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Episode 67: Jasmine Richardson & Jeremy Steinke Part 2

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Welcome back for Part 2 of the horrifying case of Jasmine Richardson and Jeremy Steinke. In this installment, we discuss the interrogations, the trials and the sentencing for these two idiots. Remain prepared, because it stays awful until the end.Sources:https://www.mamamia.com.au/jasmine-richardson/https://allthatsinteresting.com/jasmine-richardson Runaway Devil: How Forbidden Love Drove a 12-Year-Old to Murder Her Family by Robert Remington https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/jasmine-richardson-walks-free-a-decade-after-she-and-boyfriend-massacred-her-family/TDLBX4NMVXCY5UGVSRISBITUTE/ Make sure you go check out our sponsors Murder Apparel and use our code MORBID for a special weirdo discount. Also, while you are there, get yourself an exclusive Morbid design shirt. MurderApparel.com
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Open healing close to home Cooper, university health care, a complete academic health system from price every care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advance in cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper, with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate, complete. Hey we're knows I'm Alina my name's ash, and this is really orbit. It sure falconer
Welcome back to guarantee really surprised. You're here, part two Jasmine Richardson, an Jeremy stank it she's, twelve she's, twelve he's twenty three. He These are three hundred year old werewolf he likes blood. He does. He believes in it homes is a bad one. Listen apparent one! Do it why you're here. For some reason, if you go back to our water impact, now turned back now go to our one real quick, as is gonna set you up, so I think we're just gonna die right into it, but it was as you do, that a region of it
I cannot support up so yeah weed and we're not gonna do any business, because you know what this is your per to and you want to get back into it. I know you do what you threw up. So when we last left you, we told you about the brutal murders of the regions and family Mark Endeavour, the parents and eight year old, Jacob, yes, by Jeremy, stand key and their own daughter, twelve year old, Jasmine she's, twelve after the brutal murders? The two were. The two are really grouse that sex hate it. They went to arrange her. They were make it out, each other in front of people and then they blatantly admitted to a guy named. Aims Wally that they murdered her whole family and jasmine left off with the awful statement of my little brother guard
Builds his throat she's account yeah. So here we are so at this point. Police thought jasmine was missing kidnapped yank as a whole families dead, because when they saw family photo at the scene and clearly saw she was not there so pull She went to her school to get more info about her. In her guidance, counselor took out a very large file. Sandra rigid. Basically, will she offered look in her locker for them, because the police would need a warrant for that, but a guidance counselor legally can do that never knew you had another, neither Romania, is only in Canada, Sir Richard Richard web peaked inside the locker. She began like flipping through binder and a piece of paper when what it was was a hand drawn twelve panel cartoon strip, that was a bunch of stick figure, people three to be
that being burned alive well to other stick figures watched laughing in it one. Stick figure is running towards a vehicle labour labelled Jeremy struck in the first panel, its labelled, let's go for a walk in the two adult. Stick. Figures are walking with a child while another large Your child stands to one side with a frown on her face and access for all eyes. Another panel, an angry stick figure Poor is gasoline into a water sprinkler in it says why ha ha ha, in the following panel, the little stick figure please on swing with a big smile on her face, while the adults watch from a picnic table, and they say quote: were covered in gasoline and then the next panel reads I'm being burned alive, help help my flesh is being burned off and it shows the family being.
this crisis in another, where the caption reading quote the uno general pain and in the last panel to stick. Figures are seen laughing in saying. your burning alive. What the fuck, so I mean I saw this. I Billig, I don't wanna jumped clues you, but thing she wanted to kill her old fairly, I'm getting a vibe she's ill, getting a vibe. the guiding flare hell, yeah yeah. She was twelve everywhere. I said in the first part, but few new here. Remember: she's, twelve, because it's really easy. were now so the gun and hence also founded notes. That said, quote, may the hatred and anger built.
