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Episode 6: Ted Bundy Part 2

2018-06-15 | 🔗
In Part 2 of our Bundy Bonanza, Ted crescendos with the Chi Omega Murders and finally gets the ending her deserves.
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If your hearing this you probably like free stuff at the official resorts of Hershey part, can't stay, play. Andy freeze, safe, big, with free kids, hardship, Arctic, it's free his breakfast and more your get away with our most popular summer package, enriching park, dot, com, hey weirdos, I'm ash, I'm alina- and this is morbid- And where back sorry has been such a long hiatus. Someone was out of the country. I why I went on a cruise and before that
I gotta killer migrating that made it. So we couldn't record before I left for the crews, and I was alone. So now you ve just been on the edge of receipts for like a week, and so are you guys doing now play you ready for part do tat, but I feel it. I don't know how to podcast anywhere. I know we forget, everything we forgot all of the etiquette that comes along and cod seeing what our lives. What's mine, I don't know all gas, formal, Punkahs, Mormon Crime, true evil onion. I was trying to think of another. Just like TED Bundy bites money by January, Bitch, Wilson, elegant major. set out of my memory here. I got this one of Us Party, the other did, So it's been it's been a week. A lot has happened in a week.
so I went on a cruise she's, more Tisch item. I am I the EU is basically more tissue. Went on a cruise space literally other family venture is just like all these happy people and bright colors suits a mental illness dressed in black I literally were all black everything all better because and I can I look. I went on the crews pale. The pale and I came back paler than pale with son did not touch my skin, so There's that I didn't write, I think and here, but I think Ashley actually has a real. Interesting story, but I think you ought to hear, because now it's in my brain see all need to have in your brain. I didn't sleep last night because of this story, so yeah to grow, pay a bell and follow river, and I was driving through the free tone. Forests like I was like
passing signs for it and if we do not forget just Google Freetown for us, a lot of things will come up again. It's like a deep dark hole that you thirty with those driving there and all suddenly like hey this kind of like random traffic and I'm looking ahead of my car's just like in a block of cars, and I can see it had that. There's no traffic sign. Confused and saying like what's going on to myself the saw the woman I gotta be swiftly in the man I'm driving behind this black car and all this metal from. What car is like like my car and, unlike that's what the FUCK Soy Switzerland's go that unwanted Doug, my when anything, I've actually slink son like my heart starting to raise this is struggling power scary. So I will next to me as a mug wives, all this shit flying up my car and I see that the front of this car is completely smash like clearly had just been in an accident, and I
made the fucking mistake of looking at the driver, who is a woman holding though we are like tat in two with blood pouring down her face like she works out a horror, haunted house, settling american horror story, literally always here and she slipped people she still driving She was driving looked like so out of it like I called girlfriend it. I was probably the score and I ve had I dont really. I don't get scared I easily in its. She was partly in shock, she's, probably intolerable shock and just started driving that car, like that's too hard time what went through my head was like widen Aesop your vehicle like. Why did you want, like I like thought of, like all the worse things like? Why wouldn't want the cops to pull you I gotta that you are in an accident like one of my colleagues and I guarantee you should assist in full shock leg, but I
literally, like I had trouble falling asleep last night. All I could see at my home like right now an advantage and sea and its show scatter, because I'm picturing, like that, lady from the sixth sense yeah, when she gets hit by the look bicycle. A second said guys, like some lady got hit, she's necks, my window and illegal heard she's lately blood streaming down her fate. Now I know you think, that's the crap. I made serious thing tools like such a nice day yesterday, like I'm, so that economic window down a film about Roma, like even by ten times for that, such like, like yeah There was a contrast to this such a contrast between like this beautiful sunny day.
It was this woman with blood borne down if they are driving beat up car, but are you is I called I'm on one cause? I was like say on yet I felt good about it, but the people that really taken the collar so confused because sounded like I had been in the accident. They really ok. What did you get like her registration? I know you see, I'm not involved and she slipped arriving and it happened so fast. I felt that if a moron component gallic a license plate, I don't know what kind of nobody could do. You didn't fall into the bystander effect thing where you are like. Will someone also call- and I don't need a because that's when nobody calls and that's when nothing? It's what I like sped where the fuck up, because as it got me, oh I'd want to gather hell away from our glass on cars to something needed to be. I'm wondering if that's like in the news we gotta look. I looked it up and I can't find anything we got him. We look at the police, sluggish them. Thank you. Haven't bananas. Look I've never liked the hair on back in my next like you, told me about his Suki for Turkey, service areas are you on?
