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Episode 5: Ted Bundy Part 1

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Theodore Robert Bundy confessed to the brutal slayings of 36 female coeds. Experts believe his tally could climb into the 100s. Ted stands high above the rest of his kind as the most infamous and the most brutal. To this day, his charm and methods have been unmatched. Heard of a little film called "Silence of the Lambs"? Buffalo Bill's penchant for preying on the kindness of his female victims and utilizing a fake arm cast to up the pathetic quotient was ripped directly from Mr. Bundy's modus operandi. Part 1 of this bananas tale will set it up for a truly terrifying crescendo.
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I guess I just said the young girls If they are aware of the role of a mobile phone, The job. he was not and discuss start asking to start recording fog, it's really hard right now so fucking her heart and I realize other creaky orgasm. Did you hear it in the last episode? I could hear myself creaking in the rocking chair
and I'm sitting in a couple times and worst results. When you know year olds are about. We were just right. Can I just rocket I meant Eric Liner and you're in a rocking chair. Did we just put this together Why should we need better, better podcast literally, ways where in a really hot laundry room pocket so hot and sweating, my answer legitimately and I own- I dont- really sweat that much like normal, I will speak about the story. You just told me. Oh, I sweat so much during autopsies. That. I like, swept through my scrubbs and it looks like I went swimming for anyone knew who is listening. She doesn't just perform random autopsy. She is indeed an autopsy technician. They get paid for at a job here like it's. Ok, everything checks Hairdresser autopsy took Michigan and ice.
what a lot less reformer experts- I don't sweat alot while I do hair pieces, so fucking mass saying that on your hair, I don't know why only sweat during our factories and hot yoga. hot yoga make cardono goods acceptable, but I don't know if it's acceptable bearing an autopsy, but I do it just don't know about your life. I do it so doing up grounds gotta deal, but I did read this thing where this lady, of course I don't have any like proper actual Emerald Isle, but it still crazy and you can go on the Google machine and go see more about it. If you want to build a machine get on that Google Machine, this lady killed her lover, over and then served his remains up to the neighbourhood at a barbecue. Can you imagine if you were the victim of like accidental cannibalism? No fuck that, like that's, ok
Whatever you than a b a murderer and you're gonna be an awful human being, don't make everybody else eat your bullshit like. If you gonna make a burger over the guy, you eat the Berger, no one else that second twisted in a hold of her and then I'm sitting. Then we could have kids a burgers than they would have. Kids were at that. I mean the damn. I wish I had more information about this because really fucked up cannibalism is like truly something here. When we get to Jeffrey Dahmer, we're gonna talk about that worth, but we're gonna do to like. pretty big names. That is a bad and like three this week and next week will two weeks from now. Because I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna be on vacation and she's going on a cruise. Nobody cares about whatever too that's why this week, with that we're doing head, Bernie, That's her favorite serial killer, boy, TED Bundy, and
there's so much information about had Monday, and he was so damn busy, now, where is put him into two parts so enjoy. Two parts of the here see gonna to episodes this week to make up for the fact that we are not giving one next week, I'm so sweat issues worth horse. Professor of fucking time here, we're painting a really beautiful picture because, like us, they fucking saunas is here to sweaty asshole sitting on a chair and erect Kleiner record. Why, in a laundry but while that sounds elegant glamorous she I've, never Sheikh I've, never felt shaker in my life but yeah. I guess we should get to it, because we got a lot to cover up so, actually gets things going now without delay, because I feel it every rob saw now someone's do not in the background and that I find myself doing it throughout the day. Like I walk in the breakers sometimes and unlike
Perhaps there is a group of love that's now you're like let's get going on. It's like, I don't say hello anymore. Now I love it. I m glad I keep it in my life. I well I'll, keep it to a minimum, so it'll get sick of it to gray. I didn't want to get sick of it, but without There do away- Take the regions has one so, MRS jump into it feared Robert Bundy was born on November twenty fourth, nineteen, forty six in Burlington Vermont any Papa was born the nineteen forty six he was born and nineteen What he said I like to like figure out goodbye regulator, connect heinous monsters back to our family yeah. I loved that about you, never change. I won't. I have now. He wasn't born Theodore Rubber Bundy. He was born thier Bork Theatre, Robert Cowl and his
Turns into the world was not exactly you know by the book. Not easy, breezy or beautiful, not at all, none of those things mother. Eleanor Louise Cow was an unwed teenage mother and at the time those not ok not acceptable nobody was giving you you're on MTV show the other late. Forty was yeah a time like tat. She was team, Margie was my fate you ve ever said
anybody that knows me knows how much I fucking love the teen mom franchise, an you making not joke to slightly disconnected Pfizer. Can again we desponding moist sweaty, and I love you. I swear to God. I love can be prepared. Teacher, yes sweaty and I love you wouldn't wherever I would wear that ten times a day. Who else would order that raise your hand like unsubscribe? If you would swear data love you so as a result of this really unfortunate circumstance, you found herself in her parents did with any parents would do a martini. Shouted gets pregnant out of wedlock. They send her to the Elizabeth Lynne home for unwed mothers in Burma, which you didn't even know that exist in our demands, are not being a thing still yet literally a home for unwed mothers like that's
