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Episode 71: The Mysterious Death Of Phoebe Handsjuk Part 1

2019-06-05 | 🔗
It’s another Australian madness episode! In this 2 part series, we will take a deep dive into the mysterious, gruesome and tragic death of Phoebe Handsjuk. The vibrant, beautiful and talented 23 year old died horrifically when she somehow plunged from a 12th floor garbage shoot in a luxury apartment building, all the way onto the bottom floor, where she passed through a compactor before being spat out in a scene straight out of a horror film. Part 1 will dissect her early life, her tumultuous relationship and her tragic death. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we go deeper into her death, the physics of it all and her family and friends’ never-ending mission to find out the truth.Sources: Into the Darkness: the mysterious death of Phoebe Handsjuk by Robin Bowleshttps://members.huntakiller.com/blog-articles/2017/11/1/the-garbage-chute-mystery-the-near-impossible-death-of-phoebe-handsjuk https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/101500170/phoebes-fall-baffling-ruling-in-garbage-chute-death-of-aussie-woman-prompts-changehttps://www.smh.com.au/interactive/2016/phoebesfall/CoronerFinding.pdfCheck out the Podcast Phoebe's Fall
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no. That was not as good as you can do. Oh no, I'm gonna do more because even practicing it's it's. I have been practicing like I've been really practice. I study- your dialect. She sure did, because when Alina does something I do it she does. I really do I researched Australia. This week to I love researching And so, when I decided, I was going to perfect your access to make you proud, because we love you, so I really we went down. You guys literally, should have heard her before this. It's true, so basically, let's try this ready ready. This is another Ozzy episode, Oh yeah, whole Zeb. Everyone is that you so maybe like Lord I'm from Australia, IKEA Oysters Corporate board. I come oh, my god you're like no time guys,
try. No, you do you're, really good job Emmy. Nowhere in my personal on Australian appear regulating Eric engraved in my suit we're uncultured you great. Why here is my promise to you, Australia, each episode we do Australia and opposite each other lives Clare, I will, I will just be australian and every upset, but each australian episode. We do, I'm gonna get better, you just said Australian. I will learn to make sense. I'm just saying and I know this one, this kind of it because I did my research. I know this one's a little regional I dont know where it's from, but someone will tell us is regional. somebody. Let me know if you say eight cents or accents for episode or episode or at beside which one is while let me now cause
you're, you Lastra, hurried, Australia. So do you wanna hear what our cases this we our case is a crazy one. Shall we say at some time: that's always followed stew it under there Phoebe hands Jack and its gnarly. its narrowly. Its miss steer Is there let go of descriptive word in Australia that they say I don't know, damn should have better. Will you didn't? Do you re safe Do you know what our recent knows? Our I always get. Another is pretty good. I told you I researched you too. I also. I also found out that Australia, just in case you didn't know that you tend to go up at the end of sentences like a question. Western, Which is pleasant, so you know it. You know that I also whether you guys also drop us, but you don't do it as harsh as we do, in Boston, like we say care and we're like you,
the guy and you got Silicon Valley, just it's this lignite Similarly, we just love you Australia's is delightful. Guys are the sheer sober to the case of Phoebe hands. Jack is a doozy. We're gonna. Do multiple parts. I know some people don't like to parties, but I promise this is going to be like one right after the other you're not going to have to wait long for part two, but there's just too much to cover in one region did not want to miss things, and this too many details and too many things to pick through that. Just couldn't be left out, we had. To sum up, I think you'll appreciate the two parts. I think the only true crime update that I wanted to give you before you jump into the case was last week we talked about the Connecticut mom of five who went missing and then it was
updated into a homicide investigation instead of missing persons- and I mean I don't know if we were clear but we're thinking- maybe that husband, possibly new and do something about it- Well him in his living girlfriend just got arrested. Dont know a lot more about that, because I just found it out this morning, but any more details will let you know we just wanted after you without further Ado, let's just jump into the case. Phoebe had struck a right so the hands. Jack was delivered by an emergency c section on May ninth of nineteen eighty six other than that she was by all accounts a happy healthy, baby growing up. She was described as a while. child surprise. You were like same guy was gonna. Let us decide about her. Mom referred to Phoebe as her Tiger cub loved. No you
She was super imaginative, active. She loved all things, creative and she was like really gotta are in raw. eating and drawing and everything that seem to go through a pug, her entire life to yeah the whole way through she loved to be outside and she really really loved the ocean and alter her life, she had close friends, she loved to socialize and choose popular in school. She played basketball when she was younger and she was super good. She was super competitive. There is actually a website that her family set up to kind of like a member her and also oh yeah, they kind of just updated. with this kind of an ongoing ordeal when you'll see why, later on say her family set up. They remember if someone fouled her, she would play like ten times harder and then at the end of the game they Billig warlike. Why does a feeble play like that all the time? And they said it was because someone had did her around, but she spoke. Others plays down her. Somebody done wrong Phoebe.
also enjoyed other activities like wrought, climbing, hiking and even karate and kickboxing later in life down yet she was super actively. I raise a crazy, active yeah. That's important later virtues are very athletic and fit person right. So really everything kind of like seem to be perfect from the outside and athletic creative pop Miller girl loved by everybody around her now, but we all know Well, it's not as simple as that Phoebe had her own struggles, cheese suffered from depression and she started using drugs and alcohol to help her coat. She went on antidepressants at the age of sixteen and was on and off of them from that time. Until the time of her death, her parents said that they did exactly. I agree with the decision of her going on them and they especially worried because she didn't take them consistently and she would put herself on enough of them, which is not recommended Phoebe dad Lennox. He was a psychiatrist, so he knew what he was talking about
So he in her mom Natalie dislike world kind of worried about. And I remember reading he didn't want to take her on as a patient right, obviously, because of conflict of interests only makes sense that he would become a league weary about having someone else prescribe his daughter about stuff yeah. That must be illegal, weird feeling tat cause you're out of control, but it's like your realm Reno it Billig. If you went to a different hair stylist, exactly you black, how dare you so anyways Phoebe parents divorced when she was a teenager and she took the divorce especially hard. She actually didn't talk to her dad for like a little while, like they didn't, have much to do with each other have said, but eventually they built their relationship back again, and he says he believes at the time of her death, spoiler Lurch
eyes, ITALY. Unfortunately, she was not depressed. He did not think she was depressed at the time of her death. I would trust him and he just felt ass though she would get like kind of morose after drinking, but it was not anything more than it was like more brought on by the substances. exactly Phoebe was especially close with her maternal grandmother, Jeanette Campbell Everyone knew that her grandmother was the one she trusted and she would go to her grandmother with everything and anything then her Burma seemed really cool. She did everything I read out like yet exactly so up, her grandmother took lsd at some point in her life and she told Phoebe that there were just some things that people couldn't handle look I've taken it and I know like that. I can handle it and I know that you especially can handle here's what you gotTa John, because Phoebe was very sensitive in general if she had a lot of emotions and shoot she was such
creative, provided it seems that she was. I dont want to say it sure artist, but like a like that type yeah, she had got vibe. I was going to say it's like the creative p. Tend to be more and more emotion, emotional, and because their more in touch with parts of their brain Exactly all you know, they mean people say all the time that hairdressers are super emotional and sexually. Really try make sense to create every ailed sphere. We up, so you don't say that about autopsy dish. Eyelids really, that's so surprising to me and allow shocking like their cold is so yet her grandmother was like dude. You know like drugs, just made things worse, for people like us like we're, very sensitive and heightened. Yeah now make sense, so her closest friends, rumour going out with her starting at the age of thirteen homelike, which is both Nana, that such aid, like your baby, yeah you're, a baby. That again, I think I started.
