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Episode 47: Betty Broderick Minisode

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Oh Betty. Ash's minisode features a tale that will take you on a true roller coaster of emotions. Although, we are willing to bet that we all will come to the same conclusion in the end, it will be a real journey. Oh, Betty.
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I know we ve done like a lot of money. So now I know I am, it is fun. This has been fun, I'm glad we added these onto our repertoire repertoire exactly so mine it worth it it's gonna be long, but I talk facile. Who really knows Thinking about when you said it's gonna be long as like. I bet it's gonna be like half what she thinks. It's a big issue topic sofa. That's always happens. I dislike. I talk so quickly. I their schedules. I can't help it now. You get it out, known dislike, get into its. I wanted to say: go right until the others, many sound. We don't have any ship the talk about. Unless we just go right into it. We got no business for him. I think our patriotic next week, exactly sledges fuckin do this was do this are so my many so this week I went to see if you can guess it before. I say anything, I knock islamic side. This is so fond of it
it's so fun! So do you know what my favorite lifetime movie is like like lifetime movie based on a real crime case? That's a tough one! Why just take like a gas? Is that one about like a cheerleader, being murdered, shut up. but I have always been very its ultimate. She wasn't later. She robbed the bag. Sorry, you can have one more gas, ok, one largesse under the arrogant having traveled some thinking of like the ones that I've seen Is it one about like a call girl, no ok, cool cell Betty Brown, Track ah, was born always with an but see glia. I think I don't really nice I'll get a last name, but if not, I
we do not learn learn for the time she was born on November, seventh, nineteen, forty seven. She grew up in EAST Chester, which has a suburb of New York City, and she was the third of six children plum children. Yes, oh you buy. It was like pretty Geller Leg, blah blah blah boring, boring boring. So she says that she was quote raised to be a housewife from the day. She was borne out. That's no good which, like no thanks, I mean, if you if you decide to be a housewife. That's great! Oh good! If young raised to be one, I feel like that's not thus on good, never good. She also put it. She also put it that she was ready to go to catholic school be carefully
until you find a catholic man support him. Molly works and be blessed for in your later years, with beautiful grandchildren, Wolf or as I like to say, fuck that likes, I was not raised thou. I note that, following the hashtag note, thank you. The male fellow buddy was just Levin her life, doing the damn thing she went college and she met Daniel Brow. Drink the third in nineteen sixty five when she was at a party at Notre Dame shouldn't go to Notre Dame, but her friend like took a road trip and one another dame that further Irma to a party veto. Will love love in the college life going to college football games and then parties follow not ass living life, hell yeah Jesus, Gee branch of Man and he was a senior and he introduced himself to her by writing his name on a napkin so long, a napkin he wrote. And you'll t brow Jurek NBA, and he told her
mba stood for a medical doctor, almost wow just like I have somebody did that I would be like. I have to go real quick yeah. Later member has actually been meeting, and I really can't afford one star review so that this sort of thing I know that it's nineteen sixty five and you don't know a dubious, but I'm from the future amendments zap their minds, clear I and I created goober for this this very moment right here because we do. I super cool. They you're gonna, be a medical doctor, unlike totally brag about it in different ways, but like don't do that yeah do endeavour ways, but not this one, and also like year, Pre Med. Yet let settled down you have about,
four hundred more years before you're an empty, but he was on the right path. He had just been accepted to Coronel Medical School and also here so he's doing the damn thing. Let's do use through the damn thing now, so the story goes that the two men and Dan after they met, was already telling people that he was gonna marry Betty someday, that's sweet like she was there. He thought she was so beautiful, so pretty and that they make a sick. S full power couple. I mean premiums for meaning Leah. Four years later they got married in April of nineteen sixty nine nice. ugly, Romania's graduating medical school. Exactly so Betty became pregnant.