so bizarre, do you think that their dicks their economic? Sometimes you blow Jackson, orphanages. They pay a treat. You, like, she hoped sure, you're, probably shamed, I'm sure there's a religious acts. Aspect too, like you're on the hell yeah, I'm sure it's awful wolf, so that whole thing was to avoid the shame that the parents might feel, because you know this above a certain she walked into the to their day. One in Toulouse, just like I'm here, blah blah blah after a little Bundy and then sell real bad from hence slogan. That's where he came from that sound birthday. I know that sounds loving, but so that this whole thing was so her parents and family could avoid James. So she was already
coming from like a super nurturing and support of gene pool would only so that that was good. We very sad enough really good. On TED's official birth certificate, Elinor listed air force that trend and salesmen Lloyd Marshall. His father Le Lloyd, but then she later claimed that a Navy sailor by the name of Jack Worthington was actually the father. Now look We'd Marshal was like now, I'm good, like I'm also He don't worry about Jack Worthington doesn't exist as far as anybody can tell that kind of spooky at like authorities looked into it. No one in the navy at the time was named Jack Worthington or could have been this person, so neither one of these dudes wanted anything to do with TED. Remember when Elinor was allowed to return to her parents home in Philadelphia after she had her baby. She brought newborn TED with her, and the arrangement was going to be such that TED was told. His grandparents were his parents
and Eleanor was actually his older sister was so angry. They talkative so he found tat out. Eventually he did and the grandparents actually pretended to adopt TED from an orphanage those story. They told everybody, so that's how they kind of exploited, the house, would you explain exactly end if you're hiding. It eventually find this out, but you know who else had this exact same situation who Jack Nicholson, no I'm ok, Why are we keep our years an Oscar it probable Maybe to know you cannot live, have sex who knows he's got something He's done some stuff he's been. Some places has done some stuff, I'm pretty sure he has a star in the locker fame. There's no way he doesn't know, he definitely does. I met impressive slick. You gotta go that way right. I mean like let's not blameless,
oh most researchers of this case and biographers claim that TED's cousin was the one who out of this information to him, that shitty, that's an older cousin thing today Ray. I guess they like relentlessly teased him about being a bastard which is an awesome and they then showed his birth, assuming it to him. How I don't know if I believe he's just one story, but yeah yeah either way like this. It's an intensive being very kid to lots of, saw, understand like you can go through. It also tormented people so far in oh, not too crazy. So this wouldn't be a super good basis for starting out, but there were also very persistent reports and rumours their unsubstantiated completely, but there still there is still some meat to them that Samuel Cow, Twas TED's grandfather was actually his father o share, so
That would mean that he's the he would be the product of incestuous rape between our and maybe that's why she kept saying like notices, This is the day my dad's Martha dad in this obviously would be awful and again, that's not substitutes, not completely proven, are confirmed or anything. But if there is like a lot of Lisbon come up a lot and his grandfather wasn't exactly like this sweet link. Let me give you a caramel candy kind of grandfather right, he was said to be abusive, domineering, bigoted and just like a bully. He just wasn't a good guy. Ah some there are reports by historians who study this case that Samuel once through Eleanor Sister is TED's on down a flight of stairs for over sleeping one morning.
Papa does get mad oversleep, but he's never. Throw me down a flight of stairs sobbed. Just short of the address is the correct, very correct, but he's also been known to beat and abuse dogs. FUCK, anybody that around he took a neighbours cat. By my tail swung around his head and through its I've heard, that's not find out if the images come to any just like the act is not funny at all like not act is horrible, so yeah he's. on off any ii, was also said to have like a pretty like intense taste for pornography like collection and who knows of tat stuff, upon this. Imagine if that's how you went down and historically that's what people need you through cats, beat dogs love to already, while. I throw dogs cats, but allow me some porn, like you,
No, that's a good start to I don't know how it's a good sheriff unlike associates about inputs, goods, of prepared in Blue just kidding. God at any, get the same quality frame and lends options that you'd get from an optician for one tenth of the price, including blue blockers, progressives prescription, sunglasses and more the best part trying on any frame anywhere with our three virtual try on zinni dot com. I wear for everyone would interesting thing, is about the poor dog or feel part of this. Is that later, like right before it? Ed can spoil our learnt, TED Bundy was executed in case. You are really hanging onto a thread here. If you didn't know our out, you know it now. Right before you is executed, he started blaming everything on porn. Does it was just Felix everyone? Does that mean? I feel it s. Just like the hail Mary thrown. It's like, I was abused or porn, yeah was abused or porn, or both
what kind of bullshit. So had also told his former friend. Who is the? famous crime. Writer Andrew we'll talk about her later. He told her once that he looked up to his grandfather as a role model. So he loved thrown calves and solid somewhere to warn obviously Mary to Samuel Cow was probably not linking. Oh, arrest. Time are super awesome, romantic Lake Samuel who throws cats. He was probably not awesome as a husband, his TED's grandmother actually is reported to have been so depressed all the time that she was heaved electric shock treatment lay while or to cure of Indonesia. Russian, which was it, was a super controversial of these. I reiterate the day, but people did it and it's kind of like the last resort.
