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Episode 42: The Paisley Witch Trials

2019-02-01 | 🔗
In today's Mini Morbid, Alaina has chosen to take a brain trip to Scotland to dissect their history with witch trials. This episode will give a short background on the Scottish witch trials of the 1500s -1700s but mainly focus on one trial in particular from 1696 that revolved around a bold little girl, a stolen cup of milk and some poor souls who paid the ultimate price for it. Hope you enjoy.Sources:https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/paisley-witches-memorialhttp://www.historynaked.com/paisley-witch-trials/https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-18366305http://paisleyonline.co.uk/html/paisley_witches.html
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hush everybody. We are back for, our many zone of the week we do in the knee and it's a lane as many sewed, so so rapid, it's not even an actual many. So maybe I think I'm gonna do it. I'm not gonna tell you the planned this many stories about. Quite yet because we have to thank our patrol vessels. And in the weirdos category this week we have Robert K, Small II, a case Molly, you are Biggie last Molly, I dont really. I feel like I'm saying it wrong and I'm sorry Robert, either way your huge Robert you're, their huge patrol number, you really are below welcome Malcolm in the window watching cover and there's a short time. People in the first one is Cologne Hebrew Chloe the broom, a room
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in about it. Pins pins, bizarre posed a photo of them on the instagram they're supposed to come today. Actually so we'll see, if that happens, fire they here yeah, it's like almost eight o clock. I know, but you p S, man Fuchs, so without further ado. Now that we ve thank those amazing people and are now at the cases this way you don't organist are doing that for many southern gonna start approximately four prize each other for five, so tonight's many sewed is going to be about the paisley witches in Scott. and I'm so excited, because I'm a which- and I love a good which trial like I love anywhere. While it's just fastened they are in Scott has a pretty sorted history with which, while scottish. We are and that's why I kind of feel like I have. I was like connected to this in a way sounds like. Maybe one of our ancestors is a witch who knows? Will they are cause? I'm allege yeah, so they go
so- and I mean Scotland- is one of those plays it's just. You know it's different from America in the way that I feel like it's like you're up in, like you know, across the pond kind of respect, tradition like way more than America. You know like it just like they lakes and they hang onto like ancient history and steadily get. This is cool Hama J do play, they pay so much homage inside just felt like I had a diamond it s because they had some pretty gnarly, which trials did I say homage correctly. I think you did and I'm sure, if you didn't someone will yell at us but how much it within a compliment to working for We cannot, however, a little salt of this guy vigour a couple of hours. Salty messages recently made us all wrong just lightly salted, where a little salted ray. I wish there were some minutes earlier. Two minutes, my favorite cheerful. I want some of those react. Go let
start by giving just a little bit of background on Scotland's witch trials under the scottish witchcraft at of one thousand five hundred and sixty three. Both the practice of witchcraft and even consulting with witches were considered all offences shit. So even if you went to some like because they risk acted medicine. Women in medicine, men at one point like healers and stuff, but then they saw started happening there like no. No, now you went to that person you also or being of yeah and this fact stayed on scottish statute books until it was repealed as the results as a result of the House of Lords Amendment to the bill for the Post Union, Witchcraft ACT of one thousand, seven hundred and thirty five. So that's a time. Others events like almost two hundred years, so I called you are yeah. Oh ass. So the first
MR major series of trials under the new act were the North Berwick, which files which began in fifteen eighty nine. These trials had King James, the sex playing a pretty major on them. and he was kind of like a use playing a victim in them. Like Love claiming to have been to which they think that his involvement actually happened, because he went to King James, the six hundred and twelve and visit to Denmark in one thousand five hundred and eighty nine the same year in Denmark, which ones were already pretty common. It was already happening. They think when he was there, it kind of encouraged him to China, take an interest in the study of witchcraft and also kind of get a little spooked about like how which can be, which you and fuck up your life and all that good stuff. They sell do the good ship for you, but back then they were thinking that they were like now. All they do is budget is so they recite the women. Can heal them, unlike give them spiritual guidance, but then they were like as soon as some blue shit had a fit. They were like shit
