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Episode 269: The Murder of Nancy Rentz

2021-10-09 | 🔗
Nancy Rentz was a woman who was loved and cared about by so many people; her parents, her twin sister, her younger sister, her brother and her children. She undeniably touched the lives of everyone around her and truly just seemed like one of the most beautiful people inside and out. Unfortunately Nancy was killed by one of the people who was supposed to love and protect her throughout life: her husband, Brad Cooper.  If you or someone you know is being affected by domestic violence please reach out to these resources: National Domestic Violence Hotline: . Website: https://www.thehotline.org/get-help/ . Phone Number: 1800-799- SAFE (7233) . OR TEXT “Start” to 88788 Shelter Safe: . ShelterSafe.ca provides information to help connect women and their children across Canada with the nearest shelter for safety and support. Hope for Wellness: .24/7 Help Line: 1-855-242-3310 .Available to all Indigenous peoples across Canada who are seeking immediate crisis intervention. As always, thank you to our sponsors: Betterhelp: Visit betterhelp.com/morbid and take care of number one with some online therapy, because you deserve to invest in your greatest asset – you. Purple: Go to Purple.com/matcp10, promo code matcp10, for 10% off any order of $200 or more. HunterDouglas: Visit HunterDouglas.com/morbid TODAY for your free Style Gets Smarter design guide with fresh takes, creative ideas and smart solutions for dressing your windows. Prose: Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order today! Go to Prose.com/morbid NortonLifeLock: Save 25% or more off your first year of Norton three sixty with LifeLock at Norton.com/MORBID
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we may be limited, allow their it still spooky season or feeling good species in forever, and always we ran a pumpkin patch God. If you looked a man's term story today, you saw that Alina essentially cleared out the entire pumpkins yup. We definitely dead. My entire porches filled with bumpkins as it should be. I cannot wait to get her. woman put mine out for you, I think, on this week. Some crazy stuff kind of happened really didn't happen at the same presented yeah. I think so. We all got excited when we heard that the Zodiac killer might have been identified, but it's still a very heavy might have been it is starting to become more of a heavy there is nothing that confirms this yet like wind is so far as of this recording least,
DNA has confirmed it. We don't have anything really really really solid, though we can point to so we as as exciting as it is, and as much as we all want to jump in daylight Yea had solved because he doesn't want, like decades old old cases to be solved. We all want that. That's why we're all here this Wednesday in a little shaky sure them. I will those I find that his forehead look like the lines of the sketch, like a lot of people, need Botox me, but other a serial killer, and also, though a kind of I mean his eyes. They look exactly the said. There's a lot of getting a lot like him, but I think that also could. Possibly we have to remember that we're all human and since we want it to be so bad we're seeing a lot of similar. These and he's you know, just a random white dude in the sketches just a random. Why do now? There's gonna be sums
clarity for our decisions, even bifocals, he didn't have the bifocals, so you don't have the bifocals. You must new mother, I too, the vocals very rough you go down by two, the focal that made a lot of sense, everything say make sudden for ya. So I know what I mean we got excited too. We were stoked, but hopefully I mean hopefully will be able to update and say, like hell, yeah, we can all party together and save the Zodiac unidentified, let's vibe right now Gary is looking came away like if they said it was only by your butt They said it wasn't. I believe that right must either way you're right this enough. Women's relieves about number he's, not a compelling suspect me, but I don't know just yet. and go- and I don't know who I am I an investigator know, so I kind of life data not on the case, so I don't know what we're losing policy. Hopefully we get, it may be the undue spooky seas and we'll get it Minos,
but I think the only other thing I just wanted to point out was that everybody should listen to a really good podcast. I just I was listening to I don't know of any, but, like anybody is obsessed with money for me be freely as I am, but you love mega love here. If we re actually had a position today and I haven't listen to the show ya and I need to ya like I love her, and this is genuine the pot, the podcast, murder and alliance it so and murder in alliance, yes, murder and alliance, and lately mean the episodes are just getting so compelling these amazing aids, I don't want to tell you a lot, because I want everybody to go. Listen to her, because I just I was listening to the latest episode. Nose like holy shit. Maggie has to be one of like the best. True cried Polly. I seriously just listen story went in the way that she fought like she truly followed the facts and took all I appreciate even
Preconceived idea of what she thought was happening in the case that you is covering. She looked at the facts and broader, away and energy leaden and she had, but you know- and I thought that was amazing, so I just wanted to call that I thought that was really cool legal. I'm like a lesson one, and I was hoping we would have like an update on the Gabby Partido for Anna, the hunt for Brian Laundry that any magic and lie how her family is feeling because given like on Thowt sighed over here, it so frustrating it's making me so angry, but they do have the Gabby Partido Foundation up and running. So that is a good thing surfing. Go check that out. I highly recommend that totally but yeah hopefully Vienna. Hopefully all these things will have good news. I think they still out there. I really genuinely feel that I do and I think we will find a new asylum some time, though something's gonna happen, someone's gotta give we're gonna. Take that dirty laundry outward and do it
area. That is all the real updates that are going on asking to say right here. You know my got NASH Centre case for you, except it's not very ash centric, it's like not very old Hollywood or anything like that. It's just my case. It's just Reno an ash case. ash case than it takes place in Canada, so Polygnotus Listener Sweden, Canada. It takes place in Canada and Markka. So well, yeah best above hurl, hey, let's all high five whew so Nancy rents was born and Alberta, Canada to her parents Gary and Don Erentz. Gary was a social worker and he was like super well respected in their town. He eventually was actually able to run his own business. And while doing not he set up different educational and social programmes for the government. A hoax like very well respected near now, Nancy grew up in
and in a small city and Alberta, she had a twin sister, Christa, who was like literally a built in best friend. Should they call each other soulmate? So we look, then they like loved, being twins. It was a dark so important than they had such a step. bond they also had a younger sister named Jill and a brother named Jeff growing up Nancy was like super sporty. She played ring which is really similar to hockey. Have you heard of it? No, I had never and of either it's like very similar to hockey. I guess you play it on ice. Would like this like poor thing, it's late. Apparently it's a really really difficult. are you nuts, I mean anything on ice. I'm always us telling that I don't think we fully apply.