So to review. Ted was wide but his entire parental situation. His grandfather was an abusive asshole and his grandmother was losing her mind, be a shock treatment therapy so not the worst. How is this not bringing we ve heard so far, but not all MR, was mother sister Evelyn nor leg than from what I've heard him talk about it. He said the leg day. They develop our relationship later in life. Ok, when he found out but He also said that she was very like withholding. He didn't feel like you could talk about her to her with about deep things like saxon feelings and, like all the rest, but she felt ashamed not like when she was yeah, and I didn t quite such a weird situation now He wasn't really liquor, particularly evil child. He wasn't like a particularly goofy happy one either uses air metal wasn't. Nothing was really crazy about him, but there is one infamous story.
About him, don't don't dollar three years old, he collected a ton of kitchen knives. Together and laid them all around his aunt as she slept in bed three one another, and I knew that happen. I note your world and when she woke up to see their should show around her tits Ted was sitting on the under the bed, laughing assert Zau. Your kids are almost certain. If they did that to me, I would never fucking walk my foot into the house again. Like that's a moment. That's a moment. Irregular member silly, not wholesome. awesome picture and not his wild ray, we just little TED Bundy MA knives. Thank you like what you can do. What do you even say to that Don't do that. Have you even have ever coordination for eleven years old aunts, impressive maniacal, but moving forward a bit to nineteen fifty one TED's mother, who is
Eleanor married a man named John Bundy, that's where he got his last name. Obviously, I would urge, while you connect those, don't know I didn't know. I like a spoon FED that yes, but I gotta think with this. Marriage came for half siblings which TAT made absolutely no effort to be close to elect fuck. You fuck, you fuck you and you, I think it seems like he was the kind of kid who away our group, to be the kind of adult dad didn't to share anything really with adults, are the worse yeah there. He was not into this new family dynamic, and he was so into material things that wanna things that everybody said about him when he was now that he's very obsessed with how he looked. He was very obsessed with betraying a certain way about him and he was kind of abuse kind of ashamed that his new step father was just like he was either hospital cook or military cook.
both when he wanted him to be where he was like ashamed by it. Ah, what it's like do- He's your grandpa through caps, exactly unusual model cool so that he did get his famous moniker TED Bundy, so in the early years of school. According to his classmates TED was super normal. He was good, looking popular social. He did well academically when he entered the high school years. Things started to become a little less easy for em. You still lucky enough than you. good looking and when you're good looking things do come easier to you as a national knows this and to look at a level that is true only knows the has no, but people get drawn to. You to me when you are worthy of you or drug of illegally nearing its way. By voting comparison, I see a thing It's just that I'm hot and here it is really up for you of a glow about you
I don't get it. Why our believe your own sturgeon, my ego, Euralia, any literally sleeping on the floor no idea you were really entertaining yes, and when you go to high school, his friends from those days said that he wasn't as popular as he wasn't like junior high and below that the lake he was there, like you wasn't yet he wasn't lame, isn't a bottom up! Your time, we're talking about came a little more withdrawn and like a little awkward and social situations. I think he also had a stutter sometimes which I can write made him nervous. So, despite this weird awkward face, he had he didn't or college at the University of Washington and nineteen sixty seven, there is when he met became enamored with a very special lady grew. You kind of look like that's all. I know how to feel about that. You loved her and I both love that and I'm frightened by that
He is dead, now serious spoilers. Spoiling pillar is still dad he's still. Then he went on Berrigan Yakima comeback. Nowhere her name was Stephanie Brooks that is not her. Real men. Nobody knows her real name. I wouldn't want anyone to know my kind of understand that, because This is one of those things. Are they kind of blame the woman who rejected and every time is kind of bullshit? She was a little older than him, and she came from a super wealthy family. I think, like a political family, she wore her hair dark straight and parted down the middle, which is, seems like an insignificant detail depending on aeroplanes, pretty relevant throughout this whole thing. He was he was sitting in. This is important because he so concerned with material things and wealth in the status that she was kind of. Like the idea of the golden share you to fall, she was smart and she was wealthy right powerful, so they data for a while. But then Stephanie was the one who broke up with TED when she grew
She waited in nineteen sixty eight. The reasoning was, she thought he was kind of immature and that he did black direction. So you know your kind premature. You act direction, I'm I'm good! I'm graduating! I'm gonna break up of the richest clean, acceptable you can bring Arcos like someone, you can reject someone and it's not your fault. If they go murder. People smoke blame yourselves. Just going to award is protected. Everybody needs to stop blaming the women in these sick. Nation called this recent school shooter thing. all the headlines are saying like the one of the first victims was a girl who, directed the shooter and made him feel bad, and it's like so this little boy. This little asshole was taught that He deserves everything he wanted it on he's, gonna kill over their eyes, not he's gotta go on a murderous freely fava, and if this girl does want to day, you move the fuck on it's, not her fault, re heat that enhanced, like how do you put that on the person and that's a narrative, the sketch spy tigers, eminent I'll, go out and stay killer, Bonnie Bonnie everyone
The areas like always have been Barneys faults and it's like no, no just a day if the assholes fault, but who it is so, we're not upset about answering they're gonna get off my so popular quick, so TED was devastated by this break up because she was like everything he want exactly according to him like he was madly in love with her earnings are shoot this first true love. If you could even feel love, that's a bummer. Yeah and his own brother, one of his half brothers. There said that he is noticeably depressed and that he had always been really in control of his motions he was very clearly out of control afterwards yeah and he even dropped out of college at one point after this. So this is definitely when things changed, but again stop spinning the narratives that it was somehow Duda Stephanie. Unfortunately, it does become clear that he chooses his victims based on Stephanie's
