, which is where in which it here,
He just wanted to get out of Shreveport Louisiana and he ended up right back there. That's a bummer, Equally, but don't worry, you feel bad for him for all. I don't even re when go back to Shreveport. He began to attend the kings, Temple United Pentecostal Church, and it was there that huh, met. A woman named O Mather Health go the fuck. Her name is: oh Mather, o Brien interesting here she was a petite dark, haired woman encourage turns out to be his later in life in point that a near petite, Wolf darn care, though Naturally, it start arc issue its dark, Ria, dark red vessel dark. Would he liked Dark Brown yeah? It's like he was, moreover, Burnett person. A lot of these do during that same Bundy wasn't had ass, a thing vanilla.
the Brown the to marry that nineteen seventy four and had a daughter Kiley a year later, Kay Kelly did that's actually who didn't. I knew I see we just connected with the present day, the lipstick pallor, that's fucked, that I'd say that occurred and by parliament Their marriage only lasted three years weirdly enough way longer than I thought it was he yeah, he was not a good husband use alcoholic and he couldn't keep a job so rolling- was real we passed Where would be too when well, no use really pissed went on rather filed for divorce and night in cities. Oh, I thought you just man. He was piss out his life. Really, as I was again, I get it he's told me I in this will come back later. He didn't, later, that his ex wife looked a lot like one of his victims, Christa Hoyt, who
who ended up getting the most violence. Murder of the bunch yeah her murders, really brutal. That's fucked up Jos warning, you isn't it weird that they just go and murder other people and they like they don't murder the actual person who right I mean I'm not say, go murders angel. He had stayed married to this is why the about she would probably would have been the first victim. I think, but she got away from him because a lot of things. Could you get trapped? Actually, his mother left his father several times but kept coming back so glad that at least the swarming didn't fall into that trap. Asked Are you got divorced? He became a drifter which never good. When you become a drifter, no getting outlets, point will cover Henry Lucas and not a stolen Drink I'll, show you that drift nets is not forgotten his dangle. He was a tool he wasn't too,
he started, committing armed robberies and Alabama Louisiana and Georgia wicked casual super casual. He was very into robbing supermarkets thou- since the lake was a hungry, no cause them of money of fear the we caught him as he left a Columbus Georgia when Dixie Supermarket with nine hundred and fifty six stolen doll see ever seen the movie when Dixie know. I have not really just say in what is known about a dog. I thought so not my kind of like watching the dog doesn't die and broadly darker. What's it fine, so the other police caught him ass? He left the Columbus Georgia with Dixie he had only stolen nine hundred fifty six dollars in cash and for that he was sentenced to six years in prison. Allow was it worth it say, that's a long time while he was in prison,
the prisoner: did you any lifted waves, he boxed he got like buffer in me. It's called him psycho sway taken. So that's good, You ever seen double jeopardy. She gets really buff in prison to get back into Ex husband, C Mon. Yo you ever see him shall shake redemption ever seen the green mile, the grave I never watched you washed agreed mile, it's always on Bravo, but you said it to be set at sad. We're gonna want. Some I ve stolen a launch Irena it as a good ending, look at ends. Well, Maybe we're gonna be here all night. So after his release, he started hitchhiking across the country. You now just doing the drift thing, Robin some more supermarkets cause? I was he caught robbing oh yeah, he cut. You went right back to Robin
streaming. Only on peak of a new regional comic me and pumped back. We are late. He puts a confused mixed. A hash anthems saw a girl power BP. Tunisian from where we are lady part. All the so striking out only object. I love the army. You just have this brother heard that you can't find anywhere else since coming home from war. I've tried so many different things and remember thinking like it's over after being forced to medically retired Angie battled addiction to prescription medications, eventually losing your house and marriage
she found a wounded warrior project, and so I went online I signed asked, and I knew that when you were a project was definitely my new community, one of the staff member she put me in for pure mature train. It was like for the first time someone recognise something good about me and thought that I had something to give back to some one else. I can do no k, otherwise I've kind of picked up woodworking. With my grandma really start. All those activities gave me a new way to live without drugs, a new way to live without like I'm broke in you can live a meaningful life after traumatic experiences. You wouldn't go into battle alone. You dont have to fight this alone. Visit wounded, warrior project, DOT, Org, slash, not alone in nineteen eighty five bureaus born. I owe rolling held up another supermarket and was arrested again, wouldn't area. He went to jail a few times. Gonna fucking job buddy and his defence attorney was Arthur Carlisle and during conversation with him. Rolling was like.
