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Episode 257: The Tragic Story of Barbara Daly Baekeland

2021-08-22 | 🔗
Ash brings us the story of Barbara Daly Baekeland, a New York socialite who ended up being murdered by her son Anthony “Tony” Baekeland. Barbara had a long history of mental illness and eventually her son did as well, some argue Tony’s mental illness began when his mother tried to “cure him of his homosexuality” by taking him to bed herself. This was definitely a hard one to get through, but is a fascinating case for sure. As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Get up to fourteen free meals—including free shipping!—when you use code morbid14 at HelloFresh.com/morbid14 The Jordan Harbinger Show: You can’t go wrong with adding The Jordan Harbinger Show to your rotation.  It’s incredibly interesting, there’s never a dull show. Search for The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! Curology: You can start your Curology journey just like I did with a free 30-day trial at Curology.com/MORBID Aurate: For 15% off your first Aurate purchase, go to AurateNewYork.com/morbid15 and use promo code morbid15 Monday.com: To start your free 14-day trial go to monday.com/podcast
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happen, New England doesn't know what to do here. We know what to do with lots of snow. We don't know what to do with anything, but I feel, like everybody just took the same like precautions that they do with no, it's like the milk, the eggs, the bread them exactly bread. That's all we know what to do. Where like charge up all your stuff, you have some eggs and milk and red get a portable charger. Just there we go only in the guise of media through Danzig takes mob. Should they be true stocked up. I was thinkin, you grow sure. If they say you get em an institute. Thank you. That's right, yeah, but yeah don't know what to do so, it's gonna be weird: we're gonna get our two episodes out. It's been a little bit. We're waiting so we're gonna get her to emphasise it just like always away and because we are who we are and where, weird year weird you guys, you they're always come out. That's all we know there, but we don't know when I'm sorry We are definitely getting them, because Orient BT, the hopefully we're not gonna lose power, but I
feeling. We well know in an unknown and put it out into the universe ominous a horrid. I know I don't know losing power, so I don't think anybody really likes it. Some people may think it's fun in spooky. I just think I think it's gone into spooky, but I think it's far too quiet yeah. I don't like it at all. It stresses me it's like you by showing the silent with kids that fuck, that it's not fund, always power. cause you're, like I don't know what you did pre Ipad, though Echo is just a lot, but so well good, though, where Europe assistance will be out, but but let's see what happens let's go. Let's get this one more alone was to see what happened to them stressed array. Well, this one was actually super duper highly requested like a few weeks ago. There's a reason like forty two people were like you need to do. This case is that they are like any date back corresponds with that. No just happened to have I love
that happened, I think I could lay everybody knows I love and old Hollywood case industry. You do. This is not necessarily old Hollywood, but this woman has like a Hollywood highs, she's like a social rights and do not apply like Ashiel up that do it. This is a perfect kind of thing for you. It is we're going to trigger warning this. A little bit because this unfair, gently does involve possible incest, oh and sexual abuse oh ok, who are going to be uncomfortable listening to not which probably all of you are, but if you dont want to listen to that, then I will see you curliness episode. I guess I m glad I brought my coffee now. You're welcome could well, sir. we are talking today about Barbara, I think you think bake land. I looked it up in somebody said Bay, Ecklund somebody's, I ll end. I think it's vehicle and I'm gonna go of bacon Barbaik lend its. That sounds right. It does to me it feels does it feels right coming out of my mouth revise before Barbara became a bake when she was born Barbara daily on September, twenty Eightth, nineteen, twenty two to parents, Mimi and Frank Daily, the roaring twenties averring, twenty. She,
and with a bang. She grew up in Cambridge Massachusetts, which every source I saw was like. She grew up in Boston, and I was like Cambridge is important Nothing. I just Cambridge, but hello, Barbara High Barbara happy to have you am I right now. I dont did not look into this case before I said any of this They look, they will see evolved. You're mine, I'm on the earlier well, while barbers mother Meaney, unfortunately had her fair share of struggles when it came to mental Health, a she actually nervous breakdown just a couple years before giving birth to Barbara, oh boy, so she was going through it and barbarous father. also seem to struggle with his mental health. Or I don't I don't over his daughter of his wife's struggles. Kind of just took a toll on him. Ok, probably a mixture of both a meaning and when barber ten years old, Frank ended up killing himself. He
he went out into the closed garage and he turned on the family car. So ultimately, he died from the few inhalation and people think the reason that he did it. That way was so that it could still look like an accident. Oh so then he was like taking care of Barbara Nemean. They could get so insurance peo. Ah, that's really sad and Israelis on, but luckily they were left with enough money. To kind of me ends meet and they actually mean he decided to use the money to move to New York City for awhile and they actually in the dull Monaco Hotel o is just like fence events. I felt his fancy, but I must have been good. Insurance pay out now growing up. Barber was considered one of New York's. Ten. Most beautiful girls, which really helped her work her way to a model in clear that'll. Do I also want to know like who decides? I was going to say that somebody has come to that r and d like radios in you, pay you you're beautiful, hair. Norville pray.
only nine others like wild slick, Milly Cod- is that if it is it a contest, you data, is it like a pageant of some sort, dining see anything about a padded. There are just like she's one of the ten most beautiful girls literally just picked her up. This Do I added up? If this happens? You know they. We saw you coming over the grocers you're real, pretty here and I'd, say you're, pretty, Then you know ninety, son of women in the same goal. It also it makes sense for Barbara because she was born on the Libra Virgo Cusp, which is known as the cusp of beauty. Oh and in there I didn't know that there was like a like. I knew there are costs, obviously in astrology, but I didn't know they were like cusp of beauty. I had no idea. That is a thing. So then I fell into whole reading all about different costs and what they mean. I was born on the cusp of energy, which meant that a lot of them as they believe yours was like prosperity filigree. May I talk to you jail. But that's not what this is.
