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Episode 265: Tragedy & True Crime at the Jean Harlow House

2021-09-23 | 🔗
Some say the Jean Harlow house where she lived with her husband Paul Bern is one of the most haunted homes in America. The house certainly saw its fair share of tragedy and deaths which we’ll cover in this episode. You might be shocked to find out the house even has a connection to the Manson family! Fate Article mentioned at the end of the episode As always, thank you to our sponsors: Better Help: Visit betterhelp.com/morbid and break the cycle Embr: Listeners can get $50 off by going to embrwave.com/morbid Norton Life Lock: Save 25% or more off your first year of Norton three sixty with LifeLock at Norton.com/MORBID  Modern Fertility: Right now, Modern Fertility is offering our listeners $20 off the test when you go to ModernFertility.com/morbid Hello Fresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/morbid14 and use code morbid14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping!
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Are you repeating the same relationship patterns find yourself with the same kind of person over and over again, are you feeling attacked by the sad therapy? Can help you figure out? Why visit better, helped outcomes, Osh, morbid and break the cycle? Hey weirdos, I Molina MASH, and this is more bed, we're here, it's quite a Where are you saw our Instagram Post or twitter post? You know that every single one of Holiness Home Hole
Every single one of holiness kids are homesick yeah. We are nine days and a kindergarten and going strong, far or kill it which I had a feeling, because you know have a pandemic baby our youngest, is a pandemic. Maybe so her immune system has not been exposed to everything that twins and immune systems were exposed to add by two years old right. So we a feeling in our doctor and told us. You know this is gonna, be happening with pandemic baby. So if you have one linked to speak, aware especially if you have older siblings there, they might be fine, go into school and getting in Europe. king something up like Arrests- Be- which is a thing that's out there, now it's respiratory virus, in mill, bring it home and they might not have any symptoms. Confirming system might be good enough to just like chill out right, but there
pass it to that pandemic baby because up his timid gave you get into it and then that pen damage baby will pass it back to them in a different form if you dont quarantine, teen them away from each other, yeah, which is what we did so brought it home past. It abandoned baby, I'm prepared to have a baby, give it right back to them, and now it's just a countdown of what happened to us, which I know I'm going to be the last to get. It began, always the law, because I make sure everybody else's good men. I have my body allows me to get it. Usually I like stick around and Ireland lay the Ipad annihilate touch the things tat I am. like not intervene to get sick. So after this recording I may be deeper and yes, she's gonna get the hell out and I think that it is going to run out of your cause. That last will notice with some lysol spray yeah, I'm literally just going to express a trail of lysol behind me Sharia. Irene kids, especially when their go back to school, it's a real, it's a real game of like rules, here. We just don't know what we're gonna get on any given day so funny.
I again it. Be so much worse, so I will say everybody being and having a nasty gluck holds over anything else. So where you get through it, we have lots of pity allay lots of popsicles lots, Ipad time, which something they don't usually gets, so they like hell yeah there, the vinegar, but still I felt this ipod died. There very excited India, lots snuggled, so that I get basin sick Yes, that's why we're? I know this. The first episode of the week is like really late in the week. There wasn't meant to be that way, just while no guy, crazy. Every time we try to stay like, oh, my god, we're getting an honest schedule lies not like that. You're, not life, just kicks us life's like so so we're just going to maintain that we are definitely going to try and you will see when we talk about citizen Fridays, man, it's going to happen at some later this week with like, but eleven of this is that I salute at its it's Thursday, we'd aspect
two wailing and make a paid in good when you go to enjoy its who it was worth the weight. we didn't want to make you wait. So we apologise that it really became an issue so hopefully everybody will be feeling better and pandemic. Babies already feeling better by this time really wilds. Our right of her laugh she's such she so crazy that I think she just likes scared the eldest sheet items like I think I actually Joe Oughta, be it here for you I think everybody is gonna be good next couple days, so hopefully you now knock on one well I'll be on the mend and I can handle a cold. So I just hand like and or whatever you throw me babies so, but I think before we get into our case, which I'm excited about cause, it's an ash. Centric yankee case we just wanted to mention any
there's not a ton of updates and the Gabby Partido case. It's just one. We ve been following really closely just a kind of touched us personally, because people are like sharing this vote that she had posted on Instagram, where she had tagged us in it and said she was listening to us and it was a few weeks ago. So I think that just kind of like really it had its it stuck with us a little. more than usual. Just like I don't know, I keep thing: about it, and I keep thinking about it. Just like really like changed a lot of my perspective on a lot of things but I think the only up day that we have re now cause we don't wanna we're not gonna cover Gabby right now we want want to let the case it's not even we don't even know what the conclusion of this whole thing will be. Hopefully, it'll be a good conclusion in the end that we'll get justice for her, but we now. We all know it can happen, so we're not gonna cover it right. Now we want to let the letting pan out and
I think the only thing- literally Bennett, solid update, because we don't want to share any rumors. There are a ton of them, which is like really frustrated ice, and I know how it happens. I know people a lot of people mean well, a lot of people just want to sell it, so it like I get it, but you just got to think about. You know her share, confirmed things if you can make sure you confirm things were share them. Then that's great share as much as you can, but just make sure it's confirmed, because we don't want to spread stuff. That's fall seen only people seeing him and all that, but they haven't found Brian. Hopefully they find him, but they did confirm, unfortunately, that the body that they found was Gabby potato and they did confirm that all the homicide- we don't know anything more than that, but we just like our hearts, go out to her family and friends, like that's horrific, and it really felt like such a gut punch.
When that came out of it, because there, why had some kind of? Hopefully I had hoped and you know there's like I just eight bums me out- but if you guys are looking to follow somebody who's like on scene at laundry house, twenty four seven literally every single minute is only reporting facts and is trying to do. You know it was kind of like squash, rumours ass. They come in. I following Brian engine, he's a correspondent for news nation now and if you look on Twitter he's, Brian engine and its be our I and II and de. I am he's been going live from their house, he made friends with their neighbours, so he's been able to like hang out on the neighbors on, unlike really follow this whole thing he's been on the reserve looking for Brian he's a really good person to follow. In my opinion, he just he's only giving you the facts, and now
every single morning, when I wake up, I immediately when I look at my phone go to his twitter and refresh it to see if there's anything yet just to see, if he's seen anything heard anything I'll, let you know he was unseen when you know they were taken out of our house and everything his parents. So if you looking to you follow it that way, he's a good guy to do it because you're really only getting to fax, and I think that's what everybody needs right. Yes, so again, we're like thinking about cabbies family and make sure you are also. We gotta put this energy into like every missing persons case, that we across when you see one. If someone sharing and on twitter writing share at the time the share yeah, she gets to look into a because, as we see, sharing stuff makes a different and leaving a difference in this case, so it's like we gotta try to put then it's No, I think we're all learning that right now that leg that we need to be more like proactive with this stuff, so everybody
they get there with us. You were all learning together how to be better Collins, don't call out here, but also just now be kind to each other. Now it's just makes everything nicer much easier to be kind than it is to be not kind. Yeah just takes more time, so everybody just the high five each their virtually because it still a pandemic album. So I just wanted to point that out there before you get into the case, but not very important, but I think that just because you know everything thought so the EU, the search for Gabby and following it so intently. I was like a need to do something. That's like true crime, ask, but also a little bit haunted.