Like fourteen. Seventy were baby. I will do my baby. I didn't go like this, though they got into her in bars using fake ideas at thirteen you're. So it's like what kind of fuckin bouncer was working. The door is what I wanted. obviously at thirteen you're not really in cash, but her vagina looked older, yeah. I get an assured her probable daily to EL it off right, but legacy you're, really not really in cash at that age. Really, not somehow her friends remember going out with like twenty dollars between the three of them and still coming back and having had plenty of drinks and Phoebe would come back with hands like handfuls of drugs. Cush collected from different guys that she'd met throughout
Name awesome. There is this like something about her that drew men like to her. For one thing she was super gorgeous. She was beautiful. I posted a photo on our Instagram affirmed its like a very natural photo chair, not very naturally she's like stunning, but she also had like a mysterious way about her. That kind of made guys wanna know like what her deal. A seer so that motion Phoebe small Natalie knew how Phoebe was when it came to men. She seemed to become infatuated with older men and they were always intrigued by hers. Well, her grandmother felt ass though she was seeking some kind of approval or like she was looking for something like psychological aspect to it, there was also a pattern and her family
similar to the romantic choices that Phoebe was making yeah. This is interest. This is very interesting hour. When I read about this, I was like looking back as they were wondering if it's like in the dna right, which is- maybe you don't know her father Phoebe S, father when I was fourteen years older than Natalie, her mother, who had also I'm gonna talk about later Natalie, had also been in a relationship with a teacher and Phoebe was as well, and it happened right around the same age, sex, interestingly and Phoebe. Grandmothers partner was eleven years old urban. Her so like I said there is like a whole thing about a teacher, so one of her for first and most important relationships with at the age of sixteen with a teacher twice her age and he also legal lived with the family. At some point I rather too, but I didn't die, lead and really telling his deep into some period of time, and then
that relationship. Another one ensued with another older man, not to judge but like a thirty year old teacher with a sixteen year old. it's nice flag. We. I mean you get over there, let's different and we're not a teenager anymore. You know like when you're legal age and when you're, in a role that comes with a great responsibility like a teacher, it's just wrong. We are when you hold the thorny over the minor yeah that makes it that turns and and and makes endeavour, and yet racial totally sour her nations pattern was a path led, definitely a pattern. She liked older guys and her relationships always started up out really good, but then these issues would come up and about her drinking or about her flirting with other men ass. They would end in likes like fire like turmoil cause. I think she was just like a free spirit, so ignore
He could like rain or in, and I think a lot of times when you're like a free spirit. It's mostly you come off flirty without meaning to Khazars like fire my legs on she's dating older men, and I think, maybe in this these kind of scenarios the older men are like you know, used to being in control of the situation and you can't control her love. That's just not who she was. I think it was probably becoming issues like over and over again, definitely so her boyfriend the time of her death was Anthony, Hamel who went by and they met when Phoebe was twenty. Three and aunt was in his early forties, the regular Linley Godfrey S, hair salon, which was a very scale. I think Linley Godfrey is, like soul Zhang Silas Year, literal goals.
And Phoebe work to the desk Thereas receptionist. So aunt was an attractive, wealthy award, winning events promoter. Some of his clients included Michael Jackson, Ac Dc. and the coal Kidman, and that's just naming like a few of the biggest names. No big deal casual, no big deal He also was the son of a retired Supreme Court judge in George Ample and Step son of a county court judge named Felicity ample, while I love the name felicity S and to judges as yeah like, while that yeah just hang onto that, so Phoebe moved into ants luxury apartment, pretty much like five months after they were data like I was pretty quickly yeah, but we ve made a mistake. Hasn't done that raise your hand, although she did pay him rent, Tillier House or the apartment. Excuse me yeah. He ably conditions, yeah
Phoebe Annette were in interesting couple in a lot of ways. They were very different from each other, but they obviously we're like similar enough to sort of relationship MIA but Phoebe loved, a space filled with are in clutter somewhere to paint and journal and like express herself creatively into that, whereas art one his apartment to look like untouched, oh yeah, very, like modern, like yeah. Why clean air everything has a place. I remember reading about, like the cleaner, the cleaning lady and she said that he specifically told her to make it look like no one lives here. Yeah That's how he will tell you that I respect everybody is like choices. They want their home to look, but I prefer home that looks lived. That's what I'd prefer. We prefer I can see why you would maybe yet
husband, lakes of more my leg. He would be super happy if I removed all clutter up now, but he he puts up with my clatter yeah, even encourages it the Tapie Finder someone who does. So feeble mom said there is really no trace or presents a phoebe in the apartment other than the photographs that she wasn't with aunt. That's troubling jack. Is specially like if you're gonna, get married some day and have a house together? In my hand, I mean it was, fuckin hosts to she paid ran. She was paying rent like you should be able to have a piece of you in there could be your space together, exactly your house or your living. Your dwelling of some sort when you're with a partner should reflect below, is the
Both says so Phoebe also confided in her therapist. The ant made her feel stupid and put her down a lot. Her mom recalls the fight that they had one time where our Phoebe had promised and who was like away travelling somewhere that she wouldn't drink while he was gone, but she broke her promise during the fight and angrily yelled at Phoebe over Skype that he didn't know who was sleeping in his bed, what yeah she'll do most aside calm down yet like my mother to link lags behind like it's. My bed too can have. Does anybody musket so before Phoebe and while she was living with aunt, she became involved with another older man who was her art teacher. There were some emails between the two of them she emails demanding he had an affair with her.
