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Episode 32: Faeries Are Dark Part 1

2018-12-15 | 🔗
This isn't all pixie dust and mischief here. Faeries have the best PR team in the game but we are here to blow up their spot and reveal them for the terrifying, homicidal nightmares that they really are.
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I know I want for, though everybody go check out. Murder apparel cause the red, and I feel it everybody dig. It go buy yourself, some shirts and unfair listening to this next week. Maybe you still have time to honour them. If our guy in word crumpets as we did in that's literally like they're, not sponsoring us, we just really like them, Stokoe giant them out. like all jet plug were jet. So that's that's gonna, be the end of our small talk for this episode, because our many morbid episodes are straight to the point in Europe. Any morbid episode start right now and we're going to dive in the deep dark, savage world of ferry. So I know it sounds like it's gonna. Be whimsical and beautiful and enchanted and all that, but it's not going to be any of that stuff. No enchantment here, britches cause fairies. Despite what Disney would have you believe? are actually fat arab aims and will murder you
another epilogue at a moment's notice, so from what I've found just to give a little tiny. It's like I'm, really quick little history of ferries, though bird fairy spells F a. I are. Why actually comes from the latin worm? Fatah, which means fate and let's interest rate, and then the old French F, a e r? I e which I think is a cool way. Dispenseth actually mean laser e enchantments away like that, when butter, another kind of whimsical and fun that's a whimsical is we're. Gonna get are always whimsical. Of course, they're ha ha like s caught a girl, nay, I guess just snails sound so footing so fancy. I love it, so now we think of ferries, as we see them in my popular culture would like pretty wings and there are pretty and are there to help you and protect. You do fun magical things for you. Q Tinker Bell IA exactly, but back in the day when the war
I was just like it. I know the world markets fog. I know the world is dark as fuck now, but in a totally different way back there, It was dark because nobody knew what the hell is going on ever and everything was still mysterious cause. We didn't know anything about the fearful that that point. That's when people were horrified that they could offend fairies at any moment notice and that these fairies would cast evil spells are curses on them. Yeah yeah, I'm not going to get rid of that weapon for Greece. Vows amazing, so that was singing. They had a moment he's having a moment in the kitchen, in writing sure
It's the only serve using alleviation there, labelling so that's. not an hour passed away! That's the whimsical side affairs see In Ireland in particular cause Ireland is all about the fairies they had such a fear of pissing off ferries that they don't. They wouldn't even refer to them as names like they wouldn't call them whatever name their ferry was or they wouldn't even column fairies. They called them by. Like euphemisms, like Lou, all people, the gentry or the neighbors aside. He who must not be may exhibits like exactly and fairies where the original Voldemort exactly you heard a here, first NEWS with Africa and six o clock earnings air
They always do you really like they were. These things come fairy pasts, where the fairies were obviously just like, would travel down specific paths and ferry hills that they were forbidden to be dug upon, and some houses had their corners removed because they are afraid that the corners were blocking fairy paths while a jet, so the houses around yeah. They would round them off because they didn't want a corner to be blocking a fairy to us and then cottages back then in Ireland were actually sometimes built initially with the front door in the back door. Like perfectly in line with each other and then at night, whenever the people thought that fairies were traveling about, they would open both those doors so that the fairies could just pass through their house and not actually chill and there
clearly they never listened. Tar pod guy cause fresh shares for dead people, not for keeping very low, and we we data, lock your windows, public debt. And only gives you an illegal orders is deaf one, because if you leave both doors open in the northern I all night, you're gonna have a lot more than fairy story about their bugs codes. But then again after hearing this episode, ferries are kind of scary. Thing It's a lot o hide your kids hide your way. You were here and have around house: don't don't building a fairy path, I guess we'll them back then fairies were actually even blamed for diseases like tuberculosis and birth defects share. So basically, just all kinds of shit wishes blamed on ferries EU. it, is a bad ass by love it so we're gonna talk about, I mean
There are so many that we might even revisit this subject again. Cause I'd, never write down all the crazy ones. I saw So this may be a part one of fairies. Who knows he are eighty one we're gonna we're gonna go over a few fairies. Now the first on being the change going. Now change. Lings are interesting because I'm gonna give you a real quick overview of it, because there is a lore episode on Amazon, Prime. That covers this subject in a really good ways. So go watch the Lord episode about this, because it's really good. So it's an irish legend and its when a fairy child Israel is replaces a real child. So the fairies will come
