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Episode 260: The Eastern State Penitentiary

2021-08-31 | 🔗
Ash promised you something haunted this week after Alaina’s three part deep dive into the Hillside Stranglers and boy did she pick a doozy. The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is supposedly one of America’s most haunted buildings. It has a fascinating, yet macabre history and it housed some of the world's most notorious criminals. We’ll get into all that history, talk about some of the most known prisoners and then dive into the most haunted cell blocks that remain standing today! Book used for research: The Eastern State Penitentiary by Francis X. Dolan (https://www.amazon.com/Eastern-State-Penitentiary-Francis-Dolan-ebook/dp/B009A6IMM8) As always, thank you to our sponsors: BetterHelp: Check out online therapy with betterhelp.com/Morbid and be on your way to a little more ease. Monday.com: Visit monday.com/podcast for your free two-week trial. Simplisafe:  You can save 20% on your SimpliSafe security system AND get your first month free when you sign up for Interactive Monitoring service by visiting SIMPLISAFE.com/morbid to customize your system and start protecting your home and family. Everlane:  Go to everlane.com/MORBID and sign up for 10% off your first order plus free shipping. Norton Lifelock: Save 25%  or more off your first year of Norton three sixty with LifeLock at Norton.com/MORBID
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It doesn't matter who you are or what you have. Life can be pretty damn hard and without a healthy mind, it's even harder check out online therapy with better help, dot com, slash morbid and be on your way to a little more ease, hey weirdos, I'm Alina I'm ash, and this is morbid yeah, it is already we made it through the hillside, strangler trilogy, sparely. We see tat. We just we stated by the end of that, but I am so glad to not be a part of that world any more so
but can I quickly congratulate you because Lena's episode on the hillside stragglers made it into the top five of all like show zinc. You you're, ok! Well, I thought very nice. I beg you to everybody who listened because you guys got it there, so you rock that's a big deal. It was pretty red, We all know research and all that lake. You know torture my mind. For weeks later I was the correct You guys are those, naturally, one I'm glad you guys really liked. It is lake very interesting to dive into the I feel like I've, never heard it told the way that you told them in my thinking like there was like so many things, rarely glossed over and other times when I brought about a man. You were saying so many things that I was just like lie: the egg. that's how I felt researching it cuz I was putting things down as like. I don't. I never read this and it was those those books were made. You say I'm telling you like true crime books are like,
where it's you gotta dig into those hidden gems and that's where you find the real stuff. You know why they're the ones that are like the trials they're. The ones who have the tray go the extra mile they get those police reports and set like they talk to these beat like these are investigative journalists that are bad ass. I like them. I like the MILAN books in general, are just like really good guys. I just like, but L estorade oh I, but I am actually trying to like read more for leisure instead lasher lash our purposes. I know incentive like just reading terrible brutal things. All the time I got like what's the book called seventy people suggested is like the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I think earlier you mention that I've been on my coffee table for quite some time. Get to work or to open it by air base. Yeah, I run another book last week. What was well. It was about the case that I'm good at it.
about to die, and where can I get? Where can I get like a little while haunted with it today yeah like a little haunted, it's so funny cuz, I feel like sometimes like you look into something, and I'm saying this to you this morning, but right now, I'm talking to the listeners. Okay, you guys because we have argued everyone even just get on my phone. Forget it here. No but you'll see like America's most haunted place and then you'll like D link dive like really deep into the lake whole hunting a banal in there's. Only like four things I wanted. it happens so off down like and you know, you'll get bigger, commendation and who in re, usually they are good haunt slave, so it makes it worth yeah, but it's like you are expecting like just like just your expecting your your cup to flow with
I would call acting. My walls will be filled with harm Zack. Ok, you know, but you know this. The wazirs like miss pretty pop up in here. Well, let me tell you about the eastern state penitentiary too, that this I'm excited about. It's really interesting and I went like crazy, deepened like the history of everything. Is you just have to do with this guy to understand? Why attempted you have to understand the whole history of horse? You do so for this one arm, this episode Here I read this book called the eastern state penitentiary. Oh all, right, prompted promptly named properly now by Francis Ex Dolen Ope Frances gotta isn't very fancy. I like that, his real name is yeah. I loved that I've initial. We love a middle initial as ax. It's it's saucy its mysterious. I like it. It just feels old, tiny.
It feels very leg bills lunar available in yesterday's ill of illness, which, although it does, but he wasn't a villain- he wrote this book. It's like really awesome, and you know I'm like five, so I do love wooden books have lots of picture people like, especially for something like this. I want to see why I'm reading aloud busy trying to pictured in your mind, but your leg over the fact that looks like you, gotta go. I didn't grub, unlike eighteen, eighty seven gangs and I did but in a dungeon, you too well without? do. What you share will get into her, but you should definitely that book and look at the pictures If I can look at those pictures guy, so many have forbidden by great reviews on Amazon love like all purchased, but
The penitentiary itself was supposed to be a solution for harsh prison conditions. I hate harsh Persian. Kinder shore should so hard harsh prison conditions that inmates had been suffering while they were in some of Philadelphia as other prisons. So in seventeen eighty seven, this man- he was a doktor and his name was Doktor Benjamin rush. He founded the Philadelphia eighty four alleviating the miseries of public presence I felt by failing to you, should may be condemned and sad. I I don't know I mean like yeah Legged tells the story. Does that sometimes you want a little intrigue with the name. You want to go like. What's this about what it only the Philadelphia society for public presents? No, it just be that he just gives you doesn't Berryville eat. He puts it right out. He won. His mission was an important one, because this group was the first prison reform group in the entire world. Oh just the din
a world, the entire global. Now it they argued that we could go about reform in a much more humane way and they had some interesting ideas up their sleeves. In eighteen, twenty one, the Pennsylvania legislator, I can't talk at all. heads of India Legislature finally decided to listen to what these people are saying and they approve funding for the world's first true penitentiary okra, so it would later become known as the eastern state penitentiary. Oh, I know that yeah yeah! That's why I'm here tonight it's a pencil, then you got twelve acres of land and eight hundred thousand dollars to complete the project and at the time it was one of them expensive projects in the entire world, yeah that eight hundred thousand like a now that it's crazy is about today, exactly I'd actually have a backward, and it must be wild amendment calling like over Milly Elfrida early Thirdly, close to a meal yesterday, but there was a contest held to see which architect out of four architects would come up with the best design for the prison, which I was like that