who hasn't done that I mean among us stirs the times like you just haven't federalist me. I'm too, making dig this boy. I wonder how the milk I would love to threaten. We can leave demand some for having an affair with me. That's all I could picture its impressive. I've been living about life, I'm press, but it didn't really work out well because he accused her of stocking him and she was kicked out of art school. Human feeling, somebody always exactly Vivian actually broke up a few times over the course of their relationship, which I think their whole relationship was like eighteen months. like a year and a half as Albania. I think it was it was. It was simply not like a long drawn out late, nine years and years in, but it was long ash. Oh and things between them. We're rocky in the weeks leading up to her death, which is troublesome, Phoebe confided in friends and family, that aunt Hannah controlling side and she felt like she didn't always have a voice in there,
ship so I'm going to pass the MIKE to Alina who's. Gonna tell you what happened in the weeks before Phoebe S, death days, So a lot of my my information. I got from a really good book about this case, called into the darkness, the mysterious death of Phoebe hands Jack and its by Robin Balls, who is a crime writer? Oh. I should also say that a lot of my information came from one her families website and to the pod cast a huge podcast where they go like wildly in depth and they held fees fall and its great really really good, really interesting. So go! Listen to that as well. This interests you so Phoebe tried for different times to break up with an in the weeks before she died family and friends also notice that she was starting to behave a little more radical unpredictable She was always a radical ways for unpredictable, but there are links. Something was just off feature seem different, so
purely at some point fees, mother. She was what twenty three at this point, yeah Phoebe S mother, had told her that she wanted to send her fancy trip for like overseas for her twenty first they ve beatin taken her up on it. Yet on fifth, two thousand ten she said an email to her mother and asked if that trip was still on the table because she said she may need to take it out to take her up on it and she needed to do it quickly and without a lot of notice. What's that strange, obvious
something's going on here to me. That seems like I need to get away from this like arbitrary break up of any, I should leave the age of your kind. I wanna Pisa right on October twentieth. She left the apartment that she shared with aunt and by all accounts she intended that to be under their relationship. They that was gonna, be it. She decided. She was gonna, go visit with her grandmother Jeanette in Malloch Outta were her grandmother lived when she got to her grandmother. She told her. She was planning to leave aunt. She was gonna resign from her job, which aunt actually made heard quit when she moved in with him one of his conditions was to make her quit her job as the receptionist, because he said it was below them, that's dickens, and then he got her a job at this. Like add agency, called savvy
She don't know exactly what she was doing there, but to him it was like a more respectable job than receptionist at a celebrity hair salon. Some legal did so she was playing to resign from her job. She was gonna leave Van and she was like I'm gonna get a job in Malaga. I'm gonna try to get sober. I want to start things anew So she said she also wanted to volunteer in India and she wanted all. Stresses anxiety that was in her life to just disappear, so she could focus on other people having people. Of course, Jeanette was super supportive because she was a rat ask. Graham, love her, and she also told her. You know that's great. I want you to do all those things, but I want you to do them properly, so she said turning away is a bad idea. You need to go back. You need to resign from your job the right way. Even you need to break up with aunt in person, and you need to start this new exciting.
Chapter three way because you'll feel better about it in the long run exactly so. She spent about three days in Malaga, and then she contacted a family friend named Keith Alan to urge this was during the three days. Excuse me, a shoe, contacted a family friend named Keith Alan to see if she could get a job at the gulf. that he managed just for a little bit right cells running over here. He said, of course you can just. Let me know. So now she had a job set up before she left she also into an a meeting in Malaga outta. Could she was like a really serious about this? it somewhere in a woman from the meeting gave her ride back to her grandmother sauce. This woman said in a statement to police later that she spoke a lot in the car about her issues in a relationship that her and Anne had a rocky relationship. She wasn't happy-
She also said her phone. This lady also said that freebies phone rang a ton during the meeting and on the car ride home, and she told her it was aunt and that she really wished you just leave her alone, while antics ultimately that many times in, like one setting like all through the meaning of the ride home- and she was like- I really wish Cisco just like a meeting is- must be at least in our long term yeah. I think so that all the way home- it's which son answering body this witness apparently died before she could give this stuff to police during the death investigation. Oh so this was not entered in with the IMF into her death. Interesting yeah, exactly just like, actually died, yeah shared lines, ambitiously flicked she actually didn't faked. I think that I have I mean legged somebody I don't know. I mean Is attending a meeting so maybe she unfortunately succumb to her addictions, but I dont know this person wasn't named obviously greatness coming from a meeting
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Remember the reason why you did it in the first place, yeah exactly on October, twenty fourth, she said she was giving it another. Go. She told her grandmother undergo Mosely. Let me about fighting like I'm gonna support check as a warning, so Phoebe promised her grandmother that she would come down her drinking so He went from, I wanna be sober too I'll, kill it out a little boy and everything seemed to go back to normal and November. Seventeenth, she and aunt went to a dinner at a friend's home, namely Linda Cohen Window was like very close with Phoebe. There was a lot of times that I read where she contact Unlike some of her leg darker moments we dance. Apparently she an ant got into a fight it and at the dinner love, because fabulously checking her phone or like texting someone and he got mad in hand believing without her in going home leaving her. Ireland is not a dick
So she and Linda stayed up all night talking in this fight. So was talking about ants the thing she wanted to do like all the things she was basically telling her grandmother. She wanted to do like to start a new really get stuff together and like just go to in Obviously, that's what you really want to react as she was bringing it up and she, also told her like she way, because I think she met Linda later, so she was telling Linda. You know I experimented with drugs when I was younger, like she was letting you know. You know this is what my it has been an. She even told her that she'd tried everything at that point, except for heroin she's, Sir Cylinder was like well. She also told her that she preferred cocaine and we'd more than alcohol because they didn't make her feel. Like shit the next day, because she said alcohol always makes me depressed the next day, which is kind of like what her dad's exactly so I think she is. She recognizes it. She knows what kind of in
Billy. Like I remember, reading like her parents and all her friends said from the time She began drinking until her death. This girl could have me b to write. I heard that a lot and if she did after two drinks they were like she could not even stand on her feet. He was could not hold her. I was alive. I she was also pretty tiny, Let us use tiny on time, even though she was athletic. She just couldn't hold they alcohol. She must with they were like us. You are not meant, for she was a wobbly mass actually to drinks, Sir, in mislead, had worse effects on our? She always was depressed. The next day was she was in a good drunk rice, wasn't something she should have done so Phoebe then told Linda that she wanted to go back to her grandmothers and she and she was like you know what I want to go back to my plan. I'm gonna leave aunt resign from a job all that good stuff Earl. Do it