begins at the scariest experience. I've ever had some crazy. I can't believe you rolled up. On that I looked away and I just didn't look back again. I Of course, the one time you have to drive in that area. Like his value drive in that area, Ireland, I drive there the one time you drive in that area. That's what you roll up, unlike for three minutes before I was like Freetown suit. Fourthly, on Gaelic, I personally would never fuckin set foot in there now and then I was like, of course, this has, of course it's ok, oh my god. I love it. So scare ego spooky bitterly has a story to tell to which does not spooky. It's like, I am, or mine mindsets spooky it's kind of spooky in a different way. I don't know if we mentioned a couple times on here like serial killers. I think we did this last week where we're talking about leg, even if get bullied licking, it's not an excuse,
kill people. Obviously we're saying that I happened to have a bullying expire ants and I have been killed. Anyone in of my bullies, because we actually set on here like they're, they're, probably to call to listen to things like this, and I was joking but Maybe they're not as I come, for my crews. Now I've gone like maybe like a week in a half off the grid, completely and efforts to seek a picture living mid sentence, and I were kind of ridiculous until I get a good story for a green paper which everyone should go for. Google follow that at morbid Pontius, so, as after a week in a half of being completely off the grid, it was beaten. Wonderful, The way I recommend everybody to get off the grid fulfilling a week at a time consuming as hang on a hand. turn on my internet, and I have a friend I have a message request in my Facebook in the message require
You know I like when you're, not friends with somebody in they want a message you, so that's always we're so I often is really excited and I was not excited and I was definitely not excited when I saw the name which happen to be the one girl who made my life miserable in high school, the one that we mentioned, that send me to an abandoned houses when they're pretending that it was a cool party. So I see this and I'm like what my girl. What do you want, like? I have not heard from this girl since high school like since this Happily were not friends were like we aren't. Those kind of it was bad enough that we're not those kind of adults that only clutches perturbed friends. Now, please, no, we are not friend, we don't talk. If I were you I'd Shaw's, I will steer hate you. I hate you so I see this and, unlike are you kidding me like weird I opened it up and it's this big long thing about how it
always bothered her how she treated man and junior high in high school and consequently, I know was weighing on her conscience and she wanted to make sure that I knew that I didn't deserve that an she played down every with men and mobilise lead. she minimize the to sail all she said was that they she was really sorry that they put these brutal notes into. My locker, though, is just one small fraction of what they did to me. Ok, foe. it's a nice I loved my fair part about it. Is that a fellow she felt like she was bestowing upon me. Some kind of wonderful gift I'm telling you for yelling, I'm I'm telling you that you don't deserve this adventure and it's like girl. I may not have known it then, when I was super awkward and and secure and you are destroying my soul but I surely know it now that I didn't US airlines. Can I get him a man and one
She then listen to the pod cast and decided to reach out, because I always very weird. It was weird timing because we brought up was the ass weekly was last week more? It was last week, so it's weird that within the week that we mention that she certainly says that or she's in some kind of twelve step programme and I'm one of her steps way. You know what. That not only YO step that step is stay in open honey because I'm giving you that forgiveness and I don't care how that sounds. I mean this is a girl who literally her and her friends this too, that I can think of two other instead of that convention aims, can not a petty mother fucker. they noted his home and they knew there, but the Girls made by live absolutely miserable rio and are now Well, I'd they're, not people I wanted have in my life is Dulce and they're, not people that I should have had my life as a kid, so you know what to do Two, I'm sure you workin apologise because you're even worse than her, I think the police, but don't and to her
get in any forgiveness or any kind of closure of remains for her. Just leave me alone, where thirty to go away. This is for you and you're not getting at you. You feel you can clear your conscience go ahead, but girl by now. Thank you for that. Little Pierre, say swallows. You know in case you were listening. Never I found the Abbe swollen and she saw the ghost of she's pass so I hope you listening and if you are subscribe, pepper and I hope with a bloody fees- girls listening, so that you can help me she's. Ok, actually, I hope she's not consult scared area of Oscar.
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One other news my child stab me in, I too had actually know what I'm looking at you. It looks a little bit better. Does it kind of better I put ice on it, but when I first locked- and I was like what and soon the for a letter like it was like swollen, my nose was running. Israeli pleasant could expand like it too, I'm super God. Super gotta have kids every time. I come over edges doc, one market off the list. I thought I want you. I think you started with five and now you're like negative twenty seven. I may I were just the around my kids. so speaking of children and wonderful thing, TED Bundy, I would say TAT. I know
it's been awhile and again we apologise for that who sexually do ran analogy. We wondered to hang on to give you a really good one. We The last we spoke TED can we know abducted, but a few people broad daylight gather, I'm lonely Samantha right in front of, like thousands of people, I mean he was really bold. This is, when things are starting to close in on him and was a tip line coming bad, his cycles, professor, his girlfriend and Andrew all right related, but, as you are all friend, and they all we're like yeah, I know the scanty TED Bundy in these kind of a creep in he correctly, because this was called like the TED murders at this fine, because he was young enough to use his own name around this time is when the tailor mountain skulls or become a thing civilian Taylor. Mountain was like at the place where it was kind of like his lifeguard.
I'm finger eventually is. It was the place where he kept all the sculls yeah. his life row, seamed and dial up, but now back and stuff, There were four skulls found here with no other bombs and Detective Robert Capital is like the big guy here. He was the lead on this case. He started way back on lighted the disappear. Linda and Healy, which way back. Did he work on other cases? I Jane sounds wicked. Familiar definitely done other cases, and I wish I had them at my disposal right now. Time, will have laces and use on, but he's a big name. So is around this time that TED had actually left for law school in Utah in August. This was a month after the double murder event: liquor, lakes, Hamish right. so his name was on this list of men of men, obviously in TED, who match the description, but he skipped town. So when he skipped town the abduction
And murders stopped, but so here- and I wonder why I know in any its weirder, why began happening in Utah. Why Lascaux out? I don't get my poor TED is just like bad luck following him. Now you know poor teddy uniforms and so the disappearances and murders that were happening, new tab began with an Toper October. Second, nineteen. Seventy four six ten year old Nancy Wilcox she he disappeared from Holiday SALT Lake City. Unita is that his youngest thus far, thus far less. She was last seen as a passenger in a car that matches the veto bug liberty owned. He asked billy admitted to her murder before his execution he clean
and her body was buried in a location about to my two hundred miles south of SALT Lake City, but she's never been recovered and the seams having a lot with him he's he comes out with things like towards the end. started late coming to come to Jesus moment but later on, actually already hummed anything they weren't finding, because I think he just says like kind of like killed, so many people here, just as like roundabout, like maybe two hundred miles outside of red, only does it actually. Now I keep saying right my right. I am certain you're not wrong pay. Another one that came around this time was a victim, Nay Melissa, Smith, and she was the seventeen year old daughter of the police chief, Louis Smith,. all the time be hunch, Ladys, sodomized and strangled her, and her body was found. Nine days leave ease ass, he's a fucking. It. He really was net was Laura aim. Who is also seventeen, so
Diana dress. She disappeared. on Halloween and her parents referred to her as a gentle free spirits, tall Genesis, is that why you would say about me if I wanted a gentle free spirit. That is you. Her remains or found about like a month later, on Thanksgiving Day on the bank, all gone in a horrible dying and ought not to be finalized anywhere known. He used to visit the Utah victims, bodies and you know, take pictures, changed the clothes but make upon them do their hair and he would rape them until they were too to try to do my itself. Actually, Burgos, you yeah he's a supernatural file, so in case we haven't really like late into that fact yeah. So this is a really interesting on This is where the name Karel De Ranch comes in she's kindnesses, you somebody that might sound familiar. Ok
near SALT Lake City on November eight, he stalked eighteen Year old Council ranch, who had amazing fucking here Oh look her prior I've seen a lot of stuff of lodging isolation. Every time we watch that argument really look at decorous, hair here issues. Italy gives, if I feel things about her hair over here. So you do like her here at this hour. It I have one makes a vibrant he's, doktor. Now she was only eighteen years old and stopped her at the fashion place. Mall and Murray Utah. Oh, I know less, I rode down or license plate number and he waited for her to leave the store ass. She left he approached her and he pretended to be a cop name officer, Roseland And he told her that some one had been trying to break into her car and he said that she needed to fill out a police report and he politely offered to take her to the police department.