still your child in the replace it with a changeling, the fuck. I'm saying no you're going to know that this kid is not your kid, because they're going to look like sickly they're not going to grow to the normal size that that a child should and there's also going to be really subtle things you're going to notice like they. Have a beard. Ah, you know you what happened far you an old man, a benefit you, perhaps an elderly fairy. Are you a bridge to row? I gave up my finger out about sums, weird change. They could also they could also have long teeth. That's another phenomenon, black serve! You kid suddenly gets long teeth. Be wary. That's all I'm saying! Oh, you know what it is
It's the fangs, that's what state! For its knows, it's not the bearded the fangs. So these changeling will also be very intelligence like beyond their years, because their fairies so they're like ancient They can have a crazy insight and, like just be very intuitive they're gonna have traits that you're like this is weird for child have yeah. Now? Why would your child be taken by a fairy? I mean? That's how they got shit to that already good question asked they may take them because, they want to use them as a servants. They may just love the human child and want to take it to wake, be its parents, which is shining like chemicals or they're just or they're just decks, and they do it. Maliciously just to be assholes. Now there are rare cases where super
Elderly fairy folk would be placed in like the place of a human baby, just so that the old fairy could live out the rest of their days in comfort, liking, loved by human. Since that just makes my heart so that laid it like candidate, really love you. If you got a child beard, I guess which its people Now there is a way to ensure that your child does not get taken by in exchange for changeling about its wild. You can wear an inverted coat so like inside our air, or you can leave an open pair of iron scissors where the child sleeps dude, which sounds safe. When I moved around proposals, there is like a big old pair of like like Antique Sesar is, and I always upload them on my nightstand cause. I thought they were cool. Oh my god, they were turned to make sure that you didn't get to begin and changed. First
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things. I thought could never happen in humpback whales, a new regional calmly streaming only on visa fees, mix of hash anthems, sour girl, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna, from where we are late reports, all basalt screaming now only our peacock. Now there are two nineteenth century cases that actually our true like they're. Not this isn't legend. This isn't folklore. These are actual cases where people believed in changeling, so much that they actually murdered people or what
So in eighteen, twenty six, a woman named an roach bathed, a boy who was four years old and Michael lay. He in this boy could not speak or stand. I'm not positive, wide and really go far into it, but she bathed him three times in a river in Ireland called the flask on the third time she bathed him in it. He drowned vows. She wasn't bathing him while she swore that she was just trying to derive the fairy out of him because he was a changeling. She got acquitted of murder for that yeah. that sounds like Andrea Yeats style, understand, I'm SAM. and then is another case which is actually the subject of the Lord episode on Amazon, Prime, that I saw him before so go watch that filling the whole story of this but it was in eighteen. Ninety five, a woman in Ireland name Brigitte Cleary, was literally
murdered by several people, including her husband and her cousins. What so she had like this short bout of pneumonia. And this lonely all do like Dick named Jack done was like up she's a fairy changeling cause she's, not getting better and she sick because shed ammonia so her for her husband, Michael her cousins. This dude- I don't even know if those anybody else there, but they literally murdered her, and then they were only convicted of manslaughter instead of murder because they convinced the jury that they were just trying to kill us,
enjoying not Brigitte. Why isn't that bananas? How one like one was that this work is eighteen. Ninety, five believable I mean that's crazy. Eighteen hundreds were really do yeah, I'm SAM, so yeah those achieved. That's a very brief overview of changeling, Sir! That's terrifying agent! The where you going notice is a lot of irish ones, but there's a lot of scottish ones do which is kind of a paper. What up Scotland, so the next one is called a kelpie, so their work, their group called the kelpies there, a type of scottish ferry and their considered to be cannibalistic, and