So little by old, Holly, word clear again: oh I m when it is yesterday was the first year fall. So spooky season is here, lanceor at school and, of course, you're still getting at your crime at a here. He sees and we dislike to during species, and we like to sprinkle at a little Marwood spooky. Yet you know lake. Sometimes we sprinkler throughout the year and then in a couple of heavy handed down the spooky things I've gotta like we will destroy it. ashen in the middle of the year. But now we might just really you know you, that little cap off binding Mimi ranks and be my now just then it is Colonel Ngos. There goes asylum area so cheap, Harleigh ever heard of her know who's that gee- I don't know the accuracy in the late nineteenth, twenties and early thirty is yes. She was, and I actually used to have a picture of her hanging in my bathroom on fact, love that my love to have voted. so do I m gonna. Hang it up and made them again, but it fell down and we have to get a new framework. Ah yes, which they kind of
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the side effects. I use it all the time, I'm obsessed with it, and I really think you guys will be too and you can try ember wave risk free for thirty days, listeners king at fifty dollars off by going to ember, wave dot com, slosh morbid. That's E m, be, are wave dot, com sash morbid, so she was actually Harlin, Harlow Carpenter on Marsili, yet horror, lean, Harlow, Parleying, Harlow, cart, carpenter her mothers maiden name is Harlow and her fathers. Last name is Carpenter uncle now and she was born on March. Third, nineteen eleven to parents, Montclair Carpenter and Jean Paul Carpenter tell you, and some people have alleged that maybe she's later to EDGAR Allan POE. Never, then can stormed might have been. A bit of a publicity stunt, but worth mentioning up well here, I go into interest incestuous due to connect. Those dots would be great
but she was born in Kansas City, misery. Now the mayor between Jean Senior, which its confusing, because her name is Jean the woman that oh yeah and her mother's name is cheap. So I think I'll call her like Mama Jean Jean see monetary and then I think I call for like a little bit of this gene, junior and little GI, and we are very good just follow on you. You'll get it you'll, be there will understand US officials, but the marriage between Jean Senior and Montclair was. It was actually an arranged one. Oh yeah cause I mean it was like. I was gonna say it was like one whose properly the lady in hundreds Marguerite exactly, and it seemed Was strictly business, not super levy Dhabi at all, actually when Jean Junior was only eleven years old. Her mother decided to divorce her father, and she really didn't. Let Jean see much of him after that, and it was sad because, like Jean liked, her their loved her father and link. There was nothing left really high,
and yet between them it was a kind of like they got divorced and he did his thing in the Mont at her Jean can't Jean Junior kind of got like the should under the stick above, I know now Jean Senior, on the other hand, was like very involved in gene juniors life summits. A little bit to Mantua too heavy handed. Now she oversaw every last detail of everything. In any our view she did once her little Jean became the gene Harlow. She said was always all mine and also told me, while the time that gene odor everything- oh, that's a dude that his death valley and toxic early dot healthy connection. No, I think she felt like her daughter her everything because it did not end had actually been her dream to become an actress. Bub
the time she moved to Hollywood. With little Jean, they told her that she was too old and sick honey. You can't leg you're supposed to want better for your children this, was a want them to have everything that you didn't have or everything that you had an more and she age. She deftly one achieved of everything, not in them because of what it was like. She wanted to push Jean into doing everything they didn't get to do. Kindness, Eddie, I'm not living vicariously, three children later I gotta. Let them let them like. I one interview gymnastics when I was little me. You know like some day. I hope my kids gonna do gymnastics, but I'm not gonna like trying to make them the next Mon vile, no end of internationally push them into it and then be like. You owe me everything cause you did that because I didn't get to you it s, a gulf that spangled swiftly velvet psychotic, but anyway so yeah they did. We want to Hollywood, because Jean Senior was like make a big michaela, condottiere knocker too old, for no you're not like them. They wanted you to be like seventeen. We are, of course, than they did at last long in Hollywood,
Eugene dropped out of school. She was there, she was only fourteen years old and then event. Truly. Her grandfather made her and her mother move back to misery. He said that if they didn't move term Missouri he was gonna like right genes. Senior out of his will owe while he was, she wasn't gonna get anything Dan they had sell wielding. The power of that will heal did not willpower wheeled that last swollen testament peopled area and its it's quite a weapon to wield too good to come back to misery. Are you my mouth? I now they did so misery for a little while and then they moved closer Illinois for gene schooling. Now she was fifteen and she was going the Fairy Hall School and it was there that should actually meet her first husband and near by her mother would meet her second now both genes actually got married and nineteen twenty said. ex, while Jean Junior did not go to Jean seniors wedding. Ok, which I thought was interests, Ha
yes little Jean married little gene for you to say all g, married her first husband, nineteen years, Charles Chuck Fremont MC grew the third hell. Yes, yeah value added. She was sixteen years old, so she was sixteen. He was nineteen, his pair that actually died when he was young, because their boat capsized, while they were on their way to vacation on their private island, o K, Elsa literally Ella. Kick king ignoring queen. I do ok you're making a living out your Disney, not fantasy. Well, that's terrible, but super duper terrible, but because of that, when he turned twenty one, he would be inheriting a lot of money today, The value would have been close to three point: one million dollars, while gas aback thou, not us Lula MU la la la that such a change. But when Chuck got the money he and Jean decided to move out to Hollywood, love the good life
They bought a home in Beverly Hills and they both started partying and drinking a law and not ever working it's gonna dwindle last forever and Chuck. It hopes that putting some distance between mother and daughter. Do oh, may be beneficial to his marriage like he was like you guys, are real fucking, close and leg, it's a little bit on healthy. So maybe we should hang out here and she should stay here. Endureth net, it's like, even though you didn't go to her wedding poker game by Mama Jean was like who that's really funny know, and she came running out to Hollywood to be with her baby and fun act. Little Jean actually didn't know that her real name was Jean until you five years old, because her parents only referred to her and the baby
nobody really does. She literally thought her name was like beta baby like by and then later in life. They all culture baby like onset and startling, like everyone called her baby. That's so funny. She didn't know that her name was gaed until she went to school in parallel with gene and choose like. Oh no, I'm using oh, no, my name's, the baby, no baby, that's so funny! If, as the youngest of the family, that's I was called baby than we were all the time. Did you know you know, but I knew that my name is maybe they rightly being dispersed, it beggars goods it off her family will not intersperse, then that is so funny. But anyway, Mama Jean came to Hollywood with her new husband, Marino Bello around nineteen. Twenty eight because they were really struggling with money and they figured they could mooch off of little gene and chuck for awhile very just like saw those millions of their lingering withdrew. The very unhealthy connection here now during this like I said not one of them was working and they were spending money,
