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Episode 8: Charles Manson The “Love Bug Sent From Up Above” Part 2

2018-07-05 | 🔗
In what seemed like an instant, Manson and his murderous, yet groovy family took the leap from a life built on peace and love to commiting some of the most violent and vicious murders in true crime history. So, carve an X on your head, groove to The Beatles White Album and stay the hell away from the Belladonna because Part 2 of Charlie and the fam will have you yearning for the grunge era.
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Elaine stuck in. Your eyes are murdered somebody we call me anyway. I don't need a kill anyone. I think Maybe I should have killed five hundred people than our better go and I felt like I offered society something we were thought hello. Weird we're in a very, very hot pod lab? We,
Salter, skelter ink sweltering scale, so burning in doing so, I actually sore gonna be continuing ashes. Favorite trippy, guru, Chirpy Charles may, at him data, and so kind of funny happened. Two days ago, a perfect timing. We didn't, we didn't plan messages happened, we also haven't talked about it. So you were glad to hear my lighter reaction igniting Leslie. And was denied her twenty first parole attempt to undo thirty, which one or twenty or twenty first style girl. So apparently, in January of this year of two thousand eighteen, the Parole Board actually recommended heard to be released. Why cause she's like getting Education and divine James letters. Nineteen aim arm like sixty eight, like Fucking Leslie change the fact that you're still murder of the governor of California, Jerry Brown, overturned that
how you oh no, oh generally, he was like what the fuck she's a monster and he was like. Have you not listen at your grandpa, she's the worst like hey guys, who listen a morbid without riddle, and he said the reason he overturned. It was the aggravated nature of the crime alone can provide a valid basis for denying pearl, even when there is strong evidence of rehabilitation and no other evidence of current dangerousness. So a judge like yeah, we'll yeah, like that's great, that you're cool now, but you weren't, and you still didn't time she she I mean she stopped people as well talk about later she how're stabbed. She was one of those in she's, one of the girls that you see in all those pictures with the three Manson girls as regards your fuckin face all whirling carving their face and shaving they're here and singing songs as they walk into their murder trial. So she don't give a shit if he was nineteen at the time right. So
You knew enough. Tonight is. Why are major innovation? Leslie knows that she's a piece of shit and it doesn't matter that you look like a friendly grandmother. Now, still a piece of shit, you're prom queen or homecoming bullshit blah blah blah, like whatever you a murder. I, U statement. At the end of the day, you will murderous Ruth yeah. I think that was my update on her so cool and I had and then later I have something else to say about one of the victims. Mothers has made this kind of very difficult for her to get out of prison, which I'm, like your boss, oh, but you sick, our aid should Reims Stena leg. I think these jump right into it. I didn't we long enough. Guzman waiting our aid, so just to recap, I think we talked about the song that an Dennis Wilson claimed ass his own, and it is I'm, never learned not to love, but it was originally ceased to exist. To ensure,
He rode at customarily Rota Charlie dead right at, and it is a song that you can listen to. My fourth Charlie, not sing an unfortunate so yet Dennis and really pissed Charlie off to the point where Charlie left a bullet in his bed. With you know just say unlike like hey, I know where you are and messages. I know where you Kids are, like argue, Dennis essentially fight when it comes down to. is that Charlie knew that he couldn't actually like get the family after Dennis. Or do anything to Dennis because Dennis how close ties to music producer gave Terry Melter so You mean Terry Melcher. Also his mom was, I believe, Doris day. Yes, yes Ok, you cooling down somewhere yeah she's, crazy yeah, but anyway he had produced over eighty hit singles within a few years. He's no deal so he was really just doing that
he produced for the doors. Other people the important one is the door its intrinsic. So mansion was light. I believe we said at last episode, like super determined to get signed by terminal. so military rockstar. He really just wanted to be the sixth beach Oh certainly did some research and there are five. So now we also, I didn't actually do research. I was just watching a documentary and I counted them, so I hope it incorrectly cancer research research to measure their accounting skills. I'm fuckin soldier culture. I've seen you count before one to verify it at your pretty good thing here will soon. Major heads over to spawn ranch, Telethon Charlie in some of the family perform man. then tells the family. After about military promised him a record deal road. Interact
would widen, anyone see the contrary destroyed it. We're paper shutters alive back my people properly but a villa d, and you want you to make a correction. Oh yes speaking, availability was on any did you just go boom why does this directive happening is weird someone when we might be in a hunted launder? Your madonna? What's I don't know, maybe we haven't you maybe Charlie's like tell them, What I was actually care, I've already that he died here, so maybe he's like you got it wrong, maybe he's like ass. You look like one of my followers to parliament and that before even go into this, I know it is at last that we send a picture. I didn't we're not taking one. I didn't do this on purpose Heather. In last time she was dressed as a flower child and today I kind of like a sweaty in modern
at a height sir, and no shoes which is so man, some yeah yeah, like I'm it is positive that ashes literally elements in family after his death. A mite of I mean girls, like you don't time, thrillingly that monitors just go for, I was already late and I just couldn't find choose. We don't have time for its summer. Hell. Yeah. Ok correction, my correction. correct me much. Learning correction is just like an addition, so women and lsd quite a bit rats when he could, which he did. You say,
why not round, and he had his followers use it quite a bit. That is totally right, but there is also another very potent substance which this is cool, that fund those giving his followers in the form of a t. So a super turkey. This is it's, it's a plant called Belladonna and I think it's really basically use routes to brew the tea and it's crazy hallucinogenic, like you, can hallucinate further lsd like weeks literally like so text, Watson is one of the followers that is a main guy that we're going to. I mean I have a little thing to introduce him SK as well. I think we have introduced him, you know we have been introduced and we haven't you
so out of the new, the main layer yeah. This is it's kind of mentioning it because Tax Watson was on this stuff when the murders occurred right. So this is a plant that grew around spawn ranch. Whether currently staying in that whole commune lifestyle and Tax Watson in an interview said that Charlie in him or driving through the hills of Spawn ranch, they met some guy. The guy kicked him off their land. Manson is like a huge big shot Firstly, it was a good move poison him do not a poison people. Usually yeah. Does this shit on the ground right here little peculiar radioactive radio bind it was belladonna. Charley was like oh shit. I can start using this in smaller amounts and just how people trip and balls everywhere and how is Charlie's dream? You just wanted everyone to trip and fall off and to be a rockstar, and he had one of the girls making tea from it. Cuz. Apparently, she was very adept at making Tiempo Etana.
in love. Child is a girl of thing to do said that she had some of it and she was feeling the effects weeks afterwards, having blackouts weeks afterwards. So this shit is no joke. Now this is just from the t you actually bite into that route gonna be fucked up. Will it ever further guarantee Iraqis before the tape murders that we're going to mention soon he bit into it? And just like eight, some, oh yeah, like he said he just bit into it? It looked like a m so that into it. So he said he is quoted as saying people call steer hallucinogens, but it is not anywhere near as hallucinogenic as Belladonna. I mean you hallucinates, so strongly that you completely lose touch with what you would call reality in other words. If I were on Belladonna now, I wouldn't necessarily have to be seeing all these people in this courtroom and all of you, I may just be seeing palm trees in the ocean and another year, Lady, that's insane, he would literally just be somewhere else. It's like that's how hard core it was, and he said at one point it made a might form at them.