that's right, I'm just like who's gonna design, the mammoth prevent that is fun. It's like, unlike fifth grade when you're like who's gonna, do I'm a clash sure! Yes, I like that. It's a prisoner present then, but the winner ended up being a man named John Havel and his blueprint later. A building in the shape of a wagon, we'll with one central building in the middle and seven blocks that that would be cell blocks that just kind of jet it out from this. Basically, if you can picture it just think of how a five year old draws the sun, yet there you know now, the goal was for the prison to house two hundred and fifty inmates, just two hundred fifty and guessing that didn't panel didn't really pay out, but in Johns original blueprint that would have worked because it would have made two hundred and fifty six also you'd have six left over. We love that, but you guessed it. The inmates kept coming in coming over the years and eventually the prison had to undergo like me
multiple it shortens. Oh, no! That's always when things fall apart, ya out things just really went down hill quickly, yeah, but construction. Before any the glass downhill started in eighteen, twenty two, and by the time the penitentiary was completed. It was eighteen. Thirty, six, oh and blocks for through seven, had to become too story blocks and set up a single story blocks like one through three. Ok, because there were so many inmates about point. There were like shit. We need do like double floors, and so, instead of like adding on wagon spoke say I just added stories soaker exactly in that was only blocks for through seven, so one through three were like the single stories online for three seven hundred stories: ok, but the building was intentionally built on a hill two miles outside of the city in this town called Francis Bill than they did this on purpose, so that people would be able to see it
so it would serve as a concert reminder like you. Don't wanna end up their yeah. It's kind of just like looming over everybody literally still far enough away, and it was built and like a very almost like European Lake Castle, kind of way, and it was like at that point. It wasn't even modern anymore, yeah through a gothic e, it's very badly. So it was kind of like all like that's like, like old tiny, unlike thought that in the old time days are scare, you know what I mean things old time days yeah, they sure our, scarcely are by the army. No, they view that no terror statement has been said. Things any owning nail into these are scared, like european places, in the middle, just drop your head right, offering their old time days. Architecture is really scary, it is daunting. Ominous is false, huge, but also fun fact
built on land that used to be used as a cherry orchard, which is just like so happy. I was just give. That's that's so pleasant the pleasant and then the person lives is like penitentiary, had a temporary overtaking the orchard, but it took fourteen years to complete the original blueprint because things cap having to change with the increasing number of inmates and when it was done there were thirty foot walls around the building, a three story: administering building inside the prison where the wardens office was. There was an end. Take facility launderer, Matt Kind of thing, a kitchen hospital, and place for the warden and his family to live on sight o, which I dont know. common matters, but, like I don't really know I would want my bay and my kids like liven up in a prison, yes or no. If I'd be psyched about, I don't know. If I I'm like super stoked on not but actually later in the prisons history, one deputy wardens, grand son was born there in ninety,
twelve, while the deputy wardens grandson, Henry and color was born there. in the blue. Imagine later being like yeah. I was born in a penitentiary, but like I was the warden Yeah is certainly going by while and like all hell. That's like parties in your like excuse me what that's your two truths and apply right there like that's here. That's your way around one hundred percent, but on his birth certificate. They just wrote, like E s, p yesterday, Mr Dependent ISP. He was born in us If you ve ever been announced its very beautiful to worry about it, but I don't think that's very kind. by the way he I don't look like. If that was a thing. Not let I'm feeling tons, and I guess it did happen, but yeah you're actually now would be like I mean now is the time really, but put, it would have been like a huge safety concerns having. I would think that also just like well born there swat. Usually the wardens aren't like you know. The favourite person of the prisoner, also alike
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bring out the inner light of inmates, love the vibe it it started off, I'd really great lake feeling they really were trying. They had a bad idea, they had an idea and they ran with it and then they started sprinting and then they trapped, and then they fell down a hill and then on the way. There is like this underground beehive. So they started getting stung, but the beehive was actually a wasp five and then they dining than a meteor hit gap could ash and his brother. When that happens, it is by the way that the whole thing worked was that it was going to be silent at all. In the present no humming, no singing. No talking, ok silent each of them, it made, was to stay in their cell for twenty four hours a day other than that few times they were let into their own personal yard, for exercise. That would last only thirty minutes each time. Ok, so they of their cell for an hour a day, while now,
ruin how to sell neighbour. So it would have been impossible to have everyone exercising a different times throughout the day, and for that reason in any time a prisoner left to their cell for exercise or if there was like another circumstance where they needed to go out of their sell. The guard would put a hood over their head. Yes, now they tried to play off like this was a good thing. They were like it so that when you're finally rehabilitated, no one will have seen you in prison. So no one will have known that you even went to prison which a witch like when you see the large throw it out like that new. It totally good for you guys in the wings. But that's real. We owed, unlike some sadistic mother yeah gonna, be like. and then the other thing was. It was like helpful helpful for the guards that worked at the prison, because if there is a hood over your head, you're, not seeing where you're going ever so you do
the prison LEO and you're never going to be able to escape. Anyway, that's a little bit of an incapacitation coming and the other thing was no talking to other inmates. so you're not gonna meet anybody unlike come up with a plan to get out of there or come up with a plan to do any further bowed shit. When you're out loud, say you can kind of sea like what they were, what they were go no hard there, they were gone. Hitler at doing go in Egg Hamson which all that hopping they definitely were. But are you back to the exercise once you were finished with the exercise, the guards would check the grounds and make sure you didn't leave anything behind and then the next person would be brought up. So inmates were fed three times a day of this place. I should send you the link of the candle yeah reader. Thank you, can look at home, cheers of a pictures. The book so good, but inmates were fed times a day and actually they were fed really well there weren't any front. Work on the cells, though, that let out to the hallway, where the guards were instead there
this little slots that the guards would pass the food through, ok yeah, so they were allowed to eat three times a day. They mostly eight meat in vegetables like they had hardy meals. They apparently could have as many potatoes as they wanted it was gonna fly you write down, you don't have to worry about anybody, be it agile and there is probably no I'd Albert Einstein behind us and I also just think potatoes are just like all over the place. So deaf, although the prison at the time had endured palming in heating, which was like insane because the actual president, and even have that the timely keeps telling toxins pay out the window The only light that they Anne was through skylights. Why? So remember, if you lived in one through three, you can't you probably got a decent amount of laid on a sunny day, but If you lived in block for all right, think of that when you are on the first floor, you are pretty much screwed because there was someone living upstairs and your light source would be coming from their cell. There were the ones of the sky lay in the new.
