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Episode 75: The Murders at Corpsewood Manor Mini Morbid

2019-06-21 | 🔗
This case has always haunted Alaina and it felt like the right time to let it loose. The brutal murders of Joseph Odom and Dr. Charles Scudder were senseless and horrific. Get ready for some frustration and Satanic Panic because this tale is full of both. Sources:https://allthatsinteresting.com/corpsewood-manor-murdershttps://the-line-up.com/corpsewood-manorhttps://www.atlasobscura.com/places/corpsewood-manor The Corpsewood Manor Murders in North Georgia by Amy Petulla
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more and more. I was listening to the bank ass the other day and I was like, while I have the most annoying voice on planet earth. But then everybody was like your voice sounds like lanes. That means I have no. I just meant that, like my voices annoying- and I want your daily Ursula up and take your voice again- you ve been. my kids to really of honest pull it always See here today is away in as many more bed, which means it could be slightly many and could be like hours it's not for hours. I'm gonna tell you all in on a little secret. Alina doesn't know what the word many means. So this is a full ass morbid. Thank you strapped into your seats hold onto your boss. Let's do they will see we'll see how long refers. Maybe I can get it to a good links. I think I can. I love that my monies are.
Twenty five minutes and you are like either many tonight. It's sex or other men to ethics. Sexist outset. It is six hours. Long live, I gotta go now. This is a good one and by good, when I mean her but yes, but recently anyway run we mean absolutely got wrenching, lay off all pretty much This is one that has been sitting in my list of cases. I wanted to cover forever. listen waiting for that moment, I dont why it feels like the right moment, but it feels like three moment. You know if the sun is shining and is not
I know you can probably here the US is willing again in the background. Indeed, it's another John could light just so cause he's great guy, just as no he's just cooking so that settling in the background, not I can do about it world. Tonight's many morbid is covering the case. The murders at corpse would manner. I don't know what that is, and I know it sounds like that is fake, unlike its just like a book and Agatha Christie Book or some hangs exactly it's not it's real tell me all about it. So we set the scene We're not or discriminatory opposing we're actually just gonna terms. What do we do that so Doktor Charles Scatter, and which I think is a cool named scatter doktor, scatter nice things are going to take it or leave the doktor trial. Scatter was
Professor of Pharmacology, at Loyola University in Chicago Chicago now at the moment, or TAT grand talkin about, like them, seventies late. Seventy all my time. This doesn't happen in the seventies, we're just beginning in the seventies. Ok, it happens in them. The early eighties, so, my time here he was also co director of the institute for the study of mind drugs and behavior, where he basically did a ton of a government funded experiments on LSD. oh, but not like lsd leg. You now, just like some dude you bought Elsie from like as government created LSD we're trying to discover who the fuck is that when Charles Manson was. I wonder now like a com, sounds like he was looking for this stuff, but he couldn't get his hands on. It
So this, in the end, it was basically outlawing university. They were like granted to do this study about like what it did to your mind. You know behaviour all that good stuff. How do you think they find people too. like twenty five on two years under the April that we're like Europe, I will take that government in the seventies, no ensuring that were like government decree. It'd Ellis, do you don't know? If I had one out over my created Alice D, I don't want any lsd anywhere near me. Yeah, that's what I meant to say I think you moving on how I do now what else is filling the government like, never mind I mean yeah. I feel you It is never mind either way. Doktor, Charles scholar,
along with being the professor from pharmacology, was also the code director of that institutes and almost like doing the damn thing he was living as best life. He was a widow father too, for boys who were grown at that point. He lived with his two bull mastiff dogs names Beelzebub in arson. Ass is empty as above another word for the devil, one. It's it's like on one of the day, means, and I wanted to hell demons I believe in it. For me, that is when it was the other ones, new and arson. Eighth arson ass. I am sure many. People are going to scream and yell at me and I'm gonna get four hundred messages, because I'm sure I said that wrong and then going to tell me that they're taking away my horror card cause, it's an hp, love, crap character, a sorry I dont know this.
