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Episode 9: The Axeman of New Orleans AKA A Real Crumb

2018-07-12 | 🔗
Gather 'round you cats and chicks and moldy figs. We are about to take a trip in the way back machine to a time when New Orleans was more known for influenza than for beads. In 1918 (possibly 1911 but that's debatable), a jazzy, caguely poetic monster was demanding New Orleaneans play his favorite jazz tunes or he would take his axe to their noggins. It was all very bizarre and that's the way we like it. So, join us for The Axeman of New Orleans, ya bunch of barn burners.Sources:https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/axeman-new-orleans-preyed-italian-immigrants-180968037/The Axeman Of New Orleans by Miriam C. Davis
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Streaming only. I pick up a new original Tommy Me Punk Bank. We are lady parts, it could fees mixed hash, anthems, sour, our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming now. Only arbiter, hey, weirdos, those I I am and this is morbid. create a new who am I I was born ready. Let's have a chit chat
we're not in the pod lab tonight. That's why I'm Feelin wild and Craig Feelin fancy free cause we're in the living room where this, ouch suspended but not Walter's. Earth helter, skelter, exam their skelter, so your own country for it's. I don't know what happened well. What's upsetting is we're not gonna. Have that chance a view falling out of the corner honestly Molly with all this charity over will make as good a noise, though, is the requirement for giving the floor to make a good, no easy. You know it. I believe you can always count on get fat get knowing, I believe in you, ve got it I gather, wondering TED Bundy, of who I was like a weird dog. It was me who led the dogs of my own die for public cracking. You are
cry at all. Why I don't make you laugh this I I know I think it's, because I'm going crazy, because we, as you know, and sanctioning girls into toddler beds. And for anyone listening who has young children I urge you not to do that. I got so such rebirth control tonight's, while like just keep ridicule, I'm gonna keep him in a curve and next, third, until their legs. Sixteen years old, just keep crib. I can tell you that your grandpa carry me to saying cribs and its upsetting, We made this choice but we're here now there, while so we need to live with it, but basically it's like having newborns again but like they can say, Things to you now and yet you are punished in the face by yeah. It's it's not a good like terrible two's. Everything is terrible to anything, but anyway it's not apparently
but that's why I'm laughing so hard at ash because she screwing up funny. so that there is a good. so my husband and I work in our room last night gettin ready to go to bed and we have air conditioner in their window say you know you can like here the outside world a little better and all of a sudden out of the blue. We here, this like screeching, screaming sound directly outside our window in itself. Very brief. Second, like a screen child, but john- and I looked at each other like dead ass, just stare at each other in the face, the entire time it was happening so were clearly really good in these situations. If it was a human, to stare at each other until they die, that's good, but Then we realized it was definitely an animal I'm sure it was a bunny, because I know that,
bunnies are known to lake when their being attacked or they're scared or anything they scream. I usually and people say they sound like a woman or child screaming in this thing, sounded like that. And now I'm really upset and am sad- and I hate that I heard it then I googled Bunny sounds why? Because I wanted to make sure I didn't hear something like really crazy. Relay morbid except to early, was morbid yeah call on a true cried Porthos. vs about something I'm living where the now all of you are living with it too. So airlock airlock Or do you really want to shut out tonight who your friends my friend Deborah To be sure that I made her laugh and she doesn't like to crime, but she listened stir podcasting. She said where they coming to her, which like dub, I got news for you are true kind fan now it's true and in Devon. I have been friends since we were lake now how old
How old are you remember? We were really young. I was probably junior high where they live. Your life, I've known her, might like. I've known her even before we friends, so she is definitely not a true crime fan, per se but she is an amazing best friend, because she supports the podcast regardless. And she actually listened to by, as we see exactly and cheese, and she actually listened to it. I know it because she preaches because at first I was like EU just being a really good friend and telling me that you listen, maybe just some, driving to steal? It give me my numbers, but then she gives me little league tidbits, that has a girl. You listen I'm times I made her laugh. I appreciate her and speed. If there is only others story where we could have died today. Ok, who's gonna set the scene for to mothers me and Annie are leaving a park with three children.
The third thing I was there anyway, this woman, literally just walks up to us and let you know hello or any- and let me just like preface this by saying: we live in like a very like nice, be little town like everybody's courageously waves to you, but they do exactly, but they also To each other, like neighbours, when you're in like we're in, like a nice little neighbourhood, we're neighbors wave at each other, and they look out for each other. So few men, you re thinking of turn a murder, someone on my street. We all look out for each other. So if you ve ever seen good work or else our neighbourhood slash town is literally Stars hall, I add a little bit like starts out a lot of it, but since one walks over to us with her Cuba, and she has like this, like container just nonsense, not peace and all
just reached and without questioning and aid us now. She was like these are from my garden, their fresh from my garden, and we are like that. Full jet ate them without questioning anything she's. My name's Marcy I've done street where you guys live, and we all had a time where we live. Like our actual streets, we Ivy That's like against every thing I've ever stood for. I took from Britain of reasoning and told her where I live here. He told her. My name seem like Y yeah of islands Nothing now we ve, we ve learned nothing from ourselves so we do turn up missing dead torture. something like that. It was Marcy. Would snap he's from her garden bullied Marcy if your hosting thinks that is obviously have with you know what? If what, if we lived through, this Marcy girl well done
well done girl in them. Nowadays, colonel region. I have one I had a couple like: oh yes back it, oh, I recently had another when I thought nothing of no tell likelier on roaming homeowners. I I just took food for me as soon as I got home, I like, while those risky risky behaviour afflicting like that's us raging against our own safety. yeah so that's that's. Our updates first incident should go in now to you, so loud guy, but even scared me church sleeping altering year caused legitimately so loud. Are you here Basically, by eyebrow was for the acts
