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Episode 248: Marion Stembridge

2021-07-17 | 🔗
You know we love an old-timey case around these parts, and boy does Alaina have a doozy to deliver. Marion Stembridge was out there wildin’ in Georgia scamming people out of money left and right with his shady underground businesses. He came from money but always wanted more and would stop at nothing to get it. When he got got though, he was not pleased and as we will see he went on an absolute rampage killing anyone he felt wronged him. AND he did this all while the town of Milledgeville was trying to celebrate their 150th birthday. Priorities, am I right? Georgia Tales by Ray Chandler (Great book with interesting tales!) For Case suggestions! https://forms.gle/RwV5pXKroFdbJ4Hd9 As always, thank you to our sponsors: Hello Fresh:Get up to fourteen free meals—including free shipping! — with code morbid14 at HelloFresh.com/morbid14 GoodRx: Start saving up to eighty percent on your prescriptions today. Go to GoodRX.com/morbid CareOf: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com and enter code morbid50 Credit Karma: Go to CreditKarma.com/podcast to learn more and find offers tailored just for You. MVMT: Join the MVMT and get 15% off today — with FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS — by going to MVMT.com/MORBID
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fallen to relieve. You really think I said it was like TAT, mom yeah, just my body kept it away to everyone was on the up and up and then it was like crash easily. Oh no, and so I had two days of police being like pretty ill, but today I'm feeling better, and so is our so yea or on the other side. Dude Andrew still hasn't got em like I feel like you're, not gonna, get it. I feel he's not going to be there and I'm proud of him he's a weird anomaly. I'm really prognoses health, but he's he's health. I think he's health. You know what, though I keep saying into job and he actually got mad less thanks Zuzu. What are you trying to say goes like he was like you're going to have a few more days of fuel crappy like this is what happened to me, and I know I think I'm gonna be fine tomorrow and then I was like. I know you. on two things a longer than I think. What is that supposedly doesn? It? You just keep things than I like. I throw them off fast or other guys,
Spirilla man, cold desirable thing happens, layouts struggling, I fear, gets keep by momentous events like real, quick, a man called. Is it totally different if there is real, it's fucking using shut up like I'm, the jury enigmatic has Ike. I mean he did a wonderful job taking care of me, but I was, I really want to return the favor. You know I'm tired for me, John Gonna Prodi. You gotta pretty narrowly version of it by you know: that's our family de I am out of it. So that's good everybody. I made some slightly stuffed up, so I apologise for that. But you know do what we can do just have our sexy, Phoebe Phoebe voices will be re, which apparently you always of Bosnia, guys I'm I want to talk about that. Every single time we talk Here we are sitting down again. I have never. In my life heard this. This compare in that I use single Israel that I sound like LISA Cougar. I dont I've never heard it
I dont know till we had a pot costs. Even when I closed my eyes, I can hear, but there's a lot of things I didn't find out about myself until we started upon us up exactly, but it says its wild to me, but that's not why we're here? Why we're here is to talk about crime, true cry and weird stuff, weird stuff. So I think I posted a photo on my instagram the other day in arrears. Like oh, my god, I don't know if I want this episode. I don't want this episode, it's not this episode. Ah, I was like thought that it wasn't that absolutely do not, but I just wanted to like update on that. So I bought this book called. buried alive and I've been doing like crazy research on premature burials and, like fear of being buried alive great, I'm so excited. So that's going to be an episode for next week because it's just become so intense. Yet I want to make sure I do it right, so I pushed it tonight but its common, so I decided to illegal fun all timey murder of devising spun having spent here but, like you know what I mean an timey Ghana
so this one was the the murders and aim is Marian stem bridge. It is a man and his men, and was like a very big man's name back in the day. Just put an ethics, on its own wanes. Real name was like Marian pressure and Minerva, but so do I found a lot of information in this book. Called Georgia tales stories of Georgia and Georgians by Re Chandler and has a lot of cooling crazies tales from Georgia, while that, if you tell that but it's a really good one and they did a whole thing on Marian stemmed bridge, and I was like fascinated by it so Marian stem bridge this obviously takes place in Georgia. he was born August, twenty, eighth, eighteen. Ninety two and Baldwin Georgia. He grew up in a pretty prominent family occur to an ancestry search that I actually signed up for ancestry, dot com to go, look into his family tree for this, because it was kind of hard to find information on
while linked to each other person who actually did a search on him and leg set up his family tree, because that was awesome. That's a lie. His pair and were John Wesley stem Bridge and his mother was Mary Lever. It he was of at least five children that I could find. He had a brother Roger who is an older brother and he had three sisters: Mildred, Martha and Ellen Mildred. I love unaltered, Martha unknown his father, passed away in nineteen twenty five, I'm not sure what of cause again. This not tons of like detailed information about those, probably prohibition problem probably died of prohibitions that what I would produce you know getting too roaring with it. He was very close to his mother and even ass. He got older. She would financially help him a lot of times like he was. He was that a little trust fund,
it is that never and basically she would go to bat for him, even though, when she like prohibition of his, he was always kind of a dick. Ok, just from the get you know them getting I'm getting dandy. Vibes oh, my god, that's literally what I was thinking the entire time. I was I love and on the same way, I must put a dandy reference in here. I love that you did that you say in my head. I kept picturing like fin as Dandy media entire time as soon as you started thing like his mom would always help him now and like vouch for him when he should- and I was at all like the idea of money, I started injured, just all he's a murder like insists on air- is he's dandy, You know every one in the area said that the stem bridge family were very nice people, and really the only one who was difficult and, quite frankly, a real ass, always Marian. Ok, he was the only one that everybody is like what the fuck is wrong with you to meet on dandy, dandy
so dandy figures are not a tunnel is known about his childhood, but people who knew the family said they were good people. He wasn't abused, he wasn't mistreated. None of the kids were ok by all accounts, but by the age of nineteen, his older brother like something must have gone down because his old brother in one of his sisters, tried to have been committed to a mental health facility in military, build Georgia O day, so So obviously I mean like we said he was always in our soul and I think he was becoming a little more aggressive and scary a little unpredictable, so there they were trying to get him committed. It didn't end up happening because he wouldn't agreed with me was nineteen years old and his mouth are also stepped in and said it was not necessary retro. But as these things often Oh, this really created an issue between the siblings. Obviously, right now he's not. the mental health facility, but he knows you tried to put him in their yeah, so There is a problem, so Marian wanted nothing
to do with his old, their brother, Roger any more and the sister who couldn't figure out, which sister was who did it, but he completely cut them out. Ok didn't want anything to do with them ever again like I was that and I mean I guess I'd- be pretty man too. He was pretty mad for sure, but he would only talk to his mother and his two remaining sisters. Those are the only people who would have contact with he did go into the army first spell, but he was medically discharged at one point. There was a point when he did Shaq himself into a mental health facility, but I was unable to find any information about what that was for What happened or how long and his family wouldn't talk about it? Won't maybe they had it like only firing line when it was just one of those things like it. Just wasn't talked about de graduate from the University of Georgia School of law while, but he never applied for the bar. So he natural never actually became a lawyer, Craig
he was brief. Good Craig. You have tax southern charm, Craig Craig are you there, but he did of actually data might do you guys watch problems either. Then a preacher drag pay, browser, throttled added Craig Conover, you listening, you did great, but yeah, so people actually described him as timid achingly smarts. He was brilliant, ok, very, very smart, but really in the bad way needing to be cunning, conniving manipulating his things in their spouses all described Marian as Super entitled hashtag to literally and just an asshole in general. They all just fucking and aided him, and his sister in law, who was married to his older brother, Roger said quote. He thought he was the crown prince of the family.