Doktor aside, so it's it's arson, neath or arson. F, I'm not really positive. However, you want to say, however, I like you having free will that's what I will do you realize, so they were to bore mastiff. So there is also a big It's like the hourly but huge charmingly things only gigantic. So you isn't those to any love. Them. They were like a little dog is put his beloved dogs and he also lived with his housekeeper, who was also described by many as his partner Joseph Joey Odom. Now from the from what it seems its he served as Scudder's housekeeper for over twenty years of the area from what it seemed Joey. I'm gonna call him Odom from now Uncas as another
Lillian, one there's another Joey that comes into play later, on a confused everybody so autumn, the housekeeper so autumn, the housekeeper Odin and doctors. Scatter were like definitely like intimate in, they are definitely lino and they definitely like partners, but I dont think they were like in Nevertheless, the relationship like I think they were able to. They were not only in relation to this kind of a noble relationship and it was the seventies not exactly the greatest time to be, like you know, waiving the pride flag, so they didn't really they weren't able to be as free as they want. So Doktor Scott, described by all who knew him as fucking brilliance was. Really smart, yeah he had a wide array of interests and he was super. Well read: Nay. I mean one look at him, brain. It was like the array
subject matters. He seemed to like it in anything he needed to learn. He just read a book about it and would do it. He was just one of those people I was like. I can figure that I love that re Odom he was like on the total opposition to the spectrum. He came from kind of like a poor family. He only had a fifth grade education, but he had like taught himself to cook. He was like it's very skilled in cooking. He loved cooking and even though they were really opposite. They were totally lake and sink and inseparable opposites attract yeah and they just seemed like they mean. Oh, they just really got along and Odin was like really adept at keeping house and taking care of everything cooking him. He like doing it. So it's just like
a win win situation now. Scatter like a lot of brilliant people, was what some would refer to as eccentric. At times young. He played a golden harp and he pleaded beautifully and he taught himself out of politics. I really go and he also painted a ton. He made the stained glass windows and again taught himself how to do all this stuff. Just read it and figured it out. He also did things like like dying his hair but for a bit say that and he had a pet monkey. One point c: I mean Blue, given his life. To be honest in what's funny it's like he's playing a professor pharmacology Very PS colonies, golly, purple hair. I love I so he's just ease. Eccentric bodies are some pc machiavel. Some do you see
I hope it is a murder someone later he was also very interested in the church of Satan which carried its own stigma, because in its still does because people have no fucking clue with that is people are very misinformed about what the church of Satan is actually about. He has actually like not above Satanist, don't worship the level. It's not it's, not bad at all. They dislike wasted, like the earth no Miss Satan. don't worship the devil, they are atheists. Ok, so basically the religion is about seeing yourself as the court on quote God kind of I'm into the Gue worship. Your own needs your kind of flagging out looking at what you need and taken care of you and your, they don't worship, any God cool. It's not. They also don't see Satan or Believin Satan
as being or a person like they don't believe in that? Oh they actually, just. Why are they called stateless than because it's kind of a symbol of like rebellion and kind of assemble in its? I think From what I have read- and I could be right if there is anybody who is listening right now, who is a sadness and would like to invite me on this? I did read. in a couple things at these. This Satan, like you know, moniker and Satan symbol, is kind of like two from their nose. At Lake Christianity, like Canada, bill idea must claim. It is not what you guys are making him. I gotta dig he's not real like this is just a symbol fucking. Yet so they don't worshiped Satan the devil or anything like that. They don't worship anything set themselves.
Sounds like it is. It sounds a coup. Their website also describes them. As quote, we are a formidable threat to any who would hold progress in the name of spirituality. We are explorers on the untrodden paths of science, human motivation and all mysteries awaiting understanding that which is most really quote accounts- and if you read the website, it's like they literally ever frequently asked questions section. That's like Haiti, worship, the devil Nope, admittedly, is all that is a great, so ice. Anybody go go, look at the church of Saint. I'm sayin it lay in your lighten you really well and that's why the this plays a huge role in this whole thing that he was a follower of the church of Satan, because at that time people had no, I conclude that what it was like so misconstrued and its- and I mean I'd, love to say we ve moved forward as a society, but we have
many people still look about us. Like always, Satan is using a sacrifice. Children like Noakes Xxix there, Fear is equally all they are so after holding down the super good job for awhile and finding himself like kind of alone, his children more ground you just live and without a mean only mean here, This feeling the need to escape this life in the city and Chicago, and he wanted to treat it for something more simple like connecting them back to the earth. I want to grow something and dirt, and he also wanted to kind of escape the binds of judgment about his sexuality and allow him to be freer. So he was looking to get somewhere that he could be. Who is so, interestingly, he wrote it
article, nineteen, eighty one for an online. You news outlet called Mother Earth NEWS about this experience. You can read it online today in the article he said he had a good job, but he seemed, but it seems, like things were turning in this job and it wasn't what it once was quote as time pass. The medical students grew more unruly and less interested in learning the standards of the school steadily dropped and my department became a hotbed of office. Politics back biting and resentment, and he said quote as soon as I got home each evening. I change into my old and not to cleaner mended genes and muddle about in the garden fight Neither there the only moments of trans satisfaction left in my urban life. I was even pleased when the city's wildlife, the rats drink from my garden pull at night. I will not be policed.
So he decided that he was going to move out of his old mansion and Chicago cause within a pretty big league. Mansion House do and build a dream home away from everything. he wanted to be super secluded. Any didn't want any of the trappings of the servant. Lifestyle anymore, he said quote after some soul searching conversations with joy. I decided that we really needed to find some place and hilly country with the glamour four seasons, but without super cold winters with a good supply of pure water and wood for heating and cooking and most important with a you're of isolation. After years of enduring the sensory overloaded city life, I desperately wanted to be situated. Where I could neither see nor hear my neighbours are, they should go to the bird shares, because, if so Sheikh, but it's It is now chill they would have been so much better off there, but the Berkshires. Don't how great winters? No they don't.
