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Episode 244: John Edward Robinson Part 3

2021-06-25 | 🔗
We’ve finally got to the third and final installment of Alaina’s deep dive into John Edward Robinson. Shit has gone down, the police have everything they need to close in on this monster and just wait until you hear about the mass of evidence found. This case will have your mind running in circles for the next 84 years. CHECK OUT THIS BOOK! Anyone You Want Me To Be by John Douglas and Stephen Singular As always,thank you to our sponsors: The Jordan Harbinger Show:Check out jordanharbinger.com/start for some episode recommendations, OR search for The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Daily Harvest: Go to DAILYHARVEST.com/morbid to get up to forty dollars off your first box! Norton Lifelock: Opt in to Cyber Safety with Norton three sixty with LifeLock. Join now and save 25% or more off your first year at Norton.com/MORBID Hunt A Killer:go to HuntAKiller.com/MORBID and use MORBID, for 20% off your first box.
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Hey weirdos. I ma am I'm Alina, and this is morbid he were back. He were back with a brand new case after that it does not even a brand new king is not over a new case. We ve been living in this case for tulip asserts already got were about to get a victim after the end of leisure. Edward Robinson is not going to quit. He is not legit, but he's dead. We're not gonna quit eventually he's got, but don't worry at the end, peace forced into retirement
Well, we were like. Is there any true crime news? And I was searching here on my little phone thing and I was like all ok, there is some true chrome news, some local, true gram, new. Yes, in Cape COD, there is apparently a man down your Gorman, fifty two years old, he lives in West Falmouth and he has been following young women leaving restaurants. He followed girl home last night. Apparently he drives a black chevy truck. The plate. Number is six g p, nine hundred and fourteen. I guess he was like questioned by the police, but they didn't have it. to hold him on, but there is a sixteen year old girl who was walking home from her job in Falmouth and a black ass. You ve began following her, They asked if she wanted a ride home. She said no and then the car stopped got out and the person was literally trying to pull her into the car. and the media was described as a black ass. You ve. That makes us squeaking noise, the opera
Peter was a white male, approximately six feet tall forty to fifty years old, deep voice, black t, shirt, dark, pants and short, if not balding hair. So please, be on the lookout for that local ladies handful and keep calm, and then everybody like be on the lookout in the Falmouth you hold off so creepy, don't ever tried. me into your Carl nicely eyeballs, that's a nightmare that single angle, bad mace. If you live in the cape yeah, he If a cave in the cave, where you from ITALY to king from inside of the cave but that yeah, that's really scary. Hopefully that don't happen again. So I am glad that we have these ways of lake spreading. This, though, be light, don't ya don't get in that car seared on time, so that dude, but they handle that's terrifying, but you know what We got you through two parts of this asshole too. Don't talk to this duty,
you don't have to worry about it. Cause he's put away so it's cool, but that spoiler, let's get into it at the end of part too. He had. He had convinced several women. He unconvinced Isabella LUCA. He had convinced Suzette, try and he had convinced Catherine clamp it. He had gotten Debbie in Sheila, face to come out to Kansas from different states, promising them jobs, promising them new lives, promising to take care. Of them? She Latin Debbie, were if, on mother daughter, fifteen year old, disabled in He'll chair with Spina Bifida daughter that one ruined me that he promised to take care of send to a special school help her with medical bills, all that stuff. It's just. This dude is fucking terrible
he also the core, and now he has the last victim that he has basically made vanish into thin. Air is Suzette Trautmann he, the last we saw him was he had gone through all her computers He had put her stuff and storage, usually dogs, away, leave her dogs away, and he had told her mother Carol that he was going to be just setting her. You know through Europe and all that could lie but her mother immediately knows that these emails and letters that she's getting are not from care for not from Sousa. Of course, she knows it now Her mother called the police in late March, because she was that convince using something's wrong here yeah and they talked all the time where at least once a day, if not several times
of so harbour, so the police started looking for and they found her dogs. They did tracked down the two dogs that had been adopted out and when her mother found out, she said that's when the panic button went off because she said she never ever would have willingly giving up those dogs. It never would have happened to know, and then they found out that her stuff was in a storage facility called store for less. storm more for less. That was weird that set off alarm bells. They noticed Robin. In also had a unit there in the same storage facility under his name, and they made the connection immediately because apparently been looking at the sky. They know that people are disappearing around him, that women are so they're already think this guy's a creep. So they started looking into this because if he's made a tunnel waves, I mean first, we had polygon free, we at least the Stasi in her daughter. Now, although these missing women- like he's, Can waves yeah, taken soon army and he's been able to get away with
That's like people haven't looked too far into him. Crises so far picked women that he can like makes our relationship with he's convince them to do these things that will give complete control to him and then he is also got all these different ways of like housing. Them so hard to keep track of where they are willingness ways of Blake forging there need just like. He gets them to write their names on things and addresses of friends and family, so he's able to keep giving them these backgrounds and keep giving them these stories of where they are people are questioning, and most of them are of an age where, if they decided to take off their taken off, we can do anything about it. So care all also did something different. She called Robinson herself, she did was able to do this because Suzette had actually gone against what Robinson had told her
Robinson told all of these ladys. He never to tell people his name not had any of his contact stuff like he'd enormity that but Suzette had smartly given his info. nation to her mother? No good, we love my mama bear. He said he was like shocked when she got like really shocked that she had done that he told care all his or her mother that she that Suzette had rejected him and run off with a man named Jim. Turner, their super happy, she didn't want my job offer. She didn't want to be with me like they're having outbreak she knows her daughter and he had said that she was sailing around in a sailing around Mexico with Jim Turner. That's when he told her shore, so she was like yeah that doesn't right at all, so she was like you know what I'm gonna call the pot fucking police. If you don't tell me where she is, and it scared the shit out of him So this is when she gets good. This is when should starts on turning around, because she's gonna call the police. He knows this so he's like fuck
biting, may let the other, like Ngos like MIKE Fuck. The other thing is Suzette had made some really good, ends in life and in the online world sees remember. She was online a lot. She met a lot of people, she may lasting friendships and in the B Yes, some community. She had some very good friends who are also like occasional lovers in whatever, with in two of them in particular one was named. Lore Remington, that's his name, name. This me alone are Ye Remington O K. What an awesome they that's a clue. Ass knee and an awesome, podcast goes and alert and her friend Tammy Taylor. They had all been very front very good, friends, they had all like really formed a relationship. They had been like occasionally in relationships themselves between each other. And they were super worried about her, because these were also the free, so that immediately had advised her against moving out there in the first place they were not. They did not trust. This whole thing right.