Blazing infer knows, fill you and overcome you. May the pains of a thousand tortured souls come upon you like scalding, blade and eclipse all their noble feeling. May your hope, streams and happiness fall into the swelling pit. despair, never to return. May your peace of mind and safety begun to you to be forever afraid and allied may the black overcome You in the pain, never ending all. You, love, be stolen and destroy just out of reach to never again feel such joys amen. I have never been not angry at once. No, never, and then you today, men, look they give into my sermon like well, it's so when they saw tat, they were like. That's somethin
They were like she didn't run away, but you know what I'm beginning to think she wasn't get there. That's what that's what I meant to say. She did right away that this was probably something to do with her. So blood evidence was a big part of this case. Just kind of fun because it's like Jeremy was so obsessed with blood yeah, exactly like relating over. In the end, he really believed I am proponents wanting believer so that the investigation brought in a bloodstained experts sergeant surge Le Roque. Yes, you here we like went to town on this, because there was a lot. To anyone named surge always goes to town vs surges. Just he's ready for it is so outside of Jacobs Bedroom. He identified quote a hundred plus projected stains on the carpet in the bedroom. He found seventy five plus projected stains on the floor, and he
found transfer stains at the foot of the bed. He said all of this was consistent with quote a bloodletting event from a source moving around the room, which means it was running a running around the room, while also bleeding frantically. I hate the he concluded that Jacob was attacked. in the hallway outside his room in the Jacob move back into the bedroom where he said quote after it air amount of activity he died on his bed Deborah, he said not really move from one after she will from where she was found, leaves a she probably died a little quicker, and this is really sad. This part so just like braces you're sell things really sad one of sergeant It was on the scene, said: quote: I'm an ex military guy I'd seen some bad stuff before it was the worst crime scene I had ever been in love
and he said you could tell the dad was a warrior. Dad fought to his last breath right to the end, you could calculate how long the death fight took by looking at the scene- and he also said quote the most touching thing- was the late Sabre in Jacobs Room. Now I suspected he grabbed it and tried to use it with the blood all over it. Oh my god you're. So they said like he may make better to try to defend whose, oh, my god, that's pretty awful thy own. That, like I know what I do. I really dont like show Israel. They found a tiny little blood smear on the light switch in Jasmines room. This indicated to them but it was not an intruder, but someone who knew the house because he said usually intruders, don't turn on and off lights. they also news. The work of at least two people, since the father had faults, are limiting. One person could not again us on all of its leg. It all together at
of years. In six months of age, Jasmine was the youngest person that could ever be charged with homicide in Canada. Why so at this point she was now a murderous aspects. I found that lake after they found the timing, I'm really great cartoon she road, nor the other stuff and also the blood on language, so Now her picture were sent out everywhere. Oh wow, James. Wally saw this James always the one that they conversed. He decided Gonna believe. Finally, somebody does so. He was not the only one now Jordan who here and there Molly Ass to help him in Jordan was like no. He showed up at the stated the station to and he said, Jeremy asked them to help with the murders. He admitted all that law. James was the one who said, He admitted that he quote: guided them like a fish and that he said Jasmine said her little brother gargoyle. That is, as he was dying. Gonna hit Us
around seven p m that night the murders were being broadcasting shit. Sir Germane Jasmine were certainly get nervous. Their friend Cayley, Was the teen run away and the one that introduce them yeah was making plans with this kind of confusing, but it's just like to set up the scene she was making plans with another friend Casey? Who was at the party with them? and a dude name mic to go to a town called leader where MIC lived in the runaway cayley was hoping to stay in this house so case yes, Jeremy and judgment if they wanted to take a ride with them. She said He thought they wanted to run away together. So she's like launches come about and she didn't, without the she actually in the whole family. so they laid down in the back of a pickup truck that they were taking, and so it was these kids. It was Kaylee Casey, Coke dealers, girlfriend Jenny and Mick in the front of this car and jasmine and Jeremy were in the back of the truck.
Please make the cook dealing know he's a growing, and this happened to me that the exact gathers I happen to be there. So a constable name, Aaron E words, was a rookie on his first shift in leader and he had seen a bulletin put out son evening April. Twenty third by the medicine have police. That said beyond the look out for suspects, wanted and a triple homicide, and they said they could be going that way right. They did this because friends of Jeremy and Jasmine had told the police that that was likely where they were gonna go. So the friends started like trickling through people now now this murky cop drove around town in is in his car, and he was just like on the look out. Around two am after looking around didn't see anything he had at home But then he woke up early at like five hundred and thirty a dot m, and he was like oh shit. They probably are going to need gas.