During or shortly after their honeymoon and she gave birth to their all this child Kim nine months after they got married down nor in nine months after their honeymoon. This move right along yeah. The couple had five children together: two daughters commonly two sons, Daniel and rat. I think it's how you say it. It's our english e t t the abbots rat sounds like a rich name and they also had another childs. That was a boy, but unfortunately, he passed away like two days after he was born. Oh that's, terrible, which is really son, but Dan, finnish, medical school then he actually attended. Harvard law became a lawyer, Jesus YA, and he was doing. I regret that you allow medical school off. It's a law, lot, that's a lot of human activity is going to medical school and then he attended harm
and Betty was like taking care of all the kids in the house supporting the family like working, multiple jobs? She was like she was doing a law for all time little tired, so in nineteen, seventy three d and accepted a job at a really prestigious law firm in San Diego, but he made shit tenement money working on medical malpractice suits when the money is one. He knew too because IKEA medical Background and law background, so he made so much money that you started calling himself count de money, I mean I'm. I'm gonna need that to be erased from history benefits, but he didn't really smooth. Damn damn just needs. He need some time. He needs your time. He made some space. He made some more Newt, science. I don't know like someone here. Now, that's no what we need now is a job which he bought himself with all the money that he was make hey
I mean I have a deviated sceptre left to combat facts. I get, though he start making all this money started, calling himself counter money, how to run a nose. Job bought like hand, tailored suits and they were just living their best fucking life- I wonder just like stood there with his money. Sometimes I was like one hundred dollars, ah, ah, if it is able to count de LUCA screaming, but now he was making enough to support them. Also, buddy was able to quit her job slush jobs and she was basically like a stay at home. She was just to facilitate care. The kids in like focus on that and being a wife and just get that money. Yes, so her husband encounter money, so they
game like very well known social rights in San Diego Betty was known in the community. As a super mom parents loved her, the neighbor had kids loved her. They people thought her Dan were so fabulous like they had at all. Never yet when I have a feeling that Europe had never leaves anywhere good nope, but they bought a home, and I think you say Loya California, I think Sir sounds good. It looks like logical but I bet it's not Le Java yeah, I think you're very loyal idea, so they bought a home there. They are a membership at an elite country club and more money than they even knew. What to do with people said that he would go on shopping spree. Isn't there was like no budget was so ever. She could spend, however much money she wanted. I can my brain one even compute that I dont even know what I would do with all that like I would be
so well dressed and I dont be great. I feel like people exact, aren't well dress because they have too much money, so they just like it. Just if swings the pendulum to the other side. When you have that much money, STAR dressing like a trash bag, because it just like you needed right, yeah just becomes too much. It looks like they had everything, but they really did in and beneath it all. The couple started to have allowed of issue from shot end, they had issues pretty much from the start. There is in a law no one about the child that buddy loss after childbirth, but she also suffered from two miscarriages after Thou, o God and cement, and like the whole time that day, in school? She was supporting their entire family yeah. That's a lot. Will ya that's the thing. She said that he spent hours out like afterwork drinking with his coworkers, and he would say that was networking and that he was climbing like illegal ladder
This is just what he had to do. No way now, you're out with your friends and I'm home with your kid, and it's like she's, been home all day with, like five kids earth. For kids, how many it is she's working like many jobs in you can't even come home and like relieve her I heard and cool like clear legal area that that's ridiculous, so they fought constantly and sometimes it actually got by live on one occasion she threw catch a bottle and then on another occasion he got so passed that he through an empty aquarium over the second floor balcony of their holy shit, like also who just like an empty acquire. I was just going to say: did he just like find nor Spivey like conjure one? What happened, and maybe they got a new aquarium in the old one- was just like the perfect thing to throw his hang in the yard, and here he is count the money. Who knows what special powers he has counter money
counter, Kwairyo Yeahs counted off, but their older starter Kim said that cool mom was always kind of weird. Mom would always get mad a dad all the time. Once mom picked up the stereo and literally threw it out him. Woe and she locked him out constantly Jesus those they were like volatile I'd, say so yeah buddy through threats of divorce. I d like all the time, but she didn't actually want to divorce. She just used it as an empty threats. We Alec without him, she wouldn't have this picture perfect life of like the stand home housewife and like that was her identity in Algeria, and that was what she was raised to be the outlets issues raised to be that's all she knew and also they were both Catholics and they took their vows. Like really saw yeah that'll thing here, and they were both like raised Catholic. So, oh, what's the big deal, Kazanovitch move that brings like guilt into it? That's not just like we love
China and we want to stay together. It's like, oh, no, God was made a simply to later. That's like real serious because take my vows real seriously, but I don't bring smiling into it or anything Yom also with thy at it.