Called in the winter Selina Sun shining. It is very cheap, so what he did was he found forty acres of woodland in northern George. Now it was completely surrounded by national forest land and miles away from anybody Else like this was literally because I like really scarcely he checked it out any perch instead immediately bow. so one thousand nine hundred and seventy six on his 50th birthday. He resigned officially from Loyola University and off like pretty much everything he owned. Everything and he was like I'm going to build my dream home in the wilderness. Odom is going to come, live with me and my two dogs are going to come live with me. hold it they're quote kingdom gone and when he will have to loyal, he took to human skulls from his office like real human skills and a bunch of Alice. Do you from the eyes tat is exactly what I would take for my offer, an experiment
amazing, and it was some. Bing leg, when they actually found the seller Stieglitz, ozolian vials, I dont know how Elsie works again. I've not on many drugs in my in my time here and by any, Many I mean any so I have no idea of the works, but they said when they like measured it all out later. It was something like twelve thousand doses. hope which I'm assuming LSD taken very mt phobia, but that's so crazy, twice thousand India. We acknowledge, I mean it was for the experience I guess they may allow, while so to get to the location of the the home that they were gonna builds. There was a long road that ended in this dirt road and it was way at the end of that dirt road. You took a turn off and then it was like way in the woods gone like a mountain, very, very, very icily, So when they set off they,
we'll go. It was in the middle of a really glad that it was a mental a long nose. I would black blizzard it was. It was in the middle of a really bad blood at an even call you out on that, because it gives you out so much last week. Myself I have It was a love tongue tied for those along one when it gets long. I get flood the same, so They arrived at a really bad blizzard and they had to spend the night in their jeep and only because they couldn't find where the plot of land was, because it was so far in their? Where are they going to? What are they gonna do anyway? So just land will so they were like ok worlds, we'll just figured out in the morning so when they said again in the morning. They actually saw that there was a rotting dead horse in the middle of the dirt drive up to their property. You will note that is a battle
But I do you think you would think that you would carry no work around it. Maybe I'd feel as though debate it just might be spoiler. This doesn't have a happy ending to flooding in listening to the furthest, so they took this the Baden look into this bad omen through because one one thing about scatter a modem, it seemed like they have like a really good sense of humour when they just colleague went through life being like, like just tryin leg, just speech, right, and so they looked at it like lusty. They were like, oh perfect, a name for our road that leads up to our our house dead horse, I love the survey literally named the road to drive up to their house dead horse or, if ways that wicked fighting like
see my caught shit. They do. I love the unsavoury so while they built this mentioned by hand themselves by the way you know as one does, they lived out of a camp round the property and their jeep. They literally built it with brick like this totally brick mansion so set by hand just the two of them, and they heard the easy literally just said he read a book figure out how to build a house. That's very casual thing. What the so this was a technically it was there. I mean they called it a manner they called it like their castle. All that could stop that's cute. It was.
Gigantic? It was impressive, like I'm gonna post photos of the southern and eastern cause is very interesting to look at, but when you actually look at it, you like, how did they build this by hand luggage? Is its bonkers cause? It's all brackets, it's a beautiful. I like brick buildings. They said it took two short years and they were living in an elegant many castle. That's how he described. I want to live in an elegant now thought the fuck. It was a two story, brick mansion. They had an outhouse that they built out of brick. They created a pump system for water and dug oh well. how they got their water. They had no electricity. Why they wanted. They didn't wanted that their whole thing. He said I don't oh anybody anything! I don't want to pay electricity, I know of a water. I dont want to pay any the shit. I want to be totally off the grid and just leave him electricity. They would stove, they created a
Neared, where they made their own wine fuck, the other they made their on wine out of, like everything, pig fruits and vegetables with some of it was shit and summit was vote but you had their wine said. It was like actually like really decent line, and they said it was crazy oh on the air they had tons per Alastair constantly make him know that actually comes up in that regard. That did not happen. Only be the first to tell you that I was, they get accused sorry, I don't know that I was just going to ensure hook they are useless caught. Your face was like mad because you know it at the end of it is a case. You're gonna beat man, it's gonna make you really matter.
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primary care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice, Cooper committed, compassionate complete, so they grew their own food. They lived off the land, they had fruit, trees, they ground there on wheat and shit. They have also became beekeepers where they harvested the honey and the wax to eat the honey and to use the wax for candles too late there. I literally filling this a visa, or if you just tell me what they didn't do ya like they did the river. There are some yeah like it's pretty Hobbes. They had a pink painted gargoyle over gazebo that was over big. That was over a big rose garden, that Oda light was very proud of tending to a paint gargoyle.
Cargo over arose guys. Can I just living and rose garden right Samia inside the house, there was like a study, library. It was very gothic, very late right. I was so into it. Stained glass, a lot of art tons of Arcas. They were, into that a lot of antiques. There was like some occult type pieces. You know cause like that's a static. He liked the same man and when you go through this case, you realize you, like my god, like I'm glad I'm in an area of the country, at least that
me liking. This shit doesn't automatically get me labelled, saying you're going. I need to know what happens. I know it's crazy and Charles had obviously but child scatter had obviously brought the the two human skulls with him that we're decorated right. How stoop? As I look around the serving as a fifty fifty five beside the house, was a three story: Chicken House, it was called which literally house chickens on the first and second forces like a chicken coop, and then the top floor was named the pink room that served as kind of like a guest house, unlike Rec room with a that's where they leg entertained. Guess who came over because they did have got on top of the chicken coop in the pink room? Ok, now the pink room had pink shag carpet. Yes, it had mattresses everywhere with pink sheets alone,
Firm, yes and the police who came to this place later claimed there was like a ton of sex stuff in their like that. This was like us like a pleasure room, one of which it was like all live your life. Do you, Do you not think remedy to everybody else on his ray? I hope it was because I hope they were now believe Chicago leave, leg judgment and just go in the woods and be just I'm for it. The person, anybody and again they had they didn't like they did have guests
were they do and they would entertain. They were very like the hospitable hosts like they always would just like give everyone their wine and just like they were cool. So when they, when they feel like it, he built everything everything was set up and they were like. We have two nameless yeah, so they looked around and it was. I think it was just becoming herbs like ending autumn in going into winter when they had finished. So all the trees were really bare and like skeletal in everything, so they relate corpse. Would klutz call this corpse woodman
They sound like I want to be there for a great deal. Is people's on cause? Fuck, that's awesome! So, in the winter of nineteen, eighty two a seventeen year old guy who is also a part time truck driver named Kenneth Avery Brok, who we're gonna, call Avery cause that's what he liked to go by met scatter in autumn and they befriended him. The way they met was because every liked to hunt he was like a deer hunter and hunters often asked permission. From scatter and Odom to hunt on their property because it was so expensive and they were always really chill about it, they were always like yet totally desires. You asked for mission, they don't care. So Avery was just one of these people who happened to wander by and ask in they'd prevented them now after meeting Avery, they invited. in one point like offer them at their wine and they hung out a few times.