I know I hate that. I can't because I get excited and then I'm like. I know what happens. That's the worst part. It's like, I know the outcome and I'm like, but I'm still reading the book being like no, I turn around cuz. She had so much promise mangio much. so. The next morning, Linda said Phoebe is surprised her because she said she started drinking right away in the morning. Yes or no, and she was Go that subsiding learns. You just said we are like the exactly issues like and that you were like. I, like Coke and we'd better, because alcohol makes me too Us dimensions, directives it ain't drinking, so she was like. Oh no, so she drove her back to the black Sea, it up apartments where she lived with an and she helped her pet. Upper stuff. You still like I'm doing this November nineteenth was the next day Phoebe saw Linda again and Linda her stay that night with her two before she was gonna leave for Mallika again go in your life, while there
he called her mom Natalie and asked if she could rent her cod, her cottage in Malaga. If she moved back so he was trying to set this up. She was like ready, Linda said: when Phoebe woke up the next morning November twentieth, she seem totally with it coherent, clear, headed she wrote some even wrote some poetry induce gruesome drawings and gave them to Linda. You like she was using a very She was always in these. I creative moods, where she would just like create all of a sudden, Anja and just ass. She was always doing poetry, painting drying, Alec deriding in her journal. Chaparral issue carried a journal everywhere. She went and we just right random things. She was always writing. So at the time Linda said, I took this says like she's, in a really good play, she's great she's. Like now I looked back under Michael she calling for help. I dont know what this was right
so she said she was already go to America, but then aunt calls and asked her if she could Lee with home in talk, no I'm busy, she agreed and after their meeting she moved back into the Valencia. Apart I know it's just so I'm just like, because we ve all been there with that one person it always convince you to come back and it's never different like we ve all been. their labour and so unfortunate November. Twenty third at ten, a m Phoebe called her dad and told her aunt had thrown her out and she needed him to pick her up It is after that, this work after they got to. After all, our while. In their rocky were either not having a great stretch, eaten wooden. Call this like a banner weak for them. Monos, it's like antlike. Do you really like tat you're, throwing her out saying you're convincing here to stay
throwing her relic. Make up your mind to do just pick. One come on. Don't do that somebody than any so she called her dad he's like. I need it. I need you to come get me, so he we know being a good dad. He immediately cancelled all of his appointment for the day and rushed to their yeah. He said when she, when he got there, she was standing outside with a ton of her things waiting room. He brought her back to his apartment and Self Bank where he lived with Tom, her brother, because she is a broader Tom and a brother Nickolay they're. Both younger shoe super close to Tom. In fact, they said like they were like best friends, which makes me sad. Tom was leaked, overseer, Phoebe stayed there for three nights on the third night, which was no amber. Twenty fifth Phoebe met aunt,
dinner. He ass, he begged her to come back and she agreed again very frustrating led up. She met with Linda the next day for lunch again and chatted about them Lord deal but Linda said she seeming good spirits. Again, she wasn't like you know. She didn't seem depressed me. She didn't seem erratic, seem very clear, headed, told me the whole thing and she said that she was very excited about a trip to Paris that the two of them are gonna, take aunt and herself. So she was like looking forward to a point where you get things back on track, where you go to Paris and we're gonna. Have this great romantic adventure so Phoebe had her weekly breakfast with her dad at eight a m the following Monday at french fantasy?
in south the IRA fairly. This was kind of this is something they did weekly, obviously, and it was kind of away for to not only spend time with his daughter, but also keep an eye on her to re kind of keep tabs. She told him she and aunt we're going to a. U two concert Wednesday. She was super excited about it. She also told her dad that she and aunt wanted to take him to dinner for his birthday that Thursday night programmes at her dad's birthday right. She wanted that they want to take her him too, like her favorite restaurant, which I forgot, the name of, but it comes up later after breakfast that day later around to forty five Pm Schroeder Bike to Linley Godfrey Salon where she had
Missy worked and men aunt and she had coffee with Linley. She went back to Valencia after that, and she normally had to bring her back into the apartment because there wasn't a space for her outside, but that day Eric Gm Mario, the apartment manager, who is also important in this story, told her. There was a permanent space open fur one had opened up, that's her and she had really leg been waiting for that because you didn't know brings thereby rather less area so he was like a he figured. She was gonna be site, but he said she like barely even noticed him speaking to her and was acting kind of strange and not her cheerful self so he said just something was off about her. Ok, it's like I don't know like you to know her super. Well, He was like. I knew her not to know that she is typically very happy now. The records from ants key far butchers what you had to use to get in and out of the apartment you do use and for everything like in the garage and you couldn't do not get in that place. Without your purse
ok, ok, it showed that he returned home November. Twenty ninth at three fifty p m a bit later. He in Phoebe went to dinner with their friends. The rock mins Phoebe had apparently promised him to chill on the drink, that night and she promised she would only have a maximum of two wines, but that did not happen and, according to an she began being a little too personal with MRS Rock men and telling her about like heard depression and liked to scudding level too which we know everybody does or may have had. A few crumbs arrive. I've been there, so it's like MIKE, I wanna, hear, may lay like story. Let me tell you all my letter order, one more wine and I will tell you about my life like I just like that. You start like just like spitting in your problems remain like. We are sources letter now like that was probably happened, including of course, aunt wasn't finding this charming are funny.
No, he was partly embarrassedly ass. He was super into his fuckin self. In Asia is so he tried to make a start, but she kept going so he got pest and took her home early. They got back at around seven fifty one p m. They were not out that long. He said she kept drinking in her rage when she got home. She just Kepler grades drinking issues like for you is like Gay men and she called Linda at her friend, lend at eight thirty p m and told her about the fight she wanted to stay with in windows like you can totally stay with me, because I'm a great friend shrilly was a good friend, but she was The only problem is, I can't have another all night or with you again, because I have to wake up for like a meeting next morning. Raised, which are understandable. So Phoebe was like ok, a kind of oil examine party, so she was like our I'll call, somebody else, so she called the cup.
of other friends to vent, and then she eventually landed on friend named brand hessian. He agreed to meet her for drinks at eleven thirty p m. I believe she dated his elder brother things. She did you figure right after the teacher yeah. I knew there was some connection yeah. He agreed to meet her for drinks at eleven thirty p M, which was like whoa. I can't hang that alarming. I can't hear, one thousand one hundred and thirty p dot M on Lakewood time for bed. One thousand one hundred and thirty is like when I got to the bar on Sunday gonna meet. Add they met at the European Beer CAFE and she was so we're happy super upbeat. He said that she arrived in was like totally herself. He also said that her phone rang constantly and it was aunt shocking, so she had just for the record, because this is important too. She had two fold that she is. She had a new Iphone, which was an answer name and shame.