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on November twenty second nineteen, eighty three Betty went to dance office with a bottle of champagne and a dozen roses, and I know that sounds really great. It does. It's gotta be awesome at you. I think it's gonna be great. It's gonna be funding also my gateway for you to hear of it. So it was dance, thirty, nine birthday and she played on surprising him, hoping that it will come to salvage their marriage. She was like do in a nice gesture, but when she got to the office she didn't find Dan there Instead, she found an empty office with remnants of a chocolate cake and empty bottle of wine to glasses and birthday decoration, and everywhere Gooch. So she asked one of the office secretaries like where the fuck is my husband who drink this bottle. Wine with him and the office assistant old buddy that Dan had left, I'm lunchtime with his assistant, Linda O, Linda
let the limb dumbo, and so I feel that these rage right now, I feel tat window year. She does the assistance that Betty had speculated Dan was having an affair with, for the past few months was Linda, so condemn land, us no boy now so Betty in the office like all night for days to come back, and he never did so. Actually, there had. Yeah like I'm, just don't worry, I'm just thinking of that, though, like sitting there with champagne, and rose, I rose is just waiting for him to come back and he's not coming back these with Linda. She wasn't about to get sad, though she was about to get even so she drove home and she went inside and she gathered all his pants and always suits sit all his nice clothes and put them in the front line, and she set them all fire, hey, that's what you do, as I say, nothing wrong with this
time movie. I may I literally made any watch it with me the other night and choose like this is incredible. This she ass. She strikes the match. She goes liar. Liar pants on fire interest, tosses the match onto the clothing that even if that didn't happen, it happened like that, and because that is, I literally ruin my notes. I really hope this actually happen. because you know she didn't really say that as she threw that match. She's like shit, missed opportunity. literally, whose great though lifetime movie is incredible. I gotta see this now but anyway, Dan denied and denied and divide that he was having an affair with wonder in. He told me that she was crazy enough. He was imagining thing horse whenever Indued says you're crazy and imagining things you Have you not have you say you have every right to any everything you think you think is thought in right now exactly
So, according to body, he was growing born of her and often called her old fat boring ugly and stupid. Oh my god, which has really sad she says that it is a liar illiterates, I'll be careful She says it is all part of a methodical campaign to drive her insane so of surely the marriage became on salvageable to Dan and he moved out of the house in February of nineteen eighty five. He left Betty what the kids, ah so I do is I shall battle fuck you buddy, and she dropped the kids off at his house, thinking that he would finally see how much work went into raising them in that he'd have like a new found, respect for her I'll bet, a lot out anywhere it out like that. Damn realised that this, there's an advance for him, because now he had the kids. Would she volunteer really turned over could use that against her up that was already apparently she dared is like. He sounds like a dick in the beginning of this, but very easily
that shit, fuckin crazy Maria in and see if you're just gonna like leave your kids with this, do like you're, using your kids as leverage and panels and sadly, that's that's messed up Wallace and how she dropped them off. She dropped off the oldest one Kim on Easter. After came, had asked her to drive like her friend home, like her friend to bend over and she was ok. Can you drive my friend home and Betty literally like just lost her shit and was like no Balikh, freaking out and literally went pack your bags. impact airbags bags and Betty drove her to her DAB Taos, he wasn't ire and she just left her on the doorstep and she literally had to wait like hours. That is worth thing. I've ever heard. I hate Betty now. This is such a roller coaster,
So that happened on Easter that a few days, how we can do you know like how will the kids are ass? She was like round like the sixteen. I would say she was the last sixteen or seventeen Danny arrived the same way a few days later and he was gone. He was probably like, maybe like ten, when this happened, my god and then right and Lee came a few months later came says they were hysterical holding onto her crying and screaming, but literally the worst thing. I've ever heard. It's really awful. This kind of stuff makes me so mad like yeah, because I dont use your kids as upon people legal, ruining their children's psyches fur Larry selfishly it's like. I can't understand you, it's messed up so like I said, but he thought that if she stopped being like the quote, perfect housewife, that Dan with