Holy shit hazards. Like note, so I think that's one of the things he was using tutu, like just fuck these people- and I mean and text, joined the group whose aim is also Charles, which is even though they carbon tax authorities from tat of a small town in Texas, and he just kind of like met. I think they minute Dennis Wilson's house yeah during all that shenanigans environmental excellence and he was like hey you, wanna, be in my family and tax was again fucked up. What do you think you're? Ok, some mental, the family, that motor premises, Morocco Deal Paper, shutters, fucking contracts, never happened by leader. Melcher have second thoughts. Apparently I don't know if that's true for just never happen and he tells trolley that he does think his music is good, but he's got a lot a lot at his music. I was good. He roared just kind of like your kind of weird Charlie four main problem. Is that he's fucking banana he's banana like you had just tone it down Bre seriously, I think he was just too excited but
some of those he has borne. I worked for him, but I feel like the music that Charlie wanted to do you. Can it be an EU surrounded by like it would be cool view surrounded by a group of lake just. More like so our lady, I think these girls were like a little what a large land the dude around him to cause. He was getting dudes around me absolutely knows a lot. There is too much he's vessels, music God, but I wouldn't know what to do with you die. He literally says I would not know what to do. My job is because how do you mark at him? I didn't know, I don't know, and I don't think you know that's the thing they were like you, can't your talented away, Bullock. I dont know how to renewed aside lots of a vain enough fraternally hit they as they ought to do it, I'm kind of a bummer, so that I wrote is the moment where Charlie and all capital, letters, elusive Asia, so just keep in mind,
and that Charlie knows Melcher lives, CLO Drive, but what he doesn't know is that melter moved out of that house and not as one charity and Roman Polanski move in just all timber, but there's something I have over first Charlie them, age by tarried measures, alleged betrayal and he becomes more obsessed with helter skelter and creating the brace where, like we said last time, yes began because it was like during the race why right since the right, so he was like. Oh, I think he had a little lying here. And he said well used yeah exactly and he followed. The white outcome was giving him. I could only them yet point eleven, is like telling the Beatles knew him that this is just to us like they know that were listening. It's like. Maybe he was doing like a little bit about it on whose do know how to build on. I think.
like early January nineteen, sixty nine like after they were like really getting into the White Album and started to think that in this white I was speaking to them that Charlie position, the family in like allay in another house, and it was basically so that they could monitor the situation. That was his whole thing like, as it was racial tensions. the way and then right, monitor everything. You see. I was planning out the canary islands, a canary Yellow House in Canada Park which wasn't far from spawn ranch, so they could move between them easily. They, Well did their yellow submarine because the beetle song, I think they liked the beetle, I mean I feel it. Maybe they did, but I think we're just assume. Not because the time they knew it little soul, she was, they might have known a cupboard songs. Yeah I mean, maybe I'm not sure. Maybe they can name. One of the members are healed. Her skelter he'll thriving hurdle I haven't heard thou in Percy I'm here. I trust you that its assent is that'll, make sense later,
So he, basically, equal that their yellow submarine for the Beatles reference, obviously, but also because he wanted to make the group submerged beneath the awareness of the outside world in their submarine This is where they started like singing songs together in recording songs. I don't wanna, hear them ray. It's like one of those things. Are you kind of one here? I don't wanna that something bad might happen. If you hear themselves, like, I don't know, like all feel like I'm on the fucking weird yeah, I feel it gets like the ring. Take but, like you want to watch it, I know, but I'm gonna die in seven days, not watching much now not go on such a fact. Animals and I gotta listen to this but the same thing, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream. Classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty by of say by the Bell for all Europe's due to poverty face, could a peacock tv dot com to get started. So this is all
so where they came up with the whole helter skelter plan of the re sworn they organise do ocean. So this ultimate plan, Helter skelter, yes, is as follows: the family would create an album songs, similar to the Beatles White Album, but different, probably totally as good as the wait up into doubt, because their skills were on point. I bet Charlie's were probably not beetles on point, but still they are going to create this album of songs and they put in all this hidden shit that was gonna, be triggers for people to understand that Helter skelter was a public, how they felt the Beatles exactly. I was going to be like subtle codes. I feel like your husband's, never gonna, listen to the Beatles the same I feel at ease, but he so well he well I mean our childs aim is one and you also play so when I saw them
We like the Beatles triangulate are not as much as the man's and family run out in the same way, but we like the Beatles. So what was going to happen? This was the plan. This would trigger every I understand that a race war was upon us. Helter skelter go at it. So now. They were going to say that these murders that they committed the ones that we're about to talk. They were assuming that everyone was going to assume that black people that this said this, these awful murders that were committed by black people. Obviously, that was gonna be with like crazy vengeance and that there was gonna, be this crazy split between the races that just grew even bigger, and then they also knew that within two caucasian or is there was going to be racist, white people, a non racist white people as there is now those white those two groups. going to like an inverse drawing. On the other hand, it was basically
We like self annihilation right, the whites, we're gonna annihilate each other, but then again I'm using the whites and stuff. This is all like fire of Latvia, so this was going to end in view. No black people triumphing overweight people, blood then, but so this would happen And then the family who were riding out this whole shitstorm been underground in the bottom. In something called, quoting quote the bottomless pit which they started to make great every. Basically, They were making a secret city, that's what they wanted to make beneath death valley, and they were gonna call at the bottom up and that's where they win a ride out this whole shitstorm, and then they were going to emerge after the white people annihilated themselves. How it even was too now is the simple drought, sturdy hippies. Yet this is drugs rugs because dresses when they would come out and they would rule over the black race. That was their whole plan is that they are going to come out of it,
spoken by like underground city and that black people are gonna. Believe, oh, my god, you must be it. You are gurus and they were all just gonna bow down to them and then they roll over them. So they rang racist visa shits. Also they were recesses. Fuck yeah and I mean later charlie- carved us while slackening in his head. So so did he get back. I use turn that acts into a swastika, I mean, I think the expressly healed than on over did at the academic world forever. You later had the swastika tattooed on yeah, so hard tat forget that was. How do you see a fuckin tat? That's the ultimate plan. So he starts telling members of the family that they're gonna have to show the blacks, how to start helter skelter help them. You know thus giving them a helping hand and he called them the black he's alive. Yet the black is makes me feel some type of where I also didn't call them.