acts man of New Orleans. Now better Where is our guide at chair a boom jars erase jousts like Skype, scan up like sky opposite to do, but do we up an chicks and cats sudden? the cats. You dig that's our vote in Manhattan oh yeah, the action and of neurons its proper I believe that a giant bug that landed on you earlier- no, I can't answer- is I think, of my heart in itching gas. Follow me because it That's that's usually how work a sign that, despite our reason so big in it, like buzzed my ear in nice, wanted it away. I swear to you. It was like the size of a bad. This is why I hate Summer Falk Summer, like fire,
I'll get here we're waiting for you need you, except. I really wish that you could skip over September. I don't mind September. We me Well, served in October, I mean are a Billy Joe hit the field but I dont, mind September, because as soon as September, first comes unlike get those Hopkins in here. Let's make some pies, I don't care. If it's a hundred degrees, I would fill a joint forehand oversight, interest sleep there, we're getting up on October, first hint of fuckin, coffin and feeling. Now it's now October is my favorite sledge at him but September. There goes so fast that I need September as my leg pre October, such. is my children. I actually made that up last year. Thank you. Did you yeah here again, I am store that ahead. Timber referred to it as Pre October. One! That's why I like it because you get it
an extra month of October transition I think that I'm actually in every watch coven in October, oh yeah images, That's a good idea. American horror story, love it blood Surely that is a nice little sag way angel into the axe, man of non violence because tell me what Anybody who watches american horror story might be like we talking about that acts man of Norway love buddies where we are indeed, so where taken it way back to nineteen eleven. no actual we're taking their way back to nineteen eighteen. So the axe. Man, murders were a series of be re tool, crimes, current in New Orleans with an ax yeah? They
started back in May one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, and they ended around October, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen. It was about eighteen months, sluggish like here in half somewhere leopards. Eighteen months are well known. it's like a big lasted a little over a year. Now likely mentioned before you may her for this from American or a story coven. It was a fiction ized version of it. If they had, they had true parts of it, but it was obviously fiction because the Show- you know, identified the murderer and in real life no one has ever been identified for these crimes and self mysteries, willing, whoop, salad, I'm gonna start this out with a few little tin it's about what New Orleans was like in this time period. Behind only eighteen is like you know,
so like a minute ago. So, like you guys, might not remove Bert. I remember it fully. I mean we remember it for you. That's why not I dont want expect everybody, remember nineteen eighteen! This was the last year of World WAR, one about a month before the killings began. In April nineteen eighteen there was a bit screening at the Barone streets, strand theater, and it was of Charlie Chaplains new film dogs, life, which sounds your pic ceremony it actually might be a Pixar movie. Isn't it there's another one. That's like dogs at home and you get to see what they do. Should they not as a doctor, I feel it is. I think, a gloomy secure was a voice of urban he's like a deck roundel that like in the beginning when everybody likes Lucy. Gay people are like that's a good reason to go, see that movie in everybody's, like that's a good reason to Burma Movie, so
now in this kind of just shows you where we're add here that it was like a big screening of Charlie Chaplin, who was so it was exciting, inlaid kind of sport, ii because Charlie? Applin himself actually showed up to see the completed film for the first time himself. That's an ethical, so here hanging around New Orleans right before this whole slaughter began like the month before love, which is kind of a measure. Slowly, doesn't then it must be so weird link, citizen slot emails. I mean imagine if even got slaughtered, like woe I can't even think of him being slotted, so during this time there also this really fun thing a flu epidemic. That's all broke out during the killings in the fall of nineteen eighteen. There was about a twelve weeks structure so where New Orleans was literally the epicenter for another killing machine spent influenza during this time
It was literally like spreading around the globe. there's estimates that nearly fifty million people contracted fatally, which is bananas. It mainly started out in U S military camps and over in Europe. The first report the case was in October, nineteen eighteen and a military encampments encampment on the campus of two. in university. They tried to guaranteeing everybody didn't work so once it here, Schools closed theatres concerts every like all the places clothes they cancelled things. Businesses went on weird staggered schedules: they didn't want overcrowd street cars because you now people breathe and on each other that shit will spread like wildfire those girls anyways. I know right irritate the tea for anything. The worst I mean. You gotta, do it you gonna, do with man. You see some shit amity, geyser Community Boston for like like every single day and I'll be on their tea, for like at least four hours a day,
to tell you the amount of aid I've seen I've seen that I've doubling contracted some weird like colds and shit, I dunno. gonna go. It's dragged us lies that now my couch- So there was some early attempts at vaccines, because this was seen. Oh so, a minute ago, a minute, but unfortunately, it all failed them so stores actually ended up like passing their products out, the doors like they wouldn't have people come in. They just pass into the mud anxiety I strive, for there is a kind of smart. I boys just do that now, while we are going in places, restaurants, where am deeply everywhere. This kind of a ghost town for a while even pay look gatherings who ended up being banned, so they really didn't want either gathering in sorting out nothing worked, the city itself. New Orleans had a high death rate in
a whole nother round of the flu that head in the fall of nineteen nineteen, which is when the axe man ended his reign, which kind of weird maybe off the flu. Maybe it's the flu. and we can use to say about that. Italy who's to say really. Are you the flu I know that some people that might be the OIE blue eye for sure, I'm pretty sure the human embodiment of the flu is running the country right now. So at all- and I say, running very loosely is like just hang out us so moving. But my thought I'm like through. I wonder if he succumbed to the flu, because it is kind of weird that you know I don't remember I set off at what it stop it. I thought it yeah. You didn't
Maybe you did I I don't know who are you well? What's this black ass? I dont know I might be the axe, room, diligence yet lake distracted or America's Anderson Cooper is on the scream. I was gonna mention it, but then I was again need to stop munching need by. I love a cohesive, so hands me. How can I just say the guys are easily balloons fell, blue and the timeframe that hope so below anyone. Can I just say that I really want him an anti common to be together, I also endorse that. I support that. I'm gonna camp For that I am unaware button pollyanna, bumper I'll make Helmut Kohl, calls I don't know who have to call for it. But I'll call them rather his brother. Bravo, no! Really! there's another, but I think that these data is so back to the export, of course, while those we are determined so back to the murder and mayhem.