Said that her friends or like a maniac, and they were very concerned that she was now nowhere to be found. They knew she was in talking to your mother, all of a sudden or she was talking weirdly to her mother and emails, and shit was in there were like. None of this is making sense. We know Suzette, this is in her, so they talk to police and they basically were like they were like hears what our relationship with her. Is they outlined everything about it and they said we know that she was going out there to Kansas City. She was gonna work for a guy. His name was you know, John and this guy very active in the media, some community and law in particular, said. I know where to find him online and she was like seen him a ton of times in those chat rooms. I've seen him since Suzette went out there in those chat rooms. He is propositioned everyone around me and be at different times social said. If you want me to go under cover, I will go underground. in that chat room. I will talk to him. I will get as much
nation, as I can, and I will try to make himself up, lore fucking, Remington, fucking lore, remove them mother fucking. Where did any of us for one second question never whether lore, fucking Remington would go under cover and get this far. More Remington was born to go under cover. Did any of us question it? I d amato, the womb with a fine diaspora. She was ready, ready, ready to go and she just offered this that Craig cry, and this was one of those situations where they had never been. They haven't been dealing with this kind of like a basically an online serial killer, who was like luring women over the internet to glad different state, he killed. I mean, like you have said, the internet was brand spanking news in its infancy. There was an even I'm fuckin Dateline yeah velvet, not dateline. The one was eighty, I'm the one, the under
and they d I know what you're talking about. I could take a look at our Anti recommends Christ. I was like what I was like the others, that it is the chrysanthemum thing. Yes, yes, so yeah so she that they had never used a civilian to go online. Undercover they obviously used they like a of our always existed, buying ral online. This was just like a very different thing and John Douglas in the in the book, says a lot like how knew this was and how, they were trying to navigate it very quickly very efficiently and like make this work, but it was all again brand spanking news, dual binding ideas and the early arts were just such a time. Mr there is such a time we ve got a very different kind of sponsor for this episode: the Jordan carbon.
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harbinger show that each a r b as in boy I n, as a Nancy G, are on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you, listen to pod casts so basically, who's, got they're. Do a sting operation to get information about Suzette, but who's gonna be a long one cause they knew they weren't gonna get him just to expire, shit right away. Yes, guy you for our guns, relationship he's the manipulative one. We're gonna have to make sure you don't get played. Lore is not going to get she's and again played only them play, so they went or it and Nay connected online Lauren John immediately, and he was hooked immediately cause who because our firing name is lower and basically was ready to start a master slave relationship with her like right off the bat he wanted me it photos of lore and choose like no. No, he wanted her to come to Kansas like immediately, was
Let's do it like she was his next like boom, let's how's scary, that must have been for her to know no signs of man to rising about murdering mean, and he also started messaging lore as Suzette and pretending to be Susan and be like. Oh Johns, really great, like you should definitely come out here and not serve any, doesn't even know that that's her for her, but he seems like sickly Suzette is being and will then she kind of like she did lead. A little bit like. Oh, like I've seen Suzette in these chatroom shore like I've seen her. I know her said that's when he sent fakes That is we, like? Oh, hey, girls, so outside of the EU, should take Will you come out here Johns the best like he's such a good master? Unlike we love him and, like you taught me so much about this and More new, it wasn't Suzette like she was like. Way he she was talking. I know her like I know her. That's out her and Tammy Taylor tried to do the same thing she got in on it now too, so she started luring him. As
we love a friend brutality and later all it, what a squad dies law. That is a team. I returned to my statement about last episode. Squad goals, I'm referring to this. Well, yeah squad, he acted the sea Way to her totally ready to add another woman to the list like ready. While so you're trying to do stuff there, like their emailing with them than they're not getting nothing really solid. So this is gonna, be a long process and their willing to do it there. But here and do it. No police became aware at this time of more women that he was currently checking into motels and apartments. All over. Thank you. So they formed a legit task force that was created just for John, and after they went through all his criminal records and shit. They were like Warwick, We need Stephen hams on their soon like he needs to be on this task force, so they called him. They were like. We need your help and
was I Johnson County District attorney Paul Morrison, who mentioned last episode? He led the task force in detail. dims were now learning from lore and tell me more about, like the media, some worlds, they a which link. I give them props that they like wanted to under stand this more? So they can better understand him like they were thinking like profiles and that's like interesting yeah, because, like I'm sure this, like police department, was not like very equipped to deal with lay now all of the Sierra Leone and the executive and the like the MID west. There not like but this police department is probably not like. You were totally up on all like the king, second, possibly involved. Yet we have a whole book unless they had Lauren Tammy literally sit down like explain the ins and outs of these relationships. What they should be, what this looks to be in like how this isn't the same in basically strand understand like how they can get to him kind of thing, and so they were telling him they were tapping his phones
they even had officers pretending to be utility workers outside of his home to watch him. That is amazing had others that were literally sunbathing and neighbours yards just to watch him like pretending, neighbours, dislike sunbathing in their backyard and an all they worked out a deal with the garbage collectors. They would come early to his house empty his trash for them, give them to these these detectives to bring back to the station, so they can pick through. All of is trash defined evident. Why and they were don't live for barrels now the problem here. that Robinson had been conditioned to feel impenetrable where he got away with everything literally just bloated through the disappearances of Paula, Godfrey LISA, Stasi her daughter, Tiffany Catherine Clan so Paul Morrison, the D a like, I said in the last episode he was like we're gonna, make sure that we are able to nail him on the Susa Trout in case and the