The little early eat anything that they come across. So if they come across the animal lily, but if they come across humans, they, like yeah I'll, do it well. Now there are thought to live in the waters of locks in Scotland, like Loch Ness where the earth Kurt Castle said just land messy and day enjoy eating humans and dear the most and what they do their amazing shape, shift tears and what they do is they appear as a beautiful black or pure white horse, and then they're just offer rides to crazy humans that are like oh yeah source of what happened. I would love to hear what he would have polite horse. I appreciate it and the ones the person gets on them. They'll just carry them into the depths of the law,
and drowned number we and then when they get them to the bottom of the lock, though this tear them apart and then eat them, so they're kind of decks because other than that, horses. There also known to shape shift into super good, looking men and women to lure humans into the locks, because you know how dumb ass humans You know when you put a hot person in front of them. They're gonna Pilecki, I'll, walk in the Loch Ness. That's fine! Well yeah! So those are the kelpies The next one is. This is a fairy class, England, Ireland and Germany and they're called the ban Fionn. I dont know if I said that right, but were to give it a shot. The ban, Fionn, are a delightful class of ferries. Are part of a delightful class of ferries referred Hu as they quote, drown or fairies sounds so pure toe
like I said there there found in England, Ireland and Germany and their technically water fairy that lives in lakes and streams. The name means white woman because Sheath whatever this ferry appears there known to wear white gown and therefore stick Is they wait for children to come in or near the water, and then they just reach up and drowned them nuts level that, like on CALL yeah like there's, no Reimer reason there, just that's what they do their good at it. They stick to it. They do they think the end I mean respect. the hustle threatened the next one, which I love. The name of these ones are called Bogart. Booger vulgar arts, burger love, bogus Let's be oh Gigi Archie s now Bogart
are. They are kind of buggers there. There super burglary, They are earth, ferries and guess where there found in your nose Scotland, They look like a nome witches, unsettling nomes are wicked. Keyser, not I think it's unsettling. I know you know like little knowledge. I think they're q, I'm not into it what it is about nomes. I don't know if I was wronged by nomads Humph book, but I hope not that's what I have like a weird distance against them. I like them because long, kids, movie no Rio and Julia suck. You will change our standpoint on. I did not see that my don't plan to ever see that form a majority. go on.
They are not allowed to want a bunch of exotic nomes are minors, I'm gonna, get them nomes, her christian and all because nomes. Look that apparently Bogart. Look like dirty ass nomes, like they don't look like regular nomes that are like together and have like their lives together, They look like dirty messy nomes. If I was a nome, I would be a boo hoo booger, a bogus as more funds there. Well apparently you're not gonna like this. I don't think their clothing is wrinkled its dirty. It's like covered in a layer of dust. It's like unkempt. We know we ve all that we have like day five women apparently there very militias and very bad tempered.
same now. Once Bogart bodyguards enter your home ones, they come in to your home, their super hard to get out they kind of just like bugger. There I mean in your home and they kind of act like poltergeists, which I think kind of death and sheets them from buggers a little bit better with their favorite things. Did you and it's funny cause their favorite things? It do are just kind of like Dick S, things like they. They seem like like shitty little kids kind of their favorite things to do are dumping over cups or jugs with milk or liquid. Just because they like to see messages which are like Those arriving exemplary and they also like to torment dogs. All that's like Torrent like I said you make them bark all the time and then cats hate bodyguards, so
I'll, try to stay away from them as much as they can in what is different about. Bogart is usually ferries. Are terrified of cats and Bogart. Aren't guards will pull cats tales, though pull their whiskers, make them howl and scream like they love all fuckin. When cats and dogs cats know what to do, and the Bogart also like a poltergeists will slam doors, they'll turn on and off lights D, like fray, your electrical cords, and they also which this is like the autumn shitty Bogart thing they like to torment sleeping babies. All they will literally pinch sleeping babies all their hair or the poke them until they wake up screaming that scare yeah, and if you get Bogart in your house there it's hard to get it. Do you hang bells on the doors you can. Bang parts you can like scream and yell, and basically thee,
whole idea is to make a ton of noise, basically you're, trying to be more annoying than the Borg you gotTA You gotta out anyway, you literally after out annoy them. There's also you can so put iron nails on windows, cells and hang iron. She horseshoes above doors, which might also did we're gonna say, must all do our job seekers horseshoe and we had a horse you above education, so that's kind of guy. If you already have a Bogart, these things aren't gonna help, but these the horse, you an iron nails, will stop one from coming to your house, also maybe Maoist Ronicky, but guards out of our house, which I appreciate, I think that's just a good omen in general. I think we have to thank my for a lot right now. After doing this ups yeah dear me, I think you for putting iron scissors in my bed sands so that I wouldn't be doing to do a change lying and thank you for having a horse you of the door, so we wouldn't get Booker's that our thoughts, Yod