So in the end of August craziness we don't know if he contracted. fleeing died, but it is weird that he stopped his shit possible when the flu stopped. So, in the end, the city of New Orleans had one of the highest death rates in the country about four thousand, people died of the flu and other related shit like pneumonia, four thousand yeah, just in the city of neurons, ass, wild In a lot of them were young and healthy neuron. This wasn't even just like old people, yeah government, I have neither, but it's on my bucket lists. So in our fundamental facts, that's envisage a sultan. science fact. There was interesting to me while bacterial infections were like pretty understood by nineteen. Eighty viruses weren't, so Attempts at vaccines were kind of lake futile at this point, so she can interesting that they had like bacteria unlock, but MRS they were like you wily wily viruses
so as to follow interesting, timid about nineteen eighteen back tomorrow. so the murders happened over appeal. It is about eighteen months, like I said, total there were twelve attacks in us, confirm death. So you know that's a great scorecard for him. No, it's a great scorecard firm victims, but it's not scorecard, forget victims have a very hard, and I mean you don't want to be only shootin to win fifty percent of the time you haven't. I She nothing else as unimpressed narrate its marine, maintaining than anything else there right, So we are here. I mean that's her in a but his attacks were weak. You know pretty consistent, began he had almost one attack a month at the vat rate Ryan I mean so that's pretty high volume. I can't wait for the part when we get to his letter. Gas gave it don't spoil barrel. so he became known as like the bogeyman because
He had a penchant for creeping in to your house. That night, like an asshole shiro ever literally my notes because fuck this guy and he would marry. people in their beds. Which is just so room now yet Hughes prone to attacking people. The most Marvel time, which is just do she animal sons while not completely, but like the golden secular yeah, it's like these little earlier, the assholes who do that, unlike skin, on what it would scary monster, you, your sneaking into my room on people, are unconscious and can adapt high key. My biggest fear, though a one hundred percent, let us just like. I think it's really Dewey, I'm a window. Walker, oh yeah, like I think we talked about this and lost market with a loud. When luck all your windows, because you know what what did we say fresh shares for dead people, Mr Bonde, I thought it was weird, maybe offered, whereas on a button we're not sleep, learner live it love it
Oh that's like from online job rigour. I was really hoping you'd say that last one in unison with me like in the movie, I felt we're having a mine meld moment for a second, but you didn't. and now I feel, isn't it different though she says. Does she say where we live at lover learned live it and then they both go love at European Moroccan. Thank you. By land. Please, thank you, love you! Let its ban that much! Finally, if you Missus Greenow Raspberry Alan soon swear to God, I lovers Mc Gowan. That is her best felt for love her. and I love her in that movie. Oh my god. Yes, like love, her lover, lover love it so so this day, no one. his cracked, the accession of New Orleans case. His identity remains a mystery which is kind of crazy son people. Even He was some kind of supernatural jerk who
came to this earthly plant Plain just a stir up some shit like a demon yeah, which is like bummer, to say the least. We should cover some parent. oh, where for sure going to tackle. If this is true, then That would mean that not only do we have to worry about, like fellow shitty him beings being the worst, but now any spirit would like a rage issue can just come chop us all up on a whim. They probably could them already like I'm hoping they don't like. I'm hoping this is not bad. Here is my house, is how hot air and will definitely cover back as it was my house growing ass cover our house of cells. We really well so Not only was a huge turd for taking people out when they didn't even seem coming, but he didn't and bring his own shit. Take other people has actually used other people's tools and access to kill them and which I have a valid mother, fucking question what why They just start putting their acts is elsewhere other than like outside and link in their Barnes.
We'll because he also started using other shit, yeah like he would come to use when he saw but roundly access, mostly asses and later you know hatchet. And stuff, but like a lot of these people used axes to chop wood and shit will discourage What were you gonna put it? Why can't find a governor of it forever? You know No, you need it. The only way to like heat, your house's chop would fire spy it from some do now. Nineteen eighteen men there wasn't, like you know Dealers, I would just have a lot of you know all those log dealers that are around everywhere. Now that wasn't those just floating around back then I would get really crappy and start making blankets you wouldn't, then you would be flourishing in this. I would like you- and I are you- would not flourish. Snappy a flop, you'd flourish and, like the seventies, like we said
but I like sixty seven be seconded, transcends one hundred reviewed flourish for a while and then and then lineage you boys out and the flame of glory. No, I really would have flourished in the seven, no you're, really one but not now. he meeting we wouldn't. That prohibition, no twenties, prohibition, was worked out for me now whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies like eighty by say about about for all your exclusive comedy based. Could a Peacock DVD Cobb get started so get worse. You normally took their own shit to kill them with huge leave it there. Afterwards, that's lazy! a lazy as far and they didn't have fingerprinting back better. They did that it was a thing, but it wasn't like the fur.
Yeah, I wasn't like everybody did that the first thing and it was an entirely leg. You know it obviously what it is and what it is today, but it was it was a thing. So but I guess it just wasn't something that there are really, but they never got any fingerprint they might have. But again this is nineteen eighteen. So a lot of the records are not exactly clear they might of, but don't work. The same time? It's not like. They had like a fish that have now, where you can just plug them into a computer. brings up everybody in nineteen eighteen. There are like, while we have these finger. I like to pick up my pop up on a computer like a striped suit and, like a nice big zuzu like he has a cigar in his shot like that he looks at me. There is a description of em later so maybe it off it, but I'll say he really. Loved axes legally sound, but he also had a fondness for taking a street razor ruse victims throats for some Sweeney.
Audrey illness. So that's cool yeah, that's very new, now musical theatre of him too often to get into the home. He would chisel like a bottom panel of a door open which is a bizarre and weird how he fit through their well Even where it cause, if you say you have to think of lake, you know how a door has, though, different panels. Leaky note. I me out little rectangles, those easy, usually thinner would so it you do, is take like a chisel to literally chisel out those thinner that thinner part, but again think Of that, that's a very small piece, and if so, will you look on line this pictures of a couple of these crimes scenes of the doors? They are very small holes, but he was making, so he must have been a thin guy.