There was some kind of sexual account encountered that did happen, but it's either that it just happened or that Avery tried to engage the minute and they can illegal rebuffed. Him ok nobody's really sure exactly what kind of every kind of flit flops between what happened lately. pending on what they reduce yeah cool. In November nineteen, eighty two Avery had moved into one trailer with Thirty year olds, unemployed, dude, name, Samuel, Tony Rent, west, ok, we're gonna, call him Tony. They were living together if they are just like. Basically just grab blink garbage people like use these sort doing anything. They wanted the world's give them things, and they ran understand why nobody why they weren't like super successful and one night, Avery, told Tony a tale about quote Queer Devil worshippers that he had met.
And he said they were living in isolation. They lived in this big house, he's telling him all about it. So what it was was Avery looked at this whole place and we looked at how scatter in autumn lived and we're like their hiding a fortune. I know it now like there definitely rich, like the they chose to leave this way in their dislike billionaires. They have the slight massive fortune hidden somewhere on this. State. I know it. Ok, because he's he's an idiot, maybe just maybe they just like their failures and they wanted to live there. Well, This is why I think like this is why to me it seems like maybe Avery had tried to engage them in something and they may have abandoned because he's real mad. It Suddenly yeah, which is intervening Tony, was streets and he was in the deep south in the early eighties, so paint your own picture. I'm not
saying that everybody in the south in early eighties, like you know like felt the same, my Tony happened to be not super open minded got it, but I've again not and everybody was like that it, but there was like in their time there would seem to be a little more prevalent, we're AIDS, Avery did mention. I guess, by all accounts to Tony about this. Either sexual encounter he had, or he said that you know they tried to or something like he kind of twisted it yeah. He made different stories. Oh Anne and Tony was kind of giving him shit about it before I was like dude or you gay, like what is going on here, like you need to tell me so he got pissed and decided to say you know like I'm, not gay light bulb desired. Aim there that, whereas they came under me like we need to take them out.
Can I, while they were like nice and invited you to their house and my example line than they were like chill, and it was basically be because he was now getting bullied by his new remain limited they grow up and now he said to save face, so we started being like they took advantage of me. They took advantage me, I'm only seventeen years old. They take. Image when nobody really knows what happened at all. If anything even happened and The main thing was I'm pissed at them now, because I am having to confront this whole thing about my I'm having the inner Amelia clearly having some issues here right, but then, on top of that he was like their rich. I want their money, ok, or you could get a job here. I mean that's another really good option: yeah, that's the option that I've suggests, but but every was like now
I have. So he came up with a plan with Tony and actually Avery initially said, and this is really rough trigger warning. He didn't actually do it, but this is what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to take a heated welding, And rape scatter with it LA and even Tony, was like yeah. We should just rob them who accuse like maybe Maybe there is take their money that major idea, so he was very clearly Avery was angry and sadistic investor. Now, in November nineteen, eighty two Avery went to scatter in items homes a few times leg to hang out with them either he's about yes, because it was an attempt to get the lay out of the house down. Ah fuck but scatter know them only allowed him to hang out in the pink room they didn't like him
in the home and the actual to which I guess they did a lot with people if they didn't LAO a whole lot of people too. because there was a greenhouse airspace is like they're like sanctuary, so I think they they mainly unashamed in the pink German. That was where they kept him. So I didn't really work out for him that well to find a way out of the house triumph. No on the night of December 12th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two that's when they're playing got set into motion home know they don't like this. Now, it's not awesome. They picked up two teenagers, seventeen year old, Joey Wells who was Tony's nephew and happened to be first day with a girl named Teresa Hudson's that night he was on the first day and is only an hour at other people will,
He was on the first day with Teresa Huggins and Tony and Avery met up with them somewhere, unwilling to guys wanna go joy, riding with us but a day, and they were like cool. So Tony and Avery said Joe. He well knew the plan, but he claims to in he's claimed fair. He had no idea. Ok, I don't think he had any idea and that's Tony's mafia of the seventeen year olds and he actually refused
like you, refused ever speak about it again after the trial. Ikey was now I hadn't, and I really don't think he here too, and then what about Teresa definitely had no idea. How can we, I dont, know where this is going, but that's your first fuckin day. Oh, this is a real bad first, frightened it oh, no like I'm gonna make you feel better about any shitty first day you ve ever been on. Cosmetics can pretty much guarantee you they're not worse than this. Now so Avery made a stop at his mother's trailer and he picked up his twenty two caliber Remington automatic rifle and he told his mother. He wanted to go rabbit, hunting that night and that's why he needs it to people rabbit home at night. Apparently so they they had Teresa Joey with them and they to them. Hey do as one who, like to start by the corpse, would manner place, unlike hang out with those deeds cause, they have good wine and barber and Joey Wells was like hell yeah. I want free alcohol
Jeanne Teresa was like I heard their devil. Worshippers, I don't know, Cosette was the rumour around town like these. Weirdos, everybody and, of course, its veto- it's in the deep south in the early eighties, so people looking at it as These are devil worshippers in the woods and there are also gay. It's not good for purple with me. So all these horrible rumors were being like second question about need, then simply because they were gay and followed the church of Satan. The whole way this. So they all decided they were going to go to corpse would manner the whole way there. The for them were huffing something called to delude huffing Tooralloo, which is a wholesome combination of paint, thinner, alcohol and glue.