Blacks, I'd. Just that's the quote: no yeah! I was going to say that I am not whore borders when we say these things, it's from his quote see. I think we don't call people the blacks and the black is sure. Just know that such fur do the eggs, so Charlie puts texts, Watson who we mentioned before in charge of preparing the family with money intended to help them during, like the conflict, the very small ah Tex it's as he defrauded african american drug dealer, Bernard LOTS of Papa it is because I say that is locking up I've at exactly right lots of Papa. But I got a lot of down lots of upper, Crow, so he D subsidies. I mean you just like lies tumor like raw. Like I mean why I found. I think he think it was basically like you, him money, dried money, gonna give up its legs. It's a very weird clear yeah. Basically,
he lies to this guy. This guy gets pissed off, but basically and this guy Crow lots of Papa threatens to about the whole family, Charlie, respond to this by showing up to his apartment on July. First amendment sixty nine and shooting him yes, sir, You know, that's how I take care of all my problems as well any longer Victoria understandable, and later see the news report of the discovery of a body of a black panther, and he believes this to be the body of crow. However, that is not the case because he was not one was not a black panther into didn't die. Yes, he didn't, kill em, there's so he later my boss shows up and like these, like news reports and Bob Lamb said at this point. He basically because he figured now the black panthers we're gonna be coming after them, so he turned spun round into like he'd like armed, but like night patrols like he was like, we need to be ready because helter skelter is coming down very
because we fucked over they closed my eyes. Is it guys, like it's happening, but Chrome? Wasn't a black Panther So I don't know what I think he just assume that all I know is a super restricts their missing led understand. The falcon Charlie concur. So he still could fit. I mean they didn't get any money because Kroger pissed off and he's so comments that the families gonna need money, so he sons Bobby Basilio. As I said. Yes, I think so. I'm so sorry, Wired boasts allay, maybe Oh, I suppose it was obviously so reasons Bobby both delay Mary Burner, who is to check that you may have adverse girl first rather further can together, they have like Moonbeam or somewhere bound Pooh Bear Poobah either, Moonbeam Hoover Name under the book Sunshine dust so, he said and Mary Burner Bobby. How do we setting himself. Both the lie:
Susan Atkins courteously, mother, Fucker Citizen ACT to the home of Garry out and I had banned by the way I think she's dead guy thinks she did so he sent them to the home of Garry Alan Headman, so gay He was a music teacher and phd student who some of the members of the family had previously stayed with he's described as like basic the nicest guy kind gentle saw em. He would all I took in people here to stay with him than to stay. That's her over ended them in the first, but right these Abraham affirm about moral, the stories dopey nice to people. so Manson for some reason, Father Gary had stocks and bonds and also believes that Gary owned, the property on which he lived The idea was to send the members of the family to his house, to convince scary to join the family, Clearly, this is not go as planned in the family and upholding Gary hostage for to day see up during that time, Mare Mary. In that time, Manson apparent lease,
lashes, Gary's ear with a fuckin sort of safer treatment the word. You get a sword, Charlie Manton settled. And you said, all drink, regular t, maybe some sleepy timely. What do you do with a sword? That's the last thing it's in the act. Can you imagine that little turd come into your house, while you're being held hostage by these funky due to challenges like hey guys it with a sword is really what is happening, ran his wild. so he flashes his ear. They hold them hostage and basically Manson instructs Bobby, I'm not gonna, say less acts like a fucking it up to shoot. Gary yes, MA am
both the labour but think that is like saying just show someone rights in blood on the wall: political pick, piggy an drowsy Panther PA, which might have been Susan Atkins because she did some dry. She does some shit she's all about the drying. I also found an alternative theory as to why they killed Gary, and there have been calls of. Is that- and I think that's part is a theory s and I remember hearing in this is courtesy of last progress on the left. So can we just saw, we did see them and they were made, but show us so young so good. They actually said that they researched and found them Gary and may have been a small time. Mescaline dealer in that he made kind of like a funky batch. They didn't
so our drugs and that the family had ended up it before all this occurred before they Reno held him hostage knowledge it. They were like the middle men between his. Rugs, and this biker gang. I'm gonna, like selling to Edna Piker name, comes up late. Hiker gang got this bad batch of masculine and was rope was tested the family for selling it to them so the fan then Charley was like FUCK Gary. Now we get a fuck so that might have been part of feel it not make sense. Makes sense- or maybe those pardon me, that's the whole story that could be a beggar. Getting comes up later to do so both Both lay yeah bizarre way but was swept down. Dude can now be, did actually knew little data whose a dick he was arrested along a sixth. After all, this for actually driving bury him and scar,
he says he only went to the house to recover money paid to gear Gary Forbad drug slacks, either in their old and he said the women only went along to visit and say: hey, hey. They were buying Gary's like what's up guerre hangar there. This is a very different story from the one that Susan Atkins Tells, which that man's untold Bobby Marian to go to humans House get his suppose it inheritance of twenty one thousand dollars, and also he told her that if she wanted to do something important that she would tell him to get his money cuz. That's it nothing important hell, yeah! That's the only important thing you money two days after the murder of Hennebon Gary tells the family. Now is the time frame, helter skelter and they found the murder weapon in the tire well of his car. Oh yeah, that's how dumb on like really there so hippy they just don't give a fuck like you, you given to Molly tasks in there just their hippies yeah you're, given hippies tasks, and it's not
and it worked out. Some oil are alert. It is not going it. Doesnt went so yeah it's time for Helter skelter yikes So I wrote August eighth is one should gets real people, it's true man, some instructs, Tex Watson to go to the house on CLO drive and kill everyone inside inside. He tells Susan actions to leave, assign something which is something which you have a nice day. Heaven, instead of a good of their own good get twenty twenty interview and he's talking to preserve its Diane Sawyer probable and everyone talking the damp giants or IRAN loves the airline, I it my in the council,
but he has like he's just like going over any is like I said, leave aside like, I would tell you something which is goes have good. Let's just get some eggs, you know said selected totally. He told her to let his eyes southernwood cheats have a good day for the whole point of these murders, too was Bobby, was in jail now railway and they were like. We need to get him out, like the girls came up with this, and they are like this is brilliant. Let's commit murders that look like that, Gary Hangman murder, so that they think that the murderer, still, their hashtag drugs. So that's why they were like that's why they were like right on the walls and shit, because we rode on the walls. I dare s ours. So that's why they kept back we're just right on how a wall is right. No walls will end Terry military use, about this example is always a good. They picked that see currently because of that, but the reason they were like lead right on the part of it was a good idea so
that leaves I'm Bolivar and Linda to save II and, as the getaway driver Patricia credit wrinkles there too. And could save him. Her only entered the family a month earlier by the way so patties there, too caddy from now. There was five people actually on the tape property, but there was only for there are actually in the house at this time. There was woe check fry cow ski who was one of roman plants: EAST childhood friends. His partner Abigail soldier was also sleeping in the house. J C bring, who is the Ex boyfriend of Sharon Tate, and he was a famous Hollywood hair stylist and those are the people in the house with a share in tat. She was also in the house at the time. Obviously, and then Stephen parents is another victim,
who was only seventeen and just happen to be the wrong place at the wrong time and was outside on the property. Poor, Stephen parent is leaving the Tate House as tax is cutting the power line, and so these cutting the power line. You just have to find somebody hops back over because he sees lights coming away from the driveway headlights and Stephen parent, who was just trying to sell a radio, a clock radio near to the caretaker to the caretaker who was there Question like he was because he lived in the guest of slinky lived here hiker. He says it didn't second here and there I think. Maybe you was off the property a little bit Terry Melter used to live there, but now share anti and roman Polanski? Let s and and sharing tables. Huge, nay. She was literally in a girl and she was not even in like huge movie. She was just drop Jerry was forgotten that the ed the talking horse. I wish