Shade hockey planters like how hard the bridge to the hard that is not only do they skate four words, but they also go backwards. I can't even stand on ice. I was just going to say I literally can't even step on to the ice without like making a fool of myself, and also there lay going really fast like in hardly and settled. I am using to me backwards like I can't even walk backwards, economically fuckin walk forward so so ring. It is a canadian non contact. Winter team sport new played on ice hockey skates knew its litter the lake just like hearthstones, like no contact the deuce Catlike had each other by Al Qaeda and apparently it's a really good geared toward women. Ria, which has pretty red- and she was really good at it. Get people said that when she was young,
she was like a little bit of a geek and she had like the coke bottle glasses and I got adorable which, if you see pictures correct- oh my god, adorable and also who didn't have the cook bottle glasses, unlike nineteen, seventy three, that's all they had to, I was gonna say leggy is required to go to school. I sank, leisure, got older. She grew out of that and she's around it. Herself would like a really awesome group of friends and she was a stunning which use a beautiful girl, her brother Jeff side when she walked into a room. That's where people onto B, which I was like your brother saying about you are really sweet brother thing. This idea, she was also super in a fashion jewellery. She really appreciated different kinds of art and for a little while she ran her own clothing store, is kind of a side hustle too
Her main job because she was apparently incredibly intelligent, was with IBM. Ok, now, just that nobody very casual just super Sudan for cash, and it was at IBM that she met Bradley, Graham Cooper, which we're gonna call him Brad Coopers event. It doesn't get confused, vs cause. I was just about to be like wait a second beyond, and I think people caught him brought any waste. He was also from Alberta. In fact, they were born just seven weeks apart in the same year, nineteen seventy three when they were both in their mid twenties when they met in ninety ninety nine, so Brad Cooper grew up with his family and medicine hat Alberta. He was born to his parents, Terry and Carol Cooper, and he grew up with a brother, not sure if he was older, younger- and find his name he's got brother. Will you ve got a brother but his father? Terry was a chemistry teacher and he actually came became the vice president of medicine, hapless, medicine, hot college and he events,
They earned a couple of seats on like super important community boards in the area. The go very well respected. Man, love which is interesting because, like both of their dad's, are like really like prominent members in society and his mother Carol was a scant home. Mom took care of him and his brother, and apparently she was a really good gardener, which was Normal set is very wholesome yeah, it's very like all american, all canadian alcohol, Canadian. You know Brad himself was like really really. Marketed really VON School and his iq was above average, he pretty much We have just like figuring out how to be good at whatever he wanted to be got up. He had also this blog called adventures of Brad, where he would write about all the things he wanted to do it and ensures of bread at cheers of breaths of me, like very nineties lottery the internet, all my very much than what is the internet also really creative. adventures of Brad, like ok, Brad, survive Bench Lake, moderate leaders
This, doesn't you know it into? It? Doesn't bury the lead our here you're getting you adventures read of Brad. I don't eat, ask any more questions. I'm here there. You are, I mean I'm not here, but someone also be there. The I don't know, but I don't care about IRAN's adventures, but somebody else might I'm gonna. Let you know that you shouldn't give a fuck about Brad's about Moors anxiety than at the same time. I am also going to tell you about some of his adventure. Ok, I really even adventures. That's the other thing. Misdeeds, no identity, just like things still catholic things that Brad Dead is what he should a name things were done on these things. It doesn't seem like the world is kind of against us from getting a good night's sleep this time of year. I don't know personally, I neither like two hotter too cold, sometime
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pretend for ten percent off any order of two hundred dollars or more purple dot com, Slash Matt, C P, ten promo code, Matt C, P, ten terms apply in Iranians and good accomplishments, and the accomplishments went into a section of the blog called goals completed again very too This could have just been a personal list that you made yeah your love, that's just what you write in your bullet journal that, like ok link, these are the gulls I'd like to attain a nicer. the accomplishments, I'm gonna closed the pen, that's when the narcissism comes in, like everybody, do extra everybody else again, just right in your little journal. Exactly now, just to give like a little incite us Brad, who he was those accomplishments where things like iron man, challenges which the Big deal art yeah ever gonna. Try to big deal. You also finishes masters degree and a triumphal on that fuckin out, so you do good things
Did I ever tell you today by the way, are speaking I'm feeling like a fuck. I girl, not gonna, give a shit about those good things. Now, I'd literally couldn't care less cooperate, but like beast modes of fuck that masters, I don't care about it. Fuck your master, meadow care mean springing room. I want a masters, but here we are you. It's really funny is when you said that I was gonna, be like you have one now, don't you you seem like somebody that does I greatly of the ground of time for academic that I've been in schools are masters one hundred gained, but you ve got very good other thing. We think if I don't have a degree in anything, so that's that's where we're out Anyways Brad and later it is life, talk to a psychiatrist, and he just basically that said that when he was a I'll than anti teenager life was like really uneventful fallen. His family got along fine. They were just your data, they family, but the psychiatrist noted that he had some quote
hatch men with little emotional warmth when he was talking about his childhood and his family. Concerning concerning cause. I talk about my family will long warmth of has to have a little emotional warmth. I think- and this is coming from some- with very little emotional, warm without saying it you should have, but you know she's a little emotional word eyes, so we had a little tiny. I call it, but he also had some detachment near its leg. You really want much detachment anywhere anyways, one Nancy and bright. First met. She was actually already dating this, like really prominent business men from Calgary through she was really involved with, but there was something about Brad that really drew her choose used to dating, like super outgoing guys who were popular but weren't, really headed in the directive.
But she was a kind of seemed like they were content where they were firm, yeah, reflecting on their laurels. Yes and like a motivated in a business sense, but maybe not a family sense. Folk and Brad to her seem different views quieter. He seemed a little more serious and really Nancy was at the time in her life. Word. That's what she wanted. She wanted to have children and settle down and the guy she was dating just really weren't there. Yet I think they were more focused on like their business here and she was like, but I won't have a whole blame here in that happened. When she met Brad, she told her sister that her heart felt safe with him. oh, it's like, please ruin me, that's vows and as a really sweet thing to say, my heart feel safe at home, like I that makes me her, but Brad must have felt the same because he bought Nancy a gorgeous ring and he asked her to marry him, and originally they had planned like this really big wedding with all their friends and family. They wanted to go all l, but then Brad actually ended up getting a really good job offer from Cisco, which is like
Company phone companies? Do you phone company early ever heard of it? It was the end of the job for the job he was gonna have to move to America in North Carolina to be specific, and he was one of very few people in that country who are doing this kind of work. It's very confusing, but essentially it involves like merging internet technologies and phone technologies. Yeah that's what his job as pressure. I t figure sure know it. The internet. Now broad was a website that kind of thing he actually designed the network for the family business that Nancy's family run together as men stir up thy t guy like came and looked out at once. It was I who designed this like. This is a credit really. They were very impressed when they saw so. He was really really gotta Thursday. Now before they moved. They wanted to spend a lot of time with their family. Nancy's family really grew fond of broad and her little sister gel spent like almost every single. We cannot their apartment.
