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Episode 91: The Science of Fear Solo Morbid

2019-09-21 | 🔗
It's Alaina's science corner time again! With Ash on a quick vacation and new baby Morbid finally here, our schedules have been crazy. So what better time for another solo science adventure with Alaina. Tonight, we discuss the science of fear. Why do some people love frightening things and others actively avoid them? We discuss the psychology as well as the biological factors at play here while also talking about extreme haunted houses and the level of commitment to a love of fear that they require.
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You know I had a baby We can have a go so things. Then a little off the rails, but we cited that I would do the many morbid while she was away and- and it's been a while- since I did a solemn anymore bed, so I thought it was about time and a kind of worked perfect with our schedule this week. I promise we're gonna, back onto our. Regular, you know falling, many morbid, and there are many morbid every week. I promise going into its systems. figuring out what our new schedule is, which should be actually getting better soon. So don't Hurry everything's gonna go back to normal and let me be the first person to say that you guys have then so amazing leg Super hormonal and I won't cry, but I feel like I've kind of want to, because you guys are solo, methinks I really feeling, like I have like thousands and
thousands of best friends they just have wished me well given me, vice, told me how great I'm doing, and just like wishing baby lunar well, and I just I can't tell you guys how much means to me and to ash indian and spin, really, amazing, to see. I just wanted to tell you all. Thank you. So much was just being amazing and, being you we love You know so much and you constantly surprise and humble us and make us love you more. So we love you guys, thank you for being so incredibly patient and lovely as we kind of work, the kings out getting back on schedule here too regularly scheduled programming, which will be happening very soon. I promise one. More quick thing is, I just want to say thank you so much too everyone who sent me little ones ease and things for baby
including our audio boom family ends. Family, murder, apparel? I have been cut. completely overwhelmed with just love and wonderful, jobs and babies so lucky to have so many people who just heralded her arrival into this world in such an amazing way. So, thank you too. buddy, you guys rock all of you He also incredibly loved and I feel so incredibly honoured to have each and every one of you as a part of my universe. So thank you so much. I promised at the end of the month she stuff, hopefully, you're, not like a brand new listener. Just shooting into this episode is you're gonna, be like what is happening right now promise this is like. Monsieur thing, and we must say so today I wanted to take a little peak in two the science of fear as you
probably come to realize if you listen to this, show both ash and myself, especially absolutely love to be scared. Scary movies, hunted houses, spooky podcast tales there things that don't just make Happy they literally ino feed our souls. They make us feel alive, As soon as I mean, I love doing these things all year round, but when fall comes in its everywhere in its in the air it on. It's like it sounds crazy, but it really does make me feel just write and alive. One far comes. I feel this is my an enemy sure. A lot of you feel exactly the same way because you listening that this podcast. So I know you like some spooky stuff. At least and with spooky season officially upon our skies because fall is here? I thought it might be kind of funds will take a look at the sight, ants behind why we love spooky shit and wise,
people absolutely hate spooky ship, Why do I love scary things and the feeling of being scared as much as I do and why does someone else literally go out of their way to avoid anything like that and find no joy in the rush of being spooked. I need to know and soda turns out. There is actually psychology behind all of it. It isn't just something simple as like a personal preference like I like mustard and you don't There is not a ton behind that, but this goes much deeper than just I like this and you don't There's a book written by sociologists, Margie Kerr and it's called scream chilling adventures in the science of fear. It's all about. What triggers this fear response and why some people enjoy it, while other people would do literally anything to avoid it, like, I said. in one passage, she notes that the fear response obviously makes your heart rate increase and mimics all this
the classic stress responses physiologically. This react is something you either interpret as a positive thing or a negative thing. Instinctively She says in the book quote Some might make a positive meaning out of that, feel really alive, are grounded in their bodies, almost like how you feel, after really intense yoga class or something that focuses all attention into your body for other people. They might interpret that almost like a panic attack. where their feeling of sense of loss of control over what their body is doing. Now. Obviously, I happened to be one of those people that fills alive and grounded in fear, but someone else even you listening. You might like to listen to this stuff, but you might scary movies in hundred houses and that's cool. You don't find join it and that's total fine, because that's just how you react to that physiological response of stress now it's interesting about this quote when she says that