release. They were like. We want solid evidence that we're gonna put his ass behind bars for good luck, needs. Does he not getting out life imprisonment or in can this. They were like or death penalty right. We're gonna get this sucker, so data on any more of this formation crap? They didn't want him wiggling out from any more fuckin charges, so the progress was unfortunately slow, but it was very, very deliberate, Paul Morrison said quote at the time he said: I'm pretty, invest in this case the amount of victimization that he has wrought on people is beyond comprehension. In so many ways, everyday people have been victimized by him and from that standpoint, its strong, narrowly important that it be stopped So this is when they actually got a hold of FBI profiles in Quantico in John, those talks about this. Obviously, because he's like d he's where you should go for and he was saying like this was really smart of them to do, and they they could have done even more with it. Because
there are so many facets to John Robinson and seeing how he was able to like totally lake associate with two different ways of living at one psyche He really was especially at this point in late, two thousand and stuff he was, but he was a grand There are seven grandkids, sir, Virginia LA. and by all accounts they fuckin loved him, his kids loved him, they loved he baby, sat his grandchildren He had a Santa suit, he was the local Santa like he was a fuckin insane. There is, I mean It is literally like that Jekyll and high living It is an unreal screened by all accounts. He was like really good with kids, which was really it's always strange when that's of ink if I dont, know why it just always throw em. Why, I don't want John John Robin. Why can you do that to women, but then be nice tink? I dont understand that's but like there. I don't even like I'm
I'm happy when animals are in her, but it's always extra into. Unlike there will be like a bit. sadistic murderer, who lukashka dog, yeah, regulate thing? Why it's like very strange to me so like John doubled, who sang in the book that Lake Reno going decline to go on talking to these profile is to try to get a better understanding of him with smart, because it help them understand is that they could trick him up and understand ways that he might trip up, because he was so fucking well like really good at covering all of this, so they are going to have to find a way to like find a little breakin, the armor kind of thing and they weren't equipped to do this race. Because then we're adding in this whole world of media Salmon Mass slave sexual relationships and use part of this weird club and like that it goes so much further with that something that's a whole different set of psychology. Do they need to deal with visa. You now on paper the exactly he really is.
So in the meantime he had convinced to other women to come to. Kansas and be his sex slaves. In the meantime, there were both treated horrifically on and put up an extended stay hotels where police were staying in the rooms on either side of the room that he would think them, and God because they were, they were station to their cause. He always used number one, twenty that room, he always eyes creepy and they would listen. But there was problems here because the so he would be very violent, like not media, some violent, where the Ex Minos for its expectations trust all that He was violent like beating these women for his own pleasure and taking photos of them to later used to blackmail them and you'd obsessed. We call them and show up to have sex with them and then leave them abandoned for days at a time to really fuck with their psyches. That's so
in one of these women had brought- and this sounds like, like you get about what one of these women had brought seven hundred dollars worth of sex toys with her in a duffel bag and he stole them as punishment like took them from her, and she didn't have anything, and I I guess this is just one thing that was like hers. Sure seven hundred dollars is a lot of money yeah, especially for sex. I am sure him stealing that from former was like what the fuck after he put her through all of that right, so he like, because she was being a good sober. Whatever was so. He took them in like walked out of the hotel was like these are mine now this pissed her off. So all the other stuff was like she fell just like be down. This was the tipping point of like that fucker, so she called the police, ok, the other woman that was going through this as well. At the same time was so traumatized by his treatment of her that she went right to the police as well, and she had to be punished
if house always use so fucked up from it in sheep, into them. It was like I did not enter into this further something I did not sign up for this. This is not what I wanted leg and she was embarrassed. Like I mentally a little bit of the stuff, like I'm embarrassed about it long- and this is not what I wanted loud in agony, sillies era, people are going to look at aunt, Jane like while you know you saying ass, an orator, something she was like. This is not what I asked where I was into a consensual, like trusting be, which is why it is so great that they did end up having lore and educating them about it. Yet celebrating could understand that this was in a case of you asked, for it. Right is a case of lake. There is real rules involved here whenever a forum on minors, for it that the police are sitting there there. Seeing this there there are seeing that things are going on their hearing things, but they,
it really there you any actual component to this in their consent, debtors in some way happening here- and these are adults wine like underline- should any really Duma. They shine like an they sealant. Contrary circling, there's a lot a weird just foggy mess, happening here that the police are like. We don't know how to fuckin intervene here, cause like this. Only so much we can do technically. This is entirely clear a consensual relationship. That's have even though its not when the obviously when they came to him and to the police and said to him dollar seven hundred dollars, source of things for me or he sexually assaulted, made that's when they said. Okay, we can. We can do something now, but still at spoilt. He had was also still with Barbara abroad, the woman that he walked by in the grocery store with Nancy the one the Nancy wrote a letter to all had been with four, like thirty, five years at this boy. That's crazy still with Barbara in he was telling barber at this point.
