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Episode 259: The Hillside Stranglers Part 3

2021-08-27 | 🔗
You’ve made it!! It’s the third and final episode on Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, the Hillside Stranglers. In this part we’ll go over the murders of Kimberly Martin, Cindy Hudspeth, Karen Mandic and Diane Wilder. Luckily in this final part the jig is up and Kenny takes Angelo down with him. We also get a lot of guest appearances from characters such as Veronica Compton and some dude named Steve. The Hillside Stranglers by Darcy O'Brien Killing Cousins by OJ Modjeska The Big Book of Serial Killers by Jack Rosewood As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Get up to fourteen free meals—including free shipping!—when you use code morbid14 at HelloFresh.com/morbid14 Brooklinen: · Go to Brooklinen.com and use promo code MORBID to get $20 off, with a minimum purchase of $100 BetterHelp: Special offer for Morbid listeners: get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/MORBID Native: Stay fresh, stay clean with Native by going to NativeDeo.com/morbid, or use promo code morbid at checkout, and get 25% off your first order. Liquid IV: Grab your Liquid I.V. in bulk nationwide at Costco or you can get 25% off when you go to LIQUIDIV.COM and use code MORBID at checkout
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Router good hungering for something new. This summer, hello, fresh, has got your back with pre, measured ingredients and easy to follow directions. Your new favorite meal can be prepared, and under thirty minutes, get up to fourteen premiums, including free shipping, when you use code morbid fourteen at hello, fresh dot com such morbid fourteen, hey weirdos, I mash up and well labour, and this is morbid It started over the Morgan Report and make us I tried to say how it does She was like no signal. You can't do that, allows it
You can also try right off the bat. You know who said Alice me who said charge of the recording by we honestly problem fortunately for never having also appeal against its go well, so far behind. Where knows this book country? We are we're punchy, we're here for part three of them side stragglers since a lot. I have way too much information might say about the people. I been I've read two and a half books. Oh about these people. I d never get to read like a full book leisure for, but I could not stop with. That sounds like I need to know more. Some one else give me another version of these events like come on. Tell me all the thanks because every time you read another book, you get like one little detail that you, like, oh, what's
about- and I wasn't in the looking little searching it so much fun- I love it so much reading reading. You know it's just fun but yeah. So I we're going to be wrapping this whole thing up in a navy, little bo might huh knows were not there. Yet. My a little low offshoot of an episode that might come after this. I don't know who knows he will say we're all here. We're all here experimenting together, we're in a figure it out yeah. We are in part three- and I dont think like this really any business to take care of right now, because no one really going anywhere, I think we should discuss it. two again leg: it's gonna be a long one. I'm not linger excited, that's the wrong word. Fuse, but, like I'm, I'm intrigue get your entreat fizzle out. This happens here, see we'll just get into it, because this is gonna be long and I don't want you all to be like. While this is a six hour up again, nothing and like ten hours of it is just you guys
So here we are so think when we last such due in part through part to scuse me We were just kind of like. Where are we we're talking about? the murder of Lauren Wagner. Yes, Lauren was the one that was literally followed to her home and then abducted at nine p m right outside of her home. Just that one was really something, and then I felt so bad for older women who have to the s. I was very sorry either Beller Beulah, I think it might be Beulah Stow fur was of the neighbour that lived across two issues. Beginner like late fifties, early sixties. She was very upset when detective Grogan want to talk to her about it, because she had seen the whole thing, but she was terrified because of her own experiences. Shit like a full PTSD episode and was just paralyzed,
here and I think that definitely she comes back a little bit. Ok, but Lauren Wagner also was the one that happened have burned marks on her hands and it was because they were experimenting with electric Keating their victims. Basically, I dislike very crudely, why you, and it was just like an idea that popped in Angelos had dug in the moment they just like that, like you, know what we ve got away with a lot they did. You know I mean they literally gassed a victim that one was very very rarely I mean all of you know where Clare always literally gassed to death and not even to death could ended up having to do more after that, but use gas to after she was injected with cleaning fluid like wind acts, so they were just
Trying things at this point and with Lauren Wagner, they had stripped off the rubber part of an electrical cord and taped. It turned the palms of her hands and then they plugged in the other side- and they didn't like over and over just to see if it would work, could sit and Kenneth be on earth scares me Kenny later say that it was like legal but very long ordeal yeah, he said this one. I mean. I think that Christina Wechsler one was the one that he was like. That was over an hour that we had her sitting with the gas on which is wild. I make chant, but yeah they're, just their torturing women now relic they're, not that they haven't really been before, but now they're doing in different ways. So now because They ve been switching things up a little bed and are trying to like in there also doing this just like throw off the investigators they're playing a game here. Oh yeah they're trying to see if they like China through, if there are no a little bit that may be, they won't tie them to them or it'll just mess up the investigation in some way.
What they don't realize is that their leave? there, they are leaving calling card that every single one is that five point restraint that their seeing in every single person. The handcuffs on the wrists their legs are, there is exceedingly their ankles, always bound and there's always ligature around the neck. It is interesting that they would I it's like in a weird crazy way. They did think of a lot of other yes, but it's like that. One thing and our day. They didn't think, and I who knows maybe they did and they just didn't care yeah right, because I think they think there I mean they always do anything there more clever, the knee police only. I think they're going to be able to throw them off just by switching up a little bit right and, as I know acknowledging our acts. But now Canyon Angelo are looking for different ways to go about this, because, insofar as they put later, they were just kind of like you know, same old same old according to them, which is horrific.
So again, they know they want to kind of like fuck, with the investigations and other thinking of ways. Instead of moving the mo around they're going to move the location around okay cuz the focus, you know the focus The investigation has been around mainly Angelos Home, a yacht laces around his home gladder kind of places that they'd know in Glenn Dale and in that area. So they want to move the investigation to another place so that their like weight is it m. Or is this a copy cat or Mr Skinner, when our ranch in their so their new plan. they're gonna lure a sex workers from an agency. This time not frighten like going on the street and picking someone and they had tried not once beforehand by they had I did before and they did had success with these things were for yeah, but this time they're gonna get a sex workers from an agency they're going to lure her too totally different place. That is not Angelo soaker a net.
They're going to act like it was a sting operation, use the badges and then handcuffed her and then bring her back to Angelo's, okay, so they're, hoping that this will be traced back to it, like whatever call they make, is going to be traced back to a place that has nothing to do with them. So just going to leave the money wild goose Chase, Aurelius fact that they thought of sub anything really is so they just have to find the place so that where should we do? This will Kenny notice, is that there is an apartment on the ground floor of the building he's living in these. Like the tamarind apartments, I think it's called in this apartment is now for rent, but it's a completely empty in again on the ground floor. He's on
third floor. So he acts like he's interested impossibly renting it out or for showing our like telling one of his friends about it. So we get, somebody to you know, bring him into the apartment to look at it as he's leaving, he leaves the sliding glass door slightly open. Oh yeah, and unlocked so December. Thirteenth Kenny called Climax out call services, which is the agency that he found in the paper and he ordered a visit from a sex worker. He made the call from the Hollywood public library. Ok, like a phone booth right outside there. He said his name was MIKE Ryan, which is similar to the name of the officer who handled has failed LAPD application, the officers name. Officer MIKE Rhine. in people any said people all the time it spelled are each I and II onset people always think it's Ryan and I
Dorothy said any thought so too, probably in one hundred percent all the put. They all believe this was one hundred percent a little like think like back to him, and so he said when he called hi. This is my name. Is MIKE Ryan I would like a blonde wearing black underwear to go to the tamarind departments, so the way that they did it was this guy leaves Number is apparently how this worked and then they find a girl. The girl calls him and they range the whole thing. Ok, so he gives the phone number girl calls back and its the pay phone and she says I'll be there in a half an hour and her name is Donna she was now I've seen her as either seventeen or twenty two, and I see it equally in every source I and I cannot find. Unfortunately, I cannot find tons of information about her
it sucks, but it's so long ago, and I think because she was seen o, unfortunately, probably living outside of lake, where her family wasn't stuff. I dont know if, like a ton of people, came forward to say a lot about her in life, which is at stake, really sound guzzling Doug. I was trying to find anything I could for a girl. You read two and a half yeah. I tried I tried looking for us, but she was either seventeen years older twenty to her name was Kimberly. Diane Martin. She went by Donna when, especially during these calls she had actually join the climax agency recently because she was so scared of the hillside stragglers and she felt like it wasn't safe to do sex work on the street anymore. She thought the agency would be her safety. No as another effect yeahs. Have you ever wondered if you could pull off wearing your entire comes
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then Angelo jumps out of an the dark with his badge and then Kenny pulls out his and they like it's a bust, so she's like what the fuck. So does wind things, though, went really wrong for them. Now remember this is Kenny's idea this whole like. Let's do it at a different place and there's this apartment downstairs, and this will be so much fun. Let's make it fun well, but Kenny doesn't do anything easy, this move, and so they handcuffed her and they're, trying to drag her out into the hallway to take her outside because their hoping that she will believe this roofs, Yvonne, you know aware cops your sex workers were busting, you are bringing you in and then she just gonna walk with them quietly and we're gonna, think they just arresting. But at this point people know that the hillside strangle used you that, while people that wasn't lake they don't know,
the total detail. I assume it was released that they believed they may be acting like police officers, but it was by no means like thing while handcuff you in Britain It wasn't like. First. None of that was let out so people don't know this. They were just think they were police officers, that's how they re able to continue this foresaw over. So they and after they drag around the hallway, but she fell. Could she was fighting in so she's fought, she's falling her purses like spewing out everywhere. The contents is going all over the hallway and she's. screaming for someone to help her litter? Leaving like help me help me help me she's in an apartment complex to just not feeling this. So they tried it based throw her back into the apartment cuz they like shit and which what to do exactly and she fell and slammed her head on the floor. So now she's bleeding and handcuffed. She cried old into the hallway half way out before they could get to her trying to grab the contents of her purse. That is all over them.