Oh my god, that's litter, radio, we hired so him. Maybe so what are you of American our story? A story actually like new. This story- maybe maybe so after, he graduated from law school, apparently for no reason he started his own business and it was like a mail order business and it was apparently very financially rewarding for him adverse ok from this. He did. You ton of other random things to make money in this. Eventually let him to acquiring a grocery store, so he became a grocer today, which is now called Ryals bakery, and it's in the area. Still oh wow, if you're in the area and like you know what that is, that's cool
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successful at all these things, but you successful because he was an asshole and because he was intimidating people when you is like using force to get his way. Ok now Clearly nothing is on the up and up here you kind of looks like it is, but it's not just picturing him like walking until I can open house would like potential I mean like you, need to buy this fuckin house, but as a fucking hotheads bay windows, you fucking needed. I boil Cinnamon sticks. It only got a fucking stone note that called potpourri baby. You know what I did. I set this shit up by stage of our new okay. I took time out of my day I pictured you're done. ass family living in this house- that I put shit in here that I knew you would like. I'm ok to place that's what he did. Using force that's what he did, but yet he said and everybody we stood around town. You know it's just Ok he's just easy dick that just does good business. Yes, it is a business. Stick.
and they were all dislike whatever but He soon opened another business and it was in the back of one of his like existing store well, that's all right look back arrested or it feels shady units in the bath building debts in the back building and it was these stem bridge banking company. And it was touted as like. A private bank. I better already or like a whore. No, that's not a credit and in reality it was just a total facade, forbad shit he was abolition like loan sharking and you know leg, just any bad bunny thing you think of laundering? You go ahead and dabbling in that all of the above. He was also fucking with like poor in like black communities, because he was giving them high interest loans that he could later come after them very aggressively for, and he would
so take advantage of non educated or illiterate communities by purposely pudding like language in contracts that he knew they couldn't understand king ass, forcing them like intimidating them into signing. These contrasts Jesus. What the fuck is also ignore: all ready, rich bro, yeah, anybody's bees, getting rich off the backs of lower income families and like people that are being all ready, marginalized yeah. We know it flock. But you, like your mom, is gonna. Give you money anyway. So why do you need to do that? You jack whole because he's a deck yeah? That's a liked being snapped mad about it now occurred, to that end, such research that I did it did say, and I could have and this in a lot like any other sources. As a goose look at me, finding another three heed Mary, a woman named Lois, denies marching in nineteen twenty seven Lois. It also claims they had a daughter named Evelyn, but that's never mentioned again and he made
is again: ok, listen. Marriage with the daughter is never mentioned interest, back then two millions in his damn family tree. Ok, it's in there in a prominent family, though, like a divorce, yeah, oh, oh Mamma Dandy said she had at all. Let us move! I beg you might choked on her back do you want? Ah that's not working well, yes, apparently that was a work into them as is widowed mother, could remember she's widowed now she's getting older. She obviously need a little more care, so She moved in with Roger the elder brother. She moved into his house with him and his wife and she live there with him. He took care of her like all was good and now I said Marian was close to his mother. Brain still was, and he would visit pearl lots and he would go to Rogers Home their memories.