I'd like someone, you hadn't like the residual light. I just can't likeable leaked under exactly while now even though this is also really bonkers, the goal was to reform these prisoners and send them out into the world is better people and merely what they are going for. So there are trying to do what they really trying to do. Prisoners were actually talk. Different trades in their cells, cobbling weaving canning. They also learn to give each other haircuts, which I was like. So then did you take the feds offered by this area too. They didn't, we do Paul you, we cut a hole in the top and just maybe, if everyone bulk, just not to give each other here cuts and when the faint, when the penitentiary first open there was a barber shop and each cell block and your hair was supposed to be kept me. In short, so I think it was just like kind of your hair needs to be cut. Need so will ya look over that little small figure, so they were trained to give haircuts to each other and obviously they had to be under close watch by the guards and the razors that they used were signed out each time. So no,
would get away with stealing one, because I was just going to ask exactly how that perhaps it- and so I don't have one life sign them out- was this lake what time is every we asked raising Willy nilly on each other? No, it found that it was a pretty organised that is organised, because eventually, even the guards would get their hair cut by the inmates. To that's that's a truck. That's a bold move! That's a trust fall with reason had valve yeah, but you know trust surgery. It's also important to note- and I'm pretty sure I say it later, but when the penitentiary first open, There is just really like see, I was gonna, say petty crimes like I wasn't like murderer hearted end like Bulgaria and eventually it will get thereby Leon at first was there. It was literally like pigs, stealing their getting legs straight razor haircuts from the visitors it wasn't like it was due care. Has sixteen people it was like you know, yeah. I saw epic yeah exactly but surely we get to the part where things are not going so hunky dory like it's not like. Let's Bible, you cut my hair and take your head off stay awhile
if you talked when you weren't supposed to or if you home, does little jaunty tune or even if you just stepped out alive, there were allegedly different punishments that you would suffer allegedly jubilee, allegedly they started would like limiting exercise a you, wouldn't get your fresh air for the day mean, but our ate like rude, move, Anthea, taking away extra few food privileges like you get leg for potatoes and set a five. I mean to me: that's router that lets them put your, but eventually the punishments got worse and worse than you can imagine the guy kids are starting till. I feel this power, that is a power struggle there like putting hoods over people's heads. So it's like yeah that was never gonna lack succour. To do that, I feel yeah. That was never going to be a thing that just stayed the way it was steed co, pathetically how're shift. What's gonna happen exactly
So there were cells that were specifically used for punishment and they were called dark cells. They were in a block four on the ground level. If you were sent to one, you would walk into a room that was painted entirely black and the skylight whiskey. Bird. So even like remember, you don't even got a lot of light anyways in those blocs, but whatever light you were gonna get was now, off. Also, you were in a completely dark room and that can really fucked with you. Yeah I got is an area that Croatia Yak as its complete sensory deprivation again fuck, your eyes up your mind, will start allaying sad, we'll get commissioner, I was literally his eyes like fucked up forever. That's why asked where those sunglasses guys use like never saw sunlight. They kept him. In solitary, I, like the wider
to maritime yeah, it's fucked. These people were kept in solitary for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month which even not is like back and have irreversible damage. Jews. Imagine a month no a month and you just in the dark man. No and things got worse and worse and now there were rumours of the iron gag, so the iron gag, I'm gonna, get you back for all those medieval torture episodes bring it. It was a metal brace that a guard would put into an inmates mouth some say that they attached to the tongue, so there were changed back chains that came from the brain and the mouth that would be changed: cuffs around your risk, which were often behind your back and the more and more you struggled to get out of it, the tighter the Brie Scott around your tongue, who, in a lot of times your tongue, would like rip open, or you would just die from your injuries, because you can like we're up your whole tongue. Yeah early
show echo shit on from infection exactly like a lot of people died and an ATM thirty. Five, there was an investigation into the death of an inmate who supposedly died because of the iron gag, but the prison officials were eventually exonerated. Oh boy now get into it now we're gonna do it and if that wasn't bad enough for you, let's talk about ice baths and exposure to the elements. Let's do it, I'm not sure which is where this one or the iron gagged, and it's like, I feel it they're both equally fucked up and deliver away. Let us be ice Huxley, so, in this form of punishment, a prisoner would be forced into an ice bath or they would just lay there. While a guard just poured buckets and always in cold water them and then they would be brought outside it into the lake winter conditions totally naked, and you would be left there until I started to form on deck parts of your body- that's literally Elizabeth Boucherie yeah
ass, they literally did that you, that's all I could think about why we share in eighteen thirty, one on in my name. Seneca primly was one and made who suffered from this form of the ice bath punishment and he actually was released from prison, not too long after his ordeal about punishment and he was considered incurable insane. While I mean that Wall joint change, your entire site, thou break you into two, oh yeah and thank you already in solitary confinement and you're, not talking, anybody else than you have to wear hood on your head. When you leave and then all of a sudden there throwing you an ice, Batson sticking outside its level. Of course, he was incredibly insane at that point. Is so torturers, so torture us now Moving on to the mad chair demand, chair was another form of punishment was angry. It was when you were angry
ok, so early you're. Not really you would like go man on the chair, so you would be strapped to a chair called the man chair so tightly that you would lose blood circulation over the course of a day or two, and some people say that there is instances where people's limbs actually needed to be amputated. I believe what they were free because the circular, yet you cut off, circulate on out for days. At a time I mean think about when you like accidentally, like rap something too tightly or on your finger out of circulation. How got near like Hulu, prosecuted or even like when you sit on like your feet for too long. Anything like that this is like you were strapped to a chair and oftentimes. They would gag you only. It was just like absolutely tears wild. Now. The final form of punishment was the use of a strait jacket. They would just put you in the Strait jacket gag you and leave you in a cell for a few days and honestly that alone to me that the idea of being in a straitjacket
not being able to move a part of my leg for days and days at at least part of their saying days, but I'm sure it was like weeks and months at oh, oh, my god. I guess I just makes me want to billion so master. Now, on this, really famous fellow one time visited the prison, I dont know if you ve heard of him. His name is I'm Charles Dickens? Oh no! No! I haven't heard of him in rings. It down do anything like special young couple. Connote rang at all and slid couple story. Zeus live like em like a nobody writer e operating out. She knows. I think it was a pen name for blogger, he's blogger. He had a tumbler yeah. Well, Charles Dickens, that big deal guy. He visited the eastern state penitentiary in eighteen, forty two and he actually was allowed to talk to somebody inmates and he was so depressed by the entire visit and he saw that the prison was not doing things right like no matter what their goal was to be
when you know what's happening here is fucked up and he hated the idea of the whole solitary confinement thing and actually, in his book american notes. He wrote quote the system here is rigid, strict and hopeless solitary confinement. I believe it in its effects to be cruel and wrong. I hold this slow and daily tampering with the mysteries of the brain to be immeasurably worse than any torture of the body. Woof, though, is like the solid area in and of itself, was like somehow even worse than like the thousand outgoing through the mental snuff gesture, all of it pack together a cat. How do you hurried through that guy? I just can't even imagine so clearly when conditions are that terrible for the inmates. There are bound
