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Episode 58: Kurt Cobain Part 1

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Ash is back, guys! Rejoice with us and also get super bummed out because it has been 25 years since the world lost a certain musical icon. In this two-parter, we will begin by diving into the legendary Kurt Cobain's childhood, rise to fame with Nirvana , meeting and spawning with Courtney Love and his tragic downfall. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we theorize what actually happened to Kurt and talk more about Courtney Love, the crime scene and the physics behind that supposedly self inflicted shotgun blast.
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from the bird just getting. I didn't. I just came back and were recorded in this for the second time Hang in! So quickly, our bid NASS, I'm really sorry, I neglected you and you just have to deal with Alina last time. I know and ashes back now. Surgery ban can rejoice, rejoice that Does it make you so much for being so nice about my solo episode was awesome. I now you're welcome. Thank you so much guys, you're awesome, and maybe I will throw one of those in every now and then later, a weird deep dive into some friends, exciting subjects people seem to dig it. So if you want it, let me know also really quickly. We got a super good idea from one of our the true says: Jeems Taro, and he was like why you guys just say people's names at the end of the pod, castor, make it a little bit
easier. That way, you can dive right into your episode and then any Patrone us who wants to hear their shoutout can just stay tuned toward the end. In that way, we can get more names done at a time. Instead of having to limit to only leg three to five and episode because we have a lot to get through and we want to make sure you I'll get your name said see no achieves thanks stream, that's brilliant, and we should have thought of it ourselves, shallow to you so thats organist are doing. Today we are going to say a few of you. Beautiful per Turnus is at the end of this episode, so stay tuned. If you want to hear your name in also just give me a smudge indifferent to on top of just saying it at the end were also discussed, leave out the category that urine like weirdos, evil, onion knowledge Oh, yes, you know a category or end, and if we leave it out, we can say more names. Exactly do we want to unite, and some of you might hear you name twice, because we're on our
and I saw- were given a shot. So do you know what we're doing this snake guys do? What are we doing where you all got that right right, you gonna get that I'm sorry! You were doing Kirk obeying Kirk, obey so If anybody out there doesn't know her Kobe in which I'm sure there's like a small majority You may ask some young uns that I'm sure like whose Kirk combining what's a cobra well Cobain, was a fucking ass, a musician and the front man of the band Varner, he wants you to enter lotta. If you have not idle again and imagine somebody not ever less an ancient Urbana, do it I'm shaking you, do I'm not that fucking listen to them
so Kurt was born in Aberdeen Washington on February twentieth of nineteen sixty seven, his mom was a waitress named Wendy Elizabeth and his father was a car mechanic named dolls Leland. Her bain? Excuse me Kobe, curbing required. Thank you one. in Donald Fur appreciating that view, so hurts family was soon Burmese likely inclined. He had an uncle chuck that was in a band called the beach combers. His aunt Mary play guitar and she was unlike multiple bands and his great uncle actually had been an irish tenor. That is critical. It is having its article, but if that's not cool enough, he also was in the movie king of jobs. From the now there is
So people from his childhood remember Kurt being like really happy easily like excite of all sensitive and carrying just like a pretty awesome, fuck and get. It was very clear from an early age that he was going to be talented. He obviously super interests in the music, but he also was a really good artist and he loved to draw oh, yes, a couple of his drawings. Yet there really cool actually and a couple documentaries. They lay Catholic, a bunch of his artwork and one of his Ex girlfriend says a lot of his art work that nearly fuckin cool, it's like dark, but the actual it's dark, but certainly can a good way. We're all darker some neatly turn. That's why it's dark see so dark boot myself. He redraw, like all kinds of when he was younger, all kinds of characters that he loved and he was really good at it fun fact his grandmother also was actually an artist. Jesus theme is a super talented fan,
for real. So, unfortunately, when Kurt turned nine, his parents got a divorce juice which, sucks, because when your nine, you kind of like you're like way more air than would be. When you were younger, will ya You know what the? U dont know exactly: what's going right but you have enough awareness to build this ain't, a definite that hit harder than it yet officially before five year, so his parents divorce affected him like a mentally and actually in a nineteen. Ninety three interview he said I remember feeling ashamed for some reason. I was ashamed of my parents. I couldn't face some of my friends at school anymore because I desperately wanted to have the classic. You know typical family, mother, Father. I wanted that security, so I resent my parents for quite a few years, because of that that's a really high level for a nine year old. You don't even like to know like that. He feels shame for my parents and then he's like.