on his way to Denmark and on his way back King James came into a little bad weather, some storms, while he was on his voyage, and so he immediately on the way back was like this is a result of witchcraft, orders, bad weather. I mean one might think that after he returned to Scotland from his visit to Denmark, he attended the North Berwick, which trials, and these were the first major persecution of which is in Ireland under that fifteen. Sixty three act. Remember that know that several be several people like a woman named Agnes Samson and a schoolmaster named John Fijian were convicted of witchcraft in these trials because they were said to have been the ones to send storms to stop James, the six ship. Now what s? was there no idea. I thought that surveillance of, like you did it, you guys smell kind
Why are you guys are where's the storm yeah pretty much your double jointed, so you did it fuck em up. This is when James King James, a six, really became obsessed with witchcraft and the threat that which is apparently posting and he started to next believe that a nobleman named Frances Stuart, who was the fifth Earl of Bothwell, so not just like some peasant. This is a nobleman of Basel whence he had used a fifth earl of Bothwell dont, you mess no, the mineral Bothwell. Don't she dismissed with Bothwell not at all, be dead, really don't mess with the first one, and so he started thinking that this dude was a witch and when this France's Stuart Fifth Earl of Bothwell, found this out, he knows what comes of that. So she just like fled for his life like he does
This is like actually I'm busy all the data to the political atmosphere in the calendar have a term that trial. Thank you already, RSVP home a fine. Let me know the turnout in the grip of James Amelia. He was TAT the trader, so decaying uninstall. Your audience tat is the target of a bigger eggs. Other screamin up. There was only one purpose: so this made the king set up a royal commission like several royal commissions, actually just to hunt down which is in his room. and his recommendation was to torture the people that they caught the longer witches, because what else? Where even doing like fifteen hundred some sand in King James, the six was known to have personally supervise the torture of women accused of being which he was just sadistic. Pretty
and he is so inspired by this whole thing in fifteen ninety seven, he wrote something called the demon ology, which was something Basically is just like a tom that oppose the practice of witchcraft and provided actually provided background material for Shakespeare's Macbeth, allow Leah and Fun facts. I played a scottish switch in Macbeth in high school boom. Fun facts. I didn't do that in high school. and it was fun. I didn't ask me right now why wasn, fighting you'd come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn too tight is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is sound. In more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop your dinner favorites after four p m, while water
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and rejected a few times in his day. Will his namesake he's slightly, but her on that account, and then I became king and he was like wait. I can fix this with my power, so he did this, focusing the fear on female communities and large gatherings. Women- because he figured by doing this, he was going to run when any political influence, that women had because widespread belief in conspiracy of witches and which is Sabbath what the devil may do like any any knowledge of that and any like association with that you can have any vote. Glenn violence? After that? The treaty is basically just smearing these women in making sure that they could not threaten his political power because he was fuckin scandal.
Like you just was scared of women who wasn't these days and a because a coal power was supposedly a womanly trade, because women were quote weaker and more susceptible to the devil, or maybe we're just That used to be scared that women fuck you up, they can allow weak know all of this and then shortly after his publication of the demon ology, his views started to be more sceptical. Why and in the same year he revoked the standing commissions on witchcraft and limited prosecutes, and while he Alderson just took a step back and was like wait, I'm starting to think this is crazy nobody like nobody knows exactly where I couldn't find exactly what I'm sure people now, but he's suddenly started becoming more sceptical we're here and there started like pulling back on letting prosecutions happened, which is likely be that's nice that you did that below.