Instead of going to prison, while she is cut my hands off so he really was cycle and they were like now. there are legal yeah. This isn't like sixteen hundred and no there are like you know one. Instead of doing that, huh you go to a Mississippi jail for four years for armed driver. Flew! That's why it's is described as having clearly having impulse control problems fuses described as very emotionally and mature a clue. Which makes sense, considering how grew up in that he didn't think through the consequences of his actions. Obviously, so in nineteen eighty eight he was pearls and he returned to Sharif why do we keep going back, learn and come back? I don't know because for EU parties thing you'll see. Is he hated? Father, but he like wanted his father to love, and we wanted to love his father and he loved his mother. Witches
fucking bizarre. When you see how he treats women, that's weird but that exists on one leg. Learning learned yeah, it's just all of it is very bizarre. His case is, it is like a conundrum we're get a lot of things you can kind of like you know what he does this, because his mount, usually it's the mom who's, the thing that settling we can then make some matter women, but this one is like the father, but he takes it up. Women sent wrestling is as always with it that could be taken out of them tomorrow. What exactly are you went back to Shreveport after being pearls and on November for nineteen, eighty nine he was fired from his job. A pond chose. Restaurant poncho saw when he was. fired. He wasn't just like this sucks. He laughed stout, and this happened to be the first night that killed. Oh now, this this murder, which is actually three murders in one night, a turbo homicide, wasn't connected to him until I get, you're so later to didn't. Have surveillance will now here
murder. The manager of the fifth so rolling had watched twenty four year old Julie Grissom as she worked at a Dillard Department store in trees, ports. South, Park more so you just got fired and then he was like. I'm going to the mall will know he had been watching her for awhile like he knew she was also. He was shocking her even before he came, and he had just seen her ok now. so he just like was interested. He followed her home from her job. A broken to her home, raped and murdered heard were gone, also murdered her father I'm Grissom allow and also murdered her eight year old Son, John Hall, Lee Shit, all of them were stabbed to death now for no fucking eyes then become his signature rolling. Positions, Julie's body with her legs spread joy and also carefully fanned her hair out on the bed, hate that yeah sure, discovered also with clear and he simply
marks all over her. Like restraints and bite marks on her breast now, this is going to screw them later activists because it becomes kind of something he is known for its only gonna be a few months before he starts killing again and gains, though to hear now, for it all started, murdering again and gains will here, an argument with his parents. One night he shot his father they're in the stomach, the continent and in the head, his father lived the lost an ear and lost sight in one of his I will use a dick anyone. He was but like well, enough You also one of the things that we are in a boat, Danny rolling. Is he he like recorded himself on cassette tape, alot either just talking about things goes like a dire,
the kind of they just found a bunch of them really did he had a moloch on him and steady creevy, scream voiced know he has a very hilarious lakes were little bitchy voice. Naturally, and he also sang a lot and wrote songs in play, music and liked recite poetry and chit. So yeah fucker? So he recorded these things and during some of these recordings he would talk about how he loved his father, but then he would also a curse his father, so he was very conflicted about clearly he wanted to his father Bray, wasn, it's almost like Edmund Camper, actually remote as he did want to live. I know it will be hacked Edmund Camper lobbies. I swear it he's like one of my favorites just because he- and I still, I think, I'm sorry ass in aiding, because he is fascinate right in fact, Was it a special on whom lurking behind hampered. I put it on our and on the morbid Instagram Camper Camper on oxygen, and they went into like way more detail about it in the way,
He talks about his mother. How he's like I wanted to love her, and I wondered acceptance and I wanted her approval. Then he did awful things Stuart. So the same kind of thing here He wanted his father's Levin approval, but he couldn't same thing. They were both like ship out. He said they're, both shitty to their care, to their tenth, exactly the opposite your kids man. At this point he left truth finally danger: he shouted father any ended up, taking a bus to Sarasota and then find We ended up in gains. Will at this time gains. Veil was actually ranked as the thirteenth best place to live in the United States by Money magazine only follow minute, lonely format it so apparently, was like this great college town, which is exactly when he was looking for when he got there. He rented a Roman, a hotel, but also set out set up a weird campsite in the woods. You know unlike mainly say, bear so thick. Why did you buy it and where do you think?
confused any set up this case say in the woods near Archer Road, with a tenth and a mattress that he bought at the Gains Bell Walmart in the Walmart while buying those supplies- and this applies to stock and murder people I'll cut. He sighs first too damn so no members to victims, I mean the first two that he was known to have committed sure now in ITALY or other three, but these are technically the first two that people know they were to University of Florida. So you F Freshmen Girls Sanyo Larsen who was a team in Christina POW, whose seventeen blue they were out. Walmart buying things for their brand new meant because you don't like the semester and just begun. They were several iron isles away from him, but she was just stocking them through the store he was. Well he's starting them he's holding the things he was going to use to mark out so fucked up here stolen, a screwdriver, a roll of duct tape and two pairs of gloves
even after shot, elegance, worse after shopping he followed them to their Williamsburg village. Apartment de literally set up camp to watch them that night, so he followed them to their apartment. And then he would, through their window as they washed dishes. He was wearing a black outfit, a ski masking, the gloves. He waited and three, I am outside mental wrapped up to their second floor apartment here, the screwdriver to pry opened the door now officer Ray Barber- was called to this first seen the next day and he was called by the apartment complexes manager because Kristen Christina paddles. Parents couldn't get their daughter to answer the door. They might be obvious and they were scared. So they asked for the police to be called. They were like this is weird bar. Officer Re Barbara said he initially wasn't super worried when he got this call because he was like these are
Young kids is therefore sent away from home they party, and then they forget calling parents the re than their parents had scattered here, so you like, but I ll certainly come and try to open the door and check on the bridge. So parents waited downstairs the manager. Today is a master key to enter the union, but it wouldn't work. Weirdly enough, so harbour a screwdriver dislike for the ivy, so barber had to break away though, in immediately a strong six smell came out of the so they eventually after awhile, no only overnight but while Florida so Tired- and he also one thing I mean children warning if you don't wanna, hear like medical side of this than maybe skip forward who's, gonna gross, but the strong small, doesn't necessarily have to be de composition if you Nick the bowel that is a very Folder and animal emanate quite strongly like during an autopsy you make very clear not to Nick the Bell, because
that's MAO's, really gross turn at the poop place kid, I don't know. Have we mention that before the year we don't want I'm here from the movie pathology, AIDS or illegal movie, because you really don't want to, because not only does it smell really badly, it contaminates the entire through ass, a cavity costs whatever than theirs very unsavory anyway, Oh yeah, he broke the window. He smiled something he immediately was like a shit. They first found. Sir, you'll arson. She was laying with our legs spread and arms above her head. She so badly mutilated that dental records had to be used to confirm her identity. Humming gone Chris Tina. Powell was posed in front of the front door in a similar way, Anyone coming through the door would immediately see her. That was the intention. Oh my god, breast said been mutilated and her nipples were removed and were missing from the scene. Ah that became a thing with them, both
of the bodies had been washed withered detergent, that's strange! He cleaned all the bodies oh just because two, if there was anything of him laughter It was like some weird attempt to getting rid of friends again Valencia. There, as a third remained named Elsa Strap. She happened to have not been home that day think. Fucking God, I've shortly after the bodies were discovered and literally lay collapse when she found out. So you don't you Fran when she was also like I couldn't get. I wouldn't even in this house like that, would have me, oh my god, that's fucked, up crazy I can imagine what that feels. Well, I don t I may never find out barber said his first thought was that this was absolutely the worst crime scene. He had ever been too as we. said the night before rolling, had watched these women and had broken into their home with a scream however, in the early morning, hours of Friday, on August, twenty fourth Powell, Christina Powell, was asleep on the downstairs couch stops.
