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Episode 49: Public Executions & The Psychology of Watching Pain Mini Morbid

2019-03-01 | 🔗
So, Alaina isn't great at brevity. Her Mini Morbid covers the history of public executions and explores why people have always loved them. Have we evolved as a species away from gathering to watch someone be hanged in the town square? This is a long Mini that will have you thinking about a lot of things. Hold on to your butts....and maybe your heads. As a ***WARNING*** this episode contains a short history of lynching in the United States. This subject is horrifying and can be triggering to some. Just be aware and use your judgement but we announce the topic before we delve into it.
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terrible. Like thirty minutes, you do. I want a little over thirty last, an idea you did. I was proud of you, it's like when you're researching something that's like super fun yeah. Well, I mean this is not super fine. I was never an apple super interesting to hear what it is fast, epic, on this fund to reach a duck. and you know what may I might be overshooting it- maybe maybe look Like a lot and I'm gonna get through it, quick who knows- and I see you might get a full length- so right now, so I had a plan. So if you could just like move at all Wow that degree my plans are to go downstairs and eat the dinner. My husband is cooking for me, Ray no minor to go out and cry with one of my best friends, because I'm going through a break up right now, I'm sorry. It's ok. everybody, Sir Marhaus Virtual hugs canoes, that I love that Anna leads nicely into my topic. You ve been a break up topic. No, ah,
No, my topic is public. secure shouldn't o o. So kind of the same thing, but while we are now essentially pretty much I think last, my last episode that I did on the Paris morgue. I was kind of started go into. Why we're fascinated with TAT S? Why I can deal why we can look about star forward looking gruesome shit, your and then I was I own creepy right now, you're like why we can talk She didn't know what I'd like so deeply topical I'll narrowed my eyes and I'm looking at her like. Why do we good, weird shit. Ash Ogilvy good in the light of your ipod, is like lighting up the problem of your got this early grid. You stop your eye and then stopped now. Opening mass fellas so because I really in TAT, why is this? Is gonna get intense? So just so, everybody knows like Trappin so this is where basically, I'm gonna touch upon
why you know how it the, how this kind of all started I must start as way back in ancient Rome, cause. I'm gonna come all the way to now, so we're gonna cover a pretty big chunk of time- we're gonna we're gonna cover a minute or two so We're gonna talk about all the basically all the kinds of public executions and the crowd reaction to them. car and then at the end, I'm gonna try to come up with reasons why we do this, but, to be honest, the girl to sick fuck we're all I'm trying to figure out why we do this, but there is various reasons. So, let's start off so why so? The whole thing is: why are humans and seemingly normal humans fascinated by dramatic death? what I'm Talkin, like public executions, car accidents, murder scenes willing drawn to them, why, in the thing is, why have we always been turned to them like this? not new by any stretch of them. In fact, we ve only
I mean we very slightly evolved from our roman brethren brother and cheering everybody on and the Colosseum like. We are very, not we're not that far removed from them. The Colosseum is a club that I once went to their yoga. pretty fun there. While I was to him for a while everybody, everybody dance now engaged can't tell him which ones you now theory go. So it's interesting to me is that we never truly evolved out of that. What do you think we would involve? And people like to think We have because we live in, oh no, we would never watched someone redrawn and quarter. That's insane! That's crazy out totally get into a car accident trying to watch a nut Cardiac soiled totally said in the seclusion of my room and watch somebody be beheaded. I wouldn't do I don't know what I'm saying is, like millions of people do really, we are not.
Judging you know, I'm just saying really. Neither one of us are judging. Neither one of us was saying any of this is right or wrong by the way, I'm in repeat this several times, because it can get marquee because I myself have looked at weird fucked up shit on me, I still do it. I can't handle beheadings. I will put that out there I now, but I totally ion stand why people seek them out. I understood and why people feel the need to watch them because I've hot myself several times we like to wanna, see curious and then I'm like mountain and now I don't ya So I get it again it it's like its. Everyone has a deep within them. If I dont whether or not you go there, I dont get it, but I respect it because I've never had to do the like I've. Never you get it, though, because you will look at a car accident and he had no no, and what are you looking for in that car accident, the drama do you want to see a mangle body on the side of the road? Like I don't
but you kindly do work and ass the thing so somewhere. I knew you do get why people seek out this awful awful event, because they don't even know if they want to see what they are about to see ya. It's just that. It's the same thing you don't even like think about it. You just do it exactly gum involuntary it isn't just its baser instincts so it's actually because a lot of people say like I don't get it. I don't understand why people look about. No, you do everything. he does you just don't realize that you do. Is I don't know anybody who drives buy a car accident is like? Oh no. I don't want to look at that and they don't want to look at it, but they do and then looking out to see what the damage to the car then we'll get out and see, if there's a body on the side of the room- and they might do you want to see that body where I don't know No, I want to see that body. I know what I'm looking for it's like somewhere in there. We all get it in that what this is about is these people were like you're, a sick all if you look at that and nothing
I'm saying that ignore seeing other people Billig years ago. If you look at these, like murder things in your sick, oh, if you look at present that no lake would not we're all Seko's leg. Some of us just let fly. More than other people do. We are the way we are aware that, as we are all weird I lose got excited you re out to finally do have up his purse their lips. It was like once do we are the women Paragon tiresome? we are coming to my TED talk so basically we're not. Unlike the crowds and seventeenth century England who gathered to cheerfully watch a person hang by their neck from the gallows or have their limbs pulled, oftener extended, show of torture and facts. you're still these crowds. We just have a more secretive and safe way to view these things, because data internet, I would like to see or the various phases of human get humans gathering to watch? Other humans suffer from
ancient Roman Times, Tudor England, heading videos on the internet, where we can, start is way back in roman times who get in your time machine or get on there. So the purpose of these events is always pretty much the same. They allows the convicted person, the condemned person, the opportunity to make a final speech. They give the state or the whatever entity is that's doing us the chance to display its power in front of its people, and it grants the public a show, a spectacle of people, love, theater and then needed up public executions. Also, let the you know that state or the entity again show superiority over political opponent opponents. Will happened? A lot like, for example, Charles for the first of England, was beheaded, but the block they beheld him on was reduced in height, so it meant
He wouldn't assume the normal nailing pose. He would have to lie basically down it really awkward and weird, and it was supposed to be super humiliating I'll. That's fucked ought to show power like two opponents like look at, will do Then that's like a normal thing is to show it look will in its I mean it's, what these laws state is doing right now, trying to show political power over you know lifted up, though oh it's awful starting in Rome way back in the day. We are people loved watching gladiators battle to the DAS phone that everyone, I don't know about that right. Let's begin with pretty brutal public execution that was known to occur in ancient Rome? now these were solely for the purpose of entertaining the masses there was really no nobody did anything wrong. They did, but not things wrong enough to get what they were getting. look in cases, the people that got these public executions, the pertly Lydia, for example, did
and even look at the offences that the people had committed he just sent them all. He was like all of them to death because we need entertainment is so it has been somebody like literally legs, looking a little over a glance and they build their like. Ok, you need to die a brutal death in front of a million people. Let's just have a ball yeah. Instead, they didn't do that. The pudding By putting these things on an ancient Rome were like the game makers and the hunger dams. They crafted the x variants? They spend the money and they gave the people the most brutal fucking show they could possibly give them, and when something wasn't making the cat crowd go crazy, like if, suddenly everybody looked kind of border, just link just indifferent. What was going on. They would ramp that shit up each time. every time they would make it worse and worse, because they really owe their board of this awful thing. Let's make it even more awful cheese, and it would happen we'll got bored of awful shit cause you to subjected.