and she was like he was a warm guy like I liked being around him, and he bade my sister happy that I was kind of thinking to like you and Johnny near because I was out your apartment every week of a horse. I'd never left inefficient you're really read aloud, but because they wanted to get married with their family still being able to be there. They ditch the idea of the big wedding, because the other thing was. If Nancy was gonna move to America with broad they had to get married before they moved in the link LISA purposes yeah, so they got married at a restaurant. One Friday, night and October of two thousand Nancy looked beautiful. She warlike this lake catalytic aside one place, described it as a sun dress. But when I saw a photo, it didn't really look like us. Undressed me, it was kind of like a satin like just like shiny, pretty white dress near she was beaming in every single picture, even though the guest list with small you can tell that they were just like really happy and first,
reason only Brad's brother attended from his side, but all of Nancy's, immediate family was there and a couple of their friends came to celebrate. Ok and it seemed like it was an amazing celebration. So after the wedding, they moved out too, North Carolina, which apparently is one of the most safest cities in America. So if you live there like congratulation thing good for you get, it your sense offer continue being safe. Do it it's also for your safety. Yes, unfortunately, though, things didn't really goes swimmingly as Nancy and hoped she didn't have a visa like I said so, she was unable to work in the. U S and Brown was supposed to be working on that, so hopefully she was gonna be eventually, but at that point she had too pretty much depend on broad for what she wanted and her family was like. She was not that kind of thing to say, and if you're, just not like somebody comfortable with that than that's like torture, is exactly basically that's exactly how it was for her. She wanted to make her own money. She didn't want to have to ask her husband for something like it. It's just not the relationship, but she was
She was comfortable with that arrangement now and she was also really bored because she didn't really know anybody around there. She couldn't get a jobs issues like what the hell am I supposed to do all day. I now and she was just like unhappy a lot of the time so by Christmas time, two thousand too. She was talking to her family during a visit out back in Canada and was set out in kind you know I can't Canada there applies to their early on under it. She was telling them that she was really miserable. and that she didn't even want to go back to carry with broad all, and I guess he wasn't with her on this trip now, they heard what she was saying cause they realized. They said, like their relationship, had never been perfect, but also at the same time whose relation I was to say so they were like you know and at times like in the first couple years, people do run until I kind of like newlyweds split stressful. I guess I don't know that personally, but it can be, as I have heard, Agatha Cambodia yet first people, so they were just like. Ok, maybe they're, just kind of heading like a bump on the road here and her sister jealous
You know you decided to marry him. This is your husband. You should try to make it work and at that point brought himself came out to Edmonton and he convinced Nancy to go home with him. so she agreed and things seem to get better with time. She was able to make some friends on town. She actually like a really great group of friends. She was able to get a car of her own. And she actually started manning so that she can make some cash while she was out there. So everything that she was kind of upset about in the beginning definitely turned around starting, be remedied. Exactly now. She and broad welcomed there first daughter in February of two thousand four and then in two thousand six. They had another daughter, I'm not going to say the kids names. Could they just doesn't really happen, but by two thousand eight they were right back to where they started when they first moved. So two thousand for two thousand sex was like really happy time and then two years after that, it was like everything was starting back up again. Oh no, I went in when you have the stress of like kid and small kids like toddlers and right and you are
may not doing well together. I imagine that's not going to help matters. Definitely not, unlike having like a two year old and a newborn yeah. It's like that see they're gonna bring you closer together as a team and show you what your maid of organs gonna, pull. You write a part already if there is already cracks in it. It's gonna pull your at apart and there was a real really big crack, because Nancy's friend confessed to her one night that she had been sleeping with broad her frightened what the fuck had been sleeping with her husband. I am not one to condone violence, but if my friend sat in front of me and said I've been fucking your husband, that's not your frightened! First of all, unlike like what what do you expect, someone to say like iron later nodded and secondly, on the EU has a like you want to hear you. I dont understand that, like I would want to hit my friend. How could you not like, I don't know how leg and then I would like to
to my husband and be like yeah like by and then literally go to your husband, Emily get out of my house immediately and ever talk to me again, except that it's the father of your children, so a convert now tied down person for lightly. What the fuck tied to that person for life and you're in like a fool in place so that you carry out I'm like so a rationally grief for somebody I haven't even nobody. I don't blame you, I like, I felt the same way her. How trend in this link because its front? How does a cordon quote friend do that? so mean than how does your heart, like some, your husband, go to friend, and do that like there's so much betrayal, yeah, so many layers of betrayal there that I can't even sift through them properly to wake. Think of us all. It only gets worse snow. It only gets worse They prepare yourself to be very angry because Not only will you not had cheated on her. At this point he was also becoming like super controlling and like very possess.
Which, like that's a cheat Romania's efforts. It just makes no sense, because why are you possessive of me when you clearly don't give a fuck about be welcome to me. being cheated on. Where are you who are zau lined fact that you have no idea what's going on re? Can somebody is acting like they they first, while they make a feeling you jerk? Are you there acting like you cheated on them greatest it'll be invested excessive because, like it trust me, like my ex cheated on me horrifically, and I remember being like what the fuck like I'm not doing anything on consumers and as such, as I found out. I like. Oh it's, I'm John, why it's a total projection because they know their doing so they're like while there's nothing to say that they won't it mine, doing all this horrible self. In there and adjust its a nasty thing to do so. Just talking yeah, and it also is just like next to nasty behaviour. It's just like more nasty behaviour dislike Roland, a nasty I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a better You have every right to be of good bye
so she could. She confronted him, obviously, and he told her that there was no relationship with this woman at all, because this woman literally was like I'm having an affair with your husband, and he was like Oh there's, no relationship he's like so throughout counselling sessions. At that point they decide to go to counselling. He admitted that this was a full blown affair, not only that, but that he was in love with her friend literally was like based. The clean tried to make her think that it was a one night stand and then was like. Actually it's not and I'm in love with your actually it's not a one night stand, I'm actually fully in law. With her, I have totally another life. You have two children too young baby these with this man and he is I'm telling you that. Not only has he cheated on you with your friend, but he has no in love with that.
I might also literally will not wrapper, and I would look at him and Billy you're, not in love with her, because clearly you don't know what you don't know, what lovingly thought it doesn't make any sense leg. My brain can even fathomless. No that's her refer and she's like away from all enough support system other than like the new friends that she's made and then, if she's, probably questioning all of her friendships at this point, because of this lady can do that to you like, please be. You must first be so in such a state of shock and just like distrust for everyone around you once in two of the most important people, your friend in your husband, yet have I genuinely shattered your trust to re you turn to in that situation now and before for she had realized that it was like a full blown affair. She was like maybe I'll try to make this work because we have these children together. That's got a plan to about one. She found out that this like a fool, ass affair. She was like no, I'm literally done
That way, I say I'm in love with her. Ok, I'm in love are, and all these other things that we're gonna find out later about we're going on. Shoes acknowledge fuck. This I'm out now later in a deposition, broad and met, admitted that the first time he slept with this woman and he in the deposition. He said it only happened once, but apparently in therapy. He had said otherwise, but in this deposition he said that the One time they slept together was in the master closet in the master bedroom of him and fancies home. Who does what I got suggesting piece of Fucking like in your white, so home in her like where her clothes are, unlike what kind of friend are yet another friendship is who gross feeble? It's her rough and your accidently fuck, some one man like flying not come on. No result.