sleeping on the couch everybody's. My gun don't save on the couch by no means your fault, but just stop sleeping on the couch. It's it's not a safe place to be so. Unfortunately, Powell was asleep on the downstairs couch. He apparent stood over her briefly, but didn't wake her up immediately. So he went to the US There's bedroom where Sonya Larsson was asleep in her bed. He murdered Larsson first before before he murdered her. He kept her mouth shut with duct tape to stifle who screams, and then he stabbed her too. my God way. He sounds all these women is him forces them to roll onto their their style. And then he stabbed him in the back repeatedly only guiding, which is silk, Our to like you cables and look at them. It's so grass, he thought him. Unfortunately, it did not work. He then went back, downstairs. He woke Powell up he taped her mouth shut. Will duct tape bound her wrists together behind her back.
And then threatened her with a knife as he cut her clothes off of her leg. He terrorized its victims. That was like part of his thing. He liked to terrorize them cheeses. He then forced Powell to perform oral sex on new. He raped her and after forcing her face down. He stabbed her in the back five times rolling, then eight, an apple and of banana from the refrigerator. Ok, fuckin night stalker pose the bodies in sexually provocative positions and then left the apartment so We ve only got a golden say killer and I'm too that's what I am and disseminate second over to behave like a banana is so weird the date soccer and the original nights talking to us at before the police. Even done with this crime scene, they were called to another one. So have I The same like a day after, like he was literally like the following. There Y know this busy doozy, Is it so? If it's nothing
I don't have a legal rest period in between does. Does that make them disorganized or not, but not necessarily necessarily okra, they just say serial killer has like a cooling off period because it can be. Can used like mass murderer, Hogan Killer. Would she isn't? He has a couple days between these and he had already murdered that family bright months earlier. So he did have that collegial a fairly long period, but you're just not between every way and the same thing would like TED Bundy. He had a night soccer too, like he went on a couple on pages, but So this one was eighteen year old, Christoph points. looked like his ex wife is the one that they say he said look like his ex wife. She worked for the records Department of the sheriff's office allow and on August
we face some spoken ballsy. If I don't even know if he knew that, but on August twenty fifth, she was late for her shift in a shift. Supervisor became worried because he was like this is knowledge right, so this led him to ask deputies to check on her one of the two deputies that was despatched out her home said, she immediately knew something was very very wrong because crystal was known, to be very reliable and wouldn't have missed work unless something absolutely stopped her from. God. So she already was like something bad, that's happening worst feeling, I'm sure yeah the mail deputy. That was when this other cause they sent to out he he said, knock on the door. Couldn't get an answer so he walked. other side of the residents and notice that a chain link fence on the edge of the property had been flattened down, like some He had walked over. So you like this is weird little armed him.
Then they saw that those venetian style blinds on the window and one side of the vision. Venetian cell lines was like raised a little leniency in so he He bent down, they peaked under to see if they could see anything and that's when they saw Christa on her bed. Get body was found seated on the edge of her bed with her torso bent slightly at the waist literally setting up, and she was headless ha. Only guide yeah, so he paused Her headless body serving rockin headed her up and it gets worse on the bed, to her was rather too nipples. Her head was propped up on a bookshelf that he It brought from another room the fuk you turned this bookshelf and her head. into the bedroom in a way that it would make it look like her headless body like her head, was looking at her headless body,
Oh my god that is so fucked up. Her brow said also been cut off and were wrapped up as if the killer plan to take them with and don't believe so. Gotham like why Owen the killer had also placed mirrors all around her body, because it would make it more horrific and magnify the image like you saw, hundred images of her. Just I don't even know how to respond to the who things like that Your mind is a dark jarred Donald I'd start crevice cities, while dates I'm just idle. No, how I mean, I don't know how you behave, beheading freaks me out. I dont know Lahti, word shop, somebody's fucking head on and what he ended up. You used a k bar knife, which is a military style knife before I think, like a foot long or something I got smaller, I can reassure you huge knife and dealing.