that they are going to move to Canada together since the yard a new life. She do. You think she was next to you, think he was dip in Canada, I think whose dip in Canada. Why? Because barber pact, oh shit. She was ready to go, I don't know, I don't really know how to word this without sounding like then, but like I just I don't understand how he chose who he was going to kill and who he wasn't going to kill. I have no idea, it's just like very confusing that, like Nancy and Barbara were never like physically hurt I will check, has Barbara. I dont know exactly how barber came into the folds, but I like near see, and Barbara to me seem well there's a couple of things here, because when once when, I can like say that this works, but another way doesn't those gonna sailing. Barbara Nancy are almost like the only long term yeah stable who air binding when you're not like that, like that, he you to learn from Jersey, lately obligatory dilemma, but he like that
he looks at them is likely he's. Never gonna leave his wife. Yet no, of course, not he's. That's that's life that he goes back to them all right, that's unambitious stability of like I can chill out here that in electing I don't get my rage out over here. I think barbarous, somewhat resembles that as well, because he gave her all of like Isabella Shit and like kept her. There really are way Barbara. That's like the confusing relation jewel in my mind in that, but I could almost put her in the same place as Nancy because you seem so must hold them in the same kind of regard does right, but then I throw back early Bonner and their who, because I was gonna, see these other women. He lures off the internet makes us Beverly and promise of this and promise of that, and that is also the sex involved and media seminar that but Beverly was married and had a job and wasn't look for a new job. Ok, so maybe Nancy. We
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Since Europe says he's carrying on these leg affairs that he's carrying on these terrible things he's doing. He is still maintaining a wife and family and he's still maintaining a full time, mistress and Barbara and then telling her we're gonna move to Fuckin Canada in barbers on it like she's into it thirty five years. This girl has dealt with this suddenly part or what you do and makes no sense, but either way Suzette spam is getting more and more typed letters still through this whole thing that has not stopped there getting letters. I hate the correspondence has not stopped, and now it saying that she's with her lover, Jim Turner, and that their sailing around Mexico like he had told everybody surveys, there have been a great time know. There have been a great time now then, during the invest geisha investigation and the surveillance they found out that he had lured yet another woman from Tennessee to come, live with him in Kansas.
No initially there like Jesus current like another one like what do but they're like we going to do and they're thinking. Like. I just said it's going to be the same shit. We're going to hear all this stuff we're going to see all this stuff. This going to be contracts, involve they're, going to be adults when You know what to do and what are we imaging get into this? We're gonna keep watching this happen. We gotta catch him in something, but they learned that this woman from Tennessee had an eight year old daughter. Who she would be bringing with her hands is because he had Mr a life I'm just looking at here is undermining all because they know it's gonna, how exactly, but so he had also coming tat at the same time that he was bringing this Tennessee woman with her eight year old, daughter Tennessee. He had also come in contact with a seventeen year old girl who had just given birth dots under age and was living in
car with her newborn was used in such dire straits. Poor thing he had told this girl. If you become my sex slave, I will move you in the infant onto my farm I'll, give you a chance at a good life. You just have to do this. For me, was desperate and, of course this is when De Paul Morrison decided it's time moving on him now she's real aged. It was the children who Tipp the scales because he said there There is no doubt from any of us that he was capable of harming children if it got in the way of re was doing, and he said you know the with how he is with women and girls. It's not a jump to think that a foot kid got in his way that he would her interest in. At this point, I didn't know what happened to Tiffany right, so they were like. We don't know that did up and right So they said you know like we said we can't go too far into like these relationships, versing with women that more seemingly like paperwork and all that shit for once
kids, are coming into the fold. That's when we like John Douglas. Nothing like you, bring an eight eight year old into this link. crazy ass, whereas we gotta stop this right. We can't just sit back and watch this and survey it may be so Friday June. Second, two thousand at around ten, a M I know officers arrived and surrounded his farm and he let them in down the door, you let them in, and they let him know everything they Piano Carmelo Soria, woes honor. Armed trailer was on a big farm gotcha and he was shocked when they mentioned LISA Stasi ensues at Trautmann who they said he what paler than I why, and they really gets. Weird is he's always so charismatic and he knows what to say and he's always I've pap avenue, but an issue as you mentioned those two that he was like whoop
I'm surprised you living continue to go the same story, though. Will they told him basically like we don't buy it? We have evidence that suggests otherwise right like fuck right off with that, we know you're telling lies so they arrested him at his home. He was charged for the sexual assaults against those women who did go to the police, and the theft of the duffel bag of sex toys worth seven hundred dollars? That's a pink about knew that do it. That's the thing that tiptoed smoking that allow, thank goodness, that she got past about those sex toys and then goodness the other girl went for the sexual assault. Jane Yak is your more was initially set at two hundred and fifty thousand. Then they searched his property for hours. They took tons of evidence, they took tons of photos. They found a blank sheet of paper that had LISA Stasi name. On it that he had kept after or build those barriers. Fifteen years he had kept that piece of paper
Ah then, I don't even know where my birth certificate exactly well. Then they found blank sheets of paper that LISA Stasi had written on and they also found receipts from back then as well, and one of them was a receipt from the roadway in fifteen years ago, where he had kept LISA, Stasi and the rest. showed finally that he had checked her in Tiffany out of the hotel, the night that he had ripped them away from her sister in law. The middle of a snow storm and they sent likely died that evening one. Finally, they were being able to pieces I want to know where she is side desperate and have Tiffany. Don't worry, we know where she is worked out at the end of this. I have like some resources that Heather Tiffany has become a part of. It editor amount, so definitely shout those out they also found so security farms for Debian Sheila face the mother daughter wow