That's not about our costs. Do not about our costs, bits about brought barbarous cusp of beauty, and that's that's weird, though that makes them yet make sense like they. They line she's beautiful and it's funny cause. She went onto model for vulgar. Harpers bizarre well, get it so that Casper Beauty just really nail in it for air and then cause she was modelling and one of the most prettiest girls there. You know she started invites like super exclusive parties where she'd hang out with like New York's tops social. So the time till she just fancy she was super fancy election has made her way on up there. Now, while without one absolutely trainees Mortimer from the real without any funny, because a Mortimer actually takes place in this area. Murmured Mortimer, too takes place order. Work makes an appearance. What about does I think she's physically take place and they take place here,
glass of coffee, and I usually I'd like three by this point. In the end, it was mugged. Not even a glass she's really struck really does not. Ok. Is your coffee? I'm gonna blame for your shoes, in with those social aid. She was tins, leaving it up and while she without one of those party she was introduced to Dana Andrews than enough, you ve heard of him now neither by apparently in the forties. He was a pretty big time deal. Ok was an actor. Now he had starring roles in Laura the best days our lives and state fair oaks you over there. Looking at up you're, not gonna, recognise a signal of his movies cause. I just want to see him handsome dude, ok, handsome guy. I think that here some dude, he always did he hasn handsome dude. Now, ok, look her up. She was Dana I'm not going to deny that there's a photo of him like holding a cigarette late. Just looking at the currently league member in the forties.
like these won't kill. You look cool these. These are just like these old meet your sex appeal at a thousand exactly why Dana thought that Barbara star potential without a thousand, and he invited her out to Hollywood with him thinking not she screen test and he thought she had like. I said star potential she's, a big cassiar. She is holding a figure at just like a book. Is actually the death rate star potential. That's all you needed in the forties was a cigarette. Unlike curly hair, was literally going to say and good hair good cloth. That's all you need that good rollers that mistake near here and Hollywood. You go the Irish you're gonna arrest. Let's get it yeah anyway. The screen does did not work out for a girl barbs, unfortunately, but you know she was out in California doing the damn thing and she met this girl called Cornelia, Bake Lynde, who was also known as Dickie bagel and which are thought his dislike. Adorable skinning loud name cause Cornelia, such a pretty name yet
but she was the sister of this guy called Brook, speak land and Cornelia thought. Barbara would really hit it off with her brothers issues like. Let me introduce you I should like this so much a liberation here and made sap and books and Bob's. Let's get epidemics, Bab spake Lenny I should have a baby ah but Brooks was, actually training to be a pilot with the royal canadian AIR force. Ok, just just in irish casual just living and when they met sparks flu. It was a Taylor. Swift song, I love it. Barber was beautiful, Brooks was handsome and, like ridiculously wealthy and that's really all you need to build a good relationship. Obviously there you go. That's it looks in money and Brooks came from family money from his grand Father was LEO Bake land who of an essentially just invented plastic. Oh that little like plastic was already a thing, but it wasn't great Ellen. Have you heard of it? I've aspect that I don't know he has used. Sometimes every I've seen it just Google, it you'll know you might
you may be like I've used at once and now you know you might be a plastic city at the mean girl steep. I mean Google it on the thing that is made out of classic while weird I was literally that's gonna say that's, so let us stop saying my words but yeah so keenly, invented bake, lay plastic which is Also known as are you ready, pollio, see, benzel math fallen digging colon hydride killed, it killed her. I don't get it. Losses in the middle there, but basically it was the first plastic made from synthetic materials and it was called the material of a thousand uses, no news, just like the world's first sustainable plastic. Now we ve got a very different kind of sponsor for this episode. The Jordan Harbinger show, which is a podcast like you really should be listening to, and I know every day somebody tells you you just have to listen. Some podcasting you're like a high on doubling, and to do that and you never do don't let that happen here. Don't sleep on the shelf
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Epps. So, even though they were both in love with each other, everything kindest started off with a lie because Brooks later Clay, and that the reason he married Barbara so quickly was because she told him that she was pregnant Oh whaler alert she was not ie, so he and Barbara got married in California, but then they went back to New York City to celebrate, fit to celebrate to settle differences, that what maybe not celebrate condoning applies cause. You know. lies because she lie because to legalise sweatsuit lies and not response Have you got pretty early on. They started having problems, partly because everything was based on a lie: they were com, silently cheating on one another. Barbara was struggling mentally and spent a ton of money on psychiatry, wrist and thereby appointments, but she was never really getting to the bottom of what was truly going on, because it was only like the mid forties at that point. Let's, we haven't really come a long way with their health and everything like that
and the other thing that wasn't helping was that, because of books is status, they were just constantly under public scrutiny. Everyone had an opinion about them. Everyone knew what was going on in their life there, like top of the wheat New York, social change. Tat Thou must be so hard when you're struggling with your help. I also just can't imagine, even if you weren't, struggling with your mental health, I feel it would cause you to oh yeah. Sure cause you're, just like under the flag eyeball of everybody O. Yet whenever I'd like strangers have opinions about who you are as a person it'll get to your mental health yeah He had to anybody can agree that has ever had strangers. Have an opinion about you. It's weird Windsor injuries have an opinion about you, but they don't know you know beer, but they had a ton overarching famous friend, and it was more like just keeping up would like the shells and mortimers of society, Linkinwater motions is, there was actually won.
where they were out to dinner with some friends- and this is really fucked up this, like may me- really really bad cause. If this happened to me, I would have liked thrown a plate across the table. Who Brooks was at the table with all their friends and obviously Barbara was there, and he just was like. I would sleep with ex girl who walked in the room, no matter what she looked like for a million dollars. Why offer that information, Sir, what sir? Maybe You should be single them, sir. I'm like really angry like I would literally throw played at him. I'm not one for violence, but you know I know, but sometimes there's I haven't, even though I have here get unemployed throughout the good to fight at the very least the Rome by pork chops at him yeah, I don't even like pork chops, I throw them both Antonia, like that's, really fucked up If I would you just randomly say that what I did and I feel like it's like what those statements that, like the whole table, go silent there like ie, I was at a Joe,
very bad joking, when isn't isn't that your wife want to walk. I won back, I don't know you had he had he come back from that one ill brick, but to get back at him, Barbara decided that she was gonna just happen. The next car that came by so when I leave ratcheting it up a notch in just one for one bouquet see Hopton a car with four guys inside and it just like spent off as it relates. So, instead of allowing tit for tat, it's like tit for rather tat tat tat. Can you that's the forties rather not tat, day ass, she take a moment like much later that now about what the fuck oscillate guys. Maybe you shouldn't be. Do you think that's your baby? You should just be single if you want to live. That may realise how now there were their occasions where they would violently fight about things such as what restaurant to go to. I mean there We reject one article, it's not ok, there was one
nickel, where he literally had her in like a head back and she was biting him. Oh, my god, they couldn't decide what restaurant they wanted to go to Lakeshore. They D go to one and he didn't want to go there and that's what it escalated to that's, terrific. It's really sad image. I feel tat goes show you like the struggles she was having their. How does it get from that leg from, like such a small argument to like that. Heightened oh yeah, this clearly stuff under the surface, amateur and things that people don't know, honestly choose a fucking asshole. He is yeah. Can you like help her out and so putting her, and I fuckin had locked cheese. This whole thing is like woe and I felt like reading. Throughout this whole thing it was like Brooks, was constantly being embarrassed by Barbara, but it's like he wasn't doing anything to help her now had some of the biggest stars around that time coming to their parties too. So, like these are people it. You didn't want to be losing your shit in front of yeah court.