People into that interpreted negatively are likely feeling a sense of loss of control over what their body is doing. That's interest seem to me because I myself and eminent, hence control freak like ass Asher John Baking firm that my need for control can sometimes be stifling? yet? I love fear and things that can safely in sight. That feeling in me, that's the key word, though safely with courage, explaining, as a loss of control, is actually a complete feeling of control to me see the best part of it. This house and the best part of scary. next to me is that it isn't real. I can bring that beautiful fact to the forefront. my brain at any time to make myself bill. You no more at ease and enjoy the situation because I know nothing. Bad is going to happen to me when I watch a nightmare on ELM Street
Fear of knowing what it might feel like to have. It happened to me is enough for my brain to be triggered and for a body to react appropriately to the threat How and it actually is. So, even though I know Freddy Krueger isn't going to come in slice me up with it their fingers, the thought of that. opening can send my body into that response, which brings all that fun stuff that we're gonna talk about in a minute, but in my head, I still no I'm safe, I'm in control. This isn't happening. So what kind of gives me like a both sides of industry and the euphoria of knowing I'm safe now this whole feeling and process all stems mainly from a part of your brain called the Amygdala and Harkin's back. You a primal survival instinct that children your brains limping system, This little set of organs, the amygdala sits in the temporal
but the brain and they are adept at taking a look at something. That's happening in front of you and around you and determining what kind of response this thing or this situation does Europe's see, you're migdol eyes, though, that sitting there going well. She's gone down, let me figure out how I'm supposed to react to this shit. it is the emotional processing centre it use All of this information that its detecting and taking in- and that is what is using to trigger that flight or fight response when necessary. It's that fear response. They usually gets that fight our flight response to trigger our bodies, income. completely adapt to what gives us a better chance of survival, which always fascinated me tat your body. Your brain can taken this information and then your body will go o k, What do we need to do to make sure that we survive here? What kind of
geological things. We need to increase your heart rate. We need to do all this stuff to make sure you survive and just a little side note when I had the twins, I lost a lot of blood and I did you get to transfusions? Now, while this was happening, my kidney shut down reason my kidney shut down was because my brain was looking at it like. What can we do you here to maintain our energy and to keep this body rolling? Basically, so my brain shut, my can these down to make sure I survived basically in that idea. Obviously, everything worked. I find buffet that whole thing fascinated me that my brain looked at the situation. Basically, it was like I need to consume
all it ate my energy. I need to consolidate everything that's going on in this body and something needs to go and boom kidneys see later. Can these are working fine now thanks, but it's kind of this same thing. Your body looks at the situation. That's going on it's a stressful threatening, you know nightmare situation and its is what do we need to do this arrive here? What do I need to activate? What are we need to bring to more chill level? What do I need to shut down? What do I need to get moving faster, like your brain? Is pre fuck him
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your way at why? Why. so bodies are amazing when the flight response sets off is a chain of events that occurs biologically. First, when the amygdala detects a threat. they may glass like hey Hypothalamus, there's something afoot in the hypothalamus than really earns its paycheck, because it starts just fuckin delegating tests out to your body like a captain. Your hope Now, MRS, like you, there, you do hormones that way like its literally just like our right, I got a leg amber. delegating hypothalamus could teach me lesson or too because They are right on that shit, so ones they make dollar is triggered it going to also release hormone. Instead of going to stimulate your sympathetic, nervous system this immediately provides you with a burst of energy, to either get the fuck up
that situation or to fight like a boss. When this stimulated the neck chain of events, is the adrenal glands getting stimulated, and the adrenal glands are going to trigger the release of adrenalin known as Epp Efron in nor adrenaline or nor up enough in adrenalin will increase your heart rate, which will come blood quickly to the muscles, the heart and other organs that you need to fight or run. It will then increase how hard hard squeezes when it beats dilate the pupils Anna two to relax the smooth muscle lining in your airways, because that improves your breathing make sure you get a huge gulp of oxygen with every breath. This added oxygen coming your way gets delegated to your brain immediately, to increase sure, alertness and response rate with what some day soon, literally
you're, smooth muscle that is lining your airways in your lungs, really axis instinctively to make sure you're getting more oxygen to keep. You alert and he'll be brief, better to fight or run now, while all this is going on, it will also the adrenaline and nor adrenaline will also Get all of the glucose and fats out of storage in your body and they're going to circulate them around your system to give you a further bursts of energy. That's insane guy, they didn't seem that your body is leg. I know exactly what needs to happen here and it's gonna give you a surge of energy to get the hell out of their or to fight. Nor adrenaline will do a lot of what adrenaline does, but it's also going to narrow your blood vessels and that's going to increase your blood pressure, Now all of this is awesome. But it's not a one size fits response, some p, we'll have a much more sensitive Magdala than others.
