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Episode 243: John Edward Robinson Part 2

2021-06-25 | 🔗
Part two of John Robinson is somehow crazier than part one! He stays on his bullshit: scamming people out of thousands of dollars, continuing to fake his philanthropist ways and he’s still trying to tell us that Lisa Stassi is happy and in Colorado with a man named Bill. Only this time, we’ve got people who are on to him… including the actual FBI. Somehow, even with them on his tail, John Robinson manages to murder 6 women in between prison stents. Stay tuned for part three!!! CHECK OUT THIS BOOK! Anyone You Want Me To Be by John Douglas and Stephen Singular As always, thank you to our sponsors:  Hello Fresh: Get twelve free meals—including free shipping!—with code morbid12 at HelloFresh dot com slash morbid12 Chili Technology: Head over to chilisleep.com/morbid for ChiliSleep’s best deal, available to Morbid listeners for a limited time! Prose: Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order today! Go to Prose.com/morbid Caviar: And just for our listeners, Caviar is offering $10 off an order of $20 or more. All you have to do is put in the offer code MORBID2021 at checkout. Better Help: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid: A True Crime Podcast listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid
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Summer, is the time for excitement, so go ahead and switch things up with a new recipe from Hallo fresh with pre. Measured ingredients and easy to follow directions. It's never been easier to try something new get twelve free meals, including free shipping. With code morbid twelve at, however, start com slush, morbid, twelve, hey. We're knows I Molina I mash, and this is more bed mu Shu. read aloud, we are talking about bunch of morbid things here? That's what we do not change your new thin do in welcome to the crew, hey
I don't have any more rather than you know. I didn't even a clue due to do. I know it over here and my own little world like I could see it on your face years ago. My coffee hasn't taken full effect. It has not done yesterday. I am back on the coffee back on that coffee. I can't I can't say nobody, you can't stop worlds or no. What is it I can't quit? You can't wait. You coffee up from Brokeback Mountain hoping iconic film, you well, I think one thing we just wanted to touch Frank as it was it like shocked both of us horrifying. Is that correct no collapse in Miami Florida is like taking my heart shocking I bring I've just cannot get over. I just don't understand how about happens like how do you neglect a building for about long debts? I'm very interested to see what comes out about what was gone.
There, because I think it was built would like you know, cement and like rebar, and all that, so I dont know if there was something like they should have been taken. Care of. It are fixing something right That I mean the video that came out of it is absolutely horrifying and I think this ninety nine people still unaccounted for. Four people are dead. Now, it's hot a file on Justice Sea, like all the family members of just like your mom lived there. Their sister lived there, it's yeah! How do you I just can't even imagine like putting my through that. I dont know how they went to sleep. Last night, like any of them and who were able to even take a moment to breathe, showing like all the pictures of everybody manoeuvring, and it just makes you wanna. I got like a la throat this morning cause I just picture knowing that your loved ones trapped under under our language rather unclear, and you can't do anything
it's just like your. It's totally helpless, totally helpless leg. I just really breaks my heart, so we wanted to send our our love. thoughts to you know all our all our Florida weirdos dollar Miami weirdos, and I really hope none of you have family member. That are involved in this, but if you do like, we are sending so many thoughts and like love to you, but it's just really sad, so I just want to talk about it, really quick as we're like really buncoed about it this morning, and hopefully we got some good news out of it. I hope some good stories come out where people people are found to be found alive. So in fact will definitely keep keep paying attention to that, but We are going to ten new on our series about John Edward Robinson to be half, do, let me tell you this guy, I'm actually joking on very worrying to see what happens next this
got going through. the colony is on the whole. You think you, you think you know. No, I really do think it. No, I don't. you know, I know I know I know I know I ruined your bit beginning. We don't know. No one knows now I want a plug one more time, the book anyone you want me to be John, Douglas was like a huge part of this book. Everybody knows John, God bless you huge and that your crime world tailing, allow mind hunter the It was written with Stephen Singular and they did I'm telling you read this book. I have it on the Kindle Cloud reader and it is unbelievable. I read it cover to cover in two nights. I could not put it down. Is so in depth. I'm gonna give you link up what I can out of this But there is so much more in this book and I want you to go, get it and read it, because it's fuckin amazed,
sometimes too long, John Douglas, do a buddhist feeling we're doing like book reports, time. I do and I love and provides an online with her for you, gonna read the gutter Spock, and John Douglas hello, hello. oh so, and he does it's just amazingly told I mean they go into so much detail there. So much more detail about this stuff that I can't even go into sea gotta read the book because, The sheer the vast amount of fraud, scamming of you know just all kinds of shit that this dude I mean like affairs you do the amount affairs this man was having, while being a father. In a grandfather and also scam artist and a murderer, is outrageous. use living. So many lives out. Regis go read the book because, after you listen to the the episode because its
so amazing, so are so when we last talk to impart one and by the way this is gonna, be a three partner, but you getting two parts like boom boom right, Rutten, one after the other cause. I can't make you what has high. I love you, I do. We just love you and I want to make you a cause. It's too crazy stored, not tell you all one So the last time we told you we talk to you guys. I was telling you about LISA, Stasi and her four month old daughter. Tiffany also, can we talk about how freakin Beautiful LISA, Stasi was dropped. like a knock dawning just as one of those spaces where I feel like she would like feeling she would wave to people in her car link filling shouted the nice per se. Does I do that? We let it makes me, but I feel like LISA Stasi, would have my back about love in your leg. I just but you know what I like turning. I have failed that, yes, does she has. She was I mean stunning stunning,
little too? Oh god and Tiffany a chimney, Heather Heather Tiffany. Now, oh, my goodness, she was just and she said, Lisbon is a little bit like very odd. As a baby, I was like all Margaret live What we found out was that John Edward Robinson ended up king ways, the Stasi into thinking. She was going to get into a program that him and local business women were running to kind of help. Her out she was a single mom. She was going through rough times. She'd come out of an abuse of relationship sheriff, month old, baby daughter that she is trying to take care of and what he ended. Doing was putting her up in a hotel making her signed a bunch of blank sheets of paper and address a bunch envelopes and then what they think bend, and we will find out later why they think this cause they dont have her body. They ve never found the system that we do not know where she is. they believe she was likely budget to death and then Tiffin who is now known as Heather was given
two Johns brother Donald, his young, Your brother, Donald, too, was going through infertility troubles with his wife. Donald, didn't know any of the Seer Donald We basically was under the impression that his brother was he's busy. Sky, but you ve been at all A different thing to lack of unity is a lot of community connections and he had physically made him see that let us think that, like he had gone through now, more ways to get an adoption, gauzy forged all these papers and unrelenting vapours with a lawyer with a judge I mean he had full blown adoption papers and he was weak. He had him basically pay him money to adopt this child reggie, so facts, because you know that I just went directly to him and, like to any absolutely it did and I mean, and then he started than leases family started getting letters that we're typed apparently from her bananas, unease she couldn't
type they said it just wasn't her in those letters. Obviously she had signed pieces of paper, so we had our signature Lincoln all very fucked up, but It's so that's where we kind of left. You everyone can kind of stopped looking for LISA Stasi at this point, because those letters came in and she had basically said she was fine. She was starting a new life with her baby and this man named bill and John Robinson had told everybody ass. She just took off with this guy named, build the Colorado, and I think, they're, happy and everything's great the police were like, while she's nineteen years old, she's an adult. Meanwhile she called her what was at her mother in law that she was on the phone with yeah, so he had gone just I'll. Give you a little. Like recap: oh yeah, just cause, it does play and later so there was a night. It was like a horrific snow. Storm LISA had left the hotel with her baby daughter to go to her sister in law. She's gonna tell her sister in law. That John was we irrigation. Wasn't an urgent situation was what it why? What is supposed to be heard-
Mr Le Cathy was like very concerned and was like yeah I'd, really prefer you just stay here. John ended up because he had also made her right down. The names addresses and phone numbers of people close to her. He had called Cathy's house looking for LISA, be right here, showed up in a snow storm park down. The so that he was new in front of the house and came in literally collected them so scare and then same night, she called her mother in law. It was the same night of the night after I think it was the same night than she called her mother in law. Sobbing hysterically, and her mother in law was like what is going on and she was telling her. You know they're telling me that you're gonna steal you're gonna, take Tiffany. If I dont sign these papers and like make sure I'm the guardian of her like