Gretta Garbo Tennessee Williams. So, SAM Greame, no big deal a big stars, people you might know yet so everything just like really diabolical in front of all these, like social rights and there's like drugs happening at these parties for a drink and tons of alcohol is just like not the situation you need to be, and when you add on I it's not just that, might you know, do in the Charleston or something no I mean, maybe at the same time that that's love it nothing more about, but wait. There's more safely more and here's some more, for you because things work really going any better. Nineteen. Forty six when Barber found out she was pregnant, fulfils this time for that and even after gave birth to their son, Anthony they were still cheating on each other and still carrying out. Like long term affairs. Cool now suffer the net Ten years, Barbara and Brooks would travel all around the world with their little tony, boasting about what, amazing child, he was, he was a prodigy. They said he was good at painting. In writing. He was God's gift to the world.
and have you learned from a young age that he could literally do nothing wrong and that there were no consequences and life. That's always good. You know you really want to set that up for your kid, the of the union's while rate Barbara Brooks, which Tony off in front of their friends at parties, but when it came down to actually being their further son emotionally and actually taking care of him. Tat was like the man S, job yeah, of course, they're like the boarding schools, job, that's a set. I read this article. It was written by a guy called David Leaf said quote, as the family travelled from one sheikh destination to another. In an endless round of idle summers, she and bricks treated their son like a favorite toy to be picked up and put down at whim. Oh that's, really sad. So sad of outlook hurts my heart attack. Has that's a baby. I dislike tree your child let me show you off Roquat now get away from me and nothing when it is like an especially like at that time period and where they were hanging out with it was like kids Burgess like shy things to show off and not lack actual human beings, so you have to actually like nurture Raynham, be therefore
love and let each wrung from right leg it like kids, are not convenient, no Logan, that's that's what I think everybody had to learn for. I don't think I'm anyone has kids like make their life easier know that definitely doesn't happen and looks like. It always makes me angry when people are like, while this is like really inconvenient for me and its, yeah, no shit, that's what it's another human that you literally have to bring from like this little blob. He added actual human and you're solely responsible, literally responsible for it. Of course, it's not gonna like fit into your wife. Perfectly increases not gonna be in these jack. Your life around, like taking care of my cats, is a difficult jobs, hams and of my cool, but, like I used to have them exactly in God, take care of them a little. I love them say: desert they do but friends of the family noticed odd behaviour that didn't seem to be on barber and boxes radar coming from Tony, they saw him picking the legs off of crabs when they were at the beach they
It is that he developed a stutter and they wondered if it was like to earn more attention from his parents o this hurts my heart. It's really One friend even remember that Brooks boasted about Tony pulling a flies wings off like he was doing so, an experiment and not just like treating and animal cruelly. I know bringing the fly, but it's still like I went especially when you put it along with ripping the legs off of crabs and write. Like IE, exactly by hidden, seem concerned about, like the cruelty aspect of that he seemed more concerned like oh, what a brilliant mine digs. That's exactly what it was like all my son do spare me like no take not exactly so now we're gonna flash forward to nineteen sixty seven, the families living in Switzerland Tony's twenty one by this time and his parents find out that he is gay ochre. They are less than pleased that hurts my heart. It's real
Fucked up Tony had been experimenting with his sexuality for a long time, while he was out of boys burning boarding school. That's when he did a lot of experimenting and he actually told a psychologist that it started when he was eight years old and that something that happened him at school and that's when he started like exploring his sexuality wow needs. They got years old and something happened out. He said because of an experience. He had a boarding school at handled. So it's like you wonder what that yeah kind after even to that, I found the ominous at us now Brook seem to have known for a while, but Barbara literally could not handle the new. She almost fell apart now at the time, Tony was gaining this guy from Australia who he had met in Morocco link what a life seo I met the skies. moreover, I live in August in Morocco. Does not my man's in Morocco this man's was Jake Cooper. Jake was a really seedy, dude, really shitty guy. He
it was said to have been bringing Tony down a really bad path. He introduced him to a ton of drugs. They, like, did LSD regularly together, which, when you're doing that regularly it's like not also Menino, exude, not very casual, not great for your psyche. are the also we're doing Belladonna together o K, parliaments and Yang, I They deliver a lot of things thing I thought of it. So one of barbarous friends called her and was like Tony's involved with this guy and like he's, bringing him down a really bad path, and I also think there together so Barbara was devastated by her son was gay which respects fucked up, so why simplifying tat thou would even be on here, and I know it was like a different time socially and all that stuff, but it was never out of you ever accept ill hooked up and she was so upset that she decided they needed to leave immediately and move back to New York City and she wanted to work on curing.