Force was initially brought to the table as an option. It seemed like Brown was open to it, which, how? Why would you not be your yes sitting? You're telling me you don't love me, you don't have a whole at a leg to stand on. Bono Nancy have even started packing up her and the kids, things and was planning just to take them back with her to Alberta with her family issues like fuck, that, as by so she'd, contacted lawyer and they were beginning to see what the divorce would look like, how it would all play out and different aspects, especially what their custody agreement would look like and how much abroad was most likely gonna be paying and child support once he saw that information, he told Nancy. The move was off. She could move any more. She literally had like their things like boxed up and ready to go and Nancy at that point realised that this was just going to be a full blown battle. I never used to think too much about the blinds in my home. I'd sometimes adjust them anymore.
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Then. She also had locked her and the kids passports in the car if they ever needed to get away, and if this violent, she told people that she was sleeping in a locker room. Would the kids would the keys in her pocket? So obviously there was a lot more going on. I you're so horrified for her in those children is the saddest thing ever now somehow one day brought actually able to get into her car and took one of their daughters passports so that she wouldn't be able to go back to Canada and how fucked is that he was like I'll leave. Two of But you're gonna have to leave without ever live one of our kids behind like what it is. I who here. We are now there's no way he was also listening and on her phone calls so He was just like one step ahead of everything and the thing as she would have never left one of the kids there. She would have left either of the Corsair. She it was her and the kids leaving and not was the area
She tried to talk to a lawyer about everything that was going on, but obviously broad listening to her phone call, so its super difficult and the lawyer ended up telling her that she really shouldn't leave the house anyway, because, if she'd and she could lose everything and she wasn't going to He was just so you know if you do leave without the kids, even if you have the intent of getting them. Eventually, if you leave without them, you really do risk losing custody altogether. Yeah So she was no option who, like stock, isn't and the word there is not even a literally art unless, like she had nowhere to go I did like honestly. I like feelings. I eighty I do too mode how horrific this situation, it is because this just from all angles you Have nowhere to go in your devastated like because your friend is betrayed you your devastated, because your husband has betrayed you, your clearly afraid for you and your children safety. If europe- sleeping in a locker room within the union about who pocket
Nancy's family knew some of the details about what was going on. They knew that Brad was listening, the calls, though so Nancy was unable to tell them everything like she couldn't tell exactly what was going on my god. This is too vague harm. in every sense it is, and they knew the her family knew about that and they knew about the passport that had taken, but they didn't really think that he was capable of much worse and they thought his behaviour just had a lot to do with the fact that this. The nasty divorce, and yet you never ever gonna consider that someone. How can you or any someone that you're married to you know the right? You don't think that, but just to be sure that his daughter felt safe her father Gary point. Blank asked Nancy was like: are you in fear of your safety, and she said that she wasn't, but he was like. I have ask her yeah. Of course that was a relief, but what does she? She can't say it right exactly he's really thinking is that could just gonna set some one, often than something terrible up and exacting she'd be
If she doesn't feel safe, she still is nowhere to go. We're like her lawyer was like you can't legally. I can, but it's not gonna play out yeah, so he was. He was relieved that his daughter at least felt safe. He thought, but they were still really worried and they were just they felt. Horror. That Nancy was going through all alone, so that summer in July. Two thousand. He all of her family came down to Caroline North Carolina Europe, as it gives out he's going to say that we really must feel so. yeah up in Canada leg so far away and re off, and you think like when she left. They thought that this, what you want- and it was what she wanted to offer a happy ending and it was. It seemed like everything in the beginning was gonna. Just the other. We're gonna have this happy life together they were moving to a beautiful, suburban that they were having kids and then it all really just came like rushing down so fast and they
were horrified and just like so deeply sad to see the condition that their daughter in their sister was em. They were used to this like bright, bubbly, confident, happy, dotterine, sister and now the person than that was with them. They said was like a shell of herself like it wasn't even, is, it said, Mister Nancy and Brown. Obviously, support operated. Well, you oh yeah, because kids feed off of how do you know all about like what's going on, even when we dont think they d, oh yeah, they pick up on vibes huge. So at this point obviously Nancy and broader separated, but they were still living in the same house and Brad was treating her terribly so Nancy's family was like. We have to do something to help her, so they spoke with their own lawyer and they were trying to figure out if there was a way that they could get Nancy and the kids out of the house may be they could buy out Brad share, but there was a kind of just in them in the mode of trying to figure it out. Wheels are just spinning right, there's no real solution happening and before she left
Nancy's mom Diana was already figuring out away to come back and help like she was like. I'm gonna come back and help you were going to figure. This out is poor parents and when not July, vacation was over. Nancy brought her parents too. They are poor and her mom said that she like clung to her, as she was leaving in just a mom. I just wanna go home. Oh my god rip my. I literally like I have gooseberry now, like all you want, is your mom and you just want to go home language? You just want to get the fuck away from this garbage human that Gerhart Human, you thought loved you and you realize that he's just incapable of love. Oh my god, that's exe host. I just like feel so bad for parents, for
will situation has just horrible, that's just her effect. Now, unfortunately, that was going to be the last time that Nancy's family saw her alive. I think we very clearly could see where this was headed fuck this guy six days later on July, twelve Nancy was supposed to be meeting up with a couple of her friends that morning most of them had actually been together at a barbecue the night before burnt across the street, from Nancy and broad tiles and before they all left, they confirmed their plan. So these plans were solidified. This woman Jessica, who Nancy his friends with, was expecting Nancy to come over to her house around eight a m. She was actually helping her paint so that she could get some extra money Brad at this point had like cut, offer a lot Lydia her allowance weakens the most ridiculous thing, but Nancy never showed up and Jessica New right away that something was off with the situation, because Nancy wasn't the kind of person to just like no call no show.
And she also knew that Nancy and broad we're having marriage problems. So she was freaked out yeah and especially because the night before the barbecue Nancy and broad were there together with the kids. Broad went home early, but the kids and Nancy stayed until around midnight, and she was just really venting to her friends about how bad things had gotten and how much she was just growing till. I really hate broad, and there was a woman there who had later testify it Nancy's murder, trial. This woman said that she had just met Nancy, not night, but she remembered a lot of the things that Nancy was opening up about, and she said she remembered driving home that night and telling her husband that she was worried for this woman while and she barely knew her. Why- and she said she was something bad is gonna happen at that house because she said like she just kept seeing Nancy.