an older Nokia, which was hers wig originally, and she kept that just for numbers, Poseidon feeling transferring all the numbers I feel her on such a spiritual, creative willingly agreed of thy adds with these look silly like little leg. You know it this increases yeah just little cool things that she has gone on so little cork set on a stern Jago as a cool things. You know that worry to cool financial thing. She's got going on the cork. Videos in Greece is also the right word for it kind of results and carried it no one except USA, video. I like that, at midnight. Bernay Bren had to go home because he had nearly day and she wanted to stay out and party more. So he was like by. shields and prejudice. I didn't want to go back to ants yeah. She was literally and wanted to stay up here and she then, according to him, she said when he left her. She was like skipping down the street like shoes, seven, a blast areas like art. Like do you girl, I love the so she went,
she ended up after. Like a little more time, she went to her moms place in Clifton Hill. A little bit later. Could she had a place and Clifton who also Russell her moms partner? Was there ok? He made her, and he called her mother to tell her that she was there safe but drunk, and they actually state up talking until about three. I am all for
Some of you, I wish you good line of battle, inner life that are like nice. Just like I'll sit up and talk with you. The next day was Tuesday November thirtieth. Then she told both Russell and her grandmother through text that she was going to her job for her shift because she was gonna wanna get canned bright. She didn't undergoing. She went back to the buoyancy apartments. She got there around nine await em and aunt was already at work sometime MID day. She ended up. Could that day she called her psychiatrist and asked if she could see her. Ok, but her psychiatrists didn't have any appointments open that day she didn't even only phone appointments, so she actually told her to call a hostile on the area was like. If you need to talk to somebody like, if you feel a call, then apparently Phoebe did call them, but was not whatever answer. She got her whatever. What happened she wasn't happy with? Could she called the psychiatrist back and she was like? I really don't have time I can't like will have to make another day.
So later that afternoon she used her Nokia to call brand again, and she told him that if he didn't call her back, she throw herself away and leave the world. Ok but there are only allowed to put on someone will apparently according to bran here the message around six and said he was it even worried? She was always pulling shit like that. right leg. He was not yet used like she was kind of dramatic, so he was like I'm not. I wasn't worried about it, so he did. He called her back, but the farmers off I'm he was like. I honestly was not worried that she stood in his fingers. He was like. I just didn't I, shit yeah, so this same day goes kind of crazy direction to so there
the guy she had met when she was in an adult education programme. When she first started dating Aunt em cause she was doing in adult education programme for a while. They think she was doing the art history and something else I can remember exactly sure, she's taking some awesome classes, o writing professional writing. Ok, she ended up stopping those classes, after like a few months, but she was doing them when she was going to this adult education programme. She bonded with this guy in class. They really related to each other, especially with drug and alcohol use, and most of them were cannon same boat. after two thousand and nine, which was when he they were going to classes together. He was trying to get this shit together when everything started happening with phoebean ants in two thousand and ten. He heads look into Phoebe since that time representing here, so it had been a while, but he told policed,
in the time that he knew Phoebe. He had met and a few times, and he actually really liked him. Ok said, according to he said, ass far ass, I could see- which it's just me, a casual observer. Like not super intimate yeah. He said he seemed like a genuine person and he seemed to make Phoebe happy fresh again. He had a very small porthole internal wife now, one November. Thirty is this guy who is not named in any sources? I saw ok, I gotta Facebook message from Phoebe saying she wanted to meet up. So this was the same day. You know the day after she went out with brand and all back soon. The same day that she called brand right yeah. So she said she had some issues and she needed to talk to somebody and she said she felt bad about burdening or family.
With them anymore and she said not because my family doesn't want to listen, but because I feel bad that I keep going to them yet so they met near, but the Valencia Apartments for coffee at around four p m. He later testifying court that their conversation was amazing. He said one of the best conversations I've ever had while said it was like you're just a great conversation. She seem totally coherent really clear. Ok, he was not worried. She told him. She was going to volunteer in India. Put that out there again and she was feeling like her life with aunt was making her feel insulated from the real world right. So she wanted to get out there. She wanted Seymour, they talked relationships. I think he was having trouble in his relationship of a time too, and she said that she felt embarrassed that she worked such a low job and that aunt deserved better only delay la I feel like he was putting this kind of stuff and tat he was. Will he made her quitter jobs,
passion is obviously but even the one he gave her. She was already still feeling like a bright unless the hair, so later that after they talked and all that good stuff, she persuaded him to drive her report Melbourne to get drugs from a dealer. Oh she got to ecstasy tablets. Then they went back to the Skies House cause. The sky is also artists to drug dealer. No, the M got a friend from our class. This guy also narratives, so he was like. Let me just show you like my art pieces and Molly talk about, are cool beagle. He said that she definitely took at least one of those pills before they got there and she ended up trying to kiss him. He claims he told her now and that she got violent cry. He said he had actually like restrain her to calm her down like
said she just like Flickr, sweat shrank and he just attributed to dropping Libya, so at six, o three p m and was going getting home to the apartment and Phoebe. Obviously, wasn't there he texted Bren, who she had contacted earlier, that six twenty five p m and asked where she was program ignored the message as he is. I can I not be involved here. He was like one any. I guess Britain also like hadn't, really talk to aunt that much so use likewise the sky to extremely who pointed out, although you Phoebe, in the car, with that's the guy from school that you tried to kiss now. Fortunately,. And he said her mood swings were insane like happy one second than sad yelling than silent leg. She was just having a moment she wrangling quite hard and face. She made him let her out of the car in West Melbourne near Festival Hall at exactly nine hundred and thirty p dot m. She got to answer partments somehow, okay at two,
twenty nine m. There is oh, no ran earls of these three hours and between she got out of the car, guys, like I litera the car, that's soon as I was nine thirty between then and twelve twenty nine p m. Nobody knows what she did, what it had taken her a long long time to walk to I'm not positive. Somehow she got back and I mean obviously shoe like a bender that night, I think ok, because Phoebe was still asleep when aunt left for work the next morning around nine am he said he took her. I phoned with them. would you sincerely sharing it? I think he was like said he was getting it wrong repaired. Now this actually becomes this move here that he says he took her phone their morning becomes a thing later in the investigation, because the Iphone her Iphone was used to send a pretty weird text message that was from Phoebe at about
one thousand and thirty a dot m. That same day. So he's saying I left at nine a dot m. I took the phone right, but somehow a text message went from that phone from Phoebe right to a bunch of people at ten Lynn, her dad and a bunch of other members of her family got a weird texts that said hi. Family, I'm in bed and about to sleep, and when I wake, I will transform into the most incredible human being. You ve ever seen not I will go to the hospital it safer there and I hear the special tonight is tomato soup, delicious, nutritious I love you all very much, but not enough to send an individual text. Sorry about that. But time is sleep and I must be. My way merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream exo. I dont like that. So to me first, that's concerning: but it's also seems like she's being like. I wanna get sober
yeah like I want. I don't ask me like in a very maybe creative way Yeah, a very like tortured artist, where exactly so that message went out to lend her dad it went to aunt. Ok, it went to her boss I went to her mother Natalie, her brothers, Tom and Nickolay her grandmother, an Natalie partner, Russell, ok, Natalie her mother was very kind and about as it so she called Jeanette the grandmother in Malaga and she was I can you check on Phoebe way? Can you call her or do something that also was very concerned about this message, so she called ants on his cell phone at ten thirty five m and she was like his Phoebe alright brain he was like yeah. I don't even see the message I get even notice. The union did exactly any Let go I left Phoebe sleeping this morning. She was sleeping peace.