over and over yeah. It's like the theatre of human suffering, pain and eventual death got more and more brutal in more and more inventive each time, so in one sixty, seven b c so, like a minute ago, not too bad army deserters. So these are the army deserters, see they were rounded up in the I'll, see him and they were crow one by one under an elephants feet, furniture The crowd, the foger, oh yeah, I love elephants. They make them, so the elephants would just be crushing these people to death one by one, and I have written replies. Yucas elephants. Are we not equally didn't? Will seriously our God, like them, Coregos making us through the shut again and then again in two forty two bc during the info. Miss Roman games, which were basically like their olympic seen. Only those I mean, that's how this convention idea kind of
start now. We're like the chariot races were gladiators. You know all that shit. They had like a half time show to these games kind of like the Superbowl, there is a little bit different, while the only difference was instead of having Adam Levine. Take assured oftener reason. People would be brutal, eaten by starved animals for the Colosseum. So This show was called. Damn NASH, YO, add Beastie us, which literally means can condemnation by beasts. What the fuck. Now? What would happened was the condemned criminals would be placed. This is so weird just putting like this is so fucked up. They would be placed on huge, see saws and the middle the Colosseum naked with their hands bound, These sea saws would shoot them up like fifteen feet in the air, but they were huge sees us. They all had no idea what the fuck these things were, because fucking seaside we're not something that was just hanging around back then
so they would all start like pushing off of them and like testing them, seem like what the fuck is this like. What are we doing and the crowd would just sit there and laugh cuz. They didn't know it was going to happen, but they're like oh something, buck, that's going to happen and look at them all down syndrome. Four out of nowhere trap door, is all around the arena would open and lions bears wild boars and leopards would rush into the arena. All of them had been starved for a long period of time to be very hungry. The starved animals would bound towards the terrified criminals. Who then would attempt to shoot themselves up in the sea, saw to get away from the beast, but that would send the other poor guy down just to get malls. Tibet
So all these guys are naked with their hands bound, see sighing as furiously and aggressively as they possibly can to get away from lions bears leopards in wild boars did I wish you guys can all see my fucking jobs like on the ground? HU, there I'll just said not round tables like much good. What will we do well in During all of this, which was brutal, obviously declaring like kids and shit, oh yeah, all families who like on it was in the crowd, would go bonkers. They would literally be laughing hysterically at how funny like the sea saws looked and how scared the people were in like they would be closed, Bing and yelling, and then, if this one thing about Romans Romans, will that on anything or they would bet on everything, so they would are placing bets on which criminal die first,
one would last the longest and me deserters. No, these are just like around geysers. Rarely designers were crushed by elephants. These were just any old and each year, just as many as they could line up and there was always like the largest biggest lion and the place just stocking me outside of the arena, and they are the biggest spat would be like what which one is that line and to choose and they will excite to see it. They Are there to see that if those animals didn't attacked, they would be pissed baby, I find these have all these animals would actually be still. They would be taken from like of Nino. They would go like take over a tear, Tori or land and they take exotic animals from that land. Holy cow yeah,
so the people train these animals would sometimes train them to act out like myths are legends for the crowd. Ah, league, an eagle at one point, was trained to pluck out a condemned man's organs, one by one Allah Prometheus. How do you train an eagle very carefully? Because, I guess also these trainers who train the animals were like low on the total and if they didn't deliver like if those It was because animals by nature dont want to eat humans. Even lions are not just go out there being like. I want to eat humans, so they would more most of the time walking into a Colosseum with his thousands of evil screaming and yelling and dislike just. This chaos they would under powering indignantly. I dont want to do this, so they had train them had time to make sure they do this, and they would even tell the condemned people things they could do to make it quicker for themselves. I think they do this and you'll die first. What would they
I dont know what the things were, but it was like certain things that would attract the animals or make it easier for themselves, because if He's trainers didn't provide the entertainment they would be put in the Colosseum he caught fuels. Your true cloud of such with exclusive new originals, like John Wayne Gayle Devilment, disguise sediments, called, can get away with murder doktor death. The adopted store this gas dangerous at Epstein, shattered the lane MAX what she inherited Jeffrey Upstream secrets. There was a whole other work going on, plus the most visible crime series buried in the back yard and snapped and with the daylight twenty four seven channel. That's always on. Did you want her dad? You can not obsess side of now Peacock Tb Dhaka, whatever you're funny, peacocks, guided exclusively stream classic sitcoms like the obvious parks and recreation,
it's. You would have meant plus pact pick up regional comedies, like eighty bio say by the Bell for all Europe through the comedy face, could a Peacock dvd copy get started, so that was just that. Those are just a couple, a little things for major room, my stomach. So that starts us off with the human condition right there. Let's Papa to a tutor England around the fifteen hundreds so unjustly jumped up low, but the main fits of execution back then, were hanging, beheading and being hung drawn and quartered. We discuss that in our torture episode. We do now hanging back then, was usually not done from a great height like we know it to be like the they wouldn't drop the person to have that it like through a trap door and have their neck broken. So it took longer yeah. Is so often the condemned were brought to the gallows in a hoarse? Strong cart! a noose was then placed around their neck, and the horse was just encouraged to walk away.
