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Episode 52: The Missing Panama Tourists Mini Morbid

2019-03-16 | 🔗
For Alaina's Mini Morbid, we will take a look at the baffling case of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. After embarking on a philanthropic journey to Central America from the Netherlands, both young women went missing in the Panama jungle in 2014. When scant remains of the missing women were found some time later, along with cell phones that called for help several times and a camera with spooky photos, the case took a turn from confusing to scary. What happened to Kris and Lisanne out there?Sources:https://www.elitereaders.com/photos-tourists-mysteriously-disappeared/https://allthatsinteresting.com/kris-kremers-lisanne-froonhttps://www.thedailybeast.com/the-lost-girls-of-panama-the-full-story
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Things I thought could never happen in a punk bank was a new regional calmly streaming only on visa fees, mix of passions, sour side, welcomes Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna, from where we are lady parts, all the Celts booming. Now only I'm peacock, hey weirdos, I Molina I'm ash and this So many morbid woe, many many, many, many more bad. Many morbid many morbid many more. You guys that song and sewed away, let him in Moreover, we got a couple of people ask- and I ain't even tell you this until right now who, if we can make that available as a ring tones
is a patriot and I was like yeah. How do we do No, but I want to figure it out and I want to make it available to the Fijians because they imagine if people use it as an alarm. Sound levy amazing and the human population woke up to my voice. I just want to put it out there ass, you wrote a hit You wrote composed and produced a hit the academy. For considering me, it's very impressive. You know, but on the net. Oh, I see the first place, I might add, wow that was leg whale distressing to change the law. balls necessity? I'm gonna go ahead and cut back we are going to. I just wanna quickly start off unkind of a giant bummer note now I know, but I think it's important to say. Today, while we record we all woke up
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for that, if you ve sent one in or if you have one but just been Bruin under the surface, now's the time send it to us some time do our first listener story coming up so yeah, that's about all the business so as you jump right into this ESA what's your many morbid about so today I M going to be talking about low over what the missing girls in Panama. Ah news it I'm talking about twenty one year old risk tremors in twenty two year old Lee Sand from now. Story. Is bonkers bananas cougar, not man like that go to sleep tonight even unresolved, although if you aren't you authorities over there and solved, but a lot of people like sense, is allowed it twists and turns We love allusion road. Where is it start this right of Moscow.
both of them Chris cram recently sand fruits are hikers and they were tourists from the Netherlands waiter Second, I know this case crazy gave all I'm worried of this case. It is a fair gave. You suck China both one missing in early two thousand and fourteen, while taking a hike in Panama. scattered and scant remains were eventually found, but how they died in the circumstances surrounding their disappearance is still hotly contested. Damn I'm so far. Fell so LISA Prune was born. Peter and Denny Food on September, twenty. Fourth: ninety ninety one in aims are fort in the Netherlands, Those who knew her described her as brave she like take rest, Hugo Skydiving pseudo Super athletic especially in volleyball, she was a huge volleyball star and choose high the intelligent choose also We had a very athletic physique shoes. speak tall and she loved was photography.