scenting them in. I mean like. I think, a lot of nine year olds would usually display of what he had like these really intense thoughts about it. From like a really on yeah, he was super. It seems like to me any ways like you seemed like an old soul. Yeah. Oh yeah definitely super quickly. I just want to say like a lot of this is like just like retelling of Kurt story, and you know it. You never know like. What's like super true and what not? he will. He didn't come out and say a lot about here. If you didn't like to do interviews, and yet we like, we were just talking about this before we recorded Nirvana in current, they hated the press right leg They just hated giving press interviews and talking to the prevailing they loved their fans. They would always give english autographs. They would always talk to fan unless they were like. our souls, but they just hated the press. They hated surrendered Gazeta, like this whole, like new varieties. Early Kurt didn't want to be famous. He wanted to make a living with his music. He just didn't wanna be famous, so
like a lot of things you hear about him, didn't come from his own mouth. It's like retailing, conjectures and stuff about him. So that's kind of a bummer that a key didn't get to tell his full story. I feel I should be so fucking called a watch like I would ve age, one story. I now did Kurt Cobain with just him sitting Marty talking the president. Never really happen. I hope like when I dine gotta haven't I get to see that you can just sit down within villages. Tell me, MRS, like I'm on Visa Abbe ground, I'm not worried about your heaven, there's a lot of each worried about. I like often think I'm like when you die like cause there's, Many unsolved cases that I want to know what I need to know the answers tat and that's like the main thing, I'm hoping when I like die some day which like hopefully doesn't happen, however, that I got to find out. oh god. I hope like that. Like that's what I think of yeah, I mean, if that's the goal, legged better, find that's the dream, sorry for the banter, its backers,
I welcome so Kurtz dad remarried after the divorce legal awhile, after an adverse Kurt like two stepmom Jenny and his step sisters, but then journey and has Dat yet Jenny in his dad had a baby together and the baby was a boy So that's like a little bit like keen illegal you're, the only boy and only partly falling and was being replaced by a certain. He made him back off here, so we distanced himself from the family when he, with his mom. He witness her in her in an abusive relationship that actually had landed her in the hospital. I just found one time but an anomaly times. It happened that sucks and just like every other kids going through Should at home he kind of started to act out at school which made teachers call home and Billy. What's going on, so basically dad decided to take him to a therapist. That's really progressive line is so the therapist that it will be good for Kurt to live within a single family unit,
and in June of seventy nine Kurtzman granted his dad with full custody What's that rare and am sure even that, bother him, because he was older than nine at that point. So he was Eve. I feel a key problem the band was gonna, say: probably yeah felt unwanted because, like when one parent, no matter the reason and saying what his hands you like legally right, everything to the other one? It's like they're, just passing you off. I can definitely light you all. Now, it's a very weird feeling like part of legal. I can custody and suchlike. I've never gone through that that I can imagine it's a weird feeling, like you, it's very like not human yeah, like I'm, just like it objective. In this whole scenario, it's weird there and look at you turned out Jesus, I'm Gretel.