why and she's like I'm, not gonna. Take your baby like no. I would never do that like no, no, no, like they're lying Mary and then she said, do not sign anything, and she said I and she said I already did and then she said something along the lines of their here. I gotta go or listening to this broadcast than it states to say that you have morbid stories just as much as we do. Unfortunately, hearing all of these horrifying tales can we anxious tossing and turning and wishing that we just had like a cosy cocoon to improve our sleep quality. The fact is a poor night. Sleep can weaken immunity negatively affect mental health and even her weight loss efforts, even when these risks only about forty four percent of American report a restful night's sleep almost every night. This is where Chile sleep comes to the rescue. Chile. Sleep makes customizable climate controlled sleep solutions that help you to not only get a better
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That is where it could you imagine if that was the last conversation you hundred their daughter and lie there. Here even fab? That's so terrifying! I can't even fathom and that was the last time they saw her and they believe now that that night, that he took her from her sister in law house and spoke to her mother in law that he bludgeoned urged us, and there were their people involved. Yeah. We say I mean they think so. Listen, that's one of the things that never been proven in this case. The fact that she said they're here yeah lead. They can't connect anybody inactive on every. Unlike our legs boiler, ere, they ve never connected another person to whom does so clearly and that does become a thing were where, where we're going, about proudly in part three that they at one point are like there has to be more people, but then they kind of teeter on then little like no. I think it is just him. I mean The people are involved in like fringe ways sure you know, like you know him
people that he knew there were like have connections and Savelich in the actual act of what he did. This some people think that he may have had People do a sturdy work at some point, but later it became just him. Gotcha so here we are so Robinson had kept LISA and baby Tiffany in the vote in this hotel with two other women that he had picked up through birthright and Truman. Medical center, which are like birthday, was the place relic single young mothers by all accounts most other two women were doing like all right in the sun. but they were alive, my yeah now you always were still around. We knew where they were. Stephen Hams was the probation officer that we talked about in part one where he was the one who new, this guy's number from the deck. I love that I love expression God is not very high number. He is so every one else was like peace, a con man. He wants to make money he's just a Reno. This is
to con man at these. No oil shales ran he's not gonna like heard anyone like physically he's just gonna steal from everybody and like scruple, and Stephen aims was like no disguise. dangerous he's gonna. Scully. I know what he knew. His pathology and people were listening to him hear what he said, and this is from the book he said Quote- were really got my attention and nineteen. Eighty four was the initial call from birth rate that he was trying to do something very suspicious with a young girl and a baby. This doesn't fit with him, it doesn't fit with a good con man because they go around the block to avoid hurting people being their smart enough to know the penalties when people get hurt are much more significant. So yet he saying be sure with the way he was working initially was like to get money. Money, money, money that was all he was trying to get and he Finally, veto pass off this facade and all that- and he was like you- know- hurting people physically
is a whole new level. Usually they don't cross into that kind of thing that they do so thou, but he was like. I knew it as soon as like any. things were going arrives like he's involved, Ray that same year in nineteen eighty four, he met a twenty one year old woman named Teresa Williams, now she was in Kansas City, initially from Boise Idaho. They met like kind handedly at Lake Mcdonald's, and he just walked right up to our because remember here all about woken up to Ladys, flattering them no use dealing his neighbor yeah. He talks very sexually explicitly to them like ease he's gross, any walked right up to where he started flattering her. He said he would love to give her a good life that she deserved and choose come on hard time. So I built Europe Mcdonald's like what are you gonna give me? What are you gonna give while shoe and she was like I'm becoming one desperate at this point so in and he is a charm
you will see a theirs. I can't even I don't understand what is going on here, as he is able to convince women to do outrage, he has like a John Wayne, Gacy kind of like oh he's, very John Wayne, Geisha Gacy or any you could see how it would be very easy to be smoothed by him. Like a heated look. I mean knowing what you know now, like you kind of look at him a little differently. If I saw him on the street, I just really. Oh, that's like a dad, Mono, literally part of the reason he was able to do this is so. Why is he looks like a friendly grandpa? He does especially now and back then he'll. He was a grandfather or two thousand, so when he was really do initiate, he looked like a grandpa. Yeah. Just a fox scary and back then he had a very. Like you know in the look. I know a lot of times, John Douglas, like points to the fact that he is like this very round face huge Aachen make people feel weirdly like like it has occurred,
and look about it. I'm just like our knowledge, it's just so some it's just our evolutionary things that we look like around. kind of I don't even know how to explain as she has that kind of Face India's like eyes, that almost slick sometimes can almost look kind. Ok- and I was gonna say that than I did. It was sometimes their terrifying there, Sir it's your job like. Oh, then, even like TED Bundy, like people thought he was so handsome will. Undoubtedly you note, well some and everything, but then like people would say his eyes. Would flash into this like different. Like animal listing kind of thing, all you have to do with TED Bundy, because of course everybody like that's that's a big thing. Belike young people they use interactive. Some people die on slick. Neither here it's really, not the important part of it. It just became such an important part of his identity as a serial killer, because that is how he was able to lower a lot of women tell. He had to face that. You weren't scared of
unfortunately, that the facts of the case, the fact those eyes contrive wit chair, is one video from his we know from his trial and I point to it. every time when people say like I, you know like that is so scary, like he looked so like normal. Obama, just look at that trial, video where they tried to grab his arm to bring him out of the trial like cause he's veto. The defend even though I was being his own lawyer, they grab it. arm to walk him out of the thing, and he read his arm away and the flash face that he gives that bailiff look. He wanted to murder him right. Look at that and you say that's what those women saw yeah that face right. There is the base that all those women saw, the survivors, the victims, all of them all saw that faces, and it's like that's the fuckin monster greater and he hides it real well, sometimes, but when they can hide of forever and it's like debts that one video always
Reeks me the fuck out Gideon right. You see him on a dime That's an you know, that's what they also, which is so horrified that it went from like this normal seventies. Dude. To that end is like it and that's like when I don't like this guy to its true and this guy and John Wing Gacy too. He had that like round you no kind of plump, Cindy was like a good like If a guy, like hey, I'm John, when ye see their old John Love, you John my every but like they're, all John, and so you do. You trust a John. You know like helped John, I mean TED Bundy. His name is Fuckin Theodorus Theodore. It's not draft Johnny over here, you know, existed who's gonna get upset about Joe I'm gonna values, but you should get observer these Japan's buddy. I You know so he when he came up to this woman, Teresa Williams in the Mcdonald's he was flat bring her you're beautiful. You know somebody needs said that you know lift
who up something they still. I give you things and make you happy and make you comfortable. Unlike you deserve glove and all this she was psyched, obviously remember he's married with children and still acting like a very good member of society. At this point I mean he was like again a Sunday school teacher. He was part of the homeowners association. Every city was roughing, his son soccer games. He was going to church, he was doing all kinds of shit just to be like beat Kay Ashley. Just pretend to be this good dad, but I their way anyways. He had her move into those duplex apartments that he had received several properties, apartments that he would ran to. You would also bring girls to this, these motels, which will talk about no at awhile, but he had turned these apartments into. Basically like bore Alice, like he was putting girls in there and then use forcing them to perform sexual favours slave. They buy He was also like pretty out front having her work as a sex
worker kind of just being like with like his friends and clients. he basically brought her every year and was like yeah me to take care of you, Believe me, this is where you need to do and shoes, this kind of anguish- I don't know what to do. Yeah you're trapped at this point and it was very rough stuff like like us before he was in diabetes some, but he was not, and I know Do this every time we talk about media, somebody just really think it's important not to like fuck with people's kings so. It's like you know like. I know this alive, I'm sure people listening are part of that community and I don't want anyone to billygoat. Let's not wanted them again, nobody to offend any. So I always want to say that, like media, some in reality, like a real bs ever relationship, is about trust than you. The main thing that is part of a baby s m relationship parasite, you safe, were submissive, have trust of their dams, lay dams, show, compassion, and trust to their submissive. It's not about like com.