yeah, I don't even know if she was the girl. Oh, I don't even know their that's crazy. She was also unlike an eye of the devil and the fearless vampire killer, yeah and legs. The people loved her everyone knew Sharon's eight was most euro and so silly directed rosemary baby, so vile, and she was only twenty six years old and eight months pregnant and eight and a half months pregnant with roman place. He stopped ok, so Roman Polanski is away in Europe or something along those lines out of the country on there, and he was quote. He said that, like that's not being there, that night was the is the biggest regret of his life makes my heart heard really badly. I mean he's China nasty, but at the time but Thou art dispersing. Maybe this change So Tax Watson is having the power line and Stephen parent is leaving the Tate House because he was trying to sell a clock radio summoned,
in yours or seventeen and he was trying to sell o clock radio to the caretaker. The caretaker didn't want the clock rating. Yeah, don't even think they relate no reason, ITALY to fifteen. In the morning when he left yeah, also like London utensil earlier in the day forth laughing, he went there really are and they hung around and like chatted. While we can, I said, like he hung out for a while, so use just literally in the wrong place. There are literally had no connection to guarantee no mention whatsoever, so he was. by tax on the driveway near he begged for his life. He said I will likely if I won't tell anybody that I saw you here like just. Let me live, please let me live so. He died like begging for his life and was shot four times at point. Blank raged and rain, and he has re anniversary written face whose hand was also slashed by a knife, probably defensive alone, but absolutely turning. It aware portion
So the tax walks into the House daylight cut the scream and they breakin through an open window. I think yet which ok, ok, lock your windows everybody was like a wicked beautiful summer night. I know it is where, our windows are open. Rina, oh, but I'm not leave but when I go to sleep you better believe Johnny, if I'm not really about the windows, everybody, because you know what fresh air is for dead people- ok, while that was its true yeah fresh air- gets you dead, and the ailing you know just put on an errand of a few weeks ago me in anywhere in her house, like all alone, and I we close all the windows and locked them, and then we went to go said on the porch, but I don't know why we have done because all the windows, her things like the night before something we want to set on the porch and door locked behind us. So we couldn't get back. I am going to call the fire department
yeah, so maybe dont local you're just leave one open. No, I'm carrying your window on this King Lear Department is always there. If you got a lot of them just like at night saying your house. Now we were still in the house words in the summer when you're going to sleep yet mark your windows and doors and its arms. I stand by that all these people say I'm not saying. It's therefore understand that's very nice precaution and something that we know is problematic, that if you go to sleep lock all your windows and doors, because it has to be an easy and
whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively bears, beat the offer some pick up stream every moment from donor Michelin and export bonus actors and exclusive plus. If you're looking for more classic kids, you consume every episode of partner creation to an adventure and every season of Estonia in the mood for something brand new check out. Peacocks original comedies, the Amber rough and shall answer, but about whether you are creating a new danger familiar face. You can find sounds of comedy hit on pick up, get started for free at Peacock Tv Dhaka, like walk up to the house and tax. I forget which girly was whispering to but he's whispering to one of the girls and woe check wakes up. Two texts like over his face with a gun in his face and he's like Wojciech as like. Who are you and that's when taxes to him, I'm the devil and I'm here to do the devil's work, which can you imagine wakened, confusing,
couch to sleep and maybe I'll taken like keeps its middle nicely sleeper legacy fifteen. Yet in the morning, like somewhere Roma, and it's like someone just puts a gun in your face, and you like what they just a devil and yelling here to do that Is this a nightmare, the fossil, so Emily gets everyone into one room, sharing and J C bring were in one room like just chatting because they were. They were like good friends, they did at one point, but they were just talking. rapid, bad talking and then Abigail soldier was reading a book in bed and Abigail Folder as legal error as to the folder like coffee, like coffee leg kiss.
He was ever, though, when she was the partner to watch the boat checking Abigail were dating yeah. I think about that. The next time you Bruce and folders dislike sacred, pour out just like poor, like a coffee, Poland horse mere beams around a gallery severe ground she's like fucking. I know she's, like yours or elsewhere,. Abby we discovered ok, so there they get them into one room and they're, trying to get them to lay down on the floor and there like tying them together and J C, bring, gets really pissed off because he super protective overseer and tea in the door of a wall and also because she's fucking, eight and a half spread my eight and they had she's a proud to have your belly like in a couple. We in there screaming at this woman to lay down on the floor and, like you can't download you ve ever been affluence pregnant? You know that breathing
is hard enough. Laying down on the floor is just not an option. It's just not going to happen. I mean I don't personally know that, but I can imagine it's so he gets wicked pissed off and he's like just trying to protect her and be like YO. She is literally super you can't do that. He's legislator sit let her mother. She can't lay down right. This, like stresses me out, makes me angry. So a scuffle ends up like breaking out between J and tax, so Tex Watson Andrei see bring start fighting because taxes and asked and with a written down assholes and huge letters from economies. So basically he died. J C bring dies. Pretty Tincture intake he stabbed and shouted by taxes because he defended her right
and ass an end. I dont think did he die at this point from what I read? Yes, Ma Am, and he was thirty five years old uncle. So then, as this is as the scuffle kind of breaks out for Caskey and folder, make a run for it or make a break for an excuse me after they free themselves of their ties and they run to the law on texts catches up with fright, Cowskin, whose legs had been stabbed multiple times by Susan Atkins Ex beats him over the head with a gun multiple times, stop some repeatedly and shoots him twice as this is going on. Credit Winkle runs after folder stab sir. Eventually tackles her to the ground and Credit Winkle says while she was stabbing her over and over again, that Abigail folder looks up at her and says, like a mark be dead. We're she just kept saying like a model that had already done, saw the? U n you fuckin subsidy, so many times like she knows that she's gonna die so text Over because he thinks he's done with Frank, housekeeper and.
Two of them to start stabbing her together and she was stabbed twenty times so Frank housekeeper struck across the lawn, because he didn't die after text, basically beat the shit out of him in an attempt to save folder, because that's his girlfriend and he's finally murdered by tax and a fire final series of stabbings, he was stabbed fifty one times talk about over, so share in tee, is still inside she's begging for her child's life, because I mean she's so close tat, this baby and she just says that, unlike let me have this, my baby and I'll be a hostage for you. Just let me live long enough to give birth to this child. Awful. She was stab sixteen times by Susan Atkins and basically like her last words where she was crying out for her mother Bass makes me she was just going mother, mother pillars, sick or lay so sick. It's awful and she was fucking.
Pregnant you'd, like how do you see Tabby Angela Glitter, I should be. I dont know if it was, but that should be two counts of murder in and of itself. A really should, I think now I dont know what I would like. The Petersen Lazy Lacy does Lucy. My only some then, with the lazy to hear a charter or two he got charge issue will an Conner. Connor as human causing us here s another person, so I think now that change. I don't think it right that Latin, but you know now it's a thing No one little excited thing, that's really fucked up where and they were all outside attacking very Kuski. He was like screaming at the top of his lungs and there was children, camping or by whom we should the Westlake School for girls. They run a camping to nearby. They heard him die
like they heard him either aiming they heard text attacking him like yeah, and I bet they never one camping again. Yeah and then, while that was going on Linda, say beyond the one who was the getaway dry, She was keeping launch who, in the one who only joined a Yes, she was actually saying to them. We telling them to stop like screaming at them to stop stabbing at him here in Atkins, just looked at her and said it's too late and why back in my house, my God, Susan Atkins, and they say that I mean all of these. People are fucking, crazy, they say that Susan Atkins was like legitimately like fucking nuts leg, just don't side of the moonshine, you would have to be. She also tried to tell them that someone was coming and they didn't believe her real yes and she was trying to basically stop it also Susan Atkins said after stabbing or during the stamping of sharing that she felt nothing.