having just freaks me out. I don't know if it's just because, like you're, your humanity is like in your head, a lot more ya: gonna wanna go back to but again but leg. He I think he said something about that, but the person is the head right. You know that's why he took it all sounds like I don T just freaks, I can't imagine walking in the seeing ahead now and a headless body thou and takes a moment when ended up happening was rolling had broken into her apartment. The night before pride, prying openness, wine glass door with the knife he had indiscreet so he used a lot of like, though like the wedge in rail, had washed her from whose weirdo campsite and had seen her Tal off after a shower, and he was like yup. That's the one. So he was watching her like get out assurance, nothing, pig when he broke in that night. She wasn't home. so he waited in the living room for her to return
at eleven, A m, she entered the apartment and he surprised her from behind placing her in a chokehold only cause he walked into her apartment. He just came at an orange chokehold at our from the back after she had been some dude, he taped her mouth shut with duct tape found her together with duct tape and led her into the bedroom where he cut the closed. From her body, which was a thing he did and raped her whereas rolling himself described it quote, played with her ill at ease disgusting as in the power murder. He forced her to face down and stabbed her in the back, which ruptured her heart home, Hopefully she would outweigh the my master He then left and went back to this campsite legumes like ok, I'm done, then he thought. left is a wallet at the apartment, so he came back. He came back. He was like her of cavalry crime scene like why, when he came back, he sliced her open from sternum to growing
because she was it. She was also gutted antics, potato the body and cut off the Naples, the cut from sternum took pubic bone was so clean. Accordingly, authorities that no damage was found their internal organs from that slice daddy's. Really housing I say like? So what does that mean like even for professional? It's just because you cut through the skin, new cut through the muscle. You know fat, any fat. That's on the body and then there's like out. You know a thin lining that protects you're organs. You have to carefully cut through the if you puncture, through that you'll get a puncture wanted and so he was was I just hereafter. I dont. If I think it was luck, but then again he was also like a hunter, I think as well. Ok, maybe he was he had out under and I don't know it's stop. I was really crazy. How well this also Harkin's back to the inspiration for scream. I know
no one's nipples were specifically removed for that film or their heads taken off. But this inspiration kind of goes back to the Lake adding yeah the victims in aging them right when Casey Becker has killed initially in the she's, got it right, yeah she's got it and infamous scene of the crew like having launched by the found in school. The next day Sidney ass. How do you got someone and stew mark? replies. You take a knife and you slip from growing sternum does exactly what rolling did an Casey is also huh from a tree to shock the people. Unfortunately, her parents who discovered her and that's exactly what role than to Christa examine the premature, but you here, this one of her eye there very shocking way, and that was- is his whole thing eum. So it was clear to withdraw. He is now that these scenes were connected because I mean
this the things so highly. Here I mean there was the same, posing same methods. Underwear was stolen from the scene, victims were all young women with shoulder links. Brown hair tape was used, to restrain them and they had all been sexually assaulted. He also took body parts from both scenes. By now the murders had attracted- a ton of media short, because this is like boom boom, two days coeds in their house? many students started taking a lot of precautions, which is good. were changing their daily routines, they were sleeping together in groups and because it was, happening so early in the false semester. Some students just withdrew their in Roman or transferred by others. I would one hundred percent Billy by that I was in safe. My kids were down, I know I would not want. I would feel that there is plain I'd be grabbing, those being like you're, going to a different, schoolyard no fucking way. I don't care what needs to happen. Arundel care if I get a refund your going to another school
So for the one like I'm actually gonna home school, you never having a general leaving the house again So for the ones they did stay. They set up a twenty four hour: security at all the sorority houses on campus, because I'm sure they start. thinking like backed it and Andy right, that's not all the sun, that's gotta pop in your head. It was Florida too, so it's like yeah holy good, dude and started staying impacts of like twenty two, a room with each of them. Take Sheriff stay up all night and like not so. Luckily the campus, the people like the campus higher up seem to handle it right, the students were all informed that they would not be penalised for missing classes are going home. Let's go then we're gonna, be they even opened up. The ladder in common areas of student residents halls and use them as bad terms for students who lived on campus and other apartments and didn't want to stay in their apartment. Blah good friend, I've gotta go. A task force was
immediately formed of members of the FBI, behavioral science unit, FBI, profiles and Florida Department of LAW enforcement agents and the moon. Sixpence of Manhattan. Florida history officially began least had evidence and we're getting tips everywhere. But dna was not super widespread used at that point and they were kind of struggling to keep up with all the Tipps coming and so the following day after this on August, twenty seventh, a First union bank, was robbed at gunpoint later assessed back to match, the description of the robbery suspect was seen with another man on the side of the highway link near the Woods police trying to apprehend them, but one of the men ran into the woods. They chased him and they lost him found: a campsite with a bag of cash that was covered in, like the exploding die that banks use rather messed up is gonna shit. When, today went back to the other man that didn't run. Then they will. who the fuck is that he said
His name was Michael J Kennedy and it turns out this was Danny rolling under an alias that he started using They were that close to catching, oh, my god, so is using the Alias Michael J Kennedy. That's how you very specific I like the j we re just screwed up in ships and Google daddy was James. Maybe it was weird connection so only two days after the discovery of Christopher Boy rolling broke into an apartment by praying opened the sliding glass door with the same tools he use. Previously. This put the apartment belong to twenty three year old, Tracy Paul's and her remain many to bona. Ok, I hope nothing, those names he was also twenty three rolling found Manny asleep in his bedroom. He was a big guy like six two two hundred pounds, a wildly football lady Having do he was asleep and one of the bedrooms so rolling just plunged the huge knife into his abdomen. While he was asleep, it went through his