left and right and life in California is not cheap and Luckily, there luck would change a little bit later. That year, when Jean gave us a little Jean gave her friend Rosalie. Why a ride to an audition morosely was like an inspiring actress in the audition, was at Fox and while Rosalie was inside auditioning Jean was waiting in the car. Ok, chooses children in the car, maybe she's like smoking, cigarettes, painting or nails and know what she's doing but tool is unbearable, known. I was but too Fox exact spotted her and they thought that she was stunning, and I think this must have been really some back then, because everybody, it seems we suggest, do in their day to day thing and then they would just get discovered by Like Fox Executive, Sir Lake, that's what I think he's out slick. It's you anything that's like I don't
If it's just because today, there's like you know, internet there's, the internet and there's like a lot more like plastic surgery that handling technology. That has happened so everybody like can kind of like work, and I even certain media as get that look, but it's like back then it's like it just was what it was so like if we walked by Jeanne Harlow you're. Like oh, ok, like, it was like a shocking Lego, hello just stood out a little bit more. I feel like now, it's probably in like certain areas. You know people are looking to be discovered, so I think it's hard to like pick out a
a movie star. Jean Harlow images are low in the crowd, but it is really funny that back then it was like huge is Billig Odin about, and somebody is like. Do you wanna be a movie star? Do you wanna? Do you wanna be a star? Can later half it little legged? Might it be only the grocery stores of vague Ehrlich Marilyn Monroe is just like fixing plain yeah. We're like hey like we're, gonna take pictures of vat and she was like cheese letter like oh shit. They were like when you did what you name and choose like. Normally, let you know it's not that lends a book now advanced itself, their funding to me that leg, Jean Carlos last name was carpenter. Norma genes was bigger, being open to embed it's funny, his company, and I just love that that's what that was like. The pattern was like hey, a beautiful at stateless. Put your pictures like what you name. My name is normal, There are like no known ass. Now, that's hardly merely fuck. No! No! It's ok! Cool Google Bennett so. They see her she's just five and then her car
approach her and they asked her to come in for the addition to choose like lol. No, she was again good law law. No, she does. She wasn't into it, but there are like it will at least take these papers. They gave her some casting papers there like look over these come back to that. Others cause. We want you to be a star cared. We want to put your picture, puts on the big scoring. We want your name and, like you, don't even have to taught us it's, not us biggie itself, as bacon girl, talkie impact. If it's who she was like a comparable omitted, keep fuckin dragon Rosalie came back to the car and Gmos like these fuckin guys he's coming about audacious like when you believe it and to really was like no, they didn't like they couldn't look. Why were you wouldn't have said? No if she was like why day like I, don't I don't wanna go in there, that's the thing that happened when she was a glowing. You must be too nervous and she said something:
along the lines of like betting gene that she wouldn't go back in sounds like a challenge socially and in a little sea marine there then Jean got and she told her mom what happened and Jean Senior all but fuckin. I guess she literally was like all. She was like breaking open a day on the one hand that seed later Jorge we're growing, miss she was like this is a beautiful might achieve fractured gene for day. She was like. Please, please please, you have to go back to Fox like this. Is our dream and genes like it sounds like your dream, but ok, but all right, but finally James, I worry what the fuck ever So she went back into Fox for an audition. They really liked her and they started casting her in like really small parts. A lot of early role. She was an unprecedented extra, take out a start somewhere exactly. She was making seven dollars a day, but eventually the work, a bigger and bigger and she ended
signing a contract with one howl Roach do You remember MR potato head. I was just SK going to say, wait a second! Yes, if you listen to the Thelma taught episode, but we did this man how Roach, literally put a potentially no laws in dew fell metallic contract saying that she could not gain more than five pounds or she would be fired on the spot, a potato. cloud is already believe was apparently how reaches a fuckin, asshole you don't like saying you know everybody has their moments with potatoes. I guess yeah. He just kept to go in the air everyone here. Will you put a potato clause and somebody's shit like what you do and you're done? What're you doing guy? What do you do, but they could you that by making we lay that can do it only you can lakes blow your knows more than twice are you fired new and it's like obey the ticket but genes contract with how, with a five year term, and it was going to earn her a hundred dollars a week which started off
under fleet, but then her shitty husband, Chuck became jealous of all the work she was doing in the day. She was spending away from him. He doesn't know respect for her work at all. He never gave her. the credit and she was the one bringing home like hard earned. Money like he wasn't working at all, he was just like drinking, is living life of that money. He inherited it living off the money. inherited and genes money. He's come down about, but she's like paying the bells long No in early one thousand, nine hundred and twenty nine Jean actually went to HAL Roach and she was like my marriage is suffering like I. What am I supposed to do like? I don't know what to do and how was like super loving and charming any really took Jean under his wing and was going to take care of her. say? You're gonna later ripped up her contract in front of her and was I get out? who's. He was like. I don't have time for that: Woola like the cold cold, Syria, maybe
Is there a horse? She's like I don't know what to do. How, like my marriage, is suffering. What do I do and he's like Larry via my own have been like scream three, the leg, in whatever his name in my god he's talking about how like this is the way it is like every knows what the gun into like that, literally how it exerts, while and that's probably why she didn't want to get into it in the first year. As you did, I do Larry movement, it is permanently to dog, eat dog world of early cheese. Yes, sir, he was like fuck you get out of my office these days. It feels like almost every day your ass, to give away some personal information online to get something in return, your name and address for a free trial, your email and oh number for a discount mothers made a name, and last week
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small part of that movie, but during That time her career was starting to take off in other areas like she was doing other films and choose really starting to get noticed, but it was then that she found out she was pregnant so she told her mother and her mother gave her two options. This is like a huge trigger warming. I just want to let you know like involves losing a baby. Oh, so her mother said that she could even have an abortion then, or that they would find some one to beat her make her lose the baby like her mother, oh my god that about like her potential grand baby was like. We can have someone beat you and take care I'm a legitimately like flabbergasted. That is that she didn't want it to ruin her dream. Oh my god, like I guarantee Eugene would have had the baby and, let's just been like a mom, really sad horrible, but her mom is, like notes, can ruin your career dad. Just that part of it is like well sake what