She's, not ass, you and I we ve watched at their sugar. I found nothing. You ve stabbing a pregnant woman whose begging for, life in drawing up our monitoring and also again, she was twenty six years old. that's. An Susan Atkins had just had a baby. Maybe a few months are there like a couple like she had just attic other makes me sick. So you were. pregnant, got to have your kid, but you're gonna kill somebody else to end their unborn child. Like dude. I feel nothing about it. That should change you guys so for her. Not even think of that is like just shows how far it up a narrow beyond
Oh, she says she felt nothing and upon leaving the scene, she picks up a towel which had previously been used to bind. That was actually credit, Lincoln Crime. We got a nice, ok, so cringe Winkle picks up a towel which had previously been used to buy in the hands of the victims, and she wrote pig on the front door like an all capital in this, and they actually, they were going originally because they had tied share in T J C bring. Ends folder together with a rope, and then they slung the other one over rafter and like when they had killed J after they killed J. They legal texts like pulled on the rope to make them stand up, mole Joanna, Dana Tate and that's when he like, when, after all of them, but how Charlie at a regionally said. Hang someone like hell. I didn't know that any said make it look like a reversal in shipping so that it looks like the black Panthers did. It are hanging by our hanging white people and then the police will think it's the black Panther like it'll, be another thing to me.
it happened while in so they originally we're going to hang all the victims afterwards, but they literally said ever. The thing was to messy and we were tired, fucking hippies man, an Charley was like you, don't send a hippie to do any job, because there are like we're tired when we started It was messy we're tired, wait until a kingdom LAO like cool in Tate was founded only almost naked, and one of her breasts had been cut off as there is in it, was from as early as they stabbed her seminars resulting from stabbing so indiscriminately and so savagely that they had severed off one of her breath foolish yet, and there was an x on her stomach carbon someone like fucking like so. Not only did they like, kill a pregnant woman, but then they literally put an ax on her stomach.
Her below you was an Charles Manson said he didn't feel any compassion for the victims when he heard what happen afterwards and that he was more pass that they brought like less than a hundred bucks back from that and Charlie actually went back that next day and wipe down the crime scene oral or like a couple hours later he went down. He went to the tape. Residents went back in there were all the bodies were and wiped down the stuff of like evidence, while any end, he left in old pair of glasses there to try to link fuck up. The police would take us a kind of worked because they like started going towards that. the glass area only they found the also fingerprints later on. Will that's so clearly. There are only jog criminal mastermind here, because Charlie's, not the budget has sodium. Even though doesn't he kind of look like he could be like of crazy. Fucking custodian does look like he could be, have a good day against these on them
on the housekeeper. Whenever Chapman showed up for work, at the tea house in the morning and evening was the one that discovered the bought easy. I wrote in parentheses, poor sweet angel seriously. So if that wasn't enough excitement for one night, the next fucking May August nine nineteen sixty nine the family members drove to three three o on Waverley, DR, unless feelers Manson accompanying this time, because he was really displeased with the chaos that ensued the night before and he was going to show them how it was done. Oh yeah. So this was the home of is Lino Leno Leno let no one rosemary Labianca. He was like a supermarket executive and she was a dressmaker shadow, dressmaking chopped down and the home that they lived in was next door to a party that the man's unfair
We had attended the year previous, so Manson text went up to the house through an unlocked backdoor. Please lock it or lose it, but you know it The fuckin sixties knew anything about that shit that nobody and sought think about it. Now I can now you know again, I say fresh air is for dead people yet so to get you remember that man sand woke up a sleeping lino, Rowena Leno. Why do I say why I woke up a sleeping, went out from the couch holding him at gunpoint and he had Watson bind us hands. Rosemary was then brought into the living room and Watson covered the couples head with pillow cases and then tied the pillow cases around their neck with a lamp cord, I believe Gand, actually Manson went back to give rosemary to bring
out, and he just whipped the covers offered her. Instead, wake up lady, you got company which makes perfect fucking sat right, Manson, and then he laughed since it advocates Helen. They were also, I think, at the tape murders at some point Lincoln. The very beginning text said to all of the people all the victims, company like I'm. No, he sent like you have to die first that tonight Wiki basically told them like we're. Gonna kill you cuz when they originally went in there like they were like we're just getting your money Bubba and then I will send you is like where you can kill you and that's when they all freaked out and started fighting and running right, and it was bananas. So Charlie was like when we go into this fucking house no one fucking say that you're going to die like don't tell them because then they're going to freak out. So this whole time he was telling Lynn. Oh we just want, me written run over the money out of his wallet, and then he gave the eye she gave them seventy dollars out of her per, doesn't it I'm in when they also said. If you take me to my store, I will give you a shit tunnel. Money will go
while the money want just take me solely due to cottages described them. Fuck you just history of us. I am assured TAT had money in the mass. What's funny these people they left has no idea that they were in sharing Tito's. They didn't know because they were low. Funds for none of them knew that it was Sharon Tate until they watched the the news reports the next day so they had no idea. They came back from that tape, murder with less than a hundred bucks, wherein they kind of you. Charlie Montana, okay, so he ok. So he says what couple EU, which is just perfect format, so she was brands of every room, the pillow cases, and then they tied the pillow cases around their heads with away. Court Manson then left and instructed crane Winkle endlessly them how in to go inside and kill the couple, and it was because he was a big giant baby
He was originally gonna get his leg. He was gonna get in there and and any kind of you to this money was like I can't do it gives these people just sitting there complying with us rank these poor people are just Bingley, take what you bridge, on my mind, does Charlie of someone who is not here I mean he's not as evil on that we love, because it's like you looked at two people that will hear we sell some white bed of empathy. Is he looked at these people, not fighting back and just complying with and, being I take my money, any kind of doing any couldn't kill them, but then he was like my family members, fuck and not use? I gotta go you're always held an and Patty crinoline go and you guys go. Do three thousand a couple. Tax begins stabbing Lino Leno, one o clock
What's a last name, lobby Adriano Guy, so he started stabbing Mr Labianca with a chrome pleaded bayonet, which I'm gonna ask you as a ban on a gun. It's like that gun with both a big, sharp, filling poker, yeah. Ok. Well, at least. I think that the first. Thrust went into his throat after stabbing, Mr Labianca Tex heard a scuffle on the bedroom where Rosemary had returned to so she how got back into her, I think it was Charlie, if I remember correctly, brought her back into the room because he thought it would piss Leno off and get him fighting. But anybody didn't they were still compare. Iron comply, so that's when he left got Leslie and the caddy dish and we're like you go in there, so they went into the bedroom where rosemary was so
Oh tax heard a scuffle and he went in there, probably because he did not want this getting chaotic, because China is gonna, get pissed again and there was a scuffle because she heard her husband dying right. So she started fighting like a mother for home yeah. She took the way I'm way that was around her neck and and just like swing and ask them to keep them out. I ll get the fuck away from me for her Malik. She fought and wisely said that she just cut was Liebenheim Fucker man. She said that she kept saying please be still to her gone like that. No that's what she was saying to Rosemary I thought we'd delivery was meant to her like doing this. Woman is literally fighting because she's hearing the love of her life dying in the other room and she's biting her ass, often Leslie, then how is like- and then I just told her- please be still like fuck you, like it if I'm gonna be like ok later random virtue. In my house leg, your tell your literally sitting here, being they please Biennale as it was as if she can. I tell you. She said that she was followed ass, gentle lesson,
it's not my having queen and I was gent. I dont know why she pisses me: maybe it's because she thinks she deserves to get out of jail, yeah, like the other ones or at least like yeah. We deserve credit data, but she's like I'm different than I wanna, make no you're not Dear sir, she was trying to keep them at bay and should have spoken the lamp that was, I think it was still tied her under neck probable- she was just trying to get them away from. Our text stabbed her with Van that and then returned to the living room where he continued. Attacking Mr Labianca he'd been stabbed a total of twelve times, and his body was then mutilated by. I read tax and then I also read Susan Atkins who carved war into his exposed admin, the airway herein? It was text that carved war. Oh excuse me so Susan seconds later said that it was crowned Winkle who did this, but I believe texts owned up to it I think that what the text I believe said he did so Susan. I can assist the angry. She says TAT.