see that she meant business and, like somehow gain more respect for her, so delusion yeah. She was very delusional in obviously that didn't go to plan and she kind of just went on a downward spiral spiral very very quickly. You don't say in soon she went to the family, home and trash stands bedroom. She she uttered mirrors and spray painted black paint everywhere. While so then, on September, twenty third Danfield for divorce, it's about time after that, you said Betty returned to the home to more times one time she took a Boston cream pie, which I dont know. If this is true, not this part, I am about to say in the movie Linda baked the pie. I don't know if she actually done or not, but this part is true that she went and took the pie
into the master bedroom like dance room and smeared at all over his clothes and all over his like furniture like just like smeared the pie everywhere. Will that says that makes me mad because Boston, cream, pies unlike the should say how dare you wastward. So she just like ruined all this shit, what Do you lit his clothes on fire move on, like you did what you had to do. You got it out. Munoz is this? Is it giving him ammo like. Of course, you never get new kids back again. Just check go so that happened and then the second time that she broke in she threw bottles of wine through two windows and smashed a sliding glass door. My car so it has it. I suddenly got to be on downside in this very american few. It's very wishy washy. Now my emotions are just everywhere. They well so at this point then gets a temporary restraining order, which orders Betty to stay a hundred yards from the house, his car and his
office, but that don't mean shit to Betty Edge, revising the order by swinging an umbrella through a large picture window and broken to their house and smash their brand new toaster why he was met by Greece like now. You get no toast you. I think it was more like your toast buddy. You don't need a toaster yogurt oath, I like, and you act like that. The whole thing is that she thought that he was having an affair with Linda for all this time. A notch like he was treating her in for like a younger gal because have you look at pictures? Actually window does kind of resemble, buddy when she was younger o, which is like no boy no anti was already and he had just bought like a red corvette, and she was like out your having like a mid life crisis like so she's. Like your mid life crisis, wife, we buddy. Is like yeah you're having like a bid, life episode and Bulgaria had like you literally need to be so,
yeah. So what he's doing all this stuff, with their kids around? That's like you're, really messing your kids up for life here, oh yeah, her kids! Actually I didn't get a chance to watch this yet, but they are on Oprah. There's like an interview with them in Oberon. I'm go really it directly after this oh down- and I suggest you all do the same after you watch the lifetimes,
of course, so in February nineteen? Eighty six Dan sold the family home against buddies wishes. He did this by using like some law procedure which obviously like he knew about, but it was like a very like not well known, procedure that permitted a judge to sign over Betty's half loud, so damn claims that he did this after buddy refused to sign papers two times even after he followed her advice in choosing the real estate agent and after he literally bought her home. And what did I say, it's called Loya, oh yeah, Loya for six hundred and fifty thousand dollars woe. He bought her a six hundred and fifty thousand dollar home. So I go K Betty time to move on so take that house and just move on yeah, but she was passed when she found out that damned had sold the home about her consent. I mean which, like I'd, be man. I know that. But then I would just like your nine six hundred fifty thousand dollar home and get over it examined
like you're, not really displaying behaviour that day now makes it easy for us to work with you here right, we'll just wait because she drives to the home to confronting and dance like you. I don't want to talk to you. Please get off my property, so she does by any rational girl. Would do she drives her chevy through the front door of his mansion yeah I mean what other option was literally no other options. What other did she have yeah? There's nowhere else to go. You just go to arrange a king Arthur through his house. I'm pretty sure her kids were home This is a lifetime moving, and how did she know that the kids weren't in front of the door or are. We literally killed all her kids at once when I was watching the movie, all the kids are home and didn't Dan is like yelling at them. Also, Dan is played by the father of seven
and which is like no bueno cause he's Charles reality. Just gonna say: that's really know by now these, like yelling, at all them to go upstairs, but that's what I thought I was it. How did you not know like if your kids were there? You don't have your kid was just walking out the front or was close to it. You could, but she really is about your heads passed the point of rationality. Italy's Joyce was blind. Insanity. so after she drove her car through his front door. He like flipped out, unlike, went to pull her out of the car and bought a lie, but he wanted to and ass. He was doing this she reached under the passenger c and pulled out a large butcher knife. He needs somehow he restrained her through police were called and she was apparently take it away in a street.