what several luckily genius the ball, not luckily, but between those two options, she decided on the former and shouted abortion visa and May of nineteen twenty nine, going forward from that. It was obviously incredibly difficult for gene like that comes with so much yeah. That's another rheumatic event in your life, no matter which way you caught our sure. Now she started drinking more. She in Chuck were fighting more and more. I'm actually sure if he knew about the abortion or if you just knew that gene was kind of hiding something from him and it just cause more tension, yeah, but either way the marriage had its breaking point. A month later, in June, Jean had actually posed for it a photographer named Edwin Bower Hussar. He was known to do like nude Photoshop that are like really artistic. In my opinion, I think they're cool. No Jean did this shoot with him, and like silk scarves them. They really didn't have anything, but I love her answer gorgeous like
actually want to buy. One and hang one in my house, I'm sure like it just like and using Harlow it's like that's the picture. That's me after I loved every picture of her, I'm just like God, she's just so old Tom wait until I tell you what they did to achieve that color for her hair will get their holy cow, Pictures are like that. I think it's him like Griffith Park or something like that. I didn't write it down, but there in this, like beautiful park and she's like there's nature behind and the scarves or just kind of like flowing in the wind lumber. You gotta, google it and want to Google Hicks by Edwin, Bower Hussar, ok, now? So I am. I love these prints, obviously, but should necessarily feel the same. No, he
he found the pictures like lying about the house and people speculate that Gmos. Just like you know what he's gonna find those pictures like fuck em out of earlier. He absolutely lost it on her. He was like disgusted by the pictures that Gmos Nude. It was inappropriate, like he just hated he couldn't handle what Cynthia she was having how beautiful she was. So if I got so bad that gene actually left him not night and she moved back in with her mother and immediately filed for divorce thou. Now the divorce was messy. And it wasn't finalized until two years later, in nineteen thirty one and Jean is actually supposed to get alimony and a trust fund, but she turned both of those things down and told the lawyers I can make it on. My own anyway, get it like that They learn we're need your dumb trust fund money got out of my face. I make it on my own. It's fun. I dont care huddled cannon. Need you I'm independent
I am now or low, I'm I'm doing so after the divorce Jean found herself another five year contract this time with Howard Hughes after she was discovered for his film hell's angels. It was during this filming that she would meet her next husband, appalled. Now Hell's angels was like a huge success for gene. She later became known as the original blonde bombshell. After all, that's like this really got her her notoriety. Now we're going out into the hair, she was actually blonde. She had they not even like dirty blown. It just like an ash blonde hair color, but they would be, each the shit out of her hair, apparently using a mix of mon yeah, Clorox bleach and lux soap flakes and they would do this one so weak, headed her hair. Look so shiny! I have no idea so, while, like all her photos, you like
probably later spray and it shining like they would get like teased instead but even when hairs blonde, it reflects the light the Susa let's blighting or that. But while please do not try that at home, but that doesn't sound like it would be great clorox, bleach and ammonia and lux soap, flakes which I had. I google, I thought was exactly like so yeah you, wonder like who came up with that. Nobody was off the rocker who was like yeah and over and over her career. Like her hair started getting shit here and shit here, oh yeah, because obviously that's covalent out loud, that's wild. Now she be like paraded around on these publicity tours, and there actually was this contest held were any beautician who was able to record replicate her exact shade of blonde would win ten thousand dollars. they had like. Are you kidding, sunk, nineteen, twenty and thirty, as I must have just been an absolute vibe check?
your word is having word is: having competitions abolishing looking, you achieve those ladys hair, their color that so far that we achieved through using everything under the sink illegally like go under your kitchen thinking you achieve around. What are we gonna die of Latvia and honestly hairdresser in their right. Mind would ever do that of earlier you over the fact that, while but no one one the company Jane and personally, I think that's because I wasn't around at the time and neither was red can shades accuse. Oh that's my comment. That's me fifty million after the hare per successfully. Health angels after all that Paul Burne was not only starting to fall for her romantically, but he was also one of the main people who like really believed in her acting career, a lotta people actually didn't take her seriously, like the public, really liked genes, movies and stuff like tat, but movie critics like she, socks yeah, which have
a lot like I was gonna buy Marilyn Monroe to yeah. I feel it at the time that was like it was that was like. I was the norm for these kind of stars of the eye at the public. It just like film over them up the critics and all that were like fuck this and its aim that's like, but it is selling syllogism about the point Philip divests people are supposed to come and watch the movie love them. I don't know nothing for military dislike, getting paid to be mean pretty much now, because she was contracted with Howard Hughes Paul burn, actually had to make an arrangement personally with Hughes, to borrow gene for Em Gm movie, the beast of the city than anything I mentioned it before, but Paul Burne was an exact fur and GM. Yes, now Hughes agreed that he agreed and not move He too gave Giancarlo huge success and she actually one on this huge publicity tour for the movie. After filming that power, burn arranged, and she was so
popular on these stores that they actually added, like a ton of like showings, to the tore out an extended at six weeks them. I assume that during that tour, Paul Berne and Jean kind of started their relationship, because by nineteen thirty two they announced that they were officially together now that same year, Paul convinced the higher up set em GM too by Jean out of her contract, and they wanted her to sign with I'm GM and they were going to offer her thirty thousand dollars, which today would have been around like six honey, thousand so lots of money while and she found out on her twenty first birthday, that M Gm was signing the deal so twenty first spread wait for some reason. I always think of these old starlets as like much older, oh yeah. They are like older to leg in their thirties regulation, which is not old under sing older than like twenty one. Twenty one is
so we are achieving all about action. May I didn't even mention all the movies that she and office pilot she wasn T Han's entire twenty one years old when she was working with a club. Gave all now take over all the things of the day. Exactly now that seem here, gene and Paul burn brought home together at nine eight. Twenty nine hundred to ninety twenty Easton Drive and Benedict Canyon and that summer actually got married on the front line and tongue in tons of elite gas, where there now a lot of people, are like really supply. as by their relationship and this whole running, because Paul Burne was twenty two years older than gene and there's a white and like. I feel that the time, though, that I will take those like but at the same time Jean was like this really beautiful young woman and people didn't necessarily think that pauper was like this beautiful man whose, like a tiny dude, unlike his features, urges