so Kurtz dad wasn't really able to real him in at all and a lot of the times. He just put him in the care of like family and friends. So Kurt spent a lot of time like living with different friends, indifferent, family members and he didn't really have like one stable me ass. A lot of instability, which is exactly what he wanted, was stability right and its exact thing. He was heading from anybody, so one of my favorite things about like Kurt is that he just like to piss off. but in a way in people, I'm all about it. I love people like that. I was they obtained an appetite for people in the people who like to annoy them. So His dad, I don't know if you'd like upturn in bottom, shared a curt. He was. He really wanted him to be a job, but that's not at all who Kurt was no not at all. We ve got those governments like put pressure on them to trial for different sports teams and Curt was unlike baseball teams and rustling teams, but he
like purposely strike out about us off an egg. I guess he was actually really gotta wrestling You know that, but in one match you lay I'm sure it. I think his dad was there and he got pin down on purpose you gotta, give us finally stood flagged up. That's like some high level, trolling Nick. I just want to get really is high level. Trolling gets really like amazing cas so his damp. Wasn't the only person who wanted to piss off people at school used like fuck, you guys are stupid. He went against like the norm like the social norms of it. So there was this kid in his great who was gay and Kurds. are you doing out with them like eating care than he was being bullied at all, either those awesome. Putting aside, unlike an interview later, he said, I started being really proud of the fact that I was gay No, I wasn't also say said: I'm not gay, although I wish I was just piss off
My folks, his think also said that he was gay in spirit and probably actually cut identifies bisexual. That makes me love him more. He was just fucking guy. Does I mean that Just like you know why that is chefs cast MA so the other he got the more into the lake punk music seen he got so that's where he can. I felt like super connected and he followed. He really belong to their with those. Peat is just like a bunch of outcasts linked together, but they were like his squad near squad goals. dying with its ability and his whole air. He would go out turn like punctures in Seattle. All the time did he finish high school. He actually didn't have enough credits to do so was and dropped out. He was like well fuck, this well so his mantle them money dropped out that he needed to get a job or he couldn't live with her and a week later, which, like isn't that long at all. He came home and all his stuff was packed,
Dublin boxes yell a dam that was it was like you. You can't even get an interview, no economic Cuvier, really working hard and after that, you lived with friends and he actually even lived under a bridge under the their excuse me over the wish TAT River, which inspired some of the lyrics in the song, something in the way. I was crazy and actually I'm I'm tv did like a documentary legal awhile ago. There was a long time ago and there's like images of the bridge like and there's like all this graffiti, like of like Nirvana earlier, I can rely on you courier, I mean if you're gonna get inspired living under a bridge will do it. He asked if I would say I would like to be inspired and any other loud resolutely other than, but I feel like what else can you do but be inspired?
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Into our story as a people and outdoor adventures, waiting to be discovered, go to visit Richmond fee. dot com to learn more about the Richmond region. Then find your moment. So in nineteen eighty five Kurt formed the band fecal matter no not yet or put no it's highbrow poop, yes, fecal matter. Eyebrow poop He put me saying and him at his band, rehearsed four months playing covers of Jimi, Hendrix Floods, Applin and that remains the active recorded. Thirteen original songs, which curtain later recalled as totally abrasive. That's it like my music and my cleaning products hundred percent up solely abrasive, orderly abrasive, Dilke Rover plead the base and now and in the end, and he called their tracks amateur, but Buzz Osborne who had been in the band them
then, with Dale. How said that there was like a certain magic within surging me. I want just just travelled to Long Island earthquake, a certain me jack, I'm long island medium flick. What the fuck a certain magic in the bands records and he said that they were able to put something together in a really interesting way. Unfortunately, the more maybe like, fortunately, cause Nirvana, happened the bay and eventually broke up, and it didn't last very long, but Kurt was still and ten on forming and other band. yeah. I think you figured so he showed tapes to his friends of like legal matter. Music. That's life she's aims of Vigo Matter. To my eyes, I should like in this area and one day he showed Kristen oversell EC wanting to collaborate, something Chris like the song spank through and what I mean
Yes, who doesn't love that greater they started playing together and they usually formed a band which eventually became Nirvana. Oh yeah, I was doing the Smiths. Yes now Nirvana, Nevada, curls, like side note, was really interested in different religions and the name Nirvana was actually taken from a buddhist concept that current thought went hand in hand with the ideals of punk robbed of its cool curtain, Nirvana has quote freedom from pain suffering in the external world, which I think that's pretty much. What Nirvana is one hundred for? That's
so the first few years of touring with Nirvana kind of left Kurt down and like not as excited ass. He had been about the entire thing when it all first started at first wasn't drawing in big enough crowds at all and were faced with issues of sustaining themselves as a group because, like you, have to sell tickets to make money- and you know Bob a lot and money is like for everything- money is forever and during the first few years of Nirvana, they switch drummers a couple times. Chad Channing recorded bleach with an air of ANA Bleachers an album, but thank her didn't feel he was a good fit and replace ten with Dave Girl, which I love Dave from a great fuck. It It's a great after releasing never mind that album sounds like their huge one, huge ethnic without them famous and smells like team spirit that song helped them enter mainstream and put Nirvana into a new. All right
category called Grunge own. Do you know how they got? The name smells like team spirit, Do, but you can sell you do know. You said we ok, write it down, but I read it: ok, it was when he was dating Toby Veil and when her friend through her deodorant at him, and it was team spirit and she than she would yell at him like Kurt smells like teens, bs and actually spray painted on the wall, and he didn't. I read somewhere that he didn't notice variable as yet but I have always thought that he smells routines is awesome. That's funny economic. It makes you laugh at this. I know gazette when you think about your legs. Are mixed likes it closely: Mouselike Fetnah, Kaerusson deodorant doping Courtney. Also goodbye Nirvana success with nevermind led to tons of bans coming out of the Seattle area, actually including Alison chains.