so what's funny about Bogart. The name is its now used as a verb to mean things like. Like you, Odylic Stop bow guarding the butter. My role is dry. Bitch like it means like started, hogging, something it's also Zander Bogart says last name they go. I wonder if he is annoying and real. I wonder who knows too appall who knows his team? The next fairy I have called. I mean it. I might mess up a few of these names because there were no outlet your try and do the best. I can that's all we can ask for right. I was just going to say that's all newly ass here you have just given my best it all on the field. So the next one is called the vera class. I don't think that's a virtuous Veronica's Lerigo Ankara's Bertha sunlight battle. We ve, I r. I k S so verity with that which you will I like that. That's
pretty you're all care. So these are the things about these ones. There, never more than eighteen inches tall and their apparently like spectral entities, and you can see them vice seeing their flaming red face in bloodstains teeth. We in Sweden, our whole DEC,
Is that when someone is about to die in their house, they'll just stay outside of your house and a big group, and just like cheddar chatter excitedly. While this person is dying, that's really insensitive and that's it like they'll, just hang out of your house and just giggle in laugh in cheddar chatter, about the person, his dying in your house, I'd kick and while they're doing that they have bloodstained teeth and red faces, so they just like scary and rude. Where does the blood come for him? I don't know. Maybe they just like. I don't know. Maybe they rub the dead persons blood all over them afterwards and that's why they're all excited yeah, but it's like forty five man, maybe they're, really all about the vampire facial do vampire facial yeah, that's exactly what it is. I think they just really like a smooth, useful complexion, who doesn't I'm saying the various ass sure
do a parents. Well, that's it! That's all I really have on them. They just scare, mainly they're, just scary, looking and very unpleasant, because when someone's dying in your house, you really don't need these little eighteen inch. Fucking blood covered ship bags, just cheddar chattering outside it, having thought there. So the next one nor those these ones are pretty terrifying, mainly because of what they look like, but also because they are homicidal, so these ones are called an throw pop Peggy Anthropology, exactly I hope that the overpriced store that that is a homicidal, terrifying. Looking fairy, I think, after a peggy, I think it's called
they originate from England it. This name translates to man eating oh they're, just they're pretty up front about what they do. She's gonna make you Paul what's interesting about that. That's how they enter all situations. So that's when they walk, they will attend okay and unethical. they really do actually there all about getting intention without they look like this is not a pretty ferry and MRS, not anything like your picturing in your head. This ferry is headless ends and they do have very tiny little brains that are
please near their reproductive organs. The now these this fairies eyes are placed on its shoulders. Cause. Remember, doesn't have a head, it has eyes just on its shoulders and its mouth. Is this gaping mouth in the centre of its chests? yeah and it doesn't have a nose and the reason it and Heaven knows, is that it's good because it won't gag. Well, it's eating raw human flesh. I mean yeah, everybody part is useful right, so oh, there said to only kill when their hungry, but like same serve both by their basically just always homicidal. Might they might not act on killing you, but they
I want to kill you if, therefore, they do not kill you cause elegant fall, but once I get hungry watch out, hate that exactly and they are actually featured in William Shakespeare- is plays a fellow and Mary wives of Windsor never seen her signal. While he made them, he kind of made them famous because he put them in his place. So people are like one of these and then there will be no way back. Then they google them on the old fashioned. Google machine got some captures, I'm only those things are scariest thought so those are those of the answer povey, which I'm saying wrong, but we're gonna go with it. Papa Jean Podgy infects the next ones these it. This is just a quick one, because in this one I found more funding than anything. It's called the Kircher per
are you sure, that's exactly what that they are from South America and the are a great friend to tortoises. This is important, because if you dare harm or hunt a tortoise than these little bastards a common form, and what they do. They have red eyes, swollen knees and therefore no I spoke no than an icy hides swelling continues. If you do not ice, keep pressing offered from southern continues that I vigorously to know my email is, need help it will in this is kind of a problem. Their feet are turned around backwards:
and the reason, though they can't walk, follow. The reason for this is people no to look for these specific ones in South America because they look for their footprints in since their feet are turned around backwards. They fuck with people because it looks like they walked one way, and so people walk the other way, but in reality they walked about way because their feet worm backwards. That sounds like a shitty math equate was rejected, as so, basically their feet or on backwards, so they can fuck with you by making you think they walked one way when they walked another, no backwards feet in and if you harm or our hunt a tortoise. They attack you with their backwards feet and they murder you, and I just thought that it was kind of funny that this
I think a lot of us are safe from that one. Because I don't know a lot of people will hunt tortoises. But if you hunt tortoises watch out now tortoises are so. Can I know what a sigh or to say so this one is odd. It's called the Ben death and it translates into mothers blessing, which is ironic for this one they're a clan of wealth, Welsh ferries and the engage in kind of the same behaviour as the change lings. Do they just kidnapped kids word so they're like the goblins in labyrinth. Ok here and they a kidnap, the human baby, and then they leave their own deformed offspring called Krim Brill's in their place, and the parents of the kids that are kidnap wheel of the only way to even try to get their kids back. They have
consult a witch and some times they'll be lucky enough that the bandwidth we'll just come in return the baby, but but there's a specific time that they will do this only after they have taught them to appreciate good music. I am in favour of that. They make sure that they are, on their Bowie TAT Day. I just sounds like your parent right. I think they make sure to put some doors in there
and then they now than they send out an ex cells. Even Ex Tom petty you forgot the norm. Sorry, Stephen Exxon, petty, I was hoping you would jump and with those good you so aside from just being kidnappers and elections, they also tend to tire out horses by writing them frequently, which that's just weird, which is just inconsiderate like I guess they just like, will ride horses consistently until they tire out the poor horse in the night by boots were done here now to make these fairies happy and to keep them from stealing your kids people with leave milk outside of their houses and would only speak these fairies names in like reverence.
never in like nasty tones. Never don't never a bad word so yeah, so people didn't want to offend these bitches cuz. We'll take your kids now, the next one I have. I have two more and then I just have one crazy little gang of fairies to talk about all kind of swings called the Falcons That fact ends improbable saying it wrong, but I like that way of setting up the best, so do I love and these are scottish various again so
These ones look terrifying. They are so hideous and horrifying that they were said to stop a man's heart just by somebody's looking at them. I believe it now. The factions are covered head to toe infer and hair, and they only possess singular body parts. So they only have one eye one hand. One leg, one finger one tell one foot like everything is one one ear out: it's weird: it's gittin, which just think about that. For a second and one to all of these body, parts
are placed in a centre line down their bodies. That's stupid presents to bear snoop, thus scared of stupor. There should like bad. That's like bad planning. If I saw them, I would say you do do, put factor, and there are also the kind of ferries that can't fly lol. What do they do that nothing going for them, except they are very violence in very territorial. Now. What do you do hit me with one hand, love what they're gonna hate you. It is a spite club or chain that they always
care, will carry with themselves. Listen guys. I don't know where the hard feelings came from. Neither were good whereby I mean we're breathless. So if you trespass under these hideous, be slain, isn't and don't immediately get scared off by them having a centre line of body parts down their bodies. There just get him bang you in the face with a spite clobber chain, so I mean it seems like Ferrand, So my word to all of you listening re now, stay away from the factions said the fuck away from me. five, a MAC away from the back in so every hobbled lay pronounced like fashion or something Maybe it's the food but I've, MRS Harkin, because. scottish colleague, it's like re, because I feel that this is the whole scottish people. That's nice. We do so
US dollar? Scottish commissioners, I don't like the best way like scottish accents to me- are beautiful and amazing. I like you. I made them sound that way with their sound under our very late. It's where its it slightly harsh here. So those are the factions stay away from him, The last singular view no kind of ferries. I'm gonna talk about our pretty gross they're called the Red Caps guess where they originated in Scotland. I was like. I like. Heaven knows they look like gaunt sickly old men, but they also have sharp claws and sharp teeth, Oh I'll they'll, although they would gaunt and sickly, they have super crazy strength and can overpower grown man yokes. They also carried around a site and they would use this site to hack ends.