Surprisingly, if, if you're in Mozilla is more active than you like the experienced some sort of trauma and your early life to make it that way, of course you can be that way like from jump. So there is a large nurture component here, but also a small nature, one as well, but it is tied a lot of times to trauma in early life. The pole it is. You can create a more active amygdala child by abusing them. Basically, so don't do that I think a lot of the lessons learned in this podcast em back to don't abuse your children so dont do it. Just don't do it. The activity level of your migdol, I can be the culprit which either allows you to enjoy the fair response or to be terrified and upset by it in a bad way. If you hate it, then These heart rate increases in blood pressure. Changes are going to trigger anxiety and distress. What you'll just lead to a straight, a panic attack instead of me.
Ford feeling of being scared and controlled and ban. So those are the people that are going through the haunted house and end up having to be scorn it out. They do not feel it There is also another part of fear and this physiological effects that it has on you that can determine whether you dig the fear, experience or not. It's something called the excitation transfer process now, this theory was first proposed by dolphins, Zelman, witches and ass. I feel like it name is dollar Zelman. You better come up with a theory about fear response, because I want nothing more and nothing less for you. Duff. This is going to require a cool like crazy theory, So in his ninety ninety six paper called sequential dependencies and emotional experience and behaviour. Have you heard of it? He
The means the chain of events that leads to the eventual emotional states after dealing with a scary experience, So when you encounter fear like a disturbing seen from a scary movie, your brain goes through the whole sharing that we are indeed discussed now, system is all crazy. You are You know, probably shaking your heart is beating really fast, the sir. Of adrenalin. Has you ready to lose. It This is the immediate biological response, but now your brain switches to cognitive. We understand that this Serving scene is just that it's real and it's not of your life in reality, so this switch from a media primal need to fight or flight to cognitive we understanding the situation as safe or even silly now forces your brain to attempt to register. a new emotion instead of fear, panic. Now
to shift this amount- and because it looks at it says, will fear and panic is not. The appropriate emotion too have here like this is bullshit, because this is just Nothing, so your brain is like no. No. No. I need to get this right so, instead of your panic now needs to shift to relief, or maybe even joy. If you are someone who loves being scared, it will likely so to anger or unsettled feelings if you're not affair fan because you're gonna get angry, that you felt that way and you're gonna get angry at all these biological changes in your programme Billig book this sucks. But if you love fear, and you love being scared than yours, feel relief. You gonna feel joy pleasure now throughout this, whole change and perception of the experience be negative or positive. The physical. Logical response is still happening and still heightened that whole pulse quit quickening. You know pupils dilating hurried, increasing.