smart working right. So he went to like the biggest gas station in town, okay, he knew what they all look like and what the car looks like. So he just parked at the corner that gave him like a view of the gas station and just like hung out there will smell pickup truck with Alberta plates matching the description of the vehicle. having to pull up to one of the pumps at seven, a dot m. I was so he waited there while he did and three teenage girls spilled out of the front and they went inside the gas station. These girls were Casey Kaylee and Coke dealers girlfriend Jenny, okay, the girl said the girl said later than when they went into the gas station. They noticed a newspaper with the news of Jasmines families, murders splashed across the front now, and there was a big picture. Jasmine right on the
Oh shit, so there was this the day after the murder yeah while will know this was actually to two days after because this was the morning after the party that they went to the day after Mr Scott, it. The girls were thinking somebody so when they saw that they, like. Oh, my God, did someone break into her house and do this. So they parted. So I love this stilicho. Her whole family got massacred, wishes, grab some food and some drinks real, quick and then we'll go. I can so. They bought some food drinks and they bought the newspaper and when they went back out, they showed the paper. The german jobs all make a high. So Jasmine giggled, when she said an Jeremy leg was laughing and said: quote that doesn't even look like you, it's literally a photo of her. Oh, my god, so Casey was leg quote. If my family. I would have totally freaked out, but there was no reaction whatsoever. So one of the girls was like. Oh, I see what's happening
like many eyes they hold this. Then she said holy shit. We gotta get you out of here she's like again. I would like the Hell's going on. So, according to Casey, Jasmine was like listen. She said quote. She told us to tell the cops. The Jeremy had picked her up at eleven p M the night before to stay a cocktail. in Germany and Cook dealer got into a fight because they were drinking and now is supposed to give an alibi and also account for Jeremy is black eye which she got from her yeah. Now these kids pulled into a high school parking lot and we're trying to figure out what to do next and at this time the girls were like here. They definitely did this error like fuck, but they didn't know what to do so. They decided taken up with to let the murderer here. That's what you do right now Meanwhile, the rookie cop was following them: ass, primitive I'll, never knew all of the s and he called in
got from another Cobb officer Gallant. I think his name was when he showed up the two of them made a plan to ambush the truck. This is great when they did, they discovered their suspects under the blanket were Jerry and were german jasmine minus her pants God in twelve. So at seven fifty one m. They ordered german jasmine out of a truck jasmine. Was handcuffed input in the back of a police vehicle with the three other girls in Jeremy was put on the back of another car, as he was put in a car. yelled quote. Tell my mom she can have my tv and that I love her priority is prey heard, is Give MIT varies. Take my tv, Shinto MIT me now as they are being driven to the station Casey, Jenny, Cayley and jasmine, we're starting to worry, not that they were going to be charged. Murder and assess very after the fact, but that
Jeremy might be charged with rape. That's what but they re really worried about oak. According to key see quote jasmine had her, the answer in the cops, wouldn't let her put them back on. So If the girls told jasmine that she just claim the cops raped her all that's really awful. They joked that they might be the suspect that they might have to be like searched and, according to Casey Jasmine said quote, it wouldn't be sexy, even if it was a hot caught, because I still like Jeremy. This is the conversation there having the going to gamble response where Thou Diana Brain just melted and they put they go back to the station. They put jasmine in a holding cell. Jeremy was still in the back of the other cop car in the police. we're taking the other three girls into the station office when they went back into the sea. To get them. Jenny had kicked in the plexiglas provider and police cars Phronsie
and they were all yelling fuck off and fuck you at the police officers like that. gonna help when they got into the station. While the officers were with Jasmine in Germany, the girl, started, making our unauthorized phone calls. They were all being video recorded by the way, is a daily station and kill. We still know pads and pens out of a drawer and shoved them down her pants and pressure. Why? So? These are the kind of kids better. That were the only thing you know what Jenny says quote we all pretty scared, yet sounds like you even lighted it- and she said Quote- I was scared. I was not a very nice person at all. I was provoking the police laughing at them, calling them names. I was mad. I was in a police station and they were saying I was arrested for murder. So that's how you are
Would that make sense? While this is all going on the autopsy of Deborah Mark and Jacob ARM underwear it makes he really saw that they're dead? I now forensic pathologists Doktor Craig Lit when was performing the autopsy s arm. Each took two hours marks from nine hundred and thirty a dot m to one thousand one hundred and thirty, a dot m Deborah's from two p dot m to four p dot m and Jacobs was the next day. The first thing they look for the autopsy is usually lividity. This was disgusting Oh oh morbid episode. So go listen to that, but basically it is when the blood falls to the lowest point of gravity and turns purplish, who, in a body is laying in a spot for a long period of time, levity was actually not evident at all during their autopsies in this one reason for this: most of the blood had already flowed out of their bodies before their even brought in haulage.
Yeah, but I'm gonna go out there in Jacobs case, he was for foot four inches. Sixty eight pounds and most of his blood last came from a large wound. His throat that severed his thyroid gland, juggler, vain and larynx They said basically, so the carotid artery are the ones that spurts when you see like movies. Yes, I think that the jugular does A juggler is Lincoln slow flow, so this poor kid slowly, but now he also for other stab wounds too to the right side of his face. Oh, my god, each slightly more than two point: five centimetres deep and two other stab wounds to the left side of his chest, and it was jasmine. That's just Many, that's that's the what everybody is thinking, because Germany admitted with less than nine admit to that
way that she really when she's sling laughing, been like you gargled, that's really horrible Jacob, also had particular haemorrhages on the inside of his eyelids and mouth. What does that mean which is indicative of strangulation, its Scully blood vessels that break when you get strangled legally, that he gave him aging and like a lot of choking. That's so that's the which is consistent with her trying to strangle him first, Of course, the pathologist conceived definitively the Jacob have been choked because the wound his neck was so large that it literally Blake.