so the person hanging would just fall in strangled today. Oh shit, it was always long, it was always brutal. Always relax several minutes like these were long drawn out situations I feel like. I can't breathe it's tough, so in fact, because it would take so damn long to strangle the death. family members of the condemned were encouraged to sometimes pull down on their legs, to hasten the death. If it went on for too long, This is actually where the term pulling his leg come from. Norway isn't that fun, I'm just trying to pull your language means, make you laugh or teaser early bullet like taught, yellow but pulling his leg comes from that they were can a while here- and this was all done sometimes in front of up to like a hundred thousand spectators in these spectators. Can for a carnival atmosphere, This was not a solemn occasion. This was not you stand there quietly in word. You drink your beer. You say that this per that's literally, what happened when my gun,
there would be vendors selling food in fucking souvenirs as well. Look what the fuck, the souvenir room will get more into that in a bit. So that was just a jest of hanging. beheadings in tutor. England were normally saved for the nobility in just bad anybody because beheading, as is supposed to be one way is not clean raining. Apparently you know, except there, a couple of botched ones that provided a lot of entertainment. I think I believe, Mary Queen of Scots it took three- belongs to take her head off and one of them just hit her head non movie, Lazo happen, but then Thomas Cromwell, I believe his name was he had the most botched. How is that? He had several blows because it was just a really inexperienced executioner on and one of them had him in the head and he had the lake they avoid hack at him for a while
yeah. So I'm sure a lot of people probably know at least like the bare minimum of who in Berlin was possible, the king Henry. The eighth was not only a fat slob, but also like a true sociopath EC asshole advised. totally link. We will probably know at least the name in Berlin and yeah so this. The king, Henry VIII, Eighth reigned during the years of fifteen o nine to fifteen forty seven during time an estimated seventy two thousand people lost their heads. That's a lotta heads one might say too many heads to be removed, so these are gonna began to give a little bit of a background to why his right reign was so fuckin bloody Henry when Mary is older, brothers, widow, Catherine of Aragon, Catherine some suffered, sir. RO miscarriages through their marriage and had stillbirths. After all, which she in his eyes she had failed to bore him a son. Now this
is funny now, and I mean funny as unlike harlots interesting and not funny like while idiotic patriarchs with pension for beheadings are so funny. it's funny now, because science has taught us that the man actually provides the stuff that determines the sex. I'm legitimacy, yes exact. So, yes, sperm, is what carries that? Why are ex chromosomes in whatever spurn get the sperm gets to? The egg first gets determine the sex this theirs? when a theory to explain why more boys are born each year than girls the fairy says that the Y chromosome it's a much smaller than the acts, so the sperm counts bring. It are quicker and have a better chance of getting to the waiting egg first, so she can interest interesting science, so Henry was just killing wives in every one another. Thousand mile radius because he wasn't getting a male air and it was his own dumb, ass spunk that was failing to produce similar boy. Many were hunted the word spunk fucking, lingering big fuckin dumdum. So here,
when bonkers after this declared himself had of the church of England? And that's when shit really went down he divorce care three in any married, his mistress Anne Boleyn, because apparently He looked like she could attracts them. Why chromosomes? I don't know, this goal of having a male air that lead to Henry beheading at Hon of people very important people putting two of his six wives yanks like you, dont want to be one of his wife. that in his desire to make sure no one ever had a legitimate claim to the front which of you any blood that was wrong and how he was gonna. Fuckin kill your us so when he eventually had an Belinda headed there were over a thousand people present and it was considered a private execution. A thousand and people was considered a private execution. Can you imagine upon? like execute yeah. Exactly I mean it's hundreds of thousands of republican Catherine. Howard was his other unfortunate wife to be dispatched. This way in her execution was really sad. First of all,
Why would she ass too, because he build. He had her killed because he claimed find out that she had had sex before marrying him. Ah, and that was just not allowed. He was gonna do flower you because he was a disgusting, and so he said he found that out. So that was it. You get your head dropped off because one sex before marriage. and she was so concerned with, like not looking, humiliated and leg ridiculous that she asked for the block to be. Ought to herself the night before her beheading so that she could figure out how to lay her head to LA yeah. isn't that sad off? Did they let her did the avatar and likes you practised since she could feel afterwards is like. I can't him. How do you mean going through. All this, you also our thinking not just of the crowd and why we are that way, really call shit, what's it like for the person up their eyes just too much delay an air in her
execution was witnessed by a shit town of dignitaries and ambassadors like it was also a pretty big affair, so sites where these kinds of events took place. Back them were tie burn the Tower of London Tower Hill Smithfield Charing Cross in Westminster, their tourist attractions, but now, but back then Londoners knew the gallows sites as well as they knew any other landmark. Gallows sites were like everybody knew what they were because of it, execution was happening at one of these. You want to get your ass there. It was like Wendy's, it that's exactly what it was like one day, Don't bother us now, it was like it is these things would pop. It's like a pop up shop like a pop up shall comes up that you like a cupcakes if something illegal have yet to that shit. That's what public executions where they really oh shit someone's been ahead at noon. We gotta get down there. That's what this means like a law yeah unlikely it like, I said before. You would think these public executions,
the kind of silent and somber right wing someone's about to die whether they deserve it in your eyes or not, but this is way far from the truth. They were straight Theodore mixed with a carnival, the crowds were loud, aggressive, boisterous the locals referred to the events, as quote hanging, fair, stretching or collared. Oh yeah stretching because you're being dropped into the crowds would arrive early to get a place close to that quote stage like a concert literally just Christians of that time say that people were leaning out of windows hanging out on rooftops and standing on each other's shoulders just to get better views I shall stands were set up for the occasion. Lake Bulgarian s eating casually alchemy in houses like houses with balconies that overlooked the scaffolding would run tell their balconies. For the occasion you about
pretty solid people legally leg? You know people rent out there like dry land for concerts shed for people to Prague in these make money totally these people renting a balcony. So people have watched the hanging, not gonna lie. That's pretty business. It is, it's very Sammy admit, in prices to these two, these kind of lake places toward vantage points. were calculated with, like how famous or infamous the felon was so the more infamous the more money you could get and the worse? The execution like if they were doing like you now, I'm drowning quartering ass. She was gonna, go for top dollar cause. People see, that's it I thought I was executed mine when go for top dollar, because I was so cool, but I would happen really fast. They would knock over top dollar for them. Then no execution that went really fast was gonna. Go fur
You are on a letter like now. The whole point is not the person the point but you're, not a person to them them infamous the person and their crime was, you would get more because you knew that they were really gonna. Give them the old always try with everything, but it was about the suffering like, in fact, and I'll get into later people actively. don't like methods that are quick are it than I hope and because it has to be drawn out loading. That's the whole point of this has to be drawn up because they're gathering there they ve been. Stay in their sometimes overnight to get their spot. There What the shit over men I cry! They want this shit to last for a little while his dislike you wanna go to concern have to be like Boston, Thank you bastard and will soon excise argued a big he won't allow you go up there. I don't want, but I also
by half arrogance it was like you are, is very high and very like wide yeah all right. That's what my guitars very high, like half will be reporting. It gives off my back so, like we mentioned before, how you were saying like you, have a beer have hot dog vendors set up carts and booths hours before the executions time to self. Drink souvenirs even porn. Well, Would you mind as well? This wasn't that I'd like frowned upon my partner Coherence is like we're all here: people or grabs them, I'm sure, was laid out in the earliest proudly pretty like seedy, unlike shave, you and gives you think that it was to be like wink wink of people like that, so that one thing, because these are like pornographic material, Will it also minstrels and jugglers would entertain the crowd before the event could go the entertain. The Junta, river yeah totally
pamphlets called broadsheets were printed and distributed, which detailed the lino the history, the crime of the person and a lot of times the people printing them would create last words to print in there as well. I do lie, and these broad sheets sold like fuckin. Hotcakes is like a programme for the show seen almost always dissolved into fucking. Chaos allow people to be drunk baby, sitting in the mud I mean pickpockets would be our just repay pocketing the crowd, which is hilarious, because the person up there was probably hanging from Vienna Fuckin thief reply this lake, and even as these people victims would like dropped from the scaffold they'd still be out there just pardon then, when the deed was done, barber surgeons, the family of the deceased would sometimes clash in like four who gets the corpse yeah so is like it was never joyously this very he's a bar
yeah barber surgeons will barbers used to be surgeons. That's where there the poor, comes from where the red on the pole is blood. What's here its leg. Barbers. You select moonlight as the air. If you get up. That's where the pool like the vision of that barber pool with the brand yeah right, yeah blue. Now what forward. I never knew that interesting. Where's then go. Look it up. It's interesting! I believe you will now I'm saying anybody else. It's really interesting, so gap we'll be fighting for who gets the corpse and then Henry the eighth decreed that bar We're surgeons were entitled to four cadavers per year for anatomical dissection, so They would use that like the kings, that I get this thing I get for what is happening here. And they didn't. Then there were the spectacle was still going by law. The executioner was entitled to the victim's clothing.