plainly owning some lines, not like fifty sheets of anyone. It's not like it's not inflicting pain without any kind of like pleasure involved or any kind of like discussion or trust involved in that's not what he was into. He was into owning a woman out of them. control out of their wishes out of any kind of discussion of like safe words or anything, and that's like really fucked up and she was in. He was also involving his friends who were into this like really intense offshoot of the US em he was involving them. In with this girl I mean putting her in the sis. Is rape. One hundred percent and in its just like torture. It's basically torture is. This is almost no discussion here and even when he would do cause, as we will see he liked to do. Instead of the DOM sub kind of thing, he did master slave, which is which
is a totally different thing and what he would do as he would give these some of these girls contracts, which is typical and media. No. I shouldn't have written things down near that, like you know I think it's like presented a lot of research about this, always want to be like careful to not like offend, think I know what that is when I dont. So, if aren't you know if I'm wrong on any of this by all means like they never gonna get that kind of stuff wrong, but from what I have read is like. There's is always some kind of written agreement or verbal agreement involved were like. you tell each other what you're boundaries are letter ate like dams should oh they're subs boundaries, and they don't cross those boundaries, because the whole point is pleasure, with pain right not just within the so, unlike their safe words, as all that and peep disposed to be trust. You trust that they're not gonna cross those boundaries. He would have a contract slave contractors. When you go to that, torture is really fucked up and in
these things. You lay out these things that he would expect from his sex slave and what he expected ass, their master, their sex master and he would constantly cross all of those boundaries that those contracts meant nothing and also the contracts themselves were usually way over the top. and these women were not comfortable with them, but he but their choice. You would just make them sign them anyway. So this is just such a different offshoot of media summits like even weird to call it bs em, but either way so This is so. She was working being forced to work as a sex workers living department that he's renting all really rough terrible stuff, and she was in the apartment which is now being investigated like this yeah so she's in there and there they are starting to get his number a bit not as much as they will later, but once Lee the Stasi and her baby Tiffany one missing Stephen Hams, that probation officer he was like now it's time to
kick this entire sectors, anybody want to listen and he was like we're finding LISA stuff like he was like we're finding her in this baby, because at this point they didn't know where the baby was he the right. So he's like we got to find these people so he met with Robinson himself in January nineteen. Eighty five and he just blatantly asked him about LISA and Tiffany and you know, Robinson was like a really have any like real information about her whereabouts, but you know, like I think, she's like off with some guy, but he was Lincoln well I'm just really upset because I'm trying to do this nice stuff and I'm too to be like a philanthropist and I'm trying to help these women. I'm just run my community and people. I'd sat the goodness of my heart people are accusing me of doing something bad now, like that's, really fucked up like he was acting like. How dare you dude. It is so wild to me help while not only can lie like that, like I can't lie to save my fuckin life. I definitely cut my like that, like to make it's crazy,
People can make you feel and say: I'm gonna give me like your legs. Full blown outlining he's just trying to help them on such an asshole illegally fellowship may there being a deck. Obviously, this guy of seven aims of it a year. They obviously he's he's realise, and yet the score is a crock, oh shit, but like if I was my position, I well I'm a fuck announcing umbilical shit, I'm just accusing this philanthropist and pillar of his community. This Sunday school teacher grandfather, father, lawnmower Homeowners Association President's how dear of murdering a young mother and her child in her baby infancy later hour will buy bananas to lie to be to have the power to lie like na willing Stephen Aims, of course, was like Sohemus was like we'll Woody Getting out of all these, like good d, really are you? Why are you doing this and he was like? I just get the sun, faction of helping people.
and he was so like a mediately I was like sets us like. He was like nope, don't field. I do not get that. I know the world body wants to get women also. He was like. I know people who do things out of the kindness of their hard yeah you're, not one of you you're not like it's just that you don't. He knows he was like a new people. I had seen a lot of bad guys. I've seen a lot of guys who it mainmast eggs and came around. This was not that guy right and it's like he. This guy has a past of conning people suddenly turned around and want to how we treat body physically hurting people. He doesn't have yet like that, while he does, but not that they know of right, but the your stone financially mentally emotionally, like spiritually and ideologically, harming people, that's a lot right, most of you have probably heard me sing. The praises of proves the worlds personalized hair care and for those that have an
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proposes the healthy, her regimen with your name all over it. Take your free end up pair consultation and got fifteen percent off your first order today go to prose dot com, slash morbid, that's p, r, o s e dotcom, slosh, more bread for your free end up consultation and fifteen percent off. Oh hymns immediately was determined to find Leeson Tiffany early find out what happened. This was like his new, like fuck, this guy I'm and take him This is my Stephen is a big part of this whole thing and like he did not give up on this rock on rock on him so he met with Robinson again with another probation officer, and he told them that a man bill. He was like aren't, I know more he's like them. Guy's name is bill. Who picked up. Lisa said he picked him up. The roadway in blue, scientifically the sky building, that's where they were last were, and they had gone off to Colorado and that's the last he heard of them music. I was gonna helper.
this guy came along. They fell in love, they're, gonna, family, it's great, which sounds like a pretty Nord, sound ordinary, like you're like awesome. Well, they checked with the hotel manager, of course, because paper trail and tat manager said well. I last saw at least antipathy leave with John Robinson when they checked out, so lies immediately. Those drew this guy check them out like that. Was it now she say nope they left with him. So how do you not think of that? Dude you been occur, artists for how long that's the thing he did. Think of that oh, but he doesn't care but what if the hellenic manager? Sorry, I I don't give a shit he's. I am saying that this is what I'm saying in so far his whole life. That's worked, that's crazy. So what if I have any of these credentials. I'm saying I do right. You re hire me anyway. He learned the republic. So what? If just got arrested and I've could face jail time. I won't that's literally his whole life sentence. I am oh Jesus conditions now during the course of this investigation, they had spent
can to several women connected them that they knew were in the apartments at some point or another cause. I've been kind of watching them a little bit and they open the two women in particular, who had lied for him in that at one point or another that Tiffany and LISA had stayed with them Boca and they finally talked to on Foresman again and said we lied, we lied were heavily felt. We tell you, but he had shit on us like he would take nude photos of us. Oh that becomes thing this do this as a place of shit. Whenever he would get a woman out there, he would immediately take nude explicit, like sexually suggestive, llanos them and then we use it as blackmail so that they would have to be on his side? They would have to be loyal to him. He would have complete power. That is so fuckin twist
and to lie to you. Do this to two women to make them lie about a nineteen year old mother and her infant babies? Where about what is wrong? What the fuck and it's like for them too, feel they had to do that. He must have threatened the shit o, obviously so the F B, I was already involved here now because again, there's a baby involved like this is getting bigger and Nay had they had a previous partner in some of his like previous, like money, schemes, because I can read the book because so many other money schemes that happen, that Lakers isn't so many you can't even talk about them all he had appeared The US partner in one and his name urban blatter. He was like an ax Khan, and so they, decided to get in touch with him, the FBI, and there are like I'm pretty sure we can turn him into an informant, because he barely will will probably say why
not if we offer him something, I'm sure noblesse sure. Let's do it so then they're gonna go through his record. So they're starting to go through records are starting to go through all the scams that he is committed cause now the FBI's looking into this and there like o day- what the fuck guys, like you, they're like how the fuck did this dude just swell. I, under the radar like this so they're, like ok, we'll now We got a leg, we gotta do something here, because he's clearly escalating and he's clearly been allowed to scape through this life here, so what they do, who is they set up a sting operation and they had a fee. agent meet with Robinson female agent, would ask him about getting a job, because that was his thing. He gets females who are down on their luck. He says he's gonna get the machine, then somebody up and slew so she paused as the sex worker and he told her. He ran a business and employed sex workers for high class clientele like lawyers and doctors, and see and shit, but he was like
so you know the sexes gonna involve some like Saito masochism and torture. Later you into that sober simply saying she would be hired as submissive to be a sex slave to a master, then she went back to the, B, I with all the wire and focus. Obviously she was wired. and she was willing. She was like all keep Goin undercover like all of you as it. What a bad bitch she's like. I will keep doing this, but they pulled the operation because they were more like her safety. I sent her like to deepen to that. I would be terrified at if after that conversation, I b average for sure and then I'd go back and economic pressure on the head eminency my vacation, this vote. I used one while she was like I'm and every age, and I will do this shit. I'm going error like we're. Gonna, keep you alive, honey that I'm not an FBI out. You don't want something happening to you. So she's a bad hell yeah. I like she just awesome bud