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interactive monitoring service, just visit, simply safe dot com, slash morbid to customize your system and start protecting your home and family that simply safe dot com. Slash morbid now the first prisoner to try to escape was Wm Hamilton. He had been arrested and sent to the penitentiary in eighteen. Thirty one for the very serious crime of pigs theft. Cod poor Hamilton make your centre this place because he stole a peg, no wonder you're trying to get out, is for some reason. The warden wanted, William to be his personal waiter and William obviously didn't have much of a choice in the matter and, as we all know, with great power come, great responsibility. Not are you flip that around your great responsibility also gives you great power and sure does not exist
see how William fell in one day after a year of being in prison for stealing your fucking pig he was presented with an opportunity. He was like waiting for the warden and for some reason he was left alone. There was no guard in the room, so he decided was time for his sweet escape. He got out onto the roof and lowered himself down to the front of the building and just disappeared into the night. Successful escape goods is disappear, but he again didn't make it do not make it here. You pass started stealing pigs again and I immediately said right back to the now I got it now. I don't feel bad inflicted collide, Holbein, Giuseppes, stealing the pays. Does state legal would wait, awhile, gayer, hellish other prick, parallel yeah just raise your homepage paint something and pay. Someone will pay. I'm gonna pay, I'm gonna get you signed a wild boar train. It do your own, the exact same thing you did to get in there in the first place. Don't do so here up there, a guy in there again and he
actually was as able to escape again in eighteen, thirty seven and he got out successfully but then again went back. to the piglike life It was like clear that he was going to escape and come back and media whatever man is paid, I was rooting for you. We were all wrong really very well. How dare you of dairy steel be so easy to blame the prison guards for the escapes, because their entire jobs make sure that no one gets out again and especially this dude. It's like he's already done at once. Jabbing keep a closer eye on em out of me. if people are actually made like multiple escaped tennis from this place like I was a workers could weaken no one ever like a running list of people who have already escaped you guys, you guys got chief your eyeballs of these on right. So you want to blame the guards like I said, because if their whole job In the nineteenth century, the guards the eastern states put up at his entry, we're working twelve,
our shifts for six days a week so out they were like totally out of area just totally shaft out. There was a ton of tension between the prisoners in the guards, for obvious reasons, and in eighteen, eighty four eastern states saw what is believed to be its first guard. Murder, Michael Dorin, was making his rounds one night when an inmate Joseph Taylor came up behind him and started bludgeoning. him with a metal bar. Oh he bludgeoned him to death, and then once he was finished, he just turned around walked back to a cell and got into bed to go to sleep. Oh ok, yeah and that's where first haunting comes from
Now people arrested on granting it is people met, cell block will hear him walking around and I can hear like metal clinging on like the keys. Jingling, ah is spooky, so that was the first to guard murder on record now by eighteen. Seventy seven there was already the need for more cell blocks. Now. Remember we have. Seven cell blocks are at a guy named already added more nerve, already added more there's. Already more stories like this is getting wild. Now the wording of the prison at that point was Michael Capacity and he was actually a really good warden at that point in time things kind of got loose derelict though he lifted the rules a little bare, and he would. He really believes that if you treated these people like humans, then maybe they would like act like humans when you release and back into society, legged, actually rehabilitate them to reign society, instead of just like pouring ice over their faces and stopping them two chairs he was like. Maybe we should try. A different approach does seem to be one
and actually he was the longest serving board and in the prisons history, while he worked as a Morton from eighteen, eighty one until nineteen hundred mile, but he was the one who designed the new cell blocks on cell blocks. Eight through eleven were a lot bigger than the cells and the other blocs, but that was because they didn't have the personal exercise yards Oak, now in the eighteen eighties cell block three was converted into a hospital that was equipped with an x, ray room and operating room and eventually separate rooms for and made suffering from, tuberculosis stem na. it's weird because they had like all the tools to do these really things and they did. But then there's just like such a dark side too, because its humans exact
We can't do anything without turning. We turn everything into leg darkshire. We fuck it all. We given all the tools- and we just right they get to a dirty play because every time and like all cats, turning around and I'll fuck now there, but the image with tuberculosis were put in the special rooms and the rooms had big openings in the back with and they were covered with, like a metal, great fence, but it was. like fresh air on the other side, so air was coming in and out of the room. So then you weren't like having like lingering nastiness in fuckin bacteria and the just everybody breathing. The thing germs are really good idea for the time air circulation who, Thank you. Oh now, and nineteen eleven cell block twelve was completed and it was the first block that was three stories high now dam and instead of a skylight, each cell just had a tiny when
and then on ceilings in these cells, we're not arched. All the other ones were arched Doke Keziah was like the Le Gavin style cell block. Twelve was when things really started, changing architecturally in a big way, but aside from architectural changes, eastern state was about to make a big structural change by the early Ninetys hundreds most of the individual confinement had faded because of overcrowding reasons they were like we, we have no way of just me. these cells, personal cells, that we have to put people together, mutton, that's when things go down daddy, so there were rooms in the prison. It's also link when things go out, because these rooms in the prison were now being used for group classrooms, shops where everybody's working together in their actually like learning, so I'll, try other egg yeah that makes their earning wages and everything in the classrooms they could work towards getting high school diploma. and eventually they would even build baseball fields in basketball courts for them to use stone. Ah,
down the line. They eventually formed their own teams and like played games against each other that so I never like not happening like twilight and make it prison indefinitely. Like twilight just the exact same thing, but since people, where it really eating in their cells anymore and as that was like gonna, become a problem anyway, you're gonna get like bugs and Oh yeah, so they officially made a dining hall that was opened in January of nineteen twenty four and like on hold these and stuff. They would let them put a table cloth on the dining table, snake advance and they would decorate everything, but it is built where some of the exercise exercise yards used to stand, but there wasn't a ton of room in the dining hall, because the way it was built it was really narrow and by that point, the prison.
Like really suffering the overcrowding issues of it stresses me out just thinking, but I know it's just that I feel it's like so yucky claustrophobic, but it made it difficult for the guards to monitor the prettily dining hall for sure, which is scary and that's a scary fact, because by nineteen twenty eight most of the prisoners, seven excuse me one thousand seven hundred and fifty three, at this time. Now. Remember my god. This was to fifty two began. We will hold two hundred and fifty prisoners and now and by nineteen twenty eight. We have one I was in seven hundred and fifty three and mates- and I told you this was gonna- come back of those and mates a ton of them, like a majority of them, were serving time for murder. At this point, oh boy, so we ve got like murder yours. We got rape ass. We have armed robbers like we ve got big dogs where it is no longer just pig thief, and actually
this was a men and women's prison for a long. While the women were kept away from the men and eventually interesting in the nineteen twenty used, they were sent to a different prison so by nineteen twenties. There was no women in there, but they they figured out wayside write letters to each other and stuff, like that. I call in the last woman prisoner that was like in the prison at the time she was in there for poisoning her husband to death or dale some but yeah so we're we're getting real we're getting real. Whether here I mean it's, it's more than two hundred and fifty that's just like a few more six, more into law trader how many jellybean, in the jar of more than