look assigned any evidence mark the father was five foot ten inches. He wait two hundred and seven pounds the pathologist from twenty four stab wounds on him, while yeah he had one to his right abdomen, which was eleven centimetres deep, holy shit. He had one to his right, lower back that entered his long, his right long and cause six hundred millilitres of blood to enters chest. Cavity Deborah was five foot three inches and weighed one hundred forty three pounds. She had twelve stab wounds, the most significant one, punctured her aorta. She had ones that punctured her lungs as well, and one that penetrated our stomach wool. God Marken Deborah had a lot of defensive knife, cuts on their hands and arms and they both would have had what he's
and was quote several moments of purposeful activity after suffering, there most severe wounds, so none of them went quick. They all had several moments of trying to do. Something I really do need to mark was stab twenty four times. But they said. No one wound cause death. They said it was literally massive blood laughs, that's really awful yeah davers, the fatal will know, was the one to her aorta, I would have once the orders head that will be quick. What does that again? That's the biggest vessel in your body, ok, knows interrogation time for Jasmine in Germany In thirty a m on Tuesday April, twenty fifth was when Jasmine was interrogated, here's the problem interrogating underage children is very tough. Canada's youth Criminal Justice ACT does help with this because it provides rights and protections specific.
four children right under his child. Exactly police have to read a special youth waiver and caution form which is known as forty nine point one and they have to have these under age suspects. Sign it every time that they talk to them. Ok, it basically is say it's basically, because a young person is usually gonna, be more influenced by authority figures right they won't profit. They probably won't understand their legal rights as much as an adult will yeah. Teenagers are also way more susceptible to subtle threats and somebody who's younger may be more inclined to make a statement, even if it's not true just to please the person in authority rights, they want any of that happening because that ruins case right form. Nine point nine point: one has fifteen steps that police have to follow.
Reading this person their rights every time they Tolkien in police will skip two legs different sections of the form, depending on what answer the suspects gives them. Ok, and reminds me of em in each section. They have to end it with. I do you understand so these two these services that we're going to interrogate Jasmine decided that the best tactics used on her was a combo of father figure and cool guy. Okay, so The first call a cool guy. The first cop officer coal tried the fatherly thing because he had light gray, hair and, like a mustache, idiotic I'd just them, I'm not the cool guy right, but. and just like cried the whole time. Like fear, then she said it wasn't like an emotional cry. It was like a giant leave cry so sure, after eleven thirty, I am officer coal in the second officer. Shin
decided that she and was going to go in and be the coup. Is she in apparently was a handsome thirty five year old, with dark, hair blue eyes, lousy gospel here, like a pair of cool glasses? cool guy Glinda, the good eye, glasses, So anyone in there he introduced himself is Chris and immediately decidedly lightheartedly teasing her, unlike acting like a cool friend, said of a cop man, Ella, which in here for she was like dry like writing or something I then he earned any. Like pointed said like oh you right s is weird like acted like her peer Kenneth yeah and she immediately fell for it cause she's twelve and she said quote: I, like you, you smell good, while which is half the how fast we turn very jasmine. She
all the money, but do you have a Lama continue humble home other, as this could be troubled. You'll have a vile of blood to give me because this forward, so she told a bunch of different stories about the knight of the murders that all took her complete, we're out of the guilty situation more, but with a lot of pressing she finally broke. she said she originally was trying to strangle Jake Jacob so that he would pass out and not feel pain. That's why she said she was. She said quote. I went in his bedroom, I was trying to call him down. Jeremy came upstairs and he began to say We need to kill him. You can't just leave him. I had a knife and, like I was really having a hard time. He was really like pressuring me. I stabbed him in the chest. I slipped or something, and I couldn't do it and I was trying to wash it off me and the cop said in Jeremy did Jacob because you couldn't in she nodded.
Ok. So heed the cop said you stabbed him once in the side of the chest and got blot on you and she said. Yes, he was still moving around and he said he was crying and she said out. He said he was saying I'm too young to die. He said that a whole bunch of time odd and then the crab said. Where did the knife come from and she said one from the kitchen was in my bedroom from before I took it into my brother's bedroom. I didn't know what I was going to do. but he didn't want my brother to suffer. I knew he couldn't go through life without his parents he's already so scared about other stuff and Jeremy. She said quote: did it out of love for me? Oh you great little thing. So the cop then said why did you write a letter to your parents, apologizing and that will be sent? This is a tactic because it's you can put it
evidence right who I think so too easily wants you go ahead and write a money. You admit it. So what she wrote. Oh God is quote dear my lover de parental units, while she's an ass I am writing in response to the events of Sunday morning. A terrible thing happened, something I feel was all my fault You must know, I love you all dearly and are in my prayers. I wish peace upon your souls in the summer. Wind, that's a wiccan thing. To my little brother. I apologize for letting you hear what happened also for causing you any pain and for frightening you. So much to my point. Hence I hope you know that, though all this has happened, I loved you the whole time I wish I could take everything back. I wish it had happened. I wish you were with me right now, because now I have no one. I pray you can forgive me in Jeremy too, because he was