All and once again they have to struggle to get her in and then slam the door shut off. It's so terrifying cause. It's like she's, almost way for a minute, yes and meanwhile neighbors all came out of their apartment building center, like what the fuck is going on like what the hell is, that neural talking to each other out there they're all like someone call the police, What is going on what you have with purses? That's like what's going on in a cool just screaming, while this is going on there right on the other side of the door, would thereby hand over her mouth and they are telling her not to speak and hello took his keys and dug them into her back and told her. It was a knife and if she screamed hugest stab her, oh my god, so she stayed quiet and they way and she just had to sit there and listen to these people be like what's going on, as somebody need help what's happening, she just had
sit there and listen to them thus heartbreaking and finally, things got quiet. Somebody was like I don't know what's going on, and I guess this apartment building later when they talk to a lot of people there like yeah, like people, are assholes like we hear a lot of domestic disturbances and like people kind of ignoring this just happened to be like really crazy. I've heard thing my apartment building before that, unlike Lillian Fortune, and you took your head out near like yeah, and this is also in the seventies, so it's like even more or less, Cardona leg just go back in Europe not my business yeah exactly so. Everybody went back in their apartment as soon as it was quiet, they took her out to the car and they took out the back way the same which, unlike what did she do, that I'm glad you're stupid, but why our rate she was apologizing at this point, and telling them that she was like I'm sorry, I yelled I won't yell again, and then she told them
of a child at home. Please don't kill me. They did. She didn't have a child at home, but those really smart of her to try Yacht Baden CARE, though that's crazy. You would think at least that would speak to Kenny. Who was Wait till you have him around me, his girlfriend so pragmatic point. You would think that would speak to you now when I know Angelos like all kind of not allowing shed. He is eating kids and using here. Yet it is so care and they did the same thing with her that they did with the other ones they brought back to Angelos. They duck taped her eyes inter pans. They duct tape her mouth since she was sexually assaulted and she was murdered. And while this was all happening, Kenny looked through her purse and found an Italian like a gold italian horn, necklace and stole it cause. He thought kept. We would like it I'll know. How did she left him locus? He punched her in the face of the trying to get her back. Would there's still try in the leg it's on and off,
Should he mess it so funny because she never wants to marry him right, but like there He still is trying and she's like. I literally don't want to marry. You wait. I like I fail to understand, but so he's still try and apparently, while good fur, though just like yeah, Alec yeah, I'm having her kid, but like sock off, feel like you need to go awake at least get your life together, so Kimberly. Diane Martin was found the next day now, sources. I found said she had burned marks on her palms as well, but the majority that I found said she didn't so maybe people Can it and I couldn't get like the actual autopsy report or anything, so I dont think she had burns, but I mean I can say for sure it doesn't sound like they would have had a lot of time to do that doesn't seem like they were really dragon S own out. Further. They had laid her nude and spread Eagle on a steep hill off of Alvarado Street and it was also very close
two and within sight of city Hall would in the papers, are all thinking she had been purposely placed facing are pointing to City Hall Justice. kind of like fuck? You know I've, apparently them. It was an accident, but they thought it was a great accident. I kind die village I feel like they do. I think so. no the night that she was abducted. The climax out call service got nervous when she didn't return or tell them she was returning cause. I was the whole point of this. The agency's yes you'd. They look doubt for you, so they called the social worker Pizarro like some things off here. They called the social worker named Doktor, Lois Lee. She actually founded this thing called cat, which is California Association for Trawl ups, and it was a place where sex workers could go get legal advice or get counselling while yet like found a mailing, so Doktor Lois Use, the number Kenny had given the service to trace it back to the phone booth at the Hollywood, public library and then went
the address she saw given and saw that it was a vacant apartment so she right away, went to the West Hollywood sheriffs department. It was like something's wrong. Will they told her? It hasn't in twenty four hours and then they basically told her- she. sex worker anyway, so I would we care why, literally told they're like sure you can come back, but like I'm going to be honest with you, we look, don't give a shit. It is like shit, she's, probably fine, while even going to waste this, it's crazy cuz here this all the time like we either here, like oh she's, a sex worker one hour or like especially around this time period. Oh she's, a runaway yeah, but it's never less shocking know. You're always show because it's like, I said. Thankfully you and I dont like think that way, but like you just that it's up sit and that's a human being. That is somebody's daughter, and it's like that's your literally just saying, link. There is a behold ass human. That is missing right and it's weird and there's all these weird things. They used a phone boost to call the agency. That's why
be traced back to obey apartment. Some weird shit is going on, oh in theirs that whole thing there's multiple serial killers around right now. Do you think? Maybe you should give it like a second glance. like. I love the analogy that you made one time were it's like because back then the whole thing it was like a will work is dangerous work. So what did you expect, but then I remember that that you're like race, car driving, is also again. Do you do just not a sofa race car driver Lake gets in a crash should be going out. Whatever help omits dangerous unanimity was getting into its the same exact thing, No ITALY bending, obviously very different police, but it's the same press it and seemingly, but why are we being so dismissive of one and a human being right leg, why? What is them less of a human being. I don't understand. I don't either Kenny even went so far as to continue to try to get a job with the police department again in the midst of my guy in the midst of them
gonna happen. No stop trying to make your police stream have. Maybe you know not gonna how you say that, though December sixteen three days after the murder of Kimberly Diane Martin, he actually went on a fucking ride, along with some LAPD officers on ahead yeah, it's what I do. I just took my glasses out, as I don't even want to see this, and you know you don't even want to see it. I just want to be blind firm and at Hoddan I touch Where did me three days? Ass murdering someone he went on ride along with LAPD officer. It so can. Fusing, because, unlike Kenny, why do you want to be a police officer like? What's the reason, what is it power on a do ya tower and authority for me I'd. Iran is like being a police officers to help people. According to obviously Kenny's different ways. Kenny's he wanted power and authority and to him her two way to get whoever I want to do whatever I want that
that's what he was not the vibes not supposed to be, but unfortunately, while he was on this right along, he kept asking them. They testified to this later that he kept asking them to bring him to schemes of the hillside strangler. bodies garlic lie more obvious. Those officers were like in some of the lake. I guess one that they tried to find a couple of them there. I don't know where they are like. I was alone that scene yelling, All on this undertaking to let you know trying to pull this Cairo we'd. All knowledge is an odour like homicide seem, though the time so you'd like no but like how bold yeah to be sitting there and Billy. I wanna see these, but that's I feel Keeluk had these like weird things where he had two legs something I know you do this vote, because even the whole thing of like outwork you'd be like me. It wasn't even like he had to say something. No, he just loved this following a celebrity right. He just loved it. He wanted to be a star, that's what any was like. This is our going to do it. So we are to me I'm like, but that's not forget,
They know that you wouldn't be famous for something good, no Kenny Bianca's a fuckin bridge stroll he doesn't want that. I know I just don't get it if he wanted them to derive first of all he wanted to, Have really this officers drive him to his own scenes. That alone is gonna, get him like work rocks and then, when he gets there, he wants to sit there. Everyone's reactions, and he wants to hear what everybody has to say and here all this ain't. That would be exactly what he needs he's disgusting, so we're so Kenny, especially, like I said, is riding high on this anonymous celebrity status values. but they were also not super site with how the abduction and murder of Kimberly Martin had gone down, because it was pretty messy in when you put it next, all the other ones. So neither a little scared because they almost botched to that one like TAT was very close and Angelo, especially, was pissed cause. He totally blamed Kenny.
his eye was tat. It was a lan. That's why I went wrong. You're gettin to bulging too high off this shit leg, It was like you like this too much like I'd. Just becoming sulking engines which I love, that it's like Angelos, acting like he's. So like superior rye, like you know what you're like in this too much in its working other factors it. Why do you do it use six? with torture on people. What are you waiting lists for you to sit here and act like you're on a high horse cannot hear you're just grows he's acting like like deck, Sir something I got you know, we do in this for the right, Risa, Desgas, you're, an introvert doesn't make you any better. Excellent and well either The police were talking to everyone in the apartment building now, because obviously people had called things have been said
that agency had called and unlike something is going on here, so they had to check it out and they also talk to everybody at the Hollywood public Library and they took fingerprints from the phone booth technique used and they d get fingerprints, but they didn't thing to compare to rain. So now his fingerprints are on file which is like it when you're reading at Gillig infuriated cause you're like the right right, but you have them. You just can't do anything with them, and that makes me so bad for you, that's us, but they actually talk to Kenny when they came to the apartment, a link. Does he lived on the therefore he's one, that's hosting but he is a yeah correct and is easily because I q is high, but his brain this love. I don't want you to see, does an appliance like he does. He does in take the time to tell you something good. With his brain or to like the just anything, make up plan lagging wouldn't worry like just like cover all bases on yeah, and he can't do it, which I know
I'm glad I'm glad he doesn't, but here was the only resident of the third floor to say that he heard screams that night again, the dumb relic then send hear anything among. Therefore right and everybody else, and that therefore is like an hearing or like say you were shopping at that time more. They thought this was strange. There were like that's weird that he's the only one I ll stood there like ok, whatever Kenny. Meanwhile, was to get more and more psyched about the media coverage. He could not stop. Reading about whoops gives me you like pungent my reading of ironing about he could not stop reading about it. He could not some watching it on tv. He just wanted to talk about it all the time he loved it, and he liked to that. People were too fight. He could feel the fear he could feel at all around him. He could see the police officers staking out downtown on the strip. He could see it all and he was like this is what I want this power break so after
Kimberly, Martin was murdered, police had a ton of undercover officers in Hollywood to Lake intermixed with the sex workers there like under cover and they were like women. Men like you would never be able to sell they even the cooperation of the sex workers and the people that we are all working there, which is rare and that, like they were all working together right, there were in a try to keep it safe. They wanted now these guys, the fucking media leaked it. Then it was blown that saw totally blown any, could aware Zog. What's the point of leaking that you're, just you just ruminating is just dumb like they, especially at this time they just work. You know it's like that whole gang. Is it or else it leaves, and it's like so at this time they were Angelo. Uncanny are starting to bear the relationship is hot. You know, though, this whole buddy buddy thing anymore.