GM and sound garden. Those like the Grunge Arab bananas, yeah, that's like John Seedy collection letter to one all rock started like totally dominating the radio and MTV nerve was considered like the catalyst of all not and in turn, Kurt was considered. Like a spokesman of the generation, what she did not want to believe that are about to say he did not want that. Notoriety did not love that he struggled with Nirvana success and he felt serious pressure from the media, along with that came backlash from antigay and anti choice. Movement members because Kurt like was very openly like Paul. okay, and where shall I send my four? Oh fuck em human rights, so he had to deal with death threats after Nirvana played out a gay rights benefit and after they played out a rock for choice campaign, but he remained super proud that has been
and likes important. These movements, can, you imagine, being pro life and then hurling a death threat at someone yellow we are going to be if the exotic amendments, five and late nineteen, eighty six right before nor Vano was born merged backtrack, really quickly, Kurt moved until I can apartment and he traveled tell em Pia all the time to see raw concerts and around that time he was dating Tracy Miranda. Who is actually lot of document, or is that your watch Nokia he? She was like his first real girlfriend. Ok, they were super close, but they had like their fair share of strains and the relationship when Nirvana because she was there like pre, Nirvana and, like early years of near, ok yeah. So for one thing, Kurt was away a lot when he was torn by even before that he would like sleep, alot, watch tv or work on our art projects. While Tracy worked and like a cough, a terrier to hear them actually the song about a girl people think about her an already it's about
two. I do like hell yeah, that's about. She also on fact took the photo. That is the cover photo fur the album bleach out here. the poor thing to have a new Yorker? Somebody really is actually she's the one. I think I mention it before that has like a lot of. Are you in our house? Ok, here's argues, really fuckin go after breaking up with her. He started dating Toby Veil, who was a pretty influential punk musician. The sheer mechanical- yes, Sir she's, the one who's friend through a curtain was like a hunting spirit and FIFA. You swelling team spirit and, He was with her. He wrote a lot of songs, including aneurysm, and actually, I run out somewhere that the first time he met her, he like threw up because he was like so are treated with America and its part of the lira extend
tourism, I love you so much. It makes me sick, always loved and then, like we said before, TAT someone dear Mamma got it now. I wish somebody would earth about me and he also wrote smells like team spirit while with her makes and that didn't work out now now set up a list, so mad Courtney love in January of nineteen ninety, a night club in Portland Oregon before that corny had seen Nirvana perform at a show, and after speaking, briefly after the concert she like developed, a crush on Kurt, she made advances, but Kurt wasn't sure about the relationship. And would like break off dates and ignored corbies attempts, and I heard that he was one of those dude that, like didn't like, didn't realize that they were entering oh yeah, he was very low, he's like a rock god, and girls are throwing themselves Adam. He was one of those that was a totally oblivious ya. Like warlike, let's be honest, he was super fuck like, but he just didn't, but he didn't get it even know what was going.