After graduating, from college with a degree in applied sciences in psychology. She moved in with her friend Chris Kramer's, who she worked at some cafe, where they work together Chris Kramer's was born August. Ninth. Ninety ninety two to HANS and Rowley in Aims, are fort in the Netherlands as well. You described as very outgoing. She was an actress at one point, She had strawberry blonde hair blue eyes, should two brothers an older one younger in college at Utrecht. Kirsty. She studied cultural, social education and focused on art education, while Spuzzum Alex superstar USA Super athletic. From everything I read it looks like Lee San was like the rest, the more risk taker of the two great Chris would go along with things, but she was a little more cautious when it came to the stuff so Celebrate lessons recent graduation in the spring of two thousand and fourteen the two than planned, like an epic trip to Panama, They were gonna volunteer, as social workers has not
We were they super smart Soubrettes like super brave. There were also super philanthropic. I love that word annoyed issue, The trip would focus on doing some philanthropic work with the locals well there, and they also wanted to learn Spanish. real world setting right, so they I dont know I'm assuming they knew some Spanish in these kind of wanting to use it in the real world around to get better at it. They both saved for six straight months for the trip and they plan to stay in Panama for six weeks on March, fifteenth two thousand fourteen days parted from Amsterdam and landed in Panama for the first two weeks. just towards Panama, because they When they first arrived, the administrators from the programme they were volunteering forward were ready to receive them. Yet so when they, is there anyone who do so? They just hung out. Like me, no toward Panama D Kirsty things and Wonders I have no, if you guys can be it. We're neighbors dog is like losing shit, scant, Craig,
after the two weeks they then arrived in both cats on the twenty. Ninth. it was the beginning of the one month of volunteering, they were going to do with children. At this point they were staying with a host family there and there are plain to see. this family for about four weeks April. First, two thousand and fourteen is when the story really begins, at around eleven am christened lease and set out on a hike, never a good plan, just don't hike. Everybody thought We learned anything from diet, love pass dont do to stop. Now you know walk you need a tour guide to hike as a tourist in Panama, because exuberant like the jungles are not like not so they really do recommend linking territory, but they didn't go the target
Well, no, not this time- and this was this- was really dangerous to do, and actually one of the last journal entries that crests wrote in her journal was quote: go with the panamanian flow. This hike took them into the clouded forests that surround the Berulle volcano funds, for instance, it is very intense, these kind of forest clouded. Forests are just straight up like rain forest style, oh like this Flash there's this mudslides like it can be dangerous because, as a lotta rain that happens, but if you catch it and like the right time sport is beautiful, This trail was not far from both cat where they were staying and they even took their host families. Dog blue with Oh they day, I didn't know that Blue was a husky, Canada, dog and apparently they were intending to hike to the continental divide, which was like a four hour hike each way regret, and once you get to the continental divide, it's like you can look over to these
seeing views and all the good stuff. But if you go on the other side, it's just like pandemonium like it's just like scary, so many jungles and just not trails that you wanna taken stock of shit, so the trail was they took, is known for the most part and has like three parts to it. The first part is pretty Ben and has a beautiful scenery and pasture. this like open up around it, sounds like a wailing amazing pretty easy to hike at this point. Ok, then you and The straight up jungle was, I, like I'm leaving, I Billig dancing. but you know that they are done vegetation, insects, animals everywhere in sex by the only panda Young, it's no good. So that takes about an hour and a half and then you enter the cloud forest. Ok, which is supposed to be fucking amazing. The key forest is known, is literally what it sounds like then another thirty men
since that you're going up the mountain and that's when you're above the clouds? Oh, that's so cool! It's upholstery unreal I can imagine, but if you go across the divide, like I said, then you're entering the thick jungles with trails not made for tourists, isn't canyons ravines, gorgeous and shit that you just only way across. Most of these things on that side of the continental divide is by these things called monkey bridges, oh no, which are just straight up. Rope in all it is, is to rope like hope on either side of you that you hold and then one rope that you stand on our holding them and then just walking across now when they set out on this hike. They only and one bottle of water and no food with them interesting They were planning on going on a short on this hike. That's it like hiking before I was up hiking the four hours back, RO I eat every four. I may I do too, but you know they didn't pack for, like some crazy hike to get up to this thing see the sights and come back down now the Perry
posted on social media that they were going to walk around or pet before this soon Now there are confirmed witnesses that say they saw them having brunch with two other dutchmen before going out on the trail. Ok, so rich. People here this move argonauts do like sums weird but they apparently knew these men and can never look at the first glance and they had photos with them like hang out the beach and certainly think where energy needs acquaintances. So it wasn't strange not what's this he's threed virtual try on pretty cool right, whether those prices real debate glasses for men yep. They also have affordable blue light glasses seriously. At those prices get em all I like red death is going Zante, dotcom, prescription glasses, starting at six. Ninety five refresh your summer: it why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted smooth, easing repression? or refresher handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes, and
mix, barrier, strawberry bananas, smoothie crafted, keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted refresher in smooth these made brush your way at. Why? Why. things took a turn for the really bad. When evening, fell really bath and blue returned home without Chris orally SAM, oh, no the whole family was freaking out. Let's, while the he'd like me, he ran back uncle Blue, go blue, the host families are freaking out, may eventually got in touch with the sands parents. Ok they're, like we don't know what's going on here Lessons parents immediately became worried when they were not getting any messages back from her and they they couldn't. She wasn't contacting them, they couldn't contact her. Right. The family had been using the what's up. Do you keep in touch throughout the term? Yeah thumb exam so the next day the police were finally called. They were called Tor guides, name Feliciano, who was supposed to meet them.