what the fuck, why would you willingly choose to do they live here? I just ran out of a total Lou YA. Wanna have them totalling. You know, I don't know No, you don't want to have some total EU measures if you're on a day and the guy was gonna have to do. I feel like I am my whereas here, but I am so busy that I actually have an appointment I have to get to yesterday. Thank you, Sir goodnight things for dinner, so the other do it. I mean I'm just doing the to delude. the name of it to the low. While I feel it gets telling eyes like to deliver- to love, Tooralloo brain cells,
looking Zulu. Actually alcohol and paint fumes yeah, it's no good! So when they got the Corso manner Teresa, who later talk to police and gave them every bit of information they needed. She told police that Charles greeted them happily all Charles doktor scatter. Any just said: I'm can Obama cigarette for me cottages and then he was like hey guys can go up to the chicken coop LE guess how situation any was like. I'm just gonna go get something I'll be back, so they climbed the forty foot ladder to the pink room is. Are you always got up their yeah? That's it already for water and scattered told them he was gonna, go get some of his wine growing up and he is like we can all going back in.
We may snake imagine climbing back down the ladder drunk ass. Well, so he came back with the line. Everything was chill there passed in and around. It was like a nice little gathering everybody's just hang out and ensure it leads to this whole thing. Avery just gets up and is like. I just have to run out to my car, real, quick, okay, so that we go k and I think he was like I'm and get some more tutu low, and so he came back. and he was holding the rifle in whose like super casual about it, just like watches Affairs, India and just like sat down with his rifle that scare Similarly, what nightmares ADA, so you just like sets down on the mattress with the rifle and Nope scatter doctors, scattered, I thinks was like We can only get that out of my pink room. Is this? Is this supposed to be weird, like I don't know what the like
didn't. What's the plan was home here he wasn't like freaking out or anything, but he was just like this is kind of odd, but again they were in the deep south in them. A lot of hunters in the area who they were very familiar with, so maybe he was like. Are you planning on hunting later yeah we're, but what he did was he looked out of any any league jokingly was like bang. Bang. I've just had a shot. the paragraph that some exciting. I love that selling release. You love him. So much more linkages like this dude works in with a rifle he's, just like bearing there like you. I really like adorable, like that's his waved to defusing a situation and humor awareness raising, so it apparently like Avery, just kind of like was like that's funny, and then they just want back to doing
wine like like it did it. No wonder why do you have that Lloyd and then it did defuse the situation for a second, so he was like a well doktor. Scatter stood up and he was I going to do something in the corner. I think he was like fixing Pino alight or something like that. Suddenly Avery just jumped up. Oh no grabbed him by his hair and gaudy knife out of his boot all impressed it against this threat, she's Christ is escalating out of nowhere. This was out of nowhere Teresa in Joe, we tried to run away, but they were so
Then I basically told by Tony because they they ran out the pink chrome, are going down the ladder and like to their car. They were like no I'm not here for this, because they had no idea that this was what this was all this fact. So Tony grabbed them was like. If you guys don't come back in here until you were gonna kill you so Avery basically had him in the the knife to his throat demanded money. It was like where's all your money and then he tossed them onto the mattress and he cut strips from them pink sheet. Any gagged scatter with it and then cut his coat. Invoke kind of like weave,
the pieces through his coat and tied him up that way. What yet the whole time he's literally screaming at him like where's the money. Tell me what a brilliant look around the money is in these beautiful IDA is that of any in scatter kept saying he didn't have any money there. He was like we really dont, because, although he did have like a small inheritance from his father passing away, it was in the bank. Right, like you, didn't have a just like in a pie. oil in only a bag with a fully business, and I like it, I'm knowing this would be easily you're an idiot, and so he. also demand to know who else is in the house here like who else is here? So he said you know, Odom is in the house, and the two dogs are in the house in the actual house. So Avery said, I'm gonna go take care that which, to me it's like, ok, see you weren't coming just around him like this. Was your plan all here, and he said that now,
What every claims is then he went to the house. He found your item in the kitchen cleaning up after supper. He said Odom REACH for gun was one of the evidence disputes this completely because no gun was found anywhere near autumn run. They only had one pistol and it was up on the top floor. Ok in a box somewhere Logos nowhere near right now, Odom. What actually happened was Odom was interrupted in the kitchen where he had been cleaning up after supper by every Avery screamed at him to get out of the house, and he said he that Odom just looked up at him really quickly what the fuck and he said, ass soon ass. He looked at him. He fight, four rounds in the autumn. Why rightful several more rounds killed the two bowl mass? No, no. the boy Massa. This were
old around the woods stove on, like sleeping in their beds, because they would sleep around the Woodstock as it was nice warm and they were still in their bad. They hadn't even woken up. That's that's mainly now later every which say that he shot, but he said he shot wildly. He didn't mean to shoot item he said that the bullets were just ricocheting. Everyone can every murderer, stop that excuse, like I just shot blankly to the world, and I like minded hit someone why that's crazy will miss one he's like I shot this and it just ricocheted everywhere, and it happened to shoot Odom four times in the head in the arm and then also hit both dogs and kill them where they sluts it was. The weirdest thing seems legitimate, like layers of now you're, so now idiot so back in the pink room.
heard: the gunshots their life's gutters Polly freaking out. So every came back into the pink room and announced quote well. I killed that man in those dogs new course gutter, and at this point no one knows if Odin was actually dead at this point, which it doesn't look like. He was all. Unfortunately, his blood out- probably, I think so, and so he decided now that him intoning decided that now they were going to lead scatter back into the manner they work may get them to find the money and give it to them. But their way, why me there was no money, so this was just literally a fruitless effort. It was he was telling the truth so his hand.