she'll local she's, smartly asked for some. I d wreck issues like ok. This motherfucker actually produced a police badge he does I made one like her, things were to not go with him, but you are whether menu is look as you. Sonny was carvings tat. He pulled out all the stops. Papa always told me- and when I was like like before, I could drive that if a copy of a cop, like was pulling you over and, like you were in an area that you didn't know to drive to the nearest pulleys. Yet she always said dragged mix, joyful that you can do that. So everybody do that yeah, you feel sketchy, don't pull however, in the next, how many people, like you hear about them? Poland has caused a saying, so your beer perfectly within your rights to drive on X, police station so she was where did out about him having, like a veto, view bug as a car, and she was saying whether noticing passengers can claim that he was under cover.
sing passenger see. We were so well that this point he had the passive obedience he could put it back in when he wanted to do so once They start driving. She soon realise that they're not driving to the police station and she begins to get visibly upset. He pulls over and attempts to hand fair because her so is not part of the plan. She fights him like a mother so much so that he ends up putting the costs on the same wrist so she jumps out of the car and runs away and Billy Peace got away, yeah didn't go after he. She got away so undeterred He drove nineteen miles away to view my high school. This is the same night same like he drove immediately. Ninety also he does I had to get somebody a theatre production was just letting out in he was he has. He was seen by certain people pacing in the parking lot. He was obvious.
like super like hopped up unlike nervous journeys, he kept approaching people with the Pew Police officer Tale that he was spinning and the vehicle thing and at some point he was able to lure Deborah Jean can, whose only seventeen years old he abducted her and she was never seen again. Would they did find was the key to carols handcuffs that he had dropped in the parking lot available who connecting to this while so yeah. So this connected, whom. The introduction of murder of damage done, move you hit. You stand to lose that sloppy. Getting so care all worked with the police and she told them everything she cut about, Him she during this time it was now in seventy five. He drove out Colorado now in Colorado. Five more women were murdered, so he had dropped of law school now in this,
about nine months after Karel De Runs got away and she had worked with fully so they had this guy's description that everything gone on during this time. On January, twelfth nineteen, seventy five in Aspen Corral Colorado. Carolyn Eileen Campbell, whose twenty three. She was a nurse from Michigan Shipment vacationing with her the answer in his two children. Story she disappeared from the hotel. They were saying her body was found in a snowbank on our creek Road Aspen on February eighteenth, and she was nude and likely had been And the next one was marched, fifteenth nineteen, seventy five motorcycle view, Turkey. I know what all these p. I know it's so soundly body body, so this was a cup months later, is in. Colorado. Her name was duly Cunningham. She was twenty six. She was a part time ski instructor that, like I said he liked to ski those this
I forgot you already gone after somebody that had like connections to skiing because Linda an Healy one of his first victims announced the weather reports like don't. Ah, yes, this is kind of like a weird little all connection as India awake, I think, he's obviously staying within his his world here, so Oh, she Cunningham Julie, Cunningham agreed to meet her remain at a bar, the night of March, fifteenth nineteen, seventy five. She never arrived there. stop her body was never found, but this was another one that Bundy confessed to her murder right before his execution. Oh, when he started clearing his goddamn conscience. because that's what assholes do they clear their own conscience? Now you know- and I also benefit they declare their own counsel. You're still decks still do shed the Stalin was a month later April, six nineteen, seventy five in grand junk, in Colorado. Her name was didn't
he's Lynn Oliver sin it was. She had had I and of an argument with her husband. She took her push bike and made her way to her parents house than to push bank Oh, the waiting for you, if you don't know what a pushing like the idiot as I said it goes like this. So how pastors and ask me, but he or she and ask it: said of transport in Sunday her push by acute pushing them, He had of pushing away. She tried to make her waiter parents House Bundy got her before she got. Also saw the last thing she did was. I hardly know whether that is. I would never really ever like leave the house angry like not that I'm saying she do Alma got no shit about guys, never leave the house anger and not one That does not offer Bundy's lie, namely the house angry. I just get to know so her husband report
did her messing after he contact her parents and they were like guess she never, On Monday, we learned that he had thrown her body into the Colorado River, a few miles from where her bike and sandals were found. But she's never been recovered. So there's another one that he's like. I did it and it's kind of around here, but he doesn't have any real information because they don't mean anything to you. Should he throws away like trash? It's awful. So am I and later so he's like bearing in mind one month, May six nineteen seventy five in part Tello Idaho. Her name is one that the net dawn Culver. She was twelve years old, was. He objected her from school and according to his own confession, he discarded her body into the snake river. Her body has never been found a twelve year old girl, so you,
really hard because a lot of people you know, I think, a lot of people don't realize like the depth of his just. despicable behave like they know that he is a bad guy and then he murdered re, but they don't really how many first of all this money laundering higher how old they were in that he was going for twelve year olds, fifteen year old, Seventeenyearold, We are all aware of it, the better but its oil twelve year old, like this a child. So, you're, like seventh bahraini. Why clickable behavior. I love when you said Edward had Monday's review is a second display is despicable. Merely does LEO dinner TAT, no, no dinner for you. You ve shown noses vehicle border. The heavier today turn taking where your phone One later.
we won one month later, another man other ok. I know every month he's really tried to make a trifle on June, twenty eight nineteen, seventy five micro mystery. I was just going to say: let's connect us to our family. Can we love to do that? Burma improvement we, but if she said that she would not be please raise logo. In Provo Utah Susan Curtis. Fifteen years again, disappeared from Brigham Young University she disappeared, she disappeared. he did not disappear, she disappeared. What's the difference disappearing, I think it's different. Is this different? Ok of complex you wouldn't hired guys like how it works in the eye today is for all laws that we only ones.