mother and disable daughter who disappeared, I mean what was that like dear Sir, prior when eleven are not ten years, but it was no. That was more recent but his own, the nineties, either way that he found their social security fought like. Why would you have those yeah exactly yet? They also found credit cards and credit card builds bills. I wonder the named James Turner There was a cheque book with John Robinson and Barbara's names on it. He had opened a checking account with her eyes. Not ok, thank you. that I know that's like a small but globally not we follow dude being driven together for four years and we don't have a checking account together, which let me like I get. They were together for thirty, but like they're, not still that's your mistress, I'm so confused like you to have a cheque book with both of your names on it in this day, and you are
full blown married to another woman with a full but Ass Pham and though it was generally is honest and between those two books were found in the trailer really lived with his wife right yeah. Why is like office yeah so through your husband, stuff. Everyone for real they place doesn't tell you ice move, all the time super duper wall and honestly, it's like in this case. It's like you had to be, Something's wrong. I mean come on, not just don't just snoop to snoop alike its if you think something's stoop to they all oh god, to search, so they also got a warrant to search the storage facility he used in this area, and in this area we need more storage was called Hulu Yedo. He does not so Suzette, trojans, passport application, social security card and birth certificate were found in the store, and they also found the forty two pre addressed envelopes that he had made her fill out because he claimed that you would be so busy. So we had him right
those two manage finding forty to address. on Volovya and also they found thirty one sheets of paper with Libya Suzette written on them, like as a by thirty one sheets I gotta go They found a slave contract that was signed by Suzette a stun gun. A picture taken of Suzette ensues sexually explicit positions. Are several pictures? Excuse me and also a sex tape. He made of her him abusing her and it was like a thirty nine minute. I don't like the her belongings were also in their including her journal and like several like close possessions Isabella Lukas driver's licence was in there her university, I d from per, do assigned slave master contract from her nude photos of her and sexually explicit positions. There also tons of sex toys and media some tools, flogging
cops all that shit, he even had a metal speculation on. Is that what they use at the gynecologist yup added? I wish you could see. Ass literally just made the leg motion of all Oh, so no! No! That's what I said when I I said. No, no. I words can't nobody in this now we're going into like toy box killer. Can I like it at all yeah they also found sex toys that were stolen from that woman, so ass, a another bows in their? So this whole thing led by sergeant both search at the property to well at the home. Excuse me the trailer. It was led by sergeant Rick wrath of the Le Naxa Police Department and Johnson County sheriffs, Deputy Harold Hughes on June. Third, they brought in cadaver dogs at the farm and eventually they picked up a cent
and they picked up a hard sounds like they went like bonkers. They immediately alerted officers that there was a can never sent around two eighty five gallon, yellow barrels next to Robinson shed when they move to the heavy. barrels officers, noted red fluid dripping out of them and the scent began to fill the air. They pride. The cover off and immediately were literally thrown backwards with the worst scent of DE camp. They had ever smell, solid, aided and abetted like that. I can't even imagine- and from the from the book that I have mentioned. Like a million times it says Hughes, peered inside I what seem to be decomposed, posing flesh a body with its head pointed down sitting in about a foot of rancid fluid. It was bloated and purple so they did the same thing with the second barrel and founded another body with a pillow on top of it. It looks like it had been there longer than the other barrels occupants
in the inside the trailer they started. Looking some more now can now they have body Somaliland. Let's look first, some blood in the trailer. They found duct tape with blood on it paper towel with blood blood on the baseboard in the bedroom, and they also found hair and flesh embedded into the wall in the bay in the bedroom flesh yup, and they found more bud stains around the room and also an impact stained which is consistent with the proposed murder weapon. We will find out the set of a hammer because it created a splatter impact study and the blood and hair was found later to be soon sets Susie the bodies were immediately taken into custody. They were autopsy by Doktor Donald Postman. He was a pathologist and the deputy coroner Shawnee County to Kansas the first barrel, which they just called at first unknown. One was a nude female in the fetal position. She had long dark, hair and opponent
Oil and pierced genitals, shoes, blindfolded and she had a severe head wound to the site left side of her head. That was determined to have crushed her skull beneath it. They determined it was done with a hammer. It was done so hard that skull pieces were found inside her brain from the wound. No defensive ones were on her suggests. She didn't know. The blows coming was caught off guard or knew her attacker, all three, which I think I'll throw three. I would think she He was the estimated time of death had been a couple of months to a year. Within a couple of days. Dental records showed that this body belong to Suzette trap She also was found to have a there is like a well become like I said she was blindfold. There was. It was like a, I think, was like a certain kind of like fancy blindfold, or they said it was likely
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save twenty five percent or more of your first year at Norton, Dotcom, slash, morbid, that's Norton, Dotcom, slash, morbid to save twenty five percent. Now barrel number two was unknown to that's what they call it a first. It was another female body nude, except for a sheer black shirt. There was a ton of fluid around her and they found duct tape and finger nails floating in the fluid home even ass. She had dark hair that was married to her head and a pillow and pillow case was found on like in the fluid on top of her I know fluid as such a gross word. Her wounds were to blows to the left side of ahead consistent with a hammer. She also had a fractured jaw, composition showed she was dead between six months and two years within days. Dental records gave them her identity and it was Isabella LUCA. Now they were cookin and there they want. They want a warrant for that storage place in Missouri. Now I have a question
the pillow dino yank that that was just in their like because it was like evidence or do you yeah, I think probably just part of it is interesting because she lived with him the longest she looked. I mean she didn't live with him now, when it Butler Alec lived with him like, among our allowing for a while. So I just wonder if there was like some sense of love, nothing, literally see her. A part of me believes that there is any kind of even psychological they now that I think it probably had shed on it in some other way than there were there. That's all I wanted. I literally think that's it. I wouldn't give this guy even a moment of like feeling anything from now. I didn't think so, but now I, which weird is I've it's like he's carrying by all accounts like his children and in his grandchildren. I don't He has the capacity for these women notice. Barbara, come out and say anything at any point, not really how she I mean she cottages, like woe.