smooth muscles in year, lungs relaxed All of this is still going on. so now it is still there. But it's being led by a new emotion instead of panic and stress that Those emotions are gonna, be there like relief enjoy or the anger and unrest so the citation you feel from the initial fighter, flight response will actually heighten the new emotion, too kind of extreme level sooner. You're feeling either euphoric Lee Joy fall from the sky experience or you're feeling for the top dread and unrest obviously as a pretty big effects on whether you enjoy or hate the feeling of being scared, because all those biological changes are going to make your joy feel euphoric you're, going
like. That was the greatest experience ever. I feel high. I feel like out of my body that was so fine. I want to do it again. It's gonna be over the top, but If you didn't like it, then you're going to feel this awful feeling of director anger sadness. Sir, do you notice corruption of some kind in it's gonna, be over the top. For that too, it see look, it's kind of a kin when you feel like it in the least, it made me think of this feeling its kind. akin to when you feel really sick or really hurt like when I scratched my when I scratched my cornea and it was like the worst pain. Initially, it's off and anxiety inducing and all that, and it's just like you can handle it it's just the worst thing ever when you feel like super nauseous and sick. You dislike out God, while others that is the worst thing ever born
pain goes away or that sickness goes away completely. You feel euphoric, its you can't stop talking about how shitty it was to feel shitty and how great it feels to feel better make. Have you ever felt really shitty one night you wake up He'll great and you just can't some telling anyone who will listen like oh, my god, I felt so sick last night, like thank goodness over, I felt so sick. I feel so much better, like you just are in this native, like euphoria, that it's over, I feels like that's kind of what that is at stake. you feel all these futile, a horrible feelings while it's happening and then when it's gone like when the threat is perceived, threat is gone you're, just like those great. This is great. It's over That said, we really gonna talk about a specific can scare that has really always fascinated me and fast: native by people who do those extreme haunted house is the one
with no rules where it's like full contact the ideas to physically and psychologically just torture with you and fuck with you. It's voluntary torture. Noble is where my fear response would tilts into the unpleasant realm. Instead of the pleasure action that I normally get from fear because and I love scary, shit and the feeling of being scared, but I also value control, like I said before to me, speak Finally, this is why extreme haunted houses, be my line that I draw because, I like regular HANS, because I have control I am experiencing the haunted house it is not experiencing me. I do not want the house to experience me. I can enjoy my fear and anxiety because I know It has a limit and there no real danger, it's only simulated, and that is wonderful to me. That's where I live. That's my will house.
These extreme hunted houses literally function on removing the participants control. I am so to control freak that I honestly can't even fathom someone signing up for one, I mean if this is your thing than more power to you and honestly unkind, in our view, because my brain just can't even consider it a possibility. Give you are someone who does these extreme hundred houses are wants to, or anything like that no tell me a story about it. Like email, I said morbid podcast at Gmail COM, because I want to hear your story. Genuinely leg impressed by you We mentioned in along ago, in another episode, like one of our very early episodes, an episode of Dark tourist that features David Ferrie attempting to understand this very phenomenon, and I
I think it's been a while, since we ve brought up dark tourists, so let's bring it on back. Everybody go watch season, one of dark tourists, because there needs to be a season two and David various great, so go watch it it's on networks, and it's really awesome This particular episode that I'm referencing showcase The key manner, which is seriously one of the most disturbing HANS out their fur. A myriad of reasons, The key manner might be one of the ones that people live at least heard the name of or know a little something about it it's running, created by a Navy, Retrim named Russ Mackay me, and it only takes a couple of participants a week, though, only take a couple people to go through the tour and before you can become you know of it of this. You have to get a doctor to sign off that your mentally and physically capable of handling the extreme shit that happens in there
Like legitimately, you need a doctor's note that says physically Your heart can handle it. Everything else can handle it and that your brain can handle it and that you're not gonna, absolutely lose your mind in their. Then you have to have lake. Skype Interview with, rests where he determines whether you except you into this horrific situation or not, is it like really concern in once, you pass all these things. If you get chosen because there is a waiting list from what red and different sources, something link Twenty seven thousand people long to do this. Yes, twenty seven thousand people long are waiting to get chosen. To do this, and when you hear what happens in, there
Maybe you'll be like yeah. I got it and maybe odylic whatever once so. Once you once you get chosen, Russ would like you to wear a one see when you come freer torture, because he says it looks better in the in the videos that they take of your experience that any yeah I. I get it, that it definitely makes it lay creep ear and weirder and deadly brings like a hawk you know is that's what he's trying to do is try to make this disturbing and weird and off kilter, and all that It's like the ones these make it where's. I don't know why Fifthly, to me, it's like a some weird lake.