threads of their like weird ass, spontaneous relationship that was kind of like forced upon them were definitely unravelling. At this point, Angelo, especially like the elder is starting to get really annoyed with Kenny and the last Should a murder was the thing that just like really set it off for them. So he's like this is careless and it's your fault. That's the end. because I was so messy because they were getting on each other's nerves and because they were really close to getting caught. They agreed that they needed a like Chelford minute, because you're November, had been fucking chaos yeah. I was like every four days, literally I'm having less yeah like raining terror. and in the interim Kenny had gotten fired from his job because his boss found out that he was lying about having cancer. And so all the time and ass taking off pretending to go to chemo was bullshit. He found it out nearly you're disgusting about. I wonder how they found out, so he lost his apartment. Eventually, his Cadillac got repossessed
He started working on a nursing home, no get out get out other, that's the thing, though he wasn't, House or horrible at work where he kept it together at work Sure you, everybody even awareness as people's know, everybody who worked with him said he was like great. They couldn't understand that that was the same guy. A thrill we're which is, Seattle hurry that they can linked, associate like that like while he so here but he was falling into a real shitty right at this point like youth everything's falling apart, even and and they may be adamant about taking a break because they don't wanna like an this quite yet, but The world around them was still in terror, even though they are taking a break in their kind of like just to finally get it. from logos. Also, other people are still dying exactly held by other Syria, but the hillside, strangler still in everybody's mind, still like ok
have you any land time away here but like whence he coming back like no one? No and people know too. That, like is like serial killers, do take exactly that's like, so they serial killers take a break, but the fear of them dozen. So, like I said about Kimberly Martin, she had joined the climax agency because she was so concerned about them. So sex workers were particularly taking extra precautions to make sure they didn't end up in the wrong and I found a newspaper paper article from December twentieth of that year and seventy eight excuse me seventy seven, where they described the horror in fear. That was groping me during this time it's from the New York Times and a disk. how sex workers would working groups and they would make sure to study face is of any potential client who pick that any of them up whenever they felt so enough to allow their friend to go with any man, they would write down the license plate altogether this time. Serial killer was not a term used, so
killer in this newspaper. Article is being referred to as a multiple murder funny to see now like issues. It feels like such a cumbersome phrase, Multiple murderer but all I was sometimes a level adoration, and sometimes we sometimes you dont. That's not what I just found that interesting. Now but sporting goods stores said there was a huge rash in like guns knives My self defense, glasses or being filled up innocent man. and in the same near times article a sex worker they interviewed, who went by Cheryl said quote, were all trying to have a good. Christmas, the same way anybody else's the cops. Don't care about us. We ve gotta, look after each other. A lot of us are taking place. spite numbers and someone who is near her during this conversation with the media said we have to come out here with straight razors to protect ourselves. We have to come out here with knives than we get busted for having them NEA and those that will that's
Two very telling now. Canyon, Angela spent a lot of time apart during the next month, or so Kenny attempted to spend more time with Kelly Lisbon pregnant girlfriend and pretend to not be like a monster, Dean with her. There was also an extended period of time where it rained for a few days in California. Like a lot of days. I think they had a drought at the time, so is like a toddler. Rain came so didn't really present itself with an opportunity for them to do this again, because the weather was kind of cooperating with them. so the world. Now a man named NED and York, who was an actor actually confessed at this time gap in the beginning of February he came out and said he was the hillside. Strangler lie. He was he was in that it was clear to Salerno Grogan that he was making it up in really He only would say what was released to the media, which was not a lot, and I talked about in part You have little they release to the media. He was also
this really kind of like talking about his own sick twisted fantasies, and they thought he was just wanting to do that. We can spend his own fantasies. Here's a sulphur use yeah. He and one main thing that told them he was not the guy was. He was adamant that he used his own our hands to strangle all these and we were like well. We know that. That's not the true here and he told detailed stories about the fire and, of course they hadn't release the five point ligature calling card to the press. So he thought you so truth they only really yeah. They had only release that these women were strangled, they didn't say by ligature. So during the interrogation with him, he tried to light his own crotch on fire with a cigarette. Ah so they're like I don't think you're the guy. No did they Ria, they put it
by throwing cold sewed on it. Thank you just see. The holy ghost shook his eyes. I you're what I wanted to know what happened. I also didn't want one of the de facto through a coke on his crutch, icon and yet what a moment, what a moment I can't imagine being married Billig were what have? What has the world become like what happens to when somebody does that link its clear that, like you're sick, I need help yeah, I don't know what happened with him, look further into an idle Europe. Finally, in the same month in February Kenny made stop over it Angelos. After long ready how you do it, but he was basically there just to complain when, like wine penny, he had lost his job is car was repossess, is pregnant, girlfriend still wouldn't like marry him. She didn't even want to live with them at this point for membership, but he'd punch turn them. for ass. She still wasn't living with him again, just like no. What we can spend some time together, but like we're not and so here, living with her brothers. Friends
but she was probably just like keeping him around till I hopefully yea in her child's life. She was basically trying to debate whether she should keep him round purely for the child right. I was it. He was a loser like a huge loser and Angela was no better. He was doing the same old shit. You sleeping with high school girl seemed almost and his sons girlfriends all the while the hillside, strangler task force is starting to look a little bit close and not totally but
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calm, slash more so he stops in on February, sixteenth Angelos, like hey Buddy, I know what a cheery up. Let's go, find someone a murder. It's been awhile, oh, so the rain is cleared spin long enough of a break so they go driving an Angelos car because remember they dont have the Cadillac anymore yeah, in the middle of the day, literally Noone middle of the day start right. funds da their driving through Burbank and Angelos Excalibur Car. Only note that is fancy, that's what they spot a beautiful young blonde girl sitting at a bus stop. So they pull over and Kenny astray. so Angelo just leans out of the window and says he's Maybe you want to go to a party in Hollywood? Oh god, and she says no, so then Just show me: the Excalibur, ass nice ass, cold ass, the other thing you're gonna, take that
Car can actually european like, like that's literally, don't measles visual. Don't we those measures that literally areas legally like we're, both its idiots and I'm glad they. I saw somebody driving a transformer and he was the one that did not like a soup up. Hearse like it's like. What are you doing? It thing I don't even know to describe how are so. She says. No, when he says, do you want to go to a party in Hollywood, yet it's a very random quite and he won't take no for an answer. He just keeps pushing She's terrified, like he's getting scary she's a year girl she's a sitting at a fucking busted up and she's, I do know, and she keeps like shaking her head. No, I just being like no, please drive away. So finally, he gets pissed. and launches himself out of the car at her grab. Sir I the arms and tries to literally forcibly abduct her from the book.
stop on Riverside drive in Burbank at noon. Why? Luckily, an older woman pulled up behind them joy, out of her car and grabbed this girl she's. She did not know This girl here species screamed at canyon Angelo telling them to get the fuck away from her and leave her alone. She grabbed the girl away telling her like I'll help. You you're going to be okay and she would like to get the fuck out of here, like I do yeah, please. And then she's yelling for people around I'll call the police they drove into the car. But for they did Angelo, launched a threat directly at her for ruining their morning like any sense something along lines like God will get you. I bear something I know I think it's the other way around by media, so they both that that was the end of that. There they can pass Lloyd. It was fucked up. They thought there was the end of a young girl in the one, who saved no. No, no, no. It wasn't
Her name was Jan Sims, the older woman, I dont know the name of the we never found out the name of the young girl. She didn't even find out the name of the young girl. But when Sims was a teacher who had made- and she made sure the girl was ok, she comforted her. She sat in her car the, for, like an hour languishing on down, she got her on the ass. She liked took care of her she's, like I didn't even know, or new but scary out literally become like a age literally whenever leave miles, but she then Jan Sims then went to the police and she described the car, which was very specific in the two men inside to the last minute detail. Ass she even mention Kenny's acne scars on his neck and remember the neighborhood Lauren Wagner be abducted, mention the same exact detail about, can acne stars on his neck, so just John she's a queen. Now this
so you're. Looking at this new gone, oh my god, there really like they're there. They are rare it again back at you and you're probably like well. Thank you Jeanne Sims. No, so the brain. Trust step in North Hollywood. Police station thought this was a crazy lady and justice, MR by wow wow, so there's this by went horrific rash of torture, cereal killings of women in the area for months in this office, or dismiss this when there is a detail that matches with another witness, but they promptly gets. I do I that question mark: could she actually wouldn't what ago she kept calling the police station over the next week saying she knew that she saw the car parked on. Colorado Street, which is where our where Angelo lived she was like. I know I've driven by a before that's a very specific car. I know it like Paul.
He's go check it out. You line home on their own. They ignored her and even threat. They literally relics stop calling don't call here again, don't call police with America. Gonna call then so now coming in Angela, meanwhile, are fuming Kenny decided to try to maintain some sense of control and power. He was so he was I'm gonna go to the lot where they told my Cadillac and eminent man. That's better give it back. I'm usually show echo, has our pressure. He also threatened to file police report on this manager because he said he had some really expensive, scuba gear in that car and it was gone so they obviously stole it yeah he never scuba dived. He never owned school. But here he just thought. Scuba gear major cool
We were dealing with such a way that is already dealing with here is not even just like. I had a really expensive camera there. No I'm a photographer, I fuckin hooligan here and there and you stole it new whose scuba certified me and you know who lay scuba skirted five gear. You took my leg: why, with it Who are you why you ve? Never scuba diving? we re trying to get free, scuba gear leadership. You know, then we must do just like, like saw in a magazine, like God, commercial, using wonder what do that school urges the most definitely be either. Most. I gotta be like the very white loaded he's ridiculous. can't like we're dealing with a guy who lies about having scuba Garrett just because he thinks it makes him like manly and cool. Also lets me real. He could never get scuba certified because it takes time and does, and he doesn't
He doesn't want to apply the job so ad To that, then he's late put its aid, so I think we just need to add a grass heavily fraudulent scuba diving to his letter. He slew fully to limp school, but he's a horror, he's a rapist, a murderer and aggressively fraudulent scuba diving, that's what he has again, what a shit file you can say a lot of things about me. I can't salmon aggressively fraudulent, so you timer, you can't say that while we luckily, the manager told him to go fuck himself and he took his tail between his legs and went back to Angelos betcha Mon again, I don't know why he keeps going. I dont think Angelo is like one of those comforting places and warmth when you like, I don't! I wouldn't go who's gonna, Angelo stability need I can you make me feel better maternity leave. Kenny keeps coming back to him and angels. Like I fucking hate you, I
under, though in like a weird way. If he likes saw Kenny as a father figure, because he was TAT, his father died away. Think he look. He definitely looked up to Kennedy. He thought Kennedy. I must set to her any and he thought you know he's because right when he moved in their size, yet Milady yeah and he had a business. I mean he's driving around a fuckin. What's that he's very clean and Excalibur he's very clean he's got use always draw snakes gotta go on right now and inciting the they had sick twisted fund together. Exactly so, I think he feels weirdly bounded with em, but I also think that he knows that go into Angelos House is going to lead to them. Hopefully offer and re now he's pissed threatening wants to get out so he's open when he goes there Angelo. Instead of being like we'll talk about it, brother really glad he's gonna, be libraries shut the fuck up. Let's just go: do this and get your anger Yazzi knows that's. How can he deals with right? So gets. Their Angelo happened to be talking to a young woman in his upholsterer shop.
She introduce yourself as Sidney Hudspeth and as Cindy excuse me Cindy Hudspeth She was twenty years old and she had worked a nearby restaurant. That Angelo used to frequent She had actually waited on him a few times and he had given her his card from a shop because she got a new car so she said she needed a new floor mats made for her new car and she's like Angelo's. The guy like got to have him. Do it right so Kenny walks in as their talk Angelo introduces them, they chat for a bed, and then they excuse themselves for a minute leaving Cindy in the shop and having Kenny come inside with them, because, like I've, gotta get Kenny something this is where they decided. She was now soon. Now. That's also very Massey, This is so messy. So to them she was a lamb who looked like wandered right into the slaughter there like this is perfect. She want right in here is just one,
ass. She wondered I don't even have to leave this business is to get something done again, parked her Orange Datsun right in front of our car. So in orange car, no matter what it is. You're, like that's distinct, yeah sure looking at the time she was looking for a new job, so their plan was to her. Her come into Angelos where he would say he had a list of people looking to higher for part time work right and when she was in there they would do it right. So it worked She was very appreciative of his offer to give her some numbers or people looking to hire, and she since she had waited on him many times and chatted with him for so long that it was safe, shoot. He was a regular at that Dinah like. Why would not be safe right? After all, they were in his shop that he owned, worry you're, not thinking that this is what so.