What I would allow that's really debts, but now that all this is coming out, things are good. and now they want a warrant for that storage place a misery because I like what are we gonna find there in that? one. That's called store more for less and they got it and on June first they opened locker ye too. There was a lot of stuff in there, but it was just like a tunnel shit, some like what you would put in a storage facility, but there was also through big barrels and remember Beverly, when, when he drove Beverly scar there and rolled a big barrel, and there I just with that storage facility, so they open one of the barrels, and they saw shoe Abed sheets and glasses and when somebody like did one of the items a human leg was under it and they closed that bear up. There Two barrels were leaking a lot and it was really foul smelling a there like
really badly other people around these lockers actually had complained. As a premium our and he had said like a dead raccoon had caused at one point now. I don't think he had actually word kitty litter around the basis of these two barrels to try to mask the smell but like that only makes it worse model on do like cat shit and humans. Decomposing in barrels of their own fluid are two very different games. so pretty literate in every sense. I can only imagine what the cat with who are sitting back then in terms of how different these are like one is a baseball game and the other is like an underground dog fighting ring like that's how different those games are yeah catch it human d come, but did he not know about like limestone ya? Don't I think he was just leaving anybody nor kitty litter?
that is a dumb shit to try to I'm assuming a strategy to absorb up most of the fluid. That was probably a lot of what his thinking here was that I don't think you to wear it with a smile. I guess, but so the doctor that did these are top seas of these barrels was Doktor Thomas W Young. He was the chief medical examiner for Kansas. we get it and he did barrel number one which contained a woman with dark brown, hair, yellow bedsheets brown sheets earmuffs, and she was fully clothed. She was dressed in what was described in the book as quotes. Stirrup pants a tweet jacket, pantyhose underwear, a blouse with a multi coverts, colored scarf and gloves that covered her hands sue. The woman had one really like ornate earring, I guess, and a fancy watch that was stopped at the time. One twenty two bullets into his
same with the other women. There is a severe blow to the website of her head that they figured was a hammer blow also one to her forehead. She didn't. Any defensive, energy injuries and dental records showed this body was Beverly Bonner Barrel number two woman with long dark, hair, fully clothed. She was dressed in a t shirt. That said, California, a state of mind, genes, socks and white sues. She had upper dentures that had cracked and how she had been had so hard there were blows and fractures to her head and face. There was one
in her head, that was the size of an orange. The doktor said their wounds that were definitely caused by a hammer and she had one large defensive wound, which was a broken arm. Oh gosh, so she fought and I'm guessing you can t you might be able to tell who this partly was. Judging by how hard she fought against him. So what we found out was that was Sheila face the mother,
Debbie faith. So I'm assuming she was fighting for her daughter, absolute and barrel number three was a female. With her head down long brown hair younger than the others, she was fully clothed wearing green pants and a green sweater. She had won sock on the body, had a degenerative condition and misshapen bones in her pelvis no defensive wounds, but several severe hammer blow to the head. Dental records showed that this was Debbie faith blows selling, while yeah it's like really her effect to think about after these were found, his bond was raised five million, which was the highest and Johnson County history. They soon found out that surviving. Former lovers of his word, git had been given and worn. Isabella S, clothing, jewellery in particular, but so The ones that were around were lit. Some of them were walking around in her black velvet dress that you are all the time and had no idea
then they would have my dark Barbara in some of the others. Had her art tat, he had written. so name on it and said that he had painted. I hope if I was given back to her family, I subsoil Cosette swoop. So They were able to figure out that he likely murdered, LISA, Stasi and that baby given to her brother was actually Tiffany. So now they're starting to go ok, LISA Stasi, is that's for sure, Tiffany is that baby? Because all of a sudden there there connecting these doubts, they found documents, and I, like whoa, whoa whoa links. He gave his wait a second like everybody's, like woah. Well, so they informed to his and his brother, Donald and his wife, his brother. I mean his brother and sister in law were literally lake.
Shake shack, or I mean stunned at the time they found out. Heather was fifteen years old, haven't had a Tiffany shore and they kept Tiffany as her middle name, but like I'm, not telling her that in what they had to say when they found out was Don said quote, we too have been betrayed. We have and will continue to cooperate with the authorities investigating the alley. Asian surrounding John Robinson. We love our daughter very much since her adoption, which was never kept from her, we have it is assumed that ass she became an adult you'd, be curious about her birth family. As we were unaware whom her birth family was, it was our intent into its a cistern any way possible in her efforts in identifying and locating them. While the sir, I'm senses surrounding the investigation of John Robinson, are as distressing to our immediate family as they are to the other families victimized our daughters. aware of the investigation, and we are doing our best to help her through this difficult time. You can imagine
Finally, to not only know that you're adopted and like have to you like you're gonna, have to search for your mom began. Nobody knows who she is, but then to find out that she was murdered by your uncle, who gave you who kidnapped you and gave you to your adoptive parents, how do you ever ran Shiloh Uncle John RE exact like now, shares like pictures or murdered her mother there's a photo of the day that day came to get help yeah, I saw the sitting on John Robinsons lap he's wearing a yellow sweater, his smile, and it happened. He looks like a happy, proud grey. By like dominantly, soiled and leave see like a J out, murdered her mother, that's liked. What's so his other Pham members like his wife, were adamant that this was bull shit, and he was innocent, no yeah, the body or found on in your home, like yeah fuck off, because here's the thing it's like: that's what can they found fuckin bob
He's in barrels on your property and all the victims have their shit strewn everywhere in your property said you, don't they your husband has anything to I'm kidding now. It's like listen ideas and my family was completely in the dark of what happened to similar to this. If that is the truth, there, like his daughter, carry His wife did no fucking clue. All they knew was that Dennis reader was a good dad and a decent husband on like. If you use fine those they bring, have a lot of bad things to say about a good guy. I don't know what to tell you know they knew. They were going. They wouldn't have to go through their own fuckin grieving process. Keziah I mean carry Sheba. She wrote a book about it, like she's she's, like amazing what he is like she wrote a whole thing saying like: should they had to go through their own grieving process of you do losing? You saw the person they thought they knew and like the person they had grown up, women spent their whole lives with rain.