a bit too late. You largely done it. He met a lady, maybe, and she softened his way. Maybe he met a dude and he realized like ok, I can be more comfortable here. Ya like I can stop being angry and like denying myself who knows, I don't know I mean who knows King James, the vi- I don't know a lot about him- know nothing. I was going to go little more into him, but I didn't want to take up too much time on him and not focus on all this cuz. It's a many many many many many so an estimated four thousand six thousand people mostly from the scottish lowlands were tried from for witchcraft in this period would cause a lot of people actually a much higher rate than England, which gets a lot of the press further which trials yes, but that Scotland was lying taken, the cake here they just veiling soup and then under the radar there were
major series of trials in one thousand five hundred and ninety two, ninety one one thousand five hundred and ninety seven one thousand six hundred and twenty eight two hundred and thirty one one thousand six hundred and forty nine two hundred and fifty one thousand six hundred and sixty one to sixty Seventy five percent of the accused or women shock me. Modern estimates indicate that more than fifteen hundred persons were executed, the way that they are executed most worse, strangled, Sligo, rotted and then burns, in some of them were burned alive than to hate. That Yes, I love it So in sixteen forty, nine, the religiously radical covenanter regime and I'm not sure from saying that covenanter, I believe regime Alina, oh god, I'm gonna get and we shall know how to pronounce simple, where I should not have renounced every word. Emily entire dictionary single dictionary, you should read: learn how to pronounce all of the word home
While the covenant regime passed a new witchcraft act that ratified this existing act and extended it now deal with consultants of quote devils and familiar spirits, who these people would now be punished with death as well. yeah. So now it's like anybody who makes offering spirits anybody that has any kind of spirituality whatsoever. You're fucked, damn like my friends, would be dead. I know everybody. I know this letter, I am. There are three main types of court in which the accused witches were tried, and you know the whole thing. First. Was the court of Justice ruled in Edinburgh which took cases from like all over Scotland, but they definitely had a heavy bias on the Edinburgh region, like the local region, the second court, where the circuit courts, which were provided over by judges from the
central courts and held in various places all over the count of the country, and then the third one was a series of ad hoc local courts which were held under commissions by the Privy Council of Parliament and they were basically run by local landowners and just like random, no evil. Gentlemen from around town, which sounds really this sounds like it's gonna work really. Well enough. We're, trying which is in places where they were accused. So if you are accused in this county, that's where they would hold this ad hoc court, a God, and they would just like pull gentlemen like local in land over owners and Billy preside over this I'd really like I'm busy. I feel like I asked the old man is on this, so based on the known outcomes. Now the execution rates for those local courts where much higher than that before they just don't know what they are doing,
much higher than the court's run by you know. Professional lawyers and professional long reassured the local courts actually executed. almost ninety percent of the accused wow you did she Area Court Court Ex Judiciary Court executed fifty five percent of the accused and the circuit courts only sixteen percent of the circuit court again the circuit court was the second one there provided over by judges from the central courts and held in various places of over the country of it. So those ones fairly on the lowest on in the first one that had you know that what was in Edinburgh was the one with the fifty five percent and then that stupid less than ninety percent, ray it's interesting, because Scottish was truck. Trials were notable for their use of pricking, which was also used in Salem pricking called pricking
This was one of suspects. Skin was pierced with needles, pins, anything sharp and because it was believed that they would have done was mark, would eyes, looked for that devils Mark and that Devils Mark was supposed to be. No, not a was supposed to not be able to feel pain, so explicitly none. So they would path broke them all over to see. If they can find us, that it till I came up with this. It's like the ones that they would like dunk them in the water and if he drowned you're innocent and if you live in tat. Yes, this was all just don't fuck with people. Now there was professional pickers that were like the legs set to do these things think they should be called professional pricks. They included John Kincaid and John Deck, which is of policy last name again. The deck what the heck