Or even a thin guy. I don't even think that would work. So what you die, you reached his hand up and what that's? What I think is right. He was reaching up to unlock the door, which means he could have been even bigger guy because he protein needs a long arm to do that. But he would also, I don't even think he would bring his own chisel. So apparently, chisel were like rakes and everyone just like fuck him, how the chisel Anna Alzheimer niches laws. a chisel is like it. It's like the gaming where you take something like hid it to chisel, something like a chisel ice with it. So what? How do you know I, like I'm, telling you what a chiselers by sit like saying that word chisel ever happen again Cuba must help a gradual it's a chisel where you, you know it's a thing where you chisel chisel, you know by one in people, hear him revealing like or chisel loud all that I mean the kinder, but like turned its outweigh its electorate, there's a man. I know I guess, there's somebody like slow we doing anything, kindest painstakingly did it. I guess if everyone sounded,
Yes, yes, I see changes like some tambos. Sometimes I wake up and was, while of cannon, that's crazy light sleeper. You have no vote here, the chisel, but I feel it's two thousand eighteen, so better ways. He didn't has come after anyone, it seemed He was mostly hitting italian Americans and they usually were. They were usually owners of businesses. Herb stores are grocers. That is possible. The most specific victim profile. I've ever come across the valley in American who owns a grocery or store of some sort right, and it's like what the fuck are you doing, killing off Italian, they make amazing food like what are you doing in you're killing the grocers like Italian,
our vital speak real, especially back, then the good you do in getting rid of grocers in I bet they need good wine two times they great one issues, weird sleek very like weird and like racist salaries and lack of just very odd, so he also didn't really discriminate when it came to gender age. That was, there was one thing he did not. He was not particular about his victims included women an children. There is some speculation about whether his killing spree begin earlier than nineteen eighteen, but has been like highly debate because in nineteen eleven in this is back and nineteen, oh, I see I knew I had somewhere with a similar. Her attacks occurred on italian Americans and nineteen eleven. Some believe that the acts man was just a respect. bold citizen of New Orleans with a weird jekyll and hide personality that comes out some and that's why they were like. Maybe
did this in two thousand and eleven was able to go back to normal life and then come back again and you see two thousand eleven nineteen one, Excuse me, I love her. Maybe he did the savings because he's in a future I mean, maybe he is a supernatural being any stone in two thousand and I don't know, don't save all our now I don't know his life. I don't see how you do know is life, though you, like ten pages, a recital, a lot of his life, so John D, Antonio, a detective from the time that the accident attacks were happening here. leave. This person's alter ego could lie dormant for months or years, which would make it so that the nineteen eleven attacks war him as well. He allegedly stated that the attacker may have been, like. I said, a respectable law abiding citizen when his normal self compelled by an impulse to kill, must obey, urge. So he was thinking like it's gotta be this. Could this do that? Can literally shut it off, and but when it comes, it comes and he's got it
but he can shudder right off, which we have seen this happen with Bt K is a perfectly so radically stuff like at least thirty years wild and then all of a sudden decided he wanted to start again and when he came, He said he was like starting, like old, will do be to cave in the fucking hate beauty and the human He came back. He said he started trolling again when he felt the knee. It again and he started watching people. He had a leg. People written down that he wanted ahead leg. He was neither begin, the whole fucking thing ovarian and he had stopped for thirty fucking years. I'm pretty sure it was like thirty years is a long time. So I mean it does happen, not crazy. So, let's get to the victims will follow so there s, rightly jazzy for the victims and being jazz. Drowsy
I know and honestly we haven't even introduce why he's jazzy out, so people are probably like why, those being so jazzy bring forward get too. I trust me his disguise jazzy as fuck just struck us jazzy snazzy he's. I mean these jazzy out of office now so the first known victims beginning and that I am the two thousand and eight was not that we are having in the nineteen eighteen attacks were Joseph and Catherine MAGIC O. This was on May twenty third nineteen eighteen, the location was is forty, nine o one Magnolia street. They were a husband wife. They were the sleeping embed. They lived. apartment above the grocery store that they owned and they were italian Americans the bar panel of the kitchen door was knocked out with a chisel, and the door was open upon investigation. It was found that no one had heard or seen anything of this entrance into the house, Pause said the door was open, so I feel that
supports our evidence that does anybody chisel the door first without you Well the reason people or wondering this is because this is kind of an outlier, because a lot of the other ones most of the other ones. The door was still locked when they found it. So people were like a well. He must have crawled through this, but I don't know. Maybe true enough, so the murderer, use Joseph sacks on their heads, both of them And what he did was he came in he sweat both of their throats and then use the axe to beat their faces, and he slid their thoughts with yeah. No, he slipped our throats with a straight raise our holy shit yeah so was here. Silas probably not fibre, but Jim and Andrew Marcia were Josephs brothers. They will living under the same roof like next door, while they found and Catherine Margie almost entirely decapitated. That's how hard the sky hadn't slept through Joseph was
not as bad, but he still was suffering from a slit throat and had his head beaten. but she literally had was almost had her head separated from her shoulder. With a fuckin, stray razor and you'll see that people started boy. The brothers and the other people in the house is there like. How did you not hear them scream right? But if you think about it, the, swayed and not have somebody scream as the slick their third immediately, whether sleeping because if you do it quickly, by the time they wake up. Its half and when you select someone's throat they can't scream they came. So I know it's crazy, so if he he had done it to one of them. If they're both laying in bed boom, he can hit both of them quicker than they can scream and then bash their heads and just for good measure, so There was there were jewels and money in plain sight that were not touched, insulted He was clearly not therefore robbery. The intent was clearly murder and acts. found on the scene and finger
printing was around like we said, but it was not really standard procedure. Yet police did fund bloody clothes. from the murderer, and he had clearly change into a clean set of clothes before leaving You have made, I mean who we decide in legal terms. a colored it at once. He didn't pencils, use naked a lot. He always came pants US hostesses jam, so reportedly near the home on the sidewalk, the killer wrote in chalk. Mrs Margie is going to sit up tonight, just like MRS Tony, whose MRS to leave no idea. She never comes up again, so I have no idea, but it's weird, there's no explanation for now literally people like. I have no idea what I meant and why she's going to sit up tonight like what does that mean? Why now so this is where things are a little crazy with this thing, because our Did he Rachel click links? If I know that's the other thing
So the razor straight razor that was used to kill the couple because they both died was found to belong to Andrew my GEO, which is the brother of dose of mafia, and he was the one who lives and one of the ones who live next door, so Andrew, had a barber shop on campus three was a hair, his employee stay Bonn Torres, told police that macho had removed that straight razor razor. That is very reassuring. All tat labor remove straight razor from his own shop, two days prior to the murder, and he said he wanted to have it like fixed. Strange razors were village. Often in the delicate mechanism. That word was also that's partly. What did it look at you hairstyle us dear? I am because I read something said it and he wanted to have a Nick honed from the belief that must have been at it had a neck and he wanted it like Buffalo, we'll get you
because I was like I don't know what that means. So again He had lived in the adjoining apartment, and here was the one who found them two hours after the attacks occurred He says that he went in there because he heard weird groaning noises through the wall, which I'm sure he did he said the reason he hearing. Noise related to the attacks was because it happened in the early morning hours in the he was super drunk because he had returned home after a night of selling, reading, because he was joining the Navy, so he was like. I was drunk as facts, and I didn't go off to the Navy, knowing that he was exactly is exactly about what- police were like. How did you not hear the intruder? I believe you he became The police is primes aspects alone.