physical characteristics the long brown hair parted in the metal. You think thousand intentional thing, or do you think he wanted to address, like, oh, I M afraid, shut off inside him that he couldn't control. No, I mean he killed more than thirty women. They all looked almost identical. I'd, say: that's her issues like three people that he killed a blackberry sissy coincidence, the thirty is just making. That decision is so, while two leaves this really angry at the rejection. I think that we as the EU is just a bought. Her little bitch good barium, but her by her little bash jagged little bitch, but our little bed schukert level onion. So This is also one tab decided to become the ultimate creep start, a long con that was directed solely at revenge against Stephanie for regularly just breaking up with him. So talk about them of most fragile of egos and when I say you started along con. He literally Mould
his entire life around getting once moment of revenge. while here and will see how this goes. So it was around this time the TED decided to re enter college at the University of Washington and he majored in psychology. They should be noted because he didn't just arbitrarily choose that major a kind of becomes clear that each as a method, to better understand how like manipulate people and on his wife S, parts of the human psyche in what works to get people. Don't trust you all that craziness that he uses to lower his victims ya, so he was playing the Khan, and this was a huge part of it. He ends up doing really well this time. He becomes an honor honesty cause you gotta, give me any does well socially. He looked etiquette really turns around in this also when he threw himself into politics? So in case you couldn't already predict this. He was a very staunch Europe.
Look here and in nineteen sixty eight. He worked for Seattle Office of Nelson Rockefellers presidential campaign and attended the republican national com, sailor Miami that's kind of crazy. After this he worked for the chairman of the Washington Republican Party, who referred to him. Ass, quote a believer in the system, so he was basically a typical Republican who desired being part of the elite, it's in kind of frowned upon the idea of distribution of wealth. time where a lot of men and women were sporting, the long hair and the hippy thing head with super clean cut and conserve, and not about the typical conservative during this time he did and ups beginning and being involved with a significant relationship with a woman who didn't under murdering he did a woman name, Liz now I think that her alias that chooses Liz Kendall. Do you know her real name, but I dont think she likes it used places
so I'm not can ride on here. If you want to find it you'll find it. I do something really cool This call is live here three year old daughter and they data for five years no, she had a daughter, yeah, crazy and the values fine with the daughter. So like he wasn't killer kids, he was, twelve year olds o share so nearly about later, but so they did for five years and later lives would recall that there definitely were see ironing signs that she kind of I saw right some like really big warning signs. Yeah, there's some weird things going on in there one thousand eight hundred and seventy three TED was accepted to the University of Utah LAW School, so he was doing really well. It looks like he was going to become a prominent lawyer or politician, or both I mean if he just went with this and was it interesting, would have been something he probably gotta, be something really successful
Maybe I'm rate buzz This is when he met back up with Stephanie again, oh god, against any. scented, the new and improved TED now changed himself completely one an immature anymore than lack direction and she fell for it hook, line and thinker. He began seeing her again while he was still in a relationship Was neither woodland knew about the other one, so he was a pig on top of being a serial rape Demeter Green once he had Stephanie he really real therein they started talking about getting married like they got serious shit went down. This is so mean He I'm pretty sure he ended up proposing to her in one. She said. Yes, he cut her off completely, but he basically He goes to her in this whole long con like everything he did up to this point four five six years
to FUCK Earl dress for that moment when he could propose to her get the yes get the validation that he was worthy and then go fuck off unjust. walk away. I just don't understand like you're so obsessed with her. You should have just married her and then that's it, but I don't think you link. he can really, but he doesn't. It thinks, like outer, put like his level of petty, level of violence jet occasion avail. That's the one impressive thing about tat is his: what level teddy right level most aspire to serve? in nineteen. Seventy four. He was twenty seven years old and this is one he committed. His first murder There is suspicion that he murdered a young neighbour when he was fourteen years old, but that's never been confirmed. It's weird and its basically based off of the fact that he lived in the same town as this girl is. Fuzzy who so wasn't like magneto anywhere to it. He never any minute
every day I didn t he didn't really the youth use pretty. He wasn't too forth, coming. They a gotta, pull a lot at him cause you in fact, and I'm gonna play a couple clips during this There is a view interviews where, when he would confess things he would start whispering. Oh yeah, it's the creep, then you will ever hear nearly gets going to ruin your life's some say. Welcome, but it's only like you, I couldn't say loudly way used to James. I got out of it, but he would whisper it. It was crazy. So That's so that same year, nineteen, seventy four! That's what of Young college women started coming up missing in Seattle and Oregon area story, started, circulating about a lot of them being seen with a handsome man who identified himself ass tat yeah, because this fucker didn't even come up with a fake name here, just introduce absurd,
Tina so January. Fourth, nineteen, seventy four eighteen year old Karen sparks was, sleep in her basement apartment. She was a college student at the University of Washington and he was awoken in the middle of the night by Bundy literally just viciously beating her in the head and every Did he like Starker before Will he must have just seen her in? following yeah, and he was beating her with a metal bar that he'd removed from her bed frame was FARC. She had house like roommates and they found her the next day and said that the metal bar had been savagely jammed inside of her.