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promo code, more bed m, O r, the idea for twenty five dollars off your first box at Daily Harvest, dotcom, daily harvest, dot com, it's harvest time, weirdos, spook, spook, witches back to the show. So you have to bring and in the area where the currency and you shop to location where rustles goons, who are volunteer actors just volunteer, show up forcibly and violently. Kidnap you, they show up their wearing all kinds of scary shit like masks than veto fig blood and all this other stuff. daily violently. Take you like rap duct tape around your face. We do terrible shit you like right off the jump and then they literally toss you in the back of a pickup truck and kidnappings and take you somewhere So, and this is all before you sign a waiver, so this is already happening authority Verde we have crossed over.
Then once they bring you to the location that they're gonna start all this in which, in the article. I read and I believe the guardian, these people were brought into like a sewage run off and they had a in this light. Drainage, pipe and sign this waiver, so is already starting, like the psychological shit, you have to sit, and you have to read aloud and sign a waiver that allows them to legitimately hurt you and me simply says that if you die during the experience they can't be sued. Yeah these I mean they tell you there, we're gonna shake shave, your head. We could break your fingers. You kid you're gonna come out with wild slake. Things are going to happen to you in this waiver signing takes hours by the way when David Ferrie
and I did it for dark tourists. He said it took five hours or something, and by our five he said he was already starting to let loose his mind. Then he was like. I think this is just part of the psychological shit that they, You cause that's what this is all about. It's definitely physical. They really go after sir, The logical well being in the seems like this is the beginning of it once Sign this waiver a really begins and I'm gonna be on a city again no judgment. If you're into this again, I'm an olive but I don't understand how you sign this waiver. Personally, I just could not sign a waiver that allows people to say you know we're gonna hurt, hurt you and break your fingers and shave head head and past like hell you it's not something I can do now this is what once you sign it. That's it so it's happening now in the past.
There was no safe word. Yes, no safe word at that time. Ross was the one who determined when you are allowed to stop. So he was watch. Thing he's filming he's a participating all that good stuff in he's, though, who decides when you ve had enough that I mean can't hand in this. This also goes would like control like if you are at all control freakin any manner of the word. This wooden fly because, leaving my fate and my enjoyment in my time and when it stops to someone else, is just not an option for me. I couldn't there's no I got a going in there. That would be the first thing that would terrify mean probably break make lately is knowing that I didn't have control over when it stops Now they do have a safe word now, but it before
you could scream. You could yell, you could begged them to stop and naked. Still force you to participate in another few hours of torture before allowing you to quit leg hours, so you can literally be done you're done psychologically physically. Moreover, this new have passed into a place. Where your brain is no longer part of your body and you are watching from an outside. You know Astral direction and, like shit, is really going down to you. Still beast can for hours before they allow you to see I've met. Is I'm gonna Strip I'm having a fear response right now, just thinking about that and it's not a pleasant one, it's one of those like panic attack once he videos all of these experiences, so he videos you. He gets right in your face through the whole thing he make sure you're right up, close and video all the blood,
comes out of your mouth, although vomit that comes out of your face, all that good stuff. And you can see online these videos and these people are legitimately begging him to stop and he's like dope and it'll. Just will ruin you and again now there is a stipulation that there's a say forward. So now you have to tell him what you're safe word or phrases once you say that safeguard a phrase it's all over Stop, and apparently he stops whole thing now and you get a cookie and a blanket, unlike some water and he leg comforts. which is so odd, and if you watch the David Ferrie AIR in the dark tourists episode, King David quits, like twenty seconds and the whole thing, and once he quits in Dave becomes like emotional Russ is like this doting lake rubbing his back and be
like you're, ok, buddy you're, rightly he turns into this lake. weirdly lake empathetic per it's very bizarre, and it's like he goes from the sadistic, like I'm torturing you for fun to let me comfort you and it's very and I dont know how to handle this whole tore is supposed to take eight hours, a fucking out This is what this is supposed to get to the end of this to come out and say I did the entire Mackay manner extreme hot. It would be eight hours, and during this whole thing, the actors have to take breaks like they have to go and ships, because their exhausted, because even torturing nonstop cause. That's the other thing, they're, not letting you have moments of like peace. They are constantly like hammer. You cause they're trying to exhaust do into just compliance in an just break. You know, to this day, has ever got all the way through the edifice which doesn't