Girls in the morning, at about eight a m, but when they failed to show up, he became really concern the next yeah, so they were meeting him because they had arranged for him to take them on a hike like atm. So why did they go out on their own? The day before I mean like In short, I gotta get back, but that's how do you still? It's like you need guides for this? Can zoom even further the one year before that is necessary to have a guide. Just like one of those things, you should really have but maybe they were just like what I like, and it's like you're, going to hike at eight a dot m the next morning, like maybe chill I really love a good hike yeah. I don't know if that's just a strange little detail, the people were like the police went straight to the host family and they just Herman immediately that Kris and Lisanne had never had never returned from the hike like they're telling them the truth. Cuz I first they're like April. Third, is what
searching began, they utilised aerial searching. They have locals, including farmers and indigenous tribes, to help with, like a decency search ah April six, both of the girls parents flew into Panama, accompanied by Dutch Valise as well, a while the dutch police force came with special forces detectives an canine mulish lit for ten days street. All of these, entities searched but came up with absolutely nothing naughty. read of evidence that they were even in that jungle elsewhere, nothing and it is a huge struggled- oh yeah yeah, but they were growing on the Where are they were similarly guy? They couldn't find any any raising aerial searches. They found nothing while their parents released a thirty thousand dollar reward for any information about their whereabouts. At this point, so sad wasn't until ten weeks later on June, fourteenth that a backpack was brought into the police,
the backpack was found by adding a Gobi woman and a Gobi is like the local indigenous tribe. She had found it near Riverbank River Bank and also Romero in the region of bogus del Toro. This place was. Well hours by foot from the continental divide. They were hiking to the continental divide and stopping. and her displace, where her backpack was found, was twelve hours by foot from the continental divide, a vessel that so they would have had to do that. Roper They were now to walk twelve hours from the continental divide, so clearly they don't let that far. Very far, so the woman who brought it into the police said she knew that bad. Wasn't there the day before, while she was tending to her rice, Patty near the river shit and its like it was in though she said it didn't look like it looks like somebody put it there right. After a search of the contents, which included eighty three dollars in cash to browse Two pairs of sunglasses, lessons passport, a water bottle again
Power shot access to seventy camera? LISA Samson Galaxy phone increases Iphone for everything was dry as a bone and in great condition outward. It was determined that the bag did belong to listen, there's two browser yeah We too, I mean, I think, they're really brows orally bikini tops something positive outcome, aware it was the phones and the camera that provided the most evidence, but also the most confusion shape. I know what's happening and I already once data was collected from the phones. It was discovered that both girls had attempted to call the police several tat. He thought any time that, like a cameras found, it gives me the super here I get so Excel. Did want to cameras found. No. I know if we have made no meeting that happens on a couch because you're like like little
what has happened, but it so creep line at the last hours of somebody's low yak has lived through, their eyeball league will post a few pictures that get were our off. This came La Instagram and it really is, like you, see them like being very care free on the height for a lot of engineers, like you, don't feel so badly any look at it and it's not like you don't know it's about happened. It's like no one knows what happened right like naughty no one stop. I have goosebumps. Also the local emergency number was one one too, and they were calling and they were also calling none on one which Panama also uses. Ok at or thirty nine p M, which was a couple hours after they had set out on the hike Christmas phone made, the first call to police, which was only it was only a few hours after they had gone on a hike. Lee Sand made the second call for fifty one p m. So only a few minutes later right, Fortunately, there was pretty much no reception whatsoever on April third, which is when the searching had begun officially another,
I was made to police and lasted one second before the signal collar bone. Now, so what people are searching for them. They were calling the police. Might I hate that on April fifth, Lee since battery died, so her phone was done off Christmas phone was switched on several times to search for signal, but no more calls were made April six. This is a weird thing on April. So Ex several incorrect pin codes were entered into Christmas phone by yet after all, These attempts, the phone never had the correct, pin code entered ever again, nope literally So that's when someone started trying to get into the bone and couldn't put in the right, then why would you like worrying and trying to get into the phone? I don't now there is that sounds. Creepy is and should be put my theory about it is that possibly Chris was incapacitated or dead.