Obviously- and does it appear like Isabel man- she's not choose really upset about it and she was holding eyes on your. I wasn't I told her, I did it. I would suit me mother, put yourself in the heavy like Mama. Did it it's ok, she's cute. Doktor cereal murder is active Bundy, she disappeared For I know all she disappeared comment again: Bundy claimed to have buried or buried her body about seventy five miles away, but we do there. Finder but she's never been found shit yeah, he's gotta Dick. I feel What I cannot think I think the Fucker Bundy here, Fucker blondie Ray for his execution. He knew he had nothing to lose and I think he's just started like just lying. I think he did kill. Obviously
in Kelly's people may think he started like sending people in just four. Like the fight of I dont, like seventy five miles away, I think you just picked a random spot and ass. I gotta go dig there like her idiots, it's like your worst police seriously so now. This is a lot of But though there has been a lot of lake misconception about how TED Bundy got caught, first of all, because he middle full of escapes from prison. Like he's he's a slippery which is why else library. This is what happens on August 16th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, so only two months and months later after this last one, in a suburb of SALT Lake City officer. Hey would showed him out I was at the end of a shift, and now he this is a small town. so he knows he knows the goings on he's at the end of a shift. He sees
p. W bug pass him more than once. most kind of like I recognise that car haven't seen it around town, that's weird and that's like coming back and forth, so he got it just like took notice of it like that's good police work So attention to detail, he knows he realizes that this is a weird occurrence and he also remembers that there nearby in a house. He knows because again, small town, that there are two teenage girls at the moment in a house because their parents are creation when he just knows that, because around town righteous data so. Both by the looks of this whole thing to him. He was like. Is this guy casing that how You know like a gentleman used to thinking like a police officer spooky, so he approached the vehicle and tried to stop it, but TED wouldn't stop. There was a bit of a car chase and eventually he pulled over
When he pulled him over Heyward notice that there is no front seat in the bug and that the handle is missing in the past, their side, totally lowering Earl. So you start questioning, but what the hell he's doing and it gives his information and said he was in town to see them. The movie towering inferno so, sample again we're all Heyward knows his town really well, and he knows that that movies not playing at all Oh shit, like this catholic Abbas cells, I'll fuck, you try again by these, like your next six ass wrong, already running movie moment so Hayes. yeah, so he knows he's lying he's like you're running on a bench, and you have a weird asked car with until fucking person and you're, not getting those girl history, a million dollars for you. So he's like you know what I think I can. I have probable
to look in your car makers should be reserved for can passenger zeal when he looks in the car He has a legitimate murder kid in the scar. Oh tell us I'm gonna post photos, of this murder can't army Instagram, because it's terrifying in this market there was a ski masks. A nylon pantyhose mask handcuff Apps gloves a crowbar, an ice, pick, rope, trash bags and tape and So there was that that's always in LA he's a meter, Arrested why I think- we're just going on like a hunch. Are we above for rail? Can you imagine Vienna, police, satellite, the policeman that, like fines, are policewoman like that, I just found a mother like I just like had a feeling you must feel on top of the world exactly like it in. I guess
TED was also addressed? If, like all black speeches, looks like a fuckin cap, burglar, our black, all its highly catch it? But when your dress like cause, I dressed in black a lot to me. Look I gotta regularly murder kits earlier I'd I looking to speak. I dont have a murder case of a mannequin had in the back of my seat and I feel like a faggot pulled over. I remember one time I brought my card the mechanic and he'll like asked me about it and he's like with him his leg and then use ago. I thought you might have been an harry. Anyone I was like the correct manner can have an easy discreetly. I'll, be great I'll. Try that methods of really really weird they recruit can get used in Greece You don't want to deal with here.
Only trust me I know at her. She part everyone pays like a kid. Through June thirtieth grown ups to big kids to Grandma Grandpa, your uncle steward S, brother job even moment die. Everyone pays gets price, don't miss out, offer ends June thirtieth anniversary Park, dot com, frigates, arrested bees arrested. Obviously because this pudding for workers make, and at this point they deserve. To set up a line up because they live We are, then, how did not care only Earl here, Kara girl, so early we have Carol with great hair. You know back you with a good hair. We have Carol, would the good hand she can look at this line up and she can tell us if he's got any funny. Business so in an army has so much funny. Business picked out TED
Media like hey there, mother fucker, remember, knew tat murder, my ass seriously not, and they also a photo of this line up in its actually. I find it funny because TAT looks like a super dork wake. His pants. The system. Weird picture of, like that's, not flatter thanks, but so she picked him out, he's arrested and Nurse is the moment when police from all the other states cart start connecting the dots. Sheer they interview lies in his girlfriend right yeah, I don't know if they were like they were. Bearing that weird like we're together, not together, think who the fuck it. listen what you might be a murderer and I have a child's everybody's. Let's talk about it, so she reveals yeah. He has weird shit here here. The hatchet under his car seat, all the time he has a set of crutches that he's never needed and he has plaster Paris which he makes Faye cast Swift.