were tied like use all bound up, so they had who essentially carry him down this latter going tied up, Teresa Joey were forced to come as well now. Scatter was brought into the manner and as soon as he got into the manner, Odom is in front of him on the floor. Oh growing, that scene is right when he walks in and Odin was shot in the kitchen like we said, but they found him half way between the kitchen in the hallway, like he had tried to like, maybe like get somewhere in, and he lay tried to escape the house, but he died where he was. That's awful in Teresa told police that it now scatter his arm like gagged at this point.
being like held up by them, and he said when he looked down at you know: odor men, his dogs, that he just like moaned like it was just a site awful. He met some loving mon that came from him and she said it was like awful and they just and they don't give a shit, so they just kept demanding money, whereas it, whereas it like look. We just did like tell me where your money is so tone through scattered down on a couch jen screaming at him, where's the money and also screamed at him, where's your soldering iron, who in he said we don't have a fucking soldering iron. I dont have electricity out here right, so they didn't. Obviously, nothing happened with that think. Goodness did not have electricity, because if they did have a soldering are in, this could have been even more gruesome, but the fact that they were still on that yeah, that's fucked up like you, just killed this man's like pardon her and die
and now you're still thinking you're gonna like prolong his offline torture, and so apparently there yelling at him, where's the money where's the monies on the couch she's likes. I don't have any legal strained to tell them like please I swear I dont have so then, all of a sudden they said the Teresa goose is. This is from Teresa's like first hand account of this morning and she's she's very truthful about it. Ok, she said scatter stood feeling got himself to his feet and he started shuffling over to item on the floor and Tony was screaming at him to stop saying like sit back down, I'm gonna kill you if you don't sit, but he just ignored him simply left off and they said that he and she said that he stopped right over Odom and just like stared down at him, and he said quote, I asked
For this, why? What's in those or his final words, where I asked for this and why only shot scatter in the face in the head at close range two to three times he fell to his knees and he tried to say something in stand again, Teresa said, but he fired one more shot which made him fall into the bookcase, any tried to say something else, and he shot him three mortar, Times, oh, my god altogether. I know it sounded like a lot of shots. I think it was five times that he got shot in the head and he said I asked further his. ass towards what I am saying this, because
that's. What I want to get into that later, like what we think that means cause. Nobody like. Obviously we don't know what that means. He only knows what that means, but I do want to get into that later. They talk about what we think that means so Tony so now scatter was gone. Tony told Avery enjoy to go upstairs and steal wherever they could and Teresa's portrays is literally sitting there. She's, like I'm gonna, get home tonight when what they ended up. Leaving this manner with is a bag of dimes and Nicholls. They fuckin took times a negative one. silver candelabra and a gold plated dagger. That's it out of all the fuckin shit. They murdered these two men, their dogs different times and eagles for literally like a handful of change. Yet they really were onto the Lou huh yeah, like fuckin tuna, will.
It's awful live so then I know it is said that kills me about. This is like how senseless this. I dont, have roused me bananas. How awful this is. It's like this was his like dream. You know life and, if he'd deep, they pour, everything they had into it, and this is how an amber shares- and it's like, I know- that's what I'm thinking. So what they ended up doing was they took Tony's red nineteen, seventy m c javelin and they also stole scatters black sea J, five jeep and they
in those two cars. Ok, a guy named Raymond Williams, actually came upon corpse manner two days later, because he is a friend of theirs, oh and he was coming to. Let them know that another friend of theirs had passed away in Rome, Georgette Jesus Christ, and he when he got there, he saw a bullet holes in the kitchen door and he called police Teresa came forward as well untold police. She knew who killed them. So she came on our own volition. Light came a ransom was like. I know what happened. I will tell you everything, Tony and Avery made it to bond of Mississippi and they they pulled over it. A rest stop to switch out cars casually. We need to get another car yoke is wherein they were in Scudder's car, Tony, all of a sudden handcuffed, a Navy lieutenant named Kirby Phelps to steal his car. A big mistake
He lay took him by gunpoint into the woods and Tony was saying: we're just gonna time to a tree instills car to they shoot him West shot him in, had twice and killed him only gone literally just an innocent man at rest, stop and in the wrong place at the wrong time world to sell fucked and instead De the it's like they're just sing, we're in a time do tree and still scar, which is shooting enough. Why did you kill him like you, didn't have to carry out my boy, you're gonna get his carver garden, sit. So this is our last cold blooded, these Martin Avery ended up turning himself and on December twentieth, nineteen, eighty two and one in five days later, on Christmas day, Tony turned himself in Chad. A new attempt to see cool dont know why it suddenly Nero I'm assuming its like the heat was bearing down and they knew they were getting caught anyway, so they were figuring will just spend the story to try to cause I'm sure
He knew this always does already all these rumours about these guys. People already have an opinion one. We can turn this in our favour, unwanted jack hole. In fact, during his confession, Tony told Chattanooga County sheriff Tony Geller Land, he said quote all I can say is they were devils and I killed them. That's how I feel about it. So he was just like gonna go fuck. No one police started their investigation at corpse would manner after they were called to the scene They found all the artwork that scatter, created and collected, and some of it was darker cause he liked to occult he liked it doesn't mean anything just as you like, It doesn't make you a good bad person and also a lot of antiques, like we suddenly gothic, aesthetic, skulls and books on paganism in the occult, along with every other fucking subject known to me. But they ve only gets done, must, of course,
there was also a stained glass window that Charles had made himself of the trademark symbol of the church of Satan and which is, I think, like an inverted Penta gram with like a goat set on some of those of your own survey. Well, somebody Leah may so I'm sorry, but I think that's what it was. That's what I read at least there was also one other piece of art work that I'm not going to tell you what it is yet had. Not yours, like I'm, not gonna, tell you what oh I'm never going to tell me what this was. That's it No, I'm gonna leave it till the end, because it's just gonna blow your mind a little bit and whose piece of our work in it. I just feel it's important. So there was one piece of artwork, those very very interesting now that the day after they finished investigating the scene, the chicken coop, pinker and burned down.