And the other was trying to ITALY, sand was trying to get under phone to call for help because her battery had died, and maybe she didn't know her pen, ok, always know you, friends, pen and alone see, I don't know a lot of might now. My dear Monica nor recent ass, it might have been bad or somebody else could be. Turning in the front rank over three is between April seventh, in April tenth. Seventy seven emergency call attempts were made from crisis Iphone, wow in April eleventh the Iphone was. Switched on at ten fifty one, a M just over an hour later it turned off for good because it I don't know it just turned off so the phones. Add very spooky and very confusing evidence, but the camera was spooky on a whole other. I know LISA cannon camera showed that the pair had wandered into the trail by the continental divide and possibly became last April. Eighth was when things obviously turned for them:
snow. Thank you. This was one week after they are officially declared missing and at this time now, Andy Flash for photographs were taken on the camera between one a m and for him now that's bananas. Would average out to be one photograph taken every two minutes while a lot of photos were completely dark and some people think that This was because there was a search party wandering around there that very night looking for them and they were trying to signal. a nurse. Their theory is that they were trying to light their way with the flash worry because it was Lastly, we pitch black the seller theory is that their. wild animals that they were trying to scare off with the flower. Ok, Well, don't learn something like tranquil. All of these are scared. He imagined the fuckin, try to ward off JAG, while you're lost in possibly hurt now, my god and it was raining omega.
a couple of the photos, however, show them near a river and legal ravine. A few other those were odd and confusing. They should was small twig with like wrappers and like a plastic bags stuck to it. On top of a rock, Another photo showed toilet paper and a mirror on another. I hate that then the photos. got scary, one photos showed Chris with blood on her temple. Hannah and so it was obvious now people like that's either a photo of her. What do you know? She obviously got hurt people like issue dead in that follow you can't like you, don't know cause. I think you only see like this. You don't even see your face. I think you can just tell Turkey of her hair of her. So that's weird, theory about the photos is that there was a method to this man ass though, because was like a sequence and all the photos that they would take like a close up than a bunch. You know up, and then a bunch to the side and then just start the sequence over
so some experts think this. There may have been like a message or reason. They did that. Ok like this now it's like a pattern share, nobody's been able to figure it out there is one photo that is thought to be a body down in the gorge. The theory is that, like sand was taking a photo of Chris, oh my god, possibly or somebody was set, so horrible and I've seen the photo, and it's like hard to tell, does it so art, but you can see something that is like body like down there, but it's very hard to tell all want to look at its very high, To tell you, even if you thought I don't even know, if you would see a body, I'm so Krypton now you know during the course of the investigation. They did discover too that there was one missing photo in the series of photos taken. like its among the photos taken during the day. On the first day, the numbers of the photos go from. Zero five o seven zero five away and then zero five ten, so they deleted one of them well,
number five. Ten was taken a week later on April, eighth at one thirty in the morning. Ok. So that missing one we have no, It happened in the interim between those daytime photos the first day in April. If that one thirty in the morning, that's like a week later right in The thing about this is obviously it's deleted. Yeah one, they wouldn't delete a photo. There's plenty of there's ninety four ridiculous photos, another mean nothing and they didn't delete any of them into. They would not be sitting there worrying about deleting photos. And then also even if they then delete a photo. They could lit like Avellino investigators and experts can get that photo Barbara off that memory card, so they tried to. It was nowhere on that memory card. What does that mean? I have no idea, but people are like that. It had not been deleted from