which he does a few more times armed guard? That makes my hearing. That seems to be some that, like any doesn't do it every time the leg he does it enough when he is really pissed off yeah. Well, she survived what yeah, did she have like in turn on your name? Had life changing injuries, he had I mean she had brain damage and irreparable damage story. Colonel organs, WA lives for with the rest of it like a she like, like. Mostly functioning. Though I mean I don't know a lot about her now. I'm sure she probably is not to forthcoming with everything by air yeah. He basic ruined her fucking life to survive. That is just. And about over the years we ve called many important sportsman. Sprite, wins challenges and comebacks. Call right now is about all three. This is Merrill Reese and I might quick supporting it.
what message from Independence Blue cross together as a team, we can be comin nineteen by getting the backseat. I've learned that there are safe, effective and rigorously testing. So, let's make this the biggest come back and filling his together. We will be covered nightly the same year in February, first, twenty one year old, Linda an Healy, ended up being his first victim that didn't Sarah. She was spotted by tat at a local bar and she was just hang out with friends. She ended up leaving early because she had a job announcing the ski, whether report and the local radio station. So she was gonna have to get up early and do that. He was like an avid scare, too which I don't know if you just knew the choose. Urfa was I in, but he ended up following are from the bar. She living in a parliament with four other roommates and offer these roommates were
He doesn't care about down at all about and many good like zero fox zero. She ended a going to sleep around ten p m that night. There are people sleeping right in the next room right. It was sharing a wall, TED broke into a room and immediately used a crowbar to beat her head. Oh He then so she had it. There was blood all over her all of her nightgown. He took her nightgown off and hung it up on a hanger and put it in the closet. The most terrifying thing. I've ever heard. He then redressed her in other clothes, wrapped a sheet around her wrapped, her head in a pillow case, and then re made the bed before taking her with him out the window. All this with people in the next room, so when she didn't arrive at work the next morning, that's when there were called the house and her roommates answered him, we're late I don't like nothing she's, not here, not weird, until they pulled back the blankets and found
below one everywhere: blood soaked, everything and then they found the nightgown in the closet. They never found her body. The only piece of her that was ever found was a job on it in the records from that to identifier. So only her jawbone was ever found, while in these next for cause, he's the sprit man he is. He has a lot of people these next few. or are sometimes known is like the tailor mountain skeletons. This is it. This is a place where you like to bring bodies. It was like his person
skeleton garden! Unless you like a little like if Artie wasn't seminar guardian, this just say no things get a little weird, and yet not one less as a definite get US part. So will the little talk about the first victim here in these next? For is a nineteen year old Donna, Gale MACE Manson. It was on March twelfth nineteen. Seventy four. It was in a limp IA, Washington. She was super smart ever in state college student she was known to like take off for a few days at a time. Sometimes so she wasn't reported missing for six days. He got her. He was the one who claimed responsibility for her murder and he claimed that some of those remains that were found until around or hers, but he wouldn't say how he killed her so she was found remains were found, but without belonged to her violently once again in the next one is eight.
in your old Susan Alain ran court. She this was on April, seventeenth, nineteen, seventy foreign Ellsberg Washington. She had to work or ass off to get through school to pay for school. She was averaging of four point now, while and tat night. She had gone to a meeting around eight p m and it was too it was for an opportunity for a job because she's working to us after your school, like a boss, that was the last time she seemed alive, was utterly only her skull was and until among which, since he he's he D, captives Riah not well, it doesn't seem like he does a while they're alive. He does it after hours of the night, ok, obviously, but when he goes back right, yeah We're going to get to that inky revisits for sure the next one is twenty: two year old, Roberta Kathleen Parks. It was on May sixth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. That was an aura.