people don't live ugly, handsome, not classically handsome. I M not here to election paupers I know I need to look at what he looks like the peoples and find them attractive and they were like what the fuck she doing basis, but rumor started spreading that their relationship was like super toxic justice toxic as genes previous marriage and there This huge rumour that, on the they were married, Paul burned, let go of a big secret. He was impotent, oh so allegedly and, according to the book more of Hollywood's unsolved mysteries by John Austin, Jean was PEST and she felt like she had been like tricked into Mary Income because she was like. I wouldn't have done why. Why? Wouldn't you tell me that I had a great lake you kept this huge see, for me- and they had been drinking that night, so things got heated more intensely than they should of, and the night ended with Paul biting gene to the point where he drew blood from her skin. What the fuck, according to this
now while she went to tell the studio what was happening. Cushy was like what's a fuck but all the higher ups. Obviously, at this point are more loyal to Paul because she's that he's the one that discovered her the athlete Rover and because the he's been working there for years, we're. Like you know, it's probably not good for your image. If you got divorced again, so you should stay with just suck up butter like, let's keep it in the family like Andrea Regulatory yeah, put up with it, yeah it'll be finally to slake. That's fine! Don't let him bite you again. I don't let him by you again later still do it is he had done a fire. Is he an alligator like alligator, tougher, Sir Gate Iguana? This you find that out the night you got married yeah, that's not awesome nightclub in their away more secrets to Paul's life and its unclear. If Jean knew about this wine before or during their marriage at all like if she even do while he was still here now the end
higher time that they were dating and while they were married, Paul had whole ass, other wife, I Oh you, when you are about to say I was like I guarantee you. He has a whole ass other light, just a family. situation no longer ass life, tracking, you got two wives adjusted to dose live one more than than most lake at that's, not cool. Now her name was Dorothy Maillet and she was his wife by common law. So our kind, my marriage, meaning they were cover for a certain number of years and must have lived together for quite some time now. They had lived together in New York when Paul burn decided that he wanted to move to Hollywood and begin his career as a manager. Now this was like way before the M Gm days. but even after that he never stop sending her letters or money or recommending hotels. Her to stay a while she was traveling, so using very much encounter
to this I yeah and she was very much under the impression that, like they were still married, while he allegedly send her three hundred dollars a month and she actually had to spend time and understand home for like mental health issues and the entire time that she was there. He paid for everything and like was writing her consistently. So this is just a fall on this, of life. Fool ass, other marriage, correct just so that's a lot of work, a lot of work, understand these people who do a site like a shady, not keeping or another life separated from their other interlink, isn't just tiring models like what are you getting out of thought. It's there these dudes, who like hafta they like one piece of cake, is not enough they went the more damaging plenty just have one now it doesn't make so you can have your cake and eat it too, with just one wife. Yet my duty, data before Meeting John had literally an entire life outside it like a whole ass other girlfriend. Multiple lives like your head, is here
three or four others, because there was one of his leg like. Oh that's, legitimate other, like utterly other really that EU and when we found out, we got together. We're like oh ok, so, like you literally it's, the exactly I value love that you, like John Tucker, must eyed him kind of genuine like made friends with the other hell yeah we days and I live is likely to cause. You know what honey? It's? Not your fault, not your fault! That's it that's what it is getting out of the dude? Don't get mad at the other. Girls aspires They don't know shit. She thought you were the sister he's You got the idea, you listening area that our common common for your one of these days buddy, but it is always stones me when you hear these stories, because I thought the same thing when it happened to me. It isn't just all water work leg,
being released, is enough. Work quickly go out here need to add a whole whole ass other one, because I obviously relationships are like beautiful in fine rigour relic, they aren't, they do take work. Cholera is like a communication, a lake, and it's just like I don't wanna Jude. I'm just paying attention to somebody like you. Your whole focus should be on your really ship that you're in currently and you're dividing it is between two at least endure pretending to be putting full attention on both of these people. It's like, and then it's like is that you, an exhausting, is either of them even real. You that's the thing because, like fur like for you, obviously it was a very real, but the new like thinking, Your leg was it real. We are like what even was that lets. Take mathematics, just a weird we're thing that people do it is it's not ok, like don't cheat on people of Amr, just wait. Somebody and move on feeling the vibe here that the exactly catch you knew by catch of new five belly, get rid of the old Vida. How, today,
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the short peerage that gene started to become aware of pulse double life, which I would assume so I was getting the always do it very hard to keep up appearance, and no one can keep that shit up completely, and some people allege baby. That's why she might have had something to do with his death Oh ok alleged, allege, and I don't think she did, but I M scholarly put their own, but that's a rumour Roma. Now, on September fifth, nineteen, thirty two after just barely two months of marriage, Paul Burne, was found dead in his bedroom at ninety eight twenty eastern, Dr Wolf. He had died of a gunshot wound to the head and he was discovered naked wow very interesting. Now.
This is where it becomes a game of mother fucking, clue like the butcher, has the candlestick and there the secretary has the knife and there the bakers Ghali's just like it's insane, like the thumb veto, the colonel with the candlestick in the arboretum Yes, that's true, though Butler of the Hellenic was the one who discovered Paul's body now instead, of calling the police, this man's called M Gm studios. Her all ready. She said yeah yeah yeah though so they didn't call the police for if they got em gm sturdier incorrect you're out of your Preston incorrect key now, of em Jean Louis be Mare met the police at the home when they were called two hours later, weird and
handed. He handed them. What would become known as Paul burn suicide note to his last wife, Jean Harlow. Now let me read it to you before I get into my thoughts boom. The note said: Dearest here, unfortunately- and this is the only way to make good the frightful wrong- I have done you and to wipe out my object, humiliation. I love you Paul and then under me, Almost like a postscript says, you understand that last night was only a comedy. who lived side who now for me TAT letter could have been virgin also could have been for Dorothy It says my dearest dear, and you have to dear whom the dinner you have multiple dear. So I don't know that's the problem with multiple dears. the dearest. Nobody knows later exactly so before the death was ruled as a suicide.