the influence of mind altering substances and did it out of love. For me, he is most possibly the kind this person I've ever met his wish. Being from my happiness through all the fights and Hatred GIS hatred exchanged ice. the love you I'm sorry, my sarcasm was taken to heart. I never meant to harm meal. I pray! You can be a piece somehow he has a lot of our work. It is you who does now than in an unprecedented move- the cop convinced jasmine, that he would give notes to Jeremy from her if they wanted to communicate our way, while the skies a junior yeah and according to the chief, this whole thing. It was, I grow but like no one's ever done it. He said quote in my experience in canadian policing. I think this is the first time it was used involving murders. Most people clamp down on some birds, I just right, not them focus their so down here,
hope and healing close to home, Cooper, university health care, a complete academic health system from price, every care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advance? in cancer care at India, Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper. With patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed compassionate, complete. hope and healing close to home Cooper University Health care a complete academic health system from price every care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advance. in cancer care at India, Anderson Cancer, Cetera Cooper
patience from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice, Cooper committed, compassionate complete, so Wednesday April 26th at eight hundred and forty, a dot m was when Jeremy was in there. Right. He admitted that he did to her parents because he said he freaked out and was high on drugs. He also said he tried to convince jasmine not to do it before it all happened, but he said he would do anything for right. So without prodding Jerry, Me then, was like jasmine did Jacob like they didn't ask him, he was: This was by the way I didn't do Jacob. Ok, so he said quote, I went upstairs. I watched her caught. Her own brother,
throat, and they said. Why did she do that? And he said because she knew it had to be done. I didn't touch him. I was pacing. Then she came over and gave me a hug. I had to go for fresh air. I couldn't take it anymore after I got out of the shower. She showed up in a cab I said we have to get out of here. We have to leave so then they were like well Jasmine, says you killed Yeah so in he said, quote she cut his throat? She cut his throat. He like shouted. and then he said I swear to God. She cut his throat. I didn't want to kill anyone in he began hitting the concrete block wall of the room that he was in and then he said he was really shocked at her reaction to the murders and he said quote, she wasn't crying. She didn't look very upset. He's a murky, really scared of her eyes, like she's, actually terrifying. So the cops gave him a patter paper and they really do want to answer jasmines note and he was like yes,
if you say so. Their notes back and forth were ridiculous. Of course, one Jasmine said this: Dear my lover leave the the centre and the idea is it like a crescent, that's exactly what I do for this so asleep, but right now, please be sorry, but I'm not the one who needs to be begging. Your forgiveness, if only we ran yes but don't obsess somewhat, could have been in due time. We shall have our key So I really am, I am not whole without you. I love you with nothing I am I'll, never stop and my promises shall be kept, however desolate. It seems and shall become take it one day at a time it can only get so bad before it gets better. I will be with you in spirit, I hope you're doing all right. However, large a task, please don't stress out too much having your sanity might be helpful. More than anything, I wish to be with you and hold you again
but until that time comes no, I love you. Exo Exo Ex enjoy and sorrow my sweet six, six, six jazz yo she's, not twelve she's, a demon from the Hell one hundred Southern Germany was like you re back to back, and he was. I wasn't re he rolling on the floor laughing so pretty much. He started a lot dear cuddle bunny. What did he ever hear? Debtors cuddle bunny? While I am sure that you are right, what's done is done, you need not ask for my forgiveness. Indeed, in due time, our empire shall be. complete one for you. I was half and now that I am hall, I can't go back to being half you're the one that I breathe you're, my moon when it breaks through the clouds at night. Near all that I need I long to feel yourself skin. I yearn for your kisses, for they could get me high. I hope that you stay true to your words
Entire faith has been bestowed upon you with your words. I shall remain strong. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping at night, but I'm sure the thought of you before we get through the Knights Donovan What that means in due time we shall be together once again, but until the day arrived, stay strong, keep hope and have faith I love you with all my heart and soul. Never forget that. Ok, my love till we speak again. Exo Exo excise, lilacs Jeremy. You are the moon that breaks through the clouds. In one of the letters after that Jeremy proposed marriage, but she's twelve in those. Has been agreed. No, if that's gonna work out for them. The inner love birds, Jarrett Jasmine agreed, so they were engaged in a cool with awesome. Meanwhile, I don't know go with my life regime therapies. like their able to make some phone calls in prison in the college. As you can I can tell you now
so he decided to use the phone calls to call a fourteen year old girl May Morgan. Then he knew from the mall. you knew from hot topic is literally because Morgan was literally obsessed with him and would hold. Vigil outside of the jail for him shut the fuck up: like our Kelly people yeah, she wasn't the only one, a shit. Son of under age, like twelve thirteen fourteen year old girls were obsessed with a he's, the white, our Kelly, heavily daily, weird devotion to him. They were all sit outside the court and sob and hug each other. It was late when these followers, but like Gough, what yeah In fact he was ugly. I just have to say that I'm saying he's ugly everywhere. You can be idly in fact, on there is a murderer Not only are you alright, I mean he's ugly and everywhere you murder, but you're. Also uglier in fact
social media sites that they were all active arm like the vampire freaks and all that friends were writing that they would marsh fridge army every day. What's here, though they were like. Germany will marsh for you. Oh my god. It's great fun, where did all your brain cells collectively go? do you wanna hear aside note story of banter for one day I got. This was actually pretty recent. Its people are embossing at a concert that I was at which it was not possible music at all. If you would look at who I am as a human being and this girl, head, but it me in the chest so hard and I was in- the grim, storing it in all other than you'd is here. We go hoo hoo, hypocritically really painful, and I got a bruise reason.