I am also one of the first Sunday night. I think you found it was at a bar, all right I'll servers gonna say that's when in she actually had some dude like fly her to this concert specifically to meet him like she was wanted to meet him, and she said she was pursuing him for a while, but he was totally oblivious to. He was like a levy. Other canteens want an audio actual for like yeah. I think he was kind of like really upset won him an arm Toby. Yet Alexander, because and like a lot of things that I run, he kind of like sought as the thought of Toby as like his like woman counterpart, a match, the a real man legendary see our people, which doesn't always work out, no so he said I was so determined to be a bachelor for a few months, but I knew I liked Courtney so much right away that it was a real hard struggle to stay away from her for so many months. Obviously, eventually they started hanging out and they bonded, unfortunately, is like through drug use as well as music, and
everything but snowy controlling demand of her. They ended up getting married in Hawaii on February twenty. Fourth, ninety ninety two, Courtney, warlike, the satin lay stress incur for green pajama pants cause. He was too lazy to put on the tax, the good start. You know that it's really gonna be like a great jumping off, for I think there is only light there there, one was really small like yesterday, like maybe ten people were there. Having send someone like that court, he was actually are pregnant when they got married. Oh Anne, she had Francis being Cobain in August of ninety two, which I'm gonna get into some about a little bit the outcome. Citizen there's some really interesting parts of that which some of you Courtney apologizes
ginger tune after you hear it. I don't know hopes out hopes oak as Israel, bad so Kurtz. I I'm just gonna get into his drug use for a little about it, son from a lot of things. Obviously you, like, I talked about his parents, divorce, crushing him and me he like was Mary, misunderstood and he fell. You didn't want all his fame and like all that music overwhelmed very overall because he was like the look. Like you said he was like this, but used be unofficial, spokesperson I'll, never ask a number of hot and on top of all of la craziness. He also like his health was a huge issue yoga. He suffered from chronic bronchitis and severe physical pain because of an undiagnosed stomach condition there. He was thirteen when he first smoked we'd for the first time like everybody else, and after that he doubled
alas D, his friends, I knew that he had depression and they felt like it was kind of clear, but he was gonna have issues with drugs and alcohol just due to like his attitude and near the fact that a boy got really. Tell us de yeah, although it wasn't until nineteen eighty six that he tried heroin for the first time You sit on and off until one thousand nine hundred and ninety when it became a full blown addiction. He claimed quote it started with three days in a row of doing heroin and I don't have a stomach pain that was such a relief, but his friend say it was a habit like even before that and that's the stuff, I was just kind of an excuse for near, I think somebody says at once. He said to them like I'm just anything that is causing its curing the stomach pain because it's a nice exceed. Yeah, then I also wonder if that was just him. I feel a killing joked. He had a dark sense of humour and that a lot of people didn't get. one they like red.
today, then try like I feel they read a lot of what he said and only just fucking can because I think he said at one point like if I didn't have a heroine to help my stomach, I would buy blow my head and people like us, that points to suicide, and I think no, I think he just settling many times. Have you been like if I don't get a route canal on this tooth, because it underlines the telegram I'm going to blow my brains about yeah, it's a sum. You say it's a fucking expression, but did you read that it became like a four hundred dollar a day? Oh get became. in like say four hundred dollars worth of her own debt, but think of how much money you can make us rockstar. That's like foreign ten dollars attending always a debt that's it. That's policies, Starbucks, that's crazy guy, but it seems like a on a heroine. I don't know how much harrowing gas but four hundred dollars. If anything, is a lot. I think heroines expensive from like what I've seen on intervention. but not any fuckin person global. Knowing all nowhere.
back to court for a second. In a vanity, fair article Courtney, love admitted to using heroin while pregnant but later said that that was untrue and that she'd been misquoted. Did everyone here I'm gonna say it one more time for the people in the back Courtney law. Admitted to using heroin while pregnant and because of that France is being was taken away from them by sea? protective services. The moment she was born firm month, literally just just so you know, so Courtney is not again First, not a good result all, and it was a very lengthy legal bout all to get her back and when they got her backlog. It was like a lotta nanny,
exactly ass. She because they were both strung out. Unfortunately, I think there's fuckin videos of it and yet lots of documentaries. They both have very big drug problem, yeah, unfortunately, so fast forward. A little I'll Nirvana is on torrent. Germany incur is diagnosed with a case of bronchitis and severely enjoyed assume the day after he was diagnosed. He flew to Rome to be treated and Courtney met him there, the next day, which was March fourth court. You woke up and found her unconscious. He had overdosed on a mix of an ovum saying this. I am roof and all her head now, we have now that's Rufus. Ok, here are you I'll? Google's egg is out of date, and it also sends a drug that treats insomnia and yes, some places. They use it as a catholic Anastasia you under an champagne, so he mixed rubies and champion. But you know it's funny about that. What so did she.