Why would you want that they would they would take it ends I get it off is not like it they would like gingerly take his clothing off. They would flaw get off him, the dead body. They're, just flogging a dead body until the other clothes came off yeah. Can you just Let me now I gotta flogged you Keep that show go and new kids is ended there. What if we were and sometimes the hang man's rope, was cut up into sections and sold for pennies Erlich shillings. The two people who wanted to have it. Why Clia, and did the liver and baseball game if you catch the boy, Are we really is it's a souvenir from the show, while deathlike settlers that account or legged drumstick. get a guitar pick me exactly in that I mean the behaviour, would change depending I. It was always chaos
to change slightly on like who is being executed. Cuz. The crowd's reaction would sometimes be like slight sympathy and forgiveness for who is going through this, like that, wouldn't change them wanting to see it and then partying and right, but it wouldn't be? It would mean that they weren't outright abusing the dead person right, but they didn't like this person and they believe they were guilty which nine times out of ten they did. They would throw rotten. Had to balls at the person stones while they were waiting to die and then after they died, link it was like abuse and the crowd. Would respond with like applause. If com men's for, like their last words, seemed heartfelt felt and leg brave, like they liked brave people who stood up. There were like I'm ready to die, but
If you were, if you went up there and we're like I'm innocent- and this is bulshit- they were, they would like fuck off and that's when they start to you. So in those people who did that they would be interrupted by like marking and firm people. Do I get on with it? Hang him hang em like David scream, I get on with it. Why are we doing it yet? I thought it was another, you really want a chop, a fact do it. I think I will just be crying eating a hot dog Still very odd wages will again be feeling that I would buy a high mountain rose slowly but hey, which Look better on me. What's this zombies lady virtual try on pretty cool right. I don't know the purple cat eyes. I think they're, fine. What about these tortoiseshell glasses? Were these ringlets single asses? Oh, what about these clear freedoms, which are those prices real debate of glass
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officially sanctioned public execution took place. Was that lynching in nineteen thirty six in Kentucky. That was the law. That the state sanctioned with this wasn't a Lynch mob. This was state sanctioned change and nineteen thirty six. That's not that long ago cease say states, state to emerge. Sanctions such as mobile get that leg think about it, I'm thinking you're not seeming. That's like concerned, and I just want to know why ottomans the condemned the condemned here was a young twenty six year old black man. the Rainy Bethia. I want to say I ve got the wrong. He was convicted of raping and strangling to death in our elderly white woman. seven year old, Leash Edwards. Did he actually do it? We don't know it doesn't look shaky to be quite are, in my opinion, a look shaky and, in the end,
during these times. It was very easy to condemn a black man. especially for a crime against a white woman, I fuckin and honestly. How far have we come from that sheriff Florence Thompson was actually like a new sheriff at this time. She was only a job for a little while, and she was a woman Obviously a lot of them is the share of yes, she was a sheriff shit. She was actually so the sheriff is the one who has to do. The execution No, so she was supposed to become the first woman executioner in U S history with this but became a media spectacles, so she quietly started looking for someone else to actually do the deed, I'm sorry! I was really don't want to be part of this letter, a form of Louisville police officer. Step tend to do the job, because, honestly, it looks like he just wanted to be in the spotlight. Like he showed up like a white linen suit and like a Panama hat like he was just like. Let's do this,
unlike KFC, started early closure of sodium is totally down for this and choose. I call you: do it For this hanging in nineteen thirty nine, the idea It could be a woman tying the noose and dropping the trap door, attract attracted thousands and thousands of people talons bureau, but I bet they were disappoint. They were but spectators came from Indiana Illinois like all surrounding places for this and they camped out. Hotels were booked up completely. and people hosted all night hanging parties for the event. Yes, the gallows now there's photos of this- of all I dont want, and it's it's interesting to its is very it's like it's a lot. It's like so heavy to see these things. The gallows gallows always look. They always Give you like that he'd I don't like smiled about didn't just like the guy those were located in a vacant lot in hundreds of
hundreds of men, women and children literally swept underneath them that night, the night that it happened. nay before to get their spot. You children the crowd, jeered and yelled? Hang him as it was happening. They screamed to start before it had begun like they were glad to do this. We gotta go in newspapers, from that day had headlines. Like quote people eat hot dogs as a man died on the gallows and quote children picnic as killer pays, we go out with a runaway attacked by the idea that was an attack on you. It was recorded that one thousand people saw the execution that day from like live the housing one thousand, and if you see the pictures, it's unbelievable, how many people, either while he was still hanging beneath the trap door after they had done it. The crowd attacked the body with a coup.