their actions helped set off the outbreak of witch hunting between one thousand six hundred and sixty one and one thousand six hundred and sixty two and they were later exposed as frauds and were imprisoned, which helped in the trials. So these Ex were like persecuting, which is everywhere like saying that they were witches, putting like pricking them in shit and then lay There were found to be doing and they were frightened prison. That's weird nets: just fucked up, there's a lot of factor, people disturbing fact of things because they were given the position into position have had our off. It's like the sale in which trials where we saw was like people just started like living with loving that power. There I'm a couple the other ways that they would torture witches. There was some high profile cases, legal one of John fine. It's a john of slick, Sarah's Salem, so many central areas than Elizabeth Up John
find was one of the people accused of being a witch and of plotting the death of the king in one thousand. Five hundred and ninety his feet were crushed in a Shin press as doubles like that, the ones that we talked about your title like thus does boots. So the good thing is cases like that I guess we're like somewhat rare. They come in just like straight up garage you in referring here to see you confessions were definitely considered to be the best of it and they are always concerned should be real, no matter how they were got, but it's not there, but it's not they were usually extracted by something called the quote. Waking the witch which was just keeping the person sleep, deprived after those three days. They would start to hallucinate because at your side,
and this was the thing that provided them with some really fancy fun detail for the witch trials, because they would start confessing as their loosened. in our topic confessing there telling you all this crazy shit like there's an elephant like cry, going out of the wall over there and don't you I'll see it lily where's. Jerry spoke again. like I said in Scotland, specifically convicted witches were usually strangled, are granted at the stake before having their bodies burned and, like I said there were instances where they were burned alive. No, which does not go. I don't any part of no. Luckily, in the later seventeenth century, people started getting much more sceptical of this whole thing. It just wasn't. People weren't just buying into it as much as they were, which I think it's like this, like the sick
seen, hundreds, I feel it everywhere. Room was like Bah magic. Always gone is running around here I know them. Rayless seventeen, hundreds Cavan there like we cast a low women well and we're gonna Kooky back. Then, let's move on a little bit weaving yellin for wait too long haul in pre. Let's keep it quiet and seventeen on its one. Also things like economic distress started to calm down with a lot of those things can bring on hysteria in which trials like we saw so that suffer starting XL, allied ones. The networks from Saxony say your watch. Of course. There, definitely still occasional local outbreaks of which hunting in the last recorded, execute mass executions were in seventeen o six and the last trial was in seventeen
twenty seven, the scottish and English parliament emerged in one thousand, seven hundred and seven and the unified british Parliament repeal the one thousand five hundred and sixty three Witchcraft act in one thousand, seven hundred and thirty six, so that Witchcraft ACT of one thousand seven hundred and thirty five that came after the fifteen What are the fifteen sixty three one shore? There was actually still on the books until mid way through the twentieth century. Far, that's weird it was not around maybe, but in recent your Scotland has begun a resurgence back into like ancient Pagan, Caltech traditions and way, which is cool. Younger son motorcycle, bring it all back again because that's what they do. I feel like Europe just like hasn't right: they doing business, have rights more funding, alarm listeners over there. You have it right. Well I
it's more from. There has never been open. It just seems better at us. I mean Marcus great son, but so Scotland has this huge festival in a festival in Edinburgh, led by the Bell seen fire society now. One of the main aims of this festival, according to the website, is quote to advance the education of the general public in the traditions of the chaotic lunar, calendar, fires, festivals and their relevance to contemporary culture. So they're trying to leg, educate the masses, on the old Caltech Lunar calendar. That's interesting and just like show them like why people used. It then show them that it can be used now, like just bringing back trinity spiritual things which is cool, there's also things, and these have become bigger. Now, they're called Clooney Wells, I thought maybe these are something that could have got you accused of witchcraft and burned up the stake back in the fifteen to seventeen hundreds but even today they still
live on in contemporary Scotland and in the EU Kay and Ireland and England a little bit? What are they? So? is actually one I'll explain what they are this one in my lucky on the black I'll and it's the most popular because it is apparently huge and super spooky, unlike a goodly blue, so including well, is from the scottish word for it, off, and it is a pagan tradition of offering a piece of cloth to the nature. Spirits for healing purposes only like so the person looking for help from the spirits brings a piece by piece of things, a piece of cloth to the Clergy wells and ties them on a branch of a tree, Gloody Wells it easily in the woods lichens, I'm cool at all. Just like forest area like that, as the rag rots, the pain and suffering is supposed to fade, along with it suits glove and it's considered really bad luck to remove any of these