They just you wouldn't think it would be a dangerous situation so especially because, while he was gathering the cord and bag and tape and supplies outback, Kenny chatted with her like an old friend link ought to know her. They laughed. They talked about things like didn't matter, they did a coin toss and she was the next victim, while this time they tied her to the bed, because they were worried about any escape issues, because now they were paranoid, they had gone through enough. like unpredictability lately and Kenny, was the one to do the final strangling so on the same day that they botched the abduction of the girl at the bus, stop they were able to find their next victim in Angela's own shop. This was all the same. Oh shit. I didn't realize that up. now. Remember not only did she park her car in front of their shop, but she also had Angela's business card. Yet the reason she's and she wasn't hold in it.
somewhere, it's early in the doubts and he found it which our car is like a decent confused s car. I know it's not the same thing, but I look similar, and so he found the business card in the Datsun and he tore it up and threw it away so connected cod. Then they put her nude body in the trunk of her own new car Kenny drove her car wearing medical gloves on an Angelo, followed in his Mustang League Buddy. You still have hair now now before he drove off Kenny grabbed a fake beard. He had with and threw it on just for kicks and at first, when I read this was a year the dumbest like what is wrong with you. It actually works in his favor. I mean I got That makes sense. Now they drove out to a place called Angelus Crest, where there were like hills and a cliff like very scenic. Where can he figured? They could send her car over the side of the cliff with her inside young while and they did and it stopped
halfway down and got stuck so as you can see there trying to they're trying to make it more theatrical that trying to make a bigger splash here now they visited entire car and shoved it down a cliff with a body inside of it salon. So they ve done this. This horrific theatrical thing, which is also another risky thing that they ve done. You I mean done law again. I think I just about monotonously law. If it's still a lot, it's the most. So one week later Kenny Son is born. So what do you think think they named their son Kenny Having Kenny Junior, you think? No, they named his son Ryan and yes use the same. He used the name MIKE Ryan, when he Lord Cameron, Kimberly Martin to her violent death rate, and he did make the connection, and he did think it was funny and then he is so that's why he named his kid Ryan, yeah bigger.
because remember he used the name Radiant Ryan, because it was also the police officer that rejected his LAPD. But that's what the fuck you like liar, you like we usually you name your child after somebody to like honour them, no citizen that that's how fucked he is they claim do after, like Us Soap, opera star? But he also said later that he made the connection between the two and he thought it was a funny connection which is just fucked up yeah, let's just likely like that's your whole ass child, like that's. Your child too, has their name forever and Ryan is a great need of the thing I like the name Ryan, its Riddick So by this time Salerno and Grogan. The two detectives on the case were basically like bosses on this case, like they ve taken everything over because the you know the task force has grown to over a hundred officers. Things are getting lost in the shop. All information is not being transferred correctly, so Grognon Salerno Kind and taken it upon them.
seriously. Take it over there like loud. Do that so unfortunately eunuch as other officers at this point, that it is not, as we ve seen tat, not doing it happening so they would at least be the two that would always like meet together, discuss the case, move it forward. and they actually started like coming up with the idea that you know what we Don't only have two to keep information from the media we kind of to start holding information from the task force right because data there leaking it at times like legacy. It's getting leaked out, it's not helping aren't so they just kind of kept it within themselves and, like a few other, fifthly requested and unfortunately, things were still leaking in some of it was just flat out wrong like there is coming out, would like lies at this point like one new station distributed a composite sketch of what they were calling the fugitive, but it wasn't made by police. It was just a drawing.
didn't have anything to do with the descriptions. Nothing just a drawing of a man, that's good, so that the entire city is looking for that man who doesn't exist right yeah. It was detrimental, so February, Seventeenth, Cindy Hudspeth Room, mate Where did her missing? In the same day heard nude body was spotted in the trunk of a car. It was body on the cliff by a helicopter that was tasked with flying over the area and normally like every day routinely to look for fires because Caliph and, like other cause, can emulate other issues in the hills, yeah and end cars tend to go over these cells. Some rhymes, like since the it was actually is looking for cars and stuff and they spotted the car in the body, since the trunk had flown open right now Frank Salerno was one on the scene. He immediately knew was the stragglers because of that five point ligature so use like. Here we go again. They had had a break yeah now her,
Topsy showed several rule wounds, but it was difficult to determine exactly we know. Was it from being shoved off a cliff in a trunk or was it from the ordeal she was going through and she was alive. A mixture of both obviously It really was so a lot of like the lacerations and bruises. They really I'm pretty sure this is just from the car accident, which I'm sure they wanted in oak is now a reactionary. Right, so Cindy Hudspeth was a hard working, cautious and very kind girl, according to everyone who knew her She wanted to get out of Ella. She thought it was like to carry out. I can too crazy, especially with everything going on right and she wanted to go to college somewhere else in California, like maybe you know, Sonoma like somewhere, as the recent strangler murders had her even more worried and even more ready to get out of the city, and she was doing everything she could to stay safe? Cheat, you know, took precaution
she worked days and some nights as a waitress at the Robin Hood in and red Vesting Langdale, that's where she meant How are they so crazy that she was like trying to at her way out of their cause. She was so afraid of the gamblers and she newest strangler, NEA later She had known him all along right yeah when she had no idea everyone. She worked with loved her. She they said she was like a delight to work with and she was requested by customers. all the time to be their waitress, which you always know you're good waitress. When you have people, like you, know, Everybody knows that waitress that they go and oil at all. Can I have like Susie, you know who was not that way: dress her name rhymes with bash yeah. That certainly does not. Once did I get about laws that wasn't my grandparents, while not once while I was a very shitty, which I am a little too Scatterbrain for that yeah, you know just wasn't calling it's ok yeah
well at night, she was working at the Glenville Community College because she was an ambitious bad ass who work to jobs, to make sure she could buy that car and get herself the fuck out of our way your shoe borrowing it. She was also a dancer. She loved dance had metals trophies to prove it. She was actually planning to enter busy schedule by giving dance lessons, as wow. She like printed out business cards. She was like this could be like a little side business, but, and she chooses love, dance and she's like I just want to teach others to do it and it'll be extra. Cash She was ready to go, but the hillside, strangler murders had scared her into waiting bagration. She didn't of strangers coming over. Even for dance less uneasy, because she was careful, this is what kills me shadow. lot of friends who loved her. She had a family who loved her just like makes me so angry like she did it all
These women did everything they are supposed to do. There was no avoiding it ran. That's what kills me I'm like eyes. No, avoiding this like. We can say all the things we want and you can take all the precautions mom, but sometimes bad things still Yad society. Just its unfortunately like the way of the world, they really sucks, should still take all the precautions. Of course it's just when you hear someone like really taken, they exercise actually makes it working ass. A specific now. These idiots had made a mistake with this. when they had driven up the cliff. They had been spotted woman named Janis occurs was on the Angelus cress road that evening and noticed two cars coming up really fast. Behind her one was an orange red colored car, when she went to turn, he had sped up and flew passed her on the right and the other car did after him and why would you do that? Just isn't online on Eu Us here, Kenny of Course uncanny.
also stared at her as he drove by. Why looked right into her face. Unfortunately, she reported that he had a full beard because he was wearing that fake la No. There was, of course, everybody's like, oh, my god. We didn't hear that from the last one like the neighbour and all that she nobody had reported a full beard and lay Grogan and where no we're like there's been time, queen, murders like mangrove racial hatred or clean shaven and Heroin look different, but it still kind of through a whole wrench and everything one again. Also it's only been a month and it's like she's yeah Bowl beard limit is a little, so it doesn't throw things off now among the thousands of tips in different professions offering their services to help solve these murders. You know like psychiatrist, psychics private detectives are all trying to get in on the action one. This is just really interesting and I found it in the dark Brian Book, one guy from Germany, who is a private investigator.
rode into the LAPD and said he would solve the crimes if they would just fly him out there and they talked to him, but they were like humoring him a little bit and they were like you're enough to fly him out because, like what the fuc yeah will one day he just showed just showed up at the LAPD Department, and he spoke only German, so like. We don't know what you're saying, but there was one officer who is german and he was like. I can translate oh shit, so he had the guy right down what he wanted to say. I shit you not! This dude wrote to Italians brothers aged about thirty five. Why did We know that they sent him back to Germany and ignored him
dude had it almost exactly right to Allianz brothers, their cousin and they how Harry Brother, like relation to around the age, though the honestly thirty five is like the perfect average but human rights. I wonder what made him think that he just like was very gonna, prowling when also India, the profiling, but it's like even I mean think of all the Frazier, we know now, but he wasn't getting all of that you only getting what they are putting out there which, like we said, wasn't to my aunt Honestly, most of the descriptions that they are putting out there were also where people thinking that they were latin. because they're thing they had dark hair. They were like they appeared latin to me, like a lot of people pointed that out they were wrong yeah, but I could see why, like you, could hear a mistake of its like chaos and dark, and what yeah, but if he's in he was managed, abilities are no telling it's too Italians who are not our related. Why why that's crazy. I want to know more about that man's and Y know. I looked it up, but I was like day why its wild- I mean it's just some.