The crowd surged towards the gallows and people started tearing off pieces of the black cloth for souvenirs because they will put a black cloth over your face, why they were started because your eyes, sometimes pop out, though they just it on. I, just to save the real gruesome shit cause that you know, people really loved to catch a night. They sure would Would they decided ripping apart that black cloth for souvenirs and they also booed. When a minister gave him his last rites this was such a frenzy because of a mix of things the way and hang man that was initially promised was a huge attraction and it was gonna, be the dynamic of a white woman hanging a black man. That was something he are super into remit This was the nineteen thirty Kentucky a blue, man hanging was not uncommon. Unfortunately,
racism was a huge part of this. Whether he was guilty or not, and, to be honest, his trial was nothing short of sketchy. He confessed, but under what circumstances we don't know reign in later. He recanted, but he was advised by shitty people to plead guilty. seen just begged for mercy, even though Kentucky LAW says said that the penalty for rape was always public hanging, so they advised him to guilty in nineteen, thirty get yeah, it was still woe. It was indeed they, so they advised him to plead guilty in their early gadgets bank for mercy, knowing he wouldn't get it. If you plug guilty, he was hanging It seems very shaky to me where was his, yeah. I was going to say that it was unfortunate that he didn't choose to say any last words, so wouldn't get his. Lastly of innocence, if that's what he could have done, but then again it's probably better that he didn't, because the crowd were
of that. I think it was good that he recited I'm giving you what you want, but I'm not giving you this last show this also is going to be the last sanctioned public hanging, so people wanted to be sure to catch one last public murder and the United States. Why did they decide, but that was We, the last one that was just when it becomes, I think honestly, I think it was the frenzied of crowds were starting to become like destroy thing when they were. They were starting to see that this is like an issue that were having people come to do this the commission may become more civilised in nineteen? Thirty, nine yeah, I think so now the guillotine. This goes back to you being like. I wanted to be quick Nobody wants to be quick, secular person. That is how is the guillotine was actually in use until the eighties when it was finally band, was it not publicly until Ladys, but they were using it until it it is in America, no in France. I think I do that, but
It made its debut in April. Seventeen. Ninety two in France. Now, according to a historian, Paul Friedland, the people of Paris loved public executions when it debuted for a huge excited crowd. Cause were like this is the new decapitation machine like what's come and look at it? They were disappointed. because it was so quick and relatively goerlitz compared to what they were used to and in the head gets chopped off. It falls in a basket. You don't ever see a lot it's taken away, quick and easy winning acts or something nobody screaming nobody's, haven't a chop. You a couple targets. I was it legit people were pissed, here's the person died quicker without my show to it were. Don't worry people soon realise that seeing someone get their head chopped off remained pretty narrowly? they re gruesome. They They got more into it later, so don't worry about it. The gills goes seen doesn't have to worry for the evening. came up with nicknames for it, like the national Razor, which I think is funny
It is the widow why bill of silence, while that's just spoke, It really is like. While I feel things and Madame the guillotine, when Turkey, like very french and being beheaded via this machine was known. Ass quote sneezing in the sack. Would you the reference to the bag that would sit under the guillotine to catch the head, Bethel leg. You were going to within sneezing into that you're had just fell off Ivy Boy Holly by super poor areas, but not offered. No. No! No Soon they made it even cooler. by distributing pamphlets than had beheadings of the day listed, you can make sure to work at least one in your schedule between grocer shopping in the Jim. I got to go to them. We now the last public execution by guillotine.
In June seventeen nineteen, thirty nine. In France, the condemned was Eugene vitamin. Who was a german serial killer. I think I've heard of this. You probably also he was only thirty one. When he was executed, which our blew my mind, he was convicted of killing six people, mostly by shooting them in the name of the neck and robbing them out. It seemed to me that his motive was not murder but robbing, but he also to get a lot from each one: sorts, Terry Use, Will they clearly but, like he's a weird Ciera, on June 17th. One thousand nine hundred and thirty nine. He was beheaded by guillotine outside the prison cent of Saint Pierre in Versailles. unknown to authorities, Someone was filming the execution because loam cameras are relatively new. Some, was filming it from a private apartment justly adjacent to the prison. To this day, you can watch that online. It's not gory, I think
They signed a pleaded in one of my sight class. They played one. My cyclists azure causes gory, it's not like you- can't really easy, obeying the crowd, behaved insanely for this one They used handkerchiefs to dab up his blood as souvenirs that day was described. As quote disgusting unruly jostling, clamouring whistling the unruly cloud cry. Actually delayed the execution beyond the usual twilight our because they usually did executions at dawn. I was what they did, but they were so crazy that this one that pushed they're out in that's why the light started becoming better for pictures. It's almost like they were doing on parliamentary election. Definitely yes! So they got all these cleared this all these clear photos of it everything in it because they pushed it into the hour when the sun was out, how did they data they just kept,
fucking. They were being so unruly that they couldn't even take him out of the prison yet like they just pushed it impressed. It was that the authorities finally, came to believe that quote file from serving as a deterrent and base in having salutary effects on the crowds. The public execution, promoted, baser instincts of human nature and in words, general rutinius in bad behaviour, this history, Ethical behaviour by the crowd was so in saying that french President Albert Leubronn immediately banned all public future occasions. This was it like once he saw how fuckin knots people were. He was like new not doing it and by and the video and photos like, I said, are still online today. they show them inside classes, there Hungary, some definitely sought them out again because I was like I feel like I remember seeing that, and it is and is not gruesome, some super
I think I have a black and white is pretty clear, but it's like you really to see its far away. Yes, you see the blade fall, which is kind of like blew his head to set up a really good about, like legal, warlike. No, because I go child. I mean I'm a human and exert myself as I am so deal that early just do it was so moving. I'm from now I want touch upon wake? I was saying about how, in Kentucky in nineteen thirty nine, the less sanctioned public execution was the Rainy Bethia one, but now since the last sanction one doesn't mean that public executions did not take place in the union yeah like challenging, and she saw that awful voice not sanctioned officially, but it was certainly one of the most brutal and horrifying forms of public execution that our countries It be horrifically share ass
became widely practised in the? U S, south, from roughly eighteen, seventy seven, the end of post war reconstruction through nineteen, fifty damn nineteenth reality? the other four, oh yeah, oh yeah, it's a If you look, I believe it, but it's itself almost an episode in itself because it so horrifying, but it needs to be told because a lot of people and goods So blind to it explicitly. I feel like a lot of people in the south, don't want to believe that dino their fate, We members are like ancestors could have done these things, but they didn't. Apparently in opened in Mississippi Florida. Our credit are consigned Louisiana. They had the highest rates of lynching in the United States, now it Typical lynching would involves criminal accusations which were often bullshit, not I mean, ninety nine point. Ninety nine percent of them were an absolute bullshit, a glance
two black American? They would. an arrest him and these, and then they would assembly Lynch MOB which would want a complete list of subvert normal constitutional judicial process. They were not looking for a trial, they were not looking for him to have any rights. They were just. He did this I decided it, let's go on those it. That's all of them happen in one of the main things that were, they would always claim that would always end up being like a lot of times would end up being caused to launch a black man would be any claim of sexual contact between a black man. In a white woman, like you think of arm awful lynching and rolled in murder and torture of Emmett till from this time period. Using little boy like a young can and- white woman claim that he hid aren't like. I think she claimed that either like hid honour early, touched her in a store and
Her husband in his friend literally kidnapped him from his home in literally tortured and murdered him and threw him in the water. And I remember learning about this in school- I feel it they don't teach this stuff enough in school, any mark as it were, Looking at me, little Adele and ever heard- and I learned about this in school- and I remember we saw the photos cause, they didn't open, casket funeral for him and his mother. No, I did. I did learn of his mother, wanted to show like look what happened? Look, what they did and later the woman can't league recently recent with a woman came out and said I had never happened. I lied Fuck is wrong at her in this happened all the time. It's such bullshit, so historian, Howard's, Mead and blood justice, the launching of MAC, Charles Parker, that's brilliant same book! The
quote: turned the act into a symbolic right in which the black victim became the representative of his race and as such, was being disciplined for more than a single crime. The deadly act, was a warning to the black population, not to challenge the per supremacy of the white race. Still blows my mind like that the one this happened into that like this is not. We have not come far from as we can see and above me up Victims would be seized and then they would be. You know I mean they be physically tortured in any number ways and it would usually end with this person being hung from a tree and set on fire. This at the person on fire. own worse things too, I mean that's. A fuck is worse on the end. Was probably necessary at that point because they would do horrible things occur.