flash people to death. If you come near them, the hash slinging flower now they're not done after they hack and flash you, they will mark up your blood with their caps and that's how they get their name: the Red caps, because their caps are just full of blood, that's cool! as far as the last now were. They just got terrified literally new you're, going you a tampon head around seven and then they would have you with their set aside. a tap on several times. The real loser here who is lower their here will neither be in pieces, but you gotta blood soaked had on your head now they Also. They join above their other fairy friends in being cannibals who will eat both humans and other fairies after they kill them food, Norman, they're, serious.
only way toward these delightful little men away from you is to recite biblical verses, I'd be fought and yeah, and you have to be real, quick with this biblical verse recitation that you have to do out of nowhere, because they are very quick and very strong, so they will come out legal like why, and you just have to be like Jesus in just one more time like one who are ok, just some prepared, and I mean it doesn't say that they use that sound, but I feel it feels right now. The last thing I'm just going to talk about which was just interested in me, and it was also a kind of a call back to the last episode where we talked about Santa's scary S helpers, okay, this is called now. It looks like it's. It's pronounced the slow. but it's actually pronounced the Lula and me just saying that is pretty bad. Apparently,
Now you have good, ok, we're in this together, I'm glad I made you say that a trick to shit pitch send our in this together. So this is a wild hunt. Call back. Do you remember? Last episode, we talked about the wild hunt where it's just a bunch of goblins ferries and ghouls demons just wreaking havoc and cause and mischief. Yes, well, this slew. Is is the name of the Unseelie court or the evil fairies. The name means the host, which is actually cuz. It's a lot of times will use euphemisms to say these things instead of saying them because saying them is supposed to invoke them. In this case, the host is the euphemism to avoid invoking them, because if you say their name than you.
could be invoking them. Thank you ass. Well, so what our is cause we should know now, because we ve invoke them. They are a group formed of the darkest most vile creatures imaginable. So that's not so they're supposed to be like super thin, gaunt haggard looking they have skin. That's barely just like just hang and off their bones, and they also can look bird like even when they're not flying around. They have leathery wings that they keep super close to their bodies and a kind of looks like a cape or like a creepy ass cloak. Their hands and feet are like bony clause. They have like stringy.
Arse dark hair that covers their heads and they have creepy s. Gnarly pointed Fang teeth that are coming out of a big like a mouth hate, the yeah. They hang out with the wild HANS with all those hooligans and heathens, and so they they just fly around the night Skies and they basically I mean this is gonna, be a shark that they stem in Scotland and Ireland and There is also this also accounts of these creatures. Being like this, this whole gang of creatures being seen. in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, scanned and Scandinavia Russia, all kinds of places there, basically riding for hapless souls like that,
trying to steal people. Souls me to it used to be thought to be, like the Tell tale sign of some horrible war that was gonna happen or some kind of widespread like plague or catastrophe, or some kind of awful thing that was like always associated with that which I mean again, if you're, seeing the wild hunt if you're sing like a fucking tangle of demons and ferries and fuckin misshapen too- urge creatures flying all over the place like some bad gotta have yeah. Some birds already happened if you're, seeing that that's bad,
hey, hey Tap and is happy with it. They were seen as fair quote: fairies gone, a mock and they're kind of believed to be just Glenn, illegal fucked, up version of ferries like a distorted, Anti ferry, and they basically have no no logic, no reason, no loyalty and no mercy, which is everything that ferries are supposed to have now, when this was that that's what they were thought of pre Christianity. But then Christianity came around to Ireland in Scotland and this
Slew are became a pack of feet. I am I we already said TAT. They became there's no way. I said it was set at man you're in this with me. You haven't you said it like so many times at this point. You know of your fucking it now your hearing in our thinking and it's in your brain, it's in your head now, but will once Christianity came and got a hold of us that this this gag olive of ugly fairies became thought to be just a bunch of unrepentant dead sinners, that's what they referred to them like fallen angels, gonna thing so there's so what we are seeing is like they ve been looked at as either anti fairies or, if you're looking at it. From a Christianity point of view, these were once humans that are now these, like just crazy creatures that were
just thrown into this wild time and have to spend eternity ear. Now their prey are humans. They go after humans. Their main purpose is to steal souls of the living and, specifically the dying But that doesn't mean that if you're in good health and everything's fine and you're not dying in your happy, they won't come and take your soul to dead they're happy to do it because their dicks, if they come for you you're, going to be lifted up from a great height and then you're gonna be dropped from that great height. Like that, no, that's! Ok! Thanks, like that, it's there just there, the worst and village of terrible version of that right that you love where it leg was shoot you up immense drops you from a great my favorite fucking right six flags. It's called screen, so you would love this. I'm not oppose birds.