of his gain s o curing him of his gayness like it's a fucking disease. Eighth, it's terrible! Now. Some people said that this is one Barbara Antonia relationship really started to become incestuous. Oh so I read this article that while they were crossing the border to get back into the United States, they'd Tony didn't have the right passport, so they had to spend the night in jail. and she said something to him along the lines of lake. Oh good, like your cuffed up with Mummy like just where you should be oh, which, like maybe when it be like soup, we're deeper creepy. If everything else, I have to get a fair deal. It's like some is a weird thing to say it's definitely a weird things like saying: me, one whose money. Why was going to clear to anyone being like covered up with mummy- and he referred to her asthma me for like four ebbs? Oh man lock
no Barbara, allegedly, and this is really fucked up. So if you again, I gave you a warning in the beginning, but here's another one so give yourself a SEC, Barbara, allegedly told rocks that she could cure Tony's, gayness again huge likes if she just took him to bed with her. I don't wanna be anywhere near this. Think about that. That's your your son! That's not gonna, kill anybody of anything gets your son that only going to make more problems for both of you. Oh I'm upset yeah. I remember listening the podcast way back on
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well so Brooks was horrified and he told the story to his brother in law, who then told his wife and then before you knew it. The story was just being passed around the elite circle and everybody knew that Barbara that guy. I love that this started from her own husband justly telling everybody adopt. We they were having like he was involved in like a crazy affair and he had already been having not affair for which, among long time and named, I think he was sell out of it, but she would constantly say she was gonna kill herself if she left if he laughed her, so I think he was feeling stock, like you didn't ya out to be responsible, for us is just a very chaotic messy situation, exact
so everybody's like talking up as the, but that was the last thing that Barbara confide in books as a married couple, because he didn't say I can't sit around for those than I had better- not do that cause that's ridiculously fucked up. I can that's as having ear like the mother of a boar father of your child safe or something like that too right, I heard what you ve been do later. I might come out and say I may know, were involved in this and I'm like speechless. Suddenly, I don't even know it's just you say it like it's not a big deal. I think this would fix it. I find slept with our sun yeah. I think that we made together and I'm the mother of late. I will that will solve all the problems and I know she was struggling mentally, but I'm just like how receive brain go there. I know that's the thing like to keep its just like. I know his mental illness here. So it's like right, obviously were not thinking lie. quickly or like real. Yes on this situation, but it's like hearing that is shouted are in very shocking now, just having
Brooks is not the figure of the story. No, he left Barbara Antonia for a girl named Sylvie Scevra who is actually one of Tony's friends to begin with, I am man, Europe, Sylvia and bricks had been having an affair for like a long time and it was actually Barbara who introduce them too each other was Co. She thought that Sylvie was Tony's. Girlfriend all and now Sylvie herself denies that she and Tony wherever together, she was like. I knew that he was gay. He who he was gay. Our relationship was strictly platonic, but Tony seem to remember it differently to later, and he had later like said that his father stole his girlfriend. Really, yes, while this is messy, is held them. This is at the mercy of the Meciar. It's like a real example of their always being three sides decides to a story. Yours, miner, the truth, but here we have Sylvia
works is Tony's Barbara's, yours, mine and the truth is that he's suffering and it's like what's inside excessive speed and shook and keep looking at pictures of all people. You keep mentioning you know, and I tried to get the field. There are very beautiful. I mean this is very like this is very old Hollywood. Looking allow lily. It's like the oldest Hollywood. Look here. No books in the inner circle were not the only ones to hear about the alleged incestuous relationship between Barbara intoning after books left her boy, restarted. He came like a creed of writing class and she was allegedly writing a novel about a mother and son and their incestuous relationship with each other. Ok, then Sylvie later alleged that the police found heaps and barbarous house, like Cosette tapes, where she was like, like recording like talking about what she was gonna, be writing and she was talking about incestuous things. Now. That's never been confirmed if those Cosette tapes actually exists about Psych Sylvie.
but that they, the police, gave them to Brook since a destroy these cause. They're gonna ruin your family name because I remember This is a huge family name like LEO, and yet I am the first to save a sustainable plastic course. So barbarism era senile laying justice like focus on incest, is like yeah. Can we move away from my right, it's very late hours in the on it. It keeps bringing me there he I keep getting brought that weird place to go mad, I'm I was excited to get away from it yes, it is. This episode is over as as interesting as it isn't, like. Ok, we're gonna move on to Islam or as a place to hang out for a while. I think we're gonna move on a summer haunted after you have created a leader, but we have we got finish the fits so one of the friends that barber meeting her creative writing class. Remember that at first She thought tat. She was writing a fiction novel about the internet, because you would think that yet like flowers- and they are correct-
but then she went to Barbara Tony shared apartment. One day it because Tony just constantly lived with Barbara, like for the rest of ever yet yeah and there was picture that Barbara had taken if Tony and portraits- and they were just like Everywhere- and this woman was just like disturbed by the picture. She said that they weren't a kind of pictures of typical mother would take of her son. Ok, those gonna say I'll get her at its. Her son link loves her son. Now there is one picture and it's not like sexually explicit or anything, but it's a Brooks Earth use means of Tony. When he's gonna like a bath testa. I just saw the it's a weird picture: it's not like there's, no like blatant nudity. do you like that now? But it is definitely a picture that you'd Billig were why when was that date like what was the context in which that was taken in it they take posed like it looks pollyanna, you don't mean it looks like a photo shoe new literally that, like it, looks like a photo shoot that, like us
in, like a groan person would take not one other grove. You know a magazine, a sum magazine illegal, like like playboy too so yet, and no one not even need say because it's not it's like see It's like suggestive though, but it's got leg up at. I fancied look to a dialogue. It has legal vogue. Look to it like I could see like you know, I'm Ternata, I'm so bad at actresses, my were carried elevate yeah I could see you are like Jennifer Lawrence again, her like in this this kind of photos, and I think I think Europe actually thing: it's only suggestive, knowing what I known and yeah there's going to say and shout like a playboy ya- know them in the man. It shouts, like wife, what's happening here like that's all but if you didn't know, you'd be like like fashion and it's definitely not a photo. I would like display of my child now is just about where bit weird, but
over the years, a lot of Barbara Tony's visitors felt the same as this woman Judah. They were like yeah. These pictures were weird because no matter where they work, as they had various apartments in New York, London and other parts of Europe, because Barbara Gonna monthly allowance from Brooks He had left and yet, but no matter where they were, that there were like huge, portraits and photos of Tony all over the apartments that Barbara put up here, and she was just like constantly talking about Tony all the time like she was very very focused, Syria, which again, if you're looking at it from the other. I like. That's your only child ass, your husband left you and I are kind of both clinging on to each other, but you can definitely look at it boldly a few sides here, but the portraits were often described as creepy now one of barbers own friends, Alan Harrington, said that she called him on the phone to tell him that she had slept with Tony to cure him. Oh being gay
who another man who made friends with Barbara on a cruise said. She also told him the same thing and said she was quote very honest about it. She said she had done net to break him of his homosexual tendencies. She talked about it as though it were a therapeutic act. I am horrified NEA, especially like us, for all of this legged do on a cruise you meet of while him about those woe, and then there were people. It was our galaxy just and again, these are all legal legit accounts by our people that really cash. You just like set it at dinner, one night which makes you think there's something so wrong here that she's Speciale. Doesn't this thinking on something that would horrify people right eggs cause? That's the thing normally like you, I would think when this happens, people I mean people too to hide this, I would thank, you would feel, shame and also its it's like,