Speaking to Roger, so when he would visit he refused to go inside the house, and he, speaks Roger, so he would have full blown visits with his mother through a window meet me at my when do you stay outside its? You would sitting in the fucking window, because he was that Patty she was like mom. You can use a hero right now and I could hear someone to say if I had to I love that that's a laws! Ellie, materially mother, her right, you can't come outside to sit with these links. Sat at the window seat, the arch sit at the cold ass window, let those internet window. So you could talk to you. I stand here like an idiot, The latest mark in the house and like not like you know, not say much honestly, I would think it would be petty you're to walk into the
was not speak to Roger or way rather than just visit with your mother in his house. Looking for leopard such German, I type shit that I would absolute. I do that's pretty next level and I think, like dandy, Slash Marian really missed out on an opportunity. I think so too, but maybe Roger is the kind of guy we're like you couldn't come in this house without speaking to empty. I mean personally, if my son, who I was in talking to walk to my house, some visit with my mom. They be late, kicked so far down the street. I would personally, as I heard the bulletin too, but, like I don't know yet we gotta try it. shoot your shot dandy, but he thought he would just make his mom talk to my side. The window again Marian was always known around the area, even since he was younger, because, He was the only asshole, not otherwise normal family, but now that he was an adult, he was really becoming kind of, like shady figure in the community Many people thought of him kind
It has just someone who is weird kind of eccentric. He was cold. He was distant. He was definitely not like inviting conversation like you. Just gonna walk through a news, Donnie, maybe Tipp. You have to monitor the way I do they d back there and took their highest literally I'd, let someone who didn't liked even heavenly someone who didn't like to chat. You didn't like. small talk which, like I feel him on. He wasn't looking to make tons of friends he just went about his business play a quiet, but they Also said tat. He the eight cheese and canned goods. What why? What my lactose intolerant ass, just like out I to go to the bathroom MIKE, I like hold out actually out of only eating cheese and canned goods. With my eye bs over year, I'm shook a movie we shall create figure does
cheese, beans and soup. Sir, that's that's not on the pyramid and is on the We remember the complete each step of the pyramid. Wasn't part of the pyramid, sir? No, like goods, even on the pyramid, now is very particular about his speech about his canned goods. You would only Paula canned goods from the back of the shelf o because he had this weird thing where which I'm gonna be real: I know it's neurotic, but like it's kind of true that they push them. They want to sell them from notes to actually one of my really good friends always picks. The second thing which I will and when I read this sounds like oh no
and everywhere in me. Laugh. I usually pick like the second or third one. I really told me Love ACT and she was again now I'm like here and now, unlike yards and canned goods valor out like yeah, so you know here we are like yeah like the milk. Ever since I was younger, like Massa me to get milk and always take the back one, always always as they put it. There first just look at the dates guys, so the date than closest state is always sitting there staring you right in the face in the front row. If you pull from the backyard okay I'll have this milk for a full, small Yacu, literally the other, when replying to the back you better during TAT in forty eight hours. Are you gonna be true in it? Do you ever by milk and literally lake. It like I always call from the back, but in the past there's been circumstances. Will it may be true? Goes there has been moments for both and it's like the due date is literally like two days from now. Am I? What do you think I'm going to do with this milk and forty eight hour? Illicit intervene. Risk annoyed bathing goes quite Alan. Lass milk has never in my eyes, but wide chug that y yeah.
does makes a lot of new for the lactose Marian felt the same way. That. I think it was only weird, though, because he only eight canned goods and cheese, so in that made any other kind of neurotic behaviour with that the good at a little weird little weirder and bore, except maybe he was scared of. Maybe I like that. I don't know. You scared of a lot of things. He was very paranoid I wonder if we have a guy like a hearing, am armchair diagnosis, but I wonder if he had like some kind of oecd or something I mean he definitely. I think he was just a paranoid man cuz. I think he did a lot of bad things. He knew he fucked over a lot is even allowing she'll docked over a lot of families. He was always they will get into it that he was always worried about being poisoned. Following a king, he was always worried about being points, so maybe that's why he only canned goods, because you know You can open them that exactly that's. What I was thinking is like a it's since a little more temper.
Proof and then I got an cheesy used. I guess it's like cheese is mould. So it's like you, but it's all just go that he has got a boys in July. I can't imagine his shining life, dead ass grows by data set his eyes may as well. I need to know about your gee I tracked MA am I do so interested, but you know again: everybody knew him as cold distant, just quiet, nothing really like crazy, but if you were doing business with them, it was indifferent. Marian people who dealt with him in business said he was Ruth Yes, like ruthless, you get super aggressive, an intimidating wherever money was on the table. If we are dealing with money, he's gonna fuck you up here. he's gonna Spock you you're going to fuck you men. In fact, he was known to always carry at least three guns with him at all times. He would
a german army issued nine millimeter and it's called like it's like a Walther P. Thirty, eight semi automatic. It's like that. I read it in that book. That gun boy you can tell me if that's crazy does actually somewhere. I read that it was weird cause. He kept it in his coat pocket in somewhere. I read like that's a weird gun. Tat near co pocket. I think it's it! I'm imagining it's not one of those like little ones, maybe go off easily or something and is for I imagine it's probably cumbersome. It's probably not one of those little pocket. One of in another kind of Jacobite was, he was rapid. Idle No, but then he would also carry a leather brief case with two guns in it. Ok, at all times everywhere see that's sooner or that seems like it would be more difficult because you have to open your briefcase to access cd but maybe it's because he has that one's own ready to go like pow and then, while you're like well he's like openings for fear tat how
see I picture had I'd like one in his pocket. A chevalier keys and ass also needs a shoulder hoster. They would honestly it would be like leg it, because this is what might the fifties or whenever, like them, you know he's easily out of the twenties and share in length. I feel like you should have those suspenders, unlike the shoulder, holds me to make it look cool at least, but no gun he's got my briefcase yeah deterred re that doesn't seem real, but yeah. That's what he did. I don't know, but it's so he was. Paranoid, and I mean that shows you how paranoid he was. He always fell again to be armed to the teeth and at some point, he must have left his first wife, but I can't find when that happened. Ok, either way in nineteen forty seven, he got remarried, ok, this time. He married Sarah, Jordan, Terry. She was an english teacher at the woman's College of Georgia and according to multiple
source issues described? As quote big and meanest sin? I mean she does have three names which, like, while somebody described me his big and mean us, and I believe you damn skippy. You demonstrate I M so I mean while ok good for him, now that's so nineteen forty eight was when his first real legal trouble had like got a new couplers took that long low like scripts and scraps their levels, but this is when she got like woe, waking means business will we be saw man named Johnny or Richard I've seen it twice like several sources. Some people come Johnny, some Welcome Richard. This is also time where I see that people will have a name like Stephen. As see later and people called him, PETE yeah silly thing: none of makes sense. So maybe his name was Richard and there are like hey Johnny come here, or maybe it was a middle name, types negation and sometimes it is. It just wasn't and they just called him a d
name. Your summit on his name was Stephen than they were like peat to the former is so you know what happens either way. His last name was Cooper. Ok, I'm in a calm down, make such a fund Johnny and America. Johnny somebody's gonna go with it. He had In debt with Marian for a while, he was one of those lower income customers who Marian really took advantage of this high interest rates. He had loaned him eight hundred dollars, plus a ton of money for insurance like threw him to get it one thousand nine hundred and forty one Chevy car, like he that's what he was doing like he would out loan for car loans and house loans carriages. He had a ton of extra fees on to this and he was ruthless with collecting that money, in Cooper, had had his brother and his mother. Emma Jonah can be his co seiners for this loan, so they were also on the hook for the money as well. Ok,
now a few months after getting the car, he was in an accident and it went and he went to Marian for help using that insurance that he had purchased to fix it rain, but when he got there, he discovered that Marian. had charged him for the insurance, but he had never actually got the insurance for him. Oh my god, so I needed a fixed. It was just be more money he was like now, you just have to pay for the whole thing Let's talk about one of my favorite partners, care of all of care of products are formulated with good for you, clean ingredients that are backed by science. Your recommendations come in daily individually, wrapped packets that are easy
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Fifty now there two like small little deviations of the story here, but it all goes same places, just this, the out I'll tell you so, One was that he, One of the story says that Cooper drop the Chevy off in front of Marian store. With a note that said, you can Have this pile of steel? For my note, oh no meaning like the long short in this pair epistolary off, obviously the other story says that he just stopped making payments on the car after this insurance, bullshit and mistress mary- and I like the first one- cause it's more penny, I feel it. The first one happened because I feel it that's like we're on to make that up and it's a lot of drought, either way Marian was pissed and it was over money in that alone, so he ended up going to Coopers home to deal with this and he brought along his business associates names TAT same Terry. What do you mean?