But he was released because they couldn't poke any holes in his story and it just didn't makes I like he was nothing lighted up whether it seemed a little sure it seemed a little convenient than he was around and that he was only the bound on another razor says, but they couldn't connect anything to it. And then there were people said they saw a strange man lurking around the residents in it was, and it wasn't him so, the next victim was a grocer named Louie, Bessemer and his mistress Annie Harriet low. They retire on June, twenty Eightth, nineteen eighteen, that, as my friend most part. I know there are so many weird shit on Mars birthday, sorry, mom, location was reported, led doors are no annul the harp streets. I mean a butcher's for these names. I urge apologise on urgent seems so
when they were discovered. Louis was really severely injured, but Anna was way worse. and both had literally been hacked in the head with eggs. Some actually suspected a baker who is making morning deliveries to the store. His name Johns anchor. He was Acre he we came at the same time in the morning to deliver. You know his shit to the store the same time, so he was only found them here. however, the macsharry knocked on the Doorn, no one responded: he knocked at the door of their grocery store. So when
He entered there where they lived, because I think they lived or behind a store above it, which is what a lot of them did. This like a lot of loud of people, lived above their businesses back then so when he went back to where they lived, he found the bottom panel of their bedroom doors missing, which is like his hallmark card in their Thunderbird yeah, and I think it's because they maybe he was a they get into bed grocery store? Somehow, and I don't know so it she's always used, and it was left behind on the back steps and a blue he. Acts was found in the bathroom so keen on Annie, love, so they both lived initially, Annie low. Only was she lived for another seven weeks after the attack, which I feel it is like. Worse. We words like really but. so at first, she supposedly said that she encountered a large white man with a hatchet that attacked them. Ok, sorry, I was just being
then she randomly changed her story and said Louis. Did it her husband? Her visitor via her but police were lake. yeah. I already had the hack his own head, so they were like Measles release I'm going by people. I mean she got hacked and exactly in another thing I read was that she, like from the injuries she was like paralyzed and part of her face, so she wanted that fixed and she went under surgery for it and that's when she died so they were saying like she was really badly hacked up there in the head. So I'm assuming they and one of take a lot of what you sphinx theory. So that's what she was just lunacy her face, I mean that's one story I mean she died regardless from this, so the next victim was Missus edge, they don't have a name for like. I can't find a name, a first name for this woman anyway. Well yeah the skate this guy's gonna funky, but so
what I do have years, MRS Edge nighter. She was attacked on August fifth, nineteen eighteen. She was pregnant, oh yeah, but So MRS Schneider woke in the middle of the night to a figure looming over her nothing. She screamed, just as the axe came down our face oath, tat right on our noggin, so Her screams during this attack woke her neighbours and they found her completely unconscious. Her head severely bash Dan and she was missing a ton of d only from it so Rush to charity hospital, where a lot of these people go, I'm gonna Haiti, so so potent a situation. It was discovered that there are was missing from their shed, so her acts was missing and a week following me, tat she gave birth to learn yes, words. Her husband, I dont know
that's that's another thing, that's like kind of questionable. They think he was at work, that's what it was, but she gave birth to Ino, healthy baby and acts, murder baby. So Vasco this happiness out of it. It was her face up her. I mean I don't know why? Don't you find out
because it's not a lot of info from nineteen eighteen about what her. If her face was aesthetically pleasing, actually I thought this is two thousand eleven there. This is stating our citizens to south two thousand laugh at such as of two thousand and eleven will change. I thought could never happen me in humpback whales guy, your lady, once a new regional calmly streaming only Antigua, confused, mixed and passions, solid gold, silent welcomes, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute. Tunisian from you, we are lady puts all the so screaming. Now only on Peacock next victim Joseph Romano, among August tenth nineteen seen location, allegedly twenty in Graveyard Street Gravina here,
was an eighty year old, italian armor, no yeah. So Joseph Romano Nieces, Pauline and Mary Bruno lived with them. They heard him struggling and discovered him with a basket and italian aid you, I know so Veil allegedly saw the attacker like they described him. More than anybody else did they saw the attack on they described him as dark tall heavyset. Where A dark suit in a black slouch at once. I was going to say that I am thinking, probably not a bit me I'm thing, It's like what I wore on my crews, essentially like a slow She black hat we welcome that I mean wisely bashing people's heads in every really questioning what heap these motives for these things. I think it's probably like up because in then that's That's like a fashion of the time. It's like the big brim, TAT, WA
but I mean I'm gonna. Look up slow chat, not stem from his degree, because when I heard it of like slow chat, meaning so and he's wearing a suit, so he's our business. Is all businessmen we're not being, unfortunately, Romano died two days after the attack. He lived through the initial on the initial thing: optimal source. And the worst part, as I'm pretty sure, like he'd, like people said he was like with it at first lamenting idea. This is when shit just started going. Crazy, obviously does. After all, these attacks, people were lake, Norland was on high alert in August nineteen eighteen, the New Orleans States newspaper allegedly said. armed men are keeping watch over their sleeping families, while the police are seeing to solve the mysteries of the acts. Attacks acts extra police are being put to work really. It was literally hysteria sweeping over the city.
Families were literally like dividing people into watches. Like you watch for this hour, you watch for this, like people would have to be awake at all times to sue diary yeah. They would stay guard over their relatives as they slept. Basically, people walked I would like loaded shot guns lying. There is walking around being like who's. Next listen living yeah, so on August, eleventh the killer. Supposedly seen a neighbour we have two lane and broad screening. As a woman, the rumour said. The other was a lot of weird rumours that happened around this time. You got you carefully separate fact from fiction, but it's worth noting On the same day August Eleventh, a man named outdoor rond D, govern and acts in a chisel lying outside his rear door? In the early morning hours his back door had been damaged, but had apparently proved to be a little too. thick for the killer does tied yeah or I was
So can you fucking imagine finding out that you only survived because in lieu a thick ass store, I live If I was anybody not found out about that, I would my sin a store with a thick. I would seriously idyllic where you get that door. I would even like you ve got a metal door. Someone give me a door iron door, an iron door, nineteen eighty they did. They did organise like a man hunt after this, because our like were closely boats ease he's around. They didn't have any success. Unfortunately, obviously on August twenty, first, a man was seen leaping back fence, but despite a quick we organise search party. They can get em, so I mean Again, these could just be overactive, imaginations or people being paranoid, but I mean it's worth it. yeah, and especially the chisel like the door? I mean that was him. Obviously so in late August, the ring
the door of Paul Low Bellows grocery in residence was chiseled through who know and was home at the time God came suddenly literally chiseled through to get to the house that sea day, another grocer named Joseph Le Booth reported that an end. I'm TED been made to chisel through his rear door in the middle of the night. He was. Wakened by it. So he heard that chisel your site, that's a fuckin chisel and he scared. Intruder way, while but acts was found, dropped on his step soon, so that dude had his fuckin acts ready and was chosen throne. He scared him away the follow, Day Other acts was found in the yard of a wreck Nagel, who was also pressure.