Why wasn't she like you gotta, go buddy, I sure prior free this. This was one of those things, I'm assuming, where one she's probably afraid- and you d want to put it in and also he was good. Looking Sometimes you lead should go in the mining. Is this like, unfortunately, that is the way of the world? we ve all let something go with somebody who's like really good. Looking Look I'm just gonna forget that I know to reaching a boys will not happen. we ve all done that yeah. So you know they relate to hear that That's really suspicion figure, especially because all of these women that they talk to him. He did they oh that he would. He approached them with faint cast ray, that's a huge thing so
sets off an alarm somewhere. He sent to Utah State Prison Bay and police, mainly detective Jerry Thomson start putting together connection from the Aspen Colorado incidents where, in in seventy seven he's easily sent to your task to prison. For the time being, this is when the police mainly detective Jerry Thompson, shout out to you Thompson, geography, putting together connections from aspect all right now, where in nineteen seventy seven now he's extradited to face a murder charge for the death of woman called named, Campbell Ordinary, originally didn't connect him to that's. Orders got so they searches apartment as they can do that now and they find some creepy
of course, like they find a brochure from the high school play when endeavouring meant was taken from the lab at an online truly after Harold Ranch yeah like he clearly do you think he watched the play. I wonder That will be interesting to now? I wonder and who knows I like if she was in the play like was it was I am not one to the theatre, a man of was the iron theatre of espionage. I don't Missus Bardell, where he our way. Who knows maybe he did, or I think he might have, Just wait! It's true, but you, but it's true, though house would have the brochure if you didn't like go in God that's interesting and interesting. I would I that he watched and then I'll get a little boy. He watched the plague, tete here you watch the fuckin play you here. I heard it here, for he had banished watched that play
In case anyone was wondering just in case it happen, it happens, we're short dot, so they found that, but they fail two fine. Don't want all dash of polaroids that he has of all of his victims after death in a large box they just didn't bandit. I would even want to find not they imagine, being poor son of a heritage that stumbles across. That was upon that you know polaroids are probably leg. Who knows that I am putting make up on these things like them all made up and shit but that's our solidarity that spooky it's gonna make me think I've on the top. any video for last year. Data is exactly my genes, Austria, gotta love that you thought I thought it immediately thought of that regulate propping her yak has enter into the of Egypt. I repeat: Bernie, ok, you're, not ok! I cried, I feel you.
The harm is with us. Now, don't worry about it, Tom Patties, here with doesn't it I'm over wronged sadness that I started thinking about Anthony boardgame. Ah you too soon to size like I was a big. we have to be maintained and I'm really sad about his alone. I will I will total we talk about it, probably next forecasts, but I think it's too soon M sleeps need chaos forgot her, yes, She may was a degree of many things this, I think, choose bright colors slink everywhere schools to show you, though, that like you, Have it all you can have all the money. You know it's not the recognition, and sometimes it's demons are too hard to overcome that makes a robot man so that a real bummer, Many ways looks like in the movies online
so they didn't find the polaroids in the Lock box, idiots butts. they. So so they found em and a map and it had an x on the resort. Where that can Campbell had stayed. They also found credit card receipts that put, him there. While she was there, he is India also found her hair in his car. she's there was just I don't know, I guess she's always there. So they found so they found more than enough to connect. All the things to connect him. So after he spent about a year in prison. At this point- and I am TED decided actors into has its own attorney because and he had done the law school he's a smart guy. charismatic. I noted the shed so we decided to do it very genuine pay attention deck. So for in court. he D man well
again, as the law I just got murdered by refine comply taken. There did you use. I made a weird. I was a boot hours ago, fat, kid scare, wow I'll, leave a big too, the blue pearl? but TAT S better days, lawyers. They give you back together. this alone, diva, the plans to be treated differently because he's acting in his own defense. He demand. He says he doesn't want to be shackled because he needs to use a study, so he doesn't need be shackled, he's an attorney com, ok, What are you saunter? So you know he's a lawsuit and he doesn't need be shack. Like some common criminal organise, stop so. this charming asshole
convinces guards to let him study in the law library during a court recess. So the library library is like on the second floor of the court. So during this, during recess, he's like I gotta, go up there and I got a study up his lawyers. Do that here too, the law library like look, shut up and they were lagoon Oh he's alone, fur like sixty seconds, any manages to jump out of the open second story window and escapes into the aspen wilderness. It was a big job. Somehow he didn't break his later fight, but he actually like hurt himself yeah, but he and break it why hands of living in the fucking aspen? Well, then, we lived in the woods literally. I didn't know that for six days, like putting. I know the store food he like ravaged cabins when people were out of it like he. Actually lived in the wilderness for six days is this motherfucker and
six days later, he stole a car and was stopped for driving a radically. Calm down like you need to chill like you may take a minute, the awakening of allow to hear your views viewer. India, like he's here We have always to be very side. Was the speckled think about despicable, behavior tat drive a little slower abroad. Relax com now calm down tat, so you stop for driving radically and he was arrested again and he was put in another prison in Colorado. So how many days was as follows: late sixties later saw serenely escape for thirty days, though, would in again maybe oppose this further to the four areas he would take. their mountain man. After sixty he looked like the mountains got you use the old man of about and when he was needed for two years, so it goes on relax. It was like a quick precedent is being used to prepare for the mountain, my real article, so
seven months later, he's thirty one years old at this point is he's like my age, you now I'm a spring Chad. This point he manages to acquire a hack saw blade from another inmate. You know as well. Does mile. He also managed to acquire over five hundred dollars because it was sent to him from further from pen pals in groupies that he had already started to color prisoners, wild ones. While he took these and he saw he saw a tiny hole in the corner of his cell ceiling. He had nervous with tiny asshole it like now, I've seen the very low and it had to be son, also inside he lost thirty fucking pounds to fit. In this whole. Look you want, unlike while he lost thirty pounds for this, he actually waited for the holiday break for this escape because,
He knew there would be less guards on duty and he did dry runs up this escape for weeks before. so he should meet his ass into that little hole and went in through the pipes. Many time, however, nobody noticed the o people did inmates heard him crawling around in reported it and we're like yeah, I think there's someone crawling around in the fucking ceiling. They were ignored me while they were being true Are they really not really TED Bundy sort of much snitching? So on New year's eve I don't want. No one was gonna, be there at a stroke, lament the series like Happy New Year have been resolved through the hall and ended up coming out in the head. Jailers apartment all the head. Jailer was not there. It was unoccupied because he was out for the night. Oh, those new year's eve like here put on some of the jailer street clothes and walked out the front door a far larger than I am using, because
there were not a lotta guards on duty. His absence was discovered until the next Fucking day, while giving him a couple times. Like two hours and hours. So he went to sea. Chicago first get some Chinese would first likely likely, not as in the years to be immediately when God chinese heat eggs, a train to Michigan. Then. You stole a car in Michigan to go to the Atlantic area where he took a bus to Florida he's. I guess I'm not me for prison lies not with any is now made for mountain life. Now he's like yeah, I'm gonna take bus and train the out. I'm not gonna live in the mountains, so when you got it Lord. He made his way to Tallahassee Tiresome Tallahassee. So, Oh, is this further: he fraternity shakos down. This is where he plan he actually planned to just fuckin retire divvying, just be thirty one, just Vienna, More guy now he was plainly
just like being an asshole. Do you think you would have enabled take? Do that We gotta get away within any clearly was well yeah, but if he had stopped killing do you think he would have gotten away somehow? I think the problem here. I think I wonder I know Don't think sigh I be the problem, here was he cried. He wanted to get legitimate employment and just be a legit do Could he have let's just like changed his name, but he couldn't because he didn't have an I D. Come lesson is a fucking, how pretty it's a pretty easy to killing me, though I know that like you to another, but when it comes to leg above we would like a social security number. You can get back like indebted to go, have a beer. Somebody like he needed legitimate employment, anyone he wasn't able to get a true. So this is where he just when.