And which ultimately was okay, so this went down in the books of the suicide, but the police before they could do that had to talk to the people closer to Paul. Of course, now most of the people were people who worked for him. so on the night that Paul died, Jean was actually staying at her mother's house up. Some of these agents from GM were allegedly the ones to tell her about. Paul was dead. It's so weird, they called his work before her should be like it. So we intervene like very soon, we should call your boss before your before nine will. One day like literally veiled, called the publicist first and they were lacking like how are we going to tell this to the police? I gotta know a cafe because that's basically just like how do we want this reported here also to the police, I not only in the headlines but to the investigator. Yes, do we want to spend this all the way around. You would think that in and of itself would like bootleg, maybe raise a red flag to the area. Spelling out alone are not enough, so Paul's butler told
police that, even though he and Jean were so happy in their marriage, that Paul often talked about suicide, and particularly because he was embarrassed that he was a patent. Now the gardener told the police, the exact opposite. He sighed the couple was fucking miserable and their marriage and that he had never heard Paul talk about ending his life food. Even those who are different said that the losers will look very different. Like real difference. Now the cook or Paul Secretary Dependent, what source he read like it was like even business. I love you. I love it. They told the police that the night, but this is like work- that's like they told the police that the night Paul Burne was found. There was a woman of the property they had never seen before and that later on, one of them was like clearing dishes outside by the pool, and they found two glasses next to a woman's bathing suit that absolutely did not belong to
Jeanne Harlow. Now remember she wasn't home that night. She was at her mother's house intrigue and they see this woman that doesn't look like her and then they find a bathing suit that doesn't belong to her and I mean Jean Harlow is very. It would be hard to like be like. I didn't look like hurt, like you know, if its general Pair Harold Undetermined Intaglio sheet, unless the clue rocks smell that my ass. Her for eternity is right there. Yet so evil thing resting maybe that woman was Dorothy Mallette, his other fucking wife, maybe now after Paul died, letter surfing that showed him helping Dorothy plan a trip to San Francisco. He recommended place for her to stay any told her all my love and best wishes, always in every letter now letters were being exchanged just months before July of nineteen thirty two, when he got married to Jean so clear, he was sending these letters but still intending to marry G. Of course, now me
Dorothy was planning the trip to California to reunite with her husband While she was on her way out there. She realised that he gone on and married a beautiful young actress and she got Joel because she herself had done some acting working Canada, so she would have been pretty posts that her husband, like left her but didn't, leave her for someone younger more up and coming Hitler Moroccan no more up and coming and then on top of of that it would have been a threat to her financial situation, because he's now married to someone else missing gonna continue to send you this money. It's only been two months. You don't know now what Mary Jean he changed his will and Jean became the beneficiary of every last penny. Oh now, it's possible that Dorothy was unaware of that last detail, and maybe she thought that by killing Paul she would be able to get the money
from his well, because why would she be aware by which, because you feel sending her money- and she says common law- wife right? So you would think that that would be the right, man changing Orwell's pain in the ass, a maybe she's like eating that around two yeah, so maybe she found that AL and came to kill him thinking that she was gonna, get some of his money woe, but she actually ended up jumping from the delta, King Steamboat, into the Sacramento River to her own death, just like two days after Paul had died wall, so you could call that guilty. Maybe she couldn't live with the guilt that she had. Tell him or you could call it just being or you could replace she was like super safe. That we asked before aside ha right. So how now, over the years, people also pointed the finger
Jeanne herself and is obviously been no, no, no evidence to corroborate battened down. There's like she killed him and others not there's no evidence at all, just like every other than like the suicide note part which, like is that even a suicide note age, so no, but over the people have also pointed the finger at Jean, so they say maybe she found out about Dorothy Mallette and she was pests and then, on top of that she was already mad about this whole other thing that he had lied to her about before they got married. So she had had and was she so angry and worried that, like another secret was gonna come out or maybe she was so miserable on the marriage that she killed Paul and then was like. Oh no, I ve been at my mom's this whole night, but even with his well aside, she would have, completely fine financially, so it could have been like a heat of the moment. Type things like this one. You don't even have to factor the money into yeah, but the people who support this theory thing. That, since I M Gm agents got like a head start to the crime scene, they may have found that letter
called it a suicide letter and then Jean Harlow never made a public comments about Paul burns. Death never came out lookin at anything which some people find strange, but on the other side of that, her agents might have told her not to me- and I mean She also arisen owing anybody. Anything right out, I sense of the word. You know I mean if she does want to say a word about it. You have an aptitude, no matter what you why you slice at her husband, but I can. Stand that people would find it weird right, as people have come to expect that you have to say something. Google, so yeah there's a lot of different, so whether they knew if Paul was killed. Your not it definitely looked better for gene earth sees me whether they knew of Paul was killed or not. It looked better for gene if her husband had commit. suicide and yeah verses. His like other wife, killed to me of course,
so even if I see a wires killed by someone else, they might have just made it look like suicide, regardless of gene had anything to do so. It would have brought up all the Messenians freight Exacting Oda made a fool out of her we're back that like it when you think about it, yeah have at all bunny, I know to me our interests or she know that never got solve such does something that help It was just rule the sudanese just rural doesn't, I said so. I guess I was solved but Lamia it was solved and on paper, it's an resting. So then, after that gene married one more time to a man called Harold Rosson, he also worked at I'm GM and their marriage was set, to be arranged because she was having an affair with MAX bear. Who was a professional boxer like right after Paul died and then his wife found out about their relationship, even though they were separated like him. In my four separate items with gene, but she was passed because she was like that's Jean Charles She- and I are pleased about this and she was
I'm gonna go through it in divorce. You, but I'm gonna, say Jeanne as like a co adulterer, because that was a thing magma of my god and GM was like all. That's the last thing we need right now you mind. If we like make you marry Harold and Dream was like. I do. Mucking wakeful excavating Richert prefers that cool with you and she like yeah, sure ethic hutch after so they married each other, but I don't think there they were, like friends, was in favour of, like other, let's just rolling, I was just like cool and they basically got married to make I'm GM happier than they divorced. Eight months later, like super quiet, musical weave There's that Airbus scooping that's a third, I was gonna think now further