Returns to the bedroom, where he finds credit wrinkle, stabbing rosemary with a knife such took from the kitchen, and Manson had instructed tax at both women needed to play a part like they were, both they only murder. I am study, so text instructed Leslie been home to participate. She Haven't later said, that Labianca was already dead when she participated and the autopsies do show that many the forty one stab wounds were postmortem. That's in the sea, I think she's, a shit. I allowed you to his. I dont think she was already dead, but they said that when Patricia Cause protested at the first step for rose Marian Stab in the back and she severed or Spain without such ass. A human rights issue was a moving censure. She thought she was. Maybe she thought she was dead but anxiously the less. We also said at first. She didn't want stabber but then more. She did it. The more fun like like she was having fun with it, and she said I was obsessed with the knife once it went in it just kept going in and in n n we give up
happens, everybody. I lied when Wrath Holger, but yeah. You think that you're gonna love to and I actually have a weapon of less leave in Heaven talking about murder, real quiet down soon plainer roquat I'll say. What's going on, I tried a homeless sloppy Alcatel. Her head was covered with a site that I could have and she heard her husband who killed him ass soon, ass ever she heard she struggled Pat stouter and the knife and scaling offer has by that time. I.
very tall sigh. I felt that I needed to really almost feel good soldier in this mission that had to be done, and I hope I was not also show. Why am I here or digital question? I don't even know if I could have put that I wanted to get out of. There is quick, always ass, I was she killed rational. She was tat. I went back on tax and I said that we were unable to kill her and then tax when in the bedroom and went into the room, and I witnessed in Norway and then tax turn me around handed me a night and he said to something silent in Santiago whistling. sixteen times. Leslie
she re rotten jail for us by Sir Tax is cleaning off the bayonet and fucking showers in their house. He took a fucking shower were seated like you, you're, not company brown, your glare and ensure bitter and critical role on the walls rise death to pigs and she rose not how the rice alligator, she wrote, he alter skelter skelter on the refrigerators or door. How many times she probably see that phrase written down. I just think it goes to show that these people and its leg Ray when he'll kill, you don't get it right. He'll turn lanterns Valley, wicked fund, our grandfathers you know they also left a knife stuck in Leno, throw up, because She then gave lobby out Mr Labianca fourteen more puncture ruins whether carving fork and she left that getting out of his yak and then she also planted to stay.
knife in his throat things. I thought could never happen me in humpback whales, a new regional calmly streaming only I'll pick up a confused mix and passions sour, go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna from we hardly reports. All vessels screaming now only on Peacock so, while all that wasn't suing Manson left like eating just like wait outside he legitimately peace, the fucker, I think I literally told them when they were leaving, usually get this link, get a ride. Yeah he's a he told them tat color and I wrote in parentheses what a guy who was a gap in the lobby.
the scene was discovered on August tenth around one thousand and thirty p dot m, which was nineteen hours after the crime had been committed. Rosemary had a fifteen year old son from a previous marriage. His name was Frank's. True there's. I think it's how you say it and he'd returned home Camping Trim and he was disturbed by the fact that the shades were sold drawn and then, like I wrote and some other shit cause. Something like a boat was still attached to his step, dad's car, which was off. I guess So he called his sister in her boyfriend and the boy friend two's Joe Joergen, accompanied Frank into the house where they discovered Mr Labianca, but luckily him they didn't find the mom legal issues like call the police. But the LAPD like didn't, really know how to do their job apparent Lena and they announced to the press on August felt that there was no connection today like internationally centres. No connection which are you can angelic series
so that's what I have for the Labianca operators. So why don't you start with aftermath? Because I you have talked about this and I feel like you're, better out the investigation and trial. So by the way not gonna. Do this in three parts can be at your partner. We're just gonna, give you all right now give it we're. Just gonna give you all it's really hot helter sweltering yeah now, and so over this next week, I lay went But it is because this happened in two days and they were so gruesome and so awful and I mean come on. Lapd like they doing. These are lay. It was like in this time period the LAPD was like. What's your leg was leg, so they didn't connect them. Of course, this was. This was to be fair. This work, before serial killers were like known, be a thing, so people didn't automatically connect. Things like this must be the same person,
but if you have three different cases where there's yard riding in blood on the walls in two days, apart from each area, the saintly, crazy writing on the walls and shit we're after you know, Valley, PBS lake- we don't see it I'm kind of theirs. They're not going to number is probably the the Ranch was raided. The for the first beyond. It was rated not for the murders for oil towards family stealing be double use and turning them into doing buggy, which is such a fuckin hippies anxiety, earthy. Everything is so heavy one, those June buggies, where what they re using terms like build their underground city in the bottomless pit. Oh yeah, they got all. We monitor materiality that, but when they got there, they were like. This is weird, though, like a bunch of people, on gathering is weird place, so the charges for that the technic
Lahti that they got often was brought the wrong date on the search warrant, Zylka job. So let's go LAPD south and they also seized a bunch of weapons to they found like a ton of weapons on the ranch. Yes and they were like interesting New York and that's so when they were re. Dids Charley was like so someone snitching, but he was like a can't, be any my family members, because their such upstanding citizens that there's no way that these amazing group of men and women ever turn their back on me. However, still there was. A man named Donald Shorty, Shea same see. You say he was a stone man that was working on spawn ranch. You took care the horses tarling him did not like each other. we live in. Charley was like it's that guy, like you snatching. I know it even though like who the hell, even those if this guy now so they figured Charley, was like you know what we take care him, so this is when Charlie actually did have involved,
yeah. They emit do it. He says he still didn't. Have any parties was there he descended into so this was twenty days after the the murders heard it was on August twenty around August twenty eight nineteen sixty nine so is Charlie Tex, Ganem, Bruce Davis, Steve Grogan Bill Vans and Larry Bailey, who are all family members they took shape or ride and making the mailers Rogan struck him with a piper and from the back seat and tax started stabbing him in the car I gotta. So they took him behind spawn ranch like a hill area and they just stand death out their Charlie said he was there, but he didn't do anything like he was still this telling.