For example, everybody can go in there. They encourage people to go visit them and everything, but you are not supposed to touch anyways forestry. mission. Scotland actually actively encourages people to still offer rags too. Yeah. They just require the cloth to be biodegradable which she had to which one makes sense, and there also like the nature, spirits of a blue gonna. Be more pleased if you offer, by the hope of signs that one is just going to hang on forever, not aid and re growth, and all that gives you a little bit of a background on how Scotland viewed the witch trials, how couple of their little instances, which brings us to the paisley witch trials which took place between one thousand six hundred and ninety six and one thousand six hundred and ninety seven. On August
19th six thousand and ninety six eleven year old Christian. I believe. That's how you say it Christian Shaw, who was the daughter of a local landowner, John Shaw of BAR Darren. She came into the kitchen and she saw one of her family servants. Catherine Campbell steal a drink of milk, which is ruled by steal a drink of milk. I mean that she walked into the kitchen and saw Catherine Campbell literally just drinking a little milk, and this little shit was like that's my family smelt. That's not some common servants, milk. She didn't say that on the record, but in my opinion, that's what she said. Yes, she's unthinkable and that's how she said it. She didn't even have a scottish acts. I when she said it, that's fine. She was. She became american when she said they are so sharp, told Catherine, but she was gonna knock on her wish. You'd like get ready then she immediately reported or tour mom she's, like bitches drinking milk. She still
So how should re? Thus a shitty have agenda literally knows I have every hope for a girl. You ll, probably milksop, now he's got it so kind Oh, is obviously thinking what a bitch NEA rain and I urgently curse the little girl straight up telling this eleven year old, but the devil would quote Hall her soul through Hell, which I think is a so metal in two so super disproportionate buzzard adviser, like you, do you Catherine also find something you and you're having a bad debt of all your soul through Bell saying to people in Jackson, I crave its edges alone. This is great, so Stone was like yeah, ok, bet then, for days per Shaw income. Agnes, Nay Smith, who was an old woman. Who was supposed to be aware land into her when she wore weird efforts there, like that's weird
in the following day August 22nd shove Christian became violently ill with Fitz, similar to the symptoms reported a few years earlier in the Salem Witch trials in America in one thousand six hundred and ninety three which is promising, because we all know how religious those were right, yeah yeah. I believe they were. They were super resource, so scary. I totally so after eight weeks of this shit like having fits in shit like when you aboard yeah, I would think so. She was committed to the cause when there is not much to do exactly what she was committed jack, I'm much much worse. Today, I'm having a third, I made a regressive. The Catherine told her. She was gonna, have the Devil hall her so, Was there anything to say so? After eight weeks, her parents took her to see the really well known Glasgow, physician, Matthew Brisbane he could find no cause.
They symptom. Ah no medical colleagues which is shock for eight days after her visit to the doktor. She seemed to have been getting better, but then quote: the fits returned with increased violence should become a stiff as a corpse and be senseless and motionless. I mean Snatches get stitches Christianity seriously saying out aloud. we are like those animals, Hake just say. We knew gay, you got it, you knocked so Her parents took her back to the doktor. After that. Did she started having these late, because having the fits in becoming stiff is a corpse and senseless increase, and by the time they arrived back in Glasgow, she had begun to pull out of her mouth balls of hair that she claimed to have been put there by those who were bewitching her
and then she began pulling other leg trash shepherd love like straws and egg shells, orange pills, excrements and bones: coal, gravel, chicken, feathers and cinders issues emission up that girl ass occur in sometimes during these crazy us that she would be heard talking to Catherine Campbell, who is not there and she would leave be pleading for Stop at both EU, where this is going. I ruined your pellet polignac egg shells, my excrement bones, they re called. I really committed to be commended for the gods, so those were clearly bunker simply but then she also would get violent pinch marks all over her body and then she would fall into a trap, where she would seem deaf, dumb, blind or even dead, sometimes shewed fondly widget legit trance
now and then she would start citing leg, theological points from scriptures and intellectual things that were like way beyond her. That's weird: in lakes and they said that sometimes like allegedly, she would successfully predict like future events like like things. That would happen next day and shit. So do we really think Maybe she, while I dont levels, cause every soul. I just go and through early bell, was again hauled through hell, I don't know and then she would obviously contort her body. You know they said she would bend The almost double upon herself to her eyes would sink back in her head until they seem to disappear and she would fly across her classroom and would be over the pick things off the ground without. Of her hand, orderly, which, unlike yeah but definitely you're like eyes, just talent, Irene pictures are dead. circus, allay Lord B, which men do decide now. To be honest, this, seems very exaggerated and with the magic of