Looking back at the house and looking to her and she was like, I just felt like something really Zaga happen there. Oh, unlike imagine, laid it like you look back on that night in your like. I knew that that was gonna have again belt now, I'm sitting here at this talk this well known as murder. It, like that's terrific, so Jessica and another friend of Nancy's called Heather, who also had plans with her about morning, were really starting to freak out, and it didn't help that when they called Browed he would barely give them any information course he's. which person he just add that Nancy had gone out for a jog which wasn't weird cause. She was actually training for a half marathon because she was fucking amazing, but he wasn't clear on what time she had left and by then it was ten o clock and they were like, but he said. Look I shall, after I'm like six or seven link. If those are to differ,
times yet. Those are two very different. I you know when your wife leaves especially for taking care of the kids lavish just gonna say you have two tiny children. You know what time it is no every second, that the other parent is out of the house. You along they ve, been gone, so it was Jessica who called nine one one when Brad actually called her a little bit later and said Nancy still wasn't back, so her friend called nine one one he called her and the friend was like yeah. I'm gonna call because something's not right here. What the like that's weird: he never called the police, course. Not so Jessica told the operator that her friend Nancy was going through a divorce, and now she was missing broad. Never even called Nancy's family never even called her family, no of course Eden so immediately. The ice was all over. The news because, like I said, carry was a really safe place. Nothing like this has really happened there before seek like its kindly to all American Fang Leg and it's like if she just one of jogging than didn't come back there I like will, who the fuck is, that exotic early
prowler outside. That is exactly what the air was full of ongoing and as soon as the news made it back to Albert analyses, family was on the first point out there. They, probably all of the stay, may will immediately Europe's that must have happened when that phone call was made is just like you just know, because her father had literally said to her mother. This situation isn't gonna, have a pretty outcome when, just when the divorce was up and to feel like you have no legal. Obviously I don't know this family, at least parents, but I just like, as parents, You must be to feel so out of control. Just for help what you keep your child safe, no matter how old they are. As you know two miles- and here I must feel that's your baby, no matter what again it's like, you can't keep them safe when I have no control, for some piece of shit monster. Man do away far away, like hundreds of thousands and thousands of miles away has
control over the situation in you don't get out, is not for every parents nightmare. It is every family islanders, Namer, her twin sister, so One can imagine her either is a bad ass. She called broad that day and she did she goes. What have you done? Where is she knew she'd? Everybody knew immediately and she never got an answer from broad and her poor twin, like that That's it that's a sure fire him can actually the likes, of course, like a sister bond is leg. Oh nothing! You can even talk about, but twin, I can't imagine now than theirs is just somethin with twins. There isn't really is there's a dateline episode and she'd there's like I'm a more, real service that happening and she's talking about how their twins and how special that is my started, crying yeah there. So many twins and our family. There is, and just like the connection I felt to this story, and she said it makes me want to cry. No. I can
in your eyes. She said whenever I have to remember her. All I have to do is look in the mirror all in it just a something about that sentence. Just ruined me like I was like because it's because I mean I have sisters who are twins. My mom's, a twin I have twin show. The connection is undeniable absolute undeniable Baden, no less They know when the other one isn't feeling well, they know they can feel some thing when the other one feels that there is something it's not like us crazy in your faces, like you, people will make it later. you know stories I ll make. You know like it's always this thing they just always know with the other one and I've seen it with my own twins, its oh yeah. They are so connected on such a different level I mean they literally came into the universe together, like that's, that's something special hung on the womb together, that's a way developed at all, let like all of the dove developmental steps they did at the same time later. When
I see like in o twins and one of them. especially when one of them is like murdered or goes missing. There's just something you can tell it's like a piece of the other one is just been ripped out, because I think it's just a different kind. Ya hurt tat. I just say it makes me so such her when she said that he was so heavy, but so she never got an answer from broad. He never told her, but two days later, she found out where her sister was for her twin was Nancy's body was found. Two days after Jessica had reported her missing. A man was actually walking his dog and he saw her body link face down in a storm dream. It was near and under
Philip Subdivision, and it was about three miles from her own home. You dude now the only reason that this man noticed her like she may have been there for longer. If he hadn't been out there walking, because he noticed vulture circling in the area and like took a closer look which is absolutely haunting tat, horrible tat, really the haunting as the exact word no Nancy's body was brought into be autopsy. The autopsy was able to show that she had been strangled and she had been in such a tight chokehold that one of the bones and her neck was burned. The force that takes I just like, in that is such a personal way to kill some absolute inferior, like you're you're killing, your wife the mother of your own. Really, we know he did at leg. Why? The I just had to take a deep breath because thinking about the force that it tat like your neck,
loser thick bones down. There is opposed to hold your whole, add up yet they're supposed to be pretty happy to break somebody's neck and like the person who lit we should be looking somebody's eyes in doing that. The terror you're gonna, be watching in someone's eyes. That's horrible, although I wonder if even did look in her eyes, because we might find out something later huts, fuckin coward. But at when she was discovered she only had on a sports, bra and diamond earrings. I read in one source that only one of her diamond things was stolen, but when they found her, it didn't seem like there's. This was like some kind of robbery or anything else they were like per hearings were still there. Ok, but there were no signs of sexual. All, and there were no signs of trauma to her body other than the drag elation strangulation too. immediately. The investigators were like really perplexed by this, because it didn't To be a robbery, the crime wasn't sexually motivated is, and if it was
a stranger who like attacked her while jogging they would probably hit or over the head or something like that. Right is no they're, not just gonna, run up and suddenly start strangling like that does makes yeah. Just in It just was very strange that she would have to be close to the person voluntarily for that kind of injury occur exactly most. If you have probably heard me sing the praises of proves the world's most personalized hair care and for those who have him, I want to tell you about the incredible results that I'm seeing since I started using my customized.
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she knew orderly hated. Having to ask him for ever seen it oh and it only worse the year leading up to Nancy's death. I can imagine what this woman was going through. This was absolutely the worst year of her life and the worst year of their marriage. Obviously he controlled every single aspect, especially financially, and one somebody gains financial control of your life. It's over. I like doing it's very hard to get out of that. At that point I can't even imagine, then it's terrifying, the things that are capable of doing at that point here, Nancy was trying to make money quietly by selling. Her clothes are, like I mentioned before, helping a friend pain, her house, but all that money was going to groceries for the kids, because broad didn't even care enough to give her money for that. At that point he actually lowered her weekly allowance could end quote when he found out that she was painted, painting, Jessica's house and being paid for it to buy food.