surprisingly on any level now, if you are a participant, If you agree to this day, you will be slapped, kicked dragged, spat on four sped all kinds of things, including rotten food. You be buried alive under like feat of under of dirt you'll, be water, boarded you're, gonna, be subject, to extreme temperatures. You're gonna be humiliated the entire way through You can also get your head shaved, your eyebrows shaved literally, nothing is off limits, and I mean nothing in one thing. I found out that really deeply disturbed me about this and made me wonder even further how anyone would be able to do this. Is that often people? gagging vomit during this hellish ordeal because they pay
through a lot- and you know the human body can only do so much before stress or make you ve gone. Well, if you varmint, the actors will force you to eat it yeah. This is videotaped imposed by Ross online and the thing that concerns me even where there is the fact that he doesn't charge for this experience? It's free you have to go through all that stuff like the vetting process and all that. But it's free, you don't pay any money unless you want to. He only requires dog food as a ticket entry, and this is because he loves dogs and donates the food dog charities, which is wonderful, commendable but like. Why doesn't he charge for it? like. I feel that makes it weirder does the least of use
urging for it you Billy's bacon money, no, like he's just doing it for fun, and in the dark tourist episode were David lasted like you know that five minutes, or whatever Russia seems so goofy, like I said in my good natured outside of the experience- and what's even weirder is in us in like a silly twist, he hates swearing, so he himself too not swear and he won't let his actors swear and if you swear, while you're going through the torture, you worse as punishment. So that's bizarre. That's bizarre. He also doesn't allow anything sexual to be insinuated in his heart, which is good that in fact it He isn't even being pay, for this is just like. All of this is concerning to me, like is. Is he Gary like what is he getting out of their sleep? Well, what is he getting out of it
This is not getting money, so he's gotta be getting some kind of satisfaction and he was expelled. bring it to David Ferrie, saying that he's an entertainer, and this is just something you have to do in its like. But do we don't you see how this can look? I don't know I mean who knows maybe he's just really enjoys giving people what they want, and these people obviously want this, because their signing up for it in droves and people are waiting on a thousands and thousands of people long waiting lists. So there is definitely a demand, so maybe he's just being smarten giving people what they want. The lake ye shall pay for a formal, Russ Fiscal paid for it. Anyway, there's been this, isn't the only extreme haunted house of its kind? It's just. most in settling one to me for some reason, so I just decided to start with it, but there is also a blackout, which is the kind
it's kind of like the pioneer of Extreme HANS alot of people and that were black others. from their website, this is a little taste of the experience quote, expect full until nudity extreme, sexual situations. Sensory provision in complete darkness. Its hallmark is black plastic bag walls minimal sets, and actors that are real people, know Halloween masks. You will be hooded in probably suffocated Don't expect a strong linear narrative, it more flows like a nightmare that doesn't sound like a second something like that last part don't expect a linear narrative. It flows more like a nightmare. That sounds ran like that. I could get into the house if it was explained. I like that but when you put me in full frontal, nudity sexual situations
and tell me you're, probably gonna, be suffocated, like I'm out about tapped out. No none of that, and another part of the site, they specifically mention simulated rape That's where my brain just fostered over. My brain was like this night San, Diego, but that's me lots of people sign up for it justly ok manner and it's their bag. That's awesome and that's totally. Ok, honestly I'm so fascinated amazed by you if you're ready to do it. I just don't have the psychological strength and I think that's what it is like me a psychological, a bill, you do enjoy fear- will only take me so far. it will only take me. Do control ones control is lost about legal
He put me in a real world situation and fear is not going to be fun to me because I dont have control over that. But This situation is like specifically taking that away from you and it seems the whole idea of it is to really make here trick your brain in thinking that you are really in a threatening situation that could end your life. That's a little much for me- I'm just I really want to know who you are. What is that? If you want to do this, because I am fascinated by you and I think you're psychologically much younger than I am Now I happened to look on yelp and Someone said on yelp quote a lot of the actors and actresses were naked for no reasons. one man even pushed me to the floor and put his dick in my face, because I wouldn't put my hand in a toilet full of vomit input, I'm sorry what