like remotely or something from a computer. Maybe why or something else they relate, it doesn't make sense that they can bring that photo back off that memory card up further we're end it's very convenient that it's not like one of the random photos during the day or one of the random photos during the night. It's in the interim between the two a day and night, where we don't know what the fuck happened, unscared just weird, so another search was immediately conducted after they got that backpack yeah and it was long. They searched where the backpack was found when they got there. neatly folded on Iraq, with the zipper still up was christened shorts folded neatly on Iraq. Ok, not washed up on the side of the shore refolded on Iraq, with the zipper yeah. They were found by two other Nego be women, and two months after this close to where the backpack was found, a boat was discovered. I now with a fucking foot inside of it.
knew about the foot had a sock on it and the bones were discovered to be fractured. Oh I believe this was the least chance, but that was found near this gruesome discovery, pelvic bone was also found behind a tree, dutch authorities were able to come that these remains belong to both Chris Andreasen, the pelvic almost crisis along the river more than thirty. Three bones were then found. Twenty eight of them were firmly sands for cod, Zanzibar still had skin attached, but the pelvic bone that was determined to belong to Chris had been bleached. Ok, that's fucking, where ya know, these were found by indigenous people right. one Panama search team was called the search, but the weather became too narrowly and it was called off after like three days so they left to the indigenous tribes, too, can go about finding things in her. The special
secular made it legal for this to happen, so they could take part in in the search box. His bones were found in a place that was really isolated and was a full days trip away from where they began. Their hike, invited the perfect pombe bleach. Twelve it's bizarre. The whole thing is the whole thing is bizarre, because one where the for the rest of the bonds. Right would why we just have foot bones and upheld it, but that's weird and thirty three were found but like. Why were Chris his bonds? aged in. Why words, if some skin attached steadily sands legged why, in the elements for about long with every that skin attach right so This can't be explained not the bonds being bleached cannot be ignored in a way by the sun or the Eleanor who's. Gonna. Ask that an online I didn't know if it was a stupid question will be, because other bones were found older than hers and were not bleached were they in the same amount of sunlight, yeah. Ok, and neither Worley sands who
we're in the same areas, her skin. wiggly sands bonds when the same areas curses and obviously were near each other Hers were not bleached at all, in no animal scavenging marks were found on the bones either, which makes no fucking Ganz whatsoever and it was deter and that the bleaching occurred, probably by a phosphorus line. Concoction, This led some experts to think this may have been connected to, like you know, possibly later cartel or something scary, because are known to you. You know I usually really advanced crime those are known to use, lime to hasten dig up. My heart is feeling really fast, so police. Pretty quickly came to the theory that they had become lost from the trail, one of them likely crests based on the photo, got injured
eventually, the other one either became injured or just couldn't survive, and they boldly had, notably in one of them, are both of them. Slowly just died of dehydration, starvation exposure or whatever injury they received. refused to release the autopsies, which were obviously limited anyways. The families were pissed that they immediately treated. This is an accident. a criminal as the evidence they were like now they are passed that the guide was never investigated because he was the first person to see them in the search like he was with them with the indigenous people, and they found this the bonds oh and he participated in all the searches this guy. That was supposed to be their guide. That's we d be. Did he have any contact with him than previous sleep yak as you do. They set up the pike with him right. He was someone who actually found some of the belongings as well, so the first
Please hired a local lawyer to help and what they found was at this guide had had some serious allegations of harassment against him. that he had been known to hang out with local female tourists that were using the guide service against protocol like outside of being guide. I didn't know that super unprofessional The lawyer really focused on this in the remains being bleached, but the friends Ex was ignored by the other side. That's word now. the issue that was written in that would have been in it, but found a crazy article, I'd sexually like a series of articles from the daily beast, who did like an intensive situation into this even went to Panama, Jehovah Search and so they, they saw to that the official version of events according to Panama, public Ministry, which is the office of some of the states attorney