Fifthly, but now that the entire prison who has got to be used as solitary confinement, there is a need for specific rooms that would be used for that purpose, because they still would need solitary confinement nose like punishment, I guess Mitya, obviously not sell block thirteen, which was built some time between nineteen eleven nineteen switch nineteen. Twenty six, that became solitary, ok, so there were ten blocks. Excuse me, ten cells and block thirteen that we're like crazy close to each other. Each room was only four feet by eight feet and the ceilings were only eight feet. Tall, oh, like dies, so claustrophobic right now, that's the size of like an area. Rug in your living room, yes, like maybe even smaller, should be honest with you. Why yeah and there was only one hole in the rooms that you could like brief, but if the guards wanted to fuck with you
there were radiators and these rooms and they would turn the radiators up too high. So you literally like couldn't breathe, and, oh my god, and also there was just an iron bed where you would sleep, there is no mattress or anything. I was just an iron, but that was attached to the wall. That's very stressful, yes and no source of light. I don't like this again, no, depending on what a prisoner did to end up there, they could be there again up to a month now later down the line and one thousand nine hundred and fifty three the prison was you're going one of its many state investigation in Sofia, and they were told that these cells were inhumane and that they needed to be destroyed so eventually and nineteen. Fifty nine, once the final cell block block fifteen was finished nine of the ten solitary cells back and sell block thirteen were destroyed, but they kept one of them. But, unlike the states,
to you to destroy them all. They said you gotta, get rid of little Geraghty or felt her confinement, and they are like now now and dumped their feet by that point. So again we were supposed to have two hundred and fifty and mates in here and there was seven sandbox. Now we have fifteen cell blocks more, that's more than that. The third is linked insane and by that point, the entire vision John have lent had of like the whole, like the spokespeople of the prison grounds, looked like the set of fucking, labyrinthine yeah, we'll get to say you can't keep that wag oil. For that long haul goal was lucky, they go. I love these in Iraq and love. It yes speak and write to me. I know I had a feeling, I know my audience now. One cell block fourteen was being built. They put special hidden cells, underground and sell block. Fourteen was actually designed by a prisoner who had gone to Harvard law? And then he just decided to leg just started criminal life he ended up in prison is going to help you, but he was like
we design this place. For you to hand they were like sure there are like, while at that point they had spent so much money to so they are like lots of this guy do they're like we can't higher like actual workers any more because we did not, for the other, like forgive and things that we built, so that this guy went to Harvard tyrant, double elderly, and on top of that they had prisoners, build this cell block. So seldom fourteen was built by prisoner wow yeah, and it's pretty hunting. When you hear what's underneath cell block fourteen- oh no, the cell block was finished, and nineteen twenty four in the midst of all the overcrowding issues, the roaring twenties and that's when they came up with the idea for Klondike cells, know those our Canadian that doesn't sound like a tasty tree nope not upon what would you do for not be
in this pre improbably anything anything cut off. My arm d Klondike cells were specifically built for punishment and they were under ground. They were literally like the size of like a tomb, filling connubial. Yet do blood tests and prisoners would be held there for weeks at a time under ground cannon, Billy it yeah, so those ones were also discovered during a state investigation and the prison was barred from every using them again, but I do have a feeling that they probably continue to use them, because the prison continued to lie about a lot of things. they said they were doing yeah I mean you, don't just like building new blatant stop using. You don't you build feebly, every eye me and you use the resources. They you gotta those people underground, yeah, you don't just stop using it, because someone told you to your like no, I built that Oubliettes, I'm going use ably out of place here, put people to forget about it is, and that's what I'm dead. Hug Multi Haldeman probably go, but
whites, that's why I just don't understand how this place wasn't shut down because they underwent many investigate. It's not only intellect the circumstances and like the like surroundings of these people, but, as I owe the financial things If there really lying about how much money they envying, they were like outlining what a pretty standard. Oh yeah course- and I think it's just one of those things where they do these investigations to save, face eligibility check mark we did and we found a thing yet legates they did their due diligence, but they dont that they know they don't listen. They have to listen to a point. We are exactly really care now not allowed their dislike. Very worrying He probably lead is our so may mean any Bubu get out of here, good blue to arguably but cell block. Fourteen became one of the most crowded blocks in the entire prison, even when it had a hundred and twelve cells. While
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each other people. People are getting a little antsy, people are getting a low wilds. Well, let's see of the bargain and the addition of a metal door ultimately cost twenty five thousand dollars for sure, because before the metal door was installed, there was just a big wooden door lake beauty and the beast by Gaston he's going to knock that thing down with the statue of yeah. Well, you got to look at like the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, If I go, Thou Wert delighted on there was fires, they were afraid that there like the torrent file had invented fire by this point not long time ago, and they were apparently lighting them in the prison sea, related learning somewhere else. How me how? But the metal door was able to be electronically opened from a control centre in the wardens quarters which I was like
wow in nineteen, thirty, seven, now, technology, woe baby! Now perhaps one of the events that prompted the Barbicane and the new metal door was the escape of one LEO Callaghan. Let's get into some of the people that are being housed here know what is the barbicane? It's basically just like a building in front of the prison so that you would have to go through their length, that's where you would like. If you were able to meet with your family, that's where you can meet them so that it wasn't like ok you're in the middle of so it sounded a lot scared and it was yet sons waste area than it was just like a visit. Yeah. I was just thinking edition. We're like you would be like checked in and like stuff like that, and I think eventually they moved to the warden's quarters there. So it looks safer and like the office and stuff that make sense,
we'll call him. He was sent to the eastern State penitentiary in nineteen twenty four assault in battery with intent to kill. Oh just that fellow thing now by July of nineteen twenty three he had seen enough of the inside walls and he decided that he was going to test the theory that this prison was inescapable because we all heard that about the titanic. Ok, I wanted to make that joke and I'm really matthies stall It's ok without setting literally exactly when I thought of its the true whenever you like, unbridgeable, unsinkable, odd rake of all ring of all honest, capable it's the opposite how's that suggests it feels like a jinx and the air was like Berber, Biddle fingers,
Now he was friendly with another prisoner called George Brown. George Brown before he was in the penitentiary, was actually a carpenter and he was the one who designed the thirty foot ladder that he LEO and for other inmates would use to escape now George, I designed the latter so that it would be easily concealed, and when I first read that I was like how do you conceal a thirty foot ladder and a tiny, tiny me so yeah? That's Honestly, that's that's magic, that's a task that literal magic, that's the task at hand, and we now know we have a wizard Harry thrilling out when you think that is a huge really. He just needed to make sure that it came in smaller pieces, so the pieces of the latter were broken down into six five foot segments and when the time came to escape it worked. That's still pretty impressive. I mean it. because like or are you just like taping, like other five foot segments like no one's paying attention to you just putting this together than those are pretty big pieces? Young hives boy? That's me: that's a bigger
Six of me, that's bigger than the the solitary hell, yeah like one side of them illegally. Could you hide six of me in a cell? If I tried very hard the UK allowed yeah you noticeable ladders aren't. I guess, and I really think anybody was lookin family not but say out they re. What are you there and then they got out of there. This latter they'd put them together and they said, let's climb over the small. They overpower one guard and they made their way to the EAST wall and climbed over with the help of Georgia's invention and apparently the EAST Wall was like that easiest wall to escape from a lot of the escapes took place there yeah I mean every swell I mean the sun rises in the east and that's where I escaped from, of course, but a baby that everyone knows that obviously know every single member of LEO's team was found at some point or another and brought back.