in chisel marks were found on his back door if I underground for Israel would sell it at this point, I also be like ok acts. Man are you like suddenly, like her? You, ok. Are you suddenly having trouble? He was very successful. Leg smooth sail in office aware that, but it's like do maybe like a leg, Unita adapt Captain overcome, I mean I'm not telling you to go. Murder people like shit layer so September fifteenth nineteen eighteen, a grocer named Paul D Rel, found that some one had also attempted to cut through his rear door and a key of tomatoes that had been resting against the inside panel of the door had stopped that from happening. So the key of tomatoes made it, so he couldn't cut through the door like use bang and into the tomatoes, really
that's so italian. Bear that's really italian waited at you. The answer may pass like that case. The tomatoes that I have in front of my door stopped me from two hundred run mind or tonight. So after this everything was pretty chill for a while, then now this one is a farmer report, does not operate noses. Roper soldier has man and wife rose and Charles in their two year old daughter, Mary Court to me. Glia were attacked on March Tenth nineteen nineteen in Gretel Louisiana, so not le New Orleans, but it was just across the river from New Orleans. That's not far away, so rose, woke to her, husband, whose an italian grocer fighting the intruder her husband was badly beaten with an backs rose. Was holding their two year old, daughter, Mary Ann also attacked,
She was literally begging for mercy for the baby and he hit the baby and hit her. He killed the two year old and he crushed roses skull. If any one story says that there are found by a neighbor who heard their screams another one says there were discovered by a visitor who came when they were like got wind it out. The Baden answer the door like somebody who knew them Where they live so rose and Charles survived, but Mary to your own died tat. So at this point the neighbours their neighbors, were actually suspected of the attack row. was actually said it was them ocean at first, so eight This was eighteen year old, Frank Giordano and his father Lord Lando Giordano, they wouldn't rain or London him they were Actually after she said it was them they were your leg.
thirdly, sentence to hang shit yeah and I was eighteen, his father was seven sixty nine, so cha. Girls roses, husband who survived vm, Lee denied this screams. Like said no, it was not them all and divorced Actually, oh man and rose later admitted that she was falsely accusing them, because I didn t know now they were released and the police agreed because they thought they the axe manner one person I weren't thing. He was more. They also were like heat, this guy, sixty nine years old, like I'm thinking committed this crime. Charles, was saying I fought with him like it. Wasn't it wasn't them like? He said if I love her. So it was right after this attack that the acts man wrote. A letter to time safer, picky une. I think it's picking up. I don't know if I may be totally dispatch a mirror
So let me just quickly before I read this letter, I mean a return to the supernatural nonsense fairly track so Some people were questioning how every you know what what everyone was to every was describing this person. This intruder, as a large man like a big guy looming figure. People are wondering how again how you could slip through these panels. Standards is sense so Because, like I said before, it was discovered that a lot of them are remained locked after you left, Sippar alike. Maybe it's a woman right because obvious We are part of our biology is being able to escape under doors like fucking, hamsters right. That's, I click on it so many times, and but people were also like. Maybe a supernatural so this letter that he wrote to the this paper that I'm not going to say the name again cuz. I
box it I'll, send letters spook test its letter kind of helps, fuel the supernatural aspect of the whole thing again: police called this guy, a quote. Blood thirsty maniac filled with a passion for human slaughter after this world. So famous acts, man letter which is like them hit. It's like that. rocks of this case. Like everyone this letter it around to the editor of the times on March. Fourteenth. Nineteen nineteen at the time name of the side of their head already been five murder since May. One thousand nine hundred and eighteen that were attributed to the x men The axe mandates the letter Hell March, thirteenth, nineteen nineteen he's so fucking anxiety, hell, location, hell. so, according to the introduction of the times, begins story in which this letter was reproduced. At the time the letter quote
posted in New Orleans is written in a clear, easily read hand and a similar in some respects to earlier letters received by the New Orleans. P D bring their investigation of the murders, so that is connected. The other one said they were getting apparently early openness that nobody sees. So here is the letter of us. It begins here welcome Esteemed mortal solid beginning by esteemed mortal I'm literally gonna, begin every single work emo this creating from armed conflicts, esteemed mortal misgivings. That summit agreed everybody s, murmured utterly arid. So, going back to this they have never caught me and they never will. I ve never seen me, for I am invincible. Excuse me, invisible, even as the ether that surrounds your earth. I am
A human being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. I am what une or linens in your foolish Pope police call the axe. Oh. When I see fit, I should coming claim other victims. I alone know whom they shall be. I shall I have no clue except my bloody acts, besmeared with blood and brains of he, whom I have sent below to keep me company. If you wish you may tell the police to be careful not to write me, of course, I am a reasonable spirit. Obviously, I take no offence at the way they have conducted their investigations in the past. In fact, they, and so utterly stupid as to not only amuse me, but his Satan ethnic majesty, Frances Joseph etc but tell them to beware them not try to discover what I am for. It were better. that they were never born than to incur the wrath of
I don't think there's any need of such a warning, for I feel sure the police will always dodge me as they have in the past They are wise and know how to keep away from all harm under, Thirdly, your lemnians think of me, as the most horrible murderer, which I am, but I could much worse. If I wanted to be, if I wished, I can pay a visit to your city. Every night at will I could sleep thousands of your best citizens for I'm close relationship with the angel of death now to be exact at twelve fifteen earthly time thank you for the like. Not health are not helped the earth later. Next Tuesday night, I am, go, to pass over New Orleans. In my for mercy. I am going to make a little proposition to you people here. It is.