business associates, tear bunnies air bunnies, This plan was actually to beat the shit out of Cooper NEO. Is he brought brass knuckles? He was like ready to like my boss, the shares yum, but when he got there, he wasn't there Nokia, his aunt and his mother. Was there he decided, since his mother was actually a co sign or on the loan that she was. The second best one to go after, and he did he told her. He would. At his money one way or another, and he would do it by any means possible, so use www ETA Gimme that money. a man of never sign alone. No, just don't, and of course, there are some kind of disagreement that ensued and Marion pulls out a gun because room amber. He is always carrying at least three on his person at any. Given time. And he started shooting wildly at his at coopers. Mother. Emma White Guy. He shot her four times and his aunt wants is killing me. You know Of course, police were called and when people
this commotion, they ll immediately started like running towards this place, causes the fifties and help someone, yes officer. Eugene Ellis arrives on the scene. He's gonna be a big player in this whole story. Officer Eugene Alice. He literally stated that when he arrived, he watched Marian hand. The guy to his associates. Sam, Terry and Terry just took it. And he said he later asked him why the fuck he just took the gun without hesitation, and he said with Marian. What would you have done Its arm taken, would you like me do like? Are you kidding me so Cooper mother Emma died from her wounds and his aunt survived sailor, now he's officially murderer and he attempted to murder both of them. both Marian and SAM Terry were indicted on those merger. Murder charges Officer Ellis, had to go to Marion's office and serve him the warrant for his arrest in the book
Georgia. Tail stories of georgian Georgians by Re Chandler Alice said that he got there and he just stood in front of Marian, who was sitting at his desk in May? in just stared at him, and he said quote He had crazy eyes that could stare right through you, but I could always him down. I too, to MR stem bridge. I've got a warrant for your arrest and he said I see the warrant and when I showed it to him, he pulled a gun out of his death the file. Yes, I believe, be either way, you're under arrest and you're going to be even more under arrest. If you shoot me, I believe you're so much more trouble now. Well, Eugene Alice, who is linked. This crazy, bad ass at this moment had to rest. Will stem bridge down on the ground and get the gun away from him to arrest him, but make it is, he said quote he was raising held the whole time saying how his rights were being violated. Any said this.
State Solicitor, whose name was shut Baldwin he'll be mentioned later to shop. I love Shep Baldwin incurs charm. All of this is why it is so much loved job is George Consortia, but he said Shep Baldwin later told me. The biggest mistake I ever made was not killing him right then, and there when he pulled that gun yak as I do that he's gonna kill us and our people I bet he's gonna do some thinking, I feel so. He was released on bonds for why, because I forgot to mention that Cooper, his mother and on were black, I just want to put that out there take that from that. What you will, but he was released on bond and his trial was in July and will see that that my play more into this allowance early fucked up, I'm not saying either way. I'm just saying look at the facts here, so so the joy for the trial was judged. George Carpenter and the defence attorney was another guy named Marian Marian Ennis, whose actually Marion's another's gonna be crazy,
to Marian and as is now the lawyer, yes, and he was actually stem bridges. Brother Rogers. Why heaps us Ok, that's it! That's a fucking, not advertise Anglo yeah. I wanted to say floating good to try False Marian is Marion's. Bro others wife's cousin. I got a he was put on the case because his brother Roger was not a shitty person in the actually tried to help his brother, even though should he personally was murdered, so you as a shitty person, but you know if he wasn't a shitty brother who was trying to help him out and even though he was the exactly wasn't a shitty brother, that's what it is. So he ended up being convicted because girls, hello, cause murder. Like, I was like how do you like he was literally standing over dead body and wounded. Holding a smoking guns a holding and I'm not even handed to us
He was sentenced to three years in prison for a whole. Murder. May, alas, attempted murder attempted manslaughter that's what they were going and while that's cute of them That's why I'm sitting ledge of eels- things were weird back then so racist vaccines are real racist over here, but it's port, to note that Marian stem bridge took this loss, as his lawyers faults as Marian Genesis. yea, and not the fact that he was found with a gun in his hand at the scene of a murder standing over the dead body. He didn't think I was therefore why would I we his fault, Billina, Marian and assist fault for not taking Matt and turning it into an innocent one life easier lemon. You know, so he blamed Marian and ass. For this whole thing, that's gonna go well weirdly SAM, Terry, his accomplice? Just vanished before his trial date and was never seen again makes sense.