I get so she was so out of control that they had her with a strait jacket. Let's go for a walk and after that she spent only three days in San Diego County men. Mental health hospital doesn't surprise me which generated has had because of how mental health is treated had he adds to public. You literally drove your fucking car through your children's home. Well. Well, so then, in July nineteen, eighty six Dan and his attorney go to court to finalize the divorce
bet. You didn't have a lawyer because she claims that no one in the area would represent an Roderick's Ex wife, but through the whole process of like their divorce and everything she hired five lawyers and fired all five of them loose, probably very good reason for he thought TAT very same, very solid reason. So the divorce got finalized and Dan got soul, custody of the children and Betty received no formal visitation rights, good he up. So if she wasn't pissed before she was super pest now yeah she called dance house repeatedly, leaving like really crude messages on his answering machine using like really gross nicknames for Dan and his new girlfriend, who was always I've even when she called her. The sea word like multiple occasions called her like the office horror. I am really awful things so dear,
was paying at this point? He was paying buddy sixteen thousand dollars a month in alimony, wow yuck, so he started to find her for all the shitty things that she was doing. He wrote her letter and said that for every absurd, where'd. He was charging her a hundred dollars to fifty four every time she stepped foot on his property, five hundred for every entry into his home and a thousand for every time she took one of his one of the kids without his permission, cod. I can't believe even had to do that.
Yeah so one month Betty claimed that Dan find her so many times that her total, like alimony, was negative. Thirteen hundred hours like she fucked up. I believe that I believe it, but Betty Sizemore Dantin, Linda, were equally is awful. She said she once received a photo of din and wonder what the caption eager heart out bitch. So if she thought that like lead to some thought- and she also said that she was like getting all these fires for like skin Sierra,
unlike weight loss medicines, and she thought that, like it was Linda's doing. Oh, my god, because you re out your old and thought he regards in a really does sound like a fuckin like Beverly Hills, housewife competence does with this bonkers lenders. Friends deny that window is like evil or mean in the ways that buddy was but Kim Betty's eldest daughter. The one from Easter confirms that when they did refuse to return Betty's wedding China after Betty requested it. Oh that's lower, so she doubtfully seemed to her level at some points, so windows a bit of a better, I guess, but her empty and we're happy together and friends, say friends of the couple say that Linda brought out a softer side of Dan. They got engaged in June of nineteen eighty eight, but at this point Betty was still calling herself, MRS broad trick and refuse to
up her married name down and she was still leaving like a really obscene meshes messages on they answering machine. So this is a phone conversation that she had with her son Danny, who was a loving you, all the time. So she was like in the middle of picking up her. She was in the Middle EAST, being a message on the phone and he picked up and said you guys. Separated mom, and he, like somebody else now he doesn't like you anymore, and I mean if you got you gotta stop saying bad words. Ah then Betty says why doesn't he liked me any more to her eleven year old are talking to your eleven year old component Danny's. I crying throughout this whole conversation on my any says, because you ve been he's sick of you cause. You guys get maltese fights and Betty goes. Why do we go now these fights? Oh, my god, he's litter, she's literally making this kid lazy bet it out, and then Danny goes. I dont know and Betty goes because he was fucking secretary. Ah
like this is recording my new literally here. The conversation between the two of them and Danny goes even before that you got into fights mom and then Buddy goes. I don't think so. Danny see you didn't know he was his secretary for the last year's. Let me when I read and then Danny says we want to live with you, but you're, just making it harder for all of us that want to live over there. If you stop saying bad words, everyone will be happier at least no, I well. Oh my god that just hurt my eyes are not so many with your life, so sad, but don't worry, begun and not a man later on today to make a geographic, her ass, a trial good, because I'm horrified very soon after that Betty that did in Luanda were ruining her children? Oh yeah, it's done more, like your children are very definitely have a hand in stir in the pot to ya
their younger daughter, Lee dropped out of high school Indian disowned. Her informally wrote her out of his will. So. Well. That's all! That's me meals about us. He also asked him to move out when she turned eighteen, but later he like chilled out and paid her college to action and puts sleds pretty job. It seemed like they had like I'm, like all the kids had a rocky relationship with both parents. Yeah I mean it makes sense. They grew up would like all this crazy violence in their homes. Actually, that's why I'm so interested to watch them sit down, the Oprah yeah, but Betty was mostly focused at this point on getting custody of written do any because they were eleven and fourteen respectively, like at this point, ok and they seem to gravitate towards their mom. A friend of the family says that, in between visits with their mom, they always state and contact through the phone,
So after Linda and Dan got engaged in April, they got married in April of nineteen, eighty nine in the front yard of dance mansion. He hired private, undercover security guards, but here he refused to wear a bullet fast, like Linda, had request like she later metal was worried that he was gonna get shot on their running day. I would be to one news had spread that Betty had bought a revolver, oh yeah, than idyllic your ads haven, being like time and time again to kill them like all the time when we are by day and told his friends that he doubted Betty would kill her. Quoting quote golden goose, which I guess we like the Duma, public aid, her yet so, but Linda wasn't quite sure she had