Ball legates. It there's like giants behind. Oh yeah. I know Kennedy was kicked out of his remade situation around the sun. Were seaworthy skipper at this point I dislike yuppie up delegating Scooby here was an interesting ones and actually existed. They stole Scooby here he was a terrible remain. He used cars without asking you just like getting their car and dry boy. There really advise that had a mother, vacuuming remit that just took my car nay even catch no hands. And he was just like didn't care about anything. He brought high school girls over to watch the cornerstone, what the silk they found, a police badge and his ship, and since it was reported that the stragglers or maybe posing as police officers, they were like by you, ago, so they were led. They told their neighbour about the badge, but they didn't tell the police, which also set the seventies everybody they come on but then you think about it and like it being an opposition you're like some disconnect collar police and tell them that I found this and like a lot of people, are calling
police and telling that thing here they ve heard. I want to be honest, though I've they were saint legacy in more lively ways in if I found a police badge and they were reporting that the hillside stragglers, who looked like my roommate, in most instances you'd using the latest version. I knew he was not up we saw it in any way, shape or form. I would call a big weary, slow weird Tibet you have your share. Want he's not living with me anymore, so it's cool and money. I don't want, they would say to you dog called exactly as I do that other. When you know what, though I billig ok, I did my dude. I did when I needed to do I don't let them know they can go fuck off if they end up being right. I'm just devils advocating, but I'm just saying so, upset we. The neighbour did tell police good. The neighbor was like had the way we should tell the police with England police, came to Kenny and asked him what
why you gotta owner police badge, and he goes no, and they were like good day, sir, and they left re exactly course. They d wow worse, they did, he said no, then ok, Cooper, four minutes, my word for it operate. Keep colleagues have been like yeah. They would even like. Like I care. Ok, I literally kid utterly gun done so one high school girl that can he was like constantly involved with and hang out with. You had told her mother. That Kenny talked about the hillside, stragglers all the time and mom was like. Why are you doing in my mom? Was like wait? How old is he and that's when she got upset and she started talking to the police in saying this? My daughter is like being like groomed by this man. We'll loves a mamma like fuck. This could she was like no, but and she's like she's told me, you he's very strange and the mom was
I'm sure he's one of the stragglers. I know it like. You need to go check him out. Mothers and stay said she was a go check him out, so they did, they did again, but when they did, they train does address from his name and it led to his old department address the one word Christina: Wechsler lived, and he made it clear our obligation to this Jha zero. They also didn at night that in his records there would be proof that he was questioned about Kimberly Martens, abduction, murder at the tamarind departments. They barely talk to him. They were charmed with him and when he how impressed he was with LAPD officers and how he had applied in here always wanted to be really officer- and London limber they left. We love a brown those are you kidding me now- the amount of connections that people are not making here, is like hello amount of not just people book,
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wasn't it thinks that he can do it over the following: wasn't because he can moment he excitedly tells Angelo he's like. I have managed to get the cops off by ass. It three times now Angelos like that's, not for also Angela's like yeah yeah, that's not cool, because that means the these are on to you. That means they have your name three times and have spoken to you three times. That means that something weird here and people are starting to question right so Angelo got so pissed that he pulled a gun, uncanny, oh shit and told him that he was going to kill him. I'm surprised you did it, so they spent some time apart. While they took all time. Oil each other and in ninety seven. So this was like you know at the end of nineteen, seventy seven in nice. Keen. Seventy eight Kelly moved. It moved with them Son Ryan to Bellingham Washington. Oh that's where her parents, she was from their her parents lived there. She gave Kenny notice like shooting just like openly
but she was like. I told that she could answer only on a clear that with this going on, I don't wanna be in Here- would like an infant. I want him in, like I say, stable place, so Kenny was like supposedly devastated and complain to Angela time, and Angela was just like dude gently want then go move their Cosette, this financial, as I could check it out here, so he was like a no no. No like. I have a life here and it's your son is there if you want to be with their son, you have to go. Fucking live in Washington that, like south complaining to me in countries like Molly Angelo what let's talk about exactly in that's end in, I think Kenny's like. I think you just want me out of here and angels like yeah. I do get the fuck out. Also imagine if he had gone to Washington and like stayed there like what he might not have gotten caught now. That's crazy! Well, guarantees talk, get ready some me he's enduring
he's like yeah like just go, live with your son and that's what you want yeah, that's totally what I had just trying to tell you to be a family man. That's what I want! Then he finally was like alright Kenny. You need to go to Washington cuz. If you don't I'm going to kill you so those are your options. Stay here, get got it or go to Washington. So can he move to washing Kelly and rise up, and I also just realized that their names are Kelly and Ryan, and it just made me think of the morning show Kelly and Ryan I don't I don't like, as I said them together for the first time I thought you were gonna say it made you think of the office, and I am surprised that I thought of that Newton. Wow. Welcome. Why even watch that show I was just going to say: you'd only watch the optimism. That's not really Kelly thy love, many gaily lover. I love the office but so yeah. He moved to Washington with them and he was like to tell you is that you know what this is gonna be my new maybe a family man and will make, but from the work hard to make some
needs to stop. Murdering people stop so at first he got a job at a hardware store as a security guard machine, but soon he got a job at what COM county, sheriffs reserves and I want to see a budget. My glasses It's a lot and he also was taking classes and policing in subsidies really boning up here. So now he is being tasked with checking security systems and houses, and he was also stealing people, like stealing things from people's houses now and part of the thing that he had to do to was like make sure the security systems were working, vacant, vacation houses and, like all that now he was not happy with his life in Washington. It was not everything he thought it was not as exciting than it was an allay he wanted to be causing. So
pain in chaos in euros and be able to do that, and he also was like missing Angela because he'd, it's weird. How will they does in? He was cheating on Kelly, like having affairs. He was lying to her you just like weird and fucked up, as he always was, and finally, around Christmas she was I get out. You weirdo, like you, gotta get out of the house you're, so you say that you just weird, obviously sketch out like the walk around with you, so he got pissed, but he begged for another chance to skimming one more chance. I believe, whatever you had where's the tally marks and she was like fine, like whatever Blake Dude. I can't anymore like I have a newborn like. Please just go away, and so, but he was pissed cuz. He was like this isn't working out like Washington, isn't working at Washington is like fucking me over and I'm pissed. So now he's like I'm going to fuck up Washington, like I fucked up LA ready to fuck up Washington. Cuz he's like
board of angry now I'm going to get some excitement. I didn't know this so, and he also had this weird thing that he was like Washington like took me from Angelo NO took Arthur, took our bond Angelo and look. What do you want me to go into the Sun Atlanta is also aimed at the equivalent of a clipped. Oh now like he is so disgusting and worthless. What is Angela? Isn't he you, because you have in Washington, Angelo hates you because he hates you exactly egg she moved to Washington, causing AIDS Washington as I do that this now he had a perfect environment for what he wanted to do, because he again like I said he was in charge of security systems and he's also chargers checking on vacant vacation homes empty home. So he has a place, so he decided he would lure women to an empty home and then rape and murder them use a perfect images myself.
that's really going along too with Kimberly Martens. Murder. Yes, because That was his whole plan all along. So now it's almost like will now and I hated it, someone fucked up why he wants to show that that plan was gonna work. Yet it was almost like us fuck. You too Angela adds it wasn't his fault using make it work. Rhymes I'll, raise your fault. So on January, ninth nineteen, seventy nine. He called someone he worked with the hardware store before her name was Karen man, and originally her remain Diane answer the phone. So now he knows there's two women there, so he tells Karen he would pay her, but them both a hundred bucks is like hundred bucks. Can you come house sit this vacation home for the night and he's like the thing is like were putting a security system having it stalled in the place, but it's not till tomorrow. So for one night it's gonna be like empty and cannot open. So he suddenly.
you know, why did you bring your remade Diane? You guys stay for one, nine, this cool vacation? How in I'll pay you for it, because you're taking your time and doing it? That's like the best set up ever if it's exactly and he was like you know, just bring your roommate you'll be fine, so there were like no brainer, usually awesome, so you want out of my house and he currently. He he wanted it all to happen in the basement cuz. He said that was like the best place for it, so he laid it out like Angelo used to he. You don't put the cord down there, everything he met them outside the house and a scare, to walk in with him to check the lights and he told Diane you stay out here. Just make sure like the perimeter is fine like I dont want to walk in there with no lights and of nobody out here so you think I'd say by the car and inside he brought
Karen down to the basement and immediately attacked her and he put the cord right around her throat. He did it so aggressively that he cut through her neck with the cord. Oh my god. He strangled there too, in the basement. He then went got Diane and ass soon ass, she came in, he threw her down, stairs and strangled her to death as well. Woe you later admitted to raping them both and he drove their bodies to parents are in Karen's car to a cul de sac, and he just end. It was near school and he just left them in their sorry to be gross. But when he admitted to raping them was that post mortem, No, that's not like totally known he cause, as will see later to during the trial and stuff he condescend sums are caught contradicts himself. He is very convoluted watches. He goes back and forth yeah. He said he did. He sexually assaulted them, I have no idea that, like a pre and post are evidently did it rain, so the next
during his shift checking a vacation home. He was arrested on charges of double homicide of Karen men, Dick and diet. wilder, and how did they treat it to him because Karen had told her boyfriend about the house sitting job, so I just tray straight to him. Why? Because Diane had written down his name in number when he had called originally and she had answered soul can Me working alone doesn't work no actually Landau Angela's, the master might because Kenny wants to. She told she told her boyfriend. Hey Kenny Bianchi from the hardware store, has a job now as a security professional. He wants me to go to this exact address. He wants me to do this and I'm gonna do that any comment on early years name a number on uneasy paper. It's so it makes me so sad. Billig again she took all the prick,
sure, like I'm gonna, be here. This person called me yet is the address exactly. I may be so sad there's Kenny and when they searched his home they found shit, tons of stolen things, and they later found jewellery from the victims, particularly a turquoise ring that was stolen from Yolanda Washington, the first victim boom and an italian horn necklace stolen from Kimberly Martin, so he also got larceny charged on their tube good and the police in Bellingham talk to the LAPD, since he had a previous California dress and Salerno is the one to hear his name and say: that's the fucking guy, like a medium, he was like their use. We already talked him three time rang the fun of that's him. He denied everything for now. Now they talk to Kelly. You note the mother of his child and she can.
Armed that the only friend Kenny have really had an l, a really ever was Angelo, so they looked into Angelo saw that his address was at seven o three EAST Colorado street, and it was directly in the centre of almost all of the scene location yield, now, Grogan got surveillance immediately on Angelo can just arrest him nothing, but they also released Bianca's photo to the media. Oh shit, and Jean Sims, who would save that girl from the bus stop YO and had gone in there. They are like go away, crazy, lady, she caught Again, let you remember me bouchers, that's him, like that's him low. She said I bet you thought you son, Alastor me, that's literally it she was that mean yeah. She was. She was and then David Woods who had saved
Becky Spears from a life of being like pimped out. I gotcha arguing about mountains. Yes from part one, I think. Yes, he told the media about his experience, freeing Becky spears from Bianca bono's clutching all girl. Then they got Sabra Hannan back from Phoenix only interviewed by he and sombre at the police station and they told them fuckin everything of man, S markings. certain yell browser, Grogan and Salerno Partner, detective PETE Finnegan Talk to Angelo and his home, and he let nothing out. He was not going to mean anything any that. Obviously Bianchi was his cousin, but he was like he's weird. I don't really like know a lot about him. Yeah there I'm ok. Now in Washington, Bianchi was facing the death penalty. Cuz Washington had the death penalty. If they got them on those two murders, they were going to be able to do it, so they were going to offer him a plea. Deal there like, if you talk about the hillside strangler in San Angelo, like we can do something for you at this point. It wasn't totally late
it will be later during a second interview with Angelo at his home cuz. They just kept showing up and be like hey Angelo. You want to talk that you thought you knew lot of me literally then, for this. Now it's like Grogan and in Salerno doing it at once point. I think it was during the second interview at his home Grogan like lost his temper and literally had Angelo up by his collar and like screamed every little thing he did everything they knew like was like you fucker like we're gonna go you like named every victim because he was like, I the you did this to learn. Where Wagner. I know you did this to Christina Wechsler. I know you this like he laid out like I know the gas I know this. I know that, like an angel Invite add, though, that he looked fucking terrified for they. First, only time why that was happening was like oh shit moment. Yeah, he's scared. The shit out of that will arrive, thought that's like I am in the in the.