I wonder if she was about to throw up simple, stagger, really question fifty was uv. She was, He was watching so hard, you can see, is doing different areas thanking all make such a while oil, but I feel like I was getting at the hiccups, whereas on your part of this now feel I always was I never want. You got to get a vapor least I'll bet, you'd everywhere that so many others funny housing for Jeremy. Well, Germany's like like super dumb. He bidding eyes that has been heavily as a dazzling steer leg aim that, besides the huge digital footprint print them both for Berber. Besides the huge digital footprint They both left everywhere about
Jeremy was heard speaking to another inmate by prison, Kurtz, saying yeah. She did the eight year old and I did her parents. It was all her idea but someone. You love ass, you to do something you do it. No, you don't, and then he quote I'll. Tell you straight up man. Her dad came at me with a screwdriver stab me in the eye the eight year old we'll be with me. The rest of my life, she's fucked up in the head and wanted them dead anyway. Well, yeah He led out an even more incriminating statement when he was being transferred to another facility. The cops dressed one of their office is up like a prisoner and just put him in sand with Jeremy and wired, whole there must have been so far right. He didn't you actually at the end of this, the guy who was pretending to be the prisoner, said that he was like nauseous and it was stomach, I mean as a normal human being. I don't understand, he didn't even have to pull it out of me there. He just gave it all up.
but he admitted that he was. He was like hey. Have you heard about that? Triple homicide in the guy was like and he was like yeah. He was like you looking at him. Oh my god. The figures and he'll bragged about it. He said he it was. These said his girlfriends father fought like hell. He thought he best at him and then he said quote The last thing I remember was him lying on the ground asking me why and I said cause you treat your daughter like shit. She wanted it this way and fuckin, and that was it and then I went upstairs and I watched my girlfriend cut brothers throat. It didn't bother her at all, either she didn't cry or anything. In fact, the next day When we were on the fucking road, she was laughing about it and he also sickness, hilarious thing to this cup. Believe me, Jasmine me, my girlfriend we're when we, if we get out of here, we were planning, I'm going to Germany and buying a castle in this car had to hold his shit together.
I would have a hysterically laughed all the way to the next facility. Please com is the best actor of our time, but he held city, because I would look like this currently. This is what I would look like: I'm really really Sankey. You think that you're gonna get out of here go to Germany and by a fuckin castle with what money, with what brain really send with what DOM walk Are you getting out of this one? Where a twenty three year old, high school dropout, I knew go to. Germany has drags all day every day in you're gonna go to Germany and biogas. So like anyone, I twelve year old girlfriend, I doubt his abilities to make a sand castle. I doubt that as well and you think around by you, gonna, buy an actual gas. This fucker yeah over a year before it went to trial for jasmine. It was separate from Jeremy trial because of her age on June. Fourth, two thousand seven and medicine hats Court of Queens Bench Court House in Alberta, so they were in a castle. They
I will comment it has like there. I love the delay. The crown suffering and airlines will bear that course. Ass, like real good job. Can you gotta call the indictment had ninety witnesses and included Jeremy, witnesses yeah, while in Germany could be called the testify against her, so she sobbed, but they said, it wasn't like a sad sob is like a theatrical solve. What did they do? certain something like so twilight like a lavender shirt and lake, but Leah did she sobbed as they read out her three family members names and the charges of first degree, murder for each of them she entered and not guilty plea? How could she He did her. Identity was supposed to be protected because of age, but it was let out linked, anyways, of course, Costa. They use the defence that she was a child who is under the control of a predator, I e Jeremy. Unfortunately, the justice claim that the office's didn't properly allow jasmine.
Rights to a lawyer when they got the compassion it so is largely inadmissible, which was pretty devastating. It took forty five minutes for the frenzied pathologist on the stand to describe just marks wounds wall. All the witnesses that we're friends of jasmine said the truth that days, they said she told her them many times that she wanted her parents dead journeys. Friends also testified, and they said we saw them making out at the party right after the Motors Lee asking there. Like they asked us for help with the murders in the most damaging was again that statement that Jasmine made dreams Wally that her brother gargoyle does. He died all God on Tuesday July. Fourth, two thousand seven jasmine testified in her trial. She basically said she everything she said about wanting to kill her family morning. Her family dead, we're just jokes funny And she was like, I don't know why people take it seriously, it's crazy!