Weird, no easy! So out of the blue so well out on bond. During the appeals phase of his trials, he moved into the top floor of the Baldwin Motel, our hotel I was like he was not everyone, another guy. He was about don't have top floor. Her age, old risk aegis, completely left and abandoned his wife, Sarah curling jostling by Larry? Think two years at this point is, like you know, I'd better off. So, according to the Georgia tales book, while their quote, he had a dozen. He had dozens of locks and bolts put on the door of his room and would not allow the maids to clean the room unless he was there. He kept a larger
Frederick or in the room. Padlocked rumours spread likely originating from the maids that he had put sheets of glass on the floor to guard against someone trying to an electric cute him and that he had put the sheets he had put sheets of lead between the mattresses of his bed because he feared someone would try to kill him with x rays. why he was really just trying to hedges bets, we hurried! Why is really for only make sure someone was going to kill him via X, Ray yeah. Ok, obviously already obviously more some moves, get electrocuted Moser to vary common methods for murdering people. The commission through the European electoral regime through the floor, like it may not act with the electric. You anywhere else the amount of cases we covered where people electrocuted are exposed to radiation. Drexler, it's it's crazy,
So, what is having a relevant? His appeals were rejected, which is shocking, but he was actually freed on a weird twist of events. He fired, Marian and assesses lawyer and whose new lawyers argued that he was convicted on a testimony that was actually perjury, so they let him go I'll re, so he murdered. Someone is let him go later they looked into this and they realize you likely just bought his way out of that can Ricky, I am sure, but they were going to use some kind of like weird little Lou No around this time and I'm sure they regretted later so. Home this time he was also sued by its former customer of his bank because he loan this guy. Fifty bucks, and he ended up having this guy paling. Five hundred and fifty bucks on a fifty dollar loan. Also, one of Marian Menaces Associates named Iva Sloan, actually had this man sue stem
bridge and small claims court and the man one. Instead, marriage had to pay the full amount back, so he blamed this loss on Marian, this as well, because it was his junior associate that suit him of ethical. Ok, it was her name was even Sloan. She'll come back later to Venus. Loan is one way of dealing with everything Sloan as well. I face entities thanks. Edina Sloan is one thousand. That's very. I say that May I say, did you know I didn't know the canadian and well so Marian S is now a target, yet his hatred of course, and now even Sloan is now not his favorite person either. Ok, so were were not reckoned up, some good points. You know. I need to also know it's not padlocked reader. I know I gotta know well, sir. divorced him finally are started. The whole boundless era and she claimed that he was like cruel, abusive, just a terrible person. She said
He slept with a gun under his pillow and that he basically did that'll King thing where he would have when she would make dinner, he would either switch the plates or make her eat some of his food to make sure that she didn't foiled alone. Imagine John doing anti your lawyers Dan and he is like and what Europe really I billion dude make your own food. Thus buck a minute make my own food. You make your own food. None of us will be poisoned so a couple of years later, at the end of nineteen, fifty two he was in trouble with the IRS because a single judge in you didn't think this guy was gonna. Get away from the eye around the world doesn't go away. He was paying taxes, no that's not a thing that was happening now, so he was not paying taxes at all for like decades. How do people think that they're getting away with TAT. I know- and he was also bullshitting on his taxes- that he did pay. So, apparently when the agents showed up to be like hey, we're, gonna charge you and tax evasion.
he said you know one I'll pay you ten thousand dollars to make this go away. That's it back then, and they said ok, maybe They were like where people can be voluntary like we're in Malta, sober went to see what's happening, so they left and they come back on January. Sixth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty three so like a few weeks later and they said sure, will take that ten thousand dollars and will forget that you just failed to pay taxes for years and he was like cool and they were like actually make that ten thousand each so they were like. I won't tell her personally IRA snow, like the two people. Oh got you got here like, I want ten thousand dollars and he once and I was that a lot of thousands and he was pissed, but he was like falling what else do we goes? He gets twenty thousand dollars that you just had. I was going to say exactly I come,
then he handed over and then they announced that they were wearing wires and he was under arrest for tax evasion and attempted bribery. Apparently everybody to not by all of it. He would the trial in April and April, twenty seventh, he was convicted of all charges, the judge hold him to get all his shit together and that he is come back on May force for sentencing. Chair, so they really you're gonna go away for Galileo. Doubt he's coming back on me for now is this was on April twenty seven. So it's only a couple days aware only a few days away that he s come back door George Carpenter, who like presided over both of his trials, got a ton of death threats over them. couple of days over the phone and we have had he knew they were Marian. Who is sixty one years old by now, by the way Nemo After this he just went radio silent for a few days like we heard from him leave us doing and then may first came
and on this day he randomly mailed to big suitcases to one of his sisters who lived in Washington DC. Both of them were had like walks on them. I cannot find what was in these suitcase. That figure is just money. I don't know. I imagine, maybe probably because they were his sisters, that he like what that he cared about gas, but am also maybe this evidence and shit really like more shit. He did in there maybe like liquid. All of us at some Halleck urging the army but light. I want to know at least one I sure they were taken care of before he disappeared, I'm just a shock
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like wonder about what they were just gonna like. Oh, I like. Why doesn't need to talk to him like known, was thinking anything of it. So may second, the fallen liked. An ex stay on TAT was a Saturday and it was a big day for several, reasons one. This was the day Marian Stem Bridge finally snapped and we're gonna get then a minute to it. Was the towns kick off CS: Quinn, Centennial celebrations. What? Yes, I want to set the scene real, quick. It was the one hundred and fifty years birthday of the town of Knowledge fills founded in eighteen, o three on that Saturday May. Second, there was a parade planned and a huge ball in pageant. To crown the queen of the subsequent centennial. Bitch, yes, said me, there are no. Thank you. Don't give me any of that, but according to the Atlantic Constitution newspaper on May fourth, nineteen fifty three quote more than two thousand people, their hearts warm with.
I'd and hands warmed with applause gathered at Davenport. stadium on the George Military Georgia. Military campus for the presentation of what a narrator called a home for story enacted by whom folks five hundred Baldwin county citizens of all ages and collection of rolling stock, which include everyone from an early settlers jackass to cut carriages, tandem, bicycles and fought in moves thing else, paraded fields to present the story which began with the native Americans and ended in the president and the president, the present so like we were gonna watch this whole reenactment of the town being born. Everyone say about at the Alida donkeys over here we got for contained and bicycles. We got horse tried carriages everyone's havin, a ball while ok, the streets were all decorated with red white and blue shit in there was all kinds of shit about the towns.