there's so many layers to it, like you, don't find anything wrong with like trying to cure someone of homosexuality, which I know at the time, probably wouldn't shock everybody as much bright But then you add that layer of like it's, my son yeah, will you have incessant tools like you know, you should feel some shame here. What what are you doing? Just saying this in front of people, which makes me very much question what state she was in a thing I think ass. She was Just seems she wasn't it yeah. She was constantly even after a while, she was like threatening the killers, while she attempted to those old times lotta and then, at the same time, I read articles where, like we're saying like you, would you so she said people she's having an incestuous affair in your like one, not shock people, but then it's like she outlaw. Point slit her wrists and showed people and was like all guess what, where I was this morning, Langley at the hospital. So it's like, I don't know, I think she was disassociated, somehow yeah, those just like no filter happening in
and this was so long ago that she is not going to the right people. There now isn't medical attention available. Now like this was an undersea. There was an understood exactly so off into law. It's a pot to now once Brooks laughed barbers. Mental health only declined more and more and Tony now was the one taking the brunt of it like I said they would argue over like what restaurants to go out and in like a physical assaults. So it was not only rigging. The brunt of barber was soon for hard on him, especially because she was so upset about sexuality and eventually Tony began to struggle with his mental health and not to mention back when we back when he was with Jake Cooper. He had eaten like an entire thing of Belladonna, which is known. cause hallucinations and ongoing mental prop. I was gonna say it's not like it just like as like whoop, it urges go. I ain't gonna run its course for a long time, yeah exactly like paladin It doesn't even sound like a real thats. Why insane? He was
prone to serious and like really scary, bouts of anger and obviously, if this alleged ancestors happening to him, that's also part of it for her arm d, some of these, and it was always Barbara that was like up and taking the brunt of his anger because they were so codependent it was. I was like this is just such a really vote. The toxic relationship volatile relational, provides right, but he would threaten barber with knives. He would show her there were times where people are like yeah. I literally saw him try to push her and on coming traffic and things escalated really really seriously. One night when Barbara was attacked, while she was leaving a dinner party that she'd attended in London, someone came up behind her and tried to grab her, but she was able to make a break for it. Whoever this person was then grabbed her by the hair and allegedly ripped a clump of hair out woe and then through her down on the ground and then tried to do
her into oncoming traffic? Yes, she was able to get away again, but the man ran into the house and then came back with a knife and started heading her way. He ran into the house and the children at a dinner party. I was her friends how so I usually random do it was this guy I obviously he knows the way out of this house, so he goes and gets a knife and comes back and he's like screaming Any woman whose near her is gonna get it. Why? If they like intervene so then he starts going Barbara's way, but just in the Nick of time a couple people who lived in the house that we weren't there at the time intervened. Barbarous friend Sue came onto the scene and somehow, whoever this was got scared away, ran back into the house out the back door and into the alleyways and got away In Barbara Sand, that was Tony, who would die was Tony.
Is like Jack, the ripper style LE gently just like coming out of the shadows, shadows and disappearing. into the alleys of London like what they re pray share. The whole thing is this: banana really chaotic needs truly, very chaotic, so Barbara New, as Tony The police arrived shoes, I need that was tony and he was arrested for attempted murder and those her son had her son now. But that's not the first time and even tried to like her while so he ended up being admitted to a private and private site is, the younger ended her committed to a private psychiatric hospital called the prior Prairie Avenue didn't spend a long time there at all, because Barbara just wouldn't listen to the psychiatrist mornings, and she also didn't have the money any more to keep him like getting the treatment than he needed because Brooks cut her allowance, oh boy, which, unlike a grown woman, getting allow when I was just like the craziest thing, that's crazy, but seriously
much like an alimony coming probably, but the psychiatrist literally told her that he believed it was Tony's full intention to kill her full intention to kill her. and she answered him by saying quote he's been murdering me since the day he was born, whether for hammer his father There are no I'm used to murder The second reason is, I have said it so sad. The whole attire think everything like from every angle. This is really said, and it is then, as you like, I address was like I'm not talking like metaphorically, like I know like that. I know my mail by years of law. I know what you mean, but I'm not being like hyperbolic here, he's going to try to kill you and he's going to kill you if you if he doesn't get the help he needs only endless said to her. I think you're at great risk and she sat back to him. I don't
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Brooks refuse to help at all. He said that his son was just inherently evil. Some on the night of November seventeen nineteen, seventy two. According to Tony, he took a phone call from a friend now this is like this is where it gets like even weirder. So in the past couple weeks, leading up to that night, Tony's behaviour had become more and more erotic. He was doing strange paintings of people with blood pouring out of their sides. He was doing paintings of his mom, with snakes wrapped around her neck and just like clearly very disturbed state lots of like symbolic images. Here. Yes, definitely interest link its. It tells you everything you need to know a clearly something was
yeah. You know he had also attacked her again and left her unconscious on the floor, he'd been throwing things around the house and then finally he seemed to have been entering a calmer state because I think it seems like this is how it went like oh be it would blow up, and then there would be like Quota Imperia now. So he takes this phone call in November seventeenth, and he said the phone call his friend, who told him that he'd fallen down an elevator shaft and that it had taken a quote profound effect on him. So this is the friend Tony. That Tony was the one who fell down the elevator shaft. So his friend call me and says hello, Tony you fell down an elevator shaft apparent and had a big effect on you
so I dont know cause they got like super, but I dont know if it was the friend who is trying to use a metaphor to tell Tony like you, ve fallen down an elevator shaft like you know, and aiming at length metaphorical exactly and he's like. You need more help like let's figure this out like I'm here to help lab makes more sense. That's how I took it, but I don't know if it he meant it that way. If Tony actually had fallen down an elevator shaft, or is this Congress should even enter into an open, as it might not have even habitats, true right, so either Tony said that he invited that friend over for a drink, and then his mom came home. Now Barbara had been her friends house earlier that day, handling Missy son Mishkin had cooked dinner for them and said the entire time. Barbara was just talking about Tony and how much? He was doing and just like all the things that he was up to and she said actually he's gonna cook me dinner tonight. And I think it was one of those things because Missy
Son was cooking lunch for them. She was like Tony's gonna cook dinner for me. Lay I, like everything's, a ok, my son's, just like your knee to legal, so amazing. Unfortunately, that is not what happened when barber got home Tony told her tat, he was gone. We have here Number and Barbara was annoyed allegedly about the time that Tony said, the friend was coming because it was earlier than she wanted him to come, so they started fighting ok now the fight made its way or on the entire apartment? It was getting more and more heated until it just became explosive. Tony. Let it later said that in point, Barbara sat down in the middle of the fight and wrote something down on a piece of paper and her, doing not made himself mad that he just struck her and ripped up the piece of paper and while he was doing that, she ran into the kitchen lots going on here, not awesome.