stomach and out his back. Oh, my god, yeah many woke up and fucking fought him asked. Reminds me of scream when she's, like my boy, replace football, giving less Papa. Only God. Maybe that's I wonder. that's what it yeah cause she's like is barely replaced by my guide. Maybe that's like a little cold Toby. I even think that, unfortunately, after a huge step, he in fact is rolling himself admitted later than many almost got him lying almost got the best of them. eventually killed many by saving him thirty one times he had to stab him thirty one times to get him off. After already stopping here literally through his whole body up while hearing this craziness. Tracy ran on my goddamn houseless. She went down the hall to devote his bedroom. Could she was like what's going on and she saw rolling so she ran back to her own bedroom,
in slam, the door shut and attempted barricade herself in the room, all poor thing, rolling broke down the door and when He did she looked at him and said terrified you're, the one aren't you. Oh, my fucking, God his response was yeah, I'm the one. Do you really think that happened? I don't know cuz, that's not that cool! That's more just like finally another is terrified. I mean I hope I don't even know what I hope happened, but I mean you hurt you would have to. I would I would say that I'm saying no. I now understand that what has happened here you see what just happened in the dance, certainly other bedroom, even about your him. Lingering, the one who did this? Are you rolling than immediately attacker. He duck taped her mouth and wrists. He cut off her clothes, any raped her before turning her over in stabbing her three times in the back then cleaned her body with silken water. So weird returned the hallway imposed her body and a sexually explicit manner, but left to both, in the same position where he died
Does he was like a guy? Maybe yet, while he He also rolled up a towel under Paul's pulses, hips to kind of like make it more shocking and explicit as an elevated, her parents, area, and she, when she was found, her hair was wet. So maybe for money was came her body now, with the exception of two boat. Obviously, all the victims were petite caucasian brunettes with brown eyes, ere many was not clearly not expected be thereby rolling right in life the golden say killer. He was just a threat that needed to be neutralized before he could go after the woman, which is always the tart. Like always rolling himself and said he only kill Manning to have his way with Paul Sue. That's only described a fox. Did you know this? Is one authorities fully realized? They had a fucking Syria lowering their hands. People were fucking freaking out bill law enforcement initially didn't have a lotta leads one name.
Being brought up in all of the tipps of their receiving Michael J. Nineteen year Old University of Florida, freshmen named Edward Louis Humphrey. Ah so not my algae Edward, a history of mental illness and bore numerous deep, scars on his face from a car accident all so I think you and you're here he had a lot of issues, but I think the scars, about until you know the right, visual, their people have of the serial killer, because you never picture TED Bundy. Like someone scary, looking like Freddy Krueger, exactly he had lived in the apartments across from where many and Tracy lived, but his lease had been terminated because he got into a lotta arguments with residence. Their use kicked out of the apartments across the street from them people said he was at that time. Threatening people a lot carrying knives talking about Satan
terrifying wearing a lot of camel and he would spend a lot of time in the woods during the night. He would reg, we talk about murder and shit, so people took notice and why they ever tell anyone. I dont think you know he didn't show that people called on him, because obviously they were like that's fucking, alarming knave layered on both sides We began surveillance on him. On October, twenty eight Look, maybe don't act like thought if you're, not a fucking murderer, because then you're taking away is actually vote not alone, namely had JANUS murderers. So, on October thirtieth, the police were actually called to his grandmothers home. His mother had called them because she said Edward had assaulted his seventy nine year old. You little asshole use question without a lawyer president and his grandmother drop this charges, but despite all this you- saw challenges were reinstated by police and his bill was immediately sat at one million dot, Felicia yeah. They were like they told me. So
photos shown repeatedly to media outlets was easy brisker. Everyone, goods commence and the killings and at this time- to start with. I would like to again now So then people started to relax. He didn't do it. Well, and they found this out because they finally tested the dna, but they had gotten in one of the kind of cinema and it did not match him. Did. He say, like I didn't do that yeah. He was very What's sad, is his grandmother came out a lot and was like he didn't do this? He didn't in his brother came out more like he didn't do this and then his grandmother died of a heart attack right before he was cleared publicly do She died like not ever seeing him clear of it, but horrible Are you bullshit for assaulting her you what he was a little shit for sure, but he was also. I think he was also mentally ill. So it's okay. I mean, I don't know notice. All people, though, later on September, seventh. Ninety ninety rolling.
Was arrested in old college Florida on a burglary charge and in the course of that investigation. started coming in. That was like weariness. Oh, this is Danny. This is our killer. Yeah, his tools were matched the mark slept at the gains for murder seems they met, and then they started choosing the dna leaping just started. Everything was happening. This is when the investigators did. They had discovered the camp sites mound recordings of rolling singing country, songs that he had composed and those like audio dire is that all gone in the audio diaries, he kind of like alluded to the crimes, even say it outright, but you will see elated. He was brought trial by the lot you or something. I don't know county state attorney Lehne register near four years after the murders, while it I've got longer firm to be brought to trial. I'll look arrested already, but he could hear
His motive was to become a superstar simulator TED Bundy. So it was kind of land in the one you're lively one baby there, In the end, he actually said that he killed people because he liked to kill people Some people do it likely following pelting glass, why did it so February fifteenth nineteen? Eighty four before his trial could go start. He unexpectedly plaid guilty to all the charges of weird which, where five council first degree, murder three counts of sexual battery and three counts of armed burglary. The state attorney ROD Smith presented the penalty phase of the prosecution and he was sent in Santa being sentenced to death, on each count a while. He was sentence on April twentieth. Ninety nine, before ninety four he was diagnosed with anti social personality, disorder, borderline personality, disorder and paraphernalia, most power. Failure like sexual services that are like very abnormal.