modern knowledge, she's, probably suffering from one thousand centre. Probably is pulling shit out of her mouth to be dramatic. But who knows now, with the Doktor Brisbane unable to give any real likes you? They silken find an actual thing that was going wrong with her her family and their local parish minister concluded that must be possessed and she must be being tormented by witches, because if she doesn't have an element, it can't be heard psychological issues, total it's gotta be watchmen. So. Obviously this was a common occurrence in England and Scotland, and you know the sandwich trial so it was not something here where his everywhere at this time, so the church, set up a weekly fast in prayer, meaning and Bear Garonne House in Shaw's. Father appealed to the authorities that those that heard that his daughter name, We needed to be arrested concerning naming names
she obviously initially identified only Katherine Campbell and Agnes, Nay Psmith, but then she started implicating others kindly in the sandwich trials. When those naming names of people their biggest warmly FARC will eventually thirty five people who accused now driven no thirty five people back. Like I don't know you are in a minority and the like. Are you name? Thirty, five can't name thirty vibe hate, like I'm thirty, three years old is eleven year old Jesus. So at the request of the presbytery Paisley, the Scottish Privy Council set up a commission to investigate this. Thing and under the chairmanship of Lord Blantyre, the hearing opened February. Fifth, sixteen ninety seven, basically This commission's thing was to decide whether there was enough evidence to move forward at the trial, which I feel like in almost all cases, they are probably get. Let's go
Eventually, seven people that she accused were summoned to appear before a second commission and paisley. They were Margaret Lang: John Lindsey, James Lindsey, John Reed, Catherine Campbell, Margaret Fulton and Agnes, Nay Psmith. They were all charged with implementing an unknown number of people, including Christiania. They did have an advocate whose name was James Robertson. Then he argued that the prosecution had to rule out the possibility that any of these events surrounding the case could be explained. By now causes before convection could safely be secured. So use like this is fine, but you guys need to prove beyond a doubt that these that the ship that she's experiencing isn't natural or medical, like you- need to figure this out, so Matt Doktor Massey Brisbane was the one that was. I can't find any reason for this, so Jeems Hutchinson, who was the man,
MR of I'm, not gonna, say this strain. I apologize scottish listeners, the minister of Kill alarm, which was about five miles north of paisley, delivered a sermon to the commission, which was normal, like you think that they wouldn't have minister come into a trial and like deliver his hermitage, these s was very commonplace for any member of the clergy to come to the court and speak out the trials. So it was not uncommon, for These members of the clergy that ended up coming to do sermons at these trials to actually be very instrumental in the conviction yet, which is crazy, now lie though they just as a lot of various. They held a lot await college in was huge back then so their sermons, how the lot away this particular minister, James Hutchison, He placed a lot of importance on the fact that he said there, which is marks on the bodies
accused and when they decided to say you know, there's explanations for these, which is marked them their birthmark, so this or that He decided to cast a time a down on that. So he said quote and however, there's may say such and such things of it, which is mark- we know, upon what ground it may be, that they have been budded and bribed to say such things so the jury. Who is now worried that the end threatened by the prosecutor than if they acquainted the defendants they would be quote accessory to all the blasphemies pasta, sees murders, tortures and seductions etc? Where of those enemies of heaven and earth here after be guilty when they get out? What's that mean so, basically the gene he was told you and I'm u to make them not guilty? That's fine! That's that's! Totally on you, but you're gonna be an accessory, if anything happens after they leave escort. If anyone
he uses them of anything. You are accessories now you'll be put on trial. That's not fair! So of course they found all seven, It is a very fine. They relied nope. Not do that, so one of them convicted James Reed, committed suicide by hang himself in his prison cell. Using a handkerchief attached to a nail in the law has really saw before he could be publicly executed. The remaining six were carotid and then burned on the gallows, green and paisley on June tenth. Sixteen ninety, and it was actually the last mass execution for witchcraft in Western Europe. John and James Lindsey were brothers. They were aged eleven and fourteen o, while ya think held each other's hands as they were, grounded together. Magog. Now I can think of that Europe Catherine Campbell. You know devils gonna Hall, your ass through ventures, shouldn't, say: she's like well I invite. You know what