Bonkers men, HIV like Florida will do you no offense Florida, but I feel like this just something in the one yeah so he moves into a boarding house because that's really all he can handle. and he moves into a boarding house on the floor to state University camper lets a boarding house and its carnage dislike it's. It's like what like a shitty one. We apparently it's just like your living with a bunch of inmates of ever. He poses as a grad student, because he's thirty one can be grads any Leah young. Looking guy like you could do that he poses there's a grad student on the floor to state University campus named Chris Hagen, while which is almost Chris Hayden. witches, Rory, Go Mars, father and kill. My girl sign out right now, wallpaper he attend. Lectures, because you can do that, yet even just japanese lecture on board lets, you pretend to be this, sir. This
is where the Cairo, maybe NATO's happen. Guy omega murders are things of legend We underline early, keep calling. I think we should just keep going. I think so too. I think what I said earlier there. I think it s, earned it where are you going behavior where you goes totally earned it because we ve made you a long I was just like. I wanted them to be on the edge of their see. I know, and I didn't give you that I'm sorry I didn't give it to me and I'm sorry, murders. So it's Slop Abbe. Thus we say when you really tired re slap Billy punched him. You know when you say like the wrong thing, amidst not at all what thou be like us is nearly. I hope I can buy slap punched or hunk yourself happier, puns, drunk your fancy free your high. In my eyes,
better. So I feel like things it looks bad earned it doesnt right. Ok, I feel like it looks and looks like wrinkled, but you don't have wrinkles in that. This is like from like its swollen and finally got into the unsolved via its stated experience kind the outer Shakespeare. Machiavelli beat me up here There is a lot so here we are January, fifteenth nineteen. Seventy eight. Ted decides to go to like a club of some like a disk, attack, because two egos club and his image wasn't exactly like why. I feel that I got you tense instance were where painting a real picture? That's it we're about we're about Painting Peggy S, a new in the mood he attacked. I assume the paint the
be trees, gal, Barbara, where I like his design, rats, happy trees and happy base. Listen to me, the January authorities Club Enzo January fifteen twenty four lobbying nineteen, seventy years, clubbing, he's clubbing and he's tried. Pick up on college girls in these being Stevie about it like laser. These girls are smart and they, like May I wish your kind of creepy because again he's thirty one worryingly chill Lincoln, Thirty one. Europe needs to be walking in trying to pick up eighteen year old, probably not so anyway, eloquently about disease creepy, so these girls were like now they weren't having that really pissed him. He's because he obviously went into this night wanting to pick up a check. wasn't happening there. Was not used to not being able to get who everyone idea starting to get along
We refer me ideas and women are following our names. You got all four. On the other hand, I mean physical, I'm just so late that women are starting to Billikin. It's ok, I'm good he's like. Yet. This is an ok. So, at this point his you know, he's addicted, This stuff, all absolutely after letting flattered, murder six He went into this night. Wanting a fix is going to piss him off he's having withdrawals. So next door to this place is the CHI Omega Sorority House he had gone there earlier I notice that there was an unlocked, or so he knew it was there already. So you're going to now. He did scope it out, but we don't know if you went to other places and tread unlocked or as any just noticed that this was one we don't know. I mean it, makes sense that he would go to authority house because a lot of you know usually attractive younger women right. That's his thing, so
He knew that he knew there was an unlocked or he was pissed off. He was use around ago. He waited Till all of them were asleep, stop it. He picked up a log on the ground, I fucking log use nature and he went into the house and went fucking saying I mean this is frenzied as fuck at so seafaring happen. I think it happen within like fifteen minutes, so. Twenty one year old, Margaret Elizabeth Bowman was the first one to get it. Her skull was caved in while she slept. And he took a nylon stocking and wrapped around her throat and he pulled it with such force that it nearly broke. colonel, oh, my god, so use on nine on stock and almost broke her now he had pulled it so hard that really sit next to a twenty year old LISA Levy when police
sir arrived they found, LISA in her room for roommate, was away. She was still alive, but with awe. Unfortunately, she passed away forced me to the hospital not off her nipple had almost been torn off her collar bone was broken and she had been strangled. Also, a hairspray bottle had been forced inside of la bite mark that Bundy left on her buttock helped police convicted fucking bitter by he bit her back and the weak laughter very like and ten was so angry, and here pretty like when you look at a picture of his teeth like a chip and his two all leg defy. in about data and they took a dental, more rapid mould at the trial later, and they were to match it perfect angli to him only came
weird again to so many pictures from don't like abundantly by is a picture of him. Looking at the gentle molds and he's like fascinated by it. Just like a really spooky phone, but yeah. It's awful end like he broke her collar bone again, like I'm an autopsy technician, as you said, and we use. basically hedge clippers to cut blowing. It takes a long time coming. and when you get to the collar bone, it takes brute force to break that collarbone with like full on long here. Old heads riven some reason why he broke her collarbone, just by brute force used Aren't we all areas to me like that's terrifying, and it's awful so Still paying hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses? What's changed that exists. Dot com are factory, direct model means no middlemen or outrageous markups. Just this.