She was an organ state. University student is really in the codes shoes majoring in world religions, and she had agreed to meet friends for coffee that same evening, but she never arrive. Now her skull was found with the others on Taylor Mountain and it was over two hundred and fifty miles from where His last seen alive, while really traffic slave dumping around the next one is twenty two year old, Brenda Carol Ball and it was on June. First night Seventy four year anniversary, just gonna, say my anniversary, not the year, but the date it was this was in Washington. She was last seen leaving talking to a man with his arm and fling a tavern parking lot. She was known for being we spirit, and our friends thought nothing unusual of her not on asking them for a little while, because I'm a free sphere free spirit. So
and I never answer the group shall don't go with people with slings- ok, I'm also caring. I know- you're like an assertive asshole like you're, like answer in the things. They are not necessarily a free spirit. I wouldn't know, would not call myself a free spirit, a very Taipei and what we are complete opposite resentfully are that's why this works towards opening Brenda Skull was the first found by students working until around yeah, so these these skulls in particular, I mean most of the bodies that they found her. he admitted and they found that he would actually visit them quite often TED Bundy was definitely a necrophilia, feel a neck Raphael. I think it's also go, but he would go
after these bodies, he'd redress them. He changed their clothes he put make. burn them. They really gives it all. Yes, you do their hair and he would have extra them until they were too provide to have sex with. So just sell bizarre to on that? I mean that They were literally dead bodies outside in the woods on a mountain in the elements and he was coming back. many times I don't know I mean how do you get away with that? I think not. There's not a lot of macro files, no lakes! floating around you get away with. It also picked this area. Has it some very around nobody's just walking through here? That's this is
one of those interests so crazy to think of it. I now it's crazy. The next victim is Freshmen University of Washington student Georgian Hockins. She was walking behind her authority house one night and was stopped by TED when he was when she was just sixty feet from her door, so he had fake crutches. or a fake casts, I think it was fed crutches. I've seen two different seek in dreams like you is crutches Morceau, so he pretended to drop his things, his books and she was a super nice person and she was like. Let me help you pick these up, because it seems to be another running. Seem he prayed on people's good nature. Ya, like he used fake, crutches, fake CAS slick? Can you help me when I was asked these women to help him and they would agree to because they were
a students and they were like. I just want to help everybody formalistic everybody innocent. I noted that me will you I'm never helping anybody. I don't help people because they help yourself. I don't know what to say about that. I never helping I never helping a strange man who s me no, and you can bring our nobody came over to you when some ten, but I D Inga minute sure what I take a be sure when once I saw that there was no front seat in his be w bug out would be remedied emissary. Why gal worth it all get about it, so she agreed to help him pick on his books and when she picked up the looks he was like all my car's right there. My super unassuming beige, be w bug super here so here
they can use this help me put them in the car because I have crutches- and this is hard and she was like totally that's fine She opened the passenger door to place the books down and she was like Well, that's weird! You dont have a pass your side seat alarming and before she could even get a second to ponder this. He will or on the back of the head, with a crowbar that he had hidden in the wheel. Well done so use totally ready for this. He then pushed her into the place where the front seat was forced to be, and he had taken it out, so he had their ready. They started driving out of town cause of sure he was going to take her where he took office. Yeah, but she woke up suddenly bad. I was merely delirious, unlike messed up, because she had been a man with a crow hard. She started babbling about a spanish test.
When we conduct the fact that she was suddenly conscious, freaked him out and was not part of the plan, so he stopped the car. He took her out of the car and beat her with the pro bar and we're not positive how he killed her, but her body has never been found. So The next victims are bananas, because air, nay, I may ass, truly be a man ass, because this was in broad daylight in front of forty thousand two. Fifty thousand witnesses Listen to me. I was going to ask you to say that came out colonel. The perverse insatiable like I don't either on how you acted them in front of all these people here. So this is going to take place at a place called lakes, some Amis and its initial choir Washington, which is eight miles. if its eastern, if its fully live, if eight miles east of Seattle
Is it the homage Seattle smiles in Sofia? Verdure? Really? So it's so guys. It's hot mountains. So this is a huge state park. It's like five hundred and twelve acres is the beach. Yes, it has lots of water and beach areas in the summer time it's packed with people sunbathing, hiking, picnicking, doing water sports boating knowledge it So it should. I love to do that, you're all about the mall about that life. So this is what was on July 14th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. So one thousand nine hundred and seventy four was a very busy year. It was really crowded this day. And that's because there were also a lot of companies doing there like picnic