Looks like the flood cutting off. You think it s often he might have even like dabbled in necrophilia like you might have raised some of these women after he had killed them all He was killing them, which is another really fucked. Owing perry, mortem cannot thing after he was arrested and fly Are the police in Louisiana alerted the authorities in Florida that there was a triple homicide, ensure you for it on the fourth and eighty nine and they were like there's a lot of similarities here, because I was fifty five year old, William Grissom, is twenty four your daughter, Julie and eight year old, son, John and because Julie Grissom Spotty had been mutilated. Cleaned impose Sierra Leone this weird- and he was in this area at this point he didn't initially confess to investigators about those. He was like nobody into it, but he did write about the murders and he used information that only the killer went back and I think he did
under the guise of Lake five did like it lay kind o James. I was just gonna yeah Shreveport police obtained an open, a restaurant warrant, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, but he was never extradited to Louisiana to stand trial for these killings, because they'd already got them on the He was our life case and I think probably the Family of the grass sums were like you know what he's aren't gonna die at home. To go the whole thing. Beer in prison he was weirdest fuck him. spread into life, he was weird the fuck he expressed hatred for women and became a defensive like We know why he became upset when the other inmates watched Madonna music videos on MTV. He said Madonna with evil and that he wanted to cut her head off and place it on a bookshelf. Google com Are we gonna? I wonder, knows that he also quoted scripture and attended Bible study on the radio. You know like that? Doesn't correlate with awe murdering people, that's all
maybe I'll find another activity, not suppose he also to a lot of his fellow admits that the gains made victims were all killed because they were evil, yeah sure and he also actively urged a fellow and made to get married and stop living in sin with his girlfriend. Could you not willingly siren jail once dislike that's a sin but now known loudly, raping and murder of it? So this is down if it sounds crazy right now, she gets even crazy, no way How so we all know that some women like to get involved with deeds on death row, not just fuckin, don't do that if you're lessening to those in Europe like the airline about it no you're, not a good idea, get real and also this one takes the cake. I think tat. me because I know TED Bundy, hadn't, wifey and lake
impregnated her and shit and when he heard brought about and ass crazy that you have the baby. She did you forget got about and she and she's crazy for sure, but at least she held on to the idea of the entire time that he was innocent and then, when she found out, he really wasn't. She like she was like I gotta go into our still that still crazy, but At least there was thou, so you have TED Bundy baby yeah. No thanks, I know I'm saying sorry to well Andy's held a freelance guarantee journalists named Sondra London became carry on a relationship with Danny smile. You looking eyes she actually We started as a business relationship because she claims that Danny contacted her because she wrote about a lot of serial killers and a lot of inmates on death row and all that lay curled claim. Is that she's, like the guru
You have writing about this. Ok, gale weathers, which, unlike really cause I've, never heard of your she's, the fucking gale weathers she's she's, not even as good as gale weathers. Oh no nobody, but she's, so he said that he would give her exclusive rights to his story. Of course, looking caught years late to change its all carrying out its making thirty, and then eventually in her an inch and the way she talks about which I'll try to try to put in a clip here. Cause hurt clips are bonkers you think so she was living with a remain at the time and she was like- and I just kept talking Danny this and Danny that and finally, one day I came home and my roommate was like yours in love with him. Are you and I was like now in the way she says it is like this: super lake? How when you're a team in your, like? I shouldn't Danny that even your roommate, like you're in love with him, are you really? She was like forty something, but also and won't hasn't nothing to do with me.
Four worldview is unfortunate because he was a fucking virtual method on death row. Now I know that's what you're saying there is a definite. No no per also like why you acting. I thought, but that's not how she talks about him like very giddy and very but then she changing their tune and took a very like business about him when, in the rate its we're in the rights of AIDS exactly so she finally agreed to marry him and nineteen. Eighty four should they became engaged and she believed that he did this alright, we'll dance. the thing in the beginning, into so she spoke to a bunch of news outlets because of course she was a money. Grubbing bear such wanted all spoken fame about a year. You Chauncey and Bundy's wife talking. She Knox anybody great cause, she's, really loved. Her, don't say it like I put up like she was illegal for attention it. We re, or at least not actively like that
Romania was like from me in front of anything and alter any Cameron. I'll talk about Danny rolling so also fancies himself so she's she's a writer and she also dated Gerald John Schaefer when they were sixteen years old, he's another cereal a while. Obviously she didn't know when they were sixty mazarinists just destined to this is important because he keeps a killer who mutilated to teenage girls and the capital them. Oh she's, until now this is important. because she had read an rule. Stranger beside me about how enroll New TED Bundy issues like I do and rule and she was like. I can do that better designed to eat at him for like born minute somewhere. Sixteen before he was even a serial killer, like really bring no girl. You know in Rome and she searched that's when she, when she started talking to General John Schaefer when he was on death row again and she was like. Oh remember, we David Wars,
let's write a book together. So they started writing this book, but they did it under the thing of fiction like he was a sure I'll write about it, but I'm not going to talk about what I really did. I just want to talk fiction and no no I'm gonna put a club than others, because it's like Canada serving, but he that there is a clip of him. John General John Schaefer reading a portion of they rode and when you hear it, it clearly sounds like what he actually did. He wrote this occur and it's very detailed. It's very disturbing, and it's about killing a young girl in the woods witches basically what he did and like the details. It is really disturbing and you're, like your basically writing from memory link. That's fucked up. He had need to hear the details of your martyrs like that, but she he, putting the combash on the whole thing is. I got in a big fight and I don't know what happened so. She had already trying to do that and now Danny Rolling is offering her the exclusive rights to