when they were. She was ass, like hey, so how come you guys had sex like right after you killed the whole family regarding if he killed your whole family, Njord psyched about it? Why did you sleep with him right? and she said well. She was scared and he wanted to make her feel better and there are like the other, doesn't answer the question. What the prosecutor was really amazing. and deeper leg, just poking holes in her sorry- and she said The soldier undersea to read you a couple little things from her testimony cause it's funny, so she said You go to the seven eleven after the murders and she said yeah. They have a clerk there right yeah. It's all lit up. Yes You don't ask that person for help. No, you don't say those people at your house. You might need help. No, Then she said when Jeremy left you stranded at the house. Why didn't you check on your wounded family to make sure that they couldn't be helped and
and you don't see anything, you don't do anything to try and help them in jasmine said. How could I have helped them and she said you didn't even check on them. Did you and she said no. At this point- you don't even know if they're dead for sure and Jasmine said I was thinking if they were dead for sure I was practically sleep walking and then the prosecutor said you don't call an ambulance. them? No, you don't come. Then one one, my parents have been attacked. Now you don't call May your friends? No, you don't call any of you friends. Parents know. Call anyone any way you don't call Buddy belonging to your parents know you don't run store. You don't sit down and cry no and then she said So you heard so she goes so you heard your father being killed downstairs and she said yes, you go see, don't call now, no one right! Now you don't tell Jake, call nine when one, no,
You see your mother lying at the bottom of the stairs with blood on your chest. Yeah. You don't rush up to her and try to help her. No see your father and Jeremy fighting yeah and you don't say, stop it, Oh, I was scared. I was so scared. I was terrified. I was panicking and I couldn't think- and I was so scared I didn't know what to do. It didn't even occur to me to combine one one: well, that's stupid, and so the point figures had no. What occurred to you is to try to make Jacob Jacob go to sleep, and she said yes And she goes, you didn't even say: lie down in your bed: honey go to sleep. Instead, you put your arm around his neck and she said yeah. She said in tried, choked him yeah pardon me. She said, and she made her say yes loud and she goes and you thought that somehow this was going to result in him going to sleep, and she said yes and she said
Sadly one arm around his neck. Yes, and he was climbing at yes because he weighed what sixty eight pounds I don't know what he weighed. Putting them to sleep was a working out. So well was it no. They literally this capote. They relate stammering you're, sitting you're telling me you were scared. You have no idea. This was gonna happen. You had nothing to do with this. Let me just ask you about four hundred questions of things. You could have done to stop this and why didn't she was so scared. Why were you choking your brother to exactly and I love She's, like Sweden, thing to be like com honey lie down, go to sleep. To try and make him like You are like first thought I think I'll joke him. I think I'll choke amount. That makes sense so that didn't go for her. She was pretty quickly compared to Karla Homolka. Oh I like a mini carlotta mocha and the comparison makes sense. They
both were described as having those like empty dead eyes. Both of them do have our work as eyes are. Finally, heavy emotionless responses to their family members murder and they both willingly gave over a younger sibling for their lover to murder and strew. So it only took four hours. as for Jerry Deliberation suppressant even took that long, that's crazy and they came back with a verdict of guilty of first degree. Murder on all three account: yes here. She was sentence on November, eight, eighth, two thousand and seven, the judge said quote the circumstance: the surrounding these murders are horrific. It is difficult to imagine or conceive of a more horrific crime than this, the planned and deliberate murder of her parents, and only sibling by twelve and a half year old young person, because because of her age, she would they were restricted on what they could sentence her right, which buckets
yeah and its restricted by the Youth Criminal Justice ACT. He would only be able to put the MAC sentence of six years. All line followed by an there for years, conditional supervision in the community, which is probation, right, They didn't want her to just serve jail time. He wanted her to be rehabilitated, so instead used Shall I sentence referred to as intensive rehabilitative custody and supervision? I our see us. it's basically a rehab programme from really violent young offenders who are diagnosed diagnosis, suffering from mental illnesses. So was she those fundamental laws, but we won't know what, because, as you
so you're. Her psych allows one ever be made public issue so yeah, but I want to know the application was granted. So she was the youngest person in Canada to ever received this sentence. They took into account the eighteen months she was already in jail, gave her for years in custody to be followed by four and a half years of community supervision, probation, which is technically. MAX ten years for age why the judge said Jasmine, you can never undo what you have done to your mom dad and little brother. However, what you can do his honour their memory by dedicating your life to becoming the woman. Your parents and brother would be proud of. She served her time at Alberta, hospital which is site facility. She was released in two thousand and twelve and as of two thousand and seventeen her record was a sponged thought is so must it's like it never happened so old and her identity was changed for her protect fine. Now what is awful