Yeah me exactly yet totally a demon at all, an Jessica said. She remembered a lot of tension surrounding that project and she had been her Brad afterwards and he had like either made comments are like meat faces out her about it, and she was like the whole situation, which is very unclear. Her friends must have wanted to drop kick the sky at all, time, oh at all time, at all times in one of Nancy's, other friends even remembered her calling broad and telling him that she only had two dollars and that they were out of diapers like having to call your husband and be like. I dont have money and our kids don't have diapers and like peat and go fuck. Oh my god. I hate the sky so much. What did you hear such a rage? He wasn't home periods. Isn't your business cheating on now when he was home? It was He was the one to put it gas and Nancy's car. He would intentionally put a limited amount of gas in her car so that Could only travel as far as he wanted her to hope Only that says her if he like, I said
listening and on her calls- and by that point he had also hacked into her email so end, I think she was planning to do to better her life and get the fuck away from him. He was always one step ahead of her. There was no escaping him know. He had everything right at his fingertips and she couldn't even go to big. I mean she probably felling. She can't even go to the police or anything like that, because she would have to have her kids with her uncles. Who knows what would happen exactly? She was hopeless at some point terror. What? What? What were you gonna do? was. He was everywhere and he was nowhere all that time, which is nowhere. He needed to be an everywhere. He didn't need to listen, and thankfully he did not do himself any favours during this investigate. Good immediately. Suspicion landed on him and, in my personal belief, it's not just because he was the husband it's because he was being a fuckin weirdo about this stuff because he's the worst human
Yes, his lawyers actually had to hold a press conference about the case where they addressed the fact that he lit He wasn't even showing up to the memorial service is being called for her or any kind of event to bring awareness to the case he won T like one in the beginning and it with his actions and words there. It was just like very detached Wikipedia, please Somebody you let us know where she is like. I want my wife to come home if you really sound like it, but they told the public Brad Cooper is a very private man I wonder why, and then they went on to say he's not accustomed to the hot glare of the media spotlight. He never dreamed that he would see his face. Splashed across television news shows nor his name and headlines, especially not under these terrible circumstances. Different people grieve in different ways and Mr Cooper wishes to bring wishes to mourn privately planets like ok, that's fine! If he wants to like not say a lot
everything can be present like morn and all that, like I'm, not telling anyone they can, they have to sit in front of camera for like by no means because I am one hundred percent one of those people who, if you put a camera and my face when I'm grieving, I'm just walk away. Look I'm not gonna, say shit, but it's like if you, if your wife is first of all your wife is missing, And you are fine, then shove, a camera in my face, I'm going to be screaming from the rooftops find my husband, like you know, to me like. That would be the time when I get rid of all my own uncomfortable, like any comfort. I have because you wouldn't have anything. I just want my husband, because exactly you, your love for him would flush. Thou exactly so, it's like you can't use. The every one mourns differently. No, if you really want to your significant other back than you scream it, and you go find ways to find that purse and if then, when her body was discovered, you're wondering who just like, like who's out in your community,
and like you're, not scaly, I have two daughters. What if I'm warning you like? You would think that you'd be a little more present idly saying like if anybody know something like come forward, like you believe, swing like I. Of course I too want to sit here and give a full length interview. I will happily sit there milling. Why, is going on. If anybody has information you have to at least I mean you're, even as a human life, you should care right. Click people grieve in different ways. Yes, but you should be carrying should be in evidence that you care link. It should be these two little evident that you care yet like that, not at all yet an exact like, maybe like a tinge of evident in the first like little thing, that is latest gown barely and luckily the district attorney Howard coming He share. He shared my same feelings. He did not think that broad was morning anything at all, and he took this specific note of the fact that Broad Cooper hadn't even been the one to call the police about his missing life,
yeah. That's a big problem, never told her family and never asked for any case updates about who could have been responsible for the Red flag Red flag ran again. Like I said, you have two daughters, if you're being targeted like you're, gonna wanna, know some case updates. I wouldn't think that's their mother lick ridiculous, but unfortunately they didn't have any physical Evelyn. To go off of, and people in the area who didn't think broad was responsible, thought that Nancy could have been status, snatched up when she was running that morning. But, like saying when you think about it. The manner of death really doesn't make sense for that scenario and does the line up, but there were some eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen her out that morning, one woman like absolutely sure that she saw Nancy, and she said that it was like the distinctive features of her face. She was like. I know it was her, but we ve talked all about I witness as before, and it's not very rely ass. We did fucks things up using the term harm lingered. Now exactly and another man who ended,
testifying later. He said that he had seen Nancy and got a thirty second look at her, which also that's not even very long. My my guy star long time, If this really seconds, maybe I got rid of IRAN, but still I don't need it. He said that he also saw a van. Do a? U turn to follow her. Ok, maybe there were a lot of there was a lot of mention about suspicious vans and the area when it came to the people that didn't believe Brown had done this, but investing There's really didn't find a lot following, not lead. Ok, now, two months after Nancy's murder, no one had been charged and not October. Browed was actually giving a deposition, like I mentioned earlier as part of a custody battle with Nancy's parents and is because, as soon as they found out what was half what had happened to Nancy, they all knew that broad was responsible and they were like. We had never seen him treat the kids poorly like we never saw
thing to make us believe that would harm them, but if he was in a state of mind where he could have potentially done this to our daughter and our sister. What's to say, you won't snap, that's exactly what and I know that it is right and they were really worried about that too. So they filed the paperwork just one day after an anti was found. I want them to have those kids, are they? Do they really worries told me they have those they were granted temporary custody, because the judge working this specific case didn't say anything about being suspicious of broad committing the murder, because at that point they hadn't really figured anything out yet, but he was, or here she was very focused on the fact that it was definitely on way to trial and stress enough would like be allowed to affect those kids. They need to be away from a mere luckily
They were able to hear of the Koran God. No, during the deposition bride, all he did was try to tarnish Nancy's name in all, while glancing down at his wedding ring and fiddling with it, which its dot again haunting haughty ass. He tried to say that she was the one who spend too much money that her credit card had the higher amount of debt attached to it, which I was that you could have literally just does not yourself Leah doesn't on which she had it, and also just like, ok and like maybe she entered by stuff for your kids. If you weren't, like gotcha costs, money may be shed to put everything on the credit card yeah exactly, and he said that. That is why he started her alive
in the first place, and he claimed that the allowance was plenty of money. It was three hundred dollars a week due to financial stuff is so Fox. I can always so when you have children like that very expensive, I could see how three hundred dollars would go quickly with two giant Adobe. These in the day for is alarming: LE groceries, clothing, oh yeah withdrawal, yes car seats, diapers alone are so expand formula like little regional, the things that babies need till I desired and more to like the basic necessities rang wipes diapers clothing. You know anything like Sceptre bade them MIKE. It's really annoying gag its leg. You gotta be on a good idea. I say this all the time like into financial stuff will ruin you as a couple or, if you dont, figure it out ahead of time. It's just like such aid so crazy how it such an evil for signals. My ruined marriages, marriages, friends
Oh, can ruin everything all like a ton of stuff. Every relationship money can ruin adulation easily and he root of all evil other than cause I've got you a volley of here. We also said that she was a drinker. He complained that she was never happy with anything which I was like why would she be if she was married to you and also your time, being about a woman that was murdered. Will that that's the thing it's like? Ok, I dont like meeting you because we're right for each other it's very clear, maybe neither one of your howdy and had all over, but it's like, while she's like she's mattered like she's them. Mother of your child, I told you, I don't care if you don't think she was happy with anything like you, that's done now and it's just like you do it doesn't make any difference here. That's what I like. What do those things not ringing as like ligament? Why we even why I came up right leg. Why is this even something you're, bringing you she's dead, she's, been murdered, horrifically yeah
just don't understand now at some point or another. In that abolition he told them tat. He had never even been to the place where Nancy's body was found that it did not come self. with that very important for later, but for now I have to move on something right When I last Amory gave that little did they had never been there all entirely, never even when they don't never. Once now, on October, twenty seventh two thousand eight the carry police chief pap as a more robust sites. I announced to the public that bride Cooper had officially been. Large with first remarried, I wonder why I, as he is just really not hiding it well out. So suddenly, guilty, and now annoyingly enough, it would be another year and a half before the case went to trial and March twenty eleven. I'm always a gliders takes everything. So so it is now Brad's where submitted a motion that the trial beheld in another city so that they want meant any biases and the jury, but at that point I etc
earlier Nancy's case. Was national new yeah? That's what tends to happen in these things like they want to move it out of the area, is likely anywhere you air or you want to move to Saturn later, not one who fill you you're, not gonna, be dishonored. Would you like a jury of aliens that you're gonna find anyone here who doesn't give a shit regions a? Hopefully people tend to get mad when murdered mothers turn on insurance acting weirdest fuck, but the application was denied needless to say, because there are problems that will work if access that's exactly what it wants, they really you're, not gonna, find a password there's no by us in this case, but the prosecuting. I cannot speak of this approach.