Bored to do so was again during his body was found until December nineteen. Seventy seven who Rogan had actually draw a map to his remains because there was this rumour that he was cut into nine pieces was EMA. I don't know why. I don't know if it's been substantiated but soon Charlie, like when he was living. When people ask him about it, he was like. I don't wanna, be a snitch, some not getting any details about it like he, wouldn't give them where his body was. He wouldn't give many think as you I don't wanna be a snatch visitors. Fuckin brought up in the prisons as they fuck off man later stolen outline. So this is won. T did this. This is when he had. The family like ready for more like he was like happening. What in their minds it was happening right now. Yeah said that's when the second rate happened on the ranch for auto theft in possession of stolen firearms. Charlie wasn't there for that
Then there was another eight on August, twelve nineteen sixty nine Charley was there and he was arrested ahead. One in a worry him. Yes, curled up in a tiny cabinet beneath the sink when they found him and reason they found almost with some of his hair was sticking out of it all and the police officers said that he never would have looked in their cause. It was so teeny tiny, but his hair, but here drastic Charlie, it's fuckin luscious losses, and I mean they weren't so luscious to linking Hippy so happy. I just hit the lamp and if we can hear about with good thing, Tiktok contending knew so he got arrested they all directly a bunch of them, got her. I relate to turn because I felt my hair without your hair. Would you get caught wood and, so they were alike. The family was arrested for, like firearms possession lately basically trap violations come if they are minor, rational time, crook things so they so excited that they were arrested for that and that they would like or think about. Only on that
They started singing all over the place like they were all singing, but the ship that they were singing was factors the White Album. so the police and your fuckin, because I have been listening to some areas like we're dismissing them. So then the police were, like you guys, we like the Beatles sealing the beetle helter skelter somebody Royal freeloaders killed, sir, which I'm gonna go on a limb and say they meant to write helter skelter, where ya so somehow. So This connected back to the Baker gangs that there were some that is so. I got confused there, but I need a little way complicated so that a minor gangs we're still pissed at the family. Exactly in the Baker gangs said that this that Charley was trying to hire them as body guards when, like heat, started coming on them right and while he was doing this, he was alluding to the idea that they were involved in these murders. He never could and came out and said. but our living- I alluding to it. So, of course,
starting to come in. There are like this is our concern to connect and then fuckin Susan actions, brag to herself made that she was part of the matters which, of course, that all comes down to fucking, Craig S, you so that's when it all fuckin crumbled, link there it is like well cool sue. Also lies that, like a brag because she's no right now, the current legislature growing has one certainly running shed and she was like. Let me tell you what I did and killed a defenceless pregnant women who begged for her mother leg, cool your super badass Susan FUCK off. I think she's dead. I want to check the Google it because I want a like dealing fuck. You see you keep talking in Algeria, FUCK Susan, so December. First, nineteen sixty nine tax credits, twinkle in case c b and were picked up and because, like finger
Prince, were founded the tape residence because Charlie didn't awesome of cleaning up. They also found the clothes and knives and the revolver that they use that night because they just toss that shit out the window. That night, like they just toss them into a field. Good job side. Note Susan, I can start brain tumor ha. I thought you did by Sir. It was June fifteenth nineteen. Seventy was the first day that Charlie went to court right now they had tax credits link all so they had tax crinoline goal, Susan Atkins they had the Serbian and they also picked up Leslie Manhattan, who is part of our Labianca workers, murders, Mommy, Oda murders. She is part of the Labianca
but when she might have. She was part of the lobbying sailor. Malta, Noddy, AGA murder is wool moving on circle, so this is a Linux avian, the one that it only joined a month before the tape murders and was the driver and western at others, legibly unquote, but she still then have a total partner like physically she became she flipped like flip, on Charlie, like boom. I've only been a part of this month. Fuck you guys. I don't want to go down the those threats so he became the prosecutions main witness like star. Witness cushy was fuckin right there. She flipping got immunity because this so which out We now she should have gotten me in I mean I don't know what they had to do, what they do. They got a lot of info for myself, Manson, Atkins Cringe, Winkle and then out and were all on one
might there there try are happening in the text had its separate trial. Ok, they were all up and seven council murder and one count of conspiracy. Boca Manson wanted to act as his own attorney Allah Bundy. Bundy. Definitely like did a better job. He did Manson, ever try to act as your own any for exactly, and so he was so bananas like Google. Man like yeah. You can't do that they just said no like they were like. We can't let you you're insane like yours. clinically insane, but you're insane will therefore remain just been like a fuckin. They were able to do anything, and so they are like now so because of this he showed up on the first day of travel with an ex carved in his forehead because they didn't let him be an attorney. So he asked himself, though What he said like this was him Exxon himself at an anxiety, because the thought
him down, so that at that point all the family members showed up with excess carved into their own foreheads cheese include not just the other defendants on wild or our family. Then how and walk ends and other people they parts of members of the family were gathered outside of the court. I was like protesting him. Meanwhile, they were kneeling. They set their meal outside the country until he was acquitted and they would show up so they showed up with taxes on their foreheads I'll swing in his songs. They're. All like you now doing, whatever. Do you think they believe? Like the other members who went there, do you think they believed that they didn't do it? And I think that what they were saying, I think, was that he he didn't have anything to do with it and that he should be free because he's like Guru, ok, he's a love. Bugger up from send from above basic. I love books up. I love, I think, that's not a club, but
thanks, but it will not have been more than one hundred. I wouldn't like that, wouldn't be out of place from a path to scale to yield through skin filters. Sweltering cause I'm sweating, my I'll do not alter, and so Some of the people they were sitting outside were like, like names that people in our Sandra good and squeaky from was a big one out there for me I'll play a quick little clip of her telling the my leg. Why where I sat and why he didn't do anything and we need to love him weeks ago. Squeaks once in a lifetime saw, is his
He's got a lesbian he's, got more harm spirit than anyone. I've ever met and his truth definitely one afternoon when I saw that he wasn't pushing and that he had spur stop him? I went to this day. Pharmacists medicine is innocent. She says during the ten Labianca murder she was at the spot ranch with other family members. She doesn't work were Manson was, would claims he didn't kill anyone know it. I have no question about that is definitely should be out. He didn't kill anybody and I took responsibility for that. I would rather be because I know I laid a lot of lying thinking and has
CS. So that's ok, school, so squeaking had no nothing to do the murders, so she's gonna, like was discreetly from. But she has great name. Did she really too even though came from amassed into place, but it's cute and she was cute. Nashua fortunately so machine disease out now, I think, like she was sentenced to life imprisonment. I think she's out we did, she go. Did she she went to prison for pulling the gun on board. all right right, ok, you're supposed to go for life. I think she's out now that of achieving go for this shit. Nothing do ok, I was just confused. But we did, I miss a huge elements and family members started threatening people with former family members to keep them from testifying success. They didn't want Charlie to get put in jail that will focus was getting Charlie out of here. and everything like like all the inner, they would give. A few could provide fascinated
I've heard of aircraft and Anna was, they would be like Charlie, didn't do it and he's gonna get up and that, like I'm waiting for him to come out like where you sit here until he comes out, cause he's coming out. But sorry we might learn, learn even by ever got over. so I don't think so was thinks so October fist Manson was denied the opportunity to question the prosecutions witness, so his response was to jump over the defence table at the judge. Oh, you know that's a great idea like crazy wickedly pounced at the judge good. So the judge was keeping a gun under his robes at this point because he was like this very handsome yeah. So at this point, when this happened, all the girls leave a family members stood up and were chanting in Latin. We cannot have our them scary, the all hell yeah like what They were still on that fuckin belladonna, arrived derive. An organ
Donna ride floating through the clouds on on a fog of Firstly, I don't ever want to do that. There are some things that I would like maybe do, but Belladonna is now one of their not doing belladonna guns. No, I don't want your neck and adult longer Belladonna hunger, Let us remember, sixteenth the prosecution rested and three days later than offence rustic as it were, like you know what we just need to brush: it flows, Disco January, twenty fifth, nineteen. Seventy one guilty verdict against Charles Action crinoline go in Manhattan. Again, text was tried separately, but he was obviously is unhealthy, Isabel so after they found out that he was guilty. He shaved his head rightly the next day, and I hope my bed I'm Devil and the devil always has a bald head lake. Oh does bring cool, I mean I guess
really. What is your reasoning? Where'd you relating skills come in here and so all the other members, literally all of them shake their heads to like all the girls outside lawyer. All with shaved heads in excess carved into therefore they looked while in there is a lot like I'm gonna, play quick clip just so I can like really press would dick. these girls are that were owned, legal cause. They all look like super nice will end laws now, but fuck them, because their evil monsters who literally killed a pregnant woman. Unlike fuck you so days, girls would come cause. They have a lot of light, footage of them walking down the hallway towards the courtroom, because it well we all hands and in every they would sharp with an extremely far out of their head. Shamed are like the same outfit on like they were. They were a circus and hears. Clip of them just jauntily singing as they go to their murderous trial
Yeah literally, your grow slightly get the fuck out leg and then Leslie sitting there now being like. I should be led. I am really so really your fuckin sixty eight. You can sit everywhere, so they were also sentenced to die all of them, but then the death penalty, because, like you, a moratorium on its in California so less than a year later, it was commuted to life imprisonment for all which is better. It is because now they can in an honest leads. It is better because now we get to watch these people go through play here or there data to be less like other people who live for their lives, including eight of them their lives. So why would we give you your freedom, exactly five tarts survey? quickly everybody knows after that. Charlie, be you know,
just when a man crazy to watch. He had several Ladys want to marry him in prison which seriously ladys the latest. One was like star, I think he has, but then he found out that she just wanted to take his corpse after he died and light travel around with it. Did she really? Yes, you literally did like that was always after he died. She was going to like travel around with his body like she wanted to get him to sign over his body. so that the EU is likely. I bet your current year. Like me, you are not using my shit till I get like for. Like a freak. Show me. How does he was like is it. My whole life was like no one wanted to die, I mainly see so, and obviously he died last year. So our I m p Not peace whew here that yeah heard an air first and just
sounds like a little thing that this is the thing I wanted to mention that I say would threaten allow capital letters. Yes, in your notes: Sharon states Mama was a fierce lady, that's literally what it says: it all capitalism. I know all that's what about her? Mom sitting was doors outdoors daring has like a big name in the time, the official, so her name was Doris teach, guaranteed mama. Oh her sisters are fiercely oppose. You ever satisfies carried on this legacy, which go there, man good job matete family lives. I would have been completely destroyed in Dore Estate, her Mamma. She helped get the victims bill of Rights past which allows for victim impact statements past in California, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two so she's, the one that allowed like victim impact statements to have read, packed an actual impact on the case. So all fifty states now allow victims to week, either written or early at certain phases of the legal process and that's according to the national centre for victims of crime.