Prison. One of them was even found in Honolulu Hawaii equality on auto, happily founder, but they didn't do I'll act to the eastern state. You go oh, what a bummer you're just like via being in Hawaii, and this quick vacated shouted in the warden as like: hey hey my my guy Zack. I would hope that by the only one was never found was LEO, making it the only prisoner in eastern state penitentiaries history to successfully escape LEO. Where are you dead Where were you ve been rising out of that many emits he's the only one who was never finds it addresses an issue that was an impressive escape. I was in a year, so bad for Georgia's, like he's the mastermind of the slaughter and me ass, like using whom we re, leaving
Friends were you even his friend league. You couldn't how's him too. Did you even text him on his birthday? Did you even send him inedible arrangement in the prison on Valentine's day during the right on his facebook wall? Did you probably not help him with his Myspace lay? I know you didn't know you didn't know. You were held friends, they cast friends, so life the reality is that there would be more escape attempts actually over a hundred people
would try and fail at some point to escape wow. Now there is one more big escape attempts that we can get into here, but first I have to introduce to you the three key players we got William Frances Sutton. He was actually featured on our crime count down daring, prison breaks episode. I knew that sound familiar yon. This whole thing might sound a little familiar, but like woe baby, they ask me, William France, a sudden he got to the eastern State penitentiary in nineteen. Thirty four he's one of the world's most famous bank robbers and some people say that when he was asked about why he robbed banks, he said well, that's where the money is, but he said he never said that follows bogey off, also he's not wrong That's correct! He's a good there's money there like that's where the money is sex question anything else, but shall I go on? He was referred to as the gentleman bandit and the actor the former, because he was
nice tall, the people during monopolies, school users that Canada have that money. Please I have to have it I have to have. I have to hide, matter, because he would where all kinds of different disguises. While he was robbing people, sometimes he would be dressed as legged delivery person and sometimes he'd be dressed like a straight up police officer right now, fun fact later in life, a lot of his convictions were overturned, and, unlike super minor technicality I'll, so he died on the outside in the eighties. Suddenly he died in Florida. The gulag, retired and florid allow funny now, Frederick to new toe, worked as a hit man for the mob, and he was known as the angel of death. Oh, what a nickname the angel of death. I think a lot of people have a nickname the leg when you're predicate the mob and that's your nicknamed atmosphere. You go into prison with that nickname, yeah you're not to be funded. Now he got to the eastern, see penitentiary in nineteen thirty, eight after he was convicted of murder
previous year, Mighta Lloyd, I spent a Henry would say, and finally, we have clearance Klein distanced whom many believe as the mastermind behind this huge escape plan Clarence before he was in prison, was a stone Mason and a plaster handed up in prison on charges of forgery, bribery and larceny. Oh just the interest that, but needless to say, he was good. Building an apparently dismantling too. He was in cell number, sixty eight at Eastern State, an allegedly before it was his cell. It was like a storage facility in the prison and he convince the guards and the word and that Isla keyed Clean it up and it could be his cell now. I think it was like originally supposed to be. Only has somebody did end up having a roommate, but instead of cleaning up the cell, he got to work figuring out how to build a tunnel out of the cell
he and eleven of his buddies would use to escape. Who can seem that coming not mean? I got clean this up there, like some nine legalise. Think you clear is sweet of you will get rid of that roomy of yours. They add well or you'll, get your own space feel like. I want my own Spain, I know it's really over the rapid and here but like I'm, I'm important and other gave a lot of thoughts. I need to be alone. Yes, I get away now it was a long process, but he was able to hide what he was doing by one making a plastic mould of his own face that he would leave in his bed for when the guards would check that blows my mind, he made a plastic mould of his own, I saw a kind of commitment like he was about to appear on face off. He sure. While they are, you kidding me and the number two he created this panel in the wall that could easily just be put back and you could put like a trash can in front of it. So it would look like anything was up in their man. Smart guy he's in smaller
though they galloped, that's a callback. Now it took some time, but by April third, nineteen, forty five Clarence, Frederick, William and nine of their friends entered the tunnel and climbed out the other end outside now. The tunnel was fifty keen feet down. Ninety seven feet out- and there were electrical lights- hung up throughout the entire thing as well as fans along the way so that they wouldn't get hot in their like why this mother Fucker was a master mind. This is like Shawshank, it litter He is stirring up Shawshank right up. Why now there were some points, were all of them had to be completely underwater. There were other points tunnel was only eighteen inches wide. I wouldn't hurt now and do eventually, though they made it out. Well Clarence the mastermind behind all of us. He landed self back in the slammer pretty soon after just a few hours, the police found him two blocks away from the present come on Clare and legs. You couldn't have just rattling,
brand? You go through all of that and then your two blocks away. I would just be run. I would be like forest dumping it. I would never stop, unlike our eyes later, how are you only two bloggers away? They will you do you lolly gagging, sir, is hanging over figure. Why take it in this? The site figure evaluating the fresh air, I guess and watching falling stars what he was up and bidding on theory. You ve been chewing on for the past few years, not ridiculous! I can well, William Sutton was the first one that the police found and he later tried to pretend that he was the mastermind, find this whole entire thing. He wrote a book about. It is with me because I do is man, it's like you got I was literally and why were you caught for six years later master, but not the flax? You think it is Sir Weird Flexi, not ok. Another I named James Grace. He was one of the twelve who escaped. He just showed back eastern states by himself because he was just like you know this. This life of being on the run is not for me,
like I was hungry. Oh that's like sex. sad in a way which I don't I they did to be on their side and want to give him too much like that. It's ok me, I'm privilege it is its. It is very strange when used like that. That will happen now, but they come back. I like here so clearly mentioned. He was gonna, be in jail for ever yet and there are like no no I mean really Jappy better adapted yeah. You know why I'm running for everyone now now, finally, Frederick Frederick to NATO, is found with one of the other escapees, but he was found with James Boches vans aunt and they were the last to escape these to be found. It took the police two months to find them, so they they had something now and I'm not in that time. The botched guy created the game of Bathsheba. He dead, crack Tina.