story, so she's gonna latch onto that money, train of course. Luckily she can't profit off of this. because there are well exuding. Luckily, he can profit offer this because there's something called these son of SAM Law which is named after the son of Like David Berkowitz, SAM Keller, which will cover at some point and its being after his arrest in August nineteen seventy seven Berkowitz Spring Day, because it was such a crazy media circus surrounding him. His all things. He was such a word case Thea, they were worried that he was gonna. Try them people going to try to make a film He was gonna, sell the rights to his story. To someone he didn't want to. would you denied wanting less, but they have me the New York State Legislature immediately passed a pre emptive legal statute. That said, this also included. Mark David Chapman, who murdered John Lennon Right, could in private off of their story
some. Luckily, this was in the works already, so he couldn't profit from it, but she was definitely try and profit from it, I can't even has three laws like so sad willing. What will is supposed to happen is any time a convicted killer on death row or something wants to write a book or something like that because they have the profits are supposed to go to the victims, families, let's drop it. So that's what they should be about. Sondra London is a fucking. our soul, and she was actually annoyed that that was part of it. The illegal regime is. One of his family's is basically like their annoying in money. Grubbing like ok, I don't deserve rubbing the figure disgusting open and a couple eclipse of new. I wanted gouge her eyes out what's funny she goes back and forth between saying no no he's innocent until proven guilty and then the next dinner guilty. I should like you know he went through a lie and he's not happy with the thinks he's done and bovine it's like, but I
he's innocent until proven guilty. I gotta do you believe you did do you believe you didn't write? He believed in it. She knew it, and now she doesn't want to seem like a complete psycho, but too late no, like, I said, she's a published offer Jake's, which gives me hope my book will soon take people out of date, sure it will hold This is some fifty shades of gray garbage in a book knocking on Joe. He would she talks about men on death row. She does crime seeing role and for the first time, oh god, are you ready for this gonna be like some twilight. Fifty shade shit quote his job. I approached me dealing with Danny thinking? I was prepared for anything, but there was one thing I was not prepared for I had no idea what a fine looking man he is today, instead of a broken and The objective loser I'd seen on tv standing before Hungary eyes was one gorgeous hunk of man. I'm sorry folks, but it's the truth,
my maximum man stands and put imposing six foot to with muscles out to hear his colors bright. His youthful skin is glowing. His hazel eyes are clear and so is his head, the news, footage publicize the courtroom image of him stumbling about awkwardly stupefied by thorazine. and seeming lost in his own body, but now dangerous pussy cat stir hides the floor with a languid power and instinctive grace. That makes me highly aware than I am, a woman in this is a man. Two things get fucking, real scourge, and take our long fuckin walk off your fuckin Pierre bets he's just a woman Gabriel caused there. Actually he's not just a man he's a dangerous pussycat, what the fuck humming a notice all his ox.
also a maximum man, honestly she's, the worse, What the fuck no rolling himself wrote to the Washington Post about their relationship, so did they get married now he's just as hyperbolic and ridiculous. I see is he said quote my relationship with Sondra runs as deep as the Amazon River like die in just as wild exclamation point uses a lot of exclamation point. He is an extremely exciting woman. My feelings for her daughter dot are my feelings, oh just a mention of her name since my heart racing to her she's with a doubt: doktor dot, my soul, mate, and I thank God above for sending her my way we are desperately reaching for each other daily across miles of red tape cast before us. By faceless, those data that we are denied, even the simplest of human rights.
his hold hands and speak each other. During a simple visit, oh, you know who else was denied the simplest of human rights, all the fucking people that you murdered for no reason Ronnie like what are you kidding me, I'm supposed to feel bad because you can't play footsie with your crazy, ass fuckin right but she just wants to get all your money. Where are you getting shopped somebody's head off? You literally you killed an eight year old boy. People knew ripped people's nipples off, put mirrors around dead body, dead, mutilated bodies, you literally Sab somebody threw their whole body thirty one time, thirty one times. You shot your own died and you want me to feel bad for you. He wants to put you know, just wanted to hold your hand on your fuckin whole pussycat girlfriends hand. Then the rules on I mean ash he's been denied simplest of human rights. Oh my god like fuck, you dear what
the hunters live. This is kind of just funny. Little thing rolling was apparently corresponding in writing with several other women. Of course, this pissed Sanyo off royalist? How is she called them ah whores, it's always the other big follow up and they were like an she also called them all Debbie's, because there was one daddy who wrote to him, and so she was like their armed Debbie's, but what is even more in Cuba, crazy bet shut. to our dab. Now the ring she use as an engagement ring was actually designed by Danny They lock. I do trade, some of his art work to a jeweler for him to make it, for it was a diamond with four rubies around it, and she says this means something, but you won't say what could it be for women and one man? Oh my god, look how fucked up That be it's just weird. It's like five stones, one diamond fibre for rubies,
Job, that's funny, I'm in one man- maybe maybe this fucking with people to the end. Maybe he thinks it's wicked funny that she's in love with him in his gun, aware that it gets, which has not run a good, follow more bizarre. How. How pussy cat he was sentenced to die on April twenty of nineteen any for he was told he could address the court which they always are able to share. and he chose not to address the families of the victims that he destroyed. Instead, he wanted to say something to Sondra, so he stood and he sang songs. If I was the victim's family, I would have been also convicted of murder. Would you like because I would have some murdered him. Yes, pause saw three to say, but it is hard to say to you
tat very day. Just like someone said king Shall we be yeah Wrong to arise. ten years ago. They just like your plans for nine years. I don't even know where to save your team so like rain? I guess it's it's like It's funny cause you dislike. What are you doing duds with terrible you think about it? Nearly these fair victims, families are sitting in that room after dealing with this whole trial. We
for him to be sentenced to death in this JAG weed. Stands there in serenades he shitty ass girlfriend. Who is our He treated these victims, families like shit one. What purpose does not serve like? Why was that you know at the purpose? Was it was to fuck with the families more I don't understand why the judge allowed that I wouldn't know John will it they are allowed to make a statement, because I believe that you can't do it in song. Fingers it's like. First, a member right. I mean at sea I and all of them, but I knew her. The judge. China has optimum. He tried to stop him several times and then like ok like this is not what this is for. You were supposed to make a statement. Europe's was sing and he's like this isn't so. You can address your friend You wouldn't fuck him loser yeah, some very disgusting with a baby so angrier so she's disgusting, she is disgusting. I literally want upon turn face.