Actually things would end in the kitchen. So Tony chased her into the kitchen and then grabbed a knife which he then stabbed into barbarous heart, severing a major artery along the way killing her while he killed Barbara, which is exactly what the doctor said. What happened exactly what the doctor someone happen. She was fifty years old, and earlier that day she had written a letter to one of her friends saying fridays are always suspect, don't you think, or vague y, all so Brooks later pointed out that the next day when he found out what happened, would have been there thirtieth wedding anniversary, holy shit, so later that night, Missy Handlin gonna call saying like hey, like we heard you with that you were with by Richard AY leg. When did she leave your house like? When did this happen? Issue you're asking her all these questions and she's like this time. This time like why and they go. How well did you know the deceased and that's how she found out that her friend
died. All my God, just Gimme chills like canoe, magic? That's how you find out you just spent the day with her. She just left your house probably a couple hours ago. How well did you know the deceased? All is not not crazy worth so it's uh who contacted the police? There was a housekeeper that like ran out, allow screaming so it could have been her could who saw her screaming, but when they got there, shit. You know they saw this in every single source that I looked up. Tony was sitting in the bedroom ordering chinese food, while just I'd like to hold all just snap from reality, what all stop exact while he had the wherewithal to confess the murder, and he said to the police, quote my mind. Slightly wacky and I was very much under my mother's influence- I felt she was controlling my mind, who says is just like. This is all just such a point,
This family, it's like a whole boys and every toxic. Now it was clear two authorities and doctors that even though Tony knew what had happened right then and there he wasn't doing well mentally and over following days. He didn't seem to realise that, like what he had done it, he did not know tat. She was gone because people would come and visit and he would say how's my mom doing like you. I don't know if he realised that he actually killed her yeah Now he also was a total break from reality. Absolute total break. He also told them that thing started when he was little and fell off a pogo stick, but just left it at that and when it say anything more, that's too. He was just like speaking like nonsense. Basically just saying like little things like that and then going off into something else. and then there were also times or he said that it was his grandmothers fall and she was the one who stabbed Barbara, but that could it be true, because this happened in London and his grandmother was in New York. He allowed me hard. It would be
difficult year. So, while waiting for his trial and sentencing Tony was held out bricks in prison in the UK, it's a very like ice. Oh yeah already presented like a lot of public nearly murderers. now, when the casement trial, John Mortimer, he what did I say earlier took place, took John Morton beautifully and you took place here. He was the one who represent only in court. His goal was to have Tony sent back to America to undergo treatment, but in the end Tony was found guilty of manslaughter and he was sentenced to broad more hospital in the UK instead of jail time. I had a feeling Mosca NEA and he ended up being diagnosed with schizophrenia. Ok, which is that makes a lot of sense, so heartbreaking and so sad off. This whole thing is like a really interesting friars finish. It is for the Ashraf ACT. There's just no way to look at this other than tragic one. You just there was no way out of the scene. I like how was this yeah like how is this gonna end any other way? Yeah just people needed help from
again, the jump out. I mean Barbary already help, starting with bar starting with neither my eyebrows. You know it's like there's just there was a long line of not being leg mental illness not being taken care of absolute, that is in it explodes literally exploit, and but during this time where he arm he was in Brom or hospital he had tons of visitors. He would write letters back and forth would like the elite, family, friends and his grandmother Mimi Hoof. He said had done this, which obviously hidden I don't even think unity. yes, one of his letters to Teeny he wrote quote. Nevertheless, I feel better now and I even feel a great weight has been removed from my shoulders. Odd thing. Is she told me that I would kill her this summer several times? I thought this. The most unlikely thing in the world that the poetic nature with which he scraps. This remember he's a rise early unsettle. He wanted to be a power only that you wanted to be right. That has some beautiful proves that he just spun about murdering his mother, beautiful terrified,
How then do so? It's like she said like fridays, are suspect and then an odd thing. Is she told me that I would kill her this summer several times and then even the thing that she sent to the psychiatrist like they've, been murdering me since he's been murdering me. Since he was born cuz, you wonder if she was just like several like during some of their spats and stuff. She would- you you're, gonna, be kill me you're gonna be the death of me. Oh yeah, I mean like who, but I don't think you meant it later now, but for me she did, she might have because he mean he attempted to kill her one on like one really big time, and then there are other times he knocked Unconsciously, I mean this and that's the thing you can this case every time, unlike what may be, they meant this but you know, but only setting arching lamp table here, break literally. Nothing now so, like I mentioned in the beginning, barbers mother Mimi had also been through her own struggles with mental health and the loss of her daughter now, but just like any grandma grandma
any grandmother just like any grandmother in the world. She had a soft spot. When it came to her grandson, she thought he could do no wrong and she a tough one and she thought that he would do much better in the U S under her care. So she. she wanted to turn his life around, so she reached out to all of their like big money friend the Social Lee there is this man named Hugo money, Coots he and his family controlled and really excuse. of banks are those our area of aim now. So she was talking like big money, dude here people with money that could probably bribe like that. The hospital to get yet only I'll do anything. It was a huge campaign just to get Tony out and brought back to the Eu Us but Brooks insert himself insert Brooks back into the pictures of him. He totally disagree with me. He thought that Tony was it exactly where he needed to be again. He said Tony was evil and should have been convicted of first degree, murder and because he like felt so
wrongly, about this and link its. It seems like he had like hatred for Tony yeah. I wonder if some part of him still loved Barbara, somehow yeah I mean, I think, there's, I think, all the emotion in this whole case are all completely like obscured and just wakened. We can't none of them all you're, not united. We like there's, no, you can't just below Will he loved her Suva gillig? I think part of him. There was like a weird blood and I would like you just have to like we'd through the nonsense to find the right, but I think there was like I mean and honestly he wasn't around right. So it's not like. He really knew this did this kid as a man, not nine. Also it's like, my only knows him as a kid and it's weird that he had that he surmise that from his childhood, when he really was in taking care of him as a child. I said it's strange. It is really just wondered where that came from. It we're values like Tony so evil and lanky now and then, even just to say. The thing like I found out on what would have been our thirtieth anniversary