history it I know what you did last summer literally is one. I was my God. I love around the same time. We are linked literally thinking about croaker, Queen yeah. That's what I was thinking of us. It's like! Oh, my god. We are one. I know another. A lot of people dressed up like the eighteen hundreds glare gear and share they carried around fake, must gets the just shot, fireworks out, which sounds not safer than real musket swimming alleys relating jerk, like maybe just carrier unreal muskets at that point, because you could literally kill someone with Bio either, but ok, the Inn again: reenactments parades presentations, pageants parties, picnics food day, avenue, hordes of lots of fun shit. The governor was gonna, come obviously big deal this birthday It sounds like the fourth of July for the small town and it was gonna go on all week. We planned all week, but this was
the kicker visas we find. I mean I don't be. I mean this is prime magic. It was like this pageant sounds horrifying, but like that's just me, why? Because I am who I am Oh well, this is all happening and about to kick off in the afternoon with the parade. In the morning Marian Stem Bridge Miss plotting some shit yeah. After a bit he drove his are to the home of ship. Baldwin legislate solicitor, he was there. and who had chosen initially to prosecute him on that murder. Now Shap was in his home that morning and he watched Marian drive up in his car. The window- and he said he just sat there for a while, and then he just left without doing anything, and so later he realized that Marian likely saw that there was no car in the driveway in assumed you and home, and that's why you left
opening reality shops wife's. What shops wife had had their car and was using at them morning, That's why I wasn't in the driveway gun and he was like he'd indefinitely saved his life later. We find out that he was on his list to kill them or no monotonous unless you so he went back. Into town, and he creeped outside of George Judge George Carpenters Office for a while and witnesses said he was just staring in the windows and shit. But the judge wasn't there that morning labelling nobody's their loan nobody's there. It's not working out for him. He then walked into the face of J C Cooper, who was the clerk for the superior court and he just stood in front of him while he sat at his desk and the clerk was just like hello, Mr Stem bridge linked to set it in Egypt stared at him and then left her, and he was like what the fuck does any said. He like propped the door open before
he loved, so using whites. What's what the fuck and later what they think he was like can was definitely on his list, the clerk, but he was lower on his lips, so Heath and I think what we're going to find out later. Is he needed to do this quick, re use planning, and so he was going after the bigger targets first and that he was, but he was checking make sure where these other people were, and he was making sure he had an easy access to get that you could walk fires. As you know, we ve been open that door to be like I'll, be right back Why? Yes, so then, turn. I am. He went straight to Marian Menaces Office and, as you can imagine, marian- and this is probably number one on that list- his office was above the campus. the which showed movies and like shows, and now that's like this old timer collagen theatre, Sars Hollow yes, that, right anyway, red and white.
like the red and red and white diet, it sought the diner. I think it's the red and white movie, theater yeah you're right you're, right whatever somewhere else, you love it. We love it. We all of us The campus theater was like that and they had lines around the block that eggs everybody without that day, stemmed bridge walked right by this whole crowd of people Marion Annexes associate the attorney I talked about before even Sloan was also in the office and again she had worked on that case to sue suffrage. For that man who was made to pay like five hundred fifty bucks for fifty bucks she was there, but she was- and she was definitely on the list, but she had just left Marian and office and was in another office talking to another attorney
only goodness. I love how the stars are aligning variety buddy, scurrying are and that other lawyer said: Sloan's back was to the door and he was watching like he just happen to see over her shoulder that stem bridge walks right by the door, and he was like what the fuck is going on and he walked right the Hall towards Marian Menaces office. Then suddenly the people Sloan Sloan, and that other attorney heard loud pops now scrambridge suddenly ran across the hall and out the front door. Pass the other attorneys Sloan, ran into Annexes office and found him lying face down in a pool of his own blood, stem British had shot him once in the shoulder once in the stomach which would have killed him. The coroner corner later said, but then, when he collapsed on the floor, he said over him and shot him in the back. Only commits
Sloan later recalled that blood literally gushed from his mouth ass. He tried to talk to her and that he grasped onto her arm for support, as he breathed its last breath. Oh yeah said he literally like died in her arm only kindness. I can't imagine how heavy dogmas- oh my god, and like they work together, like that's like crazy in those someone from the law office, actually yelled out the window to the crowds below that somebody had shot an attorney and chaos just would not so God, so this is happening in Stembridge, walked quickly out of that law office and into another office building called the Sanford building on the other side of the theater. People in line said he walked beside them and tipped his hat to them, his envy brides and he walked up this airs pass the offices and down the hall to the Office of Stephen or of what people knew him as PETE Billions.
Billions was on the list, because he had represented someone who sued stemmed bridge and a false mortgage like foreclosure kind of thing, and He had also represented Sarah stem bridge in her divorce against Marian. So, several people actually told him during that whole thing go easy on Marian. Yet they were like he sea area, the fine and he said that he He wasn't worried at all because, because people were like, he literally murdered some. Unlike we all know, he did and he tried to murder and other person like chill and he was like no, I'm not worried but a huge twenty seven years old, dive, indispensable, he's invincible and he was like you know what it's like he's sixty one years old. When is it going to do to media and then he was like. I also carry a cult, forty five on me at all times on Tuesday legs. So whatever exactly it's no use like I'll, protect myself well tat morning.
Two shooting Marian s death over his beefs with him. He walks right into the office of billions in just stand there and he's just breathing. Billy and looking wild It was even weirder because he barged into a closed office, while biffins was like dictating something to his secretary, so his secretary just standing next to him like taking, notes and stem. I think the secretaries name was Jean Stock on my belief was stammered just barges in just stand. there are like a fucking wild animal and then his Grew Terry, looked him right in the eyes and she said later that biffins just kind. It just said good morning, Mr Stem bridge. What can I do for you a her like what the fuck? There was a pause. Instead, Prince just raised his gun and shop and he Shot until his gun collect and no she was left here shooting ribbons four times in the chest:
as he was sitting at his desk with his secretary standing right. Next, secretaries standing Mary up and I guess evans- did raise his own gun. Try to raise it, but he didn't have the strength to like pull the trigger. Sunni just dropped it, but what is crazy is biffins. Didn't die right away, even with four shots directly to the chest. He got all his strength stood up while being shot like in the middle of being shot and started. Show Jeanne stem brick wall, as this is happening. His secretary, Jean Stockholm, is screaming, trying to hide but screaming for help. At the same time, stem bridge is trying to put another magazine into his Go Grab Evans's gosh you billions Movin, since a bidding is apparently the hulk so easily. I have to keep shooting this before You can do that prevents, tackles his ass down and manages to ab stemmed bridges gun from him. He then biffins takes off down the hall with the gun book
lapses, half way down the hall onto the gun, oh my so he literally got half way down the hallway with this. Guy's gun fell on to it and he died. Oh no Oh yeah he's not he's gonna live. I know it's so sad and I'm just trying to figure which one either Marian or Biffins here, one them like Marian US, one of them left behind a wife and two young children all so the both of them were very young Catholic. Really sad now chiropractor in the office, I think Dr Brown. Actually he was in the same office building and he had like a different office and then he had to hide one of his patients under his desk and he was the one who called police and he watch them. Run out of the building, so the police are you from getting back and adjusted in this shit happens then I how to fine! Would this be? I have to hide.