really, but he didn't say like I have her phone, no we're in. He said you know what else from I'll swing by at some point during the work day and I'll check on it. so so Jeanette sent now, her mom, a saying? Don't worry, aunt, said she's fine and that he's gonna check on her Well, I'm sure they were like somewhat used to this cause, We're not. I don't think this level of ivy earnest but like they were, ok, it's Phoebe healing may be fpcc now in on it. we therefore probably you like Sprawly one on a band, yeah like maybe she might even still be drunk. We dont worry eggs. They just kind of checking that not all it does seem like a drunk tax over them, but it was very like coherent. We re like everything was spelled correctly, add in it have like enough of them. It seems like a drunk like thought, thought exactly that
were others strange things about the events of that day. After aunt talk to the leader, he called her back and he said: hey I went to the apartment. Phoebe was still sleeping off a bender, any said I'll make sure she calls you and she wakes up. So I hear from her in his second police statement. He said that during when he went to visit Phoebe in the middle of the day that Phoebe told him she taken to sleeping pills, and these were called still Knox and they were actually prescribed aunt to help him sleep on the plane to Paris. Ok, so he got concerned, and he said he took the pill bottle with him back to the workers. We even see why we get in SAM, I was concerned, she was an overdose or I think he was more concerned that you'd accidentally overdose, like maybe she would wake up and take more but not mean too
They can see suicidal, but there doesn't seem to be any record of this visit. And by record you mean the fobs that key fab so she's weird, because it Every other examined. There's a record in there has to be. You can't get into this place without using your key up so feed His grandfather, Lorn Campbell, was a former homicide detective and he was like a good, really well respected homicide. Detective people said he was very thorough. He was very fair. He was meticulous like they trust him. So her grandfather leg later when everything went down, it was, one who really focused on this lack of key fab deregulation for this visit. Then he claimed he made.
Because it does not make any sense yeah and he went through the key five records for December first when he said he was there and he got them from air. GM material. The manager of the apartment and Eric said to the coroner during the whole inquest that happens later, He said Valencia residents, whether they're, coming or growing were recorded every single time by these key fobs. And they were individually numbered and you had to use it to get in the escalating arrest, click, the other use it to get in the elevator, the car garage, the front door, your door, it literally every single crises of this just doesn't make sense. Right is no record. and the records seem to show that day that aunt left the building at nine a dot m. When you went to work- and he came back at seven hundred and thirty- three p dot m nothing in the middle of the day. So what's that about yeah.
So that day, at two hundred and seventeen p dot m, there was another person that did go in the place. Sally tell her. She worked for as a cleaner does. This is the cleaning lady that said he liked it to look like melon. She said she came for her regular Wednesday clean that you did every week. Did she see Phoebe s and she said she had her own key fab and department key, that's how she got in the nuts recorded. She said when she We let herself in she was surprised that Phoebe was in the apartment issues, usually not there. When she came in. She said she in the other end of the apartment away from the bedroom, and then she like quietly knocked on the bedroom door. She said, Phoebe came out, she was wearing a t, shirt and shorts, and she said she
She's Sally says she didn't smell. Any alcohol shouldn seem like she was out of it. She actually said she was like. Are you? Are you sick do, namely to do anything for you like why you hear an Phoebe. Just was like no, it's ok and she said she gave her this, like dazzling, some I'll which, if you look at any picture she and really does have a dazzling throughout the. So she said she just gave this big. My own was like know, I'm totally finely thank you and she said she didn't look sick and she said she definitely didn't looked upon Two main she goes and the only reason I'm saying that is because she said she herself suffered from repression in the past. and she said when she was in her her deep depression. She goes. I never could have produced a smile like the right and she's, like that's just me, like speaking from expiring, right and she also told police later that she always liked Phoebe and she said she actually didn't like the way aunt treated her. She said their relationship seemed like apparent child,
We really should, or he would like school. There was so much older yeah, so I think she and she said she never liked how he was with her, but she really liked Phoebe she's, like she was always nice to me, always respectful and like just a nice person right. So after the badge after she clean the bedroom, Phoebe went back to bed with an eye maths gone according Sally Finnish cleaning, the apartment she left around five p m aunt came back at seven thirty, three p m when the key fog records him coming back and he said that no. This is accordingly, he said that he in fate Phoebe State in their night. He ran her a bath. He gave her a massage wow, what a sweet fellow cook dinner and then he also said he
showed her the the tickets to Paris, so that you'd feel excited that they were already here's. The tickets were doing this so around eight p m that night Phoebe called her father when they talked for about eleven minutes, and she told her father that shoes still feeling hung over from her bender and a, but she said ants looking after me like we're. Fine, ok, everything's cool, so maybe he did Runner Yahoo knows she says she also said to him quote: I really need to stop doing this, so he said turning to him
accompanied with that text message. She said he was like I'd to me. It seems like she just didn't want to do this lake vendor itself anymore, and rightly so. We can all share together, like I can't do this right, so this was the last time that one spoke to his daughter now. This brings us to the night of December. Second, two thousand ten. This is the night that Phoebe hands Jack died now again, aunt left phoebean bed that morning around eight thirty eight because he was going to work. I think he said he went to the gym first, at around nine forty five, We know that she sent an email and use the computer a couple times. Not a lot is known about what she was doing like after that, but we do know there was a fire alarm in her in the Valencia Apartment building at eleven forty three, I am there
also Cctv, footage of phoebean, her dog, evacuating with everyone there. There is a point where she's outside and she likes stumbles against a wall, a bet, but it could just be. The dog is pulling her. Yet I really cause you. Anybody wants. It is a big medium whatever they can like knock you over no matter what. So I don't think it was necessarily the tools like drunk writing
when she walked back and she's working fine too. So so then she goes back end swapping fine, eleven. Fifty I am, she got back in the building mouths when they let everybody in the last picture of her taken alive as at eleven fifty m. No one knows what happens. What happened between you know that time in six p m some time and there she went into the buildings garbage shoot witches flocking somehow thick. Yes, that's the the crux of this whole thing and I will get very much into it, but just warning this is like graphic. How she died is pretty grows so
drove into the apartment. Building around six hundred and five p dot m. He used his key fob to open the gate. He later said he didn't know if the front door to the apartment was locked or not, he couldn't remember which it's like whatever. He said when he got in there, Phoebe wasn't there at six or five. She was not the environment. When he looked on the kitchen counter, he said that her keys and her purse were there. He thought that was weird because he was like again you can leave, but you can't come back in without keys, sir. I your keys here, where are you and also your purses there, where we can offer? So there were also several posted notes around the kitchen that had like weird scribbles, and they were on the kitchen counter.