Secure, shit and suggested that what had happened was that Brad had come home early from not barbecue, which we knew he did and he had put the children to sleep and are in a rumour like put them in a room. So they, when it see anything and then he either grabbed Nancy from behind when she came in the room, which is why I said he don't even look or in the eyes nay or that he began to choke her. While she was sleeping, that's what they surmised now once he was certain that she was dead. They said he drove her to the spot where she was disk word, and he had said before in the deposition that he'd never seen that spot like a set of Dallas. Like super duper. Weird, though, because the F B, I happened to find evidence on his computer that he searched for that specific area at one fifteen in the afternoon, the day before Nancy was killed, what an actual dumb ass and I'm so happy for it literally typed in the zip code, zoomed into that area on Google MAPS zoomed mother fucking into it at one fifteen in the afternoon the day.
for he killed her and knew that he was going to put her there. Yak I'd never been there, you ve never been there physically, but you ve been there on Google, Google MAPS, ITALY, why? Why are you looking for it like why you speak? the victory looking at this area, but you ve never been there he's doing in on it, and I am obviously willing to bet that he did do while she was sleeping just because there was no other injuries right, fighting injuries or anything, and she was, I think she was caught off- guard completely got even if those from behind I feel it there would be some kind of yeah. I agree with you. I can totally with you about both of its just her. If it can always, it really is, and they theorize that when he got home from dumping her body, he cleaned the house in the car washed her clothes and made a fake phone call.
to make it seem like she was still alive. Now there were dozens of witnesses of the trial, so many that all of their testimonies took thirty six days to get through on and it made at the longest and most expensive trial in the history of weight county I'll crazy. Now the defence brought forward a man who claim to have slept with the man see while she was married because they were trying to show that the infidelity wasn't only on broad support and they were basically just also trying to tarnish her name. It's also link. Not enough of us do not matter it's like you. You had a ten, that's a terrible marriage for Taiwan and she was murdered. Riah doesn't give any one the right to murder her to hug to adjust divorce, ain't, nothin and thinking of it it's like. Why would you bring that poorer, because, realistically, that would only prove like he was even angry or other cigarettes, even more mode of? If I don't even like yeah I've, just stupid mood is bringing
to try to tarnish you're dead woman like that, so Fox. Ok now they also argued that the evidence on broad computer had been planted, though they couldn't say by blue suited his faith by who who planted that view, very specific equipment, zombies, computer. Basically it if you watch the deal. I wonder if his lawyers as interviewed- and he is basically saying that the police didn't without saying that because he's a lawyer- and he knows how to turn around things, but I was like that. I hope be stretched before that reach. You should have caused some Dolly Street or solid, damn muscle Togo, pupils liar by the prosecution had a member of the FBI testify that they had seen no evidence of tampering with Brad Computer.
the fibers like now defending the values. That day, I think I know what I'm doing utterly. It is worth mentioning that the prosecution excuse me that fence his defence lairs tried to bring in like to expert witnesses in computer things, and the judge was said no to it because, probably because the FBI had already said like it didn't happy, I like a pretty like unbiased stand to the Adriatic, and this also during an I guess, one of the people that they were trying to bring forward. The judge was like they're, not even qualified to talk about that. It's like in the last month, three case when they tried to bring in all these quoting solar experts, and they were like hey. Do you have a degree uneasily genuinely not I printed off this internet paid one time I read the word demon inside, I think I'm pretty much a demon Allah just now like they're in the judge, was like that's fine expert. Luckily, this note was like that's, not an expert on glad and then the other witness that they tried to bring forward. It was like too late in the game, so basically he was. I get to stop like it's not working now,
Brad in the beginning of things, had said that the morning there and she went out jogging. He went to store twice at some point in which I was like why'd, you go to the store twice, but on an old, maybe he forgot something when he said that, on the way back, he had talked to Nancy on the phone these days it feels like almost every day you are asked to give away some kind of personal information online to get something in return, your name and address for a free trial.