Little thing move when I lose it in Greece. again said. Obviously he's like you shouldn't Lucia, We're like those I mean, but he said it was also a kind of calculated because he was a. I knew that was the moment if you now is the moment to do it. Sousa goes calculated, but not cow and in a line of work like that, I mean you're bound to lose it a couple times. I would have clear, especially with people like this gallic little fuckin legume oh, that his spine. What, alas, all like Sabra, Hannan and Becky Spears told him everything. Teenage girls have just told them the horrific things that this man has done to their yeah. It would be hard, especially as a father of a teenage daughter which he will, right, so they read him his rights to be arrested, and he said he would you like to know what could they were just like we're gonna. Take you in like to talk to you. If you don't get to talk to us out here, will take you at so there
sitting on his rights and is now I'll talk without a war. Will you not to bring me, and so they are allegory, so you like our it. I went to the tamarind departments. Where can he lived a couple of times, but it was like. I didn't do anything like that and he kept saying that he Hughes League O use being with that fat, bitch, nice and it's like over, and I really want- and they were like his pregnant girlfriend, and they would like yeah whatever, and it's like either way like Europe show buddy like either way bra she's great you dinner line lie what the fuck is wrong with the anyway, you wasn't lank either murderer like that's what murdering asshole he's a horror, show Ray He also confirmed the MIKE Ryan name connection. He didn't, having a badge himself but said he did have handcuffs for different reasons, but Mary them away because they broke
and he said he can't swear to it, but Kenny may have had a badge and I was starting throw him under the bus. They showed him photos of each victim like every single one, with the name good and every time they would just pray he would just like at and go. I saw on tv, I saw on tv and he did say he thought Kenny could possibly be one of the hillside murders cuz. He knows that why they also talked to Angelos Ex wife candy, who he like Mary, Mary Catherine, whom he had linked though I during their marriage- and she said she
fully believed he would kill anyone even his own child, for going against him she's like oh, he hasn't zero limits like one hundred percent and he could be it yeah and she told them everything she mentioned. How like the cow, patch dump site where Dolores and Sonia were put was the place. He often took the family for picnic. What the fuck everything started coming out. They talk to Artie Ford, the app. Who heads like room was a remain with the off who said the story about the gas thing how he wanted to leave the gas going. So candy would like a cigarette and blow up right that he didn't give a shit if his kids were an see there. he also relayed. Finally, the fact that Angelo said he raped his own stepdaughter and his sons terrible now meanwhile in Washington, their setting up an appointment with Doktor Donald T Lund. He was the author of murder and madness and he was also a professor at Stanford University. They want him to talk to
any ok, because Kenny now remember throughout his whole eggs, NEO scam filled Rare he's always wanted something in psychology. He wanted to be a psychology ass. He did. he tumbled out on both herself. He would study himself He did a lotta reading on psychology. They found shit tons of books in his possession about psychology. So bizarre, so I think in his mind right then he was like I can get and insanity defence. I know I know what to do very well to look for him. He probably did in fact he did a pretty good job up until a point. So, two days before this meeting is set Kenny's She, television cause. You can watch and Joe, and he saw a tv movie sibyl, which is about multiple personality and in a criminal case yeah and he use this as an inspiration and decide. If you would play that he had multiple personnel the disorder to get the insanity defence
so soon under hypnosis he created a personality called Steve. Star Steve was the aggressor one he was the one who murdered everybody stay. was so Mean Steve wanted to get rid of semi. All of that, and at one point when asked if he had ever harmed and animal cause, they were trying to figure out, like you know, are you a bed wetter de iris? Did your arm? Animal has even dropped on you is outraged that they asked him that he went on and on about his love for animals, how he had a cat once in his car, and he felt awful for weeks, and he almost cried. He was like. Oh my god, I can imagine hurting an animal like I love animal How dare you ask me that then they looked in his file and they saw that once he had killed a cat and left it on his neighbor's front, porches a Halloween prank but yeah. So that was wrong
I hate that now, as Steve remember, he gave them everything. He admitted to everything Steve. He said he gave details everything, but they couldn't arrest him. They couldn't arrests and the Ark sees they can rest Angelo, because Steve Kenny's, like yeah. We did all this Angelo. Did this with me? Angelo did this. I did this Angelo did this. I did this. They already have Kenny. Obviously they can't arrest Angelo because this is another personality that is telling a story rose, no proof right so he's will literally sitting there being like Angelo. Did this and they can't do anything about a shit which is like so friends are. They need the proof they need something that they can hold, that they can get him on. because they also want to jump at this and fuck up the whole trial. So they had to get something concrete good, I'm glad they didn't get so they started.
Talking about neighbour, Bula, stow fur. I think it's Bueller Bela, I don't know it's one of my disables across the street from Lorn Wagner's home again and she was able to pick not only Kenny but Angelo out of a photo on up as the when she saw that night that'll do it now. Another expert was brought in to look at Kenny for this multiple personality thing. His name was Doktor Ralph Alison. He was like an expert in that field. He did a couple of interviews and tests on Bianchi and he concluded that he was Gillian, saying so cause he had that he'd. Like did all of these interviews with him Ass Steve. He put him under hypnosis. You know he he was like. No, he he's claiming had our childhood friend and that's what Steve was and now he's evolved into this terrible.
thing, but he initially was that they're like there's so much in the two books. I read that a link that you need to read cause it's fascinating, but it's basically like the way they looked at it and if it was a real or not is like you would have this childhood in imaginary friend. That was born out of trauma, and I was there to protect you and it appeared when you needed it to ya. Mine was Luke Skype exactly litter, but then, when you have multiple personality disorder that imaginary friend will transfer into a hostile entity, that wants to do bad things and wants to take you over law in Bianca knew this because he's red wireless psychology books. He knows what this is actually knows. How this works. So he's read that so he was able to do what needed to be done to make it seem like he was really upset the case say although nor have we now being. I need to point out that yours was naughty, Martha they will need China with naughty Martha by imaginary friend. She never turned hostile, though she always does
me and I want mine was born out of trauma. It was literally like I was doing bad shit and I needed to blame it on some points. I believe it Margaret I just love naughty work is done, I thought so this all insanity thing was bullshit. He was faking. It was very clear but puce, fooling the expert yeah and he also was sending Kelly letters and recording himself literally talking in baby talk to his son Ryan. can you sing how he like didn't want his son to not know who he was so he was pulling like. Like people didn't know like a day. I still don't know what it's because you like why, as these weird facet sums himself that you like latches onto and they're, not real, but he really wants them to be real, like he really wants to be this, like doting. Dad he's only pretending to be from prison. It's just really, but I think he's a second let he it was a lot going on. So an ideology as multiple personality. This? Well, don't worry
so so where no got a hold of the video tapes of him under hypnosis as Steve like they sent them to the LAPD, so they could see what they were working lives. Khazar also allowed to send their experts cause They said there were a part of this legislation. Can I interrupt you phreatic, like second, if he under what they called sorry. I just liable so no says they must be treated, thought how see no to be Steve, because that was the other part of it. So because he's read so much about this, he knows how to you. He knows that there is something where it's like a feed Wanna be hypnotized. You're, not gonna, be hypnotized. So when he was getting ready to go wonder hypnosis, he just wouldn't. I would just block it out. because if you don't wanna be hypnotized, you can block yourself from being hypnotized got. You have to be in like a state of mind to accept it. Ok, so he would just block it and pretend to be hypnotized which They catch him in labour. Are so these aware? No, no problem, but silly
no gotta hold these tapes of the hypnosis in everything, and they were all like he's bullshit, like this very clearly bullshit and in one of the sessions Dr Allison asked about the other personality. Steve's last name p was like what's what's your last name and you like mumbled, something? No one could hear so they just did press it further will Salerno kept playing. It gives you he said the same thing and then he was like so he kept playing coupling at many was like what are you guys here I hear something and they were all listening to their relate Walker. I hear Walker well. This was traced back to a scam, Bianchi had pulled, he had set up a fake psychology office before leaving allay and he had tried to get someone who is actually educated in psychology to work.
I am a man named Steve Walker. Why has he always just like pulling using try? Nepal, a fast one, not only civil, that quota go Denham Wrong, and this is the stupidest thing he could have done. Yes, use a real person's name, s is altering go. It proves that its far its fake but everything He does is the simplest thing, so this man named See Walker had applied and in use he had used this to apply under his name for a copy of Steve Walkers Diploma and he had asked the school to give it to him without the name on it because he told them he had someone like a calligraphy. That was right in the name because he wanted display it in his office. So he had easily written his own name and there they ethical point, but they checked into it and it became clear. that Steve Walker was a real person, he had scammed and he was too stupid to come up with an imaginary name to use unreal Salerno is a key said Walker, you dumb ass is like he got caught for that, like what
and unlike, why would you even answer? In the first place? No one, most imaginary friends do not have a fucking listen. Why are you using like there's a million different names? You couldn't showed Ray. What else and also to sleep. He can't think fast. No new hat in it should be noted that multiple personality disorder was removed from the DSM. At one point, it was replaced with dissociated identity, disorder, Garcia, but back then that's what it was called and that's what they were, but those are two different things But those are two different things out. The other one multiple personality disorder was removed. How so the prosecution decides there ok, so in a way that, like we're setting our own doktor up their hats, that motherfucker yeah, so they send doktor mare, Doktor, Orne, up to Washington, to test this diagnosis of multiple personality.