They were like. No, we don't want to lose you and they were like the way he was talking. The way he was negotiating with you was scary, like it was evil, so there they called Truman, medical center staff and they said hey those You women that you referred to him that are still staying with him. We need to get them out of that hotel immediately, and they will end they did. They got him out. So they were ok. They were literally like we need to get them the fuck away, flagrant like I'm, not really need to not refer. Women TIM cause, we're trying to figure this out magic. Getting that call and you're the one that referring them all so terrible unreal or, like being the person not referred, LISA Stasi. I can imagine that person didn't do her job, oh yeah, as we speak, yeah that person. I think that social worker and
and to trouble later reality that guy that's she didn't do a job. Let's, which are larger battle. It was left to do our jobs lives when we get there. First, let's be honest personally: would it involves a nineteen year old, single mother and her more month old, baby anklets lets me a little more lock in that day and get to? Let's do all those diligences yeah sure we be. We cross all those eyes, and we do not. All those tease leaves us no matter how psychotic and makes for your writing, while the exact who feel at this time in early nineteen, eighty five random the out of nowhere. He decided he was like he made. Teresa Williams dress up to the nine subway. He handed her well thousand hundred dollars and he said you're gonna go too far. I use like. I have a job for you, you're, going to go to a park. You gonna wait now park you to wait for a limo, that's gonna pull up and get you And he was like an you're gonna. Do whatever that person tells you to do he was like. Ok, so she did and a limo pulled up and they
he got in the driver, blindfolded drove her to a mansion she went inside and a man in his sixties who she was told to called the judge what the fuck on her down into a SEC stunned and base baseman that he had he strapped her to a rack. like a mediaeval torture rack, and he said did stretching her. until she almost passed out what an finally released her after basically all mostly killer, and immediately sent her back in the limo back to Robinson Roy, Robinson was pissed because she and satisfy the judge, because she was forced to stay there like he was past that she was like being like a whooping whiny about. It being lining about being struck. He took back the money he gave her the twelve hundred dollars and hit her and it was getting like really rough, only good news, So then he left
then he laughter he just left her in the apartment she's like so upset, then like soon after this he randomly shows up at her apartment. She sleeping he Sir out of bed, throws her on the floor. A gun in my face that he kept in a shoulder. Holster by the way has oh so cool, She was freaking out and he told her. If you shouldn't be quiet, he would blow her brains out and he pulled the trigger in front of her face and no gun went click. There were no. Bullets in the gun who'll. She men and this is a trigger warning for rape. He then raped her with the gun and left off, no, no, no, no! No! nineteen. Eighty five, the same year, Urban Blaanor, the the partner that they were going to the F B. I was going to try to get to turn on him up. The previous Barnett Short turned on him like like they thought, Was it you immediately? He signed statement that basically confirmed that Robinson was the perpetrator
v shit ton of financial scams. He was like. I can tell you role he has had- and everyone he's like hears financial scam, Aithra Uzi, literally two hundred items. Here's the you know every other alphabet, you can think of amount. So much twenty first nineteen eighty five Robinson came in for his regular probation meeting and was immediately arrested because now they got him so he was booked into the clay county jail. and while he was there, he suddenly was like hey guys. I know we're Leeson Tiffany are by the way, anyone who now and they are like yeah news like their safe there doing fine, narrowly cool. He got released on fifty thousand dollar bond. Why He paid it so now June. Seventh, him in two FBI. Agents went to the apartments unannounced to try to catch him off, Guard break that didn't. Work now ruled out on bond. What are we gonna do and so because they're like we gotta get more stuff
and, as will see later, the the day when it comes to link the two thousands. You know me like way later, the day that they have Paul Morrison does It's so smartly because he's like, I know that everybody is getting frustrated. They want us to jump in an arrest him, but we have to, but he has slipped her through the cracks every fucking time that Xyz arrested and we are not going to be a next in line to let him go free and do right. So he like really bides time and really gathers as much as they can to make sure that it's like Eritrea, it and retains off. I love it Thank you for that kind of name is obviously. I know he gets apprehension, but I just I'd, but it's over it's a good pay off along the way that so it's so here, comes to FBI agents in June. They show up that the apartments unannounced they want to startle. You know to see Williams, Teresa Williams, and they want to link to strutted catch everybody off guard So she is there and they ask her about him and she's lying
or have issues internal. She works for his company Papa and once they're like yeah, like that's cool, you know to women, he worked with previously have gone missing and we're pretty sure he murdered there, man a baby as well right leg. You know that they that re, like you're, comfortable with that, unlike you, knew to isolate like you're, probably likely that straight. Like he's doing the literal same thing to you, she be and sobbing all told them the whole truth. Of course, I told them everything and then she revealed that after that incident, where he like, raped her with a gun he showed back, two to research and he tells her he meets her to help him get out of this urban thing. So urban blatant the port previous partner that was like singing like a canary. Patently he had window of it. He went to Teresa NEWS, like you need to help me. I wonder how you got wind of that. I hear he knows everything has so he told her. You need to write fake diary entries too
discredit urban and say he was trying to kill you so that when they bring him in to try to come against me, it's all gonna be discredited, cause he's a fucking asshole. How so, basically yeah it's insane, so it would like two on top its colleague a dual purpose, because like he's gonna make bladder look stupid, understand if he ever one against him saying all this financial staff will react as a criterion that says you're, fuckin crazy person who wants to kill this woman right in on top of that, if he, besides to kill Teresa William they're think that are now. It looks like black. If she goes missing, it looks like bladder, was the murder rate and killed him right you can use it in several ways. Meal proposition, super great until it's Wednesday and you have to eat three day old, grilled chicken for the third time. You know that literally happened to me this week, but you have to get through your weeks
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morbid twenty twenty or so. He also had her put all her belongings in storage place that he had untold is low We are to find the diary in the event of urban testifying in the future. The thought They had his lawyer ready to go, get that diary at a moment's notice, yeah so far, heard doing this diary. This fake diary, Entry Robinson promised he's. Unlike you know what I'm gonna give you as like. I promise not to kill you awesome thing school and also take you to the Bahamas on June fifty I don't go to the Bahamas with you, because I feel it. You know people out there and it's not me. I d be a vacation and he was like a well. He was like you know it out, I'll, send you to the Bahamas and liking, and I'm on vacation he's like you away and that'll, be or like fake death, so that like, if this really go the way we needed to use your last entry was gonna, be June, fifteenth and unknown. We'll see you again with a one hundred percent of Bahama Zella course he wasn't why we took
Oh shit and put in storage that he could just make her disappear. While so all of this info. They were like oh shave and guide, weaken it so that we can get him on some shit and finally, hopefully get him in jail yeah. So they moved her out of the apartment immediately. Thank you and he found out She was gone and went fuckin bonkers, trying to find her. He hired a private, investigator writer and the FBI I had to move her three times to stay away from him. building he's again soon, You probably just leave the rest of your life and computer. How do you ever go when he's in jail? You're, probably leg CS someone who now connections. Who knows how many people she bent to yeah exactly woollen. He eventually found her himself, the maybe I is hiding this woman and he'll be fine, sir. He found her and the p. I tried to talk to her directly. She came out of somewhere and he tried to walk up to her and talk to her and luckily FBI moved her out of state to keep her say
literally hurt her out of the state to keep him away from her. I really can you move. me too, like the Bahamas, idyllic, F B, I can I just live with you. You are actually I seriously bring me to Quantico, just like true, please so Finally, in July he was charged with violating his probation on several counts and they ordered seven years in jail. Ok, he was free he'd, on a quarter million dollar bail and had to see homes daily so again he's getting the shit. Then he started his appeals process. Any argued that because they Teresa out of state. He didn't get his constitutional right to confront his accused there wasn't gonna come too. Obviously it is in May nineteen. Eighty six judge David Jade Dixon, one make sure his names out their agreed that it was unconscious, national and he was free to go. We really gonna work on their constitution, Judge David,
Jade Dixon in ninety six, who knows if you're still around, but it I, but I hope the dew fell again about that begins will see what happens after so he had to go through another whole court debacle right as this one ended, though, because now the FBI, hey, aims and law enforcement war on his shit and they dug, and those past scam, so now they can keep trying to throw different things at him to try to see if something stepping out of touch it so he was accused of stealing over fifty thousand dollars through billing scams and dislike it. Isn't it so far reach. This is until you must read the book, because I've been a mention, things are illegally. What he did. Why excuse me- and it's like I can't even go- this- would be like an eighty five parts areas if I did it, but there was something book, condo cell, unlike Arizona that he was a part of two and where was he living? I'm sorry, he would use between Missouri in Kansas. At this point, he was in Kansas Gotcha, but do not learn, I reserve and other he had some bogus condo scale, sale and
Arizona than he had like scammed people at a money, so he was getting in trouble for that now and I guess you like you- think so, the Congo and then kept the money from the sale or something out of some kind of weird thing he like pretended to be their real estate, agent, and so now you is facing six to nineteen years in prison, so he barely two like all the money that was an escort, yet literally, that's how it works. So as he's about to finally enter prison because usually a prison time, in nineteen. Eighty seven he killed a woman oh he's on his way like in between facing these charges. He kill someone. Ok that'll do after he was let go when that Judge David J Dixon decided that he needed his constitutional right to face the accuser that he had violently raped dead. He killed them.