And now they're having to deal with the fact that he's this monster gray, but I can't imagine being like now, he didn't do it, but you can't sit there and say that this is bullshit. You feel you and respectful to the hand, do ass to the leaders of the other victims. Families there's copy their survivors then know what he's done so, what their court their whole statement was. We as a family have followed the events of the last week in horror and dismay, along with each of you as each day is Ass, the surreal events have built into a narrative that is almost beyond comprehension. While we do not, discount the information that has and continues to come to light. We do not know the poor and whom we have read and heard about. On TV, John Robinson is a loving and caring, husband and father. We wait with ease, she view for the cloud of allegations and innuendo to clear, revealing at last the facts so eight, which will mean that
loud of innuendo. Was it the bodies rotting in barrels on your property? Was that anyone was that the confusing part for you and we are we going to find out something different about that? Here's, the thing can understand his children not wanting to grasp the idea, of course, of that, their fathers this. I can children I can understand, even though their grown adults at this point I can understand that it's like gonna, be it's a minute, I'm gonna go out into this. The spouse, you gotta just eagerly man you gotta, go you gotta, understand, like you, gotta, just when, when bodies and barrels are found on your property. It's time to let go of some of the area. I can only eighty there listen, I get like there must have been like an insane amount of denial going on so lightly in private. That's like a stage of grief. I thank her daughter. You don't come out to make a statement that
disrespect Yasser the family. You want to come out and say we what you should a sentence like, whereas horrified as you are we're, so sorry are sorry till it items in their families. We give them their thoughts. The end you don't have dad your own little labour law is. Are you saying that this is bullshit? You will even have to meet as data anything, but no one better you to write, because, obviously it's the truth, families of these monsters are victims in their own right, ITALY, everyone we feel for you like, I feel, for. I can't imagine, No, so it's like no one expects you to have to come out and say that, like I don't at least I don't expect you to like grieve grieve, and if you need to do that, silently or whatever you need to do, but she stuck with him for a long
itself Robinson, was being charged with murder of LISA, Stasi, Isabella LUCA ensues at Trautmann in Kansas and the murders of Sheila Faith, Debbie faith in Beverly Bonner in Missouri, fifty six council, fraud and forgery. They didn't find LISA Stasi and they didn't find Catherine clamp it so but she was, they were going to charge him with the murder of LISA Stasi based on. I think Tiffany Heather Tiffany helped that out a lot. What about Paula Godfrey Paula Godfrey they whenever he didn't have any evidence, that's so they couldn't charging with it, but he's she's listed of some US, it's very clear and half in there. We all forgot how to be social during twenty twenty, like really really really forgot. But what better way to integrate yourself back into society, then
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one. His preliminary hearings began and least sister, see sister in law took the stand and when asked to point to the man who pick them up from her home in that snow storm that night, she pointed right at John Robinson and said he looks older, but he still looks evil, which is like highly any. Does so. Finally, after hundreds of motions filed by the defence- and I mean hundreds literally hundreds, they kept island to throw up virtually all evidence, including the body is found on the farm. How do you throw out? They tried to throw that by saying that on a police officer well doing surveillance ahead before then internet had walked on the property and taken pictures, and so that violated his constitutional right to search and seizure, even though they didn't take anything and not, discounts the following. I endorse and now that that's on the property. We need to get rid of all that yellow
image of Edgewater, that I can go fuck right off and they were like that officer didn't do anything wrong. They took pictures, they didn't take anything during a big public, big farm with no no tressing passing signs on it. So I don't know what to tell you but yeah finally June thirteenth, two thousand and two so that he was his preliminary hearing started in February two thousand and one a year June, two thousand thirteenth, two thousand to John Robinson, was charged with five council first degree: murder for the bodies founding Kansas emissary, the death penalty was being brought to the table fruit in both states. Nancy took the sand and defended him saying he only carried on affairs during the day and was home at night, and they called him in the media that eight to five serial killer, which lies doves, knocking
and she said he was always a great father and husband, which I believe it or not. Tell me that I believe that's not saying you didn't murder people that he clearly murdered and she said she didn't understand all of this. She didn't understand who this person was she loved him and always would and here's the thing again. I feel for you, I feel for you. I can't fucking. Imagine no course not, which I feel I feel it she's there. The August shadows very much in denial, and it really sad, though, like a very sad much into denial. You know I mean like this Just a terrible tragedy way should a founding five fuckin bodies in your backyard. That's what I'm saying like: oh ok, Johns murderer, who I wouldn't be able to just grasp that ran away and Billy. Well, fuck you! I don't like you that I will grant splat and that's the thing. That's that's why it's like we get. It manages, don't if you don't have to come out and defend him like be ended at EL absolutely and enough forever. I would be as well but stowaway fine, but to item, don't defend him to stone
and you know like it all. His kids said he was wonderful. He was loving. He was a great grandfather. I mean I'm glad that he was dad to his kids. London in the defence said that all his kids turned out very well adjusted. They left severely raised wall, they said they didn't and his kids came out later and said they genuinely didn't, know the man that they were right about. The paper yeah there were likely literally did not go it was you don't want to know that and then I'm like a man, I feel for you yeah, that's you feel I filled in the biggest why tat is fucked like really fucked. So then they played the tape in in court of the horrific leave violence sexual encounter with Susan, to the thirty, I don T thirty nine minute tape, I don't know how jurors go on. I could never. While this was happening. He lay and over in his seat to get a better look at it and was smiling through it lagoon very happy that they were showing this,