Rollin was executed by lethal injection good at Florida State prison on October, twenty five, two thousand and six after that. U S Supreme Court rejected his laugh. Dutch appeal. I wonder at his last words wherever there are surely will actually do you have any idea what kind of He was pronounced dead at six hundred and thirteen p dot m eastern time and his last meal consisted of a lobster tail served with drawn butter, butterfly shrimp, with cocktail sauce, a baked potato with sour cream and butter. Mary, cheesecake and sweetie other pretty fuckin good last may have ver his fur. His last words. He sang a gospel him like. Actually if there is the hull, I beer in the hottest fucking player literally, like I hope, be also.
Is Heaven his way with you? I don't even like what right before his execution in a written statement, he did confessed to the murders of the grass grow. Some family a lottery go whatsoever. able to put thou and finally to bed, I just got fired up woollen I'll, bring you back a little bit on a much lighter note that five students that were brutally murdered by this piece of fucking garbage they ve never been forgotten and actually are actively remembered and pretty awesome boys around gains, though in the campus that they then that's good. So this pretty grassy like while maintaining media non southwest thirty. Fourth, sweetened gains bill around the campus and in that medium does like a big memorial so them good, there's a big wooden sign that says. Remember August nineteen. Ninety with a right white rose on the front of it, and I am that standing in front of the median.
behind this sign on the media. There are five palm trees and each one is wrapped in a white ribbon always and has plaques containing one of the victims names on each one. That is also scholarships set up in each of their names. La Minister crying There's another mural on the same street like in the same area that was painted on it. Huge wall on the sidewalk and it was painted by Adam Bryn, treat it as a background of black paint with remember, painted in large red letters law under that it says night. Ninety, next, to those words, are the victims names in white paint The wall has a lot of changing Arden graffiti, so when he created that mural intention was just like a temporary memorial. for them cause. He was like it's gonna payment over rent. Said quote, we started last may be a week or two and he's now fifty one- and he said, quote things The last more than a week on that wall, but today,
Many years later. The miracle is still there and it has a bronze plaque. It's been install new on the concrete beneath the Euro, with the names of the victims and the words you will never be forgotten. Oh my god. The community used to keep it well. In town obtained Banana University of Florida interpreters. Eighty council has maintained the mirror since two thousand and they apply fresh counts of paint several times each. law good for them. So am I They have memorials like they just have one on the twenty fifth year of it with all the victims. Families are like super. Close now lay all spoke. They all came out and said, like we're. Ok Wegg had spent, hard, but we're all. Ok, don't worry protests, you're gonna be fine, and so I guess the happy ending- and that is that makes me like He saw the families were able to lean on each other in the community. I can really like rallied around them, so that seal and I think some of the like police in this whole,
they were saying like the only going to come out of this was seeing during the whole murder spree that he was like. Students took care of students like people were taken care of each other, griping people safe, and while I was a fuckin dues, so yeah that is Danny, Danny rolling. The gains will ripper Monday Somethin fluffy narrating infer now, for you were not a fluffy park. I know, but sometimes morbid, but we do fluff I'm gonna have like a heart attack on enough. You said one day I mean I, oh, I won't Will you know well, do we'll? Do it even more unknown one slightly known so do we'll pick one another. the depths. Sometimes those are worse than that. You also you love to horrify me. Don't I do you don't one hundred percent? That is what that is fully park. What the podcast has become a guy. I want
to do this, podcast just a horrifying club and you ve been succeeding. You know, like stressed, I am when I drive home soon. I feel great Yes, so oh and we're gonna do a bonus upset this week. So we'll, let you guys know and that's coming out- so yeah be on the lookout for a episode since, scribe rate review cause, you guys are awesome and we appreciate your great reviews. We really really do. I look at them all the time they make me happy inside they buy follow us on Instagram at morbid podcast followers on twitter at a morbid podcast. Follow us on Facebook. Morbid Colin untrue, podcast join like Facebook group because often is getting like big and people are actually talking and it's kind of fun so I'm I'm gonna interact more there embarrass where I figures have faced with another old, so I will try, but I love watching like what people post so yeah, oh
Vasco, giving us our final designs, fairer march this? We only animal we're gonna go get that moving very shortly and am very exciting and fall of Moscow on who incite Instagram, oh yeah. I think it's just don't know whose is it Vasco Laws art or? Is it just ask of Us we can't remember you know what I'll tag Vasco in one say when I announced this honour on it, To grant the episode when it's done out totalitarian Vasco Young, you guys into fallen cause he's awesome, so yeah. So we hope you keep listening. We hope you keep weird static Florida. South pussycats back you man, some a man you ill
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