and he said this kind of stuff, like you do the stuff when she was drunk. Apparently she likes group who posted note just like scribble legged and say I think I was. I think it was supposed to say something, but it is hard for him to understand he's so he said he went into their bedroom. He found what he later referred to. As a quote shrine on the bed. The shrine was a photo of he and Phoebe a photo of her cat in a bunch of random notes, and he said the notes that she writes when she smashed and they don't make a lot of sense. That's how you describe them. Ok, he said there were candles, burning and freebies hair straightened. Her was on the floor plugged into the wall. Ok, the shrine it later
gets gets called into question whether it is existed. Personally, I don't think it existed oak and nobody else who went into that apartment said they saw a shrine of any kind. Ok, just saying again, I wasn't there at all, but to me it does look like stare at six. Fifty one p m, which was about forty minutes after he arrived home, freebies dad all her on her Iphone. No, this is where the lehne an ant, differ on their stories to which makes it a little suspicious.
according to Lehne, freebies father. He has all the numbers you know shown on his phone bill and he's going off of that. What happened next, so, according to hens, phone bill records that he's going off of, he calls Phoebus phone and answered it and that's what happened. Aunt said he didn't hear the phone it, but he called him from his own phone at six. Fifty two p m because he thought maybe Phoebe was woodland. Okay, so now they have two different stories, but her dad as a phone bill record exact like back it up exactly so visit this So many things like the sun at Europe's like we, the second I just want to put it out there one more time both of his parents are judges. I just want to put that after so I'm not saying I am back, I'm just putting his. only by sound out there so
However, they ended up speaking on his phone babies phone whatever the hell and said he's been trying to call Phoebe and he was like we. We were supposed to all go to dinner tonight because remember for his Burne S birthday at the golden triangle. I guess I was like Phoebe S, favorite restaurant and he was like we're supposed to go to night to celebrate my birthday, so I was calling to say when we should meet like what time aunt said: she's, not here for begging keys are here, so she can't be too far so lend was like a little worried. He was like what do you mean? really does make errand. Like only made this plan, I dont know now you're telling me your keys in person there, so he was like. Maybe you should report her missing like I'm worried, that's not norm and family things weren't something
but she met a sling. Now it's not that she was like this crazy alcoholic that didn't show up for family thing exactly. She was always involved and her family stuff, and he was like the fact that Person Keesar Daddy's concerns may seriously. Why don't you report her missing and it was like now and then like they won't listen to me until I forty eight hours of past and like should come back. That's not true, and when was like, I don't know so her dad called her brother Tom, the one that she was very close to, and he was like we, you call some friends whom I like know where she is right. So he also ring Natalie, Phoebe mother and she hadn't heard from Phoebe there and she had texted earlier in the day, so Natalie called a couple of babies. Friends, including Bren, though one that shows up every now and
Bryn said he hadn't seen Phoebe since that Monday night, when they had gone out for the entering together music. I heard from her. You know the following day, but that was it. I didn't talk to her, so he, but he did relief to them like she seemed to stand alone, a bender sporting events. Meanwhile, Lehne was like. Ok, I'm gonna just sit here and wait for now, like I'm, not gonna, go crazy. I'm just gonna try to call myself down so even said. He was like I changed for dinner, language ready cause. I wish he was like a know what she's gonna show background on that makes our heart fuckin. Her do. I know now at the apartment, the Valencia apartment. This is weird to me. Aunt called the golden triangle, the restaurant. Yet this part is fucking weird and he got take out for one.
like what yet that's just wish. I don't know how that I dont know why don't know weird, but it's weird will because it's like see the three of you were gonna be going out to this place, which is her favorite place, she's, not there and she's missing right now. You don't know where she and you're gonna get. Take a new order take out from this place for water. One see you're not expecting her to come back to that to me, says like I'm Myrdal she's, not here so the just after eight p m, he he was going to buzz the delivery guy up to. They were on the twelve for their apartment and the livery guy said man. What's going on here, and he was like what do you mean what's coming? when we got them some take up any said, the front of the building is swarming with cops these police cars ambulance. I ha. I had a prop my bike up on the street, hope your dinners and cold. So it was like
what so now I'm going to switch to the hotel staff and those who responded first, their perspective that decided in ok into the night so same day were taken by December. Second, today that Phoebe hands Jack went missing and under dying at around four p m. That's when the concierge of the hotel, Beth Ozal up arrived at the apartments Erik the manager that we ve talked about a few times. He stayed on with her for about an hour and he was just Kennedy catching her up on the day like you re, so he also said that the garbage compact there had just been major early service and he said he
to go. Looking to make sure was everything was like working properly before he left, but enough time cause. He said it was five p m and he said he had to take his son to music lessons. He really had to run out and go so he was like. Can you go check on it for me? So, at six o five p m, the fire alarm went off again, which was odd. Let this happen twice lice exactly, but it turns out that they were both like false alarms and what had happened was there was some workers working on a higher floor and the smoke from their walls kept making the alarm,
Ok, it was just like a weird day, and she said she just like already felt like he'd be weird yeah Beth is also said. She never light going in the trash compactor room because she said it smells and it was awful rain. So she was not looking forward to this. So she went down the hall. She unlocked the door to the compact, her room. She tried to open it, but she said something was in the way news. I choose pushing against something, so she gave it a really big push, whether shoulder and when, when you do that it is an automatic sensor that, like floods, the room with light- and so she said it was bright and there and she said she saw that a been had tipped over off the conveyor
there was just rubbish everywhere. She then saw something else that was between the door in the wall. She said immediately, it looked like a mannequin, but she said then she will closer and it was bleeding, and she said it was very clearly a dark, haired woman lying on her back, oh god. So she said she immediately backed away and closed the door and she said she stood out side of the door for like two to three minutes and she said she was just trying to get her shit together and she was like, but I have to work again, aid to know what's going on having right and she was like- maybe I'm just seeing it wrong in this system, so she opened the door again and she said she saw
just blood everywhere, all around the room, and she said it was very clearly a human being on God in she said there was blood all over the walls. There was congealing blood trails that were leading towards the body from the compact air and the rest of the floor was covered in trash God. She also said that the back of the door had blood on it. So, like smeared blood, she said she screamed in literally ran out of the office. She immediately called Eric and she said that she was completely incoherent and just like inconsolable and the only thing he caught was dead blood rubbish room like over and over again, so he said to call he was call triple o, which is their nine hundred and eleven right, and he was like I'm coming right away. So there is cctv, footage of Tour Beth like running up and down the hall like wringing her hands crying like freaking out like