She overdose that same day. They did that together the night before she just didn't overdose. Why have my I'm not gonna get to end up to now, but I dont think he knew what he was drinking she fastened at that he was rushed to the hospital, but after five days he recuperated and he was sent home. so Courtney side after Kurds death that she considered this his first suicide attempts, because in the press she wanted to make it look like he was suicidal and it doesn't make sense. I dont think that he knew what he was doing. My guy think that she put the roof, is undoubtedly definitely pass or at least put way more than he thought he was take enough, and if that wasn't the case either way, they were both doing the same exact thing right. He just in too much, I think you're in there. doesn't make sense and tat would be his soon set attempt. While they were partying thing as a yeah, she sucks won't, did you
like a couple days before that on when in Germany, when they were out of one of his concerts right before they had to cancel the tour because of his. does? It was on March First nineteen, eighty four? He could his lawyer from backstage at their concert, and he will to draw up a will that intentionally excluded Courtney as the benefactor. Yes, The light by the guy has in fact can tell you anything in the lawyers claims that he had told this lawyer that he was planning to leave Courtney, and they have find a prima, which was Courtney idea, line the way because she's and so did everybody else that she was, and be more famous than he was. Oh yeah which she definitely that money, but a lot of people that that aid for some reason thought she was going to surpass him. They didn't realize what he was right, but she wanted that pre knockdown and he wanted to make sure that she wasn't a benefactor when he left her and because of them
But she wasn't gonna get anything because the prima so Courtney had asked that same lawyer, if you like a little while previously if they could void the prima. So what we, she planning the area it. She wanted to just get the money right, like. Why would you do that, and this is actually proved, because police claim that there was a well drawn up shortly before his death, but he never got the chance to sign on itself and they won't make it. public. Yet they were whether or not it was excluded so she vainly owes its leg, like they know if, when she and this as pointed out by PETE the suicide teen on leavers as like. He was the twenties. Why was he riding up a well if he wasn't planning, but he had a kid. yeah. Once you have a kid you aware like, and also your fucking rockstar you'd have unilaterally dollars, you dont know many already bad debt like red death threats on exam,
We of course immigrate honest hardwigg once you have a kid. That is the first thing you think of it. Like I get my shit in order because of something unexpected happens to me, I need to take care of my cat ya like that, should be. not quite new, and even though they were, you know unfortunately junkies they, I do believe they both about forty one hundred Vienna when taken, that is their child. What Courtney did, while she was pregnant, is reckless ridiculous, criminal, all folding sheep she had her take care taken away from her, but I believe I don't boy. She didn't love her child, you I've been stable and it like so I know they would have. I mean Kurt would have had a will that protected Francis yeah indefinitely. Definitely so? It makes sense. To me also side note did I think I told you this earlier, but drew Barrymore is Francis beans. Godmother
that's so bonkers. Do not often I looked up with a godfather, as I forget who it is. We got a little weird closure, bigger ass, her godmother, worthless, awesome, Ella God. I want her as a good mother. I think her Gordon disused are party to their cause. Browser variable is, if you don't crazy, I never knew like about drew barrymores past history. unrelated overall, look into that bit slogan. Wild anyway, is backed by FIFA, sir. Oh then, on March eighteen. Ninety four Courtney called Seattle police to tell them that Kurt was locked in a room with a gun and she believed he was going to shoot himself. The police arrived and they actually confiscated for guns, total and some unidentified pills from Kurt, but he insisted that he wasn't swift, suicidal and that he had just locked himself in there to get away from port me her, like saying- and I guess he did liked- to have guns to protect himself, because he d never bodyguards right