materially and the manner was burned down soon after as well also switches really sad, that's horrible after they were to say hard like poured there. Aren't you fuckin soul into it, but this together, brick by brick with their own hands, and this is like. Funny so once the trial started, scattering auto more immediately, labelled quote homosexual devil worshippers. And remember. They were gay eccentric and in the deep south me it is not a good combo for sympathy and they were also isolated, reclusive all that stuff. So people went wild with Roger here's. The deal that like they were required? seven, not bothering anybody exactly like did any fuckin kids go makes their fuckin basement will in that's in South Asia. Scatters affiliation with the church of Satan was like the kicker airlines that he didn't do anything to anybody. While the problem with this was this was
MAC Dab in the middle of the satanic panic hysteria in the? U S, that was during the eighties and early Ninetys. It was bonkers. I mean bonk this him having an filiation with the church of Satan was the worst thing that could have been doing that but he's gonna fix for this. I wonder, and I wonder if that's one of the reasons why this was when people like rather Rivera were telling people that Satanist were everywhere and they were violent and get a sacrifice. Your children and, like literally doing documentaries about this and like it, was all over the news in their saying that, like you know, people with. Dark clothing on are gonna, come steal your parents, and here I have them both of us every hour like well.
a hairdresser can govern the earlier directive. There is getting subsisting earlier animals in your kids, sacrificing the West Memphis three case, which we will cover. Oh yeah, you better believe multiplied by all. That can be so good ass case. That was a piece of collateral damage from is really disturbing time. Their resembled the witch trials a little too much with the hysteria, those costs, homosexuality was seen by fundamentalist as the work of the devil at this time. So, scattering Joey just really didn't stand a chance of being seen as anything other than evil demons who deserved what they gotta makes me really some the media portrayed them as such, of course. Therefore, back to the occult books, you know all the occult stuff found in the house any of the stuff like Penta Grams and stuff that they found, and they did he's centrally just kind of like made it an afterthought that these two innocent men were brutally murdered in their home for a bag of change right.
The public went nuts. This whole case was labelled the devil worshippers case so is like never about. It was never about the victims like painting them as victims rights, the devil worshippers right in that's not what they are: they don't worship the devil. There was also a documentary about the case that was created and hosted by unbelievably conservative religious bias and basically painted them as like asking for it. I didn't like these people got murdered. I know I'm just said that, but I'm just like still again: no it's it. They will never make sense in the person who hosted this documentary actually tried to her. She had Teresa interview with her aunt. Theresa was obviously for mare and she wanted her. This kind of support her agenda, the victims actually being devil. Worshippers who drug to these people is that, where the line of the Amazon and butter So adamantly claimed there were none
drugs that night aside from the tooralloo that they had half themselves right brought themselves beforehand. She said there was no drugs, we were drinking wine and she said I drink this same line that they did. None of us were drugs, because that was the big thing. Now they were like up. They put lsd in the line and like these. Guys we're nuts that's what happened in. She was like nope and she's Head Helstone ass. It doesn't make you a fucking, murder or no, and she said, She never even saw drug paraphernalia in the home or around it. She said there was nothing there that would suggest it was drunk but they were like only really demo, heroic, pretty sure you're done, so she then or is she then revealed in this interview that once Avery had shot Doktor Scott her? She said he looked at Tony and said something along the lines of like now tell me I don't have the guts to kill nobody. So this was like fuckin truth or dare so she was like, so he was fully aware of what he was doing like this
and yet he was crazy about drugs. He was very aware of what he was doing and it had been planned, obviously so feeding into the public's craziness about this defence attorney said the two murderers Tony and Avery were given line laced with LSD by gutter in even though they had literally zero evidence of this. There was none found in their systems and none of the bottles tested had any lsd, and this is so annoying. like I am, I said earlier that they found LSD in like in the property because he had, he did have it and the property. They found three vials of Ellis De Twenty five, which is the government Alister. They are found in a cigar bar
son scatters desk, like they were in a scar box. We weren't level I like children in the pink room. Yes in like I said they were trying to prove that they that that's that's it. He dragged the wine, but it came a came out via the evident. They couldn't prove that at all costs, in fact, the evidence pointing that there was literally no Us Ellis D on anything right. Only in those vials wasn't on anything else, wasn't anywhere well in jail. Avery attempted suicide at one point as interesting and he was offered the chance for life in prison instead of the death penalty. He also confessed about eight times, ok and never ever mentioned that he was drugged until all of a sudden. It came out that they found this. LSD vials is like him soon you all. Suddenly I couldn't even I meant. Suddenly. I remember that I was drunk
so suddenly and a brand new story about being super trippy during the murders, oh yeah, and he thought the dogs worthy. Like giant monster IKEA, and he said everything was glowing round the sudden totally and he was an idiot because when he was asked during this whole thing about whether he had read up on our society in its effects at all, he said will not till I got in here. You're fucking cannot really so you research to pretend tat. He had been drought, leggy research, the effects of it and then just pages blurted out back at trial. He was found guilty on all counts. Good and sentenced to three consecutive lifetime release. A jury wasn't a bunch of fuckin today, but I guess he's still currently serving his sentence in Georgia. State prison girls impression pressure, he's improve our and pray for him in prison. That is worse than that is indifferent from present it's very special for its further real down. You don't even know
pronounce we're giving you an extra h and sincere that dumb Apple Are you pronounce that UK because it down so Tony West was convicted of double homicide and sentenced to die in the electric chair ear, but his death sentence was repeal than the death sentence was repealed and he's currently serving out a life sentence at a Gustus, Medical prison, persian, pretty busy and prisoner, proves, I think, he's a parisian too. I think they both deserve to be in version A funny about that there was a small private funeral held at corpse, would Odin Oda manner and scatter. This case really hurt my heart items: she's were scattered scattered, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, la why both overslept really said.