things that day, so they estimate that there was between forty thousand and fifty thousand people there that, while that's like a small city So it was around noon on this day that a man, a handsome man, approached a twenty, the old woman named Mary Ozma she'd been hang out. Unlike a grassy, no near a ton of other people that eating lunch, she wasn't hidden away from the publishers and all right, they're townspeople, this young guy, who is described by a ton of other people. There is wearing a White T shirt genes any at his injured. In a sling ought to marry and he asked her to help him move his sailboat. Why, No, if a man ever walks up to you and it's like can use only move as both real quick eye, Why not? A bolder lake throw up a red flag rope yeah and I'm not blaming victims here of the saying like for future re, unjustly
taken. Note that with you, you don't do that. Just tell him Why would you really like? I don't know how to do that? Ivy league? Why are you asking me to move your boat? What language does our bow and wondering accountability? For you know, I'm a boat mover right. What about me says that, So she agreed to help him, which he later does say he was super good looking, so I went with them. Silly girl, ok, ok, she did it to help him. She followed him out of the area to his be easily w bug. Diana and Mary sees no sailboat, so she's like yeah about any, like oh yeah, the boat like a short ride up the road at my parents house, so you just have to get in the car with me go, get it and look. Why don't you know anyone that can help us exactly so merry? immediately gets weird it out, and her instincts are like
during the day, and so they were a little weight to the party, but they came, for instance, did come and she says actually I'm really sorry. I can't help you because I thought the boat was here and actually already late, because I was supposed to be my parents for lunch, like at one thousand two hundred and thirty, so he's actually super nice. He apologizes to her for inconveniencing and for like not having the boat. There right he's not aggressive at all and even like walks, her back to the grassy, nor in his like thanks for that help. Imagine your fucking experience but TED Bundy. So she lived if this sounds a little familiar. This whole lore, but maybe you ve seen silence of the lambs allowing the glare reminding you of Buffalo Bill That scene, where he of ducks the woman after you man, Sir, to help remove any, and he has a cast
that stresses me. Oh, that's modeling, so that was modeled after TED Bundy. They took that from his actual em all and she goes first in the manner that is like bar. That always makes me come like no widely and see it's like she's, a nice lady. Should Something that's what happens, but she was too so that in work form, obviously, and it turns out that later we find out that he did this to several women that day so users. looking for someone, nobody, he was right. I'm you gonna go after that same day he approached another woman. Twenty three year old Janis ought who was five feet tall and actually have long blonde hair, which only outlier he just meet. someone so bank users really Johnson, so she it moved to the area to take a job, helping children, saucer yeah, another just good person
She was alone that day and had written her back to the beach just to sunbathe. He introduced himself as TED like didn't, make up a name and he's in front of a ton of people. Remember so these people hearing him and she agreed to help him with the whole boat shit because he made these the same bullshit line when they got to the car. She saw that wasn't a boat and before she could say anything, he punch turn the face pushed her into the car where the front passenger seat was taken out in front of so many people and he strangled her, and they believe that he took her to another location like in the woods a killer and that he tied her up like immobilize there and kept legal. after their so wishing alive. So they think she was alive. She was killed later. They found her bones scattered in this area later and she was decapitated about point us
but so once he had left her in this place a couple of hours later, he came back to cement lakes, managed so he left her there and laughed and the bear came back to the beach and approached other woman. Eighteen year old, Denise, Netherlands, so she was at the park with friends and she just stepped away for a second about the bathroom. He like matter outside the restroom. He used the same bullshit line same broken arm bullshit. God was nice and agreed to help Her job on in femur worthy only things our found wildly, and these are worthy identified victims and they were also found along with an eye on identified. Skeleton scouts will remain in the same area, only found the crowbar so as it turns out, he had kept Janis somewhere where I had tied her up somewhere. Well,
got a niece and then he brought a niece back in terrorize them together. Oh my god, and then he ended up killing wanted. One of them's saw the other one be killed, so they were, they had a fucking nightmare. I mean I can't even further So, and they don't even know each other, no they're, just the winter speak out too in total public area broad daylight rate. Like I'm a man, I can't yeah it's like blue book. You safe, if you don't see from a beat on a beach with fifty thousand people around you, these days world getting more screen time, which means were also getting more blue light exposure than ever before to much blue light. can make your eyes feel tired, Dr Weir blurry? it can also affect your sleep zombies blocks lenses, help to protect the eyes by keeping harmful blue light out because virtually clear, ad block to any any frame for stylish all day, protection get a complete,
air prescription or nonprescription blocks glasses, starting it. Just twenty four dollars protect your eyes. it's any dot com. it turns out. A group of three women were sitting really close to where Janis was initially approach by tat in one of these women clearly over hard their conversation and heard him introduce himself said. She also knew what his car was Caesar bad Virginia. So more people around the area also heard him say his name was TED, so this was super bosnian risky. He added especially grabbing to women and brought in why having someone in the face and broadly Liberia, it's like he was really going crazy. So these people went to the police with a simple people whose girls disappeared, saying Now I was, I love. I'm gonna to out a podcast right now, true, I'm garage everybody should go as new cause. They're awesome.