x for years, Jean appeared in a bunch of different big roles like personal property riffraff and her last film Saratoga. Now, while filming Saratoga in nineteen thirty seven, it was becoming super clear that twenty six year old, Jean was not doing very well. Her breath became horrible Clark Gable actually later so that it smelled like urine, oh and while he would, he had to kiss her onset for certain things and he was like her her breath smell that Europe is the bad breath, is an indicator of lot of health issues, and so she was also complaining of two abdominal pain. She said that she was now shares a handful of other symptoms like she was blowed ed There is a long now, let's go on gastroenteritis internally, here tat, the doktor and sat was like, I think, she's fine and they catch them. No because the filming had already been delayed for two months once because gene Their wisdom, teeth taken out and she got sick from
somehow got sepsis o whirling away like before this film even started. I am so it already got delayed. So I think they are like Walter, Finally, may I urge violence, which is not ok, I know, but is getting worse and worse and she's, looking paler and and throughout the filming, and she was now dating actor, William Powell, so so they actually called him to the set and they will have to take our homework better to the doktor. Dixon he's coming on so initially the doktor diagnosed, hermit the flu and inflamed gallbladder, but said that she would get better with rest and everything would be fine. And her mom call them GM and was like she's gonna, be on Monday, which would have been June seventh, and that was not the truth. None of it! she actually had been Miss diagnosed and She was so far longing kidney failure that there was nothing they could do to. Try was goodness sake as all those other symptoms I like
no flew something really bad intestinal is happening here yes, said: yak kidney failure can only alyosha. Her body was just shutting literally shutting down. There is nothing make do thou. Now she passed away one day after she fell into a coma goods, Meriden and allay, and she passed away on June, seventh, nineteen, thirty seven, why which I was like that's weird, but her mom was anxious back on June seventh died on June Sub, that's fucked up, and she was twenty six years old, twenty six years old dies of kids Bellaire the right and one of the MGM writer said the day baby died. There wasn't one sound in the commissary for three hours and they actually ended up having to use a body double to finish: Saratoga, oh wow, but a lot of people? There is like a lot of different theories as to why she would have gone into kidney failure. Some say the cept This might have had something to do with it. A lot of people think the way that they were bleaching her hair
had something items you I mean, I'm sure that was not good. You know no, like everything you do is being absorbed I hereby unlike bleaching, your hair is one thing, but reaching her with a volunteer clorox reaction, lux soap flakes every week. Now, that's gonna do something to you, and even just not even like have putting that on your head, but, like inhaling, will that's what I'm thinking like inhaling that stuff too right, that's, not good, and then, when she was younger, she had had scarlet fever. So there can be like long lasting effects from that. That can lead to kidney failure, so there's none of this was just it was all this color in all greater honesty maybe it all work together to oh yeah, it's like sounds like a perfect storm of thing. It really does they should have taken care. of earlier, and they probably like the kidney failure thing. Fact that they were like it. So it's our alone. We can't do anything if they had taken care of that earlier. They could have taken control Just then it so sad because it's like I mean it was nineteen thirty, seven like they just yeah they did
really no exact. They haven't perfected things, but no they haven't you. I mean that especially the the breath thing smelling like here, and that should have been a tip off to somebody that article that siblings ion the kidney slipped out a sign of the loading and unlike fully it was fluid Raynham? Hang in there like it's, you know I'm late. If anybody has had like kidney issues, you know like it's. No joke Ashton's shit fuck you up seriously Owen. She I forgot to mention Chiasso. They couldn't go to the bathroom, we're like we see I see in that should be. That's that's outlets a clear indication that your kidneys are not functioning properly at the first things like, yet you can't p z. You need your kidneys for that right. Does your committees are retaining pretty vital letter in which is then pretty and idle for like building bs terrific, but I did promising some hauntings did I already gave you potential
my pleasure markedly and intuition about enough. So it would be another twenty six years before J C Bring bought the house where Jean and Paul had lived together I'll know on her work, died. Now, if that name sounds familiar, that your does J was one of the people killed the night that Charles Manson sent Susan Atkins, Patricia crept, Patricia Crenae, wrinkle, Wendy, pcbs and textbooks and to share in tee and Roman Polanski, now before Sharon had married Roman Polanski, she and J had actually been done. Oh yeah. I remember that being part of the whole thing yet like they were like really good friends and a lot of people actually think that she was planning on divorcing, Roman and a lot of people thought that would have gone back to J had not our assessment together. They were really great together. This whole thing is so tragic
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Of time there and in later years she did a few interviews where she basically said the place was haunted as fuck in one of the interview she was speaking with Dick Kleiner of Feet magazine, which is like a very like it's about like posts and the paranormal and psychic periods is cool, and so she was talking in this manner for thy magazine, and she said she felt like While she was saying there she had had a premonition of her own death who so one she was engaged bedroom trying to sleep and he was away, but she just they connect, relax in the room, and she just how this feeling that something was off. She said that she was somewhere in between, like a sleeping stay and in a weak state, like I kind of know what she means by yeah. I think everybody spent only mean and she describes the whole thing as being like a dream, but at some point she got up to turn on the lake. She kept hearing noises and she felt like having the light
we're just make her feel better. I soon if she turned on the light, though she saw what she described as a creepy little man who looked a lot like Paul burn to her, and she said but he was moving all about the room like bumping in share like the hidden, miss that she was there, but he was like rummaging through the room. It was freaking her the fuck out, so she put on a robe and slipped into the hallway like started running down the stairs on her way down, making her way down the stairs. She saw a figure tied to the staircase with throats and she said she couldn't make out exactly who the figure was, but she swore that it was either her or J O, my god, you up and she Sheila explained this in an interview, ya, link the magazine worse that is really scary, really scary. Considering what happens I mean this would be scaring, no matter what I only got city. Considering what happens later. This is like wild. It's crazy.