is that cheating at any job she wants? She can be a day care worker, kindergarten teacher and she slipped the throat of her eight year old little brother and she never has to disclose these comes to anybody. Look, I'm sorry, but there are some crimes were you're, just a fucking deem no. It's the thought that Jason that Jason, that jasmine is walking around right now living life. What is she doing and will never know cause she's got a new identity. Do you think she stole the vampire site? Now I don't know. I think that was a Jeremy thing. Arabella in the german thing does not an to elegance love. Will Jeremy trial was on November fourteen two thousand and eight in the Calgary Court Centre, The taped conversation in the transfer Van were Jeremy, saying like a canary was admissible and used as evidence against him, His mom showed up to every court appearance wearing his Letterman jacket that Egypt out of high school for he apparently he played like
one semester. I was an idea. What lay glad introduced where's turned out instead now she wanted to be like this. Is my boys, Letterman Jacket, Jeremy took the sand in his own defence and some are second and he admitted to the killings of Deborah Mark but said he freaked out and did it because he was just like bonkers office. My rocker He said he was there to get jasmine and leave, but never intended to hurt anybody, not true. He also Winged he never intended to kill the parents, but oops is just self defence and oh man, it was just weird coincidence. The jasmine also murdered her brother and the same exact night. Weird superstar just happen that way their independence and they literally asked him that there like see your literally telling us that you whoops had to kill her parents and then, oh, my goodness, what a coincidence. Murdered her brother on the same night and he was like yes and then he said I would like to answer you home. I would like to howl at: U t t t r O. I fell ecstasy, cuddle, Bunny
So the jury deliberated for one day and convicted Jeremy of first murder on all three accounts. Allow. he was sent in Sun December fifteenth two thousand and eight it. He was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of pearl for twenty five years. Did he get anything from you know like dating and underage girl? They were actually going to go for that, but then they thought this was more importance of arriving at a. because it wouldn't really matter. It's not gonna. So the judge said quote: I'm about to send you away to jail for a very long time, perhaps the rest of your life and it's because of the horrific and unspeakable violence. You ve committed the Richardson home where the martyrs occurred was put back on the market. Oh god, it was renovated and for back like death homes, filling a real legged, it happens. after his room in Erin. I guess it was, I think it was
at this point you literally no was broken into twice after the investigation was completed, overly religious people going in early in so someone had a say on Senate to ones because police found vote of candles on a cookie sheet and Jacobs Bedroom. Oh and unlike what kind of Fatah presented? No thank you. They gave me the he, and I just want to end this by saying a couple things about what people said about Mark Deborah Ann Jacob I live. There is about mark. They said quote, he always made time for his family, be playing with his children, taking them swimming in camping as well, daily parenting mark was successful in every aspect of his life. Many you could look at many. Look at as a shining example of how to live. Somebody else said: Mark was quiet, prudent in reserve
served and mostly sat comfort in the sidelines perfectly content to let Deborah bask in the spotlight. He would sit back and watch her go about with a certain gleam in his eye, a smile of gratitude and appreciation, for his Debra. Oh God, thou really hurt. They also said Mark absolutely adored Deborah as she did him. He trusted Deborah explicitly and granted her trust to bring out the best in him. He possessed a whole lot of integrity. He was an honest man, sincere tolerant, Humboldt, generous. kind and sat with his words believed in harmony in the most important thing was his family. He also excelled in his career and took much pride and doing his job well about Jacob. His eulogy said Jacob was beauty, was a beautiful young soul, full of energy and the heart of gold. He was a polite eight year old, who had learned from his parents to give
the biggest warmest hugson God. They also said Jacob have learned many spiritual principles from his parents. He showed great character and his admiration for his favorite hockey player Tiger Williams. He had such a boyish innocence in his cheering for two different hockey teams. Jacob was full of zest. Boys boy always active whether be playing baseball and catch with his friends, skateboarding or simply being a Jedi night legal, oh wow. So that concludes the murders perpetrated by Jasmine Richardson and Jeremy stinky. Everyone take it who collective that's an intense one. So we hope you stuck around Europe because their journeys forever. So that's good himself. Has such asthma jasmine is not up to us to jail again. Perhaps it has to have she stopped there till every single day,
I hope she always has to go to the envy. I hope she always has staked stuck in her tooth. Always every like can never get and she has really tight teeth, but you can't use regular glass. What else? Oh, I hope she gets done by a b I hope that she consistently gets sub par coffee in the morning. I hope She always has gas pains. Always an acne enacting us up in the end certainly needs route canals. Yes, she's always got some kind of em for him. and I hope she has a gluten allergy all yet because she doesn't deserve by hope, sheer silly ecstasy area for sure and I hope, she's very lactose, entire and wicked, which contributes to the constant gas. Yes, because I hope she has massive cravings for cheese at all tat. She can't eat it and, I hope she's allergic to peanut butter. Yeah, oh yeah,
and I hope she heard her. I hope her highlights are always stripy, be you, and that was it. She always has Kelly clerks and hair all together. Thank you and good night. in the meantime. You can follow us on Instagram, morbid pankey followers on Twitter. A morbid can't send us a gmail, morbid, podcast edge, email that come join. The facebook group morbid calling a true crime broadcast. Turning to the picture, interference, Incline police, patriarchal flesh or refocus check, gonna fuckin website more reporter stock. We hope you keep listening and we hope You keep it. We heard amateur one for this one
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