so. It was a pretty well known and heal a Catholic. A pretty solid gun collection. Yeah then joined them. So after that incident, Courtney arrange an intervention for current. There were ten people there and eventually the commence Kurt to go to a D tax programme such rehab. It took on a wild because he was pissed off. I had actually took two days, but he eventually agreed and a few days later he went to exodus recovery sent which is an ally just a quick side. No and the few days between the intervention and the time that he got to the treatment centre is when he obtained a shot gun. He told his friend Dylan Karlsson, who was at the intervention that he needed to get a gun because he had been struggling with the trespassers on his property and all his got taken when others are taken away, exactly crossing didn't really think like we didn't they weird or out of the ordinary, because, like we just said,
Key New, that Kurt had gotten sneer and he had long term guns before the only thing that seemed we're to him was that when he offered to hold onto the gun until Kirk got back from treatment curtain sister on keeping in keeping himself so cross and went and got him the gun and ammunition and gave it to him. So then he ends up in the exodus rehab centre. People that visited visited him or her was there said that he seemed to be doing really well and he didn't seem suicidal at all. He was pretty open with the counsellors about his struggles with drugs and his personal personal issues, but he only spent two days there. I think what are you gonna get out of there right exactly and actually work those days, Frances being visited him Emilia playing and unfortunately it was the last time you saw her that's awful fucking side so he's not out to have cigarette one night and he jumped the fence, which was like a six foot high, actually are
though, the fence and the illegal wall illegal, a jet wall in I read somewhere that he had like joked abounded earlier, get out of here, but then he was. I forget everything over. I want I'll just scale this wall and he did and he flew back to Seattle, So on April, second and third, he was spotted and multiple locations, because court be hired a private investigator. When she got word that he had left rehab, sometimes grant say so. The name of the investigator was Tom. Grant we're gonna get super into Tom, grant an episode to oh yeah. I just want you guys to know for now that she had him hired. Yes, unfortunately, on the morning of April, eighth Kurtz body was discovered in the greenhouse of his Seattle home by an electrician who was supposed to be putting in a security system which is super fucking. Iran,
because it kind of just like makes sense, because Kurt had told the s friend than he was having a baby was higher answers. Air and this guy was coming to insert a securities yeah. Why with somebody that was suicidal, give a shit if there was like somebody, press passers like it seems weird that he would set the solemn up right if you, knowing that he was just gonna, sell me eyes. A suicide note was left next to his body and I found, I don't know if you can clear this up for me, because I found in some places that he shot himself in the head, but then I found it another places that he shot himself in the mouth. Yes, he shot himself in the mouth, and he also had a lethal dose of heroin in his system. Only after the autopsy was conducted. And, like I said a suicide note was left next to his body, but for over twenty years, fans, friends and family of serious fucking
Doubts over whether this once I have had and because there are a lot of fuckin facts that point too, it was not a suicide yes and there's like a weird thing. That happened because they aren't pause, It is about exactly when he died, be grassy was found a few days later, but it speculated April. Fifth, yeah, that's its speculated and but April seconds. there is a police report that says a taxi driver picked a man up at Kurt. How soon it doesnt sales Kurt the house that he died. Ok, it doesn't say its carbon says that a taxi driver on April second picked a man up at that house and drove him to a gun store to buy some shock and bullets, which is weird because her already had emu russian exactly so. Why again, it says and say it won't name whether that was Kurt. That asked to go, get shock amber
survey with someone else right, and I think that's a weird little aside here. very weird. So when the when the electric employ Gary T, Psmith found him, He initially saw him lying inside of the Green House and he thought he was just asleep but then he's a mannequin at first he was like it could be a mannequin than he realized. It was a persons whose, like easy, just like sleeping there like what the hell's going on, but then he saw blood coming out of his ear and he was like. Ok, that's not a man And he's not sleeping in the note they found next to him, which I won't necessarily call of suicide. Note because I don't know if I believe ordering assigned it was inside a flower. and it had a pen stuck through it and it was like stuck into the flower. Pot they shot gun that was purchased by his friend, was found resting on his chest? He had freshen, just rejection marks on both arms and legs.