She lived in. She said it was like a premonition. Woe, oh, she made her way past the figure, and then she went down into the room where she was pretty showed a j kept the alcohol because she was like I needed during click fuck. This will now it was this kind of hidden liquor, cabinet thing and cheated She knew that this was where he kept alcohol, but she was like. Where is it like and she kept them like she felt compelled to do. Certain things are like heard: a voice telling her to do certain things so for to reveal this liquor cabinet. She had to pull a book out of a shelf and press a button for the bar to spin out the school. Should I've ever heard, because the house has the house had the feature because it was bill. prohibition. That's so fucking cow cool. Look, I'm sorry! I want that I've, let lovelorn bat. So she, did that out, she have a drink and she settled down a bit while she was down there and also that room was called the playroom, which I just love while cause. It's just like wasn't drank the drank room, it's like the by but she's that you have the drink. She settled down and choosing Emma dreaming and choose like pinching herself. The whole
I'm sure I can feel it, and she remembered something inside of her, though told her to rip a little piece of wallpaper off the wall before she went back upstairs to bad, so she did and then she walked right. Past the figure again what she said now was gushing blood I walked right by athlete cooperative Octopus going ordinary though she walked past the creepy little man and she went to sleep with short pass. The creepy little man and everybody Polly had like a drink or three year has like. I don't blame ruling eyed young choice to analyse what usually the do shit on the four out of here. So when he woke up in the morning, J lay came animals like always: how's Unite Lake Erie. Ok, can you in New York. I was your night: are you ok, a hidden, filigree located as your night, because he had been New York, the previous night for work and so she's sitting there in the Roman she's telling him all about this crazy dream that she had a nightmare, and she told him like the little detail about the wallpaper shuttle
all of it, so they were done chatting about this terrible experience and they went stairs, and they realise that there were a few scraps of wallpaper on the floor. the drink cabinet was still out in that all men. She realised that the entire thing had actually happened. She was actually down there like actually ripped artificially seen all the thing she thought she saw in He said it was. The only like psychic experience like that, or le ghost experience that she'd ever had in her entire life. While now, she apparently did this interview. Just a year before the mints and family broke into the house that she rented with Roman Poland,
G o, my god? So if you haven't listened to- and if you don't know anything about this, I'm just gonna give you like a quick overview. The Manson family broke into the house, killed chair and take her unborne baby. She was eight and a half months. I am kills me. They killed Jake Zebra Abigail soldier who was an heiress to the folder. Yes, coffee, like France, fortune fortune. Thank you. They killed by check for Caskey and Stephen. And who is just like a friend I someone living in the gas No, strangely enough share. and Romans House was also in Benedict Canyon, and it was not very far from the gene Harlow J C bring home. Why it was like not very far at all so share in tee in Roman Polanski home. Was that one zero zero I've zero sit, should it looked up out of five hundred euros yellow Dr Clo dry. It is her we're deposits
Eddie Cause, I was gonna, say fuck the ILO draw. So it's all its fair share of occupants before it was destroyed, along with the guest house in later years, Rudolf Alto Belly, who owns the house, and he was the one who rented it out to sharing and Roman. He moved into the house not long after them. yours and he said that it felt safe, secure, loved and beauty and beauty and beauty felt the full beauty their Ellison. It's driving us now. The last per and who lived in the house was trend resonance. From this band, Collyer called men called men in the gas. It's called men. You have listened to the listener tales will overturn rise on their times. I made an accident with seven times I made the best of times I had an accident without where you'll never lived out, men never ever so, I'm just diving into area, but he
actually lived in, not how yeah, until he met, share and tape sister- and she said to him like to do you think you're kind of exploiting my sister's death and because, while he was living there, none had actually films, music them. Just gonna continue catholic irony, the good they actually films, music, video forgave up of it, which is a really cool, music, video and called the recording, studio, paying or LE pig reality. They are definitely leaning into the the spooky nests of that data. Was a crime scene exactly now transcend? It was really the first time that he thought about the whole thing and at first he was like. I know I'm not explain her death by living there, but that night he actually went home and cried said, and then he said when she was talking to me. I realized for the first time what if that was my sister yeah, I thought fuck Charlie Manson. I don't want to be looked at as a guy who support serial killer, bullshit pollyanna, I went home and I cried that night. It made me see. There's another side to things you now
It's one thing to go around with your dick swinging in the wind, acting like it doesn't matter, but when you understand the repercussions that are felt, that's what sobered me up, realizing that what balances out the appeal of the lawlessness and the lack of morality and that whole thing is the other end of it, the victims, You don't deserve that the sea and sometimes like that. You know it good for him for admitting like you, I didn't think about it like I was being ignorant riot, and I was thinking about this is spooky and while this is a crime scene and all that- and sometimes it's hard to where you need to be confronted with the real definitely do that with the real shed on the other end, unlike her sister being like nothing that's literally my sister and rang like all, unlike lobby. Lee it shouldn't take that for your order. Not about does happen. I am glad that he like it's it's big of him, to admit that he wasn't thinking about it. I think authority in that done,
change, an exact because, no matter what it's even like, I'm like, as you know, not weep. I always think complain victims and I was we always try to mange, make sure that we are, telling their story more than the killers and it's like, but he just talking, to family members of victims, like talking Molly. Bishop sister and talking to Sarah attorney end Talking to anybody who has been touched like for, I am mad elephants, cinematic Clifton sit like it would. Even if you feel like you, you are doing the best, the UK until I can only urge you knowing what you'd better when you talk to the victim's family member it all this and take you d like now, I could do better link and even if you feel like you're doing better like well fuck. What else can I do that it really does it changes you. So I am glad that he came on said that I thought it was really oh, and I think it's cool to be able to admit when you fucked up with assure Boylike Gallic, and I grew from an exit,
I like that he said like it's. You know you can have your dick swinging in the wind. That's early, fully, sinister, it I'll get you some thousand. Now I'll. Then no one tribe had the house demolished actually in nineteen ninety five and they built a new home on them property that he decided to name Villa Bela. Oh, I love that just nice and he also got a new address for the place which sprightly smart, I'm not an essay because, like you, can cover the whole point by point in that its but Trent actually took the front door to dislike Catholic. He lived there So here you wanted some kind of my and he had it for a while. And then it got sold to damn it. He used it for illegal. courting studio in New Orleans and then, when they left that music YO somebody bought the building, and then this random guy from like New Orleans, has the door now Tokyo. While that's interest, Let us just like made its way to northern yeah right up to now, as for the job Jean Heart,
J C bring house, some people say that there were two more suicides that happened in the house between the time that ball Paul burn, died in one J C, Bring bought the home home and that two people drowned in the pool. Also or more deaths allowed it. I couldn't find any names dates to substantiate tat side, do kind of wonder if it's like just lore, I was but that's what I really wanted at the heart of the Lord, but people reference it in, like almost every source that you find them up. The house interesting now after J was killed, his parents sold the house to a doktor and his wife, and as far as I can tell, they still on the house said, didn't find anything to say that it's been sold since then, but sometimes people obsessed with the maps and family will trespass one time the owner caught to people who are like Manson obsessed
said in in a car and his driveway having sex ill, and he was a yeah. You can get the fuck out of here. That's fucked up to include other people's homes and do that chair does literally nothing it's something interesting their living there. It's also just like what the fuck, but actually there was a guest house on the property to and it was eventually made into its own property and in two thousand and thirteen it sold for nine hundred and ninety five thousand, alas interesting. So that is the tail. Jeanne, Harlow and Paul Berne and there haunted ass house loud, and I had no idea that it would connect back to the minutes in family. Neither did I that's a wild west. I didn't see come a reason that damn that's crazy truly is loud.
Jeanne Harleigh, who knew who knew for no. But I found this whole thing I was. I Gratis was a fuckin whirlwind. That's it it's like Betty page when you covered nose like what you like, where's that crime and not now. Let me tell you, could each time with these Hollywood ones, unlike all cool, fun Hollywood, and then you go through it like that. What you're? Like Hollywood and unlike Ali you how many times I get When we meet early, no more its eyes ice, this is I buy, go watch amounts into reared, looking you gotta watch, Hocus, pocus it's the disease and daddy spooky, you gotta, do it taboo Bubu As always. We hope you keep listening. We hope you see it. those, whereas the method like literally ever, oh yeah. I know don't even go to like them, the boundaries
that we are only not so either. You have two whole s, wives. Now don't do that, don't actual s, wives or lives, and that you like sneaking around and doing all that bad stuff. It's fucked up the end.
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