Why now give me a chainsaw wielding hillbilly chasing me through a cornfield any day of the week, Gimme that all day erudite, but do not- and I repeat do not have me choosing a dick in the face or a handful of vomit shit. That's not funny. Straight up trauma, that's trauma. I can't sign up for that. I can't do it. I know, but your signing up for a you're right, you, like you. This is not like something. That's gonna shock you in since that you're like holy shit, I knows, what's going to happen, you know what you know. This could happen when you're going in there but like how how where, if I'm sitting on the floor naked man in front of me links. Chauvinist junk in my face, because I won't put my hand in a toilet, Philip poop and Mama, I'm going to be leg. I think that's what
My brain will just like leak out of I ears and go hitch around someone else. I think it will literally be like I'm going somewhere else. This is bonkers. That's trauma to me, I mean like don't get me wrong. I really respect to these places because they are truly providing a unique and like highly sought after experience like I said, people want this. To be honest as someone who is always dreamed of being the final girl and a horror movie like I've always wanted that, I want to be in harmony would love to have the balls to do one of these and pretend I was actually living that, like final girl, dream and like living through while this torture and off on this to come out the other end and be like I'm Sidney, Prescott Lino But to me it would be a more ideal to be placed in it situation like a Fleck wigand. Brought me in a summer camp, and let me run you know, try to around and outsmart.
a mass serial killer and I'm game like put me like. I think I just saw something, and I'm pretty sure. Someone in the morbid facebook group. What posted it I think it's in Arizona with who will drop you in like a camp crystal a kind of situation, and you have to like outrun Jason with your friends I'm into that link. Let's do it I'll sign me up and there this is just different. It's a different kind of fear and I think that's. Why do french people would probably enjoyed that scare more than the running away from Jason Crypt kept Crystal Lake fear I, in more sensation. Seekers would seek out these extreme hunted houses, because it is going to provide you with a variety the sensations and its to give you the highest level of arousal when it comes to the fear, the fear emotion. So I
that would be where those people lie but again legacy me up for that Jason thing. I will totally pretend to pretender a serial killer. I'm game Duncan I had underwater forest email environment and stimulate, raping me now. That's where the fun drains out and that's where, trauma lies for me, but that's the point in an article with David wise for psychology. Today, the creator of black out just Rambo, explained what psychology is on their end of this man. This he said that the aim is to provide people with experience. Will they don't get to tap into that safety net in their brains? he wants real fear, the sudden, because in a haunted house, you always have that safety net in your brain. That you can tap into and you can and it brings you back to the ground. It brings you back to where you are It takes you into the more fun
was the simulated fear that it could mean that leg, vampires in ghosts and all that? Well, I will give you, but he wants a real fear, look, he wants prime all real fear. The second way You don't know whether gonna get out of their lives. The kind of fear that sets in when you are placed in a situation in genuinely don't know if you are living through it or not. He wants people to forget them aid for the experience and believe they are truly fucked. That's why they're aren't going to be any like ghosts are monsters. He says in these on it houses Callaway Mass, because their instead utilizing real life situations like rape, assault, torture, mugging all things that are part of reality And now makes the situation feel less artificial and brings the actual fighter flight response into real gear, It's really going to set off real fear that you'd feel in a real situation like that interesting pit is that the creators like
to leave a lot open to the person experiencing it meaning they bring a fear only so far, and then they allow the person to protect their own fears onto the situation, because, as human and were bound to do this, so they give them. actors alot of leeway to kind of interpret what the person, a day that is going through at any time has also you have to go through this alone. You don't go with friend this? Isn't a group? You go through this entire thing alone, so they are able to focus solely on you in your specific fears in these actors. Look at what your fears are specifically in what set you off and they can adjust to really feed into what your projecting out into the situation, so really they're using your own mind against if he also says about the sexual bets quote when someone is naked in coming out, you it's an increase,