In quality frames in one's options, as the other guys for one tenth, the price does any offers prescription glasses, starting at six. Ninety five, as well as affordable sunglasses, blue blockers and more the bell. or try any frame anywhere with our three virtual try on visits any dot com today and change the way you buy glasses forever. The next It was twenty one year old, Karen Chandler she's, a survivor she so Bundy mercilessly beat her after he fled the scene. She appeared in the hallway. Just delirium only found her just delirious in the hallway. He had fractured her skull broken her job and she had. Multiple teeth were missing. Cheese that he took her teeth are linking beat her so hard about a fellow of such an area. I'm lucky extract in her teeth like a dead end quote
goodbye. I understand now so the next. I was twenty one year old, Catholic, Cathy Kleiner. After Karen who survive, had staggered into the hallway Cathy was found, sat up in her bed with multiple lacerations to her face and head her Ya had been broken and several other God she survived, but she had never remember the attack and she had been fast asleep when I happen, but she's arrived and she Survived with, obviously I mean life chain reaction, bank ajar lake- I mean she was she clearly and she's to the station, as I remember, that's great goodness here. So after this whole thing, he leaves with the log in his hand, so you with the log in his hand, covered in blood in dairy.
this time. A woman returning to the Sorority House saw him with the log in his hand, saw him like the last. She was just walking in the door. Another guy saw him still holding the log down the street, so he was clearly in likeness. My view is that he gave their orderlies like Maria moved. He then doesn't leave he's just like still at the scene. Instead, he breaks into another woman all right nearby after the line, he was a giant going, twenty one year old, Cheryl Thomas was eight blocks away. He entered her basement apartment where he found her in her room. He woke up all of her neighbours. Would the violet He inflicted on my way screaming is I think that use just like in Saint DE heeds. They said the thumbs of him,
gnashing her head was heard throughout the house and a neighbor banged on the wall like what the fuck's go, not yeah. She suffered serious headwinds, including multiple skull fractures, a broken jar and her shoulder was desolate, might go hard masturbated on her bed, an amazingly she survived. What yeah, though she had life changing injuries, including permanent hearing loss in one year and cranial nerve damage that. forever affected and will affect her equilibrium. Oh my god alone could be only now that will give like Vertigo forever and nothing has changed his early life and when he gets it every once in a while, a lake our haughtily, just disrupt your life and she was there. so completely and utterly ruined your life life and she just sleeping in her room.
only guide we're so that nice people who spoke to him when he arrived back at the boarding else, because any just went back to the boarding house. They said he was. Was he covered and relaunch the well? I guess climate change or something they said he was literally insane like they said it was like speaking to a beast like he was unhinged! So now he said he wasn't even on my planet earth like he was a space cadet, so he was clearly in like a just murderous, trance, so scary. So now we come to that. I mean that's basically his crescendo and this is where he hands it, so that was on January 15th. On February, ninth, the same year, twelve year old, Kimberly Leach was in her PE lesson at school. When she ask your teacher if she could get her purse from wherever she forgot it at the last class. I think she was at
She was or treating her purse and she was spotted being led away from school grounds by an irate man. Nobody reported anything thing and I was probably her father, but once her actual father became aware that she hadn't attended the rest of her classes that day and he said he had not removed him turn from school. That was not him. Police were proud. A lengthy search concluded in two months later a body was discovered in a cave the pen, forty miles, oh, my god, she had been sexually assaulted and strangle strangled. It was TED Bundy, fallacies last victim that they now then the knight of the Cairo megamergers he'd come in contact with a lot people re all terrified him right. So he was a fine there's survivor here and he saw he was arrested again and he decided to act as a zone attorney again and this issue I mean the track.
oil is bananas and there's one leg, specific video that you can see online. In again, I'm gonna put so much He just wasn't hockin grace at that, You can see like a lot of these survivors talk about because a lot of them had to be they had to. To go to trial, they had to sit in front of him like The ranch had to sit in front of him. I mean Lake and after everything they ve gone through, he was still trying to manipulate the situation. To be, the one in my god we in he was cross. Interviewing exact. What is then was cross examine examining them, and so he was talking to not exactly in some of these eyes signs on one documentary that The survivors of the Cairo Mega House massacre said that they had to sit across from him attitude at a table while he, some questions, yeah and so one woman, and I can't remember who it is, but I'm going
opposed to it, as when I find out because she deserves to be named, tear cause. She was bad ass. Right, she was one of the women, the sorority sisters. She said she refused to give. What he wanted, because he was trying to relive that night. I still trying to get me her described things and she wouldn't shoot. give him one, yes or no answer just really any She says in this documentary using very calm and collected, and I'm an attorney and I'm very head of everything. and then, all of a sudden, when he got aggravated that she wasn't giving anything to him, he slammed his fist on the table and was like you'll after fucking answer me like flipped out, and she let she looked at him and she was like that's the monster like the monsters, Shell and she was like an he can't control it like it comes out like he totally lost a shit and she was like an I loved watching a musician. It's crazy that they like. Let him do that because he was so close dynamically and
I think they will allow that now it's it's one of those things that it's like they can act their own attorney, but I feel I have to at least be in shock. I ve noticed he could have ass much ass in circles at this time, but but There is also a little video of him let away away while in others, while he was acting as his own attorney for restructuring suit, he's not like in prison gear right and I believe he's holding like holders or something higher and their leading him away and he's aggravated you can tell, but he's composing himself, and one of the guards grabs his arm William prisoner. Basically, any whips his arm away, and you can see this fuck. For on his feet and legs. You can just see it switches amongst, like he's he's, like you know, charming good, looking TED versus can like la la and then all of a sudden when he doesn't like something. That's got leg. He the lips in first, Second, you just see like that's what those girls.