They had a really interesting now that I just wanted to share, and I want to give them credit for it that Jack the Ripper also committed a double homicide. on one night. He was another one in that's really rare yeah. So it's interesting that may be TED was inspired by this toy. Be worse, like you strangling outdo Unwrast infamous he was there, be the revised. This whole thing clearly put the eyes right on him and the King County police. Took all the info, then they got all the descriptions and they broadcast it everywhere and they set up a tip line while releasing a composite from the descriptions and they re getting like two hundred tipsy day. Lao so the composite sketch is ridiculous. I'm gonna look like tat, do end up producing A revised sketch that looks a little more than a lot, but I feel it. No, I don't, I guess schedule. Does anybody, but the initial sketch and put it like honour and cigarettes its? He has a bold.
eyes and a huge after a high would we saw offended limits it just doesn't know what lovely sailing one of the things that's interesting. TED Bundy is that he was super handsome, but he was also super generic like it's like. He was a kind of handsome that you're like this, just like no think at all american and actually like he was like apple pie, legates, and so that allowed him to change his look very suddenly, and look like a totally different person, so you that's another thing. I have to go Centre Instagram page, because this really crazy look at. If you look at all the pictures that they have of him throughout. The EU does look different legal traditions in an agreement over the hearse. You girl, beard, you'd grove,
no kind of his hair and a little more you'd, eleven, a little more styled, he would wear. Turtleneck sutra tease like a date changes Stuyvesant lightly in its leg. So he really could come to stay ahead of all this. He was apple pie. Real bad, wise use, rotten apple pie. Sign their name that rotten apple pie veterinary one way? we're really just willing, I hope so like musicians arouses listening to us, I mean give us money or something, but they were calling. These it is the TED murders for awhile, because that's all they knew about him is that is fundamentally of TED talk right leg, just the TED murders, so the tests, some notable tips that came into the step line. One Tipp came from his. College you profess no way who said I got a weirdo in my class that looks at his neighbors TED Bundy, so you literally with larger vessels over thirty as yet another time came from an rule who
I should totally read her book. Stranger beside me: it's fucking off the she worked with, it's insane yeah. It turned out that an ruled volunteered alongside tat at this crisis suicide hotline be like they were. They were tasked with literally talking people down from suicide. Which I not fully TED Bundy, would be a good fellow. He was great at right. There like she said he was amazing at it he was compassionate. He was leg, he talked. He says she says he saved many lives, which is so bizarre, so weird and he. She also said they really good friends like they went out to lunch. They like hung out these kept in touch for like years after this where'd, she was even link for awhile She was like. I can't see him doing this like she was shocked. Should I say that I'm gentle good to her, she used to walk him out. He used to walk her out to her car and what it was like late night. and he always said lock your doors, because I don't want anything happening to you, but
we're and it's like. Will he knew how horrible people can basis why do you care about her while she I wonder that gazelles equal- she was a woman, rightly so, but she didn't fit description now allow his his leg. You know type. and she was a little older at the time still higher than he was like old enough that it he was more into a copy, Your college girl in the I think he just he looked at Her- is like an actual friend wound. crazy we're that serial killers can have for yeah, and I actually have a clip here of annual talking about this really clip. So just the fact that this is a guy, as you mentioned earlier, that treat each other very well. Yes, like was protected,
I think so he had his victims had to be someone. I didn't know it all Bob couple. The budgetary detective yarn undertook once the ten. If he talked to them a woman for more than twenty minutes, then she was go good as a victim because he Dickens had to just be objects. He didn't want to have any emotional connection, so I probably was saved is in my mother's arms also. He liked slender
colleagues had long dark, hair parted in a mental bland slender. Since I was four and I have read here, which is slowly commitment to silver, so he I think he'd like me, but I think he also used me sure you'd later on. He one against me as a conduit to TAT task force up here, because he didn't want to talk to him directly that he wanted to send messages to the third who took their commitments. Kind of interesting is from the wise old girl friend, MRS Banana. Just couldn't put any other coincidence is out of her mind the car. scorpion and the name kind of warlike match your my Mammy ETA and she claims that he'd be he'd, been acting strange, that he'd staying up all night beings-
creative about. Where he's going. She found some weird shit in their how, in that, he was only interested in sex when he could basically involve bonds general telling her eye her up, and she was an end to that. So she was like I'm not really into that, and you get angry at her when choosing house like so that what ever footsore boatmen now so, We're gonna, stop it radio la that of a cliffhanger, because this is about the time that they're kind of closing in on TED on them. we're going to hang onto that for a while when we come back neck in you know, I think when we post. This it'll be like a couple days from the first one being posted, so in a couple days, you're gonna hear about the famous Kyle make murders saw by famous for so much it's bad, shaker, easy, really, that's crazy and we
only scratch the surface. Oh yeah, we're just gonna start inherent ready. This could even be three parts, but I've been going to go into the circle I'll do whatever we want new, and everyone is our protest, so you TED Bundy Gas, the beginning sleep tight, Don't let them Bonteen body on whereby by and weird he got one of the things that nailed his coffin is a bite me They found don't wanna devised by It was not know by because we're not gonna top that an eye on that, but also some DR outside gas written review, who share and share ass shares with your friends, your weird friendship, and check this out on Instagram and Facebook in Itunes and all the good things you know
where we are sent airy, will find us into us. I know your hair, so we hope you keep listening. We hope view. Keep it weird. We have an alibi. Streaming only on pick up a new regional common me punk. Then we are late. He puts a confused mixed hash. Anthems saw a girl, our people to live in front. We are lady part. All the cells dreaming now only arbiter
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