she later founded the coalition on victims, equal rights and war Literally the rest of her life towards victims rights was Alice, in Ninety- ninety two right before her, a fat year at age. Sixty eight o clock at an early hour here, which I mean she really has come as President George H, W Bush W honoured her as one of His thousand points of light, which is a big deal so, she said. So this is just a quote from her. She said you can makes sense out of the innocent slaughter of Sharon and the other victims them
that I or any person touched by violence can hope for is acceptance of the pain. You never forget it, not even with the passage of time. But if, in my work I can help transform Sharon's legacy from murder victim to a symbol for victims rights, I will have accomplished what I set out to do. Oh my god and she's also. She went to all the Pearl hearings and she would literally look at these people when they would be like you know, like. I think I should I know, because I have not changed and I'm a model behaviour, unlike they'd, like beg for their thing. Yes, she would literally set there in front of them into like. Did you give my phone? King daughter mercy when she was begging for her lively, cheered, literally cemetery, like really fucker like good. She would not let these people set there and try to get sent of issues like you does and she would say you deserve nothing like you. Don't let him do deserve anything. I don't care if you're gonna sit there and pretend that Charlie brainwashed, you in that, you didn't know what you are doing like fuck off you did it. You did it certainly good for her cushion
Now that her sister is keeping because she has gone to every one of Leslie Manhattans Pearl. incidentally, you know just decided that should like sometimes she'll go to like visit. Her sisters grave, obviously in like they're still people that follow our Manson's follower Anglo em. They left like a jar of broken glass at guaranteed, graven and jumped out at her and started like Helena. What's Yasmine so fucked up seriously, like what kind of I don't get it man like like, I don't get it. I dont understand an innocent person leg totally innocent person latest don't give a fuck. These MA am so we done. Did it so there's trouble
man said I was my virus outlying and I heard you did so and you to that end, the pathetic than doubling says he and I were just getting it got kind of complicated out. Just like I don't know technicalities by here. It's really just now that I'm a happy and I'm tired waken, said the meeting the potatoes wherever or the murders the mother. You know so yeah, that's that's Charlie Mountain, and I think we don't have what we're gonna do next week, because I'm still trying to decide but it's not gonna be a heavy hitter. It's going to be something a little more obscure here. We want to do an obscure, because I am, I know, a lot of people dog that diet love pass. One episode we did about the you know the crazy dead, Russia, India and ends and shit. Those are kind of fun. So I'm going to do one like that. I'm going to find one, that's kind of obscure kind of like conspiracy. Theory is so, I think
so we're gonna will announce. It possesses gonna posting a couple days, but Hence it as soon as I know which one we're gonna do you guys can get super sucked for super duper site, and I won't do basic history search charging me I'll. Do the most. like it or not, but I spent so much time researching. That's that's true. I'm proud of you today, any more marked until environment choose equity and I was like watching it tells me after many hello, hello, seer. We then also we ve been Oh uh messages, so I just wanna particularly oh Mason De Arnold from me right wrong, turn podcast, because he was so sweet and he gave us a legally early like he made our weak with literally matter recently clean your fucking awesome. I shouted with you for a bit in your red
so, whenever under less environmentally friendly mosque outcasts, because him and his friend Tyler Duna me using job. They are super into the research and he's awesome. Pa gases awesome go, listen to it and yet so keep the messages coming. We will all that I'm like seriously. I can't even tell you how much they make are like a really like me. I mean I'm like dancing around being like we're gonna mass online taxes. Only unavailing tribute the letter he should we talk about our idea. We have oh, yes, so we are thinking of doing a patriarch because we love doing this, we're having so much fun doing this, and we want to continue doing this We do have a couple of expenses, we need that you know like podcast hosting and all that good young man.
We want to get better at an audio and early and we do want to start doing some merge black eyes. So you know we need to have a little in cash to do that, so we're going to try to do patriarch to make it live in a little bit and we'll just for you guys, like our answer, it worth we're just trying to come up with some cool rewards three eyes: what do you like the different episodes that only you guys can? Legally? We were thinking of doing like smaller bonus episode, yeah you get, you know, you'll be able to get just through the patriarch younger shares, basically, and will do so. We want it again. We want to do merge, maybe only get out. I will not cast a shoutout slake. You know where you can come up with some cool stuff. So beyond the look out for that, follow us on Instagram, morbid podcast. Followers on twitter at more replied cast Let us face shook rate in review, please.
now we ve got the real. Nice are amazing and they're, making a smile and they're making us want to keep doing this and keep doing it better and better and honestly, the podcast community, like other pod castors, are so nice. I kept leg. It is literally like a little Emily explicitly the jar I'm POD Catholic Ingenerable podcast. There seem to be pretty red, sovereign anywhere, pretty rats I think I'm an obvious. I don't know about you, don't just make sure to rating review. You can find us anyway subscribe. Please yeah cause more. He do that the Morgan a bump up Emma and the ratings in them. Where we can do. Is God, if I will? Finally, let us on their gas by, I bought a fine we're trying to get on Spotify we're waiting for them to get back. They take forever so long as let us on spot of our plea we're on everything out literally reminded us came out. Google Itunes, pod Bein tune in stature blubber,
So we will see you or an apposite we're going to post this very soon yeah, and I will let you guys know what the next episode is going to be until then sit on pins and needles. Cuz, it can be awesome. I hope you keep listening and we hope you keep it. We by Burma, man
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