I am very fond of jobs and I swear by all the devil's in than other regions, that every person shall be spared in who, whose home a jazz band is in full swing. At the time I have just mentioned everyone has a jazz ban going well Then so much better for you, people one thing is certain, and that is that some of you people who do not jazz it on the Tuesday night if there be any we'll get the axe. Well, as I am cold and crave the warmth of my native Tartarus, no idea, and it is about time I leave your earthly home. I will cease my discourse, hoping that thou wilt published This that it may go well with IE. I have been an and will be the worse spirit
ever existed either in fact or realm of fancy the axe. Man is the truth. I mean well done because I want more of like a lot more murder, but if we have to have murdered than I wanted to be dramatic and systematically pleasing yeah, you know what I mean like. I want this shit. Somebody favorite thing is jazz it up or get the axe worth it. Is it up? I just I just I just musical every night. That's a t, shirt jazz it up a jazz it or get the axe. There. I want to make that he said so. At this point, The people of New Orleans decided that it was literally probably a smart idea that follow the skies instructions because, like why not. I mean he's basically just saying the party it up with some jazz music for a night and you like, maybe
This can never really try to cut loose thou, be like you do rocking party. It would well regardless restaurants in clubs, all over town were folk. in June to keep all night. They extend. hours in jazz bands became hot com did he deserves a vulgar buffy up there? I was thinking that to link the so funny Devil guy, yet once more with feeling which is really funny. They brought that because I've been listened to that's on track in the car really via its awesome. My favorite one is: he got the mustard and other, but I found it Spotify Again- and I was like Hell old friend of mine- and I miss spike. Ah love me from Spain watch puffing speakers, like my first love when I get home, we're gonna watch Buffy we're gonna do that
once more fairly and hush. Yeah she's outline wives agree one step so jazz bans or hot commodities. So friends, neighbours. We know all the people in the town were gathered together in homes, basically to jazz it up, and you know one midnight or twelve fifteen when he said came around New Orleans was burning in with jazz music. When do you think they turned it off? I I repeat, this people said they just want all night like they just didn't. Wanna take. The chances and people basically like pretending to party in a carefree men living despite the doom that was hovering over them if they stopped Joseph, too And well known out of his severe De Villa linked to be a well known, local composer, actually created the themes. for the night and he Tuttle
The mysterious acts man's jazz and it became yeah. I actually put the cover for it honour Instagram last night, and it shows like a family that looks terrified boy playing down hard as they can. It's actually terrifying. I cannot love like weird cultural phenomenon like that. Coming out a weird like MC calm, things like this yet now. It's like a. We cause, this sound so bizarre and, like it didn't happen, this almost handling and urban legend or like a myth. That sort of thing, but knowing that that coming out of it right in actual song and everything, is like shows that it happened and let a trio each voice on exactly so on me. No one was killed on March nineteenth, so no well done New Orleans the who live there,
pretty much cemented themselves as the apex of party people along tell you, so they parted themselves to safety, good job New Orleans. You really do some images quickly: Tiggle Detour, Darling, that's all determined now that you know that he is here jazz enthusiast. How this is good, I thought it might be. Who of me? just ring you into a piano some jazz land. Even so some fun jazzy terms that are important for literally no reason at all, but I just want to tell you poison. Nonetheless, so barn burner means class it later wig like checkup, burn burner over there for a love. It bad means good. Always the bomb came from, as originally like something being the bomb ass. The bow buggy
and actually referred to a critic of jazz music leg of job. If some critic was like yeah that just sucked Alex Fuckin bogeyman, eleven clams, our mistake swell making music example. Charlie is really laying down some clams tonight, but he did in a crumb is someone for whom, for whom it is impossible to show respect for example. Traces are real chrome. I see what you violated. The real crumb come in and example would be like Katy is a real chrome, unjust, I'm, just pull it names out of had no no connection to really got bucket You is a type of music associated with heavy drinking, kind of music. You fuck, you see you rocket out to get by giving a meal. The fig is.
rivers of old jazz who, just it down with the new stuff, so the lake Charlie's mouldy fig. He king it down with a new steps given about of rust gate is someone who can't play Caesar. I think, as a rest, gate gently succinctly me this law. The witch doctors actually them a member of the clergy, which hopes confront a number of the Clergy Alec. They refer to them, as which tax is too far so back to the story, he waits for that brief and corruption. As one do, I wonder: learn you some stuff learn you help us when the lay down some knowledge scouts, gets some scouts gap all was quiet for a while until August,
that's one thousand nine hundred and nineteen, a man named Steve Boca stumbled out of his home on Elysian fields, avenue with excellence in his skull. He was dripping blood, but he managed to make it to a friend's home about a half block away this friend, Frank to Noosa. Treated his wounds ass best. He could and then called for how the police searched brokers, house, and they found the classic calling cards X, men and holding a chisel door panel in a bloody acts left lying on the floor. So big actually lived, but he couldn't remember a goddamn thing which is better for him, not so great for everybody of driver yeah, so September's Second, a local druggist which, as a pharmacist back then named William Carson fired several shots at an intrusive tudor who has brought who had broken into his home of the intruder. Left. door, broken door and acts behind but managed to escape. He didn't catch.
just slippery now heating, shot shot and he left his ship behind like so he left all the shit that proved he was the extreme, let's get, but he got doing not tell anyone exactly because the next night on September. Third, ninety ninety, This was importantly happened at twenty one. Twenty eight second street a girl named Sarah allow men was disk, in her home by concerned neighbours who broken when she would answer their cause. She was only like nineteen years old, I think She had been attacked with an ax. While she slept in her locked and shuddered home. She was equally severe head injury and was missing several teeth. Lily attack the end apparently entered the apartment through an open window. Lol. Your mother, fucking windows, damn shares for dead people man, so he attacked over. The blunt object I heard different things could have been a lamp could have been so the
She did and they said that they do know that she was attacked with an acts like the maybe the blunt side of the act, but they also said this they looked like, she was attacked by something else too. So who knows bloody acts was discovered in the front line of the building and loan. when actually recovered from her injuries. Yet couldn't remember a damn thing, Because you know he's doing is due diligence pack and p my head, because their knocker membership so on Toby, twenty seven nineteen nineteen on South Scott any lower street totally on a street in the extremism. This was his I know his final business since twelve and final yes This is a grocer named MIKE pepper tone was killed in his bed during the night, his wife. If, in six children or asleep in the next room, they weren't touched.