the lawyer on numerous occasions to prepare papers to get a restraining order against Betty, but Dan, wouldn't let her file them. So his friend NED Huntington said she was the mother of his children and he really didn't take the strong measures he could have taken. He didn't want to. He didn't want the guilt of being punitive toward her, so he let her get away with a lot of atrocious acts. He just wouldn't punish her. Ah see. That's your mistake, man. So, seven months after the wedding for some reason, Betty finally hit her lost breaking point. She drove to dance house at ten forty one, Cyprus of and entered the home, using a key that she had stolen from her daughter. We she quietly stuck up stairs to the couples, bedroom and shot Linda first in the head and then the chest and then shot who was hit in the chest as he was searching, whereas he was reaching for the phone. Dan was forty four and he was only seventeen days shy of his forty fifth birthday and when
was twenty eight. Why Europe, and also it was two days before Betty's birthday, oh my god, so she and before she laughed she unplugged the phone from the wall and flood the house, but later that days or hours off into police, and she never denied that she pulled the trigger. But she denied that she planned on killing them. She said that she went there because she wanted to talk to them and what she wanted to kill herself in front of but that means I have like road. Then she was like and she got startled which itself I definitely by the new, not true. No, definitely went there to murder me up. So during the first trial, buddies lawyer, Jack early represented her as a battered woman had been pushed to the brink. After years of verbal and emotional abuse, the prosecutor carry wiles portrayed buddy as a murderer, who planned to kill her husband and was the very opposite of the battered woman. She been getting sixteen thousand dollars a month now Alan
me and was living in a six hundred and fifty thousand dollar home that the victim spare, if you're, not a battered woman What are you doing? Ok, batting embodies whole thing was that, like she was so battered and he just wanted to ruin her life and like her life was nothing but she had a boyfriend and they were doing like this trial thing were rat and Danny were like living with her like the guy's, a trial like he was gonna, give her custody of them. So the two sons were at her house at the time that she killed their day and went up my god. So the first trial ended with Hungary, because two jurors held out for a conviction of manslaughter as opposed to second degree, murder, because they didn't think that she planned the murder. They thought that because mislead, but your baby me its leg, just the fact that she stole the key from her daughter in order to get in the house
gives me all I need to know cause she was unwilling to set up a meeting with them. She was going in the dead of night right when they do No, it was when I met most vulnerable yeah when you write your most vulnerable and then also unplug, the phones when she laughed they couldn't even call for help, and that issue is looking to Kelvin, that's what they used to as like her unplugging the phone yeah, because the whole thing was that these two jurors wanted to convict her of manslaughter, since they didn't think that she planned the murder cause. I guess second degree: murder,
has to come with premeditation? Second degree? Murder. You dont need prime premeditation unique ballasts aforethought. So what does that mean? So premeditation is for first degree murder, but mouse aforethought is when you haven't tent so for secondary murder. You need intent there. You don't necessarily need preparation. Ok, amidst trial was declared, and Betty was retried a year later with the same prosecutor in the same defence lawyer. This time she was convicted on two counts of second degree murder, when she was sentenced to two consecutive years of fifteen years to life plus two years for the illegal use of a firearm, so she's in prison for thirty two years to life, good she's been incarcerated since the day that she committed the murderers the murders
and her first request for poorer all was in January two thousand and ten and it was denied because she quote, did not show remorse and did not acknowledge any wrong doing so that budget stowing and Angela again, oh my god, look at that literally could not gonna guns and tons of interviews with her, and she is not sorry at all like she does not give a fuck that so far as hurl thing is that she's, like a battered woman but there's just like so much evidence that, like she was also like fuckin bananas like this? that she like drove all her kids to his house and left them there, and then I also read insane on one occasion not she her older to earth. He's me her younger daughter, Lee with us, like kind of like a brat growing up, apparently according to the elder daughter came, and she one time was like a like. Your spanking don't her like when I get in trouble
so she was like all like they never say that letter also, like maybe your kids, but personally I don't agree at all with spanking kids, but not only there, but Materially, she was like ok, while the next time you get in trouble, I'm gonna hit you with a fly. Slaughter. Sewage, a stir around the back yard and the like the flies water like this screen of it fell off. So it was literally just the wire thing and she was literally beating her would like the wire thing only guarantee had like Waltz Oliver. Oh that's awful. Somebody was fucking crazy from the start seriously shoes the word and she like the kid said that she would pick fights with Dan all the time I am totally on downside out, which I did not think was going to happen to the big gallantly literally said that she would like get all dressed up for them to go to like some socialite event and then at the last second should be like I'm not going just make a fight happy at exactly like just to be a bitch so I don't buy, that she was like a battered women at all.