this order? Also Alina is beaming I'm. So I love this idea because it is. This is always the best, partly brilliant alike by God. I think I love you. I love when they get fucked. You know it's amazing and I just love your philosophy. I dont like sitting up like our rights, because I don't know it happened so, unlike out like yeah like I'm, like a girl and Alain is like girl like our right and our colleague wait until he found she's raising the actual real hope so and faded fuck, any Biagi he's still alive. I hope you can listen, but fuck you in the atmosphere could doubt be really fucked up an awful computer some, but I can fuck you through the atmosphere, in fact, so he tested Bianchi with two tests. One was the double hallucination test he put Bianchi under hypnosis, which he knew he was not going on
hypnosis and he asked Bianchi if he saw his attorney, whose name was deemed Brett sitting next to him and deemed it was not there. He was just ass. I am to see if he was elucidating someone and he was like if you do see deem bread. We greet him like shake his hand and greet him. So, From the he's, like sure- and he looked so varies like in any shakes, the imaginary persons handicap he's making small talk with them, good to see you like full conversation with no one. now most people with all my heart that looks kind of insane re. Well, then, the real dean was told to walk in. KEN, said hey. How can indeed be in two places at once, and he stood and shook the real dean's hand. He immediately child if he was really under hypnosis. Who would have never even blinked at the idea of a second dean walking into you
you know what they're, not even that it just would have been a continuous hallucination. There's no breakin the hallucination. You wouldn't go, like oh So that means not real. That means real, like your mind, wouldn't think that way under hypnosis you just go hey there. You are so it's continue our conversation, but instead he was like there's two deems like you wouldn't say so they re. Who that do? You failed that so the second test, Doktor Orne, drew an imaginary circle on the back of Bianca's hand well under hypnosis. And he told him you're going to feel pressure touch anywhere outside of that circle, but inside the circle, but I will be nothing, it will be numb. You won't feel it. So he told him say yes, if you feel the touch outside the circle and say no, oh for inside the circle he fell for that cause, even I'm right world. Here's the thing beyond however, said yes for outside the circle, but then he's thinking how you're thinking
fuck. I am, he said nothing for the inside, because you and feel that right rain, that's failing cause if he was a hypnosis you would have listened to the orders specifically and he would have said no for inside the circle. The whole point as you would have listened to the direct orders and followed them perfectly. Ah, you wouldn't have created your own rules. I've never been under hypnosis it was like fascinating to me. That's really interesting. So obviously this does improve that he doesn't have it approved that he is not here. He's not under him. Life do not and they have no rights in turn. Pretty much shows that he's bullshitting. There are a lot of different things that I do throughout the day that are just you know, it's like to take care of me to say: hey girl, like you work hard like. Let's take care of this, we live in it. For a long time. I like to work out kinda I really actually really like to do yoga, and you know
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what I ve in bulk nationwide at or you can get twenty five percent off when you got a liquid ivy dot com and use promo code morbid at check out. That is twenty five percent off anything, You order when you get better hydration today by using promo code morbid at liquid iv. Calm now Bianchi saw this. He knew it was happening and he seems that he failed this. So he's got with some quick suicide. I have another alter egos names, Billy, stopping yeah like I did, he know a Billy. Are we gonna find out? I don't think we found the billion pesetas in care enough at this point that they already when you have. You have worked up now when he first appeared as Steve. He had like taken cigarettes out because Steve bad US rights, cigarettes, cheese, insects, not only that the system of ripped the filters off the cigarette, for your blue and when he
I'm back, as can, he was like what they someone rep Others are moving around what Winkie acted very like only God did that and they will extensive and he was a clear Steve like actually were, but so you did last rest and it was only gonna- can never smoke cigarettes without the filters that such a city, you think Obviously so, next, even Steve, I'm guessing such Steve, I've checked and then, when Billy came, it was like I am Billy, I'm the third person here, Billy, all Oh took cigarettes, atavism thing and rip the filters off, because He didn't know that the LAPD had seen the video tapes of when he was Steve. Doing things like, I can assure you like. I will do the same thing, because it would
because I'm a lazy, ass, mother fucker it. I came up with one more different personality during literally like so Stephen Billy. Just do exactly like you could have done anything. You gonna like picked up a pen like chewed the cow, exactly like you fuckin idiot, so they are like. This is a pretty clear indication that he's, but are you willing liner real, so it all fell apart like four? their apart, when it was discovered that he had also before this tried to scam a ton of different offences for himself before the insanity deeply he had tried to. these women. He had Condon charmed before to be his alibi. Eyes or promise the money from a forthcoming book that is definitely coming when they find him innocent, in fact Angie the one who had left them. whose condom on your door knob. She wrote fake alibi for him. Why invention broke down and confessed. It was fake, like immediately shoes felling. Terrifying, realising she was scared and just like really brainwash, and but she confessed to his fate and like felt horrible
and obviously to convince her that a book is coming disaster, convinced that he is going to be the innocent. So if she doesn't help him they're gonna get her oh yeah, so he also and his own mother, a fake letter, and she said that this letter was written by Karen's boyfriend and it was Karen's boy that one of the two girls killed in Washington and it was that it was Karen's. Boyfriend confessing to the murders was, and he said he asked his mother to bring down that letter, to Washington and give it to police to get him where we too. She, if even found desire she did but she comes down and she confessed that it was fake like she brought it to them. It was like he did this and she lay tuna- has been a liar since the day was born when she was lying, I dont know what to do with this, so he was declared company to stand trial, because no longer was he legally insane, which I just think is the funniest chain of events that he tried to pull legged such yeah,
it's so ridiculous. Dunstan shows Baby Atkinson Show easy, just failures: brothers as the ridiculous. So He was offered another plea deal and it was if he admitted to the Washington murders and some of the hillside strangling murders, at least an test FI against Angelo Buono. He would get life and in prison without the possibility of pearl, but he would serve in California, which good for him, because otherwise he was going to water quality and that's one of the scariest prisons ever and he could also get the death penalty so during interrogation with Salerno. He confirmed the whole thing about the fuzz found on Judith Miller. Size. Are they heard that one piece of white fuzz any said yeah? That's likely the upholstery foam that enjoy used in their like ocean. This is always identified. So there was a huge piece of evidence and he admits de stealing Kimberly Martens necklace because you just like that
and even offered up an additional piece of evidence about Christina Wechsler he mentioned a mark her neck and they said like what mark on her neck, and he was like. You didn't see that there's a needle mark on her neck. We put the needle and her neck as well, oh fund. They neither day or the autopsy say about this- saw that in, so then they looked at the autopsy photos in their early. You can see it it's there like. We just didn't see because we are looking for wonder if I've gotten trouble. I know it s, not good, good thing to modify it. He also revealed the gassing wound he disk find Angelo's gas pipe and stove in detail. He said it didn't you see the mark on her neck, where we press the pipe against her and they were likely yeah, but like what and they were like he was like. Yet it was kind of like a bruise that was shaped like this and they were like yep, that's exactly it so they're like you're, really like nailing yourself now. He said during this interview- and this is like so fucked up, but he said quote:
I'd very hard to get a feel for what was going on the reasons for everything taking place. Basically, the motivation or the emotions being felt I ve always felt great. I mean really intense, horrifying, just cut loose anger, so one is was to get me. I don't know just to get me second, there was a sexual arousal with having sex. Knowing that the end product is going to be killing itself, another is this is terrible and no disrespect to the girls, no witnesses who said no disrespect to the girls that he murdered and raped and dumped no disrespect to the girls, but there were no witnesses. That's why I do it. anyone witnesses no disrespect to them. First, that doesn't even like need to be said right there, because you clearly don't respect them. It so just doesn't fit in that statement. It's just weird
weird I've, no disrespect to them, but, like I had to kill hungers anymore witnesses, Boeing, no disrespect, why I feel it that's a pretty disrespect idyllic, your entire, distances print. Your whole operation is pretty disrespectful. Man now Angelo. Why finally arrested on October twenty seconds so? Bianchi had been brought into court in front of a judge, as Bianchi not honest, Steve or Billy, and finally made the statement that Angela born was his accomplice whenever they were able to make that along with all the other evidence? Now, Jesus now when- they found Angelos wallet when they picked him up. He had said I dont have a police badge. I remember you said I can't I have handcuffs, but it's for other things. Not. I bet had that when they found his wallet there was a place in it were nothing was there, but there is a perfect outline of a bad and pin halls where it has clearly been stuck. You mother, fucking
John, and it was literally the perfect piece of evidence. Does he denied it already deny it right now he can fest too, while he was in jail to another prisoner while awaiting trial, but then he denied it later, but the language used with specific to Angela's way of speaking, because he had like very specific things. He would say all the time and the sky was like. You literally said this, and they were not What is it all right now, June. One thousand nine hundred and eighty KEN gets a letter. Cuz he's waiting, he's waiting in jail waiting to testify against Angelo is pictures been everywhere. This is been all over the news, so he's getting
there is, of course, from these idiots who are like. I love you know. I will never fuck can understand that, but in he gets a letter from twenty four year olds, Veronica Compton, who is a writer now you can't see me, but my fingers are doing air bunnies yeah over writer. She wrote. Can this quote? Can you don't know me, but I would like to visit you. My name is Ver Lynn. That's her pen, name, Ver! Lynn is her power. Name. Her real name is definitely where I am a playwright, and I am currently writing a fictional play entitled the mutilated cutter. The stories about a female mass murderer Veronica in Compton and she also asked if he would help her make the character more believable. She only pick his brain
thus on its own aspiring actress and a cook and she had dark hair. She was beautiful like very pretty, and, according to Darcy, O Brien book She said quote the heroin, and this is a quote from his book. The heroin she played too, she planned to play for herself would Strang a female victim and then traumatized the corpses vagina with us. civically, designed hollow dildo through which seamen previously collected for the purpose would be put thereby foiling and supporting the failed, dominated oppressive forces of society and law. That was what her playlists, that sounds like it'll, be a great a great play, but many people will definitely come harsher that for go fuck yourself, so they began writing each other and it was like very
mediately as I very sexually charged, unlike very intense, and she was in like falling in love with him, and he was just like. How can I use you yeah. Eventually they had all these visits and they would get weird and one of the messages that she sent him. I just have to read. Because it's so wild? She sent a letter to him and said my dearest, what a wonderful sex, Filled night I had it was exciting and the man was so mysterious, took a long hot bath at my house, and he looked so tempting us. The steam rolled off his body you will never guess who it is all night. He stayed here with me. I can't tell you how magnificent it was. It was simply rageous. You know him well, in fact, you know him very, very well. Do you want to guess, forget it you can't in a thousand years. You know why will tell you develop. Does my lover was here in spirit not embody? It was a dream.
Precious a dream about you. Do you realize it's only fifty one and a half hours until we see each other? Did I cite you with the curiosity in the beginning of the letter, Veronica there's other places I need to be. There is every other place after b I act We have an offer, a winning me defer anything I'll stay had many visits and they I also realise that they share to love for necrophilia accidents bun, so he was like. How can I use this crazy person? and by the way I am doing a full ass. Other episode about Veronica Compton in the other serial killer that she attached herself to cause one that others real killer is why olds and I've never heard of him? Ok too her story with this. Stuff is just so insane it needs another. Can we do MAX can that we need to feel ok, awesome, and so she hold him? She wanted to murder. Someone
like. I want a murderer woman like. Let me do that for you. and she told them great. She was like you know what like, let's, let's make this work for me yeah, so he was like hey. Why don't you go to Bellingham Washington and kill a woman and then leave seamen in that woman to free him so that they would think that the wrong guy was jail liked, kill her in a way that will look like the hillside, strangler also, and then leave Siemens other leg. Woe you already confessed, Everything again can like said Angelo did. I am, may have a bunch of evident, though you haven't you just he just polls that back all the time he'll just like. Oh no! No, I don't remember that at all. Actually, thank you. Doesn't work out for him, olenin sewed, because member. His plea deal is based on if he admit, stall us and also, if he truthfully testifies against Angelo Bwana, which he
Ales, so they also worked out alibis with her for each of the hillside strangler days. So that end like so he was gonna, be with her for all those days, so Angela would have to take the fall for all of them, and so he knew that he and Angelo, which is strange. They were both non secreted. We have even over a four year. He knew that because I think they had been they tested somehow I dont know if it had come off in bikes, I'm sure it was probably leaked at some point in the mere in the media, maybe the so what he did was he masturbated into the finger of a rubber gloves? Sealed the top with gum and tied it with a string that he got from a rosary which he stripped the beads off of while at an hour yeah. He then shoved into a poetry book and gave it to her on a visit. So next time she was going to find a young girl that fit the bill
of the hillside strangled victims. She could insert that seamen into this girl. It would come out as non secrete or seamen, which is only twenty percent of the population young and is the hillside. Strangler happens to be both of them. Isn't that crazy you re you're, son of the population in answer to these fucker exactly and he's so he's like do that, put the seamen in the scene and then leave her in a car. Exactly like Karen and Diane Boom, they're gonna think I am wrong guy, which he stupid to even think this is work. Both the golden state killer, non secrete, her I think he was faintly ass, Athens or simplify. Now, that's weird so September. Sixteen nineteen, eighty at the Cocoanut Grove, Barn, Bellingham Veronica, went in with a blonde wegg. She was brunette and a fake pregnant belly because she figured it would be less threatening and it would make people trust. Her So she was hopped up on cocaine as well, and she met a woman and they went back to the motel, which was the Shangri La Motel. Now she got
this woman back to the motel, because she was she had said she was pregnant and abandoned, like she was crying and like this woman was like. I feel so bad, later she prayed antimony sky. Ass though she was like. You know what all absolutely commonly just chat with you, unlike make, you feel better. All. Oh, she went to the bathroom and then she snuck up behind her and tried to strangle her with a court. While this girl fought back and ran the fuck out of their like got out yeah. So that's no good for her now the woman went right to police and meanwhile Veronica had called the police herself pretending to be a real real strangler like using a voice in Chad and being like. You have the rainbow visual folk.