Hell: yeah we'd. Never how bout you I'd like that, don't know! Do you want to know what he was called Bonci? Why? Because he had a history of fucking crimes up they literally halted because the battle with but she thought she or re. Why would you trying to escape with body? Oh my god, what a big man knows he into NATO had actually attempted to escape together just three years before the big tunnel escape and they were found the next day. So this was,
let s get a tab, apt, nickname. I set up to look once everyone was recovered from the great tunnel escape a year later in nineteen. Forty, six, Frederick too, knew TAT. William Sutton and clearance kindest got transferred to homes, bird prison in Philadelphia, because this prison, no one had ever escaped from when they were like, while that's where they have to be now that was until Clarence, Willie Frederick and this man named David Aiken, who was another friend who was involved in the tunnel, escape they try to escape from this prison. Now, while police were looking for them, William Sutton actually made his way to number one on the FBI's most wanted list, but he eventually was turned in by this barber named Arnold Schuster. Why
now. Arnold Schuster turned up dead, having been shot to death, only two blocks away from his home. Oh, I wonder if it's connected, while a lot of people think that Frederick to NATO is responsible because he was never found and never heard from again so successfully escaped that prison damn luxuries ape? That's why I think all he needed to do was ditch botched for a successful escape. I mean late. Why you hanging onto the guy nicknamed box? It's like, I feel like you're on your own. Watch regulate how to do this on your own. Is third time really a charm. Or did you just need to get rid of partiality? Don't even that? The first time, what's your nickname botch Archie, why? What do you like the game? No, it's because I fuck everything I do
you go that way. I'm gonna go. This way will be than the other, like our aid will meet again, ironic sure, like Larry and MO, and the other one fuckin marauders into one person for you. I just really can do it if we are meant to meet again. We well botch, but you know I you're on your own patch. He had his own talents. Ok did he ended up writing a poem above the great tunnel prison escape the prison tunnel escape and he entitled it leaky pen I could get some bongos police. Did his pen leak during this link to be bought writer a poem nano leaky pen like leaky penitentiary. Oh my god, I was like. I really hope that now, at least and Letty titled had nothing to do with your flame is patchy. So it makes a kind of fucked it up while the here's this poem for years, deeper twelve of the boys in the eastern states, PAN were serving their time with no. And went out of nowhere. There appeared a whole which climbing had dug out just like a mall, I loved the rhyme scheme there to stake such talent. I love
whole, mall and and Pat just like the moment. I love that he's like it appeared out of nowhere, because climbing Doug well, then it didn't appear to leered after he dug man. Where are we now just a little fun fact on the tunnel in two thousand and six argue just revealed that it was still intact la that prison officials had said that they blocked at both ends and filled the tunnel abash. Ah, I dont know if they like how to fever dream. Well that or something, but they did, but they did not get about because in two thousand and six they literally found like like evidence of like the fans, like they solid remnants of the lights like
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and to spend time at the eastern state penitentiary so that he could avoid the Saint Valentine's day massacre in Chicago, oh wow. That was very like a ton of mom like got hit that centre. A few later said that he was actually haunted by the ghost of my boss, James Clark. While he was in eastern state penitentiary, really he was the one who had ordered the head on MA bosses are just haunting their own. You know what they were. They were rival. The Ouse Zealots leg, keep it in the family. You rat fully wasn't even about them, but it would make up sense of AL had arranged to be in prison because his room was rumored to be like super luxurious for the purposes. Of course, eleven sees Al Capone Al Capone. I found this quote describing it that said quote the whole room was suffused in the glow of a desk lamp which stood on a polish desk on the once grim walls of the penal chamber hung tasteful
said penal Pennell Chamber. I try to keep it pay, not ill folded Sab he Nile treasure housekeeper Azeri, now the once Krim walls of the penalty, Imre hung, tasteful paintings and the streams of a waltz were being emitted by a powerful cabinet radio receive of handsome design and the fine Finnish, while its I'm sorry you're like a fuckin Hilton m. Is this the retz out what is really Carlton? My guy that I do have pictures of you should look it up rounds of unease about the they don't have the like pictures of what it actually looked like at the time, but they we created the room? There is like a fucking arm chair and there is a rug, there's literally writers dusk, it's like I would live there. I will live there. Oh yeah right: oh that's a career, It's a vibe and how it is
while I was there, he was said to have put new uniforms for the baseball teams and just like listen to waltz music on the radio farrago described, and you just five minutes in the eastern Stay penitentiary just Leben, but then, on March seventeen nineteen thirty his time was served. So people heard that he was being like he was gonna, be leaving the prison at certain times of the day is like the afternoon, so they gathered outside the eastern states waiting to catch a glimpse of Fucking Al Capone. But what they didn't know was that he had made a deal with the warden, the warden, let out leave early that morning and transfer to another prison so that you would be able to learn from that one and at the same like at the same time, and he would avoid all
tension and potential enemies hiding in the crow yeah, because at that point, the same Valentine's day massacre had occurred and people were like fucking piston knew that he had something to do their work, and so they were like I'm on the shoe. You fanatically a shoot. You Al Capone Roma, shoot you uncle. You know by yes, oh here he didn't have to leave their while. He left another prison. In fact a lot. He actually had his tonsils taken out in the operating room. The prison wow. Have you follow me on twitter? Your questions are now answered. Look at that I've heard that's really hard as an adult yeah. Good recovery is in adults. It's easier when your child, I can imagine, do even need tonsils. Now, what's the point of a tonsil to take em out if a decent to become inflamed, you have tonsils, I do I've might. Actually I never got mine tat. Neither dumber did you hey. You. did you give tonsils cool, ok aren't makes him. Did you enjoy visa the great flavour jello we're not even taken out of us really
but there was also a black lab. Let did time. Apparently I gotta get this so his name was pep. He did pose for an actual mugshots. Please, Google, it at this very moment unwittingly driving a car. Please car pull over first, but he was said to have been in prison for murder. He was the dog of Governor Gifford Pinch, our beliefs, I sat, and allegedly he killed the governors wife's cat, I don't know what to say so. The whole I've been rendered speechless awful thing was definitely like a pub The city stone also exists in black lobbies. Are my favorite he's, so you and he's beautifully is gorgeous. The whole thing was just a publicity stunt like something to write about in the second newspaper has apparently nothing was happening that day, our poor pep thou wall he gets a wreck
patients Smid for the sake of their smear reputation. Gonna frickin mug shot during does making fun of man, but he was basically sent there to boost and may morale and my chair them up, but he actually to mean an opinion. The inmates he ended up doing rounds with the guards here. It's just that I'm here am. I ordered cat. You go. I want I'll do to you right yeah, it wasn't the only animal and eastern state. There is another dog there that was one of the guards dogs and her name was led eat. You can look up, she laid issues Beagle actually and actually, according to Charles Dickens, one of the inmates, had a bunny in his cell when he visited and others were sent to have kept like cats and birds. This reminds me of like the green light, So when he's got his little mouth, I was going to say at the end, but I also in state penitentiary is actually one of the prisons that
green. My legs like ire, inspired by oh, that's it because it's so funny because this old time openly cloudy. I keep thinking. So if you look at pictures, the the floors are painted. Green yeah. It was like what it was like. One of the main ones have inspired the Green mile, Stephen Kings, even King Why do you not of a bear? I love being right. That's awesome! Now. I think the last important event to talk about before we got into the hunting of it all is the riot that took place on January. Eighth, nineteen sixty one. Yes, it was not the first riot like we know, but it was the biggest riot in the prisons history. So this Amy named John Clausen Burg, he's came back to a cell with this brand spanking new guard, the shooting a shared, thereby ban he's like how was work. He's like, oh, you know, is claimed the food Blake yeah. You like your job, is a prison guard. The holy
do you want to lick. I just got stopped by my friends: sell he's one of my Philly one quick SEC like something you do. This is the oldest trick in the literally, the oddest you're start by house or a quick, this mother Fucker opened up the outlay this guy's friend cell and then the two of them like over Howard him because they're like in spurs, like they're, probably in their Felix shady shit, em Eventually, eight hundred prisoners ended up being free. from their cells in just started, rash, ing the fuckin prison that is so scary. Eight hundred prisoners in garee criminals that have been cut and have been like wronged like there being like a lost in shit, so they were lighting rooms like the record room on fire. They literally lighted the record room on fire like they were stealing from the pharmacy. cut the phone lines that way there was like multiple, but they got some of them there