Owing to a nineteen thirty editorial in the Raleigh NEWS and Observer quote wholesale please came together. Mothers and fathers bringing even their youngest children was the show of the countryside, a very popular show, men joked loudly at the sight of the bleeding body, girls giggled as the flies FED on the blood that drift from the condemns knows. adding to this whole terrible Mc Cobb seen lynching victims were typically then dismembered into pieces for human trophies for the mob to take home as souvenirs. I'm just like an elegant like blink blank could in this was again United States and not that long ago, just everybody thinks that in this is giving me a stomach area, in his autobiography w e B Dubois rights of the one thousand eight hundred and nineteen one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine lynching of SAM Hose in Georgia
that the knuckles of the victim more on display at a local store in Atlanta and that knuckles, his knuckles, and that a piece of the man's heart liver were presented to the same states governor like bitch, I dont want Bonnac, what's happening in the nineteen thirty one Maryville Missouri lynching of Raymond Gun the crowd, estimated at two thousand and four thousand people, and it was. at least a quarter. Women and included hundreds of children one person according Arthur Rape wrapper. I believe it is in the trend. Did he avenging another book quote one woman held her little girl up, so she could get a better view of the naked body blazing on the roof. Why and after the fire was out hundreds of people poked at his ashes for souvenirs quote, the charred remains of the victim were divided up piece by piece. This was
not long ago? Everybody just so that now. Those were crowds of lynchings likened people just show up, because it would happen spontaneously. Usually now we saw and even close to being over this kind of seemingly barbaric behaviour it's just evolve slightly into different methods and scenarios. so, besides the launching of black men and women across the south and relatively modern times, think about executions of people at TED Bundy. While they, we're not broadcast into the public Bundy's execution by electric chair was an event see he January twenty. Fourth, nineteen. Eighty nine two thousand people gathered on the lawn outside of Florida State prison to wait for the news that he was fried They had signs in tee shirts, that's it burn, Bundy, Berne and Toast TED ones I actually said quote: roses are red, violets are blue good morning TED were going to kill. You love,
it was like a carnival right back to the Fuckin Tudor Times it was a goddamn carnival people work, panting, singing drink beer waving signs, cheering therewith fireworks people even sold commemorative quote Friday tee shirts. They effigies of various things hanging from fake nooses, which shows how fuckin dumbo out of the crowd was because he was hurt had Florida State University where, where Bundy did murder, but his terms Bowman and levy at the Tokyo Mega House, the cry for turn he's fraternity celebrated the execution with a cook out and they serve Monday burgers and electrified hot soon Stan, I feel like I get thought one, because it's like the community was safe again. Will here's the thing
you inside get all of us right. I get all of I feel like. I know. I just feel that one like made it more clear today about re. Doesn't now in kind of like make you go Kazanovitch celebrating your community being safer by only but this one is like you're not watching it. So it's a little late different, it's a little more than our aim, but also still not, but when you think about it and again and when a keeps and I am not saying this is right or wrong. We're at all, I'm not seeing any the lynchings around that, I will stand by and say that's fucked up and wrong in Aachen, evil, but it comes to the people who show up to the public executions and like Tudor Times Fagin. You know these kind of things like not public executions, but excuses of high profile killers. I can't see they're wrong for showing up to it, but his leg I would I wanted for this kind of thing, but it's like for it, but I dont know TED Bundy one. If you lived here, you don't know, because I
I agree with him being executed. Anyways I think he should have been studied, so would have been a mournful occasion. For me, I got hot, and while we can't even argue about that, while a he escaped from prison what twice now he was going away from this one, though he had been in their fully nine years at that point, using our neighbour but I say it's like I can't, can't say the wrong. So it's like the Bundy Burgers and seven my money, and it is also on the other side of the coin we you think of it. Logically. You're like this is still a person being killed. Bloody murder by a state. You know. So it's like It is weird there we celebrate death. Our list of what is I personally are standing here, but I can see why some people- don't, I suppose, or why some people look at issues like this is still pursue yeah. I guess I can see both sides. I guess that's what I'm saying. Ok, I fight
myself more on the side of lake, I'm not too worried about her. Plenty of an all but I feel like I'm on such a roller coaster. Right now with is very different scenarios Erica's, like this public executions of liking own Tudor times and all that shit and were so far removed from that that I think it's easier for us to be like yeah, that's crazy! and then we see like lynchings, which are totally different. There not sanction executions. These people didn't do anything wrong. Missis Literally just racism be bright, that's terrifying and that's fucking humanity at it's fucking were set it just like you, said it's like political, unlike its just it's all motivated by shit and it's like, but it's still vague, Stirrest crew odds into a ruckus, still crowds that will go to these things, regardless of how fucking heinous there and regardless of whether its justified or whether like in again, so People may not believe that any execution is justified. I that
is totally year. Your opinion is valid yeah I dont know I stand in a very grey area on the death penalty. I don't I'm not foreign, I'm not against. Honestly, I think it's not black and white. I think this a lotta gray right. I think it's I can see base sire, he sang, I see both sides. I can totally get with both sides I get it suits them. this just it so it's a very odd with this to so much thought. Let nobody adaptable on it. What would your vote be Is it not hard problem, the here's, the thing out probably say no only because I dont trust the justice system to get it right every time, because there has been times when people do. I believe there are certain people who deserve to die one hundred percent It is not a moral thing by letting you say like what, if they put do me and our goals, and exceptionally exact, most others name just
you miss Skelly and Jason Baldwin yeah and what, if all of them died, but there came out that they didn't fucking exactly it is no evidence that shows that they were more like. I remember I watch like a twenty twenty on. Something like best will make. The guy's twin brother did tat, but it was long. Dna testing. Dna testing is getting a lot of these people off the others. It's like hello, they didn't do us, so it's in that survey? I know some people have a moral issue in that, like we should kill people, that's not Reno. I honestly, I don't have that moral issue that I think some people do deserve to die. I think part of the files deserve to die. I would love to be the wonderful, the switch from pedophiles. I really would hundred and eight my family member, fuckin kill the earlier one tells a channel or anyone that kills a child. I want them debt.