and when the thirty nine minute long tape ended suddenly on the camp on the film those, the movie, Willie Walker started playing because he had filmed that over his kids tape. His grandkids tape of Willie Wonka in the chocolate factory, That's not even real, nor a thrill, and they were saying, like John Douglas set in the book, how how perfect that was too show ensure him as a person. Is this violent, horrific EC abusive sexual encounter with this like helpless woman who would they found dead in a barrel on his property, and then immediately after Willie Wonka plays and shows like up. That's as other side. That's the loving grandfather who watches silly tapes with the skids. Yeah don't have words and imagine being the journey to feel like in Dutch. I bet you at now. If I can wash my own car again, I got to go. I ever wanted to again so,
Paul Morrison. The dossier is closing. Arguments were pretty great, but address him tell you part of it. He can be using the word. Sinister Fernand houses, greatly for him and he said sinister and then he said in that he's, J, R, J, Osborne or others always luring vol vulnerable people, sinister, in that we ve got rotting bodies in the barrels sinister and that he took a baby from her mother and sinister in that Sheila and Debbie faith in her wheelchair, were murdered and put into barrels. You wonder to double watch your mother get murdered rate looters thought I had the defence defend steam used it a thorough quote. The massive the mass of men, lead lives of quiet, desperation and now to try to leg humanize him. What but then Paul Morrison got the final word and he responded to that saying those lofty words: don't have much to do with extramarital affairs, media, some torture and death. Do they know Throwed legally,
early just now in his grave eight times, and he also said the misery this defendant has inflicted all those years is beyond human comprehension. Yes, is you opportunity to hold the defendant accountable for his actions. And then I guess you literally like turn to walk away, and then he turned back to the door and said I hope you do and then walked away which are like I love it when I love a theatrical like oh yeah thing we are usually Do the fuckin right isn't like fuck, yeah yeah, you do what on Tuesday October, twenty ninth. After deliberating for eleven hours, they found him guilty of all charges good. He is unanimous, and he was unanimously sentenced to death in Kansas. I Robinson could become the first come back executed by lethal injection in the state of Kansas
yeah go ahead in Missouri, additional charges were put on his sentence because more cases were coming in. There were similar, and so they were kind of bringing the fourth to see if those were part of him as well. He is currently on death row in Kansas. He is seven, six years old. He is serving his time at El Dorado, collect correctional facility, which is a maximum security, prison in Butler County Kansas, was not until two thousand and five that Nancy finally filed for divorce should they had been married forty one years and she put down in compatibility and irreconcilable despite differences. I can say about sir I'd start at the recent reconcile. building compatibility and irreconcilable differences EVA. Which I would say so I would say so Mama so into, thousand in six LISA, Stasi, daughter, Heather, Heather, Tiffany Fur The civil suit against Truman Medical Center in Kansas City
and the social worker that get that referred them church. Instead, that because he just called and said he was looking for forgiveness anyway, like unwed mothers of white babies, that's how he was explaining its own. He break as he only wanted white women yeah, which is like that should have tipped job. You didn't wanna help black women like Wretched, tip you off that this is not a good day. I do so. She do that they did reach a settlement in two thousand and seven She split it with some of least Pistachios family members on without us, musing and then today, theirs. I read a heavy article that she is married. She has sons, herself good and she has a pod, cast and an organization called the least Stasi Effect Tellier, and it's supposed to help uncover the truth about her mother. She also as a Youtube channel for that pankey amazing. And let me tell you I, my new fuckin goal is to find out what the fuck happened. At least the Stasi,
Why? Because I want to know where she is, he won't say, and he will not say, he'll never admitted and she just wants to bury her about joint lightly? And I guess some there is theirs. I headstone in Alabama. I believe it is that they erected and least Stasi honour to leg just be a memorial to her. She also said that her adoptive parents, Don and his wife drove her to that. Several times are out there like, like that's, would always dry and she said we're all she wants is just to have her mother buried there. He just wants to be able to see here. In fact I want to help her. I want to help her she'll, but, like I want, I mean we're figure this out. Where would he have buried her? I don't know that's the thing is I have like place Then I mean there will be a Muslim in private rigidity drained it made him find, then she must be in Kansas or Missouri would think you'd. Think, madam, like what she's a strange, because he obviously didn't do that with any of the other.
victims in general are. Nor did we Catherine clamp that we have found a hologram, not really actually went out in the beginning and the needs of those three right I need where they are. I just hate how many unidentified I just want to help Heather. I do tell her. I want to help you seriously I'll do whatever I can to help you, but man this case. So that's where we are now, he's just sit there. We still have unanswered things, but damn he's while fuck him desired. Wild wilds, wild son of a bitch tat is a that's one of the largest ones we never done. It truly was that's crazy in just the fact that he was living like it. It's always wild to me when they love a double life like that it that's the thing like Fuckin quadrant. If you look all ass, like million lifelike ILO Crazy million life, anxious, I cannot handle him, so that
The story of John Edward Robinson and his reign of fucking terror, unnecessary in Kansas, especially Yom day? Is rights, and definitely I'm in go check out the least the Stasi Effects yeah. I want to listen about, and I wonder what I'm in a stern check this out. I got it I want. I want to help Heather man, anything and if you know anything and I'll, let her know left so yeah thanks for listening and Hope you keep me here. I don't even have the energy, because my brain is still just circling. None of this. I don't keep it at all this weird gillikin, all those about us.
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