when he was remarried and actually had a child. Yes, it's like it wouldn't have been near banners. Because your debit, wherein averse, must stop when you stop being together. Like I don't know my anniversaries by ex boyfriend, no cannot you don't just keep going and Billig well spent, many years, not together what funny it's whenever we have broken up or if we had broken up eighteen years ago, I would have been our thirtieth if I had an abandoned you in my sick child. Exactly is ok, but then you look at it. The other way, your leg. What was I supposed to do something in him ass, a child's that was scary. Look at him as a child to be the skin is scary, maybe cause I mean this is now or didn't I mean, and also he looked at Barbara was like may again: maybe he loved her, but he just couldn't. and all the bulgarian at all. He wouldn't be able to take care of her or get through it with her, exactly like he should have, but So while everybody was campaigning to get Tony out, Brooks was basically campaigning to keep him in here like now, and he asked
I said that so at this point Brooks had another child, a son and He said that Tony had made and sent his son like weird muck, macabre gifts, oh and I couldn't find anything to say like what these gifts were. But Tony, like really enjoyed like making things like crafts and stuff. Like that. There was a broad Maria and broke said that they were so creepy and weird that he threw them out immediately. As you scared there are like messages, are you I mean just like freaked out by them an ample him, but at the end of the day, was not brics decision and all these big money people are rallying against him. So obviously I'd have to imagine there were some kind of bribe involved, Alongshore he's in there for like murder. Oh yes, somebody lines, somebody's pocket! Absolutely I mean we're talking about you go here. She who goes at ball yoga within ball come on so Tony was released from Broadmoor nineteen eighty and his release with,
hinges on him being put directly under the care of his grandmother. Eighty seven year old, Mimi in New York City good idea. This woman is eighty, seven years old by herself, her health as ailing she's, also in a fucking wheelchair yeah, like how is she gonna look after him, you now and immediately. She showed that she really couldn't look after him because he again he's in London. He asked who fly back to New York. He has to be with someone cause it's contingent. His release was contingent upon him being with her yeah, but she can't think fly back and forth. as pointed out this ailing you so she enlisted one of her friends, daughters who Tony had never even met so just this random girl. Basically it was her knees. Friends, daughter and apparent, They just lived close to broad more in the daughter was like yeah sure Lake shall broom sounds. Can me yeah, so is more open of convenience and actual safety while, so what is this?
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like he needs to stay in the hospital I got. You needs to be constantly monitor, that's just like he sick second, you can exert. You need to help these concerned about like public safety. I get that, and so everyone, at this time like no leg, he's fine. He was happy at the broad more he changed after a year there, and you know I think it was just like every. Was. It was barber. Alec, unfortunately, was Barbara. Medina has locked up ass. She was nobody, serves to get murdered by their fuckin kid in ITALY. Do like me after a year of being in a hospital after murdered your own mother right. That's that's not enough time. I feel I have only got levy hardy, I'm and it's ok, so it happened. So the next person that pisses among yeah, because he was literally just pissed at his friend, couldn't come over on time exactly and like. Obviously, I don't,
that was just I was gonna say. Obviously there is a lot bubbling under that surface, but then we'll see was was it because of the his I mean? Yes, it was because the history, but in that moment I think it was just that he was fuckin. Pissed and cunning got what he wanted I think I think he just needs help each other. I have said this gets a frantic viennese killed. Someone know, so I think he just needs help correct, so he's gotta stay there. He shut off. Oh after a few days of living with me, me Tony had belt what somewhat colleague a shrine to his mother. He built her shrine and he would whisper to himself while holding her ashes and peep. I rented like some sources that he would whisper likes atomic things when I was there. I think, there's being like a little gathered somewhere bullshit, it's like Dhabi route. He probably has just whispering he's, probably not be exactly, unfortunately, or things that make sense to him right. So I mean it was like wild shit, but you know I have to try this because I got him out. So I am sorry I just picture this. Like eighty cents,
there'll be like well shit, snowing story. I think she was just in way over her head and I think I think, seeing somebody in a state like that is a lot different than like visiting them when there in containing controlled environment, where they're getting the help that they mean exactly com, controlled environment and now you're bringing them out into the chaotic world in this family issues, strain uptown. Remember: Mimi has her struggles with mental health to real, so it had an even Benny weeks since his release. When Tony and his grandmother gotten to a heated argument over a simple telephone call, owner he's out, there has grandma was a mysterious woman. Unlike wouldn't let him call people, but also like he wanted to call someone in England and she wouldn't let him and also like that shit's expensive. Originally matters. I am sorry long distance calls are expensive. That's really all at once. When I was little, it was expensive when I really is a legacy we get in trouble for you like doing fake, like prank calls and you'd accidently call someone and like another
and well founded and showed up on the phone bill there like what the hell's that gun defer weaker but Tony was absolutely enraged when she told him that he couldn't use the phone, so he threw it at her and he ended up hitting her in the head and she fell over and then Tony repeated what everybody thought he had been cured of. He immediately grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started stabbing his own grandmother over and her and over again, oh my god, she was still screaming when the police arrived and Tony calmly, looked at them and said like she just won't die dying, oh by that point and stabbed her eat. times and broken multiple bones and when he was asked what happened Tony said, he threw the phone at her and then, when she fell over, he decided it would have been kinder to kill her. Then she just leave her her on the floor. Leave her to go to the hospital and suffer all these broken bones. It be butter does to kill her and
rational know that doesn't make sense. Nemea survived the attack, my shoes, eighty seven, she was eighty seven years old and later on. She just said like she was like. I thought that I could help him, but I couldn't unfortunately like that's a really sad. The same thing almost happened to me to happen to my daughter- and I didn't realize that that's really sad- and this is again trigger warning, because this is just a lot. He later Tony later admitted to his ip address that he had been hearing voices leading up to this night and that he had also thought about sleeping with his grandmother. Oh yeah, there's a lot of fucked up shed happening here, a lot of us much fucked up shit. Yes, ah, this is just like really fucked up the whole it everything is so dark yeah. It's like you, don't even know how to describe at issue, but it is just It's just a dark and its bleak while so Tony was