That's so, which is really scary, like you just see what those girl like that is awful too what nightmares are made of everything he presents. Everybody is this really put together guy, and these interviews he's very and had he not like flipped out and losses cool like that. I got a lot of people like not everyone in my heart to envision right, because you tardy envision safeguarded under after getting him. She got him factor in then carried the wrong set at two issues like buck him like a nose like EU bad bench. ruined my life. Well, so there's a lot of theirs alone. If they will pose a couple things whose interests really is interesting. Like him. Looking at the dental impressions and study ass, like it's really fucked had that he will make a quick pick. Collage more users, be an attorney in this audience like fuck him. In the end, he like started fucking grasp infrastructure and I, like did not want to die. I wish they did.
executed, because I think we could have learned a lot more from him to be. This serves to be walking among us, but I am, he was he's he's such a prototypical serial killer and he's what we do you know he's kind of like the holy GRAIL of zero Kelso. It's like we. We got and it's like in its it was Florida in Florida like all about execution. Here I mean like these. people on the night on the morning of his execution. People were camped out like a fucking, tailgate party, you have to think though, like to see like a monster die though leg you're going tailgate at someone's execution. Like that's crazy, I don't
By this I mean I wouldn't do it, but I could understand. I understand people celebrating land of in this. Is that how you can understand people warning him to die? Regret that, like I really do, I understand why I wouldn't go to the language. I see what you're someone new retreating that we can avoid like up Moroccan like they really chanting lean, burn, Bundy, Berne and stuff. It's like they made it like this, but like a football game, I think it was just like a mad. It was was so long and like everyone else, so terrified for celebrating peoples who didn't think like what can we learn from yeah. I don't think people think it is right that we need to pick wrangling. He was willing to talk, that's the thing I think also a you look at it from a scientific point of view and other people If you look at it from the sky when the moon rose, I'll, be exactly emotion and I'm don't look at it from the. Not so
In the end when he was grasping at straws, just try and allay get that stay of execution disuse track again. Another stay out here he blamed porn for everything he watched a lot of angry violent porn and that was at me was like any talk to some guy, I care the guy's name, but he's like an evangelical, I think any was like we had to tell use of America not to look at porn like you, just turned into an asshole were used as tourism Gries Bay. I think he was also just placating too, like whatever the hell whatever like thing so. he was found guilty, obviously demand and he was sentenced to die by the Electric chair and he did on January. the twenty fourth, nineteen, eighty nine, the and after tat, and I was like four years old. I was five years old it up when I was in a lessening the thought on the spot.
As for Ireland, Bundy was girl, just say one that is TED Bundy, We just gave it. He gave it we're gonna separated into three parts, and we didn't. We didn't Well, you leave it all to you. And let me know our doing last week- Tina. Dino Dino denounced now Tina, Dino Dinner, turn its Turley Chinese gonna be it to, but oh for shark, is undemocratic and like his early, where we gotta go deactivation, I'm taking the reins of the others is gonna, be an ash. Centric episode, ash censured, irony law is that on a t share consists of ashes fave, so my fave serial killer. She gets too, she hasn't jump in the drive. You know why and don't tell me.
He socks pillars thug. They may favour exactly it's just favorite more and we have been digging all the message in my god. I know leave as are sending leg. We really appreciate it abandons anywhere in its leg, touching our sole son of one of the things that I absolutely loved was somebody said that they felt like they re like this. Hang your friends. We are right, ass, like our that's what we wanted. We wanted to. We just one leg, bestow this weird ass in our hair. We have. We want a keynote just give people so give a revolt they want and we want you to feel it you're hanging out with friends. Yes, you are today I was at work and I was telling my work friends, but my uncle and I'm really just like sorry diabolic all these creepy showed some stuff, and I was like mother too.
A full awareness is, I feel, like I love bringing people together those together and you realize that you are not the only weirdo by as interested by the scientists like it's it's. I love it. It's like where a little tribe of weirdos- and I learned legal error tribe and in some ways and surveying you for the messages and keep him coming through of John. Please subscribe and totally subscribe rate. Let us know you think rate and review. We have to hear Aser view like Amazon. You me back give us anything. Everything may jokes aren't funny, don't tell me behold, I think I'm so I think though, farming in- follow us on Instagram at morbid podcast. Yes, look at our Facebook page, look at our twitter, Admiral podcast ass. We should finally address Jimmy Email, morbid podcast at gmail dot com. You can find us on all the say all the things I
in stature. Nautilus bought a high up. Our union are waiting for Spotify they're taking forever, but- and I mean to what are we to and blueberry. meanwhile, I worry, blueberry affected them properly is not a real hosting site where you can find us anyway. Where are you now I want to do. I gotta wanted you like a giveaway. I now we're gonna. Do something fun we're going to do it give away. I was going to shout out her a hundred follower, I'm going to shut out. No thank you to our hundredth Instagram follower men S. Eighty eight, my stupid group should have been following a long, freakin time, Anti seismic.
the wonderful girlfriend by Carlos Ashley, who should have been following a long time ago, instead of following a long time ago. She waited to be under spoke of her just stupid, which is next level sure. I'm just a message today and so do I gotta show, though he said, do not again my step out so Amy. This is yours, you don't want anything except. I love your welcome and devotion. Also John followed a foreign term, a guy, I son, John, doesn't even use and John or even use loneliness and lie quiet and on that note I saw a man now thinks So much for listening. Keep on listening, keep it weird and tuna next week for
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