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The commission, however, was aware of what Brad's job was. He was a complete, Our wish is in again one of the few people in his line of work, merging internet and phone technology here, and there was evidence that he had signed a certain kind of router out of work and he had never returned at this particular router would have made it possible for him to schedule a phone call on his computer. Two Nancy's phone at any point in time for any duration. That he'd like I was not even a thing because computer. The computer should scary vat and scare, it's scary, that thereby there are people out there that can do whatever the fuck me you're out of your inner, really scary and absolutely as so. We have to feed like they were like he could have done not like easily did they have a time of death like during the autumn
I like a determined whether it was night or than the following morning. I didn't see anything I was going to say somebody should be able to just immediately disqualify by the burning jog we're both strut, maybe not maybe not, it wasn't mentioned. Maybe you should. I saw she earnestly. She was found two days later and Phoebe sound in water yeah. I totally forgot about how in how many days later so that would definitely be hard to determine that small, not ours. We are probably just like tat everything up but they said the whole thing with the router was that he had signed that out of work and that they knew what that Roger was capable of. He had never returned it and it was missing from the home when they searched so that's like us gun now. They also found evidence on the computer that
showed he was lying when he had originally said that he went to bed when he got home from the barbecue. He said he put the kids demand and he went to bed and he and the kids were both asleep around, like nine o clock thousand really weird, though, because he was up on the computer until like literally the time that Nancy came home and as a computer with sea should have known that this was all going to be able to be found. One would think in addition to that, one of his former girlfriends came forward and filed an affidavit calling him emotionally abuse. Seven mentally cruel in this effort She wrote quote I never before and have never again been in our relationship with someone who treated me so poorly She also said that things got so bad in their relationship that she feared for her personal safety toward the end. I feel so bad for ever, thing you need to know ray. I fear it is so when the jury,
came back. The verdict was unanimous guilty of first degree murder and with that Brad Cooper was sentenced to life in prison. Good in those kids get to stay with the grandparents, their action. with Christa, oh my god. I o K Jeanette later I'm glad, but we're not done in twenty three team. Brad's lawyers appealed his conviction on the grounds that the judge during the first trial wouldn't allow them the witnesses that they wanted to testify about the tampering with the computer again a member of the fucking FBI. Testified that there was no evidence of tampering, so I feel like that sufficed, but apparently not and he was granted a new trial now Instead of going to through an actual trial, he took a plea deal which Nancy's family, like was really happy about and supported, because at that point they just want to go through all of the girls were all Are they already knew what was going on? It just didn't need to get any further using what our
it must be so much emotional torture. Hearing about Europe murdered. Child in the way that, like the prosecution wants to talk after the defense wants to talk about them and then just to find out about things that we're going on cuz, that's the thing is like the defense is going to sit there and try to tear them down. So it's like you're going to have to sit there and not be able to react. While someone tears down, or child their legacy. You know I mean more you're gonna get kicked out. Our love, writing or making like lies, are trying to prove that this man that treated her horribly is actually this great man and was a great father. Rate, husband in your sitting there being like. No, he wasn't bright like I know that is it must be so infuriating exactly so. Luckily they were supportive of the plea deal, but it wasn't. A great one brought ended up pleading guilty to second degree murder this time and as a result, he got twelve to fifteen years and as one of the biggest points, however, in the plea deal was that broad gave up parental
what's to his two daughters and would never be allowed to contact them good and, like I said, Nancy's twin sister Christa, ended up getting custody of the two girls and by all accounts thriving of cousins that there now like sisters with well, I love it. Ok, Baino vague you for that. Could those like I'd need them to be? Ok, they're! Ok, I mean I've your area They ve gone through there going to go through a lot like no legally Morrison, all that, but anyway system around them there being raised by like the most amazing people. It seems now After all, was said and done with the trial Nancy's family created the butterfly fund, which is a charity that will help abused women, and the hope is that Nancy's daughters and her nieces will some day be able to run the chair. In her name and the family actually wanted to do even more to keep her member really memory alive. So Nancy.
Younger sister Jill and her dad created this programme and it helps women get out of abuse of relationships and help them get back on their feet. Amazing, apparently it operates as a very low key mission. It's like under the radar kind of thing, so women can go there without their families or anybody owing like so that there is no kind of stigma put on them on the trial of it. It's a Monday, through Friday programme, its six months long and over a hundred and seventy women have been through the programme, and many of them have just gone on to lead like happy lives and get away from their views are raising and genocide that by the time most of the women are ready to leave. They just look like totally compel people love that Nancy's families about the hardest part of the whole case, obviously other than losing their loved one was the fact that broad never apologize to them.
or gave them any kind of explanation of anything. Now that would be the hardest part. Like nothing and Jill said he actually glanced at her for a moment like while he was on trial, and she said that there was a slight smirk on his face like she could have sworn shockingly broad served his sentence and walked out of prison in November two thousand twenty was yelp he's a free man he's just around. and he up served his sentence for me. Sure.
murdering Y know I hated and is out of Bruno yeah, but I don't wanna and on that note I think one of the most important things that was said during this whole case with something that was said by Nancy's father when speaking about domestic violence. He said it's like running up a very gradual hill. Until you look backward, you don't know, you're doing it and I think that's what domestic violence done in this fashion is all about its very gradual whole. That's terrific Salute Lee horrible. The only thing that I am happy about is that he can never contact those exactly like kingly biologists, parental right, thank goodness that lay car, but I dont know who thought TAT that in their but all of the kudos two year for all the kudos- and I think it so important to know that lake, her father so right domestic violence is such a gradual thing like it starts with little time Thing only keeping you away from your family than it, sir. Let go
up it, how it is financial things and then in like I'll, do that you can't go here like you can't go there, it's woods, control a low lowly controlling a person by removing any lifeline they have or any kind of independence they could ever have and somehow to ally as you so slowly that the people around you don't even realize torrenting, and then you have no way of telling them that's why these things end up so many times like this, like some to a tragic, tragic, think, there's just no. It feels like there's no way outright and a lot of times there really in a way how it's horrible! If you are in that situation, I ain't then it's like it's dangerous It is dangerous to leave sometimes too and it's dangerous to stay so a lot of times but I feel like there isn't an option. There's no other option right, but but seriously If you are in this position or you love or care about, or even just know, somebody that's in this position, there is a way out
so many resources that you can go to and one of them that I have is the national domestic violence hotline. You can call one eight hundred, seven hundred and ninety nine safe and that's one, eight hundred seven hundred and ninety nine seven thousand two hundred and thirty three. You can text start two hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and eighty eight again start to eight eight seven, eight, eight or you can go to the hotline dot, Org, Slash, get dash help and you can chat live with like us, the person on that website and there is a way to get out safely and because this is a canadian case. We also want to throw some of those out I think the Lena has those for whom I have a couple that I found. So there is shelter, safe, dot, see a thing then go to it provides information to help can to women and their children all across Canada, with the nearest shelter in their area first safety and support in a time of crisis. There is all
Oh, I am, there is Hotline called hope for wellness, twenty four seven. The number is one, eight, five, five to four two: three four one zero and its available to all indigenous peoples across Canada who are seeking immediate crisis help. That's amazing and So I think that shelter, safe is a really good one ends and those are the ones that we found by war put them on the show notes to but yeah there. Please get link, try to get help because there's help out there. Yes, fine! If you love somebody, I got them help just take care of it either to carry to be kind to each other, all humans, just treaty. How do you want to be treated by such a hard core, cleaner learning, not one we're like three years old, like what in it's just I can't this kind of stuff is, if I may alias
but it is our real or to allow these tales about. Hopefully it can help somebody ass on the future and go through the and am glad that Nancy's legacy is now helping other women get out of that exactly like that, takes the power back from a really derisory fuck himself, while yeah well. So thank you. for listening yeah, we hope you keep it. We feared avi said we will have to tell you what he asked me, because that's really ridiculous. I'm on my mind, be nice to each other.
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