That's ok! So a woman twenty seven year old Catherine can't clamp. It was a mother looking to better herself ass. She had moved from Wichita, False Texas to Kansas City to get a job. She had left a child's with her parents to do so. She was trying to get her life together, she's staying out her brothers home. His name was right bales. While she was trying to look for work and make it a steady, Policia Social at sea and add that Robinson put in the paper, because you, foot. I worry earn hiring for his company, echo plus, and she was like, oh hell. Yes, so she interview with Robinson in he hired or on the spot, that's so sad to like the first second. Can we think about her like getting ready for this matter view doing her hair
alright, making churches and ice alpha trying to impress this guy, who is eventually going to murder her young sitting there being like. I really hope I get this job like I got again be everything together. I my child bowling under errands being like I've, gotten interviewed aces it yeah. That's the saddest thing up so he hired are on the spot and she was psyched, but what and was like the hours started, getting crazy? She began not coming home at night. Her brother was getting worries and there would be days he wouldn't seer, and she really couldn't give him an explanation when you ask- and she acted very cagey shack very new, this and he was like, what's going on like? What are you involved in and then He didn't show up back in his place for an entire week and he called the police and file the police report. The play send a reed Robinson, but they basically did nothing. They didn't do anything they interviewed him and were like, while no evidence so by he'll, have to lake look
A little bare yank is usually I like. Oh, she was never seem alive again, find we'll get there, also from nineteen eighty seven to ninety. Ninety three rob sin was incarcerated on all those different charges short, Remember that happened between him, basically going too so charges in him actually facing, and he just quickly right quickly did that. So whose first incarcerated in Kansas from nineteen eighty seven to ninety ninety one. This was unlike a ton of fraud, convictions like all kinds of fun. no shit and then he was incarcerated in Missouri for more fraud, convictions and parole violations, so they deserve to different sentences in two different state alone. His wife and kids. His kids were now in college and high school. At this point. They had to sell the home and move into an apartment. They stuck by him. He just
and everyone's oh yeah cause. She keeps having to move at a different places into move you're like three grown children into an apartment. I can imagine the echoing college in high school and they still good by him, and she kept up the facade that he was a great father, a great husband, a pillar of the community. I have a lot of question. Let me tell you Nancy: does that for a long time so he was a model prisoner at Hutchinson Correctional Facility, but he had a few. Most strokes while he was there. Oh interestingly, enough appeared There was no verbal or cognitive issues after them that were noticeable Lincoln, find anything like that really changed much of it. In fact, to really spected psychiatrists in the area I think Names are George M pen. He are Doktor Georgia PEN and he from these super. He was the supervisor rising psychologist, sorry at the Kansas Department of Corrections and then the direct
sure of medical services, Kai Home, which is also a doktor. They said quote was a model in made who has best has made the asked of his incarceration. He is a non violent person and does not present a threat to society he's a device. Family man who has taught his children. A strong value system kills were, skills were measured in the high average range performance skills and a very superior range, so is here basically leg various these. These very intelligent, very cunning, very manipulative, very able to he's manipulating two of the most respected doctors in the area, yeah, as if formerly most with anything, no and he was never diagnosed with anything because here's the thing like he's full, I mean he's definitely not mentally ill in the sense of not understanding his
Mcafee honour what's right from wrong. Anything he's very calculate oh yeah very calculated in and it takes superior thinking and planning to do what he's done for so many years. To like I mean is, he is he's is it like use? Definitely at lower genius range, I would say into into be doing what he was doing. It takes a lot of skills, report which really sucks that he didn't use them for something? Also, nine could have been a great philanthropists if he had actually put action we give you was not an evil pursued the engine accurately fellow human, taken these thoughts he had of late actually helping mothers and children and learning matter carried it out and set of just doing what he did a view of the different person he would have in Greece like a different person with the same kind of skills shore and somebody who would use them differently. I like it too,
if he was anybody else. It would have an eye if he was literally a totally different person than he would be great he'd, be he be it. He be really getting person of the year and like man of the year, just making himself person of the dude. I literally forgot that he made you made his own flower. He made his own fuckin press announcement. He filled the mayor, I gotta go yeah he's a lot of it. imagine falling. The may imagine fooling the mayor: full jammer, full germane, him mare who Mare Bolgia Psych. Society is good, though, at this time I'm sorry, I'm sayin that that is your coffee than I remember now I did. I did old, faithful and I ripped my charge her out of the wall, these plug so Nancy, actually under blooming the apartment and moved the family into a trailer on a farm nancy
it's time to go. Oh Nancy's, nowhere near go and trusted you gotta get out of here. So when parole came up, they wrote he was quote a docile nonviolent individual who does not pose a threat to society. It is unlikely that further incarceration will be of any benefit either mister, Robinson or society. I beg to define, imagine being the human being. Who had two fuckin write that down? Imagine an imaginary there oh car situation will not be of any benefit to either Mister Robinson or society little. Did you know I have about five barrels that are going to disagree with you. so that's how much he was able to fool literally everybody Robin Anus, its truly bananas. He was per
old in January. Ninety ninety one, while immediately he was transferred to misery in jail, their lovers Zippo because he was like we're done Nobunaga. Now you don't you do in Missouri ever but he was like psych psych and he was jailed there at Western Missouri Correctional Facility, he had tried to get out of it by arguing that he was frail and sick. He had strokes, guys come on he's, never look. He should be released immediately, but this judge luckily was like no, no it. No so. There was a doctor in this prison. Obviously, as there are most prisons and whose name was Doktor William Bonner, didn't find Robinson to be sick at all. He was a young fine to me here. Somewhat plump, like you seem like you, have very you're good because he was literally like I'm frail armed, I'm dying, I'm starving to death. Poland, darling! You look fine! Well, you look like Santa
you look like spurs and but he also found him to be an asshole. He was like a really don't like this guy, but I'm glad finally someone and doktor banners, wife, forty eight year olds, forty nine year old, Beverly Bonner, actually worked at the same prison as the prison. Librarian squad goals, not really so rough. Merely zoos are largely to known. Like sounds like it, but no, sir, Robinson and Beverly actually figured out that they work together at mobile or mobile oil like twenty years before this, if not to fall in love, and so they immediately bondage. She fell for his charm in his charisma, was it the prison? They start out not only daughter. Her why she is married to the prison doktor Doktor, William Bonner. She works at the prison. He works at the prisoners, the library with her prison, husband, Doktor, William Bonner, and she, is starting an affair with an image on Robinson in my number.