happily visceral thrill that you cannot escape from there's nothing to hide and honestly, like amen, brother. No to our words spoken when someone's naked coming out you, it's very visceral experience. I imagine so yeah so so who likes to do this Besides the obvious people ever thrill seeking streak in their personality. You know people who jump out of planes and shit. There has to be more to this well, according to Cynthia oftener and Kenneth Levine's, two thousand and five paper enjoyment of, created frightened violence, a mega analysis. There are specific personality characteristics that predispose you to either love or hate. Haunted house is scary movies. You know all that ship, a frightened you, the first one that day mentioned, is empathy and, of course, having empathy will lead you
probably have a hard time with these things, because people have strong abilities to emphasise are likely to feel and take on the strife and pain of others. They can. themselves in another shoes very easily so watching in witnessing the pain and suffering in victimization. Ten of another human being is something there. probably not only unpleasant to them, but likely, exhausting and like kind of draining, because they're taking all that on a few studies have seen that higher levels of empathy, empathy, definitely lead to that person not enjoying the fright experience when it comes the horror movies, in particular, an ending with things are not wrapped up nicely, or one ends on a bad and disturbing. No will really leave these people upset. They need to see a resolution so that they can feel like that person went through the suffering. for a reason like the means, There was a means to an end now
This immediately made me think of the movie, thirty one there zombie movies, like that like one of those movies that people fucking hated or fucking love. I loved it. Personally, I, like thirty one. It just made me think of the end of that one and how people who don't like the fear response, probably did not like the end of this one. I don't I'm not and spoil for you, but if anybody has seen the movie, you know the end and the end of that NL seem is, is to me one of the best endings. I thought it was great, but it definitely didn't rap things out very, Firstly, as rub zombie tents not hurt, go watch thirty one. If you watch it now, the next characteristic of sense patients seeking this is when someone seeks out new, fascinating the very different
unique and sensational experiences and will risk a lot almost anything to do so. These types of people joy, the feeling of frightened fear, basically what it has to do with these people need a very intense level of stimuli, to feel satisfied and aroused emotionally so they love the fear and frighten motion because it elicits a very high level of stimuli. There are even studies that say: that's insane sensation seeking people can detached themselves from situations and films easier and that lets them enjoy the experience for I don't care. Better myself, a sensation seeking person like, I will not risk like everything to go, feel some brand new sensation but ice I am better able by virtue of my job actually now that I'm really thinking about it too detached myself from the city,
in a little better, which makes me enjoy these experiences a little more, but the next characteristic as aggressiveness, this one's kind of controversial. Because it can be said that more aggressive people enjoy watching others be aggressive as well. But that's not like totally proven, and studies are kind of wonky. But it's worth mentioning because there is a correlation of sorts. That's their. But. A kind of does make sense that people who enjoy violence and brutality enjoy watching violence and brutality. Again, I don't enjoy violence and brutality profanity, and I certainly don't consider myself an aggressive or violence person, but I enjoy watching these kind of things so the league little correlation there, but it's really doesn't hold up now this study by half during Levine points out that Men also are more likely to enjoy these frightening situations. Movies and all that
then women are but that's likely cause of gender norms. That boys are socialized to enjoy these things more than girls are from a young age. It doesn't necessarily coralie with actual preference when you take the social norms out of the picture because, like I love the shit and I'm a girl so so was right down to it There is a one size fits all four who's gonna enjoy the feeling of fear and who is in, but it you are someone who enjoys the feeling affair, which of you listening to this, you ve, probably someone do. At least That's this, hopefully, was a little enlightening to why you enjoy it. Someone who really doesn't like scary movies, are hundred houses. Hopefully this is enlightened- you too, why you don't and giving new both alive. Better look into what is happening biologically psychologically.
your body and your mind, while you're watching these things to make your emotions at the end of them the way they are so that is the science fear- and question into extreme hunted houses, with Alina. This was a lane as science corner. So if you would like to send us an email and tell me about your extreme haunted house experience or whether you are really wanting to- and you want to tell me why there's an email, morbid podcast, a gmail dot com, you can follow on Instagram, morbid podcast. You can followers on twitter at a morbid podcast, definitely join the Facebook group, because that wily buncher weirdos is wonderful and you will not regret it. Well, we hope you keep listening to us and I really hope you keep it we're so weird in fact that you sign up for
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