is that Chris Kramer's only send fruit were quote, dragged to death in the serpent River and their bodies subsequently dismembered by scavengers. That's what they're calling me happened. Ok, but none of their bones had any market glow the holes. This whole thing has been publicly question by criminologists journalists and even panamanian, forensics teams who did the autopsies they all questions of this. Yet that's where even the friends Exley people, who did this autopsies like no. I was just like you very dial of passing a really is There is also no chain of custody, those established for any of the stuff they found and nobody knows whose fuckin hands went into at any point: less factor no fingerprints wherever accorded and they were fingerprints on the back and Polly the phones, and literally just all the An example of this was a very botched investigation. Also, Like the whole thing, no one thought lake
so you're saying that they were dragged in a river, so they would have gone in with all their belongings re. This back was found dry, perfectly dry and it's like, and what how did her pants and up folded neatly right like no one's questioning that in this- and this is even bunk, more bonkers, a copy, the jury. State judicial report, which is the original police to four report about this incident, was leaked and the day, The beast reported that, based on it, eighteen month, investigation by police, detectives and prosecutors. They clearly concluded that the crew Most free case was a homicide, any crime against personal integrity, Should the original police report for this case marks it as a homicide, not an accident you just change your mind about that. They can change that the cause of death- no, I know not alike from home, recital I google, I can tell you exactly why they want people come in Panama for tourism
if this, in their being like all young people, get murdered in the woods there, Nagano keep they're gonna least Horace, while it's fucked in so this whole. thing: the fact that it was marked as a homicide. Initially in the newly now it's an accident data that's that's one hundred percent coverage, Boogie They also said the district attorney said that they could real in this case. At any time, if evidence was presented contradicting the accident theory, now. There is also a similar case to this. In a way that makes people Buick ha. It's like draw comparisons of you boy. Maybe this is in so I'm gonna give you a very brief overview of this case. Jesse you can see it involved twenty three year old, named Catherine Johannes, she was a an american tourist and she travelled to the same area of Panama criminally San one day, she decided the trail to read Frog Beach,
she didn't returned her hostile that night and authorities were immediately called after a short short search. Her body found the following Sunday, the autopsy said that she had suffered blunt forced trauma to the back of her head and had been strangled with her own beach rap. Only God, then she was dragged to a few hundred metres from the trail and left in heavy brush. Obviously that was a homicide yeah I couldn't even you fucking idea and a lot of people point out that the three women even bear a certain physical resembling, oh shit, dear all, tall, fair, skin and slender, like they all kind of resemble each other while as in so people were thinking like is there, like a serial killer and operating in the area in the panamanian press. They d like asked this sleepy, that's actually been a thing. Now, including listen and Chris? There have been at least twenty five
I've unsolved murders and disappearances in this part of Panama, since two thousand and nine victims were include visitors from the? U S, the UK, ITALY and the Netherlands and locals in the Georgie them are women and children and children yeah. Oh it. will suggest that the number of disappeared could be way higher because rightish on anybody All of these things, all these incidents have happened in the neighbouring sure, righi and bogus sectors of the country And it's basically between the town man. were the wearer in the caribbean coast, In most of these cases, no bodies have been found so when, bodies found this not going to be a huge investigation. Could you don't have a body right? So there's that an p
of course are going to call back to the fact that LISA Ants Backpack was found with the phones and cameras in it and not stolen to say in and they're going to look at that and say well, it can't be foul play all their electronics left in their backpack, and if somebody was trying to get into her phone one and they take it with them. But one people talk to blow when and where, in fact in this article, I read the daily beast, they talk to friends a consultant Carl. While he said It's not robbery as a motive. but just somebody wants or salt rape, murder, someone it's really common for someone to just leave all the ship there. You have a happens all the time here. It's like sure some, some of them take a trophy, but that's a certain type of killer and sleek foreigners to say they didn't they had other show about an hour ago. I mean it would mean. Sense, because it was this huge search, huge investigation happening, whoever did it, whoever possibly in it,