and they knew she had visited him all the time. So she was pretty easiest bugger, always keen, we'll get you ever see. Rested and Bianchi dropped her like a hot potato, because she was no longer useful them. I end again I'm covering her next, we gotta get into like the real real with her, but I don't have time for that right now. You know the type we gotta focus on Bianca and Buono here, but like we're going next shouted alert. Has I need it now, so Bianchi decided to change his story again, because this is what he's doing, because that didn't work Let me also things this is gonna. Make him remain credible? You can keep changing, sir, and now he's blaming Angelo for everything he does remember one damn thing he did not know
Okay, your family or Familia Camilia, so Angelo's trial was bonkers. It was throughout one thousand nine hundred and eighty two there were trips to the dump sites. They took like in multiple witnesses that were supposed to help the defense, but actually made it worse for them, which is funny Sabra, Hannan was brought back and she was psyched to send them to prison, likes you fuck, yeah, by air fuckin. Oh, she couldn't he revenge. She was working as a dental hygienist at the time she was married and living in Phoenix, which I was I get it she's also be you'd of ocean signed out of her nose. I stunning, while Becky Spears was, she can the stand, those while she was very affected and was clearly still suffering from our deal that she had been through hope, but she testified, and also a woman named Cheryl Burke also testified because she happened to be in the Hollywood public Library
the evening that Kimberly Martin was killed, while Kennedy was on the phone trying to arrange the meeting Kenny he's me Angelo had gone into the library while he was on the phone and was tension only stocking in leering at this woman in the stacks for fun, and she skip He's scared her so much that she remembered him. Like perfectly, why and the woman was Cheryl Burke and she was able to and if I am- and she was like- he's a predator, what you I was predatory, what he did to me that night yams like I didn't, want to go back to the library after, and so he thought he was havin fun you at the library savings over himself. Catherine lorry also testified about her near encounter with them. The appear lorries, daughter, Yelp
also for Angela's birthday in October, this is wild. He had a defence attorney. That was a woman and they did that to to appeal to the jury. Work, look, there's a woman defending our ally, her name was Catherine made her and she was lingering fucked. In my opinion, she was like way too attached. Chilling, seemed like using charmed by him. Ok! So what are these euro as Erika she wanted to have a birthday cake delivered to him. She had a deliver tomb the first year he was in prison and the second one time. They were like no and they were like what how do I know. You're not gonna, put legs a ship in there. Re like you can't six cents, a fuckin like y know ensure response was something along the lines of like ah he's gonna have to celebrate his birthday without a cake. That's a shame And I guess someone nearby was like will look at it. This way ten women have to like will never celebrate their bravery.
like. Does that make like I'll bet, you can get fuckin twinkies from the commissary? Does that help you sleep at night suck? My dick lady lady, like are you fucking kidding me we're supposed to feel bad for the scaling line after supper, Hannan Mbeki Spears got up there and said what he did to them and she's like he meets cake. Take thou me like fucker off. I hope you never gonna kick at any rate. In her closing argument. She said she started with. There is a core of goodness and Mr Byrne, bono is then she sits yeah, a core of humanity. So during certain arguments also that, like the other side, was making, she would laugh out loud. She would make postures and at one point she was filing clipping her nails while they were fucking until the judge had the like yell.
I was going to say that some several times she was almost kicked off. Why here I wish she was at the time the trials were the long. This trial was the longest in american history at the time to full years. jerry took nine days deliberating and finally, in October, on October, thirty first nineteen, eighty three you they came to the conclusion that Angelo Buono was guilty of all nine nine, not ten counts of murder. He was not by ship proven guilty on Yolanda Washington's murder, the first one they didn't have enough time to it. Oh, they tried to tried to have them go back and deliberate again, they just couldn't. Wouldn't you very tight, circumstantially leg, Louise convicted of nine other murders, he probably did not a virus, drawing got all nine
whose given life without pearl in Calla Patria State prison, which is in California. I think it's also really shitty for her family that they didn't do they add? Well, that's what they were trying to do as they were like for the late come on like she deserves that yeah, but so the judge, Ronald George, I love what he had to say because he was given life without the possibility of her own, not the death penalty, obviously, and what he said was the ultimate justification for any punishment is that, as it is in fact enunciation by the community of a crime, and there are some murders which demand the most emphatic denunciation of all, namely the death penalty, in view the jury's mercy in this verdict. I am, of course, without a thought. To impose any greater punishment. However, I would not have the slightest reluctance to impose the death penalty in this case were within my power to do so. If ever there was a case where the death penalty is appropriate. This is that Kay
Angelo Buono and cannot but be slowly squeezed out of their victims. There last breath of air and their promise of a future life and all for what the momentary, sadistic thrill of enjoying a brief, perverted sexual satisfaction and the venting of their hatred for women and ironical Although these two defendants utilised almost every form of legalised execution against their victims, the defendants have escaped any form of capital punishment, Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi subjected various of their murder victims to the administration of lethal gas electrocution strangulation by Rothe, rope and lethal hypodermic injection, yet the to defend it. are destined to spend their lives in prison. Housed fed in clothes at taxpayers, expense better cared for than some of the destitute law abiding members of our community, yeah go. Oh it's like
whoa and when he puts his eyes tired when he says ironically, they used ministration of lethal gas, electrocution strangulation by rope and hypodermic injection all all forms of capital punishment yeah, but they are not receiving it themselves. Yeah, that's again, I've. My death penalty stance is like a blur area meet you, I dont lean, and I lean honestly recently. I think, by doing this podcast we in the research I've done. I lean more towards against, but that is a brilliant argument. it's a brilliant argument, really is perfectly in the middle arguing, I'm still in the grey area, but I'm starting to toils, because there are cases where exactly That's why I'm like a whole other days- that's another show, but it. But it is funny that, like by doing this podcast mine Are you going back and forth aims to have evolved to which is fun? I guess you have a good thing that, like I'm words because you're
you're kidding yourself on the subject matters end of year, hoping I hope that more people were like think it through. You know like, regardless of what side you stand so He said at the end of this. I am sure Mr Blono, Mr Bianchi, that you will probably only get your thrills reliving over and over again, the torturing and murdering of your victims being incapable, as I believe you to be of ever feeling any remorse, so he was just like Fuk off now, after this Sabra Han and especially called and thanked police and lawyers who made this all possible if she was like, I can't thank you enough. She said I can finally move on with my life like because he's gone like he'll, be in prison, he barely looked over her shoulder for so long, exactly Angelo Buono died of a heart attack in prison, after only having nineteen years away, only he never left his cell the first year because not even to take a walk, because he was so scared of being killed or beaten by inmates LAO, and he was not
favorite. They should I go I made him take. I know they should have forced him to walk but October twenty first nineteen. Eighty three kenny- you again had been told that if he played and testified truthfully against his cousin that he would spend his time in California and specifically not and wall the wall on Washington, because brutal, he was sent directly to all allow for life without corroded. He was because he did not abide by his pleaded Washington while haunted forever you fuckin, because he went on that stand and he did everything he could do to fuck wit that, with his confession, with the narrative he lied, he turn things around. He would give contradictory statements he fucked around walked around you, don't get your plea, deal fucker and deal is ideal, and he saw They didn't see, yeah so you sent to Washington and he was,
so sentenced to life in California for the strangler murder, but he is spending in Washington, good love that he still there he tried to legally change his name to Anthony D Amato and then Nicholas Fontana. Why, though, because he knew that, because he's probably getting his aspect all the time because he's a fucking like he killed in rape, children but its land women, do you not realised that, like everybody will he's, don't know who you were humble will come in. They won't now wiki like the older than he is obviously just who that, like he's, also just helping these also got married to her yup, the so in nineteen sixty married Christine Kazoo car. I believe it is our no excuse me. That's porno in nineteen o six Angelo married again. He married Christine consumer, but eighteen, eighty, nine Bianchi married, surely book, which was a pen pow
she also was interests. She was like involved were TED Bundy when he was behind bars on points of that's just like her thing. Man, you know arrived at their thing. He tried to get conjugal visits for them and ninety ninety, but he was denied. You think that, as late ok we're doing exactly. He was also denied because he was also denied parole on August eighteen, two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten. He it's going to be eligible to at least apply for parole in two thousand and twenty five that he he now again, need a leg emperor anymore, I'm one of the hillside strangler. You will not do that interesting little thing. Just to end on in two thousand and seven Angelos grandson, Christopher Buono shot his grandmother in the head who was Angelos? Second wife, Mary Castillo Woe, she lived, but he killed himself
Afterwards, woe isn't that wild yeah and again we don't know if I can use the alphabet killer and I think he might be Oh yeah. I want to get into a palmprint on one of the victims and acts that they were never able to identify and it came back Inconclusive s Kenny so well that still there who knows and that's all that is even the abridged version of the hill. I'd. Strangler part, abridged version that is me like, broken away and down to thirty pages, that's insane. There was a lot, but I really really really encourage you to read those books, the one killing cousins and the hillside strangler. So by Darcy, O Brien, I'm gonna link them again. I've link them and everyone, but go read them their fascinating. They have so many more trade,
scraps. They have so much more insight into like the behind the scenes, staff and all the psychiatry. These data, more of the trial stuff out his tongue, Steve Stuff, go Then I tell you it s only for this case, because it is a wild one really was. I had no idea how you bear ins and outs. There were in either either I did not. I had no idea I do now. Do you know you further you're welcome I'm really glad ongoing somewhere haunted this next week. Yeah now. I think we need to take a hunted detour, but I'll. Take you right back Veronica each book I was going to say. I need that. Next year we need it as I won't. Let you rest for I'll bring it in well with you, like to keep listening you'll get that so we hope you keep listening and we hope you key But it's really your enemy turned into seven new start smoking, unfiltered cigarettes and amino Billy does the same thing
is really you could just come up with another personality. Trait and just don't be is where is Kenneth Bianchi, Angelo Buono or any of the like? The defense attorneys or any of those people believing that want to send him a cake. I mean don't be thy dont, be that their failure. Nails
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