Bobby yeah girl. So yeah your husband is a doctor. I don't Still I could views. Unfortunately, this has a very bad ending to He was released from their ninety ninety three and by ninety nine, before she had divorced Doktor Bonner and moved to Kansas City to be with robins, no, no, no go home. Who was still married, unto his wife or gone not planning to leave her. Do you know she knew than he was married? He full in her ugly. I think he was following that he was. I don't get a lever, so you know, but together they these started together a company she he's on the articles of incorporation for the Hydro grow company. Why how That was used married. I did uneasy, and this woman is on the articles of incorporation for his company. Hydro grow like it's really messed up that he's married, but I'm still at the whole thing we're like they met when he was an inmate. Oh there's so much too, I'm still there. They were both married. Your leg
shows now she's the priorities listed as the president of Hydro. I know it's also listing him as James Turner who, because you second acted Phelan. He couldn't uses real name. He also started having her sign blank pieces of paper. She did without question suddenly. Her family and friends start getting letter signed by her that we're saying she was traveling overseas in Europe for business and how happy she was. They all had foreign postmarks what but the forwarding addresses were mailbox in a commercial male centre that worse called the cops the mail, and it was in Kansas, why it was like a shopping center. That's crazy Robinson had rented this male room. This, like male space, shortens one like mail box. I think in Beverly name, and he was using this box to take the one thousand dollar divorce settlement checks that Doctor Bonner was sending monthly and in turn
how'd. He used a service that would create foreign postmarks for him. Yes so this needs to be a visual media, because I literally mounting my hand ass, an engineering we lay her vibe silently I just became a miser. Her friends and family are getting letters then, like I'm in Europe or having a great time. Oh my God Is there like all look at these foreign postmarks Azure Yemen from overseas? He bought the goes to use, encounter sign shed so that he can make it look like they were coming from overseas and had her signature on them to the UN's having of sign language of taper. We know he didn't even buy them. He made them. No, really. He used a service that all aid at all or in postmarks for him. I thought you said he created this at all. He like he'd, but still user awareness that created foreign postmarks for him. What's the other He also rented a storage unit and set it
for his sister Beverly. No, he told workers there that his sister was abroad for work and was having so much fuckin fund in Australia that she was gonna stay, there never return and he one day in Beverly car in place, does huge metal barrel in the unit and then just left. No one looked into it. She was never heard from again after one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, when she divorced her husband and became the president of Hydro grow. Do we have a statement from her husband? We don't poor man. This is poor woman only we all find where everyone so all night Everley, all my banana czar.
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De L, p and during the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of inexperienced professional. In fact, so many people have been using better help that their recruiting additional councillors and all fifty states, this podcast sponsored by better help and morbid at your crime, podcast listeners. Ten percent off their first month that better help dotcom slash more so he struck again with a forty five year old mother and her fifteen year old daughter. Who was the disabled and culture, no Sheila faith was forty. Five year olds was forty five years old, her daughter, Debbie fifteen year old, fifteen years old and confined to a wheelchair. She. been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Spina spinal Bifida as a child. Now they lived in fuller in California, Debbie is known to be Debbie's. The daughter Debbie was known. Behold areas really a beat her down.
tears were sure that she would walk some day purely because of her attitude while and she determined to shoot to eventually become a gym teacher and was a bad ass. Strong girl You're gonna ruin me and her mother took really good care of her and her father. John faith had been in raising father until he passed away from cancer. Ninety one so Sheila was left to try to make ends. Meet choose dealing with a lot of medical expenses are daily, so she was trying to find a partner to be with, because this is a lot to do with alone and she needed, help no little family. So she went to the internet, because this is the nineties at the beginning, and showed me guys on their, but none of them were really working out than she met. This guy online called John Robinson from Kansas City. So he said he had tons of land. He had horses as a farmer, he wanted Debbie to be able.
Ride, one earlier on and Debbie was like. I'm gonna write a horse someday. Like that's my thing. He also and he would get Debbie into a special and very expensive school out here. That would take it. He was gonna take care of them, they became very, very close. They talked on. And eventually he said they should move out with him and start their lives together. This is John Fuckin Robinson. So team. Ninety four the year that Beverly divorced her husband became president of Hydro and then went fucking missing the same year. They decide to go to count to Kansas, to live with him to have basically just killed literally just had. I done all of that had good that's that year. He got her to divorce. Her husband, her prison, doktor husband, become president of Hydro grow in the He killed her and then he somehow me in all events, these people to come. She met Kansas while so apparently Sheila left everything behind when she went and told her friends to just
watch her male and grab it for her. Just in case this didn't work out cause she's trying to be like kind of like now. It was a thousand dollar disability check that came monthly for Debbie like a little over a thousand dollars, and wanted them to keep track of those issues. Just watch my mail weirdly. No male arrived after they left and they d governor, was all being sent to the mill room in Kansas. You know the place Beverly, honours checks from her ex husband were being sent in cash from so do he must have convinced her. You have healthcare merited yellow written that mailbox. Now being registered to James Turner, and he had picked up an and a cashed, one hundred and fifty two of Sheila Jabez Debbie's Debbie's. So a hundred and fifty two, thousand dollar over eighty thousand dollars actually causing woodlands, lands and all but lead. started going out to family and friends of sea of Sheila's with her signature, but they were typed Khazar, always too
They have the signature at the bottom and they all at the same shift, the other said we're doing great we're having an awesome time. This menu life everything's, wonderful now he had found. The internet inside that it was working for him here, becoming a regular in the media, some chat rooms and shit. He was like very active in those he did this. While Nancy was working, her ass off every day at work, Britain, ITALY does I have a job job we're so the opt in member. This is so he's using the internet to like a lure these women Larry lured Shillin Sheila over their jabbered now at moment. Everyone thinks that she was doing fine yeah. Nobody knows what's going on with Sheila and Debbie, so far, just friends are getting stop her families getting stop. It seems like everything's fine, so we're gonna, that's that dear but pupil and of not seeing them again right now he's back.