There are known to have a pension for sadism. Oh they are sometimes known to force their victims to shoot at other people and animals with poisoned arrows. That's like ridiculously in tat right now. There are ways to try defend them off and you can do something that we ve been telling you to do from the beginning, close your damn Lotos fucking door, enclosure, windows and, specifically clothes your windows and locked them. The ones that are faced West His that's usually lower the fuck that you better find it out, because that's where the swarm of crazy he than its anti ferries are common swarm and to your house from a no
Thank you now, apparently, the other way that you can always tell that they're coming. Is they smell, like shit like they're, going to be this big bunch of flying they're going to smell like a bunch of corpses just flying through the air in the other that the other? This is another Dick move that they do. They like to pray undying souls before their given their last rites of Israel. selling that's the regular specific dick move like the leg powers that that's not even fair game right there just stick, so they wait until they are right at the brink and right before they are about to get their last rites. And, unlike her, we go take a sober In my opinion, not cheating you gotta. Now you know what they don't care, because their anti fares to this day in some places, doors and windows on the west side of houses, are kept locked in closed. If there's a sick or dying person in the house like this is still something that people believe
today you better Pistache rod. in the west. Now there's that that the way that you're going to call them upon, you is one by uttering the name gotcha ups, but there is a way to stop them. Oh Tom, once you have drawn their attention only by placing another person in their path, the only way to get out of it. So I e inhuman she, so you literally have to be willing to sacrifice another person with I mean I'm not oppose, yet I'm ready glad we're on the same page. I wouldn't is you that I wouldn't use you either someone. we'll find someone to throw in their path will be to get Therefore, I have always five people in mind. Yet do you go? I have a couple of people that are throwing their parents could I will feel nothing. I will feel nothing
but also that is the Anti ferries that a market to save anymore. More time because I feel like I'm testing fate so that those are my crazy ass, murderous cannibalistic blood soaked fairies, but this is the first half of our murderous, crazy, ass ferries and who knows when you'll get part, do I do? But you know you don't, but your moral? No, you don't! Even if it is so many more guys like once you start looking through dark ass fairies, you realize how many carry it's like Santa's dark, helpless. You don't realize that, though there until you start looking for there's a lot of dark corners, and I know that
love it? So we're definitely going to be back with another round of dark fairies. That ash is going to tell you all about, and I will that's going to be on another many more but episode so stay tuned. Keep listening to anymore, Us Moonbeam anymore, but arrive exactly that's the themes leaves. I should just put that as the interest on my dairy, and I will give you a couple of crimson. These are all in favour, say I I HU. I ruins in favour, and I was so you really decisive made so by this point in the episode you already know whether that is the truth in it, but now it's wind- and this has many episode anymore. Guys we'll see you next week with are different. Gay ass, though stating what sure our holiday extravaganza, yeah
Can it be either What is it our our lasts? Our last holiday, yeah it'll, be our last holiday case in it's gonna be a to partner because it's a big so look out for a guy, so we hope you keep. The listening, and we hope you key. shit away from ferry and don't say about last one's name. Do you like your fucking? West Wing in every. Do that and they so got you find it concealed everybody's got an enemy guys find someone to toss them their path in your good, everyone has got a human enemy.
If one has evolved. Summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy
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