Said he had he insanely lethal dough slave labour lethal to them. we were a few experts had said that it doesn't really seem like he would be able to operate that shot gun in the way that he would need to. Worried that check only had not if he had my chair and because it was so much like if you Seen intervention like you see people on heroin. They are not able to do matter there Chevalier much just sitting Maria in another from the world into to kill yourself, and we are going to get more into this in part two. I we were. We get really into the physics of this, and I want to like we're gonna really the forensics than we are. We are gonna, go through this with a fine tooth comb, but we're just giving a quick overview of this before we and our part one to shoot yourself in the mouth. With a shotgun like this particular shock,
The twenty age is not an easy task and you need a little coordination and a lot of lake focus to do this so seems very odd that someone would that much heroin would be able to do this, but again we're gonna get really into that detailed accent. The note that was found near his body said quote: I have it good, very good and am grateful. But since the age of seven I've become hateful towards all humans in general. Thank you. All from the pit of my boy, earning nauseous stomach for your letters and concern during the past years, I'm too, of an erratic moody baby and he did like an exclamation point. I dont have the passion anymore and so remember it's better to burn out than to fade away. That's like the classic line that everybody raises But to me that's more veil, I don't wanna. Do me getting an irrationally also confirms that right around this I'm Nirvana was breaking yeah and
Dave girl has confirmed yeah and part of that whole thing was due to court me telling him that he needs to make more money than the other. following the banned because quote because when they signed the day, I think further, it was after never find the right one never mind became huge. He agreed. We split this three way because, because he wasn't looking to get like super overfishing Some wretches lacks we're all doing this together. We all get the same amount of money right out. Sucre Cobain was, he didn't, give a shit right and she was like she flipped out when she found out that he was making the same as Dave Girl, unlike the which is actually really fuckin stupid. Cousin Courtney. Love is a fucking trust fund baby exactly she had plenty of money which we are going to get into that two in part to cause we're going to explain why we think what we think but So she already caused issues in the band and they said they almost broke up because of values of her and they ended up wig dealing
that letting him get more money. But I was a big thing and this house No part of the note which you can hear in part to which was written in a different handwriting and like people have studied this and I literally, like I, read an article that said there is a different pressure on the yeah. You can tell from the pressure that a different fucking hand wrote the fox now in the ass. The portion of the note that praises Courtney and is all about Courtney, and it's the part of the note that makes it a suicide note exactly so. That's it and also, if you read the Kurds like journal entries, duff. I thought they were all like that. They were all very like the first part of the note that was found on until the end. Just lately come slick suicide yeah, just like a train of thought, that he just was getting pig literally a street, it necessarily mean that he was going to do anything now,
I think that that no was probably written on or about April fifth, witches like, I said, the estimated date. The witch Cobain just died exactly how it when he died. Now this was what now April faith was one day after Courtney, love file that missing port persons or boy he was suicidal and she didn't fuck and put the report an escort. You love she pretended to be his, Yes, and she said she put it in their saying he was suicidal in possession of a gun. So she was already laying the groundwork right and I get one claiming that we know one hundred percent like nobody knows the besides. The people involved, but wages and these are very interesting and how What would it look if his mom, like that's just like We are thinking like it would look like the suicide. I imagine it was concerned that he was suicide exactly and when they found the boy,
body. He still had of the plastic bracelet around his wrist from the rehab centre right. They found a box of shock and shells nearer his feet. The one of the boats was from that back. It's right. There were cigarettes, a lighter, a winter had sunk asses and a bunch of other items like strewn around him when he's kind of an earlier voters of the scene show that the rest of the home was a complete fucking mess leg. He was definitely go through subject, but I think he was always go interception right because he stuck the gun in his mouth or someone else stuck the gun his mouth. He was only able to be identified using fingerprints which has so far yes,. in a double checked it out by looking in his will, like they first looked in his wallet, found his ideas as well. It was right on him, but then they double checked for fingerprints. That was the only way they could tell a while,
They said his body had been lying there for at least two days before he was found, and his death certificates stated that he died as a result of quote. Contact perforating shock on wound to the head and concluded that his death was a suicide, but guess what everybody a fucking wasn't. It was tomorrow in how you think about that shit and I decided to yes so to we're going to get into some further details about the body. What was going on, with the body you are going to talk about the physics of whites really difficult to shoot yourself in the mouth, the shock on, and why is it I wouldn't be and where while the as Georgia, where it falls the trajectory all that gets and we're gonna we're going to really going
detail here. I'm so fucking, then we're gonna talk about Courtney and we're just gonna talk about why we think court me may know a little more than she's living on. She definitely dies and by that we mean yeah, she deftly does one hundred and twenty five million thousand infinitely percent will leave you with this. Neither one of us think that Courtney stuck the gun now in his face and pulled the trigger, but I think she definitely found somebody to do it for its has definitely gotta can Or at least snows somebody knows something but yeah we'll get into that. In part, two and we're gonna think are four Troutina zoos, because we promised you will do that and we promise you we do it. At the end of the episode, and here we are at the end of the episode we're Here- hey Sawr, going to start with some of our newest paternity says, because we're going all out over to hear Tommy their names and I'll make jokes about we're in keeping the engineer seat. So our first patroclus that organ of
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