so again during the day he's on the computer he's in these chatrooms he's luring more women he's getting into these weird relationships use the name, Jim Turner, James Turner and slave master. He received and sent a ton of nude photos or various online. Ladies, you dress up as a farmer in the picture that he would send people. He got ton of women to leave other states and come to Kansas City tons of women to be his sex slaves. Literally, he was rolling in submissive sir, while like they were, why a constant stream then in ninety ninety nine. He met Isabella. is it Isabella is how you say it in This was in an online video. Some chat room Isabella was born in Poland on April eleventh, nineteen. Seventy eight She moved to the United States with her scientists, parents when she was like fourteen turning fifteen and they'd settled in West life. I Indiana now she was
brilliant earnest in ninety and six she had enrolled at Produce university to study, fine arts. She doesnt, unlike murals, for her high school issues. This amazing aren't very tight tat. She was known to be very shy and kind of kept herself, but she was also very smart and just out of this world creative and she dressed really artistically, like she kind of favoured a nice like mix of like bohemian bohemian in Gaza girl, like Mckenna, other likes you, like long black velvet dresses, she had lots of piercings and shoe dire hair black and, like she just like when she's cool issues are on the outside as well. I love it now. Isabella, really like sweet thing to say she was, I don T really Q Adami inside out our art on the outside, now Isabel. I was really into media SAM, unlike also underline the you know, the darker shit like vampires and death, and stop lectures and arrested him ass. I was morbid like I feel it
and you know it just things that are interesting, indifferent, choosing to link the learning about the occult witchcraft and all that likes you cynical stuff. So He's looking for people with similar interests, and sometimes it can feel like that's hard when you're into weird shit. So she was drawn to the internet. Could it's the and still weaken its stages, where everybody is just like gettin, like really into it it's. You know, and I think these people, like the ability to be anonymous and viable silly live in the family, you ever. You want to live in the media, some stuff for is not always accepted normal society like normal corner, Ebeneezer bunnies, but they are so this. Is a place where you can go and a chat room you can. You can do what you want to do These people, I was like an escape for a lot of them. Now chat rooms were fuckin huge internet explode, and we all know about that when people are hell, yeah Buffy, the vampire chat rooms hell yes, but people could. Finally,
to people all over the world who are into same niece interests that you were in ok so I'm cause. If any, I'm sure you all remember like how many different chat rooms. There were for any kind of subject. You could ever think of you. I remember, and you can even make one like you know. I mean If you were into that stuff, you could make one yourself people show up, and then you got a friend group, zero fewer, lonely. So ninety ninety seven I'm alive I'm alive so in ninety ninety seven, she happened to meet a man online. This then a media, some chat room and she felt like she clicked with him on a deeper level by chance was his name, Jean gems, or drawn perhaps as an urgent outcomes. You did but that's cool. Maybe his name was jumps, so they spoke of over the web, been he told her. He was an international book age and he wanted heard alike at you know me illustrator for some of his books and Papa and well, that way, you know, and after wild cat
Did he told her? You know you should move to Kansas City with me. I could give you a job as a secretary at my firm, like you could start a new life like one in Indiana. That's done! They don't understand you there that same year. She just decided. You know what I'm gonna moved: Kansas I want to start a new life and she told her friends, this literally out of the blue, and they were like what what burden and no one was happy or trusting of this arrangement. Her friends were not happy. Her parents were really upset, but they're like what can we do she's just? Does it lets you once a day? so she was emailing her parents once she moved there, but it was kind of few and far between so there like we Donnelly Pusher, but we need to know what's going on so she and tell them. She was living Evan address unmet calf Avenue in Kansas. What they didn't. oh, is that she and John Robinson had filed for marriage license together. I just blinked a lot of times. Yup Anne she was nineteen years old at this point. What he likes
This view is in his fifties at this point. So oh yeah, so do they filed for let married choices together. He's also married that whole think so He must have done this under another name: re did it under the name John Anthony Robinson. I would just not is now we're going into tone up here you know, so they didn't act, really get married illegally, but the ship it was filed like ok, they didn't actually go through it like a wedding or anything. But legally they were married, but no, they weren't legally married yet loudly file for the license plate and go through the whole Sheng. Ok, but yeah searches. Like a weird thing. I think he did it to make her thinks that they were married right now, because I that's I always thought of you file the certificate than I thought you were married reality they filed for the license threaten a knave. They never actually went through the wood, the wedding or marriage. Then, her. Parents didn't hear from her filling two months so,
He couldn't get a hold of her, so they drove out to look for a law. This is when they found out that the mat calf address that she said they were living on was a mailbox and not an option. or ass. None of the mailbox service couldn't give them another address because that's illegal, so they left Nanda go back to India and couldn't find her I can't even imagine was so linking suddenly get some emails again from her when they're like off. Something that not EU rain and especially her father was like this is not her, so he decides to test this any asked, Sir, to speak to him. Only in part polish smarts. She does this. She responds in polish, but it's all short sentences like I'm fine and I'm doing ok, right and he's not really convince, and she did Gonna- let out a few personal details but, as we know, he anew personal details from these women so that he can fuck with their family and their effects
no ninety ninety eight she does. She was still around she enrolled in Johnson County Community College, but she did so under the name Isabella LUCA Robinson. She went away passes a couple of times and witnesses said she was wearing a Ruby engagement ring and showed it off at Sosa. She people she was married to in our older man. She was like very happy. She was. She seemed like you psyched here at this time. She and Robinson, had definitely entered into like the master slave kind of relationship, so he would basically pay things that she needed pay for her rent and all that anymore turned. She had to be completely submissive at him and every single way she had to own. Every part of her She actually signed a slave contract that had a hundred and fifteen items on it all literally, gave him complete control of her, including over her bank accounts, but was that what she was into lake.
Does she when she was okay? Well, she was definitely into like media, some sure, digital being a submissive, but this just went further. Ok, you went further like he had control over bank accounts. Us, that's that's far. Reaching out of the whole thing and again he's not putting these not bringing these girls to Kansas in being like what do you want? no are you want out of be relationship? You know United mean like if he was doing that in that they wanted to complete control. set their own narrow, die, that's their business, but here take immediately taking nude photos of them. Immediately making them give all their information over to him so that he has all the power and control, and then he goes. This is what I want you out of the relationship and you just have to deal with a great, so people saw them around town often and he would refer to her differently- all the time sometimes use it's his wife sums hey. No, that's not me. I sometimes think collieries girlfriend, sometimes his daughter, sometimes
his friend, sometimes his niece, slightly weirdest Faulkner Yuk so Ninety ninety nine he rented another apartment and had her live in it alone, and he too The building manager. That Isabella was his adopted, daughter that he had rescued from abuse of parents- oh yeah, for sure. Now Isabella wasn't working, obviously because she descend to be there for him all the time so she's just Kennedy hang out a lot and she started like meeting people online shoes, meeting people around town she's making like friends, because she was a cool person. I think so her friends were, intellect vampire role playing games and she met. this group that would actually like live action role play in the woods as like vampires and shit, and she would join in now you pretend to be Buffy all the time. Tell ya like our peachy use. That was the chat rooms, What was it role playing games, o cash Riyadh chat rooms would like our fret, like we would like to have like chow.
Rooms that are like group messages on. May I ask you now I, like I've, never been in an actual chat. Mine were like always centred around like either Buffy the vampire slayer or like horror movies We even know how you would find this was on. I am yet again that will that I was in like a well oiled chatrooms. Yet whenever I never do, I know you are passed that era putting polio for me because I were fallen victim to some shows you you definitely. I take I like my that this was all like innocent find oh yeah, death and you wouldn't know what to tell into a predator. I think Brundtland, haven't really scary. Some really glad you didn't have that, as well now thinking about it, but Isabella was really into this like roleplaying stuff, and I guess they were knew. This was like literally in the woods it's like, because low the thing is a thing like that is like full on, like rent transfers are large, but you see my life
true life I lar per whenever it is, but like that's a thing, and it's only gets It looks fun and it's like wow to be the two like. Let your inhibitions, unlike any and so, like you know, like you? Just let it go. Yes do something that you enjoy. Can cooling, that's awesome for you but she and she was into it and so she was having a good time using meeting people. Shall I choose doing what you gonna do a miracle and he moved her again and to a different place, like I'm duplex situation zeal, constantly having to move these girls so that people didn't get too much re about. I also wonder what she thought about the fact that he wasn't living with her eyes. O thou something that did come up. Ok, so she would tell people you know. People are weird about our age difference and like how We met and stuff, and I were in like a baby S M relationships. Billig we live separately because, like it's like society, doesn't think that its appropriate for Us-
So we have a relationship and it's ours and like everybody, I feel like he told her to say: oh no, he definitely Tonia say that doesn't really make a lot of, Fourthly, none of this does, but so he kept her in this duplex any told and he basically told the property manager at this new duplex that he was gonna, be having a ton of women there from all over the world's because he was training them to help with. international publishing business they wrong and we like secretaries and other admin. But this property men manager was like, I only saw Isabella their weight and he disliked for no reason So I don't know where she suddenly tells her parents we're not speaking in polish anymore together. Why she said I married an American. My husband is american. I am speaking English because I will only speak my husband's language a and they were like she wouldn't upset, but now I know you
like that's weird so that same year, Isabella told people she was leaving Kansas people around town like she's too frequent like this book, store that she became friends would like the seller and stuff like cool, weird, occult books and stuff like that. I want to go there and she told them like I'm in relieving Kansas, narrowly one so, but she took her, parents got email, saying she was traveling already with her husband re now being short and cold with them in her power new that wasn't like her, but she would spawned to be emails with again a little bit of personal information, just a kind of quell their fears a little bit, and she can telling them she wasn't going to let that she was like I did they keeping with what is your home. Spends name like she wouldn't give them his name, o she kept saying. I'm not gonna give you his name, you don't need it now. You do it Basically, she was telling them I'm pretty ready to leave. You guys binds like I'm pretty ready to like start my life without you guys, so they were like what the fuck is going on, but in two thousand,
and no one was seeing Isabella around anymore, not around town, not with Robinson now, and they probably just assume that she left Gamewell. Here's. The thing, though, like it was no way more noticeable than the other ones cause he had we re doing around to a lot of places. He bore the least early on the duplex and when people She said that she was caught smoking, weed and deported back to Czechoslovakia. Yeah, I don't know bout that was never seen alive again now. He ended She came to Kansas with a lot of shit like all her possessions. she had a lot of paintings that she and unlike big paintings, there was one in particular that was like big in orange. I guess it was like massive cans that canvas she had. You know like bed sheets she had. Until a kitchen stop. She had all kinds of shit that she had read he and of giving all of those possessions like the paintings and shit which he, by the way painted his own name over her name on them.