stabbing guards and, like beating the moment, my guiding their uniforms and putting them on selected that it's like who the fuck is, who got so bad that the city police, the street, the state troopers in the prison warden himself had to me mastermind leg in operation in the middle of the entire Riah take figure out how to take back the hour. How do you exist as the deputy word, and so they came up with this thing called operation prison break out and eventually they were able to read, regain control of the prison, but for our while guards were locked back up in cells with prisoners, because The prisoners had stolen their uniforms so that nobody knew who was who so they had to like? Lock, everybody in cell together and only by a who was prisoner and who was guard war? Yes, while
insane so Drouet Joseph Brierley was working as deputy word and that day and he was credited as being the mastermind behind operation prison break out too, who, like help to regain control of the prison at some pressing, that they were able to regain it at all seriously later on, he was able to become warden, but not before the district attorney announced the prison was a danger to everyone in the city near now. There like get us out of the country. Now, the goal of being higher riot was just another escape attempt. Some of the prisoners had come up with the ideas so that everyone would be distracted while they headed down to the garage on site and stole a truck to leave. However, when they got down there to the garage, the city police had already arrived and they were like the police, were able to get them yet you there, but terrifyingly enough. The prisoners at that point were armed with meat, cleave verse all like how these police got control of them. When we're gonna fuckin, we'll
can we leave or nuts getting picture, made clear support? but actually crazy. None of the prisoners were killed during this right I'll. One of them, however, was left with a fractured skull. You can find a picture of him in the book and his family was called to the prison till I say goodbye to him. He was given last rites and then he like miraculously survived him crazy right. So, finally, after ten more years, so that happened in nineteen sixty one, then in nineteen, seventy one the prison was fish yearly closed. I think it's about time definitely has I'm. All of the remaining inmates were moved to the state correctional institution. I greater effort, I believe, as I say it in, for a long time, people have different ideas about like what they should do with the building and then some people such as that they should build condos there like they were like, let's like destroy like build condos over. Who are these people never gonna? Who are you
do what do you want to live in that condo? Like you do? Do you walk goes with what you ask him for just want that a merger would know so the building and are being abandoned for so long because nobody could dislike decide what to do with. It are figure it was declared a semi ruin, while in two thousand it was added to the list of one of the one hundred most endangered cites list by the world's monuments list one accomplishment, yet you know that's the locals. You're gonna be on the honour, not good in more or less murder, say like whew baby, Edit ISP now in two thousand to actually removed from the list, and eventually the site became a museum. It took a long time to preserve
the building in the whole idea was never to restore it back to its irrational. Like thing they wanted to preserve it and make a museum, and while people were working on not there is that this is like the most precious fuckin story ever up. There was this man named Dan Macleod. He was a city worker and he was like working on the project with all the people, like you know, get in this place up and running. I daresay I at least four museum. You know, and while he was working there, he realized there was a whole bunch of feral cats living inside the Hamleys, its own little community of cock, a colony of can literally, this man's took it upon himself and would go three times a week in feed all of the cats. That's pressure like ruin me: that's really hole, so the ruins of ruin. me, so he passed away in two thousand and three, but in two thousand for this artist named Linda Brenner made an art installation. called ghost cat and it was installed in the museum in two thousand for in the memory
not only the cat population but Dan Dan Macleod, the cap, man, all stop make driven me. You just took hold of my heart for me, so sweet so now the haunting cook had to tell you look at me really good, for I was making us so sweet hour. It was places haunted, so each lock, seems to offer something a little different in cell block twelve people here. Echoing voices in cackling laughter, I love Mozilla, and sell belongings funny I gotta walls, just laws and good, so much fun in cell block six people have and seeing shadowy figures around the walls that an address like circulating the walls but cell block four seems to be the scariest of them all. So here's a story for you and when the prison was like totally abandoned and they were just working on getting it together for the tourism everything they had to hire. This Locksmith named Gary
Johnson to actually get into cell block fork. Is that as I totally locksmith so when he was removing the lock from the cell, he said that as soon as he removed his luck, he felt this sudden force take over his body and he, like felt like he, was being held up, play healing who couldn't move, and he said he felt negative in horrible, but that this force. Wouldn't let him go and then all of a sudden in front of him there were swirling faces on all in one them like was calling to him what the fuck yeah. I don't like the hate that I dont like than no thank you. People say that when you go on Torres, there's towers that used to be like looking over like the yards and stuffs about language, our yeah watch our so the guards could watch over them. People say that on towards, if you look up, you'll still see one of the guards standing there
I want that so back you'll hear Lang, Seabury see and like yelling and the prison. There is also like rattling leg of the League bars the bars and everything go here. Super scary was there's gotta, be a trip. We can't we're close now up until two thousand and eight you actually had to sign a waiver to enter the building. Get get me they're like I'm gonna choose to believe that further goes did not like liability reasons of like a sinner block falling on my head. Biogas is like asbestos, because I'm not into that this aspect is there is this goes to because of its ghosts like I'll sign. Five tightened also, Ngos ghosts these findings and reverse damage, but the first thing, but people have gone on tours and like they hear all these things and if you ever want to go for Halloween Bitch, they have this event all through spooky season like leaving up to Halloween. I believe it starts in September and it's called terror behind the wall. Shine this site says: are you ready, I'm ready? It includes to haunt
houses. Stop three immersive walk through experiences that apparently aren't scary three I've and interactive performance. As for themed Bob, recent lounges, literally obsessed with the three opportunity is to explore all of the soul block, so you can like experience the hunting for yourself filling India is not that far away home and we could drive. I need this like we could go. I literally me that we could go yes, this this hallows. If we could literally like, why should we figure it out after really one can you imagine- and you took one of my last one facts- that the green mile is inspired by this sorry But this is a really fun fact. At one point there was an audio tour that you could take and it was voiced by Steve Boucher me, Sir
Europe still operate, I go immediately as if we couldn't get any basis if it couldn't get anybody with land. They ve also use this site for a couple of movies. I don't know I've never heard of this movie is called twelve monkeys. Twelve monkeys, never heard of a movie know. Well that was with Brad Pitt Ocean while it was filmed there. Others, green and also transformers revenge of the fallen with dealing with that was there well knew let's go for Halloween. Yesterday, honestly, it's driving five hours, that's going to mean by often- and you get few hundred houses, three immersive lock their experiences. Three live and interactive, interactive performances for themed bars and three opportunities to explore the cell blocks and see swirling faces all around the walls worth it to me. Let's fuckin worth it: let's go girl sonic, let's go badly, so that is the eastern States penitentiary Day wild and what a tale
Wanna tell what a place I want to go. I want to go to. I want the union go see like Al Capone Euro, its eyes at you, so you can like maybe pretend that your escaping from the EAST Wall Hell yeah, that's what I want. I want to do so crazy. I don't see the face and they have like all these like arm like big, like Memorial, Fang yeah, legislate in its mulish ending to early history alone. There is like a bunch of like art installations thou. I really want to see this place seriously and if you want to see in this place, but you're a little too far away, please please. Please go get that book. The eastern state penitentiary by Francis Ex Dolen, I'm gonna, Lincoln and shown Oates and literally the entire book, is just like a ton of pictures and like there's even more information in the book. That's amazing! Now, while you kick, ass. I want to go there now. I think we should leave if we leave right now we could get thereby seven are perfect town where our dusk,
Ask well we'll tell ya goes and in the meantime we will be listening a we hope you bad, but I am sorry that you put bags over people's heads in the idea that you think is good, because it's not abrogate journalists yeah. I got work to do.
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