This guy's desk Euro notes gone onto the fifties, really what the fuck like halfway through an adjustment, my money. I got there now about crouching under a death. I feel very fucked up saying that this is not our following three appointments Gallagher is is not cool. Thank you. So much for this can I have. This comment. So yes, police are already coming in. Sirens are going everywhere, like people are all over the place outside people. Screaming, like the people, are telling me stop. Clogging the streets. Could everyone's crowding around this area now its absolute mayhem, because people are Are you up for the celebration so they're in celebratory mode, and now all of a sudden sirens are coming flying down and what the fuck someone yells at a window. Somebody's been shot like what the fuc, so it turns out, bridge ran into another part of the same for building where one George Edwin simply had an office. Okay, when officer, Eugene Alice like once again and sheriff Dennis com
came on the scene. They walked up. The stairs to the second murder had occurred and they heard a shop so when they get up they find Marian stem bridge on his stomach on the floor outside of the judges office, there was, blood pulling around his head. He apparently had heard the cops approaching and put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger a while. No in that Georgia tales book By Re Chandler, it says that the State solicitor shut Baldwin who married stumpage had visited that morning and definitely clan to kill he just showed up next to them at the crime scene. In the bow either. Allow Eugene Ellis says: quote to this day. I dont know how we got there. I dont remember hearing him walk up on me, but when I looked around he just said it's: for now ain't it boy took some like what the fuck
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I just do not care to be sentenced for another crime. I did not commit in this connection. I will not be able to do in this connection I will not be able to do my full duty. I can only do the best that I can make. Ryan W Stem bridge. I was convicted by tampering with the jury Rousseau. They took this duty. He speaks to be killers, many people he saw as enemies before the police were called yeah. That's what I end. He would then shoot himself in the mouth. Obviously, that's why he says he won't be able to fulfil this full duty, but he'll do his best, spirit he knows you won't be able to hit them all, but I have in my hand again so when they check the weapons on his person at the time of his death, he had eight extra magazines with him prepared to kill a ton of other people, they also deduce that he was planning it on that Friday because he dated the note for Friday and he also tried to show up two annexes office, but he wasn't there rate so on.
less. They knew other than the two. He actually killed, Marian Agnes and Stephen Bevan our peoples, and he was going to Shep Baldwin, even Sloan, who only didn't die because she happened to leave Marian Illnesses office just before he came in and he die have time to look for her because he had to get out of a judge, Carpenter, Jason Cooper, the clerk, his Ex wife, Sarah Husseini, closing early up improbably and if they think that Eugene and as was also on that list now, kid who is in town that day in the book he said he was like ten years old and I just want to put the sinks. It's like such a, he was, like add, only got a corner store. Clia its agenda is moving in his life. Has it you're old and he said he was there through the whole thing and said quote, I remember seeing them bring annexes and biffins bodies out. They were covered in sheets, but the sheets looked like somebody had dumped a bucket of blood over them. Those are the first murder people. I ever saw while Boon of like damn you return,
six, some stand by me shit. Now the celebrations went on by the wrong. They cancelled the prayed for that noone covered the ball in patching, went on as planned in the celebrations band out for the rest of weak went out to like what I feel the same to be crowned. Miss Georgia Madame and probably not unheard billions. In F S. Apparently had both take, the leg were big in planning the celebration sure, and so I think it was their families. We're like they would have wanted this to go on and people to be happy. I have a fun time with this. Also, I think they did like honour them at Tina. They mangi I'm at times, but they did make it a big deal till I go on with these celebrations. Like nothing happened to let some They were, like the probable, say, important. We need to wait until I redo part of a newspaper article that sent me to them because actually Abu ALA, so it's really crazy. So is story in the Atlanta constitution on May Fifth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty three is this: the bulls wild thing I've ever heard. Maybe it's just me.
It was about this says squint centennial and then suddenly it makes this insane comparison now. It says this. No mother, saddened by tragic death in the family in the midst of preparations for beloved, childs birthday party ever rally, More bravely invented the old town of Milon Phil, as it headed grief over this today, slaying of two of the leading citizens and put its best foot forward to receive the first of ten thousand visitors to attend the week. Long says quince until it Channel celebrate, and priorities. No mother saddened by the death of somebody beloved while planning their beloved childs birthday party, has ever rallied who rates like a village, a bill who writes they. Should this fuckin party we made up like? Are you kidding it's a lot, but the answer? sponsor trauma aid than the news
papers like really concerned with proving that the residents of Melody Ville are like stoic as fuck enabled us to forget in an actual murder. If you tell us why the slick so of the time it truly is good, then the next thing it says that there is the deaths of, but Ernie's Marilla Marian Ennis and Stephen Bourbons, before the blazing gun of Banker grocer Marian Stem Bridge Saturday, was still uppermost in many mines, but it soon the second funeral that was bent. Billions was over at four p m. The town turned resolutely to staging the finest one hundred fiftieth birthday party for them finest town in the: U S survey, do they straight up pre game to this party with a funeral, and then there was an asterisk and its rights for stem bridge who killed himself after the double murder will be held privately Tuesday. So I go to those here in the need for an affluent party in question. I love that, if, like everyone was so grief stricken over these brutal borders, but then they were like
fuck. It s our towns, a hundred and fifty of the burning down to you ass. You know why I billing stars hollow would do well yeah, I think so, two months of connections here That was a lot so that newspaper kind of blue my goddamn mind, and then I have it still appear, because what we see I have to find the other part dead. It's like they just go so they're going right right from like The double were killed himself and if you want to go to that, that's friend, that's that's happening privately on Tuesday. In the next thing is a blue eyed, fair haired Betty make Milon twenty one winner of the county, wide competition for the title of queen of the sets quince and daddy, or was it? resource subjects in a gigantic parade through downtown streets for thirty p m. So that same King day they crowded their queen. They paraded this
down the streets at four thirty of the same streets. That's Danbridge had just pull out until blot on those streets. What the fuck is that priority. Nine man, railroad, loom. I mind so stoic. That's a lot to invite so somehow, get slightly weirder. Somehow investigators went to Amber just store to clean up the mess and start liking are going through will and all that maybe find some more evidence of him being a shady person and they found five locked safes so media like what what will be a mare survey open them there somebody come in and open them. What do you think canned goods canned goods kindly closer, you should have been. Hours of his own urine lights, yup they were all labeled with his name
the dates that they were collected, and they had saying that when he died they were to be tested so acute prove that he was poisoned they also found rusty nails in some of the safes and guns. What yeah. eggs. You Cubans, imagine you, like you they're all, definitely talking about it before they like open these up in their legs are their body parts and they like yeah, is there going to be? crazy, like paperwork that leads us sufficiently so investigation, just jars piss.