Are you fucking kill me? I don't know why that just made me so angry that so beyond studies like that, so beyond That makes me sure manner. He was actually giving her possessions to another woman that he was having a full blown like years long affair. with. While all this is going on, he was maintaining relationships, air bunnies, air bunnies. With my eyes, hundred gazillion within a dozens of women all over the states while taming relationship with his wife and children. Children and adventurer grandchildren. Although going shrivel fuck this girl, Barbara. This woman was like she was around firm, thirty plus years as his mistress. Why yeah and she was given all of Isabella possessions, including the paintings, with Johns, imagined finding that later, oh yeah
Now the fact that he destroyed her paintings by putting his biomass name on them, yeah and again. He was having a full blown thing with this woman Barbara and was keeping heard an apartment two. For this whole time, Nancy found out about this. One which she knew about, I was going to say she knew about them, but this one for some reason. I think it's because Barbara had worked for them at one point, so I think it like really irked her and, like you said it was like plus here in this room, was just like. Mainly meaning, so she got up. She was really pissed and she actually sent her a letter at one point being like stay away from my husband, and I guess she laid out like we have children together like you need to go away One point: He and Nancy we're out a grocery store together. They walked right by Barbara in Barber, said that he pretended he didn't even know or see her and just walked right by her and she kept staying with him after that young now onto his next victim.
his next victim was Suzette Trautmann from Monroe Michigan. She was twenty eight years old, she was aspiring to be a nurse at the time she had bought. Addled some depression when she was younger and had like she had gone through. Like wait, issues and like body this morphia, and actually at some point when she was younger, she had shot herself in the stomach to try to end her life, but it failed and she was okay. It actually like missed anything significance, and she took it as a sign to low spicy live your life. How you want to live liberate, unlike be open, be curious, be a good person, so she decided to do that. And she was like really curious. She always wanted do experience so she was gonna, take her second chance at wife, yeah sure, worked as a manager in a restaurant, while she tried to make it through nursing school and also worked as a home help
aid to the elderly, bombings and she's arousing. She had to Pekinese dogs named Pekin Harry too, and she was obsessed with them. She never one anywhere without those learner everywhere and a door of they really are, and during this time she had become interested in media SAM and entered a lot of chat rooms. Because again this is the time she met people online. She had a lot of friendship. She had some like relationships online in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. She met Robinson in a bdsm chatroom. He told her about his role as a slave master. He said he was part of the International Council of Masters that, like really scary, scary thing where they were literally like raping women and how he had a ton of experience being a dumb like she was into it. So they became king. Sir closer, and he eventually said that you know My elderly father is really sick and I'm looking for a nurse that can like kind of be a live in nurse like help us out with
and meanwhile his father had been dead for a decade at this point, so he was like hey. Can I pay you to fly out in like pay you to be? My father's nurse will hire you and she was like. Oh my god. This is like my chance to step into this, RO, I want to do that. Yeah were so. He said you appear like sixty thousand plus salary a year benefits, that was also on the side. He was like I'll teach you about this, like master slave relationship thing and she was interested in its issues, lecture yeah, so He also had told her. He was gonna, make sure her pat. He was like you know it make sure your passport is up to date because I'm yet site you all over the world and he was and also pianosa like to my UK. Also work at my company, and so we can travel forbids sick and I'll, be like written off so like make sure your password is ready. So she was like psych cinnabar, sir, Friends were really skeptical of this and wandered hurt to not do this now but,
you decided shoes interested and she was like you know it I'll meet him. First, I'm not just Emily run out. There lived a smart so far, ninety, ninety nine. She had like a trip out there. She Madame they hung out he wine and dined her. She thought it was great. He was awesome, nothing bad happened. She went back again that same year for another trip same thing: they had a blast. She felt she could trust him. This is what's really scary, because the amount of people that like people online and do end up forming lasting can in there in the relationship like partnership, life, friendships, I, like your mother, threatened that you, Madam Chancellor, I live a couple friends that we like met in the AOL days later. I was whom, in your signal that it, how we're still friends like shout out to Kelsey in the heat of shared home to Jarley shadowed to market,
slash and burn only those goes out like a twenty five minute like shepherd already or I'll, be while still talk to and still are friendly and put a wee bit like in that happens, like that's the good part, right, but then there's this whole another designed to say this guy meeting this girl twice having full blown trips with her and getting her to truck rust and think that this was a great thing. so she decides, I'm gonna go work form. Ok, this is great so he said cool. You know, bring your dog this with you, because I know they make you feel more comfortable like they can live. Where I'm going. To put you up, I'm going to put you in apartments, that's totally fine for them to be there, I'm going to wish you a vehicle, that's going to be great so she arrived and there was no car for her and he her up in a motel room, and he didn't have her work with any ailing father and kept coming up with excuses for why she wasn't starting to work with the ailing father and he would just show
The motel demand to have really scary sex with her and take nude photos of her and then just leave this poor so she's confuse this fuck she's like freaking out and she urges it out- aired now the motel us telling her those dogs can be here, so she had to put her dogs and kennel because the motel, when what the at the place, or not primarily her heart, her heart, then he said as to her. Finally, out of nowhere says we're goin on our first business trip to California tomorrow number- any other signs, thirty blank pieces of paper. Why and arrest forty envelopes to friends and family because he said after California, we're gonna go jet setting in Europe and he said you're gonna be so busy. They you're not gonna, have time to write letters or anything like that or keep up correspondence. So we're gonna. Do now now and get it out of the way. No and he's convincing that everybody's, like yeah, you re ordinary, so busy. Why not just get this done now? Fun February, thirtieth, toothache and she talked to her mom Carroll and told her
was leaving for California than Europe the next day, so that next day Robinson is seen on camera, checking her dogs out of the kennel, paying the bill for her hotel room and then dropping off some of her things at a storage unit. Then he just left the dogs outside of somewhere in an in let them loose, they were found. Thank and they were adopted, the lovely home, so that's good, all but March. Third, he looked through Suzette computer and gathered information about her friends and family, and then he used it to pretend that he was her talking to them. Dude this guy is a piece of fucking shit, He also sent letters to carols mother and she immediately knew it was not her daughter. Has it's like these people know their family like now. Of course, I know you don't have actual connections of anybody, but other, but other people do
and I know your family doesn't really know you, because I have a totally different view of who you are, but like these women actually have real connections Fortunately, Suzette was never found alive again and now what is where we're going to end part two girl, don't worry because we're just going to do part three right after the girl need a stretch, bag and need of it Aubrey it's gonna get real narrowly. What do you mean it's gone? they get. Dont worry in real, not gonna, get even earlier. How I can't tell you where you can. Too many attuned for part three hour. guys we love you. We hope you keep listening. I was can do for you. I don t. It will not surprise you ever sign any Blake peacekeeper ever get in your home area life. If you like him in a fine thing, people has been defined Blake pieces of paper very triggering in following days by just don't sign them of you love you guys, blankly Bob level below
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