and I get in its an emotional reaction. So I understand it's like not a moral thing was me, it's more. The idea that they can't get it right, a hundred percent of the time in that bothers me cause I don't want innocent people dying. So that's where I would stand if I'd had lively gun to my head had to make the decision you with it I think I would say not only because of that small margin of, not that, I would point out what would you I would say now: ok, cool, so we're both on the same page, yeah yeah has it that yeah. That's really the only reason, because I do- and I also just think it's a very case by case thing- is, I don't think you can. I wouldn't vote yes, because I don't think he s in all situations and I also believe it should be left up to the mix slick, family members, Secondly, you pick up. I do I look heard not ruled out. If I meant the person knows no things like pay, would you like to die? But even that would be case by case
yeah it's true. As regards the things I was really move has white, so grand you, girls dressed so grey. Now again. Are we? super far away from Tudor time. Executions, not at all TED execution. People arrived well before midnight, just they didn't Tudor times because they were. A good vantage point along the Prism fence. Of course, there was nothing gruesome to see in this because the only real thing they could witness was. They waved a scarf from the door to signal that they did it here, which is creepy. A guy named Craig Warren of great gains. The Florida held up a bed. She that said quote I My ted well done, which obviously has creepy. Those who were hungry during this whole thing for women from stark sold, coffee and doughnuts, and and passed out. Electric chair lapel pins for souvenirs, ok, the scarf was waves, the crowd when bonkers with cheers and went away,
it hurts backed up to the prison and drove past the crowd with Bundy's body in it the crowd one even crazier I mean If anybody deserved it, he did, but it was still fuckin dead body road ass to their yearly queuing about its I again not right or wrong. I'm just saying the idea. When you go logical, whether it is bonkers book, but it's not logic, but I think a lot of people to remove the humanity fro. The perverse shore like me, don't think. No, I don't think a lot of people, think of TED Bundy as a human know, a lot of you don't think of any of these people as human rights are given back, and you know the executions in medieval times and all that shit like that person was a criminal, they removed any humanity and whenever they did in the eyes of the onlooker, was probably just so near. inhumane, heinous that they deserve it right. They broke the law since I should do. It was so not, though, be like one of the new stations asked a waitress down the road from the prison about
and she said quote. This is my first one where from Texas they execute a lot of people in Texas, but I've. Never seen a crowd like this before it says something about humanity donut. First, her group More tells me a lot about humanity straight off the bat but I do agree like we're. Fuckin savages really are It does tell us a lot about the vanity now bringing right up to now we have the internet a place where we and secretly and intimately watch whatever Gore or death scenario. We please seemingly without any judgment or consequences right off have to do is a race, your history and you never looked at it in all its Nobody has to know so this is just shifted. The public execution into a private execution. There just happens to occur in front of millions of people at any given time in there computer areas at their house. It still Mary public, but we just don't, have the crowd
around us to stir us all into a frenzy. We just do it along with a alone with a couple of friends. Maybe if you have illegal cool, weird group- friends, that's like yellow, so he was ass, much good, for you I mean we ve mentioned the saving and one other pursued. Remember: Rhonda COM, everybody, I'm sure o my oh, my thirty. Something year olds, remember not come, I'm pretty sure so around find any does photos you want. I seem to remember a lot of shock and blasted face in a lot of people hit by trains and various other things. It was great. some as fuck whose greedy as fuck, and it was real as fuck. These are real pictures. How looking at that different from watching a dead man swing from a noose non You can find videos of horrific beheadings of journalists and civilians by the islamic State anywhere at any time in peace, watch these videos by the millions and millions I'm talking specifically about beheadings, like the ones involving in it.
civilians like Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl and Paul Johnson in listen, foreign journalists like James, fully Stephen sought, love David, means on heading Peter, Classic Harun AL your car and can t yoga There are like the ones that I think everybody recognises those aims they haven't relatively recently I mean the Nick Berg Daniel per Colin Powell, Johnson ones were a while ago, but I was to TED talk on this subject by an anthropologist named Francis Larsson and is a really good one people. She go check. It out is really short, but it's like nice. She pointed out that by watching these particular public executions were actually contributing to them happening in them. Well yeah. This is because when it comes to beheadings, like by extremist groups like ISIS and the like, they are putting on a show. The people are gonna eat away now, if they want it just kill these prisoners than they were far, can do it and be done with it now
they're putting it on the internet because they know there is a willing audience waiting to God gobble up the carnage they want it to be, like fear, and when you we click, on it and watch it. That's what they want some do it more. It's like, but we're never gonna start ups taken in the UK in August, two thousand and fourteen estimated that about one point, two million people in the UK alone watched James Follies beheadings in the first couple of days after Lisbon sit on mine, the same kind of Paul was taken in the? U S in November, two thousand and fourteen It found that nine percent of those pulled watched, beheading videos online, like would watch them, did watch them. watch them? But, interestingly, twenty three percent of people had watched the videos but stopped right before the death was shown which, in counts for a lot of people. I think way more than twenty three presented in people's done a minute, because curiosity fuckin can get you and you.