I also know Guide Dan was like super great, either, no I dont think either one of them more like a shining, their halos anytime soon and but, but you definitely did not deserve to get shot know and then, especially, even if he did have an affair. If I come on, let people move on all the time insects, tat awful but like move on man can finally be good. Therefore, your kid, so you need to do here. Fucking kill people just cause, you feel good and I don't know if this as much as we all want a camp. I dont know if this is true. I reckon on Wikipedia Silly, not positive, because you can write like anything in there, but apparently out she was pulling the fall of the wall. He looked up at her and he was like, like ok, I'm dead Blake what you wanted that was his last. Like I said I you know, prowling was yeah without makes an ivy savage like you got what you want area.
Also he proudly knew all along. This is how it was gonna end. I think he probably knew it, but he didn't want to believe it. Oh yeah, you never want to you, but I'm sure he was like oh she's, definite gonna, be the new working methods, pressure, also more supporting evidence that she was a crazy bitch in between, like her the Miss trial on her regular trial. This video tapes surfaced of her in prison and I don't exactly it's on american justice, which is on any. He could find it on Youtube. But this video of her imprison surfaced in it was like shit. I don't know if you got into a fight with somebody or what happened, but she was literally like going crazy and she had to like they were driving her way. She's like kicking and screaming, and then apparently is she was like put em like solitude.
whenever, whatever it's called, solitary and found. Yes, thank you. Solitude issues put into solitude defecated in smeared her dedication all over the walls. Also speeches like she as part of fire like like he's looking for, is yeah she's, a coconut Wikipedia like yours, Smearing your ship play slowly ass. Yeah you ve, crossed over like science are obliged I think we have all the information we need. Just from that yeah. That's Betty Brad TAT is but a man. It's like my favorite lifetime movie in the whole entire world. Please watch it and tell me what you think: everybody that's that's crazy, yeah he is, is something else. I wonder if everyone else, one on the roller coaster, motions that I did being like. Oh my god, damned the worse yeah Betty like do the damn thing like shit on fire and then being like. Oh my god,
These are the worst. I went online emotional roller coaster. It really does. Allow highlights pants on fire. That's the only thing I stand by her in that I Billig, ok, Leggum I stand behind it, led his pants on fire. It's a nice little league Symbolism I like it. I like it all is better than a bad is where then liar liar pants on fire yeah she's and then if she said that leg ass, she was putting the match on their yeah if she just flicked the match onto them thing well said that I Billig I wouldn't chefs kept. It would be wonderful. I wish there was a gift of her her doing, Could you literally lights? Ngos lay your lawyer pants on fire flood. Sit under the thing and like spins around and walked to the front door and turning merely the child monster from seventh Heaven on the front law. Like blog, I just I didn't know what to do, but that was a gambling you good job, ass centre at the sudden. Thank you.
and in the meantime you can go. Follow us at Instagram. our Instagram along morbid podcast. You can send us a tweet, a morbid podcast. You can send us a mail on the Gmail Morbid broadcast at gmail dot com. You can join the facebook page more. Bed Colin Untrue crime podcast an find our little group on their, which I don't know how to find it but find it you can go check out our website that my lovely co host so greatly designed morbid, podcast our car. I wish you can all see the weird like jig that she didn't. I did some shoulder show me back and we hope you keep listening and we hope you key
It's really, but not so weird that you let your husband's pants on fire and say Lyra pants on fire, but then they drive, dress you ve into his home and, unlike you like, it kill him and his new wife and then like it just gets really bad and then use fuckin put your shut on the walls of a good thing that that was debated. Like sending you vibes through this theory being ended. I could mention the kingship.
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