The hindsight, maybe hyperbole was not the best thing to use a metaphor for she was carried. Struggling and screaming to the executions. I shall not go see I would neither an she quote, called down the wrath of God and the devil on her accusers before being killed. That's what I would do to you guy anyway. You write able stirred fucking out of sheer before you Margaret Fulton at this point apparently had become insane by the whole thing, probably in she quote, spoke cheerfully about visits to outlined in the abode of the fairies on the backs of magical horses, we, So basically, Margaret was a good time forth Margaret Lang admitted two consorting with the devil but said she had renouncing and was now reconciled with. God says you
yeah. I did some shit with the devil back at my door and now brows with God, and they relate to bed full duty for about Marge yeah important so my poor mark out it was my premium poor mark two Agnes, Nay Smith really did. The damn thing was, He was like a legit where the errand Agnes not fucking around, which I'm so on Agnes was she said. She said she laid a quote dying, woman's curse on every person present and all of their descendants. Sock so for many years afterwards, every tragedy in the town was blamed. On quote the witches curse, lock yeah I one hundred per cent plan to lay a curse on some shit. Before I had, for good. Why would only do that if necessary, but I would do no, it doesn't even ITALY nests and litter before I M just going to lay curses
It's not me or my descended now. It'll be something awesome, but it's gonna happen because when it's the only time you get to do that is when you're hitting the dusky trail that's the only time senior meagre work was so one account of the execution state that some of them. This is rough. Some of the condemned we're still alive when their bodies were burned, loathing and that the executioners birdie walking stick from some one in the crowd and they used it to push the victims moving limbs back into the fire the guy who they took that working sick from a poor mark was mark, so Agar was named Mark Canada in and he so they went to give him back his walking. Secondly, like because not only was it grows, but he was also like. No, it's come in contact with witches and I'm not touch them that no link burning, which India, which is
so there remains of these accused. Witches were buried at a crossing now known as MAX Wilton Cross and a horse. She was placed on top of the burial site to keep the curse casual, unlike at Bay Cristiani Shaw, I love to say that she, you Know- and I am coming like a vagrant, but she went on to become a pretty big force in Paisley's industrial history and she became the driving force, but through behind the barbarian thread Company and she outlived. Several hospice sounds like you, wanna recent three weeks ago that, like the worst paid, they really do on loan. You know how she got her success she copied, because easily is known for its like threading cloth, us like what their known for she got her success by copying, spinning techniques and possibly stealing parts of machinery,
from the Dutch. Ah sir, he cheated her way to the top, so she became successful for stealing ideals, ideas and shit. After condemning people to die for stealing sip of milk, cool cougar Belike, that's great yeah. That's great, so weirdly the horse you that they placed on these site disappeared, while roadwork was being done in the nineteen sixties, awe and after that the economic decline and paisley started happening since nineteen seventy and has been blamed by come on Agnes Curse girl in so because of that, and because you know Europe doesn't fuck around with curses the horse. She was placed in two thousand and eighteen with the dedication a whole new memorial on the spot, which reads I love this quote: pain inflicted suffering, endured injustice done. I like that.
I love that cause. It's like payment. Sorry, there were suffering and injustice happened like they were, like justice They recognise like this is fucked. It is so interesting, just as a final thought. Experts now think that the Paisley Witch Hunt was actually models are inspired by the assailant trials, Brazil's I'm in word gets out. Maybe the news happening over in America makes sense, so and now at the sights of all this at the sight of the executions, is apparently antenna, ghost stories, so maybe a few. Sure episode I'll go into the paranormal bit so this summer, my star, Because will definitely come back to Scotland for more with she, goodness, because I wanted to focus mostly on this one trial, those interested in the eyes
interesting. I lay said those are the peacefully which trials don't good drinking milk in people's kitchens. Don't do I still don't tell arrive in your old well benches that you're the devil's gonna, how the Astor hell when I was a baby sitter. I want to say that the review of neurons, who has a lot to do up so hope because done that and in the meantime, follow us on Instagram, yeah, more profound gas and send us an email, morbid, podcast, add gmail darker and treat us a morbid contest and joined our Facebook group more.
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I don't even know what I just said. I I could never happen. in a punk bank was a new regional calmly streaming only on visa fees mix and passions sour side welcomes Aisha, Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna from where we are lady parts
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