start to watch. Something then do it. No, why did I do? Is I don't want to do this, like I've done, that I've gone to Watson, some going what the FUCK Alina like turn this into ruin yourself from days in so I like did my toe in and then I'm like. No, I dont even go as far as if we may tell unjust, because I know I personally yeah and I in the world in fact Nick Berg beheading came the most. I think it was in two thousand and two I want to say Nick Berg, beheading became the most searched for terms, on the internet when it happens. Nuts It was so popular that the Al Qaeda linked website that first posted a beheading shot down because it couldn't handle all the traffic take them in Someone son had his head carved off literally no reason on film while he screams and pain, and it was the most popular search term in the United States thought as this kind of disaster
and again, I'm not saying that this is right or wrong, and I'm not judging anyone for what they have watched or what they do watch, because I've watched weird shit I can't judge anybody, and I dont think peep who watched these things are sociopaths or Seko's. I really don't because they're not like buys, I mean factually they're, not, yeah, the most normal people sit and watch the shit, nor people that I know that don't even like Gore get drawn into the shed, and I when I was in like high school watched part of that Nick video when it happened in that was the last beheading I needed to see in my life. You saw the whole thing I didn't see the. Whole thing is a part of it and it was enough and I will never ever ever again. Swatch one those because I still- and it is in my mind for the rest of my life and in fact,
My life has seen one too many beheadings and I have only seen that one. It was horrific and it will fucking change you but I watch some of it and I still find myself curious to see things like that when their caught on video itself, it's gone away I just know now that what it is- and I know I don't want it- I dont want it in my brain good but still it you get that inkling of like really there how bad is it in? I find myself thinking. Photos are more palatable just for myself right no. No, I don't bother me as much here but things caught on video, I feel it. I think it's a phone separate me from the actual event in some weird way, but I I feel like video, makes me too much a part of it like I feel like I'm watching it as it happens, even if it happened a while ago. I wrote him too much there. And maybe other people feel that way now, why
again. We have not evolved very much in this way. It's too simple. I can't stress that enough humans still maintain a baser instinct to watch pain. We just do it behind closed doors now, which is almost worse, because at least in these crowd scenarios this is it there's this element of crowd. Camaraderie him crowd, think my group think I can manipulate irregular person into thinking what they're saying is right and what their seeing as entertaining When we're alone in our room staring at a screen and watching someone scream and pain as their head is carved off, we don't have the excuse of the crowd surrounding us and cheering and that energy and everything but we do have the excuse of the invisible crowd. Who is definitely watching along with you, the nuts is at the bottom of the videos. Are all you need to convince yourself that this is ok, and this is some Everyone does dear watching it with the crowd you just alone. I think it has to do with the person being executed as well. I think our empathy has a boundary sometimes,
we? If someone that we can't find of common ground, whether empathize with we dont, feel that sense, marble moral obligation to be disgusted by their death. It's If it's a horrible murderer than we save fuckin burn Bundy burn what about these innocent people that are still washed by millions of people on the internet and pain like? Why is that? someone. A lot of people can devise at something that a lot of people can do without fuckin retching while we may not, even we not may not ever have a direct answer to that, but an interesting study that was done in two thousand and fourteen and compared it. Cute stress levels and people who watched repeated coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings with those that were there and witnessed at first hand over interestingly, they found that the repeated bombing related mere media exposure was associated with higher acute stress than the direct exposure, so the people not watched it after the fact
more stressed that then the people that were actually their law. Just like interesting when you, when you bring into now, like the people who watch live, executions untutored times and all that would have a ass of a stress levels. Then I was a who are watching these repeated videos right Maybe it's because you can pick them apart and them and watch them as much as we want an uncle. Morbid curiosities is a real thing. It's real when you think I read about the absolute atrocities humans can do to each other. You almost sometimes feel, like you have to see it for yourself to confirm that its real logistic. What's right now they like people, don't do that. also, we all know what pain is. We have off This is how this is something I was just thinking about. We all what pain, as we all felt, pain like physical pain. we all know the limits that exist within our bags of flesh that we carry round on our skeletons,
I believe that some time seeing someone else suffer through, like the most unimaginable pain and suffering we can come up with its thing we feel compelled to see because we can't and don't want to experience that suffering Thea. So seeing someone else's reaction to all these awful things happening to them satisfies some weird curiosity to know what happens when humans. for it through unimaginable pain and get taken to avoid the limits of human drama. I can experience the bloody eagle, but I'm dead I am curious to know what the hell happens when someone else does well. You know me like no, I now to linger tonight, break my arm in half but if I wanted how we want to know what it feels like, I want to know what it looks. like. I want to know what it's like I'm interests. There is even like something as simple as that: video member that basketball player, like a few, your yeah and his life for his those or like I'm sure so many people looked up and that's not gonna like
but it's a similar kind, but is still one of you definitely don't want that to happen to you, but you wanted to see what it looks like one. It does happen. One cause you like. I have a leg like baby. now at the beginning and look at the, and I feel that is part of it. I have a head. I wanted That's my body forever and always Blake. weird when someone else's gets taken off of their body again, I don't ever want to watch my having video ever but again I get my people according to Alexander J School Nick, who is a p? de in an assistant psychology, professor at Saint Joseph See University, The evolution idea. Evolutionary idea is what's functional about about discussed. It keeps a safe. Food has a sour bitter flavour and that's a cue to us spit it out right. The weird taste, the nasty smell it makes you not want to do things that are gonna, hurt you and make you sick, so those in videos of bad shit happening to me.
Both can serve the same purpose He really gonna, not re. So school. Make often kicks off one of his psychology classes by telling students not to Google image search, recluse spider, but of course they all day I'll. Do it So what the fuck is that our? No? That is like you want to know, so you fuckin avoided leg. You don't want that. He said some pieces quote sometimes were disgusted. When we see someone with red, rashes or welts, we don't want to stand next to them. That discuss keeps us safe from contagious elements, so heels compares googling gross Gore and shit to just watching scary movie harm of it. I was thinking that the whole fucking, I'm feeling almost Senate's Valentine, should have because the point. Is you get to scare the shit out of yourself in a completely controlled, secure environment? You're, not one in danger:
but in the internet, makes this even more of a safe environment cell falling cause. I was walking thinking my time. I wish I thought that you should have, because if you see something horrific you just x out of it and boom, it's gone you I have to be there again in no one needs to know you even looked at, but it's like. Why do we watch scary movies, like we want to be scared, like, though we visit illogical reaction of beings? Have it's fucking crazy? It fact. This is what I was just going to get into, so we like discussed in being scared and all that good stuff. One it's on happening to us, which Clark Macaulay Phd in psychology, professor at Bryn, Mawr College, said Clia its similar to why people go on rollercoaster. Is you feel fear, even though you know you're safe, You get a big arousal. Tell you of them! Arousal has a positive component. That's what it It's a physiological response that feels good and you are safe. You are not part of it.
People looking at these executions, their not being executed, avenant them right. But they're getting that we give ultimately do a final note to this long discussion I wonder how long this is gonna, be: maybe it's our own mortality and how scared we are of death. I mean no matter who we are death is on. to us. We have not experienced it yet. We dont know what it is So? Maybe we need to see it to try to understand that in some way, we can make us feeling were starting. We can understand it or seeing someone else die. You feel better about. Fact that someday you are going to die. Can I give you my final thought? Yes, this visit, we too heavy for you to put me through in the state that I am sorry. You know that I'm gonna go home tonight and grab about an existential about I'm literally inhabiting one right now. I open give anyone else in excess and I think you might of ice
This is very I couldn't even, furthermore, that is non, I'm too, because I probably I'm gonna cry later. Do you know about this to influencing stress equality, but no. I was that this was a really good ups. Yeah like this is this topic. I could have gone so much longer than I guess where this could have been laid before us in it because I am like, leg of this certain things, like I mean the like beheadings during the king, Henry, the eighth and all that that could be like a whole thing and if so easily lynchings could be a whole thing in itself, but that would be very the arrests, but it's important to tell it end we have. A lot of these things can be their own thing, but I wanted to touch upon his many parts of history as I could, without degenerating like a job. I thank you for real. This was like a thesis, a thesis. This was my thesis I take this stuff barrel, Movement so that is my com.
I'm doing air quotes, many episode of a public act forgave it's over an hour. It was a good job and you know what I'm just going to say to you. If you want a solid super out, because I want this to be over so badly, you can do so that more replied CAS fifty relate to followers on twitter. You can do so at a morbid podcast if you want to find us on Facebook enjoyed not a group I don't know how to work. Morbid Colin and your crime broadcast and by the way I'm accepting the members I forgot. I had to do that. If you listen, if you requested to join that group that we ve been hammering down your throat for weeks, lets. You just got that hey back. If you would, to send an email morbid pod. Sedgy mildew come we're gonna try compiling I'm saying this word is committed, how to compile like episode where we read yours,
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