lost it, and within minutes police cars came Mario and Tony Basile, the manager of the company that operated the apartments arrived right after the police, somewhere between seven hundred and fifteen and seven hundred and thirty p. Dot M and ambulance also was obviously called right at seven hundred and twenty p dot m and they arrived seven minutes later. You're like right on it stop Christy Cook was one of the paramedics. She said she ran right to the Pooh Compactor Room where she could clearly see a body on the floor. The police officer that was guarding the door stopped her and told her, she wasn't permitted to enter, because this was a crime scene and she was like what lay I'm an ambulance, I'm a paramount. So she said this literally went against everything. She was ever taught
I know I'm supposed to go in there and save that person or dry to write, so she was like what, when she said from what she observed from the doorway that moment she said it was a female was lying on her back with cuts to her right, thigh and hip and with her right foot in an unnatural position. She said she thought immediately that it was a fraction Obviously- and she said the body showed Quote- showed generalised Santos S, which is a bluish tinge and no- spontaneous respirations and appeared deceased, but she said this is me from outside the right. So she was unhappy about being prevented from going in the room because she in she said even the months after this she said she lost a ton asleep at lake ruined her. She was like what, if I could have helped us, yeah you just no. No! No! No medically trained person ever attended Phoebe after she was discovered, not once, which is very strict
Joe no one laid hands on her to see if she was still warm, they didn't see if she was actually dead. The first people to go in the room were actually crime, scene specialists who came hours later they were the first person go in the room right. So nobody, even when near her to see and they said the later that going all those blood trails that were around the room. It was only just splatter was like trails. I shall die. They said it was likely that Phoebe had survived the fall and had crawled around the room and had tried to get out that door and had probably died of blood loss to the door like law. From the inside leg, like you, couldn't get out of the room, if you that I'm not sure about may will be to get into that next week when we go further into it, but I think mostly, it seemed like she couldn't get, because what will find out is heard for her ankle was lightened soured. It was hanging on by muscle,
So she probably wasn't able to get herself up and she had also been banging through a compactor at the bottom of the chute, which again we're going to get into that more. So she probably just wasn't able to even get herself together to get out of that room shoes trying to no one of the leading homicide. Investigators in the country believes they was rolling. Leg was quoted in the fees fall, podcast, saying quote well from the moment. You join the police force. The most important thing is: preservation of life. The protection and preservation of life is the number one priority and he said it was ridiculous that no one checked for vitals ever and The thing is they all now agree that she was most certainly alive when she got to the bottom of the shoe. Yes, she had to affirm and Sheikh possibly could have been saved. If someone just bother to check and see if she had any vital sign, I hate the again
not like likely. Maybe she would have most likely she wouldn't have been saved, but then even try we're going to stop part one here and part. Two is going to be us discussing exactly how the garbage chute works. How and why? How her grandfather, the retired homicide detective, is going to great to prove that she did not put herself in that you because, from the immediate looks of it, people were like ok, it's a suicide which again I have like the autopsy in everything that we're gonna go through in part too. But that seem to be what they all decided was the official cause of death in her family and friends and met an police office. Agree, like retired police officers. I, like now nostalgia. so we're going to go into all of that. We're gonna go like the physics of
It doesn't make sense the jolly boat herself in there and will get more into the unfortunate injuries that she suffered. because what ended up happening was somehow. She went from the twelfth floor in the garbage shoot when twelve floors down and went through a compact, her at the bottom of this garbage soup, for being spat out into this compact room. So she went through like a really awful off Jesus so hope you guys stick around for part two when we're going to discuss all of the different theories of what happened and in this is still like an ongoing thing. They're going to try and get to the truth, we're going to figure this out but a totally different continent, we're going to figure this out in fees. Mom will be happy because she said it is the true three are missing here. We
being told that our daughter, granddaughter and sister put herself into this thing, because she was a damage, disturbed girl, and that is just not true. I dont know what happened. I just feel sure that she didn't put herself down shoot either accidentally or on purpose. I agree men Natalie this was and we're not gonna leg. You know we're not gonna, do condemn anybody here. Obviously we do not have you were not there. the legal team to back up. If I was Cisco and we ve just don't wanna get sued by anyway. So you know everything's gonna be peppered with allegedly It's just f. It's gonna be like a little shoot back to the German around everyone. We cover botsey, Do our money going to tell you what we think by working for us of allegedly said. So. I think so. Hang on four part two
it's gonna come out in the beginning of next week, so it won't be long, but I think we're gonna. transition right from that into thinking. Some of our protruded says Let's do it, let's do it so first step. We would like to thank Katharine. I think it's Nick K and a k e as long as it's not. after nine. I will accept the link you Catherine and send all z reference woozy. An autopsy on the eve of those british assay visa policy, Ozzy or Z, I am asking you if I showed episode. Thank you. Catherine links the next one whose they actually requested that we say this for their name because they were like we, I don't wanna get people excited. So I'd like to thank the other Amy, pull the other Amy Polar. I'm glad that you,
do needed and not the Amy pull exert. I'm more excited that you don't hear the other best year near the number one amiable numerous ooh now, let's be real, thinks the other emu polar thank you Amy Polar, so the next person we like to bank is thank you, Donnie girl thinks dawning girl. That's sad reminds me of my brawny paper towels. Does it reminds me of them as well or Donnie Earth Don soap? Yes, This reminds me of on animals covered in oil. What a wonderful, wonderful world some eggs, Donnie girl they kill. The next person we would like to bank is actually. We would just like to say that this person, happy late anniversary, Marcia,
from your husband, Dave, happy, lay anniversary Marcia. He said you lover podcast, which makes me very happy. So thank you, Dave Thought was kind and he was like she'll be really excited if you say that let us all find a Dave, happily, diversity, Marcia, we lay anniversary and here's to many more here's to many more. We think that eyes thanks guys thanks presently wanna. Thank you is thank you Christine a man whose man's is this, whose man's is its Christina man is fakes Christina. Thank you find your man's find em now the net. Firstly, we want to think Veronica Wolf. That would, a better name for the show Veronica Mars. It would, Veronica, your wolf, we love you, oh thank you Thank you. Next, presuming on a bank is Alyssa Horn, we're gonna
blow our Horn Trumbo, because you're the best to your horn girl. That's what I should thank you unless thank you. What's a horn trumpet and the last patroness that we are thinking on this episode. if ever were never thinking. Thank you, Ambrosia Shelter, Were the hatches or more time, ambrosia, Shelton Yeahs re think you ambrosia those shelter in those eggs with caramel butter whose hook border I love. Your name is felt good, ambrosia ass, like a thank you. ambrosia for existing fulfil. Thank you to everybody. Thank you to all our paternal. Sadly, unable much year listening and you want to hear your name, but you haven't donated to the patriarch, yet you can add on or to patriarch come slash, morbid vodka.
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