they say again, arrested and charged with attempted murder now he's in New York at this point, so he ends up getting a life sentence at Rikers Island, which I don't even think I need to to you that if you're not from here Rikers Island is later, Lee like the most intense jail and nervous. Is we prison in New York like the worst of the worst go there, and it's probably the scariest place in this area. Yeah
now, just eight months into his sentence, he requested bail and his request was put on hold, while rikers waited for his records from Broadmoor. She wasn't proxy. Probably wasn't gonna get released on bail, probably them, but on March Twentieth, nineteen eighty won the day that you found out. He would have to wait for those records. He walked back to sell and was later found that very day with a plastic bag wrapped around his head and he was dead. Oh now how people still question whether or not he killed himself or if he was killed? Oh yeah, nobody knows because the thing that people are pointing out was like. He was attached to all this big money, so he was able to do it over here We wanted in prison because you know how that goes like yeah, again, bribes and stuff, like that, so he made a lot of enemies on lay like, however, to have been killed, or he could have just killed himself because he didn't want to be
on environment and like or it's like, he killed his own mother and grandmother metal knows that throws him lower on the hierarchy in prison opera on to be a target and primarily, along with my kids, I think women tend to be especially your mother and grandmother yachts. By showing that wouldn't know your lower on that yeah, but You could see the way or honestly, who knows I keep. He was really stuff ring would like mental illness, exaggerating rainy, I maybe he didn't mean to do that yeah. Maybe he just you know, I don't know desert iming. Nobody knows so still. Nobody knows, and I write a book about this called savage grace by now. We Robins and Stephen M our air send who was connected to barber out the time like Libya. The same circle is her, so there's all the way the book is written is really cool. It's all these interviews with people who were involved in a circle and Lake Sylvia and their their Satan
from Brooks and their abutments from meaning in their hours transcripts of psychiatrist notes a white like of interviews with Tony. Oh, that's it I don't really good red. It's a really on the highly criticized folk. I think it is interested in it's. You know yet in some here debate that the investing didn't happen. So so so topic yeah, and then they eventually made a movie. Saving great art scares me. Savage grace should forget again is very highly criticise Julian, more stars in it yeah. What's his name, the other guy. Why can't I d be see, he's I loved him after and I can't think of his name right now. I'm gonna! Look it up for we're dresen swords scaling vamp. It up motorway figures, so Julianne more, please, Barbara Baker and in the sun is played by that actor that I, like I'm lookin, follow me. He's got red hair, oh
just adopted, headed than went away, Eddie Ready, Redmain, yuppie up there. It is, and I Stephen, deleting an reed walk on good people in your I am, but Julian more and Eddy Redmain are like the main character, the other characters its Barbara Anthony, but it again it was like really highly criticized real it. So because I don't think I've heard that I've actually never heard it in those owing to big stars acting in also like not read it, because I'm busy what a lot of stuff and I wanna watch here, but I am also very scared to watch it. Do you know when it came out in two thousand seven thousand seven a yak ass, he looked really young. I just I don't know if I want to watch it cuz, you know. Flowers in the attic was a lot to us, in another. Sound like this may be even even more to watch. Do I mean just like looking at the screen, shots
like yeah. I don't know I just like a little bit of the trailer. While I was saying that I was again the community if it ever now, especially after the boring myself into this, I was getting a good guide, all really meet in gross myself and that's nor any more things move onto something hunting. I love Juliet more and you too she's going to his grave. guys. That is the story of Barbara Piquant wow and didn't know they went out to see the roads we would be tracking down. I think we did take the road less travel, we be honest with you to the road you should never travel. I fear I that road while so. Thank you for that
her face throughout this whole thing that people are always like like. I want that to be like a visual and things sometimes like you do. I feel I get that this probably would have been. If I like, a clean, this automatic spoke, as I think my face was before you just kept being laid to listed in horror. They used to urge your eyebrows are, for the eyes were widened and you like kept like crouching in the air, so high collapsing, like Starling into my own body, a boy laughed, you know highly requested loud things. I did it, I don't ever for the weird sedated fellow we can without being said. Let's talk about some weird, let's do that Holly Mcnulty Hollywood I'll take your last name is the last of the detective in the wire who loved Mcnulty yeah I'll. Just look at that. We then have Jessica, Neural, Jessica, RO. I think you are swell, I think you're swell as well ha. Then we have Kate Mcclelland Katy Mcclelland
You have a great last name, I think at school. I don't have anything there, I'm so that, though, but I appreciate you yeah, I like it. A lotta dummy have Raymond Farmer, Raymond Farmer, you are like a suit of armor. You make me feel protected and I love you for it. While I was, I really got then next as Melissa Meaney, who, I bet is not a mean either way. You're a nice. He and I see that you will ever thank you than we have our dream. Prudential Audrey Prudential reviewing is like per del filthy cook, a prominent inland, name it does it feels like it would be like I'm like us, a fora leg. It feels it. have you of really alike. Nice make up place, forges maybe anything you're. Thinking of that cause, like the prudential centre, regale prudent yeah, maybe I don't know really way than we have Samantha Flee, Glitt Samantha, Flay Glitt. Usually
get sorry, I'm late, and yet you you did it, and I appreciate that about you. You probably bake really. Well, I feel I don't know. Sometimes you say not telling people and I think it's funny and I think it's right I like this. I say and we have Susan Clever, Gyre Oak Levin Gyre, it's pretty clever cheer, but I led a higher either way. That's an awesome, glassdale failure, also for donating. So thank you so much annual angle than we have Madison Dillinger Madison, Dillinger. You know you have a good last night. You know you do you know you belong. You know, and I appreciate it and then we do have one two three, but three, I'm gonna name three patron hall of fame people. Are you ready for the Hall of Fame, Alyssa VAT Fear
this Alyssa Buffy Addis, Yearn, M V, P M reboot, most valuable Patria loved one of the most are the hour so valuable than we have Lisa, Elio, Melissa, Elio? You are an mba as well. Thank you so much and last, but certainly never. The least. We have Caitlin Danes Caitlin ends in Jerry. You are the third VIP of the day, and I appreciate you guys. You belong in the Hall of Fame, we're gonna screaming name, thank you so much for listening and we hope you keep listening every hope you heap it, but it's really. You do any of the things in moving this episode, because I just don't do that wittily don't do even one of these none none except maybe pose for, like Harpers Bizarre invoke the beagle don't even do just don't do any of it yet has as its blanket statement, nothing not to not to do
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