and then a man whose name on the person to clean up, and then it's in his well that they need to be done. That Asia like there that they move, has, I believe now so than they have still not linger legalities, will also in his well. He left Sarah one dollar. What a pocket have that was literally like required by law, as they weren't legally to our stellar is why would a fucking asshole? I will take all of that peace. I really technically. That's mine too, would pour it over his equipment for better for worse motherfucker, very advice, he left the rest to his sisters that he talked about what about his child yeah. I don't know what happened ample and I don't know where she everyone, but in nineteen woods crazy is Eugene Ellis, like mean guy here he It became chief of police there and he bought me. Instead bridges dusk, when it went auction sites
We met a real choices. He used it for a long time. He also kept the handwritten suicide note pets. It's a moment. I mean he was a big part of this case in the desk. I guess was the one that when he came to arrest him like healing, tackled him over, so I guess it's love is. Are you ok? that I get the just guy, get like the hit. The suicide note. I don't know I mean it was a big part of the case. I sure there's I got one of the police chiefs and lay down the lady in the dunes case like had her skull in the thing a without was like a reminder to the letter aligned her, but people keep like Yod things. I suppose I do, but I thought that was interesting and I can't get the desk like I get, because I think it has like bad by bad vibes on it. But like I just get it, I will just keep the year
and you wonder why we are in the year I would I would. I would put it in my case, and I believe you know who's your in matters such as keeping not all. I wonder if the urine is around earth, if they just got rid of Erin away, they must have had to test it. Maybe but you're there's no way the earth dollar laden tasks such as the way they are listening that so in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. There was a book written called Paris, trout and it was written by Peter Dexter and it was loosely based on this rampage in case. You want to read it, but I guess the town of Milledgeville was very upset about this cuz again it was loosely based. He never claimed it was the actual story, but I don't like this being broad. It's like an kind of an if cover black splotch on thy conveyed only get being brought up because their fuckin, having some regret, has asked the liberated it's a lot, o stood murder and there was a You ve made a ninety ninety one called perestroika on. I wanna watch it yeah. I guess I haven't seen it I've. Never heard of any logic and shall watch it.
the home. He once said shared with sorrows like a boarding house. Burn down in two thousand and nineteen owner before that? It was said to be haunted by Marian, who would stomp through the hallways I believe that now people say that more emphasis theatre is haunted by him. Oh, I bet because he died like right upstairs and like an office thing I mean that's of, and the rampage happened like right up there. I want to go there. Also. I just had an idea. We should watch that movie and then do patron of his own on it. All we should. I patron watch was apparent trout Do it here. So that's the tale of Marian stem bread that was wild. Where did I went to my mind, a somebody recommended it? I could I I like randomly had it in a list. I dont think I came up with myself. Maybe I did when I say that I think it was a list of ones that I had like taken from people's wizard. S generally are so were suggested that you fuckin Rock,
I was really interesting to look at those very interesting to listen to. Thank you. You know I love and old, timer murder and he gave me a good one. I know sorry age punch, microfinance agreed. We do What I thank you so much for if that was a suggestion which I believe it was. Thank you so much and you guys rocket suggestions got feel free to always like tweet thus a gigantic second message unto the email, because I didn't know about the sun. So whenever one found exactly, I love it. You Israel, we also have a forum, fur in suggesting we do talk until I can find it. We have a form forms. Are funding have for these things because they keep them all. An area that way you can see just cases and we will actually see them and they won't get Lhasa me abyss. I guess I don't know if I said this but like I don't look at the email anymore, so I What's Ashraf drilling pass the belong to me, but I did ask on Twitter the other, and I got so many good ones see you guys rule- and I love you so much- and this is a lot of fun to do. Ok, here's the forming
I'm gonna end up posting this, I'm in utter grammar somewhere, but if you're in old- and you don't diffusion, do that then it is. HTTP as DOT fuckin. Not dot hold, I know it's HTTP s. oh and backward flash times to form start gee, I'm gonna have this because I'm not leaving olive oil disposed to judge for those two. If you want, will put it in the yen and the shoe notes, it's gonna be all over the place. You got those by going to listen wherever you listen. If you click on the episode, there should be an episode description that that's I shall know it's just because we Vatican Bobby's on our like what the fuck is shown. Its can feel, and I feel that, because before I did a podcast idyllic, what the fuck is a show note. So we get it. So that's where that is
You are late, GPS. The exotic should because this book is really interesting and has really a lot of Georgia stories in it and reach handlers did a good job in telling the story. I can, I wonder if I should play, I can try to post the link to the ancestry tree, but you may have signed up for it. Accounts for a lot of people. Have the car yeah and we use but love you and we hope you keep listening and we hope you heap at somebody you gonna killing rampage manure. Like all you know what I'm dumb and making rampage I'm the town should just celebrate each beady town yea, and not so where that you're in your safe jars, everywhere
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