we didn't want to have any of the shit on with them real they just put in the back back and dumped in the woods again. because that one said the young it wasn't, there wasn't there, so they could have had it and they just put it all back and put it back in who knows if they hadn't deleted that photo. It's really incriminating that the woman said it wasn't there now on photo missing, maybe was an incriminating photo and they got rid of it before they left in the woods again. So I hate that and again the backpack was just nylon like a nylon, inexpensive, hiking, backpack state, perfect condition in the same conditions that kept this backpack perfectly fine bleached and hopefully dry and kept all the Tron extend it perfectly safe, which makes no sense weeks in a river and you're telling me those letters I cite waterlogged in the same conditions like legitimately reduced LISA,
increases entire bodies and skeletons to link rubble that doesn't make any sense. Nylon backpack withheld through that in their bodies, couldn't piazza doesn't make sense, and in one last interesting thing is the indigenous Nego be people actually still speak of this case in they have of song that they sing that's called someone did evil to them. On the trail by No, I just got Forbes howdy chill? Yes, and they say that they still talk about the fact that there is a killer that tried to hide their bones in the forest. So fucking spooked and obviously these are like. You know like legends now and all that, but they talk about it. so I dont have like a concrete theory on when I think happened. I mean it's hard. Where can I look at the accident theory and say how absolutely could happen yeah but
There's a lot of loose ends to that to hear, and then I can look at the fact that there veto know the theory that someone else involved and yeah. It makes sense for familiar points more toward that, but there also also loosens in that too. So it's like cause. You can also explain away like you know you can again, that is the pin being entered. Wrongously sand is trying to call for help on her phone and where I have her pen, you can you can you? Can sit there and say you know Chris got hurt, really hurt, which is obviously one of the photos she had and maybe maybe she didn't last maybe she died. Do you know where the? or something like that and then lease and had to go out on her own right, she's, not going to last that long by herself. She doesn't have any food, she doesn't. She barely has water. Also why would they have made a twelve hour journey? If that enough, food or water- that's enough That is just so many weird thing that you're just like a you think you can explain most of it and then something like that comes in really doesn't make sense,
bleached bonds? What the fuck photos that doesn't make ferries- and it's like- I don't know it just- doesn't make sense. None of it makes sense. I hate you did this to me so the still no answers but I mean that leads fully support. The says it's a homicide is really all. I need to really my own in mind the fact that this was not an accident but we'd love to hear what you guys think about it. I don't like and I'll be posting some photos for you guys to see. So you can examine all the the craziness and yeah. That is the mystery of the missing Panama girls. Thanks so much I mean wake up, and you don't have to tell me where I obviously that their fall by any stretch of the imagination, religious, just under a system like this, now If countries like three hiking me has- and it's not worth- and none of them I've been worth it. So I mean that climate,
four sounds Rabelais background, but, like you can google picture yes and while you're on the treadmill at a climb spare. You go Iraq of smart, smart again That was lane as many more bed and we're gonna, hopefully be recording. Another patron bonus episode very shortly and I'll be letting you guys know what next week's full length morbid episode will be. in other than that. I think in the meantime, you can follow us on Instagram morbid plan cast. You can send us a gmail, morbid forecasts, achievement of our camp tweet us a morbid focused during the Facebook group, morbid call in a true crime. Blackest, please go check out, are awesome website designed by my love, Bali, cause that you're Norbert Podcast Palm. We hope you keep listening for before you do that, then I may fail
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