so his wife and heard a noise and care. to the doorway of the bedroom. Just as a large acts wielding men was beating the shit out of me husband around said there was possibly to men such innocent. exactly he had been struck. Eighteen times now they said this possibly with multiple weapons, because who knows if those two guys he was so badly hacked and beaten in the head that it was tough to tell where anything had come from. She was quoted as saying every time her husband quote, turned his head: blood came from his head and face it simply poured over the bed Lou. so the usual clues had been left behind no helpful evidence, served up you Ben Corcoran, was the first at the scene hundred dollars in cash was sitting out and was in what's interesting. Is there was a circus in town near two Lane University
and, among the things founded, the scene were a bolt and a heavy not like something used to secure, secure a circumstance, and it was body. So people thought it was weird to that. His wife didn't hear his screams earlier and just came in ass. He was like had his eight, he had been hurt his feelings. She was like yeah, just really heavy sleeper. and so earlier six kids. So this is where she gets weird: there's a possible mafia connection to this one nineteen ten MIKE's MIKE the victim, his father, Peter Pepper tone, had killed a man named De Christina outside of it. Building that Peter owned and had once least De Christina when decreased, at least was MIKE pepper tone. The victim moved his business and home to that location. So there were no witnesses to verify this, but it is rumoured that Peter Pepper tone claimed that he fired at De Christina from MIKE's bedroom, so what they think
is that it was kind of like a wrong. Certainly they showed and getting back and is exactly on their him. So his father, There was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to serve five years at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, so they were thinking This could have been something like that, because there was a little differences in it, but it still could have been related. The axe man, so it's worth noting and it is attributed to him right at every way right so this is when the horror came to an end, Last murder attributed to the axe, man, never seen or heard from again. Did influenza fuck him up and take him out? That's what I want to know. I feel like Gotta, be it I want to be something like that. So let's go into some theories- fair, there's really only one thing I know, there's really only one very. So, besides it being the work of an angry racists demon from another room watches, totally profitable
counted out this. This three is attributed to crime rate or Collen Wilson. He thought so he said, more than a year after the axe, man's fine, all appearance in New Orleans Former New Orleans man named Joseph MOM Free was shot to death in LOS Angeles, he was shot to death, by a woman named Esther, a banjo who is later discovered to be the widow of MIKE Pepper tone like the last victim, ah Vichy, he shot this guy named Joseph Mummery, so the Police began working cause. They saw this little connection to the x, men, this you have to LOS Angeles. After our she went there just account so they decided there like there's gotta, be a link here we are some cure, is coincidences were revealed during the investigation of this mum free.
Had once been the leader of a band of blackmailers. In New Orleans, who had prayed on Italians,. He had also been for a separate matter sent to prison just after the first acts, murders and nineteen eleven, the ones that they lives. Sometimes say that could be attributed to this action. in the summer of nineteen eighteen, he was pearls. After those max murders and nineteen eleven, he went to prison and he was paroled in nineteen eighteen when they began to gather that's where it was so immediately after MIKE Pepper tones murder, the last matter they sought mom free, had left New Orleans right after that and strangely the x we stopped when Mambre left and then nothing happening after your shouted up. I mean yeah, nothing, happened after you shouted at on Fourchan
wait. There's no lit, like actual evidence to Lincoln rational anything and a scholar. Richard Warner said that the chief says back in the crimes was Frank dogma. Free who used the Alias Leon, Joseph Humphrey also criminologist column in Damon Wilson, who we mentioned up their hype. Author sized, that the acts man killed male victims only when they obstructed his attempts to murder women, which you look at it that seem to happen. A break I think there was some women there, killed, but the man would survive so absent. sing. But that's really the only thing they have as the Joseph mom briefing and its and has been pulled apart a little bit by some people being like it's hard to find records of him existing it's hard. Unless, again, that's an alias it's in makes sense. Its owns one theory. So we mention Coven America
our story: Coven did go use this case, because they often usual cases. The axe- men in this case of New Orleans, was played by Danny Houston, who was also maison in thirty days of night, I never saw a great movie way, they did vampire right in that movie fight me. If you disagree leg, I won't stand by that, their terrifying, you mean he plays like the lead vampire. Any linked only think you'd talks ever but he's just he's this amazing, and so they portray him in american horror story as a jazz musician who played saxophone and clubs around town they they do you go? They use the letter and they add the fact that He was lured by a defined so they have him, use that letter and say like everybody in supply jazz and they have it so that on the night that everybody's playing jazz, the mist. Ro Bashaws Academy for exceptional young ladys witches in you know pretty much fuckin fucked up hogwash
literally. They are like folk and they start playing opera in defiance of his demands and he gets fluid in to the academy cause he's like. I wouldn't kill these bitches for defining me and then, and then I said, defining me defying me and then use baited into a room and all the witches in the cabin staff unto death, which it would reform may have happened. His spirit secretly remains confined to the school eyes as of spirit, so that's it. That's fun and that's the axe, man from New Orleans, scabbard of Al Qaeda, bah search. So yeah, that's funny, keep us, as I thought there was a fun jazzy, snazzy little case alike, to even though, doesn't really have. No, we can't close it up.
we can really solid on opt out. What could have happened in this article theory? So am I gonna pick next week and stir so they'll be fun, like maybe somebody's murder. Don't say, there's so many seventies matters, though I feel the seventies was murder threat I'll find an obscure our gonna, we're gonna wanna hit ones that are Maybe I am her normal thing now they go spooks, maybe Somebody can suggest something where or you can think of something. Maybe I'll do that, maybe maybe maybe or ill. Maybe someone from another, Non earthly round will tell us what we need to pick. I'm hoping not. I mean it's I don't want my son, I don't leave early on their own, but near the Vatican. Never seemed more at all. This was esteemed more at all. Well done well than you did all there is to. It was fun when everything well
so we're gonna, we're gonna, be announcing. You know within the next couple days what the next case will be to gay all, except one down. Next week's are made Oh yeah, entire ex show. Oh, you will really slowly back sake, let it might be like. You get a little extra time. will really sis one this week this week, so next week yes, the next week there will not be enough, but I'm terribly sorry, this beer chest to go on vacation. I've never run. I like we're Elvis well. so I'll, let you know- and that comes and until then Miss Assume Joe, MRS too much but you know, centres for refugees goes fun, makes me some, and actually we were Tarzan around the idea that if you have a fun story that you want to send into us to our email, morbid podcast at Gmail, Dotcom feel free to
Not enough warlike do a whole episode. Now we want is maybe do some little like many sides that are, you know dear we weird paranormal experiences. We like you, know Laura typing speedily stories. They haven't Vermeer town, just we shit from where you live, tell us we're chip. Any weird shit where the centre keep it weird oh I love listening to those can absurd. So yeah let's do this year. Let's do this so send us in your shit. Give us the subject matter and if their awesome them will read among the next vodka they're, not, alas, and will still read them on the nice like. I am one of the next one, but the one after that, maybe or the one on a future one. send those in place and you know, find us on Itunes and Google play in tune in stature and robbery and blubbering, hopefully Spotify soon gone to wait.
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Fight me by.
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