It was so sad. Autumn's ashes were scattered in his rose garden. I know I actually distorting I goodbye. I did notice LEO. You know the feeling when you're like actually get a cry yeah, it's like when we are talking about freebies Viking funeral. You guys are you have told me, it's just gives you it's exactly all the things I want to do and I dies you sick, like I just wanna, be it a rose garden and also get a Viking son odyssey loved that rose garden. Can you write that down ya? Think well, it's it's now being were posterity. Scudder's body was sent home to Milwaukee because that's what his sister requested even now today, people still go and visit the spot of this, because there is still a sum ruins up of the diner, basically which I'd love to see that I would love to go and see the end. Of course, people think they see like ghosts there and hear voices their peoples.
the bigger gunshot, sparking dogs and shattering glass, and they also say that they hear Scudder's golden heart playing. I hope I hope they do here. If I there I would want to hear line. I hope he's like Sitten display in his heart he slowly in the pink room. Earlier. I mention that those one piece of art work that we all what was a very intriguing
They took her that they knows it was still. There was just a very it's very interesting. They found it when they are investigating so months before this whole thing happens, Odom woke up in the middle of the night and told scatter that he had a terrible nightmare about him and child, so he described the whole thing to him, and Charles was scatter was so disturbed by it that he decided. I have to paint this because it may fair of your kind young at this out. It was a self portrait that is literally a premonition of his death. Now in the painting, scatter is gagged and has five bullet wounds in his head? No, he died gagged with five all at once. In his head, both Avery Antonia said they never.
Now that painting- because of course people were like- will maybe they're trying to recreate it another, not they both said they were like. No. He never saw that also, there's not. Finally, in why they're not artists, they wouldn't even know that that was him partly in the pain I'm gonna posed a photo of the painting. It's just not goose, link. How did in this was months before this house. Oh that's, love right, like they were selling love I feel like they were. When you get feeling it was like they had like real partnership. I don't know why. I just want Heather's, let's go out. I know it will now league. Why I just want to know what he meant by. I asked for this. because as somebody, namely by has painted it to life, could be it could be. I asked for this because I put us in this isolated area. It could be. I asked for this because we are too gay men living in the south in the eighties night. I asked
With a slight- and why did I do this or like I invite more into our house? I am I the exact like I I was hospitable to strangers. I asked for them like, I lie in Dubai, vainly meant that he was different than what was acceptable and not area right, and he asked for what are you going the combination of like I'm different, I'm what people are seeing as lake eccentric and not okay and like dangerous, and I also allowed these all come into my home. my horror, I rose color, which is she really do. I just needed a minute is in fact leg such a tale. Ah such a tail, no, that one thought one really hurt air balances lake
Really, tough one, that's just really all followed. They size that idea and they fucking just took dimes and neck. Yes, senseless crime ever and it's like these men, invited you into their home and leg were giving you their wine that they made in its just like I'm really sorry about this, I'm so glad there prism forever me to rethink and actually excuse me their provision that their impression, wherever thinking, because as it is it is our prayers and I've been. I feel bad. I'm like. I wonder what Teresa Huggins is beyond what I'd like to tell you that she never one another data will link. I never let. I know that I would you ever notice what ever trust another here. I just what it, but then again it's like port and I say poor Joey. I believe he didn't know it was no, no, I don't think either of them in its like a tap.
guys like cheese, because I think truth, though it had been able to tell us here and then she would have said so yeah I think so too cause. She was very up front about everything that happened and she has like. I heard some interviews with her and if I can post some I well, I don't know if I can. She has like the cutest just little leg. Southern. Like we were held a low like she sounds very much lakes, the people from like the West Memphis three documentary. She has that very, like she's, just like down whole. Isn't exactly that, like that levels of ass, a wholesome- and she just seems like speeches just didn't know ma- am I just feel so bad honey. The whole thing? That's why you go on the first day and then going out like two other deeds and half paint with them here, as if Toulouse involves Tooralloo Gal, I love that
dare, by different just say no to drugs. She's just say to the lunatic drowned but to seek to delete a drugs except lsd methods in life, but it wasn't which it was a wild. That's the murders corpse would manner. There was not a many morbid nothing. It was our guys. If you want to follow us on Instagram, you can do so at morbid. Podcast says you are followers on Twitter, a morbid broadcasts and ass, a gmail, morbid podcast edge email that cop join the falcon. Vespa grew morbid, call in your Grandpa gas donation in future and if you're feeling so inclined Patria under comes flash, morbid podcast and also go check out the website that my lovely co host so greatly designed murder podcast. Our caught murder
I am a sick as those thinking murder apparel is like that's not the website. Murder, I wonder and loud, and actually I wonder what that website is murder. Pod guest. I re morbid Todd cast We hope you people ass the days when we hope you keep its word. I can't do it. I just wanted to say, but that's where you have to go back.
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